Monday, August 26, 2019


“I realize what I am. I’m very comfortable in my own skin. I’m not a helicopter pilot. What I’m really free to do is I feel free to follow my own personality. As we discussed yesterday, I can’t be totally wacko in what I do. It affects lots of other people who will get angry with what I do because then it affects me again. But on my own island or on my own ranch, I can think the thoughts I want to think. I can do the work…(Working)?... I want to do and I’m free to explore as I see fit.”     

                Jeffrey Epstein, 2003

“In a 2007 interview with a French magazine, French President Nicolas Sarkozy shocked France by saying he was ‘inclined to think that people are born pedophiles, and that it is also a problem that we do not know how to manage.’ Sarkozy's statement came after decisions by both the Bush 41 and 43 administrations, the Blair government in the UK, and the John Howard government in Australia that utterly failed to curtail pedophilia activities among top office holders, military officers, and diplomats. The belief by the Bushes, Blair, Howard, and Sarkozy was based on a tenet that child sex, including child prostitution, should be as acceptable as less socially taboo sexual deviancy.”
                 Wayne Madsen   June 2016

“Sitting on his patio in ‘Little St.Jeff’s’ in the Virgin Islands several months ago, as his legal troubles deepend, Mr. Epstein gazed at the azure sea and the lush hills of St. Thomas in the distance, poked at a lunch of crab and rare steak prepared by his personal chef, and tried to explain how his life had taken such a turn. He likened himself to Gulliver shipwrecked amoung the diminutive denizens of Lilliput.

‘Gulliver’s playfulness had unintended consequences,’ Mr. Epstein said.”     2008 NY Times Epstein piece

Rod Serling, eat your heart out. Nothing in your brilliant imagination could even come close to the real world of these days, where every move anybody makes in researching all this threatens to turn into a Pandora hellgate, and if you think I’m even in the slightest way joking, just stick around…because the clues are flying faster even as they’re turning the darkest hues imaginable.  

The Epstein pandemic certainly now appears to be our civilization in its death throes flooding the body politic with copious amounts of DMT. Everyday life is becoming a challenge of whether or not you can survive the wildest “Trip” of all, as the virulent strain manifests farther and farther from coast to coast, whether the media continues to report on it or not. Does the Zombie Apocalypse exist if nobody talks about it?

Before we get rolling, the hugest of shoutouts of thanks to the recents that I just noticed via twitter, particularly Josie Fiorda, who it appears dang near put up my whole ‘Hunt Club’ post on twitter (man, that’s dedication!) Also important thanks to all of you ghostbusters who retweeted my recent Epstein drops (I’m lookin’ at you Robert Tearle, Wendy Jane, Dodie Horvath, MaReQ, Bob, Joni Job, Manifesting Utopia, MissJennWilson, Sam I am Q, MEBroyles (thanks for the kind words & right back at ya!), Kendra, onomatopoeia, Brown_Eyed Lady J, 9th 11Bravo BOCEPHUS T117, SassyTallBlonde, Dominic Apold, Reid Fox, Jenna Boaron, asilana 777, I MAGI NER, Jamie Martini-Franklin, Le Anna, Kitty, Cheeky Wee Junkie, OJIPLATICA MA DEJAO, SOCIETY X, Simply Irredeemable, Lady Godiva TNT, lissakr 11, J FitzPatrick Leisen, and Robin Graves!) And cheers to The Ghost & Leesa Page.  Lots of you I see have been spreading the word since as early as 2014! – each and every one of you guys rock the casbah, and have my eternal gratitude. 

This Night Train would never have gotten up to speed without you lot, and tons of folks just like you, and it damn sure won’t stay on the tracks without you. For spreading the words, you are my peeps, always!!     

Now, pull up a rumbleseat here by the digital fireside…and let’s envision the unseeable suddenly manifesting; it entails much more evidence of just how closely this ‘elite’ belief system is plugged into the darkest occult practices – the evidence is coming ever harder now, and it is coming daily, cleverly inserted far away from the headlines that the MSM trumpet, but it is there nevertheless. If you pay close attention, all the threads lead to one distinct area of concern, as increasingly our world becomes a race between the everyday and the Biblical. And that Biblical undercurrent, as it turns out, has been there all along as a huge part, the largest part actually, of the lives of this cabal. It crosses all global lines of demarcation, all races and cover religions, all ages and political bents. They are all really only loyal to one ideology thruout time and space. The Left Hand path subsumes all. And don’t worry, you don’t personally have to believe in the Biblical, because all of a sudden, the Biblical surely believes in you. All of a sudden and at this late date, we are all positioned on the grandest cosmic chessboard of all, and everybody’s playing.

And on top of that, we are embroiled in the largest, open-sourced, citizen-based intelligence investigation in history. Cheers mates!

First, some pretty words from a once upon a time long ago…

“Raised to be a lady by the golden rule
Alice was the spawn of a public school
With a double-barrel name in the back of her brain
And a simple case of mummy-doesn't-love-me blues
Reality it seems, was just a dream
She couldn't get it on with the boys on the scene
But what do you expect from a chick who's just sixteen?
And hey, hey, hey (hey, hey, hey) you know what I mean
All the young girls love Alice
Tender young Alice, they say
Come over and see me
Come over and please me
Alice, it's my turn today
All the young girls love Alice
Tender young Alice, they say
If I give you my number
Will you promise to call me?
Wait till my husband's away
Poor little darling with a chip out of her heart
It's like acting in a movie when you got the wrong part
Getting your kicks in another girl's bed
And it was only last Tuesday they found you in the subway dead
And who could you call your friends down in Soho?
One or two middle-aged dykes in a Go-Go
And what do you expect from a sixteen year old yo-yo
And hey, hey, hey (hey, hey, hey) oh don't you know?...   

When are you gonna come down?
When are you going to land?
I should have stayed on the farm
I should have listened to my old man
You know you can't hold me forever
I didn't sign up for you
I'm not a present for your friends to open
This boy's too young to be singing, the blues
So goodbye yellow brick road
Where the dogs of society howl
You can't plant me in your penthouse
I'm going back to my plough
Back to the howling old owl in the woods
Hunting the horny back toad
Oh I've finally decided my future lies
Beyond the yellow brick road
What do you think you'll do then?
I bet that'll shoot down your plane
It'll take you a couple of vodka and tonics
To set you on your feet again
Maybe you'll get a replacement
There's plenty like me to be found
Mongrels who ain't got a penny
Sniffing for tidbits like you on the ground
So goodbye yellow brick road
Where the dogs of society howl
You can't plant me in your penthouse
I'm going back to my plough
Back to the howling old owl in the woods
Hunting the horny back toad
Oh I've finally decided my future lies
Beyond the yellow brick road…”
  All The Girls Love Alice/ Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Oct 1973) John-Taupin

Before anything else, when exactly did Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (the album) become a how-to manual for the Epstein-Maxwell set? “I’m not a present for your friends to open,” (?) mysterious underground tunnel deaths, and there is that pesky Owl symbolism, and it’s in the woods for criminey’s sake! Maybe subliminally, it actually WAS one of those how-to manuals all along – evidently the embedding, massaging and conditioning (engineering) have been going on for a long time – all the time we were listening and groovin’ we were also changing, or, should I say, it was changing us, inch by inch. Like frogs in the slowest boiling pot ever.

And there DOES happen to be this pic, which has been bothering me (that old splinter in the mind thing), since I put it up here last time. Anyone here into body language? Have we been focusing on the wrong Apex Predator all along? What if those tables were always turned – what if Maxwell was the handler, and Epstein the front, and we just fell for sexuality/normalcy/traditional roles gender-bias?

After all, Epstein is the one that came from nothing; Maxwell is of the blood royal, MOSSAD born and bred. For all intents and purposes, she looks like nothing as much as his MOSSAD liaison, trading on and continuing her Dad’s credentials... We overlook her possible true role in the nexus of these ops at our peril, and now she may be in the wind for good, laying low just long enough for the most intense media heat to die down, til she can kickstart the entire network back into life anew.

Wonder again about her role in all this, especially when you see this art that adorned her Hamish Bowes home in NY (you know, the one still owned by Lynn de Rothschild) at a party she held in March 2007: 

We go farther and farther back in time, peeling away layer by layer on this fantastic voyage of re-discovery, seeing old clues with new, astonished eyes – tunes so old as to be in our DNA from childhood that, to our growing horror, deliver new meanings…but meanings that were there all along, just in a language we couldn’t yet decipher…calling down a hazy, yet-to-be, dream world that was actually a nightmare, deceiving us with Spectorian harmonies and candy-coated syncopated rhythms for the masses. Indoctrination and programming go down so much easier that way – it would be another 27 years before an enterprising Alex Jones would find true meaning (and record it for posterity) to that howling old Owl in the woods:

Of course there will be those that say Elton and Bernie were merely squeegeeing their third eyes open quite clearly and profoundly on that day and conjuring up a bit of startling premonition…where those of a more Tavistockian bent might conclude they were merely following a pre-ordained script. But hey, I did just watch Under The Silver Lake again, so I am still laboring under a “What’s the Frequency Kenneth?” slab of heady LA trippyness.

The Epstein saga, which is so wrapped up in all of this latter-day occult gothic, continues to roll morbidly, chillingly along, featuring more twists and turns than a Robert Ludlum nightmare remashed with a potent dose of Agatha Christie. Recalling even the most recent events within it is best done by spooky lantern light (or, would that be, gaslight? hehheh), with an enormous bank of leaden grey and purple clouds massing on the horizon, obscuring the stars, portending evil weather. Where do I even begin? Every day we begin to see why people like Danny Casolaro died, and then link that causality to what’s happening today – and those subsets converge and align like interlocking pieces of an immense jigsaw puzzle.  His investigation has become our investigation. The Octopus still roams the depths. And misdirection is still the order of the day.

These photos were released to and by the NY Post, supposedly showing Ghislaine Maxwell at an In-N-Out burger in L.A. – they subsequently have been identified as photoshopped and were apparently a diversion to call any seekers off of the scent: Maxwell had previously been narrowed down as to being on the EAST coast, living with her married lover, one Scott Borgerson, at his spacious home just outside of Boston, in Manchester-by-the-Sea, for the last 3 years. This was confirmed this past weekend when her sister, the one married into the spooky Malina/Jack Parsons rocketry family, was spotted packing up some luggage outside of that same Borgerson residence and speeding away. Borgerson, interestingly, also is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, just as was Epstein. He reported divorced his wife and separated from their two children to take up with Maxwell. 

Maxwell’s whereabouts now remain unknown. It had previously been reported that she was cooperating with authorities. Whether or not this deal is still intact, also, remains unknown. The staged photos, however, packed a few coded secrets that exploded like haymakers to those in the know.

She was reading (reportedly) a book by Ted Gup, The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives.

She is pictured in one photo that the Post chose not to release (because it was so obviously photoshopped that to the far right you can either see a snowbank or a bad MS paint-job) sitting squarely centered alongside an across the street banner that says “TRADE.” And also somewhat humorously directly beneath one that screams “Certified Pre-Owned!”

She is also tethering a pooch which turned out to be her lawyer’s dog (Dexter), who was proved by exif data to have been the one taking these pics, or at least doctoring them to buy her client/friend some time away from prying eyes. The counselor’s name is Leah Saffian, for the record.

The ad agency responsible for that swath of prime LA ad-space was contacted and said that ad for the film “Good Boys” is NOT present at that location, which means that ad in particular has been photoshopped in to make it appear the photo was taken when that movie was making the rounds, i.e., in the past several days. Of course the only reason for doing this would be to hide the actual date of the original  photos. 

But now come the tentacles of the Octopus, and the darkness of the waters it swims in. The deeper we dive, the colder, and the darker, it gets. The years-ago ravings of the outliers, the Joneses and the Ickes now ring out like prophecies. So much here to correlate – so many datapoints to link together in this unfolding, ongoing tapestry of pain and disclosure finally woven as a cloak for our ultimate Freedom. Every day glaring facts emerge; facts that were desperately being searched for and woven together by folks like Danny Casolaro – the same facts that got him killed. We now see beginning to come together a pattern of these facts which comprise a narrative – that much is clear.

But in this forum we are looking for a motive, a method behind all this madness, like FBI profilers – and you don’t have to dig that deep to find it. Its fingerprints are hidden in plain sight. It’s behind the Epstein network. Behind Iran-Contra. Behind BCCI and the IMF and the Federal Reserve. Certainly behind 9/11, amid its plethora of standout occult markers. It jumps the pond to Savile and Blair and the Royal Family. It crosses back to Sandusky and Hastert, Franklin and McMartin. It blurs time and space, religious covers and fake belief systems. There is only one belief system – and it makes itself known every time, in symbolism and hubris.

This is Jews. Christians. Republicans. Democrats. Liberals. Neocons. With this common denominator it’s everybody in the hot tub! I believe the temperature setting is “lake of fire.”

Remember Adnan Khashoggi we linked hard into this system a few posts back? His business partner was one Richard Perle, who happened to be best buds with Mel Sembler and Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby. Remember those names? You should. They were hard-wired into the “W” Bush 43 administration, members of JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security of America), perpetrators of Plamegate, launchers of PNAC. You don’t have to extrapolate far beyond those parameters to say, quite confidently, plotters of 9/11 as well. But what else were they into, in places like Straight, Inc., in books they authored? I’ll let Jeff Wells weigh in on those:

On these saved pages see “Sembler For The Defense” here: (scroll down to Dec. 8, 2005)

And discover why I still consider Rigorous Intuition such a valuable resource, and why I still lament Jeff Wells stopping filing any posts in any great quantity after circa 2007-2008, although for his mental wellbeing I can certainly see why, and commiserate. His content from 2004-2006 is something the internet will not see again. After October 2008 he was, for all intents and purposes, done.

His “Coincidence Theorists Guide to 9/11” was an eye-opener for me, and articulated most of the things I had been thinking for awhile:

It has now been removed from most search engines, and even the cached version on google, like the ones I’ve included here which should obviate tampering, returns a ‘404’ now. Interesting, wouldn’t you say? Then ask yourself why.

None of this is to say any of them didn’t take part in something like 9/11 quite willingly. But it’s also quite possible it could have been a bridge too far for some, or possibly even many of them…and that is precisely where someone like Epstein would saunter in to the scenario and exert his own special brand of pressure (at the behest of whoever was controlling him -- this chain has chains), and remains why the secrets Epstein took with him are so imperative to remain secret. This House of Cards is a very, very tenuous structure.

An evil is being exposed now like never before, and more and more connecting threads trace back to rampant abuse of children – it remains a thruline in EVERYTHING we look at. And as I stated before, contrary to the folks that would like to paint this as a Zionist only problem (although their role is a major and HUGE one regarding planning, logistics, and implementation to be sure), they can’t take the blame alone, any more than the triggerman can take sole blame in murders that he didn’t plot, but was only hired for. 

Examine this dialogue from the recent stellar Netflix doc series The Family: (this from author Jeff Sharlet who infiltrated the Christian C Street heavy lobby group) -- 

“It’s spiritually dangerous. You would pray to be converted. And at Ivanwald, it meant seeing what happens if, for a time at least, I accepted their ideas.” (Sharlet)

‘Where shall I flee from your presence? If I ascend into Heaven, you are there. If I make my bed in the depths, you are there.’

“It’s intense, right? It’s like you can’t run; it doesn’t matter where you turn, ‘cos Jesus is going to be right there waiting for you. Jesus is smart!”

“He’s going to get you.” (leader talking to Sharlet)

(Luke) “I call out to the Lord. I pray to him for his favor. I praise you for I am fearful…”

“We would pray to be broken – we would pray to be nothing. We would pray to learn how to obey. They said that this is our prime relationship with Jesus. And so we would pray to crush what we would call our inner rebel.”

…(giving Sharlet a small black sheath with just the name ‘Jesus’ on the front embossed in gold…) ”This is all you really need. It’s the Bible. It’s the part that matters.”

“One of the things that surprised me was that though most of these men were very scripturally literate, they didn’t care very much about the Bible. There was a small book that you’re given…this little book that just says ‘Jesus.’ That’s it. Just Jesus, nothing else. And it was four gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. With the Book of Acts referred to as Acts of Ambassadors. And they didn’t need to read too much further than that. There’s not a whole lot of theology. There’s no wrestling with God, with conscience, traditional concerns of fundamentalism. They don’t talk about the Devil. Just Jesus. Jesus. That’s all.”

(recalled conversation) Sharlet: “Now which part of Jesus was Psalm 137?”


“O daughter of Babylon who are to be destroyed, happy shall he be that taketh the little ones and dasheth them against the stones.” Which part of Jesus would be in that?

“Jeff, brother, I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure He’ll let you know when it’s time.”……

“They said Christianity’s been misunderstood, that all the rubes out there, the suckers, they think that Christ came to preach equally to everybody. Not so. They said He had rings of power…closest are James and Peter. Then you go out another circle and there’s the disciples. And out here is everybody else, and they’ll get the message, but they won’t get it in unvarnished form,…They can’t handle the truth. But now WE’VE moved from one of these outer rings to one of the very near inner circles – and we are the new chosen.”

I remember Karl Rove saying almost those exact same words in 2004: 

“We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

I hear conversations like this and I begin to glimpse the enormity of what Father Malachi Martin was saying about the smoke of Satan, what he called the Enthronement of Lucifer, taking place in the Vatican on June 29, 1963, with concurrent Black Rites here on the same date at a specified location in South Carolina. Father Martin predicted rampant pedophilia, as well as other ills, would begin to erupt exponentially inside the Church during radio broadcasts with Art Bell in the mid-and-late 1990s.

The Family has been in place and manipulating political/social agendas since the end of the Eisenhower presidency.

The zeal, the zealotry of all these people, all these groups, JINSA, Straight, Inc., the Bush inner circles (of both 41 and 43), who the Clintons surrounded themselves with, PNAC, Epstein, DYNCORP, the State Dept., Sandusky, Savile, all of those networks, the Family, isn’t it strange and interesting how all, without exception, included the defiling, the hurt, and the torturing of children in their worldview? It’s almost as if, for them, the TRAUMA is everything. A child's trauma at being tortured; our trauma at 9/11... A bit telling, wouldn’t you say, how it always comes back to that imperative? At the core, something is at the base of ALL of this…

From Vanity Fair, listen to how, and the method in which, Epstein threatened a pregnant Vicky Ward when she got a little too close to some impertinent truths (minors) in doing a piece on him:

From the article: “Eventually, the women agreed to go on the record, Ward said, and when Epstein was told about their accounts he went “berserk”. Epstein had already threatened to get a witch doctor to put a curse on Ward’s unborn children – she was pregnant with twins at the timeand now he campaigned to stop Vanity Fair publishing the allegations, even turning up unannounced at the office of the then editor, Graydon Carter.”

And more threats, this time chronicled by NPR and NYMag just a day ago…it now seems, to ratchet the macabre factor up beyond the red line, we now need to factor in bullets and dead cats:

Can it get any stranger? Sure it can. In the birds-of-a-feather category, check out his good buds the Clintons, hangin out in the Voodoo Lounge:

And HRC herself? Well, she’s a witch. Seriously. And not the tree-hugging, good kind, I have a feeling:

Of course, the Clintons’ “fixer” from the Arkansas days, Larry Nichols, had been saying this for years and been derided as a kook:

Don’t you just love the way Bill glibly, smugly, declares to a heckler (who’s got more truth in his little finger than Bill’s got in his whole body): “I’ve never been to the Bohemian Club but you oughta go, be good for ya get some fresh air!”

Maxwell, the Clintons, the Podestas, Alefantis, and about a truckload of others with names like Rothschild, why are they still walking around free-range? We’ve got a thimble full of evidence on Mack and Raniere and their NXIVM perps compared to these fools and they’re in custody – what’s the problem here? Hopefully, building airtight cases – just this past Friday 20 Grand Jury subpoenas were issued to officers and staff inside the MCC where Epstein breathed his last, so traction may be advancing on the guillotine front. Strangely, everyone inside the MCC that was present when Epstein did the bungee jump in his cell (uh huh), are extremely reluctant to come forward with testimony of their own free will. Imagine that.

Speaking of Epstein, let’s see where his taste in artwork leads, and I guarantee you, it ain’t a cruise on the good ship Lollipop.
As I said before, this is Night Gallery time.

First, hanging prominently in his NY mansion was this one of Billy boy in a blue dress, waxing rather Lewinsky poetic, wouldn’t you agree? Strange thing is, it appears he has 6 – yes, SIX – fingers on his pointing right hand. Six fingers leads to biblical ruminations about the Nephilim – which becomes rather fitting, and very pertinent, the farther down this road we go.

Next, a prominent hanging space was also found for this little gem: George W. Bush playing with 2 paper planes amidst 2 piles of blocks that presumably had once been, ahem, towers. Speak to me again how Epstein didn’t have the goods on some incredibly important peeps in the game and wasn’t rubbing their faces in it? You’ll also notice Bush’s shoelaces are, in fact, scorpions, and I can’t be sure, but it certainly appears as if there’s a faint upside down cross on the front of that planter positioned to the far right. Let’s just back quietly away from this one and tiptoe oh so gingerly out of the room, before someone catches us staring too long…

Now we come to the ever-cascading strangeness of Epstein’s New Mexico compound, the Zorro Ranch, which, bizarrely, has yet to be poured over by any authorities. Uh, what exactly are they waiting for?

A crew from TruNews got their butts out there like any good journos worth their salt would, and captured this ridiculously amazing footage. What kind of world are we living in when TruNews, a Christian-based outlet, beats the FBI at its own game? Way to go guys – and this footage is seriously some of the creepiest I’ve ever seen: the air about the whole place, the darkening of the day, the advancing thunderheads…

The figures at 2:25 appear to be what are known as Ibeji totems, Nigerian in origin, for “protection” and to “guard the house and property.” These are forces connected to abundance and fertility, being twins they represent polarity; I’m told as statues they are often made to hold the souls of newborn babies, somewhat like Japanese kokeshi dolls. They are also orishas, or spirits, under the protection of shango, a thunder god akin to Thor.

Inside one of the Zorro main doorways, (at the 6:16 mark) an engraved plaque/crest was found. Not sure about you, but within this I’m seeing upside down crosses, a possible Cross of Lorraine at the bottom, and the date 1610 at the top, which would mark the time the Holy Roman Empire owned much, if not all of Germany and Bavaria – exactly where the rise of the Illuminati would take place during the lifetime of Adam Weishaupt. There is much, much more to look into here. This represents a power that controls governments, and has for a long, long time. Far longer than any CIA or Mossad could pretend to have sway. This is important. Also in alchemy, the Cross of Lorraine subs for sulfur/brimstone and is often used as the Satanic Cross.

There is also this figure that was spotted by drone appearing just inside a window on the Little St.James property – once again, your guess is as good as mine…Fallen angel? Nephilim? All I know is that the creepiness factor just doesn’t stop, and I get a sinking feeling that this is all going to get a lot worse in form and intent the more that is revealed. It’s certainly not heading in a good direction.

What’s happening here? As much as I want to know, I’m beginning to grasp the “Q” directive that parts of this are going to have to remain hidden for the sake of the literal sanity of large swaths of the population. But an even larger part of me says “how are we ever going to burn this out of our body politic, our culture as a whole, if we don’t expose it all, and everything, now?” Leaving even a portion of it to secrecy only lays the groundwork for it to be able to return someday --  and for our benefit as a civilization, that cannot be allowed to happen, if we are to grab our Gene Roddenberry-esque Star Trek manifest destiny to the heavens, and beyond. As corny as that sounds, I still believe we can make it there, but it’s liable to be a very, very close call.

Finally, hope springs eternal with these 2 reports from (gasp!!) CBS news. Taken together, they are pretty amazing, and show how far this perspective has advanced in an extremely short time, especially given the Epstein situation. I mean, this would have been like turning on the tube back in the day and seeing John Chancellor or Walter Cronkite doing a quarter-hour piece on Mena Arkansas and dead kids on railroad tracks and how it might lead to collusion between the Governor’s office and the White House, or Tom Brokaw expanding at length on the Franklin Scandal and minors roaming the White House and rape parties…

…and regarding the current situation, remember this isn’t just “underage women” anymore, as now we’ve got reports flooding in of top model agency heads like Jean Luc Brunel procuring literal children for Epstein to market to his powerful clientele. Shades of NXIVM, which is another trail that connects here, and which we haven’t stopped exploring. And speaking of connecting links, before I forget, Dersh just blurted out that he was initially introduced to Epstein by…wait for it…Lynn de Rothschild. Ooops. There's that name again. Keep your underwear on and get outta here, ya dweeb!  

Put factoids like this with headlines emerging that read like something out of a David Fincher serial killer series loop: 

Granted, this is currently, but how long before this kind of news – children’s skulls and bones being found off the coast of Little St.James, migrate into more mainstream outlets? Just how much is being covered up right now, and why? And for the record, SEALS and FBI dive teams were documented as being in the water…

Couple all this together with the severe other-worldliness that is exceedingly present at that Zorro compound, and what do you have? Super, creepy “woo” vibes being given off, that’s what. 

Eugenics, baby farms, rape slaves, transhumanism, altered and downloaded consciousness apps, the biggest names in science and research flown in on private jets to multiple compounds, and upside-down crosses and anti-christian totems and sigils surrounding the entire enterprise. And markers of the very same spotted in the timeline down thru the historical record in false flags, organizations dedicated to the same, and in important, critical figures within all those organizations.

I used to wonder about the testimony of people like Cathy O’Brien. Now, I don’t know. Pizzagate? Good God, that seems so quaint now. Is that even possible, to have something that horrific be only the beginning of the slide into the abyss? Saying “pizzagate is true!” now seems like the ultimate redundancy – get me Peter Levenda if he's accepting calls anymore (which I doubt.)

How far will the media go with this? How far will they be allowed to go? This, and all of its ramifications, should be a running news cycle 24/7 that dwarfs even flashpoints like Watergate, the Iraq Wars, Iran-Contra. There need to be hearings over this. Televised. The full truth, and nothing but the truth, needs to come out; a new Church Committee.

But then again, that didn’t even happen at Nuremberg. Vested interests will always remain so. It becomes a wider,
"National Security" matter. It may be in our hands. So many factors. We’ll see what happens when and where “Q” reappears. We’ll see what happens if President Trump can keep applying pressure – if he can unleash the full power of an uncompromised and unshackled DOJ. We’ll see how far the subpoenas go, how far the unsealing of indictments continue into the autumn. There is still hope, much hope.

The summer is burning on, burning out the day and night, and the questions only continue to mount, and overtake the answers by a factor of 10. All I know, all I can see, is that there is one overriding ideology, but there are operations within operations comprising it. Nearly like a many-worlds hypothesis or compartmentalized honeycomb, their existence only adds to the coherence of the overall structure of the Octopus.

And as we bring the curtain down on yet another installment, let’s try this on for size:  

Yes, that vaunted mainstream bastion Newsweek, in what may be apropos of nothing…oh, who am I kidding, this is apropos of everything – everything we’ve been learning since the autumn of 2016, the forces behind pizzagate and why they can’t have anyone talking about that, whatever went on as above so below at all of Epstein’s digs, what agenda he was serving in the zeitgeist – and let’s just call it what it is, alright? Satanic Social Engineering. Even Newsweek wants us to get all up close and personal with the warm and fuzzies of cannibalism now. Now, why would they want to normalize a thing like that?

The mask is slipping. In any quest to terraform, or should I say bioform, the human species, physiology is only part of the attack vector. The mind must also fall under sway to ritualization by distinctly anti-christian forces. And the quickest way to gain mass participation in satanic ritual is normalization of the obscene. Everything falls under Human Experimentation. This is a Cult of Death, and we all live in Jonestown now.

SIN CITY, (from 2005 yet), take us out. “What the hell do you know?”

“I know it’s pretty damn weird to eat people.”

"We are touching upon mysteries which are so extraordinary that they seem to be beyond belief, yet one need only look to the skies, and the records of stellar events, to realize that they are absolutely true."     The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capitol, David Ovason

And I haven’t even gotten into the weird proximity alert of Epstein being apprehended on 7-6-19, only to be followed up not 3 days later with the rather strange death of a teenage heir to the Goldsmith-Rothschild dynasties dying in a freak quad bike accident on 7-9-19. Call it a roundup, a ritual sacrifice warning or the walls closing in on the Globalist elite, but that was a particularly, singularly, bad week for Cabal enthusiasts.

Epstein was only the surface of a deep, DEEEEP large network that still remains mostly hidden behind offshore accounts, cutouts, paywalls, intelligence cover, and Non-Official Cover (NOC) sheep dipping. Wed that to most of the public only getting their info from CNN and MSNBC et al, (who are already on to other things) and the network is still fairly safe. Or so they'd like to think.

I’ll keep repeating til someone answers, where is Rachel Chandler? Pizzagate wasn’t so ludicrous, and once again, this stuff is what Danny Casolaro, Mae Brussell and Stanley Kubrick all died for. The news media would have you believe that now, this is where the Epstein mystery ends. But the normal news media isn’t the only game in town anymore, and I’m saying this is where it only just begins.

We’re coming.

Extremely heartening to know that they’re not letting Maxwell just fade into the woodwork – she’s evidently been traced to France now and they are currently tracking her. More to come as this develops.


  1. Enlarge, invert, enjoy.

    1. The Morphster!!

      Glad to know you're still kickin it -- man, we were all "Q" before "Q" was cool, weren't we? Heck, before there even WAS a "Q!"

      Thanks so much for that pic -- I'm assuming it's the Notre Dame cathedral in mid-burning session.(?) Can't wait to go thru the steganography on that one. It's always something, isn't it? Thanks for the continuing reads & comment anytime!

  2. I had that thought too ...
    Does Epstein Work FOR Ghislaine Maxwell?? Not the other way around?

    also ...
    did you see this?

  3. Hey Wordman, Thought I'd tell you how I found this place with the batcave signal. There I was researching about Epstien, Rachel Chandler, Sword of Destiny and this blog pops up in my feed. (*Oh how I wish I had a camera filming me that day!) I am totally engrossed in your words, sponging knowledge from your post when suddenly I read my name Kendra and you talking about Twitter! My brain skidded to a stop. Wait... what? (I busted up laughing right now thinking about my shock) then I called Josie and she was so pleased! Anyway Wordman waiting on the midnight express bat signal. I hope I made you smile today! Hugs