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“Fire for the hills, pick up your feet and let’s go/ Head for the hills, pick up steel on your way/ And when you find a piece of them in your sight/ Fire at will don’t you waste no time…”      Young Men Dead (Passover 2006)  The Black Angels

“All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at any given time is a function of Power and not Truth.”    Friedrich Nietzsche

“The insurgency will rise/ When the blood’s been sacrificed/ Don’t be blinded by the lies/ In your eyes…..Say!”   Know Your Enemy (21st Century Breakdown 2009) Green Day

“There are sacraments of evil as well as of good about us, and we live and move to my belief in an unknown world, a place where there are caves and shadows and dwellers in twilight. It is possible that man may sometimes return on the track of evolution, and it is my belief that an awful lore is not yet dead.”      Arthur Machen

Before anything else, I need to take a moment to explain how these dispatches appear before you every month or so. To say that I write them would be taking things wildly out of context. I DO compose them in front of a keyboard, but more than that, I must wait for them to come to me. Many things, many prods nudge me this way and that in a news-entertainment-political collective merry-go-round where I sit and sift them all in my mind: headlines-rumours-texts-tweets-reports-books-articles-films-music. But not until something moves me can I act to interpret all of these into any kind of coherence out of all this decoherence. What I do isn’t even inspiration – it’s more akin to channeling, and that, much more than any household or everyday distractions, is why these posts appear at such irregular intervals.

Where it comes from and where it goes – I haven’t the vaguest idea. I laugh when I remember the old Jimmy Page adage about his music and how he used to sit cloaked and silent in the candle-lit margins of the night, “waiting for something to come through.”

Trust me, I am in no way placing what I do here on such an exalted level of being an antennae, but believe me, I understand completely, and I know with every fiber of my being that this doesn’t come from me, but (unlike distinct Crowleyan mouthpiece Pagey) from whatever better angels lurk out there in the corners and in the edges and are observing and with us constantly, whether we wish to acknowledge them or not.

This particular posting has been especially long in the interpretation phase before finally “clicking,” or coming into full view and definition out of the mists, so let’s see where these ethereal connections and celestial frequencies take us this time, and hopefully you will find in them what I do; all these monstrous revelations that have been hiding themselves from us all along, in plain sight and fully according to seasonal occult ritual.

To start: Mollie Tibbetts, and what exactly has been going on in Iowa over these last several weeks. The fingerprints of (and on) this case will branch out into other areas, double-back upon themselves, and all lead straight into the dark heart of the same cabal of bloodlines we’ve been looking into, accent on the blood. As always, remember that they depend on our marginalized thought processes being unable to comprehend that all of this is connected, and coincidence is indeed a fiction. It never stops getting weirder out here in the playpen of the damned.

“Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.”  Q drop 189

The body of missing 20-year-old Mollie Tibbetts being found in a cornfield in Poweshiek County, Iowa on August 21 (after being reported missing on July 18), seemed to bring to a head the raft of strange goings-on and disappearances in that state that had been occurring for weeks and months. But it also seemed designed to perversely take the focus off of the staggering numbers involved to shine a spotlight on one case alone. And once again as so often happens in these investigations, peripheral facts lead us to believe we are seeing yet another real-life True Detective in the making.


To begin, Iowa is in the middle of a record number of children going missing (at one recent point 48 over a 10-day stretch), and strange markers have been afoot there for a while. Ex-FBI director and determined Trump-hater James Comey made a trip there for a bizarre photo-op in a cornfield on June 16th; strangely, just before the mass disappearances began occurring in earnest. And he also made this rather ominous aside, given what was about to befall the state: “So good to see new growth in Iowa and across the country.” Coded twilight language, anyone? And standing in a cornfield yet…let the Ceremonies begin. (Or just refer to the Q quote above.)

And speaking of weird True Detective vibes, there remains an obvious butterfly symbol in a field adjacent to where Tibbetts’ body was found. (This, of course, now starts ranging into connotations of Monarch programming and MKUltra mind control experimenting and ops – symbols they love to leave at scenes and performances showing their handiwork, which are always occult-tinged, technology based: certain Crowleyan-derived numerology, owls, butterflies, red shoes, etc.) They can’t resist leaving calling cards.

Another piece that gives their hand away also came recently here: Chelsea Clinton snarkily left this twitter drop commenting on the recent Arizona “homeless” camp that showed far more telling signs of being a child trafficking waystation, and in doing so dropped the number of the National Human Trafficking hotline………

………which also just happens to be the number for the Clinton Foundation, funnily enough. (What does Q always say: These people are stupid.)

Can there be a more blatant example of collusion and the stark fact that (these entities being one and the same), these kinds of Institutes and Foundations exist not to help missing and disappeared children, but to funnel them along pre-described routes in their hidden-in-plain-sight underground of a trafficking system? I believe I’ve said it before, but every time you see an org that says they’re there to help children, in fact they were created and exist to do precisely the opposite. (See the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, the NXIVM child schools, Child Protective Services, the McCain Initiative, etc.) Heck, every time you hear an Amber Alert on your phone, that’s not a be-on-the-lookout, that’s a dinner bell.

Only recently, with the Clinton Foundation being all but de-fanged, the lion’s share of their (wet)work shifted over to the McCain Initiative, making all the nauseous MSM fawning over McCain at his alleged passing all the more disgusting. But I’m sure Ashton Kutcher would tell you otherwise.

Tibbetts’ father, in doing a bit of research, also displays some ominous connections and timing glitches. He quit his job only 8 days before Mollie’s disappearance – that job, was Vice President of Marketing at HOK, formerly Helmuth Obata and Kassebaum, the US’s largest architectural design company. It so happened to partner with the US Green Building Council and the Clinton Global Initiative to build a new orphanage and a children’s center in Haiti.

Mollie’s disappearance also happened along Highway 80, a main human/child trafficking corridor and distribution line that happens to terminate in Toronto, where HOK just so happens to have a main hub.

 Mollie was taken just before a Blood Moon on July 27th, one of the most significant ritual dates on the satanic calendar.

Christhian Bahena Rivera, a 24 year old undocumented Mexican immigrant charged with her abduction and murder, claims he blacked out and has no memory of what happened prior to finding her bleeding in the trunk of his car before taking her body and hiding it in said cornfield. He claims being drawn to her and following her in his car before then chasing her on foot prior to his ‘sans memory’ episode, saying all the time he was hearing “voices” in his head directing him. How many times have we encountered this specific narrative before from Charles Whitman to Sirhan Sirhan to Son of Sam, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Dylan Kleebold, Eric Harris and James Holmes on down? Also, how many times do undocumented illegals register a car (when they can even afford one) in their own name and with their own home address? (How the police initially located him.)

Something is incredibly off about all of this, with much more than meets the eye to uncover. Her father kept insisting she was “alive, with someone she knows, and going through something she can survive.” “Whoever took Mollie didn’t want to hurt her.” “I think Mollie was taken by someone who knows her.”

Just one page of the Iowa missing. There are 19 more just like this with at least 20 per page. Staring into the black hole sun of these statistics is scary. You feel as if you’ve fallen into the lair of the forbidden, or a hinted-at Lovecraftian vision that portends far more than human eyes can comprehend.

Her body was in the cornfield from July 18th until discovery August 21, amid scorching heat and many predators – and yet, her body was in fairly pristine condition degradation-wise according to authorities, excepting the multiple “sharp force injuries” that took her life. How? Here we begin to veer into David Paulides territory. How can a body so exposed to the summer elements as well as predators remain in such an unexposed state for over a month? Temperatures ranged from 88-96 degrees for much of that time, and yet the body showed no signs of being exposed to such heat over an extended period. What is going on here? One plausible explanation is that she was killed previously and then the body moved at a later date – but this would mean the authorities are fudging the facts concerning the place of death….why? And why exactly was Mollie targeted out of literally hundreds to focus the media machine spotlight on? The grim spectacle of a chosen sacrifice begins to make itself known. As part of a ritual. As part of a bloodline.

“Here comes just another day that’s drifting away/ Every time I draw a breath, it’s dying away/ First the sun and then the moon/ One of them will be round soon/ Slipping away…”      Slipping Away (Richards-Jagger) 1989

“The sun and the moon, the wind, and the rain….”/ “All of our love and all of our pain/ Will be but a tune/ The sun and the moon/ The wind and the rain.”    Tears For Fears – many mentions in lyrics throughout the album Sowing The Seeds Of Love, 1989

“We both wondered whether these contradictions that one can't avoid if one begins to think of time and space may not really be proofs that the whole of life is a dream, and the moon and stars bits of nightmare.”      Arthur Machen  (The Terror)  

The Q forces have always relied upon the prescient and very telling phrase “symbolism will be their downfall.” Nowhere was this more evident than very recently when they chose to laser in on the Vanderbilt clan, specifically Mom Gloria Vanderbilt and her sons Carter Cooper, and Anderson Cooper of CNN fame.

Much has been made of the favored artwork of the Podestas and how certain backdrops depicted seem to be modeled on those in the pool of the famed Biltmore Vanderbilt estate. The artwork itself, by Serbian Biljana Djurdjevic, is highly disturbing, and depicts young children in various states of bondage clad in only bathing suits, underwear, and/or shifts, with red (presumably paddled or whipped) bottoms and showing glassy, MKULtra inspired expressions. One in particular of note even seems to highly resemble a young Anderson Cooper himself.

EVERYTHING in this scenario points to the high probability of the Vanderbilts being a generational, bloodline family in a dark system that goes back thousands of years, that has installed itself at the top of a food chain that, in the end, is run by disciples that venerate and worship ancient gods, and make sacrifices and offerings to such. Religion rules the day and night, but it is a strange, powerful, and dark one, it permeates every strata of our so-called civilization, and it has been with us for as long as each one of you reading this has been born, and your parents, and their parents, on and on and on. Only now is their hidden hand being exposed for those with the correct eyes to see. Everything is symbolism, and looking back in the historical record, certain planets are of extreme importance to them, and stand in for their gods.

Remember last time (and at many junctures here) how I have postulated that all this can be boiled down to an intergenerational, centuries-spanning Saturn Death Cult? Many times, many names. So where does the Vanderbilt line embellishing and venerating the goddess Tanit come into play?

Greeks identified the Carthaginian Baal Hammon with Cronus, and Romans, in turn, with Saturn.

Why was that? Did Baal Hammon share any attributes with Cronus/Saturn?  I suspect this has more to do with the Carthaginians practicing child sacrifice (remember that Cronus ate his children), rather than the deities actually sharing attributes or abilities.  They sacrificed children to both.

The collection of city-states known as Phoenicia (modern-day Lebanon) was a major Bronze Age maritime power, establishing colonies all around the Mediterranean.  Carthage, in modern-day Tunisia, was founded circa 814 BCE by Phoenicians from Tyre, and eventually grew to become an Empire in its own right, declaring independence from Tyre in the 5th century BCE  and going on to become the dominant power of the Western Mediterranean.  The great Phoenician Goddess Astarte was originally honoured alongside her Punic counterpart Tanit, but eventually the two merged; Tanit became the ‘Carthaginian Astarte’, worshipped in a dual cult with her consort Baal Hammon – a title that has been variously translated ‘Lord of Hammon’ (an area near ancient Tyre), ‘Lord of Mount Amanus’ (a mountain on the Syrian border), or ‘Lord of the Brazier’ (from the Semitic root hamman).  Tanit’s title in the context of this dual cult was Tanit Pene Baal – Tanit, Face of Baal……Tanit’s profile, elaborately coiffed, appears on the coinage of Carthage from the 4th century BCE onwards: by this time she had taken precedence over Baal Hammon to become the chief deity of the city state. Evidence of her cult has been found in every Punic outpost including Malta, Sicily, Sardinia, Ibiza, Cadiz, and even Britain.

Tanit, Baal, Saturn are all congruous with each other. We’re talking about the same thing. A Saturn Death Cult, the modern day Cabal, that must be kept well fed.  

On the morning of July 22, 1988 (another July date), 23-year-old Carter Cooper, oldest son of Gloria Vanderbilt and Wyatt Cooper, brother of Anderson Cooper, arrived unexpected at his mother's 14th floor apartment in New York City. He had recently broken up with the girl he loved. He told his mother he was moving back home.

Mrs. Vanderbilt suggested he take the larger vacant bedroom, the one his brother used to have. It had a fireplace and sliding glass doors to the terrace. Having not slept for several nights, after dinner Carter retired to the sofa in his room for a nap. He opened the sliding glass door. In spite of the terrific heat, he vetoed his mother's suggestion for air conditioning, even asking her for a quilt for his nap. Before she left, he asked her, "Mom, am I blinking?" (p. 96 of his mother's book, cited at bottom of page) (He was.)

He definitely slept during his nap because Mrs. Vanderbilt checked on him several times during his nap and found him sleeping.

They were planning to see a rented movie together after his nap.

About 7:00 p.m. Carter, awoke, entered his mother's room, looking dazed and asking several times, "What's going on?" (102) After a short conversation in which Mrs. Vanderbilt's attempts were to soothe and orient her son, Carter took off, running up the stairs to his bedroom. His mother arrived swiftly behind him. She found him sitting on the low wall of the terrace, one foot on the floor, the other on the wall. Another short conversation ensued, attempts on the part of his mother to get him away from the wall. He stopped her concerned approach with arm held in a military gesture for "stop!" He wondered, "Will I ever feel again?" (103) He stood, "with a terrible, rigid tenseness, staring past her, past the river as if he didn't see them." (103) Mrs. Vanderbilt suggested calling his new therapist but couldn't remember the number. Carter shouted out the number, then said, "Fuck you!" He stared down, as if mesmerized by the scene fourteen stories below. A helicopter passed overhead. Carter looked up, then back at his mother. He reached his hand out longingly to her. Then he moved "deftly as an athlete, over the wall, holding on to the edge as if it were a practice bar gym, holding firmly and confidently, then he let go." (pp. 104-105)

Carter Cooper was not into alcohol or drugs. His autopsy confirmed none were in his system.

“The descendents of the original ones here – the ones that came from Mars….”     Richard Hoagland

As I have said many times before, key researcher Richard Hoagland (a main inspiration for everything you will ever read here), was one of the first to sense a whiff of this network some 2 decades ago, when he and his Enterprise Mission stalwarts began noticing repeating Egyptian themes and stellar alignments in various NASA missions, going all the way back to the Apollo Moon missions and recurring repeatedly at pointed intervals thereafter. He at the time called it a Mars cult, and in his way of putting together the pieces of this jigsaw, it could certainly be called that also. (Hoagland was the first that I know of that introduced the highly charged connections between NASA-JPL-Jack Parsons and Aleister Crowley into the popular culture.) Ever since then it’s been one Babalon Working after another, and off to the races. Hoagland set herds of researchers loose in the National Archives, and one of the first clandestine nodes they discovered was the Crowley-Parsons info.

“There are strange things lost and forgotten in obscure corners of the newspaper.”
  Arthur Machen (The White People and Other Stories)

Hoagland pioneered the thought process in these type of investigations of how you don’t have to be the killer to get inside the mind of the killer, taking a cue from such mass entertainment of the day like Silence Of The Lambs, Profiler, X-Files, and Millennium. This line of thinking and attack has informed everything that takes place here in this little waystation of the weird.

This “Mars cult” that Hoagland postulated 20+ years ago now, begins to drift into cryptic comments Q has made about a certain “Project Horizon,” which accommodates electro-gravitic black tech, the infamous ‘Alternative 3’ scenario, missing and “suicided” scientists from both Marconi and various DNA/genetic concerns from the 1980s through post-9/11, and much, much more.

Further investigations might very well ascertain that this Mars cult of elites is only a subset of the Saturn cult in pursuit of the same ends. And without a doubt the planet Saturn remains a landmark icon for those intimately involved with CERN, as this space has provided ample evidence for, so these tentacles intertwine and overlap endlessly, but essentially always lead back to the same octopus, infiltrating and perverting every manner of social-religious-political iconography. In part to that end and to continue to show how it’s all related, let’s look at what is going on with the Vatican.

The goddess Tanit shows up in Denver Airport murals – and in the iconography that Gloria Vanderbilt exposed her 2 little ones to.

And does the Saturn polar configuration during the Golden Age look familiar? Any questions as to how Tanit came to look the way she does? All the way into the Vanderbilt bedrooms…..

Years ago, around the same time Dick Hoagland was making his claims, Father Malachi Martin was claiming on the very same late night/wee hours venues of the old vintage Coast to Coast AM broadcasts with Art Bell, that the smoke of Satan had indeed entered the Vatican, and that this was by design. Long before the worldwide pedophilia claims had been made known, Martin was predicting catastrophe and ultimate evil for the entirety of the Catholic Church. Proclaiming in books such as Keys Of This Blood and Windswept House that the Church had been co-opted by a malevolent “Superforce.”

He had seen structures such as this commissioned and erected in the Papal Hall in 1977, which, no matter how hard they try to spin away from the obvious, shows Jesus with the head of a snake. Why?

The Papal Hall itself is clearly designed to mimic, quite starkly, the reptilian, right down to the stained-glass windows as eyes, and replete with fangs in the mouth. Why?

And now we find that the Vatican itself, including numbers and the highest ranking members of Catholic congregations all across the nation, has been harboring and covering for child molesters, pedophiles and worse for literally decades. The late Father Martin no longer appears such a doomsayer, does he? Much more like a modern day Paul Revere that everyone ignored at their peril.

I often wonder what Father Martin would think of today’s scene, where I’m finding more of a real church on Twitter and Voat, and with Q and the Great Awakening on Reddit than I ever did in any building.  Hope and a glorious chance for renewal and upheaval flies under the radar in many, many forms. I’m sensing many of you feel the same. 

Let’s see what’s been going on on the island at the Oceanside sector of the same Club… seems the golden dome has been removed from Epstein’s Little Saint James Temple/compound. Other things are also afoot there if this Q posting can be taken at face value, which up til this point have always been gold.

Most importantly, this main Clinton Foundation trafficking route has been completely shuttered. The flow from Little Saint James to NXIVM outlets and vice versa? Also utterly demolished. And people still sit and wonder why the MSM remains mute on every aspect of this – a story so huge it should be dominating every newscast and morning headline for months, Watergate-style. Think about it.

All of this has been put into effect by the Q forces and the Trump administration. And possibly more, because look what Google Earth had camouflaged as a tennis court on Little Saint James – what looks conspicuously like an active missile silo leading underground – unless you think that legitimately IS a tennis court.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think Roger Federer himself could make tennis work on a court configured like that. (Once again, these people are stupid.) But they had a lot of dangerous toys at their disposal, didn’t they? As can be seen in alarmingly similar configurations at both the Biltmore Estate and at Vatican City. The shattering of the Deep and the Dark continues unabated.

I began this posting with a quote from Nietzsche. Because of the work of thousands of nameless, rigorous researchers and citizen journalists, the power is returning to the people, and with it, the terms Power and Truth don’t have to be mutually exclusive of each other any longer. The Power is returning into the hands of a more just and honorable non-electorate, and this is only because it is bringing the Truth with it, however distasteful, however disgusting, this Truth must be revealed into the blinding light of cleansing revelation. It will lift all of us into a future that before this, could scarcely be imagined. The sky is literally the limit (think the mid-60s giddiness of Star Trek realized), and was underscored even more by the recent Q drops I hurriedly put up before this posting.

Much as I suspected, none of this momentous news has been reported on beyond the excited and/or panicked whispers (depending on your side) deep in the Washington D.C. infrastructure, including what little has leaked out around watercoolers ringing the tidal basin and the monuments. This is a silent war, make no mistake, but the CIA/NSA has no eyes or ears anymore. The Cabal is going to have to finally play on an even footing (or less) now, and will find out forthwith what it feels like to be crushed.

This is the most thrilling moment in American history, and the vast majority of America doesn’t even know it’s happening.

The MSM is deliciously caught between a rock and a hard place: if they report on any of this they confirm without a doubt the existence of the Deep State, something they have long consigned to the backroads of conspiracy theory. And what of Q? Reporting even a shred of this confirms the existence of an entity they’ve spent the last 6 weeks marginalizing and ridiculing in the extreme.

Think of Comey standing in that cornfield again, and the brazenness of such blatant signaling. They grow desperate as their ratlines are systematically being shut down one by one, and all the connections, from the Vatican to elite bloodlines like the Vanderbilts to Deep State operatives like Comey, are unveiled before the tumbling down begins.

When you extrapolate the curve out to the leading edge, the name of the game has always been the survival of the few at the expense of the many. This is why so much information has remained so secret and in the hands of such a limited number – if it ever became widely known just how few they are, and how many we are, the game would be over. This is the dread secret that has always driven the secret schools, secret orders, and secret societies.

It wasn’t (only) some arcane occult knowledge – it was the fact they never had a chance. And that had to be hidden at all cost, through bluff and bluster, through scare tactics and hubris, through deceit and obfuscation. Now their worst nightmare has come to pass, as the ending of this age-old story begins to dawn upon them: They lose.

“Strangeness which is the essence of beauty is the essence of truth, and the essence of the world. I have often felt that; when the ascent of a long hill brought me to the summit of an undiscovered height in London; and I looked down on a new land.”
 Arthur Machen (The London Adventure or The Art of Wandering)


  1. Excellent. Thank you.

    I also appreciate that you revealed something of your process. Not strictly necessary, as the quality of your work stands without explanation. But I’ve had questions about the seemingly-erratic schedule of your posts. Understood.

    I think we may share a sort of hopeful agnosticism about Q. I can neither dismiss it nor can I exalt the source(s) as infallible, or completely benign. Even if it were all only the ravings of some genius autist in his mother’s basement (which I don’t believe for a second), the unequivocal good resulting from Q has been to inspire countless ordinary people to look behind the veil and make their own connections among open-source points of information. More than one Founding Father remarked that without an informed citizenry this thing wasn’t going to work.

    I found something of interest, prompted by your previous major post. Somehow, I can’t exactly recall specifically, the video within your post of Tump’s address at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner inspired me to poke around in related topics. You remember that brief wave of “Q is JFK,Jr.” that fired up during Q’s protracted absence some months back? I confess to being delighted by the idea of that. It can be oddly rejuvenating to consider that the preposterous may be real. I didn’t buy into it, nor did I deny its minuscule possibility, but it did get me looking into unfamiliar areas.

    One of which led me to the item of interest mentioned above. I came upon a reference to some campaign trash-talking from Trump directed at Caroline Kennedy, who had presumably expressed her horror at his bid for the Presidency. This was part of what he said about her — “She doesn’t even know she’s alive.”

    I’ve encountered many forms of insult in my time, from those in jail cells to those at tea with aristocrats, but never that one. Like, “well fuck him; he doesn’t even know he’s alive.” Right? This is not a thing, at least in my experience or to my knowledge. But it would be a very Q-esque way of saying something obliquely. Switch out that “she’s” for a “he's” and what do we get?

    “She doesn’t even know he’s alive."

    1. Hey X!,

      I appreciate the thoughtful reply and glad you got something from my partial explanation of "the process" as they say. Sometimes it's a glide, others it's a grind. Problem children I like to call 'em!

      My take on Q is a work in progress, like yours, but I must say my optimistic slant on it has a lot of my friends scratching their heads given the normal brooding aspects of my personality.
      I suppose as a certain point, when you sense things truly reaching a watershed in culture, you have to hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats, to paraphrase Mencken.
      That & the saying "I don't support Trump because of what he says; I support him because he says WHAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING my entire life."
      His comments about 9/11 probably started it, and about George 'W,' (who I truly loathed), and then the scalding Al Smith dinner cemented it. The Dec 2017 EO taking away the funds and property of everyone involved in human/child trafficking really opened a lot of people's eyes I think -- I wonder how many still recognize that we remain in a state of declared NATIONAL EMERGENCY over this? (& remember the recent photos of Bill & HRC flying COMMERCIAL? When's the last time you EVER saw that, that they would be forced into a position of having to mingle with the deplorables? That spoke volumes.

      Also EXTREMELY good catch on that Trump wording re the insult. Whether it's "she's" or "he's" the fact remains that there is the very high probability that some kind of message was being sent. And whether he's alive or not, the JFK Jr. flight going down in '99 serves as a kind of flashpoint for everything that's happening now, esp. with the 2 key players in Trump & HRC. If he hadn't before, I think that was the point where Trump began formulating plans to send the whole shithouse up in flames. Now they have the most formidable enemy imaginable: one who traveled in their circles and knew their ways and means...he kept his enemies close for a long time, watching, learning, making plans.

      Thanks again for reading, X. (And whether that comes from the JFK flick or the band, your cool factor just went stratospheric!)

    2. Trump is Shabad.

      He's as dirty as anyone of them.

      The false just that...a scripted bozo show like WWF wrestling.

      When Trump could have directed his DOJ to investigate outrageous civil rights violations...he did nothing.

      Torture by Obama targeting US citizens and dissidents...totally ignored by Trump.

      He also, before even being sworn in...went on mainstream morning news to walk back his pretense when he said The Clintons should be in jail: he garnered alot of votes for saying that during the election scrum debates.

      So...that's how the right hand path and left hand path Masons create chaos and cognitive dissodence so you will always be distracted about the wealth inequality and Luciferian agenda (the abscence of love, grace, joy, etc).

  2. Hello again! Again I'm delighted to find a new post drawing all sorts of interesting connections well worth consideration.

    Just now I don't have time to leave the long comment I'd really like to write, so I'll just say a big thank you again for the post, and mention one detail that may be of interest to you.

    The image you identify above as a mural in the Denver airport is not, I think, Tanit, despite the resemblance. It is the Navajo (Dine) earth mother deity. She is usually depicted with the sky father deity as a pair. The basic design is traditional and quite old; I've seen it in pre-European contact petroglyphs. This ancient iconography has been exploited by tourism promoters and souvenir sellers for the past century, and is common across much of the desert southwest. I've spent a fair amount of time in Arizona and New Mexico, but I don't think I've ever heard of the ancient peoples in the region practicing child sacrifice. The resemblance to the depiction of Tanit is really interesting, though; and of course it is entirely possible that whoever decided to use the image in Denver did so because of its resemblance to Tanit. The mountains of Colorado are quite a ways north and east from the various reservations in AZ and NM.

    Thanks again,

    1. Greetings again BB!!

      First of all come on back soon when time permits and expand on anything and everything you wanna -- you're always welcome here.

      Can't thank you enough for pointing me in the right direction re the Navajo mother earth deity. And altho as you say, the Denver powers-that-be (certainly aligned to various NWO aspects) could have chosen the Native American icon for its similarities to Tanit, I think I may be leaning into the old Pangaea hypothesis, where all myths, gods, and symbols converge somewhere far back in the mists of time when it was all one huge continent.

      Then of course comes the Velikovsky theory of mass collision where everything was sent scattering like a monumental pool table 'break.' Whether you embrace this or the longer-to-enact Continental Drift, I don't think there's any question but that something catastrophic happened at some point not just to Earth, but across the entire solar system.

      And this embraces the Great Flood, whatever happened to Mars, and the problem of, if in the so-called Golden Age the entire planet Saturn was so close to us as to be able to influence us so, wha happen??? Where did it go, and how? Definitely food for thought, and certainly puts in a whole new light the reasons why Velikovsky was so ostracized in his day by pretty much the entire "scientific" community.

      Also thanks for your aside that out of, well, pretty much ALL cultures, the one that shows absolutely NO evidence of child sacrifices is the Native American one. And that's pretty much across the board no matter the tribe. It was and still remains one of my biggest pet peeves ever (if U can call such an atrocity merely a 'peeve'), what we did to the first Americans here on this continent. We took a culture and a people that totally defined the word nobility, and that lived in total harmony with Earth and nature, and decimated it with extreme prejudice. Look at what's come since, regarding a distinct lack of nobility and the rise of pure evil behind-the-scenes, and it all becomes quite clear. Nothing good can come out of this, and we will reap what we have sown. Karma never forgets.

      Jefferson: "I tremble for my county when I reflect that God is just, and that His justice cannot sleep forever."

      Thanks again mt friend, and come on back soon, and we'll talk.

  3. I'm testing again. Just left a longer comment that disappeared onto the aether?

  4. I'm going to try this again. Great post, Wordman, and the excellent comments above are food for thought. Like the poster in Fox Mulder's office says I want to believe. I am concerned however about the focus on SA. I found a twitter thread from someone I assume was a Saudi dissident saying not to trust this current claim to reform and went on to list many articles dating back decades where Saudi claims to reform didn't pan out. Unfortunately, I can't find the thread but I'll keep looking. Also, the use of the military concerns me, though it makes sense that the system is so corrupt there may be no other way.I see it every day.

    Re:Anderson Cooper. His brother's tragic demise reeks of MK conditioning gone horribly wrong, doesn't it? As an aside, I remember seeing a video of AC in a sex shop trying on a creepy bondage mask with a big smile like it's the most natural thing in the world. Now Im a sixties hippie type, and to an extent I see the "do your own thing" ethos as a necessary corrective to the oppressive corporate conformity of the fifties, but it's a bridge too far when S &M is seen as normal and healthy...

    That's all I can manage for now. In a lot of pain and recovering from the worst labor day weekend ever. Here goes...

    1. YB!!,

      So sorry to hear about your Labor Day wknd, & I can somewhat commiserate in that the AC in our house is still out & with temps in the mid-90s and more with 81% humidity like today, it's like living in the jungle room nonstop. This wknd is supposedly the one for a whole new system installation, so....fingers crossed.

      Don't know what to say re the SA situation, as I haven't delved in depth on it since Trump making it one of his first stops after getting in, and knowing that he conspired (whoa!) with those on the outside the get the entire existing corrupt regime ousted and put in prison. Since the Saudis were the #1 major hub in the world for child trafficking and pedo rings, I viewed this as a major coup in the beginning of the whole takedown. I seem to remember -- in a row -- it was Saudi money, then Rothschild money, and finally Soros money funding all this. I think as of now 2 of those branches may be mostly gone, & the other partially dismantled, but it takes time.

      And believe me, I grew up right alongside you era-wise, and I have always shared an innate distrust of the military. Unfortunately now (& I hope he has only surrounded himself with the best & the most trusted & fully vetted) I see them as the last best hope to keep Trump safe 24/7. Ironic, isn't it, since the military were thought to be right in the thick of things re the JFK assassination? In this time, I view a lot of the military not only as a necessary evil, but I truly think a large, large portion of them share Trump's disgust with the Cabal that's been ruling over us since around 1980 now, whether under the banner of a Bush or Clinton or Obama, they had it all sewn up, and as has been roundly discussed, they were SO SURE she was going to win, weren't they?

      I have LOTS more info on Anderson Cooper that I haven't trotted out yet cos I haven't found the right context for it, but suffice it to say, he's a freak of the highest order, and fits right in with the Alefantis's of the world, sad to say. And this is the guy many look to still, altho in dwindling numbers thank God, for trustworthy news. And yes, Carter's passing reeks of strange manipulations, no doubt.

      Feel MUCH better soon YB, and you'll be in my prayers, that's for sure. This too shall pass, my friend. Drop me a line on the email blower or here whenever you feel like it.

    2. Thanks, Wordman. Just sent you a rather long e-mail. And I'll be posting more on this thread, I suspect.

  5. Well worth the wait. I'n hoping to hear from VISUP again soon. Brother Knowles is cuaght up in a new Cocteau Twins re-Release

    1. Thanks PVH!!

      I'd been wondering what's been going on with VISUP -- CK & his Cocteau Twins mania!! (Bless his fuzzy little heart!) Hey, I can relate -- if somehow Selim Lemouchi of The Devil's Blood ever found a way back, I'd be over the moon, which, incidentally, is probably where he is. (Boom. Tish.) What the hell is wrong with me tonight? Actually I'm pretty stoked over Del Potro punching Rafael Nadal straight thru the ropes into a NO MAS II tonight at the US Open tennis in New York. (I know, I know, bread and circuses...but I gotta take a break sometimes!)

      Seriously, thanks for taking a chunk of your time to read me yet again as we all muck our way thru this whole swamp-draining thing...more to come soon I promise -- already working on the next installment.

      Peace out cub scout, and have a great weekend!!

  6. So I was in the grocery store tonight and had such an ontense coughing fit I was approached by a cop in uniform. Then I was in line and saw a magazine with the title "John McCain: Death of a Patriot." I saw red, and happened to have a pen with me, so I scratched out "Patriot" and tried to write "war criminal" in but the pen wouldn't work on the glossy surface. Damn!

    1. YB, you take the cake my dude!

      Don't get me started on the subject of weird, anomalous phantom pains suddenly popping up -- just sitting here tonight in the Mobius Chair/recliner, when I get this stabbing pain out of nowhere in my right shoulder blade area. I'm like, WTF??!! It feels exactly like, what do you call it...pleurisy?? But with no colds, no hacking cough, inflammation, nothing. WEIRD. Probably just borderline dehydration from no AC for oh, ALMOST A FREAKIN MONTH! Installation finally set for tomorrow -- Yay! Of course when do the temps here fall from the high 90s into the mid 70s?........wait for it......Tomorrow.

      Kudos for the attempted graffiti attack! You don't know the times I've been tempted to draw a cutlass/K-bar and begin scratching large 'V's into everything these days (V For Vendetta reference!)

      Seriously, the pen IS mightier than the sword. Keyboards run a close second I hear. Keep the faith my brutha, and be in touch soon. And a wild weekend to you also; we'll all gather here again on this same bat channel again before you know it!

  7. This is off topic, but i have a couple of random questions about this whole sick pedo business. Ive heard talk about an elite agenda to normalize it, and ive read the "virtuous pedophile" article and others like it, but why would they want to do that? If it became legal and normalized wouldn't it lose all its blackmail value, not to mention the thousand sick ways they make money off it? Seems to me that regular, non-connected pedos would be behind this, unless I'm missing something.

    And re the Ramsey case, why do you think Fleet White Jr., if he was involved, write letters to the editor implying the Ramseys were being less than honest thus drawing attention to himself and making enemies with someone who could turn on him? Unless he was ordered to do so to take heat off of higher-ups in the cult?

  8. Hey YB!,

    Hadn't really thought about this aspect til you brought it up -- & thanks for doing so -- but the whole normalization trend re pedophilia (see the now infamous Facebook poll, various speakers at TED talks, more than a few OpEd pieces in newspapers & mags like the NYT, WaPo, & the Atlantic, etc) could be to simply continue in plain sight an even larger-scale Satanic ritual, which, if you cut right to the point, is exactly what pedophilia is in both form & intent. None of this bullshit about pedos being meek little mice that wouldn't hurt a fly, scared to venture out of their basements. (Except when running for office, leading Fortune 500 orgs, or heading organized religion, right?) Yeah, they're "meek" alright.

    For the elites there remain still more than enough blackmail-able offenses when you start considering cannibalism, blood-drinking re adrenochrome, and things like what HRC & Huma got up to on the Weiner "insurance" file...stuff that starts to make your ordinary, garden-variety pedo inclinations positively (& I shudder when I say this) tame. Next I'll be drinking the kool-aid & calling them meek!!

    Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of the Fleet White clan? I'm inclined to go with your theory that the entire Ramsey case goes higher and deeper in implications than many of us could ever imagine. Methinks if we ever finally get to the bottom of that rabbit hole, it will unravel everything from Johnny Gosch to Franklin & Finders networks to Epstein, NXIVM, Second Mile, and all the rest. And Hollywood is heavily implicated. This stuff boggles the mind. Six degrees of separation? Not even close.

    1. As far as compromise operations go...the mind control tech uses Silent Sound Subliminal programming to induce anything that would be embarassing. Of course, the target's are never given any due process or explicit notice in the form of Discovery. The bogus, self important, bozo, Marsupial jack ass Judges and prosecutors work with public "clown" defendors to subvert due process while protecting the dubious assertion that "National Security" rationalizes all these outrageous torts and civil rights violations.

      SSS and remote neural monitoring is part of the NWO Luciferian Agenda to create a technocratic surveillance state with files and brain mapping of eveyone.

      Everyone? Why everyone?

      They got too much money and nothing better to do.

      People are overtaxed......except for the rich, super rich, and insiders to this bizarre and almost unbelievable agenda.

      An agenda that very few have connected the dots on....and remember, when idiots laugh about any description of the agenda....these are the dorks, fools, and conformists who also got vaxxed, and also didn't much care that 9/11 was false flag by treasonous clowns who got away with outrageous crimes that always put billioins of dollars in their pockets.


    The Illuminati-Luciferian agenda is a NWO agenda. The Illuminated infiltrate society and subvert front groups who engage in dubious behavior while also maintaining a social mask as cover.

    Nobody is better at this than the bogus clown act known as The ACLU....who somehow...always seemed to sympathize with predatory weirdos to the detriment of the shattered crime victim (a child).

    ACLU also proved their incompetence and impotence when civil rights were routinely abused by The NSA working with contracto vigilante squads carrying reserve deputy Sheriff's badges (who are specialists on conducting intrusive stalking campaigns as they all proudly put "The Punisher" sticker on the back windows of their pick up trucks).

    They did this to me...while FBI claimed I was an agent of a foreign power (a major important case). ASk...why would FBI aid and abet a secret illegal warrantless surveillance run by mere contractors who don't have badges (right?), don't use warrants with time limitations, and do not engage in explicit notice under the due process clause?

    Answer: this is the Illuminated NWO agenda. You don't have any rights or public service when the laws are violated to your detriment......and.....that includes your kids.