Sunday, October 22, 2017


"This is the lion's den, I hope you knew that before you came in/
This is where the angels and the devils fight, and they're choosing           up sides tonight...
Well the kids in Boston all wear black, New Yorkers never see the             sun
And the kids in Minneapolis don't wear hats, and everyone from            Texas is from someplace else
And if you've ever seen that L.A. scene,
Man, you know it ain't no Jan and Dean..."
      The Rainmakers, Snakedance

This is a very quick post strictly due to the possibility that something very huge is about to break in the Harvey Weinstein ongoing disclosure-fest as it pertains to how it connects to Pizzagate/Pedogate.  Usual celeb suspects like Corey Feldman and others are still coming forward, but normally silent others are adding their voices to a growing chorus claiming widespread pedophile rings are the next domino to fall in this ongoing process of what amounts to mass disclosure of mind control/ritual abuse operations; what is basically MKUltra writ large and functioning on a continuing basis.  These others sensing much more include Evan Rachael Wood, Kaya Jones, Joe Rogan, Ronan Farrow, Stacey Dash, Rose McGowan, James Woods, and worldwide periodicals like the Sun, the Mirror, Daily Beast, and American News Hub, among many, many others. 

There is a growing suspicion that first the Vegas Massacre, and then the upending of the quasi-human pig Weinstein, both only served as diversions and limited hangouts to distract the populace at large from even more disturbing truths. namely the ever-growing awareness of just how pervasive, huge, and all-encompassing are the worldwide pedophile rings that are at the bottom of this existing socio-economic structure that is psycho-pathological at best. 

Even now there is news from Trump associate-at-large Roger Stone that the FBI is opening an investigation into Weinstein's ties to Jeffrey Epstein, which could serve as the match that blows the whole powderkeg sky high, as Epstein's tentacles run far and are deeply entrenched everywhere, from the shiny killrooms of the whole Pizzagate op to quite possibly Sandusky and the Second Mile in Happy Valley.  Each and every one of these slithery perps exhibits much the same tells and tendencies, from Sandusky to Hastert to Epstein to Weinstein to Podesta.  It certainly doesn't take a rocket scientist to discern that there is something going on that serves as connective tissue here.  I've often said that seeing things and saying things is the key to bringing down this house of cards.  Well, more invested, awakened individuals are finally screwing up their courage and sensing safety in numbers than I can ever remember before in my lifetime.  There is blood in the water, and each voice draws more and more from the mortally wounded carcass of the Deep State, and it is, frankly, a beautiful thing to see.  Hollywood is on the ropes and dying before our eyes, and there is a well-worn path from Tinseltown to D.C.

As I said, this is simply an emergency transmission to let you know that there is incredible pressure building under this sociological  caldera, right now.  Links to follow, and stay safe everyone.  Much, much more to come very soon.

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