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I got a story ain't got no moral/ Let the bad guy win every once in awhile/ I got a dance it ain't got no steps no/ I'm gonna let the music move me around...

Will it go round in circles?/ Will it fly high like a bird up in the sky?

In my little town I grew up believing God keeps His Eye on us all/ And He used to lean upon me as I pledged allegiance to the wall/ Lord I recall/ My little town

Comin home after school, flyin my bike past the gates of the factories/ My mom doin laundry, hangin out shirts in the dirty breeze

And after it rains, there's a rainbow, and all of the colors are black/ It's not that the colors aren't there/ It's just imagination they lack, everything's the same back in my little town.....

In my little town, I never meant nothin I was just my father's son/ Savin my money, dreamin of glory, twitchin like a finger on the trigger of a gun/

Leavin nothin but the dead and dyin back in my little town

Nothin but the dead and dyin back in my little town...

Senor, senor, can you tell me where where we're headin? Lincoln County Road or Armageddon? Seems like I been down this way before/ Is there any truth in that, senor?

Senor, senor, do you know where she is hidin', how long are we gonna be ridin? How long must I keep my eyes glued to the door? Will there be any comfort there, senor?

There's a wicked wind still blowin on that upper deck, there's an iron cross still hangin down from around her neck. There's a marchin band still playin in that vacant lot, where she held me in her arms one time and said "Forget me not."

Senor, senor, I can see that painted wagon, smell the tail of the dragon, can't stand the suspense anymore. Can you tell me who to contact here, senor? 

Well the last thing I remember before I stripped and kneeled, was a trainload of fools bogged down in a magnetic field/ A gypsy with a broken flag and a flashing ring, said "Son, this ain't a dream no more, it's the real thing."

Senor, senor, you know their hearts is as hard as leather, well give me a minute, let me get it together, just gotta pick myself up off the floor/ I'm ready when you are senor.

Senor, senor, let's disconnect these cables, overturn these tables, this place don't make sense to me no more. Can you tell me what we're waiting for senor?    


Welcome back my friends to the sliding-scale, satanic travelling show that never ends. As we enter into new realms that would make pizzagate blush, we are all collectively being forced to confront this all over again. And once again, as much as I hate to beat a dead horse or go around in circles, pardon the pun, if we had seriously drained the swamp of all the Alefantises and Abramovichs and Podestas back 6 years ago when many got the first drift of all this, this task might be easier today instead of only being more ingrained in a system that seeks to kill us. For every Epstein head we cut off (not likely) or at least make an example of, there are 2 or 3 more Maxwells and Bankman-Frieds waiting in the wings to assume command of the SS Lolita. Not holding these monsters' feet to the fire may have accounted for the collapse of our economic system and nothing less than a wholesale Genocide of all humanity. 

Per that Simon and Garfunkel song above that hits especially hard now -- sometimes it is a rough and brutal job to bear witness to the Truth. I seem to remember something about not being able to have both happiness and the truth in this life, especially when certain people feel a true calling...  

But first, before the wade into deeper and darker waters of intention and purpose, here lies Pizzagate 2,0, or, Balenciaga. Accent over the 'Baal.' And the larger elephant in the room -- why do we always seem to end up here? Truthfully, without dragging everything out chapter and verse, just watch this:

More detail here:

A perfect summation by Owen Shroyer of a situation that is beyond just sad, it borders on the genuinely horrific. And one that with good reason seems to be black-pilling people, somehow, finally, into a state of focused outrage. We are not given to know after treason, after coups, stolen elections, a country's dismantling and outright orchestrated genocide, why THIS happens to be the final straw perhaps in the final awakening, but in the name of all that is holy let us hope that it is. Let's hope that even vaccine-damaged minds can finally be motivated into action, despite the drugging-down and manipulation. When even the smoothbrains are waking up, you know perhaps the final chord has been struck.

  Another great, objective summation vid for those of you playing catch-up:

Lara Logan weighs in on the Warroom as well:

To reiterate, you can't spell Balenciaga without BAAL or CIA, can you? I may as well just rest my case there. If only it didn't go so much farther...In Latin for one: BAAL ENCI AGA = Baal is the King.

Or for spacing. let's try Ba len ci aga = do what you want. Which reminds me of "what do you want?" here:

Was that flash of neuromancer transhumanistic foresight truly 1993? In these days when time and space are tending to blur can anyone be sure? The melding of Crowley's crystal visions and today's headlines makes the head swim and confuses the thoughts:

And I have no compass, and I have no map, and I have no reason, no reason to get back/ And I have no religion, and I don't know what's what, and I don't know the limit, the limit of what we've got...Don't worry baby, it's gonna be alright, uncertainty can be a guiding light, I hear voices, ridiculous voices, open the slipstream, let's go, let's go, overground. Take your head out of the mud baby/ She's gonna dream of the world she wants to love in, she's gonna dream out loud. 

The question that is just beginning to form in a lot of people's minds now, whether they can actually articulate it yet or not, is the one that has been floating around on this very forum from the onset -- what does all the above, have to do with this?:


The frightening answer is....practically everything. The overall endgame. The agenda. The personnel. The ways and means. Ukraine bleeds into vaxx death spiral numbers bleeds into FTX bleeds into Balenciaga bleeds into...what next?? The joining of all in the greatest revelation of the method yet seen continues unabated with every new spin cycle revealing more. 

This is about managing the thoughts and behaviours of an entire population; willfully walking them into an abattoir. All the horrific child abuse stuff has just been the seasoning, ala something right out of King's IT.

Never forgetting the influence and control of nearly every scientific research aspect of what would be rolled out (& touted as a "cure") by none other than Epstein and his inner sanctum of wizards and scientists. Couple that with that billionaire "philanthropist/pedophile's" noted interest in ritualistic occult practices, AI, transhumanism, social engineering and genetic experimentation...and we have arrived at the Rosetta stone to unlocking all of this, if only we have the foresight and the eyes to see.

To that end, let's proceed in the dot-connecting home game that grows ever more dangerous...we'll be travelling from Baal to Graham Hancock to Richard Hoagland and hyperdimensional physics and torsion fields heralding unknown countries with many way stations in between, so let's get started.

First a brief foray into the legendary Neil Gaiman that my prized Irregulars alerted me to, and the fascinating but disturbing implications it inspires. First, the piece itself:

This is a nugget of graphic novel comic art that storyboards like a major cinematic production -- and is worthy of one. But the context and subtext is fascinating in what it implies but doesn't say...If there IS some chthonic realm riding herd on the Black Nobility here and dictating terms, what exactly would look any different? 

And it does give one pause; enough to make you wonder if somewhere along the way, in the past-present-future blendering and permutations of CERN and various other scientific fringe endeavours we haven't somehow slipped thru some cosmic veil and been transported to an alternate reality, a world where the Old Ones are venerated, worshipped, communed with by an elite predator class, being made even more predatory in the bargain. A sacrifice cult that has always existed (see the Mayans, Incas, ancient Israel, Aztecs, Egypt, etc) but that has now been ramped up to stratospheric proportions...  

Would it explain the incredible rise in trafficking, pedophilia, the arcane social engineering, the headlong rush to institute a system that mandates a compulsory vaxx that changes the DNA of an entire species, in the process culling the herd and transforming the remaining? Perhaps not entirely, but it would go a long way...

What in the end did Jeffrey Epstein know and when did he know it? Was the resulting revelation enough to drive him insane? Or was he already there as he communed with that elite predator class and the scientific wizard hierarchy that would construct and pull off all the technical aspects of the psyop of an age?

Questions for a cold and frosty early winter's eve...questions that, for now, remain unanswered. But we are getting closer with every disclosure headline like this -- that squirrel is spinning, and spinning counterclockwise:

....joining the incredible masses of every type of lifeform (insects, mammals, fish, birds, people -- see the vaxx death spirals pouring in from every corner) exhibiting the exact same symptoms worldwide in the last several weeks. WHAT is happening?

Which leads me to the furor around Graham Hancock and his Netflix series Ancient Apocalypse. No sooner had it debuted and taken over the platform with a constant top 10 rating and several days and weeks of top 3 and even no.1 status, than Netflix announced it has been cancelled -- with no further episodes planned:

I kid you not, everything from racism (??) to "dangerous rhetoric" has been cited by the holier-than-thou, educated beyond their intelligence, geeked-out archaeologists as they try to defend their tenured positions and lofty paid-for peer reviews. To which I reply in my best Big Lebowski, "Well, that's just like, your opinion, man."

Hancock has been out there doing his thing for decades now; I once knew a very nice lady who worked for NASA that got the boot simply because she showed up for work one day with a copy of his seminal Fingerprints of the Gods under her arm. No joke. THAT is exactly how desperate the status quo is to hide something... Check it out for yourself and form your own opinions:

But until Netflix, Hancock has never seen such widespread limelight, and the outcry has been dished out accordingly. But WHY? I haven't seen this kind of high dudgeon since Pizzagate, which only tells me alarm bells are ringing over the target. 

Here are the transcripts of every episode:

The one which I think may particularly have struck a nerve is ep 7 -- A Fatal Winter. And specifically because of something that is addressed in there -- the whirling dervishes. Which will tie in to our friend Mr. Squirrel. And Richard Hoagland....

Back in the day and guest starring all over the place on Art Bell's Coast to Coast late night radio extravaganza, Hoagland was the first to bring hyperdimensional physics into the fray.

Spinning bodies, namely planets, tended to exhibit an energy signature at 19.5 degrees on their spheres indicating a type of emerging physics being revealed; say, the Great Red Spot on Jupiter (another circle) as one example:

Perhaps part of what we are seeing with all the spinning is that someone has found a way to bring that energy signature down on deck, for a reason. Because what if this spinning has always been a way of some kind of communication, of opening doors? Remember the "dance" at CERN?:

Remember the strange I, Pet Goat II film; seen by so many as a precursor event to so much 10 years ago?:

Both feature noted and prominent examples of spinning in their presentations. Spinning which may be seen to be acting as a kickstarter of some sort pertaining to a future event being brought into existence...the way being prepared.

Even prior to that, arcane physics were being discussed as weapons:

The show is here if you'd like a listen here at 1:16:40:

Just what was "in place and counting down" back in 1998? 9/11? The vaxx? Both? Emerging from the mists and in hindsight we are able to see an advanced, coordinated effort that led us to where we are today. And the clues were there all along...


Which brings us to the dervishes, and their inclusion in the narrative by Graham Hancock:

You will note the dervish spins counterclockwise, also known as widdershins

Which is something long thought to act as a transformative action, or said to open portals. I got into a bit of that that here:

Larry Warren believes the first 2 nights of the Rendlesham UFO affair may also have served as a summoning event, a kind of sympathetic magick that called down whatever presence made an appearance on that third night in the forest.

I believe a long string of events have involved the entire world in a sympathetic magick loop, deliberately brought about by the elites orchestrating these events. These worldwide spinning sequences are merely an artifact of this mechanism. This is being given a catalyst by mind control, propaganda, the ingredients in the vaxx, 5G, what we're eating and breathing, and numerous other factors. But overall, it isn't just the culling that is happening; the summoning is in high gear as well, and timed precisely... It's a worldwide genocide coincide.

Perhaps even before this, the entire planet has always served thruout history, as a summoning portal, by the very nature of her spin. Thinkers like Vallee, Keel, Hynek and others have long wondered why this particular way station seems such a magnet for weird phenomena, forever documented in the historical record going back to the volumes of Charles Fort, beginning in 1919:

So much spinning...the planet spinning on its axis, the earth itself spinning around the sun, the sun spinning in its tracking thru the solar system, the solar system spinning thru the galaxy, the galaxy thru the universe; does the universe itself spin amoung countless other multi-verses?....Torsion physics all the way down. Ice circles. Crop circles. Stone circles. Circles in the sky. Circles on the ground. Invisible circles. Circles on radar. Spheres. Orbs. Vortices. Cones. Mounds. Megaliths. The list is endless.     

And what if it all serves as some kind of transit system or the artifacts thereof, the particulars of which only certain "elects" here amoung us know within their secret societies, secret orders, religious cults, and royal lodges?  

This, of necessity, would get into alternate timelines and universes, what's always been going on at CERN, thinking in terms of what Tesla said re energy, frequency and vibration, the physics of possession by fallen angels, what is being placed within the vaxx, the reasons behind occult sacrifice and why children are so prized (the energy of innocence), and on and on. 

We have come to a place in the timeline of God's Masterplan where everything seems to be merging: hyperdimensional physics, quantum physics, torsion physics, everything. The cancellation of Hancock seems to acknowledge this. The growing awakening of people to films like Died Suddenly (13 million views and still going) definitely acknowledges this. The viral blowup around scandals like FTX and now Balenciaga definitely acknowledges this major connection. We are entering quickly the second coming of the Days of Noah, and there is nothing new under the sun, and nothing that is being done in the dark that will not be brought to light. And even in recent history, we have been here before: 

Remember too what Q said about Rachel Chandler:

And those links to Epstein:

Now it turns out that as sure as Jack Dorsey's (former Twitter head) domain name and email is ","

Ray Chandler is casting kids in the Balenciaga ads:

(Dorsey you will remember stepped down as CEO of Twitter the same day Ghislaine Maxwell's trial started: November 29, 2021. But that's just more coincidence...)

Also starring in those same ads is Nic Kidman, & we know all about her backstory, don't we?: 

For those of you just landing here that don't:

That was from way back in 2014, when things were barely just beginning to hit the ground running to where we are today.** 

How much the collective eye has opened since then...and as my fav saying from Roethke goes, "In a dark time, the eye begins to see..."

**Slightly more proof, at least circumstantial, has come in since that time re the whereabouts of Kidman over that crucial Christmas timeframe back in 1996, which I feel reticent about sharing, at least right now until further confirmation comes in. The location of both Cruise and Kidman over that particular Christmas holiday has been both well scrubbed and closely guarded by all mainstream outlets -- I heard about it in the immediate aftermath of the Jon Benet Ramsey death; it has been increasingly hard to find even those initial reports since then, ostensibly coming from anon leaks inside the Boulder PD.   

We are learning more every day, how things like the Franklin Scandal, and McMartin, laid the groundwork for things like Iran-Contra, and 9/11, the deep involvement of Michael Aquino in mind control aspects and psyop-ing the entire world, down into Sandusky and the Second Mile, into pizzagate, into NXIVM, into Epstein, into FTX, now into Balenciaga. Different branches, but all the same tree. Not to mention the entire covid-into-the-vaxx agenda. "You think THIS doesn't have something to do with THAT? Can't you see?"

(Script from the film JFK.)

BTW the ridiculous amount of backstory and interior info the Feds have on the aforementioned Aquino borders on the stupefying: 

And now ad designer for Balenciaga Lotta Volkova had featured, in her now scrubbed instagram page, pics of bloody mattresses as "art." 

Look familiar? It should -- because it could have been (maybe was) modelled after those pics of the mattresses inside of Epstein's "temple" on Little St. James:

More Chandler connections here:

And while we're connecting, remind me again who's advising the White House on child vaxx policy?? THAT'S right:

On a larger canvas, why has depopulation always been an endgoal? Who does it serve religiously, morally, monetarily, technologically, ideologically? Study this within the context of what may be coming:

That haunting line from Fleetwood Mac's 2003 single Peacekeeper keeps running thru my head these days: Only creatures who are on their way ever poison their own well.  

Now a feathering of their nest for what may be coming seems perfectly reasonable to those demonologically inclined, yes? Leaving the poison for the remainders to consume in their unthinking haste while locked-in to vessel-prep mode.

This would also explain the wildly divergent numbers of missing materials like computer chips, etc, the missing monies from everyone from the Pentagon to FTX, the thinning the herd principle, the transhuman angle constantly being pushed by the elites, etc. We're smack in the middle of a staging and preparation area. And, once again, gets right back to the fevered proclamations of "Shut him down!!" against Hancock. He's pointing towards things they are desperate to keep under eyes-only info.

HAL9000 from Kubrick's 2001: "It is essential to understand that many stakeholders received limited information, were fed alternative rationales, or were deliberately misinformed."

Speaking of advanced computational systems, this from a 1981 MIT computer lab workbook. Check the wording:

MIT you will remember was the playground of Epstein and all the folks that brought you things like FTX and the covid vaxx into the world, with all the black technology contained therein.

This is Left Hand Path people, middle management, knowing that their time is short. So everything is on the table. Of course this could all be a vast misdirection play also -- all we know for sure now is that incredible numbers of people are dying suddenly like never before:

We are also learning from new packaging information like this, that this was basically just the flu all along: 

Kinda explains why flu deaths went to zero for a couple of years -- it was just rebranded for lockdown/masking/forced vaxx/panic purposes. Now that the damage is done, who cares who knows, right? Let them eat cake.

This makes it quite clear that we are all under the influences of gene therapy whether we've been vaxxed or not. Close proximity is enough to do the trick. Many questions remain but this is NOT encouraging going forward.

And more about the technical aspects of the merging here in this recent important interview with Maria Zeee hosting Karen Kingston and Dr. Ana Mihalcea:

Listen very carefully to what Mihalcea says at the beginning, how these self-assembling devices exhibit quantum cloaking (disappearing and reappearing under the microscope), as well as the fact that they can mimic the human brain in that they can compute in 11 separate dimensions.
Shades of what Anthony Patch warned us about back during the rise of CERN...and that is exactly what is coming home to roost now: a multi-level war. Harari and those at the WEF openly acknowledge they are waging a spiritual war, a war against the soul. THIS is what this technology is specifically designed for. Hijacking the consciousness affects the soul. 

I know all those insurance actuaries are hard at work on all the SADS figures, but somebody get on this immediately, because this is weird. I see dead crypto people!!

The creative director of Balanciaga, Demna Gvasalia, just became the ambassador of Ukraine's Unired24, the "humanitarian rebuild" in charge of helping refugees:

The biggest human and child trafficking business on the planet right now, is centered in Ukraine:

Meanwhile none other than the CDC just announced  that at least 1.1 million Americans have died suddenly since the official mandate of the vaxx:


"At midnight all the agents and the superhuman crew/
Come out and round up everyone that knows more than they do..."







  1. Thread on the occult/esoteric symbolism surrounding Ye and Elon, as promised. There are symbolic links to the Raëlian extraterrestrial cult, Skull and Bones and transhumanism:

  2. "why THIS happens to be the final straw perhaps in the final awakening"

    The drop that makes the vase overflow is no different than all of the others, but it is the last one.


  4. "The cancellation of Hancock seems to acknowledge this."

    Talking about "circling", remember the whole time that annoying little red-headed dog Psaki kept saying "We're gonna circle back to that" at the White House? The first time this became a catch-phrase was in the movie *HANCOCK*:

    (go to 2:40)

  5. Replies
    1. DUDE -- don't keep removing -- all your stuff is gold!!

  6. And this for BB since it pertains more here -- don't want your last comms link to get lost in the traffic:

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    2. Protection.

      There a better script, SMILEY FACE 👀 I'm just here to tell everyone wake the fuck up and join together, leave everything else. I'm sorry I've got a bit of the common touch tryna get it across but I'm really Fed up with being influenced by forces that I don't know what is going on behind the scenes. Apparently there have been forces for good and bad around us fighting in unseen battles over us and it bleeds into our world yet what does it take to get to be able to join forces with any of it in a meaningful way so as to change the paths of ALL OF OUR lives, AND WHAT'S MORE, OUR PROGENY AND SOULS? I'm asking families to fight for their children and CREATE THE BEST FUTURE THAT THEY WANT. WITH FORCES DRIVING OUT THE BAD AND FORCES GUIDING US TO JOY. LET'S RESET THE BALANCE WITH OUR RESET.


      To all of you and me in this coming Christmas season:

      I need to find out more about the orb weaver spirit, powerful, and goes along with a cotton weaver at a spinning wheel. I think that we all want the same here to drive out the bad and protect our loved ones, and come to a better understanding and healthy connection with beyond the veil, discover supernatural and mundane truths, and help each other along the path. Just some of us don't always know what recourse to fight off what is fighting where. I f we don't at some time take a stand then we might get hit with friendly fire.

  7. Wordman and Dginn:
    Am feeling need to:
    Becoming reacquainted with low-tech old-school means of enable people to hang together both sooner and later...
    And each of us needing to know as best we can about our family line's traditions and customs and origins...and more broadly our nation's....And with each of our guts and minds considering how each of us can use that for our own offensive and defensive actions..There is strength for each of us in having that...part of the reason why the powers that be discourage learning/knowing real history that does not line up with their narrative...
    So yeah...i have lived in South Dakota since the 1990s...i have no Native American heritage (but i married a lady who is about 1/8 th).. ...and i think non-Natives like me need to realize that the way we proles in the western world are being treated is how the Indigenous peoples have been treated for decades and longer..
    Consider the 1992 Michael Apted movie "Thunderheart"...if u have not seen it, check it stands up to repeated viewings..
    Why Watch Thunderheart?
    Thunderheart Trailer

    The late John Trudell is in that activist and poet, some of his works stand out to me, like this...
    Somebody's Kid--John Trudell & Jesse Ed Davis & Kris Kristofferson
    Somebody's Kid-Live

    Trafficking of native children and women/disappearances of them has and continues to be terrible problem on it ties into Balenciaga and such...
    Do u think one reason the dark archons have long intended to harm, disenfranchise and target indigenous peoples is because if the native peoples had a continued firm grasp on their traditions and ancestral beliefs it could knock globalist plans/planners on their asses?

    1. Oh BB, that's a great point! Oh I think MOST DEFINITELY! I've only got a tiny insignificant fraction of native, but my dad had a lot of respect for passing it down along with Irish and Cajun/Accadian traditions. And my mom took great pride in passing down Pilgrim tradition.
      So my dad had a story about his dad being involved in the Syndicate's horse fixing and there was a rival drugging a horse and no matter what they did, they couldn't catch them. They even stood a guard outside the horse. Then they switched the guards a number of times. They finally caught the guy when they had a SIOUX GUARD. The guy and the guard claimed that he was using Sioux medicine to walk right past the other guards invisibl.e.

      Why is there a black widow energy around you? And I'm having synchs with black widows and owls? They aren't my usual, but it was so strong that, I actually had something higher calling through me to you. That whole ancestral beliefs can knock the globalists on their asses, hells yeah, see in our everyday natural life, we can encounter and learn from animal spirits---my daughter just woke up crying "a spider! A spider" --- and then we can do ritual to shape it. Online world, we have words, music, and acting. And we can see what the spirits are trying to accomplish if we pay attention. IRL the spirits that have dominion over us and the spirits that we have dominion over are determined by our blood/ancestry and the land we are on. Tribes on other ancestral lands needed to make offerings to that tribes spirits in order for their own spirits to be able to have power in that land. I related before the story of a girl that was saved from her father being a high ranking satanist, through Christian curse breaking, exorcism. But when they drove through a certain area there was ancestral ties through her native mother, and the spirits claimed that they had dominion over her while she was on that land through her blood and the rituals done over her.

      They are seeking custody of this child under the guise of "lifesaving" and it's something that we all see as deathly. How much wrong can the medical industry do in the name of "lifesaving" I'VE SEEN PEOPLE TORTURED IN INHUMANE WAYS UNDER THE CLAIM OF "LIFESAVING" by the healthcare industry. Yes I've been a part of it provided supportive, comforting roles, but I always thought , "yes it's flawed, but it's the best we've got." Kinda like someone staying in an abusive relationship because they love them and that person provides for them, and there are good times etc. instead of fully taking a stand and saying that we deserve more or better.

      We need to take a stand against government, healthcare, police, military, clergy, bankers, teachers etc.
      And say that the relationship is no longer healthy or the best we can get, or we're to involved with it, and TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY!!

    3. Thunderheart is a great movie and l recommend reading Black Elk Speaks to everyone. Black Elk, cousin of Crazy Horse and a great shaman, lived in the last days of the free Sioux before they were put on reservations. You really get a sense of the free life they enjoyed amongst the many notable features off his life and vision.


    Biden just got the message from his controllers -
    (starts 2 min. in...)

    1. Oh I know. Missfrill, I don't always say it, but I love your blog, always great info, and you're doing a great job fighting for what is right and getting information out there, I feel like I pale in comparison to your blog, so I don't always know what to say, but I read you, and I like you.
      Biden gave the Nantucket firefighters pies right before. This says half a dozen, but I thought I saw somewhere it was 5.

    2. Wow, this goes deep

      "For Deputy Fire Chief Sean Mitchell - who took command of the incident as it just so happened to occur the day after the town's interim fire chief left the island, and the day before new fire chief Michael Cranson arrived - it was yet another example of the department doing more with less than their counterparts on the mainland.

      For the first three hours of the fight, only nine firefighters were able to respond and attempt to bring the blaze under control. And of that group, four firefighters had to take on the job of shuttling water to the scene from the hydrant on Cliff Road, leaving only five actively fighting the fire."

      "The owner of the property, Richard Phillips, was staying at the neighboring beach cottage when the fire erupted. Phillips, a seasonal resident who sits on the board of the Nantucket Boys & Girls Club, was uninjured in the fire, and there were no other injuries reported as a result of the blaze. ",29728
      They are camping out at a sprawling waterfront compound along Nantucket Harbor owned by David Rubenstein, co-founder of the Carlyle Group, a private equity firm.

      Standing next to a fire chief that they openly say is corrupt. Vacationing in a home belonging to the Carlyle group and Rubenstein which owns DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS Through Staple Street capital.

      Per your comment above that Missfrill, who controls/owns your DNA? Biden passes legislation about programming DNA. SEQUOIA CAPITAL Which did own DOMINION, which got Biden elected in a rigged election also owns 23 and me.


  9. Replies
    1. Do I need to make an account to see that? Can you summarize?

    2. I think I have the wrong post link ... it shorld be
      " It's terrifying how the AI knows what hillary is."

      it is an AI art picture of Hillary



      "Investigators pulled surveillance footage from ATMs on Nantucket and noticed the person making the withdrawals was wearing a Nantucket Boys & Girls Club hat, according to the affidavit.

      Employees at the club were shown the photos and told police it looked like the man who “danced funny” at their events, but they did not know his name. Further investigation led to several people who were able to identify Stanev, who was later arrested."

      The fire department there is literally less than 2000ft from the edge of the state forest. Growing up, the fire chief's daughter here would brag about her mother being a witch and she had obviously been involved in some really disgusting stuff. In first and second grade she would talk about hickeys and sex etc. And it wasn't until years later that I realized what she was talking about. Now grown I've seen a number of things with her getting community support on Facebook for her children getting hurt in VERY CREEPY ways such as one falling and getting impaled through the rectum by rebar.

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  11. First of all, why is Biden handing out pies and how can we be sure what's IN them?? Ewwwwwww.
    I'd sooner attend:
    a cocktail party thrown by Bill Cosby;
    a submarine jaunt with Jizzy;
    a tour of the Little St James underground with Jeffey;
    a bioethics course taught by Bill Gates;
    a negligee try-on slumber party hosted by Hillary;
    a cookout with John Podesta;
    but you get the idea.....

    These peeps are FREAKS all WEEK that need to be obliterated from the face of the earth. How they're still walking it is beyond my mortal ken....

    1. I saw real pictures of Obama and Nancy Pelosi *making out at a COKE PARTY* a while back (wish I had copied them).

    2. Haha -- the only way Obama would be making out with Trash Pelosi is if he had gone blind and lost all sense of smell. Plus her package = not as big as Michael's I'm sure. But weird stuff floats these weirdo's whatevs is possible. LMFAO. Schumer, Schiff, Bloomberg, Clintons, Bamas....just ask Tracy Twyman..oh, wait....

      Meanwhile the biggest ephant in the room still is and remains the stubborn fact that the unvaxxed just aren't dying in those projected HUGE numbers prev forecast, dammit!! Where is my promised "Winter of Death??!!" I've been hearing about for 2 years now?? Oh, that's right, those are the VAXXED idiots keeling over in droves...LOL.

      Peter McCullough: "People who are declining the vaccine are the ones that have the most critical thinking..the strongest minds & bodies..the unvaccinated look great in all the analysis..the lowest all cause mortality..the unvaccinated are the envy of the world right now."

      Plus, the price of my semen could buy me a house right now!! Maybe several. Not to mention the blood!! We're all walking Fort Knoxes!!

  12. Fun fact: Steven Seagal's big-budget career ended abruptly, not because of "On Deadly Ground", but because immediately afterwards he wrote a movie about AIDS, and how the CIA invented it to kill blacks and gays. For some reason, none of the Hollywood studios were interested.

    1. Had always heard the "rumours" about Segal having semi-legit "insider" status -- interesting. Wonder if he pow-wowed with Len Horowitz, who pioneered those sorts of ideas....

      And speaking of pow-wows (that's RACIST!!) on the Native American track you guys were getting onto before above -- everybody should check out a show from this summer called DARK WINDS. I know the first ep is up for free viewing on Amazon. Period piece takes place in 1971 on the Navajo Res & surrounding environs concerning the Tribal Police. Excellent mix of worlds colliding between modern world and tribal lore & ancient values set against a heist/murder mystery backdrop.
      Extremely mystical undertones with shades of dread and looming chaos approaching, possibly of the skinwalker, alternate universe, witchcraft variety, but very understated ala the Native Americans know things.....from a collab between Robert Redford & Geo RR Martin.

      Also features this kick ass tune that is by turns extremely hard to find & for some reason incredibly suppressed even by the showrunners -- you wouldn't believe the lengths I had to go to to even find out what it was CALLED -- much less track it down:

      Straight from the vinyl single -- you can still hear the crackle!!

      PS -- forget the Amazon, it's right here!!:


      You know there's goin to be a revolution
      You know we got no solution
      We gonna stand up and we gonna fight
      We gonna take up for all our human right because
      We got rights just like they do
      We're gonna stand up and get back
      What they took from you
      Long hair and short hair it don't go together
      Just like rain and snowy kinda weather
      We're not gonna fight and we're not gonna run
      We're not gonna shoot nobody with a gun
      Because we got rights just like they do

  13. BTW Dginnster -- working in the healthcare field, saw all 3 of these headlines & wondered what you might think -- exactly how much longer before the roof blows off this whole thing??:

    And this just happened tonight Atlanta Hawks NBA pregame:

    Dammit, people!! Wake the fuck UP!!
    Something absolutely unprecedented is going on RIGHT NOW, & it ain't mass examples of "dehydration."
    Good LORD what is it gonna take??

    Dr. Ryan Cole on Dr. Drew....starting around 29 min. 51 sec....detailed presentation of microscopy of tissue thin sections showing damage spike protein causes...stuff that should be keynote speaker material at major scientific meetings....but it's not & u know or can guess why....

  15. "Each strand of the human DNA sequence is exactly 72000 molecules. Each strand. The entire assembly is 144000.

    Are you of the order of the 144000?

    Post Covid-19 vax adds a center strand to the assembly. 72000 72000 72000=216000


    The vax is downright satanic, from procurement to rollout to vaccine implementation. "

  16. I have no idea how this relates to anything, but my intuition told me to start digging:

    The 1990 Captain America movie starts in 1936, in Porto Venere (the name refers to a temple to the goddess Venus), Italy, where the Fascist government kidnaps a child prodigy, Tadzio *De Santis*, and kills his family, to use him for an experimental project to create a Fascist supersoldier. The procedure's inventor, Dr. Maria Vaselli, objects to this cruelty and defects to the United States to offer her services to the Americans.

    Scott Paulin plays De Santis/the Red Skull, more recently seen as Jeffrey Conlon in the 2002 X-Files season 9 episode "Scary Monsters".

    Following the war, the Red Skull had extensive plastic surgery to partially alter his disfigured features, raised a hitwoman daughter, Valentina, and became the leader of a powerful crime family. In the 1960s, the shadow organization hired the Red Skull and his thugs to murder various Americans who were against militarism and fascism, such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., President John F. Kennedy, and Robert Kennedy.

    A very young Francesca Neri as Valentina De Santis (Sin). Neri's breakout role was in the movie Hannibal.

  17. For that RISE l'll raise you,

  18. Check out this big steaming dump, sorry time and life constraints, it will be some time before I actually have the blog post instead of just my notes.

    1. More on the TRAVELLERS


      SCATTER filter for meaning

  19. HEY GUYS!!
    Email is down right now (sensitive info flag!! hmmmm....lookin at you bubble shades -- haha!! LOL at the collateral damage) so all comms will be straight thru here for the time being....

    Just came across these 2 that are vivid examples of the Epstein network still being incredibly healthy & vital & deserving of increased scrutiny:

    They circle the wagons and protect "the family" don't they??

    1. Who me? Never! I'm sorry, but it's just the start.

    2. There's dominoes set up for ALL the "essential" jobs, info will trickle in as I find the evidence. Look to "go online" and "paperless" plans being set up all your local essentials and bring them here.


    4. Haha!! You're the Ye of my inner circle!!
      Just don't force me to be the Elon!!


    5. Ha! Ye of course you would go there! There's a reason that THEY TELL YOU to convince everyone your crazy, probably why the last name "manual"
      When now my algorithms are sending me this. Hilarious

      I gave up on trying to force myself on you now it's operation burn it to the ground because the world is fucked! Sorry for any collateral damage, but WHAT THE FUCK! WE HAVE A PEDOPHILE PRESIDENT! MURDEROUS DOCTORS IN TOP POSITIONS! COMPROMISED COPS AND LEGAL SYSTEM EVERYWHERE. I'M NOT GOING TO LIVE MY LIFE CONSTANTLY IN FEAR I'D RATHER RAISE AN ARMY!

    6. Stupid thought, an empath sineater DOESN'T TORTURE ANYONE they witness and super emotional, they feel it THEMSELVES and try to heal

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Speaking of Ye & his AJ appearance -- listen to the breakdown and how not to get lost in all the hoopla from Royce White in the first part of this vid:

    The ultimate truth telling gets rather massive, and that's underselling it.
    If EVERYBODY knew as much as this dude, we definitely wouldn't be in the fix we're in right now.

    1. The latter, forces that I don't fully understand, but I'm a fast learner! Been building things up brick by brick, but I guess I still have a long way to go especially in light of recent, though this time I did better at crossing.

    2. Lol I can still recall my dad's voice yelling "Brzezinski that snake!"

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. To whit -- you don't think THIS whole thing, from the entire inception, doesn't sound like a NAZI plot??:

    I'm about to go rogue....wonder what Mae Brussell would have to say about all this...this is something that is a direct NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT. And the PTB are too paralyzed, compromised, immunized, to do anything about it for the people that they took an oath to uphold and defend, never mind the Constitution.

    Shut it down. Jail everyone. Execute all involved for just "following orders." What's so fucking hard about this??
    The founding fathers, heck, OUR fathers, would have been stacking bodies like cordwood WAY before now.


  22. Part of the reason why there have not been more protests against the many ongoing outrages opposing sovereign rights of the individual is because of the "don't make waves/don't rock the boat" mentality that is so hard-wired into government, academia, business...It's almost become poisonous.. but somehow it is overridden if it enables the underpinnings of Western civ to crumple...weird duality going on with that...Probably comes down to "we" saying don't rock the boat as long as "we" are getting ours.... From website: "The origin of the idiom 'rock the boat' is attributed to American statesman, lawyer and politician William Jennings Bryan, who was famously quoted “The man who rocks the boat ought to be stoned when he gets back on shore.” In this 1914 quote, it is evident that Bryan was referring to those who stir up trouble." Freaking mixed-bag that was W.J. Bryan...who rocked the boat in his own life several times...

    1. Exactly, what good is peace if you have to give up justice, truth, or your soul to get it?
      Alan Watts said that holy people have such a fierceness to them that people don't know how to take them, some people saw Jesus Christ as being the king of demons. If the boat has good wind in it's sails and a competent navigator, heck yeah don't rock the boat, enjoy the rest on the way to your destination. But if it's headed for rocks anyway and the captain is asleep at the wheel, then WAKE EVERYBODY THE HELL UP.

    2. When I first started waking up to the mind control, I kept getting told "don't rock the boat" and "you're like an ant trying to bite and elephant, you'll just get squashed and the elephant unharmed." I thought for sure a number of times that I would be able to cause some real changes and make the system crumble at least in places. I only managed to crumble the illusions in my life, for which I suffered a GREAT COST but I would do it again if it means being free, but sadly it seems like even that is an illusion, they can still flip a switch.

    3. Forgot to include schools as essentials they just happened to pick today to shred

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Ok, BB next question in lieu of THAT, a Fall Out Boy #?

  23. I guess I don't look so dumb now wearing a 'No Blood Transfusion' bracelet.

  24. “Oh we do have our stable of weird people working for us.  Did I ever tell you about the Pedophile Academy?  We actually had one down at Camp Peary, (in Virginia) right near (the CIA’s) Jim Critchfield’s place.  I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but we called it ‘The Farm,’ and it was supposed to be a secret training center for young agents.  Allen Dulles set up this training center down there for pedophiles.  They were in training to seduce, molest, and most especially photograph the young children of targets.  Not only, Allen reasoned, would our graduates have a spanking good time but they could get wonderful action photos of the wee ones to blackmail their families with.  I understand they broke it up when one of the graduates nailed a (CIA) Deputy Director’s son at a summer camp.”

    -Robert Crowley, CIA Domestic Contracts Division 1959-1962; Assistant Deputy Director of Operations (ADDO) 1980

    “After such knowledge, what forgiveness?”

    -T. S. Eliot

    1. From the mouth of another Jim from the same area "All groups used blackmail, we [white lodge?] came up with a way to use it best and be able to look in the mirror. See if you buy someone off then you only have them until someone pays a higher price, if you blackmail someone you have someone that hates you and is scared of you, an unpredictable double edged sword. We go in to one side that's outsourcing black mail we sew seeds of distrust between them and the blackmailers, we tell them we can secure the blackmail and take care of both problems. We go to the blackmailers and show them that the ones above them plan on either taking them out or rolling on them, then come up with a plan that places them in a spot of handing over the blackmail. Then we HAND OVER ALL THE BLACKMAIL for the person who's victimized can do with it as they want, they have the choice to be free and clear, or work for us doing the same work." Didn't do much good when the victim is already mind controlled into a stupor and don't know what they are looking at!

    2. The funniest thing was he said "One day the person would be walking down the street and they'd get kidnapped in a way that the ones hiring the blackmailers heard about it. Then if it's just something like keeping their mouth shut, they could go back out afterward if it was more and they wanted them dead or gone, they were made to move out or all traces disappeared and anyone that would ask questions were given conflicting information about them or pressured to relocate. Then we'd go back to the dealer and say 'Welp, you don't have to worry about THAT PROBLEM anymore.' *wink and hand wash." The problem is when you lose track of who the hell is who doing what.

    3. Thanks for that shoutout Jaybers!
      I see what you did there.....

    4. STILL workin on email probs btw....account locked.

  25. And Dginnster -- PLEASE girl, focus & omit all the extraneous.
    And I say this knowing full well yours truly's lips have MORE than been kissed by the blarney stone, & who follows completely the ways of Faulkner & Fitzgerald far more than Hemingway. I always have & prob always will.
    But Hemingway had it right when he practiced that lots of times a sentence can say something more powerfully and have more impact than 10 paragraphs. Believe me, something I STILL struggle with.
    Practice makes perfect.

    1. What's circling, if I say it, it will just shift, YOU have to see it and know who to trust. Jack and Jill, each make a choice, fall out boy? My first ex husband chose the wrong side in that choice, I was spared and got my side. It swung round a second time, I chose wrong at first to get information, stopped it, then chose right. I changed the direction and there's not a spot for this to fit me, moved to my mirror.


    3. I got ya girl!!
      And along the lines of the conclusions that ALL of us, from MANY different disciplines, are ALL coming to -- & isn't that funny? At the exact same time? What are the odds?
      If they have somehow fallen between the cracks, I beseech all of you to just take one more look at both of these links, because in a nutshell, these explain everything:
      the vaxx, the pedo rings, the abuse, exploitation and sacrifice of children, the targeting, what Epstein ultimately was into, EVERYTHING:

      The WOMEN will lead the way....& there's something, make no mistake, very biblical in that too...

    4. Why can't I delete? Ooohh.. so I really hope you follow this because COOKOO
      Ok so there's a 3wks rewind, mason jar, it's 3weeks here, three days three years ago, and THREE MONTHS. I'm sorry it's gone, thinking about blarney stones and tigers and have to get my children.

    5. I'm so glad that you don't judge me, because reading and typing this I'm thinking that I would think it's crazy.

    6. I'll leave with catch 22, 23skidoo, 1's and 9's Chiao!

    7. I forgot 20 is the FIREWALK but i GOT IT COVERED.

  26. And retracing yet again my steps over the past weeks about what's first & foremost amoung the MOST important -- can't believe this is STILL up on YT:

    Notice at 5:30 even Whitney says that "what we're facing is an energetic & SPIRITUAL battle."

    Is it just me or is somebody trying to tell us something when so many diff folks from so many diff disciplines, journalism, big pharma media, ex-Clintonistas, talking heads, radio hosts, doctors, businessmen, lawyers, insurance people,...from all around the world, are coming to the same conclusion AT THE SAME TIME, & talking openly about it:
    Karen Kingston, Carrie Madej, Naomi Wolf, Whitney Webb, Lara Logan, Emerald Robinson, Stew, AJ, Jenna Ellis, Maria Zeee & on & on & on.....that this is a SPIRITUAL battle now. The eyes have opened.

    Not to get all Richard Dreyfuss pointing at the mashed potatoes, but this MEANS something......

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Everything I know about the Nazi infiltration of the US I learned from the very crucial work of Mae Brussell:

      4 pages of clickable links

      & here's where to go to listen:

      All years to the far left....

      Talk about rabbit holes -- endless.

      Altho I have to admit I NEVER put 2+2 together til I watched THIS X -Files ep in Sept of 1995 -- then it all made sense:

      Paper Clip.

    3. One of my favorite episodes along with the one preceding it, The Blessing Way. Also love the scene with The Well Manicured Man speaks to Scully after the funeral.

  27. & Dginnster, you're exactly right -- God doesn't want us to just tacitly accept our fate and sit on the sidelines until Jesus puts his sandals back on & gets down here!!
    He KNOWS what's in our hearts -- & INTENTION is everything.
    No apathy -- God helps those who help themselves.

    1. Per that in our hearts, apparently they can be controlled in the same ways as mind control. I've got a supernaturally weird story to relate about someone using programming and magic to hide information that someone wanted to retrieve but they wanted the asset intact. Somehow it was booby trapped to their heart and to give it up their core believed that it would kill them, docks in another country were collateral damage from trying to call what they thought was a bluff. This time around, Trust that there's two forces meeting in a cave, one is good for bad reasons, the other is bad for good reasons they both hate the trade of the other. It will get taken care of, and I NEVER went. The other part of it kinda backfired on the one sent to disarm it when a spiritual trespass was caught, and they got heart failure,. But jammed the signal long enough for them to help themselves. As for walls, YOU already know. Hard to WRAP YOUR MIND around what could be possible in this universe, I don't know if I believe it.

    2. Blessings to not knowing someone's vessel.

    3. Luke 12:24
      crystal cave

      The keymaker will set the ball rolling when I call him to get rest for the magician.

    4. 9/19 heart of wood stolen, spiritual trespassed 9/20 heart of stone given away then broken in half. 9/21 heart of wood and heart of flesh burned. 9/22 spiritual trespass, flooded 9/23 Captain sails the waters?

  28. ANYONE ELSE bothered that it got DARK at 5pm today and yesterday it was well after 7pm or is it ONLY ME?

    1. DON'T TAKE that wrong. No, only in conversation with someone else, then 2 for my daily life, and 4 in email etc. It's like my memories were scrambled bad. But I do think that A it should be 12/06/22 and yesterday the sun set around 7 or later. (Yesterday to me, I read that tomorrow (when I read it) that on 12/06/22 ) [damn I'm even scrabling my writing] Today before 5 the sun set. and I was late I'm trying to mix different grammar languages. J.B have you ever had your languages like French and English fight? Wonder if it's like stroke left finger tips are. Oh I'm having a death vision, it's ok I'm pretty sure that it's someone that I know and they are pretty recovered I wish I had time to learn more. But

    2. I guess when all else falls and your can't find the cause of it and can't diagnose it, go to sleep I guess, can't seem to do anything else even think straight I don't like it.

    3. I thought morning glories because that's the thing around, it's more the highest plateau in drug states. there's nothing on top sect a bucket and mop and an illustrated book about birds so like DMT DXM, but the not really being able to move part, not anesthesia action, muscle relaxers calcium channel blockers? This doesn't feel like a seizure, and not knowing what it is so I don't know what to combat it with. Took milk thistle and charcoal and ginger. That's if it not spiritualLiteral sickness? Igh other way round, the left fingers neuropathy went away but having hsince everyone else SEEMED to be on some psychic connection earlier if anything knows, what's going b in let me know. Damnit! Face palm dehydration, hyponatremia,,,

    4. I'm Right as Rain, now, though I wasn't last night when it was raining. THAT was not normal, I came very close to calling 911 but something kept telling me not to. This morning the fog was so thick that I couldn't see past 60 feet until noon then it lifted so fast it was like a veil. My son got hurt at school and kept pressuring me to take him to get a tetanus shot. So I did and got into it with the doctor about him not being able to tell me what was in the shot. He kept saying "he could die! So just so we're clear, I'm going to put in my notes that YOU as the mother are refusing this treatment, so if he dies, you're liable" I said "Do no harm is fundamental in healthcare if you can't tell me what your are injecting in him, then how do I know that you aren't doing HARM??" We got into a big debate with me bringing up Tuskegee etc. He said "Can you tell me what's in every medicine that YOU take OK?"He stood up and started yelling "YOU CONTINUE TO BE AN ANTIVAXER AND I'LL PROMOTE VACCINES!" And walked out so we walked out.

    5. I'm going on a TOTAL Fast for a while to see if I can figure out what happened. But it was really similar to two other times in my life. One I was installing new window regulators with my brother and a WIND came and dropped the temperature so quickly that it zapped out all our energy and so badly at once that we had to crawl back inside and both got fevers. Then another time my brother and I were cleaning out the fuel injectors and a WIND came up Zapped us the same way. That day there was a 100 degree temperature drop in 24 hours.

    6. Must be the LUCKY STRIKE because now I feel like saying. DUAL CORE but NO WORRIES, TRUE NORTHS ALIGN.

      Don't worry, you can't be core, I don't know you. One drag, I'll be Fit as a Fiddle soon.





  29. Okay. I'm done. I'm asking the
    Canadian government to give me a lethal injection tomorrow.

    1. Cool!! So I can actually identify as 29-30 again if I want???!! YESSSSSS!! Suh-WEEEEET!! Yes, Ministry of Information? I'd like to knock off 30 years please!! 1990 here I come!!

      No, I get the point of this being a rather blatant open invite for pedos to get YET ANOTHER get out of jail card -- literally!!
      Reminds me of all those headlines from Salon, WaPo, Atlantic, et al that Owen Shroyer just showed that have been proliferating for what, years now? across all platforms asking us to PLEASE side with and feel sorry for all the put-upon pedos in our midst.
      "They can't help it!!" "They're the real victims!!" On & on ad nauseum.
      All a completely concerted effort to normalize the abominable.

  30. U.S. Guvmint......and lawyers...and immigrant children...and traffickers...Project Veritas found a whistleblower....Guvmint says to w-blower: "Tara, I think you need to understand that we only get sued if we keep kids in care too long. We don’t get sued by traffickers. Are you clear? We don’t get sued by traffickers." If the oligarchs had their way, all us proles would be under the thumb of traffickers or trackers.....and lawyers would find their angle to make money no matter what...

    1. And yet peeps think the Biden Admin doesn't have a vested interest in bringing hundreds of thousands, what millions now (?)of illegals pouring over all borders, children in tow. Doesn't even have to be THEIR children of course. Surely there's a method to their madness.

      And is it just me, or why does EVERYTHING keep on circling back (see what I did there) to Epstein??

      The Fried Bank man's Aunt deeply, DEEPLY involved in the covid lockdowns/vaxx scam, not to mention in 2016-2018 she was co-chair of the WEF's COUNCIL ON HUMAN ENHANCEMENT.....surely nothing could go wrong there.....

      Also an elected member of the CFR. Warning Warning> Red flag!! RED FLAG!! Same as ole Jeffey was/is/forever will be.
      This world has gone utterly insane....

  31. One in five.

    1. DO I have to say it?
      Five to one baby
      One in five
      Nobody here gets
      Out alive now...

      Absolutely brilliant scene from Stone, with enough portent & subtext to sink a battleship....
      More Native American spirits -- they & Morrison knew things...
      didn't they?
      Perhaps we should have paid closer attention to those spirits; and listened with different ears...

      Your ballroom days are over baby.
      Night is drawing near.
      Shadows of the evening,
      Crawl across the years.

    2. Go back and read that other loop, I was when you posted that so MUCH PERTAINS. It's not done yet.
      Everyone has Their own magic
      There is No death
      so nothing matters
      High Style
      Flash & forgive me
      High button shoes
      clean arrangement
      messy breeding
      Love's triumph
      Everlasting hope and fulfillment
      -Jim Morrison

      Strange how the same lines can change meaning with different experiences in life, when I read this before, I didn't see it. But now I link it to my friend Bobby going to his ex wife's (from long ago, 30 yrs with a name meaning pearl,)funeral recently, and me going to my friend' named Chris funeral when I was in school and seeing his mom named Bobby letting out an inhuman howl and throwing herself on the casket. Both Bobby's have a son named Chris as do I and the birthdays are all the same.

  32. The early into the mid 70s was leftover from the late 60s and very much continued that strange, mystical time....having been there I know -- things just FELT different...even to a child & early teenager. Wild things were afoot and the promise of an altered day, seen from a diff perspective, was alive everywhere. Someone just touching your hand or taking you by the arm contained otherworldly power; like you were plugging into a cosmic outlet. Colors blurred, the breath caught, and your feet no longer touched the earth.

    All that being said, that same "people power" is returning at a grassroots level, and along with it very mystical times.
    For the first time in a long, long time, you can feel that too.
    I believe most Native Americans would tell you the same.

    It's true that I believe something bad is coming.....
    But something else is gathering power, and coming too.

    1. I noticed today how things were glinting in a magical way that I haven't seen since I was a child.

      Now is blessed the rest remembered
      A man rakes leaves into a heap b in his yard, a pile,
      & Leans on his take & Burns them utterly.
      The fragrance fills the forest
      Children pause and heed the smell,
      Which will become nostalgia to them one day.
      Jim Morrison

  33. & Hey Dginnster!! Check this out....
    Per your getting dark earlier suddenly comment above -- crazy fog envelops US;

    Pg 5 in the thread even mentions Southeastern OK!!

    Also major mentions thruout of the "fog" seeming to act independently of wind or lack thereof, water droplets setting off motion sensors (!!), strange smells to it, etc.
    CREEEEEEEPY.....something's goin on........

    Sounds just like the beginnings of WIll Thomas' early contrails reports in 1999 all over again........yikes.

    1. Sometimes the smell of death, can be PROTECTOR goblin



      I think that is just temporary,

    3. Doors # and spinning wheels makes me think about how there's an algorithm for if there's 3 settings and off like a fan, without knowing what the starting position is, you can still get to where you intend it to be set on with the least number of pulls, can't remember it though.

    4. Rubix cube algorithm kinda only think of the switch on the fan for clockwise/counterclockwise except my new one doesn't have one. And I had a scorpion climb out of it, I got stung by one in the last loop..... Whoa that just lined up someone complaining of pain in the same spot as I got stung and my daughter was too. THAT'S A SKIP BOTH SIDES BAD. Between the weirdness in people recently and the weather and all this adding up I don't know what to think. But I think that more deaths were forecast.

    From your friendly neighborhood Masonic Mounted Police....clockwise versus counterclockwise in human ceremonies....

    1. Very interesting considering who was just driving clockwise around me.

    Uncle John, the Musk man is ruining our Twittercraft....

    1. Gee, colour me not surprised in the slightest....

  36. For Max Steele re your above comm that somehow got lost in the Bubble Shades flood -- LOL.
    I KNOW -- that episode where the Well Manicured Man speaks at the funeral to Sculls -- absolutely unreal.
    "The best way to predict the future, is to invent it."
    How in the world were we supposed to know back on that ghostly Friday night of 9'22'1995 that we were hearing our own epitaph??

    But after the white paper of PNAC that blueprinted right into 9/11; after Event 201 that set the exact stage for covid's fake "pandemic" & then the vaxx a full 2 months before, an epitaph is exactly what that episode was. A blaring, neon-lit Revelation of the Method in plain sight. For everything that was to come...& adding yet another layer, let's never forget that it was the PNAC document that first mentioned the use of biologicals and bioweapons as a "politically useful tool." And who authored that? Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Perle, Bill Kristol, Bolton, Scooter Libby, Dov Zakheim....Monsters. All complete monsters -- and many still to this day intimately involved with the vaxx agenda.

    I STILL wonder about Chris in the world is that man still alive? Unless he served a very occult purpose.....

  37. & Dginnster -- WTAF with your altercation with that wack doctor over the tetanus shot??!! I swear between the covid vaxx bullshit and things like this -- it's given everyone WHITE COAT FEVER PERMANENTLY!!
    There is absolutely NO WAY any doctor will ever be trusted again -- they'll all been tarred and feathered with the same brush. Speaking up now is far too little far too late.
    The Pfizer whistleblowers like Melissa McAtee and Karen KIngston and all the docs that have lost their practices for speaking out like Carrie Madej are the ONLY ones I trust now.

    And speaking of tetanus shots & Carrie -- I knew I remembered her saying something:

    Good on ya girl -- proud of you for standing up -- & fuck that worthless doc that couldn't even answer a simple ingredients question.
    Should be disbarred,, de-licensed, or whatevs it is they do to docs....not to mention sued into oblivion.

    1. Don't look at me, I'm hideous WTAF is right! I seriously thought that I was dying but I felt so out of it that that I was just trying to evaluate myself in-between also having a supernatural thing happening. The thing is, I've connected with that before and I could still function, (heck maybe even better) see the connections and do something about it. Whatever happened, I felt like I was either drugged or had high ammonia or something. I've been water only fasting the past two days because of it. Yesterday and last night at work it was like I was in a dream state. Today was better but when I was driving tonight when it started raining, my windshield wipers turned on the opposite way they normally do, so normally I twist them up counter clockwise and tonight they came on by twisting down, clockwise, it really had me weirded out an I checked a number of times to be sure. Then I took a 15 min nap and had to drive again and the wipers were back to normal.

      The other day, the only thing that I could compare it to is a DMX trip like 20 years ago.

      I wouldn't throw out the entire medical machine though because every day I see it's lifesaving benefits, I simply don't see the benefits of vaccines and many combinations of medicines or treatments.

    2. I'm also every day saving people's lives by telling them to not blindly trust the medical field and they have a right to refuse.

    3. One thing that I learned from my travels in the Upside Down.
      Thought experiment if this were a matrix it would be set up with ways to 'play the game' so if you were making a game that needs to appear just like everyday life, yet have something that's malleable and influenced and goal oriented that is hiding behind the facade. The limits of our imagination are the limits of how we can interact with the spirit world. But there should be consistencies seen a cross time and cultures.

    4. Fasting will absolutely supercharge your entire system -- you've just got to have the willpower to stick with it for more than, what, my usual half hour or so!! LOL. Seriously, can't remember but I'm sure you know, that after a certain amount of time not digesting, your bod goes, "Wha??!!" & jets into super-healing, anti-aging Wonder Woman superhero mode.
      2 DAYS?? Good Lord woman -- I'd be hallucinating & talking to the machine elves!!
      I Miiiiiiiiight be able to last 2 days but then I'd undo it all in an all-out blitzkrieg orgy of Cap'n Crunch, Reeses peanut butter cups & Ben & Jerry's -- Hungry Like the Wolf!!
      Can't believe I've been able to relatively maintain somewhat normal parameters weight since I don't play tennis that much anymore cos I eat like a teenager off a tweakin' bender!!

    5. You had to go there naming off food?! Last night at work they had Christmas dinner then tonight there's all kinds of goodies. I'm going until Saturday night, it's been a couple years since I've done a three day fast, come to think of it, last time was during that loop,...
      Normally I don't watch my weight or eating because it's all about moderation and healthy and staying away from soda. I've been having dreams of blaring some CCR and eating everything in sight. I've got my collection of goodies lined up.

    6. Oh and I talk to the machine elves on an almost daily basis, that's nothing new we have quite an interesting dynamic.

    7. I made it 3 days, all the things that I thought I wanted up until right before sundown, I realized that I didn't want. I was thinking that I'd have Candy and Cheetos and my Roast beef dinner from work and smoke etc. I ended up throwing away my cigarettes and playing the Doors and Robbie Robertson while I ate Indian Summer apple sauce and cottage cheese with golden goddess seasoning, pita crackers with cheese and Pearls Kalamata, and club crackers with red pepper jelly and spun honey. Now that I've made myself thoroughly sick, candied ginger. #renewed

  38. And telling people they actually have a right of refusal??!! Bodily autonomy? Informed consent??!!
    What are you, a witch?? LOL.
    (Rhiannon rings like a bell in the night....)


    2. No apparently I'm a GHOST, all records of me starting to disappear. Spiritually cloaking of my house, and when I was in the dreamtime (?) People kept saying that they thought I was a ghost, and things just always seemed to work out to where someone else was walking through a door in front of me so I wasn't having to open them, weird...

    3. One more thing, so my daughter had scooter that she left out and it got ran over, it had a unicorn head on it. The head broke on the left side, then came off completely, I picked up the pieces and threw them away, there was only a gaping hole left. Earlier tonight I realized that the scooter now had half the head there still but broken on the right side.

    4. Dginn, I'm glad you're starting to feel better. I don't know if it's at all the same, but sometimes when I think too hard for too long and/or don't sleep enough I start to think differently and perceive things differently than usual. Not (so far, which I'm glad of) to the extent of actual physical changes in the way things are, but maybe some kind of shift in the way I perceive and mentally interact with people, objects, and events. In 2014 I spent a day or two in a completely different mental/emotional place and it spooked me so bad I hardly dared revisit anything which had come up or led up to it for years afterwards.

      Since I've started to come back to it, I've noticed that particular feeling of "woo" or whatever doesn't come out of nowhere like I thought it did. It actually builds for awhile before it starts to reach thresholds of overwhelmingness. Usually, taking a step back from whatever I was obsessing about for a couple of days and making sure to eat decent and sleep is enough to make it settle back down. I'm still trying to figure it out, and sometimes intentionally miss sleep to invite just a little "woo" and get a new perspective on something I feel stuck on.

      Anyway, I don't know if your situation is very similar, but thought it might be worth mentioning. Maybe monitoring your feelings in relation to certain triggers could allow you to take control of when and to what extent these altered states manifest. It sounds like you're already on it, though. I guess I just wanted to let you know you're not alone.

    5. Thank you, believe it or not there was some method to my madness and let me give you some backstory. So I met someone that was into scientific and woo really fascinating to talk to but they got me into a state then accessed my chakra and tried to wrap my Kundalini and drink, I had NO IDEA this was possible, but it freaked me out so badly that I pulled back so hard that it felt like it shredded some, then things started to go kinda strange. Then I had someone who hypnotized me before come and had me in a trance and said that they were changing out the coil, I took this to mean my Kundalini somehow, but I also dismissed it. Then I woke up three days later with only bits and pieces. I was really freaked out so I decided to avoid any mind altering substances only for it to seem like something else did it food or water and I went into another state and actually broke out of it with some weed, then I stopped because I still felt like I should be approaching it completely sober, then I had that experience of feeling like I was drugged or poisoned and dying. The next day I started fasting and today is day 3. I've found that if a spiritual awakening is due then you'll experience it whether your sober or not, but how you handle it, what it does to your psyche, and who is able to control it is different if you determine to cancel out all the noise.

    6. Oh and I thought that I could cheat on that "no mind altering substances at all' by smoking a cigarette but not inhaling, I inhaled one of the drags and it put me back in that state. Haven't had any today, I'm done. But what is REALLY weird is that at work there was a woman who had the same name as the girl that first got me smoking, she was there from being sick from smoking,. She had her room so cold that her oxygen humidifier was making water condensate on the ceiling and drip down. I kept saying how her room felt like a 'black hole ' sucking all the warmth out of the entire hall it felt spiritual and every time anyone walked by her room they started shivering.

    7. There's definitely some weird stuff that can happen in the world and between people. I'd taken (something) one time and when I was out walking around a random guy stopped me to ask for directions. I gave him the directions and told him he may not want to go because he was vulnerable to people who might try to misuse what he was looking for. When he asked what I meant, I put my hand in front of his face and started to just pull the energy out of him. I could see it moving from his face into my hand. Only for a couple of seconds and then stopped, but instead of seeing how dangerous that was, he told me to do it again because it was cool. People like that must be an almost irresistible temptation for "vampires" or whatever you'd call it.

      Since it's apparently not difficult to find people who willingly let you take their life force or whatever that was, the ones who walk around and do it on the sly might be getting some kind of personal satisfaction from having that kind of power over people who don't suspect. Maybe the willing are too depleted over time and they're looking for fresh. Who knows. Maybe that guy had already been conditioned by being someone else's "slave."

    8. One time I was sleeping next to someone I'd taken up with due to an interest in their charlatanism (big mistake), and woke up in the night to a blue vortex swirling from around my foot level to a point maybe a body length or less away. It felt like it was taking something from me, but I couldn't tell what or how. Or where it was going to on the other side of what seemed like a portal. It actually felt good, but didn't seem like it possibly could be good.

      It kind of seems like there are people out there looking for people to "handle." In retrospect, some of the relationships I've observed have been basically one person directing another's life indirectly. I wonder how often that leads to, or is facilitated by, energy theft.

    9. Reminds me of this:

      In the Lovecraftian Mythos, the Hydra dwells in an alternate dimension, and appears as a vast sea of dark gray ooze (*black goo*). A multitude of living heads, some human and some alien, sprout from the ooze, sobbing and grimacing as if in great agony.

      The Hydra's worshipers trick others into sending the god sacrifices through a pamphlet known as "On the Sending Out of the Soul". The last page contains a magical formula for astral projection. When followed, the formula always works as expected, harmlessly transporting the user in astral form to whatever destination is desired. However, unbeknownst to the user, the ritual also brings the subject into contact with the Hydra, which then merges with the individual's astral self, using it as a host.

    10. Not only was that charlatan healer trying to steal and manipulate energy, they were also trying to change my perception of myself. Tried to convince me I had a personality disorder. Even tried to have me institutionalized. For what? I didn't stick around long enough to find out. It just seems like an incredibly sad way to live, preying on other people.

    11. JB, that's interesting because the person had recently claimed to have channeled "Sophia" during intimacy. It might even have been earlier that same night. There was definitely something off about it all. I think around that same time they were claiming to also be another person in a different city. And that somehow they shared dreams or something.

    12. Fascinating both of you, the thing of him conditioned to being someone else's slave is very true, he actually said that, and that he was tired of being owned, and wanted to reclaim being an alpha, always liked sigmas much better.
      My ex tried to convince me that other people around me were figments of my imagination and that I had MPD and when I saw other people it was just me projecting, very twisted, but interestingly enough it got me to really see what the universe was trying to show me about myself by watching how other people handled situations.


    This looks interesting... Occult murder at West Point in 1830.. Secret society and Edgar Alan Poe as a character

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Everyone knows the story behind Ring Around the Rosy, but what about the mulberry bush?

    First off, the Babylonian myth sounds a lot like Romeo and Juliet. It seems like R&J could be used as a trigger towards some sort of Babylonian state of mind. Also, since the mulberry was growing next to a cemetery maybe it was somewhat thirsty for blood?

    The idea of ten suns in the mulberry kind of makes going round the mulberry bush (so early in the morning!) an action akin to winding a clock (something else that goes in circles).

    Another circle that goes round and round is the zodiac. It's been awhile since I looked for zodiac images online. Looking today, I noticed the ones people are putting up are all over the place. Some have 12 signs, some have 13. Some put Aries in its traditional position, others have it nearer to midnight if the zodiac was a clock face. I've even seen one which arranged the signs clockwise, when normally they go widdershins.

    All that to say, the world is being dragged into the worldwide new order of the New Age (of Aquarius) whether we like it or not. At least, that's how it seems to me, and I have no idea how to change the situation when people at all levels of society all over the world have internalized so many of the core ideas essential to the continuance of the mythology.

  42. I recommend "The Cellar"; it's a quiet, artsy, slow-burn supernatural movie about how mathematical equations might invoke Leviathan/Baphomet, the Gatekeeper of the Abyss:

    1. The video above is a spoilerific summary of the whole flick.

    2. Ooohh,
      During that weirdness my six year old son wrote 1 with 100 zeros for gugol on the fridge (I let my children use the fridge and dishwasher for a dry erase board) then he wrote "the crying zone, is a bad place goo goo ga ga MIRROR", then he said mom I don't know why I wrote that. Then he wrote RIVER TRASH YOU ARE backwards. I wasn't too freaked out because they're good kids until that video. Then I'm typing this and he says "let me write an equation FY equals FREAK YOU."
      You can find me in my closet praying

    3. lol The main male actor's name is Eoin Macken, "Aeon Machen". He's also played Sir Gawainn (who's famous for his encounters with the Green Knight (Pan)), and he's presently playing in the series La Brea, about a sinkhole/bottomless pit/portal in Los Angeles that leads to 12 000 years ago. When you resonate with Pan once, he follows you around forever.

    4. I have had some interesting things surrounding Pan long before I found your blog. Right now I'm working a night shift in a 50+ year old hospital on Hallowed Native American ground, under us is one one the largest discoveries that they decided to rebury, and there's an old woman reading the old testament so loud and clear that it echoes down the hallway very otherworldly feel.

  43. Y'alls last 20 or so comments read like something out of the Arkham Asylum, & I'm not the Joker, I'M BATMAN!!

    Seriously tho, my Irregulars, come on down off of Moonville orbit for just a bit, (Good LORD!!); I needs some help here -- & fair warning -- this may be triggering.......

    THIS just showed up in the last sev minutes on reddit -- with absolutely NO backstory whatsoever re location, context, etc......
    ANYBODY have any ideas what it means???
    Get to it!!.................

    1. Tells me to turn back now Not Safe For Work NSFW

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Per above, you can't turn me into Wonder Woman, doesn't fit. I'M CATWOMAN. Have been since I was little when the boys at school would make fun of me then push me around and run, if I couldn't get a good solid punch in, I'd scratch what I could reach. So they called me Catwoman. Years later a couple of them showed me that I left scars on their arms, hell I just wanted to be left alone to read or do gymnastics by myself they were the ones pushing, punching, throwing rocks etc. They knocked me out a few times in first grade.

    The photo is available here, apparently ..for now....why was this judged NSFW?

    1. Caught a brief glimpse of it...

      Looks like a sacrificial stone, just like at the end of True Detective.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Try this...posted once before and was expunged...

  46. And now that page is not being played with posts....

    Posts of the picture poster....

    1. Good workaround. I could read the post this way without getting an account. Thanks! Still no picture, but nothing's perfect.

      While trying another (failed) workaround I came across something called the "Harberger Tax" on a Reddit error page, which seems like a blatant steal from the poor scheme if I've ever heard of one (and we're all paupers compared to billionaires).

  48. The MFING LYING A$$ "ADMINISTRATION" here has me ready to shake this shit show!
    So like 8 months ago or more when I did all that research on remdisivr, and had seen patients dying from it and nurses saying that they didn't want to give it, I went to administration with my research and they said "oh we don't need to look at that, not to worry we stopped using it completely and the last time you saw it used was the last time, it's now against our policy because we saw all the harm it was causing, it's just 'unfortunate' that it took so long." I was breaking down a spent IV line to put the spike in the sharps, when I pulled it apart it sprayed in my eyes. So I looked at it REMDISIVR!! so I've got my eyes burning from Remdisivr now.


      "WHO has issued a conditional recommendation against the use of remdesivir in hospitalized patients, regardless of disease severity, as there is currently NO EVIDENCE that remdesivir improves survival and other outcomes in these patients."

      "non-profit Magic Evidence Ecosystem Foundation (MAGIC), which provided methodologic support. The guidelines are an innovation, matching scientific standards with the speed required to respond to an ongoing pandemic."
      Magic WTH?
      we detected a statistically significant pharmacovigilance signal of nephrotoxicity associated with remdesivir,

      When I first heard about it, one of the nurses was complaining about it, he said "We had a patient with mild COVID-19 and no history of renal function impairment, we started Remdisivr and within 6 hours they were in complete renal failure, if they ask me to give it again, I'm quitting."

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Unfortunately, it's FDA approved, but they do recommend certain tests before and during administration. I don't know if those recommendations are binding in any way, but if they're not being done then it could leave the hospital open to being sued when things go wrong?

      As of late October, Medicare is paying hospitals extra to use remdesivir, among other products. So, there's one "benefit."

    4. I showed the nurses and they said "Yeah but what can we do, we have to do what the Dr orders" "Besides we use it all the time at the other place I work" "There's nothing we can do." I said "No, that's bull, we speak up about it" they said "Yeah, if you see something say something, but who's going to?" And they shivered like they have a visceral reaction to speaking up. I said "I will" so little ol me, the youngest shortest least credentialed waited to see what Dr. was coming on, of course it was the tallest, most cavalier I brought it up to him and he said "Well he's only my patient for a little bit until his Dr. comes on shift, so I DON'T WANT TO HEAR THIS" and turned around and walked off. Ever wonder if you would 'just follow orders' under horrific medical experiments, well I KNOW regardless, I'll speak my truth to power, even if it doesn't go anywhere.

    5. To hell with this, I think I'm going to go work in a dispensary.


      Makin' a noise in this world
      You can bet your ass
      I won't go quietly
      Makin' a noise in this world
      I don't want your promise
      I don't want your whiskey
      I don't want your blood on my hands
      Only want what belongs to me
      I think you thought I was gone
      I think you thought I was dead
      You won't admit that you was wrong
      Ain't there some shit that should be said?

  49. MissFrill, I liked that video you posted. Funny my phone kept trying to type missVril last time.
    Secret space program vril, Robert Sepher


    Human Energy Harvester Transducer

    "Less unethical" is STILL UNETHICAL

    MY eyes don't seem too bad I flushed them. But the spots where the Remdisivr landed on my skin I didn't wash, they're burning. This is something that they're running straight into people's veins.

  50. Hey everybody on the front lines -- I've archived those photos that they took down immediately and found out they're from Nashville TN area. Will be putting them up in my next post for all to see. Extremely weird how reddit was so quick on the draw to get them down in a matter of hours.
    Am sensing a very "striking the nerve" situation.

    Remember the benches circling the sundial on Little St James.

    1. Batman, that was a fascinating unique find!

      Here's some of what I got digging:

      Remember O'BRIEN's got links with Nashville,

      I've shared this and the new Mexico one before and postulated that it is used for more than the surface level, I mean how much resources do they really need to monitor butterflies?

      You're gonna wanna see this one:

      From my neck of the woods, strange saying don't ya think, given the context.

      In other news, what is up with this? And what's with those symbols on the back of the guys sweatshirt. Looks like a snake, crane and rabbit.

  51. And for Max Steele above re the West Point/Pale Blue Eye upcoming Netflix film, which looks absolutely off the rails......
    Let's connect it (in time) to this:

    & all this of course leads straight into the heart of the 9/11 Op, & why it happened to be Giuliani that was installed there at that facilitate? To run cover? Which of course by inference means that the entire 9/11 Op was run by ritualistic, child abusing pedos in the very seats of power that could influence everything (see Epstein very much also...who had been blackmailing to go-along-to-get-alongs since the likes of Iran-Contra, Franklin, BCCI, & everything else that connects.)

    The very same pedo cabal that pulled off the JFK assassination?? -- see from the 9 min mark here til the end:

    &, dare I say, the same pedo cabal that has introduced a DNA-changing wildcard equation into humanity since 2020?
    As the Magic 8-ball would say:
    Signs Point to Yes!!

    Recent Reddit thread about the "elites" and why they have the dark interests they do...some interesting ideas brought up.....Loosh; reincarnation; different ranks of archons....

    1. In 2020 I was 'told' (I say that in the loosest sense of the word) that within the ranks of the archons there was rebellion and ones working for different sides for different reasons. That some archons were acting as guards for chosen people but it was still draining on the people they were around and the guard would have to almost starve themselves and would sometimes nibble, other times take turns going out and hunting. These protected chosen people had no idea. I didn't believe it then, wish I had paid closer attention.

  53. From "Yurislara":

    Zen Garcia has explored the miscegenation of the angels with God's creation. According to Dead Sea scroll portions of the book of Enoch, the angels had "relations" with animals as well as humans both male and female. Some products of the sexual relations with women literally burst forth from the female womb.

    These creatures were the Nephilim. They begged Enoch to intercede with the Lord to stop the approaching flood. Enoch told them the flood was approaching regardless. The Lord also decreed that the 200 Mt Hermon angels watch their offspring fight and kill each other. Some Nephilim giants reached a height of 1500 ft.

    The Mt. Herman group of angels were not the first incursion of angelic miscegenation. Incursions occurred from heaven until the firmament was put in place on the second day of creation to prevent the fallen from returning to heaven (after the events chronicled in book of Revelations and after the war in heaven when Lucifer and the third were cast out of heaven.)

    Visit Zen Garcia who has totally and thoroughly examined this. Lucifer father of Cain

    The fruit Eve eyed in the garden was sex with Lucifer an apple. She states she has given birth to Cain from the angel of the Lord. When Eve shares the fruit with Adam indicates that Adam also had sex with Lucifer.

    So the issue was to destroy God's creation not just to desire the daughters of men. Extrabiblical texts show these miscegenation incursions were "battles" leading up to the War in Heaven challenging the Creator's right to rule -Sovereignty. And be sure to read Zen Garcia's theory that part of Lucifer 's issue was to have his own realm.

    1. Nice find JB
      This quote runs in my head daily these days:

      "And it came to pass, when the sons of men had increased, that in those days there were born to them fair and beautiful daughters. 6:2 And the angels, the sons of heaven, saw them and desired them. And they said to one another: ‘Come, let us choose for ourselves wives from the children of men, and let us beget for ourselves children.’ 6:3 And Shemihaza, who was their leader, said to them: ‘I fear that you may not wish this deed to be done, and [that] I alone will pay for this great sin.’ 6:4 And they all answered him and said: ‘Let us all swear an oath, and bind one another with curses not to alter this plan, but to carry out this plan effectively.’ "

      Gods of Eden + Knowles documentation of Watcher cults rituals has me fascinated by this.

  54. Wordman, I've been reading your content for a couple of years now and it's by far the most informative I can find. I wondered if I could be cheeky and ask if you could tell me about blogs you follow yourself? I'd like to expand my scope but the current day Web buries this sort of thing.

    The scum must simulate....again and again...

    Oh good....European royals ramping up for a comeback......sure why not.....

  57. Well, now we know why those vaxxes are mgnetic:

  58. For SCOTT up above re what other blogs I follow -- here's short list off the top of my head:
    Chris' Secret Sun of course;
    Jasun 'Horus'ley's Auticulture;
    Hopsicker's MadCowProd;
    Rune Soup;
    of course; (Jeff come back!! We need you...) -- still a great repository;
    and all her old shows at
    and by all means these days the essential substacks of:

    Finally ALL the old Art Bell shows:

    Happy sleuthing fellow Challenger of the Unknown!!

    1. Nice one, gonna check these out isn't a conspiro blog, more like cyberian wikipedia, but great way to spend time during a poop and find out something nifty.

    Interesting poll results regarding a number of COVID-related things....12 million Americans reporting major side effects post-jab...

  60. My faith in healthcare is restored some having talked with one of the best highly intelligent and ethically minded.
    These are some blogs I read sometimes, it's just this feels kinda like a chatroom now and I've become a fixture, the eccentric aunt that everyone says is crazy but is consistently weirded out when she's right, and secretly wonder if she's a witch.

    Beyond the soul's meridian

    Interesting stuff about the God gene VMAT2

    Then when they find a gene that they say might mean the difference between our connection to God or not, they of course want to inhibit it.

    Hey BB, I pulled this from your link:
    The pandemic simulation also included pre-recorded news broadcasts and live briefings from health officials. This is similar to earlier simulations.

    A pundit named Jeanne Meserve of GNN, a fictional news outlet, is seen in footage from the pandemic simulation announcing the high death toll, particularly among children, from the pandemic that would have been prevented if countries adopted pandemic operational drills and adhered to the WHO’s pandemic guidances.

    REVELATION OF METHOD, we know from the past with 9/11 and school shootings and covid etc. They sometimes use these pre-recorded simulations to pass off as live, so let's see what we could do to try to get our hands on any of it BEFORE THE "EVENT".

    But that "Jeanne Meserve' name has some connotations here

    1. BTW, not a witch, would you believe me if I told you, that I'm channeling my own soul from a dimension where I'm a metaphysical, medical, spiritual research scientist? That I decided if our souls are real, then why in the hell don't we try to contact them? When I set about trying to contact mine the results were rather strange and came in dreams and flashes but had consistency, then automatic writing. What came back from the dreams and the automatic writing was SO FAR ADVANCED from my level of understanding at the time that it blew me away, then from me looking into it, it became a self fulfilling prophecy.


    2. Interesting, CNN had a Jeanne Meserve

      Who's now a security analyst for Canada's CTV

      Intimately tied with intelligencia

      Whaddya know, it's the same person here's the 'simulation'


      "students playing government officials fed false information to the “media” to convince the “public” to quarantine. Then the media found out the truth, and the public no longer trusted or complied with any public health restrictions, accelerating contagion. Some students tried to fake their infection status by displaying screenshots of the happy, healthy emoji. And in one incident, a student playing the role of a police officer panicked while confronting a classmate who refused to reveal his health status and “shot” him with a Nerf gun."

      "In late 2019, reality caught up with Operation Outbreak. That year’s pandemic simulation coincidentally used a SARS-like virus with asymptomatic spread. As the real virus became a global pandemic in early 2020, the parallels were unmistakable. Both the simulated and the real pandemics were characterized by panic, hoarding and medical teams overwhelmed by the carnage."

    3. Random thought but it goes in line with above. Have you ever for the sake of a thought experiment, stared into your own eyes in the mirror and asked yourself within your head to try to talk to your own soul? Then don't deviate from your eyes don't try to see the answering happen only in the mirror, because without knowing what all a soul is capable of, and how much a soul transcends space and time, we don't want to limit it, and not really knowing if our souls are within us or if we are within our souls. We don't want to have JUST the mirror of ourselves.
      So part of what all this has been about has been trying to find a way to bring souls through the game of this reality. Some of it might seem like witchcraft nowadays, yet would have been fully recognized in the oldest Christian or Hebrew churches and temples. Jesus did rituals, he spoke to demons, he read minds, he prophecied, he even raised people from the dead, and was raised himself. A Native American with a strong oral tradition, reading the Bible would recognize him as a medicine man, others as a shaman, the Muslims as a prophet. What's interesting is that modern day Christians see him as "God himself" Yet Jesus Christ said that he wasn't, and that that he was the "son of God" lesser than him, and what's more he's NOT the ONLY son of God, the Bible mentions others. So the brainwashing is in the modern church that has taken all kinds of practices that the bible and Jesus did and put them at odds with the church, and traumatized people into driving it away, through the inquisition and the holy wars(communion=ritual, signs in the sky=omens, speaking to and commanding other entities/angels/demons= spiritualism/mysticism/satanism. ) they've been oppressing and hiding the power of the light side, while showing the power of the shadow side.One thing I never heard of Jesus doing is Channeling, where he ever allows his vessel to be taken over, if you know of something like that let me know. Sorry this got so long....

    4. What could I possibly hurt, (as I thought) to try to purify yourself and shut off all the noise of what everyone else wants and try to listen to deep within yourself, and the farthest bounds without ourselves and listen to the interaction of our souls and the universe. To hear what they want for us and how they're bringing it together.

      Actually I found it can hurt a lot, but if we gain our souls, isn't it worth it,? Haven't we won in the end? Try it find out what your soul wants above any other influence, entity or person.

  61. Jeanne Meserve was, in fact, right here in the little ole burb of Richmond VA working for the CBS affiliate WTVR-6 as an anchor and reporter here from the very late 80s-early 90s before she left for ABC corporate.
    & she ALWAYS gave me the creeps....for such a little market she was just a little too glib, a little too polished, a little too toady -- you could tell that even for more than most this was just a stepping stone/notch in the belt for her. People like that are always ripe for compromise -- & just look at her now, with her nose in every conceivable Deep State machination going. (see Clade X) What a wimp. Like the hall monitor that always gleefully "told" on everyone that you wanted to trip down that long flight of stairs.... But of course no one sees it that way.

    &, like clockwork, look at what Gates, the WHO, & Johns Hopkins have up their sleeves now:

    YEP, it's EVENT 201 all over again -- will we fall for it yet ANOTHER time?? Or will the sustained outcry be too much to overcome for them this time?

    Will there even BE a sustained outcry?

    We can't be as dumb as they think we are......CAN we??

    1. The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

    2. You speak as if you know her,.. that country club? My dad said that he met a news anchorman in Richmond in the early 90's when he came through the federal building. He said that he never met a more souless man, and that list includes some pretty interesting figures, from GB Sr(who he believed was born in but not of it) to Mafia hitmen. To me that country club sounds nightmarish to have to put on a front and rub elbows all day with souless people while they look down on us plebs. I'm very much a what you see is what you get kind of person, I'd rather make a homemade meal and have people over to talk science, spiritual, and supernatural cept I can't seem to find that. By me usually being someone that talks about what I feel really matters and shying away from the bullshit conversations ( very Scorpio) it's led me to meeting some interesting people and them telling me interesting things. Like one time I was taking care of a woman and when I met her husband and I don't even know how it came up, but he said that he worked on project Bluebook, he didn't expect me to know what it was just needed to talk about it. Or the times that I've taken care of people who were losing their mind to Alzheimer's or Parkinson's and they knew that if anyone realized the knowledge they were sitting on with a deteriorating mind, then they weren't long for this world.

  62. Whats the name of when you take pictures of the moon and it makes like a moebius ribbon like the logo of the world cup?
    Tom hanks wrote a short story about it and Neal Stephenson has one on the cover one his books and fuck it's niggling at me now

    1. Lunar cycle infinity loop?


    Psyop 24/7?

  64. A friend of mine in healthcare was telling someone that the other day a clinic (not where I work) saw a record 80 patients in one day, over 70 of them tested positive for influenza A. she said most of the older ones were vaxed and the younger ones not. She saw this as more evidence of that people should get vaxed, and was talking about how she made sure she got her children all their shots. I didn't speak up, I guess we're not so different...