Tuesday, June 5, 2018


“I hear hurricanes a’blowin’/ I know the end is coming soon
I fear rivers overflowin’/ I hear the voice of rage and ruin…
I hope you have got your things together/ Hope you are quite prepared to die
Looks like we’re in for nasty weather/ One eye is taken for an eye
Don’t go ‘round tonight, it’s bound to take your life/ There’s a bad moon on the rise.”
       John Fogerty, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bad Moon Rising (April 1969)

Had to abandon for the time being the post that was originally going to appear in this space because of breaking news: namely, just what in the hell is going on all over Arizona? The entire state seems to be imploding in a rash of incredibly important, incendiary, and seemingly related pedogate reveals in the last 48-72 hours. And they all connect in a dizzying domino-fall of breathtaking proportions and scope. You don’t even need to look that closely. It’s just THERE. In your face. To borrow a tone from Manson, there’s an Arizona creepy crawl going on, and we may be peering into Pandora’s box here. In more ways than one, how can anyone sleep through this?

To set the stage, Craig Sawyer is a decorated Veteran who heads Vets4ChildRescue, a group he formed which acts on intel and tips from insiders (which many sources claim are deep within the Trump administration) which he then puts into play to break into encampments and compounds which house children abducted at the hands of these pedophile rings operating openly in our midst. He has basically (some say with a green light from the White House) declared war, SWAT-style, on these rings. Is he operating more or less sub rosa and “off the reservation” as we say? Certainly. Is he fighting fire with fire and has this now become necessary? Without a doubt.

Currently Sawyer’s people are acting on intel received and are boots on the ground on a   property in Tucson, Arizona (off the I-9 at Valencia) where underground tunnels and facilities have been found. It just so happens that this property and land is owned by the CEMEX Corporation, a Mexican firm which is one of the largest suppliers of concrete to North America. In a scenario that harkens back to the McMartin revelations, in these underground chambers children’s toys, clothing, furniture, food, condoms, and blood evidence have been found, as well as several bloody knives and restraint shackles chained to trees. Some of the Vets (in a position to know) say that from the smell they can confirm that there are bodies buried at the scene (at an unknown depth) but their request for the use of cadaver dogs has been, up until now, denied.

The situation is currently ongoing and is threatening to turn into something far worse than even these disclosures would indicate. CEMEX employs private security, and varying reports are emerging of gunfire being heard at various points on the property. (The Vets are all now currently unarmed – a smart move on their part making it harder for the feds or any authorities to give them an excuse to make an example and start firing.) Local law enforcement has been informed by the Vets of the situation, but was refusing to lock down the area as a crime scene or to even perform rudimentary investigations. 

Instead they posted roadblocks into the area and have refused to let anyone else onto the site, basically leaving the Vets to fend for themselves, after the latter had publicly asked for help from anyone willing to venture onto the scene to help them lock down the site as a crime scene and preserve all evidence until something official could be done. Whether or not this will or could turn into another Ruby Ridge or Waco remains to be seen, as the situation is active and in flux. Interestingly, facebook and twitter, among others, have scrubbed and removed all postings related to this situation, and folks privately reporting on what is going on, some on Youtube, there have had their accounts terminated.

Latest reports from those on the scene describe blueprints being found for an entire underground rail system the length of the I-9 corridor, an expansion of holding cells, as well as a “church;” all as a part of this same trafficking hub in Tucson, all of which would point to a concerted expansion of operations in this area on a proposed much wider scale.

So what exactly is going on there and what does a little investigation tell us about the characters in play here behind the scenes? A LOT, as it turns out. And this apart from the unusual, to say the least, media blackout and censorings, as well as the denial of cadaver dogs. I smell something too, and it reeks of collusion, and yes, a conspiracy behind the scenes to keep this all under wraps. But why?

Remember in one of our last jaunts pertaining to NXIVM, a “Q” drop posed the question “Why is the MX border/Long Beach Port so important?” It turns out none other than CEMEX has a prominent place right in the Port of Long Beach. From worldportsource.com: “Also handling cargoes of bulk cement at the Port of Long Beach, CEMEX USA operates the terminal at Pier D, Berth D32. The terminal covers 2 acres and contains 270 meters (680 feet) of berths with alongside depth of 11 meters (36 feet). The CEMEX terminal includes over 8.1 thousand square meters (87.5 thousand square feet) of open storage area and has silo capacity for 50 thousand tons. Its screw-type unloader can move from 600 to 800 tons per hour and unloads to a conveyor system connected to the silos.” People/children/drugs/arms into the USA via container? CEMEX can and does handle it. CEMEX could very well be the keystone to all of this.

Interestingly, CEMEX also happens to be a partner in the Clinton Global Initiative and a major donor to the Clinton Foundation. (NXIVM ties in here.)

CEMEX was given a $7,000,000 contract to build houses in Haiti partnering with the Clinton Foundation.

CEMEX is wholly owned by the Bronfman-Rothschild dynasty. (once again: NXIVM.)

George Soros owns over $41 million in CEMEX Stock.

Emiliano Salinas, son of former Mexican presidente, worked for Lazard Investments which handled the restructuring of CEMEX. 

Salinas was also a high-ranking member of NXIVM.

The current mayor of Tucson is Jonathan Rothschild.

How many datapoints in the above line scream CABAL to you? Is it any wonder a dark media curtain has been drawn around what is transpiring in Tucson?

Not to cry ‘the sky is falling!” or anything, but pursued to its logical end, this Tucson standoff (and the very gruesome and eye-opening facts behind it) could very well spell doom not just for Democrats or Republicans, but a complete end to the entire political system in this country as we know it. Because make no mistake, this is a rabbit hole that opens up everything, in chapter and verse, about what we’ve always been talking about. 

And this is exactly what “Q” meant when they said not everyone is going to be able to take this psychologically – if and when all is revealed, many will simply be shattered and retreat behind vast and copious walls of denial. Let’s be honest, even when confronted with unassailable reality, some will NEVER be able to accept the depths of inhumanity that will be uncovered; they’ll twist themselves into psychological pretzels first, shouting “fake news” and “conspiracy theorists” and “tin foil hats” to their dying day.

Think about it – this is what this Trump administration faces on a daily basis: how to do this big reveal gently enough to not completely erode the mental underpinnings of a civilization confronted with the fact that not only has it been manipulated and lied to for generations and decades by an orgiastic, unhinged and satanic elite, but lied to regarding topics so monstrous, so heinous as to be mind-rending.

The fuse could well and truly be set for a biblical Armageddon, not only in the mindscape of the populace, but one that could see itself played out in real time on the world stage, with the pieces falling together towards something so ominous that we can’t even conceive of it at this point. We are all smack in the middle of the biggest show on earth; each one of us has a part to play, and we were all, ALL, born to be alive at this precise moment in history. Take a deep breath and begin the rest of your life with that knowledge as your armor.

But there is also something else going on in Arizona, across the way from Tucson in Phoenix, which tells a different story even as it seemingly plays out its endgame. However it is a story with haunting strains of the macabre and the familiar, as you will see.

Over the last week or so, there have been 4 deaths committed in and around the greater Phoenix area, which even the police and mainstream media are now grudgingly conceding are likely related.

Steven Pitt, 59, was a forensic psychiatrist who consulted prominently in the death of Jon Benet Ramsey in 1996 in Boulder, as well as investigating the Columbine massacre 3 years later. He was shot outside his office in broad daylight last Thursday in the Phoenix suburb of Scottsdale. Over the next 2 days 3 other victims would be shot in the same suburb, two paralegals in the law office where they worked and a psychologist in another office all around 10 miles away from the scene of the Pitt slaying. From MSN: “The string of shooting raised questions about whether Pitt may have been killed because of his profession, a line of work that required him to study the minds of criminals, and whether the killings of victims working in related fields may have been connected.”

Then just yesterday this headline: “Suspect in 4 Phoenix area Murders (including Jon Benet Ramsey Psychiatrist) Kills Self During Standoff.”

Is it just a coincidence that all this serial killer news, with links to Ramsey and Columbine, just happens to hit the fan as the situation in Tucson is breaking, which orbits around a global cement company that just happens to prominently feature the Clintons, Bronfmans and Rothschilds? Why can’t we get away from these particular names behind all the trafficking and pedo ring headlines recently, especially when it comes to cults and companies that just happen to specialize in mind control (NXIVM) and likely body disposal (CEMEX)?

Now we have CEMEX even being referenced in the Podesta emails in talks with the Clinton Global Initiative.

And CEMEX just happens to own the Big Bend National Park along the Texas/Mexico border. Not to get all David Paulides/Missing 411 on you, but I have to wonder how many children have disappeared in that park, as well as other “governmental preserves” that CEMEX patrols along the Rio Grande and Sierra del Carmen areas?

Apologies for the lateness and hastiness of this entry, but information is pouring in at such a rate regarding Tucson and its connections everywhere that a somewhat cohesive narrative is lacking at this point. But the rate at which this is being quashed tells me that this is something BIG that they do not want to get out. There is incredible validity in every connection that only leads to more connections. Late word as of now from KGUN 9 News is saying they have a comment from Tucson police that they have “no evidence of human trafficking” at the bunker and on the property. This has supposedly been confirmed by the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Tucson, who both say they have conducted investigations. The vets still say they have evidence of human and child trafficking and will remain on site until more thorough examinations are conducted. Why is this sounding more and more to me like the Hardin Texas mass child graves announced as being found and confirmed by law enforcement in 2011 and then very suddenly recanted by those same law enforcement sources?

Whether by straight-up executions or media complicity, nodes in this vast network are being silenced. Remember that it may not seem so, but in the succinct words of Q: “All related.”

Finally, this nationwide overlay of known child trafficking incidents with CEMEX locations – it could mean nothing; it could mean everything.

More to come soon as "the ceremonies" continue.

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