Monday, October 26, 2020



"O God, I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space, were it not that I have bad dreams.”

William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act II, Scene II


“A mote it is to trouble the mind’s eye.

In the most high and palmy state of Rome,

A little ere the mightiest Julius fell,

The graves stood tenantless and the sheeted dead

Did squeak and gibber in the Roman streets

As stars with trains of fire and dews of blood,

Disasters in the sun, and the moist star

Upon whose influence Neptune’s empire stands

Was sick almost to doomsday with eclipse.

And even the like precurse of feared events,

As harbingers preceding still the fates

And prologue to the omen coming on,

Have heaven and earth together demonstrated

Unto our climatures and countrymen.”

William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act I, Scene I



“Drinkin’ lemonade shanty/ Ain’t nobody gonna do me harm/ But I’m like a fish out of water/ Down here on the farm.

I call my baby on the telephone/ I say come down and have some fun/ But she knows what the score is/ Down on the farm.”      

Down On The Farm, UK Subs (1982)


“I light your fire/ I destroy your heaven/

I recreate your world/ I now add the 1 to form the 11.”

In the Loving Arms of Lunacy’s Secret Demons, The Devil’s Blood III Tabula Rasa (2013) 



Now that evidently the FBI has seen fit to drop the Hunter Biden laptop (child porn with his 14-yr-old niece Natalie) investigation in one of the most shameless turnings-away and covering up of the worst kind of corruption and perversion, we can all see what exactly the Swamp is, can’t we? Ah yes, another election cycle and another laptop have gone the way of the dodo; Pizzagate 2.0. Only now the obfuscation machinery is even more finely tuned and well-oiled than it was 4 years ago, the Deep State having become even more firmly entrenched down at the levers where our reality paradigm gets produced. The hermetic seal of protection around the dregs of society is fully complete, with what passes for media these days leading the way. Any kind of objective journalism is dead.  None of this could be accomplished, however, without meddling with the parameters and foundations of reality. And therein lies the rub, and what we’ll be placing under the microscope this time, here in the basement forensics lab under the Night Gallery. Come on inside.


The names, at times, change, but the organizations remain generational and bloodline, following the exact same schematic as the black SRA cults do – because all are drafted to the same end. It’s why we continue to see the telltale fingerprints of the occult in in black ops like 9/11…

It’s why COVID is currently targeting our neural pathways, and our dreams…

These are spiritual attacks, every bit as much as physical ones.


The same PR firm – Hill and Knowlton – that was hired to catapult the “Nayirah” false story to launch the US into the first Gulf War (on the utterly contrived pretense of saving “the dying babies from being scattered on the cold floors…”), has now been hired by the WHO to spread COVID 19 psyops and propaganda (masks forever, unending lockdowns and social distancing.)

The Nayirah charade was crafted entirely, by the way, by the Bush junta:

The line from there to 9/11, is an exceedingly short one…and coloured by multiple influences from Skull and Bones to Bohemian Grove. How many lives, in the millions, worldwide might we have saved had we prosecuted the liars for treason back then, in 1991, when the full truth came out? We would be living in a different world today.

I mention this while always remembering that we need to be ever mindful that this could always, calling down COVID, be the old reverse psychology gambit that could also imminently benefit them: they’re fooling us into thinking they’re fooling us when something real is actually afoot. And this is where the Binary Weapons system could come into play: whatever we’re being exposed to now, however innocuous seeming, is designed to mutate upon the introduction of an ‘X’ factor as yet to be introduced into the equation. COVID 19 is so widespread globally because it was specifically designed to infect the entire world population. And yet it represents only Part I of a two-part platform. Part II is yet to come after an appropriate amount of time – perhaps the vaccine. Whatever it is, it will be the activating agent. Softened up thru decades of chemtrailing, mentally unarmed from just as long at the MKUltra trough, humanity will be the perfect vessels for whatever indwelling awaits.


But first the table has to be set. And that requires the powering down of all of us. Just one day before the drops started coming on the Hunter Biden laptop and its contents, the heads of twitter, facebook, Google and Youtube vanished hundreds of accounts into the ether. Entire lives of curiosity, Thousands of hours of research. All gone. Particularly targeted happened to be any accounts having the temerity to ever mention the ‘Q’ movement, much less side with it. Many have moved over to bitchute, like Amazing Polly:  


When child porn happens to show up on the Biden laptop, any curiosity seeker wondering what ‘Q’ was, or looking for some explanation would find only the party line (only ‘conspiracy theory’ and LARP explanations allowed.) Which of course begs the question, if it IS just a LARP, why the wholesale banishing? Why the fear? Even more people would have been curious given President Trump’s questioning on Q and even satanic pedophile rings during his town hall network meeting, also happening to come on the exact same night all those accounts were disappeared:

Interesting timing. Savannah Guthrie on a national platform questions Trump saying ‘Q’ pushes the debunked “conspiracy theory” that elites are pedos…

Hours later the actual hunter Biden pedo laptop surfaces. The MSM: crickets.

And all avenues of investigation and information-sharing? Conveniently disappeared.


Speaking of bloodlines, let’s examine some.    

From the above:

Oct. 15, 2020, 2:59 PM UTC

By Brandy Zadrozny and Ben Collins

“YouTube said Thursday that it would no longer allow content that targets individuals and groups with conspiracy theories, specifically QAnon and its antecedent, ‘pizzagate.’

‘Today, we are taking another step in our efforts to curb hate and harassment by removing more conspiracy theory content used to justify real-world violence,’ the company announced on its blog.

The new rules, an expansion of YouTube’s existing hate and harassment policies, will prohibit content that ‘threatens or harrasses someone by suggesting they are complicit in one of these harmful conspiracies, such as QAnon or Pizzagate,’ the post read.

YouTube said it would be enforcing the updated policy immediately and plans to ‘ramp up in the weeks to come.’

YouTube’s move to rid the platform of QAnon content follows similar recent changes by other social media platforms. In July, Twitter removed QAnon accounts and restricted QAnon content. Last week, Facebook said it would remove groups, pages and Instagram accounts that identified with QAnon.

QAnon is a conspiracy theory that baselessly claims high-profile Democrats and Hollywood celebrities are ritually sacrificing children as part of a cabal that President Donald Trump is fighting. Online, QAnon followers relentlessly attack public and private figures they imagine to be part of the satanic cabal. Some followers have taken their violent fantasies into the real world, allegedly committing violent crimes, including murder, a fact that moved the F.B.I. to label it a potential domestic terror threat in 2019.” 

Who is the Youtube CEO again? Susan Wojcicki.

Let’s go to the thruline to see the agenda connections:

And who is the Wojcicki sisters’ father? That would be Stanley Wojcicki, one of the standard bearers at CERN, whose eldritch agenda we have profiled at length in this space previously:    

It certainly begins to appear we are dealing with not just a Civil War, but a Cosmic one. Why would the head of 23andme be mixed up in all this? Think wide-scale eugenics, transhumanism, AI and more. Think of the shared interests of Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein, and extrapolate those interests out into the farthest vanishing-point horizon.

We have in our hands a narrative where all the stars are aligning.


We have a situation in this country now where you can place the same information in front of 2 people, often in the same family. One person will see it all, and where it leads. The other person won’t. But it appears to go even beyond simple stubbornness or confirmation bias...they CAN’T see it. And this gets into something biblical called the Strong Delusion, where in the final runup God will actually prevent a portion of the population (the unawakened) from being able to perceive and/or even see the truth. This video explains it on an even better level:

"The coming of the lawless one is by the activity of Satan with all power and false signs and wonders, and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness."   2 Thessalonians 2, 9-12

When one knows the truth and refuses to obey it, he is subject to any lie, any deception, any untruth that Evil can conjure up. Or, put another way as John Mellencamp used to rock out to – you gotta stand for something or you’re gonna fall for anything.


And this is only one part of the Reality play. It goes far deeper. Let’s peer over the edge. Something prowls here. Something lurks. Why is COVID altering our dreams?

Something is forcefully entering the terrain of our liminal states….our dreamtime is being invaded  -- showing this is not just a virus but a phenomenon that may have more in league with the paranormal realms that any of us may have previously dared to think…and it may have been engineered, on a near alchemical basis, for just these outcomes.,online%20posts%20reflect%20these%20findings

We have previously examined the strange confluence of dream states, aerial phenomena, and the strange interoperability between the two:


IT’S THE NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET THRULINE, from JFK to 9/11 to this...Mass Trauma in Mass Effect…Full Spectrum Dominance, once the fever dream of the Bush Neocons, has arrived in all its psychedelic, Technicolor glory to haunt our dreams. The Technocracy holds sway over all, with liberal doses of horror from the Pedophocracy cheap seats.

And this has been amoung us for quite some time. Case in point: MITRE Corp. In another investigation here that still pertains to events today, MITRE was found to be the throbbing heart of something which initially looked like it was headed off in another direction entirely:

That 2016 article (detailing a 1980 event in the UK) only makes me wonder even more about the ultimate intentions of Gates and Epstein – any perhaps most importantly, why?

We find these investigations overlapping time and time again…only last time we saw one of the final photos of JonBenet Ramsey, with the possible looming spectre of Ghislaine Maxwell over her shoulder. And we looked at the many problems with the Ramsey case here:

The need for perspective here is paramount. The ability to stand back and take in the widest, VistaVision expanse of what is going on, is of the utmost necessity to begin to perceive the full story. The totality of this is overwhelming, and, much like a once-in-a-lifetime comet, may be best perceived in the peripheral vision. On the turning away is where the complete horror lies, in so many ways.


MITRE Corp, along with Ptech, had assumed control of all interoperability issues thruout the network that comprised the 9/11 op. NORAD, the FAA, the Air Force, Cheyenne Mountain, the DOD, all were compromised that morning and both made to see things that weren’t there, as well as blinded from what was – just another way the 9/11 exercise SO resembles what is now occurring with COVID. Both are truly mirror extensions of each other. What did Karl Rove, lead Bush neocon at the time say then? Writer Ron Suskind for the NYT magazine wrote:

“The aide {Rove} said that guys like me were 'in what we call the reality-based community,' which he defined as people who 'believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.' [...] 'That's not the way the world really works anymore,' he continued. 'We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors...and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

Sound familiar? Welcome to the world now, also. The Great Reset thru trauma-based programming. Voila! Reality shift. Love your New Normal.

And to see how they hit the mental reset buttons for all-trauma, all the time, just look at what is prevailing in the media right now…”I recreate your world/ I now add the 1 to form the 11.”



That last one -- right after the new Netflix 'pause' screen -- courtesy of your fiends in the World Economic Forum (WEF); the ones that brought you Event 201, the dry run in October 2019 that just happened to predict everything that was about the happen in the world, pandemic-wise. Along with naturally the Gates Foundation of course. That’s Bill AND Melinda, who is never shy about showing her true allegiance.

Before we leave MITRE I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that Mitre is derived from the word Mithras, the old Babylonian god. And yes, Mithraism is a cult and full-fledged mystery religion:

It is also the root word of both measure and meter, and is greatly revered in Masonic circles. It is also the ‘god’ of contracts and contractual obligations, which strikes me as pertaining highly to everything we’re investigating.

Finally and in pertaining to 9/11 also, MITRE was highly involved in the research and development of unmanned aerial vehicles and remote control platforms, and had Warren Buffet as their main benefactor. The same Buffet who was at Offutt AFB the morning of 9/11 as it was happening, along with a host of other elites, and (after the fact) President Bush himself.

Offutt AFB is also heavily linked to the Temple of Set’s Michael Aquino, the Iran/Contra ratlines, MKUltra programming and Operation Monarch mind control activities, both of the latter falling under the rubric of SRA trauma-based programming, initiated by Aquino. See the testimonies of Cathy O’Brien, Paul Bonacci, and others. That Offutt should figure so prominently as the Centcomm for the 9/11 morning is certainly no accident.


Remember again, and with special respect to COVID and the mindset, this is all about making you see something that isn’t there, all the while blinding you to something that is in plain sight. This is the cornerstone. It happened on 9/11 and is happening again, every day, right now:        


We looked at this aspect here before last time too, but it bears repeating re those that were at the helm for 9/11 are still there for COVID:

And Chertoff profited handsomely from the Vegas Massacre too:

Could Stephen Paddock, the lone Vegas shooter, have been a patsy to kick off the left’s war with the right in the streets of America and to simultaneously roll in the Rapiscan naked body scanners that profit former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff, George Soros and a handful of lobbyists connected to the management of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino?


Just below the surface, where they are adamantly insisting you not look, everything connects, my friends.


We deal here in the spiritual realms more than any realize. And not spiritual realms as etheric quantifiers, but as concrete constructs that can be tangibly manipulated in this 3-dimensional reality platform, such as it is. Were Maxwell and Epstein only furthering the Great Work of John Dee, of Gilles de Rais and Elizabeth Bathory, of Crowley and Parsons? Were they attempting to summon something according to ancient manuscripts and grimoires? We know they were/are both deeply MOSSAD – what’s hidden in the MOSSAD library, and how ancient is that knowledge? Not to get all Dan Brown on you, but anyone want to bet it’s at least on a par with the Vatican’s? How is and/or was that secret mystery school knowledge being used?

As far and as advanced as our technology takes us, we are forever looking to catch up with the alchemical, aren’t we?

Here’s a weird idea – the pedo stuff is happening and yet is somehow more acceptable (and why it has been leaked and acknowledged) than what is really happening. This is considered a somewhat acceptable topic as vile as it is and isn’t even a conspiracy anymore in and of itself. But mass funded eugenics, cloning, consciousness transfer – that’s an entirely different story. This likely goes beyond eugenics even; human engineering to the nth degree, beyond what anyone could fathom.

Another buddy of Epstein’s, Elon Musk, has overseen countless projects consisting of transferring consciousness from one body to another – or from a body to another cloud system.

Epstein had significant ties to world leaders, politicians, the best scientific minds, CEOs, Hollywood elites, Royalty…the idea of he just running a pedo/blackmail ring at this point is beginning to seem too pedestrian to my eyes. There is much, much more that he was facilitating than what we have been shown on the surface. The scariest parts we haven’t even begun to delve into yet.

No matter how advanced the tech, you must also have spirit, or soul. It is the divine spark that can manipulate the environment….even if it’s programmed to try, no computer can do magick. The Monroe Institute reiterated this to the CIA in the early ‘60s; repetition causes consciousness to produce holograms – each of us can literally imagine their own physical reality into existence given enough time, effort, and willpower. The power of positive thinking. Of course, according to free will, you can go the other way with this also…


Spirited people’s blood has power. It can be used by a spiritless entity to manipulate elements, environment, and even other consciousness. This is one of the great secrets known to the Dee-Crowley-de Rais-Bathory classes and is hidden in Jewish/Egyptian/Babylonian ancient ancestral texts. It is the endgame behind all human and especially child sacrifice; physically and symbolically when there is spirit (soul) in a human being, it is most easily traced thru their blood. Even when these Death Magickians, by definition, lack Spirit, they can manipulate the power of the Divine by manipulating that spilled blood to complete their constructs and fashion their own reality.

This is what those original Stone Temple Pilots, Maxwell and Epstein, were always up to: shifting and altering units of reality in any and all ways possible. Loop them a hole in the Contract. Using the technological, the spiritual, the alchemical in a short-time, mad dash to further their own ends.

Look again at that telltale Rachel Chandler instagram photo she took underground beneath Epstein’s Temple on Little St. James. In the small details everything is given away:



Now let’s look at this recently leaked headline:

Was this some kind of test? Conditioning? What would come next? An escalation into ritual? Sacrifice? If she does this, what are the chances of getting her involved in something heavier? Testing the waters? What if she had really gotten into it? What would the next step have been?

This is part of the grooming; another level entirely but still part of the continuing process.

Let’s remember that out of hundreds of victims, likely thousands over the decades of the Epstein perversions and trafficking networking, only 30 have come forward. Where are the rest?

Where were Epstein’s 2 main enclaves? An island and a farm.

In the middle of the ocean. In the middle of the desert.

Perfect for getting rid of evidence.

Perfect for getting rid of bodies.



This is all way, way worse than has been revealed. The story of Marc Dutroux proves that, and is a case that is littered with ties to the highest elite circles and is dripping with occult symbolism and trappings:

This also gets into the Pignon Affair, the Brabant massacres, the death of Andre Cools, protected snuff networks, human and child hunting parties, and somewhere between 30-40 mysterious deaths around the prosecution which prevented the case from going farther up the foodchain. It is incredibly complex and is something I have hinted at on this blog previously and that I will be getting to in far closer detail, because its reach extends down into the Epstein network also.


None of these people are strangers to each other. The Franklin blackmail scheme was used by the CIA to implicate Iran-Contra players so that the Agency could use those very figures to initiate Continuity of Government plans via 9/11. Read that again: Franklin to Iran-Contra to 9/11. And with his knowledge and what he was doing we can put Epstein smack dab in the middle of those last 2 legs of that thread. And if the Franklin op was shuttered and continued in places like Waco, and after that NXIVM, then we can place him there as well, in amongst the Bronfmans and the Rothschilds. We already know NXIVM’s Raniere was trading kids in the pipeline back and forth between NXIVM’s Mexico enclave and Little St. James…

And in those same circles, what are Epstein’s buddies and ‘trust science’ cohorts busying themselves with now? COVID. And that should give you pause, because a new definition grows by the hour: The COVID Death Cult as it is coming to be known. With good reason.


Your life, whether you know it or not, is intimately tied up in this scarlet thread of generational mayhem and bloodline atrocities. The only way out of these looming altered states may be the information you arm yourself with.

Guard your thoughts and protect your mind. Your dreams are your own. For now.


We’ll halt this session here by ending with the same story we started with that we’re not allowed to discuss – the biggest story in the world right now that doesn’t exist: the Hunter Biden laptop. Ponder why we’re not allowed to even discuss this. Why the extreme penalties of banishment and total social disappearance are in effect if you do.

The answers may lie in this bit of insider info that just dropped and that I’ll leave you with a screenshot of. One sentence stands out near the end and sticks with me and completely tips this over into the 100% verified column for me. It is the destination of all altered states; it’s why they subject us to what they do, as well as what they are looking for:


 They care not for the flesh.


Stay safe, as this All Hallows Eve just got a little bit more interesting – and a lot darker.


  1. What is quite clear to me now is that the members of the "Globalist Elite" want to become "transhuman", in the most extreme sense of transcending both the limits of three-dimensional space and linear time, becoming one with the "powers that be", what the ancients called "lifting the veil of reality and seeing the Great God Pan".

    To this end, they have spent countless billions of dollars, completely restructured our society for the sake of total control, performed countless thousands of acts of child sex abuse, torture and sacrifice, and like Jeffrey Epstein, fully embraced the materialistic approach of "satanic ritual", UFO cultism, along with major investments in genetic engineering, nanotechnology, A.I., etc...

    But all they needed to do was get rid of their fear of death and kill themselves, SELF-control, SELF-sacrifice.

    As I did, experiencing communion with the ultra-pagan "My God, it's full of stars" without the intention.

    But the Elite is absolutely f***ing terrified of death, and they're rotten to the core spiritually, narcissists and psychopaths every single one of them, so they desperately attempt to control and sacrifice OTHERS, as if the incarnation of wisdom and eternity would ever smile upon their endless sadistic rituals and industrial-scale symbolism. So much blood spilled and terror spread in vain.

    They're empty shells who are full of themselves. Pan probably doesn't even think about them.

  2. Something worth investigating is the Cargill family. They have more individual billionaires (14) than any other wealthy family on Earth, the Cargill corporation is the biggest privately owned ($115 billion revenue), but most importantly their sheer evil: lots and lots of child trafficking and abuse in third world countries... for the sake of agriculture? Cocoa beans?

    They have been accused multiple times of satanic child sacrifice, in connection with the "Ninth Circle" pedo network, connected to the Black Robes (Jesuits), native american children on reservation near their HQ keep disappearing as well...

    The reason why I mention them is due to their Lovecraftian connection: their founder in 1865 was a scottish *sea captain*, they're a very secretive family obsessed with the occult and deeply connected to sinister religious orders, alleged horrible rites and sacrifices, their company logo is a *green leaf*, CarGILL instead of GILLman... It's "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" for f**k's sake!

    1. JB!!

      OH, do I have some things to tell you about Cargill!

      Off to work for now but will be back after 6pm EST to fill in some more dots.

      I keep telling people read the comments -- like B-sides to singles, they often are better than the actual posts!! Haha.

      Back in a flash.....

    2. How fitting in the Ides of March... And dreams and 1to11 are you sure you don't know magic? We all do it's simply the degrees and how we connect to deny it gives others your power.
      So on the consciousness transfer, possession, memory programming etc. There ARE limits to it they simply want to scare us into believing that they are in some way omnipotent. It HUGELY ties into DNA and blood type. The reason that this past year went so WONKY for me is that they (I believe) tried to somehow grapht me with my husband's ex wife consciousness they had plenty of preprogramming a la Chris (her name is Elizabeth) they erroneously believed me to have Italian DNA and RH negative. Her programmed life representative of the Dajjal she married a Muslim that couldn't speak English, she didn't know Arabic etc. BUT there's still SO MANY crossovers that this cannot be simply human working.

    3. Not to mention she was raised Catholic and my husband's family is often involved in disgusting shit hence why they keep him drugged and controlled, (as my mom said there's a methhead to her madness) his sister (all 11's no reflection) name meaning "power of the tribe" was repeatedly calling me Elizabeth, and digging then "offering" what they thought I wanted, she insinuated that his mother can't come to terms with her "other" (read evil) side unless she's on meth. While they were both on meth at the end of July, they were in this weird thing of money switching hands back and forth, then, I saw someone completely passed out like an overdose in a van that looked just like ours driven by the ones involved. Then I overheard my husband telling them that he could control me, then I started getting calls about insurance, black vehicles following everywhere etc, while I seemed to have unexplainable PTSD about being terrified for my children. It wasn't much longer after that, that I had a flashback ( though it seemed more like a spontaneous teleportation of being in a room getting tortured while my "husband" was nudging me about Solomon's Temple.

    4. Oh and it's when his mom got datura seeds and then I felt like I was in some alternate reality for quite some time.

  3. Your articles are quickly becoming my new consciousness-expanding drug, as dark as they are, but I've been on the raw, traumatising, dark side of things my whole life it seems, which would explain my falling into cosmic darkness and becoming one with the Great God Pan when I briefly travelled to the other side.

    But those pictures you posted here at the top remind me of the one time I "lifted the veil" of my living:

    When I was 4 years old, I was suffering from a very high fever, and I started hallucinating very vividly. I saw EYES opening up, EVERYWHERE around me. Smaller eyes, bigger ones, on my hands, on the walls. Then when the entire wall opened up revealing one GIGANTIC eye, pushing against all of the others, looking straight at me, feeling it's cold, inhuman intelligence, I started screaming out hysterically, crying for my mother.

    This remains clear as day in my memories, even 35 years later, just as my few hours with Pan among the stars seems more "real" than the rest of my Earthly existence.

    We desperately need to re-establish a direct line of communication with what lies beyond space-time.

    1. JB, I know we've talked about our desire to leave these broken bodies because of neverending physical pain, so I wanted to share some other similarities with you that I've kept to myself til now.

      I had Scarlet Fever when I was 6 or 7, somewhere along those lines. Fever was so bad I don't remember any of it, really, except for maybe a tiny glimpse of a single memory of being sick in bed.

      And you'll love this one: I've had a Baphomet tattooed on my right inner forearm since 2006, with some other (important to me) symbols around it. Never practiced Satanism (scares the shit out of me) and I got the idea for the whole tattoo in sort of a vision, all at once. Didn't know what a Baphomet was at that point, and Pan only through some cursory history/myth stuff through school. Kinda scared the shit out of me and convinved myself I cursed myself once I understood some of the meaning, but have come to feel like it's magical tattoo for me, in a positive way, in conjuction with the other symbols.

      I have some other thoughts pertaining to this post that I'll have to let simmer/ruminate some before posting them.

    2. Thanks for commenting ABD,

      And as for the physical pain part, I know whereof both you & JB might be coming from...basically dustified my left hip joint by 2009 from playing tennis 99% on cement for the prev 40 years.
      "It's the sport for a lifetime!" I remember the tagline back in the 1970s -- haha. All of us are basically lab rats; the first generation trying to remain active and viable thru their now 60s and 70s, something that's never happened before in modern history.

      That's why what Prince went thru with his hips and needing opioids for the pain hit home with me so much. I wasn't playing tennis in 6 inch heels or leaping 18 feet and more off of risers onto concrete stage floors either! Have done mucho research and just like P want to still retain a somewhat active lifestyle so haven't gone the replacement route -- which right now despite all the advances still means chromium/titanium heavy metal slow poisoning collecting in the internal organs and brain...uh, lemme see -- NO THANKS! And full-on ceramic is still way too fragile & means multiple revisions... Still have high hopes in my lifetime for an injectable cartilage. They've also isolated the gene that allows lizards to grow their tails back (!!) -- so there's mega cool stuff on the horizon. So what if I walk & stand like Liam Gallagher at the mic now!! Haha! Swagger is immortal, dudes.

      Re the Baphomet tat -- no worries bro. YOU define what symbols mean to YOU. Look how Hitler trashed the swastika, which has been forever tarnished now -- which is a shame. ANYTHING can be positive if that's what it means to you. Or vice versa. (Hey, I still look askance at the peace symbol!!)

      Thanks for reading ABD -- & very much looking forward to your posting here more on this one in the comments after you've fully marinated! Come on back soon.

    3. Sounds like we're all being prepared for a Monarchy.

  4. Back at it JB!!

    Hey, thanks for the compliment & more than glad to be your new drug!! Hopefully the darkness is more than offset by that whole 'knowledge is power' thing. Onward & upward comes in a lot of different guises & I'm one of those diehards that thinks we've got to know everything, no matter how grisly, to keep it from happening again, or at least for a long, long time.

    Your high fever & wall of eyeballs vision reminded me of a couple of things: First, that particular eyeball fixation that BOTH Jimmy Savile & Epstein had -- Savile with his eyeball rings & Epstein with his interior WALL of eyeballs that greeted those that made it into the inner sanctum of his NY digs. So bizarre that those 2 shared that particular fetish, amoung many others.

    Secondly, high fevers around that age (4-5) in childhood often signal/herald transformative events coming later on down the pike it seems. Greatest case in point I can think of is Whitley Strieber, who had a dangerously high fever from which he almost died that strangely coincided with an interest in him by some shadowy, military MKUltra-type figures acquainted with his family in rural Texas at Randolph AFB, which happened to be ground zero for where a lot of the Project Paperclip forces wound up. Perhaps the high fevers at that age open the psyche up to diff realms or serve as some kind of homing beacon for the "other" to take notice of....

    Finally = CARGILL. It's not often you can call a wiki entry interesting, but this one certainly is if you read between the lines:

    More billionaires per fam than any other in US history, and one that is notoriously "secretive." Pay particular attention to the criticisms of Cargill click-thru link at page bottom.

    Then there was of course this from 2014 that I noted in one of my posts back then also:

    Much was made at the time of it not being legit, but sev sources have spoken to me off the record saying it very much was -- just not covered for very good reason in any MSM. Other than the somewhat spurious Kevin Annett, any "official" prosecution was handled strictly off-the-books and very much on the down-low...if at all.

    A lot of "naughty boy, don't do that again!" hand slaps all around (of the Michael Aquino variety), and then all were quietly let go.
    This strata and class of evil has worked its way so far up the social ladder that UNTOUCHABLE is strictly the order of the day. This far & no farther type stuff. People like Dutroux, Larry King of Franklin fame, and Epstein are only the foot soldiers and the ones who take the heat.
    The real power players are never gotten to.

    At least not yet.

    1. 1- Keith Rainiere just got sentenced to 120 years though, so that's something.

      2- I think high, agonizing, almost fatal fever in a young child who knows nothing of the world does technically qualify as "trauma based conditioning", simply mother nature to blame instead of some MK-Ultra freak. It forces you to brutally deal with harsh reality and grow up faster, it *might* send up a "flare" to the ethereal surveillance system between worlds; the rest of my life has been UFO sightings, dragonfly fairies, ancient pagan gods, ghosts (some of these phenomena occasionally witnessed by others as well)...

      3- Finally, about Gilgamesh, a story I am very familiar with, in the Sumerian-Babylonian version he never found the secret of immortality, as the Nimrod of the Hebrew he attempted to become immortal of sorts by building the Tower of Babel, but as the Hercules of the Greeks he DID become immortal, by finding the "golden apples at the ends of the Earth" and becoming equal to the gods. Maybe their idea of eternal life is a "Resurrection Chamber", and since the FOIA request followed with "the location of his body", we're talking suspended animation here.

      Fun fact: Gilgamesh's best friend, Enkidu was a "wild man", a faun/satyr descendant of Pan himself, with horns and the lower body of a bull (instead of a goat). Enkidu was created by Enki, considered to be the Sumerian Pan (as god of nature and creator of mankind as well).

    2. Yeah JB --

      I kinda just cheated & threw that screenshot in there at the beginning of the last post w/no explanation just to see what people might say!!

      & yes it is from the recently dropped declas DOJ Hillary email files via FOIA, that one happening to be from the State Dept & really IS inquiring about the freakin resurrection chamber of Gilgamesh...wanting info on it from Hillary!

      The person sending happens to work for Capitol Concierge (I did a bit of digging.) Check out their VERY strangely worded FAQ on their site:
      (esp under 'How does CC ensure confidentiality?')

      For some strange reason I DON'T think these guys are only about flower baskets and chocolate bunnies, mmmkay?

      Put all of this stuff together, Epstein's island, his interests, breeding, eugenics, CRISPR, mRNA mods, DNA splicing, consciousness transfer, CERN portals to & from other dimensions, on & on....this just gets more in-your-face occulty by the hour.

      It really can't get much more obvious.

      Or as Malcolm said in Jurassic Park:
      "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could they didn't stop to think if they should."

      "Genetic Power's the most awesome force the planet's ever seen but you wield it like a kid who's found his Dad's gun."

      & "Boy do I hate being right all the time."

      Peace out cub scout!!

  5. Super Soldiers the only dig I tip toed back out of... mind reeling 'swapping consciousness in many bodies" Some things I must ponder for a while because my inner compass is screaming it is true. So many Art Bell guests were trying to tell us for 20 years! Stay Safe Wordman Hugs with Love MXMom

    1. MxMM!!

      Lordie, ain't it the truth girlie!! You have no idea how many old Coast to Coasts on YouTube I STILL fall asleep listening to every night! Art's shows in the mid-to-late '90s were stupendous; and when he was getting anywhere from 15-20 million listeners a night.

      Feels right now like a LOT of folks began their awakening back then -- and a lot of "movements" that are flourishing today are filling to the brim with those listeners...the ones that never really stopped listening and just branched out into other areas of interest, but with that fire inside that was initially lit by those late nights. Sounds like you might be one yerself girlfriend!!

      And Super Soldiers -- don't they sound like the wet dream of all those DNA re-modelers and transhumanists out there with last names like Gates and Kurzweil and Epstein? And all those modern-day sorcerers at CERN?

      Bring back actual humanity -- I miss it. Along those same lines every day I tell people: If you can pretend Bruce Jenner is a girl, you can pretend I'm wearing a mask!

      Huggies & kissies right back at cha!! And don't be a stranger!

    2. Art Bell Fan since 1997. Ramona wife days.. that was a shock! Still listen to repeats every night! Funny how some of those callers left us tidbits of truth! My favorite topics Time Travel hotline, area 51 open lines and Malachi Martin. He tried to tell us, didn't he! Wish Art was here for this crazy! Hugs with Love BTW (Swimming is the best.. no impact!Shhhhh.. Loved tennis also! Hehe goodnight! Youth it's wasted on the young I tell ya)

    3. So ((a good?("they"))tried to do a consciousness transfer that I partially agreed to seemed a shell game. Weirdest thing sitting back pretending to be asleep in my own body while listening to 'someone' talk in my head complain about this body being blind and deaf to the spirit world. If there weren't 50 thousand 'other' things that happened, I'd have dismissed it as weird thoughts.

  6. Replies
    1. Shivery stuff MF!!

      Nice mental recall button on that number too -- they just can't resist twisting the knife, can they?

      & come INTO my residence? Yeah, come into my parlour said the spider to the fly. You can even have my gun too -- here ya go -- bullets first! Catch!!

  7. Seeing the image of Epstein’s temple I’m getting reptilians shapeshifting vibes just imagining the reunion that those people would have in those underground lairs.

    1. Catnerd!!

      LOVE that name -- had an orange tabby -- Mr. Mo -- that started feral (like me!), adopted me & my fam in 1984 and we both grew up together for 20 years. Was my spirit familiar & I miss that furry little soul every single freakin day & imagine I always will.

      Yes, you are so observant of the Little St. James situation. If the full ramifications of what went on at ALL of Epstein's properties (but esp the island & Zorro) ever comes fully to light, I am certain lots of folks would need psychological care at the news. And that's not said in jest.

      Far beyond being along with Savile the world's most prolific pedophile(s), Epstein in particular was something far heavier: a combo of Dr Frankenstein, Dr. Moreau, & Jack the Ripper.
      Not only using occult sigils and the darkest kind of black magick to further his goals, but was actively pushing those goals towards a transformative agenda not only for himself but for far larger, wider dystopian, globalist, horrorcore futures for all of us. His sniffing around & using brains like Church, Gates, Elon Musk, Charles Lieber, Hawking and so many more portends absolutely NOTHING bright for humanity going forward.

      Their Great Work is a tomorrow filled with nothing but endless pain and as Orwell said, a boot stamping on a human face, forever. So SO many are now fully awakened, engaged, & fighting that future as never before. (Is my XFiles showing?)

      From our lips to God's ears that we're not too late.

      Thanks for being here -- thanks for reading my stuff, and please come back often -- you're always welcome here.

    2. Interesting profile of him, he's all that but he has registeered companies that are carrying a lot of it out.