Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Time Of No Time Evermore


       The true seeker of knowledge strives for truth, and is not content with common opinion, but soars with undimmed and unwearied passion until he grasps the essential nature of things.              Plato  490 B.C.

       And thus I clothe my naked villany/ with old odd ends stolen forth from holy writ/ And seem a saint, when most I play the devil.   William Shakespeare,  Richard III,  Act I,  Scene 3

      Rape, murder/ It’s just a kiss away…            Gimme Shelter,  Jagger/Richards

       There are so many vectors of attack that the inquisitive investigator can launch when this particular time of year rolls around, so many connections to make, so many roads to choose.  One could start with the infamous Mothman sightings, which were in full swing in Point Pleasant, West Virginia during this season in 1966. 

       There are the notoriously strange, and deadly, encounters with flying craft and lights in 1977, starting in October, and sending the fishermen and citizens of Colares, Brazil at the mouth of the Amazon, fleeing into the night for their lives.  The Brazilian military even investigated, taking reams of both film and photographic evidence, the best of which was subsequently appropriated by a large American, spooked-up “conglomerate” according to Jacques Vallee in his important book Confrontations.  Evidence obviously, which has never seen the light of day, and likely never will.  Below are some from Operation Prato, that got left behind.

       Also descending at Christmastime was whatever happened in 1980 over three nights in Rendlesham Forest, at the American military base at RAF Bentwaters.  Involving no less than dozens of U.S. military and security officers, this case remains serious and highly mysterious in the extreme to this day, eventually even pulling the likes of the ominous National Security Agency into its vortex.  One of the first security officers on the scene the first night of multiple sightings of non-ballistic aeroforms and lights, both on the ground and in the sky, and also witness again the very next one, John Burroughs, recently appeared before a Congressional panel in a desperate plea for the release of his medical records from that time period.  They have been blocked to such an extent behind military secrecy and NSA screens that even the Veterans Administration and Senator John McCain, both intervening on his behalf, have been disallowed access.  It seems Burroughs is currently experiencing congestive heart failure at the end of a long road of numerous health problems all stemming from whatever he was exposed to on those nights in 1980 – the heart failure itself being diagnosed as originating from proximity to an “unknown type of radiation.”  Security officer Larry Warren was there also and was the one individual responsible for whistleblowing all of this back in 1983, first in Omni magazine, then finally in a book co-authored with the excellent investigative journalist Peter Robbins, Left At East Gate.  This case involves some serious side effects; including the altering of time and space and possibly what we even perceive as reality itself, and is far too enormous in scope to tackle in this posting currently, but it will be undertaken soon, because it is that important, and its connections fragment into every dark corner we’re investigating. Below is a ground photo taken of the lights of the craft, as well as an artist’s interpretation from eyewitness testimony.

       Case in point from Peter Robbins: “There’s no way I can describe what’s in the air there.  This place is loaded.  In my research of peripheral stuff I found out, not to my great happiness, because there was more than enough to write about without going off on tangential issues, that the East Anglia area of Suffolk, in the southern UK, is by many scholarly accounts the cradle of early Anglo-Saxon witchcraft, and not that these people listen to heavy metal music, but there is an awful lot of dark stuff that goes on, and has historically for hundreds of years in this area. This merely adds to the confusion, the mystification, and a lot of the creepy mystical stuff that you can use to keep yourself absolutely in pea soup rather than find any clarity…I was fascinated by one of the accounts that Larry gave me that when you become a Security police officer, as he was, with an anti-terrorist specialty on this base, one of the most secure bases with the most secure areas in our entire NATO facility, that part of their training to do perimeter patrols and the like was that they were instructed if they saw figures in areas, some of them even highly restricted areas, where a normal person would be questioned, called, and if necessary dealt with in a rather shocking and violent way – that if you saw people in black robes with candles doing ceremonies and dancing, keep your distance, don’t question them, don’t call them onto the carpet as it were, just keep back…that this was actually part of the training.” 

      Connecting occult fragments and fingerprints brings us to where we’ll be looking this month, because all of the above, for all its importance, is only the map drawn on vapor, bringing with it a certain tricksterish misdirection.  A misdirection premeditated and planned by what lurks behind all of this that we’ve been attempting to glimpse out of the corners of our eyes.  Very few have ever stared into its face, seen the void, and emerged on the other side to warn us.  Fewer still are taken seriously and not hung out to dry on the almighty mainstream altars of ‘it-couldn’t-happen-here’ or ‘you’re nuts.’

       In the frigid cold of December 26, 1996, Detective Linda Arndt, to her horror, made a discovery.  She knelt and glimpsed, fleetingly, the outline of the undiscovered country.  It remains hidden to most throughout their lives because even when confronted with it, most choose to live in denial. Such is the monumental nature of the discovery, and the scope of monstrosity that climbs unbidden into the psyche.  They refuse to listen to their gut, their instincts.  One certain murder case in Colorado still grips the public like none since Jack the Ripper it is said.

       Wrapped as it was in Christmas finery (a disguise), Linda Arndt nonetheless felt the true origins, the unearthing of the pre-Christian and the pagan, when it literally looked her in the eye.  She had been the only officer on scene for more than 5 hours at the house at 755 15th Street in Boulder, when she knelt down by the small, frail body of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey that early afternoon.  In so doing, she found herself nose-to-nose with JonBenet’s father, John Ramsey, who had just carried the body up from the basement.  In the only public interview she’s ever given, with ABC’s Elizabeth Vargas in 1999, Arndt, tellingly, had this to say:

       At 8:10 a.m. she is greeted at the door by John Ramsey.

       EV: How did he strike you?

       LA: Cordial.

EV: Upset?

LA: Cordial.

EV: Distraught?

LA: Cordial.

EV: Did it strike you at all that this was unusual behavior for someone whose child was just kidnapped?

LA: People respond to trauma in different ways, so if someone has a response that’s different from mine, I’ll just note it.


(Making note of all those curious things throughout the morning: Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey remained apart, in separate rooms, throughout the day.  John Ramsey took time out to read his mail.

       10:00 a.m. comes:  the writer of the ransom note’s deadline.)

LA: 10:00 comes and goes and there’s no acknowledgement from anyone in the house that the deadline has come and gone.

EV: Nobody said ‘ it’s 10 o’clock and the kidnappers haven’t called?’

LA: Nobody said that.

EV: Was that something else you took note of?

LA: Absolutely.


(By 10:30 Arndt was the only officer in the house, with John and Patsy, their pastor, and 4 family “friends.”  As they waited for news, the tension was mounting.  Arndt called for backup repeatedly, but none arrived.  She was always told ‘everybody’s in a meeting.  I got your message.’

       1:01 p.m.  Although it’s already been searched thoroughly twice, to break the tension Arndt asks Ramsey and family friend Fleet White to search the house again, to look for any out-of-place clues, giving specific instructions not to touch anything.  Ramsey makes a beeline for the basement, Fleet White screams, and for Arndt, the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.)

LA: I see John Ramsey carrying JonBenet up the last 3 steps.  From the basement.  And, uh, my mind exploded.  And everything that I’d noted that morning, that stuck out, instantly made sense.  I knew JonBenet was clearly dead, and she’s been dead for awhile.

       I ordered him to put JonBenet down.  I knelt next to her.  I leaned down.  To her face.  And John leaned down opposite me, and uh, his face was just inches from mine, and we had a non-verbal exchange that I will never forget.  And he asked if she was dead.  And I said yes, she’s dead.  And I told him to go back into the room and to dial 9-1-1.  And as we looked at each other, I remember, and I wore a shoulder holster, tucking my gun right next to me (mimics bringing her arm flush against her ribcage), and consciously counting ‘I’ve got 18 bullets.’

EV: Why did you do that?

LA: Because I didn’t know if we’d all be alive when people showed up.  Everything made sense in that instant.  And uh, I knew what happened.

EV: Do you think your fears were well founded?

LA: You BET I do.  There’s no doubt in my mind.

EV: Never wavered to this day?

LA: Never wavered.

EV: You were afraid because you thought the killer was still in the house.

LA: I knew it. Absolutely.


1:10 p.m. She moves the body from the hallway to the living room.  Ramsey asks if he can cover the body, at the same time placing a blanket over her.  The pastor has them hold hands and pray as the body lay at their feet under the Christmas tree.

LA: She had trauma to her vagina.

EV: What kind of trauma?

LA: Trauma consistent with injuries you would see in sexual assault cases.

EV: Recently?
LA: The best way you could say it would be what was seen was not a first time injury.


The coroner would say the findings were “inconclusive,” but 3 medical experts consulted from Boulder PD said they were consistent with prior repeated sexual abuse.  Arndt knows the killer’s name, but has no doubt that justice will never be done.

EV: Do you think this person will ever be indicted, charged, or convicted?

LA: No.

       Reading between the lines of this most chilling of interviews from a veteran that was right there is more than illustrative.  It gets to the very heart of what we seem to be bumping up against in all of this, time and again.  And if we extrapolate just the barest amount, it could possibly lead us down other corridors even darker, as we try to get to the center, the meaning, of what’s been preying on us, where those connections lead, and whether the predator class, the Black Nobility, is involved.  Because if we are ever to overturn this, we have to first know the enemy.  The first step here is absorbing some long disregarded facts surrounding the Ramsey case.  You’ll have to hold fast to some long cherished notions of the traditional family as we ride even deeper into what can only be called a true Twilight Zone made manifest, the suppressed facts surrounding the Ramsey “family.”

       We can start with the fact that whatever was going on was likely genetic, generational, and lending itself to satanic ritual abuse.  One clue is that after his mother’s death in the mid-1960s, John Ramsey’s father married his wife’s mother, Irene Pasch.  This made her both John’s grandmother and mother-in-law until a 1978 divorce.  One of the primary reasons that the Monarch mind control programming was so named was because of the Monarch butterfly.  It learns where it was born and passes this knowledge on to its offspring via genetics from generation to generation.  This was the first key form of life that tipped scientists off to the fact that knowledge itself can be passed along genetically, and remains a vital clue in the present day as to why the black nobility historically place such vital importance on the ritual of intermarriage.  According to Burke’s Peerage, all 44 U.S. presidents have carried the European royal bloodline into office.  Thirty-four of those are genetic descendents from just one person.  All of the Bushes, Obama, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, and John Kerry can trace themselves back to none other than Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  The more you know…

       The Ramsey’s first publicized press conference took place on May 1, 1997.  Curiously, it is the date known as Beltane on the occult calendar, when the Pleiades star cluster rises just before sunrise on the horizon.  Many at the time wondered why the Ramseys had waited so long to appear before the public.  Perhaps they were waiting for just this exact time.  Beltane, like Samhain, is a time of wiccan or druidic “no time,” when the veils between the worlds are at their thinnest, and many otherworldly occurrences transpire.

       John Ramsey’s daughter from his first marriage, Elizabeth, 22, had uncovered multiple, vivid memories of Satanic ritual abuse after a failed suicide attempt (during the ensuing therapy sessions) in which her father played a major role in the rituals.  Within several months of going public with them (talking to close friends at Delta airlines where she was a flight attendant, as well as other family) she was dead – killed in a suspicious car accident in Chicago, January 8, 1992.  This accident, which occurred on an on-ramp to interstate 55, and had she and her boyfriend colliding head-on with a truck, has never been fully resolved to investigators’ satisfaction.

       JonBenet was taken to her pediatrician exactly 33 times in the time period less than 3 years before her death.  The ostensible reason was for yeast infections.  Starting from before she was 4 and lasting up until she’s 6, a little girl is taken to a pediatrician 33 times for gynecological exams.  Think about that.  The pediatrician, by the way, saw nothing out of the ordinary in this rate of examination.  Remember that at the autopsy upon her death, the coroner found her vaginal opening was twice the size of a normal 6-year-old’s, as well as evidence of repeated sexual trauma.  This pediatrician was at the house the morning JonBenet was “missing,” and was one of the first people the Ramseys called over.

       Cathy O’Brien, a survivor of generational ritual abuse and mind control, and often called “a JonBenet that lived,” authored a book called Tranceformation Of America, detailing persons, places, and names, many of the higher political echelons nationwide, encountered in her ongoing abuse.  Prior to the death of JonBenet, O’Brien stated that her father was friend to a man named John Ramsey, and that this man had gained his wealth by child pornography, and selling his children into the MKUltra programs.  Tranceformation was first printed in September 1995, 15 months before the death of JonBenet Ramsey.  A manifest taken into evidence of a ferry from Charlevoix to Beaver Island, Michigan, shows John Ramsey and Cathy O’Brien’s father on the same ferry ride.  The Ramseys maintained a vacation household in Charlevoix.  Beaver Island was once a Mormon enclave, and is today controlled by Jesuits.  Supposedly not only a religious retreat; various operations of governmental mind control are rumored to take place there.  Both Ramsey’s father and O’Brien’s father were highly decorated military contractors.

       It’s also interesting to note that one of the items taken into evidence after the murder, from John Ramsey’s home office, was a videotape about how to use your stun gun, and titled, bizarrely, How To Create A Mind Control Slave Using A Stun Gun.  However, no stun gun was found in the home, and Ramsey gave two differing stories about why he had such a video and no stun gun.  JonBenet’s body, however, was found with what were later determined to be stun gun markings.  MSNBC  on August 27, 2006 again reported the fact that stun gun marks were found on JonBenet’s back and broadcast photos of those 2-pronged marks.  MSNBC quoted TASER corporation’s admission that these marks indicated use of its product.

      The entire West Virginia Paugh family, Patsy’s family, were members of Masonic fellowships.  Patsy’s Mom, Nedra, was a member of the Eastern Star. Patsy Ramsey’s father, Don Paugh, was an engineer for Union Carbide, those fine folks who brought us corporate murder in Bhopal, and whose former mining camp in Guyana provided just the right spot for a little Utopian community run by Jim Jones, on the run from San Francisco.  After a series of business reversals, Patsy asked her dad to help out her husband’s struggling company, many going so far as to say Ramsey was going broke and Don bailed him out.  In 1991 Ramsey would sell Access Graphics to Lockheed Martin, and continue on as CEO, hitting the jackpot. Contracts were being signed, and deals were being done.  The Ramsey Boulder enclave reeked of Masonic symbolism, especially the floors, not to mention how they frequently presented JonBenet.  The black and white checkerboard has long been associated with Masonic mysteries and hidden knowledge. 

       Jane Stobie, a former Access Graphics manager, remembers of the Paugh house in Boulder where they’d relocated, being a matter of great pride to Nedra.  One investigator described their living room as “the shrine room,” bedecked with prize-winning trophies, ribbons and photos of their pageant winning daughters, Pam, Polly, and Patsy.  Stobie: “They were so meshed up in each other, and it was my gut instinct that told me something wasn’t right there.  They were always going on and on about the size of Burke’s (JonBenet’s brother) penis.  This was so, so bizarre.  Nedra was always saying ‘we love spending the money that John Ramsey makes.’”  Is this sounding like Rosemary’s Baby to you yet?

       John Ramsey also happened to reside in Atlanta when a string of over 30 child murders happened in the black community there from 1979 to 1981.  A sequence of murders that one George H.W. Bush then Vice President, took great interest in.  Bush “took an active role in the investigation,” repeatedly visiting Atlanta to demand that “some action be taken.”  Curiously, most of the victims were murdered by asphyxiation while being sexually assaulted.  They had spent enough time with their captors to be fed, and almost all victims were “redressed” after death in a change of clothes.  All of this follows to the letter exactly what happened to JonBenet.  More linkages of concern are the fact that Access Graphics had offices in the Philippines, Amsterdam, Holland and Denver, and did business with the William Morris Agency.  (In early 1996 Denver PD was investigating a child-porn-protection ring linked to and run by the William Morris Agency, who had also elicited a contract with the Ramseys for the “services” of the young JonBenet.)  Also little known is the fact that Access Graphics had service contracts directly with what is known as the Iran/Contra operation, and had major bank accounts parked at the noted laundry Silverado Savings and Loan, whose director was Neil Bush, W’s brother.  Ramsey himself was also on a list of witnesses never subpoenaed by Iran/Contra prosecutor Lawrence Walsh.

       There are also connecting threads running down the years from the Ramsey ritual even to Columbine.  The holiday season of 1996 was a long series of parties, including an early surprise 40th birthday celebration for Patsy, attended by all her friends, at the infamous Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, long said to be one of the most haunted places in America.  And before Wayne Nelson Harris was a decorated Air Force pilot, he was a local boy.  Englewood High School, Class of ’66.  Wayne’s late father Walter worked as a valet at the Brown Palace Hotel.  Wayne Harris was the father of Eric Harris, who along with Dylan Klebold and many mysterious “others” according to some 75 eyewitnesses, perpetrated the Columbine massacre.  Perhaps the Brown Palace Hotel should’ve stood in for the Overlook in The Shining?  (One final eerie, paradigm-shaking “coincidence” had Eric Harris in his diary fantasizing about hijacking a jet and crashing it into the World Trade Towers.  Lying beyond the scope of this article, but perhaps Eric had merely overheard something he shouldn’t have during his time at Plattsburg, NY’s spooked-to-the-gills Air Force Base where his dad was stationed before moving to Littleton, Colorado.)  It also must be mentioned that Wayne Harris worked for Air Force military contractor firm Flight safety Services near Littleton, which has multiple million dollar contracts with the Air Force to train personnel, and provide flight simulation technology.

       So this gets very interesting when you note that John Bennett Ramsey of Boulder owns Access Graphics, a software division of defense contractor Lockheed Martin, while a 40 minute drive away in Centennial, Colorado, shooter Eric’s father Wayne Harris works for a defense contractor which provides simulation software to the Air Force and is a contractor which works closely with Lockheed Martin in developing its own flight simulation tech.

       So the fathers of both JonBenet Ramsey and Eric Harris were military officers and software designers, and both linked directly to Lockheed Martin.  The fact that the entire town of Littleton is a military air force town created and nurtured by Lockheed Martin possibly means that Columbine High School was created by the same Littleton/Lockheed pairing that John Ramsey worked for.  Access Graphics, according to multiple inside source leaks, had huge amounts of child porn downloaded onto all of its computers.

       Does this mean that rumors of a child-sex blackmail ring to keep loyalty among the upper echelons of the political/military/intelligence establishment are true?  Was JonBenet a part of this?  Could the Columbine massacre have been a preemptive strike on an emerging satanic ritual abuse scandal deeply involving Lockheed Martin and children like JonBenet?  Also remember Arapahoe county sheriff Pat Sullivan was accused of sexually molesting both Harris and Klebold in custody prior to Columbine, and had been accused of being a pedophile.  This is a strange brew that links pedophile rings, flight simulation tech (long rumored to be involved in 9/11), lengthy plans for the 9/11 op itself, military mind control, and ritual abuse of children by a military/pedo cabal.  One big ball of confusion with tentacles that may reach beyond the chthonic state of Colorado and into places like the McMartin daycare scandal, Franklin, the Presidio and West Point daycare scandals, and even to the recent Penn State child abuse scandal (ring?) and the Sandy Hook massacre, with its numerous unanswered questions and occult and Luciferian overtones, a manufactured horror again parked deep in the month of December.

       One final entry in the dark underpinnings of the Ramsey story is perhaps the most telling, and it concerns the mysterious appearance of “The Witness.”  Early in the year 2000, famed Boulder attorney Lee Hill brought forward a 37-year-old California woman.  Her story was that she had been victimized since early childhood, by a subculture, including members of her own family, that used children for sex.  One of the men who participated in the abuse was a friend of the Ramseys.  Hill, a former San Diego county deputy district attorney and former special assistant U.S. attorney experienced in investigative work said “she is among the most credible witnesses I have ever interviewed.”  Hill represented the woman in her decision to give information to authorities.  She described years of ritual abuse in California homes at the hands of adults who stayed at holiday and other parties after other guests has left for the evening.  Then, she said, another “party” would begin, one of sexual abuse of children for the gratification of a select group of adults. This fits perfectly with what was disclosed regarding said “afterparties” regarding the Franklin scandal, many taking place on Embassy Row in D.C.  In talking to the detectives, the woman drew parallels between the sexual techniques used at these rituals and the physical evidence of garroting found on JonBenet’s body.  She believed JonBenet was killed when an asphyxiation technique used to stimulate an orgasmic response during a ritual abuse “party” went too far.  She knew firsthand of these techniques because they had been done to her repeatedly.  The more the woman talked the more disturbed Hill became, especially when finding that the woman’s therapist could verify that The Witness had been telling this story for 10 years before the JonBenet murder rocked the headlines. 

       The Witness told police that when girls did not perform as expected they were struck on the head.  This was because the hair hid the wound.  A big night for such parties was Christmas night, she said.  Over the years, she related, many parties were held then because a large number of cars around a house wouldn’t draw suspicion in the neighborhood and the children have a full week to heal from their wounds before returning to school.  Most tellingly, she said she knew the Ramseys through the Fleet White family.  The godfather to her mother is Fleet White, Sr., 86, of California.  Fleet White Jr. and John Ramsey were best friends.  White Jr. was with Ramsey when JonBenet’s body was found and had crusaded for DA Alex Hunter’s ouster for refusing to prosecute the Ramseys.  This subculture was a family tradition, The Witness continued, saying that her own mother had told her that, as a child, she had been similarly used by one of the men whom she allowed to rape her daughter.  As far as evidence goes there are the letters and photographs, even a name in her baby book that proves she and her family have a long connection – dating back to the 1930s – with the family of men she says sexually abused her, including the father and son who were family friends of the Ramseys.

       During these depositions, which took place in a format of the witness and therapist traveling between California and Boulder on multiple occasions, the witness claimed her family had learned of her involvement and begun to abuse and torture her again, all the time warning her to keep her mouth shut.  At one point the witness and therapist fled California for Boulder, hoping for the haven of protective custody with both Hill and the Boulder PD.  Much to Hill’s consternation, Alex Hunter and the department alerted the witness’s California “family” to her whereabouts after they had filed a missing persons report, which they’d done to try and locate her.  The police in California passed all of the info back to the Witness’s family, the very people she didn’t want to know where she was or what she was doing.  Livid, Hill told the Witness what had happened, in front of the detectives, who said they were just following standard procedure.  The Witness turned pale.  She said she was now concerned over the safety of her niece, whom she suspected was suffering the same type of abuse at the hands of the “family.”  She was further worried about her own personal safety, as well as the disposition of the case, since now the family would know to destroy or hide evidence.  The man she was naming was wealthy, she said, and these people were ruthless.

       At the end of the interview, the detectives slid their business cards across the table to her.  But there was one last thing The Witness wanted to tell them; in the most recent assault, she had been burned with a stun gun.  She wanted to know if there was a female detective who could examine her and take photographs to file as evidence.  The cops said they would arrange it.  When she stepped out of the interview room, Hill, who didn’t want to make a scene in front of her, demanded that Hunter come back into the room.  With the district attorney present, Hill lit into the detectives.  They’d done very little about letting The Witness get to the important parts of her story, instead choosing to focus on when she might be “going home.”

       “She CAN’T go home,” Hill yelled.  As a former law-enforcement officer, he knew something was fishy.  Revealing the whereabouts of a competent adult being a witness in a murder case as standard procedure didn’t wash.  If their leak to the California police was standard procedure, any stalker in the country could locate his prey simply by filing a missing-persons report.

       “At considerable risk to herself, she leaves everything to come forward and try to help you people.  Then you needlessly strip her of her only security and tell her pursuers where she is and what she’s doing.  And all you can give her to shield herself is two fucking business cards.”

       After many safehouses, it was decided that the best protection for The Witness would be to publicize her story, which is why you’re reading about it here.  As of today, Hill keeps a lower profile, carries a Glock at all times, and both the Witness and the therapist have disappeared into the proverbial woodwork.  The Boulder PD, perhaps not surprisingly given what we know, declined to pursue her claims. 

       Finally there’s this from a source: “There was an older man who was phoned on the eve of the murder according to phone records, and he had a chalet in Aspen.  We (of the JBR forum) hired a private investigator to find out about this man.  The PI came back freaked out after pulling the man up on a records computer and said ‘Here, take your money, I’m not touching this.’  The man’s name on said records list was flagged, which meant he had a big mark by his name NOT TO GO THERE in other words.  He is someone really big, and scary, and not to be toyed with even for records’ sake.  We never found out the man’s “real” identity, only who he was in terms of power and reputation.  The name that he went by, I have a feeling, is not his given name.  The PI was absolutely not going to pursue the investigation of this man, as he was obviously someone not to be crossed.  He looked like some old German guy with white hair, wealth, and an obvious facelift.”  This information all came about during a parsing of the Ramsey phone records.

       The source later disclosed “The old guy mentioned previously was well known to certain people.  The name going around for who was called that night was Fleet White, Sr.  I always wondered if he wasn’t one of those Nazis who the U.S. slipped in over here to do their bidding and given a new name and a facelift.  Nothing can be proved.  Not only is he dead now, but he was old when this happened.  Those guys live a long, long time.  No one could ever find his name on the internet (scrubbed?) or his records, as they were ‘flagged.’  He’s gone.”  The only mention of him now on the internet is his obit.  Fleet Russell White of Aspen died August 6, 2006.  He was 93.  He is survived, of course, by Fleet White Jr.  And the show goes on.

       Of course the sickening cherry on top of this vile dessert was revealed on October 25, 2013 when court documents sealed in 1999 were released.  They stated that a 1999 Grand Jury had indicted John and Patsy Ramsey for child abuse resulting in death, as well as being accessory to a crime, including murder.  The papers allege both parents intended to prevent or delay the arrest of the alleged killer.  Then-District Attorney Alex Hunter declined to sign the indictment, saying the evidence was insufficient.  Does anything more need to be said about how this world works?  Things only get unsealed, the truth only gets unsealed, when these people are dead.  And it only happens then so that the other perps can continue “the great work.”  The blame gets placed, however indirectly, and the show goes on.  See Jerry Sandusky.  They are ever eager to offer up one of their own, then the depravity of the few who control the many continues, nightgaunts on a duplicitous web foisted on an unsuspecting world.  Look into the faces of what we’re dealing with.  What was the phrase in Rosemary’s Baby?  Ah yes, All Of Them Witches.  Pay particular attention to the uber creepy Danish royal family portrait and Baroness Rothschild's choice of neckwear.  It's, ahem, illuminating.

       “The radios were active.  I could hear what sounded like pilot communications.  Someone repeated over the air: ‘Here it comes.  Here it comes.  Here it comes.’  Over the far end of the field, from the direction of the North Sea, I noticed a small red light.  The light came closer each second.  At first I thought it was an aircraft, but it came at us too fast and silently.  I noticed at this time that my movements had become very slow, as if I were in a vacuum.  This was the last time I checked my watch.  It was almost 1:30 a.m.  My arm felt like lead as I lifted and dropped it.

       The red light cleared the pines bordering the field and quickly made a downward arc until it was directly over the illuminated fog.  Only about twenty feet above the ground, the object was now stationary and roughly the size of a basketball.  I had never seen its color before, but red comes closest.

       As my mind tried to register what I was looking at, the ball of light exploded in a blinding flash.  Shards of light and particles fell onto the fog.  Several cops ran into the woods…

       The explosion produced no noticeable heat.  But now, right in front of me was a machine occupying the spot where the fog had been.  It was big and almost the shape of a pyramid.  At the top of the object was that same off-red glow.  The main body was pearl white, with a rainbow-color effect.  Its image was constantly distorting; its shape was best seen by peripheral vision.  At the base was a bank of extremely bright cobalt-blue lights.  Below that, I thought I could make out what looked like dark landing gear.  Covering the entire surface were what looked like boxes, pipes, and strange extensions…

       An officer approached Bustinza and me.  He asked us to walk with him, very close to the object.  A disaster-preparedness man led the way with a Geiger counter in hand.  I did not want any of this.  We got to within ten or fifteen feet of the thing.  Our four shadows touched the object, but there were no lights in the field to cast them.  It seemed to be pulling our shadows onto itself.

       We walked ten paces to the left, and then to the right.  By now my eyes were watering profusely, so that every time I would get a fix on the object, its image would blur.  Each time we stopped walking, our shadows would move as if taking one more step.

       We were then ordered back to our original positions, about twenty-five feet away.  I looked behind me, saw the field’s barbed-wire fence, and marked an old, knotted oak tree for future reference – in case I ever returned to the spot…

       I noticed that some of the senior people seemed to know what they were doing; it was as if they were following some sort of procedure.”                                                           Larry Warren, Left At East Gate

       We inhabit a world where things like Rendlesham and Ramsey are a part of this reality.  I don’t know if they’re related, but whether you’re in a field in Rendlesham forest or the cozy confines of your bedroom, forces at any minute, Heisenberg-like, can be set into motion to alter our perceptions here, to change forever our impressions of this “ride” on a quantum level.  I can make a good educated, informed guess that things like the Ramsey scenario happen at a certain time and at a certain place for a reason, and that they are a ritual by a warped consciousness to set the stage for something.  A ritual, perhaps, of summoning.

       Here it comes.


  1. "A manifest taken into evidence of a ferry from Charlevoix to Beaver Island, Michigan, shows John Ramsey and Cathy O’Brien’s father on the same ferry ride."

    Do you remember where you heard this? I've been trying to confirm that John Ramsey and Cathy O'Brien's father took a ferry ride together, but have been unable to do so.

    1. Greetings Marionumber1, thanks for reading this post -- still one of the top attractors here btw -- and being concerned about these areas...the world needs more folks like you.

      The info about O'Brien's dad and Ramsey being on the same ferry ride came from Cathy O'Brien's autobio "Access Denied For Reasons of National Security." It can also be found at links like these:


      I'm sure there are others floating around but those are 2 of the main ones. Btw, the Voat site remains invaluable for all pizzagate/pedogate related breaking news. It was the forum all the citizen investigators flocked to when the pizzagate related subforums were banned and shuttered on places like Reddit, 4chan, and Facebook. Some think it's subsequently been infiltrated and compromised, but the info there still comes across as clean and basically unmessed-with to me. Check it out.

      Again, thanks for reading & namaste brotha!

    2. Thanks for the reply. Interestingly enough, that Voat post you link was actually made by me. I came across the JonBenet Ramsey case after reading Dave McGowan's _Programmed to Kill_, and when looking into it further, I noticed many odd links to Iran-Contra and the Inslaw/PROMIS affair. I'll definitely have a look at Cathy O'Brien's autobiography to see where she mentions the detail about her father and John Ramsey.

    3. No prob Marionumber1!
      Programmed To Kill is always close at hand on my current reading shelf. It's invaluable, and to my way of thinking, one of the first ventures into Deep State dot-connecting of the MKUltra variety -- reminds me a lot of the old Mae Brussell radio broadcasts. She always thought there was a deeper train of thought pertaining to Manson, Bundy, Son of Sam, Zodiac, etc. Definitely programming afoot.

      I can't believe that Voat post was by you -- I didn't even notice! Very well done btw.

      Don't get me started on the whole Danny Casolaro/PROMIS thing...he was for sure the man who knew too much.

      The entire JonBenet Ramsey case could be the Rosetta Stone of so much of this connects everywhere, from Columbine to Lockheed Martin to Sheriff Pat Sullivan running an entire pedo ring out there that even connected back to Sandusky's Second Mile.
      And then when the allegations exploded about Nicole Kidman's dad in Australia a few years ago, and then his subsequent mysterious death, of course I couldn't help but remember the mysterious Australian actress that was supposed to be on hand at "the party" the night of JonBenet's death that was quickly whisked out of there was none other than Nicole.
      It's so funny that no matter how much they try to hide, it ALWAYS comes out.

      I'd love to talk with you more about it. To my way of thinking, she was killed with full foreknowledge of her parents as part of a ritual of the organized pedo ring they were a part of, which correlates with the Grand Jury disclosure a year or so ago, implicating both parents.

      They voted to indict saying that both parents "did ... permit a child to be unreasonably placed in a situation which posed a threat of injury to the child's life or health which resulted in the death of JonBenet Ramsey."

      The grand jury also had alleged that each parent "did ... render assistance to a person, with intent to hinder, delay and prevent the discovery, detention, apprehension, prosecution, conviction and punishment of such person for the commission of a crime, knowing the person being assisted has committed and was suspected of the crime of murder in the first degree and child abuse resulting in death."
      The documents provide no further details on who that "person" was. The grand jury had accused the couple of committing the offenses "on or between December 25 and December 26, 1996."
      Interesting that they placed the timing at the exact same time as that party at Fleet White's mansion.

      Of course it was all quashed by the DA and buried til last year.

      John Ramsey carried that little girl dead into their house and all the while said she was just sleeping. How creepy is that?

    4. I agree with your theory on what happened to JonBenet Ramsey. When I first read McGowan's take on the case a couple months ago, it really disturbed me and stuck with me, especially (as you mention) the likelihood that her father carried her dead body into the house and passed her off as sleeping. The recent news about the grand jury only appears to confirm the pedophile ring scenario. I've never understood the people claiming that it was just Burke; that doesn't account for the sexual abuse, the wording of the grand jury decision (there would be nothing unreasonable about them leaving her and her brother in the same house), or the other persistent weirdness surrounding the case.

      The JonBenet case does seem to be connected to so many different deep state players and events. In fact, I hadn't even heard of Pat Sullivan until you mentioned it here. I've found several articles on how he admitted he might have had sex with underage boys, and one strange death of an adult film star who he was connected to, but do you have any information on the connection to Second Mile? That I haven't been able to locate yet. Also, the mention about Nicole Kidman being at the White's party is stunning: is there truth to that rumor?

      For almost a year at this point, I've been running a wiki that intends to provide solid documentation (credible news articles, official documents, and primary sources) for various deep state crimes. It's original focus was election integrity, but it's branched out since then to include other topics like the JFK assassination, Iran-Contra, the "Octopus", child sex rings, and MKUltra. Most of the actual pages are quite sparse, but I've been accumulating a ton of sources in the hopes of eventually writing about them. Here's the JonBenet case page, for instance: And one on MKUltra:

      Mae Brussell has always impressed me with how prescient she was. I recently learned that way back in 1978, a whole decade before the Franklin scandal broke, she already identified Michael Casey as a likely intelligence operative and had Boys Town pegged as having intelligence connections: Casey passed himself off as a Franklin "investigator", luring in victims like Alisha Owen and real investigators like Gary Caradori, the latter of whom he tried to involve in a Hollywood deal about Franklin. The grand jury pinned the hoax idea on Casey, with the insinuation that Caradori and Owen were in it for the money. I began to suspect that Casey was actually fulfilling a COINTELPRO-like role, and it was shocking to see that Mae Brussell already anticipated that.

    5. Hey MN1!

      Before I get into things, let me just say it's great and refreshing to have this dialogue with you -- truly informed folks are hard to come by this day and age. And I hope your Thanksgiving has been great for you & yours.

      Now, thanks so much for leading me to your JB Ramsey page -- I'm really looking forward to getting into that & all your stuff. The Pat Sullivan links to the Second Mile come from several different sources: one was from a guy named Jonathan Elinoff who was producing a line of 9/11 disclosure films entitled 'Core Of Corruption.'

      He stumbled upon an entire network that scared him so badly that after putting out just 1 film (in a series that was supposed to go for 4 or 5), he dropped off the grid entirely. He eventually resurfaced but now will have absolutely nothing to do with any form of conspiracy culture.

      Long story short, Sullivan's criminal behaviour and ties were being investigated by the FBI's "Safe Streets" Task Force, which ended up burying the lion's share of the evidence linking Sullivan and his people to a network that led to a lot of places including Iran/Contra, Columbine as well as the 9/11 op also. Same individuals heavily involved. This same "Safe Streets"(haha) Force was also charged with looking into the Second Mile and did the exact same thing there: bury anything leading to a larger connected network, of which again, Colorado was included.
      See here for LOTS more:

      I also know Philly radio host Mark Madden knows heaps more about this (esp. pertaining to Second Mile being just part of a much larger network) but he basically did a Ben Swann and went radio silent also.
      Possibly check out the work of Wayne Madsen on this front also.

      DA Ray Gricar disappearing shut a lot of mouths in the entire Pennsylvania area on this.

      As far as Kidman being present at the White Xmas night party, things get more problematic re verification there.
      I personally remember listening to an Art Bell Coast to Coast AM back in the day when he had a call-in that claimed to have insider knowledge of much of the JBR case & said in no uncertain terms that Kidman was that "unnamed Australian actress" present.

      And that was really all I or anyone had until the Fiona Barnett revelations about Anthony Kidman abusing her and countless others in an Australian SRA network -- and then, lo and behold, he up and dies under mysterious circumstances right after this news breaks. Of course this doesn't mean anything re the Nicole/JBR situation, but it's certainly strange, and establishes a generational abuse aspect all these many years later that provides context for all manner of things...
      As far as anything online, there's this:

      All I got, & if ya wanna stay in touch easier than this microfiche, just email me at Anytime brutha. We never close.

    6. I've also really enjoyed this chance to speak with you, and I hope your Thanksgiving was great as well.

      What happened to Elinoff is frightening. I've always had a vague sense of how far reaching this evil network is, but his experience and the threats he encountered really lays it bare. So many powerful people were swept up in this world of pedophilia, blackmail, drugs, and murder, and willing to go to any lengths to keep investigators away from it all. It's unfortunate that much of Elinoff's information will never be released, but I can understand his desire to get out alive.

      The links of the Penn State case to a larger pedophile ring involving Second Mile is something I've heard about for a while. And John DeCamp even linked the Franklin scandal to Penn State, saying that Larry King flew boys there to be abused by Sandusky ( Graham Spanier, convicted of covering up Sandusky's abuse, used to be chancellor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln from 1991 to 95; the University of Nebraska system was part of a 1980s USAID (slash CIA?) project to radicalize Afghan youth ( and employed Ronald Roskens, a pedophile who knew Larry King, until 1989.

      Another noteworthy connection I found between Franklin and Penn State is Dick Thornburgh. The Paterno family hired him to lead a report criticizing the findings that Paterno had covered up Sandusky's abuse ( Much earlier, Thornburgh had been attorney general under George H.W. Bush, helming the Justice Department at a time when it was spearheading the cover-up of Franklin. Nick Bryant and Henry Vinson's books provide an indication as to why Thornbrugh may have participated in the cover-up: CIA asset Craig Spence was providing him with adolescent boys (they don't name him directly, but Bryant says it was a high-ranking DOJ official and Vinson says it was a Bush cabinet member; put those two together). Cathy O'Brien also named Thornburgh as one of her abusers.

      Speaking of Cathy O'Brien, is it true that she named John Ramsey a year before the JonBenet Ramsey case broke? I searched a PDF copy of _Trance Formation_ but couldn't find any mention of him; however, I've had issues searching PDF copies of books before, where it fails to find text even though it's there.

      The identification of Nicole Kidman as being at the White's party may be suspect, but is there confirmation of an "unnamed Australian actress" being there at all? I haven't been able to confirm that either. To my knowledge, the White's guest list was never released.

      A while back, I saw the claims about Access Graphics being linked to Iran-Contra, Silverado, and William Morris. The original source appears to be a 2006 story published by Tom Heneghan. Sadly, I haven't had much success in confirming them. I got the list of witnesses that Lawrence Walsh had (, and John Ramsey does not show up, though there are several unnamed witnesses who could have been him. The political connections lurking behind the Ramsey case (hiring Patrick Korten, Patsy's links to Robert Byrd, and potential connections to Wackenhut), which are outlined on my wiki page, do support Heneghan's allegations, but they don't confirm them.

      These questions probably make me seem like an over-rigorous stickler for having everything sourced and verified. But I think that's a good standard to meet if this research is to eventually be convincing to the broader public. I share Dave McGowan's philosophy that often, even within mainstream sources, you can find nuggets of truth that, when assembled, paint a very meaningful picture.

    7. MN1!

      Greetings again -- and NO, by no means are you being an "over rigorous" stickler. It's extremely important to vet everything down to the last detail in all areas of investigation, but especially in these.

      And once again, the problem with the whole Kidman scenario is that it just isn't there apart from hearsay at this point. I suppose it would take actually personally knowing someone on the inside of the Boulder PD that was there on the night and took a head count and witness statements, but as you said, who was there at the White mansion, statements of what the interior even LOOKS like, they've all been scrubbed -- no where to be found.
      As I said, the only reason Nicole stuck in my head was that C2C Art Bell broadcast where someone that was there claimed that she was indeed the "unnamed Australian actress." But that doesn't amount to much proof-wise. Around that same time I also remember reading it on some usenet forums but there'll all gone now also. It was there -- and poof -- it's gone. Check out my post here:

      The entire Kidman situation, from EWS to the family dynamic to Scientology to the Dad's pedo ring claims, is bonkers all down the line. Something EXTREMELY off there. Would that Kubrick were still here to give us all the heads up. Still have the treasure trove of his films though, and he left us with a doozy of what's going on. He really was trying to impart the true power dynamics of the world to us, wasn't he? And placing it in the season of Christmas only augments the ritualized aspects. (Was he making a sly reference to the JonBenet sacrificial scene? I always wondered about that.) He played his cards very close to his chest -- that whole I know that you know that I know.
      Had never heard about Cathy O'B naming Ramsey before the fact - interesting. Access Graphics had ridiculous amounts of child porn on their servers.
      Spanier? Don't get me started....

    8. Yeah, there's enough weirdness surrounding Nicole Kidman and her family for the scenario to fit. It's unfortunate that nearly all of the sources placing her at the party have disappeared down the memory hole.

      As I see it, though, there are two separate claims to verify: that an "unnamed Australian actress" was at the party, and that the actress was Nicole Kidman. It's possible, for instance, to prove that there was such an actress there without identifying who it was. So do you know if there are any sources for an Australian actress being at the party, even if they're unidentified?

      The thing about Cathy O'Brien naming John Ramsey before the murder is in this post that we're commenting on. You wrote: "Prior to the death of JonBenet, O’Brien stated that her father was friend to a man named John Ramsey, and that this man had gained his wealth by child pornography, and selling his children into the MKUltra programs. Tranceformation was first printed in September 1995, 15 months before the death of JonBenet Ramsey." Was that not actually true?

    9. Hey MN1,

      Need to dig back deep in my notes and files to find out whether that claim came from Trance, Access Denied, or one of O'Brien and Phillips' talks given around the nation. Thanks for spotting that. will be busy digging for awhile.

    10. That claim specifically comes from their book Access Denied For Reasons of National Security. Any PDFs of that online that I can find have all been 404'd. Not sure about Tranceformation, but interestingly, the PDF I found of that online has an index that is complete in every page EXCEPT for the one where 'Ramsey' would have been....Hmmmmm. Pages 262-263 missing.

      The original source in ACCESS DENIED seems to come from a talk given by Cathy & Mark Phillips (who many as I'm sure you'll know claim is just another of her handlers) -- & specifically it comes from Mark interjecting himself in the conversation. Make of that what you will.

      This also seems to be the same source as the Vatic project site piece. Seems that he is projecting knowledge prior in the timeline. Also just found out that he passed away just this past September.

      I also just left Cathy O'B a question on her website about this very matter -- & I'll let you and everybody know the (hopefully) detailed answer as soon as I get it.

    11. No reply from C O'B yet, but here's more documentation:

      (Since the info and timeframe in the second posting goes back to the time of the Ford presidency, it obviously predates the JonBenet killing ritual.)

    12. Yeah, I haven't been able to find any evidence that Cathy O'Brien mentioned John Ramsey before the JBR case in 1996. Her earliest mention appears to be in _Access Denied: For Reasons of National Security_, when she transcripts that conference that she and Mark were at. Even the links you provided, which have Cathy taking about her early life going back to the Ford presidency, are recounting interviews that she gave well after the publication of her second book. Finding written words of hers from *before* 1996 that bring up John Ramsey would be highly significant, but I'm not convinced that they exist.

      Cathy's story is credible but not proven, and particularly when you consider that her alleged rescuer is a CIA agent, there could very well be a mix of true facts and disinformation in whatever she says. So the real test is whether her claims about the Ramsey case - the name of the stun gun video or the ferry ride - can be independently corroborated.

      Glad to hear that you contacted Cathy O'Brien about that. A couple days ago, I also sent her an email through her site asking a similar question. Meanwhile, I also asked Lawrence Schiller (the first person to break the story of a stun gun video being found at the Ramsey home) to ask if he knew and would divulge the name of the video.

      There's little else known about the stun gun video beyond the fact that it exists. However, I found John Ramsey's attempt to explain away the video both unconvincing and perhaps unintentionally revealing. He says (in his own book about the Ramsey case) that in 1994, he went to a spy shop in Coral Gables FL to get security equipment for Access Graphics, and while there, the clerk gave him a video catalog that included a stun gun tape - in Spanish, he claims. I believe this spy shop is Spy World Miami (; when contacted by email, they told me they sold stun guns, but not any instructional videos. Noteworthy, however, is that security contractor and CIA front Wackenhut was based in Coral Gables FL until 1995...

    13. I'll wait, but if I don't miss my guess -- this is where Cathy is going to say the ferry ride(s) took place, some time during/after the Ford administration, in Michigan where various elite families congregated:
      "Her father John Ramsey: 6 billion plus in 1996, Access Graphics is a subsidiary of
      Lockheed Martin (involved in FBI, CIA – covert activity) / Michigan State
      University is where he attended college (from Cathy O’Brien’s testimony: There
      was a pornography ring in Michigan commissioned by Ford and she - C O'B - was sold into
      the “project.” She was taken to Mackinac Island, Michigan which is like a
      Bohemian Grove. The “elite” discussed mind control of the masses and the occult

      Of course the whole stun gun business was done under the aegis of Michael Aquino she claims, which is a very deep, dark rabbit hole that goes everywhere.

    14. Good catch with that link. I had forgotten about how John Ramsey attended college at Michigan State University. In fact, the date that Cathy says she was sold into the Michigan child prostitution ring (at age 6, so about 1963) would line up with when John Ramsey was attending college. That said, I don't know likely it is that John would be a sexual abuser at that point, before even joining the Navy, unless he came from an abusive family (which is quite possible).

      The prospect of John Ramsey being involved at such an early age reminds me of another strange aspect of the JBR case: the claims of Nancy Krebs ("The Witness") that aside from the Whites, she was molested by "John Ramsey" during the 1960s. If John's early life turns out to be darker than originally thought, Krebs's claim might not be as out-of-place after all. And unlike Cathy, we *do* know from her therapist and lawyer that Krebs was mentioning Ramsey's name before the JBR case.

    15. The Krebs story is so convoluted and freaky that it scares me in its implications to this day. Lee Hill brings Krebs and her therapist onto a somewhat national stage and his entire life blows up -- arrested, disbarred, social and domestic charges, I mean, wtf? The last mention I can find of him anywhere is 2008 and then he was basically on the run. Ditto for Krebs and the therapist. It's like they touched the dreaded third rail and vanished into witness protection or something. Or worse. It was one of those stark reminders that clued me in to the fact that we're dealing with immensely dark, immensely evil, immensely powerful forces.
      And it's one of the biggest tipoffs going that we're not just dealing with 2 parents here -- this goes WAY beyond that.
      People that have trouble wrapping their heads around pizzagate -- I mean, what, have they been asleep for 20 years?

  2. P.S. -- wording from that last site so you're not scrolling half the night:
    Some weird info:

    The DA Alex Hunter's daughter-in-law was the mistress of John Edwards, Her name: Reille Hunter. Patsy Ramsey died of cancer soon after, and then, Mrs. Edwards died of same kind of cancer.

    Then there was a high profile Australian actress whisked away from the Christmas Eve party, Nicole Kidman, maybe?

    John Ramsey dated the mother of another abducted girl, Natalie Holloway.

    It is clear from the statements of both Detective Colson and Char Blazer that the Boulder authorities were very interested in a connection between the death of Jonbenet and what appears to be organized pedophilia on a national level, perhaps with a criminal Government license.

    The William Morris Agency has close ties to NBC News. It was NBC which broke the current JonBenet Ramsey story. The William Morris Agency also represents up and coming child models and had solicited a contract from the Ramsey’s for the 'services' of JonBenet. It should also be noted that in early 1996 the Denver Police had been investigating a Denver Child-Porno Protection ring linked to and run by none other than the Wm. Morris Agency and FBI Div. #5

    John Ramsey ran a company called Access Graphics with offices in the Philippines, Amsterdam, Holland and Denver, Colorado. Access Graphics did business with the Wm. Morris Agency and had service contracts directly with what is commonly known as Iran Contra. Access Graphics major bank accounts were parked at the noted Iran Contra money-laundry Silverado Savings and Loan and administered by none other than Director of Silverado, Neil Bush, George W. Bush's brother. Ramsey was also on a list of witnesses never subpoenaed by former Iran Contra Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh. It can now be reported that Ramsey had either knowingly, or unknowingly, pimped his daughter out as a prostitute to the Wm. Morris Agency who were taking these child 'Models' and using them to provide sexual services for pedophiles in Government, Industry and so on in addition to their Modeling shows.

  3. Hello wordman,

    It's been a little while since we last spoke. There's one statement in your post that I keep wondering about: "Prior to the death of JonBenet, O’Brien stated that her father was friend to a man named John Ramsey, and that this man had gained his wealth by child pornography, and selling his children into the MKUltra programs. Tranceformation was first printed in September 1995, 15 months before the death of JonBenet Ramsey."

    Do you remember what your source was for saying that Cathy O'Brien brought up John Ramsey in her *first* book _Trance Formation_ published back in 1995? The reason I ask is that I found someone on Facebook in a PG group who's read _Trance Formation_ and believes that she did see Ramsey mentioned there. However, she hasn't been able to find the reference in the book.

    I'm also curious if your attempt to contact Cathy O'Brien ever panned out. Mine hasn't, unfortunately.

    Finally, there's one other statement in your post I wanted to ask about: "However, no stun gun was found in the home, and Ramsey gave two differing stories about why he had such a video and no stun gun." What were those two differing stories given by John Ramsey? I've only seen one: that he got the video forced onto him at a spy shop in Coral Gables FL. Coincidentally, Coral Gables was the location of CIA front Wackenhut.

  4. Hey Marionumber1!

    Great to speak with you again -- from my recollections and records the claims of Cathy's dad running across Ramsey can be strictly attributed to the (sometimes rather dubious) statements of the late Mark Philips, alternately called Cathy's saviour and/or handler, depending on who you talk to. Such info was disclosed in any number of their talks and seminars around the country, and also in their book 'For Reasons Of National Security...' I believe, although I'd have to check again.

    Also had heard this story in the pipeline a while back, which, needless to say, is troubling and raises a number of issues:

    All of this is enough to leave you wondering about the true nature of the O'Brien/Phillips nexus, and its origins and ultimate aims.

    According to Linda Arndt, Ramsey gave multiple, contradictory stories about the video, the stun gun, just about everything before both he & Patsy stopped cooperating with the police completely (such as they were), and began stonewalling behind a legal/PR front.

    Amid all this, I'm sure you'll doubtless be shocked, shocked I tell you, that I haven't heard from O'Brien either. It all begins to seem like part of a psyop where mixing lies with the truth is still the best smokescreen.

    Much as you might not want to be, these circles are an infection, and once you're infected you're infected forever. Which, sad to say, is precisely the point. And the generational madness continues. Ironically, just something else these SRA cults have in common with the CIA. What did Don Henley say so tellingly? "You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave."

    And speaking of Henley, he's more than a little acquainted with the darkness, and set to have a rockin' 2018:
    (this the site that first outed Weinstein some 10 months or so before the news broke in the mainstream.)

    All those Church of Satan/Hotel California conspiracy theories aren't causing quite so much laughter anymore...Here's to much, much more unraveling to come.

    1. Yeah, I've never completely trusted Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips. My issue is more with Phillips: I have little doubt that O'Brien was abused, particularly given the evidence of the disturbing image carved into her vagina, but it seems likely to me that she simply went from one CIA handler to another. We'll probably never be able to know which of her stories are true and which are lies, barring some independent evidence.

      That's what makes the Ramsey stun gun video so tantalizing, because there are definitely other people with knowledge of the video; it's just a matter of getting them to talk. Not that getting someone to talk is particularly easy: O'Brien hasn't responded to me, the Boulder PD refuse to reveal information about an active investigation, and Lawrence Schiller hasn't written back.

      Do you have any links about what Linda Arndt said regarding the stun gun video? I know she's been quite critical of John Ramsey, and gave one interview to the media around 1999, but I wasn't aware that the stun gun video came up. It could be the clue that breaks the case, which is probably why any information about the video is being kept under wraps so well.

      What you say about the multigenerational nature of these SRA cults is interesting, since Patsy Ramsey seemed to exhibit her own signs of mind control programming -- behaving like an "automaton" at her pageants and potentially showing signs of multiple personalities -- and often accompanied Robert Byrd, one of O'Brien's alleged abusers. Her father was an engineer for Union Carbide, whose mines in Port Kaituma were located right next to where Jonestown would establish itself. And John Ramsey was born in Omaha NE, home of the Franklin Scandal. Plus, if the "Mystery Woman" in the Ramsey case (Nancy Krebs) is telling the truth, John's best friend Fleet White was born into a family of pedophiles.

  5. By the way, something else about multigenerational abuse in the Ramsey family: John's father Dudley (, who came from Omaha, was director of the Nebraska Aeronautics Commission (1947-1956) and Michigan Aeronautics Commission (1957-1979). Both Nebraska and Michigan, curiously enough, would have elite pedophile scandals involving chartered flights and private planes. The Franklin scandal was an obvious case of that in Nebraska, and in Michigan, there was the pedophile ring of Francis Shelden (, who flew child sex slaves to North Fox Island. And in another "coincidence", North Fox Island is close to Charlevoix and Beaver Island, where Cathy O'Brien claimed her father and John Ramsey traveled on a ferry together. So was James Dudley Ramsey involved in protecting elite pedophile rings in multiple states?

    1. Technically, the Franklin scandal didn't happen until a couple decades after Dudley left for Michigan. But Omaha was likely home to a pedophile network long before its official exposure. After all, Charles Manson attended Boys Town in the 1940s, and according to chronicler Lawson McDowell ( "He [Manson] fled for reasons never fully explained. It was a mystery that intrigued me. The things that happened at Boys Town changed the course of history in a darker direction for Manson." E. John Brandeis, an Omaha elite and major benefactor of Boys Town, also just happened to own a ranch in Los Angeles that was right next to the Spahn Ranch where the Manson Family stayed.

  6. Another thing -- I'm wondering if you'd ever seen this article: I don't know about its allegations concerning Montagraph and /222/, but what's most interesting is claim that Access Graphics (John Ramsey's company) was doing black-budget intelligence work:

    > Access Graphics was a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corporation, and was officially a distributor of mid-level computer hardware and software. You could think of Access Graphics as a VAR (Value Added Reseller) acting as an intermediary between manufacturers and "resellers" that sell to end-user businesses. Investigators familiar with classified projects will probably notice the tell tale signs of a company with a black budget. Access Graphics had nearly a half a billion dollars in annual revenue coming in without explanation or balance sheet entries that tied this revenue to it's main line of work.
    > Keep in mind that Lockheed Martin has it's hands in a lot of things and most of them have direct ties to the Department of Defense. This is no secret, but if you dig deep enough, you'll find that Access Graphics' location in Colorado probably wasn't for the scenery or the fresh mountain air. The University of Colorado Boulder is home to the US National Satellite Land Remote Sensing Data Archive, the National data node for access to state and national agency data sets, the USGS DRGs Digital Raster Graphics, rumored Area 51 replacement Aurora etc. [...]
    > The rumor is Access Graphics was working with the Department of Defense, Lockheed, Unisys (possibly others) and the University of Colorado Boulder on some highly secretive technology used to process satellite imagery. [...] The most we can tell you is that we believe Access Graphics was deeply involved in developing software that digitized and stitched together large amounts of satellite imagery; and that this imagery had significant military applications.

    Coincidentally (or not), this alleged covert business of Access Graphics -- processing satellite images to map out resources across the earth -- is exactly what Lockheed Martin was doing while modifying the PROMIS software. From Mike Ruppert's article (

    > [...] Both the CIA, through GE Aerospace in Herndon Virginia (GAO Contract #82F624620), the FBI and elements of the NSA were tinkering with Promis, not just to modify it with a trap door, but to enhance it with artificial intelligence or AI. It's worth it to note that GE Aerospace was subsequently purchased by Martin-Marietta which then merged to become Lockheed-Martin the largest defense and aerospace contractor in the world. This will become important later on.
    > [...]
    > [...] On the very day that DoJ and HUD shut her down she was discussing software development with a Canadian firm that is at the heart of the Canadian space program, Geomatics. The term Geomatics applies to a related group of sciences - all involving satellite imagery - used to develop geographic information systems, global positioning systems and remote sensing from space that can actually determine the locations of natural resources such as oil, precious metals and other commodities.
    > [...]
    > Bill Hamilton readily agreed that this was an ideal situation for the application of Promis technology. In furthering our research on Geomatics we discovered that almost everywhere Geomatics technology went we also found Lockheed-Martin.

    So was Access Graphics yet another one of those subcontractors modifying PROMIS for global espionage and "total information awareness"? I've suspected it for a while, given the Wackenhut and Octopus links to the case, but this gets closer to confirming it.

  7. Another question - do you remember what the source of this post about Fleet White Sr. was: "There was an older man who was phoned on the eve of the murder according to phone records, and he had a chalet in Aspen. We (of the JBR forum) hired a private investigator to find out about this man. The PI came back freaked out after pulling the man up on a records computer and said ‘Here, take your money, I’m not touching this.’ The man’s name on said records list was flagged, which meant he had a big mark by his name NOT TO GO THERE in other words. He is someone really big, and scary, and not to be toyed with even for records’ sake. We never found out the man’s “real” identity, only who he was in terms of power and reputation. The name that he went by, I have a feeling, is not his given name. The PI was absolutely not going to pursue the investigation of this man, as he was obviously someone not to be crossed. He looked like some old German guy with white hair, wealth, and an obvious facelift."

    1. Greetings again MN1,

      Many, many thanks for all the info regarding Access Graphics, Lockheed, and PROMIS. Isn't is fascinating how many interlocking subsets of true nefariousness and evil overlap when considering all this as well as pedophile rings, 9/11 (which, let's be honest, could NEVER have taken place without the PROMIS latticework firmly in place)...truly makes you wonder what Danny Casolaro took to his grave. Much along that same line, you might enjoy this series of vids detailing a fascinating conversation between Indira Singh and the late Michael Corbin -- one now missing and the other dead. Listening to this back-and-forth of Bush era clandestine info and you can certainly see why:

      Going back to 2005, it contains some of the earliest research connecting Poppy Bush & Co. to possibly child sacrifice (at Bohemian Grove no less) -- certainly since the Franklin Scandal. The implications are definitely there. Why do I feel nervous even typing that in an open environment? Casolaro, Corbin, "mysterious" deaths & "suicides" are all around this stuff. And Singh, as I said, has completely disappeared -- one can only hope for her own safety.

      As far as the Fleet White Sr info, it all came from pages and pages of the JBR Forum at, a veritable clearinghouse of all-things-JBR, including targets both large, small, and everything in between -- you'll find some amazing details therein.

      Stay safe my friend. Real life really is spookier than any fiction.

    2. You're definitely right about how all these horrific deep state crimes intersect with each other. I still remember what you told me about Jonathan Elinoff's documentary: researching 9/11 and Delmart Vreeland led him to a massive pedophilic blackmail ring involving Pat Sullivan, which soon frightened him off the project entirely. And Casolaro's investigation almost certainly led him towards the pedophocracy: one of the spook operatives at the Cabazon reservation in Indio CA, home to many of the CIA activities he was looking into, was Dr. Sid Siemer, a bioweapons manufacturer and prolific child molester. Both PROMIS -- for controlling the technology -- and sexual blackmail -- for controlling the people -- seem to be crucial to every other black operation. Indira Singh was definitely on that same trail, and I hope she's merely in hiding because she was frightened/threatened off this story, not dead.

      There are a couple child sex networks I've been investigating: the Johnny Gosch abduction, Sid Siemer and Wackenhut, the JonBenet Ramsey murder, and the Coggins Farms/John Couey/Green Isle Ranch network in Florida and Georgia. All of them are accompanied by a pervading sense of evil and the feeling that they're all connected in some way, even though the details are hard to pin down, and it feels like key evidence is constantly disappearing down the memory hole. That's what comes with the territory of investigating this subject, I suppose.

      Addressing the JonBenet Ramsey case specifically, I did actually manage to find the original source of those claims by a JBR forum member about their private investigation into Fleet White Sr. It was posted by Ms. Superduper on Godlike Productions: And there's a lot of other information too, like her claim that "some report" mentioned the unknown actress present at the party, which you suspect was Nicole Kidman. I'm hoping Ms. Superduper still has a copy of that report. Curiously enough, although I haven't been able to confirm anything about Nicole Kidman, it was proven in Nancy Krebs' interview that Fleet White Sr. was friends with another Hollywood actress, Goldie Hawn; he had a photograph of himself with her. So the idea that prominent actors/actresses would attend the Whites' Christmas party is extremely plausible. As for Nicole Kidman, I have to wonder: how difficult should it be to find what a public figure like her did for Christmas? There might be publicly available information somewhere...

    3. MN1,

      Once again, thanks hugely for all the info you pass along -- and let me tell you something -- as long as there are researchers as diligent and as dedicated as you out there, there is always hope that we will prevail and topple this elite satanic Deep State hierarchy once and for all, and believe you me, more people are waking up on a daily basis to all of this.

      If only more could see what you & I do...that the overall problem lies not in a bunch of unconnected incidents, but a vast network where ALL of them are linked under the surface, strategically, monetarily, ideologically.

      Kudos to you for being on to the Gosch rabbit hole also; that one runs deep and black. I'll be looking into the Green Isle Ranch situation, had not run across that one. Regarding Gosch again, have you heard this interview Noreen did with Alex Merklinger in 2004? It HEAVILY implicates Johnny's Dad in what happened; the whole "wrong number" phone calls in the middle of the night, etc...

      Speaking of interlocking networks reminds me of the whole Penn State situation and how with now-disgraced-but-in hiding ex-Penn St prez Graham Spanier, who now works on undisclosed things at undisclosed locations for National Security!! Thing is, from 91-95 he was at Univ Nebraska-Lincoln, not far, of course, from Omaha. Which sounds like the whole Franklin Op just got transitioned, because the Second Mile was a hotbed of procuring little kids for the elite just as sure as I'm sitting here.

      And I KNEW I had heard/read somewhere about the links of Fleet White Sr to Goldie Hawn. And just to compound the High Strangeness sweepstakes, hubby Kurt Russell came out a few months ago as one of the first civilian reporters of the Phoenix Lights -- a fact that both he & his son somehow immediately FORGOT after reporting it -- weird:

      Finally, on the Nicole Kidman front, it seems that Fiona Barnett, the Down Under-er who first reported Kidman's dad as one of OZ's most notorious, and linked in, pedos, (& immediately prior to his mysterious fleeing the country and sudden death) has gone missing since last September:

      Oh, to know what Stanley Kubrick knew, right? Per Getty images, I can find where Nicole was on Dec 6 & 7, 1996, but it's like that Xmas has been scrubbed as to her whereabouts with or without Tom & the kids -- truly weird.
      Even weirder considering Eyes Wide Shut, with all its occult rituals and elite, secret society, sexual "workings" took place over...Christmas. Hiding in plain sight was never so in the open. Makes you wonder what these people dream at night. Laters, my good friend.

    4. When it comes to Hollywood, there's certainly a very disturbing rabbit hole to go down. I hadn't even made the connection you just did between Nicole Kidman's alleged attendance at the Whites' party and Eyes Wide Shut taking place on Christmas. And quite strange that Goldie Hawn's husband was actually involved in a UFO sighting. My research has started out confined to individual cases like Franklin, Presidio, the Gosch abduction, JonBenet, but indeed, it's impossible to study one of them for too long without getting into the messy nature of how the power elite's activities all blends together.

      My current effort in the Gosch case has been corroborating some of the more sensational allegations of the case -- you can read my wiki page on it -- and that includes everything to do with Johnny Gosch's father. I have heard a fair amount about the being implicated: not just the weird phone calls, but also the fact that he was identified (solely from a photograph) as being in the Franklin Credit Union.

      It seems that a lot of the time, these high-profile pedophile cases involve the complicity of the parents *as well as* a larger network. JonBenet Ramsey is the quintessential example, of course. The Green Isle Ranch situation that I refer to is very convoluted, and documented on yet another wiki page of mine: But one of its elements is the abduction, rape, and murder of 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford by John Couey, which might seem like a simple pedophile case at first glance, but actually has the unmistakable stench of a high-level cover-up, including an attempt to hide evidence that her father had child porn on his computer and that she had likely been raped before Couey abducted her.

      As for Penn State, that's an interesting insight about how the Franklin ring might have moved over to Penn State following the collapse of the Franklin Credit Union. There was definitely a connection between the cases, and the president of the University of Nebraska system was fired in 1989 (just 2 years before Graham Spanier became UNL chancellor) for having sex with boys.

      I'm going to keep looking for anything that can pin down Nicole Kidman's whereabouts during Christmas 1996. But if it's been scrubbed as well as it seems to have been, I probably won't have much success.

    5. MN1,

      Thank you SO MUCH for the continuing links to your stuff -- yeoman's work, my friend, of which you should be nothing but proud.

      And regarding the whole Penn State fiasco, which to my mind has simply gone underground, dig this incredibly DAMNING info on Spanier, who is so ridiculously guilty he should be UNDER the prison and not in it, instead of being continually harbored and protected by the Deep State:

      There is literally zero chance of seeing any real justice done when weasels like this skate, only to be gifted/rewarded with "national security" positions for doing their part in the worldwide pedo consortium. Can we puh-leeze have his name be on one of those sealed indictments we keep hearing about???

      These "normalization protocols" of everything from bestiality to pedophilia to cannibalism have GOT to end.

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  9. Hey mate, how well documented are the claims from the former Access manager about Burke, Patsys family...membership of eastern Star. When was the first claim about the stun video? Lawrence Schiller leaked it first?

    1. I'm not aware of any corroboration for what the Access Graphics manager said about the Paugh family, but I believe her. There was something wrong about all of them. Patsy became very evasive when asked by police about whether she had been abused as a child. As a pageant woman, she was considered "a little automaton" due to her highly-controlled performance, a trait JonBenet would end up sharing too. Don Paugh was indeed a Freemason and Patsy allegedly did her first pageant for a Masonic group called the Rainbow Girls (which Nancy Krebs actually claims to have met Patsy through).

      The first known account of the stun gun video came out in January 1998 due to Lawrence Schiller's police sources. At a talk in April 1998, Mark Phillips made reference to that video, and since that was after Schiller's news story it's impossible to know if he had legitimate information or just made up details around a real story. If we found that Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien had been talking about such a video in 1997, that would prove their legitimacy. However, the most I've found so far is that Cathy made a nonspecific reference to JonBenet at one point in 1997. And you have the weird parallels of her story to the upbringings of both John (likely family association with pedophile rings on the islands of Lake Michigan) and Patsy (likely pedophile father; connection to Robert Byrd), but nothing definite.

    2. MN1!!

      Thanks for the assist as I'd vacated "the Bridge" for awhile -- I hadn't checked the comments in a few days, but I know I can always count on my Science Officer-of-All-Things-JBR-Case to fill any void around here!!

      Been working on another new posting that'll be up soon, so, til then, thanks again! And carry on, mate! Steady as she goes....

    3. Thanks wordman, I'm looking forward to it. By the way, did you get a chance to look through the PARANOIA and Coast to Coast archives to see if anything jumped out at you regarding Kidman? I haven't devoted too much of my own time to that lead recently, but I am looking at new stuff regarding John Ramsey's possible links to the pedophile rings behind both the Oakland County Child Killer murders and the Atlanta child murders. The OCCK case has the North Fox Island and Stephen Stanislaw ties to John's father, as well players from North Fox Island like Adam Starchild and William Kuehl and allegedly Dyer Grossman masquerading as Bill McReynolds being in Boulder at the time JonBenet was killed. With Atlanta, not only was John in the city during all of those murders, but there are claims that pedophile ring money was laundered through a P.O. box in Boulder, that Adam Starchild was linked to Wayne Williams also, and that Access Graphics had a connection to Tony Thevis who was the son of Atlanta pornography kingpin Michael Thevis.

    4. MN1!!

      Thanks for the reply mate, & no, haven't done too much digging re the Kidman conundrum in those avenues yet, but more on that in a sec....

      Want to tell you I've put so many folks kind of late coming to the party on to your CAVDEF site -- with SO much popularity recently given the show MINDHUNTER as well as all the Bundy docs and flicks hitting Netflix, let me just say you, along with precious few others like Dave McGowan, were WAAAAAY ahead of the curve putting your finger on the pulse of what's exploding right now in the popular media. Where are those residual checks, right? To paraphrase a quote from MINDHUNTER which should be our mantra: How do you get ahead of evil if you don't know how evil thinks?

      And not that this is in any way validation for the Kidman postulations (& yet in a way it is) a small part of my latest coming up is the news that Miscavige and Scientology as a whole are now part of a series of ongoing lawsuits going against them for child trafficking and child sex abuse for starters.

      Which of course doesn't put Kidman in Fleet White's mansion that infamous night, but birds of a feather, ya know? These perps don't venture far from what they know. As more and more time goes by, circles are closing in on all these people, and all their points of egress are getting fewer and fewer it seems. At least we can hope. And then there's always the claims of people like Fiona Barnett and the timing of and dubious circumstances surrounding Kidman's father's death.

      Gotta jet my friend -- happy summer & we'll be in touch again soon.

    5. MN1,

      p.s. -- one more thing I forgot to add: I've heard season 2 of MINDHUNTER will focus at least in part on the Atlanta child murders circa 1981, which I thought would also be right up your alley. Peace out brotha!!


  11. This post is to Wordman. I read one of your comments when you were talking about the GJ indictments where you said and I quote "Interesting that they placed the timing at the exact same time as that party at Fleet White's mansion." You are the first person outside of myself that I have read make any mention about a mansion owned by Fleet White as being the real location where JBR met her death. I came to this conclusion on my own completely independently of anyone else's input based on a lot of different things. Although there is no evidence online that I can find that Fleet White Sr or his son owned such a Mansion in Boulder Colorado in 1996, I 100% believe they did and that all of this information has been scrubbed from the internet as part of a cover up for National Security Reasons. National Security is a blanket excuse to censor and hide whatever will make the government look bad if it is exposed to the public. See my post: I would like to hear from you how that you came to reach the conclusion that the death happened inside a mansion owned by Fleet White. Our collaboration about this can help to expose the truth of what really happened and where it really happened.

  12. Wordman, if you want to discuss anything about this case in more detail you can email me at I would love to correspond with someone else who is on the same or a similar wavelength as me about the JBR murder. Our collaboration about this can benefit both of us.