Sunday, June 10, 2018


“In this farewell, there’s no blood, there’s no alibi/ ‘Cause I’ve drawn regret from the truth of a thousand lies/ So let mercy come, and wash away, what I’ve done.

I’ll face myself to cross out what I’ve become/ Erase myself, and let go of what I’ve done.

Put to rest what you thought of me while I clean this slate/ With the hands of uncertainty/ So let mercy come and wash away what I’ve done.

For what I’ve done I start again/ And whatever pain may come, today this ends…”
       What I’ve Done, Linkin Park (Chester Bennington)

So how’s this for the tail end of a chilly little 72 hour trilogy? How can I be shivering and looking over my shoulder in June? Apparently easily enough when there’s subject matter like all this, this dark early summer psychic flood, emerging in the shadows of another solstice, to go around…the world is a strange place my psychonauts, and it is only getting stranger as all those loose ends from over the years are drawn together, the narrative starts to focus, and a signal begins to appear from out of the fizzy and fuzzing white noise. That voice in the back of the head clamors and finally spikes, fairly yammering “How could we have missed so much for so long?!” It was always right here, on display in front of us; a literal and haunting parallax view. The Overton windows have been thrown wide open and the black swans are flying.

Nancy Salzman of NXIVM, her personal logo, and Epstein pedo island Little St. James sigils

The uncovered camps, the suicides, the dark and bloody ground both literally and figuratively that’s the foundation of all this, everything is emerging on the killing floor of disclosure…since the last update in this space it’s unbelievable how much has happened, and once again, how all of it connects in a tapestry years in the making that’s been part of all our lives. Been interested in politics? You’re a part of it. Seen a movie lately? You’re a part of it. Listened to music? Engaged in the consumerism circus? Watched TV? Gone outside and breathed in the air deeply? Done business with a bank? You’re a part of it. Because it was all designed that way. Welcome to the occult ritual of our lives.

First things first, the Vets organization in Tucson that discovered what for all intents and purposes to be a child trafficking site that was addressed over the last couple of posts was NOT officially affiliated with Craig Sawyer but was an independent group called VOP for Veterans on Patrol.  That particular site has been bulldozed by the authorities now, but not before VOP found a human skull (child-sized) and other human bones on the same CEMEX-owned and patrolled property some 20 miles away from the original site. And look who just happened to tweet her take on the proceedings – can you feel the eye-rolling from here?

Aww, what’s wrong little Miss butthurt Church of Satan? Methinks thou doth protest too much, my little demon. The disproportionate response that continues towards all things “pizzagate” in any way, shape, or form is a dead giveaway. And isn’t it interesting how 99% of the vitriol comes from the Trump-haters and the very people we have in the crosshairs as the main perpetrators of the whole op?

News from the Tucson area is ongoing, and now look at this “get out in front” strategy recently implemented by CEMEX:

Ever hear of a company-wide legal strategy like this? Sounds like the perfect “cover your ass” ploy. And we know that only 6 houses were constructed in Haiti with over 600 million going to CEMEX, courtesy of some creative accounting by the Clinton Foundation… And even as this news was leaking out of Tucson other dark matters were afoot, and the bodies started falling in ways more than recognizable in certain quarters, especially when codes need to be transmitted.
And before we leave the ‘cement’ portion of our program, check out these other Papal tweets mentioning ‘concrete.’ It was much worse than I initially thought:

First to go down in this cavalcade of stars was Kate Spade, international fashion/accessories designer and traveler in circles that we’re well versed in. Found hanged from a doorknob in her Park Ave NY apartment Tuesday, June 5. Worked extensively with the Clinton Foundation in Haiti. Her death details, found hanging from a doorknob with a scarf, bear remarkable resemblance to the same death scenario of another designer “suicide,” L’Wren Scott, in March 2014. Scott happened to be girlfriend of Mick Jagger, but before that, one Nat Rothschild. 

As we will see, all of these factoids meet over and over again in other terminal situations, like gruesome echoes with cabal fingerprints. We see here the outline of a threatened beast that once controlled the world, and through multiple desperate acts seeks to regain that control again. In their desperation they’re getting sloppy – as anyone paying even a little attention can readily see. It’s glaring.

Perhaps in hindsight the resignation and removing from power of NY’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on May 8 after 7 long years set all of what we’re seeing in motion. Because, as has been reported here before, his resignation followed quickly on the heels of the arrests of first Keith Raniere and then Allison Mack of the cult NXIVM, which was quickly found to have been shielded from prosecution by Schneiderman. The subsequent taking down of Schneiderman paved the way for the arrest of Hollywood predator Harvey Weinstein, indicted on multiple charges of rape, and another major player that Schneiderman had been protecting. 

Cursory investigation begins to reveal that Weinstein was heavily involved again with the Clinton Foundation, much as was NXIVM, propped up as it was with Clinton-Bronfman funds, ironically identical to the situation of CEMEX, undergirded with those same Clinton-Bronfman monies. As the Clinton Foundation had been accused of in Haiti, both Mack and Raniere have been federally charged with child trafficking, the exact same scenario that seems to be emerging from the CEMEX property in Tucson. And to be sure, always remember that where Clinton-Bronfman interests abound, Rothschild interest and capital is never far behind. Is a larger picture beginning to emerge for you?

Can it be any kind of stretch to imagine that Schneiderman, Mack, Raniere and Weinstein are all singing like canaries right now to sweeten their plea deals in desperate bids to keep them away, as much as possible, from life sentences? Is it only coincidence that so many high-profile “suicides” have emerged out of this scenario?

The latest of course is Anthony Bourdain, of whom you more you learn, the worse it starts to look. 

He and girlfriend Asia Argento appear to have been deeply into occult practices, although there were glaring signs very recently that both wanted out of the “big club.” And, of course, as we all know, there is no getting out of the “big club.”

You are theirs for life, and very likely beyond. Argento made world headlines for an impassioned speech from the stage at Cannes vilifying Weinstein, who had raped her at 21, saying that Cannes was his “hunting ground,” that others sitting there in the audience were his enablers and worse, and that “we know who you are, we know what you are, and we are coming for you.”

Argento’s father is the famed Italian director Dario Argento, renowned of the horror genre and especially for his ‘Three Mothers’ trilogy of films: Suspiria, Inferno, and The Mother of Tears. All of the films taken together deal with three powerful witches, all incredibly ancient and evil, whose dark magick allows them to manipulate events on a global scale. So little Asia appears to have been, if not a Crowleyan type of Moonchild, at least raised from birth surrounded by all the tenets of a bloodline ethos. Her crossing of paths with someone like a Weinstein appears to have been darn-near pre-ordained. Her mental confusion and ambiguity towards the dark is self-evident: even after her rape by Weinstein at age 21, she voluntarily dated him for several years. MKUltra and/or Monarch-type programming cuts deep.

But after awhile mental awareness begins to emerge as that same programming breaks down; witness a recent instagram photo she posted with an obvious pizzagate-type, pedophile symbol overlay:

Whatever the case may be. many are waking, and that could be placing them in utmost danger, their sudden knowledge having terminal consequences.

Rock stars and best pals Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington of Soundgarden and Linkin Park respectively, are known to have started entreaties into investigating and breaking down worldwide child pedophile rings. Inside word has it that their sleuthing led them straight into the inner sanctums of first David Geffen, and then, by following the ratline, straight to the void that is John Podesta. No sooner was this unveiled on sites like CDAN (Crazy Days and Nights), run by a renowned but anonymous entertainment lawyer (and who it must be said broke the legit news regarding Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer weeks before anyone else), than both first Cornell and then Bennington turned up “suicided” themselves – manner? Both found hanging on doorknobs. Is this sounding familiar?

Which brings us back around to Bourdain, who was also found….hanging by a doorknob. Just what are we to make of all this? Several scenarios exist at this time for Bourdain. As we’ve already postulated, he was sick of the circle he was inhabiting and was seeking escape, which would make him somewhat of an erstwhile white hat. Which this post from CDAN would indicate:

 But then there are also these disturbing leaks now appearing:

All of which certainly point to the darkness completely overtaking him. It should be noted, and for the record, this ParalegalAnon as we’ll call them, says their office is awash with coming indictments, and mentions, by name from paperwork they have seen: Roger Stone, the Bronfman sisters, David Letterman, Jerry Seinfeld, Stephen Colbert (remember this one’s stance on pizzagate/wikileaks Clinton-Podesta emails mirroring Peter Levenda’s, like, word for word* reported right here), Seth Myers, Trevor Noah, John McCain, and Joe Biden. Truth be told, none of these are exactly surprising at all, and time alone will tell just what and whose fate is in those sealed indictments that are rapidly becoming unsealed.

*(”Grow the fuck up.” Uttered as talking point by both Colbert and Levenda on same day within hours, if not minutes, of each other, one in a blog post and the other on his Late Night platform. Nothing suspicious here, keep moving sheep.)

L’Wren Scott. Chris Cornell. Chester Bennington. Kate Spade. Anthony Bourdain. All dead. All hanging from doorknobs. All either looking into, suspicious of, or working with deadly combinations of Clinton Foundation orbit offshoots, Clinton-Bronfman-Rothschild monies, and/or embracing turncoat stances regarding all of the above. Either intimate knowledge of or disloyalty to the secrets of the cabal got them killed. Curiosity about this darkness, dancing too close to this edge in search of fame, wealth or kicks, is an almost guaranteed one-way ticket into the ruins.

 Mysteries within mysteries. Codes within codes. How else to possibly explain Spade’s husband appearing just relatively hours after her death, on the streets in a mouse/rat mask? Have things truly gotten this weird? 

Are these masters of darkness truly unimpressed with what this must look like to the awakened masses? We must make this parallax view a one-way street for them, because nothing else will do at this point. Humanity as we know it fights for survival.

Before their arcane, occult definition of Skull and Bones transforms into our real life ones, like those that were just unearthed on a lonely desert patch in a dusty corner of Tucson, let’s never forget that humanity. You all be safe and I’ll be back soon as the solstice bears down upon us all. Eyes open. No fear. Trust yourself.

I leave you with one hopeful sign: The Bilderberg meetings ended today in Turin, Italy. Number one item on the agenda: Ways of dealing with the populace in the, get this, “post-truth” era! The biggest in the big club are actually worried now such is the state of affairs regarding our knowing their plans and their secrets that they have feverishly toiled to keep hidden for so long. The truth is indeed, finally, out there for all to see, the picture isn’t pretty, and they are worried and on the run, desperately trying to deal with a pissed off and increasingly awakened mass of people.

I think the only remaining question I have is ‘How much stranger does it have to get before everyone wakes the hell up?’

“Don’t fret precious I’m here, step away from the window, go back to sleep,

Safe from pain, and truth, and choice, and other poison devils

See they don’t give a fuck about you, like I do…
Counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums…”
              A Perfect Circle. Emotive (2004)


  1. Did 'Joseph Frady' survive the 'The Parallax View' only to reincarnate, via a 'Joe Pendleton' "We can put you into another man's body", as 'Sen. Jay Billington Bulworth'?

    'The Parallax Corporation' 'Division of Human Engineering' - a telling name, is located in a room 105 (= 6/9). The 'visual materials' of the 'test' are projected onto a screen that when lowered into view resembles a 'Close Encounters of The Third Kind' unidentified object hovering over the head of the soon to-be patsy. The program played resembles a juxtaposition of the 'Soylent Green' funeral images & title-sequence montage, the 'Soylent Corporation' is referred to as 'The Corporation' & 'SG' was released a year before 'TPV'.

    It also recalls 'A Clockwork Orange' ('71), 'Executive Action' ('73)... more 'Human Engineering'.

    It's all out in the open, nothing is hidden, brazen admission of conspiracy & atrocity is the foundation of the pop-cultural assault on Humanity. Bourdain or Argento is the model for all stars, & would-be stars, to aspire to.

    How much Stranger can Things get? Here's what stars & behind-the-scenes faces from 'Stranger Things' have to say as the build-up to the third season increasingly drip-drips:

    "If you think about it we're time travelling"

    "...then it got really exciting for me when we started talking about 'Klute', 'Silkwood' these other darker little grittier american movies..."

    "...which is the double-edged quality that we want all things to be on 'Stranger Things' - cool & creepy"

    'cool & creepy'...

    1. KTV my pal!!

      Thanks for re-connecting me with the bizarre weirdness that is Warren Beatty's life and work. Reincarnation in Heaven Can Wait, the vapid cultural occult emptiness of Shampoo (fitting based on none other than Jay Sebring of Tate murders fame), the mind control and killer programming of Parallax, the shadow of hereditary madness in Splendor In The Grass -- it goes on and on. The existential horror of placing the Beach Boys' 'Wouldn't It Be Nice' in the soundtrack of Shampoo, especially given the Sebring link and the Manson affiliations still lingers with me til this day, and strikes me as the ultimate insider's "inside" gesture or nod to that dark cultural milieu of the time.

      My Dad used to tell me spooky stories (pun extremely intended) of his high school days at Westhampton in Richmond VA when his principal was one Ira Owens Beaty, Warren and little Shirley's Dad. Ira soon moved the family to Arlington (hmmmm) and went deep into psychology and other mind manipulations very close to the D.C. corridors of power while both Warren and Shirley were still very young. Make of that what you will. Warren in particular has never struck me as a dummy, and I often wonder how often HE wonders about the influences he was placed under at a very formative age.

      Thanks for also giving a shout out to Executive Action, another great film of the period when films weren't afraid to be reactionary.

      The fact that the creative minds behind Stranger Things are even uttering the titles Klute & Silkwood?...the mind reels as to what may be coming down that particular pipeline.

      And as far as Hollyweirdness goes, this is giving me a reason to stay alive until January:

      Stay frosty my friend; it's hot out there!

  2. hoping to see your next post soon!

    1. Greetings Poe!

      Thanks for reading me, & almost 3 days later, your wish is my command!

      Been a long time and thanks for being patient.