Wednesday, September 20, 2023



"My reflection, dirty mirror, there's no connection to myself

I'm your lover, I'm your zero, I'm the face in your dreams of glass

So save your prayers for when we're really gonna need em

Throw out your cares and fly -- Wanna go for a ride?

Intoxicated with the madness, I'm in love with my sadness...

I never let on, that I was on a sinking ship..."

"I'm not going to burn in hell, I cased the joint and I know it well. 

Maybe my carcass can feed the worms, but I'm workin for the other firm...

I got my money, my ticket, all that shit, I even got myself a little shaving kit

What would it take to bury me? I can't wait, I can't wait to see...

Lethal injection's a luxury, I wanna give it to the whole jury..." 

"Maybe someday, saved by zero, I'll be more together, stretched by fewer,

Thoughts that leave me chasing after, my dreams disown me loaded with danger

Holding on to words that teach me, I will conquer space around me

So maybe I'll win..."

"God is the tangential point between zero and infinity."  Alfred Jarry

What if time reveals all? The magician's tricks upon the darkened stage exposed. Brought into the light. It seems all of a sudden that a lot is going on lately that falls into the Revelation of the Method heading -- the Externalization of the Hierarchy. Whatever the terms of manifestation, it seems of late they are reveling in disclosing hidden truths that we have all known deep down in our bones all along. Whether this is merely a precursor series of events that stand as foreshadowing of even greater atrocities to come remains to be seen...but the outlook is, as the Magic 8 Ball would say, not so good. Once again, the Black Swans are flying. And the destination may be Zombietown.

First of all let's backtrack and think long and hard all about the implications of this little factoid presented by Melissa 6 years ago now....Hmmm, what's especially monumental that's happened in the last 6 years, anyway?:

And what could it possibly have to do with CERN? I guess that depends on how you could see them linking applications in and discoveries emanating from CERN with things like, I dunno, vaccines maybe. Especially a series of vaccines and "boosters" launched on some kind of worldwide level. 6 years ago that sounded like science- fiction. Not so science-fictiony anymore, is it? Now we've got 5G starter kits for zombie status activating everything from graphene to quantum dots and hydrogels that we somehow have mysteriously acquired in all our cells and bloodstreams and crossing those blood-brain barriers, and who ya got for the last quarter of '23? My money's on the dismemberment goblins....oh no, the molesting trees. Gotta be the molesting trees:

Of course it doesn't have to be anything so monstrous. Rampant ADEs could get ya (Antibody Dependent Enhancement), so that your own immune system blows you away in a cytokine storm of epic proportions. Or it could go the other way, your entire immune system shuts down so that a common cold turns into the Plague for you.

Or those sneaky sound system Spike Proteins. VAIDS maybe. Some rando stroke out or heart attack that have always been around and way prevalent ya know because of gardening and getting excited or sleeping in the wrong position... I hear Marburg is all set for a major comeback. Alien invasion perhaps. (Blue Beam at the ready!!) Something out of CELL or Utopia. Ukraine nuclear thing. Hey, CERN collapsing reality or bringing thru those extradimensional entities en masse. The walk-ins are primed and ready after all.  Place your bets people -- the wagering is fine and no time to waste. That Deagel forecast ain't gonna fulfill itself. Nothing's as glamourous as dying under the talons of a dragonbat, but we all gotta go sometime, right? We all have our little Cabin In The Woods waiting for us. 

Especially in today's world. Hell, with every passing day that film seems more and more like a documentary.

Things are getting darker and darker out there, with no seeming end in sight. The material world is encroaching on our whit:


More news from just the last several days:


This is being written into the human genome. Remember this scene in one of her last public acts as Queen -- from the Platinum Jubilee to across the globe June 2-5, 2022:

Messaging, anyone? Signaling? Why am I thinking that particular scene wouldn't have been out of place woven into a global tapestry/conspiracy episode of the X-Files?? 3 months later she was dead; her work here was done, up to and very much including that final, sequencing event unleashing symbolic third-strand DNA upon the useless eaters:   

All that front-loaded talk about how you were a conspiracy wacko to even suggest "the vaxx could alter your DNA? Get a life." Not so wacko anymore. And life is getting harder and harder to come by, thanks. One way or another -- dig this, almost 3 hours of page after page of emerging SUICIDAL ideations post-vaccination

All come from reports to VAERS and/or medical units around the country. Can you say cognitive changes, personality altering, mentalities being messed with?

Those days when men shall seek death but shall not find it...what does that remind you of? Possibly the worst kind of immortality?? And what was the hydra vulgaris found in the vaxxes by Carrie Madej and being studied by DARPA -- what was it being studied for? It's predilection for IMMORTALITY, that's what:

What is driving all these suicides? Is it a final understanding of what is occurring? The final ultimate refutation of transhumanism?

Listen to UFO abductee Kelly Cahill here at the 3:33 mark and she was hit with what felt like a series of low-level frequency waves that "interfered with the way her mind worked."

Think about the actual manifestation of that kind of phenomena, and what of recent note it might remind you of:

All of this, and so much more, ties in with the nefarious work of James Giordano, which also happens to encompass neuro-weapons, cloud-to-brain interface, brain implants, injectable nanotech, directed energy weapons, and just about everything else that's been headline news that hasn't been in the headlines for the past 3 years: 

When Karen Kingston called him her no.1 "person of interest," she wasn't joking:

37:14 mark in this one above -- sound familiar??

But now we begin to verge and merge:

(What if anyone that receives an injection containing hydrogel and quantum dots creates a state of quantum entanglement at the cellular level with the D-WAVE quantum computers, which then maintain control over that body using Quantum AI -- this includes who or what could use that body as a vessel. See the work of Anthony Patch as well as Celeste Solum: )

This is where the true manipulation begins, and where we start getting down to brass tacks, and Dr. Mihalcea starts to nail it. Think of how much information is starting to spread just in these last few days -- increased suicides, any human remains finally admitted to be totally missing from the rubble of Ground Zero -- and speaking of Directed Energy Weapons (they're not just for the masses anymore -- there is much more targeting going on), what exactly happened to all the bodies? The same as what happened to the buildings? Vaporized?  


People hemmed in and forced to die -- this is premeditated murder folks -- by police forces at the Maui Massacre;

The latest facts there pointing more than ever at DEW actions:

I will say, however, don't believe it's China, at least not all by themselves...could China have instituted those roadblocks? Could China have sent all the children home from school to perish or mysteriously "go missing?" Could China alone have cut off all the water? Or stopped the supplies from getting there? Could China have instituted DNA harvesting of all the survivors? Could China have forced them to not sound any alarms, or get HAARP to blow up at that exact same time? Smelling a frame here and nor buying it. We did this ourselves, for ritual. For sacrifice. Just like 9/11. Recent drone footage (no fly zone lifted) shows just how massive the cleanup (evidence removal) has been:  (this bears repeated viewings for clues.)

People are finally seeing what's happening:

More identical clues here from earlier "fires" in California:

Reports are now reporting in of finding entire families dustified in their cars on the road like something out of the Highway of Death in Iraq or the remains at Ground Zero -- signatures of the same kind of tech?:

Evidently the natives have seen things they are not yet ready to process or talk about... 

We are dealing with a death cult here, which is now a new religion, and their acts are getting more blatant.

Check the Empire State Building the other night in "honor" of the new Covid vaxx at the header. Coloring it an awful lot like Luciferase, aren't they?

And still the backtracking continues at full speed:    (AnyMORE?? remember all the disappearing flu cases the last 3 years? I suppose the next thing you'll tell us is they were just "miscategorized" covid cases, right? All because that fed your fearporn/political/cult agenda. The "hurry and get jabbed or you're gonna die" agenda...)

The entire world was seduced by the pharmakeia (sorcery) of the new Babylon Working.   (Why do ya need to build trust back if you never lied to us?)


A sobering look at what an oil-&-gas company rep responsible for hiring was told about what the next 3 years look like. Hint: it's not good. How do they know? Who told them? Insurance company actuaries in league with med field prognostication tables?


And since we haven't gotten around to one of our particulars in this little shadow play recently, let's end this installment on a surreal note as we drift off...

It would do us good to remember that persons of interest like Charles Lieber, Bill Gates, George Church, and many many others that were not just intensely interested in neurogenetics and the brain, but that were also instrumental in bring the c-19 vaxx into the world, were best friends with Jeffrey Epstein

See Amazing Polly and her connections here in the 07-12-19 drop Jeffrey Epstein and Mad Scientists:

That would be July of 2019....Polly was always nothing if not far ahead of the edge of the curve. But we have beyond established that Epstein and minions were interested/invested in injectables that provided a means for hacking humans and controlling behaviour; an entirely new stage of MKUltra brought about by fallen fringe technology. And by the end of 2019 the stage was set for a fear-based clamoring for a solution to a fake pandemic: the vaxx. In the first quarter of 2020 that clamor would be raised to a crescendo of problem-reaction-solution dominos falling all the way down. And occultically speaking, around the 29 minute mark, Polly gets into the Malina connection...of which the ramifications are, well, astronomical (heh heh.)


Those connections again, seems they are never far away:

But Epstein wanted more and was looking for more, he wanted to seed the human race with a different kind of DNA -- his own:

He wanted to create, Nazi-style, superhumans. Sounds kinda like the blueprint for Schwab, Yuval Harari and the WEF now doesn't it?

But we can't go all Scary of 61st on you without going all the way can we?

And for that we need us some Whitney Webb, and what she found out about Epstein's mentor and main sponsor, Les Wexner:

That's right, Wexner, from the time of childhood, may have been harboring a demon. And into adulthood, you know what they say, birds of a feather...

For even greater background, we need to touch on the MEGA Group, that also included along with Wexner, the Bronfmans (of NXIVM infamy):  (A beautiful writeup that also gets into the PROMIS scandal that likely got reporter Danny Casolaro killed in a creepy West VA hotel room by various MIB types**...):

** The Casolaro "Octopus" case ranges far and gets into CIA off-the-books black projects and unauthorized ops ranging from Iran-Contra and BCCI (which could venture into Bush-Reagan WH Franklin-type pedophile ops) to Iran-Contra and perhaps even the intricacies of a then-forming 9/11 structure, which is exactly where Epstein's mysterious Saudi-passport and his blackmail network would inject themselves. Having made some 17+ trips into the White House during Clinton's terms would be more than enough to get the lay of the land re any forming 9/11 network, especially taking into account he would likely have been also representing Maxwell's stolen PROMIS backdoor tech that could have been placed anywhere in the world: Bin laden's compound, NORAD, the emergency response Pentagon encrypted computer network, networks of all airports involved that morning, the FAA, and on and on. Couple all this with enough well-placed and compromised individuals because of Epstein's pedophile-blackmail scheme, and 9/11 becomes a foregone conclusion...  

Had Casolaro stumbled on to any and/or all of the above in the formative stages would have been MORE than enough to assure his limited life span, terminating in August 1991. 

Where does all this possibly end?? Right here, which is what I've been pleading for an investigation into all along: 

Webb also in the 'inner demon' drop gets into Wexner's close ties to David Gergen:

Yes, THAT David Gergen:

By their fruits you will know them, right?? 

The Owls are not what they seem... 

The Club gets a little smaller, and the circle is continually closing, as we get ALL of these people dead to rights on oh so many fronts. And that's all they are: fronts, masks, disguises, camouflage. When the final pages are written and the book on everything is revealed (and it will be), from the vaxx, to the occult underpinnings, to the missing children, to the weather weapons and wars, to the blood rituals, to transhumanism, to AI, to CERN, to how all of it ties in to UAP/UFO entities -- who's driving? --  to what they have in store for the mind and soul of humanity, the full realization is going to be so enormously BAD that it will land those not centered enough gibbering and drooling into mental institutions for life.   

And yet every day they are being undone. These are foolish, power hungry men watching powers and principalities rise and fall, rise and fall, wanting one thing and one thing only: control of the herd. Mind control on steroids.

But when the herd gets squeezed too hard, and it seems like the only answer is doom, there is in fact a built-in safety switch provided by Creation, by God. The herd can and will survive over any one group of men -- as was famously said in Jurassic Park: "Life finds a way."


Look around, how is this all not by intelligent design? How could it all be so perfect? And the most perfect form of creation is zero. Everything ultimately is born from and returns to, resets to, zero. All things serve that zero point ultimately. It has will, and magnetic pull; you can feel it in the core of your being. In nature. In the wind we'll all be taken by. It is the One and the One is zero. An energy. The Alpha and the Omega all caught in God's flow. A perfect alignment and Masterplan. And it triumphs over and obliterates anything standing against it. It's you, it's me. It's all of us.

After all, in Mayan mathematics, zero and infinity were indeed one and the same. And far be it from me to argue with the Mayans.

"I'm sipping Flor de Cana and lime juice, it's three a.m., blow a fruit fly off the rim of my glass, the radio's playing Superchunk and the Friends of Dean Martinez,

Midnight it was bike tires whacking the pot holes, milling humans' shivering energy glow, fusing the space between them with bar-throb bass and laughter.

If this were the last night of the world, what would I do? What would I do that was different, unless it was champagne with you?

I learned as a child, not to trust in my body, I've carried that burden thru my life, but there's a day when we all have to be pried loose...

If this were the last night of the world, what would I do? What would I do that was different, unless it was champagne with you?

I've seen the flame of hope amoung the hopeless and that was truly the biggest heartbreak of all, that was the straw that broke me open...

If this were the last night of the world

What would I do?

What would I do that was different?

Unless it was champagne with you."






  1. Aaaaaa: "Everyone was made to kneel (genuflect) at the start of the pandemic for the excuse of BLM.
    Wonder what they were kneeling to really?"

    Either Nyarlathotep or Melek Taus. Lovecraft said people who had the mindset of a slave would kneel before the Dark One without knowing why, and the Yezidi people IRL believe the Devil they worship wants the weakest members of our race to kneel before him, "to fail the test".

  2. Thanks JB. You got any thoughts on the relation between Mt Hermon, Pan, Jesus and Fallen Angels?

    Nyarlotheop = yaldabaoth = demiurge right?

    Also at work atm wordman but this will go nice with dinner tonight. Woohoo

    1. The constellation Orion in Hinduism is Pan/Lord Pashupati/Lord Shiva.

      But in Jewish mysticism, it's Semyaza, leader of the Fallen Watchers.

      So I don't know. Pan does "play the role" of the Devil sometimes...

    2. Dancin with Mr D:

      Hey, Halloween's comin'.....

    3. Dig Anita at 2:27.....
      her reputation precedes her....

  3. Hey Jaybers!! I sent you an email -- knowing the way things are it prob didn't go thru....
    Check out this interior of the Woolworth BldgL same symbol on display at Dealey & the WTC towers' facade:

    A repeating archetype lost and recurring in the time is a flat circle paradigm....

  4. Okay, that f**king thing again.

    Btw, when you wrote "Just was checking over the draft & weirdly, the Kelly Cahill acct disappeared from the final version...??",

    What are you pointing out exactly? Maybe I did read it.

  5. Hey JB!!
    Just this link to the Kelly Cahill interview didn't go thru or got deleted in my initial send-out of this post to you guys:

    I went back in & restored it but wanted to make sure y'all got it....

    Was gonna include more on Kelly because it's a fascinating case, but not totally germane to the proceedings tonight:

    Kelly's case in 1993 actually displays weird parallels to someone I knew in 1994/95 that went thru some remarkably similar experiences albeit from what she thought of the terrestrial/targeted I said, outside the scope this this post but very much makes me think some kind of Op was going on for certain portions of the population (girls that had "the look") worldwide at that time.....

  6. Staggering research and correlations.
    A lot of people are going to be "Dying Suddenly".
    Now we know how and why.
    The troubling part is that it doesn't appear to matter of you refused the jab or not, they can get you with the Smart Dust.
    Dirty sonsabitches thought of everything.

    1. Philby!!
      Thank you my brother.
      I keep on and keep on and KEEP on coming back to this little disclosure out of Crazy Days and Nights from May 2020 that I discovered when I was sitting home on furlough from the job due to the covid mess:

      Vaunted vampire's tooth = slang for FAANG =
      at the time Facebook-Apple-Amazon-Netflix-Google.
      And to think they were experimenting at that time concurrent with the covid "outbreak."
      REALLY makes you wonder.....

  7. BB!!
    I forever return in an endless cycle and always come to the ultimate conclusion that Cockburn is THE DUDE!!
    Always on the $$, hits you in the feels and guts, and is a proper wordsmith and guitar slinger.
    Entire package with the added bonus that even KNOWING about him has always been like being in a secret club.

  8. This is the one that made me stand up & take huge notice:

    Full LP.

  9. That headline at CDAN is exactly like something Mae Brussell would have specialized in uncovering.....

  10. PS Yorke fully deserves his own prescient kudos as well.....

  11. Sometimes you have to go back to go forward Dept:

    ALREADY working on the next installment for you Irregulars -- very much relating to old, nearly scrubbed, extremely hard to find info on CERN circa 2014 and 2015 and related that bears much revisiting today.......
    Saving links and conversations already.....

    Stay tuned.....

  12. This Halloween is set to be an all-timer.

  13. Speaking of Opps, & the Manhattan Proj, & Golems --
    Start at 1:27:45 right here:

    Hidden history spooky lowdown.....entire Atom Bomb test was a Ritual Working to bring about a new "life" form??

  14. Brings very much to mind Epstein, Baric, Church, Gates, Lieber et al and what they were/are trying to achieve with the vaxx, & how much all of that veers deeply into the occult and dark magick workings and alchemy....

  15. And wondering what QUANTUM computers and QUANTUM dots have in common.....

  16. "The final goal of secret societies and their initiates is to replace God; the method is the alchemical "solve et coagula": the  decomposition of the world created by God and its reconstruction according to the will of man... Coincidence or not, according to the same rule, *COVID* becomes DIVOC transcribed as דיבוק in Hebrew, and it actually means something – it means possession by an evil spirit (the word is transcribed into English as dybbuk, b and v being represented through the same Hebrew character, Bet – ב)... Dybbuk possession (as well as Covid infection, or more probably, repeated injection of the Covid vaccine) leaves the victim as a passive object, temporarily bereft of self-awareness and without self-control vis-à-vis external authorities." - Bogdan Herzog

    1. Divoc = what I just put in here about Wexner....

  17. Reminds me of the old adage that millionaires don't follow astrologers, but BILLIONAIRES do....

    esp to these discussions:

    One of the very best, still more than applies, from the Amazing One....

  19. Having GaGa cameo on their new album coming out in October just might be the most openly SATANIC thing the Stones have ever done --

    And MAN is that saying something.....

    Are you fucking KIDDING me??!!

  21. Exactly! I've pulled that one out many times when speaking with an Astro scoffer 😎

  22. Concluding statements from the Spikeopathy review paper: "We have established the role of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, especially the S1 subunit, as pathogenic. It is also now apparent that widely biodistributed spike proteins, produced by mRNA and adenovectorDNA gene codes, induce a wide variety of diseases. The underlying pathophysiological and biochemical mechanisms are being elucidated. The lipid-nanoparticle carriers for the mRNA and Novavax vaccines have pathological pro-inflammatory properties as well. The whole premise of gene-based vaccines producing foreign antigens in human tissues is fraught with risks for autoimmune and inflammatory disorders, especially when the distribution is not highly localised."

  23. "The clinical implications that follow are that clinicians in all fields of Medicine need to be mindful of the varied possible presentations of COVID-19 vaccine-related illness, both acute and chronic, and the worsening of pre-existing conditions. We also advocate for the suspension of gene-based COVID-19 vaccines and lipid-nanoparticle carrier matrices, and other vaccines based on mRNA or viral-vectorDNA technology. A safer course is to use vaccines with well-tested recombinant protein, attenuated or inactivated virus technologies, of which there are now many for vaccinating against SARS-CoV-2." Or instead....strengthen your body's terrain and spurn the needle...

    1. BB -- am ON this and much more; stay tuned.....

    2. The tentacles reach everywhere and the implications are vast....and growing darker by the moment....
      The Great Vaxx Conspiracy is ANYTHING but over.

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  25. Interesting that my link is the one taken down.

  26. To Anon & Sin -- seems you both have disappearing comms and drafts along with me.....the surveillance meddling is ramping up....not sure if we should take this as a good sign that we're getting to them or something more ominous....
    As was put in Mothman, they noticed you noticing them....

    Oms -- I'll backtrack & see if I can retrieve...but of late lots of stuff has been vaporizing out of my records too...

    And to Max, Jo, & everybody else re the vaxx -- consensus reality is sliding and morphing into something unrecognizable, and accelerating these changes esp over the last 48-72 hrs I've noticed.
    Upcoming in the next installment am hearing VERY ominous things about what may be occurring in just a few weeks time, and/or bef the end of the year.....remote viewers are reporting in that various and sundry false flags may be extremely imminent. Accents on planes flying over dispersing unknowns, mushrooms clouds amidst metropolitan landscapes, and the word "ejecta" popping up repeatedly are at the forefront in their sessions.

    Have got LOTS of feelers out and will be reporting back soon...
    Condor laying low for now....

    1. No biggie wordman, I just mentioned it because my link was a direct shot at Washington DC, AND THE FRAUD of the Corp. It was not really connected to your post, so I find it interesting that the censors would take it down from this location, given it's content.

  27. Jaybers re the comms ...AI is going to be used to discredit everything from historical finds to pics/films of Obama and Hill ripping faces off of little kids.....
    Nobody's going to believe a damn thing if it happened live on was designed. There is literally a get out of jail card for anything and anyone 24/7 now.
    REALITY is becoming extremely malleable. Pictures can be modified, deepfaked. Thoughts can be placed in your head that aren't yours; actions can be puppeted in anyone to get them to do anything not of their own volition.
    We're in fucky fucky times.

  28. COVID was designed to be a money-sucking, brain-sucking, vaxx-employing Nightmare of freakin never-before-seen epic proportions as we're all railroaded into a Purgatory Twilight Zone that has no end. Not until we put our foot down on their necks.

  29. The world desperately needs about 100,000 more Christine Andersons.

  30. BUT, it goes both ways: their empire is based upon *blackmail*, so what happens when you can't blackmail any of these narcissistic psychopaths anymore, since A.I. has made all of the footage of their crimes irrelevant?

    Then it's everyone for themselves, no more following orders.


  32. In the meantime...Happy Equinox!!

  33. I lover her!!!!! Ty for dropping this.

  34. WOW -- I take it she's NOT a Karen Kingston fan.....absolutely blows my mind how we have limited hangout folks that accuse others of exactly what they're trying to do: create infighting and backbiting amongst ourselves.
    Don't get me wrong -- she has perfectly GREAT info, but she's existing to target people for marginalization = kinda like Malone.

    It's like one person grasping one part of the elephant calling another person doing the exact same thing a tool.
    This is a HUGE, multi-faceted, multi-pronged attack system.
    EVERYBODY at this point can be a little bit right, a little bit wrong, but we need to come together and STOP FIGHTING.
    ANYBODY that gets you to fight against any other whistleblower is opposition at this point.

    And I'm sorry, but from all the internal lit from their OWN sources cited repeatedly, it IS a bioweapon. By definition.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. NO FEAR Anony!!
      I have other, much deeper, plans for the Wexner stuff......

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  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. But seriously, Zelensky is going into the Wicker Man.

    His name literally means "Green Man".

    Always dressed in green, actually nicknamed the Green Man.

    Ukrainian neo-pagan beliefs are all about Veles/Volos, their Green Man/Pan figure, who gets ritualistically *burned alive* by Perun, the Russian god of war, who will never allow for the Ukrainians and their god to climb to the top of the Tree of the World...

  39. WHY OH WHY do I feel like the farther down the road we get the closer we get to DARK CITY:

    In. Every. Conceivable. Way.

  40. Ermagerd OMS!!
    Len Horowitz is THE MAN!!
    This one should be required reading too:

    It launched prob a thousand X-Files scripts and narratives btw.........

  41. Thanks OMS!! We'll keep hittin em with numbers and in force!!

  42. Kind of puts a spotlight on the old Hubbard + Parsons = Babalon Working thang, don't it??!!
    Not to mention the Malina thruline straight into the Maxwell fam and then Epstein-world.......
    Bloodlines and keeping things "in the family."

    Gotta go brush up on my Hoagland dark NASA history (& those coded Egyptian launching & landing dates).....not so far-fetched anymore......

  43. And just to let you guys know what's taking over on the front page of reddit tonight:

    And I'm not even halfway down the front page......

    Remove all THOSE, bitches!!!!!...........

  44. And just in case you all might have thought I'd forgotten about the vaxx......
    I have NOT:

    And neither have a lot of other people I see.....The interwebs = en fuego tonight!!!!

    And the icing on the cake -- this you have GOT to hear:


  45. Yeah man the earth is obviously bot a ball and space is fake and gay.Really look into it and you will see the deception

  46. Hey Girly!!
    Funny that you should mention this: Reese just has this up the other day....& I'm gonna weigh in very soon.

    Something out of CELL by Stephen King?
    (Brings very much to mind that worldwide spate of all the animals and insects walking in circles, remember??)

    Or UTOPIA?
    Leave it to the BBC, right?

    Or perhaps you'd prefer the exclusive USA-Amazon version, with the (hey it's HIM again) creepy John Cusack:

    Heeeeey, WAIT a minnit!!:

    Sensing a bit o' COLLUSION here!!!!

    Seriously girl, have NO idea what's gonna happen in 10 days now, but hey, switching off that phone for a bit MIGHT not be the worst idea ever.......

    Even if NOTHING happens, you can BE SURE there are scores of people entertaining just such a scenario right now.....and all of us shouting it from the rooftops, as Greg R says, might just be the very best tonic to avoid it for the time being.....

  47. Hey Jo -- replying to you above here since I don't want it to get lost in the weeds!!
    Thanks so much again for your continued linking to SW; au contraire, I don't dismiss her out of hand at ALL; indeed as I always say we need all hands on deck just use all our discernment when something seems off. And much like KK, I don't believe that the spiritual obviates the technological in this case -- I think the demonic is working hand-in-hand with the ways this tech has advanced.....indeed I think that's what some of the fallen aspects now outing themselves were waiting for. (See CERN also.)
    And the gist I got was that SW was throwing shade on KK particularly because she was ex-Pfizer insider. Well SW is ex-nat'l Security-DOD-Military Industrial Complex....should I do the same to her because of that? You see how far we could take this......Conscience and God speaking to us comes in diff forms and diff ways. We just need all of us right now, any discrediting is only hurting ourselves, esp when someone is trying to help the situation thru their life experiences -- it's like throwing JFK out for being a Kennedy!! LOL. (& in this situation too I hope it doesn't have to come to someone's actual DEATH to find out too late they were on our side...)

    And tbh I had NOT heard about KK's past in regards to SRA abuse -- PLEASE point me to where that is (where you read or heard it) because in that I am INTENSELY interested as you might well know....for all the reasons you cited and many more in these investigations.

    And I too, believe me, run afoul of the whole 6000 year thing -- perhaps it comes down to the fact that God's time is not our time, and the lacking of a way to clearly express that millennia ago in terms we would today.

    And GREAT catch re Halloween III Season of the Witch -- you are EXACTLY right!!

    Thanks again millions JoJo!! Your input is the best as always.....keep em comin'!!

    1. Thanks WM...I sent you an email reply on this one :)

  48. As more and more people begin speaking up, BB, they'll be coming out of the woodwork now...(Hopefully)....


    REESE all over that one too BB!!

  50. The redundancies are getting spooky on multiple fronts.

  51. BB just reporting in to me:

    THEY KNEW--FOIA Emails Sent To Daily Clout Team Reveal WH/CDC/NIH KNEW Covid Shots Were Causing Deadly Blood Clots And Myocarditis In MAY 2021—Senior WH Team Colluded To LIE To The American People

    Hi Captain Word:

    What are your thoughts on this?

    Much madness continues....


    1. Regarding what Naomi has been uncovering for awhile now, I think all the earmarks point to MASSIVE collusion between Pfizer-Moderna-the WH-CDC-FDA-AMA-WHO-NIH-all Big Tech outlets like Facebook-Twitter-Instagram-YT etc to suppress info and post only Vaxx Disinfo and propaganda to further the agenda and keep the truth from the American people and ALL people worldwide.....
      to the point of where I think it's obvious that if ONE knows, they ALL know -- there is no separation anymore, esp on this.
      And that amounts to premeditated murder.

      I keep referring back to Naomi's Hillsdale college talk regarding who knew what and when............
      This should continue to be Exhibit No.1 in any prosecution:

  52. And just wanted to let everybody know am starting work on the next installment which at first glance might only seem tangentially related to everything that's happened now,
    but upon closer inspection points fingers in a lot of directions pertaining to our continued manipulation -- and how far back it goes.....

    And what it means to what's going on outside your doorstep right now.....

    Keep the faith psychonauts!!
    Back in a flash......

  53. This in from our Summer that she's having trouble posting so here we are:
    Quick there anyway to find out if the thousands of of people who are crossing our border are being vaccinated either before in their own country or after in ours? Iike immediately after...Before they are put into busses or on planes and transfered to one of the sanctuary cites across the US...I'm just perplexed at the amount of people coming over our border without any resistance whatsoever...Like what are they being told by their country? Why so many all sudden? Why the lackadaisical attitude from our administration and dare I say even our own military? Is the vaccine a pre-requisite to crossing? Does that make any sense? If there is any truth to the 10-4 warning then it makes more sense, at least in my mind. I Hope beyond Hope that this turns out to be a 2 more weeks nothing Burger....I just can't think of another logical (lol) reason.

    Gods' Peace,

    Summer :)

    Personally Summs, I think the excessive illegals being let in is to disguise the actual number of those succumbing to the vaxx =
    it's an exchange of millions for million IMHO.
    That way the census #s don't actually look as bad as they really, in fact, ARE. We've got untold numbers of people dying from the vaxx from every major insurance actuarial table going. FRIGHTENING, Black Swan-type numbers that they will do anything to disguise so it's not as glaringly apparent as it should be.
    Not to mention for them is the added win-win that it all only adds to the Biden/Dems voter base. The whole scenario is grisly and manipulated as hell, just like ALL the numbers from the entire covid fiasco have been from the very beginning.
    Car crashes, shootings, stabbings, drownings, etc = all Covid deaths.
    All flu deaths completely disappeared starting in 2020 = all became Covid deaths.
    All to scare the living shit out of you to get you to be part of the Experiment. And now they're getting ready to do it again.

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. Yes to all the reasons you gave WM for the open borders issue but also consider what I've heard is the real reason: majority young men with no national/cultural allegiance to the USA who have been given massive perks; phones, money, shelter... To set them up for violent street revolt/riots when those perks are strategically stopped! Planned chaos in the cities to usher in Marshall law...lockdowns and camps for the real citizens. Just another tentacle of the dystopian new world disorder agenda. Hunger Games playbook much!😵‍💫

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.


    It's ALL OVER Dem Dems....just pack up your marbles & go home....
    You either call out the lone gunmen or GTFO.
    Even your blatant BLANTANT cheating won't beat this.
    Lockdowns, mail-ins, plague pandemics all you want, you're finishing second -- if that.

    Trump is 4 days on horseback ahead of the pack.

  58. scorched earth to follow. they will have to. im calling it now. suitcase nuke Chicago.

    1. Suitcases are what all the remote viewers are calling for:

  59. Why not go for the Double Bill-Twinight Double Header??

    Suitcase nukes AND an assassination??

  60. Everybody refer again to this Anony drop for vital info as per the continuing agenda:

    The very best summation of the Maui anomalies yet:

    One of the rumble comms says lots of "missing" children were seen on buses being loaded onto planes at the Maui looking for that.....
    Question is, why isn't there an ARMY of MSM "reporters" and "investigative journalists" looking into this too??


  62. Btw first I'd heard of the logistics of the "fire" crossing a 4-lane highway, cement dividers, and emergency shoulders (totaling hundreds of feet with no combustibles or incendiaries to ignite), only to set boats in the WATER on fire???
    Please God some "fact-checker" explain that one to me like I'm 5.....

    Because you can't.

  63. Thanks for that Max!!
    Am looking into some squirrely areas of the Idaho situation as we speak......

    SPOOKY is all I can say...stay tuned.

  64. ERMAGERD the Swifty-Kelce-Chiefs-vaxx business -- I CAN'T!!

    For all of you that I haven't gotten in touch with -- this comm wins the internet tonight:
    Your vax hesitant grandma is obviously a paid actor. Her kidneys are actually ok but she uses the time for the "dialysis" to go to secret meetings in a Blackrock office with Taylor Swift and they both try to destroy NFL because someone at the NFL got the evidance that the moonlanding was faked. Taylor Swift is in on this for she doesn't want the world to know that the moon is a hologram and the earth is flat, because then she would have to change all her lyrics that include the words "moon" and "earth".

    From here:

    Where's Trevor when you need him??:

    & so it goes.......

  65. Cannot be contained now --
    Welcome to Venn Diagram Purgatory Waiting Room:

  66. "Sounds right. So, what did Pete Davidson get when he dated Ariana Grande and then that Kardashian lady?"

    "Depression & STD"

    I'm DYING!!!!

    Champagne wishes & caviar dreams to you all......

  67. Spoiler alert:
    That pic no. 5 at the top of this post? The one sponsored & underwritten by places like the UN & WEF?

    It doesn't mean what you think it means....

    Stay WAY tuned.....

  68. Jaybers...
    In related news as it all starts to come apart:

  69. Just more Unintended Consequences all:

    Been noticing this out & about on the town for awhile now......
    Let me know of your experiences.......

  70. "This is something that is being kept on the down-low. They are skewing statistics and publicly manipulating the numbers on overall vehicular fatality and accident counts. Car insurance companies quietly increased coverage rates for everyone because insurance companies are not allowed to discriminate those who received the jab. Legally, those who got the experimental jab are 'at more risk' while driving.

    These accident numbers will increase but they will try to intentionally manipulate them so people will not question anything."

  71. There were several news stories a few months ago, of a gaslighting variety....saying the unjabbed were much more likely to be involved in auto accidents than the proudly punctured.....jah, sure....

    1. The proudly punctured of puerile personality portraying positively peevish and perfunctory purity of perversity. Piss off punk ass.

  72. Hey BB!!
    Many many of those holistic docs that succumbed mysteriously were good friends of Carrie's (as Erin Elizabeth)....hence why she got out for a bit...

    As for missing children, it's becoming an epidemic:

    Many other links within that will take you other places...

    As for clandestine military bases, lots of schoolbuses, maybe Maui missing, and seems like this location is somewhere in Ohio too....

    Thanks for all this everyone -- We Are the Media Now!!

  73. As I said below I know we are the media now but we have GOT to find a way to puncture the mainstream with all this.....
    There had GOT to come a time when all the accumulated knowledge produces an "A-HA!!" moment even in the most jaded and ignorant...
    Tipping nexus? 100th monkey? Mass awakening rubicon vanishing point?

    What is it gonna take?

  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. lol, it kills me that YOU put so much into this bullshit, 79 page book, surprised you could sit still that long

  76. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Dude give it up, you know who points Fingers? Lucifer!!!,

  77. Very intriguing that Patton thought he was the reincarnation of many others, many times.....
    Always thought there was something to that.

    Was at a very young age watching PATTON w Geo C Scott my very first initiation into "woo" when I was 10. Keel, Vallee, Hynek, Brad Steiger, Frank Edwards, von Daniken, Charles Berlitz et al would soon follow, along with enuff SAGA & ARGOSY spinner rack mags to choke a horse.

    “So as through a glass and darkly, the age-long strife I see,
    where I fought in many guises, many names, but always me.”

    Today he wouldn't have just lit up the commies but very likely turned his weapons upon his own forces and leaders. Guy didn't suffer fools or traitors or turncoats gladly.
    His own internal conflicts and doubts about what he was doing and who he was doing it for took a heavy psychological toll on him I believe;
    hence his self-destructive behaviour.....
    Deep down I'm sure he guessed the awful truth.

  78. Related -- this just out:

    Mothereffin HELL is coming....

  79. Very damning evidence for sure... But the tweet is dated Aug 8th so it's been almost 2 months since the post. Why isn't anyone in the AltTruth movement raising hell about it? Like Ed Dowd or Rfk Jr.. Zee Media etc? Maybe they are and I've missed it. Seems like clear grounds for a Congressional investigation and arrests. It's treason and way past time for Justice to be swift and merciless imho.

  80. Hey JoJo!!
    I just simply think there is SO much disclosure and SO much info coming out in real time 24/7 that it becomes like the old saying trying to drink from a firehose!! Kingston has had THEIR OWN patents, reading from them, about the outcomes and ingredients, and you will STILL have people saying nonsense like "it doesn't alter anyone's dna" or "there's no graphene in it" when she's holding the literal paperwork in her hands -- and this has been going on for HOW many months -- years -- now??
    So, barring tying them to a chair and beating them over the head, I don't hold out much hope for cognitive abilities or critical thinking up against the barrage of nonstop propaganda....pretty sad.

    But the thing is -- once you start opening up and looking at one area -- you can't stop looking everywhere: see this miraculously still up on YT aft 24 hrs:

    And RFK Jr is being turned into even more of a weirdo over it:

    But is anybody of note and worth really LISTENING to the mainstreamers anymore?
    It's become a soundless, soulless echo chamber.

    You're either too far gone or one of the awakened.

  81. So funny I was just listening to this song today and pondering the head-spinning incongruities....this in 1984 from the same LIttle Steven that recently has advocated for death and disenfranchisement of all unvaxxed.

    In this jungle we're slaves to politics
    And we call ourselves civilized
    If you ain't got the muscle
    Fear is gonna run your life

    Fear makes me wanna hurt you
    Fear makes you wanna hurt me
    Fear makes you swallow whatever you're handed
    Fear keeps you angry 'cause you don't understand it

    Got no chance if we're fighting on the wrong side
    Got no chance if we're fighting
    on the wrong side again

    Can you taste it
    Tastes like fear

    I used to love to fight baby all the time
    Until the day came I realized
    Somebody I don't know pushin' me inside
    I been spilling strange blood and I don't know why

    Fear makes me wanna kill you
    Fear makes you wanna kill me
    Fear keeps us segregated
    Fear breeds a hatred we ain't born with

    So wise in '84 -- so ignorant now. And it's not just him.

    What did Dylan say? ""Oh but I was such much older then, I'm younger than that now."

  82. Woah...I had a double take when I saw this SG, cuz I thought I'd posted this same link here earlier today. Then I realized I left it in a comment on one of Sabrina's psinergy vids instead. Funny that we both shared it though...great minds ;)

  83. This comment has been removed by the author.

  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. Dylan is a piece of shit traitor, he has been CIA, as long as his name is Robert Zimmerman. Screw his music, and his lyrics as HE NEVER LIVED THEM!!!!!!!!!!

  86. OMS -- take a MAJOR chill pill dude -- you're verging on you-know-who territory here with your last 3 comms.

    You don't have to agree with everybody here -- hell, I don't all the time....but nix the hostility & do it now. You're smart enough, & a big enough person, to express yourself without it.

    & as far as Dylan goes, tbh I don't give a rat's patootie WHO wrote them -- it's enough for me that someone did & they exist in the world...I'm sure 99% of all pop culture figures are and have been manufactured (deep Dave McGowan) --
    you can love the art without loving or even trusting the artist, whoever that may be.
    Contradictory, I know -- but you need to be able to hold that in your mind and not go crazy.
    F Scott Fitzgerald: "The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold 2 opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function. One should for example be able to see that things are hopeless yet be determined to make them otherwise."

  87. JoJo!!
    Ian Brown!! Ian mothereffing BROWN!!
    Bless his soul -- in the midst of all the madness he, Eric Clapton & Van Morrison have been the LONE voices in the wilderness against all the covid & vaxx unrelenting bs. His twitter account was a beacon in the darkness:

    Top class that man is.
    Here's his Little Seed Big Tree:

    DEF check out the lyrics:

    & here he is of course fronting the infamous Stone Roses from that halcyon year of 1994:

  88. Right here:

  89. Straight from Jaybers!!

    1. Considering the origin of AI at large, & what "its" ultimate intentions may be, that rendering of earth's ruler might just be preaching to the choir!! LOL.

      Not a warning but a closet celebration directed squarely at the ugly giant bags of mostly water.....

  90. Schwab & Lieber, Epstein & Baric, Gates & Fauci weren't writing screenplays back in '87, were they?? LMFAO.
    Epstein seemed to like playing with his water bags....(No Jizzlaine, not you!!)

    Like a cat playing with its food.