Monday, October 23, 2017


Well he sits up there, on his leatherette, and looks through pictures of the ones that he hasn’t had yet
When he thinks he wants a closer look, he takes out his little black telephone book (He’s calling, calling, calling…)
Come sit down here beside me honey, let’s have a little heart to heart
Now look at me and tell me darlin’, how badly do you want this part?
Are you willing to sacrifice?  And are you willing to be real nice?
All your talent and my good taste, I’d hate to see it go to waste.
We gonna get you an apartment honey, we gonna get you a car.
Yeah, we gonna take care of you darlin’, we gonna make you a movie star
For years I’ve seen ‘em come and go, he says ‘I’ve had ‘em all you know’
I handled everything in my own way, I made ‘em what they are today…
After awhile, nothing was pretty, after awhile, everything got lost.
Still his Jacuzzi runneth over, still he just couldn’t get off
He’s just another power junkie, just another silk scarf monkey
You’d know it if you saw his stuff, the man just isn’t big enough.
     The King of Hollywood, the Eagles, The Long Run, 1979

The veil is being torn, and there is an ongoing war every day, every minute, over whether it will ultimately serve us or them more.  Just after the emergency Saturday night post early yesterday, Corey Feldman, whistleblower supreme in the developing Hollywood pedogate narrative, was arrested in Louisiana on “unspecified” drug charges (said to be marijuana.)  This cannot be mere happenstance because, let’s be honest, TPTB could likely have nailed Feldman on drug charges any time over the last 2 decades or more if they’d wanted.  This can only be seen as a shot across the bow, a warning to keep your mouth shut before you’re mysteriously “suicided” by shotgun blast, twice, to the back of the head. 

Unsubstantiated rumors are everywhere.  We’ve got President Trump making cryptic remarks about this time being the “calm before the storm.”  Harvey Weinstein is said to be singing like a canary, giving extensive lists of Hollywood and D.C. pedophiles to the FBI in exchange for leniency as to the upcoming multitude of charges against him.  This is the same FBI that just got finished returning all Vegas multiple shooter witnesses’ phones and devices to them only AFTER they’d been scrubbed and bleached of all evidence as to those multiple shooters.  So sure, they’ll get right on the trail of all those pedo rings.  If this is true, Weinstein might just as well have dug a large pit, thrown all the names in, and burned them.  In dealing with the FBI (who take their marching orders from D.C.), surely the fat man knows this, which keeps the loop closed, after all.  We’ve got to be extremely careful of believing things just because we want so badly to believe them, especially when every level is compromised.    

Instead let’s follow the connecting dots and money trails from our old pal Jeffrey Epstein (no, we haven’t forgotten about him) to Weinstein to John Podesta.  Weinstein was one of Clinton’s major fundraisers for her 2016 presidential campaign – are we to believe that he and John Podesta, as well as the Podesta Group, had no ties, no communications?  There is a large and committed network here of shared ideologies, ancient belief systems of the darkest hue. And they follow a very certain religion (and I’m not talking about Zionism and its many apologists, though that most certainly is a part of it.)  This is something bigger, and older, and darker. 

When you really start looking, this is about ritual, and indoctrination, and the very likely remnants of MKUltra programming based on occult doctrine and propped up with the false data and propaganda of psychopharmacology.  It’s the horrifying, dawning realization that once you are “in,” there is no leaving these not-so-secret-anymore societies.  And yes, this is about the soul.

Listen closely to how Ronan Farrow ended his excellent piece on Weinstein for the New Yorker, and the darkly ominous portent it heralds:  “He’s been systematically doing this for a very long time,” the former employee who had been made to act as a ‘honeypot’ told me.  She said that she often thinks of something Weinstein whispered – to himself, as far as she could tell – after one of his many shouting sprees at the office.  It so concerned her that she pulled out her phone and typed it into a memo, word for word: ‘There are things I’ve done that nobody knows.’”

Here we see Camp David transformed into a meeting place for rapists (at the very least) and their enablers.

And here we see themes of curious artwork shared by Hollywood (Neon Demon), Podesta’s brother Tony at his house, and the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.  Some fixations are hard to get rid of, eh?  And Hollywood and its Weinsteins seem to be intent on transforming certain images into sigils as indoctrination for the unsuspecting masses.  How many rituals are we a part of that we don’t even realize?  Perhaps the line of demarcation between politics, mass entertrainment, and programmable murder doesn’t even exist. 

Here’s another force in Hollywood and the entertainment biz that likely has a vested interest in seeing that Weinstein doesn’t squeal too loudly or for too long.  The Geffen/Spielberg junta will doubtless make sure that that never happens.  Too many bodies, buried in too many places.  Too many deals struck as the clock chimes the witching hour.  Take another look at the circles, and who inhabits them.  It’s a short walk, none at all really, from Geffen to Bryan Singer, Marc Collins Rector, Michael Huffington, Roland Emmerich, Gary Goddard, Chad Shackley, Brock Pierce, Garth Ancier and a host of others at the center of a gay/pedophile mafia at the disturbed, beating heart of the entertainment business.  And Spielberg ain’t that far away either.

A long-planned-for agenda is in play here to normalize the grotesque and the absolutely perverse, that’s why what is happening now, and where we are, marks such a pivot point in where we head as a species.  Either we tolerate this, tolerate the mass traumatizing and abuse of our children, or we don’t.  And if anyone thinks that a large-scale pedophile base/ring stops at Bryan freakin’ Singer then they’re completely deluding themselves.  Now take a look again at the personages on Geffen’s yacht – this isn’t just abuse, this is social engineering based in occult principles – an agenda to drive mass agendas for worldly power.  Who’s doling out that power?  Well, that’s for you to decide.

Here’s something interesting given the Weinstein debacle, some telling wording and dialogue from a coming Woody Allen (of all people/don’t get me started) project:
Woody Allen’s upcoming movie contains some awkward scenes involving an older man having sex with young starlets. In scenes just filmed, a character played by Rebecca Hall accuses 44-year-old actor Jude Law’s character of having sex with a 15-year-old “concubine.” In the scene, the so-called concubine — played by Elle Fanning (19 in real life) — acknowledges her relationship with Law’s much-older character, but then protests that she is 21 years old. After a discussion about his infidelity, Fanning’s character then asks Law, “Were all these women for pleasure, or were you researching a project?”   I often wonder how many times Jeffrey Epstein has been asked this same question, and how much of a darker angel he is whispering into the ear of Allen…and what kind of a project exactly?  Transhumanism? “Monarch” capabilities?  Artificial intelligence?  Mind control through hypnotism and/or drugs?  Genetic transferrals, enhancement, and corruption?  Brownstone operations for blackmail purposes?  A nice mix of some or all of the above?  As I said before, the path from Tinseltown to D.C. is well-trodden, and Weinstein (and so many others like he and Epstein) only serve as mouthpieces for an apparatus joined at the hip with the CIA for many decades. 

And here’s some more joined-at-the-hip truth in a picture.  Here’s where the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Foundation meet Haiti and missing children and Pizzagate all mixed up with Hollywood financing and D.C./Hollywood underground pedophile rings.    

 Asia Argento, actress, designated witchy woman, and one of the first to openly accuse Weinstein of rape.  What else does she know? 

 The prophecies, tipoffs, and forward thinking of 38 years ago this shadowy autumn are manifesting with stark regularity into the world.  Better to just read the words of Don Henley and Co. and see them as tea leaves for a godless aeon that was coming all this time, while we partied, and slept, and lived lives of increasingly smaller, more self-absorbed circles.  And the sad truth is, we’re all wearing “those shoes” now, aren’t we?  Aren’t we?

 Tell us what you're gonna do tonight, momma
There must be someplace you can go
In the middle of the tall drinks and the drama
There must be someone you know
God knows you're lookin' good enough
But you're so smooth and the world's so rough
You might have somethin' to lose
Oh no, pretty momma, what you gonna do in those shoes?
Got those pretty little straps around your ankles
Got those shiny little chains around your heart
You got to have your independence
But you don't know just where to start
Desperation in the singles bars
All those jerk offs in their fancy cars
You can't believe your reviews
Oh no, you can't do that once you started wearin' those shoes
They're lookin' at you, leanin' on you
Tell you anything you want to hear
They give you tablets of love
They're waiting for you, got to score you
Handy with a shovel and so sincere
Ooh, they got the kid gloves
You just want someone to talk to
They just want to get their hands on you
You get whatever you choose…(but)

Oh no, you can't do that once you started wearin' those shoes
Oh no, you can't do that once you started wearin' those shoes. 


  1. The way this situation is being managed can be ascertained viewing 'George Clooney's Twins Make Television Debut' (#10 ON TRENDING) from 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Published on 23 Oct 2017.

    The skit involves Matt Damon wheeling on a pram of the nescafe ad starring Clooney & his absent 'human rights lawyer' wife's 'kids' on stage to, as usual, enthusiastic applause/yeah/whoos from the studio audience, & plays on Kimmel & Damon's played up(?) for the cameras hatred.

    "Who let him in here?"
    "He's the manny" (canned laughter)
    "You're not a man"
    "That's not what your wife said" (big audience reaction)
    "So based on your physique I guess you're breastfeeding the children too?"
    "Guillermo* isn't here tonight... could security come get him please... you poisoned him didn't you... you know what George I feel a little betrayed you bringing him in here..."
    "I thought I'd bring out the kids"

    'The kids' turn out to be both Matt Damon's middle fingers, revealed after he drops the wrapped swaddling clothes on the floor, directed at Kimmel, one is 'screw' the other is 'you'.

    "He's just very good with the kids" says Clooney.

    The closed captions for the video start off with 'RESTRAINING ORDERS AND THOSE THINGS', 'Jimmy WHO IS WATCHING', but no such words uttered.

    No teary monologue from Kimmel regarding the cess pit he wallows in - no mention of Corey, nothing, just a weird, unfunny, perverse performance redirecting attention away from obscenity by reinforcing it repurposed as entertainment.

    (*Guillermo has a thing for seeking kisses & cuddles from starlets on the 'red carpet' as celebrated a segment of Kimmel's show as Damon's ('unwanted') appearances.)

    So in other words, 'nothing to see here, move on!', only two of the first page comments on this video mention Weinstein etc & one of those comments is mostly attacked by others '...Don’t try to paint yourself as a lone crusader fighting for the weak...'

    & on his knowledge of Weinstein, Damon is quoted by ETOnline yesterday as saying:

    '"I knew the story about Gwyneth from Ben because he was with her after Brad [Pitt] ... But I was working with Gwyneth and Harvey on Ripley."'

    'Damon says he never "talked to Gwyneth" about the alleged encounter with Weinstein. "Ben told me, but I knew that they had come to whatever agreement or understanding they had come to ... She had handled it and she was the first lady of Miramax and he treated her incredibly respectfully always." ... "I knew he was a womanizer. I wouldn't want to be married to the guy, but that's not my business really,"'

    George Clooney ... also told ET:

    "Harvey would talk about women that he'd, you know, gone out with," he said. "I didn't really necessarily believe that ‘cause to believe that would believe bad things about actresses that I know and like, and I didn't really buy into that."'


    'Jeffrey Dean Morgan responds to Ben Affleck's apology for groping wife Hilarie Burton'

    'Speaking with ET, he revealed that he doesn't want to make a "big deal" out of it since the Batman actor has publicly apologised... "I don't want to make a big deal of it because she didn't, but I think everything that's come out in the last couple of weeks... anybody who has talked about it and even those who haven't yet are incredibly brave and I think it's time for change,"'

    So just another 'Close Encounter', it's no 'big deal', but what else to expect? It is pop-cult afterall.

    Like the savile admission, expose & 'investigation' here weinstein, & the pedophile would-be hollywood elite there, will be used to further the very thing supposedly opposed by all the #metoo-ing etc.

    Be Well

    1. KTV!!

      My friend, at this point the only comments I believe other than the women coming out are the people who rightly claim "EVERYBODY f-ckin knew." This was common knowledge, and all the backpedaling and hypocrisy and complicity from all these "moral," holier-than-thou types is sickening. Especially Kimmel, Colbert et al that would hold Trump to one level of civility while turning a blind eye to their buds and folks that have a say in how much cash they can grab in any given quarter.

      It's exactly like Rush Limbaugh (who when I first started listening to him under the Clinton regime I used to actually like I'm ashamed to say now...) Every day it was another disclosure about Mena or Iran/Contra or Barry Seal and Vince Foster and I thought to myself 'This guy is a real truthseeker.'

      But then "W" was elected and all of a sudden it was gloves off...suspicious activity that made anything Clinton did seem like romper room was never given a mention. Ever. Any rational thinking person could blatantly see what 9-11 was, and from this "truthseeker?" Not a peep. What a clown.

      That kind of partisanship can't have a place at the table when it comes to the truth. It's unforgivable. And it's EXACTLY what's going on with the Weinstein stuff now. Silence is complicity. Period. Don't think you deserve a medal for jumping on the bandwagon now when you were mum for , what, decades? Clooney, Affleck, Damon -- they're all just shiny handlers trying to mitigate the damage. Hollywood is on life support, no movies are making any money, NFL ratings are extinct, and everything pertaining to the old paradigm is dead. This is a sea change like nothing I've ever seen before, and the fact that SO many people are waking up in such numbers is the best indication that something really new and different is happening this time. Dare I say it -- hope springs eternal?

      I'm halfway expecting the next line of defense prior to any great Pedogate unraveling to be the famous "witch hunt" trope, which Peter Levenda first trotted out in that Secret Sun comments section brouhaha with me late last year, and then Reddit used as pretext to shut down their entire Pizzagate investigation. Just recently I noticed Woody Allen bringing it up again re Weinstein -- it's a cowardly admonition that we can this whole thing just so far, but no farther, understand? To which I always say, "it's not a 'witch hunt' if there really ARE witches in our midst." And there most certainly are -- but that, like the pedo rings themselves, is the big secret and third rail that can't be touched.

      And when I say witches, I am not calling out the Gaia-loving, tree-hugging pacifists, but those that hear a calling to the left-hand path, and require blood, pain, and sacrifice to distinctly pre-Christian gods and entities. You can call them the Deep State, the Shadow governments, the Illuminati, etc, but they're out there, and through their works, they're making themselves known more and more every day. Things like Vegas and Weinstein (& all the things it's looking like it's going to lead to) are only breadcrumbs dropped along the very same path.

      Cheers mate! Much more to come soon.

  2. Aye, partisan-poliTICS serves the hidden persuader offering l/r & other illusury paradigms, to be swept up in this machinating & pick a team makes a soul a patsy for obscenity.

    The photos illustrating this post are telling - they are the tell of the bluff of the hoodwinkers & their enablers & backers, the photo of epstein with allen (& his former adopted daughter (via Farrow) now adopted daughter-wife) in the background alone is horror enough but the shots of damon & affleck with clinton...

    & speaking of 'Presidential Models':

    Lady Gaga recovered sufficiently from her fibromyalgia to appear earlier this week so as to attend the gang of ex-presidents fund raising for hurricane relief efforts, for which, who else?, she was dressed up 'Marilyn' style.


    'Lady Gaga & Joe Biden Team Up to Address Sexual Assault Support & Accountability'


    'Terry Richardson banned from working with Vogue and other leading mags, leaked email shows'

    & I see on a playlist of videos queued after a piece on trump's halloween themed maga hat selling out that:

    'Las Vegas Shooter's Brother Arrested for Child Porn'


    'Dynasty Star Catherine Oxenberg Says She's Fighting To Save Her Daughter from a Group That Allegedly Brainwashed Her'

    1. KTV!!

      Good Lord, where to start? It's never ending...Thanks for your compliment as to the latest round of included pics accompanying the post -- I neglected to say that in the ones from Camp David w/Clinton, Affleck and Damon, there is also, tellingly, Weinstein himself stuffed into the grey polo and blazer, which adds just another layer of creepiness to the proceedings. I think this was around the time of Good Will Hunting which they were screening.

      Ah yes, the old blood bather herself pictured with the 5 former Deep State puppets dressed as Marilyn - TRIGGER!! And having Joe freakin Biden be the face of advocacy for sexual assault is like having the Pope speaking out against child rape fer chrissakes -- how do they not choke on the irony and utter blinding nerve of the whole situation? It's amazing, truly, how dumb they think we are. Jimmy Carter is the only one among them that's worth a damn, and I still can't quite forgive him for being the one that first foisted Zbig Brzezinski on an unsuspecting world.

      Terry Richardson always was, is and forever will be the bottom of the barrel humanity-wise. How he got to where he is I'd prefer to not think about.

      Regarding those photos aboard the Geffen yacht, of Oprah, Hanks, Jimmy Iovine, Paul McCartney, et al, none disappoint me more than Springsteen, a guy I used to revere and who I now hold maybe just above Bono in the wholesale hypocrisy sweepstakes & being a complete and utter sellout to his former values. Actually it makes me question now what he was all along -- it certainly puts in a whole new light works like Nebraska and what he was really trying to say: about society and about himself. An all-encompassing darkness was certainly never very far away in him, and perhaps he is embracing that now to a nihilistic degree. "Is that me baby, or just a brilliant disguise?" Perhaps we weren't really listening closely enough all along, eh Bruce?

      Actually I think it was only last year when he went on record with either the Telegraph or the Guardian about how he'd inherited his depression from his Dad, and about how his life had been "saved" with a combination of therapy and, I swear to you, psychopharmacology. Yes, he actually used that word. You say psychopharmacology, I say re-programming.
      Maybe we lose a lot of former touchstones because they're literally not the same people anymore -- who knows? They're either wiped or sent into the darkest versions of themselves for purposes of social engineering.

      Thinking about all this keeps me coming back to the famous Kubrick quote:"Never ever go near power. Don't become friends with anyone who has real power. It's dangerous."

      Oh, and the hard drive of the Vegas shooter is mysteriously missing now too. Murkier and murkier the Vegas waters become. More soon.

      p.s. - just heard from some sources that I trust that Geffen is currently, get this, shaking down the Royal Family itself since he is in possession of certain incriminating photos/film of Prince Andrew (you know, Epstein's buddy) aboard that same yacht with certain underage playfriends. Just in case you were wondering how folks like Jeffrey Epstein and David Geffen maintained that lifestyle they're so accustomed to...

  3. Springsteen also wrote 'I'm on Fire', which includes the lyrics:

    'Hey little girl is your daddy home?
    Did he go and leave you all alone?
    Mm-Hm, I got a bad desire'

    & his first album was altered so as to include a 'hit single' under orders from Clive Davis the head honco of Columbia... so much for being an authentic voice of the working man.

    A fellow traveller of his, the piano man himself, Billy Joel, virtue signalled hard back in August (the day of the eclipse no less), & as a follow-up to Joel's wearing a 'yellow Star of David' at a concert a rep said '"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."'... 'Billy Joel told Rolling Stone last month that he tries "to stay out of politics," adding, "I try not to get up on a soapbox and tell people how to think."'

    Such farcical doublethink is the glue bonding the bullshit in place & it's all the product of an industrial system - the music industry, the movie industry - unnatural hocus-pocusings that are anti-life.

    What is it that makes a soul wish to be 'on screen' or to desire to 'go platinum', it is nothing that gives life, it is the opposite, but such is presented as being the ideal, the embodiment of living & progress which in so doing compounds the memory holing & further facilitates such as weinstein & the #metoo unnamimg.

    Wannabe stars offer themselves up after all, offer themselves up for judgement & use by the arbiters of taste of pop-culture, it is a pact with the devil, they admit so so often afterall.

    & what with the binge-dump of 'Stranger Things 2' on humanity: 'Stranger Things' Second Season Lives Up to Its Incredible Expectations', 'Sean Astin on Stranger Things: 'When they're riding their bicycles it brings me right back to The Goonies' ', 'Stranger Things' Noah Schnapp: 'Winona is like my second mother'', 'Lady in black! Winona Ryder stuns in babydoll dress with plunging neckline at Stranger Things 2 premiere in LA', the obscenity is set to 'only get stranger'.

    As for shakedowns, all the high flyers have something on each other, or know of someone who has something on the other, it's just another way to leverage trinkets and baubles, what other sport would the wealthy & connected play but the 'vye for dominion' game they trickle down on to the vest of us?

    1. KTV, since it's so close to Halloween, maybe it's that, maybe it's the Stranger Things nostalgia-fest vibe, maybe the Hank Williams/Robert Johnson tone of a lot of his stuff, but have been revisiting the Springsteen canon for the first time in a LONG time, and, am truly struck by how disturbing and creepy the lion's share of it is, and in a weird way: a strange mix of Three Stooges whackadoo and serial killer gravitas. Not that Dylan didn't have his foibles too, but the Boss's mind's a mess. Strikes me more and more that's he's a guy you'd give an increasingly wider berth to the more you got to really know him -- I mean, in a Ted Bundy ticking time bomb kind of way. All of which, perversely, makes his stuff even more fascinating to me now given what it says about our world and those speaking from elevated positions of power/status within it.

      "When I die I don't want no part of heaven/ I would not do heaven's work well/ I pray the devil comes and takes me to stand in the fiery furnaces of hell."

      "Got a cold mind, to go trippin cross that thin line/ Sick of doin straight time
      In the basement, huntin gun and a hacksaw/ Sip a beer and thirteen/ Inches of barrel drop to the floor.
      Come home in the evenin/ Can't get the smell from my hands/ lay my head down on the pillow and/ Go driftin off into foreign lands..."

      "Maybe you got a kid, maybe you got a pretty wife/ The only thing that I got's/ Been bothering me my whole life."

      Sad about Billy Joel -- I remember around '77/78 he was nearly, artistically on a par with aforementioned Bosstime, albeit in a more hackneyed, George M Cohan kind of way. My views of Zionism skew a little more closely to Roger Waters' worldview.

  4. '"The Boss" ... is widely known for his brand of poetic lyrics'.

    Two days until the festival & the horror keeps on coming:

    'Caitlyn Jenner Flaunts Sexy Swimsuit, Fulfills Lifelong 'Fantasy' of 'Walking on Beach Being My Authentic Self''


    'Related slideshow: Celebs in swimsuits through the years (via Photo Services)'

    The first photo's of Marilyn Monroe.

    ...'lifelong fantasy'...


    'When a culture produces this much sexual assault, it’s not an accident'

    'There are efforts to change this culture through both law and regulation'

    a vox pr piece calling on the very system perpetuating abuse to step in & ensure such abuse is not rewarded.

    2017 Halloween lasts all year long (& not long to go since the anniversary of the orange faced man's ascendence)