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"The scientific community's soul blindness had only been lifted when the human soul began to be taken, and we could see, hear, and feel, the consequences."   2012 The War For Souls, Whitley Strieber

"They were supposedly animal rights activists upset at some of the research the lead scientists Dr. David Kennesey was performing. High tech research and a lot of it was classified. The information on it is very vague, new cancer therapy techniques, really cutting-edge stuff. He and his brother Darren worked together for years in an unlikely combination of approaches. David was biologist and medical chemist while Darren came to the field from a background in electrical engineering...."

"Heward's Family Veterinary Clinic --  Lincoln City Oregon, Tuesday, 1:11 AM...Heward illuminated the slide under his scope with a small lamp, rubbing his eyes first he gazed down at the smear of blood fiddling with the focus knob. The dog should even now be drifting off to perpetual dreams, but its blood was absolutely alive. In addition to the usual red and white cells and platelets, Heward saw tiny specks, little silvery components, little squarish glittering crystals that moved about on their own. If this was some sort of massive infection it wasn't like any microorganism he had ever before laid eyes on."

"Mister Doyle recommends every great detective be as skilled in the criminal arts as his adversaries..."  

"We knew the truth. We knew what would have to happen -- such a terrible thing -- to bring about our future." 

"There's a difference between the momentary ideals we hold in our heads, and the things we truly long for in our hearts."      BODIES DC Vertigo, 2014

"The siren calls outside; they want to kill us all..."

"Fragments form the mind, shadows hold the mist, fractured as this wish

Shattered I resign, we're on the verge we're on the verge of sacred dawning and sloe-sloe eyes

Say I done told you, say how I tried to, where you've wrought from creation's crown

Say Dire Warning, stare down your masters with the promise of one and what you are

We're on the verge

Tangents vex the whorl the void arrives then leaves

Returning, returning a kiss, for lovers built the dream..."

"This cannibal baby, she wants a taste of what's inside, 

She's handcuffed to my backseat so she can take him for a ride

I got a bloodlust baby and boy she barely is alive

This motherless mistress has a kiss you won't survive

Cry to Heaven, Cry to Hell

Get down on your knees, you're under the Devil's spell..."

"Sweet the sin but bitter the taste in my mouth, I see Seven Towers but I only see one way out....

You know I took the poison, from the poison stream, and I floated out of here....

She is raging, she is raging, and a storm blows up in her eyes, she will

Suffer the needle chill -- she's running to stand still."

"If you could see my mind, if you really look deep then maybe you'll find

That somewhere there will be a place hidden behind my comedian face

And you will find somewhere there's a house and inside that house there's a room

Locked in the room in a corner you'd see the voice is waiting for me to set it free

I got the key, I got the key..."

"I heard your voice -- your voice is -- cool voices, warm voices -- just what I needed, too

Just what I needed for love -- is the word it's warm voices -- your voice is -- cool voices

I heard your voice -- it was just what I needed to...

You didn't know what you were lookin for, til you heard the voices in your ear..."  


Hey, it's me again...

Let's go for a drive where the scientists have no clue, but the poets and the dreamers understand. As always they are the first to sense movement on the periphery, the danger to the herd. The certainty that you can't enter into a spiritual war without knowledge. We're going to shoot the rapids of this grand river tonight, and hopefully end up in a place of reconciliation that adjusts to all of the horror by seeing a larger plan unfolding amidst it all, here on this eve of another Halloween come to life and exploding reality as we know it. I've long since given up posting specialized individual Halloween posts per se; every day, every night is Halloween now, under a glowing Hunter's Moon. So onward we go, still on the trail of the New Lords of Thule. 

Every passing moment more is given away as to the nature of the agenda, the extent of the lie, the scope of the final plan, encompassing the Long Harvest. And that harvest is of souls, of course. 

What if Strieber had it right all along, ringing the Mayan bell in 2007?:

"Then if they are not using normal methods then they must be using sub-normal, or supernatural. They are using for what is called, for lack of a better term black magick.....I would agree that anyone that has no personal knowledge of the occult is quite entitled to disbelieve it. I assume that you've never seen a ghost with your own eyes, do you know anything of hypnotism? Good, then at least we're at one on the fact that certain forces can be called into play which the average person does not understand...The human will is like a wireless set, that when properly adjusted can tune in with the invisible influences which are all about us.

...There is a power existing outside us which is not peculiar to any religion, that can  be utilized if one can get into communication with it.

On the off-chance that the Nazis are using occult forces to get information out of this country, it is really important that you should understand the theory of the occult. Despite our electricity, our aeroplanes, our modern skepticism, the power of darkness is till a living force, worshipped by depraved human beings for their unholt ends in the great cities of Europe and America to this very day..."

"How you respond to what I'm about to show you will determine how this does or doesn't end for you. 

You're not the first detective to discover Defoe's body. You're one of four. DI Hillinghead in 1890. DS Whiteman in 1941. And me. DS Hasan. 2023. My investigation 30 years ago led me to this boy. Elias Mannix. He was 15 years old. You know him. He'd grow up to be your Commander Mannix. 

The government said they never found who set off the bomb -- they lied. They lied because they did it themselves. It was Elias who detonated the bomb. I watched him do it. Time travel is real. 

Mannix intends to go back to 1890 and form a cult. This cult will initiate a chain of events that will lead to the bomb that Mannix's younger self will detonate. Then they'll take power and built the society we live in today...a society where everybody's loved. We live in Mannix's utopia, his 'fix.' Built on the murder of half a million innocent people. All he has to do now is go back to 1890 and create that same chain of events."      BODIES, DC Vertigo 2014

This Halloween, I'm asking a question: What if we're all just parts in the chain?

"Mystical toponomy and alchemical cant language are part of a process which hinges on a marriage between action in time (or recorded history) and physical locations on the earth regarded as 'places of power' by the cryptocracy's magical-geographical vision of the earth as a giant chess board, symbolized by the tessellated floor of Solomon's Temple and the masonic lodge."  Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, Michael Hoffman

Mere words....


We begin at the most sub-microscopic level imaginable, and one which may very well be in league with and brought about by use of those same sub-normal methods of Wheatley's; one which have alchemically produced the triple helix:

Remember the Queen:

Igniting a triple strand which led to where? The Tree of Life. The same Tree of Life that Eve was forbidden to eat from...remember? Everything is symbolism in their underground antechambers of the human heart and deception. That triple helix, which moves God's sacred 144,000 genes (72,000 from both parents) to 216,000. Or 600 x60 x6. This is the changing of God's number on all the souls of the jabbed. This is appropriating God. Killing God to become God as Tracy Twyman once said.

And it's always been right in our faces, inculcated in all the pageants and the celebrations and the songs, because Mind Control is always all about repetition, and the normalization of the profane. Getting you to like it when you don't even realize what you're liking. That's the genius of it. Til one day for whatever reason you wake up and realize "Oh my God. It's been all around me my whole life..." You've never even been an active participant...just part of that lonely hearts club band. And that was always good enough for them: silent consent. Which of course only got us ready for 2020...and hey, it's only "2 weeks to flatten the curve." You can do that standing on your head -- or losing it. 

From 2008:

And the significance and context, including the Human Genome Project:

Notice the new ECONOMIST cover, a publication long known for its predictive programming properties -- in the box at the top second line down -- The Battle of the Name of God:

Remember Carrie Madej being the first to identify a hydra-like organism being found in the vaxx samples? Well, that was part of the immortality factor also, and what DARPA was looking into:

And at the end of that paper in the acknowledgements: 

Oh, DARPA fits right in:

And an entire Pandora's Box for you to delve into here over at godlike:

And speaking of Mind Control -- many MANY more applications for DARPA's Hydrogel, which, as we all know from Karen Kingston, is a major component of the vaxx:

All of the above twitter link which begs the question -- what if some other influence is now trying to control our social interactions?:

Because as Naomi (one of our poets) cites so beautifully and distinctly above -- something is damn sure going on.

More anecdotal evidence about the vaxxed emitting MAC addresses -- evidence that doesn't seem to be trickling off but only growing in number and frequency of occurrence: 

(Remember just how certain addresses in Maui were surgically targeted...This can be linked up with contact tracing and CBDCs as well, to name just 2 other applications...)

Claims which were already given proof over the last half of the excellent FINAL DAYS from both Stew Peters and Karen Kingston:

I have it on fairly good authority that this was the final straw in whistleblower Karen getting targeted in the extreme -- more on that immediately following the Lake Vostok aerial pic below....

And for extrapolation purposes, let's combine this headline just posted: 

 with this one:

Anyone sensing where this could lead with DNA extraction tech? Who is going to make a miraculous reappearance and for what reason? Adolph Hitler? Genghis Khan? Jesus? (The Shroud of Turin ring any bells?) And what possible Antichrist Agenda could lead to all of these returns? If someone brings Jesus back wouldn't they have the world at their feet? Wouldn't that be the point? What if this Jesus didn't happen to have a soul? Who would this Jesus 2.0 be in league with? How many would follow and to what end?

Where did they possibly find some of the organics we're now being subjected to in the vaxx? Try Lake Vostok deep in the Antarctic continent:

Notice the optogenetic properties.,life%20remains%20to%20be%20proven.

Take note of how this seems to be an entirely new form of life -- provenance unknown. And we all know where that's going.....,elsewhere%20in%20our%20solar%20system.

The stated fact that these organisms could possibly tell scientists about "the potential for life elsewhere in our solar system" is possibly because -- hey -- that's where they come from.

Combine these findings of unknown organics along with magnetic anomalies and you get exactly what's in and properties attributed to those vaxx side effects, do we not? Coincidence?:

Much more on those magnetic anomalies and the specific targeting of Karen Kingston:

She explains even more here:   


Interesting and VERY germane from the 2:22:00 mark:

Strap in at 2:31:00's when we all wish we had had history teachers like Alex Jones. Do I need to explain why this particular Rogan episode has been taken off of pretty much every platform, continually? INFORMATION is the number one fragmenting projectile loaded into our weaponry. Weaponry that can wound them mortally:

But the communications portals that they have opened and established since the time of John Dee and running down thru Crowley and Jack Parsons are fully vested and thrumming along quite nicely it would seem:

Vallee rang the bell on this in 1975.


The entire implementation of CBDC will be a chip insertion. But that's been ongoing for awhile now:

Are we starting to see even more evidence of how this all fits together? 

Let's get onto the geo-engineering (otherwise known as the ever-present -- since 1998 -- chemtrails): 

Listen here at the 1:23:57 mark of an old Art Bell January 2000 show with William Thomas as he describes what's being found in the chemtrails:

"A restrictor enzyme used to cut DNA to transfer it from one organism to another..."

At 1:34:53 the first notion of the word 'pandemic' is used -- along with side effects that for the first time were being seen around the country; pneumonia and cardiac arrest....sound familiar?:

These conditions and many more were soon present thruout the country, and spreading:

One of the first major signs and symptoms of "Long Covid" was "brain fog," remember? Look at the above text and testimony in that 2002 Cyberspaceorbit post L.A. Brain Scramble all fits.

Remember ALWAYS the alacrity of two things: 1) the relentless pressure to get vaxxed, stay vaxxed, and stay up-to-date with even more vaxxes, (for something that was 99.97% survivable) 

and 2) the swiftness and stealth with which the 5G towers went up undercover of the lockdowns when all of us were stuck inside "for our own good." But not those 5G installers. They were evidently the kamikazes. I wonder why? And what exactly was the hurry in the middle of the most massive runaway "pandemic" of any of our lives?  

The disproportionate vehemence and off-the-rails craziness of both of these should have been a dead giveaway that more was going on. Much more.    

All of this begins to fit in perfectly with the immense research done ever since the early 2000s by Dr. Ana Mihalcea's new compatriot and brother-in-arms, Clifford Carnicom:

Thanks to people like Carnicom, Will Thomas, and the diligent reporting back in the day of sites like Cyberspaceorbit, a large part of my knowledge base was formed regarding widespread aerial spraying operations. The fact that Carnicom along with Mihalcea, (and Drs. David Martin and Nixon, Kingston, Madej, La Quinta Columna, and many other worldwide concerned bioengineers and scientists) are now also seeing these same adjuvants and artifacts in the blood of both the vaxxed and the unvaxxed alike, is cause for much concern -- as well as being the best evidence we have to date that things like Gulf War syndrome, and Morgellons, and now the vaxx, are all part of an ongoing Black Op of increasing global proportions. 

Carnicom's above paper charts a logical and harrowing progression, from the earliest results coming in around February 1999, 

thru the rise of Morgellons around 2006, 

to the stirrings of DNA and the New Biology being seen around 2013, the foothills of today. 

Jeff Wells, always on the case, charted the first sightings of what would become Morgellons here:  

MODERNA just quietly deleted that page from their website BTW. 

The same MODERNA that previously described it as an "operating system,":

The same MODERNA where Carrie dropped THE first bombshell:

And it was all facilitated by this agreement sent out to all Governments. Efficacy = UNKNOWN. Adverse events = UNKNOWN. Long-term side effects = UNKNOWN. Never forget that this is what was forced on you: 

All undertaken by the "strategic science" of take this or you no longer have a job:

But no pressure....


Listen to this conversation between Dr. Ana Mihalcea and Maria Zeee where it is disclosed that the UN has been in communication with "entities from the future" telling them to go "really hard" with agenda 2030 -- an AI World Society as a New Religion:

Something is happening to the energy of humans. 

At 18:55 in the above vid, optogenetics again comes into play...coupled with the quantum dots blue light especially can manipulate and effect neurological function, i.e. Mind Control.

For more relating to this, see the SHOOTER section below.

And suddenly -- voila!! -- the New Religion of cloning, of DNA extraction, of resurrection, is not only possible, but preferable, to everyone. 

"Every whisper of every waking hour I'm choosing my confessions..."

"Consider this, the hint of the Century..."

"Turn turn I wish you'd learn, there's a time and place for everything I've got to get it thru

Cut loose cause you're no use, I couldn't stand another second in your company

Don't waste your words I don't need anything from you, I don't care where you've been or what you plan to do..."

But we've gone this far, let's venture even further out on the edge and start to peer over the cliff...heck, it's almost Halloween, after all. 

Let's see some connect between these two:

You may wonder where I'm going with this, but bear with me and hear Dick Gregory out at around the time of the Atlanta Child Murders -- many of which featured some extremely high strangeness components that were buried by the mainstream at the time:

Needle marks, human mutilations linked to cattle mutilations, possible genetic experimentation and targeting. Suspicious CDC pressure and involvement in a string of homicides, mind control drugs present at Jonestown under the auspices of the CIA. The shadow of bio-warfare initiation. And finally the possibility of a clandestine bioengineering experimentation agenda for reasons unknown, perhaps digging for a final resolution and targeting system that would only see the light of day and ultimate implementation decades hence...

And as we have known for quite some time -- the presence of a Bush around the periphery:

(More as a teaser but beyond the scope of this post: )

Perish the thought of a looming Franklin Scandal and a "thousand points of light...": 

Suspicious activity. Dark actors. Dark agendas. All meeting. At a time when any questions are actively not allowed:

So many timelines bumping up together and running parallel courses with shared agendas and ideologies. Surely it's all just coincidence. But how many packed together before, by definition, you can't label it that anymore?


Now we are faced with this Lewiston Maine shooter incident where suspect Robert Card is pulling some kind of Rambo super soldier act and is still on the run since 6:56 PM Wednesday night the 25th...full details that we know blow-by-blow in the last comments section, many details of which are not only highly suspicious but point to an orchestrated and hugely-manipulated Black Ops experiment turned loose, all here on the eve of another Halloween for, right now, reasons unknown.

Will be looking at this very interesting case as soon as, and if, it resolves, but for now here's this: "She said that Robert Card recently began wearing powerful hearing aids to combat hearing loss. Since then, Card said her brother-in-law has been insisting to his family that he can hear people bashing him -- including at the Just-In-Time Recreation Bowling Alley Schemengees Bar and Grill where he's accused of gunning down 18 people on Wednesday night."

"He truly believed he was hearing people say things" she added.  "This all just happened within the last few months."

These quotes from this article:

Add to this milieu a military background:

Everyone needs to know the ramifications inherent here -- Visual and auditory hallucinations are RAMPANT right now in the wake of the vaxx:

And we all know the VAERS system reports only around 10-15% of what's really occurring...Activation for applications like 'voices' and 'remote control of your neurological system' are now easier than ever thanks to what's happening post-jab in now 5 billion people. 

5 billion vessels ready for command prompts.  

And to go farther:

Moreover, is this even the same person?:

There'll be as many Cards as there were Oswalds soon.

Also interestingly, the Army yanked their "Voice-to-Skull" devices site back in 2008:

They are also deleting sites that even MENTION them yanking it -- so glad I found the above 2. There's also another one here at Wired that requires pay:

But Wired's been spook domain for a long time.

See confirmation here from the Federation of American Scientists:

More details and odds 'n ends here, reported continually as it happens via godlike: BREAKING UPDATE: Maine Mass Shooter Robert Card Is Still at Large – May Have Crossed State Lines into Massachusetts

Funny also, or not, that Card's initial target was a bowling alley hosting that night a CHILDREN'S competition -- children for the Deep State remain, always, the #1 objective; listen to Lara Logan at the 34 min mark here:

Or this latest Greg Reese report that might just be about the most evil thing I've ever heard that's taking place right now:

THIS JUST IN -- none of the authenticated victims as of yet are children:

(But it must be said, numbers still WAY off from the initial reports of 22 dead and 80-some injured.) More discrepancies... 

So the Halloween beat goes on my friends, every night, every day... but take heart and listen to the very wise words of German MP Christine Anderson at the latest EU Parliament Covid Summit in Brussels. She begins at the 15 min mark:

And how blindingly right she is -- we will never comply our way out of tyranny.

Until next time...ONWARD!!

"If we share this nightmare, we can dream, Spiritus Mundi...

We know you, they know me, extrasensory, synchronicity

A star fall..

A phone call...

It joins all...


A connecting principle, linked to the invisible, 

Almost imperceptible, something inexpressible

Science insusceptible, logic so inflexible

Causally connectible, nothing is invincible

It's so deep, it's so wide, you're inside


Effect without a cause, sub-atomic laws, scientific pause


Opening illustrations courtesy of the DC/Vertigo graphic novel BODIES, 2014. 





  1. I'm still wide open to the possibility that the rise of places like Ancestry and 23andme, etc, not to mention the nasal swabs, were all under the auspices of LOOKING for something -- some specific bloodline.
    Still haven't found a concrete answer as to where exactly all those DNA samples, esp those gathered from the swabs after testing, actually went....
    Some huge database, underground quantum computer at the nexus of the Beast System??

  2. Second coming of Maria Orsic and the Vril Society:

    Makes you wonder about the Tesla quote "You will live to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension."
    Maybe he had it on good authority.....

  3. And what did Keel write about those Long-Fingered Blonde Elementals??

    The loading had begun....

  4. Maybe we stayed purebloods for a reason...

  5. Calling it right here right now in relation to the middle of this post.....

    THIS RIGHT HERE is why you always need to stay for the comms!!
    It's like the Marvel spoilers after the credits of the movie!!

  6. Or this.....

    Note the dateline of Bowdoin ME....
    Now look at this from earlier this April:

    These were the headlines:

    Comms in that reddit post --
    Chemtrails been seeming like they been extra thick lately, jus saying.

    This reminds of the xfile episode where the government was dropping chemicals in this small town and it cause the residents to go crazy…..

    Maybe testing out that voice of God tech

    Maybe there's a HAARP station nearby

    I don't know but Stephen King has been warning us about Maine for years.

    and Lovecraft before him. Shit's wild up there, apparently.

    Had to repost just didn't have the opening statement. Being from Maine I find it highly suspect that there has been two mass shooters from the same small town. With 3,000 people and two mass shooters in 6 months, the first being Joseph Eaton, I find it extremely odd. I bet in the coming weeks there'll be a lot more connections.


  8. Appearing everywhere now:

  9. It's going to be down to freezing here for the next few days. A good excuse to sit inside on my narrow little ass and try to get through all of this.

    Btw, you just reminded me that my younger brother was born on Halloween back in '63.
    I never paid that much attention to that other than the novelty of it.
    Until just now....

    1. Am gonna be right behind ya Philby!! Goes from 85 here on Saturday down to lows next Wed & Thurs of 35 & a high on Thursday of just 53. A rollercoaster trend I am NOT looking forward to...Nov surging in like one of those cocaine bears!!

      As always will be waiting for your astute review like I always do -- Yours is def one of the more valued and reasoned opinions around here for me.

      Halloween has forever been my fav and always on my radar ever since I was a little shaver -- not exactly sure why. Prob half because my Mom always made things spooky and fun and half because of some other life I gravitate to!!

      There was even a Halloween dressup blowout at my workplace because of Covid back in 2020 -- a real one off --
      to give the kiddies a safe place to go...and MAN was it fun!! Lots of witches and warlocks runnin around and tunes blaring just like this:

      See, I got my All Hallows playlist in under the wire anyway!! LOL.
      Bunker in, have some hot toddies for me, put your deerstalker on, and happy sleuthing!!

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  10. Oooooh Nightcap!!:



    & if you think that's not real world, then Levon Helm's got some more words for ya....ha.
    Dead men tell no tales.

    Much MUCH more to this story that we'll now never know.

  12. If I was a reporter worth my salt then I'd be scurryin to lockdown (beg borrow or steal) those 2 weeks worth of medical records from the asylum know, before they "mysteriously" disappear.
    Not to mention get some kind of material possession of those special "hearing aids" so they can be examined and gone over with a fine tooth comb to see what makes them tick.....

    I'm sensing a lot of evidence about to go strangely missing...

  13. Interesting timing too -- Friday Night Prime Time --
    Same apprehension window as the Boston Marathon Bombers.....
    Best ratings slot for max eyes on.....

  14. Hmmmmm
    2 shots changed to 1 in minutes......

    Not to worry I've saved the pic in case that tweet mysteriously fades too.....

  15. Hey Sotogirl!!
    I know you're still freakin & geekin about the April '24 solar eclipse that together with the other one forms a large 'X' over the country:

    Sooooooo...that got me to thinkin......
    And I remembered this old site from back in the day...
    check THESE out:

    The occult wildness is Alllllllll around us....
    I particularly remember the DC Snipers since it was so close and only seemed to ramp up the occult signaling that started in force with 9/11....a year later we get hit with this spooky Manchurian tableau & just in time for Halloween!!

    Remember the "duck in a noose" weird out of nowhere phrase issued by the sheriff, and then they both turn up SLEEPING at a rest stop??!!
    Nooooo -- nothing weird there at all!!

    That Ponderosa Steakhouse was literally in my backyard at the time & right where I always played tennis. So it was a major spook shock. Surreal times.

    Add to it all the Death tarot card they left at some of the scenes:

    Am still convinced to this day that no one's ever gotten to the very bottom of it all -- and that it's dark as dark can be.

  16. In this very post BB!!
    & I'll say it again -- prob one of the most EVIL things I've ever run across.
    If this is what's trending -- it's gonna get very black indeed.

  17. All extremely reminiscent of this BB -- one of the GREAT debut albums ever, full of mystique and wonder and dread as much as the most vintage Led Zeppelin....
    Purson lasted all too short a time -- but they deserve Hall of Fame status for this ONE release:

    As Halloween as it gets....

  18. OMG-16th Street synchs. I went to private school on 16th St. NW, two blocks away from the old Walter Reed hospital. I drove by it the other day to take pictures of it. I had an overwhelming need to see the school I attended growing up. Since it was part of a Greek Orthodox church and needed more space it has been moved to Maryland. I hadn't seen my beloved Greek school for 20 years!!!! And it looked exactly the same. I swear that is unreal. WTF is the universe trying to tell me here????

  19. THIS JUST IN, on a full moon pre-Halloween night:

    And just in case you were wondering.....YEP:

    Dammit Chandler.

  20. YEP confirm:
    According to TMZ, emergency personnel first responded to a call reporting cardiac arrest at the house. No drugs were found on the scene and no foul play is suspected, per the outlet.

  21. And that's so wild Sotes about your 16th St recollections!!

    This was my brush:

    "Yeah. They had us stay home from school (Tucker HS) because the snipers used the pay phone at the Exxon at Broad/Parham. It was surreal.

    Watched MTV’s TRL for the first time. It was bizarre and terrifying."

    "Freeman grad here. We also had at least one day off because of it. I remember the school admin told us to run in zig zags through the school parking lot at dismissal the day before our day off. Our 16 year old selves were calling it Snipe-o-ween!!"

    Me again --
    I remember we all flew out of our bungaloes and headed straight to Broad & Parham to get in on the action!! LOL -- what idiots.
    Approaching that intersection in the West End I looked up and saw one of those AWACS planes, E3 Sentry I think, circling overhead.
    EXACTLY like the one seen over NYC on 9/11.
    The whole scene really WAS surreal. Strange, strange times early early in the new Millennium.

    I remember thinking -- if it's starting like this, then the sky's the limit....

    Little did I know.

  22. Haha -- far be it from me not to look at every side from every angle -- but more & more I get the feeling of George Webb as an insider/instigator. Esp after his throwing Kingston under the bus with completely erroneous info. (& that he's never corrected or apologized for getting wrong...)
    Don't get me wrong -- it's GOOD to be paranoid -- just don't do it with an agenda.

    Don't of course know all the particulars but this reeks of more piling Israel v Hamas on the bonfire -- which of course is the hot diversion right now.

    Here's this as the latest (final??) word:

    Hold on, it's a lot.....

  24. Aaaaaand get this BB --
    They're still & already trying to AMNESTY their way out of this..."we couldn't have known; things were happening so rapidly; we did our best; we need to forgive...yada yada..."
    NO. How about first all you "intellectuals" apologize to ALL OF US that got it right and knew more than you from the very first for starters??
    How about apologize to everyone that lost their jobs, that split with their families because of YOUR gaslighting??
    Do you remember screaming "Pandemic of the Unvaccinated!!"
    "You'll kill Grandma!!"
    "You don't wanna be responsible for the deaths of your CHILDREN, do you??"
    All bullshit. All psyop. And you knew, You KNEW, Every step of the way.
    (11 min mark here)

    So no free passes for you evil pieces of shit.
    Things aren't turning out like you planned so now it's "Amnesty!! Forgive!!"
    We remember -- and we're coming for you.
    Plans are underway in multiple states now to PROSECUTE.
    So you lowest common denominator dregs never get this kind of power again.
    And the ones that did this time get punished -- hopefully with their lives.
    On public TV.
    In Prime Time.

  25. WTAF DEPT:
    SO this is like a nightly thing now all of a sudden??
    We're being played and setup for something......

    1. Not seeing anything on this yet in lame stream

    2. Spot on OMS -- and that makes me nervous.....
      Something going down that they wanna keep under wraps....
      I wonder if it has anything to do with this that happened on the same day just before:

      Thinking of 3 letter agency sleeper cells, how to get them in & activate them....among other things....
      Bunch of Manchurian Candidates roaming around free-range.
      Waiting for orders.

    3. Yeah something stinks there, bigly.

  26. On deck:
    Take on the umbrella of what's happening right now---- which is slow, huge and spreading mass shooter-wise.

    Welcome to the next stage......

  27. So many levels to this BB -- & I have a feeling ones we haven't even contemplated yet.
    Ana Mihalcea is doing SERIOUS research on this and all the implications, which are varied & rather other-worldly, if you catch my drift....

    She continues to be shocked on a daily basis by what she's finding -- I'm monitoring and will report back soon...but the trails lead everywhere.
    And none of them are good.

    Other forces are at work here...

  28. More reminders that when the time comes the Colberts and the Kimmels are going overboard too --- with weights attached......

    According to them we all should have been dead 2 Christmases ago anyway, LOL.

  29. Satanists gonna Satan -- what are ya gonna do??
    Known about Colbert since Pizzagate.
    No surprises there.

  30. Hey Wordman,

    Do you still have that info about real-life extraterrestrial predators who might be responsible for the cattle mutilations, very much like the one from the movie "Predator"?

    It got completely deleted from my personal archives. These a**holes keep tracking and censoring...

    1. Just sent all this to JB:

      As well as what's STILL going on in Peru:

      VERY much like Colares 1977:

      Monitoring this on an ongoing basis too and will put together everything I've got soon -- something's up folks.
      Esp regarding the fact that ANYTHING related to the Peru situation is being scrubbed....

    2. Could be the return of the Anunnaki, considering how much gold is involved...

  31. BIG ALSO --
    As far as "Predator" goes, it doesn't get much closer than this excerpt from Dave (Missing 411) Paulides' 2nd film "The Hunted"....
    Go straight to the 1:23:40 mark:

    Happy Halloween!!

  32. BB!!
    Haha!! I keep tellin everybody her OnlyFans is gonna be legendary!! LOL.
    But we all want the FIRST one -- not this 2nd doppleganger!!

    Trouble is, the first one's probably dead, in hiding, or in witness protection.

  33. OMS -- re your above comm, WTAF!!

    This speaks of levels of coordination and higher-level planning than can be imagined = & that a sequence of events was timed to go off scattered around the country. (Much like Schwab at the WEF has mentioned previously: multiple events or "poly" crises that will be coming next...)

    More here:

    SO much weirdness here:
    "I am not a killer I just want to get into the caves."
    (found scrawled in the women's bathroom)

    Patches associated with Law Enforcement ??

    BELIEVE he killed himself?? Weirdly worded, either you did it, he did it, or someone else did it.

    This on SATURDAY and why are we just hearing about it now??

    As someone else commented in the twitter thread, much like the 1993 WTC attack which was worked up and instigated solely by the FBI, the Manchurianed bombers then thwarted a larger and possibly more devastating blast by parking the autos with explosive devices AWAY from the support pillars in the basement instead of right up next to them where they were instructed.....thus eliciting a damp squib instead of a complete possible collapse.
    It appears something like the very same thing happened here. (Somebody's programming malfunctioned.)

    In the 93 case the
    "informant" Emad Salem actually recorded proof of the FBI's complicity:

    When the dust settles, I'll bet dollars to donuts the Feds are behind all this too....lock, stock, & 2 smoking barrels.....

  34. I'm gonna have to stuff full a complete POLY CRISES post --
    filled with all of the above +
    Peru floating 8 foot tall alien mutilations +
    latest Ana Mihalcea research & vaxx links to more & all of the above.....

    Just a word up...Halloween might be lingering this year......

  35. Oh All Hallows will most definitely be hanging around for awhile this time around....
    Unexpected twists and turns in the investigation at every juncture, but all pertaining and so many diff avenues shrouded for years with official fog becoming clearer and clearer -- multi-faceted disciplines and phenomena that you would think would have nothing to do with each other have surprising links.....

    As always, stay tuned and I'll try to make it worth your while.

    1. Is there a new article being posted tonight?

    2. Sorry Jaybers -- the well is dry til psychic re-filling......

      won't take long & a lot less dangerous than EV recharging......
      Wordman go BOOOOOM!!

  36. Oh, and one more time, Happy Halloween everybody:

  37. I think I've decoded it:

    Barbarism/Anarchy worldwide, leading to gene-splicing (mRna?) to change human nature,
    leading to a total change of mood from angry/sad to happy! happy! happy!,
    but after about a month (moon phases),
    the Beast, the Other Beast,
    then the fall of man,
    total nuclear/bio-chemical war.

  38. 2 headlines just coming over the blower that deserve attention:

    First one is horrific enough on its own but not as bad as what I originally thought it wasL

  39. Before the nuclear/biowarfare apocalypse there is the image of a man starting to tip over=fall of man, or the beginning stages of that process. According to Martin Armstrong's Socrates AI system, 2026 is the year a cataclysm will take place, at least in the West. Armstrong's system continues on after this so, according to him, 2026 is not the end of man.

    I keep an open mind, but I'm not convinced of the predictive power of any of it. I am paying attention to the images on Grimes' album cover.

    I have noticed that prophecy can be eerily precise, down to minute details even, but that usually it is pretty vague and speculative until just before the prophesied event occurs. Then the images arising in the eternal fire of one's awareness are quite clear and distinct. Just think of all those moments of precognition you've experienced where you see with absolute clarity a few moments into the future. I think this sometimes happens on a large scale especially when the events affect many people.

    I'm watching Hasselhoff's Nick Fury and in the words of Larry David it's pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.

    Hail Hydra!

  40. i,e, they'd found a way to invasively get into copy and interpret your DREAMS with some kind of holographic testing kit!! Yikes!! DOWN imagination!! Get back in your box!!

    And this 2nd one is REALLY scary:

    And what exactly are "insanitary" conditions?? LOL.
    Uncleanliness leading to madness??
    20-something woke millennials posing as editors and proofreaders ain't flyin'.

    But on a serious note -- WTAF!!

    Doesn't this come just on the heels of a 'broken vial' causing an entire lab of people to suffer from ocular damage?
    Not to mention this:

    OR the most scary scenario of all -- the graphene is now loose across all barriers and infecting everything, ala Michael Crichton's PREY:

    Let the replicating and self-assembling begin......

  41. OTOH pretty much ALL Big Pharma labs are "insanitary" by definition, right??
    Out of the mouths of babes.....

  42. GHOSTY!!
    The Hoff makes a damn sight better Fury in physicality & look than Samuel L fer God's sake -- bleeeeech!! Somebody's agent was workin overtime on that casting decision.....

    So glad you brought up the Grimes tablet -- that thing's hanging out there like the Rosetta Stone. Many scream coincidence but C'mon!! There's absolutely NO actual way.....not in a million years pf 100 monkeys typin 24/7 around the clock would that happen. NOPE. The girl was read in. Hence Elon. (who's now basically disowned her...)

    And PS -- for all your Nick Fury cravings:

    Just scroll to the bottom for no.2 & onward!!

  43. That dream pcr stuff seens actually to be so general people can test mRNA products to see what exactly they are made of. Least that's my understanding. If true this would be a big pain in the ass for the melonheads.

    That Peru stuff is wild and seems there is something to it.

    "I think I've decoded it:

    Barbarism/Anarchy worldwide, leading to gene-splicing (mRna?) to change human nature,
    leading to a total change of mood from angry/sad to happy! happy! happy!,
    but after about a month (moon phases),
    the Beast, the Other Beast,
    then the fall of man,
    total nuclear/bio-chemical war."

    You think the Mark of The Beast is still to come?
    Unpack this more if you don't mind. Intrigued.
    Wordman do you have any idea of how apocalypse will unfold? If do would love hear too.
    Truly feels apocalyptic now with the Israel stuff happening.

  44. A6!!
    The Peru situation is indeed wild & I have the weirdest sneaking suspicion that it's playing into the ongoing timeline of everything just as & where it should....possibly even more will be revealed as we go along.....
    The latest drops from Alberino:

    "We have completed the expedition to San Antonio de Pintuyacu. We were in the village for 3 days and conducted a thorough investigation. We delivered supplies and strategic technology. We are now back in Iquitos following another lead. What we discovered is very disturbing and nefarious. Full debriefing when we return."

    Also in his feed this:

    Seems telling.

    Chris Knowles has written extensively all about The Outer Limits creator Leslie Stevens and his deep, deep intelligence ties:

    ...influencing everything from Trek to as you said Millennium & X and also Fringe. All prev classified as sci-fi but now all coming home to roost in real time in the real world -- if there is such a thing now.

    And yes, all cancers are going turbo now in younger and younger age groups -- metastasizing cancers at 20 & 30 now, prev unheard of, are becoming quickly the norm at an astonishing rate. Also the acknowledged presence of SV40 in all the vaxx samples is disturbing - something I'll be charting & speaking about next trip out...

    Go get some essential oil of oregano in the pure liquid form (can get it at most any CVS & grocery stores -- any place that has essential oils), soak a Q-tip and then put it directly on the tooth that's bothering you - Voila!!
    Infection gone. Pain gone. Good as new. Keep hitting it as long as you need. As I've said ad nauseum that stuff kills ANYthing.

    & to everyone -- as I've said -- all of this, the MK alters walking around, the vaxx symptoms increasing in rate & weirdness, the seemingly "alien" factors on the loose in Peru, all are coming up with some wild syncs and bleedthrus with each other in strange ways and with Black Ops both past & ongoing......

    Keep it tuned to this same Bat Channel for the next installment coming soon!!
    Til then, Hang Loose all you Irregulars -- Excelsior & ONWARD!!

  45. And we all know Stark was superbly modeled after one Jack Parsons!! Same line of work too...LOL.
    The OG origin in Tales of Suspense from '59 fer cripes sake!!:

    For 12 cents!! Which come to think was prob a lot for back then....

    But hey, Merry Marvel Marching Society!!
    Hmmm, sounds familiar.....,publisher%20Martin%20Goodman%20in%201964.

    Nuff said!!

  46. Very much related, look at this wonderful writeup all about the early Marvel "Monster" mags -- Tales To Astonish, Strange Tales, etc...,-October%2011%2C%202021&text=X%2C%20the%20Thing%20That%20Lived,Age%20of%20Marvel%20Monster%20Comics.

    Within the text, just look at what Kirby had to say back in 1994:
    “If you remember back to the 1940s and ‘50s, the imagination of the world was fascinated with reported sightings of flying spacecraft and the unknown effects of radioactivity,” wrote Jack Kirby in the 1994 *Monster Menace #3 reprint. “What kind of life existed on other planets? Were they non-human? Would the effects of atomic radiation or scientific experiments create a non-human creature? Perhaps, monsters having human characteristics could be mutated in the laboratory. Those were the questions of that period. Comics explored these avenues, and monsters became a part of them.”

    How amazing is that, and how startling that we've circled back (see what I did there?) to those very same concerns and issues RIGHT NOW!!

    Scientific experiments? Non-human? Lab mutations??!! Unknown effects?? Flying saucers????!!!!!

    Somewhere, Jack and Ditko and their ilk are all smiling down on us, marveling (hahahar) at what their imaginations wrought....
    Talk about your creators of worlds....
    And their zeitgeist just keeps on movin and groovin.

    Some things never change and there's nothing new under the sun.

    1. Check out the second part I added of the Tony Stark/Nick Fury twitter post:

      "The ancient secret society that would later become Hydra were dedicated to death, ritualistic killings, etc. This is why the initial Hydra logo was actually a symbol for a ram's head (which was associated with the pagan origin myths about the Devil himself, in the form of a ram)."

    2. Hmm, Death; Ritualistic Killings, symbols for the Devil.....all seems like I've heard/seen it somewhere again recently -- just can't quite put my finger on it......

      Good GOD, man!!

    I'm officially unconvince-able that Kirby wasn't a time-hopping interdimensional Shaman wearing a 50s suit and tie.....

    When are the New Gods & Apokalips gonna make the scene, jellybean??


  49. Coming up right after the total solar eclipse too.

    1. Who here is for the WHO to be declared a worldwide Terrorist Org holding the entire globe hostage??
      This is why I was ALL behind Trump getting us out of that alliance. Absolutely no reason for us to be paying millions of our $$ to be in that nest of vipers. They essentially want control of everyone's bodily autonomy, and freedom. Who gets it, who can keep it, etc so that no one can even leave their abode without their say-so.
      Don't go along with us, well, maybe we'll just -- opps -- accidentally release something, somewhere.
      Now unless you stay locked up - quarantined - you're a criminal subject to punishment. OUR punishment that we just make up as we go along.
      THIS is what they're planning to make the new "normal." Same with CBDCs. A way to monitor and control you every waking minute, for starters....but you can rest assured the sleep realm is being planned for as well...
      These are the Death Magickians. And right now, we're all under their spell. And make no mistake, it is a spell. As you noted, why do you think the timing comes just after the solar eclipse??
      Their plan is always timed out with celestials events, houses of the zodiac and their precession, and "signs" in the sky; that way the bloodletting is more of a sacrificial nature.
      (Part of the reason I still view comet Hale-Bopp as a huge "hinge" event in all of this unfolding trajectory.)

  50. I want to be me, just me, when I die. Just Athina the double cancer who cries when I see a dead frog in the road. I don't want to die something that is not me. Where is Anon when I need him??????

    1. Hey Sotes!!
      Anon is still here lurking, just not posting for purposes of going dark, which is totally their prerogative. They still keep in touch and are fine -- no worries. Just concerned about the ongoing surveillance the way we all are...
      Radio silence doesn't mean abandonment.

      As for staying yourself -- just be strong in your workings, Athina.
      Have faith that no one can touch the core you.
      It might seem scary but no weapon formed against you shall prosper.
      This is a long fight and a long haul = but this side will always have the upper hand. Everyone that came before, even if they're not here now, all your family, all your friends, they have their arms around you & are loving you & protecting you.
      We come from a long line. That's the way it's always been.
      That's the way it always will be.

  51. Thanks BB!!
    There are many MANY that see thru the WHO and their rituals...
    This fine woman for one:

    Stand ye calm and resolute,
    Like a forest close and mute,
    With folded arms and looks which are
    Weapons of unvanquished war.

    And if then the tyrants dare,
    Let them ride among you there;
    Slash, and stab, and maim and hew;
    What they like, that let them do.

    With folded arms and steady eyes,
    And little fear, and less surprise,
    Look upon them as they slay,
    Till their rage has died away:

    Then they will return with shame,
    To the place from which they came,
    And the blood thus shed will speak
    In hot blushes on their cheek:

    Rise, like lions after slumber
    Shake your chains to earth like dew
    Which in sleep had fallen on you:
    Ye are many—they are few!
    The Masque of Anarchy; Percy Shelley

  52. Tedros = just another social/info war criminal looking to play World Dictator, changing everything from rights, to social more, to language.
    He'll be brought down too. Hopefully by ninjas in the middle of the night in a "wetworks" op with extreme prejudice.
    Where's Bourne when you need him??

  53. This BB. just cements even more my conviction that this new doppelganger is nowhere within MILES of the OG "Plane lady."
    I have NO idea what happened to her but I fear the worst.
    Is this REALLY the best alt-narrative they can come up with??
    That original girl was scared out of her wits from....something.

    Something that quite obv they wanna keep the ultimate tight wraps on.
    It's beyond creepy when you get right down to it. It's like there're a LOT of things breaking thru and being seen that they wanna keep all our mouths shut about -- as it's happening.
    I'll have much more to say about this in the next post -- and yes, it ties in to everything in major ways......
    Put it this way, the more that's learned the more I think Dave Paulides was and is onto something BIG with his Missing 411...esp w/his latest accent on the UFO Connection.

    The more you look at the body type and facial shape and bone structure this new one looks absolutely nothing like the original.
    The excuses of "oh, it's just more and diff makeup."?? What, are they kidding??!!
    Still, they're prob right -- the taste for nuance amoung the hoi polloi is lacking to put it mildly....
    The the widespread cognitive decline amidst the vaxxed hasn't helped. Not at all.
    But then again, that's part of the plan too....

  54. So much happening BB --
    This, those latest MH370 vids that more & more people are increasingly calling valid, whatev is STILL going on down in Peru that Timothy Alberino is set to report on after venturing down there with an armed contingent....
    People seem to want to look to whatev is being revealed (or not) before Congress as the be-all, end-all of "disclosure," when nothing could be further from the truth.

    The real truth is being unveiled all around us -- and no politician is within a light year of it.

  55. Interesting that this portion of vid from The Confessionals (the same podcast that highlighted the Advanced Enochian military tech episode I've mentioned before) where Tony interviews the scientist/tech that says he's gone over with a fine tooth comb all the MH370 satellite vids released and finds then 100% legit....
    THIS potion was ordered deleted from the YT vid by YT.....
    Listen and make of that what you will:

  56. Also a BIG let's not forget to the TV series THE EVENT, which was September 2010:

    MH370 was March 2014.
    What is described is the EXACT same tech.

    Various plot points in THE EVENT also merge quite seamlessly with the wilder factors described within the Pizzagate, Epstein, AND C-19 narratives:

    And not to forget, the series ended on THIS:

  57. Which eerily reminds me of this:

    We're still in a liminal state but things are drawing closer.....

  58. Hey Sotes!!
    Check this amazing piece out as very pertinent to what you just wrote above:

    Mucho shades of Graham Hancock!!
    THE WHY FILES offers an honest, unvarnished look at LOTS of what we look at here, and is a channel that has really taken off...
    All this plus Hecklefish!!
    Gimmicky? Yes. But entertaining with some much needed humour to leaven the serious...

    And from 38 min in til the end, yes, every Oct-Nov we play Russian Roulette with the Taurids --- as ALL the ancient lost civilizations seemed to warn us about....

    One of these days, or nights, our number is coming up.

  59. THE CRAZY PLANE LADY (or more to the point her doppelganger) is making headlines again:

    The plot is thickening considerably and rather rapidly......
    First, and let's get this out of the way thoroughly, the new Tiff is NOT the OG one: diff build, facial construction, bone structure, et al...
    And the limited hangout is "just more makeup." Nope. Not even close.

    The OG one stumbled onto something that the PTB want to keep severely under wraps, and she's been either MKUltra'd, witness protected, or she's sleeping with the fishies....

    And "just an expression of speech" is not "get me the fuck off this plane you're all gonna die!!"

    Something is going on -- manifesting.
    The OG Tiff saw something that terrified her -- that much is plain. That woman was straight PTSD'd up to the eyeballs in that first clip.
    We can go 'round and round about WHAT she saw -- but she saw SOMETHING.

    Ultimately getting to the bottom of this isn't just a cool internet "meme" to while away the autumn -- the ultimate disposition of this might point us in the direction of a LOT of answers.

    Stay tuned.....

  60. Struggling with whether or not to include this as part of the new posting -- haven't decided -- but I'm leaving all the particulars here in case I don't...
    Because far from being just the latest viral "cute" frenzy -- I DO believe there's something here.

    Something disturbing.

  61. Hey Ghosty!!
    Check my reply immediately above to Sotogirl --
    something that seems nuclear might very well be this also...

    Either way, lots of spider senses are tingling right now -- the old canard of people in these times will "see visions" appears to be panning out....

  62. The chamber is spinning -- lots of loading bays are empty -- but there's one that isn't....

  63. That WWIII remark and the USA being on the wrong side reminds me of that Karen Kingston quote when she predicted that this entire vaxx fiasco would wind up turning out like WWII did for the Germans after the death camps and the old "We were just following orders!!" line.....
    That didn't play real well at Nuremberg, even if it was a glorified dog & pony show.
    And wouldn't it be ironic of it turned out that way for US when we were the ones importing Nazis via Paperclip by the truckload??
    Live by the occult sword....die by the occult sword.

    How fitting.

  64. Ancient bloodlines.....I'll refer you too to the above Why Files, Max.
    Ancient knowledge long hidden, that we need to get reacquainted with quickly.

  65. Lots breaking tonight friends.....

    Just in case you thought Maui was done & dusted.....
    It isn't:

    More weirdness.

  66. Yessir. The closer we draw near to some cataclysmic event the clearer said event will appear in psychic's awarenesses.

  67. Just getting off work & was expecting an inbox FULL of comments re the latest Reese Report re Maui and specifically THE FROG!!
    C'mon guys -- put your thinking caps on & hit me!!

    This is a huge clue & blatant trace evidence right in front of us that a bunch of tech that people call crazy has been deployed against American citizens --
    something that cooked and mummified a living thing in mid-air instantaneously...

  68. Seen in Slovakia, CZ Republic and Croatia last few nights.....
    Seeing Northern Lights, this far south is not good. It means the earth's Magnetosphere is far weaker than they are letting us know. They've been saying it has weakened by 15%, but the fact that far southern latitudes are seeing them often now during relatively weak solar storms means that the field is MUCH weaker than what they are saying. It may be as much as 25% weaker than normal which means more radiation from the sun is reaching the surface of our planet.
    This is as foreboding as it is beautiful to behold. The reason for borealis being visible in countries ever closer to the southern hemisphere, means earth, and her inhabitants, are less protected and much more vulnerable to so-called CME’s (coronal mass ejection) as well as solar- and other types of radiation.

    It is also a warning of things to come. This may vary between a “Carrington event” (EMP) disabling anything from satellites, the Internet and cause a global electric meltdown, and a full blown “Solar Nova”, killing over 90% of us by way of multiple global cataclysmic events happening all at once and/or in succession. Keep in tune with Dutchsinse and Suspicious Observers for more as it develops.......

    Prince knew BTW what was coming:

    On LOTS of fronts:

    1. 12,000 year pole inversion? WWIII was always gonna be used as a distraction in the end...

    2. Once more, and with feeling:

      Wells & Prince are my right-hand prophets tonight...

    3. Sirius, our secret sun...

      Well, if, one way or another, 99.99% of the human race goes bye-bye due to every conceivable Apocalypse being unleashed at the same time, it's been really good knowing you.

      Since I'm going back to Pan, and you're getting into Heaven, might as well tell you now, won't be a later.

    4. Did you get my "farewell"? Things keep getting interrupted...

    5. Don't you worry my bruh -- we're ALL gonna meet up laters, have fun, drink the best coffee ever, and stay up late every night!!
      Even God & Pan ain't gonna break up this group of besties.....

      Friends to the end....

    6. PS -- and we'll have ringside seats for what's goin on down here!!

      Have fun winking and chucking each other in the ribs -- "See, just like we said!!"

    7. In Norse mythology, Brimir is another name for the primordial cosmic giant Ymir, and also a name of a hall for the souls of the virtuous following the end-time conflict of Ragnarok.

      Apparently, Ymir, whose sacrifice originally made it possible for the entire Universe to exist, will also be reincarnated as Brimir, the owner of the beer hall itself, where "plenty of good drink" will be available for those who take pleasure in it.

      The long-dead Creator deity born again as a bartender in the Afterlife.

  69. Look at this post on reddit that's gotten so many hits I expect it to be scrubbed soon:

    "Yes we have been going through mass psyops probably the largest operation in human history we are all mentally ill or physically ill."

    "All day everyday. I am in Michigan. Chemtrails EVERY DAY for the past... 13 years. Very apparent and obvious. And for the last two+ years in my house my ears can pick up a super high pitched frequency. Usually around 7000 hertz. As of late its about 8000 herzt. Its constant so I know its the 5G routers and hot spots and cell phones of my neighbors. I did a device scan recently. It read 97 devices among about 30 homes in my townhouse complex. There are 392 units total. I just did a circumference around me. 97, 5G transmissions ~vs~ me. I still use a 4G phone. 8 years old. It works in real time. So.... We never needed 5G. I despise the government to their absolute Hell to Come."

    "Idk, but I would assume some sort of modern mk ultra is still taking place. Festivals would be the perfect place to experiment with lights / infrasound / response from crowds. Even add drugs to the mix to the full MK Ultra package."

    "Since "they" are low vibrational creatures, they are creating a low vibrational hell-scape of this world."

    1. Sometimes I hear a sound like a TV being turned on in my inner ear and it will last like 10sec and disappear. Comes at random times. Going on like 10 years now. Always wondered what it was.

    2. I've had tinnitus in my left ear for decades. Some days are worse than others.
      Tonight it is just SCREAMING.
      I blame George Bush.

    3. LOTS of things -- dark, nefarious things -- had their origin point with a Bush name attached.
      Nature of the, ahem, Beast.

    Under the wire before another November 5th passes us by:

    2005 - thought provoking and brilliant
    2019 - fucking terrifying and actually happening.

  71. The Shift already taking a toll 3 months ago:

    RIP McKinney.

  72. More chemtrailing could have saved them.

  73. Sotogirl, you beat me to it! Was going to comment that in my 52 years on this green Earth, I'd never heard of Aurora lights showing up in the skies over Central & Eastern Europe. Until now. And hey, they're blood-red / purple. Could be "solar eruptions", or it could be, for those of us following this blog closely, a legion of demonic entities landing from Saturn. We shall find out soon enough, eh.

  74. Sotes & Trains!!
    Thanks so much for staying on the case with those comments -- and YES -- all the way back in summer 2015 I relayed that Anthony Patch said that, thru the auspices of CERN and related technologies, entities would/could be arriving here via plasma/telluric currents used as portals or "bridges" from their wherever to here.....

    So yep, this makes what is currently ongoing and seen in the skies over parts of the EU, much more radically South than ever before, extremely disturbing.

    For the record, I will also leave these headlines here that pertain and that very few, at the time, made mention of:

    It also happened to be in the 2015 timeframe.

    Is this visual evidence of this timeline coming to fruition, or just your normy coronal mass ejections in full view?

    As Trains said -- we gonna see. But I do not have a warm, fuzzy feeling about this....whatever the source behind.
    This is a warning.

  75. Do "piggybacking" &/or "jump" technologies actually exist, and can they be radically augmented or facilitated with gene therapies and DNA-modifying tech like the vaxx??
    Is THIS what is at the core of Transhumanism??
    Is something like this, in the Days of Noah, how our species was first augmented?? Thru communication with something "other" that directed it -- Directed Evolution, remember??

    This is what has already been installed in us:

    Maybe it is only the first part of a binary attack that will soon commence.....

    Gonna stop now before I replicate my whole next post here!! LOL. But food for thought...

    1. Dudes!!
      Given her/it's age range, it was likely referring to this Dark Abyss game:

      And we worried about D&D in the day, LOL.

      There's also this:

      And this:

      Another game: DARK TEMPLAR

      This is verging on Columbine mental (re)structuring now....
      Need to find out if Hale had a psychiatrist -- what affiliations and where that person is now.

    2. It also strikes me that, given recent history, it should also be noted that that Manifesto insignia is the spitting image of this:

  76. Just adding that they have been chemtrailing the hell out of the DC metro area for the past 4 days, My middle finger is up to the sky the whole time I am walking my dogs. Maybe I look nuts but by god I hope they see me!!!!!! I don't consent!!!!!!!!!

  77. And since SYMBOLISM is rife tonight, this just in to me from our own Mary out of

    It appears something MAJOR might be in the process of being staged for the PARIS 2024 Olympics.....

    Note also the very first comm from the uploader:
    "This video had to be reposted. Because after ten minutes of publication, the vid was deleted!
    This cannot be a coincidence, since its content could not be more explicit about the hidden plans, which I reveal here.
    As some know, my channel is closely monitored by Ytube and his demonic minions.
    Given the content broadcast, this is not surprising because it reveals many things about the devil's plans.
    Additionally, during the first broadcast, 4 people commented with the number 666 at the end of their pseudonym!
    Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Understand how the enemy works.
    We are in a spiritual war, where the enemy absolutely wants to suppress the truth."

  78. Perhaps the unveiling of the antichrist will happen to be one of the "Young Leaders" of the WEF......

  79. DAMN Jaybers!!
    NOW we're getting somewhere!!
    The grooming begins early......

  80. Hey BB!!
    News now just rolling in across the board:

    Have to see what Maria Zeee weighs in with since she's Ground Zero.
    Now saying the trains are out in Melbourne too.....

  81. More intentional dog whistles for the CBDCs to start rolling our soon??

    THE CHIP will solve everything -- all our problems!!

    The softening up -- covid, vaxx -- had to come first.

    Schwab said this in 2016.
    Isn't it bizarre how much was trotted out in 15-16 that's seeing flowering right now??

  82. Back OFF of that monolith ya damn dirty apes!!

  83. CERN, MKULTRA, STARGATE, hell, let's just portal 'em all in!!
    Woot!! Woot!!
    "They will all be in that pool for your entertainment!!"
    "Spend time with them -- raw and uncut!!"
    Wait a minnit -- i'm mixing my metaphors here...LOL.

    Or AM I??

  84. Maybe the invite wording doesn't change AT ALL -- no matter what side of the chain you're on...or aeon you're in....

  85. And what WERE those darn Nazis and Maria Orsic up to anyhoo??
    Vril power?? Thule energy?? In contact with who? Wha?

    Vacaying in Agharta with Maria & a bevy of long-fingered blonde elementals!!
    Sounds like an Ian Fleming/Dennis Wheatley dream time in the grotto!!

  86. Somebody knows my heart is never far from Dealey Plaza this time of year.....
    Didn't know since I haven't seen it yet but Stone's latest JFK Revisited Thru the Looking Glass from a couple years back FINALLY goes into the compelling story of Vicki Adams and her 2 pals that worked on the FOURTH floor of the Book Depository....
    looking out the window at the motorcade they bolted for the stairs when they lost sight of it from their vantage point....when just getting on them the pops and the screaming begins...
    they continue to the bottom to find out what's happening.....

    Oswald, supposedly on the SIXTH floor doing the shooting, was found by a policeman on the FIRST floor drinking a coke at the vending machine just AFTER the assassination.....

    Yet, somehow, he would have had to have RACED from the SIXTH FLOOR to the FIRST, past Adams and her pals, down the ONLY set of stairs in the bldg....who NEVER SEE HIM.

    i.e. Oswald was NEVER ON the 6th floor to begin with.

    This fact was mentioned on more than one occasion, by the particulars involved, to the members of the Warren Commission,
    who see fit to never include it in their report.

    Gerald Posner, Vince Bugliosi and all the other holier-than-thou CASE CLOSED Oswald acted alone apologists have NEVER ONCE explained, acknowledged or even confronted this airtight fact which PROVES Oswald's innocence in the shooting.
    To his horror in the coming minutes and hours that followed he realized he as being set up to be what he always claimed he was.....
    The Patsy.

  87. The final details, some of which I got wrong, above:

  88. And a very large part of the reason why Vicki Adams went into hiding for 35 years:

  89. OK, I think BB left a link to a video "Occult Bloodlines of Canaan. JFC!!!!!!
    How many left hooks did I get out of that?
    Mecca was/is really in Petra, Jordan???
    Queen Elizabeth is a descendant of the prophet Muhammad??????????
    Jesus was a freaking rabbi??????
    The descendants of jesus, who was married and had children, are still around today?? Living in Secret????
    Amalakites are joos - amalakites being 'blood lickers'???????
    TY BB.

    1. Thanks Sotes & BB!!
      Shades of the DA VINCI CODE!!
      Everything is related these days, as I keep saying.....

      To whit I think:

      P-Gate goes Nationwide (as if we didn't know...)
      Reading between the lines ain't the lost art they think it is....

  90. DING:
    "Network spans all the way to Cali..."


    All viewed what was in the "insurance" file on Anthony Weiner's laptop.
    Last seen supposedly in possession of the FBI:

    God bless the comms sections on both these vids -- people know what's going on.

  92. Oh & thanks ADL for letting us know that getting the word out about the act itself, rather than the ACT ITSELF is a "hateful and extremist ideology."

    Always punish the REPORTING -- not what happened or, God forbid, the act itself.

    Thanks again ADL.....we know which side you're on. Always have been.

  93. A quick postscript on Aurora lights all over the world... In China, doctors are reporting 400% the pre-covid incidence of situs inversus in babies (where the position of vital organs in the body is flipped left to right and vice versa). Many years ago, I read in a blog how strictly speaking, this is impossible from a traditional evolutionary standpoint and how it is likely an antediluvian residue. So... putting two and two together -- was the vaxx seeded with actual Nephilim DNA? It appears more realistic by the day.

    1. Trains --
      Thank you so much for this incredibly astute and pertinent factoid...
      Your entire postulate is something I have long suspected without coming right out & saying it; it's also something that I continue to drill down into every single day looking for causal links, however tenuous -- I sincerely feel this is all leading somewhere as yet unfathomed...
      Remember the show FRINGE? How as it went along it began cataloging anomalies that presented as two universes converging -- ours and a mirror one, both inextricably linked.
      I think that can be read into the vital organs being flipped also...some kind of changelings appearing here in situ and perhaps "our" versions going over there.
      At this point obv who knows, but perhaps all roads in this lead to CERN and something that was accomplished there, or the unintended consequences of delving too far too quickly into the quantum realms.

      That & I also keep coming back to that bizarre HRC email about the resurrection chamber of Gilgamesh and the buried Nephilim...& how closely the Clinton WH was tied to the whims and pursuits of Jeffrey Epstein....& just how deeply involved JE was in every step of the creation of the vaxx.
      Circumstantial, I know, but there's an awful lot of smoke, tons of it, for there not to be a little spark also...
      & along those lines, add in Podesta & his everything alien fixation -- does defining alien also include the old gods??

      Thanks again for staying on the case Trains!! Excelsior!!

    2. Thank you for the kind words, Wordman!

      I love the metaphor you used of some humans going "over there" while "their" creatures are sneaking in here. In fact, for many years I have had the gnawing feeling that the 1960 Twilight Zone episode called Mirror Image, starring Vera Miles, is a snapshot of what's to come. I.e., the plan is to have us all REPLACED. (UK's Hammer House of Horror in the 80s heavily pushed the same notion and imagery.)

  94. PS --

  95. PSS --All of the above fairly validates everything folks like the late Tom Horn and esp recently Timothy Alberino (of which I have much to comment on) have been saying.....& is connected to recent goings-on in Peru re visitation by something since this summer -- which is still ongoing -- that is terrifying the locals.

    Stay tuned.....

  96. Right now fairly sure the next report will be zooming out of the Batcave into the Terrifying Treehouse & straight to all your Irregular inboxes on the night of Friday the 17th -- lots to do & will make it more than worth the wait!! One week on the dot, to go....

  97. Been reading a book called The Invisible Rainbow. Is about history of electricity and its impact on society etc, particularly from health angles. The author makes a very good case that influenza is caused by electromagnetic changes in environment. He correlates periods of major sunspot activity with periods of plagued on the earth. That's just one of the things in a list of insidious effects of our electrified world. Made me think of 5G towers though.

    1. A6!!
      Needless to say the entire volume is a keeper of keepers, but pay particular attention to the 3rd chapter here --
      The World of Illusion:

      I think of it often when regarding the certain electromagnetic effects of the vaxx...

  98. The demonic hiding within the auspices & under the umbrella of anything Rockefeller seems like not only the perfect cover, but makes the most sense of all.
    Like attracts like.
    Anything smelling of upper crust is utterly sociopathic with zero redeeming qualities.
    More than anything as we go along in this journey, I think more are coming to accept that as common knowledge.

  99. Is The World finally waking up??
    Got my fingers crossed as the Magic 8 ball says "Reply hazy try again."

  100. Artists of all stripes back when they were worth their salt actually tapped into the ethereal and the collective unconscious, and their better angels, to report back from the front lines -- that's why they called it MUSE-ic. And it informed as well as made indentations in our DNA, and our souls. And it had legs. Things I heard in 1977 I can still hear & remember like it was yesterday.

    Now everyone's a bought and paid for "entertainer" with "good energy!" that only regurgitates the party, globalist, company line solely to sway the masses, not enlighten them. Buy this poison. Take this shot. Wear this mask. Be cool and cut your junk off to fit in with the "trendies!!" It's all an asinine power grab at the expense of the Truth. And it pays well. And it only costs your dignity, your soul, and your life. Not to mention it's forgotten by next week -- that's why they have to keep repeating it so often.
    The "message" is as light as air -- it has no gravitas.

  101. So much to unpack BB!!
    Thanks so much for that link, had long known of Stuckelberger but wasn't aware of Najadi.
    And we all know Geneva is home to CERN as well as the embracing of "ceremonies" like this:

    In plain sight.

    MUCH has been ongoing and I think pertaining to the overall plan this week:
    2 defense lawyers for the State of Georgia just upon reopening of this case just quit:

    AND the widescale bust of a Northern VA sex traffic ring has exploded with the imminent naming of names that has some sweating profusely tonight:

    In possibly related news:

    And since this network links all the way to Cali, what about this?

    Looking into this -- very reminiscent of the 9 suicides re NYPD that saw Weiner's "insurance" file on his laptop...
    supposedly the infamous Q-related frazzledrip file of HRC & Huma Abedin...
    Something similar might be brewing in CA linked to this latest network reveal....

  102. Another noted post:

    Pgate is noted -- those that would decry/debunk its inclusion in something like this have their heads fully in the clouds...

  103. "Suicide Weekend" coming?
    A "Q" drop from several years ago...

  104. Trains!!
    "I love the metaphor you used of some humans going "over there" while "their" creatures are sneaking in here. In fact, for many years I have had the gnawing feeling that the 1960 Twilight Zone episode called Mirror Image, starring Vera Miles, is a snapshot of what's to come. I.e., the plan is to have us all REPLACED. (UK's Hammer House of Horror in the 80s heavily pushed the same notion and imagery.)"

    Am reposting your latest comm from above cause I don't want it to get lost in the shuffle -- I think it's that important.

    MIRROR IMAGE is without a doubt one of the most unsettling eps in all of The Twilight Zone canon. Vera Miles was a fav of Hitchcock's & a true dish back in the day. Hitch was grooming her to be his next Grace Kelly and she would have had the lead in VERTIGO has she not fallen preggers at the time. And she & Martin Milner delivered a tour de force pair of performances in Mirror Image, an episode packed with subliminals and off-balance cinematography thruout...

    And so funny you bring up Hammer's House of Horror; I JUST got thru watching the ep Guardian Of The Abyss -- it's fairly packed with historical references to ritually summoning the demon Choronzon within; going from Dee and Kelly to Crowley trying twice in events leading to suicide and madness all the way to the Thule Society in Germany just prior to the start of WWII....fascinating episode that may have more to say about ongoing events today than many would dare believe....

    But more about all that in 4 more nights...Stay tuned bat-channelers!!
    (Don't make any plans for Friday night!!)

  105. That's totally disheartening Sotes, & something his uncle would/is rolling around in his grave over..I can tell you that for certain.
    JFK was a lot of things, but a Zionism-firster he was NOT.

    Funny that I was just perusing this today too:

    Israel wants to hog the headlines lately -- unless it comes to headlines that bear any resemblance to the Truth....

  106. Hey Max -- see my reply to Trains post below -- and the fact that it's been brought up more than once in David Lynch forums that "Bob" of TP fame was more than likely the demon Choronzon....

  107. Also makes me think very much of the electromagnetic nature and properties inherent in the vaxx......

  108. And how Lynch would always use ELECTRICITY (TP, Fire Walk With Me, Mulholland, Lost Highway, Inland, etc) to herald the onset and approach of the if it was a conduit or portal.

  109. Go Vladdy Go Vladdy!!

    For saying and hopefully doing what once the USA -- a long LONG time ago -- had the balls to do....

    "Legitimate Military Targets."

    How I love the sound of that.
    Putin as the last Man of God standing....who'd have thunk it??

    1. Is there a state sponsored biopic about Putin yet? That would be great

    2. The only "state" sponsored anything about Putin is that he's a terrorist oligarch against "democracy" that interferes in a lot of elections and colludes with would-be tyrants that compose mean tweets....LOL.
      Oh, and he blows up his neighbors for no good reason.
      (Nevermind that his targets are 30-40 US bioweapons labs funded by the CIA and Nazis situated on his doorstep....that's totally beside the point...)

      & he happens to conclude that the majority of Western politicians are satanic pedophile usurpers dedicated to implementing a globalist NWO....nothing to see here.

  110. Sotes!!
    Have lost count of how many of these reports by multiple individuals and concerns self-corroborate:
    Mihalcea, Carnicom, Kingston, Solum, Wolf (dailyclout), David Nixon, La Quinta Columna, Renz, Callendar, Madej, Malone, McCullough, Natural News and on and on for several more pages...
    Exactly how many affirmations and studies do we need on this showing the presence of graphene alone, not to mention all the OTHER adjuncts comprising the toxic strange brew forced on humanity....

    Graphene IS in there, and not just part of the "manufacturing process" which is the ridic excuse they're hanging their hat on now.

    BTW here's the latest Congressional hearings chaired and led by Taylor Greene, who appears to be another one that isn't going to let up on this until heads roll:

    Malone seems to have turned a corner too -- much more recalcitrant to the status quo and humble here; even dare I say beginning to take accountability?? Time will tell....

  111. Sweet -- the meaning of star-crossed finally coming home....let's see what it brings with it.....

  112. What's the deal?? Closer to the "firmament" means easier accessibility for things to manifest lurking up there??
    Veils thinning??
    Chemtrails + Vaxx + 5G = portals??
    Plasma conduits forming??
    CERN firing??

  113. Holy sh*t: the 5 or 6 brand new comments after this one are simply GONE.

  114. WOW Wordman, never saw this show beforembut Hammer House of Horror season 1 ep. 13. The mark of satan- a virus.