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Priests, PsyOps and Puerto Rico

As an addendum to the last posting, and in fervent hopes that the past is indeed not prologue, here is the entirety of the infamous November 1996 Vatican Priest letter, read by Art Bell over the air on his Coast to Coast A.M. overnight radio broadcast.  Curiously, all transcripts and copies of this particular show have been removed from the Premiere Radio Network archives as well as any online postings or torrents by any members of the Art Bell fan club, youtube, Internet Archive, etc.  Neither has it ever appeared as a rebroadcast on the current Coast to Coast re-airings “Somewhere In Time,” which are what amounts to an Art Bell’s greatest hits.

Dear Mr. Bell,
I have been under the employ of the Vatican for over five years.  I have done what could best be described as counter-intelligence work for the church.  I am a man of God and please believe me when I tell you that the information I have is genuine, and very serious.

Without getting into too much detail about my former employers, I will briefly tell you that I have had a Top Level security clearance in the Vatican for quite some time.  Most of the work I have done regrettably falls into the realm of “black ops;” I will not go into detail about that now.

Around six months ago, I was working at a data terminal in a highly restricted area following a case that I had just completed, when I stumbled onto something that nearly made my heart stop.  Please pay attention, here is where it gets strange.

I uncovered a heavily encrypted sub-system that was surprisingly well hidden.  I found that it was only accessible through the terminal I was at and one other.  (I must point out that the area I was in was not an area that I routinely used.)  After two minutes of trying to get into the system, the whole lab shut itself down and I was booted off the terminal.  Not wanting to raise any eyebrows, I decided to leave and come back later that night.  The strange thing was, when I came back, there were ARMED guards standing sentry outside the lab.  I must say that it is not unusual to see guards roaming the Vatican, but it is very unusual for them to stand sentry at a lab, much less armed.

Over the next month, I managed to slip in unnoticed only once.  And after I had found what I came for, I understood the security.

It took me a good deal of time to break into the system, and when I did, I wished I hadn’t.  When I entered the system, I came across a file titled “WORMWOOD?” (Yes, with a question mark.)  Thinking it to be a text file, I brought up the file with the intent of copying it so I could read it later.  What happened next was truly remarkable.  The file sort of “deteriorated” into a series of command lines that lasted approximately two minutes.  Once it was done running, there it was.

I had found a directional link-up to the Hubble space telescope.  Not only that, but it was pointed at the comet Hale Bopp.  The program was running some kind of analysis, taking directional notes, projecting path of travel, etc.  After realizing what I had discovered, I started searching and came across an e-mail that led directly to the office of the Pope himself.  What was discussed I cannot know.

Over the next two weeks, I began to uncover evidence that the Vatican is very aware of the existence of the companion, and is VERY worried about it.  I began to copy files and pictures that were present at the terminal, when I found a report from the United Nations to the Vatican, as well as a report from NASA regarding their concerns.

It is very obvious to me that a great many people and entities know of the companion and are doing their best to keep quiet. VERY quiet.  As the next part of my story illustrates.

I had found another file that I wanted to look at, but it was independently encrypted.  At the time that I discovered it, I had already been online at the terminal for some time, so I decided to copy the file encrypted, and decode it at my leisure.  As I was leaving the lab, I was approached by two of the Pope’s top aides and was asked to meet them later in the evening.  I didn’t feel comfortable about the situation, so I agreed and told them that I needed to shower, and would join them later.  I haven’t been back to the Vatican since.

I found out about a week later through some old friends and contacts that a contract had been placed on my life.  Two days later my mother and father were killed in a car crash in France.  Three days after that, my brother and sister were killed when their single engine plane went down on the East coast of the U.S.  I’ve been on the run for a very long time now, and am still trying to decode the file that I have in my possession.  Approximately ten copies have been distributed to friends in the field in the event that I should disappear.  I do not fear for my life, as I am very adept at not being found, however, I believe that the world needs to know of the information that I have.  I would be willing to share all that I have with you Mr. Bell.  But you need to understand that your life could be in danger were you to go public with what I give you.  I apologize for being so vague, but I feel it necessary at this point in time.

If you would like the information, say so over the air when you get this letter.  If I am not listening, someone will get the information to me, as there is no safe way for you to contact me at this point in time.  I await your response.


Thus ended the missive from that murky night some 17 years ago now, which suddenly appears to have a certain resonance today with rumblings regarding some very recent FEMA purchase orders such as:  $14.2 million relegated for MREs to be delivered to FEMA Region 3(Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania) by October 1.  2 million pouches of water to be delivered to FEMA Region 3 by October 1.  A 9-week training course by CONUS to learn urban warfare, English language, and U.S. weapons systems to be completed by October 1.  2,800 urban personnel carriers to be delivered to DHS by October 1.  No leave granted for any armed forces between September 28-November 5.  All DHS agents must be instructed to qualify in use of shotgun, sidearm, and AR-15 by September 28.  DHS also orders 1.8 billion rounds of ammunition to be delivered by October 1.  For the first time ever, GPS and all communications satellites to be extensively cross-coordinated and phased for an initial testing date of September 29.  Finally, issued during the last 3 weeks, POTUS mandates issued to FEMA and DHS concerning support for metropolitan areas dealing specifically with upcoming extreme climate change, to be completed by October 1.

With so much emphasis appearing to be centered on FEMA Region 3 in such a short time frame, the question has to be asked, what exactly are they anticipating coming?  There is also $11 million allocated for mass vaccines and anti-virals for Region 3 to be ready to go by October 1 again. 

Finally latest word in from residents of Puerto Rico has much of the populace there spooked by massive troop movements, communication disruptions, weather disturbances, strange lights, fireballs, and ‘films’ in their skies, objects outlined in red darting about near dusk, and most disturbingly of all, the entire population of the island is reported to be dreaming the same dream night after night, of comet impacts, fireballs exploding, and resulting tsunamis.  Psychological operations going on?  Not out of the question given recent “voices in the head” blurbs in the headlines, but experienced on a massive scale in this case.  Also somewhat reminiscent of the late 1977/early 1978 Colares, Brazil ufo wave that appeared to be actively directed against the population seemingly for the express purpose of instilling terror and/or powerlessness but which seemed to originate from a genuine extraterrestrial source. 

All manner of psychological operations appear to have been unleashed of late, from the tinges of Gladio at the D.C. Navy yards most recently, to the possibility of an offshoot of something long classified as Project Blue Beam going on in Puerto Rico currently.  We’ll be exploring that soon enough, as it appears to present itself as the “next phase” in operations heading towards an endgame, and which are deep, black, need-to-know, and ongoing.

Following Puerto Rico photos from the past few days courtesy of Ground Zero media.

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