Wednesday, December 14, 2016


“Once is happenstance.  Twice is coincidence.  Three times is enemy action.”  Ian Fleming

“Carefully contrived official ‘explanations’…do not really explain anything, but…provide skeptics with an excuse for dismissing the story.”  Jacques Vallee (on UFOs)

“Have rape and murder been debunked?”  Jeff Wells

“There is no defense against an evil which only the victims and the perpetrators know exists.”   Christopher X. Brodeur                        

Despite all mainstream efforts to the contrary, the deluge that is Pizzagate continues to only become more bizarre, more convoluted, and more damning in the extreme to entrenched elites harboring dark secrets and fronting even darker forces at the very top of the food chain that has controlled humanity for thousands of years. 

Thanks to a widespread citizens investigation (that already amounts to an ever- growing, open, public intelligence agency) that is comprised of what is now tens of thousands of independent researchers who have tasked themselves with gleaning every snippet of hidden and occulted information about individuals and groups seen to be heavily interested, involved, and implicated in the trafficking and harming of children, this issue known as “Pizzagate” is picking up energy, velocity and volume despite the ranks of Twitter, Wikipedia, Youtube, Reddit, Facebook, all of the major news outlets, and mouthpieces from Jake Tapper to Stephen Colbert giddily declaring it to be “fake news.”  This ridiculous refusal to even be PRESENTED with the information; as if we’re handing them a cobra.  Their fear is palpable. 

Already Facebook has been shamed into removing a video mocking Pizzagate because of the torrent of negative comments it received.  In fact, the top comment, with already over 300 ‘likes,’ says “All of these people coming out to claim how fake #pizzagate is are starting to convince me that it’s true.”  Perhaps never has a strategy seemed to shoot itself more in the foot than this one by the mainstream, which struggles with every passing second to remain cohesive and relevant in the face of real reporting, real journalism and real investigation by an outraged populace faced with nothing but lies and obfuscation from folks they’ve been told to put their trust in for decades.  At the risk of overstating the obvious, there appear to be no more John Chancellors or Edward R. Murrows.  Their spirit only lives on in the tens of thousands of amateur researchers lurking in places like 4chan and Voat, and the unprecedented exposing powers of wikileaks, which now, unfortunately seems to be compromised and overhauled with the disappearance of Julian Assange.

 Remember, these are the same talking heads that told you over and over that Hillary Clinton had a 98% chance of winning, guaranteed.  These are the same talking heads now telling you 100% that Pizzagate is fake.  Do you sense a trend in duplicity, covering up, and vested interests?  And in trying to pave the way for ‘their” candidate, just imagine how great these forces thought they were going to have it for the next 4 (or more) years, being able to continue in complete and utter validation of their choice of “lifestyle.”  Ultimately including being able, without oversight or even a modicum of curiosity by the mainstream media, to do absolutely anything they wanted to, to the bodies of hundreds of thousands of missing and disappeared children passing into and through their network.  A network aided and abetted by law enforcement and the so-called Justice Department, to name only 2 high-level adjuncts to this Octopus in our midst.  (We still hear your voice, Danny Casolaro.)

A mountain of circumstantial evidence has been amassing, dark clouds signaling something, since I last posted here.  For the curious and the uninitiated, what is now known as “Pizzagate” first took shape out of the released wikileaks information, most dumped just before the Presidential Election, that first seemed to point folks in the direction of major improprieties by the Clinton Foundation, and given form by reading between the lines of reams of Hillary Clinton/John Podesta emails, 90% of which seemed to feature extremely bizarre and out-of-context language and references that repeated over and over again.  With hindsight it now appears certain that the intention of Julian Assange was to point us towards something far more complicated, and far more sinister, than mere accounting anomalies and pay-for-play business transactions.  Clarification seemed to come just one day after the first massive release, when wikileaks also put out this FBI pedophile network symbols classification chart. 

As of this writing and due to the mystery over Assange’s whereabouts and physical safety since all this caught fire in mid-October, it increasingly appears he may have paid for those decisions to leak this information with his life.

But others had also been on this very same trail of real reporting and investigation.  And what they found was both eye-opening, and horrifying.  A real-life True Detective for those whose confirmation bias/job wasn’t blinding/controlling them.

Andrew Breitbart (on twitter 3:21 PM Feb 4 2011) “How prog-guru John Podesta isn’t  household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me.”

One year later and under very mysterious circumstances, Breitbart was dead.

Both of these examples (as well as the aforementioned Casolaro) should underscore the fact that this is an area not to be dabbled in lightly or investigated cavalierly – powerful forces and vested interests will do anything to keep this ancient, occult order of power and influence under wraps.  Even now, dark surveillance tech is being arrayed to make sure that all communication links are compromised across every individual node looking into this.  The physical safety of all of us can no longer be considered a given.

The “giveaways” that there is indeed something more going on here than fake news are transparent and plentiful.  Only days ago the proverbial “lone shooter” scenario played out on the grounds of none other than Comet Ping Pong, and interestingly, just after all CCTV/traffic cams in the area were suddenly taken offline.  Also in reality and for those knowing how to decode the signs, this was indeed a MAJOR development hidden in plain sight.  

Whenever the Powers-That-Be require a “deep clean” involving the wholesale destruction and removal of any and all evidence (including possibly children in this case, reading between the lines) something will be staged to justify the closure from public view of the site of the operation.  If the site cannot be completely hidden then it is common for it to harbor a public health hazard such as a gas leak or a chemical spill.  Or perhaps a cordoned-off “crime scene.”  This justifies and gives cover to not only the movement of large numbers of people and equipment, but also especially the removal of large numbers of items hidden in evidence bags or contaminated waste containers. 

This analysis shows either that I’m really on the ball and have “inside” knowledge, or have been watching far too many episodes of “Blacklist.”  (I know which one Stephen Colbert would choose.)  Seriously, the externalization of the hierarchy is everywhere these days, folks.  How ALL of us don’t know or can’t see that we’re being purposefully duped by the MSM is beyond me at this point.

Of course one of those loudest MSM mouthpieces is the once vaunted New York Times.  It is now run by its current CEO Mark Thompson.  This just happens to be the very same Mark Thompson who served as the head of the BBC and Channel 4 from 2004-2012.

The very same Mark Thompson that ran a widespread media coverup of every allegation against and police inquiry into Jimmy Savile before that vile pedophile-necrophile-satanic little wizard shuffled off this mortal coil in October 2011, when the floodgates finally burst on a feeding frenzy of disclosure that’s been enveloping the UK ever since.  

The very same Mark Thompson that now is running damage control on not only “pizzagate” but, lo and behold, its entire lifestyle, having the NYTimes running prominent, front page op/ed pieces with titles like “Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not A Crime.” (from Oct.5, 2014.)

Is anyone playing connect the dots here?  All of this information, of which more is being found out and released on a daily basis on sites like Voat,
 constitutes a scandal the likes of which has never been seen before in modern times, especially given the influence of the internet.  Pay no heed to what you hear from the inbred normalcy brokers and make no mistake, the momentum of this shows no intention of slowing down, which is exactly why Facebook, twitter, Youtube and Reddit, among others, are banning all mentions of anything “pizzagate.”  This has the potential to upend entire existing power structures that have been attached like parasites for hundreds of years on the body of humanity, and perhaps, let’s face it, for much, much longer in the hidden, graveyard history of this hungry ghost world.

Not to decry any work from any previous researchers, but think about ALL the things that you could talk about before and not have “FAKE NEWS” bandied about to this deluge, frothing-at-the-mouth extent from the mainstream:  the Royal family being shapeshifting reptilians, underground bases, chemtrails, UFO crashes, pyramids and faces on the Moon and Mars, the JFK/RFK/MLK assassinations (although Oliver Stone releasing JFK in 1991 comes close), free energy, a secret space program, vaccines, GMOs, etc etc.

But now just whisper the word “pizzagate” and not ONLY is it gleefully derided with venom and rage, but it is even actively BANNED.  Think about that.  In multiple, supposedly free, open-ended, and democratic forums on social media, people are finally actually having their words and messages banned – vanished – for simply TALKING about this subject.  More than anything, more than any other factor, that should speak volumes to each and every one of you.  To each and every one of us.  This long-playing “game” that most of us have involved ourselves in, in poking around so many dark corners in a search for truth in this world, has turned decidedly sinister, decidedly serious, and decidedly deadly.   Why?  Not because “fake news” is dangerous; don’t fall for that piece of ridiculous twaddle.  But because there is something – something of incredible consequence and gravity – here.   

Do you know what the NYPD chief said regarding the evidence against the Clintons and their Foundation on Anthony Weiner’s laptop alone?  He said “as a parent, as a father with daughters, I cannot let that level of evil continue.”  And I ask this, in all sincerity, of all the Peter Levendas and Stephen Colberts and Jake Tappers out there, all those hiding behind their fake misplaced indignant outrage…just what in the hell do you think he was referring to?  Fraud?  Corporate malfeasance maybe?  Lining their pockets with Saudi funds?  Or something a bit more heinous?   Something a bit more important.

If you think this isn’t gaining steam in high places and has many, many people running scared, then you haven’t been paying attention to recent headlines over the last 48 hours; headlines like Utah’s Rep. Jason Chaffetz specifically passing his bill calling for increased Whistleblower protections for all FBI personnel.  Do you imagine that was coincidence?  We’ll know exactly where the chips are going to fall on an official level, as well as the secret heart of Donald Trump’s true intentions in this matter, once he takes power and fully enters the White House in January.  Until then, the pressure isn’t stopping.

So how far back can we trace the embedded codes and clandestine language fingerprints of this network?  Let’s drop down and pick a starting place with the name Herman Cain.  Once upon a time (circa 1984) a flaming black Republican pedophile named Larry King ripped off $40 million from the Franklin Federal Credit Union while simultaneously being involved in ferrying underage boys and girls, with help from pals like Craig Spence on Rock Creek Park’s Embassy Row, all around the country and even straight into the White House for the after-hours enjoyment of other pals like George H.W. Bush, then VP and soon to be President.  King’s other really good best friend, Herman Cain (a candidate for the Republican 2012 Presidential nomination btw) just so happened, at this exact same time, to buy out, from Pilsbury, for $40 million, the chain of Godfather’s – wait for it -- pizza restaurants.  More code.

Are we sensing a trend yet?  Right now, we may lack the hard data to support any theory, but the circumstantial evidence is massive, hugely incriminating and OVERWHELMING.  In the extreme.  And entirely sufficient for any law enforcement agency or investigative panel to issue subpoenas and search warrants on multiple persons and locations to gather that data and forensic evidence. 

A commenter on Jeff Wells’ brilliant Rigorous Intuition site had this to say, in 2005 mind you: “You are on to it, Jeff.  On two occasions when the RA (ritual abuse) perps have abducted my friend, I’ve had the joy of reading the text messages that they send me from her phone.  Beyond the gloating and the grisly details, they constantly make references to being ‘Gods.’  One memorable text message read: ‘We are too strong.  We are like Gods.  You can never stop us.’  These men are drunk with the fact of their impunity.  It is the rigour of democracy itself that forms the landscape for the crime, and the perpetrators gorge on their impunity before the law.”

Please tell me what exactly has changed with the advent of almost 12 long years now?  Pizzagate merely underscores the darkness and dire tones of the situation we’ve found ourselves surrounded by for a long, long time. 

Peter Levenda on facebook Dec.7: “If you truly believe in any of this despite all evidence to the contrary,” (uh, what “evidence” would that be Mr. Summa Cum Laude of the intelligentsia set, that “evidence” bloviated into existence by the hot-air defensive ramblings of you, Colbert, and Jake Tapper?)  He then suggests (get this) if all of us investigating Pizzagate aren’t just posturing and if we truly care about the children, then we all should send a donation to UNICEF.  Freaking spare me, OK?

That would be the UNICEF that in 2013 pushed for the widespread sexualization of children, when they made a broad interpretation of 2 UN Human Rights treaties to provide “confidential sexual and reproductive health information and services” to children starting at age 10.

That would be the UNICEF that was “deeply shocked” in 1987 when their Belgian director was arrested June 18th of that year for participating in an international pedophile ring which used UNICEF facilities to provide children to wealthy pedophiles.  The director, Josef Verbeeck, was just 1 of 12 individuals arrested in connection with the child pornography/procurement ring.
“According to Belgian police, the ring spans at least 16 countries, where investigations are now beginning.

As shocking as this news may be on purely moral grounds, what makes the case explosive is the fact that UNICEF’s pedophile activities appear intimately intertwined with intelligence operations.”  (from Executive Intelligence Review, Vol.14, No.27, Jul.3, 1987.)

So by all means Levenda wants you to give to UNICEF.  Of course he does.  I would expect nothing less from a self-confessed member of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO), a group that also lists as members the likes of James Jesus Angleton, Michael Aquino, Cofer Black, George H W Bush, Ted Shackley, John Singlaub, John Alexander, Frank Carlucci, William Casey, Porter Goss, John Gittinger, Jim Woolsey, Hal Puthoff, Richard Helms, Bobby Ray Inman, and David Atlee Phillips, among others.  What a swell bunch of guys.  All “honorable men,” I believe they say.  They’ve got every junta, coup, extra-Constitutional action, Executive Office wetwork, and even Iran-Contra covered in one neat little list of names.  

And given the present circumstances let’s not forget that more than just a few of these names have extensive knowledge of and involvement in widescale child trafficking, ritual abuse, and pedophile rings operating worldwide.  To which you can add Levenda, who just happens to be telling you not to pay any attention now to Pizzagate.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.  “Grow the fuck up,” was added to the list at last count.  How literary (for the cool kids.)  Interesting that Colbert and Levenda both happened to spout the exact same line on the exact same day -- Dec.7th.  

Can you say "talking points," boys and girls?

“With fingers crossed, the old rabbit’s foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch…”   W. Lewis Amselem, to Hillary Clinton, in one of the leaked emails.

Ha ha, right?  Except the word “chicken” just so happens to be pedo slang for young, inexperienced minors.  More code.

“One can’t learn much and be comfortable.  One can’t learn much and let anyone else be comfortable.”  Charles Fort

Let’s look at who attended one of Podesta’s fav artists, Marina Abramovic’s, L.A. Museum of Contemporary Art galas, which wound up looking like something out of Eyes Wide Shut.  Gwen Stefani, Debbie Harry, Will Ferrell, Pam Anderson and Lady Gaga really enjoyed the human cake.  And what’s with all the faux/mock cannibalism?  As we’ve seen with the paintings in John Podesta’s office, why the elite fascination with it?  No wonder Podesta pressed ‘like’ as fast as he could on all things Abramovic.  I’ve been known to embrace the “outrĂ©” as much as and even more than the next guy, but can we all at least agree that this represents a trend here, a point of commonality, and not a healthy one?  It’s suffocatingly negative and a sinister expression of a blatant Externalization of the Hierarchy.  

More and more information also continues to pour in and, in many cases, is almost as quickly being deleted from researchers’ accounts and postings.  I place 2 of the most recent of these deletions here.  The first comes from an FBI insider that had this to say about the property: 

 “You all are correct, the building is squeaky clean by now. Has been for at least a week. Other interchanges are already picking up the slack. These people are incredibly thorough.

But, they're so widespread that they can't keep everything 100% clean all the time. In the past, this wasn't a problem. Because they control the media, there was no way for the public to find out that a family suddenly called off the search for their daughter just as it looked like they had found a lead, or that the head of a local trucking company killed himself just a few months after business suddenly spiked. But that was before every phone had a camera and an internet feed on it. Now, despite what they'd like you to believe, they can't expend the resources to shut down all the attention without generating more attention themselves.

My people have known for years, they can't/won't do anything about it of course. It really is up to you guys. They're in the process of winding the operation down into a much smaller, more manageable iteration, and if they succeed before they're finally exposed, they'll probably be able to continue undetected forever. This is a critical moment. Don't slow down now.”

The property now happens to be the Cazadero Performing Arts Camp, former first location of the Bohemian Grove, and one of the hunting grounds of the Zodiac killer.  Bohemian Grove today is a mere 15 miles away.  And yes, after just checking, both of these images, as well as the entire thread, has been deleted at 4chan.

This headline also appeared pertaining to the same area 2 years ago:

Cazadero in Spanish means hunting ground.  The mind boggles at the breathtaking hubris of the Revelation of the Method in such plain sight.

The following was also posted and very rapidly deleted from an obviously very knowledgeable anonymous account from deep inside.  It was a deadman’s switch protocol that was to be activated immediately when anything happened to Julian Assange.  Just file this under the ultimate in suspicious activity going on behind the scenes, along with Kanye West meeting privately with Donald Trump after being released from involuntary medical “hold” status after mentioning “pizzagate” at one of his shows.  The tension mounts as many interested parties are wondering (and sweating bullets over) what exactly is going to happen when Trump finally assumes control of the Oval Office in late January.  All that you’re seeing before then represents a massive clean-up operation and purge.

As if there could possibly be any more of a ramping up of the danger factor for all concerned trading in these leaks, you will notice that this also includes a Nine One One designation containing multiple thermite links, either representing more code or the linking of multiple operations black engineered by this same occult network.

But there is something even more important and telling here – and it concerns a supernatural component.  Anyone not sensing a historical through-line that blends and blurs the subsets of UFOs, ritual child abuse, and links names like Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons, and various Babylon Workings to now John Podesta (who has ALWAYS, along with Hillary Clinton, shown a marked interest in UFOs), and a violent sub-rosa reality, quite simply is not paying close enough attention.  I dare say they’ve also never taken a moonlight stroll through Clapham Woods in the UK, or dared to invoke the name of Hekate, set adrift on some whispered ciphers when that moon goes behind the scudding clouds. 

There is a Goddess of the Hunt afoot here, and it has been riding alongside our culture, partially obscured and deliberately robbed of any contextual meaning, for as long as anyone paying attention can remember.

The “Missing 411” research of David Paulides attests to this hidden history perhaps better than any other body of work.  It too bears striking witness to the disappearing, specifically within the National Parks system, of large numbers of children.  Astonishing numbers that all federal authorities, from the Parks system itself to the Green Berets, military and other forces that have been called in to use their resources on massive searches, seem to either take no continuing interest in or actively have a great stake in covering up.  Why?  And could this be linked in some way to the same dark, clandestine network that’s currently being uncovered in the D.C. area?  

Whatever is happening, it is something that is occurring with frightening regularity RIGHT NOW in the State of Virginia, as this chart, through the first of December 2016, attests:

Something is happening and picking up steam as we barrel towards the far end of this decade.  There is both a great disturbance and a massive awakening taking place.  Signs and portents are strewn all around us, exploding like fireworks in the collective psychosphere.  People, in ever greater numbers, are intuitively sensing the lie that they have been swallowing for most of their lives, courtesy of the elite power brokers and their minions that have been running this planet.  The dreaded “Revelation of the Method” is upon us, and we have yet to know if it is occurring due to the hard work and diligence of the whistleblowers, or if it is just another part of the overall manipulation psyop of the Overlords, who always seem to be 2 to 3 moves ahead in this cosmic chess game, telling us what they are going to do to us before they do it.  Showing us what they’ve always done to us, and how powerless we are to stop it.  Accruing power by violating the sanctity of innocence and the mounting desperation of the herd.

2016 alone has seen the (what now seem strategic) deaths of Bowie and Prince, both who had lived lives loaded with psychic meaning and liminality, a meaning and threshold they only delivered even more forcefully in death, creating dark memes and questions that are still rippling out among us.

The Baal-Moloch arches were erected in both London and New York City, seemingly timed and ready to deliver their payload at precise coordinates as Openers of the Way.  Moloch of course was the dreaded Canaanite deity that the ancients delivered their child sacrifices to, and today towers over the summer attendees at Bohemian Grove, its visage a looming bull/owl chimera, also representative of Saturn, sacrifice, and the Harvest.

A bizarre, seemingly satanic ritual, attended by a heavy contingent of world leaders, was on display on June 1st in Gotthard, Switzerland, suspiciously close in geography to CERN, and timed to the closest approach the planet Saturn would ever make to Earth, on June 3rd.  Two interlocking time-and-spatial coordinates that, if you look back to the CERN posts here, you will find are inextricably linked in ominous ways.

And in popular culture, the increasingly occultic Radiohead delivered a missile of their own in the video for their “Burn The Witch.”  A video and song which now seem strangely prophetic.  Groovy predictive programming or a directive for us all of everything that they knew was coming in the months ahead?

We are viewing informational landmarks on an historical through-line that point to all of this being part of a much larger picture.  An artwork if you will, as the elite deviants imagine it, and one that they have constructed and embellished over thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of years.  People.  Places.  Points.  All on a celestial-markered playing field.  Bohemian Grove.  The Zodiac.  The JFK assassination.  Iran-Contra.  9/11.  Events engineered.  Dates pre-arranged.  The future predestined.  Written in stone.  Forged in flesh.  Bound in blood.  Children as fuel; energy ports for The Great Work.  Every event, every link in the bloodline, designed to move us one step closer.  Can you sense it?  Can you feel who’s running this hungry ghost world?

I leave you with one final “leak” that has also yet to be “debunked.”  It too had its origins from a source and an account that has now been effectively “disappeared.”  I place it here in its entirety as both a whistle to be blown and an immense warning about the forces we are dealing with.  In our citizens’ casefile, it is one more piece of evidence.

This is the original doc gleaned from ______ who was actively hacking the app they were using on twitter.  He went private as soon as he found a list of 110 names and said the names were a pretty big deal.  But yes I posted this doc on Gab and Gab only.  There are still many LARGE pics in the wikileaks with large data packets that don’t belong and the cracking does continue.  I will send an example.  But here is what _________originally had on his twitter.  He got shut down fairly quick because of the people on reddit.  Tha _______ the original and the next is one that is abnormally large with data attached believed to be using digital steganography.   It seems to be PGP encrypted.  A lot of people know who _______ is, but because he is not one of the Big guys, I would rather you leave his name out of it and leave it as Anon.   

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The cell phone capture to this account comes from Dodo mobile.  The name of the person associated with this cellphone is a Chief Strategist for a communications and PR company in the Washington DC Metro area. 

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world.  Against spiritual wickedness in high places.”                                                                   Ephesians 6:12

Code for ‘fishing for teens?’  

And why does the imprint of what attending police called a fish also mark the palm of Jon Benet Ramsey’s hand, as cataloged in their forensic photos?


More to come soon.  And for the record, I am not suicidal.

Last words for now from the wordsmiths and soothsayers Jeff Wells and Bruce Cockburn, attacking the problem from different avenues, and kicking at that darkness til it bleeds daylight…

“Because denial requires a certain amount of reflection in order to soften the edges of hard facts to bring them in line with comforting mythologies,…a lot of people never get that far.  That’s why, if it’s true that the High Cabal has been spending years secretly building the infrastructure of mass mind control – whether that truth be found in HAARP, chemtrails, or some other exotic psychotronic weapon – it may be in for a surprise when it finally flips the switch and sees no effect.  Maybe it will be redundant.  Perhaps decades of dumbing down have been so spectacularly successful that the public mind has become an irrelevance, as has its control.”   
                      Jeff Wells, May 21, 2005

Callous men in business costume speak computerese
Play pinball with the Third World trying to keep it on its knees
Their single crop starvation plans put sugar in your tea
And the local Third World's kept on reservations you don't see
"It'll all go back to normal if we put our nation first"
But the trouble with normal is it always gets worse.  - 

              Bruce Cockburn, ‘The Trouble With Normal’