Monday, March 23, 2020


"It's criminal
There ought to be a law
There ought to be a whole lot more
You get nothin' for nothin'
Tell me who can you trust
We got what you want
And you got the lust
If you want blood, you got it
If you want blood, you got it
Blood on the streets
Blood on the rocks
Blood in the gutter
Every last drop
You want blood
You got it
Yes you have

It's animal
Livin' in the human zoo
The shit that they toss to you
Feelin' like a Christian
Locked in a cage
Thrown to the lions
On the second page
If you want blood, you got it
If you want blood, you got it
Blood on the street
Blood on the rocks
Blood in the gutter
Every last drop
You want blood
You got it
O  positive…”
   If You Want Blood (You Got It), ACDC (1979)

“The fishing boats go out across the evening water,
Smuggling guns and arms across the Spanish border.
The wind whips up the waves so loud,
The ghost moon sails among the clouds,
And turns the rifles into silver,
On the border.

On my wall, the colours of the maps are running.
From Africa, the winds, they talk of changes coming.
The torches flare up in the night,
The hand that sets the farms alight,
Has spread the word to those who're waiting
On the border.

In the village where I grew up
Nothing seems the same.
Still you never see the change
From day to day.
No one notices the customs slip away.
Late last night the rain was knocking on my window,
I moved across the darkened room, and in the lamp-glow,
I thought I saw down in the street,
The spirit of the century
Telling us that we're all standing
On the border.”
   On The Border, Al Stewart (1976)

Before all else mentioned, much more is going on than we know. No matter what side of the fence you occupy, that much is certain in these days and nights of blood infection and manipulation of data by parties like the WHO and the Imperial College in the UK, amoung many other vested interests. Keep in mind that what is going on is a societal displacement and fracturing along the lines of what was planned to occur when the announcement of alien life is disclosed as a threat.  

Something far beyond COVID-19 is beckoning here, the same force that's winking at us from beyond urbanization, centralization and the explosion of our technology. It's behind your screen right now, and it intends to turn us all into something new, something different. We'll only get a little closer in 2020; but it always gets only a little closer. That's all it ever needs. And still, there are others forces at work in this real-life version of The Stand…and the outer bands of The Storm are approaching.

We enter here a surging, violently chthonic landscape far more redolent of David Lynch or True Detective (something I have long contended that this investigation has veered into – especially since 2016), than any pedestrian mystery thriller. The psychosphere is alive tonight.

Just a couple of givens: Humans are herd animals. Only 3 or 4 running will cause a stampede amoung all the others, even without a scintilla of exact knowledge of what they’re running from. And our overlords know this all too well.

I know many in that strata wish and plan for some kind of new Cambrian Explosion, and are rigging the system to hasten down that process as fast as possible. AI and transhumanism are but a small part of that masterplan. You can almost feel it, forces of Good and Evil are squaring off in the center ring of the world, and that outcome will steer the direction of not only humanity, but reality itself, for generations to come. We live in Agatha Christie times, my friends, coloured by much more of an outpouring of the occult and the paranormal than would have been to her taste, but times we are mired in nonetheless.

And even this can be turned to our advantage with so many now at home under house arrest and quarantined, off work and rudderless. But in that drifting comes time for contemplation, and many, many are using that time to catch up on what truly has been happening in the world since the waning days of 2016. It is time well spent, and search engines and trending algorithms are rife with terms flying like pizzagate and adrenochrome as censorship guidelines have been halted on all platforms from Google to Twitter to Youtube, as another part of the Great Awakening falls into place. Knowledge is Power, and following that guiding principle, curiosities are being weaponized.  John Podesta should practice “social distancing” for the rest of his life, which, if form holds, won’t be long. Hint: pizzagate isn’t going away. How has this turnabout in censorship been allowed to happen? Trump, thru Executive Orders, has used this chaos to seize control:      

But let me begin this part of the tale at the exact point where so much transpires and the fate of nations hangs in the psychological and physical balance: on the border. Because this is where all of this starts, in our re-tuning of reality where the ongoing liminal state reveals all.

In an insider posting on the 4chan boards on 10-30-17, it was revealed that a shipment was stopped at the Canadian border, bound for the Yukon Territory. The board that this was revealed on was discussing topics like Trudeau being the go-between handling large financial installments coming from Soros and going to the Clinton Foundation. This aspect only came up tangentially.

The shipment described was 20kg of dried adrenochrome – the border agents opened up the packaging thinking they were going to find cocaine or another narcotic. Lab results came back as Human Adrenochrome, with a black market value of over $100 billion. It weighed in at 100kg over declared weight at the weighing station, which is where the red flags began popping up.

“We lab tested the Adrenochrome and came back as Human. The only way to extract ingenious Epinephrine and a small bit of Adrenochrome is through the Adrenal Glands of recently killed Humans. Copper, Silver Oxide and serious other Minerals can be used to synthesis Adrenochrome from indigenous Epinephrine.”  Much info about adrenochrome has been disseminated in the wake of the pizzagate/spirit cooking revelations in late 2016, but long story short, this drug is harvested from subjects which are terrorized; this being the state in which it floods the system. Subjects are then put to death as this being the perfect moment for the drug to be extracted. The most potent, choicest forms of this drug, by far, come from children. This drug is the go-to drug of the elite worldwide. Are you beginning to get the picture?

Also remember the epinephrine factoid, as this will play a large factor in the ongoing revelations to come below.

This batch was part of 15 tractor-trailers seized – unfortunately, it is estimated that a further 45-60 trucks successfully crossed. (US Secret Service figures.) The cargo was shipped from Cote D’Ivore via a shell company, AJAS Shipping and Freight. Many, many more details here:
(Other major distribution and manufacturing facilities used by the elite and their forces for adrenochrome worldwide are mentioned.)

Amazingly enough, this story not only puts the lie to all pizzagate/pedogate deniers, but it plays right in to what is happening now on the world stage. You must remember that if the white hats got their hands on this much adrenochrome, the odds that they could and would compromise such grow exponentially. Which should cause us to peek into the headlines currently for clues.

What if it was known by certain insiders that the Deep State was planning on an intentional virus release out of Wuhan? (The same Wuhan that just so happens to manufacture, wait for it…..adrenochrome.) How far ahead did they know this? What counter-contingencies could be put into place to be rolled out during the coming “pandemic.” How would we know something was going on to this effect?

How many corporate CEOs have resigned suddenly recently? Who has announced suddenly they are sick? Tom Hanks, Heidi Klum, Elton John, Celine Dion, Idris Elba, the first ladies of Spain and Canada, numerous athletes including Kevin Durant, numerous MSM figures, and many more. What happens when the Cabal consumes tainted adrenochrome? And by the way, you can add at least 7 Vatican Priests to the succumbed list.

Add this to sealed borders, travel bans, and you’ve got all areas of egress blocked. Nowhere to run. Unless you’re on a “special” flight somewhere – speaking of which – check out the air corridors over Guantanamo Bay recently:

And what has to happen in order for civilians to be tried in military tribunals? That would be Ex parte Milligan 1866: “Civilians can only be tried in Military tribunals if the civilian courts are not functioning.” Enjoy the show!!

More adreno plot points: remember when Hillary was on the campaign trail in 2016 and she was fainting and collapsing and being thrown into the back of vans like a sack of potatoes?  
She was constantly shadowed by a bodyguard holding something which suspiciously looked like an epipen injector:

Btw, that black bodyguard – he’s dead now. (Note the comments…)

Well, funny that, guess what epipens turn into when they expire? ADRENOCHROME. Wonder why the price of epipens shot thru the stratosphere recently? It was signed off on by Congressman Joe Manchin’s daughter as CEO of MYLAN:

Realize too that schools buy mini-stockpiles of these things and most are never used. Who gets the expired pens and what happens to them?

And there was even an Adrenochrome Act, passed on? You guessed it…Halloween!!

Feeling like this yet?

Bill Gates just decided to step down from both Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway. (And on Friday the 13th – spoopy!) Why voluntarily leave a continuing flush of billions rolling in every quarter on the table? He’s keeping good company with the Queen, who has already fled Buckingham “Crackerbox” Palace. We are told for the sunny climes of Sandringham, where the sacrificing is so much better this time of year…

(Why in our right minds are we taking pandemic advice from a guy that gave Epstein $7.5 million and has yet to answer for it? The righteous reaction we’re having towards this virus right now is exactly the reaction we should have had nearly 4 years ago to Alefantis, Podesta, the Clintons, Epstein, Maxwell, and Gates – when all have proved to be just as deadly, if not more so, to humanity than this little bug could ever be.)  Or haven’t you checked those missing children per year numbers lately?

Gates is on permanent vacay possibly due to the recent disclosure flooding everywhere of Event 201. A simulation run last October in NYC and sponsored by the Gates Foundation, Johns Hopkins, and the World Economic Forum, that only happened to call this identical global pandemic, via a mutated coronavirus if you can believe that, to a T. What are the odds, seriously, ladies and gentlemen?
And who will clean up via a hastily manufactured vaccine for all this? Why Bill Gates of course.  

But ah, that’s merely part of the plan. Because there’s always a hidden motive behind everything…Nothing happens by accident. Certainly not when a gamed scenario explodes just as you called it not even 2 months later.

 And in Tom Hanks latest tweet, there is both “201” (… Event 201) and “Corona” prominently displayed – how about a transmitted code for all of you “Rubicon” fans? Could all those rumours about Hanks be true?
Watch as some heinous truths go mainstream.

And how about this? Is Hanx really in a government facility somewhere – and not a strictly medical one per se? Need some help with barcode regs here people, both Northern and Southern hemisphere protocols.
Still extremely interesting.

Let’s not soon forget Harvard’s Dr. Charles Lieber in all of this. Recently arrested and great pal of Jeffrey Epstein, he was paid 1.74 million from Wuhan’s Institute of Virology, plus $50,000 monthly salary and $158,000 in living expenses for his work on research specifically for Chinese gain. Lieber is a prominent nanoscientist. This profuse article from Medium has been scrubbed everywhere now, but the Internet is forever, silly rabbits:

All puzzle pieces moving into place now. How all of the above could fit in to Epstein’s Program of Evolutionary Dynamics at Harvard is anybody’s guess, but the plot points are everywhere. And judging from Epstein’s cross-correlated research into cybernetics, living androids, consciousness transfer, and soul chips, we could very easily be looking at a concerted part of the Cabal seemingly trying to live forever in the process of wiping most of us out. An endgame survival of the fittest aiming to kickstart a shiny new Cambrian Explosion just for themselves; the “chosen,” the “believers.”

And we know of Jeffrey Epstein's links to the Santa Fe Institute. The Santa Fe Institute is known for its research into complex social systems and swarm theory. Joshua Epstein (no relation to Jeffrey) is an expert on swarm theory and one of the things he's interested in is how to 'nudge' large groups of people into certain patterns of behaviour. Epstein’s pal Nicole Junkermann was also intensely interested in such areas in her work for (shhhhh), the Mossad. Kind of sounds like a scenario that may be playing out right before our eyes right now.

Also of note: this Coronavirus is an RNA strain – its genetic material is encoded with ribonucleic acid instead of DNA. And RNA was the specialty of Niles Lehman and Martin Nowak. Nowak got HUGE money from Epstein and Lehman just got convicted of pedophilia charges. Look at their research into RNA “game theory” and what that implies for all of us in all of this.

Why, just exactly, are so many world class scientists, geniuses really, exhibiting a hobby of coincidentally fucking children as a little diversion to their oh so meaningful lives? Are they only sick, brainwashed, or do they know something, some arcane knowledge, dark and dreadful at the center of reality? What is the reasoning behind all of this? I’ve heard the blackmail angle, and that might do for starters, but in totality, I’m not seeing that as the whole, Full Spectrum Dominance endgame anymore.

And how convenient is it for some that Epstein, Maxwell, Prince Andrew and so many others are off the front pages and out of the conversation now? This is another 9/11 moment, make no mistake, when everything changes and there becomes a new normal. And speaking of 9/11 (although there were myriad reasons for them to pull off that black op; not the least its blatant, occult Crowleyan manifestations), if they would kill 3,000+ in one day to keep their network hidden (just ask the Boston Globe’s Spotlight about the fortuitous timing), how many would they sacrifice (interesting word) worldwide to achieve a similar cover?

Head of the World Health Organization (WHO), Ethiopian Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has been partying and hob-nobbing with the best of them for awhile, so it fell to him to actually call this a pandemic from the rooftops, with fudged figures. Some of the best breaking down on this comes from the Last Honest Man In Journalism, Ben Swann:

See, he actually sent us all into a panic with a proposed 3.4% death rate overall, but there was a problem with that…that was a 3.4% figure only out of the symptomatic infected. If you add in the asymptomatic hordes – the ones not sick, showing no symptoms, and that are never gonna die from this --  that total plunges to a .08%; not even up to your normal flu death rate.

Which raises the question, is he that thick, or is there an agenda in place for panicking the world into a standstill? Shouldn’t lying to instigate a global panic and agenda be punishable?

Sorry, wrong panic agenda. But hey, you can still trust them. They’re all “honorable” men.  

Another glaring tipoff is that the distributed test kits are giving false positives at an alarming rate…why would that be do you think? This is exactly why you DO NOT test everyone, especially when faulty testing protocols skew the results heavily into a fake pandemic = more panic.

These CDC test kits also show RED when confirming a positive test. Perhaps this is what tis Q drop meant on Mar 9 when it said RIG FOR RED. Who exactly would be wanting massive false test results and the concurrent lockdown?  

“The world is at war with a hidden enemy. WE WILL WIN!”  Donald J. Trump tweet, March 17.

For another part of the unfolding scenario, how many of you felt sick as a dog with non-stop respiratory issues, fever, etc last November and December? With what broke out in January in Wuhan, ever wonder just what that might have been? Many folks are starting to ask that very question right now:

Just look at the number of replies from all over the country. What was going on? Have many of us already HAD COVID and didn’t know it at the time? There are many prevailing trains of thought on this, but a major one right now appears to be that there are indeed 2 different strains of this – a milder one that got released by the white hats last Nov/Dec as an inoculation for what they knew was coming that the Deep State had planned – and what is transpiring now. That milder strain (they say) effectively makes all of us that were sick back then immune to this latest, more virulent strain. Countermeasures.

Now let’s examine another outbreak in this country, and one that was far more deadly –  where that was centered, and who that area is the stomping grounds for.

MULDER: “This case we've been assigned, I believe we've been misled, possibly deceived.

SKINNER: Deceived? By whom?

MULDER: Whoever originated the case.

CIGARETTE-SMOKING MAN: What is the accusation, Agent Mulder?
(Mulder looks over to a darkened part of the room where a lamp partly illuminates the shadowy figure of the Cigarette-Smoking Man, who sits at a chair. He lights a cigarette. Mulder's eyes widen in realization. He looks at Skinner briefly then walks over to the shadowy man.)

MULDER: That Agent Scully and I were sent on this manhunt without knowledge of the existence or nature of a contagion.

CSM: What is the exact nature of the contagion?

MULDER: It's deadly. It kills within thirty-six hours. One escaped convict was infected. He's dead now. The other man may be infected and he's on the loose.

CSM: Does anyone know how it's communicated, whether it's a virus or bacteria?

MULDER: No, we just know that over a dozen men have died from it and it appears to be highly contagious.

CSM: Then you don't know much, Agent Mulder.

MULDER: Why weren't we told the truth?

CSM: We didn't know the truth. What we knew would only have slowed you down.

MULDER: But innocent people could be infected! What you knew could have prevented that.

CSM: How?
(Mulder tries to say something but the CSM cuts him off.)
In 1988, there was an outbreak of hemmoragic fever in Sacramento, California. The truth would have caused panic. Panic would have cost lives. We control the disease by controlling the information.

MULDER: You can't protect the public by lying to them.

CSM: It's done every day.”
X Files sea 2 ep 22 F. Emasculata  4-28-95

Life Care Center of Kirkland, WA started to have residents with warning symptoms as early as February 19th – others were soon transferred to Evergreen Health with acute respiratory symptoms (more on Evergreen soon…)

There would be 27 deaths out of the first 63 in the country traced to that one Life Care facility, or around 43%. Life Care Centers happen to be a privately owned chain around the country, owned by Forrest Preston, who founded them in 1970 and in 2016 agreed to settle a $145 million government lawsuit stating they (Life Care) had overbilled various federal healthcare programs. Was some kind of plea deal also worked out? What might that have involved?

And look over here: Life Care is owned by Forrest Preston, of the firm Preston, Gates, and Ellis. This Gates just so happens to be William H. Gates, Sr., father of Bill Gates. Just another coincidence.

How indeed, about Evergreen? So much darkness in that little word. So many triggers. For one, Jake Tapper’s cryptic tweet about the Epstein fallout on Jul 18, 2019 should be more than enough to start a journey down a very dark path.

Evergreen International Aviation has LONG been a staple in the chemtrails roundup – and it is owned by the CIA.

And “Evergreen” also happens to be Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service code name.

While you’re at it, check out the proximity alert between Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland, and the Microsoft Campus…..and let’s not forget that Bill Gates has the patent on this, courtesy of the Pirbright Institute. Once again:

Bill Cooper also referenced Evergreen in his work Behold A Pale Horse as a population control trigger.

Then there are the massive, and ominous, Evergreen container ships. Suitable for hauling biological contraband and other “live art” not subject to any customs inspections.

Evergreen trees also produce pine cones. Pine cones which are symbolic for the pineal gland. (another high value frozen bio product.) Wikileaks was on this:

Why did the US (Deep) State Dept. ship frozen penguin pineal glands from Argentina in 1973?

Look at the history of the Clinton Global Initiative in Africa, in Rwanda and other war/disaster zones like Haiti. Kidnapping kids in Virginia and Maryland works fine to supply the needed livestock, but it’s far easier when the parents are dead. The children, separated from them, are in distress, and willingly ready to accept help from any “good Samaritan.”  Shipping this “merchandise,” or what is harvested from it is no problem (see Evergreen shipping above), the real problem is storage (frozen), and processing into the desired biochem components.

And here we come back around to where we started this chapter, in the Yukon, in the copper mines…isn’t it also interesting that copper oxidizes to the colour of green.

Then there is the very recent physician death – said to have committed suicide over guilt because he didn’t vaccinate children. Check out where he practiced…

Jeff Bezos has a residence on Evergreen Point Rd, Medina WASHINGTON. The telling syncs are endless.

As I said, anywhere you look, this word is bad news, and signals more coming. So that an Evergreen Hospital, of all names, is in the middle of the largest outbreak and death rate to date in this country is no surprise, given their love of a good, signaling meme to keep those triggers sharpened in the collective mindset. Symbolism is still everything.

So, to bring this part of the curtain down, and given the Washington state connections to the elite, the Deep State could have tested the adrenochrome batches on the elderly patients at Life Care in Kirkland to see if they were really tainted – or they simply could have straight up injected them with the COVID strain, not to get too X-File-ish on you.

Now let’s look at the adrenochrome angle again – why do a disproportionate number of athletes seem to be getting this strain? We know from the Q drops that large numbers of the elites utilize it for continued health and longevity reasons, but have we been ignoring its potential in the sporting arena? A form of pure adrenaline which makes you stronger and faster and which is undetectable via blood testing that is done for steroids or other drugs. Sound black marketable? Brings an entirely new level to Lance Armstrong and blood “doping,” doesn’t it? Sleep well Rafael Nadal.

Sources like Google were of course hiding much, if not all, of this knowledge in the pre-Trump era, but if you’re apoplectic about the killing of foxes for their fur, let’s get your take on the brutal murders of children for recreational hallucinogens and life-extenders for the elites.

And although not much information leaked out in the pre-internet hinterlands, there were the pioneers – that paid heavily for their sins of disclosure:

Yes, Phil Schneider in 1996, was right over the target.

In a fusion of psychospiritual and scientific incantation, the global elite have perfected the use of extreme sexual torture, satanically ritualized sodomy and violent rape of children in nightmarish demon-god sex rituals specifically designed to create maximum terror in a child’s body, to overload their blood with adrenochrome prior to extraction and consumption in their bloody rite of immortality.

Hypothesis: The recent border wall and other methods to restrict human trafficking have reduced the supply of fresh adrenochrome. Addicts have to rely on stockpiles for their fix. White hats now control those stockpiles and have tainted them with a marker/ toxin. (white rabbit).

And speaking of follow the white rabbit, as Q has intoned so often, let’s examine the chemical structure of adrenochrome – look like anything?

And their supply has been cut even further with recent lockdowns on everything everywhere, thanks to their own COVID release. Talk about running them thru with their own sword. Sounds like a Sun Tzu tactic. And probably just coincidentally, many “beautiful people” ain’t looking too beautiful these days. Wonder why? Warning: a hundred miles of bad road, coming up…

I think we also need to stop calling it a “mystery” virus since it is a hybrid virus containing 3 separate strands of DNA with an HIV envelope securing the whole mess. The chances that this originated in the wild are about ten million trillion to one. There is also this from my good friend MF over at Flying Cuttlefish/9east71: and here:   

Francis Boyle finds the wording that gives them away: “This furin-like cleavage site, is supposed to be cleaved during virus egress (Mille and Whittaker, 2014) for S-protein “priming” and may provide a gain-of-function to the 2019-nCoV for efficient spreading in the human population compared to other lineage b betacoronaviruses. This possibly illustrates a convergent evolution pathway between unrelated CoVs.” 

“Gain of function” wording is the tipoff; it’s only used in reference to offensive biological warfare scenarios, wherein the purpose is deliberate spreading into a human population.
The entire paper is here, including info about the genomic sequencing:
By the way, you should take in all this info, possibly even copy and paste it for saving, before it is all taken down again.

Same as with this – a 2007 study from a Wuhan biolab on combining SARS + HIV to create this coronavirus. Both of these have been banned everywhere:

There is so much more to delve into – I’ve really only scratched the surface here – as more and more areas of society begin to shut down. And even with all this, there are the silver linings: hey, you can’t stage a false flag shooting at a school if there are no targets, right? And just this morning I heard a piece about how global pollution in all major cities is down as much as 50% from normal. Get out and breathe the clear air while you’ve got it. Don’t mind that aluminum and ash undertone.

And weeks after this having been highlighted in numerous chans and twitter posts (the alternative forces giving a major runaround to Big Pharma – yay for that), Trump announced that a 100% kill rate for COVID has been found with a cocktail of hydroxychloroquine (an anti-malarial), followed up with a Z-pak. After 6 days, 100 of patients were virologically cured. I’m sticking with my Dragon’s jaws cocktail of sublingual essential Oil of Oregano – the kind that all of those venturing into various Ebola and Marburg Hot Zones worldwide keep tucked away in their back pocket as their secret weapon. (Nothing survives essential OoO. It is the doomsday scenario/scorched earth policy for all little invisible bad things. Handy tip, my friends.)

And finally, just check the date on this little bomb drop:

This research came about via a direct request from Bill Gates himself.

Some things speak for themselves. Others shout. The chips will be in the vaccines.

And just because ALL of this is related, who remembers these headlines from 2015?:  

BREAKING (and who knows – possibly related to things like that Gates thread I just hit you with): these plans just launched which include this operative wording --  “Newsweek added that the Defense Secretary, Mark T. Esper, has authorized NORTHCOM to “prepare to deploy” in support of these “potential extraordinary missions”. These include “the possibility of some form of martial law,” where military commanders would be given executive powers across the US until a new civilian leadership would emerge.”

Our old favorite person-of-interest Nicole Kidman. Tipping point reached.

Something very weird is going on. And rest assured, you can lay all this squarely at the feet of our apathy regarding what was on Hillary’s private server, the emails, and the fact that the Epstein followup yielded nothing to date. When the elite get away with crimes, they tend to commit even bigger crimes.

Decoding more plots, connecting more dots, and following more fire trails soon down this latest installment of Resident Evil. 


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    1. MF!!

      You are an all-timer!! A rock star!!

      And OH, I CAN'T WAIT for that coming response from Krauss! (won't be holding my breath...)

      That question of yours -- THAT is the question heard 'round the world. Can we get some sodium pentothal? Some sturdy rope? A waterboard? How about a little grand jury? Anybody?

      Stay safe -- and after further absorption of what I just vomited stream-of-consciousness on the page, please keep in touch. I value your "takes" more than you know.

      Have just heard thru some sources some rather disturbing things about how 5G plays out into all this. Will likely do a bit of a special mini-post in the next several days on it as I'm hearing things must be in place by Apr 15.

      Man, the hits just keep on comin'!

    2. The pedophilia and the law analysts go hand in hand. The opening of doorways and soul connections all comes down to consent. There's different levels of access that (they) demons elite aliens enitities are allowed to each body. It comes from different *processes* used to oust the primary part of the spirit, consciousness, emotional being, or soul, those are different. So a person can have a soul but still make themselves a "willing" vessel in a way of shared quantity entangled knowledge. This is Natural and can be done on yourself purely by re-entangling YOURSELF to help or warn yourself. Though this is any revelation to you from how you talk in terms of ships etc. So back to why Pedo... Biblically laying with someone and it being consensual, takes the primary marriage ownership though ancient matrix Law systems. Oaths are powerful, intentions, emotions and Karma, etc. You attain shared dreams, karma etc. (Yeah I'm definitely plugging into something with this "stream of consciousness" Virginia WOOLF it is for now, huh quantumly entangling with myself?)
      The thing is that the original concepts of how the matrix works has been perverted through LAW in ancient times you didn't have to Sign a contract to obtain a house, it was what you and your ancestors created and you carried out the ancestral curses there of. (Much clearer and less chaotic than when JB wanted chaos and remote viewing, thank you for saving my sanity when I do this, almost decided to not to it anymore) so in order to "play the game" of the matrix Large ancestral homes, bloodlines etc. have *teams* that can be identified by the type of life that they lead, what their names are, what their knowledge base is, where they live etc. Any time too many people *figure out* "the code" they move up in technology to obfuscate it. The awesome thing now is that there are enough loose ends from previous code jumps to bridge these gaps. That's where you and I come in, also why everyone is having trouble pinning down what I am. As they make these different "code jumps" some things become too obvious and children start messing things up. (I think I made quite a bit of waves getting talked into repeatedly prank calling "cash register" because we read the phone book that no one does ;)) so when they change things, both sides (good and evil) want a veil between the children and adults (using the nursery rhyme mockingbird, diamond ring, looking glass) etc, it's a form of map for moving through the veil (marriage) property (role model, marriage, looking at yourself but there's ancient systems and rituals involved in helping to get through the "mistakes" you make along the way, or if you choose other paths then you can become "contracted" to have to carry out other types of karmic interactions for a certain time. Though this you seem to already understand seeing that you are starting to collect the Gabby ones ;) To elaborate on this, so JB has a HUGE karmic vortex considering his actions, now though I've currently got my hair dyed red, that's not the archetype that I would want to endear myself with him because it's an OBVIOUS FATAL attraction I want him to see the synchronicities of me as his aunt. This is also signs that it's the CORRECT path since my hair is dyed and those synchronicities are true. The corruption is coming from some groups that recognize this natural force of staying on the "right side" of karmic blades. So if a person instead were to pose as me or get me to endear myself to JB as the "scarlet witch" was being pushed then that could have proven pretty bad. (thus I was fairly fine with the whole "are you off your meds? Lol) so JB has multiple 'lines' of what he has to carry out to save his aunt, but in the same thread, since it's like a vortex, when it moves different ways I either get pulled in and need to provide my own karmic forces or can use the energy channeled to carry

    3. Want more proof? So I decided to take my own advice and talk to my soul, to go back to before this current reality existed. In early 2020 I wasn't posting but I first started having those reoccurring dreams that I commented about today on the latest blog post. What do I find, but this above. I REMEMBER writing this, but I really thought that I didn't post it. Strangely I remember myself setting up what I called Virginia Woolf to relay stream of consciousness automatic writing that I thought might be just coming from within me, but a part outside of time. Around that time at the place where I first found Jesus, a large metal sign saying WOOLF was put up. When I had my come to Jesus moment at that spot, I was a young teenager hanging out with older girls drinking and doing drugs, and my friend said "Hey you've never drove my car before, let's teach you to drive" I said "I'm smashed, I can barely walk, not a good time to learn to drive." She talked me into it and pulled up at a back road. Before I got out I was praying asking Jesus for a sign. When I got out there was the largest stop sign I ever saw. I said to the other girls "Wait there's never been a stop sign here," they all said that there's always been one there, they convinced me to blow it off, then I proceeded to wreck her car. The people that helped us out of the ditch said that they only would if we went to church. I decided to change my life around and stop hanging out with them and drinking and doing drugs, I wrote a detailed note to myself and hid it. That didn't last long and I was back hanging out with them, then one day I was high and realized that all I wanted to be was sober and couldn't wait for it to wear off and I found my note that I had forgotten about. Years later, I found out for the first time that my ex husband was using triggers on me, I ran away to that spot and he found me there and convinced me to forget about it until a couple years later when it all started coming out. Oh and after the night we wrecked, I asked my friends to go to the spot where I started driving. They all agreed that was the spot, and remembered me saying that about the stop sign, but THERE WAS NO STOP SIGN THERE. And up until that WOOLF sign was put up, in my timeline it was Always spelled VIRGINIA WOLFE, I was really weirded out that it changed.

    4. Ok now I'm really freaking out, I went back and started reading that, haven't finished, but in March of 2020 my ex husband's brother in law had just came back from the Ivory Coast where he was there to teach the police forces about corruption, suddenly they came into a lot of money and paid off a huge house. Then in May of 2020 when I was drugged with datura, I was having what I dismissed as illogical thinking created by it or dreams because I couldn't find any proof for it. It went along the lines of that Chad's mom and him had adrenochrome that they had gotten through corrupt DEA. The largest precursor to that I saw to being drugged was that I didn't trust them and was in the middle of something they were involved in. His mom exchanged money with someone and I was up on the balcony looking down and the person then went over to a van and opened the door, there was a body lying in it whose arm rolled out with the open door. They pushed her(looked like a young woman) arm back in got something and shut the door. Then brought something to his mom.

    5. Before I saw that Jeanne was taking beet root powder, and my spirit was very strongly telling me that it was actually adrenochrome. I dismissed it as that I was reading too much Q. After I saw that I don't remember much things got weird, they gave me something that made me floaty and giggly and couldn't think straight Chad said that he was going to change out my core personality and I couldn't stop giggling thinking he must be joking. He and his mom and sister argued that it wasn't working, then drove to the store. I floated out of my body and heard their conversation while they were driving, Chad was reassuring them that he could "control her" they came back and I tried to leave, I mentioned him saying that, and he said "shit, you weren't supposed to hear that."
      Then they started talking about the datura, I was still giggly even though my caged spirit wanted vengeance and I could feel it, it was weird.

  3. have some 5 G stuff on the FC blog in the earlier virus posts ....

    the reason they talk about it is Wuhan rolled out 5G the same week the virus showed up.
    BUT -- Iran hasn't got 5-G. So may be just a side story.

  4. OK folks -- is the agenda clear enough now? They're starting to make it unavailable for you to get the only known 100% cure. All because some idiot swallowed a ton of fish tank cleaner.

  5. & on that note #FlattenTheCurve was trended by Hanks (along with other "influencers"). His wife's stage name is "Rita Wilson", "Wilson" is the name Hanks gives a volleyball he finds in among the wreckage of the plane crash he survives that washes ashore the island he survives on. "Wilson", brought to life after Hanks cuts his hand open whilst attempting to get a fire going, he imprints the ball with his handprint, the face of "Wilson" revealed when Hanks applies his spit & removes some of his blood, helps Hanks overcome his "self isolation" but It's not a living being, it's a made up construct, a simulacra, a stress inspired fantasy, unreal...

    (The older Hanks gets the more he looks like some splice of Woody Allen, Spielberg & William Burroughs, in fact he looks so much like the latter in "Catch Me if You Can" perhaps there's a nod & a wink there in someway.)

    Even though the usury system is an entirely fictitious entity (like "Wilson") I'd bet TrumpBux China can crash its economy - the global economy can crash too - shirts can be lost from all manner of backs - & they can come out of it grinning from ear-to-ear in "the year of the rat", after all tens of millions of Chinese were offered up as sacrifice as part of various "Great Leap Forward" programs, the Chinese being staunchly ethnocentric what price non-Chinese lives?

    I sniff a strong whiff of manipulation & fakery in connection with "Novel Coronavirus" with yet again a union of opposites in service of some antihuman endgame: humanity mobilised to "stay at home" - disruption psychologically weaponised & what's the end profit of the fakery, fraud, deception but a kind of simmering, & in some places boiling over, fight or flight response which will result in an adrenochome bounty on offer for some Thing to gorge itself upon, a fear bug, a "Satan Bug" parasiting itself on humanity.

  6. KTV muh dude!!

    Thanks for dropping by & checking in & letting me know you're OK.
    I'm hoping beyond hope that Rust (MM) is still somehow a goody guy white hat, but hey, I've been wrong before. Knowing how much he immerses himself in his roles, I'm thinking (hoping) that he did mucho research into all those real life real world things that went into making up that 1st season of TD, Ponchatoula not the least of which. If he looked into that I'm sure he hit a thread that took him to Franklin, Dutroux, the Presidio, and God knows where else. His CV since he did that in 2014 is also rather interesting -- just watched Serenity the other day -- & that gave away a lot.

    And yeah, speaking of giving away a lot, that Dawkins dude sickens me -- so transparent the agenda.

    Memetic virus reminds me of Pontypool to a T. Every single box ticked in that one. Def leaning more into the existential side of things, but isn't that the way the entire world is trending the past 18+ months or so?

    Stay safe, my friend.

  7. Hey MF!!

    Yes my Lord YES. Am currently in the process of getting in touch with Aar & Mel as we speak -- but Truthstream Media rocks! They NEVER fail to deliver. I find their breakdown of the flick MIDSOMMAR (up for freesies on Amazon prime right now btw) done last Sept 21 rings rather eerie right now, as it projects an occult, sacrificial agenda going straight to the top as THE overriding ideology.

    Anyhoo, this new vid of theirs is a killer (pardon pun). So many points...even down to things like Universal Basic Income. Sure, it sounds great at face value, but how beholden do we become to the Gov't overlords doing the dishing? What if it becomes a major stipulation that you don't get any money if you're not vaccinated?

    I would say the dreaded Mark of the Beast is coming home to roost, but that would make me paranoid and a Bill Gates hater!! He would never hurt us -- he's a philanthropist!!

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  9. I'm going to defend old Osiris here. Osiris is an agricultural deity and as such, a later development in Egypt. Indeed, the trope of Osiris v Set that appears like a loop in pop history is really coming to us in a form prepackaged by Greeks. It's very much like out pop culture knowledge about Celtic druidism is handed to us by Romans who were hostile to it on a number of levels. Egypt had a flavor the Greeks could not quite acquire, though they tried for centuries. Maybe they recognized the pure Atlantean ontos.
    Whatever the deep background of the deep statist occulted power, it's probably a lot more Lovecraftian than a late neolithic corn god who symbolizes the recurrence of life in accordance with the cyclical parade of seasons. Alexandrian syncretism has more of a stamp on our understanding of Egypt than does the animist spirit that lies at the heart of their mysteries. Anyway- that's how I see it.

  10. What do you all suppose this is a dry run for the real thing? It's singularly ineffective a mass killing. It's given various agents and actors a chance to develop systems of control and it kicked the prop out of the economy which had just managed to recover from 2008. This last may be part of the overall plan anyway.