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"Might want to get out of the way for LARGE pepperoni mushroom!"

"He's here alright..."

"Who is?"

"Bloom. He's in New York City. He's staying at the Waldorf."

"How the hell do you know that?"

"I made some phone calls."

"Did you call every hotel in the city?"

"I got lucky...I started from Z. What's he look like? (examines driver's license copy...) I've never seen him before...there's beer in the fridge. One thing I can tell you he's confident. He's staying under his own name. Little bit of hubris...chink in the armour. The ancient Greeks believed hubris comes about when men think they can behave like's what we do. It's in our nature. And it destroys us."

"I found 4 white papers relating to Houston in the API library -- one of them was written by David. (pivotal ep1 senior character taken out in a false flag train crash event...) And somebody stole it."

"Stole it?....This keeps circling back to API. What are you going to do next?"

"Follow Bloom. See where he leads me."

"What do you want me to do?"


"Teachers of mine used to say our job was to find the dots, connect the dots, understand the dots. We're still looking for the dots and my sitting here in this house isn't going to help much of anything. 

The dots are out there in the the bits and pieces of information. In the thousands of signs and symbols we can pull out of raw data. A man waiting for a bus in Caracas, a woman buying vegetables in an Algerian market, teenagers fornicating in a Liverpool basement. What's the connection? What's the narrative?"

                                           RUBICON, Season 1, episode 5. Connect the Dots.

And if you feel that you can't go on, and your will is sinking low,

Just believe and you can't go wrong, in the light you will find the road.

Hey -- ooh -- did you ever believe that I could leave you, standing out in the cold?

Yeah, I know how it feels 'cause I have slipped thru to the very depths of my soul

Baby, I just want to show you what a clear view, it is from every bend in the road...

Now listen, oh whoa, as I was and really would be for you too, honey, 

As you would for me, oh, I would share your load

And if you feel that you can't go on, in the light you will find the road

Hey, ho, tho' the winds of change may blow around you, but that will always be so

Whoa whoa, when love is pain it can devour you, but you are never alone...


Our so called leaders speak/ With words they try to jail ya/ They subjugate the meek/ But it's the rhetoric of failure...Where does the answer lie/ Living from day to day/ If it's something we can't buy/ There must be another way

We are spirits in the material world...

I'm just a no-name reporter/ I wish I had nothing to say/ Lookin thru my new camcorder/ Tryin to find a crime that pays/ I'm gettin hit by mortars, everywhere I go I'm loiterin/ Chaos and disorder ruining my world today

He's gay used to mean he's happy/ Nowadays happy ain't allowed/ You're played, used to mean Top 40/ Now 40 days, of being played ain't proud... 

Do you not know that we will judge angels? Do you not know that the saints will judge the world?   Corinthians 6: 2-3 

"There are fields, endless fields, where human beings are no longer born. We are grown. For the longest time I wouldn't believe it...then I saw the fields with my own eyes." Morpheus, THE MATRIX (1999)


Context and the terrain is everything as they say, so before we set out on another vision quest for loftier goals and rooting out trouble in low places on this early winter's eve, let's see what Tucker Carlson just carpet bombed us with:

More here:

And here:

How bad is it exactly when self-confessed insiders actually ADMIT what all of us have known all along for decades to be true, is actually true, and still nothing happens? What other monstrosities would shock us at this point? Sanctioned and organized pedo cabal rings and clubs operating in full view their rituals of abuse, programming and sacrifice? 9/11 as Inside Job? A globally planned depopulation and medical tyranny event to force-medicate and install a DARPA and DOD bioweapon into the arm of every living soul on the planet? After such knowledge, what's left? How many lies have to be uncovered? How much shock would startle us out of our fugue state? How many children would have to die? A million? 5 million? 100 million? Because we've now way officially passed Holocaust territory...between you and me, we're verging on Genghis Khan ratios. And it's not even close to thru. 

And how bad is it when those that died early and suddenly in this onslaught just might turn out to be the lucky ones? 

Let's see what was going on at Rice University 6 years ago:

Nice owls, btw.

More explanation here:

Now let's compare and contrast with just a bit of what's being found in lots of bodies courtesy of the vaxx:

Some of what Karen Kingston has to say:

Always keeping in mind that 'quantum' is revealing itself to be code for 'demonic':

Also keep in mind per that Rice Univ vid, notice the activation (teslaphoresis) via light. This is known as optogenetics, and we got into some of the permutations of that here as it appears to be a major component in the triggering:

And ever so briefly broached here:

This gets deeply into what James Giordano said re psychotronics and trauma based mind control:

You will notice Giordano is pitching at West Point...which just so happens to be the locale of this upcoming feature in a couple of weeks:

The same West Point which was ground zero for this scandal that none other than Rudy Giuliani ran point for:

Strange and perhaps meaningless that after this Giuliani was on the ground exactly when 9/11 happened -- another set of weird circumstances that he batted cleanup for...remember always what Maury Terry said -- that this web would continue to spiral out and encompass more and more, and at its base was the occult, always the occult. It was the marker. And symbolism will be their downfall.

This also may have a GREAT DEAL to do with why Luciferase is a vital ingredient in the vaxx:

Light as a catalyst. The occult as a catalyst. 

More on the marking system, which may turn out to be a flashpoint for something far worse, here:

Because light, as it turns out, not only can activate nanowires to spring into life, it can also modify brainwaves and  even memory itself

This, of necessity, gets into neuralink, starlink, 5G, and God only knows whatever else in this Pandora's Box of horror. Elon may be preachin' the free speech with the right hand, but with the left he is at the speartip of unimaginable darkness...Hint: Whatever happened in Rwanda (Operation Crimson Mist) was likely only a beta test and could very well be in all our futures. Look specifically at the dehumanization of the unvaxxed that spread like a contagious wildfire thruout society beginning in 2020. You didn't have to look far on all social media Big Tech platforms to find wide swaths of people calling for their imprisonment and even death. How much of that mindset was organic and how much was installed via the injection? 

Rudolph Steiner:    

The plain fact of the matter as it stands currently is that there are so many possible sinister permutations of this entire agenda is that it remains wholly impossible at this point in time to tell for certain what is going on and what may be next in all our futures. The unholy possibilities are literally endless. And I'm not even speaking of merely the physical, biological ramifications...

To whit, the latest Amazing Polly -- put on your best detective ears, settle down, and strap in for this one; she's done it again:

And her earlier piece which links directly:

Believe me, to get the full gist, you need to listen to both of these presentations of hers, very VERY closely. Like all of her stuff, it's the coolest history class you've ever been a part of.

To wrap our slowly melting brains around all this... and for context as she says, since this all links straight back to the vaxx agenda. let's remember what Epstein was looking to do in a creepy lebensborn kind of way:

Got that? Seed the human race with his DNA. I guess the next best thing would be being the monetary and ideological sponsor of putting something else in the human race via monstrous scientific and bio-medical means, right? Nothing to worry about, or God forbid, research there...we'll just give amnesty and ley bygones be bygones -- no harm, no foul, right? He's just seeding the human race in a different kind of way. The comeuppance of which we may not learn for decades hence.

Along this same line of inquiry, look what was disclosed just this week:

30,000 babies per year raised in this Orwellian hellscape. Remind me again, Epstein IS dead, right? Forgive me since this sounds exactly like Zorro Ranch 2.0. This also very much happens to be the same path that was first pioneered with what was going on re the alien abduction scenario that flowered in the 1980s/90s and set the stage for so much of what is happening now:

From 1992.

From even farther back in 1987.

Strange connectors. Think again what happened in the first Days of Noah. Now think about what is happening now. The seeding of the human DNA with something else. The alteration of an entire bloodline via genetic sequencing/gene therapy. It is becoming increasingly clear this is not just about depopulation:

Included in this is one of the main tenets of the Kingston platform -- gathered from endlessly pouring over all the patents from Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca et al that she has in her possession, as well as NIH, CDC, WHO, NIAID and RAND Corp internal documents -- and get this: Viruses, ALL viruses, are NOT biological, they are biosynthetic. 

You will notice early on in that above Zeee-Kingston-Mihalcea vid paperwork and documents from the RAND Corporation, which has long been part and parcel of a very "spooky" LA scene, as is gotten into at 5:44 of this exchange with the late Dave McGowan:

I have also mentioned numerous other times this aside about the FAANG consortium experimenting with spraying smartdust over the California hills for purposes still unknown:

Dateline May 2020 on that one -- although this had seemingly been going on for a time.

And yes, there is crazy precedent for this, including the gene splicing part (ditto blood cells, retroviruses, and human DNA), courtesy of lab-identified chemtrail ingredients -- once again, over Cali:

Circa 2002. This has been in the works -- and in the wind -- for a long time. Like a boxer weakening the opponent with a continual barrage of body shots, before going for the head...

This is exactly where CRISPR-Cas-9 leads and, again, what Anthony Patch was referring to here:

Referring back to light, DNA itself is a light transmitter. After the 32 min mark in the above vid you will see headline references to '123 New Commitments to Action made at the Clinton Global Initiative.' This is the CGI founded by Jeffrey Epstein.

Also a CNN headline 'New Life Engineered with Artificial DNA.":

Setting the stage this time in 2014. 

Those 30,000 baby cells and incubators powered and kept alive by "renewable energy." Perhaps Epstein's bestie Bill Gates might have something to do with that too:

I full well remember hearing first about Digital Angel in 2007-8. This Microsoft patent, interestingly numbered 060606, was applied for in 2019. Curious timing. Even 'curiouser' signaling. But remember, these people aren't subtle, and according to karmic law, they must telegraph to us what they are going to do beforehand. We we don't speak out or speak up, our complicity = consent.

Remind me again that I'm a bonafide True Detective conspiracy theorist for pointing out that satanic and luciferian themes and cult behaviour continue to appear here, no matter where you turn...for being reticent to think that Epstein was only molesting children...that the Gates bottom lines are only monetary...for thinking that what is installed at the top echelons of power deals only with globalist intent and the mere accumulation of power...   

First of all, before we venture any further with this, this vid from Glenn Beck, HAS to be relayed to you, as it gets to the heart and soul of our current condition as increasingly I, and a lot of other people from wildly different disciplines are all very suddenly starting to see it at the same time and in the same terms:

This puts the narrative in an incredibly different light and context. And not to put things in a Bill Murray "dogs and cats living together" strata, but we've got everyone from ex-Clintonista Naomi Wolf:

to Lara Logan:

to people like Karen Kingston and Carrie Madej and Stew Peters and Alex Jones and David Icke and Ana Mihalcea and Melissa McAtee and Maria Zeee all suddenly coming to the very same conclusions at the very same time. 

Surely this is a message -- surely this must mean something. And it's coming from a concerted band of brothers and sisters determined to not give up and to see this thru to whatever conclusion, bloody or otherwise, is destined.

And though it keeps getting removed, I will keep posting it wherever I find it, because it still boils down to the absolute truth from 43 years ago: 

You have simply GOT to serve SOMEBODY. It's pretty cut and dried. As Dylan knew and scorched that ultra hip, Studio 54-going NYC crowd with all those years ago. Cut them down like wheat before the sickle, he did. With just the Truth.

Regarding the above, remember always what Tracy Twyman said -- it's Killing God to Become god; her main conclusion of where "they" wanted to take this. And this observation linked with some very inside info drops, very likely, make no mistake, got her killed. But SO many more people are now on the rolling bandwagon that she started. 

I say all this because, my friends, this is all about learning to read the room. There is a time and a place for everything, for yuks, for romance, for bliss, for joy, for ribaldry, for laughing until there are spit takes and there's stuff coming out of your nose... for the entire rich tapestry of the majestic human we too often forget we are but spirits in the material world.

But the room, in these last years and increasingly of late, has become deadly serious. And deep down, I think we all know why. Our souls are becoming engaged and involved in times that are wholly unprecedented in the entirety of human existence. More than most of us have been able to recognize in our time here, this is truly the outlier markings of life and death. And we need to recognize it for what it is. Everything has changed. Many of us without even knowing exactly why, wept in early 2020 when this began because deep down we could feel it all shifting, these darkening times making up our lives and the lives of those closest to us. Many have turned or fallen along the way -- but we're still here. We abide. And there is a reason for that. There is a reason for that. Do not turn away from your calling. Your true calling. And do not fear. Because your spirit is unconquerable -- untouchable.

Watergate. Pizzagate. The 9/11 Crowley Stargate ritual. Epstein-gate. Vaxx-gate. Balenciaga-gate. it doesn't matter how many of these, knowing their time is short,  they throw at us. Lock us in the darkest mental dungeons and it is all futile. Our thoughts alone -- our thoughts -- tear all gates and walls asunder. And most importantly these days includes this big one; Faucigate:

Which as you will see traces all of this back to the Black Nobility: 

You know who else knew this playing field, and tried his best to articulate it, as a harbinger of what was to come, in ways every bit as telling as Kubrick? Oliver Stone, who doesn't get nearly enough credit for his visions. See this scene between Anthony Hopkins as Nixon and the crazily underrated Sam Waterston as Dick Helms, then head of the CIA in 1995's monumental NIXON:

The music, the differing film stocks, colour juxtaposed with black and white, everything designed to keep you just that much off-balance and guide you to the dawning, terrifying realization that something unfathomable lurks just below the surface of all things...the entire film exhibits a dark and dreadful undercurrent whose negative gravitic pull is inexorable and nearly Lovecraftian. If JFK was a monster movie then this is an existential haunted house tour after midnight. 

Later it is articulated better by a 19-yr-old protestor (Joanna Going) than by the President himself -- she fully realizes it, recognizes it, for what it is -- a Beast:

These were the clues -- the bread trail launched when our innocence was somewhat still intact -- the beginnings...

That Beast today is loose. Beast forces galloping unfettered in a Beast system. Fully weaponized with the latent ability to reach out and garner more souls than ever before; extracting, culling, subjugating and transforming wherever it goes. Yeats would be at home today as never before. 

In October of this year Bill Gates and Johns Hopkins sponsored once again a "training" exercise in Contagion Preparedness ("Catastrophic Contagion"), much like they did on October 18 of 2019 just before the breakout of Covid in supposedly Wuhan only one month later on Nov.18, which would lead to the WHO declaring a worldwide pandemic on March 11, 2020. Is this just another remarkable bit of premonition and lucky foresight, or more of an X-Files-style "the best way to predict the future is to invent it?" In 2019 it was called Event 201.

Perhaps we are now immersed in Event 202:

Would you believe the Catastrophic Contagion Conundrum?? Haha.

You will certainly notice that this particular exercise targets some 50 million children. (I will refer you straight to that Lara Logan rumble vid mentioned earlier.) Not to even mention the Balenciaga affair targeting mechanism. Logan gets into even more right here:

Event 201; Event 202. Are we going to stand by and let them do this to us all over again under the flimsy blanket excuse of "we couldn't possibly have known!!?" Gaslit by Pizzagate. Told we were "conspiracy theorists" and "not cool enough to get it" during Balenciaga. Told to look the other way at Event 201. Called panicked disinformation peddlers over the vaxx despite their wanting 75 years before revealing the truth, the ingredients (those that weren't 'proprietary information' that is), and the results of the tests. (spoiler: all the animals died.) Handheld by that scabby claw straight into our own demise. Trust us. Here's your MRNA self-assembling mystery juice. Trust the science. Take it. TAKE IT!!  

Dark entities are force-multiplying us towards a doom resolution in a sinister quantum entanglement of chaotic ruin; herded towards a lost horizon of ever diminishing returns. But awakenings are golden, and that same light that can be used against us we can also use to break it all down. That sword cuts both ways, globalists; as you are soon to find out. Even now Ron DeSantis is pushing other states' AG's and surgeon generals to empanel grand juries with subpoena powers to look into, with powerful spotlights, every nook and cranny of the vaxx-scheme; the ingredients, the mysterious died-suddenly's, the rise in all kinds of cancers, the immune syndrome impairments (hint: we've all got AIDS), the lifelong side effects, the insurance stats showing a 40% all-cause death rate for those 20-64 (non-covid related), all of it:

That 40% increase is staggering. Just a 10% increase would represent a 1-in-200 year event.

The very latest from Wall St insider Ed Dowd who has broken it all down:



Here in the lengthening shadows of another Christmas, a now woebegone little holiday that has been marginalized by so many on the altar of "correctness" and cancel cool, keep that promise in your hearts, and know that God loves you.  

Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks

Some doors are open, some roads are blocked

Sundowns are golden, then fade away

And if I never do nothing, I'll get you back some day

'Cause you got a heart so big it could crush this town

And I can't hold out forever, even walls fall down

And all around your island, there's a barricade

It keeps out the danger, it holds in the pain

Sometimes you're happy, sometimes you cry

Half of me is ocean, half of me is sky

But you got a heart so big it could crush this town

And I can't hold out forever...even walls fall down (Yes they do!)

And some things are over, some things go on

And part of me you carry, part of me is gone

But you got a heart so big, it could crush this town

And I can't hold out forever

Even walls fall down.

Yes they do.















  1. THANK YOU, btw, for being premature tonight. ;)

  2. 1 Six days later, Jesus took Peter, James, and John, the brother of James, up on a high mountain by themselves. 2 While they watched, Jesus’ appearance was changed; his face became bright like the sun, and his clothes became white as light. 3 Then Moses and Elijah appeared to them, talking with Jesus.

    4 Peter said to Jesus, “Lord, it is good that we are here. If you want, I will put up three tents here—one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah.”

    5 While Peter was talking, a bright cloud covered them. A voice came from the cloud and said, “This is my Son, whom I love, and I am very pleased with him. Listen to him!”

    6 When his followers heard the voice, they were so frightened they fell to the ground. 7 But Jesus went to them and touched them and said, “Stand up. Don’t be afraid.” 8 When they looked up, they saw Jesus was now alone.

    9 As they were coming down the mountain, Jesus commanded them not to tell anyone about what they had seen until the Son of Man had risen from the dead.

    10 Then his followers asked him, “Why do the teachers of the law say that Elijah must come first?”

    11 Jesus answered, “They are right to say that Elijah is coming and that he will make everything the way it should be. 12 But I tell you that Elijah has already come, and they did not recognize him. They did to him whatever they wanted to do. It will be the same with the Son of Man; those same people will make the Son of Man suffer.” 13 Then the followers understood that Jesus was talking about John the Baptist.

    1. Huh. Blogger will let me post THIS, but NOT Revelations (Four Horsemen thing). Weird.

    2. Let's try this....

      Or just let the OG Man in Black tell it:

  3. "I love how they called it Seers as in the old seers of pagan religions. They just don't bother to hide anything anymore."


    Btw, the next big Marvel movie is "QUANTUMania", about Kang the Conqueror (the God of Time, essentially), wanting to emerge into our world.

    1. AKA Chronos, Kronus, Kronos, etc.
      Delved into greatly in the Amazon series OUTER RANGE, which is essential mythic viewing.

  4. MORE:

  5. I noticed Tuckers GLARING omission of the fact that not only was Pappy Bush a CIA chief, or that he was also a President who knew all about the Kennedy papers but that HE WAS IN DALLAS the day Kennedy was shot.
    Controlled Opposition much?

    1. Haha!! Citing Brennan and Pompeo and NOT Bush is like calling out Baby Face Nelson & Clyde Barrow but not Al Capone!!
      I'll always remember that -- huh -- GHWB just could never seem to remember where he was exactly when JFK got shot. Surely the only person in the entire nation that couldn't.....

      Then, at the Ford funeral, there was that infamous "deluded gunman" smirk:

      Pulling it over on the room, thinking he skated away once again.
      The only skating he's doin now is hangin ten on the lake of fire.
      Enjoy it Georgie -- ya prick.

  6. Thought I'd just underscore this again as I don't want it to get lost in all the unpacking....
    The last 8-9 minutes of this vid might be the most important, profound sequence I've ever heard from Karen & Ana:

    With everything emerging being of such a depressing nature, it's so important to NOT get down. They WANT that -- it changes the frequency in their favor. Use that info as a weapon against them, not as a blanket over us. Keep on doing what you do, go out and live, laugh, smile, love, hug your buddies, listen to music, be goofy, go hug a tree, go earthing, feel the sunshine on your face & the wind in your hair, LOL. They cannot fight that.

    WE ALL know how this ends. So don't worry, babies!! We got this.
    The disease is nothing -- the terrain is everything.


    X Files FTW.

  8. I HAVE to ask, is that a sex swing or a grim reaper hanging behind Ed Dowd? Lmao 🤣
    I've witnessed the moment a soul transcends it's vessel before; when I think on that, I really see the fleeting nature of the now. How will this moment your experiencing truly factor in to THE ULTIMATE MOMENT?
    I'm trying to get better about what I should gravitate to and what I should avoid.

    Celia Farber is a real journalist; has been calling Fauci out on his garbage since the 1980s. She was a major info source used by RFK Jr. to write his recent book on several other people cited by Wordman, she has noted the certain rolle of evil in the current pandemic events...this column covers the downfall of journalism and rise of Fauciism...tied to narrative of AIDS origins..

    1. All I know about AIDS origins I learned from Len Horowitz:

  10. Fauci needs to hang -- simple as that:

    Even the mainstream is citing the parallels.
    How many coincidences before there IS NO coincidence anymore?

  11. What they were attempting:

    Made sure of it with the vaxx instead. Along with LOTS of other goodies.....

  12. BTW -- extremely pertinent & what Ana was referencing in the closing moments of that vid with Maris Zeee & KK:

    The Talas & the Lokas.

  13. SHOULD have included these in this posting & will be certainly doing so in the future as I follow:

    Dr, Ana the latest rockstar!!

  14. I only watched two of the videos, but wow, some really interesting links in this post. The document mentioning Focus 12 looks like it's going to be a really good read sometime. Here's a link to the complete paper, btw:

    What are the chances Tucker and co. get to stay on Fox News so it keeps its appearance of radical rightism even as most of the programming gets progressively more globalist (taking the Overton Window with it)?

    The focus on light is fascinating. Especially as light is what's split by a PRISM (6/6/2013). And those resulting colors make the rainbow, which can lead to life lived in service to Rx (rex -> crown?) treatments for the duration of one's life. (British feminists were dressing up like t-rex not too long ago in response to being called dinosaurs by a critic. In other words, acting as unwitting mascots for tyrannosaurus Rx?)

    FAANG companies are PRISM's resource pool. Well, Facebook, Apple, and Google. Nine were initially revealed, the other six were Microsoft, Yahoo, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, and YouTube. The reveal came on 6/6/2013 from Washington Post and the Guardian. 9 companies brought to light on 666. OKk. In October 2021 Cramer said it's MAMAA now - for Meta, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple. (Babaa. . .black sheep? Or something closer to Mother from Alien?) FAANG is also Functional Annotation on Animal Genomes, "A coordinated international action to accelerate genome to phenome."

    SEERS' name alludes to some connection between sight and infection. Watch the show and become entranced. In the video, the infected countries are shown in yellow and orange. Later, two members of the make believe hospital staff are shown wearing the same colors, their hair is uncovered and the man physically touches the patient. Behind his head, the doorway is shaped like a casket. It almost seems like a subliminal attempt at blame shifting "the spread." My favorite part of the video was where someone mentioned acting as a voice to the voiceless - it made me wonder if they realized their agenda is what's taking people's voices lately.

  15. Floyd E. Romesberg left Scripps in June of 2019 after a Title IX investigation. The "small biotech company" he started to commercialize or, "explore these issues," Synthorx (sin-THOR-ex), kept him on and the company was acquired by Sanofi on 1/23/2020 for about $2.5 billion.

    10/28/2022: Sanofi will take a $1.6 billion impairment charge because SAR444245 (which is supposed to "solidify the foundation for a best-in-class target profile) failed Phase 2 trials. (Maybe the charge is so high because SAR's target, IL-2, is being targeted by many companies.)

    Just a couple weeks (10/13/2022) before that story came out, Scripps Research received a $100 million grant for "moonshots" as part of a billion dollar PPP - "an effort to drive the future of biomedical research and innovation." This money went to the Jupiter campus.

    Jupiter, THOR? Are friends electric?

    Foundation, moonshots. Two stories connected to money. Foundations have money - sometimes dark. Stonks go to the moon, yielding tendies. Is dark (side of the moon) money the foundation for psyops?

  16. The MFers even erased the quotes from the Book of Revelations on MY site, very specifically the vision of the Four Horsemen. It won't post, neither on Wordman's site, nor mine, nor anywhere else.


    The "vaccine" contains nanotechnology which modifies human DNA. But the nanotechnology is much more sophisticated than they say, and is secretly intended to deactivate the "God gene", the gene which allows us to experience spirituality.

    It has been leaked that the Pentagon started experimenting with this back in 2005, using an areosol on Islamic extremists in Afghanistan, hoping that with their God gene deactivated, they would abandon their religious fanatism. Instead, their behavior became even more violent and insane, to the point it became clear they had been possessed by demonic forces.

    No God gene = no "spiritual immune system" = demonic possession without resistance.

    This is why some of the people injected with the "vaccine" suddenly freaked out and started screaming out hysterically, instinctively, "I can't feel God anymore! They've killed God in me!"

    We're talking about "instant repopulation" of the Earth here, just like in the X-Files, except it's not aliens who would take over our bodies.

    The only problem remaining for the real-life Syndicate, for these Satanic freaks conspiring to surrender the human race to an otherworldly power, is simply this: how to get billions of demons to enter our world?

    That's where CERN comes in. The occult symbolism surrounding the Large Hadron Collider is well-known, the strange rituals as well. The giant statue of Shiva the Destroyer, Lord of the underworld in Hinduism; the false acronym CERN being a rare abbreviation for the Cernunnos of the Celtic people, holding in his hand a torque, the key to his divine power, which looks like a modern particle accelerator as seen from above; and the fact that the LHC was actually built upon an ancient temple to Apollyon the Destroyer, the "angel of the Abyss" of the Book of Revelations.

    They are trying build an artificial "key", to open a portal to the "bottomless pit". Billions of invisible fallen creatures being unleashed upon us, like swarms of locusts, or a plague, humanity now devoid of any and all spiritual immunity. These things would simply push our souls out of the way, slip on our flesh and blood like a "person suit"


    1. BINGO. Feels like you just distilled all my CERN-vaxx-Saturn research & links into one potent brew!! & pretty much everything that Rudolf Steiner ever said on the subject btw.
      An insidious design & agenda but a brilliant one you have to admit. & one populated with just enough "woo" to maintain strict plausible deniability, Watergate-style.

      Speaking of Watergate, just got thru watching yet again ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN -- & what a ride. And one that takes 2+ hours to get to the final "gotcha!", which most people missed or slipped over: Deep Throat talking to Woodward in the dark parking deck says "The coverup had little to do with Watergate, it was mainly to protect the covert operations, It leads everywhere."


      "I argue now that “Public Health” including “HIV/AIDS” and all the way through “Covid-19” used partially as front operations for the sub-cults depicted above." (By inference pizzagate-Epstein-Balenciaga)

      It leads everywhere.

      And if you think she didn't use that word 'portal' very deliberately...think again.

  18. AND JB -- per that image at the top here, WE are still those T-cells.
    Will we be enough in this race against time (& space)?

    Well that's the fun part, innit??!! God using all of us sinners as a final line of defense. Ya gotta love the irony!!

    So unimpressed, but so in awe
    Such a saint, but such a whore
    So self-aware, so full of shit
    So indecisive, so adamant
    I'm contemplating, thinkin' about thinkin'
    It's overrated, just get another drink and

    Watch me come undone
    They're selling razor blades and mirrors in the street
    I pray that when I'm coming down, you'll be asleep
    If I ever hurt you, your revenge will be so sweet
    Because I'm scum, and I'm your son
    I come undone
    I come undone

    So rock 'n' roll, so corporate suit
    So damn ugly, so damn cute
    So well-trained, so animal
    So need your love, so fuck you all
    I'm not scared of dying, I just don't want to
    If I stopped lying I'd just disappoint you

    I come undone
    They're selling razor blades and mirrors in the street
    Come undone
    I pray that when I'm coming down, you'll be asleep
    Come undone
    If I ever hurt you, your revenge will be so sweet
    Because I'm scum, and I'm your son
    I come undone

    So write another ballad, mix it on a Wednesday
    Sell it on a Thursday buy a yacht by Saturday
    It's a love song, a love song
    Do another interview, sing a bunch of lies
    Tell about celebrities that I despise
    And sing love songs, we sing love songs so sincere

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  19. Can I do spit takes & cry at the same time? Seems plausible:

  20. New strangeness tied to Sandy hook

    Real estate appraiser, disappeared a year before, died as soon as he used his real name.

    When I looked into these false flags, I looked into how I could find out they were laundering the money for the crisis actors and buy peeled silence. From looking at the patterns of cash flow into the local markets, I found anomalies in the real estate. It was really obvious with the pulse nightclub, the houses around it of people that were involved in it had recently bought houses low then flipped them for sometimes millions of $ of profit within the year or two before.

    1. Great Amazing Polly videos. I highly recommend her bitchute channel.

  21. I remember vividly when the 'Nixon' movie came out. I was at the movies with my gal friend; two college kids hanging out. They showed the 'Nixon' trailer, and it was just excruciatingly long. My friend actually quipped, "Err... We just saw the whole movie!" In hindsight, it does seem like even the distributor did NOT want people to watch the film. Also, at the time the Nixon era was considered fairly recent history (20+ years before), perhaps too recent to lend itself well to a sweeping biopic.

    I'm glad I watched the clip now, though. The demonic, black-oil eyes on Mr Helms when he crouches behind the orchids... Uff. Daring stuff for 1995.

    1. For some reason, that 'i remember' there brought up a memory for me of my first school dance and there was a guy that always liked me and we used to talk online and the other children all encouraged us to dance, when we did, he got stage fright and ran away leaving me standing in the middle of the dance floor with all the children standing in a circle around me laughing at me and making fun of me. Over the years we never really talked much again but there were a few times that I saved him from getting thrown in a dumpster or jumped in and helped him fight off bullies. Later my brother told me that me doing this always just made it worse because the bullies just got humiliated by a girl.

  22. I've got the best spit takes, that bath time picture is so utterly creepy that it's absolutely hilarious. Haven't laughed that hard in a while.

    1. I LOLed at the Abaddon not of this world one!!

    I've seen some of Teal Swan's stuff before, but I was just suggesting her stuff to a friend who was wanting me to help a woman that they love who's having dark creepy thoughts and blocked memories. For some reason they thought that I could help even though the last time that I tried to help the woman she freaked me the F out. I suggested Teal Swan, it led me to this, I feel like it's good enough to share here a good philosophy.

    1. I just had the weirdest thing, after I posted that I was at parking lot of the store and two men came over about 20 ft away talking. In the faces they looked like businessmen, but one of them was literally wearing a black wizard's Robert (maybe judges or priests but I didn't see the white collar) one of them said "if she posts that the entire world will be looking into the town of ___ (where the people in that comment are from)" they pointed in my direction and said "we have to do something" and started walking, I drove off. Just weird

    2. Priest, saw him again, my day just got steadily stranger and more supernatural, yet matrix level contrived from there...

    3. Teal Swan = RUN.

      Deluded narcissistic psychopath.
      Literally a cointelpro witch.
      Aura around her screams darkness, likely born out of it & only pretending to have answers so as to only convert more.
      FBI grooming her a boyfriend as we speak.

    4. Some of my comments disappeared while things were going really weird today, then some like this one came back. Others didn't, probably a GOOD THING 'cause I posted the lyrics to a Meridith Brooks song, probably wouldn't be talking to me atm ;)

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Coming soon...Davos 2023....with...Klaus Schwab's's tricks, Hildegard? ....and Al Gore...have you and Tipper been checked lately for rectal methane emissions, Albert?

  26. Heh.

  27. Dginnster -- that comm up above re more weirdness from Sandy Hook = THE BOMB!! Good Lord, is that telling you EVERYTHING between the lines, or what?
    If he wouldn't be so triggered by it over recent stuff, I half wanna send it to AJ just to able to say "SEE, YOU WERE RIGHT!!"

    Also remember how on the New Years Eve of the year when it occurred, 2012, and literally 2 weeks aft the incident, all the Sandy Hook homeowners had their mortgages paid off at midnight (reset to ZERO in the system). Some enterprising researcher went to the deed office at the local courts & looked it up. CREEPY.

    Then there is of course dangerous stuff like this:

    (Psionic labs??)

    Sandy Hook has a WAAAAAAY huger backstory than most would ever imagine, esp given the crazy amount of gaslighting around the whole incident. You NEVER get that amount of vociferous, desperate, ranting "look over there, not over here" unless there's something goin on.

    And something BIG.......

    VERY good catch how Hoagland managed to stay alive all those years, & was only offed a month after he started receiving stuff in his real name again.

    Come to think of it, altho it will in all likelihood get taken down again or scrubbed -- I need to do a big post on this. Target again: children.
    Aquino-pizzagate-Epstein-Waco-Ruby Ridge-OKC bomb-McMartin-Presidio-Franklin-Sandusky-Columbine-VA tech-Finders-Savile-balenciaga....Sandy Hook.

    WHAT are the actuarial numbers & chances that EVERY SINGLE TIME, the #1 collateral damage target is....CHILDREN??

    Just sayin' I always do.

    1. Weird, I swear SH happened in 2014, years ago I had looked into the thing with the real estate and mortgages, then lost all my work and everything I owned and had to move.

    2. I also have read about lucky lottery winners connected to the affair also.

  28. & regarding the black eyes overlaid in the Helms scene........
    Oliver Stone hints at it only, but he knows FAR more than he lets on or is able to get out, let's just put it that way.

    Sean inherited that vibe from his Dad, without a doubt:

    Rabbit holes = the deepest.

    1. Funny my first thought was JESSIE CZOBAR =RUN!

    2. But the more I'm listening, the more it's matched up with truths I've uncovered recently. Funny the thing with the shoes, cause I was reminded of how the museum's astronaut suit's sole of the boot doesn't match the footprint on the moon

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    4. Shirtless? Don't know why that was thrown in.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. That comment, O' Brien being a mind controlled slave, versus being a spiritual, psychic spy and mind control techniques involved really resonated with me.

      Lol 'cept opposite dynamic

  29. BTW MUCH more about the Giuliani-West Point ties here:

  30. Video about the notorious Chateau de Amerois in Belgium. Very good segment and interview with Ronald Bernard from about 20:00- 28:00.

  31. Not sure if any of you have looked into this gentleman's work, but for many of the years that I have researched the corruption and the fallout of the corruption into our everyday lives, I have often given thought that the PTB were stalling to maintain the status quo up to some future date. Jason Beshears @, makes some compelling arguments for the dates he highlights. I still have to listen to more of what he is saying, but what he is saying would certainly explain the I don't give a damn attitude the government has become particularly from since 2015. If they know what is coming, and he says they do, I can picture these folks trying to say this current ' depopulation' program was actually a thing of mercy. I find it interesting about what he says the great pyramid really is.


    Hi Oldman:
    Thanks for pointing out Breshears; very interesting guy, with interesting content...
    There are also podcasters like Shepard Ambellas who have talked about possibility that recent events imposed by archon types tie into objects predictably passing near Earth like Breshears describes....

    1. Thanks BB, If it was just one book, or theme, I might just pass by, however if one looks closely at his site, he is tying at least 6 threads together, I have started listening to the tapes in all the sections instead of concentrating on just one, by the way, it appears that the 'elite' are terrified of this object called The Phoenix, interesting that IT was the symbol of this country until 1902 when it was made the eagle. Going to do some papers on his videos going forward.

    2. Thanks for the link BB, that was great interview

  34. From Guillermo Del Toro's Pinocchio:

    Tilda Swinton as Death, the Wood Sprite's sister who oversees the afterlife. Her appearance is a Chimera with the face of a human, the horns of a cape buffalo, the lower horns of a Jacob sheep, the body of a lion, the wings of a bird with eyes on them, and a snake-headed tail.

    Ron Perlman as the *Podestà*, Candlewick's father and a fascist government official who turns Pinocchio into a soldier.

    1. Tilda is just weird, & Perlman, with his political views, much as I adored him in HELLBOY, can choke on a bag of dicks for all I care.

  35. Hey guys, haven't listened to Beshears yet, and I def follow the FACT that the virus hasn't IN ANY WAY been isolated anywhere,,,,,but be that as it may, the strange abounds, and the fact remains that along the timeline, everything that's happened has been since this happened:

    We are in high weirdness times.....harkening all the way back to the dark ages when any comet &/or celestial visitor was a portent for, literally, DIS-aster = BAD star!!
    Maybe they had a point.

    Heck, I'M the one that's always saying SOMETHING changed after our first brush with Hale-Bopp & its "companion" in late winter'96/ '97 since the who the heck knows?????

  36. From the "And One More Thing...." Columbo Dept........
    Just one more High Strangeness headline buried in the mix from 5 yrs ago:

    "Dealing with things that people just don't want to talk about or see..."
    What in hell does that even reference or mean?
    Wouldn't you just love to get your hands on those flight logs, black boxes, or transcripts of the comms to the tower before they went down?

    Prob hidden behind veils of "national security" by now......

    1. Some spirits in the light, are so deeply malicious that even Helen Keller would have been able to see and hear them in a person while they push an undercurrent of how much they desire to eat your soul. Let's all say it together, God bless the king of England! God Bless Israel!

    2. Not to mention calling children "my Entertainment" and smacking their lips, and calling Christian's "rodents", but oh it's benign jest. Chilled to the very soul. But I'M NOT AFRAID!


  37. Here for y'alls contemplation:

    Found from NAOMI WOLF'S substack........

    Something hopeful..... Good old tried and true, metal-chelating compound EDTA may help stop or reverse the formation of parasitic/ nanotech /AI/whatevers in human blood....

    1. Absolutely BB!!
      & mega-kudos to Mihalcea -- she's one of the very few putting actual solutions to this madness out there for all to see.
      Good on her!!

  39. And KK continues to pound away at the narrative daily on Stew Peters' platform....with nary a lawyer in sight helping her to take up the cause despite repeated pleas for assistance.
    REALLY don't get this -- she literally has the paperwork and receipts; are we talking life-threatening stances to take??
    At some point we all have to recognize there are some things actually MORE IMPORTANT than our lives....for humanity's and our children's sakes. I hate to press it that way, but it's the truth:

    C'mon people, where is all the testicular fortitude? SOMEBODY step up.
    Let's hope it's not, but appearing as if the DeSantis stance may just be show.....
    Waaaaaaay too many limited hangout-ers going around....

  40. NUMBERS IN -- latest Rasmussen Poll:

    34% of 335,848,122 =

    114,188,361 injuries.
    over 23 MILLION permanent.

  41. 16 minutes in right here I believe sums it up quite nicely --

    Knew it like writing on the wall in '78. Just didn't think I'd actually witness it in my time here.....
    For you there is NO HOPE.

    1. Let me count the track record, they threaten me 50+ times and it continually leads to me having to move and usually loss, then they threaten to put me in an institution and my children in foster care, they succeed in the latter, the only thing keeping them from the former is info. They threaten me again and a hitman was sent, then they threatened me again and I get rear ended. I get a warning about a bullet, and my shed is shot up. Now I'm being called a rat and my children entertainment, I know WTF I'm looking at.


    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. RE kids as "entertainment" goes right back to the wording in the Podesta emails released by wikileaks 2016:

      & from the same person that describes "taking advantage of" spending time with an infant "raw & uncut."

      But to them it's all "innocent" as hell & we're just "projecting."
      Nothing to see here.
      FUCK them.

      NO sane person talks like this.
      NO normal person would describe any of this as not being anything to at least look into as at least slightly suspicious.
      Wording like this warrants investigation.
      And NO, it's not a witch hunt.
      It's erring on the side of caution for the sake of CHILDREN.
      Isn't that enough, you fucking freaks??

      If not, tough shit -- that's just the way it's going to be.

    5. I'll just lay it out there, after I mentioned the comment that I erased about how they plan on linking souls through the void, and the comment about them all being fanatical God Bless Israel crowd etc. And my ex fitting the same F**ing mold as ALL my ex's because I 'm apparently a predictable idiot, but I digress, I went to some friends, who I really believe are friends, but they knew my ex and there was a new person there from the same town as him and he gave me the creeps talking and when we said a prayer in a group it literally felt like an intense spiritual battle going on between most of the group and him, we were escalating in prayers and he kept purposefully rubbing shoulders with me and when I called the holy spirit, he said "yesssssssssss yessssss SS holy spirit surround us and protect us reprobates from retribution for our sin, as we stand and rub shoulders with rodents, the person I rub shoulders with is A RAT ." I called out a prayer for the flaming sword of truth to separate us, and someone said a prayer for the children, and he said, "yesssssssssss the children, my entertainment" smack smack and I said a prayer to send a heavenly host to protect them and drive away anyone that wished them malice. By then I was standing as far away from him as I could and he had started to walk away from the circle. The whole thing was so unbelievably weird, and leading up to that I had been having strange flashes of thoughts, that didn't match mine, I can't visualize easily and these were pictures like I was picking up what people thought I thought it wanted me to, it was strange.

    6. Oh and he literally prayed "God send us money, lots of money as we know best where it can do the most good, and God bless Isreal your chosen people"

    7. There's some things that I want to say in a LM moment but I don't know how to communicate them without it sounding kinda crazy.

    8. One working theory that I had going was that they were using walk-ins or different forms of control to game the system when it comes to sin, sacrifice, atonement etc. (Remember they didn't accept the new covenant under Jesus, so they still believe, or appear to actually be bound by old systems.)
      Oh, but in the Bible study, in I Peter ch2 instead of telling servants to submit to their master whilst not sinning, all their Bibles said that you should "do everything your master says" and some of them thought I was wrong for going against what the Bible says instead of realizing that those translations were false. The thing is THE BIBLE SHOULD NOT SAY THAT AND IT GOES AGAINST JESUS' TEACHING.

  42. It's because nobody lifted so much as a finger to even rudimentarily investigate "pizzagate" that we gets things like Balenciaga.
    And let's not forget that Epstein's initial incarceration included unlimited days out and only required a "check in" on weekends for the duration.

    When things aren't taken or treated seriously, you only get worse situations down the road.
    Podesta Bros should have both been given lethal injections (pardon the pun) long, long ago. John is now the Climate Change Czar for the Biden WH, for fuck's sake.

    1. Just thought about that we were eating pizza. Let me get it straight though the other people in this group, I don't hold any I'll will towards but I've been decieved before.



    Liquid crystals integrated nano-techniques and various nanoformulations were applied to tackle the severity of the virus.Applications of liquid crystals, nanostructures, nanoformulations and nanotechnology in diagnosis, prevention, treatment and tailored vaccine administration against COVID-19

    Liquid crystals, a prospective branch of materials that are exceedingly sensitive, quick-responding, and minimal cost, are often employed to detect weak environmental stimuli and have received a lot of attention. Because of its self-assembly potential and functional variety, numerous research groups have focused on building liquid crystal-based biosensors during the last decade [8], [9]. The discussed recent research on the formulation and development of biosensors based on liquid crystal is established on the fact that interactions amongst proteins, biomolecules, enzymes and liquid crystal molecules can have a direct influence on the orientation of liquid crystals. Using the sensing idea of biosensors employing liquid crystal, and also their signal recognition by testing interfacial contacts, the conversion, amplification, and quantification of information from targets into electrical and optical properties is discussed. Liquid crystal biosensing targets such as proteins, cells, microbes, nucleic acids, ions, glucose, enzymes, and other micromolecules necessary for human health are also introduced. Tunable stimuli-responsive liquid crystal biosensors have been reported to have bright prospects and great superiorities in biological applications because of their ability to self-assemble, chemical variety, and high sensitivity. Finally, difficulties and opportunities for the manufacturing and deployment of liquid crystal biosensors are reviewed in order to improve their performance and fulfill their potential in the biosensing business. The sensing mechanism of liquid crystal, according to Rastogi et al. [10], is based on a change in its molecular orientation when oil palm leaf NPs are added, with graphene oxide acting as an alignment layer. "

    ". Further, more research is the need of the time to see if the behaviors of liquid crystal molecules may regulate the activities of living organisms in the opposite direction. This might lead to new ideas and proposals for liquid crystal materials that allow for bidirectional control of liquid crystal and biomolecules." In other words controlling living organisms

    "Nanopapers and nanochannels are nanomaterial-based The next generation of SARS-CoV-2 detection will be battery-operated and smartphone camera-based amplifications using inorganic quantum dots [37]. Smartphone-based sensing systems are semi-automated, personalizable, user-friendly, and require minimal training to implement. The sensor system is linked to the smartphones;
    (ELISA) and reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP) [40], [41]. In terms of viral detection, metal NPs, carbon nanotubes, silica NPs, quantum dots, and polymeric NPs"

    "The notion of “nanovaccinology” was born as a result of the use of nanomaterials in vaccination production and delivery.

    "Supplementary table 6 (TS6) shows some of the nanovaccines on the WHO's list that are now being tested in clinical or pre-clinical stages "
    "As possible pandemic therapeutic strategies, patient-specific models and nanorobots based on nuclei acid with sophisticated nano platforms and multilayered nanostructures are being investigated"

    9.2. Personal protection equipment improved by nanotechnology (PPE)

    This may be accomplished by combining antiviral NPs, nanofibers, and NP-coatings with photothermal and photocatalytic sterilization to provide super-hydrophobicity, synergistic effects, and self-cleaning properties [148]. Nanomaterials having inherent antiviral activity, such as Ag NPs, graphene oxide (GO), CuO NPs, two-dimensional carbides, and nitride

  44. Since today is the Winter Solstice, I was mildly wondering what kind of evil shit these Satanists had going on today.
    You know as well as I do it's something unspeakable...

    1. They've never been the same since a witches coven got them, and since the vax it's just been downhill.

  45. At 33:11

    Jordan Peterson might have r*ped and killed a 14 year-old boy.

  46. Also (a lot of reading, sorry):

    1. Oh, so you are picking up what I'm putting down, that Samson Option ties back to what I was saying years ago, I was posting Bible verses and looking into the tunnels under major cities, they do so love their symbolism. And it ties into the old bootlegging. It was an oversight on my end that I didn't look into Nashville before that, but what I did have I was leveraging and hoping that someone would look into it but it got out of my hands.

    2. I went back to look for some of that, couldn't find it, but I did find this
      It has what JB said he posted two years ago, and me hinting at the real estate market and the pulse nightclub. And so many synchronicities and declaration;) in what EVERYONE says here, kinda spooky. As it says, almost like it was all planned..


      Rather strange, I thought that this was my first time posting, and though I remember that other account, I have no memory of the things I posted.

    4. I got rid of it because the wrong people found it out, with the same MO and Added SS in the middle of their language. ;)

    5. Funny that I had felt compelled to mention that I wrote I DO NOT CONSENT TO THEM TAKING MY CHILDREN and during that time. I knew I was in some deep shit but I didn't know what to do, so half the time I was just going through the motions trying to figure out what was going on, periodically they would realize something wasn't working, and try to rewash me brains, but I knew that I didn't have long before SHTF so I was setting up contingencies.

  47. Re-post, for immediate relevance:

    The producer/writer of Nowhere Man, Larry Hertzog, was also a writer for the series "24", season 3. A CIA agent on the series was also named Larry Hertzog.

    Season 3 of "24" was about a *deadly virus being intentionally spread in order to influence a Presidential Election*.

    Larry Hertzog IRL suddenly died of cancer in 2008.

    1. Nowhere man was a trigger, when I watched that I was blown away, my ex got freaked out asking me how I found it, and then they drugged me .

  48. Quick for the Dginnster --
    Just GET AWAY from any and all forms of organized religion.
    I've never trusted it as it is so easily co-opted as a platform for attack from the other side. Think infiltration and where do you most readily and easily attack your enemies?? From within their midst. Seems like you're continually beset upon in prayer groups, meetings, etc. Wolves in sheep's clothing.

    Remember that earlier vid from bitchute I posted with the 3 ladies looking into the Newtown area and finding that a satanic coven literally had meeting places on CHURCH PROPERTY behind the main bldg.
    This is what I'm talking about.

    Also to paraphrase even Jesus: I'm not religious, but I am SPIRITUAL
    Always be wary of joining "groups." God will bring into your life and show you any connections that are meant to be. THOSE are the groups to trust and they will form organically, not out of the machinations of men. Listen to your inner voice.
    Old Bobby put it best, just like always:


    1. Thank you, I always loved that song, your blog has been a godsend, even though at times I thought I wasn't getting enough info to really break free, I might still not be free apparently, but I KNOW THAT I'M ON THE PATH TO FREEDOM IRREVERSIBLY AND THAT SCARES THEM.

  49. JB & Dginn:
    NOWHERE MAN is chock full of so many triggers unknown at the time that have since been revealed (the sound of breaking glass used as a trance-inducer) as tropes of MKULTRA that it's not even funny.
    Hertzog used to have a semi-little blog or drop site where he'd post little factoids that has since long disappeared after his death, but he went into how he obv purposefully used the name VEIL, as well as getting into his other interior government sources for what he was putting down.
    Dginn can't BELIEVE you were drugged, manipulated as many times as you were. How I'd love to be alone for just 10 minutes & get my hands on these people. ANY people that would do this to another human being. But their time is coming & at the hands of far more righteous and deadly entities than me. SERIOUS trouble. Tell 'em to have fun now because eternity is on the way......

    That's EXACTLY why we're seeing everything we are seeing now in the world -- they know that their time is short and getting shorter. Big Brother is on the way, and MAN is He pissed.

    1. I'm shaking right now, I don't shake easily. I was reading the comments in this just now.

      You mentioning rubbing shoulders with negative energy, and the breaking glass and the fingerprints of the God's, I brought my copy of that with me to college and that was about the time SHTF in my life, And what really struck me in the movie NOWHERE MAN was the breaking glass and I had remembered that ALL THE TIME when I first met my ex husband I was getting woke up to the sound of breaking glass with no source for it, and Larry (my ex) would be playing Jonathan Kahn, the creep that called me a rat the other night asked me if I had ever heard any of Jonathan Kahn's stuff on YouTube, I said no, then someone dropped a dish in the kitchen as he slowly said JONATHAN KAHN YOUTUBE, then I remembered and said oh yeah, we used to listen to him all the time, VERY STRANGE, HELP

    2. You specifically mention December 21st in the post too

    3. It's kinda funny the place I come from is just being extremely embarrassed to tell anyone about all of it, I'm constantly worried that it will be seen as sign of weakness or that I'm crazy or unfixable, can't get over that enough to be angry at the perpetrators usually, it's comforting that you're angry for me.

  50. & JB -- TOTALLY believe that re the psychopath Jordan Peterson -- all you need to do is look at his daughter Mikaila, whose whole aura literally screams child abuse victim:

    I've got a whole 'nother reason for those excruciating, whole body fibromyalgia pains. Body's talking to you, girl, screaming to get away from toxicity. OCD, suicide, pill-popping. Poster child for trauma at a young age.

    "I say YES to everything!!"

    1. This sounds just like my story. In my twenties the Drs told me that I had osteoporosis in my hips and that I'd need hip replacements, I refused (strangely one morning I woke up with tiny incisions with stitches in my hips and the pain was gone, I was too weirded out to tell anyone) I was having seizures, strokes, and extreme pains, strange white patches all over my body, hair falling out, Cushing's, they diagnosed me with Multiple Sclerosis, and migraines and possibly narcolepsy, . Finally I fasted off all food and drinks and stopped all medicines and didn't go back to the Dr's and I've been in the best health of my life these past few years.

    2. I do know now that someone put some good things and contingencies in my core in anticipation of me being "used" later on. Cause they saw the writing on the wall. I know that some sinister people figured out how to get around some of it . He was also the one that first made me start to wake up, but I think it might have been at the cost of his life and he died thinking that he hadn't succeeded, I don't know he's still an enigma.

    3. When you know you gno, I just had Ephesians 5 come to me, I looked it up:
      For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light 9 (for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth) 10 and find out what pleases the Lord. 11 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. 12 It is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret. 13 But everything exposed by the light becomes visible—and everything that is illuminated becomes a light. 14 This is why it is said:

      “Wake up, sleeper,
      rise from the dead,
      and Christ will shine on you.”

      15 Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, 16 making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. 17 Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is. 18 Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit, 19 speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord, 20 always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

    4. Feel like that was his spirit

    5. It was pretty heart wrenching at work tonight seeing someone on that was on all the same meds that I was either on or they wanted me to take ten years ago and seeing just how bad off all over their body this person was from a decade plus of taking the meds not any better, and in a battle for their life, and in a battle for their life and mind, and though I've made little victories with people reclaiming their health and looking their meds up and refusing what they don't need, I don't know where to begin with someone that entrenched with so many meds.
      I will say that I hope everyone reading this that's on gabapentin, pregabalin, or phenytoin (neurontin, Lyrica, and dilantin, and depakote) they're anti seizure drugs that are used VERY WIDELY for nerve pain. They are neurotoxic, they work by literally KILLING the nerves! They're manufactured in Wuhan especially neurontin (which was on national backorder when they did the lockdown) they can create holes in the brain, break off the dentures, all kinds of things.

  51. Once again for JB -- just catching up on all of the drops & comms:
    Re that long twitter thread -- surprises me not in the slightest as some others are commenting that they are throwing the legacy of JFK under the bus now to feather their stance....make it seem "justified." LOL.
    Cripes man, if that's the benchmark, some scribblings in a diary, we as a collective fell on our knees and blew every important Nazi at the end of the war we loved 'em so much!!

    Timing suss much??
    Mockingbird was never so mocking and yes, it's SOOOOO tiresome.
    Right on cue, right?
    As if we needed, it is just even more complete confirm that the CIA killed him for sure.
    Transparent as freakin cellophane.


    Tons of info in this thread:

    The MINUTE DESANTIS EMPANELED A GRAND JURY FOR HOMICIDE....the CDC began deleting all cases of cardiac arrest and
    cardiomyopathy (myocarditis) from the VAERS system.
    This is blatant evidence tampering by the Biden Admin.

    Regarding the case, if a contract is made by fraud it is automatically null and void, FRAUD vitiates everything.

    This will bankrupt Pfizer and also hopefully Moderna, Merck, Sanofi, et al.
    Hopefully DeSantis is on the up & up, has saved and archived EVERYTHING, & we get a judge in the end that isn't bought off or compromised.
    Fingers crossed but we may be close. Stay tuned.

    From Naomi:

    1. Good to a degree, yes, but ALL the pharmaceutical companies and medical companies are well trained in facing lawsuits and folding and springing back up as new entities. A few years back I was looking into how there was a pharmacy company that was facing a huge lawsuit, they funneled the money to holding companies then claimed Bankruptcy, then sprang back up as a new one with the holding companies funding their startup. I had quite a trail developed, then lost it, tried to rework the follow the money trail and my children were taken. Now I can't remember any of it.

    2. Oh I know, trying to pin any of these perps down is like trying to wrestle a greased eel in the shower!! Ewww.
      And I'm MORE than angry for you, & all of us as a whole since we're all being treated like this by scum like this:

      GASLIGHTING doesn't even begin.....

      Meanwhile, stuff like this sees the back page, if anything:

  53. What happened in the middle of the desert not long after the war ("Leviathan" (the Soviet version of Hydra) summoned the Darkforce ("Zero Matter")):

    1. The Secret Empire is a fictional organization appearing in Marvel Comics. They first appeared in Tales to Astonish #81, and were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. They were originally a branch of Hydra but later became a separate independent group.They made their debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a major antagonist in season 2 of Agent Carter. Under this incarnation, they are named the *COUNCIL OF NINE*, secretly running what's left of Hydra, occasionnally assassinating politicians, orchestrating economic crashes, etc., and they were the ones responsible for summoning the forces of darkness in 1947.

    2. Oh I must see that, this came up in the suggestions, another one that I must see.
      Strange how it kinda coincides with a spiritual experience I had this morning about asking forgiveness, with the thing they are told to say in the break room.

    3. If God isn't cruel sometimes, then what may I ask is Negative Twenty degree weather?!

      First of all have to remind you how cool a dude Jarvis from Agent Carter is in real life.....
      & how in the world many ways has SEVERANCE connected & reconnected with me since I first heard of it?? The mysteries, the memory work, the tailoring, the interpersonal relationships, the GOATS??!! Have ZERO idea what's it's all about since my entre into Apple TV is nil, but I WILL find a way to watch it one day, even tho thru some weird quantum entanglement I feel like I've lived it already, much less know what it's all about.....

      WHY do I feel, almost obsessively, that THIS is the reality we have shifted into ever since the curtain either fell or opened on\in March 2020, when so many people were either laid off or began working remotely as a result of said plandemic??
      There was some definite psychic line of demarcation there.
      And we all began working on, whether we knew it or not, getting a bit closer to that black truth underscoring all things....

      And on another tack -- is the COUNCIL of 9 the same thing as THE 9??

    5. My thoughts EXACTLY but I didn't want to say it before you saw it. Funny I was looking at what I posted this morning about "medicine" I meant *dendrites it kills the connections between synapses. I went back looking into my "notes" for my stuff on neurontin, and I didn't find them but I found some interesting things that I said that I don't remember knowing, like what I was used for and the links I sent weren't the relative scientific stuff that I thought I remembered sending. At work I was poking at my supervisor for dozing off at the desk, while apparently I wasn't firing on all cylinders.
      Throw in that violin score Transcen

    6. Sorry I was trying to erase things in that.

    7. Smell is the key, one thing a few years ago, I was riding in a car between cities and I realized that I

    8. Do you know why I did DGINN and not djinn?

  54. Fascinating here too:

    1. Haven't been able to watch all the links yet, but it feels like a corporatized version of TWIN PEAKS

  55. And here and here:

    The sheer amount if people trying to get at the signal of what this little show is broadcasting is highly telling.....

  56. And negative 20 degree weather is BRISK.
    It lets you know you're alive.
    (Cough cough).
    Seriously, humans shouldn't have to live in this.
    And to just show you how NOT normal this is -- there were several places yesterday that went from 40 degrees to ZERO in less than an hour....
    Isn't this what happened to the wooly mammoths flash frozen with daises in their mouths??

    1. Our son moved a oil rig in -39 degree weather earlier this month, to the new site, he is back out on it.

    2. Strange that you should say that, in 2020 when their were some weird things going on and it felt like there was some weird shell game going on with people like invasion of the body snatchers and all kinds of stuff. My ex husband felt the cold rain and he said "Oh that's uncomfortable, I didn't expect rain to feel like this" I said "what you should know what rain feels like at your age." He said "But it's been so long since I felt the rain" it shouldn't have been, it really weirded me out.

  57. That should have been WOOLLY but in this case "WOO"ly works just fine too!! LOL.

  58. OKOKOKOK!!!!...........

    Goats....plans for "severing" the entire world.......
    Subtext = off the charts......
    I think I get it now:

    Vaxx plans, dark forces, mass mind manipulation,
    what's the name of this blog again?? Hahahaa!!

    1. "Lumon is attempting to create artificial life in order to grow their own severed employees. It all centers around the Four Tempers in Kier's writings, which are represented by four colors in MDR's computers: Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green. These colors are repeated everywhere in the show: on department keycards, on Petey's map, on the office furniture, and in the lighting during the "Music Dance Experience."

      Essentially, MDR is using Kier's Four Tempers to categorize brain activity, hence why the numbers elicit a "feeling" in the employee categorizing them. Lumon's goal is to create a fully artificial human worker, with no Outtie to be concerned with. Lumon has already had some success in this, with the baby goats being their version of Dolly the Sheep. It's also suggested that Ms. Casey may be another recreation and that Gemma really did die in a car accident. The real question is, how does Ricken know about it? After all, he signs Mark's copy of his book "To Mark: Intrepid Cartographer Of The Mind."

      Best of all, this may have been revealed in the show's very first scene. When newly-severed Helly asks Mark during her interview if she is livestock, Mark responds: "You think we grew a full human, gave you consciousness...?" Yes Mark, yes indeed."

  59. In case you need to laugh:

    1. Lmao, me when it comes to electronics, but I'm learning;)

    2. Strange though, I have a lot of automatic writing stuff from a couple years ago that has detailed electrical stuff that I don't know how I knew and dreams, but I don't know it now so I've been trying to learn, yet it feels like which came first the chicken or the egg..


    & the truly scary, & what K Kingston was getting at when saying IT'S everywhere:

    Merry Freakin Christmas....

    1. OMG that jogged my memory, I was looking into the base genetic code on the mRNA vaccine, they were using a chimera of Brazilian equine spongiform encephalopathy, and something else to develop I think the Pfizer vax the links didn't save I'll have to track them down. Remember CFJD is a prison disease and think about what prions are.
      Just needed to remind myself to look it up later

    2. And Behold, I saw a pale horse...
      I can't find it and I've got a splitting headache, but it was about making a chimera between prions and bacterial cells. I literally feel like I'm forgetting things as I type them

      These are not what I was talking about but tangential:

      How do you think static electricity affects the teslaphoresis?

  61. SMART water???
    Either acronym for:

    Or "punking" us with:
    Mind control

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

    How twisted and accommodating to occult influencss are elites in the American military?

  64. Volodymyr is a Ukrainian given name of Old East Slavic origin, meaning "ruler of the world".

    Zelensky is a Slavic masculine surname, which originates from the toponym Zelyonoe (Зелёное), meaning 'green'.

    He is the "GREEN Ruler of the World".

    1. He can pound a can of spinach up his ass and we will both be happy.

    2. How f**king scripted is this?

      He pursued a career in comedy and created the production company Kvartal 95, which produced films, cartoons, and TV shows including the TV series Servant of the People, in which Zelenskyy played the role of the Ukrainian president. The series aired from 2015 to 2019 and was immensely popular. A political party bearing the same name as the television show was created in March 2018 by employees of Kvartal 95.

    Part 2

    Addresses several things, including why leaders of nations seem indifferent or hostile to their own citizens....maintenance of Ukraine-Russian War analyzed.....

    And today is last of the Limited Hangout posts....they will remain available/be archived...

    Am beginning to cast a thoughtful eye over the extremely weird circumstances of the Idaho 4 Student Murders and all the high strangeness surrounding that case....will collate everything & let you know what shakes out as it unfolds in both my mind & the real world.

    Just to let you know am currently hearing whispered subtexts of elite, wealthy powers at play, the Process, Manson, and murder scenes and circumstances that mirror ones like Amityville and the Bundy FLA Sorority House murder spree.....
    High Strangeness abounds and the game is afoot.....

    1. This might be way off base, but is it possible the killings are in any way related to mining in the area?

  67. At a time when most places in the US are colder than the surface of Mars to go along with a lot of hearts, profound thanks to Don Henley for FINALLY releasing this to YT.
    We need all the Endless Summers we can get; all hands on deck!!
    "I see ya walkin real slow & you're smilin at everyone...."
    "Those days are gone forever, I should just let em go, but...."

    As long as it lives on in any ONE of us, it still lives. Never forget.
    Never give up.....

    Magic will always be magic. A once-in-a-lifetime song.
    For those of us that were boots-on-the-ground at that particular point in time, you know exactly what I'm speaking of....
    & for those of you that weren't, lie back, close your eyes, and dream.
    It's all still possible.

    1. It's beautiful how music can make us so nostalgic for a past that never existed... The first, and one of the only records I ever owned was a Don Henley 45 and it had DIRTY LAUNDRY on one side and the other side I couldn't remember the name of the song, I just remembered dancing to it... "I think it's about forgiveness." The words were going through my head all week but when I looked it up just now, online, it says that LILAH was the on the other side of that 45, must be a Mandela effect, because I've NEVER HEARD that song. Here's what was on mine, must've been one of a kind.

  68. OMG I knew this was going to happen.

    1. Sotogirly & JB -- you guys are on it -- & YES, they plan to put MRNA bioweapon tech in just as many platforms as they can get their hands on....vaxxes, foods, the water, the air, it's a full frontal assault occupying mass multiple vectors.
      Just like you guys say -- this was always the plan. In all likelihood being accelerated now because the jig is up for all but the most brain dead about the vaxxes -- nobody with an ounce of critical thought left is going anywhere NEAR those now....

      So workarounds are needed, and quickly. Ones that have always been in place (what, they've been chemtrailing us since 98 now...) but that will be ramped up even more in the coming months.

    2. "They" knew all of this was one big experiment and had no prob telling us that directly from the very beginning BTW:

      Per Mengele -- "The more we do to you the less you seem to believe we are doing it."

  69. Hate to beat a dead pangolin, but the best Christmas present always has been, and always will be, the Truth:

    Advice the late Barry Farber gave to his daughter, that could be a New Year's resolution for all of us: "Penetrate the ostensible"....

    Ryan Cole and Del Bigtree....effect of jab on blood...
    Michael Yeadon...on evil bastards...

    Should not dismiss possibility that this op is a combo assault with both viruses and AI nanoparasites......I wish there would be a Twitter leak from mainstream sources that revealed more about the real nature of jabs and the plandemic....Please Santa are u listening?.....

    1. Hey BB!!
      Thanks so much for bringing up that Zeee-Kingston-Mihalcea vid days go by I think that one in particular only becomes ever more important.
      It's also becoming clear that batches of the vaxx are in flux ingredients-wise and being manipulated on the fly -- hence why some can't find any MRNA markers, others can. Parasites in some, not in others, some self-assembling, others not, graphene seems to be a constant. But by mixing and matching ingredients is another way of keeping themselves hip-deep in plausible denial and moving-target land, while assuring that a deadly batch is garnered for all. Some are killed outright, others given a time-release death sentence.

      Listen to what Dr Sherri Tenpenny just said to Jane Ruby here:

      Per EUA allowance, they can change up to 49% of whatev is in the vaxx & never have to notify anybody.
      Hydrogels, graphene oxide, SM-102, quantum dots, PEG, spike proteins etc etc etc. and on & on....
      There is ZERO standardization going on, & this is the key.
      Why aren't we seeing people magnetized now as we were at the beginning?? Because we've moved further along in the timeline and that effect has been pushed to the side -- studied at first and then discarded amoung the effects databases they're looking for...This is an ever-evolving, ongoing process for the poisoners.
      Outcomes are being monitored on the way to Homo Borg Genesis.

      Study the WYETH MEMO that goes back to 1979:

      This is exactly what they are doing right now -- following this type of blueprint to throttle back the damages just so to not draw undue attention to any one area. You have to be on the inside of insurance actuarial data (as many are) to truly see the effect. Otherwise it's just watch-people-keel-over-on-the-football-pitch anecdotal; which the MSM will ALWAYS disregard as always have been going on.

  72. Hi are right I bet.....At some point soon the schizophrenic break in society over COVID and related matters will become enormous....the mainstream scientific organizations and their journals (American Assoc. Advancement of Science; American Society of Microbiology for two) will not easily admit reality....when you see how much Gates and pharma money is contributed to them, it's understandable but dangerous and pathetic...Harlan Ellison termed his early fiction written to pay bills "honorable whoredom"...mainstream science is not honorable, but they can complete my thought..

    1. Thanks for the thoughts my man!!
      Tenpenny likens it to being on the beach in the dark just before sunrise. First there are the initial wisps of pinks and oranges and yellows that begin staining the darkness; right about where we are now, awakening-wise.
      Soon the first edge of the sun will flood everyone with light like they've never seen -- and hiding from it will become impossible for both sinner and saint alike...& all will be revealed.

      Unfortunately that will also be accompanied by a lot of death and regret for being duped. But those that still live will learn, and the world will slowly change...

      Marry Christmas, my friend.

  73. The Joker card originated in the United States during the Civil War, and was created as a trump card for the game of Euchre. David Parlett, an expert on the history of card games, concludes that Euchre derives from the game of "Jucker" which, in turn, is descended from the French game of "Bête" (Beast). Joker = The Fool/The Beast.

    In the 1989 movie Batman, Jack Nicholson's Joker was the only version of the character to have killed Bruce Wayne's parents, and he did this outside the MONARCH Theater:

    -Byblia ilithyia and Byblia anvatara, twin species of African and Asian butterflies almost identical to the *Monarchs*, are known as the Spotted Joker, or simply Joker:

    -Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was the convicted perpetrator of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. "Dzhokhar" is pronounced JOKER.

    1. Currently experiencing That moment when you realize that you don't think that you're a live person, but you don't know how to break out of only being a shadow of yourself ...

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Why is there always this weird thing of mentioning hunting and blood in weird tones and frequency that doesn't make sense unless you see it in an archonic way?

  74. Dear GOD tell me it's not really called Theleme?? (and pronounced, you got it, Thel-e-MA)...
    They're not really even trying anymore, are they??

    1. "The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, has refused to disclose whether he will profit from a surge in the share price of the Covid-19 vaccine manufacturer Moderna, one of the biggest investments held by the hedge fund he co-founded before entering parliament.

      Moderna has become the latest biotech firm to announce successful trials of its vaccine, declaring on Monday that it was 94.5% effective in trials.

      Sunak was a founding partner of Theleme Partners, a major investor in Moderna, and one of the executives managing its US office. He left the firm in 2013, returning to the UK to pursue his political career.

      It is not known whether the chancellor retained any investment in the Theleme fund after leaving. Theleme is registered in the Cayman Islands, a tax haven which does not make company records public. Ordinarily, a partner in a hedge fund would own a stake in the management company and have money invested in its fund.

      A year ago, Sunak declared in the list of ministers’ interests that he was the beneficiary of a blind trust. The contents of the trust have not been disclosed to the public.

      Stock market filings show that Theleme has a $500m (£377m) investment in the US-based Moderna, which accounts for around 20% of all the money it manages, about $2.5bn."

      That was two years ago. Rishi Sunak is now Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party since October 2022.

    2. THELEME owns a hell of a lot of stock in, get ready, *LAM* Research Corp. They allegedly make the best microchips on Earth.

      "We won’t stop until it’s proven

      At Lam, we believe you can’t identify an innovator through innovation alone—it’s through collaboration, precision, and delivery. As a fundamental enabler of the fourth industrial revolution and trusted partner to the world’s leading semiconductor companies, we welcome challenges and promise to deliver.

      How do we get there? By combining superior systems engineering, technology leadership, a strong values-based culture, and an unwavering commitment to prove our customers’ next big thing."

    3. Omg. LAM is responsible for the development of *5G*.

      (scroll down to 2019)

    4. NO FREAKIN WAY!!!!!!
      L A M ????
      Meanwhile, I'm diving even further into the syncs with something that scared the pants off me as a little shaver:
      1951's Superman & the Mole Men!!
      This always struck me as just WEIRD.....with the OG Supe who offed himself amid mysterious circumstances in Hollywood Babylon, George Reeves....

      Take a load off in that twilight between Christmas & New Year's & everybody take the great leap forward into the mystery & ENJOY!!

    5. Patrick Degorce (born 1969) is a French hedge fund manager, and the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Theleme Partners LLP.

      In 2003, Degorce was a co-founder, along with Chris Hohn, of The Children's Investment Fund Management (TCIF) hedge fund.

      In 2011, Degorce was one of the earliest investors in the pharmaceutical company Moderna (when they only had about ten employees).


  75. For everybody bombing me with Theleme-LAM-5G links = you ROCK!! And your steady assist rate (which is now entering Larry Bird-Magic Johnson levels btw) will def be rewarded..... but before we get to that.....

    Let's take a moment for this piece of absolute transcendence:

    Let's all stage a coup & co-install Aaron & Melissa as dual presidents....
    It may be the only way....

    1. Sex Pistols artist Jamie Reid is Thelema/Azazel worshipper:

    2. I freaked out when I opened the link to lam. It felt like i was being watched.

    Good explanatory video of the dark web.

  77. First of all, the forthcoming pagan hollydays, on which terrible events are usually planned:

    "Named after Janus, the god of doors, gates, and transitions; January is the perfect time for door-opening rituals, setting intentions and new beginnings."

    Jan. 6: Full Moon in Cancer – Wolf Moon

    Jan. 14: Thorrablot – Norse/Heathen celebration honoring Thor

    Jan. 21: Celtic Tree Month of Rowan begins

    Jan. 21: New Moon in Capricorn

    Jan. 24: Sementivae – a grain-oriented Roman festival

    Jan. 30 – Feb 2: Roman celebration of Februalia

    *Jan. 31: Up Helly Aa – Scottish celebration in the Shetland Islands*

    *Jan. 31: Disablot – Norse celebration of new beginnings*

    Up Helly Aa (literally "The End of All Holy Days") is a type of fire festival held annually in January in various communities in Scotland, to mark the end of the Yule season. Each festival involves a torchlit procession by squads of costumed participants (known as guizers) that culminates in the burning of an imitation Viking galley.

    In 2020, the main character was Odin - Lord of the Gallows, leading everyone towards Yggdrasil. This was the first time in 92 years a god was chosen as centerpiece, usually it was a Viking explorer or conquerer, and the rare times a god was chosen in the 1920s or before, it was a minor one.

    The 2020 festival ended in March, and culminated with *the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic*. There was no "Up Helly Aa" for the following two years.

    Watch out for Covid/Lockdowns returning starting January 31st.

    The Dísablót was the blót (sacrificial holiday) which was held in honour of the female spirits or deities called dísir (and the Valkyries), from pre-historic times until the Christianization of Scandinavia. Its purpose was to enhance the coming harvest, *by sacrificing a mock-king, in lieu of the very first mythic sacrifice ages ago when a true king used his own blood to redden the altar*.

    "the king was thrown forward upon his head, and his skull was split, and his brains dashed out against a stone"

    So also watch out for a "king" getting killed on that date (Zelensky? this has to do with *wheat harvest*).

    1. January 22 will be Chinese New Year. After three years of house arrest, people might be especially interested in traveling.
      This shows the shutdown dates for factories.

      February 4 is the astrological start of Water Rabbit year. Water makes things grow, and rabbits breed like crazy. News outlets are already predicting new "Variants" will come out of China now that the government is telling people to just go to work if you're sick. It makes me wonder what someone might have up their sleeve. WHOflu II?

      Dísablót made me think of "Black is King," and Eric Garner who died after allegedly trying to pass off a mock twenty. Kings used to be the only ones who could create legal tender. Of course, that happened on 7/17/2014, so not exactly in season. It is interesting, though, that it happened on a Thorsday in '14. From then until 1/31/2024 is 114 months and 14 days. Thorrablot's on 1/14. Ten years for ten fingers to hold up to one's head in resemblance of a mock crown.

      It's also said that "cash is king." Maybe one of these Januaries will see CBDC introductions. There's a recent theory that the injunction not to boil a kid in its mother's milk is actually telling people not to mix last year's wheat in with the new when paying one's taxes.

  78. Something f**king GREAT to read:

    1. Maybe you need to be logged in to your Amazon account?

      Anyway, it's the first several chapters of "Ecology of Souls", some serious Fortean/Keelian stuff.

    2. When I have death dreams or visions, they usually seem to go along with my having empathy for someone that I know, but I just had one of someone drowning, I have no idea where that came from, but I feel like my spirit is being drowned in another dimension right now.

    3. After experiencing death this many times, even though it's dreams or visions, it's easier to relax into it even though it's uncomfortable, painful, or scary. Though not all are, some so sweet that it isn't until retrospect that I realize that it might have been one, those are very beautiful.

    4. Director answering

    5. And again

    6. And again

  79. The moral of the story is that, when you're given the option to "sell" your soul, your vessel DOES NOT HAVE DOMINION over your soul, YOUR SOUL HAS DOMINION OVER YOUR VESSEL so if you, as your vessel, decided to sell out your soul, then why would your soul want to communicate with or even come in and embody that vessel? You become cut off from your soul, you become enslaved or passed between different entities that can claim dominion for various reasons.

    1. The Soul is CATHOLIC BULLSHIT, what we all have is a part of the First Source and Center, and some are connected with the Spirit of Truth. It's all Eternity, what one should be careful about approaching and pontificating about is absoluteness.

  80. Episodes of ESP give us a tantalizing glimpse of what is hidden from us by the limitations of the meat sack we inhabit in this realm.

  81. David Paulides UFO connection is worthwhile watching for anyone here I reckon

  82. Anyone else having some MAJORLY WEIRD things going on? The comments were at 201, then I wake up from a cat nap and it's 200. I've had things that I remember happening suddenly not exist on this timeline, for example I got my daughter a replacement toy for one that was smashed and I can remember throwing it away in pieces, after she got it, the old one is back like it was in November.

    1. Then suddenly I BECOME #202 almost like it's in the title, even though Aaaaaa's comment wasn't there when I was typing mine, nor was it there when I saw 201 before.

  83. I live in a constant state of unreality
    Couldn't tell you if anything particularly weird was going on.
    Wordman should get one those trackers that shows where his blog visitors are browsing from. Would not surprise me if there were some interesting locations.

    Like from another dimension? Or within an experiment? Or Limbo?