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"If we are observing a ritual working, we should be looking for relevant synchronicities (coincidences that have meaning)...which form a pattern." Michael Hoffman 

"Interstate five/ Stayin alive/ Won't someone try to open up your eyes/ You must be blind if you can't see the gaping hole called reality

If you make sure you're connected/ The writing's on the wall/ But if your mind's neglected/ Stumble you might fall stumble you might fall

Something ain't right/ Gonna get myself connected/ I ain't gonna go blind for the light which is reflected/ I see thru you..."

"Some days I have to give right in to the blues/ Despite how I try to keep fightin it's a sure shot I'm gonna lose/ And I'll tell you why you think I'm crazy/ It's such a sad composition/ But can you blame me, for what's causing my bad disposition/ Ain't nothin new with my blue situation/ And nothing's fine, it's just a minor variation        ugh!

When troubles wanna find me I ain't hard to find/ (They know where I am) Like a hungry pack of wolves when it's feeding time/ They tear up a man, and it's a strange thing/ Cause now it don't really matter/ More of the same thing, don't even hurt it's all a part of the pattern/ But still in all it's a small consolation/ I just define it as a minor variation

Ain't no way to fight em darlin/ Ain't no way around em baby/ Ain't no way to take em, nowhere to hide and believe me I've tried to shake em

I'm getting to the point where I don't feel a thing/ And I've had enough, I'm ready for the next time it hits me again/ Cause I've gotten tough, it doesn't faze me/ And now I've made my decision/ I may be crazy, it's not as though I don't know that condition/ Until I'm thru with this blue situation/ Pass me the wine it's just a minor variation

Ain't nobody's business baby/ Ain't nobody's worry darlin/ Ain't nobody's problem no way to win when you've already been forgotten    heh! heh!

And its a strange thing -- cause now it don't really matter -- More of the same thing -- Don't even hurt me it's a part of the pattern -- Until I'm thru with this blue situation

Pass me the wine, it's just a minor variation."

"In dreams begin responsibilities."  Delmore Schwartz

A progression, where everything is connected. This is the juncture at which we find ourselves.

In case you were wondering, we are entering World Economic Forum territory more with every passing hour:

Much like the era of the first UFO, or flying saucer, sightings, to coin the terminology of the time; which  mostly consisted of meandering nocturnal lights exhibiting non-ballistic movement, along with the occasional, startling, structured craft. Then those progressed into the phenomena showcasing itself in open sunlight, even becoming classified under the "daylight discs" heading. 

Then, after another suitable interval, came the very first sightings of the "pilots." All uncovered across a timeline and in a very methodical, step-by-step basis -- almost as if it was preordained or arranged for maximum psychological and psychic impact. The epoch of the "little green men" had begun -- starting around 1954 in numerous incidents across the EU (particularly France) and South America, and finally exploding in 1965-66 in North America. Two notable precursor events being 1952 in Flatwoods, West Virginia and 1955 in the still-eerie Kelly-Hopkinsville case in Kentucky. Both given short shrift by the Air Force but silently and behind closed doors taken extremely seriously by none other than J. Allen Hynek himself. 

What we see, and have seen, manifesting in reality over the past several years, at least since 2016 or so, has followed a very, very similar pattern of unveiling and disclosure. And once again, it seems we, en masse, as a collective herd, are being pushed along towards a certain goal blueprinted out long ago. We are just now entering into its end times or final stages. 

To again borrow a ufological metaphor, look at the theories of Hynek, late Air Force scrub turned heavy-hitting UFO deep-thinker...far too deep for the likes of Project Blue Book. Hynek made the journey of the nuts-and-bolts thinker into far further realms of what he coined "High Strangeness." And indeed, our entire lives very readily fall under that heading today. An inhabitant of 1978, 1987, or even 1998 would scarcely recognize them, so shuddering and profound have the changes been, coupled with a twilight veering into thoughts and acts so impossible as to beggar belief in those far more innocent times. 

But to get back to Hynek, before we apply his theorems to today, let's examine a telling quote of his: "I hold it entirely possible that a technology exists which encompasses both the physical and the psychic, the material and the mental...I hypothesize and 'M&M' technology encompassing the mental and material realms. The psychic realms, so mysterious to us today, may be an ordinary part of an advanced technology."

Just what exactly have we known, and how long have we known it? And how is that knowledge being applied to shape what's going on today. I started this whole endeavour now some 11 years ago with the first drop entitled What's Going On? Well, I'm still asking that question in hopes of finding an answer; and in times like these we all get a little closer to finding it. 

Hynek buttressed this hypothesis by citing numerous examples of flying saucer effects, and coming in the end to term them much more aligned with, instead of an ETI (extra-terrestrial intelligence), an EDI, or extra-dimensional one: sudden materialization and dematerialization, poltergeist-type aftereffects experienced by many after reports of a close encounter, UFO photos in which the object is only seen in one frame, the same object in close proximity to multiple people but only seen by a few, telepathic communications, the sudden stillness in the presence of the craft, psychic abilities manifesting in witnesses after being in close proximity to an object, examples of magnetization, levitation, teleportation and on and on.

I would also cite the interruption of or influence on the dream states of witnesses also. Not to mention  the absolute morphing of the witness personality in the aftermath of a sighting, at times often seeming to turn them into an entirely new person. Remember the linkage at the very beginning of all this to very strange dreams:

Dreams have long played a prominent role in close encounter cases, and have been the target of extreme curiosity by the powers-that-be:

MUCH here of what I am alluding to:

Not to get all Nightmare On Elm Street on you guys, but this gets into the very nature of dreams, what they are, and why their origin point largely still remains unknown even after extensive analysis and much study. Decades have been devoted to this field with absolutely no definitive answers forthcoming. We may do much better in talking to the Aborigines in disclosing their thoughts on Dreamtime:

The brilliant Peter Weir expressed it in much more eloquent terms in his monumental The Last Wave from 1977:

I only strive to mention all of these plot points because these are some of the exact same after-effects many are claiming to be firsthand witness to in the aftermath of being vaxxed. Which in turn makes me wonder just what type of technology we are talking about, and what is being massively deployed here? And to what effect and to what end? Richard Dolan continues along that train of thought, once begun by the likes of Vallee and Keel, when he asks the open-ended question here, are we ultimately turning ourselves into the aliens we have so long been enamored with and under the possible control of?: 

Ultimately a question perhaps more pointedly put to the likes of the transhumanists and those that seek large-scale control, the Faucis, the Schwabs, and the Gates amoung us. They couch their end goals in health-related concerns and philanthropy, but what they seek is a system of  control and the mass transformation of humanity. See here, in a priceless vid that if given my druthers, I'd hack into every MSM outlet at once all V For Vendetta-style so the entire WORLD could see this at the same time -- because from the 3:28 point on, it's, like, in their own words:

And NOW you know the rest of the story -- why all that graphene was in all those shots.  

Even more, it appears finally over these last several days, or at least it came to me in that time, that something even more ominous is being introduced into the fabric of our lives -- of reality itself. A purposeful physical restructuring, reordering. A manifesting of a new kind of reality. And this isn't happening per the usual wool pulled over our eyes by our Controllers. This is something far different. A permanent 1984-induced nightmare and mind control along an entirely new order. 


Back in the day, perfectly rational people were actually seeing things, witnessing paranormal phenomena and events and reporting them in real time. They were told by our leaders at the time, those they trusted, that these things were in fact, not happening. That they didn't exist. These witnesses eyes and senses told them a far different story. And yet the prevailing narrative of denial and ridicule held the day, for decades, against reality. 

What if that same narrative could be carried out not by mindset and manipulation of the psychological variety, but by psychopharmaceutical means and extended all the way down into the building blocks of our very DNA? What happens when reality is no longer rock-solid and 5 sense-dependent, but becomes as fluid as the deck of a constantly pitching and yawing ship upon roiling, never-ending seas? 

We were told for years now that these vaxxes did NOT alter our DNA. Not true. (And now confirmed by multiple sources, some of them the very vaxxers themselves.) We were told that the side-effects were non-existent, figments of our paranoid imaginations, until Pfizer and the FDA were forced to release 9 pages of them in a court-ordered domino that far from the end, appears to be just the beginning. We were told, and still are, that the good old US of A positively definitely of course NEVER had any biolabs or anything of the kind in Ukraine, filled with planet-destroying pathogens as far as the eye could see -- until none other than Victoria Nuland told the world that, ooops, that was a LIE. And still the adamant backtracking and coveruppering and scrubbing of what we just heard continues.

And where does Nuland herself backtrack to? Are you sure you wanna know?

We are talking the Clinton-Bush-Cheney junta -- Neoncons from the onset. We're talking a husband that wrote the Project For the New American Century...that would be extremely PRE-9/11. You know, that doc that called for a "New Pearl Harbor" to galvanize American hearts and minds to go on killing sprees worldwide for oil and opium against set-up countries. Wonderful people. Fun at parties. Now post-Obama, who was also up to his neck in it:

she is back at it like she never left -- in the thick of the Ukraine lies/coverup/disclosure biz:

All of which only serves to link the Covid narrative to the 9/11 narrative even more in my mind and at the ground level where they carry out their Black Ops.

Paperwork and receipts? Here ya go: 

Nuland, just so you know, was integral in plotting the Ukraine coup as far back as 2014, with (whaddya know) Sleepy Joe's help: 

Ukraine has long been a flashpoint for US fraud, payoffs, impropriety, and manipulation, which is exactly why the Biden Admin has such an abiding interest -- and I'm not even getting into the underground tunnels there for child trafficking and organ harvesting. The Biden fam receives untold millions in deals from the region. And Ukraine, surprise surprise, also happens to be the no.1 donor to the Clinton Foundation. Hey, all that adrenochrome's gotta come from somewhere now, right? 

And there's UFOs over Ukraine, and I ain't too surprised:

And who here remembers Joseph Moshe?

What did the MSM blare out about Moshe back then? Not that he was a microbiologist whistleblower intending to let the world know about nefarious goings on in Ukraine -- only that he was "mentally disturbed" and threated to "blow up the White House!" Thank God we dodged that bullet, right? 

But back to the dissonance factor and where it leads:

You can present all the evidence, cold and hard, that you want to the naysayers, and, much like all the vaccine evidence, mask evidence, lockdown evidence, etc etc over the past 2+ years, and heck, let's throw in election tampering because that qualifies too, it didn't and still doesn't matter. Their reality is not your reality. They cannot see. And perhaps because of what we are learning about this vaxx, they never, ever will. We are approaching permanent Invasion of the Body Snatchers territory where it's nothing but you and the pod people. And frighteningly, it just may have been designed that way.

The haste with which the entire COVID/vaxx narrative has been dropped borders on the clinically insane. Something so vital to our health and well-being is simply gone as if it never existed. This is something that needed to be gotten to the bottom of for humanity's sake. Just like pizzagate. Just like Epstein. Which were both hastily dropped like hot potatoes for the "next big thing." To me, this swiftness of all this under-the-rug brushing is extremely indicative of how close the public consciousness was coming to making a reveal of these Ops, and a public outing of their machinations and ultimately, the real controllers behind them. Anytime this happens you can expect the proverbial shell game of massive "Look over there!!" (NOT over here...that's old news.)

The manipulation of memory has started already with this warning shot:

Front and center in the mag of Ghislaine's best buddy (Lauren Powell Jobs) of course, that also went tone deaf on child sex trafficking of late. Got to admire their ability to coordinate.

Meanwhile, the masses will be like "Why am I dying?" Oh that's right, all those heart attacks, myocarditis increasing nearly 50% this year already (that's 2 months) over ALL of 2021, etc will just be from climate change and daylight savings time. Totally nothing to do with the vaccine. Listen to us. Silly you. Now let us reach down even farther into your brains...where even the very laws of observational physics appear to be changing:

Or maybe it's just the fact that somehow some place like CERN has found those 9 billion names of God and charted them:

"Overhead, without any fuss, the stars were going out."

For something to REALLY make you not sleep, check out Jeff's There Is No More Firmament

The government urges you to remain calm, indeed. 

All of this morphing of objective reality and what is true into the whirling dervish fluidity of existentialism and maps drawn in vapour can, in fact, be traced to very nuts-and-bolts entities. We have previously called out MITRE. Tonight, and on the cusp of this next season of sacrifice, I give you: Battelle.

The name of Battelle made screaming reentry into the public sphere again just of late:

But the ominous reach and tentacles of Battelle stretch much farther back, and connect mightily to another curious node in our investigations...that's right, UFOs:

Anyone find it just a tad weird that Battelle should just happen to come up in intricate and detailed studies, not to mention the bottomless funding, of all things "alien" as well as deadly pathogens and their storage facilities? Is this a case of never the twain shall meet? I might start believing that more if they'd get around to EVER telling us all the vaxx ingredients or even, I don't know, the real origins of whatever COVID is. All we know for sure is that both Pfizer (probably Moderna too) and the FDA wanted to keep this very information from you for 75 years. Think notions like this are crazy? Think again about DNA manipulation, what the ultimate purpose of this vaxx might be, and how we as a species all got here in the first place:

That last link gets into frequency manipulation, and something exactly like this might be occurring again (lookin at you 5G) -- look here, and pay attention to the strangeness of the wording:

"Additionally, I have observed some very strange effects from the COVID vaccines I cannot explain the mechanism for. With each of these, I've made an attempt to document and establish it definitely occurred (such as bringing another physician with me to evaluate the individual). However, since these events are so peculiar, I am not mentioning them here as I feel they will take more away from this than they will add to it."

This is sounding exactly like the early UFO databases compiled by the likes of Hynek and Vallee, where some of the information re the pilots and thru effects was SO strange that they were compiled in other adjunct databases and left out of the more mainstream ones submitted to the Air Force, etc. This in turn caused Hynek to create an entire new heading of High Strangeness to begin classifying things:

(All those alien abductions back in the 1980s-1990s that burst onto the zeitgeist, that seemed to be so concerned with our genetics, what were those really for and how does that plug into what's happening now? How is the info Craig Venter gleaned from the Human Genome Project involved? Did that ever really end?)  

This falls in line also very closely with the Oz Factor:

These are manifestations and traces left here in this physical realm by something possibly, decidedly non-physical but that can appear physical for brief periods of time. (Physical touching, radar returns, left behind trace evidence like crops circles, burned foliage, mutilated animals, etc.)

Let's end with those infernal, unfathomable dreams again...   

One of those vaxx side effects listed in those disclosed 9 pages is, on page 32, deja vu

How WEIRD is that? As if altering your DNA wasn't weird or worrying enough. But this simply underscores the fact that High Strangeness is barreling into our lives at a record rate, and by the design of those seeking to introduce it, for whatever mysterious reason.

Sometimes I wish Robert Monroe was still with us.

Although sometimes, most times, and in the grandest scheme of things, perhaps he is.

Meanwhile, the High Strangeness just keeps on flowing from sources unknown but eerily connected. And the Alchemical Working continues. Foregone conclusions aside, I wish you happy dreaming.











  1. Okay, bare with me:

    Odessa. *44*.

    Odessa is sometimes called the "*pearl* of the Black Sea". It was named after the ancient Greek city of Odessos, where they worshipped Derzelas (Darzalas), Thracian chthonic god of abundance and the underworld, often depicted holding cornucopiae (the Great God Pan's horns of power).

    In the "Millennium" episodes "Owls/Roosters", Odessa was the name of the company helping the last members of the Third Reich take over the world.

    There's something afoot here.

    1. JB!!

      MILLENNIUM once again enters the fray as a template for reality. Never fails to amaze -- and spook -- me. A LOT.

    2. Wake me up when we reach the SKULL AND BONES sea 3 platform -- oh wait,...we're already there:

      When 2 events occur simultaneously pertaining to the same object of inquiry we must always pay strict attention...

  2. "We are approaching permanent Invasion of the Body Snatchers territory..."

    Blogos, on his "Hermetic Lessons" blog, predicted that the narrative of 2023 will precisely be "Body Snatchers".

  3. According to Captain John Smith in the 1600s, the Piscataway Indians of South Maryland worshipped the "Okee", a terrifying being that looked exactly like the Devil or the Greek god Pan. The Piscataway men all had a tattoo of the Okee on their chest, and claimed that he was the "Great Spirit of the Forest, of the Wild".

    John Smith actually claimed to have seen the being, when summoned by the Elders of the tribe; he truly was terrifying, with great horns and glowing red eyes, and he seemed hostile to those who were arriving, supposedly because they were cutting down too many trees and killing too many animals.

    Pan was already here in America before the white man came.

    1. Wow -- actually reminds me of the Wendigo from Pet Sematary that King pilfered from Algernon Blackwood.

      Check out some of these quotes from the 83 novel from back when the man could truly WRITE and wasn't a puffed up hack -- some of it, no, most of it borders on the brilliant:

      & the Algernon orig:

    2. If you can dance, you can bring many beings in. Stephen King is a man in need of someone to cut out about 400 pages of every damned thing he wrote before I lost patience. Also, he’s in on it. Do people who have serious minds read his crap? OMID, feel free to say I’m not nice enough.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. The only King story I read very easily was his short one "The Lawnmower Man", which is nothing at all like the movie, and actually involves a demon working for Pan.

    5. Actually I have never read any of Kings books. KM you are free to think anyway you like, just like everyone else who plays in this sandbox.

  4. "Those who know can not sleep" V.V.

  5. nuland*s dad wrote the book "How We Die".

    1. UNK!!

      Thanks for that bit -- WOW. Ties even more together. Incredible.

      KM -- King is most DEF "in" on it. Likely always has been. & has ALWAYS never used 2 words if 7 will do. Editors need not apply!! haha. Kind of actually like that aligning more with Faulker & Fitzgerald than Hemingway meself, but he takes it to extremes. Every book doesn't need to be a doorstop for God's sake. Thing I appreciate about Pet Sematary is that it's actually one of his SHORTER ones. Precious little written by the man will survive the ages, Poe-style, but I think PS is one of 'em. Many, many asides in there as to the rock bottom nature of what it means to be human. What death is, etc. Also appreciate the many allusions to ancient cultures: Stonehenge, the Maya, Egypt, the pyramids, ancient astronauts-type sites and mysterious structures, what they were constructed for, etc. He never comes out & says it but leads you down the path of thinking they may have been communication portals (The spiral...) Also like the way he uses the family as pawns in the games of larger ancient malevolent forces, being handled and managed. IOW, and here's getting to your point, always felt with this work esp he was giving away insider knowledge of a lot more than he was letting on...

      And speaking of forces, thanks MxMM, for bringing "Q" to the table!!

    2. He needs an editor so badly and will never get one because fiction by the pound.

  6. There are lots of signals that the creep class is planning a UFO bullshit attack. It’s going to be exactly as stupid as COVID, but that doesn’t matter since we’ve long since proven that the most idiotic crap will be considered perfectly believable. Graphene will likely help.

    Look what Gillibrand (late of Nexium cult) has done. Not for nothing, I’m guessing.

  7. Elana Freeland was recently on dark journalist addressing some of this:

    1. KM!! Extremely telling that it's none other than Gillibrand -- of all people -- that introduced that.

      More interesting things in the wind pointing to...???????

      NXIVM into Epstein networks into UAP false flags. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. 200 Million guns are loaded, Satan cries take aim.

  8. By Clif High - March 13, 2022

    The paradigm narrative is out of control. In fact, like an inconveniently dropped dildo from Jen’s purse, it is on the floor of the restaurant, under the table, and vibrating like it’s calling a waiter for Service!

    Their narrative has shaken its way between the legs of the covid and Ukraine propaganda. It will be beating any sense remaining in it into submission over these next days in rapid oscillation with much embarrassing clacking noise.

    The Khazarian Mafia attempt to control the direction and spin of their shaky narrative will become even more confusing for them, and riveting for observers, as yet another major intrusion into their stories arises on the 15th.

    This next BIG STORY of 2022, coming out in mere short days, will start the noisy vibrator bouncing out from under the table to dance wildly around with the Feet of the Elite in public seemingly to the tune of Jumpin’ Jack Flash. It will be Mesmerizing to watch, but be sure to look up, to the faces in the midst of this St. Vitus Dance.

    Just as you had with covid, you will have to learn a new vocabulary to talk about these new developments. Education can be physically and emotionally demanding. This challenge will be no different.

    The covid narrative has been killed, drown in first Canadian, then Global, Truckers’ Piss, but much to the horror of the reeling Elites, it keeps rising like a urine soaked zombie. They need it to die, so that they can feed its energy into their Ukraine narrative, barely alive, hanging onto the ropes over there in the corner, being fanned by the globalist cheerleaders, desperate for a revival.

    Trapped between the hard spot of Covid Lies failure mounting up, and the Ukraine Invasion Bullshit as it limps along wounded by Russian truth bullets, the elites are sliding into panic. They are not yet flailing around, but the level of control is slipping fast as the minions are smelling the fear sweat oozing down from above.

    Our collective, common, reality is going to get a lot noisier, and far more bizarre. As though extracted from one of their adult cartoons, intended to push back the adult mind to an infantile state, the errant, embarrassing, out of control, vibrator of the Khazarian Mafia is going to swell to giant proportions knocking the Deep State onto its ass in a big pile of freshly steaming propaganda.

    As cartoonish as things will appear, we are approaching the opening of the serious part of this War of Humanity versus the Khazarian Mafia.
    Pundits mostly write, or are written about. They don’t usually go to War, so they don’t really know. Truth is not the first casualty of War, rather it is Innocence.

    The most dangerous force on this planet is the man who has to defend Innocence. As Saint Sitting Bull observed, it is the balancing of Rage and Compassion that defines the Warrior, and the loss of that balance that creates a Beast.

    Stay Woo. Stay Human. Hard Times Come Soon.

  9. Clif has been accurate so far this year. Myself I think he is still active as far as intel goes, and he is on our side.

  10. Part 8 : Under an Ionized Sky From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown....The Temple of CERN...The Covert Ascendance of Technocracy

  11. You think heads are exploding now, wait China till moves on the bio labs in Taiwan.

    1. My head's on the verge of exploding by trying to figure out what kind of mental and moral gymnastics it takes to suddenly think that Xi Jingping and China are the GOOD guys? That was my though when I heard that in the bitchute video, and now you seem to support it. When China has been sending us poisonous baby formula, and medicines for years suddenly we should support military actions that it takes?


    3. Faded, I did not say you had to do jack shit, I see your head is already exploding. Show me where I SAID ANYONE was a good guy. Also tell me where I SAID you have to support something or someone. Do NOT put words in my mouth.

  12. In response to the screenshot of a headline from the Toronto Sun, here is a petition you can sign if you want.
    On Friday, @Lotsaloosh asked you about something that resembles the alleged quantum financial system that Elena Danaan and Dr. Michael E. Salla talked about which resembles something like what NESARA/GESARA has become.
    The quantum financial system was heavily promoted by Simon Parkes.
    Good to know that you fully concur with @Lotsaloosh. How do stories about a quantum financial system form part of a psychological operation? Why would anybody say that?

  13. Dust in the wind. In WOO kinda picking up things about radiation and dust. IRL Been seeing a lot of radiation positioning symptoms at hospitals lately AL LOT of GI bleeds and cataracts. Drs too worried about fixing the symptoms to worry about the causes. Goes right in line with the Elana Freeland stuff. REMEMBER ALL NEWS is a DISTRACTION so what is the current news that we should be focused on? 5G is going up still who's monitoring the health effects? protect your family with potassium iodide,most%20sensitive%20to%20radioactive%20iodine.

    Fruit pectin and Himalayan salt,after%20exposure%20to%20lower%20doses.,acute%20inflammation%20of%20gastric%20mucosa.

    Not to mention that the symptoms of Covid which may or may not be an arbitrary disease and fear porn and the side effects listed in the EUA for vaccine which may be anything, (including saline) depending if you are in a in control part of the big experiment fall in line with radiation symptoms! So to recap it might be a fake virus, AND fake vaccine to cover radiation sickness. Oh and to make way for our alien or supernatural overlords! Oh that's only for the ones that got the black goo injected.

    1. Doesn't do any good to disguise my voice when you can't wear a mask.

    2. Anyone can turn off their wifi router at night or when not in use. Anyone can avoid having a cell phone near their brain. Anyone can opt out of a smart meter.

      Anyone can move to the third world to live close to the ocean while avoiding big cities, infrastructure.

      All you need is water, ocean fish-edibles, and some fruit.

      Anyone can save themselves if they get away from the pollution.'d be taking a big hit on what you think gives you comfort and joy (restaurants, bagels, 6$ cups of coffee, culture).

      What would you do without the distraction of the internet and has all that esoteric info made your life better? Distraction...we need to be distracted from the inevitable fear of death.

      Ernest Becker, "The Denial of Death" and "Escape From Evil" summarizes the problems and the illusions used to distract from the truth: we're all gonna die and we can't handle that because we assume our lives are important.

    3. Death already overcome as FEAR in reality is


      now go have another drink...

  14. Imagine if there was a nuclear war. Imagine what it would look like, from outer space, if the planet Earth was suddenly covered with mushroom clouds:

    1. I don’t think we should imagine that.

    2. JB -- it's all becoming clearer day by day, innit?? No stone unturned, no move being manufactured or made without implications for's been since '85 and the stupid globalists still at the helm insist that, nope, it's STILL not time to retire this song:

      Good on ya, Stang, for writing the common sense to the Universe.
      May what we all know in our hearts take precedence over the mad whims of the assembled.

      For shame.

  15. Is this thing a cyborg? Just look at it. There’s something really off.

    1. Have mercy. Can the entire clan just enter some world-cleansing, Jonestown-like suicide pact, PUH-LEEEESE? I mean seriously, who really cares at this point. I'm sure it's quite like what the UKers are forced to endure about what the Royal Fam had for breakfast.
      To top it all off we have to hear about how arduous it is "physically mentally and spiritually" from some tosspot that has no genuine body, mind, or soul left. Of course there'll always be the next rock star wannabe or broken down NBA castoff to leech the life out of, so, Good Times!!!

    2. I’ve never seen that show, which is probably why I’m shocked. What happened there? It’s bizarre.

    3. Speaking of the clan, if I was Kanye West, I would tread very lightly, I know the whore media would luv a whodunit aka OJ/Nicole redo thing right about now.

    4. OMID -- the Kanye journey needs to be brought fully into the light one day...ever since the about-face aligning with Trump in 2016 things have been off the rails: both forced and unforced committings to mental health facilities/re-education centers; his speaking out in concert about pizzagate precipitated one of those forced ones by the clan as I recall...
      All males need to give a wide berth. All are psychologically messed with at the very least -- look at Jenner. Whole thing reeks of some bloodline psyop, starting with the whole OJ flight thing that berthed them. Nothing but chaos and ruin in their wake; spooky (& I mean that in every sense of the term.)

  16. The cashless society movement has been going on not necessarily contingent on the war, Covid restrictions across the globe did more for it.
    Censorship free currency what a load of garbage

  17. Heard two pieces of intel last night #1 Canada is selling planes to Ukraine. Ukraine is painting them as Russian and shooting them down and saying, look we shot down some Russian planes, the intel says not happening. # 2 is a bit more out there, but we are getting used to it. I got this intel from ex military(different then Clif High) who spoke for two hours yesterday with a spec ops person from down under who is on the ground in Ukraine. He says that late last year the Ukrainians were boring a tunnel and ran into something that annihilated the big boring machine. Get this it turns out they hit an 'ark' or ship that is seven miles long!!! Russia has control of the site now. The source said the ship was from the Archons, how they know this, I do not know. This is not the first one to be found either.

    1. Leave it to JB & OMID to clear the decks!!
      Good LORD!
      The putrid stench of coordinated psyop tracing all the way back to pizzagate and then going Epstein-Covid-Vaxx-Ukraine all flashed before our eyes all entrainment, buckled-in, Parallax View-style, is one of the most sickening things I've ever been privy to in this life. And all most can pitifully come up with is "Yes!! More please!!"

      This goes so far beyond Stockholm Syndrome I'm not sure there's even a classification for it. Malone got close with Mass Formation Psychosis, but there's something operating at even deeper, more brain penetrating levels now. NOTHING is insane anymore -- it's all just biz as usual and completely normal.
      Cognitive thinking, clear and lucid, has gone the way of elephants with fur. It's EXTINCT.
      This is the closest thing to AI without the actual AI installed yet -- which I assume is exactly what they were going for. What happens when all the graphene, self-assembling and 5G triggers finally kick in? = Something wicked this way comes.

    2. This?

      Checks out somewhat, they have been tunneling though Oleshky Sands isn't specifically mentioned.

      It's a really weird place

      There's a video game named battle for Oleshky Sands too

      Though I hold to the idea that the best way for them to take down a legitimate conspiracy theory is to pile on the disinformation. Nothing serves this purpose more than the 'aliens' angle. Throw in someone claiming to be relaying information from an off-world intelligence like your article says and it's all downhill from there.

    3. Hey Fades!!

      I wholeheartedly concur as to how crazy it sounds and it most def could and prob always WILL be used for discrediting/disinformational purposes, but sometimes you go where the crumbs lead you, and sometimes you lead with your heart and intuition, & something about all of this just feels increasingly OFF.

      Buddy Jeff Wells tweetered something a while back, all the way in October of '21:
      "Don't ask for evidence, it's intuition only and I know it sounds crazy, but more than anything else ever has, and increasingly so, this feels directed by a non-human intelligence."

      That landed, hit dead target, and stuck with me long after detonation.

      This entire agenda is transhumanist and in every meaningful way already totally alien to our nature. At this point what does it really matter if it turns out the man behind the curtain isn't really a man, after all?

      Will also say that if you're under the thumb of an elite that meets in secret groves, in all likelihood holds rituals on islands prob involving sacrifice, seeks to tamper in genetic experimentation, approves everything from MKOFTEN (check THAT one out) to MKULTRA, and launches everything from the Finders to McMartin to 9/11, then guess what? DEMONISM is an entirely legit field of inquiry. Full stop.

      If it ever becomes known what Epstein & Co were REALLY doing and working towards, and how that connects to everything happening now, the tops of people's heads would come off.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. If that was true, anyone disclosing Nat Sec info would be hunted down extrajudicially as punishment. Yet, we're led to believe that unnamed sources have somehow got away with a breach of security.

      I'd love to believe because it makes life more interesting, but, there isn't enough evidence and if there was, we wouldn't be allowed to see it. So, we're starting at nothing and that's not entertaining. Now we're stuck with doom, fear of The Gov swine, and our own impotence to do anything about our position.

    6. You may want to view this.

    7. Hey MAPS!!

      Haha!! Great to know my confirmation bias, misinfo, disinfo & nonsense is spreading!! Good LORD -- all I do mostly now is just lay it all out there via links free of any personal judgements from me. ALL are free to take it and run or stop at the threshold. Some horses will just die of thirst with buckets of water all around them...whaddaya gonna do??

    8. Or as my old creative writing prof put it in one of his classes to similar comments: "Maybe he's writing above your understanding..."

    9. Not to mention prob 1000% a follower of Aquino.

    10. And for the next commenter via that site that said the only FACT here was the Pfizer docs info, it appears his cognitive abilities and/or reading comp levels are lacking: EVERYTHING in this post, from the State Dept agreement docs between the US & Ukraine, to Battelle to Joseph Moshe to the Pentacle memorandum to Victoria Nuland's statements to the Aboriginal concept of Dreamtime are ALL FACTS.
      It all depends on whether or not you choose to view them as such.
      Which most bots, shills, trolls and paid disinfonauts will not.
      Comes with the territory.

  18. FFS! The bastards somehow deleted my comment, even after Wordman read it! Let's try this again:

    "Ukraine just silently announced it’s the first country to implement the WEF's ‘Great Reset’ by setting up a Social Credit Application combining Universal Basic Income (UBI), a Digital Identity & a Vaccine Passport all within their Diia app."

    Whenever I post the link, it doesn't take long for the censorship to begin.

    1. Pretty good thing I used ye olde snipping tool to save that actual tweet then, eh?

    2. I just received "The Black Sun: Montauk's Nazi-Tibetan Connection" by Peter Moon. Seems trippy and brilliant as hell. Can't believe there is an openly Aryan-as-f**k community in Long Island, direct ties to the Third Reich, they even had an "Adolf Hitler Street" (!)!

    3. JB!!

      FANTASTIC book -- another one in my quiver that I had to leave behind. Might have to stage a crash retrieval before the old property gets sold & everything auctioned off....Clock's a tickin'...My Ginger used to live on Long Island (while her Mom was in Putnam, ground zero for the Hudson Valley UFO wave) & trust me, so much weird stuff goes on up there and all around that you wouldn't believe it!!

  19. speaking of dreamline ....

    JULY 20, 2019 UFO PORTAL & 50 year Prophecy of Xico Xavier of No WWIII?

  20. I have a blog post that I thought some people here might be interested in.
    I can't for the life of me get it to respect any of my formatting indentions or line spacing so I apologize. And don't look at the other crap I'm going to delete it. If anyone wants to contact me I've got working I think, otherwise I'm going to try to keep my head down and mouth shut ;)

  21. Djinn you are are a great intellect. That post blew me away. Amazing work. Much respect.

  22. last part of this one
    Part 9 Under an Ionized Sky From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown...The Unlawful "Silent War" Against Citizens... Conclusion

  23. The "Demogorgon" from Stranger Things season 1 was very straightforwardly inspired from Dr. Ewen Cameron's research at Montauk base; a terrifying "Beast" was accidentally released from the deepest, darkest part of the human subconscious, given flesh and blood. The base was shut down because of this, cement poured into every possible exit.

    What was done was essentially what happened in the film "Forbidden Planet", a monster materialized from the "Id".

    1. JB!!

      Yes, according to the creators the Duffer Bros, STRANGER THINGS was orig going to be called MONTAUK was was going to be a straight recounting of what you've just been reading about: all those Paperclip experiments and their offshoots in the early wake of WWII; and what they were attempting to contact. (likely gleaned from the German occultists pre-Nuremberg...)

      Seems to me that most, if not all of what's been going on at CERN is a mere updating of those experiments and projects.

      CAMERON was also the very first director of psychiatry at MCGILL UNIV...Yep, THIS McGill Univ:

      So as you see, all of this goes hand-in-hand.

      Some say Montauk was shut down, others say the experiments were simply moved to deeper underground strata or offsite to other places like Plattsburgh AFB.
      Plattsburgh ties in very much with what happened at Columbine -- Eric Harris' Dad Wayne was commissioned there...MUCH more here from the great researcher John Quinn, who did reams for Cyberspaceorbit back in the day -- and seems to have disappeared into the ether much like the site itself. This, somewhat miraculously, still remains up:

      Keep it under your hat -- I don't wanna call attention to it.

      But many MANY clues are here to what is still ongoing today. (Drugging, Cameron mentioned again, et al)

      One final aside: Harris, you'll remember had plans post-Columbine to escape and fly a jet into skyscrapers in NYC (mentioned in his journal.) Wonder if little ears heard something they shouldn't have via Dad and his friends in Plattsburgh about upcoming plans??

      All records re the entire Harris family, medical ones included, remain sealed by the courts. I wonder why.

      LSS -- things lining up to the point where it appears increasingly likely that Eric Harris was a pre-programmed, mind-controlled patsy set loose.

    2. This also interesting and mighty strange:

    3. Right.

  24. And here we go again -- depositions sealed until -- get this -- 2116:

    Needless to say; something's going on...Solvay & fam histories playing a HUGE part I'll bet. Same M.O. as wanting to lock up the vaxx data for 75 years...perhaps the next stage of wanting to turn us ALL into Eric Harris. And then set us loose on everything, each other, etc...hello 5G.

    Hmmmmm -- there's a post in here somewhere!

  25. Consider this now as notes for that upcoming post, because with things like this I'm sensing a clean-up Op in full swing:

  26. Okay, more indirectly related info on Ewen Cameron's work:

    The Kennedys, believe it or not, were Nazi sympathizers. Their father Joe Kennedy openly so, covering for Nazi spies while he was Ambassador to St. James Court (UK), even going so far as to organize meetings about US gold loans with members of the Third Reich in 1939, in Paris and London, something which pissed off President Roosevelt fiercely.

    Bobby Kennedy, after the War, became friends with an unnamed German scientist relocated in the US. The former Nazi scientist's wife said that Bobby and her husband dropped LSD together, after which there was violence, sometimes sexual.

    The Kennedy name is supposed to mean "ugly head", but modern-day occultists related to the Cameron clan make it clear the "ugly head" in question is none other than *Baphomet*. The Kennedys truly believed in and embraced their Aryan/Teutonic heritage, wanting to establish a modern-day Camelot in America, and this not-so-secretly involved former Nazis, and *drugged up and r*ped young women of Celtic or Germanic descent*.

    Now I get why son of a Nazi Arnold Schwarzenegger, a model of Aryan perfection, was so eager to marry into the Kennedy clan. These mofos always want to rub off on other people's magick.

    1. Oh without a doubt, the Kennedy patriarch was a BAAAAAAD man. But all of the above calls into question exactly why JFK (& to a lesser extent RFK) had to be taken out. If they were part of the dark elite program, what kind of threat did they pose such as they had to be eliminated??

      Still think all evidence points to the fact that JFK welched on every bet made that got him the presidency, & turned on the very people that put him there, in favor of the American people, which could NOT be allowed to stand. Thinking for yourself and at cross purposes to that dark agenda you outlined was most certainly a nail that had to be hammered down ASAP. Made an example of lest anyone else ever in that position got the same kind of ideas. So a message was sent.

      The RFK situation remains murkier, definitely. He was hanging around with the Frankenheimers, the Tates and Polanskis and all manner of folks skating perilously close to the Left-Hand path as it were. So much in & around the Manson file remains undisclosed, & likely always will. Sealed records. Lost records. Destroyed records. We'll never know. Sirhan Sirhan showing up at parties at the Tate house, perhaps overhearing plans for the takeout of RFK...who knows? All we do know now is that he was a setup patsy every bit as much as Oswald, w/MKULTRA playing a huge part in his fate.

      We also know from private comms that despite whatever perverse proclivities he indulged in, RFK was rabid about ultimately finding out who killed his brother, and wasn't going to stop until he did and then told the world about he had to be put down too.

      And here we are....

      PS -- also know from clippings from years past that I can't put my finger on now (perhaps from Malachai Martin) that JFK was one of the ones well aware of the certain ceremony that "enthroned Lucifer within the Vatican" back around 1963 I believe with a concurrent ceremony taking place at the same time somewhere in South Carolina. All done to usher in the Age of Satan worldwide.

      This leads much more to your point that the Kennedys were all true "insiders" concerning this sort of thing.

      Wasn't said whether or not JFK agreed with this turn of events or not, but his death just months later makes you wonder if this too wasn't something he was going to blow the whistle on.

      This, possibly sitting on ultimate UFO data, pissing off the Army Chiefs, blowing up the Fed Reserve, angering the Mafia, ending the Vietnam War early, splintering the CIA...did this guy have a death wish or what??!!

    2. He did have a deathwish, his whole life was sheer agony due to his back injury, he needed to take 100 painkillers a day...

    3. 100 painkillers a day makes your life sheer agony, the more you take the more you hurt.

      I've heard a number of people in the medical field talk about witnessing others in the medical field outright killing people with lethal doses or combinations when they know the patient is a DNR. KNOWING it, but not necessarily being able to PROVE it or do anything about it.

      Fentanyl's lethal dose is 2mg it's considered a medicine. Turpentine's lethal dose is 60-100 g and it's considered a poison. For perspective it takes 30,000X MORE turpentine then fentanyl.

  27. The Ritual Enthronement that I stated above was outlined in the "fictional" WINDSWEPT HOUSE by Malachi Martin:

  28. Wordman, did you get my e-mail? This sh*t is weird.

    1. I’m thinking your comments are disappearing or coming out mangled?

    2. Nah, there's one comment in particular that contains controversial info, that simply will not remain posted, it literally disappeared in front of my eyes (a first). So I sent it straight to the Big Guy.

    3. I’ve had that happen a bunch and I’m thinking djinn has as well. Now I want to know what the subject was that wouldn’t go through.

    4. Mark Hamill (yeah, HIM) secretly being a super-genius involved in MK-Ultra/Philadelphia Experiment kind of stuff IRL.

    5. That is turning out to be quite a rewarding rabbit hole.

    6. Speaking of rabbit holes, check these out:

      Slightly embarrassed to throw my pittance in with these greats but it is what it is, the library is shut down and short of driving 25 miles, my device only provides a limited version of Blogger that apparently won't format or load pictures.

  29. HEY TROOPS!!

    Something to peruse while I'm away for the day nose to the grindstone:

    Pay particular attention to John Judge & Fletcher Prouty.

    Back later.

  30. The cultivation of a sense of continual crisis, an "eternal revolution", curated by those hoping to attain Godhood over existence itself/damnation of all as punishment for being unable to do so (the would-be "Gods" punishing those not aligned to their "sustainability & development goal" fraud - non-believers in turn offered as appeasement to "Godhood") is always approaching its "Flatland" moment.

    In Edwin A. Abbott's "Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions" (published 1884) a 2-dimensional entity residing in a 2-dimensional realm is visited by a 3-dimensional entity & on attempting to convey the details of this visitation to its fellow 2-d entities the 3-d visited 2-d entity is imprisoned.

    The analogy of globalreset machination being akin to an extra-terrestrial/otherworldly "Close Encounter" is an apt one, an anti-human agency, alien in quality, inspires & possesses those seeking that glossed with the prized notion(s) of "positive health outcome / justice / equity / transcendence" with "no one left behind".

    When terms like "we / all / together / unify / love" etc are used by globalreset types (& their apparatchiks lower down the food-chain hill the shit rolls down from) it is not meant in any positive sense. However, these terms are interpreted in a positive sense as doing so self-censors & bludgeons questions & considerations into a pulp for how could anyone, besides someone exposing themselves as being in opposition to such "positives" (& therefore revelaing themselves as being a danger to "all" especially themselves & "those in their care" meaning everyone in the "human family"), ask for clarification as to what is meant by "love"?

    Those attempting this globalreset fear life as much as the death that is part of life & fear is their currency & they want everyone else afraid, as this accrues "interest", dislocating between fight or flight, constantly simmering & percolating, agitated, uneasy - spooked, hence the full spectrum committal to the promotion of the need to "stay alert/informed/in the loop" & on the side of & chosing to be dependent on what is obscenely referred to as "the truth/science/facts/love".

    Denial is a root of this - the denial of accepting responsibility for oneself (the foundation of a life worth living) & denial feedsback into itself, everything erected in the attempt to raise up the denial as definer of cause/effect will only make the ground zero freefall collapse of the narrative even more monstrous. Ruin will be the result, to be the ruiner par excellence - to attempt to impose & encourage acquiescence to this imposition, to debase & corrupt is all to the globalreset types becuse they are not & cannot be "Gods".

    Covid vanishing (for the moment) heightens its "spookiness" & compounds the cognitive dissonance the op has cashed in since day one & since "Ukraine" became the news cycle topic No. 1 I've heard more & more people claiming to have covid (test says "yes"), how much of this is two years of conformity & habit jonesing for a fix of confirmation bias?

  31. +

    "No one will believe you", this is what some who say they attempted to alert "the authorities" to Jimmy Savile's predilictions say they were told in response to their pursuance of justice, "No one will believe you" - that at the very least covid (in the sense of a viral outbreak that could risk the existence of large numbers of people, if not humanity itself) does not require wearing a mask (the label of which says it cannot stop "coughs & sneezes" passing through it) & splice-hybridisation via MRNA-"vaccine" & "two weeks to flatten the curve" (since March 2020), "No one will believe you" this is the spooktergeist entity motto branded across whatever passes for its forehead as it projects itself about the place.

    P.S. Post final match loss at the Indian Wells tennis tournament Rafa Nadal has been complaining of difficulty breathing & feeling that he has a sensation "like a needle ... all the time" when he moves & breaths...

    1. Thorny!!

      Oh BELIEVE ME -- have been following the Indian Wells F results with MUCH interest -- esp in light of little Nadal boy raking Djokovic over the coals and under the bus for not "manning up" & just getting the vaxx during that whole Australian fiasco. Ditto Fed whose silence has been deafening. Seems that Karma Chameleon has come a callin'!! And trust me, it couldn't happen to a nicer person...Nadal has long been a weasel skating by on Therapeutic Use Exemptions (post-dated) for all manner of cheating substances for DECADES now. Truly tennis' Lance Armstrong. His name was one of the more prominent ones in Operation Puerto coming up amid other cyclists, gymnasts, footballers, etc as being front and center in massive steroid abuse -- til all the records were ordered destroyed by a SPANISH judge. The whole thing reeks. And to those that say just let them all do whatever they still amounts to cheating as the playing field will NEVER be equal; unless you think that the no.2,000 in the world can afford the same drugs and masking agents as Nads and Fed. Never gonna happen. The whole house needs to be cleaned. But will powers like Nike etc ever let that happen?? Not a chance. So tennis, that once beautiful sport, will remain a watered-down, cheaters paradise full of human experimental greyhounds slowly killing themselves on sandpaper courts with dead balls. What fun!!

  32. Biden just announced today that the 82nd Airborne (part of the XVIII Corps) is being sent to Ukraine (this triggers WWIII, btw). The logo of the "Sky Dragons":

    1. Well, that sucks. I very much doubt Biden actually knows he did it.

  33. To build upon Peter Moon, author of the Montauk series here he is in an interview with Michael Salla of what they found in Romania.


  35. Peter Moon and Radu Cinamar wrote Transylvanian Sunrise.
    The book is most likely fiction.
    The cross section of the mountains looks like a Marvel comic.
    Notice how the domes and zigzag tunnels look similar.

  36. A bit of "Wag the Dog" levity:

    1. Damn, have you been there?

  37. Ah, sh*t. Another legend gone from totally-not-the-you-know-what:

    1. Spookiness in the Den, haven't had time to keep up lately. But you know a few years ago I kinda went off on Andy there cause it seemed like he could see my emails it was so spooky, what I've seen since I thinks there's different levels of 'seeing'. Between him, Thorn, Cappy, and Maria (and rightfully me too at some points) some of the stuff said on the surface looks pretty crazy but the level that it makes sense on is crazier.


    A Clockwork Orange Meta-Theory is standing up well, have a look

  39. I think something is happening soon. I got this message from my cell phone provider:

    Sprint is now T-Mobile: FINAL ALERT - Urgent Action Required! The older Sprint 3G network is shutting down and you have one or more lines on your account with an incompatible device that will lose service after March 31, 2022. You must replace your incompatible device(s) to maintain service. Visit a store or dial *2 now to get your FREE replacement device, including a 5G phone.

    Your impacted device(s):
    iPhone 6S ending in 5000

    Soooooo, 5G coming soon??? Is a burner phone my next choice??

    1. Careful, the phrase "burner phone" sets off red flags. It might be because we're messaging. One time I gave a guy my old phone and he said that he threw it in the river because it was like it was possessed, though he was kinda high strung and paranoid but everyone said that he wasn't that bad until being friends with me brought the weird shit that follows me. I say that with modern technology Big Brother isn't going anywhere, the best you can hope for is to make friends within it and even if you never actually see them, they're there watching, try to shape the system and keep it in check as best you can from the other side.

    2. Oh my gosh. You gave a dude a haunted flip phone. You rule.

    3. Pegasus 2. Watch Rogan talking to Gavin de Becker about that spy system. All they (whoever they may be) have to know is your phone number and they can get in your phone.
      There really is no escape short of returning to landlines. I think the smartphone addiction is much too ingrained now to make that feasible without the strength & will that most people seem totally incapable of accessing.

  40. No guilt in life, no fear in death this is the power of Christ in me."

  41. Blogos -- thanks for that link. Saw the manufactured hilarity of the totally staged Will Smith-Chris Rock bit of ridiculousness. This is what wrestling was constructed from folks.
    I'll just leave these 2 headlines here and creep away to more important things:

    Those should tell you just about all you need to know...along with the throes of a dying industry desperate to try and prop itself up thru any means possible for just one more day. (Also sense in a diff vibe that Smith has been driven slightly cuck insane by the shenannigans of that hood rat wife of his & their cracked lifestyle.)

    & SOTOGIRLY!! I too lament the putting away of your phone...Had to do the same thing to my beloved Capt Kirk communicator/Razr that I'd had since 2004 or so for the very same reason: 3G getting phased out.
    At least I'm up to 4G now -- haha!! Do whatever you can to not get side-hustled into anything 5G -- that's just poison from the word go.
    4G will still hopefully be around still as long as 5G since most of the infrastructure is in place to accommodate both, just that the 4 is levels less deadly than the 5, esp if you don't hold it near your head or use bluetooth when talking. (Speaker & set it away from you...)
    I STILL miss my communicator tho!! Altho texting is much easier & better now.

    I hate change. You think I'd be used to it by now.

    1. don't fool yourself wordman, none of this wireless crap is healthy for us, not a bit...

    2. Oh I agree without a doubt OMID -- it's just that don't go ANYWHERE near the 5 if you don't have to -- it's another beast entirely. But you're certainly right, 4, 5, WiFi in any config is BAD:

      Was just listening to this also:

      Hate to beat a dead horse, but in the above Freeland also gets into how & possibly why this is all interfering with our DREAMS.
      And this is from 4 YEARS particular attention from what is said from 49:00 on......

    3. I am going to take a listen,as I sit I am between two 5G antennas one about 250 feet to the east in a strip mall, and another to the west of me about 1000ft on a golf course. Over the last four months, the what I call ringing in my ears is getting off the charts after sundown. Normally I do not talk about it, because I want to give them no satisfaction at all,but I know shit ain't right around me right about now,and it has to do with electronics. With me, it's not disappearing my posts, they will out of the blue just shut off my device remotely. I come back on and the message says, your machine restarted on it's own...uh no, it shut itself down. I actually have to unplug at the wall to get it to restart...let me go listen

    4. think I said it before, we are all part of the biggest medical experiment ever. The other awesome part that Elana points out is how whenever people talk about whats happening in the skies and to the environment, no one brings up the military and its part in it.

    5. Speaking of the military,

  42. You will all have to let me know what you think, but that Canary Cry episode with Elana Freeland on Spotify strikes me as one of the more important things, all in all, you could ever choose to listen to.

    AMAZING stuff.

    1. Very intelligent lady for sure. She had emphasis on the type wave 5G is, and how it is misleading nature of the G. She made it sound like 4G was Pumpsie Green and 5G is Barry Bonds. I want to look at Subrosa America. Russia throwing down the gauntlet pegging their ruble to gold. I watched a Jeffrey Prather video yesterday, and I think he is telling the geo-political truth. Sure looks like we are at the death of the FRN to me. It is worth the listen, he tells us what has happened if you listen closely. They are not going to be able to hide it from the people much longer,not with that move by Putin.

    2. Svali warned about this long ago.

      And, our smug, flag sucking, superstars (US Intel Community) who always claim to be professors dedicated to protecting "National Security" have always been corrupt, compromised, and shamelessly incompetent at protecting this country.

      One should never underestimate the sublime stupidifying presence of Dunning-Krueger Effect when dismissing the boobs in Government service (who service their own self first and foremost).

      The culture is riddled with idiots, fools, and smug Authority Figures dedicated to self interest.

      The country is weakened by Authorities...who aren't who or what they think they are.

  43. An oldie but a goldie, for a slow news night...


    The "vaccine" contains nanotechnology which modifies human DNA. But the nanotechnology is much more sophisticated than they say, and is secretly intended to deactivate the "God gene", the gene which allows us to experience spirituality.

    It has been leaked that the Pentagon started experimenting with this back in 2005, using an areosol on Islamic extremists in Afghanistan, hoping that with their God gene deactivated, they would abandon their religious fanatism. Instead, their behavior became even more violent and insane, to the point it became clear they had been possessed by demonic forces.

    No God gene = no "spiritual immune system" = demonic possession without resistance.

    This is why some of the people injected with the "vaccine" suddenly freaked out and started screaming out hysterically, instinctively, "I can't feel God anymore! They've killed God in me!"

    We're talking about "instant repopulation" of the Earth here, just like in the X-Files, except it's not aliens who would take over our bodies.

    The only problem remaining for the real-life Syndicate, for these Satanic freaks conspiring to surrender the human race to an otherworldly power, is simply this: how to get billions of demons to enter our world?

    That's where CERN comes in. The occult symbolism surrounding the Large Hadron Collider is well-known, the strange rituals as well. The giant statue of Shiva the Destroyer, Lord of the underworld in Hinduism; the false acronym CERN being a rare abbreviation for the Cernunnos of the Celtic people, holding in his hand a torque, the key to his divine power, which looks like a modern particle accelerator as seen from above; and the fact that the LHC was actually built upon an ancient temple to Apollyon the Destroyer, the "angel of the Abyss" of the Book of Revelations.

    They are trying build an artificial "key", to open a portal to the "bottomless pit". Billions of invisible fallen creatures being unleashed upon us, like swarms of locusts, or a plague, humanity now devoid of any and all spiritual immunity. These things would simply push our souls out of the way, slip on our flesh and blood like a "person suit"


    1. Wow.
      That is so outrageous and somewhat proveable, that...I wouldn't be surprised at all...if that is how THEY plan and think.

      This wouldn't surprise me at all. And most, wouldn't have the knowledge or faith to put it all together to understand.


  45. JB -- not sure where I'm going to go with this, but have been looking deeply into cinema over the past several days -- literature also -- and it seems to me that LOTS of triggers have been pulled over the years, & all pointing us towards something: everything from EYES WIDE SHUT to CHILDHOOD'S END to Ari Aster's latest films of HEREDITARY to MIDSOMMAR...all seem to be almost ritualistically paving the way for a stark change in what we term reality. In other words, perhaps CERN is only one way of changing the template here. (Which I most assuredly think it is doing and is in all likelihood what it was formed for in the first place...) The way is most definitely being paved for something "new" and being "opened" for a new type of lifeform to inherit whatever we have here -- our minds and our souls for starters.

    Am also taking a long hard look again at that Gotthard Tunnel Ceremony in Switzerland that took place in 2016 on June 1.
    That seems to me as fairly important given what's happened since.

    Things for me have been very scattered lately and have not come into focus as I usually like, but I'm always working on things for you guys, and thinking....when I've got something coming thru that I think is sufficient quality, I'll be posting quickly...

    1. Missed your content...nothing new since March.
      You might be in a rut...or have some ill health.

      Gentle reminder: turn off router at night or when not in use. Avoid putting your cell phone near your head.

      Check out dietary charcoal to cleanse complex carbon chain molecules (poisen and or anything your system cannot break down and excrete).

      Keep blood PH alkaline. Diet, green vegetables, fruits, nuts.

      Try baking soda in water once a day.


      You can get a 20$ small full spectrum light at Menards or Taotronics.

      Exercise in the morning...sweating...body has to sweat everyday.

      Just saying, you haven't been posting as much...must be an energy issue-health.

  46. Spoke to a paramedic that said "I got called out to the Pfizer vaccine line and had to do CPR for a cardiac arrest on the spot. The nurse said 'that's the second one this week!' I tried to report it to VAERS and they said that they already capped reports and weren't taking more. So I posted about it on social media. I got labeled a terrorist. I'm a veteran! Now I'm on do not fly lists."

  47. wordman, been waiting to post this to you and commenters. since y r going onto cinema i offer you what i stumbled on about 10 yrs ago.
    1939-1941. wizard of oz, everybody knows that. now watch the movie called "Gaslight" first one made in england, second one made shortly thereafter in US. you will notice that gaslight is like an answer to wizard of oz. a few examples. little dog accompanies female. munchkins turn into children playing outside. fortune teller in wizard is brushing horse, in gaslight detective is brushing horse. color of shoes matches coler of stolen jewelry. there is alot more. also given birth name of actress in englands version is Dorothy. the whole thing is loaded. a!most seems like the couple of years later US version was trying to hide some of the revelation in the english version, but still has lots to reveal.

    be well,
    commenter about nulands how we die dad

  48. Thomas Sheridan mentioned this over the weekend,


    "In total, there has been 15 withdrawals/retirements during the Miami Open."

    "Fans were left shocked at the double retirement from two stars in a bizarre day of tennis."

    Perhaps there's a clue to all this in David Foster Wallace's "Infinite Jest"?

  49. & the above article doesn't shy away from emphasising departure:

    "Pegula has spent just three hours and 22 minutes on court in her four matches and will next face Iga Swiatek — who will replace the retired Ash Barty as the new World No.1 on Monday..."

    Barty secured that No. 1 spot at the Oz open where the whole Novak thing went down.

    1. Athletes are the canaries in the coal mine vis a vis the kill shot.

    2. Graphen Oxide in vax...has been characterized as a like a razor blade moving through the vascular system and of course cutting up the walls of the vascular system.

      Athletes move their blood around more than couch potatos.

      Would love to see a pathology report on these dead, sick, dying athletes the prime of their lives?

  50. AB 2223, California. They're legalizing after-birth abortions, the literal killing of babies after they're born, because liberals are Evil Incarnate.

  51. Hypothetical question here if some individuals were willing to do all kinds of extremes even life threatening to keep some information under wraps then they suddenly admit the information AND apologize for it. Is that a win or do they have something worse in play?

    1. Either they think they overplayed their hand, or they have something else to use that they think will work better.

    2. Thanks KM, I think that I got my answer when they backtracked after they saw that comment and changed tactics. Sadly though I don't think that I'll ever really have answers to it all.

      On a different note, have you guys seen this shenanigans?

      Though ironically "Stinus" means "follower of Christ"


  53. JB, I'd put this up in the Den, but I always get an error message there.

    For anyone that forgot:

    1. Thank you, I will steal this and pass it off as my own findings.

      Mwa ha ha.

    2. Lmao, go for it. I had some really good links involving some weird stuff with the Cocteau Twins that wouldn't post there, a while back. If I find them again you can do the same.

    3. I was kidding, of course. I already gave you credit on "Deep Dive".

    4. I know, thank you ;) I think that I've got enough stuff here about all this to have a blog post I'll have it up tonight it's weird!

    5. Post the link here when it's ready, so that I can steal even more stuff.

    6. I think this was one I tried posting:
      It's kinda become old news now

      I'm still working on the blog post, but as I was digging back in the fox hunting stuff, I realized that I had proof that when I tried to communicate with the past and future me through my soul worked and I sent proof in music in November. Our souls can time travel because they are eternal and timeless and they often communicate in music I believe.

    7. Sorry for the delay:


    Similar to Rabies

  55. There are a few new items up at Forbidden knowledge Tv. They are predicting a false flag attack in NYC on the 18th which is to have the purpose of starting some more shit with Russia.

  56. Doctor I occasionally correspond with up here has just posted this:

    "Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD). We have 5 cases in our small city. All newly diagnosed. 2 have died already. One in a million chance.

    It’s alarming that we have 5. 2 passed very quickly. I don’t know about the other 3 as I don’t have a connection to those people.

    Small city in southern Alberta. Our community is 60k.

    There was something similar in New Brunswick (Canada) back when the pandemic started."

    Jesus Christ.

    1. Actually it's not as rare, it's just rarely diagnosed. It's a good thing that they diagnosed and monitoring them. As a surgical tech, we're taught that ANY time we do brain surgery on someone with dementia or Alzheimer's disease to treat them as potentially CJD patient's and throw away the instruments because they can't sterilize the prions. And a large number of Alzheimer's patients are misdiagnosed and actually CJD.
      But this article says that Alzheimer's IS a prion disease just not as aggressive as CJD and that is TRANSMISSIBLE and that all the bodily fluids of Alzheimer's patients is potentially contagious.

      Here's my research on potential cures for Alzheimer's and CJD:

      Prions disrupt the protein folding, then they cause scarring.,normal%20proteins%20in%20the%20brain.

      Astaxanthin corrects the protein folding:
      Except, that the dosage available OTC as a vitamin is EXTREMELY LOW so an entire bottle is equivalent to one dose as studied.
      It's being studied for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

      The scarring can be corrected by gotu kola

      Bromelian helps the body reabsorb the scar tissue and plaques in the brain.

      Then the nerves rebuilt with Curcumin and omega three fatty acids.

      Curcumin also blocks the corrupt peptides and precursor proteins that the prions create.

      Because CJD causes excessive protein production, selenium should be supplemented as well as amino acids. And of course all the basic vitamins and minerals but especially, C, D3, K and magnesium.

    2. I'm so so sorry I didn't mean to keep flooding the comments, I should just said funny that you should mention CJD and put it in a blog post instead of drowning you out with a ton of links unbidden it getting consistently more awkward that I'm talking too much:

    3. Don’t worry dginn. I, for one, value your input. I’ll certainly follow your links.

    4. Thank you KM that means a lot!
      This is the current rabbit hole I'm in, I went partway down it a few months back but wasn't in the right headspace, pardon the pun;)

  57. Nick Fuentes: "It is very irresponsible for vaccinated people to own pets, because their pets will outlive them."

  58. After nearly a month since his last article, I think it's official: Wordman is no more. A bunch of Feds caught him in the showers. Rip.