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"In the threatening situation of the world today, when people are beginning to see that everything is at stake, the projection-creating fantasy soars beyond the realm of earthly organization and powers into the heavens, into interstellar space, where the rulers of human fate, the gods, once had their abode in the planets...Even people who would have never thought that a religious problem could be a serious matter than concerned them personally are beginning to ask themselves fundamental questions...."     Carl Jung 1959

"Nature's first green is gold, her hardest hue to hold,

Her early leaf's a flower, but only so an hour,

Then leaf subsides to leaf, so Eden sank to grief.

So dawn goes down to day,

     Nothing gold can stay."    Robert Frost   

"I'm ready, I'm ready for the laughing gas

I'm ready, I'm ready for what's next

I'm ready to duck, ready to dive, ready to say I'm glad to be alive

I'm ready. Ready for the push...

I'm ready, ready for the gridlock

I'm ready to take it to the street

Ready for the shuffle, ready for the deal, ready to let go of the steering wheel

I'm ready -- Ready for the crush..."

"Gave up tryin to figure it out but my head got lost along the way

Worn out from givin it up but my soul I pissed it all away

Still stings these shattered nerves, pigs we get what pigs deserve

I'm goin all the way down I'm leavin today/

Still feel it all slippin away but it doesn't matter anymore

Everybody's still chippin away but it doesn't matter anymore

Look thru these blackened eyes, you'll see ten thousand lies

My lips may promise but my heart is a whore/

This isn't meant to last -- this is for right now...

I know it's all gettin away and it comes to me as no surprise

I know what's comin to me is never going to arrive

Fresh blood thru tired skin, new sweat to drown me in

Dress up this rotten carcass just to make it look alive

This isn't meant to last -- this is For. Right. Now."


Who can say for sure even with hindsight which events represent tipping points? Those warning bells that begin to peal and signal rubicons of forever change; lines of demarcation that, once crossed, transform previous consensus reality into something foreign and alien? Miniature black swan events that open up new vistas of what it means to be here -- sightlines into the unknown that ripple and echo down thru time, causing permanent alterations. Perhaps Voronezh stood as such a gateway...

Certain years will always cast looming shadows over our times, buffeted with eerie syncs. 1977 was one. 1983 another, as Chris Knowles has long provided chapter and verse evidence for. 1989 was another. I remember one researcher calling these "hinge years." These liminal or crossing points also happen to fall within junctures at the end of decades -- 1979, 1989, 1999 into 2000 that signaled the end of a thousand years for the choice few in history ever there to see such a passing. 

Richard McKenna: "Those points when incipient forces in the psychosphere coalesce and react with one another, causing reality to shift direction...home to pop-cultural events that aesthetically and psychologically, feel like they contribute a lot to creating our strange present day."

I begin tonight with the extraterrestrial/extradimensional as an appetizer before we veer out into a fuller range of increasingly more timely touchpoints in the investigation -- by the time we reach the end you will see why...and also because Halloween draws ever near. Let the web and spell weaving begin!!...

Has High Strangeness been collaborated with, harnessed, and turned into weapons systems? Beam weapons? Nanotech weapons? If they had been would we be seeing evidence of this all around us?? Has Magonia come home? :

So climb aboard, everybody -- tonight we speak of psychospheres and psychopomps as we venture into the narcoleptic apocalyptic, and we land at the first stopping point in our itinerary of the bizarre and strangely meaningful: a park in Voronezh 34 autumns ago:

Tonight we will try to find touchstones of commonality -- shared points of reference in this investigation that continue to sprawl outwards even as we try to narrow the focus. Mind control. Vast Oligarchian power structures. Ritual abuse and trauma. The vaccine as a mechanism and lever to achieve unknown ends perhaps pertaining to all the above. The fascination with and focus on the extraterrestrial and extradimensional. How far does this go back: think fairies, elves, sprites, djinn. What is reality? (Plot twist: there's more than one reality...)  Who is seeking to manipulate it/them and why?? 

Where do the Venn Diagrams of all these overlap? I suspect that when the answers -- the real answers -- are unveiled, they won't be coming from the scientists and physicists; they won't burst forth from technology but from the humanities, from the poets, the philosophers, the theologians and the spiritualists. The real answers to all of this, the origin of both the problems and the solutions, lie there awaiting discovery amid the wild palms. 

Tonight we're going to lay bare some startling and recurrent synchronicities -- intersections of why the symbol drawn by the Russian children seen on the craft at Voronezh is identical to the one seen in the UMMO case. And why that recurs yet again in pop culture during the TV series LOST:

Perhaps we need to echo Jacques Vallee here, who saw the entire UMMO incident as a weird amalgam of social engineering and targeting; a social experiment:

Very much germane to our investigation, these UMMO cult letters, which were established via seances featuring dead relatives and ouija boards making contact with other entities, include neurological findings and precursor events including talk of dark matter and quantum computing well before their discovery in the present day. Just how this links to recent events we will be getting to -- but let's just have it suffice to say I'm wondering what else it was Pfizer and Moderna were so keen to hide for 75 years...

As if quantum computing and quantum dots don't play a role in the vaxx:

All things quantum realm, remember, are inextricably linked to the demonic:

Regarding the quantum realms and fields, especially as relating to the cross-connects between quantum dots and quantum computing:

This all relates to "coupled" quantum dots, otherwise known as "qubits," the going language of none other than CERN, where the quantum info is stored in the SPIN. Is this how the veils thin and portals are engaged? And what does it mean now that quantum dots, the touchstone of all this, have been installed in the population of some 80% of the planet? 

Perhaps that 20% could be key -- a WEF insider recently whined that their plan to vaccinate the entire planet has failed:

In the US alone, there are over 70 million unvaxxed:

(Fully armed and weaponized, that might be too large a figure for even 5G-activated zombie hordes to overcome -- so good on ya purebloods.)

In the meantime, quantum fields activated in the dots and computers (DWAVE) all point to programmable matter. See #23 here, as well as any number of quotes from Yuval Harari: 

Fascinating that that overlap comes courtesy of declassified papers from AATIP -- the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.

What is the collab here and has any of this tech found its way into the vaxx? Uh, yes:

By nature of the, ahem, beast, it is also exactly what hydrogel is:

Moreover, how to you get something to ACT like biology, that is NOT biology?? Charles Lieber knew:

And he likely told Epstein. Who was, sssshhhh, doing things like meeting with US Senators at shadowy UK lairs owned by his demon lords...I'd love to tell you all about it, but we'll never know because of, you know, National Security

It was 2002 but the clock was already ticking...also at that meeting for logistics and forward-planning: Nicole Junkermann:

Who soon inserted herself deep into the UK Health System and was probably instrumental in getting word like this out to scare the entire planet into getting them to do what they wanted them to do:

Over the flu. If that. But that damn vaxx ain't gonna inject itself, is it?? 

And they had you warp speed begging for it.

But before we go further there, have I mentioned the gold quantifoil? 

The same gold quantifoil mesh grid that Karen Kingston mentions as being a vital part of the Mrna vaxxes here at the 48 min mark here:

Wonder where else something suspiciously like it shows up? In the CIA reading room in their files about UFO crashes. Specifically the Hill 61 incident in Russia in 1988 -- see top of page 2 here:

Nanotechnology here:

Specific gold nanoparticles from 2020:

And quantifoil:

It's all enough to make you wonder about the nexus point of our crisis and where the origin of storms is actually located...

Have we been reverse-engineering things that have found their way into certain recent injectables?? And are those things not of this earth??

Are all these "crashes" trojan horses meant to seed us with the means for our colonization? Destruction? Invasion?


Those dead relatives that served as go-betweens and mediators for contact with the UMMO entities? They've been showing up in increasing numbers other places lately...see 1:08:03 here:

That would be reports flying in by the thousands to the VAERS system, all post c-19 vaxx of major hallucinations. Or are they? Whitley Strieber has long postulated a relationship -- a quite intimate one -- between the UFO phenomenon and the dead:

Perhaps new aspects of that relationship are being revealed thru biotechnological experimentation on a captive populace using ingredients including black reverse-technology from other realms. If so, we are plunging headlong into what people like John Dee were researching into the 16th century. A new Alchemical Aeon.

And where is it taking us? Remember the thousands of cows keeling over in Kansas in 2022 being blamed on "the heat??" Maybe it wasn't the heat:

Maybe it was a test. Of something like turning 5G up to see what would happen to graphene injected in the animals. A beta test, a larger one, right after Astroworld. Before they move on to larger human test groups. Remember the X Files Red Museum episode -- He Is One. Maybe we're all one now:

Maybe we're all just waiting for the walk-ins:

Or something that will soften us up for them. October 4; 2:22 PM EST...synchronize your bat-watches. That's less than 48 more hours to go -- I wanna be sedated. 

This is already confirmed in the US, across Canada, India, and other sections of the EU. The coordination of something like this going worldwide makes me nervous. Even if nothing happens, they're still testing the viability and operational reach of a system parameter. EBS can do location tracking -- they can spot you anytime, anywhere.

To find out just where you fit in the network flow chart and how inundated you are, check here:

Plot twist: some disinfo agents (maybe Callender, maybe others) are pushing this to make being concerned about anything 5G look foolish. But make no mistake, 5G will be part of their expanding weapons platform going forward. Remember in 2020 they went HARD to discredit and ridicule anyone calling out 5G all the while installing masts everywhere during lockdown and undercover. Facts now indisputably show that EMF causes harm -- concern is absolutely valid.

AP/Reuters "Fact check" (Rothschilds)  has also put this out on blast -- so a nerve has been struck to be sure. Otherwise they'd just ignore it. Also remember the callsign date of "10-4." Copy that good buddy? Another of their "inside jokes" against the riff raff.

So it doesn't have to look like this -- not saying that one day it won't look EXACTLY like this:

"But your honor, it wasn't mass murder -- Free Bird was playing!!"

Have ops like this gone operational before? Signs point to "yes":

Shaun Cassidy even riffed on it in an Amazon pilot that didn't get picked up:

Along those same Red Museum test lines, check this out as the world turns more X-Files narrative every day: Control groups?

Purposeful adulteration of our food supply with experimental adjuvants?

And in that last Reese Report, all killer no filler as always, at 3:41 looks suspiciously like the gold quantifoil twisted strands, doesn't it? 

Once again leave it to Chris Carter to predict the future with about 30 years leeway give or take. 

Of course it's not just Carter; he just did it first: 

Since then it's been a pile-on of epic proportions that is only accelerating.

It's not like the testing hasn't been ongoing -- just look at some of the anomalies popping up in the recent Idaho 4 slayings:

The accused Bryan Kohberger sure left some suspicious social media and forum hanging-around clues lying about that the authorities weren't quick enough in scrubbing (click to enlarge):

Sure looks as if he was targeted for manipulation by unknown actors seeking a wetworks-type outcome. Our mental processes are being intruded upon and manipulated daily -- but then again this is nothing new; and just because it's me, I have to ask, was Bryan Kohberger vaxxed? And if so, was he a Charles Whitman-esque early test subject that they latched onto to manipulate an already weak link in the chain for the purposes of seeing if it would work? This is, after all, what so many postulate that the vaxx is designed to do: augment & magnify what you are already genetically predisposed to -- if you've been dealt the genetic hand to go crazy later in life, let's make it earlier. If you were gonna have cancer by 80, well, let's make it 40 now, or 30. You're a walking, spike protein-producing bio-factory. Forever. Checked the explosion in turbo cancer stats since 2021? 

Can this be activated by 5G or proximities to other vectors?? Along those same lines:

These were all in 2018-2019 far ahead of the supposed C-19 outbreak or leak in Wuhan. Is this all a weakening of our bodies' God-given immune defenses and safeguards ala the non-stop chemtrailing since late 1998?? How many multiple system assaults can we stand? We've been dealing with shuddering body blows for a straight 25  years now.  

Did you know that the startlingly similar circumstances between the Idaho 4 killings and the original Amityville murders (inexplicably sleeping thru bloody carnage only feet away featuring things like screaming and gunshots) share more than just that? 

Because they both occurred on the exact same night

Things that make you go hmmmm -- and because they love their inside-joke calendar-aligning narratives. This too, will more than make you think:

The Amityville Horror like you never envisioned it. And no less horrifying for that.

The recent Netflix offering ENCOUNTERS, the one with Spielberg's fingerprints all over it, features some interesting neurolinguistic programing touchstones, particularly in the first 3 episodes...since we could be speaking about planting things in the subconscious: 

pixies, microchips, suicide, flutes (music), praying mantis, MIB, bullets, Office of Naval Intelligence (prelude to) bedroom invaders, fields, schools, trees all as event markers, message that technology will lead to evil, angels both celestial and fallen, celtic folklore, fairies, erase their memory, "re-enchantment of the environment." 

Turns out that previous religious enchantment needs to be replaced...huh, who knew? 

Also turns out that it's a strategy

Any of those other trigger words resemble anything recently or keep repeating in the narrative that you notice??  

And while we mix the paranormal with the results-oriented, let's leave this here, because it looks an awful lot like somebody called it exactly some 4 years ahead of time: 

Unless that too, from a historically heavily CIA-backed source, could have been just another seed-plant in the collective -- tucked away there in a back corner to take root.

Of all the witches brew of ingredients in this administered bioweapon, most learned and well-versed of the researchers (Kingston, Mihalcea, Solum, La Quinta Columna et al) point to the graphene component as the most likely culprit to result in these clots...but where, I wonder, does graphene, that vital ingredient and adjuvant in everything from tennis racquets, canoes, hockey sticks, mountain gear and biomed supplies to now our veins, organs and brains thanks to Emergency Use Authorization, originate?? 

Decided to go snooping around like that meddling kid I still am, and guess what I found? Sit down strap in and take a slug or 5 for this one....

Graphene doesn't come from here.

It is, by definition, extraterrestrial,approximately%204.5%20billion%20years%20old.

And at 22:56 here:

We have arrived at the source, my friends. The wellspring. Purity Control.

 Questions about how long this was being considered for implementation, and WHY, need to be asked, and quickly, if we are to get to the root of some very important answers. Because we are under the gun here...and ALL things extraterrestrial...and extradimensional...are quickly assuming new and different places in terms of both validity and meaning. 

Making this off-world component a lynchpin and flashpoint in the widespread injecting of humanity needs to be highlighted and underscored severely, not to mention bringing into the forefront all of those weird side effects listed and now occurring, like deja vu, hallucinations, the ability to see and speak with the dead, bizarre dreams, and cognitive anomalies and personality changes by the score...

Something is happening here. 

RIP to Red Sox great knuckleballer Tim Wakefield, dead at 57 yesterday in what under normal and more humane times should be considered highly suspicious circumstances:

Tim and the amazing physics of his knuckleball -- check out the slomo at 3:05 and tell me that's not one of the most bizarre, time/space defying things in all of sports:

In the 2nd half of his rollercoaster career with the Red Sox, he garnered the great Phil Niekro as a mentor and psychological life coach. This great man gave Tim tips of and for his sporting career that bled over into a philosophy of life as well that verge on the damn near Zen: 

"Learn to accept defeat without being defeated." 

And "Always look forward -- the next pitch you throw could be the best pitch you've ever thrown in your life."

Condolences to, and prayers for, Tim's wife also. 

Two months ago:

Today on reddit:

Magonia comes home. And everything must go. 




  1. We're 77 years after the Babalon Working in 1946. 77 according to Crowley and others (including myself) is the number of Pan.

    But the number of Babalon is 49, which is 7 times 7, therefore also 77.

    Only 3 months left in 2023. I wonder what will come through from NeverNeverLand.

    1. Little birdies are telling me the last quarter is gonna be a humdinger.

  2. Btw, I've finally figured out why "pizza" is such a key word for the Pedophile Elite:

    The earliest origins of the word "pizza" comes from the Lombardic word bizzo or pizzo meaning "mouthful" (related to the English word "bite"), which was brought to Italy in the middle of the 6th century AD by the invading Lombards.

    The Lombards (Germanic tribes known as the "long beards") initially called themselves the Winnili. The name Winnili is generally translated as 'the wolves'.

    *Pizza = bite of the wolves (wolf-men)*

    Once a werewolf (or pedovore) viciously attacks you, it is entirely possible you turn into a werewolf (or pedovore) when you grow up.

  3. Stalked in the forest too close to hide
    I'll be upon you by the moonlight side
    Strut on a line it's discord and rhyme
    I howl and I whine I'm after you....


  4. Oooooooh, a "Night" Version!!

  5. Funny you mention werewolves JB --
    Recently have been getting into & rewatching all of the OG monster movies from my childhood.....
    The pack leaders the OG Frankenstein & Dracula; kind of meh actually...

    The Lon Chaney Wolfman and the Karloff Mummy? NOW yer talkin.
    THE MUMMY esp; the whole vibe of reincarnation, undead undying dying love - BRILLIANT. Somewhat like Drac but even deeper & minus the debonair.
    This late date in life to find out I'm ultimately a Mummy Dude.
    Self-discovery is a wonderful thang!!

    1. Ever see "Dog Soldiers"? One of the best.

      Pan note: the first werewolves supposedly came from Arcadia, "the Land before the Moon" according to the Ancient Greeks, a total wilderness where everyone worshipped Pan, and supposedly turned into wolves as a rite of passage since prehistoric times.

    2. OMG -- the scene of stuffing the dude's innards back in and pouring the crazy glue on is mint!!
      Plus, hey, tips for life -- never know when that could come in handy.

    3. Perfect JB!! Always wondered about their Divoc/Covid word games....
      There are no coincidences at this level.

  6. All I know is that Doja Cat's SCARLET Tour kicks off Halloween night in SanFran & promises to be a "blood-soaked" "devil worship" show & "sacrifice ritual."

    Shows as Rituals? Performing in blood? Where oh where have I heard this before...seems familiar somehow....SMDH.

    ALL I know is that The Devil's Blood kicked ALL of this off chapter & verse high-concept wise 14 some years ago & did it better and didn't live to see everybody rip off literally their entire act -- minus the talent, vocals, song writing and guitar explosions. Abs unreal. Selim must be rolling over in his grave...

    At least Tobias (& *Ghost*) carries on in that same vein of spirit and theatricality.

    Purson (perhaps the only other outfit that had that same Zepp mystique) is disbanded. Uncle Acid & Hexvessel were one-&-done-ers whose time is past...

    All else pales & should be scorned to the heights; pretenders and worthless imitators all that wouldn't know an original thought if it crawled up their leg & bit their ass off.

  7. "I Can't Feel God Anymore"....
    I will never forget those words as long as I live.

    1. Very much so my very wise friend.
      Truly haunting.
      And perhaps the best epitaph for our age.
      Most disturbing of all because it seems to describe not just a feeling but a physical change in human abilities to perceive the Divine.
      An actual MECHANISM or tripwire that got flipped or shut off.

      Don't forget they were searching for DECADES for the exact kill switch that would cripple those ways to intuit something beyond ourselves == coupled with all the tricks and devices that put blinders on us, that accentuated the SELF over all else for years and years of softening up.....
      Fairly simple then to make a vaxx that would be the final coup de grace to our pineal glands, and third eyes, and chakras so they couldn't bring in anything any more. That would deliberately INSERT something to change God's name on our DNA.
      Subtraction by addition.
      Add a third strand and erase God.

      So many warnings -- from Tracy Twyman, from Anthony Patch, in the runup.
      But who had ears to hear? Who listened?
      I feel like I didn''t do enough, raise a big enough stink to get the word out -- but I was shouting in the wilderness back then.
      So many have awakened. But has the clock run out?
      I always want to say it's NEVER too late, but the feeling nags that we've had our chance, been weighed, and been found wanting.

      Vanity of vanities...Truly God Bless you my friend.
      That thief in the night may be coming.

  8. For those of you that don't know what Phil is referring to:

    Related -- the more I see this poor young girl shown at the 2:42 mark in this vid -- the more I am convinced that this is no put-up or staged event....

    Even tho I'm sure Snopes & all the fact-checkers would have a field day with this one....
    ....until they can't anymore.

  9. Another early report here;

    Keep in mind that this was during some of the VERY early vaxx human trials, perhaps one of the very first, early on in 2020, was AstraZenica version, and pretty much ALL news of this, which was trending heavily at the time in alt-right circles, is now completely gone.

    Make of that what you will....

  10. Hey A6!!
    Re your Fallen Angels comm above, you are squarely over the target....
    Esp the long-held fascination with blood and genetics.
    It permeates everything from alien abductions to Epstein's critical interests pre-vaxx era and leading right into it.

    I still maintain decoding what Epstein was really up to is the key to all this.

    It (the blood & genetics) was a fatal fascination of both the Nazi apparatus and then their transplants into the MIC here via Proj Paperclip. All of the Fourth Reich experiments never ended, they just took root across the Atlantic and prospered even further -- do you really think we'd be where we are today without that kind of a start in the late 40s-early 50s??
    Absolutely no way.

    And believe you me, their fascination with demon spirits and off-world entities got transplanted too; lock, stock, & 2 smoking barrels.
    Why exactly do you think we're in the midst of yet another genocide right now?
    None of this is by accident or quirk of fate.

    1. I think what is about to happen is a harvest of pain and a pruning of genetic lines. These people have been allied/are aspiring to Angel status since literally forever. It's a red thread that winds itself through all history. The machinations and intrigues of the Nephilim or Nephilim initiated.
      There are so many questions though.

      Epstein and his spider-web of connections is the best glimpse we currently have into this world. But from what I guess these are low-level players in the scheme of things. The highest players likely we could walk by in the street and never notice.

      Funny, the Nazi stuff. Canadian parliament just gave standing ovation to one. Political blunder or a bald-face litmus test of where society is at?

      Aw man

    2. In 2014 I had a crazy vision thing, and part of it was a grim reaper type guy waving his scythe or whatever it was over everything for the "Great Reaping." I had the impression it happened every so often, and the population was allowed to balloon in between. Like it was coming up on harvest time again. The only idea I had as to "why" was some vague notion of growing things up to chop them down, and something about the things people actually make and think of.

      The difference between an apocalypse movie and some guy running around in the woods is all the stuff. All the empty books and stores and houses and stuff. Maybe that's why it used to be so fashionable to be buried with one's best possessions.

  11. Scary thing about the cows all dying being blamed on hot weather. It's been very hot in the DC metro area. Expected to stay hot until the end of the week too..............

    1. Soto!!
      You DC Metro??!! Never knew that -- my old stomping grounds!! SO much water under the bridge there....Good to know there are like minds close by!!

      And here's something for you all --
      Didn't U2 used to be a "Christian" band??
      I mean, all the way up thru Joshua Tree in 87....

      Something MAJORLY got flipped in 91 with Achtung, then 93 with Zooropa, and finally 97 with POP.
      THAT is one crazily dark and ill-portent(ed) hat trick of ambiguous messaging and sinister, ominous programming.

      EVERYTHING it seems was changing, shifting in 90/91...from the world level down into the personal for everyone...& Achtung was the signal flare for all of that.

      Just been revisiting their stuff of late -- and the 90s gives me the heebie-jeebies, as brilliant as I thought it was at the time....
      And don't get me wrong, it still is -- they should've hung it up after POP, which in many ways remains their Opus for me, but something is just OFF......'PLEASE' remains the eeriest 9/11 foreshadowing you've ever heard....

      This album stuck to me like glue ever since its release and even hit a weird, synchronistic, romantic high for me in 2000 at the turn of the Millennium -- served as a kind of clarion call.
      Bono there like a man with much regret at his choices and falling faith -- and all the more poignant for that.
      I still remember Christmas 2000 lying in the dark with Ginger listening to IF GOD WILL SEND HIS ANGELS thinking what a wild, bizarre Christmas tune this is for a time such as this:

      But this NEW show at the Sphere in VEGAS, what to say??
      Embracing the full globalist shebang here, with ZERO regrets or backward-looking:

      (Bitchute link included because this is worth remembering & YT won't keep that content up for long...)

      I miss that introspective, reflecting pool that was Bono.
      This new one?
      Just brutal.

  12. Are y'all ready for tomorrow's emergency broadcast test? Lots of buzz about shutting down phones, modems and Smart meters. I also heard wrapping powered off phone in foil that's crumpled will be more effective. As well as steering clear of all possible wifi vectors/cell towers. Good time for a nice hike in the forest if possible eh? 🥴


      Looking for access points for later deployment purposes.....

  13. Meant to include this -- the chilling, predictive PLEASE -- live from the MTVs 1997:

    In the middle of Puff Daddy, Jewel & the Spice Girls.....they dropped this thought bomb of dread and crystal visions....

  14. WEIRD -- is it just me, or does this seem like a step-by-step training manual for every headline today??
    Was out in 2016.....

    Must tell them what we have planned bef we do it to them.....

  15. BTW after having watched all that "Call For An Uprising" U2 Sphere vid....dude's a little late to the party.

    They were flashing that EXACT same messaging back in 92-93 during their Zoo TV world Tour:

    Absolutely NOTHING new here.
    Still important, but so many people fall onto something like they've just discovered it....
    Newbies to the party trying to act important winding up anything but.

  16. I WILL totally concede the fact that they're using FREQUENCIES now, & to great effect.......
    Lana Del Ray and Taylor Swift, not to mention Travis Scott all ULTRA well-versed in that aspect.....

  17. BTW in case you wanna U2 breakdown done abs right -- Chris Knowles has gotcha .... and then some:

    Like most aging rockstars and celebrities, it seems, Bono has decided to go full goblin.
    Personally between him & Bosstown it's a race to the bottom....

  18. Well, sure seems that emergency alert was a nothing burger as far as all the hype about it goes. I was more thrown off by the shitty driver that veered over the yellow midline into my lane on a collision course but for my slamming the brakes and horn simultaneously that alerted her to snap outta her damn trance and corse correct. That happened about 20 minutes before the big test so even though I had powered my phone down, the guy at the church I was talking to hadn't. I just laughed at the irony when the obnoxious tone blared out of his pocket and he said "Oh it must be 2:20" hahaha! I already had my run in with a zombie driver and I later wondered whether the test was probably more about finding out who turned their phones off...maybe for first fema round-ups. Whatever.
    Here's my U2 story. Back in I think 1983 to promote the War album before they really hit the big time; U2 came to play at a church in New Haven, CT which was not far from my hometown so a bunch of us went to the show. I thought they were fabulous and then Bono fricken climbed up a pipe from the first floor to the balcony while singing Sunday Bloody Sunday and continued to belt his heart out while walking along the balcony which was maybe 6-8 inches wide. That was epic and I had a mad crush on him for a few years after that. Probably lost interest after Mysterious ways came out as a single cuz nothing about Zooropa appealed to me at all. Then when he hooked into the New World Disorder stuff I just felt annoyed by the traitor sell out vibes. My Irish hackles definitely spiked Lol!


      "You know I don't see you when she walks in the room.....
      Yea I gotta go -- I'm runnin outta CHANGE
      There's a lotta things
      if I could I'd rearrange...."


    Man you guys lucked out -- they actually played New Haven twice & Hartford once during 5/6-83!!

    1. Yes! Woolsey Hall at Yale University-auditorium...not a church but as one person wrote: the show felt like a religious experience. Very cool to read the recollections of others who went. Thanks for that link WM!


    (And just look who the State Dept then had responding -- none other than Stinky Peppermint Patty Psaki.....)

    These people are UNREAL and it's all been going on forever under these idiots.

    Needless to say all the above links are now well hidden and almost impossible to find without knowing which "code" words to plug in -- and even then they only come up less than half the time....
    We're NEVER going to get anywhere without real journalism again at the top levels to keep all the satanists honest, at least in theory....

    Til then, WE ARE the media.

  21. This is why you amaze me dude.
    A huge tip of the old bald spot to ya.

  22. Hey BB!!
    Thinking possibly related:

  23. For Phil, JB, OMID & BB not to mention everyone still listening at this late hour.......
    Speaking of suspicious timing....Does anyone else find it the least bit weird that the YT et al powers-that-be have chosen THIS particular time to feature clips, for the first time ever, from a 52 year old film??

    Just getting around to it, eh?
    Not buying it -- it's exposing a generation not well versed in the film or it's subject matter to such topics......

    But why, exactly??

    1. Been a very long time since that came out, I seem to recall reading the book, the movie was based on. I liked the book better then the movie, but I can't remember why I felt that way. Why do Exorcist II at this time? Then there is THEIR version of The Creator which opened a week ago....You already know the answer to your question wordman...programming brother, that and excess information to the point where the average person can't process it all at once and becomes overwhelmed and says I give up.

  24. JB you are amazing. I actually created a folder with a lot of your
    'tweets'. Your spirit name is Columbo.

  25. OK -- NOW I'm jelly.
    Just don't make me a Hardy Boy or Miss Marple!!

    Well, OK, maybe a Hardy Boy. (Shaun Cassidy??!!)

    1. Wordman, my love admiration for you are immeasurable. You have kept me grounded for years and no words can describe your virtue.

    2. Haha!! Just joshing with you guys Sotogirly!!
      I know full well what I mean to you guys and it is reciprocated right back at ya over a thousandfold.
      I DO know that Mr. Head-in-the-clouds/ Dreamer here has never been accused of grounding anyone before, LOL!! But I will most def take it. And it makes me proud to know each and every one of you.

      Have said it many many times before; I may never get to physically meet most or even any of you guys but one fine day there's gonna come one HELL of a party -- of that I am assured.
      And the hugs and embraces of recognition and knowing are going to be LEGENDARY. The love of fellow brothers and sisters-in-arms for one another is the greatest love of all as our spirits hail and recognize each other in whatever room we meet in.

    3. Power Pop of the Gods -- for us:

    4. Haha!!
      Stunning how entire psyches are formed by listening to things like this when first exposed to the world:

      It's a LONG LONG way from there to The Devil's Blood & Ghost!! LOL.
      Or IS it, really??


    Hey, that was MY hair back then LOL.

  27. BB!!
    Between the Norway Spiral in 2009, Oumuamua in 2017, and God knows how many flaming whatzits in between, "signs in the sky" have approached peak season for a while now...

    Ever feel like it's all building up to something??

  28. WHAT in he ever lovin fucking fuck??!!
    Welcome to FRINGE 24/7 ladies and gents.

    OTOH finding a curious zip of any other reporting of this, missing persons, police reports, etc....
    Unless a lid is being kept on from loftier perspectives for a reason = entirely possible.

    The fact of things just like this happening at ever increasing rates would be a game-changer paranoia/panic-wise.
    EVERY attempt would be made to first minimize and then make it all go away...i.e. call it a hoax.
    Let's see how long the YT vid stays up.....

  29. Interesting that some of the comms from that site mention holograms being tested ala Project Blue Beam....

  30. & they WOULD beta-test something like that small-scale before deploying something over large Metropolitan areas or something half a nation could witness at the same time.....
    This has precedence in the historical record and in their modus operandi.

  31. Am going to keep pinning this here because it only becomes more & more mega-relevant by the hour:

    We need Grimes, Musk, Gates, Schwab & Fauci all injected with sodium pentothal up to the eyeballs and keep squeezing them til they're singing like the birdies in the trees......

  32. Forgot the "spy balloons" and tic tacs!!
    Goodnight Table, Goodnight Moon
    Goodnight Chinese Spy Balloon

    LOL I can't......

  33. BB!!
    2 vital drops you just posted here tonight....
    Highly important news about Attkisson coming to the party ... she's one of the originals and the best.
    However I don't like the Kory take on clotting originally coming from covid itself and the term "long covid." No such thing.
    There IS NO LONG COVID -- that term didn't even start showing up til the vaxx injuries and deaths started propagating.
    It's a cover term they use so they don't have to address the vaxx negative results themselves outright.
    Attkisson doing a but more due diligence would know that.
    She's way too smart a cookie not to figure it out.

    It's what Mihalcea already knows and has been saying for over a year now. She & Carnicom are way ahead of the game in ferreting this all out = quantum dots & smart dust.
    (What the Silicon Valley tribe has known too & goes back to that CDAN post I keep highlighting...not to mention where Erin Valenti may fit in to this whole thing...)
    & how the nexus of everything is the aerosol ops starting in 1998 -- that was the setup.

    The livescience drop speaks for itself and is the most disturbing part of all. 2019 I see is the byline -- what was I saying about Valenti again?? Check her DOD. All lines up.

    THIS right here is why you're so highly valued BB -- in very little time & short space you connect a whole slew of dots outreaching to farther and grander scope of operations...
    You've just put here in 10 lines what it takes me PAGES AND PAGES to distill and make coherent.

    To everybody else -- take note -- we all have our various 'styles' but this is how it's done and exactly why WE ARE THE MEDIA.

  34. Reiterating -- if Cov-19 is a respiratory event,it makes sense that most clotting would show up in the LUNGS, correct?
    So why after it was unleashed on the public there was almost no statistical deviation for an entire year until clotting events took off in the wake of the vaxx in 2021??
    If blood clots as a result of just having covid were a real thing -- why did Covid remain statistically survivable for 98% all the way thru 2020??
    Indeed, ONLY having Covid remains so. Let's not forget that. And nearly 100% of that 2% that didn't survive it were 80+ yrs old with multiple co-morbidities.

    Clotting only became a thing POST-VACCINATION status.

    If it were solely a COVID issue, it would be expected that there would be a gradual ramp from Jan 2020 to some eventual correlation with case counts. Instead there is a spike at the onset of mRNA vaccine administration.

  35. See (the frantic propaganda) here also:

    These headlines for this seem to be misleading (big surprise), the study only looked at VACCINATED people. The headlines all read like it’s people who got the vaccine versus people who got covid without a vaccine. It is looking at people that got the vaccines AND later tested positive.


    Now THE COMMON COLD gives em to you!! LMFAO.

    Because I remember growing up people dying from blood clots all the time after having a cold.
    GOD they think we're stupid.

  37. What a pie in the face has wrought!!

  38. BB & Co.....
    Will have much more to say about the entire Israel-Hamas debacle very soon -- still collating and getting info -- but suffice to say trust NOTHING about what is being presented on the surface....
    This is yet another in a seemingly endless line of false flags -- false in the sense not that it didn't happen, but false in the sense what is being portrayed is NOT what is going on (i.e., do you think Israel is not above attacking itself for global gain & carte blanche??)
    Think very seriously again.
    Questions --
    Why did Tony Blinken, the US SoS, authorize a $75M payment to Palestine & Hamas in the HOURS bef the attack?
    Is Hamas REALLY Palestinian aligned and based?
    How many of those weapons and arms Biden "left behind" wound up in this Op?

    How exactly did the IDF, the far-and-away no.1 intelligence service on the planet, not know this attack was coming, CIA/9/11-style?? They did. Of course they did. Which means we're in the realms of MIHOP or LIHOP. Just like 9/11. Which of course the IDF was also up to its eyeballs in.

    Just like everything else -- we're deep in THE NETWORK in this....
    Or as Danny Casolaro called it, the Octopus.

    Back in a bit....

  39. SO perfect JoJo!!
    The exact way that MCM (hey, I like that) switches and mixes his psyops so that it becomes starkly apparent they all spring from the same blueprint -- could NOT have done it better meself!!

    When you get right down to brass tacks, none of any of this is rocket science by any means; it's all based on tried and true programming techniques long honed by skilled shadowy, nameless operators/sorcerers in places like the IDF and the CIA, MI6 and now of course the WEF.

    Not a stone's throw distance between any of them or the (luciferian) ideologies they propagate. It's ALL Left-Hand Path, Service-to-Self blackest of the black operations, rooted in modern day alchemy intended to transform huge swaths of the public.
    All trauma-based programming for molding and changing core philosophies and mental processes on the fly...

    And it's all, unfortunately, succeeded like gangbusters -- just look where we are today. An unthinking, cognitive-lazy herd of followers, unable to critically examine anything for ourselves without an official stamp of approval lest the rest of the herd think something "bad" about us. It's frighteningly sad.
    Those sigma personalities amoung us may represent humanity's last best hope.

  40. OTOH, when creativity and joy like this exists in the world, we ALWAYS stand more than a "shred" of a chance -- Atomic Blondes to the fore!!:

    Guaranteed 1000% Mark Knopfler-approved!! Woot!!

    1. Wow-what a babe; gorgeous and so talented...that was a treat! Beautiful guitar too :)

    2. That freakin tune was ALWAYS a fav of mine from the very first time I heard it in '79 -- sounded to me like Dylan had gotten a charge of napalm injected into the proceedings...
      So GREAT to know that it's being supercharged and exposed to an entire new audience this way.....
      Really the entire DS debut album they never really bettered:

    3. And the word pictures Knopfler painted:

      Sweet surrender on the Quayside
      You remember we used to run and hide
      In the shadow of the cargoes
      I take you one at a time
      And we're counting all the numbers
      Down to the waterline

      Now my conductress on the number nineteen
      She was a honey (she was a honey)
      Pink toenails and hands all dirty with the money
      Greasy, greasy, greasy hair, easy smile
      She made me feel nineteen for a while

      Red sun going down, way over dirty town
      Starlings they're sweeping around, crazy shoals
      Yes and a girl is there, high heeling across the square
      The wind, it blows around in her hair and the flags upon the poles
      Waiting in the crowd to cross at the light
      She looks around to find a face she can like

      Strap hanging, gunshots sound
      Doors slamming on the Overground
      Starlings are tough but the lions are made of stone
      Her evening paper is horror torn
      But there's hope for later, Capricorn
      Her lucky stars give her just enough to get her home
      Then she'll read about a swing to the right
      But she's been thinking about a stranger in the night

      I mean, that's just BREATHTAKING.
      Like Rimbaud and F Scott Fitzgerald mixed somehow.
      Nothing like it today -- and I mean nothing.
      Last thing even close was Steve Erickson in '85 with DAYS BETWEEN STATIONS...

  41. THIS WAY interesting observation from MCM that bears closely looking into also:

    Another possible beta-test going on in full swing......

    1. Yes...back in Ju ne when MCM first shared the story; it was part of a coinkydink in my life such that I wrote an email to both Stridesafe that said simply "Shame on You" with a link to his article and then another email to EponaQuest asking if anyone had considered a boycott campaign or protest of this company and that barbaric product. Sadly nothing came from my efforts. Horses are not only magnificent creatures...they are Empaths by nature and quite Shamanic. I loved them as a young girl and much later in life my research into equine therapy helped me understand myself better as well. Linda Kohonov's books about her herds and certain gifted individual horses are truly amazing.

    2. Girls that are into horses and "get" them are magnificent creatures themselves. Like reverts to and travels with like in this world. On a quantum entanglement & intuitive level, God designed it like this -- isn't that wonderful??
      I'd always been around horses my whole life -- spent several summers grooming them and mucking stalls as Goochland VA where I grew up is smack dab in the middle of rolling fields, wide open "horse country." Stunningly beautiful and haunting.

      Had a best friend OTOH that was DEATHLY afraid of horses. Haha!! Got really skittish and weird around them. approached them like they were hungry tigers -- I'm like "Dude, it's a horse!! Calm down!!"
      Turns out long story short he had other issues needless to say, so, good barometer!! LOL.

      BTW -- horses can def sense if you're scared of them & will, nudge nudge, take advantage of that. They have GREAT senses of humor too & personality for DAYS.....

    3. Just found this restored to its former glory, and with apologies to the future ex-Mrs. Springsteen, the free-running horses with their ears pinned back make this one of the best vids ever -- not to mention the oldville Southern rock "sound" by Skynyrd inheritors 38 Special --aaahhhh 1983, where's that Time Machine??

  42. Thanks and mega-kudos to all that have recommended MCM's substack to me up til now -- this dude has been ALL OVER IT from the get-go:

    All the self-righteous POS that got off on preaching to everybody -- they ain't preachin no more, are they??

    Karma chameleons comin home to roost with a vengeance ain't they Bosstime?? Why so glum Little Steven?? Oh you're quiet now ain't ya??
    Where's all the bragging and the shade throwing now on those selfish, stupid anti-vaxxers -- the ones, that actually, you know, did their homework & decided to think for themselves. Virtues that you & your "Boss" used to trumpet back bef you became corporate whores for Big Pharma and God knows what else.
    Reaping what you sow with ZERO backup or investigation = no fun.
    Enjoy it.

    1. My healthy hubby, rode bike 1 hr a day in FL heat, a devout boss fan for decades. He kept strong NO jab for him. A 2 week stint in hospital for ?inflammation turned ?heart failure, a parting gift of 13 meds, loss of 60 lbs. Mysterious bruise the size of a softball… where did that come from? Do No freakin Harm speech… 100 days later I find him on the bathroom floor on 5/29. Gone suddenly from my life…write his common man song now, BS

  43. Oh sigh, really wish I was joshing around but sadly no. Modera new jab...SPIKEVAXX. These folks are going to be more then sorry, they shit on God's grace. These folks are clueless about life, all they know is about death and they have forgotten who is holding the keys to death.

    1. SPIKEVAXX -- you gotta be kidding me.
      I think they know very well and are on very good terms with he/she/it holding those keys not to mention the ones to Hell's waiting room....& they wanna bring the entire world to it's doorstep and have it infiltrate the most intimate parts, dreams, thoughts of everyone on the planet....they wanna make it seem trendy, and cool, and not to be missed -- it's the New Religion.

      Changing your thoughts, your personality, your brain -- that's just the price of admission:

      This is popping up more & more & more -- and will continue to.

      This is slomo and low-grade POSSESSION. Straight up.

      And it's something the mechanisms of were pointed out by KK, Carrie, Dr Ana, Dr Peter McCullough, David Martin, Naomi and many more from day 1 of this freakin holocaust.
      They saw this all coming every step of the way from miles down the road.
      We ALL should have intuited it the minute Pfizer, Moderna et al wanted to hide all the pertinent data for 75 years.

  44. BB!!
    This reminds me of all those Pentagon ordered (as told on 60 Minutes back in the early early 80s) $40,000 toilet seats and $30,000 hammers that got put on the books that everyone kind of looked askance at......
    Of course that was just a way to launder funds going to other, blacker, off-the-books projects...back before anyone even knew what the hell something like that was.....
    Oh how MUCH we've learned and how far we've come since those days.....

    And funny you bring up the Bush junta....
    Watching AMERICAN MADE on Netflix has given me much food for thought into going down rabbit holes I've long known about but never pursued before here in this venue. (Other than The Boys On The Tracks....)

    It's darkest of the dark and brings to mind the phrase, so Eighties but now back in high fashion:
    (Nature of the Beast.)

    Will def be getting back to all of you on this soon.
    And will make it very VERY worth your while.

  45. Back to Israel-Hamas as we wildly change horses midstream amidst all the flux......

    Who remembers??

    Pepperidge Farm remembers....

    There is ALWAYS a reason for everything.....

  46. Honestly, I feel like I just fell into the movie Idiocracy. Now israel is the victim???????????? Israhell is the god damn victim????

  47. COVID killed the 2020 "selection" fraud and continuing talk of Epstein....
    Ukraine killed COVID and all the mounting vaxx deaths talk....
    Israel killed Ukraine when people started getting wise....

    What's gonna kill Israel??

    When anything gets too hot
    it's always distractions....and CONTROL.

    Can't we recognize the patterns yet??
    Please everybody...wake up.
    WAKE UP.

    1. YMMV where spy balloons, UAPs, and Maui DEW destruction fit in, but fit in they do...

  48. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world......REAL plans are continuing while eyes are elsewhere......
    If we had a Media worth anything THIS would be the real story instead of stupid Israel shooting themselves in the foot and crying bloody murder hijinks....

    All from a 27 yr-old-drifter trying to heat up coffee.....Riiiiiight.

    And exactly WHY should this be a leading story??
    "Climate Change!!" Right? If it was I'm sure that's the glaring light they'd paint it in.......

    But NOPE.
    It was/is leading candidate to be one of the next 15-minute cities:

    1. "In the city center is the Reloj Cucú, a huge wooden cuckoo clock"

      Lol and hmm

    2. Cross-synch and refer here:

      And of course the everlasting trait of the cuckoo bird is its way of manipulating and deceiving other species into raising their young.....

      As to just how this may pertain and synch up with what's going on not just in this case but the world at large is up for you to determine........
      For me, the spook factor is off the charts....

    3. I hesitate to even imagine another more perfect nod or inside joke......
      Which if you've been coming here for any length of time, you know THEY love.

    4. In the comics, Lex Luthor's position has often been that Superman is nothing more than an alien Cuckoo bird. Raised by human beings (dropped into their nest when they least expected it), something vastly superior who is worshipped like a god and who will take over the world one day.

    5. SUPERB analogy Jaybers!!
      Too bad the altruism of Clark Kent/Superman is nowhere to be seen on the world stage today -- just overlords hellbent (heh heh) on turning us into vessels and containers for the next wave...

  49. In a random piece of News: The Dame of Somerset (or some shit) and the musician M.I.A. are the God-parents of Assanges children he had with his prison lawyer.


  50. Who knows where Dimona falls in with whaev long-range plan (long con) Israel's got going -- strategic target? Engineered blowup? Sliding false flag to build up even more sympathetic war footing = gives them blank check to retaliate vs anybody they name & suck the whole world in to what becomes WWIII quickly.....
    DIMONA, if not the centerpiece, was also a huge loose end in another paradigm-altering, trauma-inducing world changer:

    Funny how some loose ends always circle back around...

  51. In case all of y'all didn't glom onto that fact -- the last 5 or 6 comms constitute an entire mini-post all on their own!!
    Happy sleuthing my intrepid Irregulars!!

  52. Haha BB!!
    You can easily and adroitly apply the ESOTERIC to just about everything that's happened since 9/11, very much including that event in spades!!

    And all those flashpoints are only increasing....the world of John Dee, John Keel, and Jack Parsons has exploded in our time.
    Grab a hold and hang on tight -- the ride is accelerating.

  53. Israeli nukes and JFK's adamant not on my watch stance, is what led to Dallas...period

  54. Haha!! The rationale/reasons for taking out JFK comprises a fiery bouquet of which exploding firework in the warehouse full do we want to focus on today?? LOL.

    Destroying the Fed Reserve & getting the country back on the Gold Standard? (Bankers...& Oilmen)....see all the Texas connections like LBJ & Clint Murchison & the Hunts.

    Splintering the CIA into a thousand pieces?

    UFO forbidden info??


    Pissing off the Dulles Bros??

    Making the Joint Chiefs look like the dicks they were with pulling out all Bay of Pigs support??

    Getting all chummy with the Russkies and wanting peace instead of nuke blowups?? "SOFT ON COMMIES!!"

    Ending Vietnam and wanting to pull all the troops in months??

    Talk about Death Wishes!! Any single ONE of these things could've gotten him wasted with extreme prejudice.
    But he went for the whole enchilada, every last box checked and I'm sure quite a few more I've forgotten to mention....

    Prob the worst might have been biting the hand that fed him and turning RFK loose on the Mafia that got him elected thru his Dad's connections. I'm sure part of that OG deal was the stipulation that, when Pres, he would be strictly hands off policy towards the Italian bunch.
    He blew all their heads up literally and figuratively so they responded in kind with mucho help from the military and the CIA.
    Talk about the Trifecta of foes you NEVER wanna get mad at you.

    Dude was a dead man walking.
    But every single one of those things he did for you and me & our children to inherit a better country and a better world.

    He had love for everything in a skirt, sure.
    But he also had love for his fellow man.
    And THAT was his unforgiveable sin.

  55. Let's add this to the mix:

    Naomi lookin good while she puts it in a nutshell:
    Everyone in the Biden WH, CDC, NIH, etc are first-degree murderers.
    MURDERERS. MASS murderers.
    What do you call it when you go on a mass killing spree for 2 FULL YEARS? 2021 & 2022.

    Book 'em Danno, Murder One.

  56. And at the start here, a KK story I hadn't heard about why she initially got involved.....

    "How many times am I going to have to make you call 911 before you call 911 for My children??"

    B O O M.

  57. It certainly helped that Kennedy suffered excrutiating pain all day long due to his back injury, needing to take over 100 painkiller pills every day. He was probably praying for death.

  58. Good LORD!! I always knew about his pain factor, but 100+ per DAY?? Dude must've had the constitution of a Clydesdale -- or else it took a team of Marines to beat his kidneys and liver to death post-shooting.
    That's INSANE. I thought I might've been overdoing the #s of NSAIDS, aspirin & supplements -- I'm just a rank beginner!! LOL.

    Given today's climate he'd have pulled a Prince in all likelihood on the oxy & fentanyl bef a hail of bullets ever even got close to him.....soooo sad.

    I'm walking proof that you can learn to live at a certain level of pain/discomfort -- the human organism is HIGHLY adaptable & it really does become mind over matter -- but once you pass a certain threshold I'm sure it just becomes intolerable.

    It DOES make you wonder how he navigated being such a ladies' man....being as impaired as he was physically. Where there's a will there's a way, right?? (Maybe he was good/great in other areas/disciplines than the act itself?? LOL.) Woot JFK!!

  59. I sense LOTS of people are on the razor's edge of just barely holding it together over this.....
    It's not gonna take much of a push/trigger before a TOTAL FREAK-OUT gets underway.
    And then it's gonna be like Joker-time...

  60. Meanwhile The Blob weighs in on water being wet:

    And Elon shows off a perfect 9 yr old (!!) Jon Stewart clip:

    All "Ooops!!" mistakes that were actually planned....
    esp in the Kissinger the Hut instance = it was wrong that you were dumb enough to believe us i.e. we're now beside ourselves that it's at the point where it's all turning to shite right in your faces.....

  61. Alright guys, here we go.....
    Here the very latest from KK appearing in Stew Peters but without Stew (??) for the first time in quite awhile.
    It would appear from her words that she was told if she laid low and stayed quiet for awhile these quite horrific attacks on her would cease...
    Apparently they haven't so she hasn't - Back in the fray she goes.

    Viewer warning -- some of this evidence shown as being used against her is quite disturbing:

    These are the only 2 sources for now -- Peters' site is currently offline and Rumble for some reason (??) is not showing this particular interview, now a week old, which is strange.....

    Ana Mihalcea also cross-posted it here:

    Prayers continuing for KK -- she appears to be quite literally in the fight of her life...
    Once again, PRAYER is a technology as well. Prayer works.

    Onward everybody -- and let's be careful out there. We are dealing with business that has turned deadly serious.

  62. Once again I will advise caution with regard to how the mind looks and views Kennedy's death. I would have never followed if I knew it was only going to last a little over seven years longer. I am not going to make the same mistake, even if it means war.

      I don't trust ANYBODY that claims they have all the answers as to why JFK was killed --- not Oliver Stone, not you, not Jim Marrs, not Mark Lane, etc etc etc. Certainly not some limited hangout idiot like Miles Mathis, LOL.
      The puzzle is that convoluted and twisted. There could be deathbed confessions from Bannister, Hunt, Johnson & Bush combined & I wouldn't trust em.
      All anyone can do is keep amassing info -- and not from spooks that would point out the enemy/real reason to keep you deaf and blind.

      We could NEVER know the truth and that would be OK.
      It's enough to know the actions he took while he was alive, and the fact that powerful SOMEONES in high places wanted him dead.

      Unless we're calling THAT into question now too.

    2. & yes, I've seen the resemblance of the forensics and body of JD Tippit to JFK.....VERY worthy of discussion.

  63. How convenient my comment refreshing everyones memory of DIMONA is missing..... Who doesn't like that charming place in the Negev desert........

  64. Once again reference Malachi Martin.
    Windswept House.
    His GENUFLECT & very much the likely reason he was killed.

  65. Getting just a little bit tired of all those on our side continuing to use language like "ill-conceived" & "mismanaged" & "unintended consequences" & "careless."
    Knowing all about the consequences and releasing it amid relentless pressure and doing so in collusion is anything but "ill-conceived."
    Wanting to hide all the evidence from prying eyes for 75 years isn't "mismanaged."
    Conducting rudimentary trials, if that, and then burying and destroying the evidence of harm isn't "careless."

    ALL of these actions and more are willful and premeditated steps resulting in mass murder. With malice aforethought.
    There IS no benefit of the doubt here.
    It's way past time we started calling it all that it is. No more talk of they could have/should have done better.

    They did EXACTLY what they wanted to do = the mass depopulation and transformation of humanity.
    Everyone involved, even in the slightest, deserves hanging, lethal injection (how karmic and fitting) and the electric chair.
    Fauci, Birx, Wolensky, Gates, Bancel, and Bourla need to be broadcast to the public as an example.
    And throw in the entire Biden WH that colluded and censored and brainwashed and pressured for good measure.
    These people need to be straight up killed for their attack on this country and the world.

  66. BB!!
    My LORD -- that Burningplatform piece is so goddamn PERFECT I can't believe I didn't write it myself.
    (See my reply to new poster funnygirl up above a piece....)

    The likes of Sprungsteen, Young, Simmons and all the rest of the pinheads and worse that stumped for this poison and called for all of us non-vaxxers to be put in jail (or worse) need to be rounded up and collectively horse-whipped. That "the Boss" (gag me then & even worse now) is suffering his own karma tribunal from it all is gold, and shows me that God will not be mocked.
    Bruce was ALWAYS led around by his nose by handlers and mind controllers from way back, and never the sharpest knife in the drawer common sense-wise, but he had a street smarts sight that most def has left him in its wake -- today he couldn't rationalize his way out of a paper bag without a room full of lawyers and PR ass-kissers and yes-men...and likely not even then.
    ANYONE that couldn't see the handwriting on the wall all about what this vaxx was and where it was going wouldn't survive 10 minutes on those streets they all claim to be so well versed in.

    Idiots. Total and complete idiots. The least savvy person on this platform could run 10,000 rings around them -- would be like a room temp IQ challenging Einstein.
    We, in the day, looked UP to these cretins. Can you even believe it??

  67. Jan 2013 eh??
    If I'm not miscounting also count 22 devils in the image -- wonder what that could be numerological reference to?? 11x 2?? Another 9/11 in the making?? ECONOMIST has always been the go-to for trolling the future in our faces....

    Also find one headline in particular at the top extremely telling: The Battle of the Name of God......esp in light of the spiritual ramifications that would be coming home to roost in a mere 7 years with the advent of the vaxx...i.e., changing the 144,000 to 216, long has this been planned out??

    Explained better here by a theologian:

    "144,000 represents the number of genes that comprise the immortal life genome. Those individuals whose genes have not been tampered with, are “virgins.” This means that those individuals whose 144,000 genes are intact, will be sealed with the Name of the Lamb and His Father. They are those who have victory over the beast.
    If there are 72,000 genes in one helix, then a double helix (72,000 from the mother and 72,000 from the father) is 72 x 2 = 144,000. A triple helix is 144,000 + 72,000 = 216,000 genes. Revelation 13:16-18 mentions the number of man. If you multiply this number (600x60x6), guess what number do you get? Triple helix is being touted as a new technology to cripple viruses, as they claim to be able to program DNA, cure diseases, and change man’s behavior.

    The Covid-19 vaccine changes DNA, as new information has revealed this from studies released in Sweden. This in turn changes God's natural genome sequence within our nucleus, and removes God's mark. By choosing to be vaccinated, one rejects the idea that Gods natural immunity will protect them, and gives authority to a new MNRA messaging system.

    God's temple (the human body), has been intruded by the enemy, causing the abomination of desolation."

    Sounds kinda cheesy. hokey I know -- but the numbers bear it out as authentic.....
    then there IS that Platinum Jubilee creepy triple helix signaling that I can't quite get over -- Jun 2-3-4-5 of '22, just as the jab "beacon" was taking off in full around the world.....

  68. WOW -- those Palestinians not only attended to her injured limb, they also gave this "soldier" a new nail job and refreshed and refilled her duck lips!!
    Maybe even touched up a tat or 2!!

    SERIOUSLY, how much more of this shite are we gonna take before we collectively say --

    Can we possibly take care of OUR OWN in East Palestine OHIO and Maui before we begin to even give a collective fuck about both sides determined to kill themselves for the last 20 centuries over there?? Esp the Zionists & Sabbatean Frankists that are embroiled in approx the 199th false flag attack on their own to once again yet further their global agenda and ends:

    Zionists. Sabbatean Frankists. Satanists.
    Every last stinkin one of em.
    Don't throw the GOOD Jewish people in with these MONSTERS who don't agree or stand for any color or flag other than their own, and that's SELF SELF SELF.

    God this is so transparent a child could see thru it.

  69. PLEASE notice that Blinken is BFF with Jizzy.

    Oh & BTW he also went to Dalton where Epstein was a "teacher."

    Whatev happened to Drain The Swamp??
    That used to be a thing for a New York minute did it not??

  70. We are in EXTREMELY familiar territory:

  71. According to David Martin & others they've been testing & "fine-tuning" MRNA tech since the 60s and 70s:

    Forget all the warp-speed & FDA approval bullshit; this has been experimented with on both animals and humans for that length of time with notably miserable and often FATAL results.
    i.e., they knew EXACTLY what was going to happen with this shit.

    Esp since they've now ALSO laced it with graphene, hydrogels, quantum dots, self-assembling nanotech and morgellons-inducing fibers & immortality-spawning hydras. THAT'S where the no testing comes in because they simply didn't give a shit what they were going to pump into a captive population begging like buffoons for this poison. But hey, free fries and donuts!! YAY!!

    Calling this anything like MILES within beneficial is utter insanity and evil of a kind that's never been seen on this planet before.
    This makes the 4th Reich experiments look like huggy and kissy-time in the balcony.

  72. Much like Ukraine and other war-torn areas historically, expect any number of man-made horrors and refurbished monstrosities to escape out of Gaza -- such benefits the inventors and the perpetrators....

  73. FDA "approval" is a joke from the word 'go' anyway:

    Malone running cover on something they're not even stopping to bother with anymore...LOL.

  74. NOW PFIZER gets in on the act with "AFTER THE FACT informed consent!!":

    Myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of the lining outside the heart) have occurred in some people who have received mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. Myocarditis and pericarditis following Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines have occurred most commonly in adolescent males 12 through 17 years of age. In most of these individuals, symptoms began within a few days following vaccination. The chance of having this occur is very low. Seek medical attention right away if your child has any of the following symptoms after receiving the vaccine, particularly during the 2 weeks after receiving a dose of the vaccine:
    Chest pain
    Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    Feelings of having a fast-beating, fluttering, or pounding heart
    Additional symptoms, particularly in children, may include:
    Unusual and persistent irritability
    Unusual and persistent poor feeding
    Unusual and persistent fatigue or lack of energy
    Persistent vomiting
    Persistent pain in the abdomen
    Unusual and persistent cool, pale skin
    Fainting can happen after getting injectable vaccines, including Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine. For this reason, your vaccination provider may ask you to stay at the place where you received the vaccine for monitoring after vaccination
    People with weakened immune systems may have a reduced immune response to Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine
    The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine may not protect everyone

  75. Well if THAT'S not abs perfect!!
    ISIS, HAMAS, they're all fronts for the same people ....double, triple agents hangin out, doing their both-sides-against-the-middle thang.....all profit margins, global positioning, political bank, and "collateral" damage count.....
    Revisit any & all refs to Chertoff, Dov Zakheim, & Philip Zelikow re 9/11.
    All should be in jail for Treason.
    Current cache? Zelikow is Global Development Advisory Panel for the GATES FOUNDATION......

    Zakheim? Don't even get me started:

    Yeah, it's "funny" alright.....

    Once again, before I moved this is the kind of stuff I had BINDERS & BINDERS full of info on from back in the @ 2002-2012 period -- ridiculous amounts.....
    Now it's all either in my noggin, right here, or it basically (with very few exceptions that I'm always trying to chronicle chapter & verse & leave here) don't exist anymore.
    Everything is continually being scrubbed.

    Paul Thompson's entire Historycommons site for one.

    Gee, I wonder why that could be????
    The ability to connect and index Ops like 9/11 with Covid & the vaxx is being terminated....
    The ability to connect money trails and cleaning systems like BCCI with FTX??

  76. Who remembers this story that got torpedoed quick??:

    How do you go from FEDERAL sources saying there are over 20 bodies on the property, blood at the scene, foul odors, sex offenders, long-haul truckers not at home, and currently searching for MORE bodies.....


    NO bodies and a errant psychic "tipster" all within a space of minutes in some cases -- heck, even sometimes within the SAME article....

    ?????? WTAF.

    This, in 2011, was a coverup because of high-ranking people involved -- (TEXAS NEAR HOUSTON I'll leave it at that) --
    as sure as I'm sittin here.
    The lid came down literally in a matter of hours if not minutes -- that more than anything is indicative of HUGE and MAJOR influence from the top.
    This more than anything else in recent memory = a True Detective moment right in our midst.

    Actually can't believe so many links on this still exist. Commence to copying & pasting all!!

  77. There's a zillion reasons why the vaxx should kill the vaxxed.

    But the near-totality of them are still alive.

  78. BB!!
    The igG4 headlines started going mainstream around August --
    One of their mantras was always it will "reduce your symptoms”.

    Of course the purveyors of this mantra led their viewers to conclude that this meant that the alleged virus wouldn’t be able to make them very sick. Only a few realized what was meant all along by that mantra - that you’d get it and your body wouldn’t alert you to the poisoning nor be able to shed it... hence you're not alerted to toxicity and the very mechanism by which your body sheds any poison is disabled.

    So, the depopulation conspiracy theory is that the nothing burger SARS-COV2 was released to scare everyone into taking the shots. Once enough people were jabbed up, they would release a new variant that would actually be very deadly - but only for those who took the shots. (Of course with shedding & biosphere contamination we've ALL basically taken the shot now...)

    The heart & the brain are 2 organs in particular in the body that do not regenerate -- and those 2 specifically are targeted by the spike proteins. i.e. the fallacy of "mild" myocarditis that clears, it isn't and it won't. No such thing as "slight" heart damage anymore than someone can be a "little" pregnant. Simply doesn't exist. The Faucis and Wolenskys of the world are lying to you and have been from the start.

    Basically it's THIS now:

  79. Quite the interesting vid JoJo!!
    Have been over most of that ground but am finding the wildly increasing focus on Taylor Swift and her rapidly growing worldwide fanbase particularly interesting and vaguely disturbing. Almost to the point where I feel she's getting swept up in something not of her own creation & am genuinely concerned she's being used as a pawn and a symbol for a worldview based on occultism and globalist signaling.
    Drawn into things like the NFL and voter-bases now, & it's all getting political and creepy and a far far cry from things and times like this:

    That little country girl is long gone and I feel like it's a metaphor for what they're trying to do to all of us. Transform us into their vision where it's all getting your memory wiped at shows and nods to witchcraft and suddenly that's all "cool."

    Where are we going?? We're losing something VITAL.

  80. Thanks Soto!!
    It's crazy how badly all the medical professions have shot themselves in the foot over this.
    They do realize only the most unbelievably brainwashed are ever getting near any doctors or dentists anymore after all this, right?? Except for emergencies and car crashes, those professions are completely and utterly DEAD -- every thinking person on the planet knows they're 1000# better off staying as far away as possible for a healthy, happy life.
    They're fear merchants and death peddlers, interested not a whit in making you healthy but only keep you as sick as possible -- a non-stop returning customer set on 'repeat' forever.

    So SO glad to know that Dr. Ana has joined forces with Cliff Carnicom, who has been charting the intricacies of things like chemtrail fallout and morgellons from the very early onset...and they are now finding those very same toxins and substances showing up in the bloodwork of the vaxxed and unvaxxed alike.
    Both biological and artificial structures, just like CC has been finding in his research since the early 2000s -- which shows just how long these plans have been in operation and effect.

  81. And Jaybers!!
    Most recent stats show a worldwide death toll of vaxxed around 17 million. Gruesome to say that those are not HUGE numbers given the total # of vaxxed worldwide, but (sadly) give it time...
    Just like these death merchants always do -- they wildly underestimate the human constitution and how strong, flexible, and adaptable it is.
    Look at KK -- various doctors have looked at her bloodwork and are frankly & utterly astonished she's still here.

    God made us resilient -- esp when faced with imperfect and far-from-fully-honed weapons. They THINK they know what should happen but it's 90% all on paper and those "field tests" continue to be ongoing... and 6 million in WWII was a holocaust. 17 mil ain't trifling.

    And another bottom line -- I still think this is a spiritual component going on. Prayer is a technology that works (ask KK and Carrie post-plane crash and Naomi post-hospitalization) and our "side" is fighting back and gaining ground, even when it doesn't appear that way.
    Plus it's human nature to not hear about the Good when the Bad is taking such precedence. What's the old saying -- if it bleeds it leads.

    At least it used to be before Fake News, right?? LOL.
    We've still got about 18 months to hit those 2025 Deagel Forecasts!!
    Have faith, black-piller!! LMAO!!

  82. PS -- from this study taken on only 17 countries South of the equator but then extrapolated worldwide:
    "We quantify the overall all-ages vDFR for the 17 countries to be (0.126 ± 0.004) %,
    which would imply 17.0 ± 0.5 million COVID-19 vaccine deaths worldwide, from 13.50
    billion injections up to 2 September 2023. This would correspond to a mass iatrogenic
    event that killed (0.213 ± 0.006) % of the world population (1 death per 470 living
    persons, in less than 3 years), AND DID NOT MEASURABLY PREVENT ANY DEATHS."

    This is the very latest info.

    This latest very imp from Naomi's also:

  83. Similar numbers from expose:

  84. Guys, true story. I has in ER in April and they said I needed a blood transfusion. Well I showed them my *NO BLOOD TRANSFUSION* bracelet and declined. I had 3 different doctors come and ask why I would risk my life, was I a Jehovah's Witness and more. Finally they sent a doctor who assured me I would not die, I just needed iron and time. I saw him for two months and never needed blood. I lived. The moral of the story is that at this stage I was like a minority, I refused and they were stumped. That means people who may have other avenues are being pushed to have 'life saving' blood transfusions and they just do it not knowing where that blood came from. Makes me think of those bonuses those doctor's were getting..........

    1. The money transfer between those that are tasked with our wellbeing crossed with the huge corporations of Big Pharma interested in nothing but our slow self-degradation and destruction has got to end.
      I remember 10+ years ago being in doctor's offices when the travelling Pharma whores would prance in with the newest "product" to hawk, all dressed to the 9s and being as alluring as possible. Disease is sexy dontcha know?? Was absolutely sickening. I wondered back then what kind of good relationship was going on -- now we know there never was one -- not a healthy one anyway. The entire putrid system needs to be overhauled = the paying off of Drs and politicians to our detriment; and EVERYBODY knows it & looks the other way, because profit is King.

      Your blood situation and them pushing it like that is HIGHLY suspicious. Our blood supply has been adulterated and contaminated from decades back now.
      The vaxx has only added to that:

      “Please believe us when we tell you it’s fine.”

      Where have we heard THAT before?

      "Fool me once, shame on -- shame on you. Fool me can't get fooled again.": W

  85. VERY interesting JoJo!!
    I remember first hearing the term Black Nobility from the likes of Bill Cooper and others like filmmaker Anthony Hilder and Jordan Maxwell. It was being thrown around pretty heavily in the early to mid-1990s....and it fits I might add.

    Speculations range from the OG Synagogue of Satan, the Jewish rulers that paid Judas Iscariot the 30 pieces of silver to out and betray Jesus' plans and location at the very beginning.
    Others claim it started there but now has much to do with the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations (of which Epstein was a member in good standing...)
    Still others say it has much more to do with the monetary system of control from the shadows; things like BCCI all the way down to FTX, and laundering arms like the Epstein network and NXIVM and the MEGA Group.

    Any way you slice it, it's a nest of snakes pulling the strings.

  86. Never was good at math & statistics in college was the worst, & even I can see this:

    Plain as the nose on your face.
    The alarm? It's going off....

  87. And thanks KK -- charting the downward spiral:

  88. Yep Wordman...any way ya slice it--vipers and thieves indeed!
    As Carlin said: "It's a big club and you ain't in it"
    To that I reply Hallefuckinlujah!
    Cheers :)

  89. Hey OMS!!
    GREAT catch re the Black Nobility going back to good ole days of Venice....

    You & Stanley Kubrick, because guess what those infamous masks worn in the illuminati ball scenes in EWS were??
    You guessed it -- Venetian:,and%20fun%20of%20this%20character.

    The further you dig, the more you realize Kubrick was tipping us off on about 20 diff levels at once.
    To think that film came out in 1999.
    ....and everything that's happened since.....

    My best pal & I took that in on a night that we double-billed it and ARLINGTON ROAD....
    Afterward all he could talk about was how brilliant EWS was for laying bare the morals of Tom Cruise's love life...& how brilliantly it was set up and shot, scene by scene. (Dude's a real composition whore.)

    I wasn't HALF the conspiratard then I am now; and just looked at him and said "Dude you're a dumb as a bag of hammers if THAT'S all you got out of that film."
    Talk about talking over and beyond someone's head -- and he's STILL like that to this very day. Blissfully ignorant God bless him.
    Wouldn't recognize a deep hidden meaning within anything if it crawled up his ass and died. And there's LOTS of people like that -- amazes me.
    Makes you wonder how people can get out of bed in the morning.
    It's all surface all the time.

    1. You just described 98% of the people I know.
      Actually, it's closer to 99.9999% of them.
      I can stick evidence right under their noses and they refuse to get what I am already trying to explain like I am talking to a 5 year old.
      One YUGE reason I feel so lucky and blessed to find this place.
      It's almost like someone or something felt sorry for my skinny ass and threw me a giant meaty bone to chew on.
      It still doesn't seem to help me get through any thick skulls but I can't even articulate the comfort I feel knowing I'm not the only one who has had a gut feeling that there is and has been some evil motherhumpers out there who have been messing with humanity for thousands of years.
      I literally can't thank you all enough for digging it up and handing me the evidence on a silver platter because I don't have the skills to do it on my own.

    2. Phil my man, it just wouldn't be the same place without you.
      And to paraphrase the goat-y Flannery O'Connor "They ain't quit doin it as long as WE'RE still doin it."

      Puttin the world on notice since NOV 2011!! LOL.
      We're just that snowball rollin down the mountain gettin bigger and bigger....
      As a matter of fact, have been working 3 weeks straight since the last post but have got both Tues AND Thurs off next week and will be preparing a Halloween feast for all of y'all....

      As always -- stay tuned right here to this Bat Channel!! The Dark Shadows are getting more & more interesting....

  90. And JB -- why does your Nyarlathotep/King in Yellow link remind me of this:

    … With one breath
    With one flow
    You will know
    A sleep trance
    A dream dance
    A shared romance
    … A connecting principle
    Linked to the invisible
    Almost imperceptible
    Something inexpressible
    Science insusceptible
    Logic so inflexible
    Causally connectible
    Nothing is invincible
    … If we share this nightmare
    We can dream
    Spiritus mundi
    If you act as you think
    The missing link
    … We know you
    They know me
    … It's so deep, it's so wide
    You're inside
    Effect without a cause
    Sub-atomic laws
    Scientific pause

  91. Bingo Max --
    & they're collapsing & dying in exact ratios acc to these charts....
    Go about halfway down the page to the chart labeled
    "Where are the world's unvaccinated people?"

    61.78 million out of 332 mil in the USA;
    115.6 mil out of 804 mil in China;
    55.63 mil out of 144.68 mil in Russia;
    & so it goes.....

    That's a LOT of smart cookies left on this ball, but an awful LOT of dumb sheep too....
    Very interesting on that page of worldwide datapoints MANY of the graphs for the US show NO DATA available....
    Lots of info disappearing as a possible prelude to worldwide prosecutions ramping up....

  92. I hope this gets enough momentum before the bombs start dropping.

  93. The Distraction Faction's gonna lose on this one.

  94. Thanks JoJo!!
    Finding good Anthpny Patch these days is like finding gold -- he's getting scrubbed everywhere faster than you can say "Tracy Twyman!!" Of course he's limited his appearances also to only the most devout and pious of channels, which I think is a mistake.....what would've happened if Jesus had only concentrated on those that believed in Him?? You MUST be diverse with such an important message, otherwise you're literally just preachin to the choir....Was a day and time when AP & I were close & corresponded, then I copied him on one too many Stew Peters Karen Kingston vids and it was sayonara!! LOL. But to each their own -- what makes the world a beautiful place....& takes absolutely nothing away from his ultimate message overall, esp regarding CERN, where to me he's still THE go-to guy.
    I'm stuck here in the middle like Rodney King -- "Can't we all just get along??!" Haha!!

    Halloween update -- all you groovy ghoulie guys and gals be here early Fri morn, Thursday aft midnight for a pre-All Hallows blowout you won't soon forget.....put it this'll have LOTS of weekend sleuthing & Batcave lurking to do!!
    Howl at the moon & ONWARD!!

  95. Dehumanization works both ways.
    It is going to get to the point that these cretins are going to get a good dose of that themselves.
    A fatal dose.
    There are still way more of us than them and most of humanity is getting real pissed off at the current and very intentional living conditions these A-holes are responsible for.
    Places like this one shining Kleig lights on what is and has been going on is opening a lot of eyes.
    Their worst nightmare is everyone seeing through the fog.

  96. Kudos to ya Philby!!
    That fog persists, from Whitechapel down into the present day, with a lot more synchronicities and overlaps than most would dare suspect. Drilling down the connective tissue is extreme and noticeable, from the notions of Chapel Perilous into the Black Nobility still holding sway over us; viewing us as cattle to be experimented upon -- grist for the Alchemicals.

    But as you say, there are always the Mulders and Scullys holding the flashlights cutting thru the darkness and obscurity.
    Chris Carter was good with the visual metaphors, wasn't he??

    ONWARD my good man!! 4 nights and counting!! Back to the Batcave!!....

  97. All very much of a piece of what I got comin Sotes......buckle up & stay tuned!!
    All is connected....tick tock.

  98. This comment section has the vibe of those old school Marvel letter columns. Good stuff.

    1. Hahahahahahahahaha!! Oh my LORD!!
      Sock!! Bash!! Pow!!
      It's Clobberin' Time!!
      As a stalwart consumer of everything from the OG Kirby Thor & Iron Man all the way thru the Ditko Dr. Strange and the Steranko LSD-infused panels of Nick Fury all the way thru to the sublime Barry Windsor-Smith Conan issues which I prize pretty much above all else....
      you could have paid me NO higher a compliment!!
      Never in a million years could I ever have hoped that this little venture would garner such high praise. I am both floored and humbled beyond measure. The deepest of bows in your direction!!

      And Ghosty, just in case you'd like to take a trip down memory lane, thanks to our own JB in there very comms sections, he tipped me off to this incredible site of a vast number of comics both vintage and recent -- for instance here's the very first Conan from 1970 right here:

      Or the first Nick Fury:

      Even complete with all the OG ads!! LOL.

      Just plug anything from memory into the search bar and off you go!!
      Hope you have as much fun with it as I have!!

      And more than anything thanks for commenting and don't be a stranger!!
      If you'd like the old preferential treatment & first notice of when anything drops before the rabble gets their claws on it, just drop me your email to --
      & you'll be on the list in a flash!!

    2. Lol heck yeah. And hats off to JB for introducing me to your little far out and groovy corner of the internet here. He gave me the heads up on Twitter about a month ago.

    3. LOL - JB's the cat's pajamas man!!

  99. Reading that Velikovsky research gave me the worst feeling I have had in a long time. April 8th, 2024 is the date of a Total Solar Eclipse. I'm getting a vibe to get out of the US of Iszrahell as soon as possible. Not kidding. The Deagal Report and what is 'predicted' BY 2025. Not Before, not after but BY 2025. Population decrease of certain countries while others have increases. WTF???? I'm pretty sure my house will be on the market in the next two weeks.............I don't think this is misinformation. Ignoring this could literally be the biggest mistake of our lives.

    1. Thanks Sotes!!
      You & a LOT of other people are getting the same heebie jeebies...
      Those quantum predictional eggs at Princeton and a lot of other predictive places are glowing red these days in a way they haven't since the first week of September 2001.
      The Collective Human Unconscious is fairly screaming right now that something is upon us and getting ready to be ushered in --
      WHAT is anybody's guess....
      The Schumann Resonance Frequency of the earth is concurrently pinging to beat the band too -- WAAAAY off the charts. Could be something celestial inbound or something of our own making; coronal mass ejection? Rogue Asteroid? Nuke calamity? EMP? Cyber outage/shutdown?
      Also I think feels very much the way it did in 98 and 99 as the Millennium approached & no one knew what was going to happen re Y2K and a thousand other things....

      I'm bunkered in here hard by DC, so we are just gonna have to see.....
      A 3+ hr drive to the West VA mountains if anything hits of suitably enormous provenance. Does the Greenbrier still have their bunker? LOL. Me & Mothman will be hiding out!!

  100. PS -- I've made a pact with God that nothing can happen before Thursday after midnight, Fri wee hours -- I've got a blog to get out for you guys!!...
    early Halloween weekend hijinks on tap!!
    Treehouse of Terror at DEFCON 1 and on lockdown!!
    Bring Your Own Cookies.....

    1. So I guess I'll be reading all about it the NEXT day.

    2. No fear Doctor Doom -- it'll prob be up way before midnight tomorrow -- just givin meself some breathing room just in case LOL. I hear we have an impending Apocalypse so I'll lead foot the Batmobile!!
      It'll take most way thru the weekend to get thru it all anyhoo.....
      Click and Destroy!!

  101. Since I'm juggling and in a vintage comics mood groove here -- presenting the final STRANGE TALES and the very first entry of Steranko bef getting a Nick Fury gig on his very own title comic.....

    You'll see PLENTY of the psychedelic traits that would very much go on to infect Kirby during his DC Fourth World/New Gods stint.....& Kirby was veering towards the telepathic and New Agey even before then -- what a gathering of like-minded souls we had back then when the world was full-on experimenting and searching.....
    In many respects it makes today seem like child's play.....

    Click to enlarge and watch how TODAY EARTH DIED!!

  102. Also one of Kirby's grand experiments at DC in '71 that lasted but one issue -- but what an issue it was:

  103. That last ish of Strange Tales was May 1968 and little 8 yr old me was suitably scarred for life given the subject matter!! LOL.

  104. BREAKING HERE real quick guys --
    Active shooters on the ground in both Maine and NY pp
    More details as they come in.....

    20 dead across multiple scenes in Maine as of right now....


    Here we go...mental health issues, military work, & hearing voices....

  106. Alarm bells:
    Clear photos of him already.
    Looks to be wearing socks.
    On the loose for 4 hrs+ now.
    MK material??

  107. 20 dead, 50-60 injured, clear, close photos of him. Taking down people in multiple locations.....But STILL out there and firing?? After FOUR hours?
    How do you get close photos but not take him out?

    Now identified as Robert Card.

    All started at 7:15 PM EST.

  108. Pedo gone Rambo??
    This dude looks nothing like the pic they're circulating.....
    Another red flag: How many Robert Card's are there??

  109. Son of Sam vibes here....
    the 2 venues, bowling alley & bar, are on opposite sides of the town, so shooter would have to have traveled high speed to make this work depending on the timing.....
    Too close together and logistically it becomes not viable for one person.

    This info from a Lewiston resident posting real time on godlike.....

  110. Another resident:

    "Lewiston resident here.

    I live 2 streets over from where the Bowling alley that got shot up.

    Things I have observed of tonight.

    When it first started I was out driving, saw a line of 3 ambulances, all in a row, driving out to one of the first crime scenes- it was weird to see how 3 ambulances, all looking to have been sent out, all at the same time, all from same place- let's just say it looked too "neat," which seemed suspicious to me. Sirens all started at once too, Cop cars and ambulances and firetrucks all seemed to have gotten the signal at the same time.

    "LONG RAMPAGE". It was pretty crazy with all the sirens going on here last few hours. They have been chasing "someone" all over town! Seems unbelievable that the guy could go on that long a car chase, with THAT MANY COP CARS CHASING HIM, and still not have that situation wrapped up. I'm serious, they came racing down college street and the amount of cop cars looked like a scene out of the Blues Brothers.

    Still hearing sirens in the distance."

  111. Stayed at a mental health facility THIS SUMMER for 2 weeks AFTER HEARING VOICES.

  112. Now FIVE hours at large -- they keep hammering 6:56.

  113. Bowling alley targeted was hosting a CHILDREN'S bowling league, avg age 11. Here we go.....

  114. Checks all the boxes for another CIA/MK Ultra Wind Up Toy they turned loose.

    "Person of Interest" Card still on the loose and some VERY interesting details here:

    Watch for these to get memory-holed/not followed up on very soon --
    "She said that Robert Card recently began wearing powerful hearing aids to combat hearing loss. Since then, Card said her brother-in-law has been insisting to his family that he can hear people bashing him—including at Just-In-Time Recreation bowling alley and Schemengees Bar and Grill, where he’s accused of gunning down 18 people on Wednesday night.

    “He truly believed he was hearing people say things,” she added. “This all just happened within the last few months.”

    "Several media outlets have shared a Maine Information and Analysis Center bulletin that describes Robert Card as a trained firearms instructor in the Army Reserve. Service records reviewed by CNN confirm that Robert Card was a petroleum supply specialist in the Army. The records say that he was enlisted in December 2022, had no combat deployments, and received several military awards."

    Another thing: how do the numbers move from 22 dead, 80 injured overnight to 13 and 18 this AM? Those are Trump polling-league adjustments overnight. WHAT is going on??
    Something is being manipulated behind the scenes, bodies being hidden, people silenced.....Phil is right -- this all reeks of a major Mind Control Op.
    And the biggest ?? of all -- where is Card and how has he eluded police barricades, fleets of vehicles, and helicopters blanketing everywhere all night long and now into the next day??

  116. Talk about bulls*#t.....
    "Several media outlets have shared a Maine Information and Analysis Center bulletin that describes Robert Card as a trained firearms instructor in the Army Reserve. Service records reviewed by CNN confirm that Robert Card was a petroleum supply specialist in the Army. The records say that he was enlisted in December 2022, had no combat deployments, and received several military awards."

    how does one enlist 10 months ago, and become a " trained firearms instructor"? One has to be braindead or a democrat in a very blue state to believe this nonsense.

    1. Right on your trail OMS!!
      Not to mention several awards (??) since December '22??
      Either the military's gone the special snowflake/participation award route or this guy's a real teacher's pet if ya know what I in singled out for "special" duty...
      which just might include gunning down civilians and kids when asked/ordered.
      Super Soldier 101...this stuff goes back to Charles Whitman in the Texas Tower.

  117. Still can't stop thinking about this solar total eclipse. Because the 2017 eclipse traveled from northwest to southeast and the 2024 eclipse will travel from southwest to northeast, the two paths cross each other over an area spanning parts of Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky.
    When you plot the projected courses of these two solar eclipses on a map, they form a giant X over the center of the United States. Has anyone heard theories about this event ???????

      1 more year the April 8th, 2024 the USA X Marks the Spot Solar Eclipse comes..
      THE APOCALYPSE...120 years in the making(TONIGHT)...Aleister Crowley's work comes the end UPDATED! APRIL 8 2024 Age of Horus ECLIPSE

      The Enochian communications teach not only that humanity itself must initiate the apocalypse through the magical formula delivered to Dee and Kelly, but that humans must be the physical agents that bring about the plagues, wars, and famines described with such chilling eloquence in the vision of St. John. It is we who will let the demons of Coronzon into our minds by means of a specific ritual working. They will not find a welcome place there all at once, but will worm their way into our subconscious and make their homes there slowly over time. In the minds of individuals that resist this invasion they will find it difficult to gain a foothold, but in the more pliable minds of those who welcome their influence they will establish themselves readily.

      Also THIS -- very much so: