Tuesday, October 8, 2019


“Okay. Here’s what I want to say: something’s wrong with the world.”

Fortnum laughed easily. “Hasn’t there always been?”

“No, no, I mean . . . something strange — something unseen —is happening.…….

Over a long period, things gather, right? All of a sudden, you have to spit, but you don’t remember saliva collecting. Your hands are dirty, but you don’t know how they got that way. Dust falls on you every day and you don’t feel it. But when you get enough dust collected up, there it is, you see and name it. That’s intuition, as far as I’m concerned. Well, what kind of dust has been falling on me? A few meteors in the sky at night? Funny weather just before dawn? I don’t know. Certain colors, smells, the way the house creaks at three in the morning? Hair prickling on my arms? All I know is, the damn dust has collected. Quite suddenly I know.……..

“Be aware,” he said, slowly. “Watch everything for a few days.”


“We don’t use half what God gave us, ten per cent of the time. We ought to hear more, feel more, smell more, taste more. Maybe there’s something wrong with the way the wind blows these weeds there in the lot. Maybe it’s the sun up on those telephone wires or the cicadas singing in the elm trees. If only we could stop, look, listen, a few days, a few nights, and compare notes. Tell me to shut up then, and I will.” 

“Good enough,” said Fortnum, playing it lighter then he felt.
“I’ll look around. But how do I know the thing I’m looking for when I see it?” 

Willis peered in at him sincerely. “You’ll know. You’ve got to know. Or we’re done for, all of us,” he said quietly.”
      COME INTO MY CELLAR, Ray Bradbury, Fantasy magazine   October 1962

“And all around them, the bestiality of the night rises on tenebrous wings. The vampire’s time has come.”              SALEM’S LOT, Stephen King, 1975

“Watch the weather change…..” DISPOSITION, Tool (2001)

“This is all you have?”

“Currently, yes.”

“There are words I recognize, but you need an actual code talker to make any sense of this. I know a man who might help.”

“Could you tell me which words you do recognize?”

“This word. It means ‘goods, merchandise.’ And this one means ‘vaccination.’ They’re both modern words, which is why they stand out.”/

“It’s…it’s so clear now. Simple. It was so complicated then. The choices that needed to be made.”

“What choices, Dad?”

“You’re a smart boy, Fox. You’re smarter than I ever was.”

"About what?”

“Your politics are yours. You have never thrown in. The minute you do that, their doctrines become yours, and you can be held responsible.”

“You’re talking about your work at the State Department.”

“You’re going to learn of things, Fox. You’re going to hear the words. And they’ll come to make sense to you.”

“What words?”

“The merchandise.”
    The X-Files, season 2, ep 25, Anasazi (May 19, 1995)

“If people like you don’t take a stand now do you know where your loved ones are going to be in 50 years time? Battery farms. Believe me, our free range days are over.”                               
                     ULTRAVIOLET, BBC production (1998)

Welcome, all you go-goats, to another October, the month of pumpkin spice lattes in the air, and the strains of Led Zeppelin and Ghost wafting out of open windows; of crunchy leaves scurrying thru the streets like Halloween mice. And also the month where darker agendas are in play for hidden portions of the population engaged in occulted pastimes. The innocent romance of “Don’t Fear The Reaper” remains an untenable goal for those with more stygian tastes leaning into “earthquake nights,” thelema, spirit cooking, and Moloch – for this is their month also, where “trick or treat” assumes an entirely new and discordant meaning. I know and remember this because a mere 3 years ago…their emails told me so.

Once again we chase connections to an ancient evil that hides behind wizards and sorcerers that hide behind science and technology while in headlong flight for a kind of symbiosis nearly impossible to fathom for most on this side of the veil. Arrogated ministers of the lower realms that seek to rework the fabric of life. We’ll venture back into our own personal National Archives as we try to find more connecting nodes to our hidden history, while nature, conspiracy, and impeachment are exploding like mortars all around us – this is something like trying to perform brain surgery in an ongoing battlefield theatre – or trying to find that cobra in a dark closet before it finds you.

Once again, I have no idea where this is going or what all this means, but maybe, just maybe, we can find out together. So, one more time, let’s play True Detective, shall we? A chilly reverie on an autumn night awaits, with more crooked rhymes to be solved.

Right now it’s all about the false spectre of impeachment (a diversionary tactic if I ever saw one), but in the background like a steady drumbeat that won’t go away, the telltale heart’s telltale signs, or her fragrance that lingers in the air and then in memory, is another story – a bigger story – and you come to places like this and people like me to show you where these intersect. We chase the vampire’s reflection here – it is that elusive. But it is there. And trust me, the days when that might have been merely a glib metaphor are a long gone daddy in the USA.

What if all this endless research by significant parties into eugenics, the fascination with genetic engineering, human experimentation, is just a way of keeping their “food” supply more pure – like us eating only non-gmo and organic? To paraphrase Rod Serling, what if the Green Movement is a cookbook? (All roads leading to a zero carbon footprint…) And lest you think that’s a stretch, the intersections pointing towards such an end are more plentiful than you might dare imagine, and all dovetail into an agenda of death and a legacy of culling and enslavement.

Just hours ago I learned of Italian researchers uncovering a dark side-project to the overall Great Plan: specifically regarding the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine (MMR), Italian scientists have found that it is entirely fraudulent. What’s worse, every sample they tested contains compromised human DNA sequencing; this effectively means anything can be gene-spliced into a host receiving the vaxx. Whatever impaired human DNA went into the vaxx you essentially are given when you receive the shot – which means vaccines aren’t really vaccines, they are a delivery system for autism, cancer, auto-immune issues, organ targeting, you name it. Under the ridiculous guise of “do no harm” you are getting industrial doses of highly experimental and cutting-edge gene therapy that you most certainly never asked for. This is humanity on a rocket-sled downgrade. This is Dr. Mary’s Monkey on steroids. But, once again, this is nothing new…

Check out this transcript of testimony from the monstrous Dr. Stanley Plotkin, longtime “doctor” and advisor to vaxx manufacturers and global death merchants for decades. Pay particular attention to his testimony that he was in both Stanleyville and Leopoldville in Africa in 1959 – scroll down to page 351 which will be displayed in this sample: https://www.scribd.com/document/389327361/1-11-18-Matheson-Plotkin

This “experiment” involved over a million people – a million innocent guinea pigs. Over his lifetime of “care” Plotkin also administered his wares to babies of prison mothers (talk about a captive audience), orphans, and the mentally ill. Remind me again that the Nazis LOST the war, ok? A scenario like this taking place in Africa also raises the spectre of mind control applications, a possible causative agent for the massive Rwandan genocides, etc. And not only that – check out this timeline from the excellent Tom Curtis in Rolling Stone in March of 1992:  http://www.bmartin.cc/dissent/documents/AIDS/Curtis92.html 

Where was ground zero for the very first HIV detection? Leopoldville. When? 1959. You draw the dots together.

And then we have this little factoid from researcher Craig Roberts. In his book The Medusa File from January 1997, there is this in Chapter 29: Fire on the Water: TWA 800…and listen to this carefully…

“Of note regarding the wreckage and flotsam that was being found along the beach was a special notification from federal officials on the 18th that if anyone came upon any boxes on the beach, not to open or tamper with them because there were two boxes of AIDS-infected blood unaccounted for. No one in the media seemed to ask any of their sources why anyone would be shipping AIDS-infected blood anywhere, nor was this event followed up on later. In fact, only a short mention was made in the media when CNN aired the statement of a pool reporter who was aboard a Coast Guard 33-foot rescue boat who said that the rescue crew retrieved several State Department pouches and seven packages that were labeled HIV-infected blood (Biohazard) – plus instructions on how to use the blood to infect children. Though these alleged “instructions” were not displayed on camera, it should be noted that one of the victims on the flight was the son of the president of a French pharmaceutical firm Merieux, who is one of the leading researchers in AIDS. It is also pertinent to note that this same firm had been accused of desiring to use unwilling human test subjects, including military personnel, as guinea pigs for their vaccine experiments. None of this seemed to trigger questions in the national media regarding the finding of the blood. The crash itself was the story.”

I remember reading this passage back in 1997 and thinking, there is a thruline here to something far, far bigger. This is a black network op that just got exposed – somebody, ANYBODY, follow up on this.

TWA Flight 800, you will remember, was blown out of the sky under still highly mysterious and unsolved circumstances during the Clinton presidency, on July 17, 1996. It was also during Warren Christopher’s tenure as Secretary of State, who also happened to oversee that aforementioned Rwandan Genocide.

But that’s all probably nothing, right? 

Except the tentacles of that same “op” have certainly grown in reach and expanse since then, haven’t they?

Controlled experiments are going on all around us, and fear is the oldest tool of power. Today modified adjuncts of submission like gene therapy become the norm, but certain markers of “containment” have always been in evidence. Examine that Rolling Stone timeline of sub-saharan fuckery again, and notice the entry just prior to the one noticing the first HIV detection in Leopoldville in 1959, it reads --   1959: Nationalist riots erupt in Leopoldville.

And the one immediately after reads --  1960: Independence and civil war come to the Congo; Belgian workers depart. At least 325,000 Congolese, maybe many more, have been inoculated. No long-term follow-up is done. 

This was not an exercise in subtlety. Africa in the late 1950s-early 1960s was the world’s largest petri dish for the powers-that-be to experiment on at their leisure. And I’m more than willing to bet the lessons learned there have had lasting and lingering ramifications for all of us.

Biological weapons that would incite violence and rioting in targeted populations? The onset of aerosolized operations over large areas only magnifying the effect? What is and has been discovered in officially sanctioned yet off-the-books side projects at the State Department, Department of Energy, and the Human Genome Project? What if the Rwandan Genocides were only the beginning?...

You can’t make a move these days without bumping into the word ‘Ukraine,’ but let’s examine firstly why that piece of terrain is so important, and what a large part it plays in the unfolding story arc of today’s headlines. And don’t forget the backdrop that colors everything here: we live in a time of the most amazing electronic/digital slave state umbrella ever created – with satellites beyond lunar orbit that can count the exact number of dimples on your golf ball at the bottom of the deepest water hazard, but somehow mysteriously can’t possibly keep track of the 500K missing children per year, or manage to find the whereabouts of people like Ghislaine, or Jean Luc Brunel? Bull. Shit. They can’t and don’t because they don’t want to. Period. It’s not in the best interests of “national security.” And it’s past high time for that to change.

And speaking of mind control and connections, get a load of Ghislaine’s pupils in this photo while meeting the Queen, yet. Dilated, much? This either bespeaks of extreme zombification, drugging, mind control, or all of the above in quite the massive dosages. Larger forces always control the day, don’t they? How many of our actions are truly our own?

Remember what we say about the word “Foundation?” How it is a trigger for other things – hidden things. This was first ferreted out in the infamous “Greenbaum” speech by Corydon Hammond that we previously looked at here: https://www.wanttoknow.info/mind_control/mind_control_hypnosis_ritual_abuse 

"In addition to the core," I ask, "is there a part inside named Wisdom?" Wisdom is a part of the Cabalistic Tree. Wisdom, I've often found, will be helpful and give you a lot of information. "Is there a part inside named Diana?" Diana is part of the Cabalistic system that is associated with a part called the Foundation. You will be fascinated to know about that. Remember the Process Church? Roman Polanski's wife, Sharon Tate, was killed by the Manson family who were associated with the Process Church?

A lot of prominent people in Hollywood were associated with the Process Church, but then they went underground, the books say, in about 1978 and vanished? Well, they're alive and well in southern Utah. We have a thick file in the Utah Department of Public Safety documenting that they moved to southern Utah, north of Monument Valley, bought a movie ranch in the desert, renovated it, expanded it, and built a bunch of buildings there. The compound is carefully monitored so that very few people go out of there, and no one can get in. They changed their name.

A key word in their name is "Foundation." There are some other words. The Foundation is part of the Tree. So you can ask, "Is there something inside known as The Foundation?" I might ask other things to throw people off. "Is there something known as the sub-basement?" Well, maybe they'll conceive of something. Or "Is there something known as the walls?" There are a variety of questions you can come up with, to sort of screen some things out.”

Guess exactly who happened to be the No.1 donor, to the tune of 10 mil, to the Clinton Foundation? Ukraine. Why exactly is Trump in such hot water now? Because he’s investigating everything having to do with the Ukraine. Who claimed to have helped co-found the Clinton Foundation? Jeffrey Epstein. The circle closes…

You see, my friends, Ukraine is a hub. Along with the Netherlands and the Balkans perhaps THE hub for this kind of business. And that 10 million straight to the Clinton Foundation, well, that was just business as usual in carving up the pie between the State Department, the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, DYNCORP, and offshoots like NXIVM and Epstein’s little farming operations.

The offspring of Biden, Pelosi, Romney and Kerry, among others, are all installed on boards of energy companies “doing business” in the Ukraine. Coincidence? Likely not. Do you think this is all they were doing there? Likely not.

More on the Initiative/Foundation wordings here, and the implications, including points regarding Epstein’s “Head Start” Caribbean initiative schools and the MIT Media Lab, which has been such a hot topic lately: http://mcmmadnessnews.blogspot.com/2018/05/the-american-book-of-dead.html

And can somebody put a BOLO out on Rachel Chandler, for God’s sake??!! Good Lord worldwide police forces, do I have to do everything myself?!!

Taken all together, examine again the overall agenda, the ways we have researched here of people like Epstein’s intense interest in genetics, eugenics, and DNA cutting-edge research, and we are liable to discover the endgame in their frantic search for what lurks in the distances between sense and antisense, and how we all may be living in the largest gene-splicing human experiment ever attempted.

It is one in which the technological merges with the spiritual on the killing floor of a dark religious ideology – and one in which the use of children satisfies both the technological ends as well as the spiritual urges and mandates in a win-win for the oldest forces going as they seek to establish permanent rule on and over this planet. Despite what CNN tells you, this is ongoing Spiritual War.

We have briefly of late looked at the work of director Ari Aster in the films Hereditary and Midsommar. Watch this absolutely excellent breakdown of Midsommar by Melissa and Aaron Dykes of Truthstream Media: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gt-DsWO4ks&t=218s  

Now extrapolate their contention (and what Aster is attempting) onto larger scale operations in the real world…and realize that this is High Level Magick at work, and that by watching the movie, that mere act alone, you are no longer  just an observer but now an active participant in the realization of the Ritual.

Now, what if they are working to implement that experimental eidolon into every phase of your life every single day? What if every act of war, politics, science, social convention, and consumerism has this as its base? Symbolism is everywhere, and telling us to do everything.

This is so big, and getting bigger all the time – circling back around into everything…what is the chant at Bohemian Grove during the Cremation of Care? “Midsommer sets us free!!” Indeed. Epstein and his ilk are nothing more than Sabbatean Frankists (now the ‘cool’ terminology du jour for the hip Satanists) addicted to replacing humans on this earth with…something else. Cloning and hybrids may be just the beginning. People like Aster are commissioned to help ease the process along. He has already commented that he was hired by persons unknown to expressly make Midsommar. I find that little factoid very telling.

“Algebra is a general Method of Computation by certain Signs and Symbols which have been contrived for this purpose, and found convenient.”     Colin Maclaurin

“Grandad taught me that the alien signs and symbols of algebraic equations were not just marks on paper. They were not flat. They were three-dimensional, and you could approach them from different directions, look at them from different ways, stand them on their heads. You could take them apart and put them back together in a variety of shapes, like Legos.”    Mal Peet

“I saw through to the last sign and symbol, but I could not read her face. I could see only the eyes shining through, huge, fleshy-like luminous beasts, as though I were swimming behind them in the electric effluvia of her incandescent vision.”     Henry Miller

“All art speaks in signs and symbols. No one can explain how it happen that the artist can waken to life in us the existence that he has seen and lives through. No artistic speech is the adequate expression of what it represents; its vital force comes from what is unspoken in it.”  Albert Schweitzer

“The only reality we can ever truly know is that of our perceptions, our own consciousness, while that consciousness, and thus our entire reality, is made of nothing but signs and symbols. Nothing but language. Even God requires language before conceiving the Universe. ‘In the beginning was The Word.’”      Alan Moore    

“Signs and symbols rule the world. Not words nor laws.”    Confucius

“Symbolism will be their downfall.”   Q

In ongoing developments, we now have Epstein linked into the Big Pharma machine, dealing in the acquisition and selling of wholesale swaths of genetic data: https://www.businessinsider.com/jeffrey-epstein-dna-genetics-research-drug-companies-2019-8

All of this marks an accelerated slide into the abyss growing at an exponential rate, with the hand of the Epstein forces at the wheel guiding it all behind the scenes in true Machiavellian fashion. His efforts to turn himself and his piece of the pie into a one-man stop-shop as an early version of 23andme netted him a cool 200 million, by the way. Not a bad score for an over-the-hill, out of work pedophile who’s over his head and out of his depth, if you can get it.

Of greater concern is that this signals a growing trend forming lately: Epstein was just one tool in a vast procurement system spanning the globe and seeking to sweep up in a huge net as much personal data as possible, and with his Mossad and intelligence ties (CIA, CFR, NSC) he was becoming increasingly a past-master at it, with influence seemingly compounding by the hour across a whole range of subsets having to do with world control (through mind control), and his sway in the corridors of earthly power thru ritualistic abuse and sacrifice. 

And your personal data in the hands of these monsters could very well equal your own soul sacrifice-at-a-distance – right now, the sinister possibilities seem endless, especially with Ghislaine Maxwell’s sisters, Christine and Isabel, highly involved with everything from Silicon Valley startups to Magellan (more information sweeping) to worldwide security with ventures like CYREN. Add in the UN and spooky NASA occult ties and you have a veritable smorgasboard of connective ritual data   that would make Richard Hoagland’s eyes water.

Hoagland, you will remember, started all of us down this road when originally uncovering the ties of JPL founder Jack Parsons to Aleister Crowley and L. Ron Hubbard through his diligent digs thru entire wings of National Archives records. He would uncover NASA’s intimate ties to an Egyptian/Mars cult that, in hindsight, would seem to have been the precursor to all that we are examining today – right down to the ancient gods they venerate. http://www.enterprisemission.com/kennedy1.html
Follow the click-thrus for a truly wild ride……

Going back in time and in the archives of multiple disciplines, you really get the sense that we all   have always been talking about the same control system, only dressed up in multiple guises that change, chameleon-like, when anyone gets too close to any one operation. Epstein as a single entity is a case in point: his entire backstory is almost nil. He seems to have sprung almost fully formed onto the scene. And this fact more than anything else is the greatest indicator he was a manipulated and manufactured creation of illuminated, globalist concerns set loose to do their bidding.

Epstein’s ties to Les Wexner and an entire Ohio network of influence we haven’t even begun to examine, and is squarely on deck for the next installment of these Outer Limits briefings.  There is now fairly good and damning evidence that Epstein was involved in the Ohio leg of the Mena operation, right along with Wexner.  And if this is true, it puts Epstein even more in the center of everything, considering Mena’s no.1 person of interest was Barry Seal, who earlier in the timeline cavorted with none other than David Ferrie and Lee Oswald in the Baton Rouge Civil Air Patrol in the runup to what would manifest ultimately as the JFK assassination.

Ferrie and Oswald both were also involved in very organized and detailed attempts to give Fidel Castro cancer via a very early bioweapons manufacturing network, if the book Dr Mary’s Monkey is correct. These biologicals and bioweapons would morph into the sub-structure that so interested the Project For the New American Century group, who launched the white paper leading to the blueprint for 9/11 and, hey!!, also being of immense interest to the Mossad and one Jeffrey Epstein. Don’t you just love how cozy it all gets down here in the depths? 

JFK, Mena, Iran-Contra, 9/11 – ever wonder why it all seems so familiar, over and over again? It’s all trauma, all the time, for the useless eaters, where the mind control (sprinkled liberally with occultic ritual) never ever ends.

And as a final ramp-up to the spooky, David Ferrie was a pedophile priest (de-frocked) that specialized in hypnotism, which now seems quaint, I know, compared to Epstein’s underground rape lairs. But it set the stage for what was to come, regardless, especially given the occult and “new agey” connotations that hypnotism carried with it in the early 1960s, and that Ferrie was all too eager to traffic in, adding to his creepy bona fides and overall aura of menace.

Recent reporting coming in is also beginning to show that Epstein was at the speartip forefront of none other than structured finance, (talk about your voodoo economics…) the packaging of mortgages and bonds into highly volatile and complex, unstable instruments that nearly brought down the entire worldwide financial house-of-cards system in 2008.

And to show how these tentacles reach back in time and in influence, let’s not forget another name prominent at the forefront of the 2008 financial collapse – long engineered and steered by all noteworthy in the “W” Bush junta – that being one of Republican “lobbyist” Jack Abramoff. On Sept. 5, 2001, either 2 or 3 of the 9/11 hijackers, amoung them Mohammed Atta, were spotted aboard a gambling cruise on one of Abramoff’s party boats of the SunCruz Casinos line, sailing from Madeira Beach, Florida. This places many connected parties all within a stone’s throw of influence to each other, including Epstein, who I still contend (if one is to dig deep and far enough) played a major role in getting the 9/11 op up and running – mainly thru coercion and blackmail of many Deep State parties involved…

We truly have miles and miles and miles to go before we sleep…Until next time, when we examine more news and metadata from 40,000 feet, stay connected, stay plugged, and most of all, stay safe everybody. It’s October, after all.


  1. This is a lucid detailing of the ongoing inhumanising process of hybridisation grafting & working itself upon us. Does this process seek dominion over the entirety of existence - the medium of altered humanity a convenient vector through which to attempt this?

    "They’re both modern words, which is why they stand out"

    The modern world itself stands out in stark contrast to the pre-civilised/pharmed ways of life.

    "Your politics are yours. You have never thrown in. The minute you do that, their doctrines become yours, and you can be held responsible."

    The first offered in sacrifice is always the self but only in the attempt to make a pact with the predator: to provide other 'fresh meat' so as to stave off, for as long as humanely possible, one's own fate twinned with that embodied by the substitute meal ticket served up on a plate.

    That Bradbury tale, adapted as "Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar!" as part of his "Ray Bradbury Theatre"* series (an "Atlantis Films" production) includes the line:

    "Does it seem to you that the whole world is just crawling with things... & it ain't the creepers & crawlers in my Lila, it's invaders from outer space, flaying sauecrs you see on TV..."

    Mushroom caps = "flying saucers" containing alien spores. Mycelial's a good way to describe the tentacled entity Working Itself through humanity, a "spore drive" enables "Starfleet" (the military-industrial wing of "The Federation") to best all opponents in "Star Trek: Discovery" its abbreviation as "STD" the cause of much derision to STTOS/TNG/DS9/V & E fans that haven't been abducted, experimented upon & brainwashed by beam up to whatever "discovery" the latest iteration programmes.

    Clarke's 3rd law, defines the sorcery/science symbiosis, that this notion occurred in the mind of a predator emphasises it's point of origin & it's aim, speaking of which episode 4 of the 1st "True Detective" season is titled after "Who Goes There" by John W. Campbell (an expanded version of which, "Frozen Hell: The Book That Inspired The Thing", based on recently discovered drafts of the published tome & including additional material by a variety of contemporary sci-fi authors - who will have been influenced by "The Thing" & it's myriad fellow otherworldly travellers of post-WW2 pop-culture - was crowdfunded to release a few months ago).

    The 1st cinematic adaptation of Campbell's tale describes the inhuman entity as being vegetal & requiring human blood to live, I wonder if a facet of the war on human being has a vegetal connection, after all we eat plants & they are alive, perhaps some payback in kind is at play at least in the sense of the attempted changing of us from omnivores into something that only eats itself. Mushrooms are neither vegetable or animal but some kind of hybrid, could they be a means, in concert with all the rest of the full spectrum arsenal, to very effectively feed us on the way to this transformation into inhumanity?

    (*Bradbury's theatre opens with a monologue in which he says: "People ask where do you get my ideas? Well right here!" immediately after which "Mickey Mouse" can be seen.)

    1. KTV!!

      Have been including so many X-Files quotes of late simply because I've been rediscovering, and been ongoingly astounded by, the ridiculous amounts of info -- & we're talking deep inside info -- Chris Carter was privy to and drip-fed everybody in a million cryptic references in that series. Crazy nuggets were dropped on a fairly regular basis -- most of which wouldn't become fully realized for decades...hell, most of it is still unfolding even now.

      Hadn't even recognized the "Who Goes There" crossover title re TD sea 1. Lends even more of a pervasive atmosphere of existential dread to the fanfare on display. Also another layer of concealment coming from the black nobility.

      Bradbury has always been a constant source & a wellspring for me; his prose got under my skin from a very early age. All of us carried along a copy of 'Martian Chronicles' under our arm along with our schoolbooks! Those old Bradbury Theatre eps are great too, aren't they? Banshee with Peter O'Toole I still remember, also The Wind, The Black Ferris, Usher II, Zero Hour, so many.

      Haven't gotten into ST:D (haha) yet -- mainly since I have no access to CBS: All Access platform; yes, I know..ironic. Might have to take the plunge however, since I'd love to see the rest of "Strange Angel." Pirated the first 2 eps but that was all I got to before my source got shut down.

      Also find it curious that Angel's lead actor Jack Reynor also leads in Midsommar. Talk about type-casting of the cult variety.

    2. "What Goes There" would be a more apt way of putting it especially as we attempt to discern quite "what" is it that does "go" "there".

      Reflecting on what's happened, not only here but globally, since the Savile admissions began (now cast to oneside after the BBC announced "lessons have been learned" & "safeguards are in place") this "Thing" working upon humanity has revealed itself more fully & accelerated it's machinations, the rise of the rainbow warriors fronted by "drag kids" is borne of the mileiu Savile, the admissions & cover up chimerised to cultivate.

      As you say this is a spiritual war, humanity reduced to resource upon which this insatiable "Thing" gorges & like the "higher" dimensional of Edwin A. Abbott's "Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions" it's presence has a reality reordering effect. Beyond the pages of Abbott's tome this "foundling" effect takes a soul, & considering humanity as a singular soul, out of itself - abducting it with some kind of "transporter beam" of otherworldly offering only to experiment upon, brainwash & return human being reformed to act as agent & "Bridgehead" on our homely realm.

      This "Thing" must feel close to total victory over us:


      "Part of the popularity of the shameless leader derives from the fact that there is no pretending any more – the id is unmediated and allowed free rein."

      It's point of origin:


      "What if Planet 9 is a Primordial Black Hole?"

      A "Space Vampire" portal itself mainling on the jugular of life?

      Yes, a spiritual war, but there is a way to stay grounded & not get ensnared in the implant-grafted petri-dish factory pharmed flights of fancy: the outside, "the great outdoors", that which is our true wellspring & that which will endure long after humanity is no more (for whatever reason).

    3. Hey KTV!!!

      Yep, Savile bites it Oct 29 2011, Sandusky gets indicted Nov 4 2011 (both of which served as impetus for me to get this blog up & running btw) & things have been proceeding apace ever since haven't they? The Great Awakening? More like the Great Unraveling! Seriously, it IS fairly amazing regarding just how much of the foundations of this house of cards have been unveiled over such a relatively short period of time after being hidden behind multiple layers & fronts for decades.

      You wonder how much the collective angst & disgust built up in the 5 years prior to the 2016 Presidential election. The Clinton/Podesta emails/wikileaks drops may have only been the final straw in getting an "outsider" elected -- by that time the prospect of Jeb or HRC must have seemed daunting in the extreme. ANYONE except another facilitator of this suddenly new/old "Thing" (as your perfect metaphor alluded to) that people were finally glimpsing squatting in their midst. More of the same? NO THANK YOU.

      I also ponder what it was about Savile/Sandusky that got this ball rolling? Perhaps the proximity to each other in the timeline & being such sacred cows on both sides of the pond. Why wasn't it McMartin/the Presidio/the Finders/Pagegate/Franklin amoung others? Those were all HUGE to my way of thinking, but the twin body punches of Savile/Sandusky hit HARD, and with lasting effect, in hindsight. Then along comes Pizzagate-NXIVM-Epstein & all of a sudden it's the long-awaited revenge of all of those advocating for children, finally.

      And, my friend, you are So right via the 'Great Outdoors.' Never ever has there been another cure like being in nature. Take off your shoes, put your toes in the grass, go "earthing," feel the sun on your face and skin, the wind in your hair, the cold air in your lungs after a stuffy evening indoors...it's the little things in life. Always has been. Always will be.

      & speaking of weird space news, I'm still processing the implications of this: scientists have just now discovered 20 -- yes, TWENTY -- new moons discovered orbiting Saturn. To which you may ask, how long have they been there? That's the $64,000 question, innit? We live in interesting times, my friend. Strange days indeed, roll Mama!!

    4. Alien sentinels aka "Mind Parasites"?

      & space rocks(/mystery moons) & near-Earth firmament light shows/near misses will only increase in prominence as the Grand Solar Minimum comes into fuller effect, the next 30yrs of this GSM are going to be "game changing" globally & whilst the effects are felt here on terra firma any extra-terrestrial agency will have the perfect opportunity to manifest itself in force "To Serve Man" if it so desires. The height of the GSM coincides with a number of potential asteroid impacts threatening life on Earth, maybe one of these "asteroids" will be akin to the vessel that conveyed "Klaatu" in "The Day The Eath Stood Still" remake but we might still end up having wished it were a space rock "Extinction Level Event".

      Until then plenty's on offer:

      The trailer for the latest adaptation of "War of the Worlds", a BBC production, includes a moment when a symbol of the establishment states, with the rousing confidence only the ignorant can muster, that "This is nothing to be concerned about", the trailer immediately jump cuts to a one-eyed martian war machine preparing to fire it's heat ray. The Spielberg helmed & Cruise starring 2005 WOTW adaptation heralds the arrival of the "Martians"(?) with a mix of weather & climate changes.

      CBS All Access is working on an adaptation of Stephen King's "The Stand" an "apocalyptic vision of a world decimated by plague and embroiled in an elemental struggle between good and evil." I wonder how it will be recontextualised to align with broader contemporary machination.

      Speaking of which:


      Has gleanings on Epstein, related & overlapping ops.

    5. KTeVent!!!

      Oh I've been on the Whitney Webb train since a couple of stations back!! She's unbelievably good, & doing the yeoman's work that such bastions as the NYT & WaPo ought to be doing journalistically -- & if you haven't been following the comments below yours here, head straight on over to:

      I promise you, you won't be disappointed. EVERYTHING archived there across multiple venues.

      Have been corresponding with Whitney, MF(of FC below) as well as Conchita Sarnoff, who's long been on Epstein's ass, and whose
      book 'TrafficKing" just got optioned by Netflix to turn the entire sordid Epstein affair into a mini-series, which might hopefully get it even more mainstream exposure & tongues wagging -- kinda like what they did w/Zac Efron doing his best Ted Bundy impersonation. We'll see how it goes, but if all this is any indication, death is not the end for Mr.Perv, or his network.

      That line from the new BBC WOTW "This is nothing to be concerned about..." If that ain't an allegory for our times I don't know what is!! As every pedo, perv, & pot-bellied goblin gets lobbed in our direction straight out of the normalization cannon, & we're just expected to welcome the hellfest with open arms, I guess. After all, to express any difference of opinion would skew too heavily "Christian" & "intolerant," & good God man!! We can't have that!! Somewhere PK Dick is doing somersaults in his grave.

      Oh, & btw, next time you comment to CK over at Secret Sun, drop him a line for me (be my proxy over there.) My upgraded firewalls prevent me from logging on to his site claiming it's "not secure." Which I think is horseshit, but whatevs. Til I can modify the parameters I can only view his stuff at work now, & can't comment from there -- but long story short, a new ABC show has emerged from the pack, called "Emergence." Your typical cheesy network fare but slightly above grade and, get this, has a plot featuring cybernetic AI-upgraded experimental humans (that were experimented on at PLUM ISLAND btw), Boston Dynamics killer robot dogs, nanotech upgrades, shadowy corporations, & a bad guy protagonist (played by Terry 'LOCKE' O'Quinn no less) named -- & here's the kicker -- KINDRED. And that's just the first 3 eps. Whew. Thought you & Chris both might get a kick out of knowing ALL the chickens are, evidently, coming home to roost at something slightly less than warp speed at this point.

      Laters, my dude!!

    6. One of the trailers for "Emergence" contains a massive truth-drop when the mystery girl tells the cancer man that the pills he takes that make him "better" are "not" doing so.

      O'Quinn's "first movie role was in Heaven's Gate", perhaps this is why he went on to host "Mysteries of the Missing" for the "Science Channel" (owned by "Discovery Inc").

      & this could be straight from the mind of a "kindred" shaped "Thing":


      "While people on Earth may be marching into a meatless future, astronauts exploring outer space still have to eat real animal protein, per NASA’s nutrition recommendations.", "The experiment was led by Israeli startup Aleph Farms with support from Russian biotech company 3D Bioprinting Solutions and U.S.-based Meal Source Technologies and Finless Foods.", "Aleph Farms, founded in 2017, is one of those climate change-fighting startups spearheading the trendy business of fake meat. But unlike the plant-based formulas pioneered by companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, Aleph Farms specializes in “cell-grown” meat, which not only tastes like meat, but is also chemically identical to real flesh.", "On Earth, Aleph Farms is a leading the way for cell-grown meat as well. Last December, it successfully produced a “strip steak” in a lab in just two weeks.", “We are proving that cultivated meat can be produced anytime, anywhere, in any condition,”

      I'd say something's cookin' but "Things" probably prefer what's on offer served up raw (but raised in equivalence to that grass-fed):


      "Most of the meat people eat in 2040 will not come from slaughtered animals, according to a report that predicts 60% will be either grown in vats or replaced by plant-based products that look and taste like meat.", “For passionate meat-eaters, the predicted rise of cultured meat products means that they still get to enjoy the same diet they always have, but without the same environmental and animal cost attached.”, “The shift to more sustainable patterns of protein consumption is already under way...”


      "British shoppers are to become the subject of an experiment aimed at making them eat their greens ... Oxford academics have teamed up with supermarket chiefs to persuade consumers to buy less meat."

      Possibly related:


      "Leonov was an icon both in his country as well as in the US, so much so that the late science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke named a Soviet spaceship after him in his 2010 sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey.", "Leonov staked his place in space history on 18 March 1965, when he exited his Voskhod 2 space capsule secured by a tether.", "“I stepped into that void and I didn’t fall in,” the cosmonaut recalled years later. “I was mesmerised by the stars. They were everywhere – up above, down below, to the left, to the right. I can still hear my breath and my heartbeat in that silence.”"

      As "Dave Bowman" breathlessly states:

      "My God, It's full of stars!"

      Indeed It is once "grown" offworld.

    7. KT!!

      Great catch on that 'Emergence' line!! I noticed that too -- it stuck out like a sore thumb & made me wonder why it was inserted...there were a million other ways the writers could have showcased Piper's prescience/insight without raking Big Pharma over the coals -- but good on 'em that they did so. One more brick in the Great Awakening process.

      Terry O'Quinn seems to be one of those seminal "joining" individuals that CK over at SS loves to spotlight: with X Files-Millennium-ALIAS-LOST both Carter and JJ have used his talents to underscore their narratives and add all kinds of special sauce to our nightmare fuel. I STILL also love O'Quinn's "insider" agent take on that fictionalization of the OKC bombing in the '98 XFiles:Fight The Future feature film. It kind of stood alone and stood out in that story as Carter saying: "You wanna know how OKC REALLY went down? Hold my beer before we get back to the aliens"...O'Quinn positively nailed that small role too. Wonderful work portraying a true believer that knew too much, discovered the "setup" too late, & died for "the cause." Carter does McVeigh & Co.!!! Just one more little thing that gets forgotten over time...

      Meanwhile, back on the proto-food front: who remembers this headline from 2011? https://www.foxnews.com/science/japanese-scientists-create-meat-from-poop

      Doesn't SRA hold as one of its ritualistic tenets getting its victims to ingest poop, urine, etc? SRA on a mass scale? Brings a whole new meaning to treating us all like CHILDREN, wouldn't you say?

    8. Aye, we're all treated like children which adds another sick aspect to the ongoing Working.

      I'd say Carter & O'Quinn's OKC drop in FTF sets the tone for the movie, as you say a true believer fully commits to their (off)world-view & achieves a kind of ascension, this is later mirrored as "Spooky" is brought back to the faith he'd abandoned after he experiences a world-reconfiguring & firmament bound event - a "Close Encounter of the Third Kind".

      As for shit eating grins & giggles, Bill Gates "Omni Processor" is adding to the menu & no surprises DARPA are in on the act too:


      "...that's why DARPA wants you to eat your own trash. Not because they find it funny or anything, but because macronutrients can be pulled out of trash and
      re-fed to troops to supplement their diets..."

      "macronutrients"? "pulled out"? "re-fed"? Cannibalism by any other name writ-large.

      "...there's no reason that the feedstock would necessarily be limited to strictly trash. After all, a bunch of tree branches may not be edible for troops, but the ReSource setup might be able to extract the nutrients and create something that troops could consume, maybe with a lot of spices."

      "feedstock"... "maybe with a lot of spices" spices can disguise the origin & state of what's served up.

      "Ideally, no specialists would be needed to run the system. Troops don't need to know how the system works; they just feed waste in and take supplies out."

      "Ideally"? E. M. Forster's "The Machine Stops" "describes a world in which most of the human population has lost the ability to live on the surface of the Earth. Each individual now lives in isolation below ground in a standard room, with all bodily and spiritual needs met by the omnipotent, global Machine."

      & this DARPA device's name "ReSource" = to re-source / re-purpose / re-configure / re-make?

      A bizarre hybrid is being borne into the world part-offworld colonist & part post-"abundance" survivalist, both high-stress scenarios fraught with extreme risk & the high chance of a life suddenly coming to an end (killed to decrease population to lower strain on "food supply"/aso as to be made use of as "food") & humanity is acculturated as its vector.

      "Eat shit & die" comes to mind in response to this "Thing".

  2. https://9east71home.files.wordpress.com/2019/08/phillip2.jpg

  3. Replies
    1. To the very plugged in and special missFrill,

      You have my eternal gratitude for supplying me with that link. Good Lord what an incredible wealth of info. I've been looking for a point of access into the specific Epstein-CERN hermetically sealed network for quite some time, and you have supplied the perfect lock-picks for doing so. Before this all that I had was an extremely thin reference to Epstein in the CERN Courier supplied by Amazing Polly. All of these links flesh things out much, MUCH more, and will lead to many late nights for me.

      The farther we all travel down these roads, the more we're going to find out, and I think when all is said and done, those realizations are going to be both horrifying and paradigm-shattering. But they're going to be necessary in all of our waking up, and growing up.

      Thanks again for the fuel, more than you know. And don't be a stranger!! Your thoughts and comments are welcome anytime.

    2. You are most welcome.
      On the 971 blog (about Epstein, pizzagate etc.) I try to include extensive search tags on the posts as later any minor item might wind up connecting to another item.
      I knew in July this Epstein story was not going away and I didn't want it taking over my blog (the flyingcuttlefish) so I worked on creating the 971 blog, a bunch of stock graphics and catagories etc. and launched it, just in time, in August when the avalanche of news came out.
      I also have a sh*tload on the Clinton Foundation. That blog started the same way.

      NOTE: on 971 blog, I just added to my Research page a link to Ed Opperman. He posts all the older, hard to find Epstein court documents. You pay a small fee for access, but it is worth it for journos etc.
      I have links to some of the docs but not the older stuff.
      Be sure to comment on my 971 blog if you have any new breaking news you want me to re-blog.
      I put your link in the blogroll on the FC blog too.

    3. Hey MF!!

      The FC blog rocks!!!! Thank you so much for adding my output to the hall of fame there -- that means a lot. Saw that you also put up a link to my offering re Trump & Scalia that happened to branch off into a lot of different areas (as my stuff tends to do.) Thanks for that too.

      I feel that your stop & CAVDEF's represent the 2 best one-stop shops for the most informative, useful and spookiest, deepest metadata going. And with good folks like yourself, along w/the efforts of folks like Amazing Polly and Jason Bermas, we all might just ride this train to the end after all. I know for sure I don't plan on letting go of the whole Epstein thing til there is some kind of resolution, no matter how many charges of beating a dead horse I get accused of. What's the old Flannery O'Connor answer to "People don't do such things anymore." -- "They ain't quit doing it as long as I'M still doing it."

      Another excellent source for digging is the Frank Report (frankreport.com) especially concerning the Mexican arm of the whole op, naming names like Carlos Slim, Fox, & Salinas -- who I happen to think are all still intimately tied into the Ciudad Juarez women/children murders/disappearances. All these names link tight & straight back into the "W" Bush tenure also, not to mention the Clinton admin springing NAFTA before that, which is increasingly looking like only a ruse to keep the child trafficking pipeline even more open thruout the North American corridor.

      Also don't forget Epstein & NXIVM openly traded kids back & forth like party favors acc. to the CDAN drop of 5-20-18: "The island owner also would sometimes pass along teens to NXIVM when he was finished with them. It was a way to keep track of those that knew big secrets."

      See, this is the problem. Unless someone remembers and tracks down all these little loose ends, everyone thinks we're fabricating & projecting all this shit. It's certainly not like anyone in the MSM is going to do their journalistic duty & investigate or join any of these dots.

      Thanks again for all you do, the effort invested, and the time it takes. I will say to you as I've said to several buds on here in this comments section: we're gonna all have one monster party with each other one of these fine days!! Back slaps and hugs ALL around!!

      Talk to you soon.

  4. Thanks.
    Don't forget Carlos Slim provided greener pastures for disgraced BBC boss-of-Jimmy Saville.
    I have pre-August 2019 NXIVM items on the FC blog, after August items on the 971 blog and some more on the CF-Gate blog.
    When I post a small blog's item I try and archive it first in case it gets disappeared.

    I like this person too ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bcZyoe6Wx4

    1. MF!!

      Oh, I've long been following the Tiff. She's fantastic, especially exposing the enter-train-ment side of things as I like to call it. He recent disclosure/drops re Ellen DeGeneres, Jane Fonda just several hours ago that blew me away (that whole family - yikes!!), and especially George Clooney have all been eye-opening in the extreme. Clooney's & Ellen's deep, deep ties to intelligence & the State Dept. branch of "influence" are sickening. I believe that Tiff was also the one that dropped the bomb that Clooney, at some posh 'do or another, happened to receive some oral gratification from none other than Ghislaine herself. Good Lord, the mind reels.

      & yes, Mark Thompson leaving years of the BBC providing cover for Savile and then, suddenly, hot-footing it over to the NYTimes. What are the odds, right? That whole slimy strata is about as low as you can possibly sink in the murk of humanity. But the NYT is the paper "of record!" PUH-LEEEEZE!!!

      Don't know who first coined it but have heard it repeated ad infinitum since: WE are the media now.

    2. Clooney didn't hide his displeasure when he & Matt Damon & were wheeled out to fluff for Hollywood as Weinstein #TimesUp (whilst promoting their Coen brothers written "Suburbicon" movie). Clooney, quite capable of appearing "concerned" when the script requires, put on quite a show of disapproval of the exposé, what there was of it that the msm glomed onto, could this be due to how he perceives behaviors, & worse, by Weinstein etc - including him own?

      Thompson's married to, Jane, the daughter of Baruch Samuel Blumberg a Nobel Prize winner for "discoveries concerning new mechanisms for the origin and dissemination of infectious diseases.", he was also "the first director of the NASA Astrobiology Institute", that's quite a combination of interests & influences at Work.

    3. KT!!

      The "progression" of Clooney cited in the above link by Tiff, & provided by my new bud missFrill, is quite the eye-opener. And I say progression with the intent of meaning de-evolution with a large helping of soul-harvesting successfully implemented. That guy is 10 miles of 20 kinds of BAD news now -- Christ, what a sellout. I can see being taken advantage of, but aiding and abetting in your own self-destruction takes a special kind of moral vacuity. That integrity void really seems like something you've gotta work at to achieve.

      & YOUR little bomb of Thompson's associative guilt-by-marriage -- WOW! I had no idea. Wonderful digging my friend. This Beast System really does need to be charted by a new, updated Mark Lombardi with an artwork/mural that joins all these links & people together, overlapping in time and space. But I fear there's not a wall/canvas/chart big enough to encompass them all now...NASA-scientists-the entire education system-politics-banking-MOSSAD-the clergy-pedo rings-MKULTRA-human medical experiments-SRA-Hollywood-Geffen-Spielberg-Bronfman-Rockefeller-Rothschild-CFR-Trilat Commission-Info sweeping-Transhumanism-AI-CERN-Sentient World Simulation...where in the world does it all end? DOES it all end? And thru all of these links a dedicated network of names that appear time & again in ritualistic circumstance. There is no POSSIBLE way for this to be a coincidence at this point in history. Absolutely none. Presidents know. The Vatican knows. Leaders of industry know. WE know.

      Time to get busy.

    4. I'm wondering if the globalised society in which nothing is hidden, everything is admitted is the Work of art itself. The methods, means & modes of "contemporary art", have been fully put to Work on/in the civilisation that initally acted as tut-tuting host to this now omniscient & everyday "avant-garde" installed performance & participation shock-tactic/doctrine art.

      "Extinction Rebellion" is a good example of this where there'e no real difference between those acting in protest by super gluing themselves to roads & those watching reports of these protests on smart device. The "Thing" behind both/all of it, at least in an Earthly sense, is the globalst institution molding minds & reinforcing the brainwash by playing back & reinforcing the MindKontrol via its msm.

      Paul Laffoley's work came close to a "world map" of sorts, wiki states:

      "From an early age, Laffoley manifested an obsessive interest in UFOs. He had seen the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still 873 times. He explains that his obsessive interest in the film derives partly from a fascination with the architecture of the space ship in the film which, early on in his life, was subconscious. While he was still a child he made a vow to become an architect so that he could design flying saucers..."

      & Laffoley himself:

      "Two years later, in preparation for a major oral surgery, I was subjected to a routine cat-scan of my head. As a result, a miniature metallic-like "implant" was discovered in my brain near the pineal gland. A local chapter of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) declared it to be a "nanotechnological laboratory" capable of accelerating or retarding my brain activity. I have come to believe that the implant is extraterrestrial in origin and is the main motivation of my ideas and theories."

      Echoing your query regarding an end:


      “Where Heaven and Hell are, who the hell knows that now? Because we‘ve got so many dimensions going. I don‘t think one person could ever make a total theological statement about that.”

      Aye, we know & one way or another this full spectrum multidimensional wafare will come to an end, either cancelling itself out or just breaking down due to over-stretching itself, considering the desperation at Work by the machinators we may be much closer to this "Endgame" than can be known.

      May we be as prepared as possible for living in these "interesting times".

  5. yeah, we sure are.

    I have gobs of stuff (fake kiddie charity) on Clooney on the CF-Gate blog....

  6. obscure news item - tie to NXIVM???

    Talking about Epstein Palm Beach house butler -
    "A Polish national who moved to the U.S. in 1980, Banasiak said he previously worked for a Manhattan family and ran a conference center for the Seagram’s beverage company."

    So did he work for Bronfman?