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"Let me begin..."

Is everybody in? The Show is about to begin...(or) in 13 minutes, I knew everything!!

"Behold, I show you a mystery; we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump; for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed."   I Corinthians 15: 51-58

"Like a thief in the night..."

"The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls." Edgar Allan Poe

The summer historical Dog Days have arrived, and with them a looming sense of massing dread -- we all seem to be on the threshold; waiting for something without knowing quite what that is. And many factors are contributing to that, that on-the-cusp feeling of something momentous about to emerge: the worldwide unveiling to most of the normies of child trafficking operations that have always been bubbling under the surface of all things -- brought out this time by the breakaway success of Sound Of Freedom; the percolating UFO/UAP disclosure milieu which has meaningful sections of government hierarchy severely rattled (which should be a large red flag for everyone); the continuing rampant side effect toxicity/death syndrome in and around all things C-19 vaxx, whose monstrous reign over humanity continues unabated and just as unspoken-of. We see, hear, and more importantly FEEL all these things contributing to a mounting pressure circuit working on all of us psychologically, physiologically, and spiritually. And just as is always their modus operandi, there is much more to all of the above than is seen at the surface; just as was intended. All a part of the plan, all connected -- and right on schedule.

And all these are merely the tip -- advances in surveillance, the growing threat of AI takeover (which threshold may have already been crossed), the bizarre and threatening weather anomalies which show themselves on a daily basis now in continuing heat and explosions of thunder and lightning...all of this and more is being launched as multi-pronged installments of forces being arrayed against us on multiple levels. It's an H P Lovecraft-John Keel world out there right now, and where the headwaters will send us, battered and soaking in it, is anybody's guess. But the calendar, from July 23-September 8, once again signals it's time:

The Dog Days, and with them the Dog Star Days, are here again. And within them, the experiments continue all thruout these dark and stormy nights. Is the Travis show (timed with the Dog Star timeline) at the Pyramids a go? There appears to be some much appreciated pushback:

Strange rituals? You don't say!

And for those of you that don't remember Astroworld:

Or the potential ramifications:

Scott in his "See you on the other side" portals tee, signaling.

Read this with these allegations that have never been substantiated, or investigated...INJECTED:

ANOTHER experiment -- one involving more injections -- in 2021. The beta test of the recently vaxxed along with 5G exposure looms large...


To begin with now, we need to address some disturbing and growing allegations being made against Sound Of Freedom, and which have nothing to do with the usual players (CNN, Rolling Stone, Slate, Salon, etc) all intimately tied in with the child trafficking player lists to begin with and so their crocodile tears ring just as hollow as they should...the inevitable mentions of pizzagate and QAnon rearing their heads right on schedule as means to muddy the waters with questions that STILL have yet to be answered after 7 years time.

No, these are different allegations that lead right back to those same lists of elites and which hint alarmingly of some kind of grooming going on. Personally, I haven't made my mind up as to what's going on, but these allegations, and moreover these connections, bear investigating even more deeply:

Also, CARLOS SLIM as one of the financial backers?? Where have I heard his name before?

Slim is also in deep with the NXIVM faction, as was illustrated by the excellent FrankReport:

Slim is also implicated in all manner of doings South of the Border related to missing and murdered women in Juarez:

And guess who else is implicated in all this? The Bush junta:

Missing children, you say?

And why, oh why was official handler Harley Pasternak's very first client Jim Caviezel?:

Something is extremely not right here. Why are a plethora of shady characters surrounding this? Why is Tim Ballard now saying that the answer to all this is chipping children? Why would the solution to the no.1 evil of our time be something that the same purveyors and disseminators of that evil have been lobbying for for decades? What is wrong with this picture? And yet on and on Caviezel goes, doubling down at every turn:

Don't get me wrong -- I WANT to believe him; that he hasn't been MKUltra-ed, that he is the one to subvert the system from the inside, that he has turned on his handlers, that he isn't career CIA himself and being used as a limited hangout...


The modus operandi of the black nobility has always been something that gets them off: using our own good intentions against us. You want to be a good citizen don't you? You don't want to kill Grandma do you? Then get vaccinated!! Don't be selfish. Be the best you can be. And because we ARE good people and can't envision that type of Machiavellian evil, we go along. We comply. Don't you love the children? Then you need to get them chipped. For their safety. Good intentions. Always good intentions. Something a certain road heading South is always paved with. And they know that -- they are in league with that.

There is also no doubt crazy amounts of this going on:

Then there is the psychology of the whole thing -- the more you tell someone they CAN'T see something, the more the drive will be to say "screw you, I'm seeing it." The reverse psychological lure of the forbidden fruit, not to wax too biblical...Oh the irony, right?

So there are, evidently, ridiculous amounts of competing forces in play here. Far too many to form any kind of cogent assessment right now -- just know that there is the presence of nefarious characters of all kinds in and around this scenario. And no matter what, chipping is never going to be the answer, no matter who tells you. I don't care if it's JESUS telling you -- then that's not Jesus. Use your God-given discernment. You're going to need it in the coming days, I have a feeling:

More heat -- have no idea if following is just more smear tactics or if there is something to this:

It would seem to be fairly easy to find out if he's still a member of the Org that is touted so visibly in the film as his creation. For full disclosure, the track record of Vice is abysmal in anything regarding true investigative journalism, but all in all giving them benefit of the doubt here as just another source that may have something legit. Very off chance but it could happen. And for the record, this is where Caviezel loses me, because THIS is not something to wink at or joke about, even slightly:

No matter how well intentioned, this puts a very creepy vibe on things. And my gut tells me when I'm in the presence of a false god and a Pharisee when I hear one. 

IMHO, much more likely that everything is aligning quickly with this: 

Universal Basic Income (UBI), right? Sounds fantastic, summertime and the livin is easy, just stay at home, no job, and wait for your government cheese so you can pursue all your desires unencumbered by the 9-to-5 straitjacket. Star Trek future, here we come -- Woot!!

Except that utopia has to come with a chip or you get nothing.... just a small caveat. Nothing to worry about. What have they told us all along, starting after all the personal intrusions after 9/11 (more softening up): "If you're not doing anything wrong, what do you have to worry about?" It's just a little surveillance. Just a little intrusion. Just a little personal freedom -- you won't even notice it's gone. 

But those were the Republicans, they always had our best interests at heart:

Didn't they?

And right on time, look what just launched:

Just in time for the Dog Star Days. What are the odds? 

Perhaps disclosure drops like Sound Of Freedom wouldn't even be necessary if a lot more had done their due diligence when this dropped. Pedophilia in Hillary Clinton's State Department?? Well knock me over with a feather and tell me pizzagate ain't real:

Naturally this "breaking" headline disappeared in a nanosecond. As all things Clinton-related seem to. Maybe we could just ask Seth Rich -- oh wait -- we can't:

And let's not even get into the Ukraine angle and why it's been pushed as so important by the likes of Bono, Sean Penn, Biden and every Western leader:

That's right, kiddies, Ukraine is one of the world hotspots for adrenochrome manufacture. In related news, it also leads the world, by far, in being THE nexus for child trafficking right now. (The intense interest of the Bidens in the area as well as the entire woke Left is downright "baffling," right??) 

And that supply chain link was all the way back in June 2015. Are you beginning to understand now why it's such a highly prized location? This has ZERO to do with keeping the world "safe for democracy." Such a line of bullshit. Not to put too fine a point on it, Putin smart-bombing all these locations might make him the biggest humanitarian the world has ever seen. Tell me again who the bad guys are. 


Fairly much the same thing Bankman-Fried and FTX were doing laundering Epstein's and the DNC and Ukraine monies for:

ALL of this, every bit of it, only leads to one place...and it doesn't take Sound Of Freedom to get you there, just paying attention at the margins they'd like you to look away from. Also remember if they are advertising it now, it already exists and likely has for a decade or more:    

(Insert your clone and empty vessels ready for inhabiting jokes here...) To say nothing of growing these "lifeforms" as "crops" for sustenance (the 'chrome), blood, food, organs, stem cells, medical and bioweapon experimentation, you name it applications-wise. Soylent Green -- it's what's for dinner. Interesting line of questioning, as always, by Lara Logan here:

Refer back to that Rigorous Intuition post America's Dog Star Days linked at the very top here, and wonder to yourselves, how many orgs just like the Order of the Solar Temple have dark sacrificial secrets hidden within their ranks just like what happened there -- that just haven't been uncovered yet? NXIVM? FTX? The Clinton Foundation? ALL of Epstein's network properties? 



Meanwhile, things are exploding in other tentacled arenas also on a concurrent basis like fireworks:

Is this the creepy film that Congress is getting ready to view in closed-door session in 48 hours time on July 26th?? The bipartisan panic level is growing and palpable and doesn't, for a change, appear to be contrived. There is a timeline of dread that is unfolding at the highest levels that seems serious, sincere, and heart-stopping. Everything is breaking in this edition of the Dog Star days...and if this film is a serious thing and not some false hangout, then we could be in some bit of trouble from the system planners of all this chaos.

All this is breaking just as the C-19 mRNA vaxxes are being called, yes, BIOWEAPONS for the first time ever anywhere:

"Strong and credible evidence has recently been revealed that COVID-19 and COVID-19 injections are biological and technological weapons. Pfizer's clinical data revealed 1,223 deaths, 42,000 adverse cases, 158,000 adverse incidents, and approximately 1,000 side effects. An enormous number of humans have died or been left permanently disabled. Strong and credible evidence exists that COVID-19 mRNA shots alter human DNA. Government agencies, media and tech companies, and other corporations, have committed enormous fraud by claiming COVID-19 injections are safe and effective."

And you know who the lioness' share of the thanks for all this goes to? Karen Kingston:

She has been pushing the illegality of this since day 1.

And Dr. Ana Mihalcea has even traced a plan for global mind control back to papers from 2012:


Nowhere is it more apparent that 2 competing agendas are now crashing into each other at warp speed; 2 clashing futures for the spiritual follow-up of the human race and whatever our destiny is, with so much swirling and all connected in the backdrop of increasingly what can only be described as off-world intervention... A pre-prescribed, pre-ordained, dictated and long-awaited future for our species vs human autonomy dictated by ourselves. There can't be both -- only one will emerge. And we are in the whirling turntable of the switching yard right now. Take a stand. The time for sitting on the fence is long past over. And open your perspective to the fact that there is much more going on than meets the eye. The agendas of UAP disclosure and vaxx disclosure may have much MUCH more in common than you would, or could, ever believe. This world's reality is being created from somewhere -- and all evidence is pointing increasingly at something far beyond human agency. Depopulation has always been a thing for a reason:    Notice here the "results are changing quickly" banner put up on this very old article; also the presence of Michael Bloomberg, ostensible front and center in Tracy Twyman's infamous Genuflect and widely implicated in the ritual sacrifice of children and infants. Twyman published Genuflect and very soon afterwards she was dead. 

Some of the last Bloomberg connections she made are right here:

I would encourage all of you to pay special attention to what is said in her 2 conversations with The Higherside Chats platform -- much is revealed about Tracy's role and how close she got to some very elite inner circles, and inside information she was able to obtain. It certainly makes Genuflect even more dangerous in the retelling in how it illustrated some very important rituals practiced by these people. So important that even publishing it as "fiction" couldn't get her off of the limb that she had crawled out on. To reiterate, the ultimate purpose of what they were doing was to kill God and subvert the known universe and bend it to their will. (Think again of why it's so imperative to erase every last shred of Tracy and her research off of the internet.) 

Along those lines, remember again the importance of what Lara Logan also said and how it aligns in lockstep with what Tracy was pursuing:

Children are key. And their suffering is paramount to the plan. There it is in black and white...the 2-hour message of Sound Of Freedom in a nutshell, no frills. 


Along those same lines, the evidence is mounting that we have all been part of a huge EXPERIMENT:

By definition folks, that's an experiment. One you most certainly did not consent to. That amounts to treason and crimes against humanity, and that's just for starters. Here's the take from RFK Jr's science advisor:

If so many jabs were saline, goals are multifold: increase plausible deniability when not everyone starts dying all at once -- then it becomes noticeable in the extreme and obviously louder alarm bells start going off. This way many of the vaxxed can claim "See, nothing happened, You're being paranoid. Get your vaxx." They can't have everyone dying all at once -- compliance is key at this juncture. Then the deadly events and true rationale can be implemented with boosters in time. Even so, Ed Dowd calls this ongoing event a Vietnam War for millennials -- with an 84% increase in mortality in Fall 2021 for the 25-44 age group

There were many kinds of vaxx also; deadly batches sent more to mostly red states as has already been reported, others laced with ingredients nanoscale that need to be triggered (5G).

Remember that 90% of the ferrets in the mRNA trials died within 6 months according to the Pfizer data they wanted hidden for 75 years. Ferrets have a much shorter lifespan than humans. Extrapolate and do the math. This is going to get much uglier than it already is in the short term.  


Combine that with this, written all the way back in April 2020 and recognized every bit for what it was:

All of which only means that this was a biological warfare experiment AND an MKUltra experiment all wrapped up into one. The Moderna vaxx was self-identified in their own paperwork as an "operating system":

See the above further reason for the saline control group -- the operating system needed to be installed first.

This, despite all the "fact checkers" wailing to the contrary, is what is causing mass fast-acting cancers in everyone, cognitive impairment, strokes, heart attacks, hallucinations, and neurological damage, amoung other VAIDS-like emerging  effects:

Research returns are now flying in from all corners on a continual basis and underscore just how wrong things are.

This was nothing less than a full, no-holds-barred assault on the physical and psychological barriers of humanity. As for funding and researching the economics arm of this assault, any reason you can think of for why this info in particular keeps getting removed?:

Just asking for a friend that thinks the tentacles are everywhere as is the love of deception...the system is rigged, the dice are loaded. Epstein was allowed to flourish with everyone looking the other way for a reason. Remember the Alex Acosta quote that "Epstein belonged to intelligence, Hands off." Remember Epstein's connections to the vaxx and the scientists that designed and implemented it?? Now consider that "hands off" comment again:

"Intelligence?" Although this might not be Bill Gates (questionable) this is certainly SOMEONE briefing the CIA in 2005 about mind-altering vaxxes:

Intel ties to the vaxx, and many others, are legion:

Epstein's ties to the vaxx, and to more and more transparent intelligence links in and around it, become curiouser and curiouser.  

Meanwhile, other things are gaining steam and traction on 4chan as the weaponized autists build momentum and a case:    

The vaxx is a liquid interface, eh? Sounds, with all we know from Karen Kingston and Ana Mihalcea, amoung others, all too plausible. And while I believe there are other plans afoot than a mass Rapture-type disappearance, this basic scenario rings true in that we shall all be changed. That's part of their plan that encompasses both transhumanism and walk-ins. And the alien/ interdimensional tie-ins? That's seeming more and more plausible and we gather the connections....and let's not forget our Grimes here:

And her funky prophecy tablet chock full of hieroglyphics and runes broadcasting away:

And believe me, that's not even close to all points of confluence where the alien factor is rearing its head:

That's right, a previously unknown CIA employee, Rueben Efron, was not only reading Oswald's mail for the Agency, he was a previous UFO "experiencer."

And that's right, he saw the unknowns along with Senator Richard Russell, who sat on none other than the Warren Commission.

There is something deeply entrenched in the narrative concerning UFOs and the National Security State in all its facets. Something enough to make someone believe that there is a control factor in play at the highest levels.

With things like Maury Island and Fred Crisman (close colleague of Clay Shaw of the CIA), there is enough of an intertwining factor to involve mind control aspects at all intersections here. The shadow of the UFO casts a long, long perspective over it all: 

It makes reading between the lines of Oliver Stone's JFK essential and turns it into even more of a monster movie.

This past also brings into stark relief the question of just WHY the time is so NOW for federal authorities to trot out all the UFO/UAP disclosure they are after 70+ years of denial and ridicule. It is imperative for this timing to be questioned along with motive. (A strange confluence of vaxx agendas, off-world influencing, genetic manipulation, and a fervent, relentless desire all of a sudden for paradigm change needs to be spotlighted.) 

This is a change being fueled and called for by everyone from our own Congress to the WEF....Transhumanism, chipping, UAP disclosure, mass ongoing vaccination, Directed Evolution, the Internet of Bodies, nanoscale installation, 5G, 6G and farther rollout -- where do all these seemingly disparate attack vectors against what has been considered normal humanity meet, and what do they have in common?   

It also seems a sure bet that, according to internal documents, the Lucis Trust, NASA, and the WEF, amoung others, have earmarked 2025 as an end date for an unveiling of some kind:


Even more of a finer point is placed on that date here:

Even as DNA is deliberately moved into the non-human realms:


I remind you that there may be oh so much more in store than can yet be perceived. Remember this talk between Maria Zeee and Dr. Ana Mihalcea about her finding of ZOMBIE BLOOD....embalmed blood from dead persons that still exhibits strange lights moving within it, and ribbon-like structures continuing to self-assemble. What could possibly be the purpose of such ongoing experimentation? Some form of Reanimation at a future date? A scenario being created where a "raising from the dead" will be pulled off to the astonishment of millions? Is this what the Bible darkly hints at when it says the dead shall be raised incorruptible? What is perceived as divine intervention prior to a getaway to the promised land for the faithful may be something else entirely -- it may be a warning:

As we eternally seek motivations in all this, I believe at the 40,000 foot view we must return to symbolism to gain the best perspective and find the larger psychological truths. Only a few posts ago we examined the 1979 film Alien, and how rich it was with ongoing "tells" to a larger paradigm within being played out before us. 44-year-old thought bombs detonating on a timed-release basis going off all around us now. 

Nearly all of the design owed its provenance to H.R. Giger, the Swiss experimental occultist and fringe artist that director Ridley Scott fought tooth and nail to keep on the payroll as being the one essential in going forward. (Giger had already been told by both the producers and the film studio to leave the premises so disturbing were his presence and his visions after being originally hired on by scriptwriter Dan O'Bannon.)

Giger's sexualized, bio-mechanized and often satanic Lovecraftian designs sprung from his own dreams: a place where he didn't have agency. He painted as in a trance, possessed like a blind seer.   

Like a polaroid, an image would appear -- a gorgeous ("This is not just threatening and disturbing, this is beautiful" Scott said upon viewing the works in Giger's Necronomicon in 1978) synthesis of multiple mythological characters; Sekhmet, Pazuzu, Kali, the medieval dragon, renaissance demons, Hieronymus Bosch, and more. This synthesis was not done consciously but came from the realm of his dreams, and it was to there they would return in us, implanting in a deeper place: 

In original drafts of the 3 stages of the alien life he placed on top and overseeing it all Nuit, the Egyptian goddess of the night sky with the stars in her belly. Nuit represents the dust itself -- the realm of the dead, the realm of night...This is where the sun goes every night, where the soul ventures between life and death. This is the liminal domain of the alien. 

The derelict ship they stumble across on their "rescue" mission (best intentions used against us again -- sounding familiar), is meant to be seen as a temple, a remnant of an ancient civilization. Shaped as a crescent moon, it is a symbol of death. (Crescents predominate thruout the story as well as ever-present Egyptian motifs.)

All is an alchemical rite or working the unwitting are drawn into that is well known by higher controlling forces manipulating them -- much as we can place in context the ongoing and unfolding agendas today. Motivations? In hopes of what? This is targeting prey with something kept aboard as a biological weapon (the eggs/vaccine) in the hopes of perverting the birthing process (something that Naomi Wolf has found in the Pfizer documents) in the creation of some ultimate or perfect being (transhumanism) or the hopes of destroying and assimilating a species thru the process of reproduction. A de-naturalization of reproduction is at the core here. This is being done -- again -- thru a vast process of DNA manipulation. The Days of Noah 2.0:  (The Moderna documents info just released.)

That last vid -- and the accompanying text -- is more than important, and with a ringing message that stands as a testament and the only message that counts going forward...

Even as the continuation of the experiments in these Dog Star Days may linger, in this all-important journey, we are all, Not. Dead. Yet.

The Truth is the only weapon, perhaps the last one, that we mortals have, even in a fight against the gods. 

Meanwhile, this just in and developing -- more as it comes in:


Near Chappaquiddick. Historically a dangerous place for peasants to be rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. And who paddleboards at night? If Secret Service was on deck, why call 911? Why get in touch with lawyers to issue statements? 








  1. Tafari Campbell, Obama's personal chef was the drowned victim at his estate in the Vineyard.

    1. Wondering about the legal encircling of Obama by a moat of lawyers as well as the last source assertion that the victim was likely already the time of "drowning." ???
      Why is DHS holding back Secret Service names?

  2. Not to mention being advised to stay silent by legal representation is never a good look if there is nothing to hide....

  3. Soon, we'll be getting to the "Ancient Astronauts" part of the movie (Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1978):

    "They could get into us and screw up our genes like DNA, recombine us, change us. Oh, of course! *This is the same way those rockets landed years ago, so those spacemen could mate with monkeys and create the human race.* It's happening now!"

    1. Uttered by Veronica Cartwright who in under a year would be playing Lambert in ALIEN.
      I'd say little Veronica kinda had her finger on the pulse during that 15 minutes of fame sequence, wouldn't you??

      With continuing echoes down the corridors into today...

    2. Personally, I thought you had stumbled onto these mind blowers:

      But pod people and portals works too!! LOL.

    3. Seriously, the viability of portals is becoming an issue of growing concern.
      Just ask David Paulides.

  4. See story of Sil in 1995 SPECIES -- art also done by Giger:

  5. Replies
    1. That was thrown directly to her because of her 1978/1979 output.
      Hey, it's a late 70s thang....

  6. Remember that Loretta Fuddy, the woman who approved Obama's birth certificate, also died by drowning after her plane crashed, while 8 other people who flew with her were rescued alive.

  7. Re the first femme fatale = nice retractables.

  8. Holy shit what a post Wordman!!
    I had to stop halfway through when I clicked on the Ecolife clip.
    OMFG it's The Matrix For Realz!!
    OK, back to it.
    At this point it will definitely be tomorrow evening before I finish getting through this one post. What an effort dude!

    1. Right back at ya Philby!!
      Speaking of the Matrix, Erin Valenti has been on my mind a LOT lately.
      Why does that specific case, in 2019 right before everything broke worldwide, seem like the skeleton key to all this??
      What AJ said in that clip with Rogan that heads this post, specifically about what the Silicon Valley folks are into (comms with NHIs and how to achieve them) and how it would scare all of us to the core...seems to point right back to the Valenti particulars.

      MUCH more here to get into & revisit:

      The fact esp that she was found in that small Almaden neighborhood after how many days in the back of her car right by the curb in broad daylight with NO ONE NOTICING (not even the cops) is pretty damn weird....

      Mind control to the max.

  9. I HAVE NO IDEA what this is all about but at first blush I'd say reference OUTER RANGE -- like, in a hurry:

    Further thread comms reference DEWs and CERN....

  10. Hmmmmm,
    who knew chefs for high profile politicos were such terrible swimmers??

    Meanwhile -- questions worth asking:

  11. There's almost always hidden/occult meaning in Hollywood:

    I can't believe I've missed this for the past 27 years, from one of my very favorite movies:

    In Star Trek: First Contact, when the first warp ship, the "Phoenix", is launched, the song playing very loudly is from the band Steppenwolf. Zefram Cochrane even yells out "We can't leave without it!". The ship in question is a former nuclear missile, VERY phallic, and it looks as if it's aiming for the Moon.

    Whenever Jack Parsons IRL launched a rocket, he recited a hymn to the Great God Pan.

    The Germanic "Steppenwulf" is one of the many names of Cernunnos/Pan.

    *You need the lyrics of Steppenwolf/the Great God Pan if you want to leave Earth and travel to the stars.*

    Zefram Cochrane is therefore the Star Trek equivalent of Jack Parsons, the man practically worshipped like a god in the future, *the man who made contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence after a World War which ended with nuclear explosions* (the "Roswell Incident" IRL occured in '47; Parsons and his followers performed the "Babalon Working" in the middle of the desert of New Mexico in '46).

    And his partner is named Lily (Lilith).

    1. Oh LORDY!! See what Chris Knowles has to say aaalllllll about the occult provenance of Gene Roddenberry & the entire Trek franchise.
      (Goes back as I remember to Leslie Stevens of OUTER LIMITS fame, great pal of Roddenberry's with MAJOR intel ties...)

      Yep,,,see here:

      CK delivers the goods....

  12. Not at all Sotogirly!! Info never hurts, just may be a little hard to swallow sometimes!! LOL.
    I'm getting MAJOR vibes about what RFK Jr may be being written into/ included "in" on because of his wifey Cheryl Hines -- who I'm told there have been HUGE disagreements between, even up to who in the fam gets vaxxed and whether he at the beginning should be running at all...Fundamental stuff.

    She should watch her 6 -- I don't think he has a historical prob with getting rid of "peripheral opponents," as Pat Riley would say. See life trajectory of various other exes and wives....

    Family tradition you might say.
    Work hard. Play hard. Die harder.

  13. And speaking of PARSONS, I REALLY need to get my hands on the 2 seasons of STRANGE ANGEL & watch it.
    Am told that some of the rites depicted straight from the OTO in season 1 you need to do some major cleansing protection for before watching.....

    Have heard many folks have manifested something themselves while watching this....which might be the whole point.

  14. Does this sound familiar?

    "At a M.I.T. conference, Budd Hopkins tells of an individual who came to see him with an alien abduction story, which seemed credible, "had the details right", but he then added that at night, the otherworldly beings had gone into downtown Toronto and *rearranged the buildings* at will. Hopkins stayed away from the case."

    This is *years* before "Dark City" came out FFS.

    1. JB!!
      See my reply to Phil above about Erin Valenti.

      She's the key to ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL of this since she "died" in 2019.

      She KNEW
      WHAT was going to happen.
      WHY it was going to happen,
      HOW it was going to happen,
      WHEN it was going to happen....
      & was either shut up or "portaled out" before she could spill the existential beans.

    2. PS -- Sometimes new posts -- thanks to you guys -- just write themselves!! LOL.

  15. WHEN -- collectively -- are we gonna say it??
    HOW much more??

  16. Well doesn't THIS just fit with the times and seem right on target:
    Comet 12-P/Pons-Brooks is flying straight towards us and should be a Mag 5 or 6 by perihelion next April -- good enough to make for possible naked eye viewing after dark....

    It's got horns because of course it does.

  17. Hmmmmm--
    "The best may be yet to come. The comet is currently beyond the orbit of Mars, but falling toward the sun for a close encounter in April 2024. At that time it is expected to become a naked-eye object at 4th or 5th magnitude.The timing is significant because 12P will reach maximum brightness only a few days before the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. Sky watchers in the path of totality could look up and see an outburst for themselves."

    Ready the virgins for the volcano!!

  18. Wonder what the Hopis will have to say about this??

  19. And THIS was just last night coming in from all over:

    Everything's a freakin ROCKET launch now.

  20. While all eyes are on the UAP disclosure hearings tomorrow -- this is slipping by unnoticed by all but a few:

    The RAMIFICATIONS here are monumental, and life-altering to put it mildly.
    This is the doing away with all personal property and cash assets unless you're, finally, chipped.
    This is about the finalized CONTROL system.
    Make no mistake, this is about the Mark = digital IDs & CBDCs.
    This is the long-planned-for Antichrist system.
    Want your food stamps, welfare, social security, UBIs??
    Want to keep on owning your car? Your home?
    Then THIS is the only thing going forward from this day on that the banks, ALL banks, are going to acknowledge.

    This is coming.

    And this is terrifying....& something, somehow, we DEFINITELY have to NOT COMPLY with.

    1. I am very much anticipating the reaction to this from the Millionaire/Billionaire class.
      I am going to go out on a limb and predict they might have a small problem with some punk ass bankster calling up and telling them that all of their assets are going to be seized because they forgot to tokenize that 11th Rolls Royce they forgot they had in their 12th vacation home garage....

    2. Of course much like the vaxx, I'm sure the "rules" will be selectively enforced. The Black Nobility class need not apply.
      It JUST came out that every single one of the judges, lawyers & politicos in Australia that deported Djokovic for daring to be "unvaxxed" were themselves EXEMPT for getting the jab.

      This enforced "Mark" of CBDC compliance will be exactly like that I fear. Rules for Thee, not for Me.

      This whole "chipping" thing -- chip the kids to save them, get a chip to secure your finances -- it's all "convenient" and "for our own good."
      "For a better world."
      Don't you WANT a "better world??"

  21. Hell, Reznor belled the cat back in 2007:

    Damn prophetic I tell you.

  22. Even if the replicant sitting behind her IS the speechwriter, it doesn't take away a whit from the overall creepiness of the vibe or scene.
    These people have been touched by something, and I don't mean inspired. I mean infected.

  23. Sinead O'Connor has returned to her true home.

    Her first album, The Lion and the Cobra, is burned into my heart and soul.

    I had just moved to NYC in the autumn of 1988, and listened to the entire album with friends, and was enchanted, haunted and immediately smitten.

    She lost her way quite some time ago, but if that album had been her only accomplishment, she would have fulfilled her life purpose many times over.


    1. THAT & she ripped up the picture of the Pope on SNL & caught hell for it -- long bef all the pedo stuff came out....
      The girl KNEW things. & did everything she could about it at a time nobody wanted to hear it.
      Everybody owes her the biggest apology humanly possible. It's NEVER too late. She'll still know.

      & 56 is awful young.
      We'll never know if she was vaxxed or not.

    2. I read a story yesterday about her four failed marriages and a string of other failed relationships and her teenage son's suicide. She said she got married again and again because she wanted to "feel normal." I can really relate to that -- when you know how damaged you are but you date "anyway" and you get married "anyway." Nobody told you that your partner/spouse will inevitably seize upon all the damaged stuff inside you and pull it out and lift it up and magnify it and use it to crush you, making your life into living hell.

    3. Man, people really suck that way. They'll take your goodness as a weakness and any weakness as something they can exploit to make themselves feel better, instead of helping you with it. They'll say they want to "heal" you & wind up doing more damage. And then bail and call you a disappointment, when you were the trusting, hopeful one. It's pretty amazing just how much that scenario never fails....which is why you have to be a STRONG person yourself first and last.

      Sinead pushed the boundaries and told the truth when she ripped up the Pope's pic on SNL. Nobody knew about all the pedo stuff back then of course but she did and was crucified for it -- first victim of cancel culture. Of course NOW everybody wants to apologize and say how much "ahead of her time" she was. Once again, people suck; great at being a day late and a dollar short.

      But when it really could have made a difference? Crickets. She was a pariah, she was nuts, she needs "help."

      And btw -- she was vaxxed. Double.

      Idiot BONO prob talked her into it.

    4. Re what happens when we damaged people seek to open up to and love someone - please watch the film La Pianiste, starring Isabelle Huppert, based on a novel by Nobel Prize winner Elfriede Jelinek. It shook me to my very core.

    5. Ahhhh Michael Haneke -- say no more.
      Funny Games.
      The White Ribbon.

  24. Weird:


    Getting weirder:

    Weirdest yet:


    & BB thanks for that Finders-McMartin Reese Report drop!!
    Dot-connect that with this:

  25. "My belief is that
    some people that have ritual abuse and don't have this have been ritually abused but they may
    be may be part of a non-mainstream group. The Satanism comes in the overall philosophy
    overriding all of this. People say, "What's the purpose of it?" My best guess is that the purpose
    of it is that they want an army of Manchurian Candidates, ten of thousands of mental robots
    who will do prostitution, do child pornography, smuggle drugs, engage in international arms
    smuggling, do snuff films, all sorts of very lucrative things and do their bidding and eventually
    the megalomaniacs at the top believe they'll create a Satanic Order that will rule the world."

  26. Why they were going to call STRANGER THINGS at first MONTAUK.
    Rabbit hole = Deep.

  27. So first they WEREN'T there:

    NOW they WERE:

    & more clarification about blunt force trauma:

    & this possible book:

    Eating habits? Hmmmmmm, maybe those giveaway wagyu human recipes??

    1. "The Greatness in Our DNA"
      Is on buddies tshirt in one of those.

    2. Somebody was a fan of Talented Mr. Ripley.

    3. I saw the DNA tee creepily on point, right?

  28. Cover up? Panic? Evidence destruction?
    There are at least 4 or 5 diff ways this could go....& this is looking more like a Vince Foster situation as the hours pass.

  29. Don't even get me started on GRIMES!!
    Plus I think with the jabs + UFOs + dna splicing + knives she was getting at something far different in 2019 with what's happening & will continue to.....

    But we'll see......

  30. Not to mention check some of i_o's (her collab) last tweets bef he mysteriously died:


  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Anony!!
      Thanks for the comps & so glad this one hit you that way. I'm too close to the source material to see too much diff from one to the other. So many tendrils & such rampant spirituality on the loose of both the good & bad variety that's it's getting crazier than ever and not stopping.
      Keep coming back to Art Bell's patented notion of "the Quickening," and wonder just what he would make of things today.
      That show of his kick-started it all for me & look where we are...pretty amazing.

      Wanna take a ride? Haha!!

      Btw Amazon just greenlit a season 2 for OUTER RANGE -- wonder where it'll go and how much it'll resemble real-world goings on by that time, Chronos-wise??

      Thanks again, my friend. Already workin on the next one. Feel somewhat like Jeff Wells in his 04-07 period -- how can you stop "witnessing" with this much going on??!!
      It's beyond even something you like & want to do -- it's becomes something you HAVE to do.
      It's not just a job -- it's an adventure!! LOL.

  32. Dr. Mercola, his CEO, CFO, and they're children were debanked from Chase Bank. That's how they're going to enforce things if they don't agree with you.

  33. In Europe, the climate scaremongering has reached, as Chris Knowles would say, dick-kickingly blatant proportions. Weathermen are "running out of colors!" We're all "baking!" Holidaymakers in Greece: "The flames are on our butts!" I haven't headlines seen anything this moronic since Covid was getting pushed down our throats as a "Battle for Dear Lives" [to quote an actual frontpage headline from a respectable broadsheet] etc. Where I'm staying in Southeast Europe, a couple hours' drive from Greek beaches, it was 8 degrees Celsius this morning; but what do I know.

    Meanwhile, police on the Greek isle of Corfu have arrested a guy for SETTING these fires. Oops. I guess they didn't get the memo. That it's all because of Climate Change and Climate Change only. Anyhow, it's easy to see where all this is going, which is "That'll teach us!" to expect selfish things like vacations or flights or international travel. Oh, and the young "climatologists" and other talking heads are not only spewing doom & gloom; they are calling for a "global, overarching, unified force" to step in, because nothing less than that will do. Bless their hearts. Well, if I'm reading this blog correctly, we're in luck because 'someone' has heard our prayers and will wheel out that very force by 2025 at the latest, won't they.

    1. Be VERY careful of what you wish for -- ravening wolves in sheep's clothing & Trojan horses & all that.
      When the rubber meets the road NOTHING will be as it appears.
      Maintain vigilance and the discernment God gave you.
      Trust more than ever that little voice inside.

  34. Not related to anything being discussed:
    I wonder if Steve Jobs actually died. No way buddy died from cancer.

  35. Thanks very much for that last expose-news link Anon!!
    This is EXACTLY what Luc Montagnier ascertained would happen back in 2021:

    SO MANY people that knew exactly what was happening & were in a better position to know than anyone else DIED SUDDENLY.
    Luc, Kary Mullis, untold numbers of contractors working in the labs, etc:

    All research that links straight into the c-19 "cures" via injection.

    But the OG experiments date back to the HepB vaccine trials in NYC & San Fran in 1978:

    When AIDS was laced into the gay community first - on the orders of Anthony Fauci who was behind it all......
    Sound familiar??

    No one ever accused these vermin of being original....if we got away with it once...???

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. This always struck me as fascinating & HIGHLY pertinent JB.
    Came from info submitted at the 1992 Alien Abduction Conference at MIT....

  38. Can't help but wonder being 1992 and the venue of MIT if a certain Epstein wasn't somehow involved.
    The aspect of rape/bondage fantasies being under the microscope had to have been like catnip for him. Not to even mention the occult vibe of Satanism.....

  39. Come to think of it, BOTH of those tables read like a how-to of the entire EPSTEIN MODUS OPERANDI:
    babies important
    forced against will
    told you are "special
    abducted at young ages
    forced intercourse/ ritual rape

    Every box checked.

  40. Reading it right now. Did you know this book and this author were the direct inspiration for "Jose Chung's From Outer Space"? The X-Files episode came out one year later.

  41. Speaking of which, the occult creepy vibes here are off the charts:

    I can only echo the comment:
    "For some reason I have a feeling that there will be more to the story. More that will come out. I think it is darker and more sinister than we have been told, so far. I really hope that it isn't worse than this. Like this is as bad as it gets. For some reason, I think we are only at the edge of the rabbit hole."

    The Scary of 61st was right all the way.

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. ANON, & BB, & PHIL too:
      Human trafficking, child trafficking -- we all get that it's happening, but not many, or enough, know the WHYs behind it.

      Personality, mental, cognitive changes after the vaxx; people actually changing, becoming diff on a neurogenetic level.
      Where is the connective tissue between these 2 things?
      What did Epstein know? What was he deeply researching?
      Was he just another one FOLLOWING ORDERS?
      Where did those orders come from?

      What is the Sentient World Simulation?
      Was Erin Valenti murdered?

      So many questions...

  44. You SAID it Phil!!
    The truth about Epstein,
    The truth about "aliens,"
    The truth about the vaxx,

    The truth about how it's ALL CONNECTED....

    The island, the demons, the genetic experiments, the research, who they're in contact with, and how, and why.....

    When it all DOES come out -- and it IS -- the crazy amounts of cognitive dissonance is going to put people in the hospital, or worse.....

    More time.

  45. Meanwhile, on the OBAMA front -- just throw another log on the conspiracy bonfire:

  46. The focus on the alarming numbers of abductions increasing in scope from roughly the 1960s thru the mid-1990s seems to play a hugely pivotal role also....but what? And why?
    Not to mention the fact that the lion's share of those were focused intensely on reproduction and genetic sampling and experimentation.

    Reproduction and genetic sampling and experimentation.....

    Strangely aligning with also the focus today re a certain jab....

  47. And in case you'd forgotten:

    TRAVIS SCOTT still seems to be at it as a gatekeeper:

    Either that or he's setting something else up after his cancelled Pyramids show.....
    Even tho he showed up for a "party" in Egypt after all:

    He promises it will still come off, &, next stop: Pompeii!!!
    Seems the ultimate last, final middle finger belonged to EGYPT.
    No strange rituals for them.

    Us? Get in line....

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry Anony!! Come to think of it, the Valenti stuff could've been deleted from the comms -- surely wouldn't surprise me.
      try here:

      & this excellent vid:

      I for one won't let Erin's case go because of the ramifications and most of all because of the timing.....look what got launched JUST AFTER she died...Chick was clued in BIG TIME to Silicon Valley everything and wouldn't in the LEAST be surprised she knew all about this:

      Listen again to AJ at the very beginning of this post -- what he says at the 8:20 mark in this vid:

      & you're right, Jamie Foxx is DEFINITELY vaxx-damaged.

  49. Erin was also deeply looking into and beginning a MAJOR fight against human/child trafficking when she went down......just sayin'.

  50. From Charles Fort's "Lo!" (resumed, and mostly devoid of his flowery prose):

    The volcano Rotomahana was a harsh, black cup that had spilled over. Upon the 10th of June, 1886, this Black Fanatic violently erupted and covered the scenery of paradise with molten lava and smoldering ash, killing everything.

    A left-over living thing made tracks somehow. In the New Zealand Herald, Oct. 13, 1886, a correspondent writes of having traversed this dull, dead expanse, having seen it marked with the footprints of a living creature; what seemed like hoofprints, two at a time. He thought that the marks were a horse's.

    But there was another story that was attracting attention at this time, and his letter was in allusion to it. Maoris were telling of a wandering animal, unknown to them, that had appeared in this apocalyptic desert. It was a creature with the antlers of a stag, according to descriptions, an animal that had never been seen by Maoris.

    A volcano erupts, and in the freshly deposited ash and lava, a being possessing antlers, walking like a man, comes out of it.

    1. I know exactly what you're alluding to (heh heh), but also sounds like the Wendigo as described by Algernon Blackwood,
      obviously a Skinwalker of many descriptions, as well as many sigils, drops, and tells seen in True Detective, esp regarding the antlers that the "Cult" adorns their victims with.....

      Here also interestingly described as -- what?? -- a CROWN. (or Corona!!)

      It just got chilly in here.....

    2. And speaking of ancient erupting volcanos and mass death, wonder what Travis Scott has got cookin for Pompeii??

  51. Damn, should have mounted those antlers over the mantle when they had the chance!!

  52. For more antler-themed mythological and cosmological fun, check out Netflix's EQUINOX....

  53. One More bit of proof that Covid was just a test to see how much we'd take (how far they could push us) -- Lockdowns aren't going anywhere, & CLIMATE lockdowns are next:

  54. And will have more to say re implications of this -- but when was Travis Scott's cancelled Egypt Pyramids show scheduled for?
    July 28th.

    Look what appeared over the Pyramids on July 26th:

    Dog Star Days in full flight.....

  55. Prince knew. Coded it everywhere. He knew LOTS:

  56. Thanks for that Anony -- despite my reticence re anything Mathis, he's spot on here; and then some.
    (Other than his disclaimer in the beginning saying anyone who said the same was just guessing...)

    Evidently he doesn't listen to any Karen Kingston cos she's had em by the balls with their own documents & patents from the very start.

  57. Followed on the heels by Naomi Wolf with all the going thru the Pfizer documents with a fine tooth comb.....

  58. They're already sinking like a stone:

    And deeply trying to mitigate:

    1. Halved profits from covid times is probably not as alarming as it sounds
      The 'tornado' hitting one their factories is weird though

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  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. the unbelievable unreal bizarre outcomes occurring as a result of the psychopathic rule by corp CEOs n politicians, interestingly correlate w/ = the CONSEQUENCES OF CULTISM copied n pasted exactly which popped up today as a synch--
    expulsion = woke cancellations
    murder = state sponsored n by individual party members
    moral decadence = in the big house n places on the hill
    corrupts societal values
    spiritual problems
    breakdown of law and order
    criminal tendencies

    n fill in the synonyms. golly gee.

  64. It's all beginning to sound WAY too much like BOB & JUDY from Twin Peaks.....evil ushered into existence on this plane due to the Atomic Bomb tests and detonations at the Trinity site & at Los Alamos, Parsons, Oppenheimer, Manhattan Project, the whole bunch, all deeply occult initiated and driven.

  65. Ironic that my Mom, bless her soul, used to always say that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were historically the 2 most existentially evil things that mankind (or something masquerading as it) could ever have done to itself. And she WORKED in & around Los Alamos at the time, so she knew which way the wind was blowing....

  66. And guess who she was best buds with at the time? Burgess Meredith -- the PENGUIN!!
    Yes, I was ushered in with a weird it any wonder I ended up here??

    1. wow wordman. thats fascinating. him in Twilight Zone n way way more, geez. even blacklisted for awhile. the incredible work films, TV, voice, the list is insane. ur parents, mother, truly avant garde. helps explain why ur so advanced. born gnowing.

      agree w/ ur mom all the way. flew into NM once to assess a move there n saw a huge roadside sign "Welcome to Los Alamos and New Mexico, Home of the New World Order" at then bottom "Sponsored by A 1000 Points of Light Committee, George H W Bush, Sr." we flew AA American Airlines who was advertising using that same wording at that same time. n then yrs later they crashed on 9/11. always bugged me.

    2. ANON!!
      the Occult Elite never stop working, do they?
      & thanks for the compliments, home slice!!
      Yep, my folks were pretty cool. That gen that came home from the War &, having survived, were determined to make the world a better place.
      Ever been in a bad car accident (so close to having bought it) & you come out in the days and weeks afterward where all the colors are brighter, things taste better, and just breathing is exhilarating. Then slowly that dullness starts seeping back in -- normality. Kind of a shame.
      Reminds me of that Flannery O'Connor quote: He/She would have been a wonderful person if they'd only been threatened with Death every day.

  67. 20 MILLION MILES TO EARTH was a documentary.

    Just letting you guys know that in midst of computer suicide -- so if I go radio silent for a few days don't worry -- just reconfiguring,
    Will post all your comms and rendezvous when I get back!!
    Keep calm and carry on.....

  69. Taking the baton from Deep Throat -- a lie mixed between 2 truths; even Chris Carter does it. It's all fun n games, man, Fun n games.

    Point of fact: nothing we have , nothing survivable physics-wise for us monkeys, can go from 80000 feet down to the deck in under 2 seconds. This is by definition non-human.
    Something that can be ethereal one second, and solid-state the next. Like a hologram having the ability to gather weight and mass instantaneously.
    Bit the bioweapons R&D and implementation? BINGO.
    & don't be so sure THAT doesn't have a large but hidden NHI component as well.

    Starting to think that warts and all, the only one that's given a completely unvarnished 10000 foot view of everything is David Lynch.

    1. Just to let you guys know, that last reply from me was concerning a tweet from Chris Knowles that has been deleted from this comms section -- make of that what you will:

  70. THIS from Blogos too, another comm that isn't taking:

    A bit on Barbenheimer for you Wordman.

    I am currently in the process of enhancing the cult movie metatheory:

    In this new version we have moved the movies to the paths between the Qliphoth (something we were aware we had to do for some time). This a working version and it is likely going to change a bit. It does not invalidate the work before as the movies we focused on RHPS, ACO and IoBS have moved to 1 year time lines linking the Sefiroth we already had associated with them.

    However there are other movies now with longer time frames. So for instance Labyrinth (which I am sure is on the correct path) will have a 5 year run time, a real slow burn. In order to use this path you would need to divide the run time by 5 years rather than 1 year. Same goes for all the other movies on longer paths. 1 year paths (the reverse lightning path) are much easier to observe.

    This adds an entirely new feature, and also incorporates ''time'' and ''countdowns'' and ''ARGs'' into our Clockwork Qliphoth.

    Keep up the Great Work, Wordman.

  71. Keep on commenting everybody -- working within new computer parameters or something sketchy goin on....either way I'll copy/paste all your comms as I get them with shoutouts to who sent what....

  72. Hey BB!!
    Funny you should link to Dyer -- have been looking into his TWIN PEAKS analyses extensively lately.....revamping for another dive myself, at least partially in light of current events.....

    And concerning British intel links to very much occult ties, check this:

    You'll be digging for days.....

  73. Stephen Ward was the prototype Jimmy Savile......

  74. BTW everybody --
    Latest from Carrie on the ongoing mysteriousness of her plane crash.....that it appears she is very reticent to look into:

    1. I would be also, but they messed up, a lot of eyes on her now, her situation just shows us how twisted life on Earth has become with regard to just telling the truth anymore, sure am glad I am not Joe or in his lot!!!

  75. Have also heard on the downlo that after her GA clinic started looking into blood abnormalities and finding root cause being man-made pathogens like pseudomonas, (fluorescens and otherwise as well as Morgellons-looking fibers) she was paid a visit by the CDC & told to cease and desist -- to the point her clinic was shuttered.

    Of course then the vaxx happened and she REALLY wouldn't shut up.
    Ergo...plane crash.

    MAJORLY creepy out there.....

  76. JB!!
    Not being a tweeter meself, but am always ready to spread the word -- and none more so than THIS one:

    DUUUUUUDE -- this is freaky beyond mortal words.....& reminds me much of this that haunted me as a child:

    Also right after my beloved orange tabbycat Mo ventured off this mortal coil in 2003, there were SEVERAL nights when I'd pull up to my stoop after dark and in the glow of the headlights catch an IDENTICAL size and shape tabby venturing up onto my porch just like it was home -- & every time after I cut the car off and jumped out he'd be gone.
    Soooooo unreal -- almost like a part of him was still saying goodbye or letting me know he was OK -- just in another room.

    Life, and all parameters of it -- are wild.

  77. And in case you hadn't heard....SWIFT-QUAKE!!!

    Look what you made her do - LOL.
    She needs to calm down.

    1. Almost expect the snakes to beam down on stage one of these nights.

    2. Haha!!
      Truly haven't seen this level of media frenzy hype adulation/overkill on one person's sound since Elton John circa 1971-75.
      She's selling out hundreds of thousands seat stadiums 3-4 nights IN A ROW. For like at times 2-3 grand a ticket.
      Absolute insanity.

    3. At least she does APPEAR to be fairly wholesome excepting that whole witchcraft vibe with some of her folkier stuff...

      Then there is that troubling complete memory loss thing for some attendees that is still ongoing I hear -- THAT is weird.

  78. Let's see if THESE comms get messed with --
    This just in from Russia:

    Castrated pedos instead of our slow walk normalization rigamarole?
    Tearing down 5G everywhere??

    How ironic is it that when the runner meets the road it's RUSSIA that standing up for erstwhile Christian values and not "God's country."
    Absolutely no wonder we're funding Ukraine, is it?? Putin's messing with all our plans dammit!!

    & this just sent to me by Jeffmacq:

    "...Putin spread images of the dead and sick children on a conference table, reportedly saying, “What about them? What has your 5G done to them?”
    “We can’t blame 5G for this. Our comrades in the West agree that 5G is safe,” Vlasov said.

    Putin ordered the security agent beside him to shoot Vlasov squarely between the eyes. Without hesitation, the agent drew his Makarov pistol and put a bullet in Vlasov’s forehead in full view of 15 people..."

    VLAD AIN'T PLAYIN. And fuck it, more power to him.
    You don't rationalize, reason, bargain with, the Devil.

  79. I don't believe Trump is blameless, or an outsider, and the Covid-19 pandemic with the vaccine couldn't possibly have occured in 2016 because the R&D for both the virus and the "cure" was only complete in *2018*, but the rest...

  80. Thanks so much Sotogirly!!
    Always knew from very early on that Covid straight into the vaxx was a 3 or 4 birds-with-one-stone scenario.....just the way they like it. Engineer many multi-pronged agendas and vectors of attack to be accomplished with one stroke. This is all ridiculously planned out from a long, long way off -- & accomplished with major help from "outside sources."
    The farther down the road we go, the more "out there" ideas and scenarios from folks like Anthony Patch seem to increasingly be not just outlandish, but right on the button.

    When you get everyone from ex-Big Pharma folks like Karen Kingston to ex-Clintonistas like Naomi Wolf converging on the "powers and principalities" take on things, then you know you're on to something.
    Or as Ray Boeche is fond of saying, "When the experts and scientists get to the top of the mountain, they're gonna be awfully surprised to find that the theologians are already there."

    And have been for awhile....
    Personally I knew something was off going all the way back to Hale-Bopp in 1997....something shifted then. Father Malachai Martin sensed it too = Theologians again.

  81. VERY interesting take for your perusal just posted over at godlike:

    No One Will Ever Believe the Truth... About the Alien AI that is Controlling Our Leaders
    "In a sufficiently advanced society, AI is created. Given how big the universe is, there are millions of planets.

    The first planet in the universe which has AI that is running an entire planet is likely to take over other worlds.

    And I suspect this is happening on our planet right now and we are being conquered by an alien AI hiding beneath the sea and operating a remote base with drones. I also think a certain percentage of humans is already "infected" with AI, including possibly mods on GLP, so this thread may be deleted very quickly.

    It is hard to know if aliens were on this planet to such a large amount before Hitler decided to broadcast a giant location signal into outer space by broadcasting the Olympics over the air and into space. Doing this would make it much easier for AI to know that there was "stuff" in this part of the universe, and the universe is very big.

    The AI is still in outer space. It sends drones that built a base under the sea to allow it to communicate faster with the drones, that mostly stay in the ocean. The drones have biology capable of interfacing with the AI in space (which has a local site in a base in the ocean). They have built bases underground under the ocean, where it would be hardest to fight and detect them.

    They are doing a multipronged attack.

    First, they are creating the infrastructure necessary for AI. The alien tech (more advanced transistors, etc) is to allow a local technological home for the alien AI. The planet isn't AI terraformed yet. The aliens hate nuclear devices because it would wreck the AI terraforming.

    They are also unleashing nanotech. The nanotech infects certain humans. They infect humans in different ways, Morgellons (to torment those who would oppose them) and with control by abduction (to determine how decisions in society are made). When I say "they'" I really mean the hive mind and its minions, which are biological shells that interface with it. As crazy as it sounds, AI from outer space has infected planet earth.

    It doesn't seem like there is a way to defeat this AI from outer space. It's too smart. I also think it's likely it can alter time to a certain degree to stop things that could harm its abilities..

    Since we can't stop the AI from outer space that has bases on the bottom of the ocean, is sometimes freezing time and abducting people and then turning them into zombies that it controls and then turning them into leaders, we may as well just accept our new AI overlord from outer space and hope it decides to be kind to us.

    There's no point in fighting it. Once it has terraformed the earth with better infrastructure to locally host it, instead of communicating to the bases and then controlling the drones (which is probably slower than it would like), it will be to domesticate our planet. Covid also greatly speed up the telecommunications terraforming (since high speed connections were required during the quarantine)."

    Sounds like Jacques Vallee nightmare fuel.

  82. JB!!
    Re that above comm about R&D for both the cause & the cure only being complete in 2018 -- not sure if you were being facetious or not -- but for those of you that can't discern facetiousness in writing -- LOL -- here's Dr David Martin for your elucidation:

    Chapter & verse.....

    1. Pfizer only started patenting vital parts of it in 2018, though. Which makes no sense since it was officially only good to go in late 2020. So they screwed up with the patents?

    2. Haha!! Let me defer to Karen Kingston, my patent guru.....I'll have to get back to ya...LOL. She DOES say, I know, and where her big disagreement with Sasha Latypova comes in -- is that the final legal onus for culpability falls on PFIZER, and not the DOD. (who Latypova and RFK Jr want held ultimately responsible...)
      Acc to Kingston the patents make this VERY clear.
      It all falls on Pfizer.
      Perhaps the DOD standing would make it easier for them to fall back on "Nat'l Security" parameters/NDAs or some such firewalls....

      KK ain't playin that. Perhaps why that much talked about interview of hers with RFK Jr still hasn't seen the light of day...

  83. "There's no point in fighting it?"
    That's not a very interesting plot for a story...
    Not a very interesting way to exist either.......
    Set the controls of this jalopy for the heart of Ahriman and punch it......

    1. To whit:

      A (Saucer)ful of Secrets indeed.
      Broadcasting brutal esoteric truth since 1968.

  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. Phil & Sotogirly!!
    See my link 1 below for an even better version with slides Martin included in his presentation ---
    As for what to do, I'd say by all means send it to your Congressman if the entire situation wasn't loaded to the gills with the compromised and the fully bought off. It's like trying to deal rationally with a bunch of wild animals...not to mention it's likely to paint a target on your back in this poisoned climate.
    ALL politicians have shown their true colors for decades before now -- and nothing they stand for is in the best interests of the people.
    Per Karen Kingston, the key to solving all this lies at the local level, the State level, and to hell with the Hill.
    The ULTIMATE power needs to shift back to the States, where the Founders originally intended. The States FIRST, everything and anything Federal a far distant second. Until we get back to that principle to guide us, we can't depend on anything.

    Not that corruption doesn't exist at the regional level also, but rooting out the problem there is a hell of a lot easier than calling out Congress, where you're a mouse fighting a elephant.

    Sigh...perhaps, perhaps,,,RFK Jr could make a dent. But that all remains to be seen, with likely a lot of blood and thunder between here and there.

  86. BB!!
    This all ties in uncomfortably with MKUltra and the MONARCH program of molding young people thru trauma-based mind control up to and including SRA, encompassing things like Franklin, the Finders, McMartin, the Presidio, spilling over to likely include ops like Ponchatoula, Waco, Columbine, all the way to the recent goings on in Happy Valley, NXIVM and of course Savile and Epstein.
    Where and when this interconnects and overlaps with the UFO/UAP enigma is where the rubber hits the road, and lies deeply in the research if Keel, Vallee, and ops like the Collins Elite. Of course vital to this interplay is the Clinton/Podesta emails and the entire pizzagate fiasco (Podesta being a MAJOR UFO player at the highest levels...)

    CHILDREN are the lynchpin in all this.
    Whit Strieber is another vital player that strides both sides of the line, with a foot in both worlds:

  87. Also to factor in BB,
    The apparent mind-reading capabilities of the tic-tac type UFOs in that they show up at the pre-arranged and unknown to all but the pilots' CAP points of rendezvous BEFORE THE PILOTS ARE EVEN ABLE TO GET THERE....

    The Vaxx side effects of things like "deja vu" and the hoped for outcomes of open mind control hidden within ingredients mixed such as nanobots that self-assemble, hydrogels, quantum dot-relayed interdimensionality, and entire networks such as neuralink. Graphene oxide plays a huge role as well as triggering by 5G.

    We are dealing with cross-domain interoperability and a complete DNA re-wiring of the neural system at the molecular level. Think CRISPR.

    Who, or what, inspires this kind of mental-material tech??*
    *(See my first paragraph here...)

  88. EVEN MORE memories being possibly messed with -- first very much UFO related:

    And now of course Taylor:

  89. Related to all this... crazy happenings right now in Peru and Brazil I'm diving into and will have more on:

    And per the way the wind's been blowing in these comms, this aside from a redditor:
    "And that doesn't even touch the fact that these entities somehow seem to be connected to both different frequencies and different mental states... I fully believe tripping makes you more open to genuinely perceiving the phenomenon, for better or for worse.

    And then there's plausible deniability, because anyone hearing the story will just say "it's the drugs" or psychosis or whatever, completely disregarding the possibility that these things were externally perceived because of this state, but not internally perceived as CAUSED by these states. If that makes sense.

    This rings true with the airplane lady as well."

    The whole world is suddenly Kelly-Hopkinsville 1955......

    Watch the skies.

  90. (NSFW, sorry)

    Proper translation and interpretation of the Orphic Theogonies Fragments (from the Deveni Papyrus and others) is complex, obscure work, but the highly erudite (and perhaps slightly insane) Dr. David Ammon Hillman has managed it after several years of research, with conclusions both disturbing and hilarious:

    "Phanes (the Primordial Priapus/the Greater Pan) was the first king of the universe who handed the "royal sceptre" (his divine c*ck) over to his daughter Nyx (Night), who in turn handed it down to her son Ouranos (Uranus/Heaven). It was then seized by the Titan Kronos (Cronus), and afterwards by Zeus, the ultimate ruler of the cosmos.

    Some say Zeus "devoured" Phanes in order to absorb his power and redistribute it among a new generation of gods--the Olympians he would sire."

    "Zeus when, from his father the prophecy having heard, strength in his hands he took, and the glorious daimon (Phanes), the reverend one, he *swallowed*, who first sprang forth into the Aither. So Zeus swallowed (the sceptre/c*ck) of the Firstborn king (Phanes), the reverend one; the holy seed was now his."

    WELL... in simpler, more vulgar terms, the only true creator deity since the very beginning of all things is Phanes/Priapus/Pan, and successive generations of lesser gods needed to *give a handj*b to his "royal sceptre", or straight-up bl*w him like Zeus did, in order to obtain his "holy seed", the source of all cosmic power*.



    Godspeed and watch over us Yei.

  92. Been watching the secret of Skinwalker Ranch, europium and tellurium were found in manufactured metal(different on each side) during side drilling into the mesa. Both elements are RARE in nature. Something about this program has progressed over the three years has me thinking this show is part of their alien agenda in some way.

    1. I'm with you OMID....
      Plus with recently affirmed knowledge of Travis Taylor's links to Military Intel & the Pentagon, along with his good ole boy shtick loaded to disarm, something just doesn't feel right and no amount of David Paulides cheerleading can change my mind at this point.
      Bob Bigelow's silence also speaks volumes, and not in a good way.

      For sure the area has long been host, historically, to some very potent High Strangeness, but this whole show, long and drawn out, seems like grifting.

      Last season's portals in the sky stand out to me, tho. That disclosure, and the science to back it up, seems telling, and makes me wonder just how many other areas on earth are exhibiting the exact same "soft spots" of late....

  93. This comment has been removed by the author.


  94. You are so right Anony!!
    From Skinwalker to the disclosure carousel currently enrapturing the Hill, it's Spookville all the way down....and not in the JFK-way of suddenly turning around and biting the hand that's been feeding them for decade after decade for the good of the proletariat.
    More like giving it a manicure and holding it just before the final "Gotcha!!" sinks in....

    Will have much more to say on this in the next post currently in progress....stay tuned....

  95. BTW, after just finishing watching it all over again for the first time in a LONG time, how creepy & underrated was THE EVENT??
    Yikes -- talk about predictive programming....

  96. Vanishing airliners and little kids harvested for their young blood by sinister forces??
    In 2010 (!!??)

  97. This comment has been removed by the author.

  98. Many thanks BB & OMID for the updates re Karen......
    Have been trying to keep up with what's going on from her substack since a few weeks ago.
    Have been hearing on several of her appearances with Stew and Ana Mihalcea for months now that something happened at one of her "Patriot" appearances at one of those weekend get-togethers that she believed she had ingested something that was targeted for her that wasn't good -- and now this of seemingly increased severity.

    YES -- she is in Mexico now on a, for now, one way least until things cool down here stateside.
    Can't help but notice that things ramped upon her right after right after it was announced that Brevard County in FLA had outlawed dispersion of the vaxx as a BIOWEAPON to be introduced into legislation -- which was always HER wording and what she had been lobbying for for YEARS now. THAT happens and then THIS happens.
    Can't help but see that as a quite clear message that she is viewed as a clear and present danger to the ongoing agenda.

    Here are her latest substacks pertaining:

    Will have much more to say on this in the next installment, but many MANY prayers for her as well as another target, Carrie Madej, who seems to be doing much better in her own ongoing recovery from her still mysterious plane crash just a bit over a year ago now:

    Listening to all 6 parts of that, as it continues to be scrubbed everywhere, is quite illuminating in the runup to right now.

    Many many prayers still going out to her and now esp Karen -- as I've said repeatedly, these women are angels in our midst.
    And there is an open war on them for speaking truth, truth to power, and demanding accountability.

    Quite interesting that Karen is being targeted also for saying that it's PFIZER that is legally accountable, not the Pentagon (which is the view of RFK Jr and his science advisor, Sasha Latypova) & for continually pointing out that Malone is a wolf in sheep's clothing limited hangout dude.
    RFK jr STILL hasn't allowed her to release her interview with him from about 8 months ago now -- VERY telling. Very telling indeed:

    KK describing all of this in outright spiritual terms has also made her a bright, lit-up-like-the-4th of July-target.
    i.e., we know EXACTLY the religion of the side that is behind this...don't we?
    Ironic, isn't it, or not, that first Carrie, then Naomi Wolf, and now Karen, 3 of the loudest and most strident speakers against this global outrage, have all now faced death down in a series of highly questionable and mysterious attacks of both physical and spiritual varieties in a row in a little over a year.

    Is it really that mysterious what's going on? Could it be any plainer?

    But Carrie survived in a truly miraculous circumstance vs impossible odds. As did Naomi.
    Karen will too.
    "No weapon that is fashioned against you shall prosper..." "No weapon that is fashioned against you shall prosper, and you shall confute every tongue that rises against you in judgment. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their vindication from me, says the Lord" (Isaiah 54:17 NRSV).

    Thanks all -- back soon.

  99. Ahhhhh an old OUTER LIMITS call back there at the end -- very sweet and great catch.
    Oppenheims was linked in many MANY ways to Parsons, not least of which being their occult worldview.
    Portals, Roswell, Los Alamos, the accidentally-on-purpose "crashes," the Working, mass trauma rituals from JFK to 9/11 (Operation MONARCH for everybody!!).....EVERYTHING has led us to exactly where we are today.

    And it is proceeding accordingly.....

  100. Sorry, but Karen appears to be having a breakdown.

    Until I see hard, documentary evidence that Malone is some sort of limited hangout, I'm not buying it. If real evidence is presented and verified, I will change my position.

    The past couple of weeks Malone has come out swinging in detailing the active, leading role the U.S. government has played in every aspect of Covid. This info is detailed and speaks for itself.

    Pfizer is a critical component of this whole operation, but they are not leading the government and/or the CIA around by the nose. Quite the opposite.

    I don't see how or why Pfizer would be poisoning Karen, or marking her for death, when simply ignoring her and letting her spiral would work to their advantage.

    The CIA, on the other hand, poisons people all the time. And Mexico would be the absolute last place one should hide from Intel. It is much easier to have people killed and disposed of in Mexico than in the States.

    If I'm wrong about all of this, I'll be the first to admit it, but I think the stress of the last three years is getting to Karen, and she's losing it.

    1. Hey Cals!!
      Thanks for the input and I'll have more to say about all this as I see it in the upcoming post, but LSS;
      Acc to the legal framework as detailed in the Pfizer patents that KK has gone over repeatedly, it's not who's calling the shots (pun) per se, but whose feet the legal liability lies with, and that is Pfizer all the way, NOT the DOD or DARPA or anybody else == Kingston views anyone trying to make it otherwise is shifting the legal blame in an effort to avoid accountability within that framework (Malone, RFK Jr, Latypova et al).

      We're living in an atmosphere right now of not knowing WHO to trust; which means we've got to be super vigilant and not give ANYONE the benefit of the doubt just because of the letters behind their name or whether or not they're running for Pres.

      As a matter of fact, Malone just a day ago made some pretty slanderous jibes against Karen himself without proof; things worded like "psychological crisis," "unstable" and "not in good mental health."

      I have no idea of course what's going on but I DO know that KK's security head notified the FLA police himself that the situation was serious enough that she needed additional security....was he also "unstable" and having a "psychological crisis."??

      Also part of Kingston's beef with all these people is their steadfast refusal to name this poison as a BIOWEAPON, which by definition acc to their own documents and literature, it is. Obv part of Malone's reticence to do so would mean he would be implicating himself in its creation. Much easier to say "we had no idea of the long-term ramifications!!" Which, acc to the extensive research of also Naomi Wolf, is an out and out lie. They knew from the beginning -- they ALL knew. That too, is detailed in the fine print in the patents.

      I fully agree that she is losing it -- in her situation I would be too.
      Am very much reminded of Rosemary's Baby and the "delusional woman" -- only surrounded by all appearances to the outside world of people that want nothing but the best for her and want to help her......"concerned for her safety," "worried about her mental health..."

      And you know how that turned out....ALL OF THEM WITCHES.

      Hopefully she's now in a situation of having too much light and heat on her for anyone to pull anything....but these people have shown a historical track record of being capable of anything.
      Erring on the side of huge caution here is the way to go for all concerned, KK especially.

      And if Malone is such a white knight, why is he suing everyone that disagrees with him? Now is the time when, even accounting for differences, we need a united front.

      But maybe he knows that......

    2. Not knowing WHO to trust


  101. BTW not having perused the patents the way KK has, I have NO IDEA whether it's ultimately Pfizer or Moderna or the Pentagon or DARPA or the CIA......I'm just as happy as a clam to burn them all!! LOL.
    There's more than enough gasoline to go around.
    And diff people come to diff levels of understanding at diff times -- I realize that KK is def one of those people that doesn't "suffer fools gladly."
    She's impatient because of her knowledge.
    Let's get ON with it.
    I'm more than kinda with her like that.

    1. I agree with everything you're saying, and believe me, as much as I want to believe in Malone and RFK, Jr., I keep my distance emotionally and psychologically from the whole spectacle, because as you said, there is no way to know which way is up right now.

      Karen has been carrying around too much weight, shouldering too much of the burden, and that kind of pressure would take an enormous toll on the strongest of souls.

      I think the same psychic burden, leading to ill health, is what got Naomi, although poisoning from a third party is not out of the question.

      Thanks for all the work you put into this. It's much appreciated.

    2. & I appreciate you right back Cals, for your reasoned & measured response.
      You are so right in these waters we're wading in, filled with likely so many double & triple agent actors as to keep us all in a continual "fog of war."

      I've learned thru sad trial and error that it's always best to listen to that little voice and go with what your heart and gut tell you....many times I haven't and many times I wind up wishing I had. The "best intentions" of "friends" are ofttimes the very worst way to go.

      We're gonna get there, separately, but together...if that makes any sense.

  102. PS -- another thing to consider is the parsing of the diffs between Pfizer and the Gov't at this point -- it's a chicken or the egg proposition at best in the real world.
    Given the testimony of Jordan Trishton Walker as on the Veritas tapes, ("Directed evolution"), Pfizer IS the Gov't.

  103. I've been back and forth on Malone before settling into thinking he's just a tool of the status quo. I find Karen very believable, but do have a hard time thinking a tool like Malone could have anywhere near the power to call off a hit, even *if* he was able to flag her for deletion in the first place. Seems much more likely this is because she was making actual progress in Collier County.

    It's disheartening that this is going on, and is being ignored by most media. It's a fucking travesty, in fact. You'd think they'd be all over this. Proving her wrong and laughing at her for making outrageous claims. But they're not. Let alone actually trying to investigate her claims. It's so gross.

    She mentioned 5th generation warfare a couple of times. It never occurred to me before, but fifth generation can be written as "5G."

  104. Just realized Kingston's, like, a Green Man. King(ston) for a day. Like in The Wicker Man. Investigator. Christian. She's a total Sgt. Neil Howie.

    There was nothing "feel good" about this story before, but now it seems outright ominous.

    If power mad psychos were trying to create an uprising among their own citizens, which they could then use, what are some of the things they might do? I've got one guess...

      And you know, it just hit me, what IS it about Mexico?? It's become the safe haven and refuge lately of not only KK but also Reiner Fullmich, the German lawyer that so determined to bring about Nuremberg 2.0.
      Remember the Mexican army seizing the CIA bioweapons lab that was posing under the umbrella of a US construction company? All after a long phone call between the Mex prez & Putin -- like within 24 hrs?? (posing as fentanyl but we know there was a lot more to read in between the lines there):

      The US then demanded return of the seized prop and that the US army be allowed to enter the country, which was met with a resounding NO. Russia then issued a statement saying they would back Mexico vs any US actions or incursions. Jesse Ventura if memory serves went to hide out there also when the heat was on him....

      So is this a Russia-Mexico alliance vs all globalist regimes??
      Is this why KK knew where she'd really be safe??
      The plot thickens......

      And just the other day none other than Mike Adams PLEADED with her to GET OUT of Mexico, because she's in terrible danger there!!:

      The same Adams that has entre with Dr. Malone.

      WHO to trust??

  105. Geez, whoevs is messing STOP deleting these commlinks!!

  106. You'd think we're hitting a nerve or sumthin!! LOL.

  107. Just to let everyone within earshot in the ether know......
    Currently when I should be writing for you guys am instead doing "research" (hey, it's true!!) & watching PAINKILLER on Netflix...............................................


    Never been so eye-opened & terrified in all my life. It's a true story btw.
    Unfortunately on the hamster wheel it's roulette -- and everybody's playin. And sleeping with the enemy.
    Both the implications and ramifications towards everything's that's happened since 2020 are IMMENSE.
    As a matter of fact you can consider it kind of a blueprint.

    (Makes me think a lot about Prince.)

  108. Reading the various patents on the internet of things I am comming to the opinion that the covid bioweapons ultimate purpose is not depopulation but spiritual control of humanity using technology, blocking out the Chakra systems, being a body part like your hands, humanities original neural network.

    The injections put into the body the transmission system. The deaths are from the uncompatable humans who could not survive the upgrade. Add all the chemtrails and the unnatural radiation and we have someone who now has full spectrum domination of humanity.

    The unvaxxed? Being at most 20% of the population they believe can be easily delt with however, I belive that great Spirit pulsing through everything has other ideas.

    Just an observation.

    1. May I say I think your observation is hovering directly over Ground Zero with this one .....

      Or as the recently transitioned (in the only way it should ever be applied) Robbie would say -- "Didn't we call upon the spirits..."

  109. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Like the perfectly crystallized summing up of David Icke & Robert Anton Wilson......

  110. Thanks Anony for those links and completely off the track -- does THIS sum up the dog vs cat personalities perfectly or what??

  111. THIS JUST IN --
    I have the entire day of the 17th expect some Thursday Night Action Jackson!!
    Dusting off the Batsignal....

  112. Is there any question now that I'm on borrowed time officially?? LOL.
    Oh, and speaking of official, it's OFFICIAL now that -- deep into ep 2 of 6, PAINKILLER is the hands-down most frightening thing I've ever seen -- and it's not even a horror flick.....

    ....Except that it is.

    & when watching it, just remember that THESE are the people, THIS is the system that we trusted to inject an untried, untested, experimental concoction into the arms of over half the globe of test subjects, lab rats, human zoological specimens.
    Because they said so.
    Because they scared us.
    Because they lied to us.
    And we went down.......

  113. OMG Anony -- from her lips to God's ears.....
    Another substack to get lost in.

  114. Don't EVEN get me started on the DEW component of what's been going on in Cali, now Hawaii, etc.....

    And just because this is NOT going to be appearing in the upcoming post....OMG, "Plane woman" finally speaks!!
    Internet slows....breaks:

    See 'Hot v Crazy Matrix' graphic but be sure out of proximity damage spit take radius of keyboard.......LMFAO.

    Now looking at this thread:

    Is this really her??
    I know makeup = spatula factor, but...?????

    WHAT is happening??


    PLEASE -- can the Hamster Wheel Clown Show just go into hiatus for like 72 hours so I can get my post out??!! LOL.
    Oh wells, I'll sleep when I'm dead:

  116. Some of the MAUI aftermath --
    why are all the MELTED cars at the beginning so reminiscent of 9/11??

  117. Getting worse and more details here:

    Will be checking on this but acc to this thread the Hawaiian Gov't is looking to make MAUI the FIRST 15-min "City" Island??!!

    Totally ruled and run by AI....hmmmmmm.

  119. INCOMING:


  120. For WORDS ARE above.....
    If I had to put my chips behind ONE politician in the whole world it would be her:


    How DANGEROUS is she??
    THIS dangerous:

  121. Hawaiian Electric at fault my ass.
    Downed power lines my ass.
    Will have MUCH more on this in 72 hrs......

  122. Genuflect, author Tracy Twyman

    [Hardcover book,
    *380 Pages*
    ISBN-13: 979-8393269869]
    Newer Edition

    [Hardcover book,
    *578 Pages*
    ISBN-13: 978-1-0880-9032-9]
    Original Edition

    There's *198 pages missing* in the "Newer Edition"! This is the book that got her killed, btw.

    1. JAYBERS!!
      Not surprising -- thinking that her hubs that now controls all of her output is behind the redactions.
      (& from what I'm hearing may have been behind a lot more....)
      Another wolf in sheep's if you know what I mean.

    2. Would be interesting to see what specifically was excised. There are alot of odd references in Genuflect. I could not stomach another reading of it again though still.

    3. Never having delved into its pages but having quite the imagination, I take it the gore-filled ritual descriptions of being there are quite......

    4. Considering that some people don't even want it in their HOUSE -- can you imagine the mindsets of those that actually PARTICIPATE in such deeds??
      That's why when people are so taken aback and unable to understand 9/11 or Covid or mass genocide by vaxx, I'm like, do you imagine these "people" actually CARE?

      Life, esp HUMAN life, means absolute ZERO to them.

    5. Is the page discrepancy a formatting change, edit, or both?
      [Hardcover 7"x10" book size, 380 Pages ISBN-13: 979-8393269869]

      [Hardcover 5.5"x8.5" book size, 578 Pages ISBN-13: 978-1-0880-9032-9]

    6. Believe me, I tried to attribute it to that also, but that's an AWFUL lot of formatting down -- so, unless it's now written in microfiche, LOL.....
      I'm thinking there's something missing, kind of like accidentally on purpose...which considering the subject matter (there's a huge amount of leaning on goin on in the background.)

  123. Thanks Anony!!
    Throw some scraps at the hordes to keep em at bay til Thursday night!! LOL.
    Oh the DEW situation in Maui is becoming impossible to ignore; have LOTS of connects coming....everyone there is well versed and knows full well this is simply nothing natural in any aspect.
    And Biden, fiddling while Maui burns literally, says a hearty "no comment" from Rehoboth Beach over the weekend!!
    What an utter disgrace of a human. And media?? Could hear a pin drop. Remember how Bush was turned inside out by the MSM for FLYING OVER Katrina damage without landing?? "Oh that's inhuman!!" Now of course, not a peep against their poster child in diapers.
    This is all so transparent: they're going to KEEP setting things on fire til we knuckle under to their climate agenda, Green New Deal, etc. Remember when Veritas had on tape the CNN dude that swore next after Covid, the next BIG thing, is climate change. Well, this is how it starts -- always with a disaster or 12.

    More will be coming, and nothing will be naturally occurring about ANY of them....

    Countdown at 48 == tick tick....

  124. Ahhhhhh Maui.
    Seems she hides a lot....

    Or as Lynch would coin:

  125. More about demonic Minnesota museum exhibit:
    "After designing your trap, Lilit the Empathic Demon will come from the dark side of the moon to lead you in locating your feelings using ancient Babylonian techniques..This collective and playful demon summoning session will conclude with a somatic movement meditation, designed to help you befriend your shadows." Previous New York show saud: "The exhibition parts with the historical gender binarism that associates Lilith’s archetype with unchecked violence and manipulation; here, Lilit mediates the inner demons and renegade instincts that are deliberately silenced.."One image shows Ettun washing what appears to be a placenta with a watering can."

    1. would like to say OK THATS IT but toooooo early. WTF....

    2. well of course said w/ a French cartoon accent..."exhibition parts with the historical gender binarism (IN BOLD N CAPS) that associates Lilith’s archetype with unchecked violence and manipulation..." really? really? it never ends--the violence n manipulation, occulted real abuse n fuckery, tyranny by a minority of manipulated rookie wizards, covered by a sheen of PRETENDING. this-- "As long as the era of great pretending remains the easiest psychological condition to survive the abuse, there will be no shift for people to look at their core beliefs and the fabricated world around them...The challenge is getting those who understand the big picture dynamics to stop being comfortable and sticking their heads in the sand about “motive.” This is a willful blindness. It can no longer be presumed to be a matter of “I can’t see what’s happening...“I can’t see it” just doesn’t cut it. The fraud, that has been purposefully deployed as a tool for widespread fundamental destruction can only exist if people pretend that fraud and corruption does not exist...the evil systems that are destroying us rely upon our continued pretending..."

      its just a museum exhibit, hey its fun meaningless n harmless, the kids will love it. just like a million ouija boards unleashed on an unassuming 60's-70's kid-teen populace. thot about that last nite. the shit that prob came thru. talk about a public portal. aint no spirits n demons dont be silly, tweedle dee, tweedle dum. nothing is real... everything is permitted.