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“There are sacraments of evil as well as of good about us, and we live and move to my belief in an unknown world, a place where there are caves and shadows and dwellers in twilight. It is possible that man may sometimes return on the track of evolution, and it is my belief that an awful lore is not yet dead.”    Arthur Machen

“Malone found in this state of things a faint stench of secrets more terrible than any of the sins denounced by citizens and bemoaned by priests and philanthropists. He was conscious, as one who united imagination with scientific knowledge, that modern people under lawless conditions tend uncannily to repeat the darkest instinctive patterns of primitive half-ape savagery in their daily life and ritual observances…They chilled and fascinated him more than he dared confess to his associates on the force, for he seemed to see in them some monstrous thread of secret continuity; some fiendish, cryptical, and ancient pattern utterly beyond and below the sordid mass of facts and habits and haunts listed with such conscientious technical care by the police. They must be, he felt inwardly, the heirs of some shocking and primordial tradition; the sharers of debased and broken scraps from cults and ceremonies older than mankind. Their coherence and definiteness suggested it…”     
The Horror At Red Hook    H. P. Lovecraft

“Are you hungry?
Are you sick?
Are you begging for a break?
Are you sweet?
Are you fresh?
Are you strung up by the wrists?
We want the young blood
Are you fracturing?
Are you torn at the seams?
Would you do anything?
Fleabitten motheaten?
We suck young blood
Won't let the creeping ivy
Won't let the nervous bury me
Our veins are thin
Our rivers poisoned
We want the sweet meat
We want the young blood…”
    Radiohead, We Suck Young Blood, (2004)

Well, your friends with their fancy persuasion
Don't admit that it's part of a scheme
But I can't help but have my suspicions
'Cause I ain't quite as dumb as I seem
And you said you was never intending
To break up our scene in this way
But there ain't any use in pretending
It could happen to us any day
How long has this been going on?
How long has this been going on?
    Ace, How Long, (1974)

“Once we had passed that crisis, it was only a matter of time before we found the pyramid and forced it open. Now its signals have ceased, and those whose duty it is will be turning their minds upon Earth. Perhaps they wish to help our infant civilization. But they must be very, very old, and the old are often insanely jealous of the young.

I can never look now at the Milky Way without wondering from which of those banked clouds of stars the emissaries are coming. If you will pardon so commonplace a simile, we have set off the fire-alarm and have nothing to do but to wait.

I do not think we will have to wait for long.”   
The Sentinel, Arthur C. Clarke, (1951)

“How do we get ahead of crazy, if we don’t know how crazy thinks?”    MINDHUNTER, Season 1, episode 2, Netflix 

I believe we’ve reached the point in the movie where the police have traced the call and have found it’s coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE! Time to get out now or realize that this is going to be a fight for our lives. Not to beat a dead horse here, but horror movie clichés? You’re soaking in them. As well as the ever-important symbolism: notice the “as above so below” and “one eye” markers present prominently above in NXIVM advertising.

While the relentless Podesta-machine cranks out seemingly endless UFO stories for the MSM to gobble up, NXIVM has been scattered to the winds, and every mainstream source extant would like you to just move along, please. Nothing to see here. Misdirection was never so blatant. As compatriot Jordan Sather put it so succinctly on his Twitter page: “I do hope you're stopping and thinking, "Well, they must be trying to distract us from something big if the mainstream media is pumping all these UFO stories!"

Coming from me, you might say I’m looking a gift horse in the mouth considering the subject matter. But I say this gift horse is of the distinctly Trojan variety, and they will continue pointing out anything other to keep you from seeing the motherload of all incendiary bombs targeting the Deep State command center. As I have maintained for over a year now, NXIVM was and is the key to tearing down the entire (play) house of cards that is the elite Pedophocracy and Black Nobility. 

Podesta can still scoff and sputter and cry “UFO!” from the highest rooftops while saying pizzagate is bullshit, poison pens like Peter Levenda can continue to shill and wonder where all the funny wording in the emails is (he didn’t see any), all the while decrying any evidence of organized satanic pedophile rings at the highest levels of power and governments worldwide (he didn’t find any in his oh-so meticulous research) – to which I can finally, (legally) rebut……..NXIVM. It’s a virtual pizzagate roll call. I’m still wondering exactly how genius Levenda missed the whole Savile thing (and Hastert, and Sandusky, and Dutroux, and………but I digress.)

NXIVM’s prosecution was a way to get classified intelligence legally into the public domain, and is the biggest reason why the MSM isn’t giving it 24/7 wall-to-wall coverage.

The whole “UFO!” disclosure rallying cry at exactly this point in time strikes me as entirely too serendipitous for words, with heaps of the little-boy-who-cried-wolf tossed in. Consider many of the sources leak from official military channels, which may be considered compromised and/or interest-conflicted in the extreme given what they’re so strident in pointing out to keep you deaf and blind to shambling horrors much closer to home. And I still stand by these memes, which continue to say it all:

Which is most definitely not to say there isn’t something other-worldly going on, but think more in terms of The Stand or Carnivale than War Of The Worlds, midnight riders. Both in form, and in function, because forces are aligning at a biblical rate and scope. If you can find them, all you have to do is look to the headlines – they just won’t be at your friendly corner newsstand or TV provider – they’re too busy laying down smokescreens and cover.  In this game it’s forever wise to remember that silence equals complicity.

When NXIVM leader and “Vanguard” Keith Raniere was convicted on June 19 of multiple counts of racketeering, fraud, child sex exploitation, child porn distribution, conspiracy to alter records, child sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, and others, it represented something beyond historic, and something beyond even those counts. Because what NXIVM was, and where its tentacles led, points to areas Lovecraftian in the extreme. In its very connected web lie the movers and shakers of our world – the Clintons, the Chuck Schumers, much of Hollywood, Richard Branson, Jeffrey Epstein, Rothschilds, the entire Bronfman line, practically all of the political royalty of Mexico (try names Salinas and Fox for starters), senator Kristin Gillibrand, Stormy Daniels, Anthony Weiner, James Alefantis of hopefully re-born pizzagate infamy, NY AG Eric Schneiderman, all these to name but just a few.

What makes this so important is because each and every one of these names emerged in the prosecutors’ discovery phase and/or investigations during the trial as being tied to this group either personally, financially, or both (something many of us already knew.) But now they are all part of the legal record. Which means each and every one of them can be put in the killbox going forward – if we live in the kind of world where such things can happen, there is now legal precedent for it to happen.

To each and every one of you smug, braggadocio, psychopathic nay-sayers: still think pizzagate is bullshit? Still want us all to “grow the fuck up?” I’ve got a deal for you. I’ll grow up when you wake up. (But there’s a very good reason you don’t want to wake up and stop projecting, isn’t there?)

I hope Levenda, Colbert, Podesta, and each and every one of their connectives are shaking in their boots like Angela Merkel deep in the skanky throes of adrenochrome withdrawl:  

Snuff videos, Clockwork Orange-style mind control, ritual abuse, rape, child trafficking – all of this was going on under the purview of a pious “self-help” organization. These people owned and operated 11 child daycares and schools worldwide. MKUltra? Oh, that was shut down! McMartin? That was Satanic Panic, you fool! The False Memory Syndrome folks told us so!

Make absolutely no mistake, this cult was the advancement of both of those: MKUltra and McMartin versions 2.0 unveiled, with a whole lot of Eyes Wide Shut mixed in. In short, NXIVM comprised an entire funding and procurement arm of the Deep State child trafficking/mind control/ritual abuse machine. It had already earlier been established that NXIVM shared the same trafficking hubs and routes that Epstein’s Little St. James ‘Lolita’ island did, both concerns often trading children back and forth like so many human toys for the 1% to abuse, as well as keeping all secrets in-house and buried safely within the network.

And that’s not even close to all of it – what about a little homicide on the side when you’re done with them?

One of those dead, not to mention the entire Cafritz family, were major funders of not only NXIVM, but also, interestingly, James Alefantis’ Transformer art gallery in D.C… know, the same Alefantis of pizzagate fame, who was struck with a serious case of the vapors when accused of child trafficking and worse out of his Comet Ping Pong pizza palace. He of course made the rounds on media vehicles such as Megyn Kelly’s platform, acting out the whole range of “Why I never!” and “How dare you sir!” school of denials that were ridiculously transparent at once to anyone with even an ounce of savvy. The same Alefantis that, as a pizza place owner, somehow got to be one of D.C.’s 40 most powerful and influential people. The same Alefantis whose aforementioned art gallery housed “art” such as a panda-masked perp abusing an amputated child.

(The Transformer gallery, by the way, was one of many that use diplomatically protected shipping channels to move especially designated “live art” around the globe without the hassle of having to have any of it inspected by any customs officials anywhere. What exactly is “live art” you may be wondering? Use your imagination.)    

And remember Obama’s $65,000 White House hot dog party (straight from the wikileaks emails), when supposedly $65,000 worth of “hot dogs” were shipped in for enjoyment? (In blatant disregard for existing WH food security protocols I might add – which only goes to show you “hot dog” was only more code like “cheese pizza.”) Well, $65,000 per also just happened to be the exact same figure Clare Bronfman paid for Raniere’s flights to and from over the years…..that is, I believe we call, just a bit too spooky for coincidence.

That $65,000 “hot dog” delivery was one of Raniere’s flights, straight into the corridors of the White House itself. But let’s not kid ourselves, it’s not like the White House is a stranger to things like this:

How long has this been going on? With NXIVM, the tentacles of this particular Octopus extend thusly –

In 1990, Raniere founds Consumers Buyline, Inc., a multi-level marketing scam based in Albany, NY, Maine and Arkansas. This while Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas. Perhaps Raniere’s particular “business model” caught some very well-heeled and elite eyes? 

After all, even though she isn’t even from New York, in 1999 Hillary Clinton runs for Senate seat in that state, her campaign really taking off right after the mysterious downing of JFK Jr’s small plane off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard. Word on the street at the time was that the Senate seat was his for the taking.

So the Clintons and Raniere maintain parallel orbits within each other’s worlds, from Arkansas to New York.  Albany soon becomes de facto NXIVM (which Raniere launches in 1998) worldwide headquarters. Since 2000, no less than 28 state legislators have left there due to criminal or ethics violations. It can even be said that the Clintons entire interest in the New York area only truly takes off after Raniere has established a base there.

And when Hillary’s Senate time is over, it is passed down to Albany native Kristin Gillibrand. Both of Gillibrand’s parents are lawyers and her father is a well-connected lobbyist, as well. During the NXIVM trial it is revealed that her father indeed worked for NXIVM and her step-mom was also recruited. And despite sitting at tables during many NXIVM events with no less a figure than Nancy Salzman, Gillibrand still denies knowing anything about NXIVM. Gillibrand is currently running for President of the United States.

Since 2007, NXIVM pumped cash into all of Hillary’s presidential campaign runs. It also turns out that forever-NY-politician Chuck Schumer kept on turning a blind eye to the group and its activities. Disclosed during the trial was the fact that NXIVM had the financial records of both Schumer and then NYAG Elliot Spitzer, through extensive email hacking.

From 1999-2011, NY’s Anthony Weiner serves as member of the House of Representatives for NY’s 9th District. In 2010 he marries long-time Hillary assistant Huma Abedin. He was forced to resign over multiple federal sex offenses in 2011. Weiner had famously taken over, in 1999, from Chuck Schumer.

Finally we have Eric Schneiderman, NY Democratic senator from 1999 til 2011 when he became NY’s acting Attorney General. He resigned in May 2018 in curious proximity to the NXIVM bust.

So, timeline: We have Raniere busted in Mexico in March 2018 outside Puerto Vallarta in a luxury villa. (In the company of Allison Mack and other cult members.), the massive online ad marketplace, is shut down April 6, 2018 for being host for online child trafficking and for sexual exploitation of children. This comes right before the Allison Mack (Raniere’s no.1) indictment on April 20th, 2018 for child sex trafficking amid a host of other charges.

Schneiderman resigns (over sex assault allegations) on May 7, 2018.  Schneiderman had previously taken a notoriously kid glove and hands-off approach to a myriad of claims coming in against NXIVM.

In hindsight, one can draw an inference that Raniere, hoping for leniency, gives them Backpage, Backpage gives them Mack, and Mack gives them Schneiderman, as the dominoes fall in a perfect line.

Here is part of the deposition of one Ben Szemkus, who said he was at a recruitment party/fundraiser for NXIVM in 2007 in Connecticut, attended by all of these notables – this includes his lie detector results for said incident:

Stormy Daniels’ brand that she attempted to “airbrush” over with a tattoo:

The brand itself with prominent initials of both Allison Mack and Keith Raniere:

The Szemkus testimony also mentions Richard Branson, who we already know was involved, whose Necker Island is just a hop, skip and a jump from Epstein’s Little St. James (55.3 km to be exact across the British Virgin Islands), and who often vacays with a certain ex-pres and is cuddle buddies with Sara Bronfman:  

This is the landscape that allowed NXIVM to thrive. In the months to come, we’ll also look into more deep-dive NXIVM connections, which are plentiful, and have far-reaching, staggering implications.

Word has also just come down that latest in the killbox is none other than…..wait for it….. [Scientology.]  It has been accused of child abuse and human trafficking according to papers served to the org and its leader, David Miscavige. Victims’ rights attorney involved promise an ongoing series of lawsuits.  Stay tuned on this front also….

Dragging Scientology into all of this broadens the scope considerably and gets into very occult areas when you start looking where Scientology came from (the L.Ron Hubbard-Jack Parsons-Babalon Working-Aleister Crowley nexus) and who it ensnares today…..which would bring in Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, amoung others, which opens up entire vistas of worldwide  organized pedo rings, who may or may not have been in attendance at the elite Christmas Party at Fleet White’s mansion where it is increasingly apparent that Jon Benet Ramsey was killed (and where police have consistently failed to ever provide a guest list), just exactly what Stanley Kubrick knew and was trying to tell us with Eyes Wide Shut before he was killed, and so, so much more down into the darkest rabbit hole imaginable. 

If nothing else, these are all areas and connections which inhabit increasingly smaller and smaller orbits in relation to each other, and overlap in some highly suspicious ways. Look into the claims of Fiona Barnett in Australia, and what she says the entire Kidman family was (and possibly still is) into. Exactly how much smoke are we going to be asked to inhale all the while being told that the house isn’t really on fire, go back to sleep? How is it coincidence when the same names keep coming up over and over again in relation to these truly weird areas?  

So where are we headed and what does this all mean? A breakdown of the scenario seems ridiculously complicated, when in fact, it might not be.

Existentially, what if what we’re seeing playing out here on earth is only a microcosm of the exact same thing playing out in the cosmos on an even grander scale? Perhaps deviant pedophile rings exist here because those that follow such have been taught those guiding principles by larger forces; ancient forces that view us as a species as children, and are preying on us in much the same way that we are preying on our own children? Perhaps pedophilia isn’t only a sexual distinction, it is a taught/learned variable originating from larger forces passing all of this down as ritualistic behaviour intended as means to bring about a certain end. 

This endgame is being ushered in by the opening of barriers that have to do with what happens to the human mind when under trauma-based assault (Satanic Ritual Abuse to MKUltra) especially at a very young age*, and with the use of various technologies of paraphysical forces – types which have always been with us (UFOs) as well as those which have been dictated to us to replicate (CERN and others). Both of which have been (and are now being) mass manipulated to alter public perception. 

*This was also the goal of NXIVM’s Rainbow Cultural Garden schools for children situated around the world: at the very least they were kept away from their parents and taught to only respond to their counselors there – teaching them multiple languages at the same time only added to the disassociation-factor, and going by reports of what their Dr. Brandon Porter was doing (strapping females down and making them view snuff films, graphic rapes, dismemberment, and even so far as to having them view a subject being conscious while fed part of his own brain) who is to say that this type of “treatment” was limited to the adult population of the cult? And just to show this is far from a partisan issue, let’s not forget that Barbara Bush, (you know, Crowley’s daughter), was on the executive board of Rainbow Cultural Gardens. Such a small world given the agenda.

A Saturnian Cult operating at the highest levels? – There also remains more than a little evidence for this, especially given all the occult and ideological links to the planet Saturn in and around the CERN facility.

What we see with the UK’s Royal Family, with the Clintons, Podestas, Rothschilds, and provably a great percentage of the 1% (and a great swath of scientific and technocratic academia – which Epstein is linked intimately to and which we will examine next month or so) is Polytheistic Reconstructionism hard at work; an attempt to reconstruct pre-Christian spiritual practices and bring them into the modern age. Case example: the Clintons great interest in, and participation in, various practices and rituals in Haiti.

I should reiterate here once again, as I don’t do often enough, that this is not my belief system…this is their belief system, and to get inside their heads, in order to try and comprehend the ‘whys’ of what they do, of how their operations and networks are undertaken and constructed, is vital.  

The old are often insanely jealous of the young, as we see manifested around us every single day – previously this behaviour was supposedly only transfusions, Keith Richards-in-Switzerland-style, now we’re down to actual DRINKING:

The nightmares of Gilles de Rais and Elizabeth Bathory have come home to roost – and are lodged firmly in what is now everyday, “modern” thinking. The normalization of the psychopathic is in full swing.

In the best of all possible worlds, NXIVM is only the beginning: Scientology is on deck, the case against Epstein is ramping up again, and the dominoes continue to fall. More enlightened souls exist now than perhaps ever before in history, and the pressure for justice – true justice – will only increase despite the best efforts of those whose very limited and evil interests lie elsewhere. We, each and every one of us, are behind the largest public criminal investigation ever undertaken, open-sourced, and powered by the truth and furious momentum that will not stop during the first, fortieth, or thousandth setback.   

Despite those that would mock us, belittle us, marginalize us, and tell us to STFU, we are over the target, and have been proven right time and time and time again as this global narrative unfolds.

Fire your guns, all you Sherlocks. Symbolism will be their downfall. And there is nothing in the shadows, where everything is connected, that will not be brought to light.

“Carmen must have been the devil's daughter
At least he taught her how to wear her clothes
And the boys followed her to the slaughter
Where they fell like a row of dominoes
They fell like a row of dominoes

Don't let your past drive you under
You know how memory comes and goes
Well, the years rolled away just like thunder
Where they fell like a row of dominoes
They fell like a row of dominoes

Won't you tell me how you been?
Don’t just say that you've been feelin' fine
I'm havin' that feelin' again
There's a whole lot more to layin’ on the line…

Share and share alike, you know I love you
But I also love the way the wild wind blows
So don't set your dreams up there above you
Where they'll fall like a row of dominoes
They'll fall like a row of dominoes

They say a fool never knows what he misses
And a wise man never misses what he knows
What can I say, your ten thousand kisses
Fell on me like a row of dominoes
They fell like a row of dominoes

Won't you tell me how you been?
Something more than you've been feelin' fine
I'm havin' that feelin' again
And the dominoes are standin' in a line
Yes, the dominoes are standin' in a line…”
     Row Of Dominoes, Butch Hancock, (1979)

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