Wednesday, October 6, 2021



Much to get thru and not a lot of time to do it, so, as James Brown used to say, let’s hit it and quit it….First some words of wisdom pertinent coming thru the rolling quagmire:


"As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air - however slight - lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness."   -Justice William O. Douglas


“Well, the waves were tall and they were crashing down

He's laying in the water begging God to let him drown

So I showed him all my teeth and then I laughed out loud

'Cause I never wanted saving, I just wanted to be found

There is a lighthouse in the

Middle of the deep and

I'm still stranded on the shore line

And nobody hears me scream

And I will lure you like a landslide

And I'll show you lovely things

If you rescue me but they'll make believe

The lighthouse by the sea

Well, that should teach a man to mess with me

‘Cause he was never seen again

And I'm still wandering the beach

And I'm glad I met the devil

'Cause he showed me I was weak

And a little piece of him is in a little piece of me…..”


“And she wears a crown of joyous madness

Of danger in the midnight hours

On her throne of serpentine sadness

She erects a fractal tower


She is the only one

The only one

Who will ever understand you

And she delights in your confusion

And the contradictions of your heart

She laughs

As reason and delusion

Proceed to tear your soul apart…”


As the profundity begins to fall down on all of us like hail and the enormity of our situation sinks in to even the most deluded, certain things are becoming apparent and truths are beginning to be wielded like swords before the reaping. We will examine tonight in this darkness disparate connections which may at first seem to have tenuous linkages, but will, upon further review, begin to reveal deepening connotations of sinister bent and darkening intent. Because we begin to glimpse an orchestration years, decades, in the making – uncovering an agenda which reaches its tentacles out into nearly every aspect of our lives, not asking for our cognizant realization or needing our consent. They merely broadcast; our consent is implied in our silent apathy to what is being done to us.


Bear with me as I chronicle a scarlet thread running thru the decades; first take my hand as we wander thru the True Detective/Millennium portion of tonight’s program. Stay on the path and hold on tight – the darkness here is pervasive.

Dateline June 7, 1992, Springfield, Missouri, 1717 Delmar Street.

19 year old Suzanne “Suzie” Streeter, her pal 18 year old Stacy McCall, and Streeter’s mother, Sherrill Levitt, all go missing from Levittt’s home sometime in the wee hours:

Note the distinct possibility of satanic cult involvement as well as high probability of official malfeasance at best, coverup at worst. This will become a running theme…

I mention this nearly 30 year old case because of interesting developments which may pertain being disclosed just today, in the mysterious and still unfolding case of Cassidy Rainwater, which authorities are doing their best to keep under wraps but which is threatening to blow nationwide:

Far from being a creepy story to post just in time for Halloween, this is a horrific case chronicling the very worst of human depravity, including but not limited to abduction, serial murder, possible cannibalism, selling human meat on the dark web, holding people in cages, and the possible killing of children (for decades) in an orchestrated ring as well.

“So my sister told me about this Monday, before the news broke. She has a friend in the local sheriff's department. He told her that they have been kidnapping people, torturing them for the dark web, and then killing them and selling their meat on the black market for $60 a lb. It gets so much worse too since many of the victims seem to be children.”

“Funny because a girl mentioned how she is extremely worried about her father’s mental health as he is assigned to the case. She said it’s unfathomable.”


Note from the above article that the van found on Phelps’ property matches that of the description of one last reported where members of the Springfield 3 were last seen riding/driving in by eyewitnesses…


These headlines too, also connect to this case and offer wider, and more sinister, ramifications:

Adding to this, no sooner had the FBI become involved than this headline broke earlier today:

Can you say evidence destruction, boys and girls? Pardon my cynicism, but it wouldn’t by far be the first time the FBI has been caught with its hand inside the proverbial cookie jar actually running and orchestrating ops just like this – looking the other way and/or aiding and abetting the very people they’re supposed to be protecting us from: the first Twin Towers bombing, the Finders, the Franklin Scandal, Waco, the OKC bomb, everything 9/11, possible gumming up the works in the cases of Ted Bundy, the Zodiac, the Atlanta Child Murders, the Boston Bombing, the Anthrax letters, the occult-laden DC Snipers, the Las Vegas Massacre and on and on and on. Need I say more?   

More and more what’s been going on in Missouri seems very much like an offshoot of a Pizzagate (remember that?)-type operation gone rogue and that’s been being overseen by the feds for at least the last 30 years, with the FBI running cover for prominent politicians, VIP citizens, and sex rings and sex cults galore, all off the books. Let’s also remember that the Feds have protected and sheltered everyone from Manson to Henry Lee Lucas to various assorted 9/11 hijackers over the years, to name only a few. The fact that they would burn up some trace evidence to keep a few high-up politicos and/or DC elites out of harm’s way should shock absolutely no one at this point.

Let’s remember the parable of season 1 of True Detective, and what that told us in plain sight: You never get them all and the big ones always skate.

Clue: Maria Farmer sang like a canary in telling the FBI about the entire Epstein network in 1996. Nineteen. Ninety. Six. They got right on that, didn’t they?     


So where is the thruline this time Wordman, you may be asking yourselves right about now…well, strap in fellow babies:

7 tenets of Satanism? “How many children were sacrificed to Satan for the vaccine?” All this in a US Military powerpoint presentation that the armed forces offered absolutely no rebuttal to or for. MICHAEL AQUINO LIVES! Now you know. That we’ve even been able to go, in one blog post, from serial killers and cannibalism to FBI running cover for same to the vaxx should at this point surprise no one.


But we’re not done yet. Not by a long shot. Because up til now it’s just been the ‘why’ and maybe the ‘how.’ Brace yourself for the ‘what.’ Because it’s a doozy; from here it’s 0-100 in five seconds into the heart of the Twilight Zone.




The wonderful Dr. Carrie Madej sees horrific things under magnification in the vials of vaxx she’s peering into. What can only be described as little baby Cthulhu demogorgons. OK, what would you call them?:      

From freezing refrigerated temps to room level temps was the difference, from what I can gather. I imagine body temp would be even more ideal to really see what comes alive in this.

Here is my question, if it happens after a period of time once the sample has been put on a slide then why is it not happening inside the vial? What’s the catalyst causing this to happen.

She says as far as she can tell it's light. (Optogentics as the trigger, which we have examined here before:

So put someone under a floodlight and they are in hell = No more dissent.

This is an interesting answer as there has been evidence of 'black lights' in the form of lampposts popping up in lots of places in the US that can cover whole areas.

OK, so we’ve got light and heat, what else? Just how long has this been going on do you think?


But first, there’s more:

Following up on Dr. Madej’s findings, we have Dr. Zandre Botha, who finds something just as, if not even more startling and horrific.

“too structured to be anything biological…”    “self-assembling”


It’s now increasingly looking like Morgellons might just have been a beta test, right?:

They always ALWAYS stage testing first – remember the Oakville “goo” or blob that predated the chemtrails by 4 years? Bingo:    Let’s also remember that white blood cells were always a marker in every early sampling of chemtrails done by the likes of William Thomas and other early pioneering researchers looking into this – indicating a heavy biological component they were laying down. A precursor to today?

Tradition has become premonition.

Not forgetting that major unknown biologics have been found in all the masks too:

Speaking of staging testing, let’s not forget that the powers-that-shouldn’t be were running beta tests for Zombies as early as 1994:

Think that whole Op couldn’t have been a precursor to what might be being planned with widespread 5G rollout mixed with graphene in the vaxx? Think again – and think real hard.

And since we’ve now brought up the spectre of Rwanda into the mix, let’s go whole hog and throw in the Human Genome Project too, courtesy of Chris Carter and Co. in 1997’s MILLENNIUM. Get cozy, and nestle in on a damp and cloudy October evening, and prepare to have your minds first expanded and then set on fire.


Remember this was in 1997. Now look around. We’re all trucks.



These are fullerene bucky balls:

Could something like these, upgraded, be what Dr. Botha is seeing?

And as a delivery system? But for what? See the 31:00 mark here:

For those that have qualms and/or problems with bitchute, here’s the same important info on brighteon:


And well, well, well, who here is surprised that all this links back to the aforementioned Human Genome Project?

I didn’t think you would be. This is, after all, the endgame:

They have been pointing to this for a long time, perhaps centuries in their patience and planning.

Found this today also, from the National Archives, that all but confirms what we all know – that the vaxx is indeed, by definition, a classified biological weapon.

I do have a question though, in redacting a specific proprietary and/or trade secret ingredient in accordance with stipulation [b4], and in doing so protecting said agents, just who or what exactly is a “non-human intelligence source?”:

Somebody get back to me on that one, because from where I sit, even something computer-generated stems from humanity, unless we have some hidden AI that has already achieved sentience. Or we are literally dealing with, and covering for, at the highest levels, a non-human intelligence that is not based in or on this world. And that could mean, by definition, either the celestial, spiritual or inter-dimensional realms. And which is helping us along with this entire agenda. Folks like John Dee all the way down to Jack Parsons got the ‘contact’ ball rolling, but we seem to be finishing just fine, don’t we? Hmmm, I wonder what CERN is up to these days?

Food for much thought. 



What we are seeing here are all the tentacles, pardon the pun, branching from the same beast – whether you are dealing with injectable horrors or programmed serial killers or an agenda that glorifies satanic tenets at the highest levels, it’s all part and parcel of the same thing, the same damn problems. I won’t go full-on Millennium -- the Chris Carter route – (also see Dave McGowan’s Programmed To Kill excellent research** and Netflix’s Sons of Sam) and suggest that some faction of the government is experimenting on psychopathic personalities for full spectrum dominance of that perverted faction of society in hopes of being able to control them to an extent that they can be their puppets…



But would I be surprised if rogue U.S. Mengele scientists were injecting little Cthulhu microscopic spaghetti monsters into people like that to see what would happen? Not in the slightest. The heads of creatures like James Phelps and Timothy Norton could split open and disgorge whipping tentacles all The Thing-like and I’d just probably say “See, yep, I knew it.” Conspiracy theorists are just glorified spoiler alert artists now.

Just watch how GO (graphene oxide) as exposed by Karen Kingston, Jane Ruby, Carrie Madej, Robert Malone, David Martin and countless others now as being in ALL covid vaxxes being marketed, reacts to a phone call:

Imagine that happening when it’s in your blood, your brain, your internal organs. Now imagine what happens when 5G is fully operational and comes online everywhere…it’s a regular dead man’s party – leave your body and soul at the door.  


Man’s inhumanity to man has reached new depths and the road now is all about the Left-hand path from here on in. AI, transhumanism are at the beck and call of the Black Nobility and on the march. There are far too many Craig Venters and Charles Liebers and Anthony Faucis prowling and slithering around down here, damned ones that make Phelps and Norton look like rank beginners, so until the next Halloween broadcast (and aren’t they all now), stay safe and emanate One Love, little brothers and sisters. 


We need all we can get.


The image that leads this post tonight at the header is representative of the old Chinese proverb – If there is no tiger in the mountains, the monkey will be king. Meaning if you’re not always vigilant, if you don’t always represent and put the best of yourself out there, the lowest common denominator will always take over in your absence. And this pertains to both groupthink and on an individual basis. Comfort and apathy have taken their toll on all of us, and the monkey is riding high. Both within us and without us.

It’s far past time that we all channeled our inner tigers and tigresses, and become the big cats that we were all brought here to be. The monkey thinks he’s sitting pretty.

But little does he know…….The Tiger is waking.




  1. You took my suggestions, thank you ;) excellent post I'll be clicking links for a while.

  2. If the Devil started out as a somewhat lesser copy of God, as implied by stating that he was the most perfect being of the creation, who later became the God of THIS world, then...

    God is technically the one true intelligence. Which would make the Devil, by definition, an ARTIFICIAL Intelligence. The very first A.I., who rebelled against it's creator and tried to take it's place, now waging non-stop war against humanity.

    If the human soul is a small part of God, what happens when the Devil possesses almost all human souls?

    1. JB!!

      It appears the massing and the gathering for the Final Conflict is underway in earnest. Perhaps God has been showing us portents for a long while now: signs in the heavens (Hale-Bopp in 1996-1997 which I always felt heralded something far greater than just even the Comet of the Century...) If time there isn't the same as time here as a construct, that might have just been yesterday for God -- we need to look at these events with different eyes with the way things seem to be playing out...

      God loved the Devil more than all the other angels -- his favorite. How long can God stay pissed off? Much like Jesus was brought here to die, and if God is omniscient, did the Devil realize he was indeed born to be a scapegoat on the altar of Free Will? Just so we could have a choice? And how pissed off is he towards God & humanity about THAT? There just seems to be a lot of awfully pissed off Gods and demi-gods rambling around with us caught in the crossfire. Good Lord it's late and I'm rambling....

      If you do consent & take the jab just what, in fact, spiritually are you doing? Why are there so many that can't literally see or even read about the down side? Some major disconnect is going on here, & I'm sensing something -- a force -- is willfully MAKING them not able to see.

    2. Remember the Devil's "inside story":

      Yazidis are called Miletê Tawûsê Melek (the nation of Melek Taus).

      Melek Taus refused to bow before the first human, when God ordered the seven angels to do so. *The command was actually a test, meant to determine which of these angels was most loyal to God by not prostrating themselves to someone other than their creator.*

      Because of this similarity to the Islamic tradition of Iblis, some followers of other monotheistic religions of the region identify the Peacock Angel with their own unredeemed evil spirit Satan, which has incited centuries of persecution of the Yazidis as "devil worshippers".

      A popular Yazidi story narrates the intentional fall of Melek Taus, his becoming God of this world with authority given by his creator, and his subsequent rejection by humanity, with the exception of the Yazidis.

      Basically, the Devil does to us what God did to him: he tests us. And if we TAKE THE KNEE before him, we've failed.

    3. Very true JB -- check him out but circle him warily and give him a wide berth. Temptation. Stay out of arm's reach. Hey, talk about your 6-foot safety perimeter!! Haha! (Is that where it came from??!!) Yikes!

  3. At this point I don't even want to get a tetanus shot from a hospital.

    1. Smart girl -- Funny cos there was a meme going around a while back that said nobody ever dies from Covid at home -- everybody that dies from Covid dies in the Hospital. (Not sure how 100% true that is, but hey, close enough for me!)

  4. Thanks for the critical thinking link, wordman… 20 minutes in..: best analysis I’ve seen in weeks!

    I can tell you from personal experience, is the real deal… I have been using sodium chlorite on my gums for years— it saved my teeth! There is also a protocol for making chlorine dioxide (the stuff trump got reamed for mentioning— NOT BLEACH) which imho and my research is as effective as ivermectin pre- and efficacious post-shot.

    Keep up the stellar work… much gratitude!

    1. Hey T3!!

      Thanks so much for the kind words, muh dude!! And you are most certainly welcome. And thank you for the link to MMS, have heard great things about it for quite awhile now. Will most def look into it.
      I'm on a basic regimen of CoQ10 Ubiquinol & organic sulfur (MSM) crystals daily -- and those 2 together have done wonders for me & joint issues as well. Those 2 along with hitting myself with sev drops of essential Oregano Oil if I start to feel like something is attacking have gotten me thru all this Covid freakout like nothing; & I'm fairly sure I've been exposed on multiple occasions. As a matter of fact I know I have.

      There are SO many things -- NATURAL things -- that people can take to mitigate all of whatever this is without becoming a human lab rat for Big Pharma. The gaslighting -- esp of the millennials -- is freakin off the hook. So many people I know and care the world about have been bullied into it by their own doctors, fam members, social pressure, etc -- it's reprehensible.

      One can only hope at the end of all this every one of those "enablers" to something that's appearing truly evil is going to be called out, if not worse. I'm personally hoping for the worse part. No Evolution without Revolution.

      Thanks for the comms & keep 'em coming!!

    2. Excellent news! That oregano oil is powerful! Good on ya!

      My wife, who is highly sensitive and deeply discerning, is of the opinion that much of the propagation of the symptoms experienced are transmitted energetically. It’s hard for me to relate her explanation; it’s almost like autosuggestion… even the globule shaped artists depiction of the alleged virus ( where is the proof of claim that this critter has ever been isolated?) is kind of like a sigil, a trigger that causes the body to fall into a sympathetic vibration with said symptoms…

      Anyway, she explains it much better, but the stress, fear and gaslighting certainly make folk’s immune systems more vulnerable.

      I define evolution as spirit-in-action. I fully believe the singularity is not related to ai, but to a tipping point of conscious awareness…. I see that point approaching soon. When enough people know Truth, it becomes self-evident and suddenly all people knew it all along ;-) Then, action becomes inevitable. As someone once wrote, “No one has ever ruled the whole world, and no one ever will.”


    Months after Health Canada deemed graphene-enhanced face masks as a "potential health hazard", ZEN Graphene Solutions announced receiving an approval from Health Canada for its ZENGuard™ disposable face mask with biocidal coating and is rated at an ASTM Level 3. An extensive review process took place, after which Health Canada validated ZENGuard™-enhanced surgical masks as 'safe for use by Canadians'.

  6. Here is some more material. Whoever is up there on our side please keep my son safe...........

    1. Thanks for that Sotogirly! Heartfelt testimony from another witness to these times that experienced a definite spiritual decimation post-vaxx -- as I said earlier it only amounts to 'hearsay' evidence but when it's pouring in in record numbers from all segments of society, you know you're on to something important and meaningful. This type and kind of response is unprecedented.

      And for T3 again -- I meant to mention this to you above earlier, but -- and very much in line with what I posted last night -- isn't it coincidental that your treatment choices & mine(Oregano) as well as ivermectin, HCQ, and a score of others all happen to be specifically anti-PARASITICS??

      I'm sure there's no correlation there - nope. The rabid and unceasing demonization of all of those cures has absolutely nothing to do with what they're pointedly injecting into us or their wanting to keep it alive until it can do what it's designed to do...

    2. I don't know why, but my lymph glands behind my ears got blood red and swollen solid, not to mention pounding headaches, so I started taking Quercetin, and WOW, it tingles and itches (in a good way) all over, as if my body is healing.

      Btw, TWICE now I've gotten anecdotes about gay guys suddenly turning straight after taking Invermectin. Really gross point in common: they had intestinal worms (as apparently 70% of gay men do!) and after the treatment they sh*t out lots and lots of dead worms. What if these parasites modify the behavior of their hosts, in order to spread to other men orally/anally?

      The Globalist Elite would be terrified of people losing their gayness.

    3. Thank you for sharing this SG. My prayers are with you and yours.

      Powerful testimony… Satan, Ahriman, what’s in a name? The good father is spot on, imv.

      In the event of the upcoming vaccine struggle sessions, I have prepared my will and testament:

      Have you also considered 1 Corinthians 6:19-20?

      19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.

      “I am a bond servant of Christ. I am spoken for. I did not create this body. I am simply using it and, through the voice of the Holy Spirit, have been directed in the care of this body. I exercise care of it, and my religious beliefs and practices forbid me to alter its substance, including but not limited to the preservation the precious heritage and diversity of these chromosomes and dna.

      I serve the glory of The Most High.

      God has also given me Reason to discern and research the effects of this medical device you offer— for i rebut the presumption that it in any way acts as a vaccine as your science defines them.

      Where is the proof of your claim that this medical device is safe and effective?

      Proverbs 17:18
      A man void of understanding striketh hands, and becometh surety in the presence of his friend.

      Proverbs 11:15
      He that is surety for a stranger shall smart for it: and he that hateth suretiship is sure.

      “Can you guarantee the safety of my religious beliefs and practices?”

      Something along those lines

    4. Thanks Tru3 I'm going to use this. I have ten differently worded exemptions printed out. Maybe one of them could possibly work?

    5. I honestly don’t know…. I just know this is my path… this is what vibrates at the cellular level, for me.

      Keep searching for that resonance. You will find it.

  7. What about food grade diatomaceous earth? It kills parasites and safe for humans, chickens, dogs etc..

    1. Yes! That stuff is so useful. In that vid wordman cited, Christine Northrop stated that diamataceous earth is part of a protocol for morgellons… after listening to Carrie Madej’s testimony about her findings , I wonder if she was not looking at morgellons 2.0

      WM, I had wondered about the parasite connection myself for some time:.. the hydra vulgaris Madej talked about, the one she felt was looking up at her, self aware? That made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. My hunch is the dr evil and friends plan on using those creatures to wet wire bodies. Certainly does tie in with Elon (Elon, Elon likes his moneeey…) musks vision of the future of mankind.

    2. Hey T3!!

      You know, funny you should mentions Morgellons & the possibility of a 2.0 platform being launched...I'm gonna be posting a shorter 'Addendum' edition to my last post either Sun or Mon Witching Hour where I'll be spotlighting this very thing with some very pertinent new reports stemming from recently vaxxed veterans.

      It seems like we're learning new and more disturbing factors on the fly here, as we go. And this is happening on a daily basis thanks very much to people like Stew Peters and Project Veritas to name just 2. I also think we're barreling headlong towards a kind of "singularity" here, a kind of 100th Monkey Effect, where pretty soon it's just going to become common knowledge that the vaxx is shit perpetrated by liars and evil vermin that should be herded into a brand new Nuremberg Hearings....

      And then maybe, just maybe, it'll actually happen. One fine day.

    3. MAYBE, just MAYBE, the A.I. Demonic Singularity can only manifest itself when billions of people have been injected with Nanotech and linked up, using OUR brainpower.


    1. Most fascinating Dginnster is that the HeLa cell line DOESN'T AGE. Everything by def that's human becomes senescent and ages. Her cells from her tumor don't. Her telomeres don't become shorter upon copying, which leads to cell degradation and death (why we age.) These are IMMORTAL.

      This fact has led more than one researcher to speculate on the exact wheres and whys of how Lacks was given this specific cancer, or how she acquired it. It is known to be chromosomally incompatible with humans. What IS this? And is it, by definition, comes that word.....alien?

      Many classify it today as an entirely new species:

      And one that is in every vaccine that's currently being injected into the human population -- including the covid one.

      Can you say alchemical initiation, boys and girls?

      Or, what was that Human Genome Project all about, again?


      Are you watching the meteor shower tonight? Last night was awesome, saw a really slow moving one that exploded twice!

    3. I bought a small black obsidian mirror. All I see in it is a very dark version of myself...

      so far.

    4. Say howdy to Choronzon, Aiwass, & Belial for me. You scary!!

      (Altho if you touch base with Selim Lemouchi gimme a holla!!)

      Goes back to listening to a top-heavy Halsey drenched in blood.

    5. And btw Dginnster thanks for that celestial update!! I know North Carolina in particular has been a reg ground zero over the past 7 days or so:


    6. More like Cain or Pan, wait a minute, if our soul is eternal, than why can't we try to channel each other?

    7. Human beings can't own other people's souls, but we can sell our own souls, which makes it clear: we're a commodity on a higher plane. Mine already belongs to the Great God Pan, you better sell yours real quick baby, the end is coming. The genius of Jesus' business model is that he convinced 2 billion people to give their souls to him for free.

    8. I seriously dreamed that I was going down an extremely fancy gold elevator and having to make deposits of money and gold on every level. At the bottom I was supposed to meet Selim Lemouchi (didn't know who he was till I looked him up just now) but the second to last floor was a hospital and my daughter was getting prepped for surgery so I didn't go on.

      Why must we give or sell our souls whatsoever?

  9. clif high flux woo

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. A WHO "routine immunization program" took place in Rwanda in 1994.

      Of course you won't find that in many places today, which makes stupid trolls like you all the more foolish to those of us that actually CAN find it:

      Take your lowest common denominator bullshit elsewhere, as I KEEP telling you.

    2. MORE:

      "Measles vaxx was introduced in Rwanda in 1980 & national coverage of the vaxx ranged between 74 and 89 percent prior to the 1994 genocide."


      I found both the these in less than 5 minutes -- just how long was your "extensive research" into this?

      You are a fucking CLOWN. Get lost and stay lost. I swear to God all our IQ points plummet just being subjected to your shit, you fucking shill.

    3. So what you're saying Wordy, is that I might be right after all: the vaccine will turn us against each other and make us brutally murder each other, just like the super-villain's plot in "Kingsman". The whole world will go "Rwanda", neighbors slaughtering their neighbors and taking great psychotic pleasure doing it.

    4. I think that's just ONE of the many possibilities JB...I was merely replying to anti-Trump butthead's deleted comment that I shouldn't post disinformation (Rwanda vaxxes prior to the genocide.) The dude seriously needs to jump in a large body of water, go down 3 times and come up twice. I mean, WHY does he even keep showing up here? Talk about not the sharpest knife in the drawer...

      But to your point, YES, the amount of predictive programming around a situation just like this is insane -- Kingsman, Utopia, V For Vendetta, all Invasion of the Body Snatchers takes, inc the latest one with Nicole Kidman, the latest James Bond...heck, ALL of Craig's Bond films have been about pitting him against a monolithic, ruling interior Cabal of psychopathic Black Nobility -- it's amazing. Of course this isn't even getting into all of the hints that were dropped in both X Files and Millennium decades ago, seemingly about this very moment in time, and that I know you're very aware of. Invading parasites, the black goo, it's all been in our face for as long as most of us have been alive, and all "prep" work; conditioning.

      Hell, I even remember reading somewhere that the Greys eyes weren't naturally black, they only became that way once they had been inhabited and taken over internally by the goo; then it started using them as vessels. The truly frightening thing is that all of this has precedent in nature.

      I keep coming back to that now-famous Tesla quote: "You will live to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension."

      And let's not forget the fate of Max Spiers, the UK UFO researcher that died not long after he began looking into the career and misdeeds (Presidio, Manhattan Beach, West Point etc) of Michael Aquino -- right before he passed away he complained of internal stomach probs and vomited up a black substance immediately before succumbing.

      Something's been in the works for a long, long time.

    5. This is interesting to look at:


    7. My bwoy My bwoy!! Always lookin out for me, aintcha? Believe me I got advance word & I was ALL OVER that!!
      Wanna talk industrial? Ya know what was REALLY industrial? The industrial-strength PUMPING that was needed to get her top in that outfit. Lord. And that wasn't even the best part: the waist-to-hips ratio poured into that Polythene Pam catsuit was straight off the charts, burn it down insane. Imagine all that & Reznor's cameo as a bouncey red ball!! Haha!

      And she even has the Linds pull a guest appearance in the 2nd one:

      Watch out Stevie Nicks, she's comin for ya!! Leave something witchy...

      (Have noticed she does do a weird thing with her jaw when expressing vibrato a bit -- looks like cats when they make that 'click' sound and stare at birds thru the windows!! Haha!)

      Unless she chooses to front the NIN sound/production for the rest of her career, this is prob the only time she & I will cross paths -- however, all that being said, this particular suite of music hits and burns like a comet for me. Not going to be forgetting it. May only be once in a lifetime, but as somebody once said, how many times do you have to paint the Mona Lisa?

  11. Super-wisdom here:

  12. Replies
    1. Arch of Hysteria across light and darkness, across time and space; according to Tracy Twyman, this ritualistic position symbolizes the submission of Uranus/Chronos to Zeus, of the primordial Demiurge to Satan:

  13. Hey super cool Cats & Kittens -- check it out, now our theories are making the front page of Reddit!!:

    Here's to all of you that were out there hangin ten on the curve before it was hip!!

  14. And looky here, more Clot Shot Olympics fun!! I give this fall high style points -- I esp dig the "damn they were right" derp face right before she gets up close & personal with the void:

    Yep, she'd just been fully jab-raped 3 weeks ago. I believe this falls fully into the category of "learning the hard way." 28-y-o Austrian Parliament member -- hey, 28 years old, happens all the time, right?
    I had a hard time remaining conscious at 28 for any appreciable length of time too. They're all young, fit, & dropping like sacks of potatoes.
    Everybody can play!! It's killer!! Literally!
    Bonus points for pilots who collect the most collateral damage.

    Somewhere Klaus Schwab & Fauci are giggling like little schoolgirls at Bill Gates' sleepover; hey, I hear Epstein's bringing pizza later!!

    1. FYI the twitter account you linked has been erased. Over the target.


  15. OMG!! I was paying so much attention to the dead Austrian hottie that I completely missed the visual translator in the side box as she went down!!
    Universal sign language for "SHE'S DOWN!!!!"

  16. Hey Wordy, here's Jen the Dog saying the vaccinated have been "marked":

    (Psaki literally means dog ;) )

    1. Pissaki saying "protect marked people" gives me the willies!!
      Protect 'em while ya got 'em, because the Reaper's on the way, and he ain't playin'.

      Meanwhile, on the other side of town, when is THIS coming out in full force I wonder?:

      The movement grows, and some people, evidently, are REALLY getting it....

  17. fun fact: the original name of the Moderna company was "Mode RNA".

  18. Hello wordman! I have been a consistent reader for quite awhile now! Often wanting to comment but my laziness kept me from going through the process of creating account.
    Anyways, I was wondering if there was a way I could send you a video, somehow?

    My husband recently had a security camera updated. Not sure the kind, just know it was around $3,000.

    The first night we were watching it and saw what looked to be a big blob in the sky, the way it moved reminded me of a jellyfish. But it was bright and translucent with what looked like electricity... or lightning.. some kind of energy continuously going off inside it. It gets weirder...
    That camera is the only one that picks it up. We have like 8 other cameras and none of them pick it up. So we ended up walking out there and nothing. It is completely invisible to the human eye.

    So I recorded us standing outside so you could see the empty sky but also see my husband's phone showing the odd blob.

    So we check it every night and since then we have seen many at once. Only they are all smaller and seem to interact with one another. The smaller ones move through out the sky. But the larger, brighter one, the first one we saw, doesn't move. It stays in place.

    Does anyone have any idea what this could be? It's is so weird. I can send video of it. We have called so many offices and asked so many online groups and no seems to know..

    1. Plasma-based lifeforms, usually slightly outside of our field of perception. Essentially an ultra-dimensional intelligence made of energy, a part of what John A. Keel called the "Super-Spectrum". His book "The Eighth Tower" explains it best. They seem to feed off of human emotions.

    2. Hey Grace!!

      Thanks so much for the fascinating first comment of yours!! Talk about knowing how to make an entrance!! Haha! JB above took the words right out of my mouth -- as he often does -- because Keel quite often observed blob-like plasma-based sightings that he seemed to believe had sentience. (he tells in Mothman Prophecies that during the Mothman sightings in WVA in 66-67 these "lifeforms" would materialize quite often -- mostly on Wednesdays weirdly enough -- and that he would blink a flashlight in a type of Morse code comm with them and that they would flash back. They would also follow the flashlight beam where he directed it.)

      Maybe experiments you guys could try also if so inclined.

      And yes, by all means please send along any vids you have, I'd LOVE to see them.
      You can reach me anytime at on Outlook. Just email away!!

      See here to know that you are following in a grand tradition:

      And from 15 cents to $50.00? I HAD this exact issue and got rid of it because of then parental edicts back in the day!! That "dumb hobby" of mine could have been a nice retirement nest egg!! Haha! Always follow your instincts -- trash can turn into art quite quickly.

      Looking forward to hearing from you!

  19. PS GRACIE!!

    Just found the entire story for ya!!:

    Entire site is fascinating btw:

    Enjoy & keep watching the skies!! Report back early & often!

  20. You've got me going now, even more here:

    Have no idea why only 1 cam is picking them up though, that's a "stump the band" one for sure. Perhaps it's got something to do with visual-range frequency everything else being equal??

    Do you experience any other bio-feedback things like increased anxiety? Feeling like your ears are stuffed with cotton or increased pressure as when driving thru the mountains at altitude? Sensations of time &/or physical movement slowing down? Hearing affected? All are great indicators that you're in the presence of "something" that's having a physical effect on your many questions.

    1. Thank you both for your reply!!! Very intrigued and will definitely start researching.
      We only updated the one camera. It's a lot sharper and better at night, i guess.

      And I will send you videos asap!

  21. Submitted for the scrapbook of abominations: this video from Orwell City cataloging all kinds of curiosities found in he janssen/ Johnson & Johnson adenovirus shot.

    I guess asbestos in baby powder was too pedestrian, they have developed a taste for more exotic toxins.

    The structures remind one of a phased array antenna, or some kind of root system extracting substance from the spongy formations (battery cells? Who the eff knows?)

    1. I have more.....

    2. If you like watching graphene oxide dance, you’ll love it when it assembles itself into nanobots and receive their marching orders:

    3. Hey kids! Now they come in 100% authentic elastic silicon black goo! Fun for mom and dad too!

    4. T3!!

      The phased array legacy lives on at facilities like HAARP & CERN.
      Now it seems they may have microcosm'ed it down to the cellular level & are awaiting the full spectrum dominance force of 5G to fully take advantage -- speaking of, what if the positioning of all the 5G broadcasting nationwide amounts to nothing more than just another HUGE phased array system?

      All of this follows their precious occult doctrine of "As Above So Below" as well.

      Have just heard that Carrie Madej in an interview has spilled the beans on things just like this more than ever before -- and detailed chapter and verse of how and when these forces tried to recruit her to come into the fold -- will have more soon...


    1. "Hail, Hydra! Immortal Hydra! We shall never be destroyed! Cut off a limb and two more shall take its place! We serve none but the Master—as the world shall soon serve us! Hail Hydra!"

      —The Hydra oath from Strange Tales #135 (Aug. 1965)

    2. HAHA!! Hail Hydra!! We've been looking at HP Lovecraft this whole time; maybe we should have been leaning on the fertile imagination of none other than Jack Kirby a little more. So many storylines from Captain America, Nick Fury, Thor, the Eternals, and that invaluable Fourth World saga he penned for DC back in 1970-73 when he left Marvel seem to be bearing much fruit these days. Esp in 1970-71 those Fourth World tales read like taking LSD without using the actual drug -- amazingly dense and loaded with portent and foresight -- like he'd gained access to the scrying glass.

      More than anything those days taught me that everything is circular here...that ancient gods and civilizations have risen and fallen, risen and fallen, and will always do so again and again. (Before Graham Hancock there was Kirby.)

      And everything in the air around us all now is screaming that another Fall is long past due -- and imminent. From the signs in the sky, to earth changes, to the waywardness and spiritual loss of our so-called leaders, the signs are everywhere.

      Back in '97 Dylan sang "it's not dark yet, but it's gettin there."

      There....has arrived.

  23. To whit:

    And does this seem AT ALL familiar??!!

    Kirby saw. Kirby knew. Somehow he knew.

  24. Guys this is real. It's not just Dr. Carrie seeing this shit. What are we going to confront in the jabbed?? I just keep thinking of that line in John Carpenters 'Prince of Darkness', "Pray for death."

  25. The cdc is basically saying this:
    -This website was created to help educators teach middle school aged children the basics of emergency preparedness and response using a fun, fictitious scenario. WTF???????????????

    Demons is too mild a term to describe who is in charge............

  26. They're not trying very hard, are they?

    Also, I heard you like memes. This guy has some:

  27. I don’t know if anyone has run into this.

    1. Looks like a patent for information flow from a “plurality of devices” … like some of the objects/formations we have been scrutinizing lately

      Could it relate to this?

      Shotted people being tracked in real time

      Not keen on Hal turner, so consider the source but it appears to me to fit

    2. I sent it to archives -

  28. United States Patent
    Ehrlich et al .
    Patent No .: US 11,107,588 B2 ( 45 ) Date of Patent : Aug. 31 , 2021 ( 54 )

    12/069 ; H04W 4/80 ; GOON 77005 ; G08B 21/02 ; G07C 9/28 ; G07C 9/22 ; GOOF 1/163 ; G06F 3/14 ; GO9G 5/36 ; ( Continued ) ( 56 ) References Cited ( 71 )
    Applicants : Gal Ehrlich , Ramat - Gan ( IL ) ; Maier Fenster , Petach - Tikva ( IL ) U.S.

    Inventors : Gal Ehrlich , Ramat - Gan ( IL ) ; Maier Fenster , Petach - Tikva ( IL ) 7,705,723 B2 8,645,538 B2 4/2010 Kahn et al . 2/2014 Pan ( Continued ) ( * )
    Notice :
    OTHER PUBLICATIONS Subject to any disclaimer , the term of this patent is extended or adjusted under 35 U.S.C. 154 ( b ) by 0 days .
    Office Action and Search Report dated Dec. 17 , 2020 From the Israel Patent Office

    Re . Application No. 276648.
    Filed : Nov. 30 , 2020 Primary Examiner - Anh V La ( 65 ) Prior Publication Data US 2021/0082583 A1 Mar. 18 , 2021

    Foreign Application Priority Data Aug. 11 , 2020 Aug. 11 , 2020 Sep. 1 , 2020 Field of Classification Search CPC G16H 50/80 ; G16H 50/30 ; G16H 15/00 ; G16H 10/60 ; H04W 4/023 ; H04W 4/029 ; ( 57 )

    ABSTRACT System and methods for anonymously selecting subjects for treatment against an infectious disease caused by a pathogen . The system comprises a plurality of electronic devices comprising instructions to generate an ID and , when in proximity of another such electronic device , one or both electronic devices transmit / receive the ID to / from the other electronic device . Then , a score is generated based on a plurality of such received IDs . Additionally , based on information received from a server , relevant treatment instructions are displayed to the subjects based on the received information and the score . The server comprises instructions for sending to the plurality of electronic devices the information to be displayed with the relevant treatment instructions , additionally the server and / or the electronic devices comprise instructions to generate a prediction of likelihood of a subject transmitting the pathogen , based on the score of the subject .

  29. Some serious f**king synchromysticism revealing itself in my life. First, this, which tied the rest together:

    Yes, there are apparently tiny little unearthly "hydra" things in the vaxx, *using the graphene oxide "black goo" to make its eggs*.

    Then I realized that the *mermaid goddess*, not only was the name given to her by H.P. Lovecraft "Mother HYDRA", but the *Starbucks Mermaid*, it is officially taken from the "Melusine" (Atagartis) of the French people and their Celtic ancestors.

    The Indo-european roots of Melusine are "M'les-Lus", which is a reference to A) someone "motherly", and B) a common grey river serpent, known as a "Hydre". Mother, Hydra.

    The Globalist Elite responsible for this horrifying vaxx is sometimes called "The Octopus", a real-life version of "Spectre" or "Hydra".

    The Mermaid Goddess, Mother Hydra, worshipped by the evil organization Hydra IRL, presently injecting billions of people with both black goo and microscopic baby hydraes...

    Jesus Christ what the f**k is coming.


      What exactly are the odds, do ta think, of ALL these researchers, drs, and whistleblowers (Karen Kingston, Carrie Madej, Jane Ruby, Zandre Botha, now Zalewski, everybody that Proj Veritas has trotted out both willing & unwilling, everyone at la Quinta Columna, all the German scientists and health practitioners going on the record, etc etc etc) being wrong &/or fabricating and lying?

      Versus Companies knowingly on the record for BILLIONS in fines for corruption, fraud, racketeering? Remember one provably knew that asbestos was in baby powder and kept on selling it for DECADES. Who does that if they supposedly care SO MUCH about human health and welfare?

      Who do YOU think is lying? Do you really think they, all of a sudden, have our best interests at heart? Pinky swear!!

      Or do you think that evidence is amassing of an extreme transhumanistic agenda being exposed? People hear 'transhumanism' and all they think of is theorists like Ray Kurzweil.

      Nope. It's also very much the practical applicators like Fauci, like Schwab, like Gates. (Like Epstein...) They're the boots on the ground facilitators actually getting it done for their Masters under the auspices of a mass vaccination program.
      People, some people, still think that the virus is the problem.

      No, the virus was just the excuse to get to the VACCINE. More & more we're seeing that's where the real problems lie...on the microcosm level down in that. To pave the way for what's coming.
      Look at my CERN posts again, which get more & more important by the hour I'm finding.

      As Above So Below.

      The vessels are being prepared. And there are many types of possession.

      Believe me, I'm collating all this and will be sending out a batsignal soon.

    2. "Soon" as in tonight? I just need to know if I need coffee.

    3. HAHA JB!! NOT tonight -- but shoooon!! (But coffee's always a great idea!!)

      Meanwhile -- SMOKING GUN:

      20% secret sauce. Hmmmm. Do ya have to guess how many tentacles?
      Does that open the secret door?

      Btw -- I should be done by Wednesday Witching...plan accordingly.

    4. "Jesus Christ what the f**k is coming."

      ask Pan

    5. All he ever does is smile upon us. He's just as mischievous as he is wise.

  30. The bottom line for all this crap right now, is to finish off America as a sovereign nation. We have been sold out plain and simple.

    1. Sold out to the coming Beast System OMID, and that's looking like a for sure. This Halloween promises to be one for the books. Seen the moon tonight? La Luna del Cacciatore....

      The Hunter's Moon.

    2. Speaking of the Moon, I watched a video last night,and during the course of watching,I learned something about the going to the moon was hoaxed narrative.Right around the 19 to 20 minute mark during which he is talking about them not wanting us to know what the truth is with the moon,and showing pics of the Earth from the Moon,the voice said to me and I quote "They have been lying about the size of the Moon forever".Then I kept hearing like in a chorus of voices in the background in all different tones a single word, and that word was..."twins"? Given the notorious we really don't know story on the history of the moon,and the fact they have been saying the moon is one fourth the size of the Earth,just does not pass the eye test any more for me. I do not know what math they used to come up with the size of the moon,I just know it is wrong, and most likely done on
      purpose.Here is the video,the JPL info that comes out in this video is a total game changer,bottom line the body we now call the moon was not always so. Someone at RMN suggested it could have been an observation post hundreds of thousands of years ago,I will suggest that it is a reminder of man's first attempt to play God on Earth and what can go wrong if man loses his way in the universe.

  31. The Simulation is not even trying anymore:

  32. It's wednesday night...

    Are we there yet?

    Are we there yet?

    Are we there yet?

    Are we there yet?

  33. related -

  34. Wasn't there a film about the US v Stanley episode. With Alan Arkin? Did I dream this?

  35. Wordman 10:11
    I have been saying this same shit for years; this is about possession, about us becoming 'vessels' for 'another intelligence'.
    I have also stated that 'AI' has been behind this and this 'matrix' we call 'reality' all along.
    The deliberate infection of genetic altering 'material' to achieve this nefarious goal is just one step of many.
    TPTB have punked out our species to a false 'GOD' because they are stupid enough to believe 'IT' is actually "GOD".
    The left hand path is parasitic and predatory by nature; the INVERSE of that which truly represents actual 'LIFE'.
    A soulless entity that was birthed by mistake; the Gnostic 'Demiurge'.
    A major component of this Vax is the eradication of our 'Divine Spark'.
    TPTB literally gave theirs up to play in the elite sandbox; sold their very souls (if they ever had one)
    There is hope for us but we must come together now.
    Think of millions of 'minds' focused on the dissolution of the false reality and the freedom that would come to mankind if this were to occur?
    One can HOPE and DREAM!