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   Witness the crazy pre-millennial dread and the secret sonic rites of Teotihuacan, to engage your psychedelic groove-vibe sixth sense, courtesy of Noel Gallagher's demo track rack...

Right down the way from this one:

Seems these are the kind of feels and times that have swung around again apocalyptically-speaking...

What follows is an extensive mix-list of phenomena and breaking headlines that seem to be tangentially related to each other or are at least the standard deviation of six degrees of separation with each other, if not far closer in a Spiritual War that threatens to go hot. The Quantum Spirit Clock now sits at around 3 minutes to midnight...tick tick.

Am going for the shotgun approach, so hop in shotgun riders -- with kisses for luck and to seal our fate...this moment is the crucible and the time has come:

45 summers later, this alternate dimension version just hits different all of a sudden coming thru our iphone transistors as we head out on the road:

Well I'm drivin down Kingsley figurin I'll get a drink

Turn the radio way up loud so I don't have to think

I swing open the door and you hop in by my side

I take her to the floor lookin for a moment that seems right

And somethin keeps pushin inside

Pushin to prove it all night....

Ain't it the truth...   

Pretty wild that the 2 verboten words in this ongoing conversation are 'hybrid' and 'implant.' WHY?? And just think about those huge and lasting implications for a sec -- are they related? Do implants of some description cause hybrids? What in going on now, concurrently, of an implant-ish nature that may cause people to change fundamentally? At the DNA level? Change their minds and perceptions? Alter the entire cognitive structure of their brains?    Video from 2014: They are going to fake a pandemic for a DNA changing forced vaccine    CERN, AQC, and New Age Religion    Many Hallucinations and Psychosis after C-19 shots

So let's keep on keepin on what we've always done here and begin dissecting and rejoining the scarlet threads...

And these are just for starters. Many threads are appearing all at the same time of late, and many older threads are being welcomed back into this system of understanding. This is all being done in transit, on the fly, while many operating systems are in flux...

Seen the Schumann Resonance Frequency lately and what it's turning into? (you'll need to lean into the Thelema policies of Jack Parsons and Aleister Crowley for this...),%2C%20occultist%2C%20and%20ceremonial%20magician. 

Why is the Unicursal Hexagram, the sigil of Thelema and both Crowley and Parsons, showing up in the earth's heartbeat now of all times?? Perhaps it is fate made manifest:

The culmination of a plan long in the works amid rituals and workings that have only grown in power along with the technology to see them thru. 


The Adam and Eve story? Classified by the CIA? Full version here:

Wormwood? Let's remember how much of a light was shone on that over past turbulent times -- an intense focus by very interested parties: 

What do these factors have to do with this new wrinkle in the Schumann Resonance -- and they a big part of why these latest images are being scrubbed? What part is being played by occult sigs showing up prominently in all this? Hidden in these questions are the ANSWERS we might need right now.

And what does the crazily prophetic Grimes tablet maybe have to do with all this?:

For more background there:

How about the igG4 factor?

What coming winter or summer solstice will this be initiated even further with a 5G trigger by the elites according to their Occult Calendar and timetable?  

What other testimony has been suppressed?:

Both of these last 2 headlines amount to the same thing because as we know from Naomi Wolf's research into the suppressed Pfizer docs, the no.3 side effect of the vaxx was C-19 itself!!   See the 30 min. mark here from Naomi. (MODERNA documents coming in July!!)  So this ALL becomes about a mass suppression of the human immune system...WHY?

Let's just set some things straight here: the totality of human immune suppression is straight Fauci, from AIDS to C-19. It's simply what he does -- every aspect of research into weakening across the entirety of the human genome. He's been doing it since long before 1980, and it the no.1 reason he needs to be behind bars, if not executed. Crimes Against Humanity. 

Here's Kim Iversen's take, and everything you need to know, on all the recent RFK-Hotez (the latest shill pumping nonsense)-Rogan platform fallout in the first 30 min here, and it's a lot:

NO ONE can afford to debate RFK Jr in the public sphere on this and not come out looking like a complete fool -- it's why there are officially NO Democratic candidate debates slated in the Presidential runup this time for the first time in modern history. No, of course not; he's a quack, a crank, a "conspiracy theorist!!" We can't possibly validate his stance or justify his actions by actually acknowledging he exists...we'll just pretend he's not there. That's going to wind up being a fatal mistake. And it's not just the vaxx, he's going scorched earth everywhere:   (This has been removed from YT interestingly...)

"If anybody listens to this on a jury, it'll be over."

The full interview:

Given a listen to quite possibly one of the most important conversations of your lifetime re critical thinking. This man is legit coming for the Deep State. He would totally overturn/ transform, if elected, this entire country in 48 hours:

The more you hear the more you know they will NEVER let this man become President. Something really REALLY bad will happen first (bang bang) before the world as we know it changes fully, because that's the EXACT power and promise he holds if he's fully let loose at the people that have kept us in mental, psychological and physical chains for all of your lifetime.

"Show me another candidate talking about Event 201 and I'll listen to your complaint that Kennedy's no different." Fairly massive point taken. 

But perhaps we should be careful (always) about what we hope for: RFK Jr. could be the harbinger/flashpoint of what THEY have in mind also. Namely be the Paul Revere slated to amass a growing population of enraged serfs to Burn It All Down. When the accumulated vaxx knowledge fully hits and the realization kicks in, there is going to be a horde of fully engaged and enraged out for blood. Of the elites. Of every Institution. What if the entire Country is remade domino-ing into the entire WORLD? What emerges in that void? A whole new perspective dawns on the Great Reset, no? 

And using our own best intentions against us is just so like them, isn't it? Everything backwards and inverted per Crowley's rules of psychic warfare...

Can you say One World Government? Who gets to organize THAT? NATO? The WEF? Davos? The Bilderbergers? The Council on Foreign Relations?  Then this all becomes their long-planned means to an end engineered and in the pipeline for centuries. Whether we know it or not, we've always been deeply involved in a game of 5-dimensional chess. We've got to think 4-6 moves ahead at least. Because they are.     

And while we're at it, let's put this from Ancient Aliens in context, shall we, because it's the looming $64,000 question: "Is the experimentation with intelligent hominid over, or is it still taking place?"

After all the mRNA mods and insertion of hydrogels, spike proteins, self-replicating nano-machines and igG4 factors, I think we can pretty much answer that question right out of the gate, no? The question NOW is, digging down and getting to the bottom, is there an extraterrestrial/ extradimensional factor in all this ultimately? And are we silently in the midst of a literal invasion aligning with occult parameters and biosphere degradation?

The infrastructure -- Technological Possession:

Along with the dark underpinnings of this new/old Great Reset, and what it really means:

Check out the latest fringe hits from Dr. Ana and Maria Zeee:

And the vital links within:

Why was James O'Keefe fired from Proj Veritas again? That's right, he exposed the Pfizer geek head talking about what? DIRECTED EVOLUTION:

How does all of this link up to and vibe with 5G coming online to an even greater degree as of July 1st??

Also take note that July 1 is the planned brand new Fed Reserve system going into place that is a straight cover for the CBDCs being worked into the system

Don't even TRY to tell me how these things aren't coordinated...

Here are the "convenience" particulars:

Exactly how every article of enslavement occurs, all mainlined and streamlined for our "convenience.": Vaccine mandates and passports, increased security everywhere since 2001, masks, six feet apart and safe, lockdowns, travel restrictions, vanishing bodily autonomy and free speech rights, enforced 5G with no vote or say-so, forced childhood vaccines to attend school (now up to 72 by pre-teen years from 3 when I was a tyke**), the inability of parents to decide what their children are taught in those schools; the list is endless and ever growing... Welcome to the Machine.

**And if you think the banality of evil doesn't pertain to ALL vaccines, buy, do you have another thing comin':

That's straight from the deposition of Stanley Plotkin:

These are the people that thought NOTHING of placing the cancer-causing SV40 simian monkeyvirus in every POLIO vaxx from 1955-1963 in the USA. 

Of placing the live HIV strain (causing the eruption of AIDS) in every oral polio vaxx in equatorial Africa (centering in Leopoldville) from 1957-1960. This covers in all likelihood more than half a million people. I still remember the March 1992 Rolling Stone article by Tom Curtis that unearthed all this and caused a firestorm within the corridors of power and academia:

Or you could just ask Stanley Plotkin -- he was boots on the ground there, you see. "Vacationing" with the wife. See page 103 here:

For continued jaw-droppers of the Nazi style, see the mark 7:55:00 here:      

This is what we are dealing with -- Godless atheists by name and satanists by trade, weaponizing the health services for their own agendas having absolutely nothing to do with either health or the public good. Blood brothers with Fauci. Witches and luciferians all. See where Plotkin's deposition and timeline lines up exactly with the Curtis Rolling Stone article...

And even farther back in the timeline:

More than anything, isn't it strange that AIDS represents an ultimate compromise of the human immune system -- something that the vaxx has as not only a side-effect, but seemingly an end-stage goal according to medical practitioners and scientists coming to that conclusion now. And all brought to your doorstep by the very same engineers, biomechanics, genome sequencers and scientists that also brought you the AIDS explosion. Surely there's nothing to read into that -- it's not like using the same people that foisted another atrocity on humanity deliberately decades ago would ever use the same playbook again, right? Surely someone would make the connection and say something...40 years ago isn't possibly long enough for everyone the world over to forget?? 

Unless we've been trained and brainwashed to. 

And Plotkin's directives sound a lot like this:

But I digress...Seems like a nice little midsummer surprise in store, right? Waking up and finding yourself in one of the later drafts of Stephen King's CELL. Or worse. In that Ana Mihalcea-Maria Zeee rumble presentation you will find odd, unknown, blinking, seemingly mechanical signatures in the blood of the dead. Is reanimation their next trick? Something that the coming Antichrist will pull off for his next sleight-of-hand to amuse and confound the masses that will soon be worshipping him for it? What if it's all part of the plan? 

The coming script could have already been forecast:

Jesus was nailed

to the cross.

He wasn't bound.

He was nailed.

The spirit

is not bound

to the body.

It is nailed.

Thank you, my darling.

It won't give up

its fleshy domain easily.

But if we release

the nails,

we forge  a new reality.

A deathless world,

a new dawn for mankind.....

You know, Karen,

in German,

the word for "death"

is heimgehen.

It means "going home."

What better place

for the children

than at home?

The task that we

have set before us

is one of

the most challenging

that any group of human beings

has ever had to face.

It is a task

which requires

a perfect faith.

Devotion? No.

A lifetime of devotion

is not enough.

One must have

direct experience

of the power of spirit.

Time has come to extract

the last ethereal nail.

Time will mean

nothing to us.

We'll watch galaxies

spin like pinwheels.

Set the timer

to six minutes.

Just a spoonful

of sugar, children.

Now we will all journey

to the other side.

I will be your guide.

And since I cannot

bring you all back at once,

we will use the antidote

that brought me back

my first time.

And when we return

to our bodies,

we will have a power

without measure,

as you witnessed

within me.

And we will use

this power wisely

to release every soul

from its mortal coil.

The veil has been lifted,

and the fallen shall rise.

Children of the void,

sons of chaos,

it is the last hour.

The hebdomad is complete.

We have been remade

by Yaldabaoth

in the image

of the seven archons

who created and enslaved

this world.

We are the hidden masters.

We are the architects

of anarchy.

We are the dark

fucking soul eaters,

lords of the unrighteous.

Today our new reign

begins in a new reality!

I told you!

I told you!

I told you

we'd be deathless!

We just, uh, need new shells

from time to time

and plenty of souls to eat.

Our legion will rise

from behind the veil

to reap the pain

that we have wrought!

The seven shall become

a vast multitude.

These are the days

of vengeance and wrath!

The deathless eon

has begun!

It's a beautiful day.

Yeah, something like that is probably how it will begin with dialogue and other-worldly tricks much like the shooting script from that 2016 film, The Veil. The Great Deception that begins it all. Jonestown was only a test-run.

But what if the groundwork and biotech how-to was laid in 2020 and 2021, with the vaxx? What if the supernatural aspect is only part of a "mental-material tech" (as described by J. Allen Hynek) unrecognized by the masses until it is far too late ?:

Have we finally reached and crossed that rubicon of technological advancement that Arthur C. Clarke postulated with "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."??

Hynek, you will note, applied his theorem strictly to the UFO phenomenon; something else that is suddenly orbiting around everything these days. Any feelings of synchronicity and adherence to the overall narrative and agenda are entirely valid and very much intended I believe. We are being herded and driven by forces beyond our present comprehension. 

Speaking of which and very much pertaining to all of the above, when oh when is anyone of elevated note on the national scene (Presidential candidates, ahem...) going to give this poor sweet soul a platform?? She simply has everything and has been singing this same song ever since 2021; quite rightly calling the vaxx evidence a bioweapon -- which happens to be exactly what it is by definition. She has every patent, paper,  and internal document to back up every iota of what she's saying -- and has been able to garner ZERO traction (other than Stew and her own substack) on the national scene -- at a certain point you simply MUST start asking WHY?? I am given to understand she is still sitting on a 60 minute sit-down with RFK Jr, that he has STILL not signed off on her releasing....WHY?? 

We could play devil's advocate and say that he is slowly acclimating all the normies to their dire situation and isn't going to reveal too much too soon at risk of even further alienation, but if not now, WHEN?? Meanwhile she keeps on singing her lonely song for all with ears to hear and the clock keeps on ticking:    

It's not as if she's advocating anything radical or undoable: simply seeking all state and local-level authorities (States' AGs, local sheriffs, etc) to seize all these by definition bioweapons and destroy them before they are allowed to do any further damage to humanity. Karen comes at this from a legal angle while folks like Naomi Wolf (and Dr. Ana Mihalcea) have documented chapter and verse the effects of this experimental poison, and all from the Pfizer documents themselves. It's not as if anything is being manufactured or confabulated here -- this is all admitted to by the perpetrators themselves. people like me look again and again at this situation and wonder what the holdup is -- why is nothing being done? It's certainly not as if we live in a climate that's fearful of litigiousness -- where are all the lawyers on this? All the class action lawsuits that should be strangling every court in the land by now? RFK Jr. himself is an attorney!! And yet the chorus of crickets continues amidst a Vietnam-level genocide every 6 months that passes. Where are all the truth seekers? Where are all the warriors? Where are all the MEN? It's almost as if the entire collective has been brainwashed and gaslit psyopped into oblivion...ya think??


Let's go for a live look-in at peak Clown World:

WHY at this point is a very legit question no one seems capable of answering...

Well, maybe this guy, if he can live long enough -- another twitter account that reads like something out of the lost vaults of the BCCI Book of the Dead:

For those wondering the dude is a DINO -- Democrat In Name Only. Anti-War, pro-government transparency, pro free speech, pro middle class regular people that should have the final say on their lives and how they're governed: this is the Democratic Party of a former generation that's now sadly to the right of Attila the Hun the way the "woke" masses view it. The REAL democratic party chopped off its own junk and left him, not the other way around. Like Trump, this guy's a major independent by definition carrying around a political label like an albatross around his neck. We all need to start voting our conscience and not be hamstrung by what their Daddy's Daddy's Daddy did too. 

It's a New World they keep on saying. Let's start acting like it. Like grownups.

And when he says he wants to dismantle the CIA, and Pfizer, and DARPA, this is the kind of stuff he's talking about: 



Meanwhile, the increasing recent accent on the South Pole grows ever stranger: 

Is this not only a Traffic Control station but also a first-line communications hub for off-world and non-human intelligences seeking entry here? A physical point-of-reference existing within a nebulous, ethereal extra-dimensional substrate? Clues, perhaps major ones, went down there in 2001 involving an NSA override and hastily-ferreted-out scientists for unknown reasons in what amounted to an emergency situation: 

You will also notice the touchstones of weird bacteria being found there resembling hydras, as well as powerful electromagnetic anomalies under the ice of Lake Vostok -- both recall buttons for much of what is happening with the vaxx and its mysterious ingredients today....what was happening; what was discovered in the Antarctic in 2001 that may pertain GREATLY to our situation today??

Remember it was a horrified and shaken Carrie Madej now 2+ years ago that first found hydra-like organisms in pristine vials of the Pfizer vaxx and alerted the public to what she saw under the microscope:

"They also found signs of small, tentacle-waving water creatures called hydra." What are the chances that the exact something discovered in 2001 would show up again in vials of something to be injected into the arms of everyone worldwide 20 years later??

What does it mean, and what are the implications, that those creatures were found in a native environment subjected to massive fields of electromagnetic anomalies?? What does it mean that those same creatures are now being found in an environment (the vaxx vials) exhibiting that exact same electromagnetic signature what with all the quantum dots, self-replicating machines, hydrogels, and spike proteins? All which are euphemisms for nanotechnology greatly influenced, augmented and enhanced by exposure to 5G fields??

Does their native habitat have anything at all to do with the extremely subzero temps that the vaxxes are required to be stored in??

Every hour we learn more and a startling picture begins to emerge:

One that as of ten years ago was even then branching off into DNA studies....make of that what you will.


And let's not forget the magnetism factor:    Would you believe a Hidden City, Lovecraft fans??    "Subterranean heat source."


Perhaps pertaining to nothing but perhaps a "tell" pertaining to every link in the chain we are describing, and how they never let a good trigger go to waste, what was the first biogenetically engineered (effectively GMO) corn called?

Would you believe Starlink??:

After a while, what ARE the odds anymore? We live in a hallucinatory maze of repeatable programming and programmable matter for their "hacking and hijacking the herd" purposes. There is simply no other explanation.

Crazily enough, look what AI (via Bing) just left on my doorstep: What has the impact of the Human Genome Project been and what are some of the ethical implications of the project? - Search (

Go ahead, ask it's like having your own demonically-driven Magic 8-ball!! We are all John Dee now....or Jack Parsons sitting in the middle of the pentagram scrawled on the floor of JPL. 


Meanwhile, while all normies were gaslit and locked down tight as the first quarter faded 3 years ago, strange movements were noted and a plan was being initiated:

As we have noted before here, under our noses and without our permission a vast network was being erected while we were told to cower in our houses and just be obedient little serfs. A network whose raison d'etre would not become fully apparent for quite some time, when things like graphene and nanotech started showing up inside a mandatory vaxx 12+ months later. Taste the Internet-of-Things and Internet-of-Bodies Rainbow blooming under the umbrella of the Great Reset. 

And in case you may have been wondering the exact same situation was occurring in lockstep to the North:


As yet another outline begins to emerge -- the question of what we are constantly being dosed with under the "Ultimate Spectrum Dominance" rules?? Because either all of Ohio and parts of the Eastern seaboard are under a blanket of smoke from the continuing wildfires (air alerts commencing again), or that's merely now a cover for something else; another operation going live:  (Ohio covered in dangerous levels of poisonous smoke overnight...)

All this while trees

and birds

and bees

are dropping dead and outright vanishing in baffling numbers all over the place. 

It is abundantly clear now that because of shedding, because of chemtrailing and aerosol operations, because of widespread toxification and adding artificial contaminants by the truckload on a daily basis to our biosphere, we are seeing the signs of nature signaling us to stop. Fairly sure that pretty soon after this comes the "or else." 

And it's now official that, at least in the UK, they're spraying graphene hydroxide:

Gotta make sure those purebloods get covered too in the overall fucked-up-ness blanket that the shedding doesn't capture.  It's seems to be skipping entire states now...Surely no targeting going on here.

(And thanks to my new contact Agent 131711 for a new one-stop invaluable twitter shop for all things WTAF.)


Anyone taking bets on what the next "outbreak" or "pandemic" is gonna be?? Making the turn, seems like malaria's got a shot (pardon the pun.) Little pot-bellied demon Damien, once again, has been busy:

But wait, in the stretch run, pulling neck-and-neck is, TB??!! 

But only because that whole Malaria thang was cuz of CLIMATE CHANGE, silly rabbits!!:

Maybe our next demise/ Extinction Level Event is gonna be a WEF/WHO photo finish -- how exciting!! 

These investigations continue as the reality of what the vaxx agenda is begins to overlap even more with touchstones from previous more fringe-oriented UFO research. That gap is continuing to narrow also. The liminal in the world continues to manifest. 

"And given enough mastery of genetics, human reproductive material could be altered so that its appearance resembled the Gray type, yet be strictly human in composition, rather than a mixture of alien and human...The Grays, in effect, could be grossly altered bodies of human babies, devoid of what we call 'soul' and mentally programmed like dedicated computer hardware."**     Dr. Karla Turner

** For biotechnology and biomanufacturing to help us achieve our societal goals, the United States needs to invest in foundational scientific capabilities.  We need to develop genetic engineering technologies and techniques to be able to write circuitry for cells and predictably program biology in the same way in which we write software and program computers; unlock the power of biological data, including through computing tools and artificial intelligence; and advance the science of scale‑up production while reducing the obstacles for commercialization so that innovative technologies and products can reach markets faster.   

From the Biden EO of Sept.12, 2022:

"It looked like these were clones, so the name came out 'Extraterrestrial Biological Entity' because that's what we figured they were...We never used the letters 'ET' there was no such thing. They were clones -- they didn't look like clones -- they WERE clones. We figured they were created by some 'other' intellect."    Col. Phillip Corso


"I have had more than a dozen people who have worked in facilities in Dulce, New Mexico and in Pine Gap, Australia and other places where they have actually been growing the 'gray' and 'reptilian' species that people 'think' are ETs...And that the people who've been in the projects think they're working alongside an 'alien' and they're not. 

They're absolutely what are called NANO-BIO-MACHINES...they are programmed lifeforms, and there is no question that such is going on. We have some at Lockheed and another program -- I can't say where it is -- and they have developed electromagnetic systems where they can put someone in a state and they can go into a lower astral or denser astral field...some would call this demonic, and they can actually see beings and creatures there and bring them in three-dimensionally and materialize them into flesh and blood through these electronics."  Dr. Steven Greer


The Directed Evolution rituals continue...and as always, the warning signs were there all along: 

Signing off this time with Tracy and One Big Satanic Ritual to Destroy the Universe. Sounds familiar somehow:

And of recent note we have mainstream entertainment (via Netflix's NIGHT AGENT) traveling perilously close to her Genuflect Dragon Court territory. Very interesting to see, as we go along, her research leaking out via sources on the inside:  

Until next time, stay drunk on your dreams and deep in your magic.  












  1. Let's think about WWII's finale: the Manhattan Project/Hiroshima, then Roswell/NASA...

    I'm almost sure that those two are linked: The mass sacrifice perpetrated by giant glowing mushrooms, followed by the gift of superior technology, followed by infinite gratitude and worship by way of phallic rockets aimed at the stars.

    What will they get in exchange for THIS mass sacrifice?

    1. BINGO -- then you have to get into how Jack Parsons used to hold OTO occult parties at the Agape Lodge in Pasadena for Manhattan Projecters (inc Oppenheimer) and had Babalon Working offshoot plans to birth a golem to be used as an antichrist vessel at Los Alamos -- all the particulars here:

      And here:

      Of course you also had Frank Malina as one of the "Suicide Squad" back then:

      Who would of course factor into the Maxwell bloodline down the road.....
      Yep...THAT one:

      You ALSO have the strange fact that Parsons and none other than KENNETH ARNOLD were flying buddies....
      The mind boggles.....

      (This could be another entire post with mindblowing implications.....)

    2. Any sources on the Arnold/Parsons relationship? I've heard this as well but could only narrow it down to a single unsubstantiated claim made by a dubious source. My own research has led me to conclude that Arnold was, at the very least, an intelligence assets. However, evidence to that end is only circumstantial. But said evidence is nevertheless strong.

    3. I only have one source, but one that I trust implicitly: John Judge, who passed away in 2014.
      Currently Dennis Kucinich, when not moonlighting as RFK Jr's campaign manager, is working on getting a portal of all of Judge's works and emails to both Kucinich and Congress put in the National Archives for posterity:

      Judge's work on both the JFK Assassination as well as Jonestown (among many other areas) are absolutely essential reading.

      It's also mentioned (as being "unconfirmed") in Sex & Rockets by John Carter:

      But you're right -- it's a VERY hard to find notation -- prob for a very good reason....

    4. Nukes are bullshit Oppenheimer was a jew actor

  2. MORE:

  3. BTW guys that 2014 vid predicting covid and a vaxx to be used for DNA altering and manipulation has been obv removed from YT for "guidelines" -- here's another source:

    THESE are the kind of things that, along w/CERN, got Patch MANY MIB visits.....

  4. Down a rabbit hole in record time with this one.
    Heeeeeeelp Meeeeeeee.

    1. HAhahaha!!

  5. LOL --

  6. And I'm pretty sure we all know from personals, the answer to THIS is a big fat YES!!!

  7. You think it's a coincidence that both Reddit and Twitter go down on the same day, while all hell is breaking loose in Europe?

  8. Seems like twatter is back up now, but what was it, like almost 20 hrs or something?
    It's pretty clear that something was purged or the whole platform tapped out over:
    C) Crazy vaxx news and leaks breaking everywhere
    D) France burning up
    E) Too much of all the above and crazy headlines like this trending:

    That's RIGHT, dude has found a secret list of Sandy Hook "actors" that wound up winning the various state lotteries!!
    O. M. G.

    Also they have found massive MASSIVE evidence of the vaxx being an experiment all along now:

    This is HUGE, game-changing news that seems irrefutable. (& that they wish to hide for as long as possible) hence platforms are diving & crashing at a record rate.

    This, they are fearful of the Paris riots news spreading to engulf their entire agenda in flames worldwide -- can't let THAT get out!!

    Plus the cherry on top is that a film they desperately tried to shelve and destroy for over 2 years is now seeing the light of day in 48 hours & they are scared to death it will take off like wildfire & inform the masses on a visceral level of what's been going on in the world post-pizzgate and Epstein -- not to mention what those 2 were really all about.

    All this = extreme and utter PANIC!!

  9. & for those of you not on the email list that I just updated, check THIS out.....
    Turns out the OWNER of the Titan sub that just exploded with billionaires on board was a member of
    wait for it.......

    What's more, one of his best friends alludes to the point where he KNEW what he was doing and it all was deliberate, i,e, SACRIFICES.
    All from the 12:00 mark here:

    things could absolutely NEVER get any weirder than this......

  10. Think it's the Sandy Hook fams alone?? Think again.
    Who remembers this -- and does it uncover a deep black funding and laundering network??:

  11. Same sentiments. Interesting about the rune.

  12. It amazes me as to just how much nefarious crap has and is going on by so many different agencies and not one of their minions has not stopped long enough to ponder whether or not they just might truly be a "Useful Idiot".
    After all, the stated goal is to reduce the entire population down to 500 million.
    That's a lot of useful idiots to be sure but there most certainly won't be room for all of these cretins working on all these projects because those 500 million are going to be responsible for keeping the systems necessary for the elite's survival operating.
    That doesn't leave a lot of room for "Clever Goons".

  13. Girly!!
    JUST came upon that the other night and thought about clicking but it was past 2am & had to get up for work in a few watching it right now & will report back!!

    And I'll hit you back with one on Netflix if you have it:
    Pertinent & spooooooooky for days.

  14. Anony!!
    Thanks so much for all the linkages -- will report back when digested!!

    And THIS just to give everyone pause:

    No obesity.
    No trash.
    No illegals.
    No "ethnic diversity"
    No needles/shit in the streets.
    No GMO foods.
    No zombification via Big Pharma (Russia was the LEAST vaxxed nation in all of Europe)
    Everyone well-dressed, polite, and happy.

    These are the "monsters" the West wants you to destroy.
    This is what any large Metro City SHOULD look like.
    Just HOW MUCH are we being gaslit and brainwashed to hate??

    Who are the REAL monsters??

  15. Oh, & no trans shit being shouted at you from every platform.

  16. HYDRA!!
    Just kidding -- I'm a TOTAL sucker for kitties.
    Cat Person 1,000% thru & thru.
    Lost BOTH my parents in March 2001, lost my orange tabby of almost 20 yrs in 2003.
    Hand on the Bible, still to this day not quite sure which one hit me harder. Little dude followed me around like a dog. Unreal. Was literally my spirit animal. Came to my fam completely feral in 1984. Had ZERO idea of what a human hand laid on him in kindness felt like. Broke your heart. But he came around, and BOY did he come around. Territorial. Saw him jump on the backs of & fight off dogs 4 times his size.

    Your "Inky" looks adorable. Long may you run.

    1. As a cat guy myself, I completely understand the loss of yours competing with the loss of family. That's actually how I view my cats, as family. Also, as someone who's not particularly fond of the bulk of humanity, I can easily say that I value the companionship of my cats far above that of most of my own species. The lengths I would go to protect them or, failing that, to avenge them is probably best left unspecified. Suffice it said that any who would think to bring one of these harm, does so at their own peril.

    2. Thanks Chay -- I love dogs too...but cats (& cat people) are special.
      More free-spirited, not as needfully clingy...dogs will unrequitedly love anybody -- cats won't. When they do -- you know you're worth it and a deserving human. And the emotional bond between a cat and a human is....something quite unique.
      One can easily see why the ancient Egyptians viewed them as conduits to the under-and-after worlds -- & reconstituted Gods.
      Enjoy every moment of your time in their presence. You didn't choose them -- they chose YOU.

  17. meow meow rarr rarr cat sounds. loved both ur stories. me too. orange tabby feral wild found by accident in a rural grassy field. we were killing time waiting for of all things synchy Independence Day the orig to start. had anubis ears. had never seen humans. was quizzical AF n wanted to touch u n feel n compare. sucked his tail held in his paws in bed. hogged the bed crossways grew to about 2 1/2 feet long i swear. he loved to fetch, paperclips n superballs, search thru ppls purses n steal stuff. played chicken w/ cars in the street which got him in the end. kitty boy. smart doglike brave n bad. weird wordman, my dad died few days later.

    i know some exceedingly wise researchers speaking truths on Russia for yrs. "In 1944, Edgar Cayce prophesied that Russia would help prevent the destruction of mankind. He foresaw a future world financial crisis, and he pointed to Russia as being the "thorn in the side" of the financial powers that were organizing themselves against the good of humanity, describing Russia's role as being the "hope of the world. In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the communistic, or Bolshevik, no; but freedom, freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallized, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world."

    spot on greys n transhumanism Max S. so right A6. good time to watch both mentioned. thanks SG n wordman. plus agree w/ Phil n more neato links BB as always.

  18. oh n btw wow that The Veil script excerpt.

  19. CONTRAST that vid from Russia compared to what the streets look like since June 27 in France:

    These are NOT PROTESTORS, these are rioters, out to do as much damage as possible for the sake of doing damage.

    This is beginning to look more & more like a CIA/WEF sponsored "Color" revolution of the GLADIO type, instituted strictly for the purposes of a colonial Gov't crackdown across the board in retaliation.
    The above vid claims 2 contradictory things: 1) that assault type weapons are strictly banned thruout all France, and 2) that the rioters got these weapons from looting a GUN STORE in Marseilles.

    How & WHY is there a Gun Store in Marseilles in the first place if guns are outlawed?

    Once again, this points a finger straight at a mass infusion of Russian Kalashnikovs and other assorted assault weapons by a change agent like the CIA or WEF -- to promote EXACTLY WHAT'S HAPPENING for their own purposes: martial law, military rule leading towards further CONTROLS put in place everywhere. Macron being the perfect puppet to sign off on something like this.
    You can see it coming...'We must do this to protect you."

  20. And if I don't miss my guess, most of those "protestors" are illegals, possibly funneled in from Ukraine for this express purpose.
    What happens when (not if) this spreads and places like Germany are next?? Thanks to Merkel they have PLENTY of illegal little Manchurian Candidates to employ (trigger) = the entire purpose of opening up a country to foreign access anyway: DESTABILIZATION.

    Think people.

  21. For everybody: Phil just comm'd me in an email that that Russia vid looks exactly like every American city did thru the 80s.
    = BINGO.
    Our descent has been a long, slow, steady one that has 1,000% been engineered. Slow-motion total destabilization. The CIA & others brought home to us what they were doing with GLADIO over there. Now the cycle is complete. Study ops like the Brabant Massacres. The Dutroux Network. Everything was a beta test to see how successful it would be before being used on us. Terrorism. Biological warfare. Everything. This is an ongoing DEATH cult taking marching orders from occult paymasters who likely get their orders from NHI.

    Some folks have seen this coming a long way off also:

    1. Maybe I am getting a touch cynical regarding more than a few things, however no matter who it is, it feels like the precise misdirection and exact circumstances whether it's satanic hive minded servitude and loss of individuation or infinite god consciousness absolution into oblivion. Both sound exactly like assimilation and obfuscation of self.

    2. VERY astutely and poetically put PL!!
      Almost like a hybrid of the Borg and the Xenomorph of ALIEN fame -- something is being nurtured and grown INSIDE of us for further expansion and use down the road.
      This is what we need to address and head off at the pass -- I do NOT believe that it is too late.
      This is a critical juncture -- but the future is still unwritten.

  22. Oh & Anony!!
    That VEIL script was written and inserted off the cuff and on the fly by Thomas Jane himself -- NOT the scriptwriters....

    He had been studying the occult and lots of no-sleep research into Jonestown at that time -- am given to understand he went quite off the rails for not a little while afterwards and was never quite the same person after that role.
    Make of that what you will....

  23. Guys, I swear I am not the commenter Kiki on the Cliff High article anon posted. LOL

    1. OK Girly!!
      Just finished ARCTIC VOID and am full of MKUltra-Philadelphia Experiment vibes.
      Liked the overall chilly weirdness and slow reveal. Mix in some supernatural/Rapture leanings (induced) and it was a full-on strange brew.
      The tagline YOU ARE THE EXPERIMENT should have tipped me off!!

      PS -- it's VERY hard to find these days but if you ever come across it......

      Hint: government.

  24. My twitter keeps going in & out like a bad radio signal LOL. Evidently recognizes me as a paid (Now) sub even though I never got an account!! Sshhhhhh. Haha!!
    Who knows what to believe but here's the zerohedge take:

    And ones from reddit:

    Not sure what way I'm leaning but this sure seems a precursor to shutting down parts of the internet where we can communicate with each other = BAD for globalist bizness.

    Btw JB you look EXACTLY like an old tennis pal of mine named Johnny Butler -- and two) Pan's honker is extreme LOL.

  25. Yeah, the details are not perfect. If you squint your eyes, he kinda looks like a rooster (which might explain the idea of "Abraxas").

  26. Jane has always been a cool mother -- he snagged Patty Arquette when she looked like this:

    And the older I get the more Alex Jones was RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING.....

  27. BTW that Arquette silhouette is a Ginger thing about 8,000%.
    Hey G!!!

  28. no kidding JB. me too. i thot it was odd. had to join to read in the last cpl days. theyve got us tracked now man. aint no way out. i wont be posting either but will snoop around as always. nice opener. u r French Canadian, classic.

  29. itsa holiday lets party. that G is a hottie nu a lucky man. surely vice versa as well. ha. but Patricia A is now a crone. happens to the best of us. have u seen her new High Desert series? she was constantly tripping. like the old days. it was ehh meh n already canceled.

  30. Found this interesting aside from Tyler Tharpe, the RETURN IN RED director:
    "The title refers to a military test classification for 'serious' or 'fatal' experiment results....."

    Moving on to Return in Red, while there’s a quote at the beginning that gives the subject matter some historical subtext, what drew you to make a movie about something so specific (‘government’ sonic testing)?

    "I was really into listening to Coast to Coast AM (a local Indiana radio station - Ed) throughout the nineties, where the guests talk about the paranormal and other such topics. The original host, Art Bell, had a guest on one night named Nick Begich. He talked about how the U.S. has this facility named HAARP (which stands for 'High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program') located up in Alaska, which is able to beam electromagnetic frequencies into the atmosphere, bounce them off of the ionosphere and back to Earth, for whatever mysterious purpose. He had some theories on what this is actually used for. That set my mind racing, and I came up with the idea for Return in Red."

  31. Ingwaz as the DNA molecule, gawddammit, why didn't I think of that, so obvious.

  32. Replies
    1. JB -- they're gonna keep tweaking it until most just give up in disgust and futility.
      Reddit/r/conspiracy eventually came back -- twitter will too. Just not sure what's going to have deliberately been lost.

      Some things -- like the Pizzagate subreddit and VOAT are gone for good. Those 2 became far too dangerous to let live.

  33. She also plays the Corporate head in SEVERANCE and killed it.
    And for sure, time comes for us all, but she can still put on a fairly presentable smokeshow when the stars align:

    Yep, it's a G thang.....

  34. Had always heard that that was encoded into Bowie's final BLACKSTAR -- which I find not hard to believe in the slightest....

  35. Kent State was a straight up Nixon atrocity. We are MUCH more tolerant today and want to send an entirely diff message.

  36. Words that resonate today in a completely diff context, but still just as strong with meaning:
    Gotta get down to it, soldiers are cutting us down
    Should have been gone long ago
    What if you knew her and found her dead on the ground?
    How can you run when you know...

    A shot is a shot...

  37. You know what is even better? My niece and nephew call me Kiki. They have since they could talk. I going to pull a Chris Knowles/Secret Sun saying and call this synchronicity????

  38. FUNNY -- I JUST tried 30 sec ago & I still have access. This all seems weird and selective and random now.

  39. Maybe AI is fishing for something.....

  40. Well then HELL Sotogirly!! This one's for you!!

    RUN ON KIKI!!!!

  41. Apologies if I repeat some of the previous comments.

    The 2014 video that predicted the vax would have been fascinating, but seems to have been deleted from YouTube, Godlike Productions, everywhere. Oh well.

    Meanwhile in Southeast Asia, governments are prepping us for yet another season of The Haze (from land clearing, via burning, in Indonesia's Sumatra). For 20 years, heads of state have been assembling and signing treaties to fight the haze, to zero effect. It only gets worse. This year, ostensibly because of El Niño (?); because of this; because of that. The odds are, between June and October there will be days if not weeks when you cannot see what's 5 ft in front of you.

    I lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2019. Despite not venturing outdoors, the haze sent my blood pressure to 180/100+, where I could barely stand up and had to rush to hospital emergency. It has stayed with me ever since, with a twice-a-day routine of beta blockers and other lovely made-by-Pfizer meds that eventually shrink your brain and cause dementia. As of 2023, I'm starting to wonder if these horrors that come back every year like clockwork are really just the result of shrubs burning, or if they may be a cloak for other stuff as well.

  42. Everyone, thank you so much for the laughs as the world crumbles on. You are the best friends I have. Right here, right now. Cheers to all. May we meet one day.

  43. Well heck little Missy, it just wouldn't be the same without you!!
    No one is sent to anyone by accident.
    Until that one day:

    They're playin our song....

  44. Hey Trains!!
    Great to hear from ya again!!
    Yep, that 2014 vid is being pushed to get deleted everywhere, sorry I didn't check -- last refuge seems to be bitchute:

    YES, it's our old pal Anthony Patch wouldn't ya know!!

    As far as air quality goes, more and more are glomming onto the fact that distinctly something ELSE is going on -- this is in no way normal.
    Check out all the links on godlike of recent note:

    And this over on reddit:

    Dutchsinse on YT has been one of the best for noting the strangeness:

    ALL of those Canadian fires erupting at exactly the same time hundreds of miles apart?? HUGE red flag indicating coordination & manipulation. Could be directed energy platforms or on-the-ground ignitions timed to blow, but lightning doesn't do that, not timed that way.

    But worldwide the problem grows -- I remember watching a tennis tournament from China on the Tennis Channel 5 or 6 years ago -- it was an outdoor stadium -- and it was like watching them play in the fog. I'm like -- that CAN'T be good for you!!
    Now there's air quality alerts on the reg even where I live in VA. Those literally didn't exist my whole life even thru the early 2000s.
    Can it have to do on the timeline with the overall chemtrailing starting in force in 1998?? (At least in North America). Many are now suggesting this. People like Dane Wiggington note the overall increase in heavy metal particulates via air sampling right around that time. Also when people like Clifford Carnicom started noticing blood abnormalities; strange things in the blood that didn't use to be there -- then around 2005/6 we get Morgellons popping up that all the noted docs diagnosed as "delusional." What about these ribbon-like fibers showing up under microscopy Doc? Are these delusional too?? It's fuckin infuriating the gaslighting. And now we've got the blood of the vaxxed showing these EXACT same structures. Ana Mihalcea's substack for all the pertinents:

    Those are NANO STRUCTURES present in all our blood now.
    Are we supposed to believe this is all just coincidental?

    Mihalcea btw has some great info on her substack about how to naturally chelate some of these things that may help you too wean away from some of the Pfizer poison. Because you know they don't really aim to heal you -- they want a prolonged, lifetime customer.

    And for all we know THEIR complexes and consortiums are part and parcel of the ones behind doing the spraying in the first place...

    Good luck and Godspeed in the war, my friend. We're all right with ya.

  45. PS -- this vid from ReallyGraceful is enough to make you wonder if the entire Eastern Seaboard (at least) is being put under the same thing that happened to East Palestine Ohio with the train derailment??
    (Since that worked out so well for the agenda...)
    If it works once on a small test area, let's try it large scale, right?

  46. VERY interesting uptake vid on the hows and whys behind the French riots that NO ONE in the MSM is eager to divulge the background on:

    Burn Til You Learn
    LSS -- this take -- The Proletariat are more than eager to shelve the monstrous ruling class that have had it out for them since time immemorial....(Doesn't take into account that this may be that same monstrous ruling class executing this themselves for various nefarious reasons & promulgating a planned agenda heading towards 2030 and beyond and a New World Order/ Great Reset/ Control Grid Lockdown forever...)

    All that being said he's spot on about the identities of those installed in positions of power like Foucault whose ideas are truly subhuman -- torture, legalizing pedophilia, willfully spreading AIDS, etc.

  47. Our on-the-fly street informant jeffmacq just hit me with another Patch 2014 source:

    Much like JB's twitter reference above, this gets so widely banned and deplatformed because it alludes highly to the Christian perspective of what's happening to us. Not to mention that it empirically just makes sense looking around and seeing with your own 2 eyes what we're in the middle of.
    For more explanation:

    The last lists DNA as "programmable material." The EXACT selling point of the WEF & Harari.

    Another live link from the Platinum Jubilee -- something an ailing Queen made SURE to take part in before she shuffled off.....VERY important to her.

    & all this info meshes in every sense with all the patents that K Kingston has been pouring over.

    Pretty much every other YT and image link in this twitter thread has been struck off for "violating community guidelines."

    I think we pretty much all know what that means.
    The same thing and what it means that Jim Caviezel and Co. took SOUND OF FREEDOM to BOTH Netflix and Amazon 5 YEARS AGO and were told "this is not for us. Thanks anyway."
    Saving Children?? Is that what's NOT FOR YOU??
    For further explanation listen at the 12:00 mark:

    1. thats an INGWAZ structure. the symbol is replicated. i wish i could find that babylonian sumerian pic i had. it was drawn like it wouldve been in the center of a 3 sided scroll book or a shield. i purged it cuz why save it to discuss? like w/ who, why, n when? yeah. just did it a few wks ago too. i found it a zillion yrs ago when on the hunt for the grail. it alwayssss blends in.

  48. First off, I just love Brave browser. Second, love your blog however, bitshute and youtube as sources that you link to? Perhaps true however, when 9ne writes an intellectual paper one has citations meaning who are your sources? My sources are mostly all behind paywalls driven there by those that run the internet.
    Just a friendly observation, if it's on the open internet it can't be trusted.
    You have a nice evening WM.

    1. Thanks for the heads up KMB.
      I very rarely use only single sources for confirms of info; usually don't go with a report til I have at least 3 sources -- that I find is fairly foolproof.
      I too have "sources" of the undeclared/interior kind that I trust implicitly but I never pay for information. Have never had to thru the contacts I've made.
      BRAVE is indeed fantastic.
      YT is increasingly becoming a compromised source of more & more "official" and standardized info -- but once again, if Kim Iversen has something on there, or REDACTED, I trust them. It's an individual thing and a case-by-case basis.

      Thanks for the concern.

  49. in response, believe so. everything blends. that truthful vid the purposeful destruction cultures, societies for coup takeover. (we r in a big last one now. will post some info). heavy workings 1900's by French n other incl Russian philosophers politic Trotsky, Lenin, Marxist intellectuals ala Dr. Zhivago. add in Dali, Foucault --the twin of Harari btw n Walt Disney who hung w/ them in France part of a powerful Masonic black lodge group w/ Jean Cocteau > Priory of Sion. we get Fantasia (1940) after another collegial visit wherein surely they all were dosing or microdosing as we know they r apt to do. add early adrenochrome. John Lilley used to do ketamine at Rennes le Chateau for inspiration n ritual. the latter always involved in ritual n on ley lines to Spain n the Catalan coast. summoning from towers n all very important undertaking after initiation of OG adepts. Geraldine Chaplin has written gobs on it, yes, Charlies granddtr (oddly also in Dr Zhivago herself). certainly sheds light illustrating the step by step rituals of the skull n boners. theyre that old n older. from old world originators. yep, DeMolay International.

    these same ppl own big pharma. thats who needs cattle parts. mucosal ingredients, tongues n eyes for their cellular structure, components, gametes from sex organs delivered by black helicopter. these selective parts make n feed hybrid chimera. one needs the anus for growing the gut tube from endoderm. all these r sensitivity organs w/ fine secretory electromagnetic mechanisms. the neural network will be digital. they dont take the brain often, they take blood, body fluids, everything ud need to re-engineer an organism. no need to reinvent the wheel. use what the planet offers. once again, the bastards cannot make nor create CHI the lifeforce. they can only MIMIC = the true intent of evil.

    "The things that they are dropping on us from the sky are very advanced nanotechnologies. Even quite possibly femto technologies. These are smaller, microscopic-level technology that in some reports are self-replicating." nano is old school. femtotech, femtochem, femtobiology is where its at. the key factor being time. when ur in a get this planetary coup done. those astral planers r chomping at the bit. need bodies baby. i love how they pretend theyre hypothetical. westworld from nanoworld pico, nano, micro, kilo, mega, giga, tera. greatest show on earth. watchin it now ringside seats.

  50. Q: And there are, I guess, families that have bloodline connections off the planet to 4D STS, is that correct?
    A: Yes
    Q: And what is the nature of these bloodline connections? Does it mean they're ideologically attuned?
    A: This is a difficult topic. Those who are bloodline of 4D Service To Self have power centers.
    Q: Are you talking about some kind of an extra physical organ?
    A: Close.
    Q: Like an emotional center or an intellectual center?
    A: Yes
    Q: ......Are they genetically engineered for this?
    A: Yes
    Q: Is there anything corresponding to that on the Service To Other side?
    A: In a sense though it was passed on in the natural way.
    Q: (L) So there are STO individuals with power centers of some sort?
    A: FRV soul essences.
    Q: So in other words, they have a soul essence of certain FRVs as opposed to genetically engineered power centers that connect them to 4D STS, is that what we're saying here?
    A: Yes
    Q: Those power centers provide these 4D STS bloodline individuals with capabilities to rise into positions of power or gain positions of power and control?
    A: Yes
    Q: And is it true that they're kind of connected in that sense to a 4D STS mindset? So they would tend towards domination?
    A: Yes
    Q: Does it also mean that these power centers can transmit energy to 4D STS through the 3D individual with the power center?
    A: Yes!!
    Q: Is that one of their primary functions?
    A: Yes
    Q: So they are engineered into positions of power for the purpose of transmitting energy up?
    A: Yes
    Q: Either through what they enact, or you know, they can cause suffering and all that...
    Q: Feeding tubes.

  51. Q: So is it that souls that have not left the Earth plane and gone into the light are then susceptible to use by 4D STS?
    A: Yes
    Q: So 4D STS could theoretically inspire or compel discarnate entities that have not gone into the light to attach to individuals?
    A: Yes
    Q: They did also create conditions, or waited for conditions where a lot of people all die in traumatic circumstances - meaning they're a bit confused, they don't go into the light - and then shove them all into new bodies.
    Q: Could they do that?
    A: Yes yes yes
    Q: Is that their sneaky plan?
    A: Part of it.

    Q: Is it planned by humans or hyperdimensional beings?
    A: The latter in kahoots with the former.
    .....They open windows, or they come through windows that are already open?

    So do those individuals in that so-called secret government, are they aware of the full nature of the phenomenon and what it means for the future of Earth humanity and even themselves?
    Does global awareness of aliens correspond with the 4D STS agenda?
    A: Not necessarily as "aliens"
    Q: As aliens. So they will be introduced as something else?
    Does that imply a generalized awareness of aliens among the population?...... Yes....they wouldn't necessarily be perceived as aliens.
    Q: So in other words, their true nature still needs to be concealed.
    A: Yes
    Q: Are they going to reveal themselves as some kind of descendants of a former civilization on planet Earth that went to some other planet and inhabited it hundreds of thousand years ago and now they're coming back? So they're technically humans.
    A: Close!

    Q: Are there going to be these human hybrid monsters that (John) DeSouza depicts?
    A: No! There are already human hybrid "monsters" but they look human.
    Q: Are these human hybrid monsters, any of the people that are involved in this whole pedophile business?
    A: Yes
    Q: Are they also involved in the gender transitioning of our young people?
    A: Yes
    Q: And you can tell from their pedophilic tendencies and their destruction of young people their monstrous nature?
    A: Yes

  52. Anony!!
    That above Q & A is fascinating!!
    Where is it from & who is it between??

  53. It also reminds me GREATLY of how Whit Strieber ALWAYS contended that the UFO and "others" phenomena had a great deal to do with death, the dead, and the afterlife....

    Concurrently, Bob Bigelow only abandoned his looking into Skinwalker Ranch with his NIDS team when many clues there of both UFOs, poltergeists, and time stream anomalies started pointing ELSEWHERE --
    I find it curious that immediately upon jettisoning the Skinwalker Investigations and disbanding NIDS (with results that STILL have not been disclosed to this day and are held now under Nat'l Security accords), Bigelow's next great curiosity and investigation began into the true origin and nature of the AFTERLIFE....
    Kinda makes you wonder....and want to look even more into high spirituality, possession, the lore of demons, and parallel dimensions (is that part of what death really is??)

  54. Hey Anon what that q&a from 'Hidden Hand'. I feel like I have read that on Abovetopsecret years ago.Does anyone feel like there are literally no loopholes left to escape this short of suicide??

    1. Fear not Sotogirly!!

      A HAPPY 4th out there to everybody!!

      And gosh I miss my erstwhile old pal America. We had us some times. Come home soon.

      "There was madness in any direction, at any hour. You could strike sparks anywhere. There was a fantastic universal sense that whatever we were doing was right, that we were winning.…
      Maybe it meant something. Maybe not, in the long run… but no explanation, no mix of words or music or memories can touch that sense of knowing that you were there and alive in that corner of time and the world. Whatever it meant.…
      And that, I think, was the handle—that sense of inevitable victory over the forces of Old and Evil. Not in any mean or military sense; we didn't need that. Our energy would simply prevail. There was no point in fighting—on our side or theirs. We had all the momentum; we were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave.”
      Hunter Thompson, FEAR & LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS

      Again (again we fail)
      It seems we meet (to meet and mend)
      In the spaces (spaces safe)
      In between (in between intent)
      We always say (always say too much)
      It won't be long (long been gone)
      Oh, but something's always wrong

    2. That's how I met Pan. That's why early Christians and Gnostics commited mass suicide sometimes. Reject the illusions of this world! Embrace death! Sweet, sweet death! ;)

    3. Well ain't you Sally Sunshine!! Haha!! (Not that you don't have a deeper meaning lurking in there somewhere...) LOL.
      We DO most certainly have to stop fearing death like we do -- but then again, having healthy curiosity about it doesn't have to mean taking A) the bull by the horns (ahem pardon the pun), or B) a flying leap into the void.
      All in good time I believe Noel said:

      I know I got some more rose-smelling to do!!

    4. Most folks have made the mistake of believing that the United States and America, are One and the same, however this is part of the Lie, do not fall for it, the United States consists of 10 square miles, and in Truth is known as a District. You ask 10 people what was attacked on SePTEMBER 11th 2001, and more then likely they will tell you New York and Washington DC. That is actually not the truth, It was The state of New York and the State of Virginia that were attacked not D.C. D.C. is THE USURPER of the Republic.

      As far as Life, and Death go, you are ALREADY Eternal, it's just that most for whatever reason have made the choice to either not remember, or to forget. I could go on and deeper into your Eternity, but at least one of you would take my written words the wrong way, and make them out to be the exact opposite of what they are. Besides there are already plenty of Authors of Destruction out and about and unaware of the part they are playing in the breaking up of the Deep. I already warned this crowd in time past about the Kennedy's and their pact with Death, do not be deceived now or in what you perceive as your future to come. Men can not have their glory both here and there. There was a valuable lesson learned in viewing his death as a child. Having learned that, as an adult I can no longer be deceived about his death. Good day all...


  55. I fall into the blinding light/
    I'm all into the binding light...
    Come in come come in come out


    "Twitter. Reddit. I'm sure Facebook is a mess even though I haven't used it in a decade. They're shutting down how we talk to each other, because the coming recession and political policies that will be forced on us WILL lead to revolt. They see what's happening in France (and the US has seen protests from the left and the right), and they want to shut it down. They do not want us to coordinate action or language. They realize the masses will self-educate and deprogram if left to their own devices, and they do not want this to continue."

  57. "Negative emotions being expressed more & more reverting people into increasingly infantile states"
    Carrie is a wonder.
    Her thoughts post-plane crash when told there was a possibility of paralysis & she was like "Nope! That's not how this ends" + intent + words + prayers is AMAZING & totally spot on. We have NO IDEA how much our minds can influence our bodies, and how much WORDS & THOUGHTS (attitude) can influence everything. It's like having a secret weapon.
    I can still tell how much it took out of her (she was rounder
    & beefier -- more American corn-fed beauty -- before. Now at times she seems frailer and almost gaunt...but hey, she's ALIVE & Rome wasn't built in a day...)
    And I'm sure there is and will be constant pain that will be her traveling companion from here on out -- but pain can be a good thing and an asset if you know how to use it...

    To still think that it's possible for ANYONE or ANYTHING to walk away from a near-vertical 100+mph impact is legendary. (And shows you that there ARE such things as guardian angels to be sure.) Simply put: her time was not yet. And she is here for a REASON.
    PS -- her talking about the mystical qualities of WATER (in healing & elsewhere) was astounding. .It has INFORMATION in it. WORDS can influence water which is why WORDS can influence us = we're mostly water. This has literally thousands of implications and ramifications.

  58. THANKS for the heads-up BB!! That talk from Carrie I encourage everyone to listen to -- in hindsight it might be one of the most important hours ever.

  59. "Modern science comes from Descartes, who said that the conquest of nature is achieved through measurement and number. Do you know how he came to that realization?

    *He had a psychedelic experience with mushrooms in which an angel told him this was so.*

    Your precious reason is all based on a hallucination."

    - Doctor Doom

  60. must say wordman one of ur greatest characteristics is ur authentic genuine love, respect, n admiration of women. it comes thru delightfully. thats a confident man, a true leader n a guide. i love how ur finely tuned observations describe in novel worthy detail. a womans man lending empathy, affection, n support. dude u got my vote.

    1. Campaign Manager?? LOL. We'll sneak up on the outside rail & shock the world!! Haha!!

      Thanks for that Anony!! Much appreciated -- and YEAH, THAT hasn't gotten me in trouble before or anything!! Yikes!!
      But seriously, esp during and post-covid and the whole vaxx agenda, I began noticing -- it stuck out like a sore thumb tbh and still does -- the remarkable number of outstanding WOMEN that were speaking up, and LOUDLY, and almost no men. I thought, "wow, isn't that an interesting character tell..."
      I shouldn't say NO men, there are the Del Bigtrees and Stew Peters and of course Alex (to a lesser degree) and Peter McCulloughs, (& can't forget Rogan) but the REAL standouts were Naomi, and Karen, and Carrie and Dr.Ana, and Maria Zee, Lara Logan, Amazing Polly, Emerald Robinson, Kim Iversen, and on and on and on.
      And they weren't any shrinking violets about it either -- they were and are out for blood; wanting real and true accountability, and justice.

      Those to me are the real heroes. And their beauty (inward & outward) and courage shine thru. They don't worry about what the world may think of them -- they just get down to doing what has to be done. Angels we have entertained unawares indeed.

  61. Knight-Jadczyk's sott,net is an invaluable repository of all things WEIRD:
    The High Strangeness category ALONE has approx 711 pages!!
    The Health and Wellness (currently covering the vaxx) has 2515!!
    The Puppet Masters (Deep State) one 9317....

    Crazy numbers of years upon years of accumulated research.


    From just today....

  63. fair assessment of course. theyre on the money. learned alot fro her about narcs. majorly. reallllllll helpful. theres a cpl ppl here that r familiar w/ her work.

  64. This just emerged today from over the weekend and was going to save it as a cornerstone to another post, but this is TOO GOOD to keep under wraps:

    And another passenger:

    God help me I'm spreading tiktok now....LOL.

    But seriously -- WHAT is happening??

    And just a couple of things: WHY does it take 3 HOURS to let someone off a plane and get everybody else on another flight?
    If she was so lubed and screwy, why does she go thru security in a breeze and get right back on? Is this SOP?
    Something ELSE is going on here....not that I'm going full on Boo Radley David Icke or anything, but this is straight up WEIRD. And there's MUCH more to this that we're not hearing right now.

    Next we'll be hearing that the NSA interviewed them all -- is THAT what took 3 hours??

    More as I hear it....

  65. The more I think about it -- WHY DEPLANE EVERYBODY ELSE AT ALL??
    Just let her off and continue.....

  66. Jaybers -- well that's only right over the target!!
    Isn't that what the Devil does best? Use your own ego to kill you?
    The perverse irony is too delicious....what all those inverses of walking and talking and spelling and reading and singing backwards are all about too -- the lure of the "codes." Hidden and forbidden knowledge meant only for the "chosen." All a web.

    1. Only 12 are chosen, they are attempting to entice THE MANY, after all THAT is who The Man of Lawlessness makes his Covenant with, not the Chosen.

  67. And in line of the hot chick on the plane testifying, let's all remember Billy Corgan:

  68. from this very threads title LIVE VEIL EVIL STRANGE...FRINGE.from a Krzysztof Jackowski a Polish clairvoyant. its available in a cpl places. he apparently was asked about Trump but the content is more telling than that. that figure 8 ouroboros symbol is implicated i think we somehow had mentioned it lately. 8 meaning completion, a new beginning, the end of a cycle feeding wrapping into the creation of another--

    The first feeling is that he thinks about or regrets not closing down some institution and ordering the arrest of some people. But it may be the other way round that he now thinks that if he is given power in the future, he is thinking of closing some institutions and arresting some people. Purge at very high levels.​

    I drew the number 8, and that's exactly what it reminds me of. This is an international organization that has such a symbol. 36 countries of the world belong to this organization. With such a symbol. 36 countries of the world. I mean, it doesn't have to be true. I can feel it from his picture. He says these countries have betrayed humanity, deceived humanity.

    "Frothy blood" [pol: pienista krew]. The blood that foams, the foam comes out of it. I feel it strongly, so I say it, but I don't understand it at all.

    The 36 countries that have agreed to this are decision after agreement, and it is virtually impossible to deviate from this. Trump knew that when he was still in office, but he couldn't object to it because this organization that has this symbol, an inverted eight, this organization has a lot of people in these countries in their governments. Trump, acting as president, knew that there were people next to him, he rather guessed it, next to him there are people who are ruthless for this organization. Any open, public opposition could be very dangerous for him. He knew this and was against it.

    The whole world doesn't do "that", I'm sorry I don't call it what it is, but you can probably guess, I hope. The whole world doesn't do "that", some part of the world does "that". That is done by the countries that are in this organization, or in other words, that have allowed the activities and influence of this organization. Inverted eight. He doesn't agree with it. And if he's given power, if he's president again, before he reveals it, he's unlikely to even reveal it, because that would be a shock to part of the world, he's going to want to pacify it at least from the position of the United States, but he's going to have to secure his own security first. because it works in such a way that people around it can be closest, among them there may be someone who works for this organization, who watches over high-ranking politicians.

    This organization doesn't work, it doesn't have a driving force to manage it in the US or in Europe. This organization has a board somewhere in some exotic country. This organization, its center is located in some exotic country. It can be in two or three places. One of the places where I felt it is Kuwait.

    He believes that a war, even a world war, a fight against this organization in a sense makes no sense, because countries will fight among themselves, and this organization is in no danger. This organization is apolitical but has influence over politicians. Actually, there is no strength, there is no way to organize this.

    It's about generating a new human being. To start a new humanity, new people, other people. This organization thinks that it will create not immediately, but will create a super human, a super race, but getting there will be very dirty, possibly brutal. And would these new people be classified? Would there be a kind of obedient, submissive? There would be a species of humans, but mostly submissive.

    He knows it's powerful and so organized that there's hardly any clear-cut power to annihilate it. Trump believed, Trump knew something when he was still president, but he knew that there could be people close to him who are passive of the organization.​

    1. Well yeah anon there were people close to him that a part of this. One is Jared Kushner. His son in law. Chabad Lubovite. Close ties to BB Netanyahu. And don't forget, 666 Park Avenue?? He can't be that slow.

    2. I'm with you Sotogirly!!
      I'm afraid the train has left the station with Trump. he might still be the lesser of all evils options wise, but fully trusting him ever again is off the table. Have heard lately that his spiel is "I'm going to REALLY drain the swamp this time and this time I REALLY mean it!!" LOL.
      Fool me once shame on you -- fool me -- ya can't get fooled again!!

      God what an idiot -- but priceless hilarity. I miss that.

    3. i grok the trump statements. hes a player as they all r n all players r being played. by the leviathan, the beast, whomever whatever the dark source is. satan AI --something wicked this way comes. just wanted to get the other content out there, the location of a cabal in Kuwait Westworld style just as we had talked about. the new human being developed, the situation. quoting the psychic who apparently answers directly to topic questions asked. we can throw the trump baby out but the rest of the water in the clairvoyants quote backs up.

  69. I think most of us have seen those videos of vaxxed people suddenly seeing... something, invisible, which is swirling around them, so they start spinning in terror and DIE, suddenly, their faces showing pure horror. Theory: the vaxx is also destroying people's *spiritual* immune system, their "spiritual armor". Which means that we truly DO live in a "demon-haunted world" after all. Good thing I never once took the "Mark of the Beast", and I'm not even a Christian saying this, but... I'm starting to wonder, especially with what's being done to children.

    1. GOOD thang that you're starting to wonder pal o mine -- the Signs are all around us.
      The veils are starting to thin, we are being prepared for something psychologically and physiologically, and people, LOTS of people, are beginning to start to see things. We're in the throes of The Quickening, as ole Art Bell used to say.

      Speaking of, and due to present circumstances being what they are, I always remembered this night; I was listening live to this in '97, on SEPTEMBER 11 of all days:

      Always wondered if that "earlier precursor of the Space Program" referred to what Jack Parsons had done, of which NOBODY knew of in 1997...

      20+ million people were listening to Art @ that time. It was insane. WHAT or WHO in 97 could cause a global satellite to lose earthloc??

      TOOL even used it to send off their 2001 album LATERALUS in high strangeness style. Everybody all gangsta until they get to the end of Lateralus.

      Interestingly, Faaip De Oiad is ENOCHIAN for "Voice of God."

      Lots of things were revealed in 1997, and again early in 2001, that set the stage for today.....the soundtrack continues.

    2. Christianity angle to this is under-rated imo. Also heavily obfuscated. Why the Bible is obsessed with genetics in the light of our current predicament is a big ????

      Days of Noah here we are again

  70. aint nobody gonna drain any swamp. all swamp creatures crawl n slither n chomp each other. there aint a mammal in the bunch. this is swamp world. a corporation. the prez nothing more than a propped sock puppet from Lyndon B on. another fat putrid prick. Trump is irreverent. i love it when he shanks them, hes Cornpop giving them the bathroom shiv. i love how they despise him, love to watch them squirm, pitch fits, go unhinged. doesnt take much since he feeds them directly as they lap up his loosh. plus the 8 symbol is the logo of Meta n Zuckerborg looks AI. itsa fake out. all of it is. he was Greenbaumed. last name certainly isnt Smith. been backstaging the world, telling stories while wandering n writing holy books.

    its the corporations game. since the 60's. prepped n prepared. another thing the psychic says often-- "The threshold has been exceeded. Tell them that a great cataclysm is approaching, so large that it will overshadow all the abnormalities that have been going on for a while, there is no turning back. There is no turning back here. It cannot be stopped without consequences. Despite the rebellion in the world....we are in a dark situation because the most serious things have happened. ....this scenario cannot be interrupted."

    "I will tell you this thing...I saw when there was a plague...we still have a war ahead of us... And it will take three and a half years, but it won't be good after will be dark, hopeless... a situation in which either reaching an agreement, which is actually probably impossible, and continuing what is terrible, or war. There is no other option at the moment, no other way out. You can't go back and go back to normal for a while, because it's too late..."

  71. ok ok. incidents on the planes. ever see that in the 90's? what ya say? trial runs maybe-- "This organization is apolitical but has influence over politicians. It's about generating a new human being. To start a new humanity, new people, other people. This organization thinks that it will create not immediately, but will create a super human, a super race, but getting there will be very dirty, possibly brutal...."

    it sits on planes wearing hoodies. the plan requires the usual conditioning, hoodies cover identities. utilize the planes closed entropic environment to test if humans can detect an alien as in manufactured energy signature, an odd FRV. Westworld of the great east is not going to let all those lasered off tongues n anuses go to waste. everybody knows one must use up the old technology to make room for the new. they start wars for that. nix the old toys, bring in the new, could be old models put out as testers. in this way too human reactions to said chimera r measured n recorded. can be used to fine tune the next batch avoiding recognition. masterful. evil. ask who does this? something already tweaked, already programmed. another chimera. call it 'first blood.'

  72. More itinerary of strange, weird & ooooky:

    & of all U2 LPs, why is it that Achtung is getting the deluxe treatment chosen for the One World Eye dome in Vegas??
    Isn't this the anniversary of Zooropa anyway?? (which was actually the better album IMHO)
    Maybe they'll incorporate both halves in the show.....both,, along with POP, serve as the band's last great swipes at adventurous, challenging, outrageous music -- everything after has been one long dull slide down into mediocrity and corporate steeze, pleeeze WEF stank.
    Always thought they could have covered this without even a shred of irony:

    Come to think of it, did Immortal Tech actually write that about Epstein??!! Fits and sits perf & is in reality THE REAL soundtrack since 2016....hell, 2011 and Happy Valley truth be told.

    ONWARD into another stormy weekend....

    1. And from Annie -- you don't know her but I do --
      just got alerted to this MAJOR drop of importance from Naomi -- who is still recuperating from an appendectomy that along with lots of other weird circumstances borders on a spiritual attack:

      MANY MANY prayers for her just like we blanketed & cocooned Carrie Madej in with after her plane crash......

      This IS a full-fledged SPIRITUAL WAR. We need to recognize it as such and plan and fightback accordingly.

  73. SAW that A6 -- & believe me, was gonna be a tentpole of the next post!!
    WILD times a-comin'!!

  74. & A6!!
    re your above comm about the Days of Noah,
    check these out again for good measure:

    All the while thinking about what's been going on pushing the accelerator (pardon the pun) at CERN esp in light with what it may have to do with today's events,,,,since 2015,,,
    Think about the Gotthard Tunnel Ceremony and what it represented in 2016....

  75. BB I have been dreaming and thinking of deceased loved ones so much lately. Especially my dogs. They were always my little angels I'm getting sad even writing this. Your post hit a nerve. Ty.

  76. love it--
    " All the actions of the mother WEFfers point to them acting as the managers for the Space Aliens of the human farm that is Planet Earth. All their efforts can be summarized as being directed to getting the human herd under control, and ready to be harvested for their Space Alien masters.

    Given the literature review, and the exposure of the Space Alien agenda in human diet restrictions (food pyramid), and given the recent language and actions of the WEF (you vill eat zee bugz), along with the associated global control network, it appears that the WEF is being pressured by the thought of their Space Alien masters returning to catch them with the farm in disarray. Thus they are redoubling their efforts, as we have all witnessed. And though the results are less than they expected, they will keep on with their management program, even as the herd is breaking free from their mind control. The WEF and the global control structure is desperate, and becoming more so with every day, as they think there is a ‘owners’ meeting for the Planet Earth Human Farm in the near future."

  77. hope not repeating. forgot his ender from somewhere else--

    "I've tried to explain to truthers for years that high level arrests won't be seen because the cabal is replacing their own people with clones. No official sources will disclose this because the truth of how deep it goes would be too traumatic for the entire planet.
    The coming…
    — Kab (@Kabamur_Taygeta) June 22, 2023

  78. The entire issue of cloning is fascinating. (And yet another area Epstein was fascinated with...)
    We're just past the anniversary of Dolly the sheep being cloned on July 5 1996.
    Knowing that they (we) could do it, do we REALLY think that it stopped with her?

  79. Don't fret Sotogirly!!
    This too shall pass....
    All your loved ones are just across the veil waiting -- and since time is different there to here, it'll only be a matter of days for them before they see you again.
    I often think of my little Morris (Mo!) tabby sleeping in tall grasses and yucca plants, & chasing mice thru sunny fields waiting to see me again. Reunions are waiting!!

  80. Hi Sotogirl and Wordman:
    I feel beyond doubting that our cats and dogs and other species we bond with have spirits and souls...and they are linked to us, their people by that and other this existence and the best to u and your furry ones...

    1. For all the Kitty lovers out there:

  81. yes, constant continuous thinking of the passed loved ones. i feel they r close. closer than ever. purposeful contact as the veil thins. im sure of it. they know merging is coming. thanks for those links n sharing.

    oh yes real grieving at the real rainbow bridge. i cried thinking of my favorite horse n my fave little girl dog found at work one day starving in the alley. just a puppy. my child, smarter than, well .... n the ancestors. seems theyre doing major talking, lots of chatter. so many synchs sent every day almost overwhelming. its happening, the wave, the shift, the event, the coming. a ways to go but networked. it could be perfect timing.

  82. Hey Max!!
    Don't know if you were on deck before when I explained that in 4th grade of a "progressive" private school I transferred into here in Richmond VA, one of our very first history classes in that grade talked extensively about Mu, Sumer, and the "cradle of civilization."
    This would have been right around 1969,-70, can't remember when 4th grade started here, if it was when you were 10 then it would have been 1970....
    This course got into MAJOR ramifications and even discussed DNA manipulation, how "we" got to be how we are at this point in history, their economics, trade routes, relation to the Bible stories (Flood, etc), and what we can take from and learn from them today.
    Pretty wild exposure for a bunch of 10 yr olds preparing for the next episode of BATMAN. LOL.

  83. that school of urs wordman. who were those teachers? do u remember the purple power builder reading method series? after u told us about ur elementary 'school' experiences i looked up that reading method n dated its intro. nothing jumped out as anything but def something big was going on w/ u. i thot maybe i would find a clue but no.

    ive been fascinated since n def know early exposure to history n myth ignites the soul. introduces a whole world of nonstop learning. its some kind of tuning n initiation. i think one becomes an adept from it. i know a giant illustrated The Iliad and the Odyssey at age 6 can do that. do u think those teachers were prepping the sons n daughters of DC bigwig/politician types? kinda like a prep school elitist program? the making of future statesmen type stuff? its true that esp back in those days civilization stopped at the Mississippi. u were for real "east coast."

    1. Very much hard to tell Anony, just what kind of agenda was in play back then for my class and others around that time period.
      It could honestly JUST have been more progressive methods and viewpoints in the wake of the late 60s taking over the zeitgeist, and the clientele at this school most DEF leaned toward and into the upper crust of society that they were "initiating."
      I DO remember the names of those history (Mr. Sowers) and English teachers....the English teach a year or so later was Dabney Lewis. GREAT guy. He ventured off curriculum I distinctly remember one time and brought in this book, STONEHENGE DECODED (1965 First Edition by Gerald Hawkins) and spent prob 3 weeks talking about nothing but that, Druids, what Stonehenge actually was (a calendar, a ritual site, an astronomical clock, a vortex opener?? etc etc). So much for English & grammar, right?? LOL. But our eyes were opened to...extreme possibilities. Other topics became how plants could "feel," and I think even the Bermuda Triangle for a time.

      Then I had one of my bro's UofR college profs being a constant dinner guest of my folks at dinner parties of the time (which were wild) that would always talk to little ole me (5 & 6 yrs old) about John Keel and Charles Fort.
      So as for a "normal" life full of "normal" interests = I never had a chance!! LOL.

      But trust me, I would NEVER trade the decade of the 70s for ANYTHING....there was just something about that time that was crucial, and has never been back since.

    2. PS -- it was THIS edition:

    3. The pdf:

  84. Somewhat very much in league with all these comments is this hidden study that just emerged that will absolutely knock you over --
    It pertains to toroidal fields, scalar waves, and the inter-penetration and creation of all matter of existence by sound and vibration....
    (or) in other words...
    Everybody from Tesla to Brian Wilson were always right about those Good Vibrations, as was the Bible, that said
    "In the Beginning was the WORD."

    Savor this:

    and please lemme know what you think as always.....

    1. 4 days later this pops up on reddit:

      SONGS of course are shining example #1 in this scenario.

  85. JB!! Just popped up over on reddit also:

    And let's never forget their OCCULT calendar -- they do everything with it in mind: this falls RIGHT at the beginning of the holy Dog (Star) days of summer for them:

    As it creeps closer will have more to say on this very important scheduling........

  86. Nope l didn't know that... Pretty good for elementary school to delve that deeply into the past.

  87. Very much related to the above -- I'm not the only one sensing MAJOR coordination at play here:


    These people are DESPERATE -- & are LOSING IT.
    (in so many ways, but most importantly...Control of the Narrative.)

  88. classy family n upbringing wordman. nothing better than early exposure by brilliant history n english teachers for sure. anybody named Dabney wow classic background w/ big expectations. n the 70's man. if one can pick earth life timing we did beyond really good on that.

    JB !!! spit out the coffee reading seeing that post n pic. my gawd. n the egypt gate next. jesus. rap n twerking at the pyramids. the end is nigh.

    1. Haha!! Dabney was quite the dude. Given to wearing bow ties but none of that frou frou nouveau riche bent they're associated with now of the nerd class. A very erudite, rogue-ish fellow as I remember -- one of those guys as a youngster you picture with a different-girl-every-night-kind-of-guy.
      Somehow it made what he was passing along to us knowledge-wise all the more impressive & gravity-laden. Dude was SERIOUS.

      It really IS true that good teachers can influence you your whole life. I learned and absorbed WAY more important and pertinent info at that prep school from grades 4-12 than I did in an entire college curriculum.

    2. And thanks for that family shoutout Anony!!
      They WERE classy -- with everything of that time implied. Didn't see eye-to-eye with my Dad for the longest time (far too much alike) but it was ALWAYS my Mom & I against the world.
      But I DID get my conspiratorial bent from him -- he trusted no one & nothing pertaining to the upper class of ANYTHING. When in the Air Force would continually be getting busted back to to private for mouthing off to his superiors, if not worse -- LOL.
      I remember back in the 80s he was sitting in the driveway aft coming home from work for what seemed like HOURS with the car running -- totally baffled my Mom & I...when he came in he said he'd been listening on the AM radio to a talk between researchers (Mark Lane?) at the time all about the Kennedy Assassination, & how it couldn't have been Oswald alone. So lots of seeds got planted in me early, long before Oliver Stone.

      My Mom was LOTS more rah rah USA and apple pie, but she'd been a reporter in Detroit in the day, so she needed questions answered too. So all of this is literally in my DNA.

      My Dad was well versed in propaganda too...During WWII his folks would send him newspaper clippings of where they knew he was, what towns had been taken by Allied Forces, etc...

      He'd write them back: "Haha!! We haven't even REACHED that town yet!!" So early on he was pretty disgusted with it all.

    3. You/We actually did pick our timing, also our Parents, of course not everyone did it for the right reason(s)

  89. BB!! That reminds me of the whole Midsommar ethos that I got into a few posts back & how it relates to the ancient religion of the future the WEF and various global concerns in the cult want to propagate = basically as few humans as possible. Terraform the earth (& US) back to thousands of years ago. Georgia Guidestones territory.

    Also aligns VERY much with this, published on Icke's site in 2000:

    Aligns spookily in lockstep with the vaxx agenda also...

  90. looks like ur footsteps stayed on that anti-propaganda path into exquisite exposure on a world wide scale. they would be proud. dapper Dabney n Mr Sowers too.

    1. Haha!! My Mammy always SAID I was destined for great things -- but that's what Moms do -- plant those self-fulfilling prophecy seeds in your psyche....
      Bless her soul -- she didn't live long enough to see it, & I was too busy playing tennis & other bread and circuses -- but somewhere, at some dimensional intersection, I hope she knows that her son did at least a little bit of what she saw....

  91. Thanks for that hit A6!!
    I SAW that earlier in the day and it really makes you wonder....first with people losing their minds and their memories on the Tay Tay ERAS tour (REALLY weird circumstances that hint largely at something much more going on), now this at an Ed Sheeran show....
    That's an AWFUL lot of people to just slip willy nilly into cardiac arrest and whatever else(??) with a high of just 72 degrees, which would seem ideal & not the temp to send hordes of bodies into stress-levels needed for such carnage.
    And even an ER worker that went into arrest while LEAVING the venue...
    This def seems like they were all subjected to possibly some aerial spraying or some frequency modulation test using 5G -- I wonder how many of the 37 affected were vaxxed?? I wish there was a way of finding out -- this may very well have been a test like Astroworld.

    All in all, seems like a very good time to stay far far away from any outdoor concert events that draw large numbers of people;
    SOMEONE seems to have taken it on themselves that such are extremely good testing grounds.

    All of which makes the Travis Scott upcoming gig at the Pyramids something to keep a very watchful eye zero July 28!!
    17 more days.

  92. Btw, Wordman, I've telling people about you on Twitter, and sent a link to "Time of No Time Evermore" to all of my followers, so...

    EXPECT TRAFFIC! (maybe)

    1. Thanks Jaybers, and that one post seems after all this time to attract....moreso than a lot of others.
      I'd venture to say that, the CERN series, and the Pizzagate & Epstein ones are the big fish in recent history....

  93. add to the above mess at the concerts w/ this--
    "3 men kill themselves jumping in front of moving Manhattan subway trains in 11-hour span. NEW YORK — Three men killed themselves by jumping in front of moving subway trains in separate incidents in Manhattan on Monday, police said." what in the ???

    plus gagged n felt violent reading BB's last Faustian Fauci info. im sure alien worlds > alien world govts started that way w/ “three" of this n that supposed men of genius....yeah. such beneficence n wisdom. such ethics. cream of the crop. scientism. i bet alien world hierarchies do this. bet its modeled after that. w/ their direct influence.

    1. Ditto Anony -- sure seems to be a LOT of folks dropping out, dead, and offing themselves lately.
      Almost enough to make you think some kind of nanotech is being activated -- but we all know that's just CRAZY talk!!

      And for those keeping track, 33 years ago today, this train got rollin:

  94. This has all been a long time comin Anony, and is now taking place in a world where THIS is actually happening:

    Get up and put your sandals on Jesus -- it's gettin serious down here!!
    Hoohah and vajayjay were cute (feminine), THIS is a freakin abomination.
    To think that this is even CLOSE to being deemed "official" just so as to not offend your nearest snowflake, shows you just how far gone it all is at this point.
    The Death Cult is swingin into overdrive for a reason....& as always, language -- WORDS -- are what they lead with to establish a reality out of nothing.

  95. The failure to produce a culprit in the White House cocaine scandal shows just how effed up this country is.

    1. It's all on purpose. They are stoking the fire on purpose.

  96. Hey OMID --
    Regarding your earlier comm above about 9/11, what was attacked and why...this just popped up the other day on reddit and outlines the reality pretty sharply...
    It still AMAZES me that, (what is it, half now??) of the American people still believe the official lie....when you can actually sit down and try and reason things like this thru, it makes absolutely ZERO sense:

    With zero accountability to date -- only upgrades and raises and promotions for absolutely everyone involved.
    All as a precursor to attack 2 countries that had nothing to do whatsoever with what happened. But then again, we're not gonna nuke Saudi Arabia, the UAE and all of Israel, are we??
    Plus that's not where the oil & POPPY fields we were coveting were, right? (What exploded in the wake of 9/11? The OPIOID crisis -- & trillions for Big Pharma...)

    1. As a matter of fact, you can make a VERY good case that that Opioid $$ greased the wheels for & made possible all the finalizing research and development for everything we've been living thru since late late 2019/2020.
      Cause & effect.

  97. This just popped up to Anony -- as much as they're trying to say all kinds of this isn't happening...
    It IS:


  98. There's a straight line from the false flag of 9/11 that barrels right into covid and the vaxx.

  99. This also:

  100. Thanks so much for that Sotogirly!!
    I forget about 'em so often but I really need to be a amore attentive lurker over at the StateoftheNation site -- everything they do screams INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM from the rooftops. Thanks for reminding me!!

    I have so many thoughts, esp lately, about Ukraine and how it's being used by the PTB. For SURE it was a diversion from the word go...An ultimate "look over HERE not over THERE" tactic they specialize in.
    But it ALSO serves as a crazily questionable way to traffic children, something else they specialize in. Using both natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes etc) and wars as fronts for child trafficking and supplying the pedo ratlines is something they (think Clinton Foundation, Haiti, etc) are VERY well versed in. & very much a part of the reason they are panicking over SOUND OF FREEDOM the way they are.

    But Ukraine goes even deeper -- I encourage you to watch these 2 deliveries from Amazing Polly from back in the early part of 2020:
    the 20 03 20 one called WE ARE BEING PLAYED, & the
    20 03 22 one called VIRUS TASK FORCE BOSS BIRX UKRAINE
    Both are located at the compendium of all her stuff:

    Just scroll down on the left hand side to find the correct date & you're off!!
    These 2 posts esp target who was/is behind the plandemic bs (note esp BONO & BILL GATES), and how all these same people play into the same Ukraine scam.

    So yes, Ukraine serves many purposes, money laundering pit for the Bidens et al, pedo cult nexus, and more.
    But since little bargain budget Fidel was on the outside looking in at the recent NATO fete, it looks increasingly like his time has come & gone:

    Let us hope the time for EVERYTHING being revealed, is NOW.

  101. And just not to forget that child sex trafficking should ALWAYS be a bi-partisan issue, let's never forget DYNCORP under the Bush junta in 2005:

    Or what happened to Gary Caradori under his Dad and Reagan:

    There ain't nobody innocent in this. Let's get that straight right now.

  102. DUDE!!! my gawd man r u on it. the data u pull in is astounding. jesusususususus. so much for the KOO. holy orifice. distressed triggered saddened n suicidal the self hate has no bounds. "Now health professionals are urged to call vaginas 'bonus holes' to avoid offending patients." no doubt would be texting from prison if i was still practicing. cant fake it so as to not be arrested. i knew when to bail.

    heard marijuana in the WH last yr but they didnt wanna bring it up now. bad timing. stuff probably brought in by bonus hole. golly gee those darned progressives. shits graduated from cigars in holes to coke in holes to coverage by spokeshole assholes. its too fun.

  103. I'm trolling everyone on Twitter tonight:

    "I'm a paleomacroherpetophile myself, meaning that I'm very powerfully attracted to giant prehistoric reptiles. We paleomacroherpetophiles are a proud people! We're sick and tired to limit ourselves to watching the latest Jurassic Park or Godzilla flick.

    The only time I've gotten laid the way I want to is when my ex agreed to wear a velociraptor mask, with a big rubber tail. When she started growling the right way, I put on my Australian bushman's hat and said "Oh, you're not getting away from me this time, you CLEVER GIRL!"

    You just wait and see! Soon there'll be a T-Rex on the Pride Flag!"

    1. Insert Jurassic Park raptor clicking/ chittering noises here...

  104. I would LOVE to see the irony in this, which is along with signaling I'm sure the message, but now, coming from 2018, this just seems like a WARNING from an insider:

    Scary scary scary.

  105. That WTC power down reddit link from earlier came from a dead source -- this one's better:

    So much info on the precursor events getting deleted all the time --
    can't imagine why.....

  106. BB!!
    Haven't checked the first drop about Nick Bryant, as I'm very into everything he's been doing for years. but MAN, that second one!!
    Angel Studios has to be VERY careful with who they climb in bed with to get this thing made, distributed, advanced, etc.
    VERY good point that these sinister forces will USE our very good intentions against us -- things are THAT diabolic and Machiavellian.
    More to the point should be the fact remaining that we CAN'T use the same forces that got us into this to solve the problem. And those forces are double and triple actors sometimes, wearing many disguises.

    Greg Reese's FANTASTIC substack outlining all this:

    It makes a superb point at the end also -- where is this all heading?? What solutions WILL be proposed?
    The shady and dangerous prospect of chipping the kids to keep them safe is a problem and likely a HUGE one that could be ahead.

    All that being said, recently heard Caviezel say in a sit-down that a part 2 is in the works and the scripting stage right now, and it will feature prominently...Haiti.
    Which has to also mean the Clinton Foundation by definition.
    So for one I believe his intentions are pure & headed in the right direction....
    But the goodly-hearted need perhaps a bit more discernment on the distributing logistical end.

    AMAZING work by Corey's Digs, Reese and Farber.
    Stay vigilant.

  107. Putting none other than Podesta in charge of intelligence gathering in a database of all child porn is the absolute ultimate fox guarding the henhouse, no?
    It also brings into stark relief those infamous emails that led to Pizzagate all over again -- not so absurd and outlandish now, eh Mr. Levenda?? Is your measured, learned oh so smug advice still to "grow the fuck up?" I would suggest to you we have. What's keeping you, exactly? Other than a guilty conscience and constantly pleading the fifth.
    Would LOVE to get his take on all this but of course he's permanent incommunicado, naturally. I would also love to think it's only out of hubris overload and embarrassment, but we all know now there's more to it than that. A LOT more. You, and those like you, aren't fooling anyone anymore Mr. Paranormal Investigator.
    Those intersections of flying saucers and worldwide pedophile cults that I joked about in 2016 that drew such a snark retort and endless diatribes from you....have now ensnared you.
    Welcome to the Boomtown.

  108. Caviezel is a zombie piece of shit who is handled by Harvey pasternack the same scumbag jew that used to handle kanye

    1. For the record it's HARLEY Pasternack and here is a highly informative drop from Amazing Polly all about the situation a few months back:

      Just reposted 3rd from the top.....

    2. Also see the comm 4 up about much more strangeness in the wake of Sound Of Freedom, and how all might not be how it appears...
      Polly all over that too on her 23 07 14 drop that's the current #1 on the list......

  109. So ole Petey is up and running, eh? Wouldn't he just love it if I showed up in the comms for round 2? LOL.

    I find it of particular pertinence in his very first post -- ALIENATED -- that he gets very descriptive in a paragraph about genetics:
    "Science-fiction? But we have gene-editing ourselves. We have CRISPR and other systems. We can even use DNA to carry a digital virus that infects computers. If we can do that, then what the contactees report as biological interference – although crude, even by our standards – may have an ulterior motive or may even mask a more delicate operation."

    EXTREMELY interesting in light of what's gone down since 2020, plus Epstein's research, juxtaposed against that whole flying saucer intersection thang that got me in so much trubs with the dude in the first place.
    But with quotes like this he continues to make my case for me....
    Dude is still slippery by nature, and black as they come.

  110. Anony!!
    Corey's Digs is for sure invaluable as resources go -- I always find myself coming back to this one for explanatory purposes:

    & ever since I found out Oppenheimer was one of the ratpack surrounding Jack Parsons -- well it all just makes so much sense now, doesn't it?? Will be very interesting to read between the lines of the new movie as to how much Chris Nolan delves into that direction....I'm sure he won't be overt about it; more like just dropping little nudges and clues along the way. Breadcrumbs for those in the know.

    & I find it increasingly curious as to just how many roles Florence Pugh takes on that have a decided occultic edge to them -- it's starting to get a bit weird. Lady MacBeth, Midsommar, Don't Worry Darling, now Oppenheimer all have a creepy, unspoken tinge to them to varying degrees. Is she one of the "insiders?"

  111. & speaking of creepy occult tinges, "Jeffrey Epstein Chose New Mexico For a Reason" nails it.
    I remember, I think, an Amazing Polly allllll about the ties to the Santa Fe Institute.
    Haunted terrain no doubt.
    EVERYTHING is connected and everything gets chosen for a very good reason.
    But sometimes it's also just simple semantics: What better places than the middle of the ocean and the middle of the desert to get rid of bodies??
    Not to put too fine a point on it....but in the end it's all about ritual and sacrifice.

  112. Levenda's like the serial killer that just can't stop taunting the police and dropping hints along the way....from the gutters.
    Wicked King Wicker.
    Catch me if you can.

  113. THIS -- & will have more to say on this & put it into context -- is supposedly what much of Congress has been told in closed session & that will not stay under wraps for much longer:

    1. I don't see the bombshell. 'They' are here. 'They' are here using our resources? Are they trafficking children, using adrenocHroMe and performing satanic rituals? Are they creating these 5G towers and vaxiNeS to mind control the world? Am I missing something? So the 'lost tribe' is off the hook?? These freaks are doing everything they can to destroy humanity? Have been for who knows how long. Which one is the lesser of two evils? If they were not friendly to a government official they seem like they know when they see puppets. LOL. I'm actually rooting for them at this point. Unless these 'beings' drop the bombshell on the jOOoos and their noahide deceptions and endless crimes I don't GAF.

    2. Haha!! I think the ultimate "disclosure" will be the unveiling that all of this agenda is directed to the Overlords here by "them." There is ZERO original content from these "elites." It's all been dictated to them and they're just regurgitating at this point.
      That's the story straight from the inner sanctums of the DOD & Collins Elite folks -- the ones that have dedicated their lives to fighting all of this since discovering what was going on in the early 90s, anyway.
      All goes back to John Dee, Crowley, Jack Parsons et al..
      Nothing new under the sun.
      Epstein networks 9/11 Op & bioweapon genetic infiltration etc are just offshoots...Means to an end.

    3. PLUS something that they've seen -- or THINK they've seen -- has both parties in the US Congress severely rattled and singing from the same hymn book.
      THIS is as big or bigger news than the disclosure itself -- and should make us all sit up and be more than a little alarmed.

      What happens next is anybody's guess.....

    4. OR, put another way, what could be enough to rattle closet psychopaths that are in cahoots with Big Pharma & the looking the other way (at least) during the willful genocide of millions of their own people??

      Think about THAT for a second.....

  114. Sooooo; do we now get to sue every bizz that forced to get their employees jabbed just to work? A forced bioweapon doesn't sound too good.
    My pronouns remain TOLD. YOU. SO.

    & altho it may be 5 or 6 boosters too late -- BRAVO Florida!!
    One down.....

  115. "We would say that the plague that hit the Egyptians during this time and that passed over the Hebrews was a similarly engineered virus, but a more potent one because it struck and killed right away..." n the rest of her stuff from way back. mehhhh. Lyssa Royal Holt said this stuff in 1992 as have tons of others. maybe pickin' up the pace but taking way too long. she focused on those pesky Lyrans n their influence assisting "bad guys" making bioengineered viruses n why. trying to replicate the Egyptian incl AIDS modern day viral plagues in which they were actually successful. all partnered up w/ plausible n overt denial ongoing. plan is to leave particular humans at the time of harvest w/ particular traits so that the Lyrans and the Sirians who were involved in some of the original post Neanderthal Cro-Magnon human genetic engineering will have "the perfect vehicle, a body, for themselves to incarnate into eventually. It's kind of like building your own car. They wanted to start from scratch, build the car, and be the driver of the car."

    its outside stimulus as part of evolution, in their book. always the tinkering. its clearly territorial. weaves right into the enemy alien concepts/posts wordman has just recently posted. the supposed worried nervous senate n congress "both parties." because "So again you have two different forces fighting each other: One is trying to find a cure and the other is trying to find a way to obtain it and wipe out a lot of people."

  116. I'm shocked. Said me never. Except now.

  117. Global open-air mental hospital
    Sounds pretty spot on

    Hey wordman where's the new stuff? :^)

    1. So spot on BB & A6!!
      This has been going on at least since the FBI buried evidence of the McMartin tunnels back in the day all the way up to what was in the Clinton-Podesta emails -- one long round of "nothing to see here" that we've (not all) fallen for...
      Well, thanks to all the time folks had on their hands during those enforced lockdowns, there are millions of more awakened souls on the waters right now -- gotta love those unintended consequences!!

      NEW stuff is in the pipeline and churning bit by bit -- if I had a gun to my head I'd say Monday the 24th is looking awful good.

      And PERFECT post by Denninger btw JB!!
      The answer lies not in chipping all the kids which is what Ballard himself is stumping for and that I'll have a LOT more to say about by the's in swift and final PUNISHMENT for all these vermin.
      Instead there is more and more mainstream "normalizing" of all this happening:

      See, we're not harmful, we actually LOVE the kiddies.
      To death.

    2. What happened to Michael Blooomberg? After running for president ages ago, at same time he was the star of Tracy Twymans Genuflect (ostensibly), he has disappeared from public view so far as I can tell.

    3. Tread carefully there Anony!!
      Just so happens that along with the child trafficking links shared between she & Isaac Kappy in their joint pizzagate-type research, THIS was one of the last areas Tracy Twyman was looking into re Bloomberg & his ancient underground city restoration/occult fixation...
      Then BANG -- both of them were deader than a bag of hammers. Dual "suicides." Riiiiiiight.

      Between that & the disclaimed inside info in Genuflect got her offed as sure as I'm sitting here -- & Bloomberg is one of the "untouchables."

      Slightly more coming in 5 days -- stay tuned.

    4. heard he was behind the just recent attack on Jason Aldean n his song thats not even new. insisting on canceling him, the song, all of it. yeah. weird, these synchs. this mob. figures.

    5. Almost literally right out of DRACULA, right??

  118. Here is the exact study that RFK Jr is quoting from. The sickening "woke" indignation over the dude is reaching monumental stupidity levels:

    What happened to "trust the science??" I guess only when that science doesn't come to loggerheads with your agenda, right?

  119. The RACIST & ANTISEMETIC cards aren't just the last refuge of scoundrels anymore; they're the calling cards of Monsters and the dregs of humanity working the lowest common denominator.

  120. And THIS Anony!!
    Possibly related to nothing at all, Aldean just had to rush off the stage due to some kind of "attack..."

    Possibly heat exhaustion -- possibly something else?

    & Bloomberg isn't the only one calling out his latest vid for "pro-lynching," (LOL) CMT has also BANNED it.
    You can't make this shit up.
    This is what happens when small town values (& make no mistake, that is EXACTLY what they are & always have been)
    meet the "woke" idiocracy today.
    Absolutely true, and me & LOTS of America stand by every word:

    Robert Counts a few years ago put it in a catchier way:

    God Bless em all.
    THIS is America.

  121. yes. i read Bloomie made Paramount+ connections ownership of CMT do it. hes on record as hating DT more than almost everybody in the big time. New York New York insider info hate bad bad.

    geez then maybe some EMF sent to hit Jason for punishment. if he gets "sick" soon, we will see. yeah "THIS is America" well it used to be. ironic the whole point of Aldeans song. tit for tat at our house we have canceled THE CANCELERS 50 times longer harder stronger. curse reverse. ha.

    1. Speaking of sick, the pallor of Jim Caviezel recently looks pretty bad....for whatever reason.

    2. Good find A6!!
      Reminds me greatly of Tim Alberino's stuff with a dash of Tom Horn.
      As for MY words -- hold on til Monday night -- the Madness is coming!!

  122. This is quickly turning into one of my highest-viewed/liked tweets:


    If you try to force everyone to go to the left, far left, extreme far left *against their will*, people in general will have *no other choice* than to go to the right, far right, extreme far right, as a matter of survival, of self-defense.

    Congratulations, you've made sure the 2020s turn out just like the 1920s. As if we need this sh*t, either way. Idiots."

  123. cant type or even edit right anymore. i give up but anyway geezus Covid 19 n assortments reminds of Captain Tripps from The Stand n Wildfire from The Walking Dead series. a convergence of both n more r happening now. while the CDC in both stories is absolutely useless. ur tax $ at work helping to kill u. it never does anything helpful, simply not capable of it. failed public health by military design.

    we know Rick n the group travel to the CDC facility in Druid Hills, Georgia (isnt that interesting) outside Atlanta where there might be a cure. we know all along they wont find one n shit will just get worse. there was one suicidal scientist left who explained that the Wildfire virus was lab created in France by a DARPA type organization for experimental purposes. n then he blows up the facility. yeah the acronymed agencies have got to go. along w/ the censorship censor committees on the hill. all Annunaki have to be recalled back to Tartarus below Hades (thanks A6).

    not thrilled w/ RFK Jr either or any of them for that matter but will support anybody at this juncture who exposes the dragon traitors. Sott has some new workings discussing their psychopathology. we r seeing that clearly now n somehow that is being front staged in this quickening/happening/pre-harvest ripening. it has changed time n timing. n perception. something is hugely affecting perception. its the strangest observation for sure. cool we r talking about it cuz its enormous.

  124. over come this ? ---

    inborn evil with a corrupting influence, a system of govt created by the aforesaid wherein a small pathological minority takes control over a society of normal people (those normals a major problem). pathocrats playing normal by influencing the 3 M pillars money, media, medicine.

    "...the psychopathic leaders or ‘figureheads’ have managed to functionally instantiate a system of authority in which the normal person is, to varying degrees of penetrance, conned into believing—or at the least ‘going along’ despite internal misgivings—that what is in reality a pathocratic system of political, is instead some ‘legitimate’ [or normal] doctrinal ideology...with internal coherence of precepts and viewpoints.
    ... instead, the pathocratic ponerogic process is masqueraded as a normative, yet ‘different’ doctrinal institutional framework" advertising itself as a unicorn of morally superior ethics nofv which u must join n agree so to signal ur moral righteousness. the definition of woke. one must comply w/ deleting actual history to honor the commandment thou shalt have no pathocrats before me!

    later the god-like pathocracy conflicts w/ normals as one or the other drives a sanitation process trying to wipe slates clean. deviantly clever this internal takeover can become a trojan horse after a majority attempt to countervail. sponsored by? .... the game then re-levels into deep fundamentalism w/ edicts and traditions that are cloaked in archaic evil moralizations that can be paradoxically leveraged to advance the pathocratic ponerogenic system! right where it started. talk about damned if u do damned if u dont its so well covered here on earth. clearly obvious how this is truly some weirdo dierdo experiment cuz the outcome so far is THE SAME PATHOCRATS stay in power! who in the fuk is behind this oldest chess game in the universe? come on man, boring, dumb, old hat, still depending on the concept of duped dumb white lib women named EVE to do the dirty work. new game plan, somewhere, somehow, ever? reincarnate here again? had enuf? jesus....

  125. "MindMatters: Unmasking Psychopaths and Narcissists in Business and Politics - with Dr. Clive Boddy"
    check the pic, nose on the left, Bryan K, Kissinger, Claudius Caesar Augustus, n quite a few others. illustrative how toxic leadership intersects with incompetent leadership reigning supreme in corporate n political psychopathic organizations. its why one tries to keep it in bloodlines cross mating, bred n promotred from within to regenerate beyond mentally ill offspring. theres no fixing personality disorders. pathocracy depends on it. the authority of it is the key.

    1. Stand by Anony -- Much more coming in 24 hrs featuring more uncovered about Tracy Twyman interviews and info.....

  126. This will make you both laugh and think:

    1. JB -- yet ANOTHER ridiculously dark turn from Margot Robbie.
      So transcendent in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood as Sharon Tate, then dropping every kind of occult hint and trigger in the supremely satanic box-office bomb Babylon (but which is otherwise brilliant) BARBIE of all stupid things masquerading as another Externalization Of The Hierarchy on steroids.....
      ...not sure where her career is being steered, but, much like Florence Pugh of late -- it's a very, VERY dark place with what seems like MUCH aligning with the OG Sharon Tate template....

      Doesn't Hollywood always need another blonde to throw into the furnace of the meat pit, Moloch-style??
      Hell, the Mayans couldn't have done it any better....

  127. all hail u guys.oh boy wordman n great work JB. Aussie blondie Margot will always be Harley Quinn. plus barely got thru Asteroid City w/ her i there too.almost everybody was in there. ugh. Babylon was her. all the way, almost a biography it seemed.

    1. Haha!! Had forgotten (!!!) about the ubiquitous Quinn -- pigtails!!


      Can you FEEL the 70s?? Good LORD.

    2. Gone forever, it seems a lifetime ago now and basically is. Hard to believe how completely FUBAR things are now compared to that relatively innocent time.
      Even though all of what we are seeing now had the seeds planted back then, for us who were blissfully unaware, we wish we could get that era back.
      Instead now all I want is to see a few thousand necks stretched on prime time television before I take the dirt nap myself.

    3. Pretty amazing isn't it??!!
      The mid-to-late 70s for me was all about Connors playing Borg before even some dude named McEnroe came along. Every meeting was like a Heavyweight Championship of Tennis & the game was hellishly popular like it never would be again. Ilie Nastase, Guillermo Vilas, Roscoe Tanner -- the game was a Wild West Show full of personalities and color.
      It was Ali in his fading glory.
      It was Reggie Jackson & the Yankees.
      Kenny "the Snake" Stabler and the Raiders...

      There were only 3 channels, peace signs and smiley faces were everywhere, every radio you cut on had Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Aerosmith, the Stones and 1,001 one-hit wonders that colored our Falls and Summers. Everybody drank Coke instead of water (hey, it's GOOD for you!!), and Big Macs were 50 cents!!
      But as you said, SO much was going on under the surface that was setting the stage for where we are today. (Jimmy Carter had Zbig Brezezinski in his cabinet...& Henry Kissinger was everywhere.)
      We'd just gotten thru & over Watergate...& things like Son of Sam, the Zodiac and Ted Bundy augured far worse things on the horizon.
      We didn't know what MKUltra was....

      It was the best of times -- it was the worst of times.

    4. Haha -- don't forget Dorothy Hamill haircuts, Prell shampoo, puka shell necklaces, leisure suits and Hai Karate!!
      And Close Encounters of the Third Kind in November '77 changed absolutely everything....

    5. And does ANYTHIG scream the 70s like first PETER FRAMPTON, and then the GREASE soundtrack??!!

  128. BTW extremely significant nods to OPPENHEIMER here:

    And here:

    Nolan is weaving his web.....

  129. As is noted in the reddit comms, there was a huge uptick of flying saucer/UFO sightings in the wake of Trinity....
    Of course the commenter assumes the tack of a disturbance in the electromagnetic field, but what if it was purposeful and more alchemical than that??

    What if it was a summoning ritual?