Saturday, October 15, 2016


“Living in the night/ ‘Neath devils torn asunder

You call on me to solve a crooked rhyme

As I’m closing in/ Imposing on your slumber

You call on me as bells begin to chime

Are you on the square? Are you on the level?

Are you ready to swear right here, right now

Before the devil?

That you’re on the square, that you’re on the level

That you’re ready to stand right here, right now

Right here, right now.

Hiding from the light/ sacrificing nothing

Still you call on me for entrance to the shrine

Hammering the nails into a sacred coffin

You call on me for powers clandestine…”

                              Ghost, Square Hammer  

     Every four years, as if according to some infernal clockwork, the decaying orbits of another U.S. presidential election “lock in” in time with yet another celebration of Halloween, a nighttide remnant of the ancient aeons of Samhain, when Druids floated about the Gaelic fields and groves with thoughts of feasting, divination, and sacrifice dancing in their heads.  Given the state of the global village at this time and the number of transitive events taking place daily, perhaps never before have these two rites of passage been more closely attuned to each other.  The liminal nature of everything in this reality, almost as if be design, mandates such commonalities.  Border crossings are taking place even as we speak, and the knowledge and therefore the power, of ancient groups and cults is being subliminally restored in advance of all new offensives.  These rites and cults even today cloak themselves in the religious finery of the Christian Right, while their reality serves a far different Master, and they recite from an Armageddon grimoire for a reason.

     The ancient festival of Samhain (pronounced SAH-win) began in darkness and chaos.  Then, the lighting of a single, huge bonfire heralded the renewal of the land as well as the new year that lay ahead.  Runners carried torches from this central source to ignite other bonfires around the countryside, as sparks whirled across the fields, and the night was bathed in flames. 

     But the walls between the worlds had been breached.  Since pre-Christian times, earth lights, crop circles, black dogs, fairies and cloud ships have been pouring in along the ley lines, whose frequencies glow between dimensions.   

     From these nights onward, the powers of darkness would increase towards midwinter.  The barriers between past, present, and future ceased to exist.  The ancestors came back to visit the living; ethereal beings ranged far and wide across the earth, and unwary travelers might find themselves lost in alien realms. 

    “Always is all is forever

As long as one is one

Inside yourself for your father

All is none all is none all is one

It’s time we put our love behind you

The illusion has been just a dream

Valley of death and I’ll find you

Now is when on a sunshine beam

So bring all the young perfection

For there us will surely be

No cold, pain, fear or hunger

You can see you can see you can be.”

         Charles Manson, Always Is All Is Forever

     Vast, eldritch, antediluvian control systems are being shared by nocturnal forces as the month of October barrels toward a conclusion.  Allow me, in one of the darker alcoves in this night gallery, to paint you a picture.  It’s a nightmarish collage, an occult Jackson Pollock, where every seemingly offhand dripping contains something vital, and every crimson splatter you encounter might just be more than acrylic.  Because a tapestry ranging over time and distance from the corridors of power in D.C., to the urban sprawl of London’s financial district, to the Australian outback beckons.  It’s a creation where something, some force operating over and beyond the brane worlds landscape, intends to make pawns and playthings of us, while those that are its earthly agents sit back and manage the remains according to plans long in the making.  

     “’Stretching across Asia, from Northern Manchuria, through Thibet, west through Persia, and ending in the Kurdistan, was a chain of seven towers, on isolated mountaintops,’ William Seabrook wrote in his Adventures in Arabia, ‘and in each of these towers sat continually a priest of Satan, who by ‘broadcasting’ occult vibrations, controlled the destinies of the world for evil.’

     Thoughtful men have always uneasily recognized that some superhuman force seems to manipulate human events and subtly guide human history.”   

     “Because few kings had the psychic abilities or magical talents necessary to communicate with the superspectrum, the priests gradually assumed greater importance and usurped much of the royal authority.  Somewhere around 3000 B.C., mankind’s dependence on ‘magic’ led to the First Dark Age, an age now shrouded in the mist of legend, when the gods ruled through magic and witchcraft and the common people lived in an environment of dark terrors.  This was the time of dragons and loathsome monsters and demons.  The children of the gods were deposed by high priests and sorcerers who established themselves as false gods.  It was an age of political intrigue, when true learning was driven underground, and histories were rewritten to suit the whimsies of the mad dictators.  All that remains of that period are the enigmatic carvings of Babylon and the tangled mythologies of China.”

     “The human race is being reprogrammed…Scores of scientists working in widely separated, unrelated disciplines are crossing the threshold into the world of ancient science.  We call it progress, but Merlin will have the last laugh.  Science is inching into magic, and the science of the twenty-first century will probably be nothing more than a revival of alchemy.”

     “’Forbidden’ books on black magic, witchcraft, and ancient religious beliefs, all describe this basic materialization process including solemn warnings to avert the eyes when you materialize an angel or demon through some secret rite lest you suffer from conjunctivitis and the other painful maladies produced by the rays of the EM spectrum.  All mythology tells about how one should not gaze upon the countenance of a materialized god.  Although they lacked proper terminology for those effects and were obliged to speak in terms of ‘rays’ and ‘vibrations,’ secret cults throughout the ages knew that entities moved into our reality through a process of altering frequencies.”         THE EIGHTH TOWER, JOHN KEEL (1975)

     Back in 1996 and 1997, and culled largely from his work Windswept House, Vatican theologian Malachi Martin warned that an overpowering satanic influence had invaded the Vatican and the Catholic Church as a whole.  His research led him to a specific “enthronement” ceremony held concurrently in both the Vatican underground and at a church in South Carolina on June 29, 1963, barely a week after the election of Paul VI, which set the stage for the next era of civilization, the New World Order.  The actual satanic ceremony was call “the Enthronement of the Fallen Archangel Lucifer,” and was coordinated via telephone straight from the Chapel of St.Paul on the Vatican grounds to another simultaneous rite being conducted in South Carolina.  And while we’re at it, let’s not forget that Operation OFTEN got its start at the University of South Carolina ostensibly in 1969 but likely begun much earlier considering it was the baby of Sidney Gottlieb and an adjunct of MK-Ultra, which itself started in 1953.  And what was OFTEN’s purview?  The deep study of witchcraft, demonology, voodoo, et al, and how to weaponize such.  Given Gottlieb’s resume and inclinations, the assumption that pandimensional forces were contacted seems like a certainty.  

     Martin first made reference to this infiltration in 1990 in his book The Keys Of This Blood, which, frighteningly, seemed to presage the coming explosion of pedophilia, the news of which crippled the Church when going mainstream in the early 2000s: 


     “Most frighteningly for John Paul (II) he had come up against the irremovable presence of a malign strength in his own Vatican and in certain bishops’ chanceries.  It was what knowledgeable churchmen called the ‘superforce.’  Rumors, always difficult to verify, tied its installation to the beginning of Pope Paul VI’s reign in 1963.  Indeed Paul had alluded somberly to ‘the smoke of Satan which has entered the Sanctuary…’ an oblique reference to an enthronement ceremony by Satanists in the Vatican.  Besides, the incidence of Satanic pedophilia – rites and practices – was already documented among certain bishops and priests as widely dispersed as Turn, in Italy, to South Carolina, in the United States.  The cultic acts of Satanic pedophilia are considered by professionals to be the culmination of the Fallen Archangel’s rites.” (p. 632)

     To draw upon just one modern-day influence across the tangible spectrum, it seems that some disembodied Crowleyan intelligence holds sway here, a reptilian consciousness, still strutting across the stage in any number of ways both seen and unseen, embedded wherever either religious or pagan cults meet government sanctioned mind control experiments across the board, which basically mean contemporary life in general as we experience it every day, varying from our entertainment to our politics and hitting all points in between.  New gods and new aeons are being birthed and discovered at an alarming rate, and to be sure, when not being uncovered as part of the naturally occurring universe, they are being manufactured upon altars specifically prepared for such jet-black purposes.

     “It feels like an altar to an alien god…and when you increase the number of these devices, every time you add one of these qubits you double the number of these parallel universes you have access to…the shadow of these parallel worlds overlap with ours, and if we are smart enough we can dive into them and grab their resources and pull them back into ours, to make an effect in our world.”

                      Geordie Rose, CTO of D-Wave in a 2016 speech presenting the technology of the Adiabatic Quantum Computer

     Effects in our world.  And just how deep can these and the reprogrammings (as foretold by Keel) possibly go?  In June 2007, this nearly unbelievable story unfolded in a London Thames-side luxury apartment, a story that somehow manages to bring together some connecting egregores that are still casting their malign influence over world events today: 

     “There is no God!  The cosmic deity is all!”  Sidney Gottlieb


     “God doesn’t exist!  The universe doesn’t exist!  Humanity doesn’t exist!”  Alberto Izaga

     Someone or something was casting its influence on 36-year old Spanish-born millionaire Alberto Izaga starting sometime in late May 2007, and it was to have horrific repercussions in his life forever past that point.  The millionaire Izaga worked as a top Life/Health exec for the global reinsurance firm Swiss Re in London, where he lived, since 2002, with his wife and infant daughter Yanire in a million-dollar apartment overlooking the Thames and the Houses of Parliament. 

     That something seems to thrive in the specific industries of finance and politics seems largely a given if you’ve been a regular visitor to this blog.  That it uses particular temperaments or bloodlines also seems a certainty, and brings up the topics of that aforementioned reptilian consciousness and obsession.  Obsession is often an entry point, and when it is for money, power, and the control of one’s enemies, targeting for spiritual contamination is a given.  This can often result in suicide (see the recent spate of global financial execs taking high-dives off their skyscrapers).  A much more common outcome could be a promotion, a beautiful new spouse, and large numbers of corporate magickians offering to lend you vast sums of money.  It could also, terrifyingly, be just as easily what happened to Izaga. 

     On a trip to New York in May 2007, Izaga and his wife Ligia decided to treat themselves to a night out at the movies.  The only seats available by the time they got there were to the film Bug directed by William Friedkin, who had also directed The Exorcist

     Immediately following the New York trip, Izaga went on a business trip to Geneva, where he heard a motivational talk by the global explorer Mike Horn, who spoke at length about leaving his family to go on lengthy trips and pushing himself in ways both physical and spiritual to achieve his life’s goals.  The evening after he returned, Izaga was walking to a restaurant with his wife when he started talking to himself in an agitated tone and gesticulating wildly.  At 4:30 am the following morning, he sat upright in bed suddenly and starting talking to his wife about the explorer in Geneva and the philosophies of the Jesuits.  Referring to his fellow execs at Swiss Re, he indicated they were part of a sect that were trying to take over the world. 

     Over the next four hours, Izaga became increasingly agitated, bursting into tears and shouting about the film, the Devil, and death.  At one point his wife made a phone call to friends who could hear Izaga raving in Spanish: “Death! Death!  I know what I have to do!  I have to kill her!  She doesn’t exist!  There is nothing left!  I have to kill you.”  Neighbors, alarmed by the shouting, went to the apartment and found Izaga cradling his two-year old daughter’s bloody body, a daughter he had once described as “the most precious treasure on earth.”  He had shaken and punched the child multiple times before bashing her head repeatedly against the marble floor.  Yanire died in the hospital two days later.   

     Court psychiatrists at his trial at the Old Bailey in January 2008 testified that Izaga may have thought his daughter was possessed by the devil, and that he remains profoundly mentally ill.  He was found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity.  They still cannot say for sure what triggered Izaga’s extreme psychological breakdown.  Izaga is still held in a secure mental facility.  His wife explains “I visit Alberto every day and we write to each other every other day.  We discuss how we should re-start our lives.  We tell each other not to give up.”

     Did the latent reptilian in-dwelling get triggered so that it required the performance of an unconscious blood ritual?  And that leads to something darker: the possibility that these rituals are performed by those “of the bloodline,” and by those in which the in-dwelling is advanced.  And the purpose?  To create the infrastructure of a New World Order that guarantees maximum exposure to these Ancient Ones, these Dagon, at every level of our institutions.  And the more rituals we perform, the more foundations are created which make ritual inevitable.  This becomes a terrifying vicious cycle when you realize the examples of this are literally everywhere you look, every day. 

     Syncs begin flying even more readily with the realization that the director of that last film Izaga was subjected to before the psychotic break, William Friedkin, was well versed in the possibilities of subliminal messaging first being implanted into films just around the time of his The Exorcist, and the fact that The Exorcist upon release saw widespread emotional and psychological reactions of its audiences, including but not limited to fainting, dissociation, various fugue states being entered into, and heart attacks, as well as post traumatic stress disorders, including physical nausea, auditory hallucinations and feelings of extreme dread.  Four women were confined to full-time psychiatric care.  All this smacks of the film indeed being some sort of beta-test upon widespread “captive” population chunks, possibly by factions of the intelligence agencies anxious to test out new auditory/visual “soft kills” and “non lethals.”   

     That Friedkin could have been partner to something like this seems far-fetched until you see that in his autobiography, The Friedkin Connection, he specifically mentions hanging around with Dr. Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West, head of Neuropsychiatric Clinic at UCLA, and long known to be one of the participants in MK-Ultra, specifically a subcontractor while at Cornell for MK-Ultra subproject 43, which dealt with “Psychophysiological Studies of Hypnosis and Suggestibility” and “Studies of Dissociative States.”   

     He brings up West specifically in the context of a conversation they had, with West explaining to Friedkin why he thought people enjoyed suspense and horror films, “You’re in a dark room with dangerous, life-threatening events happening before your eyes, but as a viewer you’re in a safe place, removed from what’s happening onscreen (or dissociation).  ‘A safe darkness,’ as he called it.”  All of which begs the question, just how much did West “teach” Friedkin? 

     Jolly West throughout his spook-filled life would go on to counsel, both formally and informally, Charles Manson, Jack Ruby, the Boston Strangler (Albert DeSalvo), Sirhan Sirhan (who would strangely write dozens of times, almost compulsively, “DiSalvo diisalvo disalvo disalvo” in his journal), Patty Hearst, Jim Jones, David Koresh, and Timothy McVeigh to name just a few that we know about.  West was, in fact, the last person McVeigh spoke to before he was put to death by lethal injection.  (McVeigh complained loudly and often that he had been one of the first personnel “chipped” by military intelligence forces.)  West was also one of the last people allowed to see Ruby, a curious incident of timing after which Ruby began to utter what many thought at the time was a completely crazy claim: that he’d been injected with a fast-acting cancer and that he wouldn’t be around for long.  He wasn’t.  West was likewise also the last person that Koresh spoke to over the phone immediately before the fires started at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco.  Is a trend becoming apparent here? 

     West is also an accused member of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, the CIA-offshoot set up in the mid-1980s and designed to completely exonerate pedophiles from ever facing charges in cases ranging from the McMartin Preschool and the Presidio to the infamous Jordan, Minnesota case.  The FMSF was established by pedophiles, for pedophiles, and has been lying blatantly about ritual abuse and intelligence ties to satanic cult activity for decades.    

     Whatever Izaga perceived in the Friedkin film Bug (itself an incredibly interesting study – conspiratorial memes abound) was enough to send him over and beyond every edge imaginable.  Then just think to yourself what kinds of advances in non lethal targeting tech, and the unknown programming of altered brainwave states, including frequencies crossing the alpha-theta border (the mental state at which you consciously create your reality) have been made from the time of The Exorcist, 1973, until Bug, in 2007.  Only recently the Gamma brainwave range has been discovered, and it now sits alongside the 4 previous: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta.  The Gamma is the fastest in frequency at above 40Hz, and although little is known about this state of mind, initial research shows Gamma waves are associated with bursts of insight and high-level information processing.  Is the targeting now fine-tuned and optimal enough to be able to differentiate and pick out one certain person, one certain in-dwelling, from a crowd?  The strange case of Alberto Izaga would suggest that it is.

     But there are other cases, and some have burst into prominence quite recently.  Witness whatever happened to the entire Tromp family in their native Australia beginning suddenly on August 29, 2016.   

Father Mark Tromp, his wife Jacoba, and their 3 grown children, Mitch, Ella, and Riana, decide to abruptly leave their red currant farm in Silvan, in Victoria just outside of Melbourne along the Yarra range, all victims of a bizarre shared mental state marked by paranoia and the sense that some force was pursuing them.  All were convinced they were in some level of unseen, but prevalent, danger.  They leave their home unlocked, and leave behind business papers, passports, bank cards and phones scattered haphazardly as they all pile into their silver Peugeot SUV.  Mitchell, the adult son, is the only one of the 5 who carries a mobile phone with him in the hurried flight, and he throws it out of the car window 30 minutes into the trip at Warburton.  The family still have no clear destination in mind, and no clear intent other than to flee.

     The next morning at 7 am, Tuesday, after having all traveled together to Kelso, near Bathhurst, Mitchell decides to leave the family, and begins plans to return to Melbourne via Sydney.  The remaining family members then decide to drive to Jenolan Caves, where the 2 girls Ella and Riana also decide to leave, Ella saying it was because she was concerned about getting back to feed her horses.  Riana and Ella, still on Tuesday time, make their way to Goulburn where they report their parents missing to the local police before they too, decide to split up.  Ella makes her way back to the family farm, but Riana’s case is more disturbing.  She is found in the back of Goulburn resident Keith Whittaker’s car in a “catatonic” state, unable to ascertain either who or where she was.  As of this date, she remains hospitalized.  

     Ella remembers driving home to Melbourne, but is unclear about how she gained access to the car she arrived in.  Currently she herself still feels “extremely confused.”

     Mark and Jacoba arrive on Wednesday night in Wangaratta, whereupon Jacoba then flees on foot and Mark is last seen running from the car also after his wife leaves.  On Thursday around noon Jacoba is located wandering through Yass and is taken to the hospital there.  Mark is finally spotted later that night 4 hours away when he abandons the car and flees into a local park.  Police are alerted and pursue him but abandon the search when sniffer dogs fail to pick up his scent.  Police are currently operating under the assumption that some external force “triggered” the family.  Days later Mark is finally found, dehydrated, wandering outside of Wangaratta.   

     All family members have now been reunited but all still remain in various states of confusion and muddled consciousness.  Mitchell and Ella remain the 2 who are in at least some sort of mental shape to try and piece together what happened and these 2 children continue to tell what they know to the Australian press.   

     Mark, Jacoba and Riana remain in much more fragile states and are all currently still in mental health facilities.  All are hopeful that some type of healing can now begin taking place although none are certain they will ever be able to say fully what strange force started affecting them all on August 29, 2016. 

     Stories like this are unfolding amid a backdrop in Australia of the Down Under continent being the first country worldwide to openly push via concerted media and public relations campaigns for wide-scale RFID microchipping of the entire population.  As we’ve seen before, when public inundation reaches this stage of saturation, it’s usually a foregone conclusion that the technology has already been released and implemented.  Were the Tromps simply one of the first test families that were clandestinely chipped and then “switched on” without their knowledge or consent?    

     Yet control of the masses comes in many forms, and stories like the fate of the Tromp family and Alberto Izaga, possible bizarre experimentations that either went extremely wrong or extremely right, are only part of the dilemma, and only one of the symptoms of a vastly larger problem organism.

     In his extensive research, ufologist and disclosure advocate Dr. Steven Greer has stumbled upon many clandestine control systems.  During the winter of 1994 he was invited to a very private gathering at the Wrigley mansion in Phoenix, Arizona.  It seems the people that invited Greer were part of a rogue cell contained within a larger group.  Greer, in his book Hidden Truth Forbidden Knowledge, makes sure not to identify anyone directly, but it’s clear he’s speaking about persons and institutions in the highest circles of power.  He does make sure to mention that these “shadowy corporate people” and “prominent industrialists” exhibit methods of doing business that are “beyond dark.”

     During a break, Greer was called out onto a balcony by an unidentified person.  In trying to recruit Greer into his specific cell, he passed along some disturbing information:  “You know, we understand you’ve had this meeting with the CIA director and are providing information to the President (Clinton at the time) but you need to know that those people don’t know anything, and they’re never going to know anything.  You should understand that – well, you should be talking to people like us.  The people dealing with this are people who do a lot of contract work for the government, under ‘Work For Others’ (WFO) contracts.  And you should be talking to certain think tanks.  And you should be talking to certain religious orders and certain orders of Jesuit priests who have control over the technology transfer.”  Once again, in the course of overlapping investigations, the Jesuits pop up.  And here we have to follow the saying of Twin Peaks’ Agent Dale Cooper, as trusty as any ever uttered by Sherlock Holmes, that of “when two separate events occur simultaneously pertaining to the same object of inquiry, we must always pay strict attention.” 

     We can trace some of this money laundering and dabbling in esoteric technologies to groups like Le Cercle in Europe, tightly linked to orders like the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, the Vatican, Opus Dei, and the Jesuits, as well as trace the money routes back to the Rothschild factions.  On this side of the pond we see Rockefeller monies as well as intimate involvements by the Jesuits and the Mormons.  What we’re talking about here are technologies including but not limited to spectrums of psychotronic weaponry, powerful supercomputers (unknown then but now certainly encompassing the Adiabatic Quantum Computer of D-Wave Corp. which links to CERN -- see all the previous posts regarding CERN in this blog), advanced bio-science and genetics, craft with exotic propulsion systems, and control systems linked to thought, including consciousness-linked real time monitoring systems.  And all of these groups fall under the umbrella of the Catholic “black” nobility, which brings up the point that Greer does mention multiple reports of satanic initiations in his book, at play and overlapping in all of these groups mentioned.  Completely similar statements, and for similar purposes, (intimidation, blackmail, and a selection procedure) are found in the Belgian X-file testimonies pertaining to the state-wide pedophile ring outlined in the Dutroux case.  (“Jesuit and Opus Dei members are the most brutal.”)   

     This entire situation becomes more problematic when you trace the money behind the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: the Rockefellers aligned behind Clinton, the Rothschilds behind Trump.  And in an even larger arena, there is the problem of Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, and the dark possibilities his presence brings onto the scene.

     Because Tim Kaine, the erstwhile innocuous “Virginia gentleman,” hides a mysterious and sinister past, and one that aligns him with the Mormons, and even more, with the Jesuits.  There even exists the distinct possibility that Clinton herself is a mere carrier-wave, designed to deliver an agent under Jesuit control and influence, into the White House for purposes of even greater control of worldwide implementation of a globalist, Luciferian initiative. (Witness Kaine’s public condemnation but private endorsement of the Trans Pacific Partnership – a vital link in the Agenda 21 and year 2030 timetables.)

     See these articles for more attention to this detail.  Pay particular attention to Dan Hopsicker’s excellent sleuthing:

     Add to all this the fact that Kaine met with the son of billionaire George Soros on the eve of the riots in Charlotte, North Carolina, an event wholly engineered behind-the-scenes by Soros, acting as an agent provocateur.  Were Kaine and Soros merely getting on the same page for what was about to be unleashed, or discussing operational plans? 

     For more on some insidious practices and rites long going on inside the LDS church, see this great inside report here:

     Let’s also remember that the Jesuits and the Vatican happen to be the ones calling for more real-life exorcisms to be undertaken on a global scale, citing the instances of both pagan activity and demonic possession as skyrocketing.  But in an ultimate problem-reaction-solution, what if they’re the very ones drumming up business?  Look back to that 1963 dual ceremony, and, as we know, things have been on a rather sliding scale ever since.  If nothing else, witness the 4+ decades of out-of-control pedophilia rampant and hidden within the Church, underwritten and vouched for by official Church policy.


     There are alchemical workings underway in the world right now.  Has there ever been a presidential election where so much remains hidden from public view, and as closely aligned to the shadow realms of Samhain as this one?  Perhaps the backdrop of Mena, Arkansas that served to color the Bush-Clinton 1992 affair, where whispered allegations of drug money, Iran-Contra dealings, pedophile rings, and suspicious murders disguised as suicides have historically proven all too true, and tied up in the transparent farce of pitting Bush and Clinton as opposing forces, when in reality they were always working together and on the same side all along.  If all of that never became common mainstream knowledge, what hope do we have for this season?  Worlds everywhere are colliding as the leaves turn, the air chills, and the veils thin as barriers cease to exist.  The unwary traveler finds time hard to distinguish, as past seems to roll unabated into the present consciousness, the precursor suddenly indistinguishable from the here and now.  And the grand plan continues unfolding, as Malachi Martin warned us about all along.

     A Jesuit, for the first time, is now Pope.  A Jesuit, for the first time, is now the head of CERN.  A Jesuit, one who claims that aliens have souls, has been named the director of the Vatican observatory on top of Mount Graham in Arizona, an area long known to the Native Americans as a stargate or portal.  In keeping with an angle we’ve been pursuing for quite some time now, perhaps they, the “black nobility,” mean to make the entire world a portal, all dimensions officially recognized.  Where we go from here is anyone’s guess, but another Samhain is upon us, and one where the stakes for humanity seem higher than ever. 

     Happy Halloween.