Friday, September 2, 2016


“Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many.  The intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden.”    Phaedrus

     “I had heard Jacques Vallee talk at a conference on Science and Spirit, sponsored by the Theosophical Society, earlier in the year.  He had taken a new approach to the UFO mystery and was systematically feeding all of the reports of extraterrestrial contact into a giant computer.  The computer was programmed to look for various possible repeated patterns.  Jacques said that the evidence emerging suggested to him that the UFOs weren’t extraterrestrial at all, but that they seemed to be intelligent systems intent on convincing us they were extraterrestrial.” Robert Anton Wilson

     “We are part of a symbiotic relationship with something which disguises itself as an extraterrestrial invasion so as to not alarm us.” Terence McKenna

     “Follow Hitler!  He will dance but it is I who have called the tune.  We have given him the means of communication with Them.”  Dietrich Eckart

     “What will the social order of the future be like?  Comrade, I will tell you.  There will be a class of overlords, after them the rank and file of the party members in hierarchical order, and then the great mass of anonymous followers, servants, and workers in perpetuity, and beneath them again all the conquered foreign races, the modern slaves.  And over and above all these will reign a new and exalted nobility of whom I cannot speak…but of all these plans the militant members will know nothing.  The New Man is living amongst us now!  He is here. Isn’t that enough for you?  I will tell you a secret.  I have seen the New Man!  He is intrepid and cruel.  I was afraid of him.”   Adolph Hitler


     So where are we now, to coin a penultimate Bowie turn of phrase?  Now that we know you know you know.  We stand at a vital crossroads with two unhinged, unhealthy, and unapologetic criminals running for Commander in Chief, to start with.  Even as hope springs eternal that one of them has truly seen a JFK-like epiphany, we see these headlines coming to the fore in the past several weeks in the form of court papers filed originally April 16th of this year, then modified and refilled on June 20th in New York, by a third “Jane Doe” alleging she was a thirteen-year-old sex slave for both convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump in 1994.  Pertaining to the same charges there is also a “Tiffany Doe” who gave sworn depositions and is listed as a witness.  For much more info see here, and here for the sworn affidavits. 

     While all this has been going on, the other candidate seemingly has been emerged in a bloodthirsty snuff campaign against anyone with nerve enough to take on her entrenched “empire” and presidential inclinations.  No less than 5 bodies in the last 2 months now have hit the floor under the grinding wheels of the Clinton political machine in highly suspicious circumstances: click here for more in-depth accounting.  Then see here:

As well as here for more details on yet another death:  On top of all this, the FBI records detailing Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the Vince Foster “suicide” seem to have mysteriously vanished from the National Archives:

     Amid the backdrop of all this political intrigue, there has been something else going on that colors the emerging picture that’s being composed in front of our eyes.  The Netflix summer series Stranger Things seems to have struck a collective chord in the psychosphere and crossed over into the realm of true phenomenon, made all the more astonishing not for just acknowledging and addressing the open secret of MK-Ultra as well as parallel dimensions, but also the fertile crescent between those two, not to mention using trauma-based mind control on children to navigate that intersection. (OK – who in Hollywood checks in here?) 

     And finally, last but most certainly not least, we have over the past several weeks seen the tableau of some of the most intelligent, forward-thinking, brilliant people on the planet running around literally in the dead of night at one of the most secure facilities in all of Europe, one that just happens to be fully invested in exploring the possibilities of opening up those same parallel dimensions and alternate worlds, and they’re interested in “pranking” us for some reason, staging elaborate satanic ritual sacrifices directly in front of the statue of Shiva on their grounds.  Keep in mind we’ve got all of this going down in the vestibule of one solitary, psyop summer, each episode, each careful unveiling, occurring within scant weeks of the others.  The just smile and blow me directives of the predatory overclass in this country, in Geneva, everywhere, seem incredulous that we don’t get the joke.  They stand in stark relief to the real emotions and real concerns down here amoung the little fishes.  And to think I had the temerity last time around here to openly wonder what this round of Dog Days had in store.

     “Occult philosophy teaches that, even now, under our very eyes, the new Race and Races are preparing to be formed, and that it is in America that the transformation will take place, and has already commenced.”

           Helena Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine   

     “This operation was based on Dr. (Ewan) Cameron’s earlier research into the supernatural.  Operation Often was going to go further, exploring the world of black magic.  In Dr. Gottlieb’s mission statement the intention was to ‘harness the forces of darkness and challenge the concept that the inner reaches of the mind are beyond reach.  The project will aim to create a new kind of psycho-civilized human being.’”

     “Operation Often was soon deep into demonology.  In April 1972 an approach was made to the monsignor in charge of exorcisms for the catholic archdiocese of New York.  He flatly refused to cooperate.”

     “Buckley, still a devout Catholic, found himself surrounded by a ‘mysterious and magical vortex in an agency that was supposed to deal in facts and predictions based upon them, that corner of the CIA that Gottlieb had set aside for his work with the Devil was an inner black hole from which came the constant cries ‘There is no God!  The cosmic Deity is all!’”           Gordon Thomas, Secrets and Lies, A History of CIA Mind Control and Germ Warfare    


     This night gallery will be examining the cultural tsunami of Stranger Things in depth very soon, but without giving anything too spoilery away for those that haven’t peered into its nostalgic darkness yet, just know that a previous cultural phenomenon, the game of Dungeons & Dragons, plays a significant role in the proceedings.  Namely, the playing of it by the main characters precedes dire and monumental upwellings of high strangeness in their town, strangely along much the same lines as our examination of Pokemon Go here last time, and its having strange precursor effects on subjective realities.  In a curious roundabout, these eventualities may have even had their genesis in programs like Operation OFTEN under Sidney Gottlieb and similar projects under the auspices of the Office of Research and Development (ORD) from roughly 1963 through 1973, which dealt with the weaponization of the occult and led to parallel programs like Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West petitioning Gov. Ronald Reagan to turn Nike bases into huge “mental health” facilities.  Concurrent with all this in a strange historical footnote we have the rise of occult orgs like the Church of Satan under Anton LeVay and the Process Church with its bizarre pull on everyone from Sirhan Sirhan to the Tate/Polanski/Manson crowd, which preceded the rise of “lone” killers like the Zodiac and Ted Bundy, as well as “Cinque” of the Symbionese Liberation Army, all of whom show signs of extreme mental manipulation at prisons and mental health facilities like Atascadero and Vacaville, major “wellness” centers in the California scene birthed by West and others.  That all of this took root in the same geographic small area certainly leads one to multiple connections between them all, and even makes one wonder about folks like Jim Jones and the rise of Jonestown in this same milieu.  It’s almost enough to make one wonder what kind of results were found in all of those experiments in all of those places that brought together mind control, pharmaceuticals, and trauma-based programming under a vast occult-tinged umbrella. 

     What if Dungeons & Dragons was, and is, the psychological, spiritual, “Opener of the Way” that all of those right-wing, evangelical, moral majority types back in the day always claimed it was?  What if it is a “gateway” game for your spiritual plane in the same way it’s implied that certain drugs can serve as “gateway” drugs to your physiology?  That’s the unspoken message that Stranger Things seems to be implying (along with Department Of Energy/Langley wizards weaponizing monsters), taking its place in the hierarchy amoung tarot cards, peace signs, walking on the moon, and books on astrology.  All were seen as having certain implied “occult” connotations as the Aquarian Age dawned, and were viewed as things man would be better off leaving alone, for those of us that still remember those dire warnings, seemingly so out-of-date and hopelessly archaic back then in those times that stretched from the early 1970s through to the mid-1980s at least, waxing and waning at different points on the gameboard. 


     Once again the question pops up amidst all this of how much exactly “were we controlled?”  This seems especially valid in the light of knowledge that the CIA in 1954, under new director Allen Dulles (likely with major input from newly installed Directorate of Operations Richard Helms) ordered 100,000,000 doses of LSD from Sandoz.  We know this from unearthed Defense Intelligence Agency memos.  That would be 100 million doses for a U.S. population at the time of 163 million.  100 million doses in the hands of Langley wizards waist-deep in the research of hundreds, if not thousands, of differing delivery systems…and also deep into research detailing not only physiological ways of altering the collective mental landscape, but spiritual and psychological ones as well.  Their thinking followed along the lines that if their experiments of solitary ingestion of LSD and hallucinogens could produce localized manifestations of the supernatural (confirmed in recordings and documentation from Lawrence Livermore and Stanford Research Institute), then perhaps mass dosing of the public could produce global manifestations.  And so we see a trend beginning to take shape…      


     All of which brings me to this: what if there was something more to those preachy Dungeons & Dragons warnings after all?  Not in the literal sense, but more a psychological network veined with fearful portent lurking just beneath the surface of concrete-and-steel normality, where maturity is disguised as progress and a grown-up mindset is supposed to diminish such “Boggy Creek” intuitions and notions of the paranormal infringing on everyday life by degrees.  Ironically, this is exactly what we see happening today, all these years later, and on an ever-increasing scale.  By some bizarre, inverse-proportional process, the more we embrace technology and the coldly uber-rational, the more the advance of the sciences, the more the fringe and the supernatural are coming pouring in unabated, as if finally untethered from some stygian abyss, the other side to a coin that’s been there in pocket all along, waiting to be flipped.  An Operation Often, the fever dream of Gottlieb and Helms, come home to roost.  We stand on the precipice of something monumental that is slowly unveiling itself, a series of long-foretold premonitions invading the mass consciousness.  The supposed myths of childhood and the fears of the evangelicals have finally overrun the borders of the rational, and have proved hardier than we could have ever imagined.  The board game seen as no more than innocent fun that was, and is, instead a gateway. 

     And along those same lines, we will now see how satire and prank can also serve as gateways to something far more dangerous and full of lethal gravity.  Which means we need to get back on the grounds of CERN to apply a large dose of forensics to what they are calling merely wacky, offbeat psychology.

     “I fake it so real I am beyond fake.”   Courtney Love, Doll Parts 

     Firstly, the video of what we’re talking about here:

Several things leap immediately to mind.  If this is indeed a prank, which it shows every indication of being, there is a serious question of security at an installation like this, especially given its location in Geneva during a European summer which is on its highest security status ever after the events in Munich, Nice, and elsewhere.  Knowing the level of public and online curiosity about this event, CERN has felt the pressure to respond, initially saying that the people in question were visiting students, only to revise their initial assessment and admit that the participants were, in fact, their own scientists.  I swear it’s getting harder and harder to trust these geniuses with the fabric of space and time, isn’t it?  No need for any police help either, they are conducting their own “internal investigation.”  A CERN spokesperson confirmed that the video had been filmed there, but said that it had been made without permission or knowledge.  CERN said that it doesn’t condone “this type of spoof” because it “can give rise to misunderstandings about the scientific nature of our work.” 

     And along with all those nifty little pieces of duplicitous back-flipping, there are some other ominous factors here that need urgent examination.  None likely more important than the specter of sympathetic magick once again; a faithful mimicking meant as a summoning for a time in the future, a carefully crafted fake in order to manifest the real.  This is powerful stagecraft with seriously bad intentions.  This is perception management witchcraft, the value of which will be made apparent only when the next time any such real-deal event occurs, which of course will be met with a chorus of “oh that’s a fake just like that other one!”  After all, ritual human sacrifice is inextricably woven into the social fabric of our culture now; we accept it as a given, a part of life that has always been there.  Look at this headline from earlier this year:


     Got that?  Ancient human sacrifice birthed our current government hierarchy.  Stop the presses!  According to the article, the findings support the “social control hypothesis” of human sacrifice, allowing the religious and political leaders who ordered the killings to consolidate power unopposed.  Gee, ya think?  I mean, gosh, who knew things worked that way?  But no worries mate, that was all a LONG time ago.  Pay no attention to Savile, or Sandusky, or Dutroux, or the Franklin case, or what goes on at Bohemian Grove, or inside the Catholic Church, or at the Second Mile, or all the missing children, because all of those religious and political leaders, they have YOUR best interests at heart.  They always have.  Sleep tighters nighty-nighters. 

     And once again, we can’t forget CERN.  Look what just happened to turn up in their library files document server:

Hmmm.  New perspectives on human sacrifice.  I really can’t wait for the explanation for how that fits in with the quantum paradigm and the search for all those undiscovered particles that will be such a benefit to science and humanity.  Need I say it after disclosures like these headlines and library cards?  The arrogance, outright hubris, and sense of entitled invulnerability that invariably accompanies true evil is more blatant and in-your-face than ever before in recorded memory.  And it’s only getting worse.

     What does this mean overall?  It means that the weltanschauung of every Alex Jones-listening, Art Bell-quoting, conspiracy theory-tossing nutbar on the planet has been DEAD ON for as long as we’ve been telling you.  It means David Icke has a better nose for news than Walter Cronkite.  It means the intuitive has superseded the rational, three falls out of five.  It means the skeptics have been championing the wrong values their entire lives, because the wizards are in charge here.  Ruthless individuals with arcane belief systems and broken moral compasses that control everything we see, consume, and are surrounded by -- the architecture of the real – on a daily basis.  These individuals have been conjuring ritualistic working patterns that have always had the same goal, and in an increasing line of continuity since the end of WWII: to facilitate the conversation and contact between the human race and elder, pre-Christian gods.  They believe they are in contact with these entities now.  These deities have given certain bellwethers, cults, and technological orders amoung humanity blueprints for building scientific machines that will facilitate the opening of portals or gateways between their dimensions/realms and ours to enable crossings between the two (or more).  Keep in mind always that it matters not one scintilla what YOU believe in this equation, this is what THEY believe and they are acting on it and even telling us about it at this point.  Listen to Sergio Bertolucci, CERN’s Director for Research, when being asked what CERN’s goal ultimately is: “We’re hoping to see extra dimensions.  Out of this door might come something.  Or we might send something through it.”  In the 7 years since this statement, things have only become more ritualistically, quantumly entangled, as this summer illustrates, a summer where more and more dark matter is being released. 

     Step back, gain perspective, and witness other things going on: the Baal Temples and arches being erected around the world in major cities; the blatantly pagan Gotthard rail base tunnel ritual/ceremony that took place just weeks ago within 100 miles of CERN and now seems inextricably linked to the CERN agenda.  Was this freakishly ritualistic display, colored with satanic undertones, celebrating a CERN accomplishment?  Seen in this light, the CERN sacrifice video becomes something more than just a prank, and needs to be viewed through the lens of predictive programming, and sewing the seeds of another worldview. 

     Alex Jones: “In their own words at Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones they believe they’re channeling from creatures in another dimension, building things that they’ve been given divine guidance to do, so whether you’re a Christian, Satanist, or whatever, the atheists are way behind because the elites like Darwin channeled the whole vision of DNA and world government and gave it to Galton who created the Eugenics movement, all off of hallucinations that Charles Darwin says he got from entities.  And by the way, that’s not in the Origin of Species but he wrote letters that are public saying this.  This is a fact.”

     Famous astronomer George Ellery Hale, force behind and builder of what was, until recently, the largest telescope in the world, the Palomar Observatory in San Diego, had been overworked, depressed, and suffering from insomnia when his doctor prescribed travel as a panacea.  On a trip to the French Riviera, one night while Hale was playing billiards, something crept up to and through his window.  It was a “little elf.”  In truth Hale actually described it as a “little demon.”  It soon became his advisor on life, problems, and work that needed to be done.  It told him that first night to get money from the Rockefeller Foundation to build the Palomar telescope.  And so it was done.  And perhaps still under elven council, Hale had crystal visions of making Pasadena the new Athens of the world, spiritual and intellectual center of it all where high-IQ types would be drawn to and thrive in a new, all-inclusive, utopian Big Bang Theory.  Alas and before his death it was not to be, but the dream lived on.  Pasadena, radiating an intense ‘pull” of black hole-like intensity, became ground zero for Jack Parsons, his Jet Propulsion Lab (founded on Halloween!), and the Ordo Templi Orientis order, first dreamt of by Aleister Crowley.  And Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard in 1946 would conduct the Babalon Working ritual in the desert, in hopes of ushering in the era of flying saucers (done), the New World Aeon or Order (done), and the coming of the Antichrist.  All from the incendiary seeds scattered by one little rogue elf that scrambled through George Hale’s window one night, and whispered endless eldritch dreams to him.  Still others that heard the call would be J. Craig Venter of Human Genome project fame   from his work at UC San Diego, and now keeping the satanic, transhumanistic dream alive at the J. Craig Venter Institute in La Jolla. 

     There was another famous intellect at the time that was getting as little as 2 hours sleep per day (is this a causal link?): Nikola Tesla.  When all of his notes and journals disappeared from his residence immediately upon his death, knowing fingers pointed at the federal government and their “men in black.”  Fingers today are still pointing, and straight at technologies like the HAARP array, weather modification, the effects of electromagnetic radiation, stratospheric aerosol & spraying operations, and what may or may not be going on at CERN; all technologies that bear a striking resemblance to what Tesla was working on in his final years, the same years that saw Tesla claiming to be in contact with intelligences from other worlds, receiving “transmissions from unknown sources.”  He published these astounding findings in Collier’s magazine in February 1901 in an article entitled “Talking With The Planets.”  Tesla even went so far as to speculate that in truth no one is an inventor or discoverer of anything.  All of us are merely, to a greater or lesser extent given circumstances that decide how we are to be chosen, magnetic receivers of incoming information from “out there.” 

     This concept strangely dovetails perfectly with the Christian and Platonic theory of anamnesis.  Socrates was originally inspired to think along these lines, suggesting that the soul is immortal and repeatedly incarnated; knowledge actually resides in the soul from eternity, but the trauma of birth sees that this knowledge is forgotten with each incarnation.  What one perceives as learning is actually the remembering of all that has been forgotten.  (True belief turned into genuine knowledge by understanding.)  And so Socrates and Plato saw themselves not as teachers but as midwives, aiding with the discovery of what was always there. 

     The act of remembering is all, and inherently sacred in form and intent.  In this world witness the growing imperative of biblical verse that was previously seen by the rational, scientific overmind as only mythos…”the kingdom of God is within you” and the like achieve an entirely new resonance and frequency, quantumly speaking.  When the supernatural and etheric forces overrun the barricades of the tangible world, words can become both figurative and literal armour perhaps, where lyrics and cadence still carry the weight of weapons.  Knowledge is power indeed.  Remembered power.

     Another perspective on the sacrifice video needs mentioning.  It comes from an anonymous member of the stellar Rigorous Intuition website forum, and is quoted here in its entirety, because the reasoned thinking behind it is spot on.


     “All scientific research requires funding, usually from large, government agencies (NSF, NIH, USDA, etc.) or else corporate-affiliated foundations.  All of these organizations have an agenda, whether it's openly stated or not.  It is almost impossible to do scientific research without conforming to the research agenda of one of these funding agencies.  While some good can and does come out of Science as an institution, for the most part the central purpose is to concentrate power in smaller hands.  Whether you call this "evil" or "satanic" is up to you.

To me, the CERN video is obviously a hoax/prank in the sense that it is a theatrical representation of a sacrifice, where nobody did in fact get murdered.  (Of course I could be wrong, but there are several tells that suggest to me that it is a mediocre performance.) Its purpose was to extend a middle finger to the unwashed masses that would criticize the aims of CERN and the purposes of the LHC, especially Christian fundamentalists who suspect that CERN is trying to open a portal to hell…Note that nothing in my experience suggests that students and post-docs are above such a prank...

Thus the real issue here is the hubris of Science as an institution, its ultimate purpose to concentrate power (as textbook a definition of human "evil" as any, in my view), and its unwillingness to see the harm it does to humanity.  Also, if you believe that nonhuman animals deserve some level of autonomy (as do I), then the level of suffering to mice, cats, dogs, and monkeys at the hands of medical science would also contribute to the view of Science as an evil institution.  (Of course, so would our standard agricultural practices.)  New drugs and devices usually cannot make it to Phase I/II/III trial without having been validated by an "animal model".  Also, the toxicology upon which many of our environmental regulations are based involves the sacrifice of large numbers of animals.  Since people I know and love have benefited from the advances of medical science, I am of course a bit conflicted.  However, the whole operation works like an egregore, and hardly anybody questions the morality of the fundamental methods.

The CERN video is merely a prideful smirk, along the lines of "how dare you question the high priests of truth?"  I would hardly expect any response from CERN other than the one they have given, and within the context of the present society, it is in my view sufficient.  However, our entire society is deeply compromised, and institutional Science is merely the tip of the iceberg.  The CERN video is merely superficial and innocuous evidence of a very profound and pervasive society-wide spiritual problem.

I think the students/post-docs who made the video are totally oblivious [of the reality of ritual abuse].  Obviously I don't really know, but I base this opinion on my experience that most scientists are oblivious to the moral dimensions of the work they (we?) do.  The theatrical satanists are just asserting their intellectual superiority using High Snark.  I would not rule out actual human sacrifice occurring at or near the LHC, but I don't think it has anything to do with this particular video.  I do think that human sacrifice is used in occult rituals (by elites, who else can afford the trappings and the efforts?) although it would take me a long time to reconstruct an evidence-based argument for that.  Certainly the prominence Aleister Crowley has received in his life and after his passing is at least a small part of the evidence.  I don't buy the "poetic" interpretation of AC's writings, with or without footnotes.  It's horrifying poetry, hardly conducive to what I think is spiritual development.  On the other hand, I can see exactly how literal human sacrifice would help to seal deals with negative discarnate entities…I am hesitant to focus too much on these issues, but I guess I am still examining my own culpability in our collective cultural rot.”

     To all of this I can only add my own heartfelt kudos, thankful that there’s at least a small faction out there that glimpses the larger possibilities of both foreseen and unforeseen consequences.  And then there is this, the Youtube channel that was the starting point for the original video before it was copied far and wide, now shows only:

I will leave it to you, dear readers, to see any ramifications in that, but if nothing less, there is another added layer to the mystery. 

     And finally, speaking of the adding of more layers to all this, two more sources:

     If both of these sources can be verified, which I am currently trying to do, we are left with only 2 possibilities.  One, that this crazy “prank” encompasses multiple areas of law enforcement, scientific establishments, and the military, and it also of necessity runs across continents.  Or two, there is something much more tangible going on than they would have us believe, and is being obscured by satire, a bullying “herd” mentality, and misdirection.  That this latter possibility includes both the missing and the dead only adds yet another surreal strata to this investigation of something supposedly done for lulz by quantum physicists.   

     I’ve included many more “clickthru” options and sources in this article than is usual for me, owing more than anything to the complexity and far-ranging implications of the subject matter, as well as hoping to cut down on volume and aid in the ease of digesting all of this.  I hope that this doesn’t throw a kink into the “one stop shopping” nature of what you’ve come to expect when visiting here.  This likely won’t occur as much in the future, but as always will remain fluid as the situation warrants.

     The world, our world, can turn in a moment’s notice.  We stand at the precipice of that turning, as we face   a juncture rarely seen before over multiple civilizations.  There are forces that have inhabited, for as long as man can remember, cracks in history, cracks in space-time, and, most importantly, cracks in the subconscious.  This is the realm that it seems the occult elite are currently attempting to manipulate, perhaps seeking to alter, redefine, and reorder reality itself. 

     An anamnesis is at hand, but a sinister and graceless one, devoid of any guiding spirituality or shining gnosis.  It is one brazenly fashioned out of the tenets of death-dealing and death-defying technology, pain, envy, and fear.  All disguised as progress and sold as a Neverland utopia to an increasingly confused and distracted public.  The elite gleefully exploit this hunger for dissociation from reality, and market what’s real as fabrication, and vice versa, keeping the collective in a real-time fugue state of constant trauma-immersion.  It’s the real MK-Ultra, and mass mind control on a scale only previously imagined in their texts up until now.  It has morphed into a gigantic beast of a system and is uncontainable, uncontrollable, running unhelmed by any forces on this “above” side.  It is all “below” now, with what’s left of humanity enabling only the vaguest consciousness of steering and navigation.  We exist only to provide the pretense before the realities begin to slide across themselves, seeking ways to lock into rhythm and probe for openings, transdimensional riders on the storm.

Opening art by Paul Lehr and Robert McCall.    


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  2. Old story. Pathogens invoking cures that weaken the immunity of Heaven.
    You see, every response weakens the walls and leaves traces.

    Diabolical game theory. Create autoimmune responses, War in Heaven.

    Actually really just invoking the timelike to repair the spacelike.
    Do not show, world ends. Show, and judgement.

    When a Gatekeeper gets involved, stuff gets erased and put back together. No one mostly remembers.

    Only repentant pathogens get to play. I do not make the damned rules.

    1. Great comments Neal, and thanks for visiting and leaving your impressions. Please visit often and continue to comment. As I've told the mighty Dawnatilla before, I'd like to make this place everybody's hangout and after-hours speakeasy.

      Indeed, what chance do we who are trapped in the middle have when both the "Moral Majority" zealots and the Service-to-Self occultists welcome the Apocalypse, both figuring they have the inside track to overcome the other?
      As you said, all are vested gatekeepers for their own versions of reality, both dealing in extremes that result in widespread destruction.

      Is there a Gnostic path of reconciliation in the cards for this particular plane of engagement?
      The noted existential philosopher Don Henley once came to the conclusion that it was all about forgiveness. I'm trending in that direction too.

  3. I've been interested in the number of times the name "Cameron' comes up while investigating these topics. There is Dr. Ewen Cameron, as you mentioned- and also Jack Parsons' mysterious muse and sex-magick partner was named Marjorie Cameron Parsons Kimmel. The name of the corporation that produced the faulty "blow-out preventer" that was implicated in the Deepwater Horizon tragedy was named The Cameron Corporation. Lots of Big Bang Theories seem to be swirling around various Camerons. Even Cam Newton, the football star, has a personal sync to "Superman", often wearing the Superman logo in competition, pointing to a trnshumanist sort of vibe.

  4. Greetings Glen Allen! (is that as in the Richmond Virginia suburb??) Ewen Cameron was quite the dastardly piece of work. That's what hanging around with the satanic likes of Sidney Gottlieb and John Gittinger will do to you.

    And since we're dealing in "twilight language" syncs here, let's not forget former UK Prime Minister David Cameron, he of the supersonic exit stage left after the Brexit vote. He was widely implicated in running cover for the pedophile hordes that are still running in the wake of the Savile revelations, namely disappearing files and dossiers that named the Cabinet-level perps (and beyond, as we see with Prince Andrew's ties to Jeffrey Epstein) as well as hindering, as best he could, Operation Yewtree, amoung others. He also instituted widespread internet crackdowns in the UK in the wake of the Savile scandal, seemingly to try and limit the amount of damage done, but it was largely, thank goodness, too late by then for even his slimy D-Notices for reasons of "national security."

    Thanks for the pointed comments and come on by often.

  5. Interesting! I hadn't thought about D&D for a long time... a diversion from my ubergeek adolescence. You seem to be promoting a misconception when you say it's a 'board game' - I hear it has devolved into that now, but D&D is fundamentally a pen-and-paper game, like Battleships or Tic-Tac-Toe (deliberate cinematographic reference!). This is important as it might explain why it grew up in the computer geek community - also a pen-and-paper game. How far can we take the pen-and-paper game? Answer: D&D. But there's aspects of that story that don't quite hang together. Thought required! :)

  6. Hey there AdamW, and welcome. And thanks for the tutorial on D&D, as I am quite the novice there. Around the 1983/84 time period my leisure time consisted largely of monitoring the movements of John McEnroe and wondering when exactly his head was going to explode and faithfully tracking the exploits of Larry Bird's Celtics -- man, those were the days! (just part of the nostalgia trip, plus the music, that made watching Stranger Things such a blast; everybody did a mental checklist of 'where were you in '83?') Juxtaposing those rose-tinted glasses with the sinister work of folks like Richard Helms and Sidney Gottlieb, monsters that were for most of us still in the shadows largely in 1983, was a cautionary and bracing slap in the face.

    As for the D&D take, I was referencing whole cloth its portrayal in the series, where the board game aspect was pivotal to the right side up/upside down narrative...but I surely do remember all the evangelical 'warnings' about what the mere act of playing it could and would conjure, underscoring even more the allure and devastating power of simple (and not so simple) imagination. Nothing, no 'magick,' will ever be able to take its place.

    All in all, and as I said although I'm in no way well versed in it, I recognize all the latent possibilities, both for good and not so good, inherent in D&D. The richness and detail of its backstory makes you fully invested; it draws you in. It makes something like Pokemon Go, (who lots of us are seeing as a cultural meme in much the same way as D&D before it) seem like, well, child's play.

    As I noted in the post, the creators of Stranger Things were making a definite point by using D&D as a framing device: the playing of it immediately beforehand by the kids always preceded something dire manifesting in their world: portals opening, creatures appearing, friends going missing, almost as if the children were unknowingly serving as causative adjuncts to the MK-Ultra forces and what they were trying to achieve, which only served to introduce an added layer of fate and manipulation (mass mind control) into the story. Pretty fancy for a mass-consumption TV show, and, as you say, food for thought.

    Thanks again for the comments AdamW; I welcome continued input from you -- you got me going!

  7. Do you remember the D&D cartoon? Group of teens get sucked through a portal to do it for real. Now when I was playing D&D that seemed completely daft - it was clearly just a game of pretend to us. Later, after I stopped playing the game, the cartoon didn't seem so awful.

    The nearest thing to a D&D boardgame is probably something like 'Talisman', which I believe still has a cult following but which never really 'did it' for me. We played Risk. And then Warhammer happened, and the rest, as they say, is history.

    In the cinema it was Ghostbusters and Wargames, still two of the very finest movies ever made. I remember hating ET with a passion, and for some reason I never got to see NIMH until a decade later - when it completely blew me away.

    I think at bottom, D&D is a yearning for Middle Earth. Because even though we never see Sauron, his minions (and the battle between good and evil) are out in the open. In the early 80's we KNEW that we would live differently to our parents, because computers would help us see more clearly. Ah, how wrong we were! It seems most people think computers will SAVE us from having to see. The battle is far from over.