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“Stretching across Asia, from Northern Manchuria, through Tibet, west through Persia, and ending in Kurdistan, was a chain of seven towers, on isolated mountaintops, and in each of these towers sat continually a priest of Satan, who, by broadcasting occult vibrations controlled the destinies of the world for evil.”        Adventures in Arabia, William Seabrook  (1927)

     “Hey everybody…don’t you feel that there’s something…”  It’s A Long Way There, Graham Goble  (1975)

     “What the phenomenon really says is that the universe is a subset of something else.”     Jacques Vallee’s final statement so far on the nature of the UFO enigma

     Occult secret societies.  Military intelligence.  Dark religious orders.  The roots of Nazi-connected elites.  Banking cabals worldwide.  The Central Intelligence Agency.  The National Security State.  NASA.  Ever wonder why these and other far-reaching bedfellows always become entangled the more one looks into forbidden areas like mind control, Remote Viewing, the UFO phenomenon, and various breadcrumbs and clues left behind by assorted serial killers and Manchurian Candidates?  Do you suspect a behind-the-scenes yearning for contact with “something other” by a generational Octopus of elite controllers?  Does the CIA use Satanism as a front for social engineering or vice versa?  Does a vast unknown “control system” own humanity?  These nagging questions left splinters in the minds of great thinkers such as Jacques Vallee, J. Allen Hynek, and John Keel, and still form a crucible for our world events today, which month by month threaten to overrun the banks of common sense and rationality, spilling over into a new paradigm, a fracturing of a previous reality we only thought we knew.  Time seems to quicken even now into a headlong flight to esoteric, sinister notions previously uncharted.  Leonard Cohen sensed this when he wrote: “Things are going to slide, slide in all directions/ Won’t be nothing you can measure anymore/ The blizzard of the world has crossed the threshold and has overturned the order of the soul.”  No one has ever found better phrasing to describe our slipping down that slope of apathy and massive disinterest.  Our ultimate destruction lies in our lack of curiosity for the things that matter.

     Globe-hopping author John Keel, in his book The Eighth Tower (1976), a manuscript of ideas “faceless editors in tiny cubicles” had previously slashed from his The Mothman Prophecies, first described something he called the Superspectrum, and it could play heavily into what we’re looking for as a Unified Field Theory of High Strangeness, encompassing everything from UFOs and Bigfoot to precognition, Men in Black, teleportation, dark matter, parallel worlds and every manner of psychic phenomena imaginable.  As cutting edge research into quantum mechanics and fringe science continues to advance, Keel looks more and more like a mad prophet that intuited something beyond the scope of so-called normal thinking in the 1960s.  It also could very easily be that much of Keel’s thinking began to leak its way into and color the parapolitical realm up to and after the turn of the millennium, as the idea of merely communicating with sentient intelligences in other realms turned into more open discourse and continued instruction. 

     The early Project Blue Book government shill-turned-true believer Dr. J. Allen Hynek would come to believe that all UFOs  witnessed were not from one singular source, and by the 1980s, he began to think that a great number of them were from what he called a parallel reality, a theory inherited from his friend and co-researcher Jacques Vallee in the 1970s, who  borrowed it from Keel in the 1960s. 

     In speaking with Vallee, Hynek said: “When we’re talking about an object that people are reporting (in the Hudson Valley NY area) that’s larger than a football field, where do you put it during the day if it only comes out at night?  How do you hide something that big?”  Much data was examined and people reported the object disappearing and re-appearing, along with eyewitness pilot reports of the object folding in on itself, like a telescoping antenna.  Hynek amid all this came to the conclusion that he would be sorely disappointed if UFOs turned out to be merely somebody else's spaceships.  Talks soon turned to multi-dimensional realities; a parallel universe.  When asked time and again by fellow researchers why there were so many sightings, numbering in the thousands, in the Hudson Valley from approximately 1983-1985, he replied “Look for windows.”  He believed, after years of spewing the government debunking line and being a skeptic himself, but after now fully examining all the data, that there were “windows” in the space/time fabric that these objects, under intelligent control, used as portals to enter our “here and now.”

     More than once in wee-hours discussions with confidant Vallee, the late Hynek, after his favorite dessert of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, would whisper through the curling smoke rings of his pipe: “You know, John Keel just may have been right about this whole thing all along.” 

     “Whoever – or whatever – they are, they’ve got us surrounded.”       John Keel

     More and more Keel’s The Mothman Prophecies (1975) and Operation Trojan Horse (1970) look like works of speculative physics, a macabre cross of Chaos and String Theory where nothing is what it seems, and the world is a playground for quasi-spiritual forces that have anything but our best interests at heart as they have been busy manufacturing a control system that’s been in place for thousands of years.  The fundamental question remains whether or not this control system extends to now encompass the intelligence complex, in place in this country since the end of WWII, using fronts like Satanism and Terrorism (essentially Operation Gladio continued) to catapult whatever endgame has been authored.  Within this agenda there can be numerous factions all working seemingly at cross-purposes yet in reality toward the same finale, hence the slippery nature of trying to purchase some kind of grip on the Octopus.  Even before Keel, Charles Fort thought there could be a human element, a secret order, liaisons, working in consort with this off-world control system.  What would he think of the world today if he could see this picture of the second Bush inauguration, where Vice President Dick Cheney smugly flashes his true allegiances to historic numbers of protesters safely tucked in behind their “free speech zones?”  (And just to get this off my chest, I thought the entire United States was originally designed as one big Free Speech Zone.) 



     To those wondering about that hand symbol, no, he’s not a fan of Texas.  This is a creature pivotal to the destruction, during the Ford Administration, of the majority of records pertaining to MKUltra and the even more atrocity-laden Project Artichoke as well as other mind control ops such as the dreaded Project Monarch, not to mention being the architect of a worldview – a Weltanschauung – that saw the destruction of arguably more lives than any since the Holocaust and Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge.  This soulless “thing” was there for the first drafts of what would become Full Spectrum Dominance, the abhorrent desire of the military and security complex to control every facet of the battlespace that is by their definition your life, including but not limited to all “terrestrial, aerial, maritime, subterranean, extraterrestrial, psychological, and bio- and cyber-technological” facets.  How well do you think they’ve succeeded?  The whole of this creature’s existence makes a lie of those who would laugh at the prospect of Satanism, Luciferianism, and Satanic Ritual Abuse systematically institutionalized on our planet today.  It’s just a conspiracy theory, right?  As many as want to can blithely think that while we try to place our hands on the blueprints to the gears of the machine we rage against.


     In that spirit, let’s gaze once more into the superspectrum, because before we can grind their gears to a halt, we first need to understand how to hack into their party line and see just how a communication breakdown could be implemented.  Keel began with detailing the electromagnetic spectrum and the inability of the human mind to fully comprehend it, much less harness or manipulate it on a five-sense level.  He then postulated a “superspectrum,” of which the electromagnetic spectrum was only a small subset.  This second spectrum was “comprised of energies known to exist but that cannot be accurately measured with present-day instruments…a shadowy world of energies which produce well-observed effects, particularly on biological organisms.  This superspectrum is the source of all paranormal manifestations from flying saucers to extrasensory perception, little green men, and tall, hairy monsters.  It is hard to pin down scientifically because it is extradimensional, existing outside our own space-time continuum, yet influencing everything within our reality.”  Keel gave the name “ultraterrestrials” to those unknowable agencies or entities he postulated may exist in the wider vistas of said superspectrum, essentially classifying in one fell swoop UFOs, Bigfoot, ghosts, trolls, vampires, the Loch Ness Monster, Mothman, and everything else that pops up here literally from “time to time.”

     Writers like Keel, Vallee, and F.W. Holiday (who logged many years of research in and around Loch Ness, and came face-to-face with its increasingly paranormal aspects), all seem to have arrived at points in their research where they became frightened (or in the rigidly scientific Vallee’s case, wary); a touch of foreboding shading their dispatches, almost to the point of submitting writings on the verge of panic.  Did they intuit or glimpse things that would ultimately be revealed in time to the deep black military worlds and their paymasters?  Again, we have only the most gossamer of clues, but what we do know is unsettling, especially regarding the nature of our consensus reality, the soul, and their troubling connections.


     “Now here I go again I see/ the crystal visions/ I keep my visions to myself/

It’s only me who wants to wrap around your dreams and/ Have you any dreams you’d like to sell?”      from ‘Rumours’  S.Nicks

      On October 18, 1973, at approximately 10:30 PM a UH-1H helicopter of the United States Army Reserve left Port Columbus, Ohio, for its home base of Cleveland Hopkins airport, ninety-six nautical miles to the north-northeast. In command, in the right-front seat, was Captain Lawrence J. Coyne, thirty-six, with nineteen years of flying experience. At the controls, in the left-front seat, sat First Lieutenant Arrigo Jezzi, twenty-six, a chemical engineer. Behind Jezzi sat Sergeant John Healey, thirty-five, a Cleveland policeman who was the flight medic, and behind Coyne was the Crew Chief, Sergeant Robert Yanacsek, twenty-three, a computer technician. The helicopter was cruising at 2,500 feet above sea level at an indicated airspeed of ninety knots, above mixed hills, woods, and rolling farmland, averaging 1,200 feet elevation. The night was totally clear, calm, and starry. The last quarter moon was just rising.

     About ten miles south of Mansfield, Healey noticed a single red light off to the west, flying south. It seemed brighter than a standard aircraft port-wing light, but it was not considered relevant traffic, and he does not recall mentioning it. An estimated two minutes later, at approximately 11:02 PM, Yanacsek noted a single red light on the southeast horizon. He assumed it was either a radio-tower beacon or an aircraft port-wing light - most likely an aircraft, since it was not flashing - and he watched it "for a long time, a minute to ninety seconds" before calling it to Coyne's attention. Coyne, smoking, relaxing, glanced over, noted the light, assumed it was distant traffic, and told Yanacsek casually to "keep an eye on it."

     After an estimated additional thirty seconds, Yanacsek announced that the light had turned toward the helicopter and appeared to be on a converging flight path. Coyne verified Yanacsek's assessment, grabbed the controls from Jezzi, and put the UH-1H into a powered descent of approximately 500 feet per minute.  Coyne later estimated the startling speed of the unknown: it went from being a red light on the horizon to pacing their helicopter in less than 10 seconds. Almost simultaneously, Coyne established radio contact with Mansfield control tower, ten miles to the northwest. Coyne thought the flight was an Air National Guard F-100 from Mansfield. After an initial acknowledgment ("This is Mansfield Tower, go ahead Army 1-5-triple-4"), radio contact failed. Jezzi then attempted transmission on both UHF and VHF frequencies without success. Although the channel and keying tones were both heard, there was no response from Mansfield, and a subsequent check by Coyne revealed that Mansfield had no tape of even the initial transmission.

     The red light continued its radial bearing and increased greatly in intensity. Coyne increased his rate of descent to 2,000 feet per minute and his airspeed to 100 knots. The last altitude he noted was 1,700 feet. Just as a collision appeared imminent, the unknown light halted in its westward course and assumed a hovering relationship above and in front of the helicopter. "It wasn't cruising, it was stopped. For maybe ten to twelve seconds - just stopped," Yanacsek reported. Coyne, Healey, and Yanacsek agree that a cigar-shaped, slightly domed object subtended an angle of nearly the width of the front windshield. A featureless, gray, metallic-looking structure was precisely delineated against the background stars. Yanacsek reported "a suggestion of windows" along the top dome section. The red light emanated from the bow, a white light became visible at a slightly indented stern, and then, from aft/below, a green 'pyramid shaped" beam equated to a directional spotlight became visible. The green beam passed upward over the helicopter nose, swung up through the windshield, continued upward and entered the tinted upper window panels. At that point (and not before), the cockpit was enveloped in green light.

      Jezzi reported only a bright white light, comparable to the leading light of a small aircraft, visible through the top ‘greenhouse' panels of the windshield. After the estimated ten seconds of "hovering," the object began to accelerate off to the west, now with only the white "tail" light visible. The white light maintained its intensity even as its distance appeared to increase, and finally (according to Coyne and Healey), it appeared to execute a decisive 45 degree turn to the right, head out toward Lake Erie, and then "snap out" over the horizon. Healey reported that he watched the object moving westward "for a couple of minutes." Jezzi said it moved faster than the 250-knot limit for aircraft below 10,000 feet, but not as fast as the 600-knot approach speed reported by the others. There was no noise from the object or turbulence during the encounter, except for one "bump" as the object moved away to the west. After the object had broken off its hovering relationship, Jezzi and Coyne noted that the magnetic compass disk was rotating approximately four times per minute and that the altimeter read approximately 3,500 feet; a 1,000 foot-per-minute climb was in progress. Coyne insists that the collective was still bottomed from his evasive descent. Since the collective could not be lowered further, he had no alternative but to lift it, whatever the results, and after a few seconds of gingerly maneuvering controls (during which the helicopter reached nearly 3,800 feet), positive control was achieved. By that time the white light had already moved into the Mansfield area. Coyne had been subliminally aware of the climb; the others not at all, yet they had all been acutely aware of the g-forces of the dive. The helicopter was brought back to the flight plan altitude of 2,500 feet, radio contact was achieved with Canton/Akron, and the night then proceeded uneventfully to Cleveland.

     Mrs. E. C. and four adolescents were driving south from Mansfield to their rural home on October 18, 1973, at approximately 11 P.M., when they were attracted to a single steady bright red light flying south "at medium altitude." They watched for perhaps half a minute until it disappeared to the south over the trees.

     Approximately five minutes later, now driving east on Route 430, approaching the Charles Mill Reservoir, the family became aware of two bright lights - red and green - descending rapidly toward them from the southeast. When first seen, the angular distance between the lights was about 2 degrees; the red light appeared to be leading. Mrs. C. pulled over to the shoulder of the deserted road and kept the engine and car lights running. The lights - bigger than point sources - slowed and moved as a unit to the right of the car and the family became aware of yet another group of lights - some of these flashing - and "a beating sound, a lot of racket" approaching from the southwest.

     Two of the children (cousins, both age thirteen) jumped from the car and observed both a helicopter and the object, which they described as "like a blimp," "as big as a school bus," "sort of pear shaped."  The object assumed a hovering position over the helicopter, an estimated 500 feet back from the road and 500 feet above the trees. (The ground elevation at the site is almost exactly 1,000 feet above sea level; thus at the noted 1,700-foot altimeter reading, the helicopter was actually about 650 feet above the trees.) The object's green light then flared up. "It was like rays coming down," the witnesses said. The helicopter, the trees, the road, the car - everything turned green." The kids scrambled with fright back into the car and Mrs. C. proceeded apace. Their estimated total time outside the car was "about a minute." Neither ground witnesses nor aircrew are sure at what point the two aircraft disengaged; the ground witnesses reported that the unidentified object crossed to the north side of the road behind the car, appeared to move eastward for a few seconds, then reversed its direction and climbed toward the northwest towards Mansfield - a flight path which correlates perfectly the motion of the object established through analysis of the aircrew's report.

     Any theory of the object's being a meteor (UFO skeptic Philip Klass maintains that the object was a "fireball of the Orionids meteor shower") can readily be rejected on the basis of: (1) the duration of the event (an estimated 300 seconds); (2) the marked deceleration and hard-angle maneuver of the object at closest approach; (3) the precisely defined shape of the object; and (4) the horizon-to-horizon flight path.

     The possibility of a high-performance aircraft likewise is untenable when one examines the positions and colors of the lights with respect to the flight path of the object. To have presented the reported configurations, and been in accordance with FAA regulations, an aircraft would have had to be flying sideways, either standing on its tail, tail-to to the helicopter, or upside-down head-on. Other arguments against aircraft hypothesis are: (1) a fixed-wing aircraft moving across the line of sight would appear to move most rapidly when passing directly in front of the observer; (2) a fixed-wing aircraft would not have the capability of decelerating from high velocity to "hover" within a few seconds time; (3) a helicopter would have the capability of hovering, but would not be capable of the high forward speeds reported; (4) a conventional aircraft, if within 500 to 1,000 feet, would have produced noise audible inside the helicopter; (5) the FAA requires either a strobe or a rotating beacon on either the top or bottom of the fuselage, (6) FAA requires that no aircraft shall fly below 10,000 feet msl at speeds above 250 knots; (7) some of the features of a conventional aircraft would have been seen, e.g., wings, engine pods, windows, empennage, numbers, logo.

     Coyne reported that the Magnaflux/Zygio method of nondestructive testing was applied to the rotors the following day and that there was no indication that they had been subjected to fatigue-producing stresses. Comparable times/distances/directions support the possibility that the red light first seen by the C. family, Healey's red light, and the object of the encounter were all one and the same. Yanacsek's red light on the eastern horizon was under continuous observation and was unequivocally the object of the encounter.  In addition, the magnetic compass in the Huey never functioned correctly after the incident, and had to be replaced.  Coyne in 1978 would go on to serve as a guest delegate and give testimony at the United Nations Symposium looking into the UFO ‘Problem’ Intelligence and the Human Future (that’s him behind the Grenada placard, with J. Allen Hynek smoking the pipe at far left).

     Coyne far right again at same Symposium, with Hynek and Jacques Vallee sitting between.

     What’s interesting for us however, is the unusual attention everyone in the helicopter that night warranted after the incident.  As they used to say late nights on the radio, please pay attention; here’s where it gets strange.  Coyne in particular received a call from the Surgeon General’s Office, Department of the Army, inquiring whether or not he had, since the incident, any “unusual dreams.”  He dutifully reported a very lucid dream of an out-of-body-experience, or OBE.

     Richard L. Thompson, in his work Alien Identities, paralleling UFO accounts with the Vedic texts, quoted Sgt. John Healey of the Mansfield incident crew:  “As time would go by, the Pentagon would call us up and ask us, ‘Well, has this incident happened to you since the night of the occurrence?’  And in two of the instances that I recall, what they questioned me, was, number one, have I ever dreamed of body separation, and I have – I dreamed that I was dead in bed and that my spirit or whatever was floating, looking down at me lying dead in bed…and the other thing was if I had ever dreamed of anything of spherical shape.  Which definitely had not occurred, to me.”

     The Pentagon frequently called Coyne with similar concerns, and would continue to hound all of the crew in the ensuing months and years following that starry October meeting two weeks shy of Samhain.  “One wonders,” writes Thompson, “who in the Pentagon might be interested in the UFO/out-of-body-experience connection?”  And more pointedly, why the intense interest?  Jeff Wells at the crucial Rigorous Intuition site writes “perhaps this is a good place to reintroduce the egg imagery common to UFOs and the soul, and the occult workings meant to open portals and birth a new aeon.  Whitley Strieber writes in Transformation that his visitors told him ‘we recycle souls.’”

     Whistleblower extraordinaire of the December 1980 Rendlesham Forest incidents at Bentwaters AFB in southeastern England, Larry Warren, also has something to say regarding intense curiosity exhibited by his superiors post-experience. 

      After three nights of multiple unknown craft on the ground, in the skies, possibly coming from underground, and being seen with their humanoid pilots in and around the towering Corsican pines by dozens of witnesses, Warren and others involved, already suffering close encounters, missing time, radiation poisoning, retinal burns, PTSD, and a host of other ‘Oz effects,’ were then subjected to cross examination (and possible mental tampering), by both the Office of Naval Intelligence and the Armed Forces Security Services (AFSS), long rumoured to be a branch of the National Security Agency.

     In the early months of 1981 after these encounters with The Other, the base at Bentwaters would exhibit the highest rate of suicide in the history of NATO.  But there’s more.

     “We were also told,” Warren remembers, “if any of us has any unusual dreams here was a number to call, day or night, every day…they call in psychiatrists to play head games, ‘are you having any dreams?’  Dreams were SO important to whoever we were talking to on the other end of the phones…’what are your dreams?  Do you feel compulsions to do anything?  You have to tell us.  It’s dangerous not to tell us.’”  One wonders if there was some early precursor to Full Spectrum Dominance being put into play here, and not just on the earthly plane, long before the Silicon Valley whispers of chips in your arm and iphones in your brain.  One increasingly gets the idea that whatever happened at Rendlesham was played out on the thinnest of veneers, an eggshell skin of what true reality is.

     Or as Warren himself says, referencing something unspoken and beyond the norm that happened to him in Texas in the summer of 1980 prior to his being first deployed to the U.K.: “There’s something even beyond the ‘spook’ level here that’s been pulling the strings for many, many years.”

     Remember also the dreams, nightmares, and premonitions on display in the weeks prior to the first appearance of the Mothman in Point Pleasant, West Virginia on November 12th, 1966. 

     As well as the dreams that were visited upon anyone staying on the property of the infamous Skinwalker Ranch in the Uintah Basin, Utah in the early and mid-1990s, before and during its acquisition by billionaire Robert Bigelow and his National Institute of Discovery Science (NIDS).

     Bigelow’s shadowy ties to the more radical scions of the defense industry as well as brothers-in-arms like John Alexander, Jacques Vallee, and even being situated within spitting distance of the slippery Michael Aquino is hardly cause for non-concern among those studying the various overlapping subsets of mind control, social engineering, and governmental witchcraft.

     If dreams are a distant early warning system against the madness slouching, yet to be born, you can bet there’ll always be a gaggle of earth-bound Freddy Kruegers looking to get a leg up on the rest of the useless eaters.  And if Full Spectrum Dominance is only some mid-range stopgap in the war on us, who’s to say what’s around the corner, or even who’s behind it, because if the Powers-That-Be are in league with a cosmic “control system” masquerading as benevolent benefactors, all bets are off. 

     If they are the inheritors of some sinister, aeons-old technology indistinguishable from magic, then it’s likely that Full Spectrum Dominance isn’t an endgame after all, but a step along the way to something even worse.  And let’s hope those are dreams we’ll never see.  The inhabitants of the Pentagon would never be interested in borrowing age-old Death Magic to weaponize, would they?

     Or where have I seen the outer ring of a pentagon opened before, and for what reason? 


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