Thursday, April 28, 2016


     “’Cause the free wind is blowing through your hair

And the days surround your daylight there

Seasons crying no despair, Alligator lizards in the air

Wishin’ on a falling star, watching for the early train,

Sorry boy, but I’ve been hit by purple rain

Aw come on Joe, you can always change your name

Thanks a lot son, just the same…”

                                America, Ventura Highway

    “The power of philosophy floats through my head.

Light as a feather.  Heavy as lead.”   Bob Marley

     “Turn on TV

I see a burning moon, put there by you

A sign to say it’s time, no, it’s too soon

I see the pools of Technicolor petrol

Loom around the room

Hide me, and disguise me

Loop me a hole in the contract

Break the pact, let me retract

If there’s any good left inside you

Henchmen line the windows

Mouthing the words ‘Go go

Time to go.’

Outside lilac twilight

Smouldering skies are full of signs

Inside the floor is cracked,

The cracks are wide

Nowhere to hide from holes

That swallow all my pride, fall inside

Printed initials, witness officials

Naively expecting the day not to come

When they will take me, break and berate me

Henchmen mouth the words

It is time to go, go.”

                Purson, The Contract

     Here we are again, transmitting and digesting words into and from the ether, spilling ink, as it were, under a descending canopy of chemtrails tonight, looking at a modern day mystery unfolding in real time even as it quickly moves away from us.  Only one week ago the artist and messenger known as Prince passed away into something else, and already the news is cold and fading away like mists before the sunrise.  It’s a metaphor Prince, through that hole in the somewhere, might be smiling to.

     The news broke like a viral firestorm last Thursday, and over the weekend the entire mystery, already draped in enough shadows and black fog to do Sherlock Holmes proud, took a hard left turn into the mystic, and began sparking headlines dripping with supernatural portent.  With every passing hour, it becomes apparent that there are deeper, darker subtexts to the entire Prince death mystery that simply refuse to go away.  More and more it is being revealed that there were larger and more far-reaching forces that played a hand in his death, even as it is becoming known that the well-read and erudite Prince was well aware of forces far beyond even those residing in the so-called “normal” pressures of the recording and entertainment industry, which may overlap with certain hidden, global interests. Simply put, if recent disclosures by those he confided in can be believed, Prince realized full well that he was dealing with “powers and principalities” that had targeted him, and that were, plainly speaking, not of this world.  Even more disturbing, this is becoming a recurring meme when dealing with popular culture as a whole, where it appears to be a thought-construct deliberately planted and timed to explode fully into our popular consciousness now.

     When last we left our tragic catastrophe (Dave Chappelle went so far to call it the “black 9/11” such were the psychic reverberations) we were speculating over forensic and possibly toxicology evidence.  In a little over 48 hours and by the time last weekend was over, those were rendered pedestrian and kicked to the curb with gale force in light of disclosure bombshells that ranged from the highly suspicious to the truly bizarre, and lead us straight into the dank labyrinth of hushed whispers about not only the true nature of the recording business, but our entire civilized structure, and what powers it.

     As a somewhat creepy personal aside, it seems the fact that I was completing the “Born In Blood” posting scant hours before Prince passed, and that it dealt with an ancient occult sacrificial season, the “Feast of the Beast,” that runs from April 19th through May 1st, may have been more than mere coincidence, if you believe in that kind of thing.  It could have been a sense of esoteric knowledge paired with glimpses of precognition that all of us can access in these times.  Just as much it could have been the muse of synchronicity knocking on the door.  Or to put it another way, in the land of “there are no coincidences,” it could have been the Akashic record, as Prince himself was wont to call it, desperately trying to make itself known and get a message through.  All I know is that something steered me to put up a piece based, at that moment, on the importance of what is clearly ritual sacrifice to some people.  Either way, sinister forces are no longer content to hide themselves from the lives of each and every one of us now, and it becomes increasingly important to listen to that still, small voice inside all of us, as these veils that separate worlds grow thinner. 

     As fantastic as this unbelievable Apocalyptic scenario seems, it is being documented in hundreds of independent, verifiable, and unconnected testimonies occurring all over the world right now, from differing concerns of corporatism, industry, entertainment, and science.  Think of what has previously been reported about the CERN facility here, about the recent plans to resurrect temples to the god Baal across the globe, about the reportings of discoveries in space that match records thousands of years old from Mesopotamia to Egypt to the ancient South American cultures.  All point to something extremely biblical taking place in the world under the present time scenario.  Whether one is religious or not becomes a moot point when 2,000 year old prophecy begins to coincide with the cold light of science happening now.

     “You need to laydown, and let me show you how

We do this thing up in funkytown

From the heart of Minnesota, here comes the purple Yoda

Guaranteed to bring the dirty news down, come on

You need to shut it up, your cup ain’t full enough

Let me show you what I learned from laying in the cut

You need a six-string, and let that sucker ring

The Holy funkin’ Ghost to get the people UP!

To say this name borders on blasphemy

Everybody wanna be me

If your girlfriend didn’t have the surgery

Maybe she could see what I see…”

                                   Prince, Laydown

     Events began cascading when Erich “Mancow” Muller, in an interview with Alex Jones last Friday, disclosed that he had been in private conversation with Prince in the months leading up to his death, that Prince knew all about the insider “Eyes Wide Shut” parties, that they were real, and that this had been his first impetus for trying to free himself from the music business’ “corporatized” and very ritualistic structure.  This was right around the time he dropped out of the entire record-label scene and began scrawling the word “SlaVe” on his cheek and changing his name to a symbol to get out of certain contracts in a bizarre real-life scenario straight out of the film Angel Heart.  Interestingly and in this same context, Mancow named various insiders such as Lady Gaga and Keshe that were surrounded with bodyguards 24/7 even in private, they forbade the use of mirrors, how they saw ghosts and demons pursuing them, and how they were afraid to go to sleep. 

     On Saturday, word leaked of Prince’s final Instagram posting from folks that had saved screenshots of it.  This became crucial since it had been deleted on the 22nd after being put up on the 14th.  “JUST WHEN U THOUGHT U WERE SAFE.”  What Prince was referring to will forever remain a mystery, but is it a leap to say that he was trying to warn us that he was in some kind of danger?  Prince, a Jehovah’s Witness, was outspoken against all manner of political and corporate systems.  Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that we live in a “system of things” which is controlled by Satan.


     L. A. Reid, chairman and CEO of Epic Records, a Sony division, said in an interview on CBS how he recalled a haunting conversation with Prince during the “Purple Rain” days, and how Prince, in the song “Let’s Go Crazy” told him that the elevator in the lyrics symbolized “the Devil.”  Of course Prince died alone…in his Paisley Park compound…in an elevator.  As a child he was an epileptic.  Epileptics throughout history have been known to have premonitions, visions, have been known to be channelers, walk-ins, employ ESP, etc.  Did Prince, when writing “Let’s Go Crazy” in 1983 somehow channel or envision his own death?  And yes, that would be 33 years later.  A number we will see popping up in these proceedings with increasing and sinister regularity, as we will see below.      

     Finally on Sunday night came the most disturbing disclosure of the weekend.  Prince, according to his brother-in-law Maurice Phillips, had been awake for 154 straight hours before collapsing in that elevator.  That’s over 6 days with no sleep, which, curiously, would place it starting right after he had tweeted the “I am transformed” message from the Moline hospital before leaving. 

     We have more bizarre circumstances also.  Just how much of an “insider” was Prince?  What kind of information had he overheard in circles that intersected with his?  And how best to get such information “out there” without the possibility of his being controlled or stopped?  On stage and in concert, of course, would be the best way.  If he indeed knew anything it was probably making him sick, and so in a “you’re not going to shut me up” addendum to a song, he puts it out there.  This is him letting people know what’s going on…on what he had overheard at those “elite,” “Eyes Wide Shut” parties.  And in the context of those type of parties, we also have to bring to the table the fact that in all likelihood, and given the fact of his always adopting numerous personas (Camille, Alexander Nevermind, Christopher Tracy, Joey Coco, Jaime Starr, Victor, etc) Prince was, and had been, abused over numerous periods of his life.  Even the backstory to Purple Rain has both Prince and his mother being abused physically (sexually?) by his father, a fact to which Prince agreed in numerous interviews at the time had taken place in real life.  How much creepy stuff did Prince have to do to even get his foot in the door?  Which in turn brings up the very real possibility of Multiple Personality Disorder, the favored affliction at places like Bohemian Grove.  Who knows what you can hear at places like that…and let’s be honest, 9/11 wasn’t planned overnight.  Prince, in the Netherlands, December 1998:

     In 2015 Prince's music was removed from all streaming services when he signed an exclusive deal with Jay-Z's music platform, Tidal. Prince told Ebony Magazine he did it "because Tidal gave him control over the way his music was presented instead of relying on other people’s vision." So even posthumously, Tidal is the only streamer to carry most of Prince's catalog. Looks like Tidal--supposedly struggling-- hit pay dirt.  Given Jay-Z’s admittedly esoteric leanings – this is a guy that flashes the pyramid sign everywhere, puts the All-Seeing Eye on clothes he markets and endorses, and openly wears Crowley’s ‘Do What Thou Wilt’ with pride – we could do much worse than to “follow the money,” especially when Prince became worth far more to Jay-Z dead than alive. 

     Next we have the strange connections between Prince and Queen Elizabeth II of England.  So entangled suddenly in each others lives that the purple illumination of Niagara Falls was initially attributed to honoring the day of Prince’s death, when in fact it had been planned to honor the Queen’s 90th birthday, falling on exactly the same day, according to the Niagara Falls Illumination Board.  “The meaning that visitors interpret from these displays is entirely up to them.  For some, yesterday’s purple illumination marked a milestone birthday for Canada’s longest serving monarch. For many others, it acknowledged the untimely passing of a music icon.”     


     The Queen and the Royal family also happened to release this charming and/or disturbing photo on her birthday.  Those sensitive among you will notice the “infinite reflection” in the mirror, always a hallmark among the ritually abused which portends extreme mind control, and usually acts as one of many triggers for various altered states to be entered (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Omega, etc.)


     “I was born on a blood stained table, cord wrapped around my neck

Epileptic til the age of 7, I was sure Heaven marked the deck (We sacrifice)

Mama held up her baby for protection, from a man with a strap in his hand

Ask the Victor about pain and rejection, you think he don’t, when he do, understand

1967 in a bus marked ‘public school,’ rode me and a group of unsuspecting political tools

Our parents wondered what it was like to have another color near

So they put their babies together to eliminate the fear, we sacrifice

Yes we did fightin’ one another, we sacrifice…”

                            Prince, The Sacrifice of Victor  



     We also have coded information that is relayed, which is also part of the ritual.  Subtract the Queen turning 90 with Prince’s 57 years at death gives you 33.  We know from examination in previous posts here that 33 is an absolutely essential occult number that is used as a marker in both Masonic orders and numerous secret societies around the globe, as well as coded communication whenever it appears.  You will recall how this year long-awaited news of Nibiru or Planet X was finally, officially, heralded in the mainstream, and confirmed by sources from Caltech to JPL & NASA.  It was the first such mention in the mainstream since the Washington Post carried this earth-changing article in December 30 of 1983, exactly 33 years earlier.  In the interim, there had been COMPLETE radio silence.

     Once again, 33 turns up.  This area (Planet X) also happened to be one Prince was very interested in privately, which only stands to reason, since harking back all the way to hits like 1999, and the entire undercurrent running through Purple Rain is one of a coming apocalypse, the end of the world, the biblical armageddon end times, and in being with, getting to, your one true love in time to spend those final minutes and seconds with them.  Indeed, purple rain itself was blood falling as it filtered through the blue sky. 

     And since we are speaking of both metaphorical and literal gateways here, how pleased the druids must have been when the Arch, the re-named Baal Temple structure, was turned blood red in Trafalgar Square on the night if Prince’s passing.  How better to signify the night of a blood sacrifice?  One chosen by them to cause the greatest psychic displacement/upheaval.  The words of David Icke come to mind: “You can’t control lots of people physically, but you don’t have to…” Such is the way the wind blows when you are living in the days of the workings of the Saturn Death Cult, as its bio-control machinery casts a shadow over every organism in this evolving matrix where the end stop is a restructured Humanity+ in a total One World Bank/One World Government environment. 

     If Michael Jackson couldn’t pay the bills at the end with control of the Beatles catalogue, the Sony/ATV crown jewel, what chance do you think Prince had to escape?  Money was vanishing from Prince’s accounts faster than you can say Hilary’s e-mails.  Once he signed on initially, he was always going to be a slave to the control system that created the platform for his mega-celebrity in the first place.  You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave, and Prince, deep into investigating the matrix, found out there are certain areas that are off-limits to the homicidal curiosity of even mega-stars.  

    For one reason or another, Prince seemed to be absolutely terrified in his final days.  In hushed tones he confided how people like Mancow and Alex Jones needed to be extremely careful in these particular times, and that he could feel things were snowballing and gathering now.

    The death of Prince now becomes darkly illustrative of how the human ego is used against itself, as the story goes even deeper, far beyond the scope of one man's failed attempts at managing immense pain, both physical and psychological.  It must now encompass manipulative factions at work in our social construct, likely in league with deceptive interdimensional forces that have been preying on us for time untold, watching the advance of civilizations with non-human patience.  Sound implausible?  Far-fetched?  You sense something's the matter with your world?  Interesting that you do.  Especially in light of the discovery of a Glindoni painting of Dr. John Dee holding forth a conjuring before the court of Queen Elizabeth I (there's that Queen angle again.)



     It seems after the initial original work was completed, someone had commissioned the painting over of a fairly significant detail: the fact that Dee was surrounded by a ring of human skulls.  A fact that skews the original towards a distinct sense of the occult and the dark arts.  A fact someone, someone influential, wanted buried. 


     It’s only been with the advent and application of amazingly sensitive x-ray tech that this has even been discovered at all.  And ah, but that was then, you say, an artifact of a time when everything was spookier, and the world turned with more superstition and fable.  There’s nothing in the world today that’s remained ominously hidden that’s only recently been discovered.  Nothing even symbolic of that time survives in the world today.  Well, first, take a gander at the casting of Dee’s famed Enochian skull, and compare and contrast it with the symbol Prince adopted when trying to break free of the record companies and whoever, whatever, was controlling them.  Notice any similarities?  Perhaps Prince felt he needed the same protection afforded to Dee almost 500 years before, and from the same forces. 


     Then next what to make of recent white papers detailing discoveries of Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITEs) by Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Ruggero Santilli, and published in the peer-reviewed American Journal of Modern Physics?  These entities were only discovered when using trademarked telescopes with concave lenses (instead of the traditional convex) and have been visually targeted freely roaming our skies, flying in from possibly beyond the upper atmosphere.  What’s more, Santilli presents hard evidence that these entities are “moving rapidly in the night sky over sensitive civilian, military and industrial installations with behaviours suggestive of intelligent, unauthorized surveillance.”



     Which makes me think of this quote from John Keel, way back in 1970, from Operation Trojan Horse.  “Already we can arrive at one disturbing conclusion based upon these basic factors of behavior.  If these lights are actually machines operated by intelligent entities, they obviously don’t want to be caught.  They come in the dead of night, operating in areas where the risks of being observed are slight.  They pick the middle of the week for their peak activities, and they confine themselves rather methodically to the political boundaries of specific states at specific times.  All of this smacks uneasily of a covert military operation, a secret build-up in remote areas.”

     Attention everyone, that long-held deal with the devil?  It’s coming due.  And why are so many people having trouble sleeping?  Because something’s here.  If you’re influential and opposed to the New World Order, you’re a target.  And Prince?  Prince was running and in effect had been running his entire life from things that happened in childhood when that targeting likely first began.  In adulthood he fell in with predatory elites that promised him the world in exchange for his soul.  Perhaps in his sensitivity he only saw those things that others would wish us not to see, the architecture of a manufactured and deeply layered occult plan, a “Great Work,” where their betterment equals our detriment.  We are left with his final cryptic words of warning and his lyrics, which foreshadow worlds where pain and Armageddon can only be relieved by the touch of compassion and One Love, a love which he never found in this life.        

     Or to put it another way, in visions both wondrous and terrifying, perhaps he merely saw beneath the paint all along. 



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