Monday, September 23, 2013

Targets In The Unified Field

      “Canst thou bind the sweet influences of the Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?”

                                                                                                                                                                      Job 38:31

                        “It’s the nexus of the crisis, and the origin of storms,”   Astronomy, Blue Oyster Cult

                         “Look for windows.”                   J. Allen Hynek

       We’ve got mind-controlled shooters again, missing people, more unveilings about 9/11, and an ever-unfolding occult agenda playing out everywhere right now.  There’s no time to waste fellow sleuths, let’s put our Deerstalkers on, hop aboard the Cybernautilus and head somewhere…… out there.

       Aaron Alexis was an active participant in the rescue work at Ground Zero in the aftermath of 9/11/01 according to his father, who also remarked that what he had seen there had affected him beyond others, leading to a preoccupation with the timeline of the event itself as well as its innumerable anomalies.  Which places him squarely in the majority, yes majority, of the populace that now believes the government is being less than truthful about 9/11, about Sandy Hook, Columbine, Waco, the OKC bombing, about Dealey Plaza, about everything that matters.  We’ve caught them in too many ridiculous lies over an absurd amount of time for it to be any other way.

                        “I was trying to find my way home/ but all I heard was a drone/ bouncing off a satellite/ Crushing the last lone American night/ This is radio nowhere/ Is there anybody alive out there?”        Springsteen

       We know now conclusively that the cockpit door was never opened while in flight on Flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11.  Directly contradicting the supposed cell phone account of Barbara Olson, wife of U.S. Solicitor General and fellow Bush knob gobbler Ted Olson, who gave sworn testimony that his wife relayed to him that Middle Eastern men with box cutters were swarming the cockpit.  We know that the cockpit door was never opened from the recovered AA77 black box data.  We also know that Ted Olson is a goddamned liar because in the trial of Zacharias Moussaoui in 2006, the FBI itself was forced to present cell call records from all four flights.  Their report on AA77 shows there was only one call from Barbara Olson; an unconnected call lasting ZERO seconds.  Not quite enough time to relay info about Middle Eastern men, box cutters, and swarming any cockpit, which means that Ted Olson is lying or the victim of some elaborate staging.  Either one will do for treason. 

       We also now have late breaking word from Bob McIlvane, father of a son lost to 9/11, that he has conclusive forensic proof obtained from coroners after years and mountains of FOIA requests and court proceedings, that his son died of crushing injuries and his arm being blown off of his body, all before the plane impacts on the buildings, which creates an interesting paradox, wouldn’t you say?  He says he can prove all this in a court of law and I, for one, would love to see him get that chance.  We might finally find out just what happened inside both of those buildings and building 7 that day.  Of course his chances to bring anything like that in front of New York federal judges are roughly the same as the next big Hollywood blockbuster about the genocided Palestinian refugees being greenlit by the brothers Weinstein.  Tarantino couldn’t get that one made brothers and sisters.

       In light of information like this, in the shadow of yet another 9/11 anniversary, are we finally allowed to wonder now exactly what someone like Aaron Alexis may have stumbled across in the Ground Zero dust that put him on the career arc to the Navy yards on 9/16/13?  Funny how after all this time, so many threads remain connected to 9/11.  How much longer will that incident remain a Casimir effect, a force between, for everything radiating out from it I wonder?  We’re going to see I fear, that’s it’s all easier to understand when considering sidereal occult ripples than when considering run-of-the-mill terrorism.  We’re also going to see, I fear, other things far darker still to come.  Darker than you think.

       In the case of the Navy yards not yet a week old, we have multiple shooters, just like we always have until the information clamps get battened down.  Consider the case of Columbine, and even more recently the mass shootings/bombings in Norway, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston, and now D.C. to cite only a few of the more glaring examples.  With Columbine and Boston 4 or more witness-identified perps were whittled down to 2, but the process is the same.  Three become one in a flash; the hit squad shape-shifts into the patsy like a funhouse trick on a darkened stage.  Who even remembers there was a John Doe number 2 in Oklahoma City these days?  We sure moved heaven and earth to find him didn’t we?  The protected slink away like fog before the sunrise.

       Even better in the Navy yards case, we’ve got a patsy that suffered “anger-fueled blackouts.”  Like rolling some new-and-improved version 6.0 Manchurian Candidate off the showroom floor for consumer confidence.  Now With Anger-Fueled Blackouts!  Pardon me if I surmise there may have been a little more than anger fueling those blackouts.  Drugs and voice-to-skull tech come to mind.  Speaking of the latter, NBC News released this: “In August, Newport, RI police were called to a Marriott Hotel room where Alexis said he was being followed by 3 people, and heard voices coming from his closet.  He couldn’t sleep because they were using a microwave machine to send vibrations through the ceiling.”  Newport police Lt. William Fitzgerald said in a report that Alexis was concerned for his safety and worried that someone was out to discredit and possibly kill him.  Done, and done.  Mission accomplished.   Check out for the patent on that microwave voice-to-skull tech if you don’t believe me.  If you’re a numbers person that’s patent no. 6, 470, 214.  Thanks to the work of people like Jose Delgado and Ewen Cameron among others, we’ve only had it for around 40 years now.  So those of you automatically thinking that being a little shortchanged in the brain is the only cause of hearing voices are whistling “Don’t Worry Be Happy” past the blood-soaked killing floor.

       Also in D.C. we’ve got drills beforehand, Alexis being on Trazodone, and a tactical stand down.  It’s like a laundry list of everything they’ve ever tried all thrown into one ghoulish gumbo to force feed us.  But the tactical stand down stands out just because of what else it reveals.  A SWAT-type unit shows up minutes into the shootings, but is told to stand down by the Police senior officer on scene, according to the BBC.  Keep in mind they show up just minutes after the first shots are reported at 8:20 a.m.  At 11:07 the BBC reports that the federal BATF emergency response team is sent onto the scene.  At 11:50 a senior Navy official says word from the BATF team is that the suspect shooter is dead.  At 12:14 the Capitol Police say they are still looking for 2 other suspects but the FBI are the ones that squash these reports almost immediately. 

       So someone wants to keep the tactical team out of the mix entirely early on, when they could have taken out the shooter(s) almost from  the onset, until enough lives have been taken for maximum effect.  But here is where I hit you with the best part.  The BATF team that took him out is the very same one that supposedly found Dzohkhar Tsarnaev back in Boston.  You know, the same team that engaged in the “shootout” at the boat in the driveway.  I say “shootout” because it’s a funny thing, a little detail that leaked later – and you’re going to laugh at this I swear – come to find out that Tsarnaev was actually UNARMED.  I told you.  The hilarity never stops with those feds.  But you can trust ‘em, they swear.

       Finally there are the etchings in his shotgun stock – “Better off this way,” and “My E-L-F weapon.”  By the way, how did he exactly get that shotgun past all the metal detectors that all the employees said you had to pass through for entry?  And we know he entered by the usual channels because they ran his ID.  (ELF stands for Extremely Low Frequency and has had the media comically turning back flips trying to decipher.)  Strangely, we’ve got this guy ready to go to work at the Yards, and instead moving from hotel to hotel for days on end, trying to get away from the voices, in the final hours in some hypnotic/fugue state from Trazodone, and waiting for…….something.  All the while he’s in contact with police everywhere, letting them know something’s wrong, that something’s happening to him.  This is a civilian contractor with a high security top secret clearance, mysteriously obtained though he had been (not honorably) discharged from the Navy.  Then there is that eerie September 2012-January 2013 unaccounted-for period where he disappeared in Thailand for…….what?  He never said and nobody knows.  All we know is that he worked for a connected-up IT company called “The Experts,” and dead men tell no tales, about 9/11, about ELF weapons, about patsies, about anything.  And how many times have we played that game?

       Perhaps he moved towards the Yards because that’s where he perceived the threat to himself was originating.  Perhaps he was induced by whatever entities.  As to his shotgun, purchased just days before in Lorton, VA, perhaps in the phrase “My E-L-F Weapon” the accent should be on the word “My” and not “E-L-F.”  After all, they had their tech and he had his.  And he was taking the battle to the enemy. 

       There is one final lingering note to our story, and if you’ll indulge me the pun, this, folks, is where it gets spooky.

       It has come to light that Alexis subscribed to something at Facebook called HootSuite, which enables you to schedule posts to appear later in time.  You can schedule a posting for up to six months in advance.  The following appeared on his Facebook page 9 hours after the shootings, effectively acting as his final statement:

       “It’s looking down from heavens above/ the clock stands still as does the Earth/ We made a sign, a signal and were heard/ The 11th hour is near, on the 17th day of the 12th month/ They are coming.

       Ancient sailors of space and time/ a code to be remembered in history and rhyme/ All shall be revealed in an almighty flash/ and so shall the drums of the sitting bull hash

       So come stand ready, they are coming but be steady/ Be taken to the second place/ our little grey, saving grace/ Now my body lies dead and on fire/ I did it all for you my sire

       Remember March 24th, 25th and 26th/ In the year of 1997/ The away team left and went to heaven/ Another world they saw, they live in awe/ but they will return to save us all

       And this is my story, of fame and glory/ My testimony is my word and all I have/ For today I joined the Away team.”

       Whoa.  Where do I start?  He mentions the dates March 24-26, 1997 which correlate with Heaven’s Gate, the cult that committed mass suicide, timing it with the advent of the spectacular Hale Bopp comet and its attendant “companion.”

       Hale Bopp came along at a time when the portents were flying.  Looking back now at that pre-2001 era, you can feel a sense of change vectors massing, shifting positions in the propelling of the zeitgeist, almost laying the groundwork for what was to come.  Its appearance also coincided with the synchronistic rise of the Internet, which also must be factored in to the eldritch equation we’re working on.

       It all began when Houston amateur astronomer Chuck Shramek phoned in to the Art Bell radio show in November 1996 with concerns he had about the approaching Hale Bopp comet.  In viewing through his telescope he had spied something unusual, a strange Saturn-like object near the comet, something Bell and he would later term “the companion.”  This also happened to be plainly visible at the time to anyone with a good pair of high-powered binoculars.  He even sent in a CCD image-capture of what he had viewed, which was soon aired on the Bell website.  He went on to state at the time that what he had viewed was so strange and frightening that he had begun to pray.


       Bell soon also had on his program government remote viewers Courtney Brown (who ties in with Ed Dames who ties in with Michael Aquino but that’s another story) and Prudence Calabrese who appeared on-air to relate details of recent group remote-viewings at their intelligence agency-sponsored Farsight Institute targeting this “companion,” and that, in fact, it was decidedly huge, artificial, and under intelligent control.

       Over the ensuing weeks and months, an entire scenario played out, engulfed by a series of increasingly perplexing events as the comet drew ever closer, including the Phoenix Lights, a mass UFO event witnessed by thousands of people in March ‘97 over the skies of Phoenix, Arizona and unexplained to this day despite vigorous official denials, a NORAD DEFCON alert status, Captain Craig Button flying his A-10 warthog out of formation and straight into the side of a mountain carrying 4 still-unaccounted-for nuclear warheads,  President Clinton going missing for 48 hours,  the earth-orbit GOES imaging satellite painting various enormous unexplained “somethings” (“drop-outs”) off the California coastline,  and Bell’s show exploding with the on-air reading in November ‘96 of a letter from an on-the-run Vatican priest detailing his discovery of encrypted computer files at the Vatican, expressing their vital interest in “the companion” in a file labeled “WORMWOOD?”  The letter went on to state the concerns of both NASA and the U.N. in matters finally culminating in various Vatican-sponsored, governmental hit squads being deployed to keep things under wraps.

       Bell even went so far as to try and verify the story himself with a former Vatican-insider (never identified but likely Father Malachai Martin).  In a series of apoplectic and dire faxes fired off during the night, the insider went on to confirm that this story was true, was serious, and that going down this road would likely get both he and Bell killed.  “Don’t ever send anything like this to me over an open fax line again.  Don’t ever.  WHAT YOU HAVE IS REAL.”

       Then, after the appearance of the Phoenix Lights, came the destabilization, discrediting campaign that was Heaven’s Gate.  But there is another layer here.

       Several members of the Heaven’s Gate “Away Team” worked for Advanced Development Group (ADG) that developed computer-based instruction for the U.S. Army.  ADG was also linked to First Earth Battalion, formed by the U.S. military to allegedly handle extraterrestrial affairs including abductions, contact, and remote viewing, and to stage E.T. “drills” using holographic technology.

       FBI informant Abdusattar Sheikh, who housed 2 of the 9/11 hijackers in San Diego, had a BFF named Sam Koutchesfahani, who happened to rent out the mansion to the Heaven’s Gate cult in 1997.  Interestingly, Koutchesfahani was long known to have also been bringing terrorists into the country.  He bribed college officials in San Diego to help Iranians and Saudis get student visas, among them some of the later 9/11 hijackers.

       In April 2001, First Earth Battalion ‘Jedi knight’ Bert Rodriguez, one of the famous Men Who Stare At Goats, took on a new student for 6 months only, Ziad Jarrah, who would later come to take over and pilot Flight 93.  The exact extent of the Rodriguez training was unknown, but he specialized in hand-to-hand combat, judo, telepathy, remote influencing, and occult training.  Jarrah is seen here by himself and with Mohammed Atta.

       In the early days of the internet Heaven’s Gate was known as a cybersect, and Nick Matzorkis, who found the members dead in their Rancho Santa Fe mansion, employed them through their company Higher Source to develop in 1994, literally one of the very first search engines.

       Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) is the DOD and Homeland Security contractor that supplied the largest contingent of non-govenmental investigators to the NIST WTC collapse investigations.  SAIC boasts extensive links to nano-thermites, including developing and formulating them directly (Army 2008, DOD 2007).  SAIC subsidiary Applied Ordnance Technology has done research on the ignition of nano-thermites with lasers (Howard et al 2005).

       In an interesting coincidence, SAIC was the firm that investigated the 1993 WTC bombing, saying that “after the 1993 event, our blast analyses produced tangible results that helped identify those responsible.” (2004) Which was a statement of utter bollocks, since Admiral Bobby Ray Inman, chief of the board of SAIC, is also quoted: “As best I can tell there was no advance warning of the 1993 WTC attack, which was the first significant foreign terrorist activity in the U.S.  No tip-off that it was coming.”  Another perfect bit of out-and-out lying, since we now know that the FBI actually worked directly with their own double agent/plant Emad Salem, in substituting LIVE ordnance for unfuzed in the 1993 attack.  Another false flag.

       SAIC is also responsible for evaluating the towers for terrorism risks in 1986, and is in part responsible for the highly suspicious security upgrades in the late 90s in the towers, a touchstone to the entire Giuliani apparatus, and the anthrax attacks through one Jerome Hauer.

       In 1995 SAIC acquired 100% of the stock shares of NSI, Inc.  To have a site on the Internet, you have to have a valid registered address cleared ultimately through only one source, a company called InterNIC, owned by NSI.  The missing piece in this puzzle connecting with Heaven’s Gate is the fact that the highest levels of the black-op government (SAIC) were not only neighbors with the cult (La Jolla and San Diego), but they also shared the same server: in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  So SAIC, inarguably linked-in with the deepest operations of the 9/11 job and having bought up all of the domain-registering internal apparatus for the entire Internet pioneered by Heaven’s Gate techs, are clients of this obscure server in Minnesota, along with both Heaven’s Gate itself and Bobby Ray Inman personally……has anyone looked into this and where it all might lead?  Not to mention the fact that this entire geographic area is a hotbed for the international terrorist import/export business.

      Basically, the Heaven’s gate cult, at the time of their “departure,” were cemented in dead center to Spookville, U.S.A., which for years hence would encompass terrorists, mind control, the occult, and mind-controlled terrorists using the occult.  All siphoned through need-to-know military channels.  Now we add to this macabre tableau yet another Manchurian Candidate at the D.C. Navy yards talking about possibly yet another comet.  He did say they were coming on the 17th day of December remember.  And there is another comet, this one called ISON, which worldwide astronomers have pegged as having an order of magnitude of brightness greater than the full moon when it makes its first appearance in our skies in……November and December.  Which would make it of course our most spectacular visitor since………Hale Bopp.  Dizzy yet?  When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride, til I get to the bottom…..

       Or in the best Art Bell parlance, wanna take a ride?

       I leave you tonight with two disturbing images.  First, very quietly and some three years or so after the fact, the Jet Propulsion Lab haltingly admitted that Hale Bopp did indeed have a companion after all, visible before it emerged from its slingshot voyage around the far side of the sun, as this Hubble-snapped, now purged-from-the-Internet image shows.

       Finally the latest image of ISON, contrast lowered for your inspection:

       “Into my heart an air that kills/ From yon far country blows/ What in those blue remembered hills/ What spires, what farms are those?”  A. E. Housman                

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