Monday, April 29, 2019


In my haste (and I am sadly aware of the irony of using the word 'haste' coming from a source that had been radio silent for 8 weeks...) to post yesterday I completely forgot to include what is perhaps the piece de resistance photo, that of Michelle Obama sporting for all the world what looks like the word 'Burning' on a bedazzler pendant just for the occasion of the Notre Dame Cathedral conflagration.

Keep in mind that she did this when part of a giggle-n-guzzle cruise on the Seine whilst sipping her favored chablis, champagne or toddler-infused spritzer, whichever would be the most de rigueur amongst the trendies of the well-heeled, cosmopolitan, satanic overlord circles that she inhabits along with hubby.

What exactly are the odds of all of these things happening (cruise, bedazzler, giggling) at the same time as the Cathedral burning, anyway? Like, actually during the inferno. I mean, run the actuarial tables on this one, puh-leeeeze.

How many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible?

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