Friday, December 8, 2023


"Be this as it may, the religion of the ancients is the religion of the future.

A few centuries more and there will linger no sectarian beliefs in either of the great religions of humanity. Bramanism and Buddhism, Christianity and Mahometanism will all disappear before the mighty rush of facts...

But this can only come to pass when the world returns to the grand religion of the past; the knowledge of these majestic systems which preceded..."   Madam Helena Blavatsky, ISIS UNVEILED, 1877

"There's a feeling I get when I look to the West, and my spirit is crying for leaving.

In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke thru the trees, and the voices of those who stand looking...

If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now,

It's just a spring clean for the May Queen..."

"If this is paradise, I wish I had a lawnmower....

And as things fell apart, nobody paid much attention." 

"Day by day, whistle while you work,

Our backs are breaking up from hollow earth

From end to end the noise begins

In the human battle stations,

  and the big one's coming in..."

Here nestled within the lengthening evening shadows of yet another Winter Solstice, clarifying forces are aligning as their true intent emerges, hobbling ever more in to full public view and already contained within the collective subconscious. We all stand poised on the knife edge of alarm and dread here in this most sacred of seasons -- as our New World embraces everything but the sacred. Up is down, white is black, and evil is good on these psychic stormy shores. The psychosphere and the firmament are alive tonight, and nobody's kidding nobody about where it all goes. There has never been a Christmas in history when things are more up in the air, so this continuing Ghost Story is for you all, with the most fervent wishes and prayers that when the dawn breaks, we will all emerge unscathed, although that is perhaps not realistic in this Spiritual World War filled with quiet, but deadly, weapons garnered from Fallen Angel technology if I don't miss my guess. Many have already succumbed. Tens of millions by some estimates. And the estimating has only begun:


WARNING: I WOULD have posted Steve Kirsch's substack data here, but thought discretion might be the better part of valor because this:

And this just happened:

So they're not bluffing. I'll just say this for the time being...IF the vaxx is so safe and effective, 

IF we're all not just "misinformation-spreaders" (for making public their OWN data that should have been that way to begin with), 

IF they have nothing to hide....why all this blithering tidal wave of censorship and canceling?? 

If we're not right about everything, and have been all along, why all this? Arrests, house raids in the middle of the night, data and account deletions...Why unless they're absolutely lying about everything?...

Following that same line of reasoning, why have more than 11,000 politicians and elites mysteriously "opted out" of getting their very own pride and joy, oh so safe and effective saviour jab??:

And let's just say it, you know that 11K is WAY on the low side. They knew exactly what they were doing. They knew exactly why they were doing it. 

Addendum: And just for the record, the NZ whistleblower I am given to understand had an intelligence background.

Thinking 2 steps ahead -- what if he leaked just so the excuse was out there to delete everything?? All the evidence of massive deaths from the jab in NZ, extrapolated worldwide into the tens of millions according to Kirsch's talk at MIT.

Let's see how long Kirsch's substack remains unmolested. 

Welcome to the first stages of the Cyber War. Tread carefully and carry a big USB stick.

And of course the CDC ain't touching this with the proverbial ten-foot pole: 

There are those who are more guilty than others and they will be called to account, make no mistake. But we are all responsible -- for seeing and not saying, for mentioning too quietly, for waiting and hoping, for being too polite in the worry over standing with friends and family. And that is what "they" counted on: our civility in the face of tyranny and the mistaken hope that no one could possibly be that evil. Incredulity and the lack of dark imagination proved bridges too far at a time when they could have been decisive.

Sensing the prevailing zeitgeist, many know better now. And all of the above dangerous info is not going back in the box no matter what. It's out there on Tor and a thousand and one bittorrents and in every nook and cranny of the dark web now, making wikileaks look like the corner drugstore. Good luck getting the toothpaste back in the tube, globalist scum. 

But the planning? Oh, the planning is something else entirely. And it is in league with the chthonic as we will see, when it becomes a matter of dimensionality and the quantum realms so rapidly being brought online and weaponized.

Now let's delve again into the whispering terrain of symbols, rituals, ceremonies, and what they portend.  


Let's first begin with an extremely important recent drop from Tucker Carlson's account, when he initiated into the mainstream a rather interesting, pointed, and dangerous question that, followed thru upon, has some rather far-reaching ramifications:

"Have government agencies used tax dollars to procure non-human technology? If they have, where exactly IS that technology now? Has it been used for profit? How exactly has the American public benefitted from that technology? 

And then this question -- the most pressing of all; has the US government communicated directly with the beings that piloted these craft? Have American official ever entered into ANY sort of agreement with them? And if so, what are the terms of that agreement?"

Pardon me, but this is the mainstream BOOM question I've been waiting for, oh, for around the last several decades, and circumstances have aligned along with the stars to now allow for someone like Tucker to actually ask it. He might be, probably is, controlled opposition, but in this case he's singing my song. (You can also tell it's the legit real deal by the way Burchett backed away from it in no small cover-your-head-and-run-mode.)

What kind of agreements? EXACTLY. That is a question the mainstream has not seen before, but one that's been pondered here for quite some time...Who are we in league with, and under what constraints? Cosmically? Spiritually? Celestially? And how long has this been going on?: 

"Technology is being given, thru these rituals, to other members of the government..."

That would of course include BIOtechnology as pertaining very much to our current situation, if I can get just a bit X Files here:  The Start of America   General Dynamics and Los Alamos   Rituals (concerning bloodletting and human sacrifice) used to establish contact

More here from the research of Boeche:

Timothy Alberino is on the same trail here

This is technology from the fallen angels. 

Recall Hillary Clinton's State Dept. email record and her interests:

(Vested interests regarding immortality converge when one begins to take into account the DARPA classified research into hydra vulgaris, an immortal strain also happening to be found within the Moderna vaxx doses by Dr. Carrie Madej, as well as Epstein's continued interests in eugenics longevity and carrying on his own bloodline and genomic registry, as well as his funding of nearly every aspect of the vaxx rollout by buying up and compromising nearly all the scientists and University hubs that would end up creating it. 

One can attribute only so much to chance and/or coincidence before the odds against such tumble to zero, and a more startling pattern emerges.)

This will of course, lead us straight into the lair of the facilitators:

Which is of course enough to make you wonder if we stopped too soon in analyzing Epstein's island and just what went on there:   Note: Transhumanism, and how much of a role that plays in the unfolding vaxx agenda...

All in all in hindsight, what a perfect Caribbean venue for ritual. For sacrifice. For contact. 

The benches stationed around the perimeter of the sundial now scream markers moving toward an ancient occult ceremony played out under the stars. And let's never forget that after decades of raping young girls, when all was said and done, only 40 lined up to testify. What happened to the rest? In our litigious and money-grabbing culture, the total absence of the balance should at the very least whisper to us something ominous unfolding behind the drawn curtains and in the underground lairs. 

How far do these death rituals extend when all major insurance companies are busy reporting all-cause-non-covid-mortality stats up at least 40% in every category since 2020?? 

The true queries now should be why aren't any governments asking questions, launching probes, and trying to find out what's happening? The silence is deafening. 

They aren't trying to find out because they already know the reason. I am brought to mind of what Hitler woke up screaming in fugues and night terrors: "I'm killing as many as I can!!" 

Who he was speaking to in blind panic has never been disclosed, but we all now know who the Nazis were said to have contacted thru the Ahnenerbe, the Thule and Vril societies...What's happening now isn't just a Nazi occult circle thing, or a Days of Noah thing, or a John Dee/Crowley/Parsons thing...It's a CONTINUING thing. Down thru bloodlines. Down thru the secret societies. Down thru history. 

And those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.


The scientists and techs trying to suss out what's going on at the infamous Skinwalker Ranch in Utah have been making some interesting observations of late -- concerning breaches and anomalies that seem to be repeatedly appearing all around the property. Amazingly, portals seem to be opening after rocket launches, of all things:

Methinks Jack Parsons would be interested in that...

Not to mention the wormholes:

Or the fact that their observational helicopter was taken over remotely and maneuvered to a point exactly 666 feet above the haunted terrain:

It seems the Black is not without a sense of irony. 

We can go on and on about Skinwalker -- how about the curious factoid that large amounts of both Strontium and Barium have been found there underground and apparently magnetized??:

Strontium and Barium being the same 2 leading main components found ever since 1998 in chemtrail samples by the likes of Cliff Carnicom, William Thomas, and Dane Wigington. The mass of the public has been inhaling and ingesting continual amounts of both these substances for over 2 decades now...why?? What do some people within the power structure know that we don't? Is this an acclimation process and if so, what are we being prepared for? An existential breach, or... Perhaps the die has already been cast.


About that magnetization process: 

Ana's research by proximity leans heavily into CERN -- which circles back around to establishing contact:

Or as his glib/cute turn of phrase on the board behind him hawks: "Kindred's mission is to be first to human-level AI. We are hiring demonologists...Join us."

The hubris, the amount of in your face, is stunning. All this would appear to be the wildest science-fiction ever conceived...if they didn't keep telling us themselves what they are doing, like the serial killer giggling over the phone to the cops.

They very much want the old religions, and the old gods, returned -- and they are not hiding it at any level. It is all around us:

Casting the Runes? That time has returned with a vengeance.

Take note: Ari Aster was commissioned to make Midsommar. Very likely by world forces playing out their old trick: playing by the karmic rules of telling us what they're going to do before the unleashing. See the War Games the day of and the Project For the New American Century before 9/11; see Event 201 a month before the WHO declares a pandemic for exactly what was gamed out worldwide by Johns Hopkins, by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. And yes, the WEF:

Everything that forces like the WEF have cocooned us in -- Agenda 21, sweeping into Agenda 2030, Transhumanism, the Sentient World Simulation, the Green Initiative, CBDCs, 5G, Build Back Better, the Great Reset, Metaverse, 15-minute Cities -- all are being drilled into us at the behest of creating more than just a New World's a New Religion, and at the leading edge of that wave was and is the Vaccine Agenda, and a desperate desire, verging on the farthest edge of unhinged pathology, to inject the entire world. To effect stunning downturns in overall health leading to sudden death and/or transformation, neurological symptoms which seem to be leading to overall complete remote mind control and the takeover of all physical beings, as well as the facilitation of a major boost in the worldwide surveillance grid. MKUltra has been rendered obsolete. The truly Occult has taken over minds and bodies first, with the All-Seeing Eyes on the prize: the soul.

And all this requires sacrifice that appears very ritualistic in intent -- and very much in accord with yet ramped up beyond all historical precedents.


Sent to drain/ Secret destroyers/ Hold you up to the flames/ And what do I get/ For my pain?/ Betrayed desires/ And a dark piece of the game

Now I'm naked. Nothing but an animal/ But can you fake it/ For just one more show?/ And what do you want?/ I want change/ And what do you got?/ When you feel the same...

And speaking of the weaponization of advanced portal tech, who remembers that the 20 scientists that vanished on flight MH370 just so happened to be CHIP producers?: 

Chip producers for Freescale that vanished just (coincidentally) before a declared worldwide pandemic, the cure for which might lie in a supposed vaxx with nanoscale chip components hidden within it? Were they vanished like Kary Mullis, like Luc Montagnier, like the late lamented Erin Valenti, because they might have been able to lift professional voices in total opposition to what they saw going on?

 As long as we're thinking outside of the box...maybe microchips were needed, not to mention the brains behind them, so they got "portaled" to the "authorities" running this entire operation. You know, those ones Tucker is wondering about the "agreements" with...

And as we've seen, both communications and agreements may not be anything even close to new in this area:

Even before the greys and whatever Parsons and Hubbard were doing in the desert, bargains may have been struck with the Fairies, or whatever this consciousness was masquerading as at the time: Dirigibles into orbs into metal saucer ships into triangles into tic-tacs into...

"Is there more?'

"More than you'll ever know..."

Maybe mRNA was given over (as per aforesaid agreement perhaps) as a control vector for the subjugation of human species a long time ago:

So much so that maybe the Human Genome Project was just a refining process, or at worst, a front. A fait accompli. 


So what's next? Perhaps, more than anything, the last 10 minutes right here:

Alberino lays out quite clearly the future from the 14 minute mark in the above; the rise of the Ubermensch ultimately from the GRIN technologies: Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Nanotechnology. These 4 will usher in Transhumanism to the fullest extent and rob us of our humanity and try to drown out the calling of God. The final straw: an open, kinetic war with the King of Heaven. 

The baby steps to that very outcome are right in front of your eyes today -- the wish, the masterplan of the elite class here on earth that are merely being puppeted by outside forces.

As Alberino explains, this dovetails directly with the alien threat.  

SR 819

From 1999, Chris Carter via the X Files presented this ominous night theatre:

Now compare the real life fallout of what beset Karen Kingston, and just how much it resembles the fictional symptoms of Skinner from the above episode some 22+ years before:

And make no mistake, Kingston was targeted not just for her technical expertise and her knowledge at outing them in what was being done, but for her stances like these: "Man wishes he would die but he cannot. This is the endgame of the vaxx tech. There are things worse than death -- the hijacking of the heart area and the pineal gland -- the possible residence in the human body of the soul. Mapping out human consciousness and entrapment for a thousand years in a digital hell": 

Sounds very much like a technological possession to me she's calling out. As per this footage which has yet to be debunked:

Something in this presentation was the final straw in Karen being targeted:

We're all going to need to watch that again. 

It's not just the volume of your knowledge at betraying them, but the terms that you wrap that pulse bomb in. Anything too close to spirituality or the Christ Consciousness puts a target on your back. Mae Brussell knew. She was duly noted but fine until she took on the satanists, wasn't she? 

And that umbrella of a sensor network via DARPA blueprints? It continues to expand:


Officials at the WEF are promising -- much like both Gates and Fauci promised a pandemic breakout during Trump's term in office -- a major cyberattack that will bring society to a standstill at some time over the next 12 months: 

These "predictions" have an alarming success rate, which should be cause for major subpoena powers to be unleashed right there, but alas, that is not the Rainbow Connection world we currently inhabit. 

Additionally, this scenario is sounding very much like the setup needed to usher in a financial collapse (which was always intended), which will in turn domino the need for the sinister CBDCs to be implemented worldwide. Which, as those of us paying attention are well aware, equals the rollout of The Chip. Yet again something else that was always intended. 

Your ability to buy and sell, your identity itself, the ability to access the internet...all will be linked to whether or not you are digitally "viable," i.e., if you are chipped. Hopefully, this will be the line in the sand for humanity saying an absolute "No!" to being ultimately, existentially, controlled in mind and body. Our chance to stay human and mount any kind of counterattack is at stake with this perhaps even more than with the vaxx, where there are still methods of natural chelation (see the substacks of both Karen Kingston and Ana Mihalcea to name just 2), to offset many of the effects.

And guess who is also WAY on board for the digital ID (read chip) rollout? You guessed it:

I think at this juncture it is more than safe to say that something has slipped into our garden here...something that is controlling the wills and rationales of more than a few of our so-called leaders, in lockstep with terms and conditions established, in some cases, centuries ago. Written into the terms of these "agreements," we are "the merchandise," and are handled, disappeared, and dispatched accordingly via rituals and ceremonies in exchange for plans, blueprints, and help with technology that dates back to the epoch of the fallen angels. Whether we classify it as extraterrestrial or extradimensional is a matter of semantics at this point. It is being deployed even as it is hiding in plain sight. 

You may choose to believe that man himself is alone capable of this level of evil if that is easier for you, to paraphrase David Lynch. Once again, semantics at this point...for folks like me and Naomi Wolf, the matter has been long decided:

And Tucker Carlson. Lara Logan. Maria Zeee. Stew Peters. Alex Jones. Carrie Madej. Ana Mihalcea. Karen Kingston. The list is becoming endless. many people of different personalities, persuasions, disciplines, politics and backgrounds are all coming together over this existential evil in our midst. They are calling it what it is because to their best level of discernment this is exactly what it is, despite all bellowing to the contrary. Against all odds and at this late date we are finally facing something unfathomable.


Psssst...gather 'round. It appears results on this are, as they say, changing quickly. i.e., posts on reddit et al are disappearing at a furious pace. 

What we know so far that's still up:

But then threads started disappearing (I know, a trend these days):

And then it started spreading:

Now here are these that I saved in case the imgur link goes down:

Not to mention this that's just been scrubbed that was put up the same night AFTER the explosion -- what is going on??:

Storing these here just in case; many times the true extent of the story isn't revealed until years hence. To whit this 2009 story about Ukraine biolabs, bioweapons, and a floated vaccine cure. Didn't make many ripples at the time -- Now??:

And more Yoo background here from George Webb:

Please notice the numerous links to DYNCORP in the above.

Interestingly, and the tentacles go everywhere here, DYNCORP shared the tail number on the same aircraft used by also the CIA, Epstein, and the State Dept (see Gilgamesh/Nephilim above):

And the unpacking continues:

Don't forget that Cynthia McKinney grilled Rumsfeld about DYNCORP "indiscretions" re underaged sex slaves in 2006, about operations that pre-dated 9/11 -- which we now know puts Epstein squarely within that very milieu, as many have long surmised:

We all know he was 17+ times within the walls of the Clinton White House when those plans were likely ironed out:

You know, for those foot-draggers that might have thought twice about killing 3,000 American citizens in a psyop to gin up a global war. There were ways of pressuring them to join the coup d'etat party, and after all, that was right about the time (2000) those stars got flipped to pentagrams:

Right before the Sacrifice...

Evil communicates with, uses, and gravitates to...whoever is in power at the time.

It's scientific:

Ponder "Cognitive Human Interface." 

Consider "Influence Decision makers."


And before we go, let's take a minute to try and ascertain where this fits into the program:

Why is IBM announcing this now, today? Isn't this what DWave (& Kindred) has been doing with CERN for years now, Quantum Adiabatic-style??

Am I missing something here, has the mandela effect hijacked me?? Is this a lulling of plausible deniability for the masses ("That black hole couldn't have been us, we've only been doing it since last Friday!!") or has yet another frontier been breached?? 

How does this news play into the Sentient World Simulation? Mass surveillance? Augmenting and initiating whatever we have flowing in our veins now thanks to Warp Speed?? Is this just another arm of the "takeover?" Colonization? Assimilation? Homo Borg Genesis?:

Where within the current Night Gallery subset is this leading us? When magnetic fields are set up by graphene-buttressed nanotech swarming and self-replicating across the blood-brain barrier in so many thru quantum dots, hydrogels, other organics verging on the immortal??

How about SETI by Quantum Entanglement??:

Or this:

Sidney Gottlieb, somewhere in his hand-me-down wizard's cloak (the one with Saturns and comets on it) from Jack Parsons, is drooling right now. I just know it.

The fact remains that there is nothing new under the sun. Time being a flat circle, all of this has come before as many civilizations have risen and fallen; risen and fallen

But take hope, because the Lord will come like a thief in the night. And we have been chosen to be Witnesses. Let's be Radical ones.

At Christmas and always. 

"It's Christmastime in Washington, the Democrats rehearsed

Gettin into gear for four more years of things not gettin worse

Republicans drank whiskey neat and thanked their lucky stars

They said 'he cannot seek another term, there'll be no more FDRs.'

And I sat home in Tennessee just starin at the screen

With an uneasy feelin in my chest, and wonderin what it means...

So come back Woody Guthrie, come back to us now

Tear your eyes from paradise and rise again somehow

If you run into Jesus maybe He can help you out

So come back Woody Guthrie to us now.

I followed in your footsteps once back in my travelin days

Somewhere I failed to find your trail now I'm stumblin thru the haze

But there's killers on the highway now and a man can't get around

So I sold my soul for wheels that roll now I'm stuck here in this town

Come back Woody Guthrie, come back to us now

Tear your eyes from paradise and rise again somehow

If you run into Jesus maybe He can help us out

Come back Woody Guthrie to us now

There's foxes in the hen house and cows out in the corn

The unions have been busted, their proud red banners torn

To listen to the radio you'd think that all was well

But you, and me, and Cisco know, it's goin straight to hell

So come back, Emma Goldman, rise up old Joe Hill,

The barricades are goin up but they cannot break our will

Come back to us Malcolm X and Martin Luther King

We're marching into Selma as the bells of freedom ring

So come back Woody Guthrie, come back to us now

Tear your eyes from paradise,

     and rise again somehow."









  1. First, I find out that Mithras and Phanes were one and the same in ancient times. NOW, I find out LUCIFER and **PAN** are one and the same, according to one of the biggest Neo-Nazi movements:

    Always has been, since deepest, darkest prehistoric times:


    1. Take heart broheem -- ole Nick is quite compelling in his presentations.
      Heck, it's what he does.
      Eyes on the prize, muh man.

  2. Remember what Alberino said in this post -- we're ALL Prodigal Sons.....doesn't mean we're going to be abandoned -- quite the opposite.
    We are loved unconditionally -- and will be forgiven and restored with nary a harsh word.

  3. Jesus left the flock of 99 to go after the ONE stray.

  4. JB -- you're gonna need to study this, a FULL text of MORNING OF THE MAGICIANS, including the always-redacted Nazi sections:

    Start on p 145 -- go back to 141 and read about Arthur Machen & The Great God Pan of his; it sets the tone & stage for the massive nazi occult wave that would follow.

    I can't thank Internet Archive enough for this -- fairly much every other port that MOTM is listed in excludes around 150+ pages of every nazi material included here.
    Can only say that the powers=that=be deem this extremely dangerous knowledge that is not to be disseminated.

    Example: "Man is not finished. He is on the brink of a formidable mutation which will confer on him the powers of the ancients attributed to the gods."
    Sound familiar??
    Could have come straight out of a WEF brief or Yuval Harari himself.

  5. Uncle Clif has been on a tear for a while now claiming that the Elohim are actually space aliens and that "God" is actually one of them originally named ""El:....
    The Elohim are space aliens.
    1:28 PM · Nov 20, 2023

  6. Fascinating history here too:

  7. Thanks BB!!
    Yep, that Dave Martin talk is pretty much a mirror of what he handed out in Brussels in May '23:

    He shows complicity and foreknowledge in the timeline the way KK and Ana MIhalcea have broken down the science/ingredients....
    ALL of them along with Carrie and Naomi put up a pretty impenetrable knowledge front -- I put those 5 at the very tip of the spear, no doubt.

  8. This just in btw:
    TONS of predictive programming in the new Netflix LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND
    about a what??: Global cyberattack. With concurrent mentions of disrupted migration patterns, monetary system amok, no media, smoke rising from major cities in distance, planes falling from the sky, "terrorist" countries claiming Death to America, some kind of Havana syndrome pulse attack that makes people's teeth fall out, & that's all just for starters.....

    Executive producers?
    I kid you not.

    In an interview with Vanity Fair published Wednesday, Esmail said the former president provided feedback on the script in his capacity as a producer — and some of it was scary.

    "I am writing what I think is fiction, for the most part, I'm trying to keep it as true to life as possible, but I'm exaggerating and dramatizing," (Sam) Esmail explained. "And to hear an ex-president say you're off by a few details… I thought I was off by a lot! The fact that he said that scared the fuck out of me."

    There's even one scene in the film fairly early on -- it's 2 hrs 20 min -- where the 2 main child leads are wearing tee shirts that say OBEY and NASA in the same scene. It's pretty blatant.

    Any of you watch it & we'll discuss -- but the mapping is going on in plain sight.
    WEF & Schwab have been preaching CYBERATTACK for years now.

  9. Somewhat in link with that -- this is absolutely INSANE weather for nearly the middle of DECEMBER:


    Normal's in the rear-view quite a ways back.......

  10. Replies
    1. JUST re-installed buddy.
      Pan is triggering LOL.

    2. And the Hitler stuff prob even more so!!
      Remember all the deleting of the Morning of the Magicians pertinent sections.....
      We need to think exactly why and examine the reasoning behind they want to keep ALL that data -- much like the true content of Nuremberg -- under wraps forever....

  11. RAINY WINDY MID-EVE on a Sunday Night & the firehose continues unabated:

    LOL -- a number of "complicated" reasons keep Fauci out of church..yeah, like being a SATANIST, for one. I'm thinking that's the biggest.

    All this plus an open Leftist mouthpiece actually calling for Trump's assassination in the POST...sure that graft of Caesar doesn't mean a thing....

    Then in the TIMES you've got a declared war on critical thinking of all things. Yeah, don't trust your eyes or your gut, trust US, we're the EXPERTS!! Cos that worked out so well 3 years ago, right??

    Praise the Lord, pass the ammunition, and man the lifeboats!!
    We're goin in!!

  12. BTW a certain name being on the WASH POST Board suddenly makes all things clear:
    John Podesta.
    HE'D never suggest anything underhanded......

  13. AAAAAAND just when you thought I was off the clot shot bandwagon, but wait, there's MORE!!

    Yeadon's another one they need to get bef Congress to testify on all this.....

  14. I've been on zoom calls with Big Pharma owners and chief execs. They're totally open about genetic modification, nanotech and AI as the way to go.

    The Roche--Genentech relationship goes back to the 80s. When Roche fully acquired Genentech, it shut down its own East Coast offices, moved to California and BECAME Genentech.

    The Sackler family that created the opioid crisis originally made their money by selling Valium for Roche, targeting it to "unstable" housewives.

    Essentially, Big Pharma history is a juicy microcosm of everything we're going through today. One doesn't even need to dig deep: Just browsing through a couple Wikipedia articles will reveal most of the main themes, actors, and goals.

    1. For sure for sure Trains!! It's all a slow kill, slow-motion trainwreck engineered from the highest levels. Big Pharma are just one of many "enforcers." They facilitate the collapse.
      The threatening phone calls are coming from......inside the house.
      They always have been -- we just haven't had the wherewithal to follow the trace.
      It's the Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars blueprint that Bill Cooper was always harping on. Or is that HAARPing on?? LOL.

      Refer back to Julianne McKinney's 1995 Army War College Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) proposal that appeared first in the Jun-Jul summer issue of NEXUS:

      ANY of that today sound even remotely familiar, hmmmm??
      The Recipe is bubbling and stewing nicely -- right now we're set on Simmer. Wait til we reach the Boiling point.....

      NOW consider how much it sounds like the Obama-tweaked script for the recent LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND on Netflix....

      THEY are planning something just as sure as I'm sitting here.

      Have decided am gonna do a post in part featuring this, so head's up.....
      This entire thing is a warning, a scenario that they MUST advise us of prior to implementation according to their views of karma as well as God's Law, among other things....
      Think social engineering.

  15. From your certain perspective you sound a lot like the Mahershala Ali character in the above script draft...working with, managing the $$ of inner members of "the cabal," and getting inside feelings from snippets of conversation about what's imminently going to go down.....
    (i.e. like the put options many at Bear Stearns/Morgan Stanley, etc had inside knowledge of in the weeks and days just before 9/11 went down...they all KNEW something majorly untoward was about to happen.)

    Anyway, take note in the script of when the Ali character was told these "meetings" of the cabal typically took place -- the Winter Solstice.
    There are NUMEROUS scenes within the production of eclipses, earth orbit, 2001-like stellar alignments, etc. All to a kind of Lovecraftian "when the stars are right.." scenario.
    All in all for a film that doesn't give away a lot, it's screaming volumes to those that know what to look for.
    All drafted in pre-production by a former President...

  16. PS Leave The World Behind ALSO features a series of overhead tracking shots of spirals found/appearing in both Nature as well as man--made architecture & infrastructure -- could be a callout to altars, staging grounds, etc. At the time reminded me of nothing so much as Epstein's sundial for some reason.....

    NOW I just get this link from a trusted Irregular:

    Happening on the same day that RUMBLE went down worldwide for anywhere from 12-20 hrs since late last night.
    As of right now it's coming in on the laptop again but not sure of phone linkage....
    Here was the situation for most of the day:

    This on the heels of the entire country of France banning it entirely a few days ago:

    This all appears to be a worldwide attack on all platforms featuring any type of anti C-19 vaxx "misinformation," read: truth-telling, more than anything.

    The "Cold" Infowar seems to be heating up rapidly, needless to say.

    Then there is this with 4 days to go:

    Twitter clickthru at page bottom contains MUCH info re Little St James....
    Why they're panicking??
    Vaxx-trafficking-sacrifice-Epstein network.....
    EVERYTHING is connected.

    Just another Monday Night around here in Armageddonville.

  17. PSS The overhead spiral shots in LTWB also struck me as a MAJOR callout to this:

    The Micmac burial ground.....

    All part of an now ongoing post that I'm letting ALL the secrets out about here as a prologue.....

  18. Replies
    1. Aaaaaaaaaaand once again I just put em back.

      We can play this all night ya redacting fuck freaks!!

  19. They REALLY are touchy about anything Hitler, ain't they??
    Psychos don't like lookin in a mirror.

  20. Appears drone came from here:

    We're all gonna die tonight....

    Just wanted to let you guys know ; have got all of tomorrow off & plenty of dangerous ideas running @ the noggin = expect at least one more new post bef New Years -- likely the 27-29th timeframe for landing....

    So many MANY impossible things are happening at such a pace that it's breathtaking, & a little scary -- this is feeling like being a passenger in a wildly careening car that's already taking the curves on 2 wheels and just accelerating're hoping for the best but bracing for impact.
    Is it just me or does anyone else feel like this & that we're long overdue for something huge??

    1. Self Control, remember wordman, YOU are on the Earth, all these assholes can do, is destroy THEIR own contrived World of control. Remember Life is a circle, and we are only partaking of a very small slice of that arc, come on dude, you have already made it through the tough downward arc, breaking up the depths was always going to cause waves, don't get caught in the emotional waves emanating from hell, over it losing it's power to influence human beings.

    2. Yep...spidey senses tingling big time that something hugely wicked this way comes. Hold your loved ones close :/

    3. Yes Wordman I feel like this as well. A former military guy in DC told me something is going to happen on the 15th. I just think about havana syndrome and the Tower of Babel. What these freaks are capable of. All roads leads back to Phoenicians...........

    4. Thanks so much for that reminder OMS!!
      Be IN this world, but not OF this world.
      & you are so very correct, it's just the end of THEIR world, not ours. Most important to remember. Esp considering the following:

      NOW, JoJo just sent me this link:

      Most of which I whole-heartedly am on board with -- with one HUGE caveat....
      I do NOT think, ultimately, the entire UFO milieu is a psyop.
      Which is NOT to say that they won't try and use it for that. (Bluebeam, etc)
      And I'll have much more to say about this stance upcoming, but the real truth of that issue gets down to some truths that are so dark and disturbing, coming from a spiritual angle, that for most people it will remain unprocess-able.

      Which I hope to be able to elucidate next time: what we've all been going thru in major ways since 2016: the child trafficking disclosures, pizzagate, Epstein, the elites involved in the vaxx agenda, the pandemic, the lockdowns, the programming, and so much more......ALL of this is connected -- and I include very much in that the warring forces and sides involved in the entire UFO disclosure sphere. We're all smack dab in the biggest power play and story ever told; unfolding all around us.

      This is Marvel-sized Universes ending stuff.

      And this just in from Kendra (V.V.) to me is very much a part of that unfolding:

      First we get Obama's tinkerings with Leave The World Behind (& more on that coming too w/all the huge OCCULT trimmings inc a major nod to the Havana Syndrome, Soto) but now CIVIL WAR in '24??
      THEY are ramping things up on the predictive programming/social engineering fronts in a big way.
      Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare I believe Michael Hoffman called it.

      Sotes, VV, Jo, Oms, everybody stay safe and keep those eyes wide open.
      Love you all & thanks for all the heads-up drops....We're on the case and we never sleep!!

      Back soon.

  22. Thanks BB!!
    I agree but still think it's incredibly important to REALIZE what their modern-day programming is, to call them out on it, to get enough eyes on it that maybe if we get enough people realizing, and talking, we can foil any ongoing plans they may have.
    There are many instances where popular opinion and eyes-on have caused their plans to be disrupted...
    i.e. if you see something, SAY something.
    This is the way the world changes: getting that knowledge out there.

    Mere recognition itself can be the wrench in their gears. The see no evil -- hear no evil -- speak no evil mantra needs to be ditched; that makes all of us the embodiment of that saying: monkeys.

    Mock the Mockingbird. Or as your very pointed reddit drop says -- learning the magick makes it lose its magick.

    Behind the curtain you find out Oz is just some little drippy nobody. You realize the power over you was never there to start with. You're the one that gave it away -- just look how pitifully easy it is to take it back.

  23. JoJo -- stay tuned for PLENTY more UFO/UAP cross-connections upcoming in the next installment....

  24. I agree with you Wordman; thanks...
    In the near term, maybe Santa will smile on those of good will; and Krampus will pounce on and remove/neutralize a significant number of the globo-criminals......can be hoped....

  25. Ha ha ha!

    They deleted my *exact same two comments* for a third time now!

  26. Who Hitler was in contact with:

    Sign of the times, all in the words being used:

    C'mon guys, I can do this all day....

  27. This is HISTORY -- you wanna keep erasing history??
    Oh, that's right, you guys wanted to tear down all the statues.....

    You DO realize YOU'RE the Nazis, right?

  28. VERY prescient man, Mr.BB -- yes, you are.
    You very much sense the way the prevailing wind is blowing....reading between the lines.
    You're going to enjoy what's upcoming on the Bat Channel -- oh yes you are...

    The overall narrative in just the last 3-4 weeks is steadily coming into focus.....

  29. Who EVER would have thought post-9/11 when he was one of the major Bush war criminal flag-bearers that it would be none other than Tucker freakin CARLSON to be like a dog with a bone with this -- strange bedfellows for strange times indeed. You absolutely never know who's going to be on what side in the long run....Isn't life weird and wonderful??!!

    And 2 words: Collins. Elite.
    I know I've mentioned them before, but.....
    Mind-bending colossal implications.
    Stay tuned....

  30. All part of the Op Agenda to deprive us of everything piece by piece.
    Eat bugs cos climate change.
    No meat cos Green New Deal.
    No gas cos both.
    No housing cos you're "happier" that way. No ownership.
    No $$ cos why aren't you chipped?
    No relationships cos Social Distancing/ Lockdowns.
    No health cos "the vaxx."

    Every point of egress closed.
    Every avenue to freedom shut down.
    And from us? Not a peep cos we wanna be "good citizens."

    STOP being so nice & agreeable to your own demise.

  31. I been getting into regional literature lately and staring at the ceiling fan. Summer here in Australia. Intoxicated with dreams that have come true, will never come true and the dreams all around me, as I type this out on a dream itself. Also intoxicated on regular wine. Merry Xmas everybody. Feels like the last one before the drop.

    1. WOOT, my friend!! Didn't know you were in the magical Land Down Under....1 more month until the EPIC Australian Open fires up. Bef Djokovic & Fed this guy LOVED to make it his stalking ground:

      More in my time -- the mighty Safin.
      Peeking into his players box was always a magical mystery tour:

      Frackin GOAT that dude was.
      EXACT same time I met Ginger & plundering the world was our oyster, & girls were still wearing things like that!! LOL.
      Now those were the days....

      Thanks for always dropping by to liven up the proceedings and have a great summer, my great friend!!

    2. Haha im born Canadian so the only sports I know are the hockey and the gridiron but thank you for the illuminating insights into tennis groupies LOL

      Also thanks for the doom play-by-plays and best wishes to you and yours for the holidays and the new year :^)

  32. Oh you are gonna LOVE a podcast talk between 2 individuals I'm gonna be highlighting in the upcoming post....
    Don't wanna let the cat out of the bag yet but it pertains HUGELY to what you have dropped right here -- & YES, adductions, mutes, advanced tech, & the overall agenda of secret elites & societies in league with NHIs is pretty much the WHOLE story, throw in transhumanism...

    I cannot remember a time when every thread is being woven into an integrated whole like this -- and MANY people, like Naomi Wolf, Tucker Carlson, etc, are plotting points on the graph that includes the merger of black spiritualism and dark, fallen angel tech.
    This is truly, from all appearances, an impossible reformatting of the Days of Noah.

    Next drop between Christmas and New Years -- the last one of '23.
    And who knows -- the Shadow? -- what's lurking in 2024...

  33. I was JUST going to say sounds EXACTLY like what Whit Webb has been forecasting -- stay tuned.

  34. & oh YEAH A6 -- here's to one more summer!!

    Make it count, playa!!

  35. I recently noticed that I haven't heard a peep out of anyone in my Email notifications about new comments and went looking to see if I had somehow managed to accidentally mark one as Spam when using my phone. I have done that in the past and had to go in and move it back to the Inbox.
    However I did not see anything in my Spam folder so I am a bit perplexed as to why all of a sudden I'm not getting updates.
    I figured I'd drop by, leave a new comment, wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and update the Notification button.

    1. Haha -- it's Christmas and New Year's Eve every day for the algorithms!!
      They never sleep when it comes to the manipulation department.
      Happy Winter Solstice too Philby!!
      And that new, last post of '23 is coming in a matter of days -- stay tuned!!.....

  36. THIS is hands down one of the best podcasts I've ever heard.
    Every comment and rabbit hole they get into is GOLD.

  37. NASA FAKE - TOP 10 Reasons Why I Don-t Trust NASA