Sunday, October 28, 2018


“I believe there is a perichoresis, an interpenetration.  It is possible, indeed, that we…. are now sitting among desolate rocks, by bitter streams……and with what companions?”    Arthur Machen

“I am sending you out as sheep amoung wolves; so be as cunning as snakes, but as innocent as doves.”  Matthew 10:16

Greetings yet again my children of the psychosphere; incredible things have been happening since we last convened here. How many “October Surprises” until it’s no longer coincidence?…To mention but a few:  

2 major hurricanes featuring incredibly weird anomalies in and around them, Florence and Michael, which combined to knock out my power for a total of over a week (In the maelstrom churning around Florence, a record 7 tornadoes touched down in Richmond, VA and environs in one day, a record);

A ridiculous and radical sea change in the social structure pertaining to the election of a Supreme Court judge, including a manufactured “victim” lobbying against him that showed all the hallmarks of CIA ties, Deep State manipulation and MKUltra triggering;

A major solar observatory at Sunspot, N.M. and the whole town where it is located were shut down by federal action for reasons still unknown (said to be over child pornography charges against an on-site janitor);

Trump enabling a national emergency alert system that bypasses all major media and is designed to contact everyone in the country in real time on their cellphone platforms, an unprecedented action;

A strange worldwide shutdown of Youtube for reasons as yet unexplained;

Video released of a fleet of Ufos attacking and taking out a satellite;    

An ancient and huge volcano, the Arsia Mons on Mars, located directly along the Tharsis bulge, appears to be exhibiting activity for the first time in over 50 million years;    

Letters laced with ricin were two weeks ago sent to Trump, Sessions, General Matthis and the head of the Navy;

This week letter bombs (props) have been sent to the Clintons, Obama, CNN, Eric Holder, Wasserman-Schultz, Maxine Waters, and Soros…..and we’re just getting started. (And as a political aside and just to illustrate the bias of the media, the threats to the Democrats have been shouted in every mainstream outlet from the rooftops while those against the Republicans have been effectively scrubbed…) (Edit: as of 10-26 the targets have expanded to include Cory Booker, Robert DeNiro, Joe Biden and CNN yet again…) 

Just another staged, fake attack way to paint themselves as victims of an unhinged terroristic right wing which has been actively working towards their imprisonment for crimes against this country and humanity. We’re talking treason and child sex trafficking, and this just happens to occur right after anons had warned us of a false flag sequence coming, and just before the midterms yet. And now, as of 10-27, not one of the so-called mail “bombs” has proven to be an actual, well, bomb. None of the packages sent contained a single explosive device.

So, for the record, when the Deep State boasts unlimited funding we get this:

 When the Deep State is bankrupt, we get this:

Any questions?  And when the media is also part and parcel to this circus, is it any wonder why Trump calls it collectively an enemy of the people?

“We will know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”  William Casey, CIA director, February 1981

“We will control the horizontal – we will control the vertical. Sit back quietly and we will control all that you see and hear…..”  The Outer Limits, 1963

October 24th boasted a full moon. Perfect. And, as is my wont, I’m sensing occult connections in all of these things as the stars come right once again: until mid-December all of the planets are congregating on the same side of the sun in our solar system. And finally, in what can be seen as the cherry on top of this horrid cake we’re baking, or the ultimate canary-in-the-coal-mine warning, all manner of insects are rapidly disappearing from the ecostructure all around the world. 

Are you receiving?  The original Captain Marvel of the once-and-future Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Jack Parsons himself, seems to be everywhere in the entertainment media all of a sudden: a series titled Strange Angel on CBS’ all access channel, and in a stellar episode of Amazon Prime’s critically acclaimed Lore. But why? What is so important about his dawn-of-the-rocket-age story at this juncture? What is the sudden fascination and what is being conveyed? (Other than the fact that Parsons was and still is literally the base human conveyance that continually symbolically weds the occult with the technological in a dance that never ends…) 

As we have observed before, Parsons was merely the latest in a long line of portal-constructors, the openers-of-the-way that stretch back in the mists to King Solomon and John Dee, and may even include historical bad actors such as Elizabeth Bathory and Gilles de Rais – it is a line that certainly must include the Nazi inner sanctum as well as Aleister Crowley himself. All seeking access to the “other” that has long been among us, seeking entrance, seeking to cross dimensionality, to merge many worlds, to join in time and space chalk pentagrams drawn on wood and stone with quarks flying at millions of miles an hour down proton synchrotron boosters at CERN. All seeking the same level…..all seeking the same effect. Communion. In service to breaking dimensional barriers, infusing power, summoning demons. 

The late Art Bell spoke so often in the mid-and-late 1990s of what he called “the quickening.” He likened it to a phase shift in global consciousness where everyone sensed that time was accelerating at a rapid pace, running out and running up into a feeling of a building towards something; some great happening or revelation. That feeling and term he coined still abides, and it’s on steroids now. There is no need to wax biblical, but the times of old men dreaming dreams and young men seeing visions are now upon us, in ridiculous numbers that all are collectively pointing towards……something…..that is approaching us. A dose of alacrity is needed as the final realization dawns: when you extrapolate this dead man’s curve out to the leading edge, a stark picture begins to emerge of the survival of the few at the expense of the many.

This investigation has been getting inside the minds of monsters for a long time now, all in the hopes of being able to correctly anticipate their next moves on the global chessboard. The farther down these roads we go, we glimpse beyond the scope of the entire latticework that’s been constructed, and just how far it goes. There is a stretching back of centuries, and areas of confluence that one might never guess overlap without seeing the structure as a whole; for example, the strange merging of technology and magick, of science and ritual, that happens at far too often a rate in the historical record for it to be mere coincidence. These things are applied together over and over again because they comprise a formula that works, and works well. Over and over again we find examples of humanity seeking to contact outside forces in an attempt to weaponize them, to gain earthly power and control, to accrue wealth and status. We see over and over again that the human mind is the lynchpin in all of this.

We see Sidney Gottlieb pioneering the use of the occult (in Operation Often) in an attempt to crack its inner mysteries and try to gain the ultimate control over individuals first, and then possibly humanity as a whole in the endgame. We see the brilliant physicist John von Neumann reduced to a shell in his last days, desperately fearful that the mind itself held the key to something alien being able to penetrate this reality: our very recognition of “them” would be enough for their forces to come flooding in to this plane. Therein the policy of official ridicule of all things Ufo and/or flying saucer was born – and so continues to this day. (Which, if that postulate is true, begs the question of exactly what johnny-come-lately “disclosure” folks like Tom Delonge, Peter Levenda and long-time stalwarts like John Podesta are up to, and, more interestingly, why?) 

Mesh this corollary with the quite substantial rumours of exactly what kinds of things Podesta and friends engage in after hours in their groves and grottos – see everything thelema, spirit cooking and pizzagate – and you begin to finally see what we may be up against. And exactly why the issue of so many missing children gets swept under the rug consistently on a global scale, right along with satanic ritual abuse getting routinely laughed off as ridiculous despite maddening mountains of evidence to the contrary.  Those in power, the real conspirators, have always delighted in drawing up strawman caricatures of conspiracy and then have always had trouble concealing their giddiness when setting them ablaze with all of us believers inside like some seasonal Wicker Man sacrifices.

And most certainly yes, Podesta, make no mistake, is still up to his eyeballs in all things Crowleyan, see here for ‘Thelema’:

Since December 21st, 2017, according to President Trump’s Executive Order, we have been operating under a state of National Emergency. This has not been lifted and continues. This represents the first steps that have been taken in my lifetime to combat some of these things that are addressed here month after month in any concrete way. I doubt you’d be able to find anyone in the administration that would be willing to concede on the record the biblical/paranormal parameters at work at present, but there is an unspoken dynamic in play also – a recognition of how immense a task this all is, and why. Draining the swamp is cute wordplay, but the reality is far beyond most folks’ earthly comprehension. The proof has been out there for a while in instagram photos like this from Ray Chandler’s account (since scrubbed and privatized.)

The scenes are of underground surveillance camera feeds monitoring activity taking place on Jeffrey Epstein’s island of Little St.James, likely taken on her phone and smuggled out. Chandler is long thought to have been a player in this system acting as a “go between” for laundering money received to set up private pedo operations – many act as mules in this setup without exchanging any actual goods; think fringe consultants, escorts, and hostesses that make deliveries and ferry digital info between parties. And yes, now we begin glimpsing the Rachel Chandlers, Alison Macks, and Meghan Markles of the world, and how they are used.

“It’s an illusion/ it’s a game/ A reflection of someone else’s name/ When you wake in the morning/ Wake and find you’re covered in cellophane/ Well there’s a hole in the somewhere…” Abacab, Genesis  1981

“I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in/ And stops my mind from wandering/ where it will go…” Fixing a Hole, The Beatles   1967

But if these are all symptoms of a sick system, how did it get that way? Where is the origin point to all this madness? For that, I believe we once again must journey back to 1947. The way the prevailing breezes seem to be blowing these days is towards an illuminating of the esoteric and arcane practices of the elite wizards and warlocks that kicked this whole thing into high gear. David Lynch based his entire Twin Peaks reboot on the premise that folks like Oppenheimer and Edward Teller were messing around with things they had no business dabbling in, and the very same can be said for their psychic predecessor, Jack Parsons, founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on, fittingly, Halloween 1936.

Under the auspices of furthering humanity’s naked faith and blind ambitions, all they really succeeded in doing was the opening of portals between the here and the somewhere waaaaaaaay out there, where mind alterings and expanding consciousness are only tools to animate the agenda to its furthest extremes. Mixing spells and rituals with scientific equations and formulae never ends in the best interests of mankind for some strange reason.

Immediately after Parsons and L Ron Hubbard finished their Crowleyan-inspired Babalon Working in January-March 1946 in locations including the Devil’s Gate Dam as well as Parsons’ home base “the Parsonage,” things really begin popping. The ritual “working” was designed to widen a previously existing portal (opened by Crowley in his 1918 Amalantrah Working and possibly as early as 1904 when in Cairo he contacted the hyperdimensional known as Aiwass) just that much wider, and usher in both a “moonchild” and kickstart the age of the Aeon of Horus….Aiwass would also be given curious phonetic preference and placement by Paul McCartney and the Beatles. Another example of hidden in plain sight for indoctrination of the masses.

According to Nick Redfern in his amazing work Final Events, (and corroborated in Linda Howe’s Glimpses of Other Realities Vol.II, High Strangeness), alarm bells were set off among the Department of Defense set, as well as other intel insiders, when it was discovered that Jack Parsons was buddy-buddy with Kenneth Arnold…yes, the same Kenneth Arnold that made the very first report of nine strange flying aeroforms over Mt. Ranier on June 24th, 1947. Deeper entreaties were made into Parsons’ background and news of the Babalon Working rite was discovered, as well as his heading the Agape Lodge of the O.T.O. in Pasadena, at Crowley’s insistence.

These intel agencies, after looking at the relationship between Parsons & Arnold, the date proximity of Arnold’s sighting to whatever went down at Roswell, & taking into heady account Parsons’ use of spells and rituals to summon something – became convinced that what began showing up in the skies over America at that time was not in fact a vanguard of some extraterrestrial invasion force, but multidimensionals summoned here by electromagnetic pull of magickal workings: Crowleyan wizardry handed down from a scarlet line stretching all the way back to John Dee & Edward Kelly.  The race to tag ETs as not extraterrestrial, but interdimensional and perhaps demonic, was on. It was a line that would be championed by the likes of John Keel, Gordon Creighton, Lord Hill Norton of British Defense, Lynn E. Catoe of the Library of Congress, Ivan Sanderson, and Jacques Vallee amoung others. 

Even Blue Book’s own J. Allen Hynek would reach this conclusion. And speaking of which (witch), now might be as good a time as any to ask, given this staff photo of Blue Book circa its beginnings showing a secretary prominently wearing a distinctly upside down star – a pentagram – just what did Blue Book know and when did they know it? Hidden in plain sight goes back a long way as we are continually discovering.

 The DOD agency men would eventually express concern that certain groups within the military industrial complex still valued these off-world contacts, and were working to keep these lines of communication open, going so far as to use animal, human and child sacrifice to further these goals, again along the unholy parameters first given expression by Crowley. The inside group given leeway to study all of this and its frightening ramifications became known as the Collins Elite. Some are given to understand some offshoot of this special group still exists today.

Jack Parsons never gave up on his quest to initiate a moonchild into existence on this plane, and given the course of events well into the 1960s and 1970s, who is to say if he indeed succeeded or not?

The rise of the New Age, the Age of Aquarius, worldwide rebellion amoung the youth of the day (which was nothing but “Do What Thou Wilt” dressed up in mod peacock finery), and increased drug consumption to alter the mind took over. 

Crowley was on the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s prominently displayed, which began by intoning “It was 20 years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play….” 

Released on June 2, 1967; looking back to June 2, 1947, that first Ufo explosive wave was ready to crest over all of a suddenly haunted America, and groups like the CIA were busy investing in men like Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert, and programs like MKUltra to both pacify and bully the unsuspecting into ways of testing ingestion of experimental chemicals, just to see where exactly all this mind-expanding could take them, and how it could be used to their advantage. As it ever was, the guinea pigs, were us. 

Parsons died in a tremendous explosion after dropping a beaker of mercury fulminate on June 17, 1952. Exactly one month later (on consecutive weekends of July 19-20 and 26-27, although reports began coming in as early as July 12) America experienced another paroxysm of weirdness when entire fleets of Ufos began being sighted over the entire city of Washington D.C., with both visual and radar confirmations. It remains one of the largest “flaps” ever in Ufo lore, with no clear cut explanation ever being touted, although the powers-that-be at the time blamed the ever popular “temperature inversions.”

Marjorie Cameron, Parsons’ star-crossed lover down through the years, always claimed that this particular visitation was Parsons himself signaling the world of what lay beyond in every sphere, across every timeline, and that death was not the end.

“…Thought if I was smart I’d make it far
But I’m still at the start,
Guess I’m contagious it’d be safest if you ran
Fuck that’s what they all just end up doing in the end
Take my car and paint it black
Take my arm, break it in half
Say something, do it soon
It’s too quiet in this room
I need noise
I need the buzz of a sub
Need the crack of a whip
Need some blood in the cut
I need noise
I need the buzz of a sub
Need the crack of a whip
Need some blood in the cut …I need blood in the cut”  

Blood In The Cut    K Flay  2016

So where does this lead us? What’s going on today that could be seen as adjuncts – as continuing projects and rituals -- to all of this? Let’s start with Ambrosia Medical, for one. It’s a New York State startup which will charge $8,000 before the end of the year to quench your veins with blood from donors aged 16-25 in order to “ensure longer life.” And so it begins. 

With visions of the Human Genome project, CRISPR technology and third-strand dna dancing in my head, I’m calling this out as distinctly not good, to make no mention of any latent vampiric tendencies they’re seeking to implant in the deplorables, all the while marketing their latest occult ritual to their captive audience of elites and left-hand-pathers. And it was only 3-4 generations ago when British royalty still dined on human flesh, but please don’t worry, that was 300 years ago, right? I’m sure there’s no danger of anything like that happening today.

I have no idea how all of this connects, all these lights in the sky and these nefarious practices, false flags, and hidden rituals down here on terra not so firma, but I know damn well that they do. There is a hive mind at work as there has been at every next phase in this evolving cosmic horror show since time immemorial – there is a rule of evil in this plane which has been given over to it.

But I also know that everything is happening according to plan: some are happily playing the bad guys in order to awaken the Christ consciousness in all of us. Perverse, I know, with more than just a touch of the Gnostic, but as time grows ever shorter, all things serve to catapult the Will of the White Lodge over the Black one. Many are working around the clock to let us all know what’s going on. More on that soon as clue after clue is leaking out……keep watching the skies, and keep watching closely. Many things are embedded in entertainment, as we have seen.

As always, the most important question remains, not what is going to become of you if you speak out, but what is going to become of you if you don’t?

“Just wanna be, I wanna bewitch you, one last time in the ancient rite…..”
Have your safest, happiest, and spookiest Halloween!


  1. In case this ends as badly as it seems it will,it was nice conversing with you my quantumly entangled friend.

    1. Dear KH,

      In spite of comms being compromised for a LONG time across so many platforms, in spite of so many globalists and left-hand-pathers firing back in desperation and fury, in spite of the odds seemingly so stacked against tens of millions of people being viciously attacked and marginalized for nothing more than being normal and being born here, I still really like our chances in battling the abyss that continues to show itself ever more nakedly as the days go by.

      It's still all about knowing what you are up against, and how to fight it. The largest power & the biggest weapon is still knowledge -- & we have many more on our side than we even know of. As I stated this month, some are strategically positioned in what looks like the opposition, & are working night & day to provide us information and clues to their inner workings.
      Watch that Ghost video again & pay special attention to the eye-punch.

      I just sent a friend links to both of these vids that I find strangely intertwined -- & now I do so to you too.
      It always all comes back to control of the mind.
      Thanks for still being out there reading me, and we are all gonna get thru this. That's a promise.

  2. So every light, every ufo, every humanoid that anybody might encounter, you believe are the works of rituals everytime???
    You think those things come only from other dimensions???


    1. Greetings 'Unknown!'

      Well, that's the $64,000 question, isn't it?

      Far from saying I know all of or even any of the answers, all I know for certain is that I don't know anything.

      I will say that after studying and following these things for over 4 decades of my life and counting, I have come to align my thinking alongside that of fellows like Jacques Vallee, John Keel, J Allen Hynek and Frederick William (Ted) Holiday, all of whom pioneered the ideas that there exists here a control system of otherworldly, or hyperdimensional (to parrot Dick Hoagland) proportions that is a common wellspring for all matters of "high strangeness" that occur here.

      This encompasses the ability of ufos to achieve the sufficient solidity to paint a solid radar return one minute, and then vanish as if they never existed the next. Of course this could simply be a technology so alien to us that it is, as Arthur C Clarke said, "akin to magic." (i.e., anyone looking for proof in an ashtray or a muffler off of a ufo is going to go wanting, Roswell notwithstanding...)

      Whatever this is, this is a presence that has been (coming) here as long as mankind has been here, as various biblical texts refer to, and as Vallee documents in his "Passport to Magonia," has been variously called fairies, wraiths, sprites, sylphs, djinn, and more before adopting the modern-day guise of "greys" as entering the popular culture at large on the cover of Strieber's Communion in 1987, & causing somewhat of a mass meme-unveiling at the time. Those ripples continue, & call into account exactly what Whitley may have been programmed to do from an extremely young age, as he has chronicled.

      As far as coming ONLY from other dimensions, the jury is most assuredly still out...but the fact that the historical record lists names from King Solomon to John Dee to Crowley & Jack Parsons attempting communication (and communion) with these control systems is out of the bag now in a major way. The fact that this was accomplished using magic (or magick) is also established. And when high officials from so-called scientific bastions like CERN are on the record saying they are literally conjuring a "tsunami of demons," well, that should give one pause in the extreme.

      Of course even this scenario fails to take into account exactly what trauma-based programming of children (MKUltra) is ultimately designed to accomplish -- does the subsequent fracturing and fragmenting of their minds make "contact" even easier to facilitate in the crossing of some hyperdimensional barrier? (see Strieber above & what the early work of Sidney Gottlieb was centering on.)

      Which means we may have to look at the proliferation of pedophile rings in an entirely new light, & which now carries much more dark psychic weight than just the economic/blackmail angle.

      Thanks for the question, thanks for reading this dark, strange trail, & stay 'unknown,' but don't stay a stranger. You are always welcome here. Peace.