Tuesday, May 14, 2024


Am placing this here as a standalone because the topics discussed, and all the myriad ramifications, especially when broadcast in full thanks to Elon's X platform....are just that important.

Please feel more than free to pass along and share with friends and acquaintances. 

The Cosmic War is heating up as the earthly battlements shake. And in these dark times, all of our eyes begin to see.

Live, love, laugh, hug, embrace, smile. Sparkle. Shine. 

And keep talking...most often at the times when they don't want you to...





  1. Accompanying soundtrack:

  2. In related developments:

    This is 53,400 times the acceptable limit of degraded, foreign, etc DNA deemed to be safe.
    Being introduced into the nucleus of your cells.
    WHAT is going on? What is the endgame of all this?
    When does the outrage start?
    It's time to really put on our thinking caps.

  3. And 2 latest vitals from RR:


    12.7 billion shots have been deployed worldwide.
    A staggering number.
    613 million in the USA.
    ALL of them, new research is showing, the brainstorm of AI forces and entities -- now working in tandem with such; nanotech-based communication and alterations of neurology and behaviour.
    A genetic experiment that covers the planet.
    Based on a widespread, total blanket of deception.
    We've certainly seen this type of thing before.
    But never undertaken on this scale and with this precision.

    Still willing to bet the farm that it's human-inspired and rolled out strictly by we messy, mistake-prone, fumblebum creatures?
    Listen to Naomi talking to AJ.
    Then listen again.

    1. As for the leaders of the Rebellion, here is their current status according to those who know the status of these Beings. Most folks make the mistake of seeing these Papers as a book, that is not the case by any stretch of the imagination. If one learns how to navigate the Papers, the picture becomes clearer and the depth of understanding grows per the reader. Most of those who reject these Papers do so, because of their preconceived beliefs before they opened them. Two of them for interested parties.


    2. Interesting scifi fantasy work which mixes in a lot of Seventh Day Adventist teaching plus, very interestingly, the most completely fleshed-out story of the entire life of Jesus found anywhere.

    3. Same way the Bible is the no.1 Scifi book of all time. Meaning not that it's actual "fiction," amazingly quite the opposite I believe, but just in the nature of the ideas and themes explored.

      Esp with the Bible given the overall nature of what people generally believed 2,000+ years ago:
      feeding thousands of people with a single loaf of bread (mind over matter), resurrection and life after death, walking on water, ability to appear in 2 places at one time, whatever aircraft was seen in Ezekiel, effects electromagnetic of the Ark of the Covenant, on and on and on.....

      None of that represents an idea or theme well worn with any typical camel jockey back then -- possibly only held close within the Mystery Schools if even that -- none of which would have been allowed to escape into the normal population. Yet another reason why tomes like the Dead Sea Scrolls and Book of Enoch were considered non-canon and excised from all "official" source docs.

    4. The most profound thing about the Bible, is its source, a tree.

    5. Haha, in your facetious snark you have unwittingly revealed more than you know:
      "The Kingdom of God is inside you and all around you
      Not in a mansion of wood and stone
      Split a piece of wood and I am there
      Lift a stone and you will find me."

      From the Nag Hammadi scrolls unearthed in 1945.
      The Nag Hammadi scrolls include works known as the gospel of Truth, the gospel of Philip, the apocryphon of John, the apocalypse of Adam, and the acts of Peter and the Twelve Apostles. All other stories found in the Nag Hammadi collection were deemed heretical.

      Still, many of their tenets found their way deeply into the Bible:

      "Recognize what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you . For there is nothing hidden which will not become manifest."

      "Whoever finds the interpretation of these sayings will not experience death."

      "This heaven will pass away, and the one above it will pass away. The dead are not alive, and the living will not die. In the days when you consumed what is dead, you made it what is alive. When you come to dwell in the light, what will you do? On the day when you were one you became two. But when you become two, what will you do?"

      God is a higher dimension of consciousness available to only those that humble themselves.

    6. Not being facetious at all about The Spirit, let's remember WHO put together this ' word of god ', that would be the folks who run that small organization in Rome. What do you think causes all the strife among the world's religions? The answer is the Bible, Koran and Talmud. What you see as arrogance in me, is a reflection of my 40 year attitude of operating in a mode of no doubt about my status as a Being and my resurrection from the dead , nothing more, nothing less. My status is no different then anyone else who reads this except for my understanding of the event being a past one, not of one to come. I will add this about the scriptures of Jewish tradition, if a person cannot keep his or her focus on Him, and His words, and their relationship to the whole of everything that was written before and after, they are better off to leave it alone, and just commune with the Creator in prayer. We all are Sons and Daughters of The First Source and Center, and if He refused to be the Jewish Messiah based on their misunderstanding of said scriptures, He also rejected the idea of Saul's Christian Messiah, BECAUSE of the misunderstanding caused by what he wrote down.

      When He walked among us, He warned us about this time, He also foretold the baptism by fire that was to come. I know it is difficult being so far removed from perfection, but when we recall what was, and what is to come, the idea of an evolving Universe makes perfect sense, as some of us are builders and we always have a need to be doing something. This building will forever more continue to be outward, because the closer and nearer one gets to perfection the less is required of you as the set and Central Universe of perfection is already built out.

      It is fine to be humble, but your use of the word Only is not true for everyone, as The First Source and Center is a Personal Being dealing with Individuals and Personalities(in fact, no two are same, and we all get them from this Source). What might be right or true for any of you, does not necessarily mean it is the same for me, and vice versa. It all depends on where you are in your Personal Journey with The Creator, and which direction you have chosen.

      The Hive mind, and we all are one stuff is a LIE, a whopper in fact, that has it's place elsewhere, contrary to what the 12 and Saul wrote, Christ did not come to judge, that has come about because of THEIR actions at the time of His Coming, Take a closer look at the prophets of Jerusalem, there is a reason that The Baptist is the least in the Kingdom of Heaven. I choose forgiveness over the Law, because of words like ONLY.

    7. For sure we battle daily now against the Hive Mind mentality; the AI-driven road we're all on right now. Listen again to AJ's disclosure that got Naomi bug-eyed in alarm.
      We all need to let go of the Ego.
      And I fear the judging is already over with -- we all had a choice from 2020 onward.
      Some unfortunately for them, chose poorly.
      God knows what's in everyone's heart = the Strong Delusion has blinded some forever. And that's His Will and part of the plan too.

      For the record, I don't see you as arrogant AT ALL. You're very open-minded -- which is WAY more of what the world needs in so many areas.

  4. https://youtu.be/1sDZiCLUW8I?si=7WbEGRQySO4ZHswW

  5. More related to this post & EXACTLY what AJ & Naomi were discussing that is going according to plan:

  6. And Dutchsinse on those radar ring pulses that have always so peaked my interest -- looks like I'm not the only one:



  7. Check the date on this image --
    This is the EXACT timing when the persistent CONTRAILS began being noted nationwide:

    Ask yourself WHY these 2 ubiquitous modern-day phenomena emerged in literal LOCKSTEP with each other if they are not co-related and dependent on one another??


    Cross-correlate and ask yourself what seems similar to today --
    Show # 229 here (01-06-2000):


  9. Here is a much needed palate cleanser:
    Energy, Frequency and Vibration, from Quantum connections to Spiritual Being
    Physical Life can be said to have a Quantum connection, the Quantum element in the physical is a Nexus to Consciousness. If Energy, Frequency, Vibration make Form; 5G is a Scalar Weapon to disrupt it.

    1. Extremely interesting how the Tesla quote about energy, frequency and vibration seems to be bleeding over everywhere now; in our environment being meddled with, in our bodies being meddled with, our dna, our minds, our souls -- all altered by largely nanotech multi-phasic, self-replicating, dimensional-crossing ingredients that are in turn again altered by frequency -- and on and on into the AI void.....

      We've come a long way from Col Mustard in the library with a lead pipe, haven't we??
      But it's still, all in all, a murder mystery. A noir detective tale.
      Just one that's buried in the occult, in ciphers, codes, and a strange technology perhaps not all of this world.

      Speaking of which, and where more clues are sure to be lurking, look what's opening in July -- and about which an insane amount of conjecture and hype is brewing right now:

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORe5cAnpTFQ (brighten the contrast on your screen at the 15 sec mark here and you'll get quite the hidden reveal...)


      And yes, that's Dante's 9 Circles of Hell and the Luciferian sigil you're noticing get shoutouts.....

      Not to mention I'm getting severe ZODIAC flashbacks with all the codes on display.....

  10. https://endtimeheadlines.org/2024/05/pope-to-hold-press-conference-on-aliens-and-the-supernatural/
    Stand by for...news.....

    1. BB -- THIS was on my radar even before today's Pope announcement --which means this has been in the works prob for quite some time:

      Supernatural? Paranormal?? Phenomena?? Aliens?? All of the above??

      This is like a riff on putting everything in the same basket by different names....& makes me think of all things Ray Boeche, Collins Elite, following the template of Crowley, and the research of Anthony Patch....
      ALL of this is starting to align in weird, surreal ways: Disclosure, the Vaxx, AI, spirituality, demonological aspects, just the gamut of everything since 2020 that has been accelerating.

      Believe me, I'm thinking about all this and adjusting my response....

  11. Interesting exorcism stats:



    Those are headlines from 2014 all the way into last year -- it seems demand is not abating; indeed, likely rising because of events since 2020......make of that what you will.

  12. Ironic when you see what just came out:

  13. PLUS, who are ya gonna come to to get UFO & Nazi links to McMartin & MKUltra??

    down in the comms:
    "The cult I was in was associated with the McMartin case in Manhattan Beach, California. They were also associated with the MKUltra project through TRW, the government spy analysis center...This one group has connections to UFO’s, Nazis, MKUltra-like government projects, ritual abuse at pre-schools and crime on the streets...Who is behind this? I like to call them the cult behind the cults. It’s not the U.S. Government; these cults are world wide, and old. It’s not the world bankers, because the fingers keep pointing in their direction; and this is an ideological movement. Look at what is predicted to follow Armageddon, peace! Peace under a New World Order comes next. I personally look in the direction of the Vatican."

    BOY am I gonna have stuff to say on this..........

    1. You might want to look at this for a couple of pages: https://archive.org/details/trh-77_202111/page/1/mode/2up

    2. The more we learn about what the Nazis were into -- and I still believe existentially we haven't even cracked the surface -- the more scared I get....
      Ad we incorporated all of that into the most inner, inner sanctums of our political and cultural structure.

    3. That comment above about Rome and who is behind this whole mess is correct. Maryland and Virginia should say everything about who is really behind the pit of hell known as the District of Columbia, IT no more belongs on our land then the den of vipers @ the UN.

    4. on the jesuits

    5. Jim
      You have dropped a link to a book that I have co-authored, in my mind of course. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

    6. If I had a nickel for every time I tried to stir up this kind of conversation...
      Me: Where is World Central for all the global evangelical groups?
      X: Houston, TX.
      Me: Who else sits in Houston?
      X: NASA.
      Me: Can we start connecting the dots already?...
      X: [Blank stare]

    7. Check out the Rieley Coffee Company (that employed Oswald) ties to NASA around the time of the JFK assassination.
      Fascinating ties:

  14. From Christopher Knowles:

    "We cannot enter your earth, only appear to you by computerizing your minds." - Emissary of the Council of Nine.


    1. "Bend, move, material and dematerial things..."

      Sound familiar?? Listen VERY carefully here again to the part of the discussion between Zeee & Mihalcea at the 5 min mark:

      Now crosslink that with what Alex J disclosed to Naomi in this post about what he knew about AI from insiders, and how even those at the top of the food chain (Rockefellers, etc) are VERY concerned that it's all gotten out of hand on terms of where it's unstoppably heading as well as ITS ORIGIN......

      Guys, things are coming together large-picture perspective-wise.

      And it's, as Jack Parsons once lamented (celebrated?)...dark.

      Darker Than You Think.

  15. Wordman take a look at the 8 part set I have at my blog from OCT. of 2020.... here is part 1, it is a very interesting set from a lady in Spain
    October 13:

    The Pope hands over the World to Ishtar

    and the "Final Solution" is activated

    1. Ironic that Naomi in this very post link talking to AJ actually invoked the Holocaust a couple of times.

  16. He does not mince words about the "pandemic"

    1. Martin, from UVA right up the road, has been charting this and dotting the i's from the beginning.
      His speech to the EU Parliament over all this was perfection:

      Dates, times, personalities involved.

  17. Wonder if those anomalies that floated up from Antartica shielded us from a Carrington Event

    1. And those "anomalies" are still ongoing btw....

    2. Oh real? Antarctica just pooping em out now?

    3. Again on the 12th, then again on the 17th:

    4. Think it's sunspot related? Got a theory?

    5. Could be anything from the Black Hat Techno-sorcerers releasing something else on us
      to Divine Intervention shielding us from or cleansing us of something. Either one would be tasked with removal from all recordings by the power elite -- something else that also continues to happen as these anomalies are seen...

      So my theory is basically, just like always, we don't know anything about what's really happening in real time all around us.
      And it continues to be designed that way.

  18. https://x.com/FatEmperor/status/1792298723520795061
    Brownstone Institute: Short video summary of problems with the WHO pandemic treaty...

    1. Here's the best summary of all:

  19. Oh, let's discuss:




  20. The arsonist-firefighter analogy is spot-on PERFECT.
    Even if I think that something escaped even earlier in summer 2019 from Ft Detrick and not Wuhan...it was limited in range and not effective in their envisioned long run (burned out too quickly), so something else had to be cooked up psyop-wise and launched...Wuhan became perfect in that the gain-of-function research had been moved there in the interim....

  21. https://truepundit.com/dod-leak-feds-investigated-birx-fabricated-falsified-hiv-aids-vaccine-trials/
    "Feds Investigated Birx & CDC Director Redfield for “Scientific Fraud & Misconduct”; Fabricated, Falsified HIV/AIDS Vaccine Trials"
    From 2020; maybe the first podcast I heard that really red-pilled me about the plandemic & known & unknown actors involved...still worthwhile listening...i really appreciate Mike Moore....Birx & Redfield are still being listened to/covered by MSM..
    From 2020...answer was "No"..

    From 2020;

    Birx was more influential in dictating what was imposed on us than Fauci....

  22. For all you stormchasers out there -- here's something you don't see everyday --
    Tornados INSIDE of tornados:

    But the weather's perfectly normal......

  23. I was just about to put that up....l was watching this as it happened as Iowa was ground zero for yesterday's weather. This tornado looks like it's out of a movie but it's not. Multiple vortices within a huge tornado? They've gotten so ridiculous starting with the derecho a few years back. That was like an inland hurricane, no different. I thought l was back in Florida. The following year we had a terrible storm on the anniversary of it. Too weird. Some insurers have pulled out of Iowa because of these in insane tornadoes and storms.

  24. https://youtu.be/Ew9mlhlGO9E?si=W2GBYYt3PxYZ4ghG


    1. Great comms Max....at this point SOMETHING is affecting the natural weather cycle we all grew up with, where even big outlying events like tornados and hurricanes were more "seasonal."
      Now, all bets are off. Anything can, and usually does happen at anytime....
      everyone can argue til the cows come home whether or not this is man-made tech at work (NEXRAD monkeying, HAARP, CERN what have you...) or the result of the dreaded political football, "climate change." But only one thing is certain -- something radically off is occurring and it's happening with increasing frequency and intensity.

  25. Just tune in to any weather channel and look at the "severe" boxes breaking out in every single broadcast.
    Violent, VIOLENT unstable weather is now happening daily across multiple states.

    At this rate, what's it going to look like in 2, 3 years??

  26. When it happens with such frequency we grow numb and begin to feel a kind of battle fatigue that this is normal and it's always been like this.....
    It's not and it hasn't.

  27. Media stories these days seem to be all about eliciting a REACTION; nothing more and nothing less than that.

    The way the UK Daily Mail jumped all over the report of deadly turbulence yesterday on a Singapore Airlines flight ex London clearly sent (yet again) the message of Don't Fly! Don't Drive! Don't Go Anywhere! Plus, of course, our darling the Climate Change.

    Weirder still -- and I actually lived in Singapore back in 2000 when their aircraft crashed on takeoff in Taiwan -- when I read the Wikipedia account of the crash today, it looks fishy in more ways than one. Let's recap:
    October 31, close to midnight
    The usual typhoon story; even though the control tower saw nothing (?)
    No other aircraft was around (huh?)
    Takeoff at 11:18PM
    81 dead (actually 83, but Wiki insists on splitting this into 81 on impact + 2 in hospital).
    The only fatal accident in the airline's history.

    So as usual, all we "know" about the incident is what the media told us, and/or showed us via some fictitious NatGeo reenactments. Was it just a stunt to push the aviation industry to retire faster the much-loved but fuel-guzzling B747?... Stranger things have happened. And Singapore is as globalist / authoritarian / kowtowing-to-London a regime as they come (with fingerprints all over the MH370 disappearance - to name just one other shameful episode).

    1. Good points Trains!! And just WHAT is it with the MH370 story anyway?? I know there was that Ashton dude with the orbs (supposed) classified/leaked military satellite footage from last year....but was that just another psyop or something genuine?? Lots of folks were split into 2 camps over that, whether the footage was faked, too good to be true, etc...
      Granted, it would have explained just about everything, but always be cautious of people telling you things you might want to believe & that adhere to your particular worldview.

      Personally I just know between that, and Rothschilds entertaining notions of taking over that Semiconductor chip Co, not to mention landing spots at Diego Garcia, MAJOR military monkeying around, cell calls being made from passengers supposedly long after it had gone down, the ET angle.....
      something HUGELY out of the norm happened.
      Put all those factors together and possibly even several things at once...

      But the families still, after all this time, have ZERO answers.

  28. PLUS I forgot to mention re your Singapore Flight 006 crash in 2000 taking place on October 31......
    Just a hint that they LOVE that date for any number of rituals:

    It ALSO took place on Oct 31 -- Halloween.
    Circumstances and timing bef another major event -- namely 9/11 -- are suspicious.
    As are readings taken by the flight data recorder immediately before the crash, which are strange in the extreme:
    Aircraft initially dove at a rate of 39,000 ft per min, resulting in 0 gravity.
    Pilot moved both engines from the "run" to "cutoff" positions -- indicating he was trying to "reboot" the systems, i.e. indicating he had lost control. (??)
    Aft this the aircraft entered a STEEP climb from 16K to 25K feet in a little over 20 seconds -- whereupon it then entered a final plunge towards the ocean at 20K ft per min.
    ALL of this is strongly indicative of remote flight systems operations taking over....Was Flight 990 a test run for 9/11?

    All of this, and much more, was pointed out by Richard Hoagland in a number of posts on his now defunct Enterprise Mission site, including very much the possibility of remote hack being the only explanation covering the many anomalies of that dark night.
    In a matter of weeks after this, Hoagland suffered a major heart attack that almost killed him. (& which had many markers of being a targeted attack with black technology.)

    There were 33 Egyptian military officers on the flight whose presence is still unexplained & which investigations into have been classified.
    And much MUCH more:




    Some, but not ALL, of Hoagland's findings have been located:

    As of now after checking, ONLY the 11/11/99 entry -- A NASA Connection to Egypt Air 990?? -- exists in the archive.
    I have just snipped 7 images comprising the entirety for the future.

    Interesting when they even scrub the Wayback Machine.....Wow.

  29. https://wentworthreport.com/2024/05/24/did-the-deep-state-using-robert-maxwell-start-the-censorship-of-science/
    In the primary scientific literature, there is "the peer review system, which people take for granted as a screening process to ensure rigour in scientific literature. …In reality peer review has become a means of knowledge control — & perhaps that was always the purpose... the instigator of peer review was media tycoon Robert Maxwell. In 1951, at the age of 28, the Czech emigré purchased 3/4 of Butterworth Press for about half a million pounds at current value. He renamed it Pergamon Press, with its core business in science, technology & medicine (STM) journals, all of which installed the peer review system. According to Myer Kutz (2019), ‘Maxwell, justifiably, was one of the key figures — if not the key figure — in the rise of the commercial STM journal publishing business in the years after World War II.’ Maxwell was instrumental to peer review becoming a regime to reinforce prevailing doctrines & power. …British intelligence bankrolled him". Dr. Lee Merritt has also been talking for some time about Maxwell's role in this...

    1. "Peer review" has always been compromised, bought and paid for bullshit = all political.
      Oh, & there's a VERY good reason why Maxwell renamed it Pergamon:


      I swear to God this stuff is so in your face it's like Rosemary's Baby or Angel Heart -- the great mass of people have no freakin idea...

      Also, I know people are all gaga over Whit Webb (& with good reason), but for my $$ the Epstein/Maxwell deep waters don't get any better, or darker, or more thorough, than this:

      Plus there's always the forever wizardly GRAPHCOMMONS:

      I spent a month there one weekend.

  30. https://twitter.com/utism_/status/1794055294126784986?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1794055294126784986%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_c10&ref_url=


    1. You gotta FIGHT....for your RIGHT.....to paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrtay!!!

  31. https://x.com/JeffWellsRigInt/status/1792269315858633151

    Says the guy who tore down all the statues, renamed all the schools, changed all the definitions, and literally destroyed what being a man and a woman is...

  32. https://jamesroguski.substack.com/p/the-pandemic-treaty-negotiations?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=746475&post_id=144952179&utm_campaign=email-post-title&isFreemail=true&r=1ksoh1&triedRedirect=true&utm_medium=email

  33. There is something really dark here:

    1. She's dead Jim.
      Either the baffling turbo from the jab got her,
      she had some abortion Rosemary's Baby "accident" from her messing around with Kingston,
      she learned a bridge too far like Diana about the Epstein/Savile network etc etc -- maybe all of the above......
      They had her taken out as plain as day. Possibly as ritual.

      Which brings me to:

      Surrounded by her "birth family" is def suss lingo. Possibly coded for the usual folderol & secret societies...
      I'd dismiss the above 'x' drop as just more of the usual woo but then I considered the source....Surprised Fitzgerald is still alive; Di likely spilled all to her -- or close to it.

      And as you said Sotes -- no matter how you slice it -- something HUGELY dark is going on.
      Starting to think maybe all this DOES have to do with Moonchildren & the Antichrist; something Crowley, Parsons, & Hubbard put into motion a long long time ago.

  34. https://wltreport.com/2024/05/19/serious-question-is-this-same-guy/
    "I'm not here to try & explain or answer whether there are actors or clones pretending to be Biden.  That's above my pay grade. But what's not above my pay grade is simply looking at these side by side photos & videos & asking the question to all of you -- "Is this the same guy?"....
    And just for reference sake...a clip of the POTUS character from the film "Radio Free Albemuth" released in 2010....in the book PKD meant the President Fremont character to resemble Nixon....interesting how Scott Wilson's portrayal in film is more akin to Joebama....


    1. See my above comm to Sotes about replacements, BB. Everything in the world is hidden and related.

  35. Regarding Princess Kate:
    "It’s probably just a coincidence that Kate Middleton wore an identical dress to Rosemary in the film, in order to present the birth of her second son."

    Too much weirdness surrounding Princess Kate...

    1. The Rosemary thang is a royal trend goin back to Diana, which was spooky enough considering implications from all sides & maybe what Di did or didn't know & was putting out there as to her role as antichrist brood mare who has exceeded by then her shelf life (& she knew it...)
      But the Kate one is an EXACT match:


      Just what both were trying to convey, likely in a low-grade panic, is still open to interpretation:


      "The Process Church opened a chapter in Los Angeles in early 1968. They stayed in public view until a few days after Robert Kennedy’s assassination on June 5, 1968, after which they dropped mysteriously from sight."

      "Rumors at the time said that the Process offered $25,000 to take out Sharon for what she had learned about the RFK assassination via the Sirhan Sirhan connection. Supposedly, she had overheard some things while at a dinner party and had started asking questions. Whether that is true or not, it is an unsettling fact that Roman and Sharon had dinner with RFK the night he was assassinated."


      "In the 2002 edition of The Family (following a cue from author Adam Gorightly), I found still more clues linking the Manson murders to Sirhan and (maybe) The Process Church, as well as to the group Strieber discussed in Solving the Communion Enigma, the Finders. In 1974, Sanders learned about an investigation being conducted by one Richard Smith, of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) into a “satanic group of English origin that had oozed to America in 1967, 1968, and 1969.” According to Sanders, Smith wanted to launch a “full-scale investigation” from Germany to London, with an office in Mexico City to investigate the Mexican operations of the group. When one of Smith’s superiors saw the name of a US congressman included in the investigation, however, Smith was told to cease and desist. Fortunately, Sanders’ inside source had gotten a look at Smith’s report before the investigation was shut down.

      The report stated that English satanist cult members invited Sirhan Sirhan to a number of parties that were sponsored by television people in LA area, and that one of these parties took place at Sharon Tate’s residence. At these parties, it was averred, sexual and ritualistic activities were reported to have occurred. These assertions were apparently based on an FBI report done during the initial investigation of the RFK assassination . . . . Smith’s report stated that a Los Angeles law-enforcement agency had an informant who averred that the English Satanist group had commissioned Manson to kill Sharon Tate . . . The reason for the contract . . . . was “something that she unfortunately overheard that she was not supposed to overhear in regards to Sirhan Sirhan” (p. 483-4, Avalon 2002).

      Smith could not provide any more details, Sander’s source said, citing it as “a matter of national security.”

      Strieber. Manson. The Finders. The Process Church. Tate. National Security.

      How WEIRD does this story get. How DEEP does this story go?

      I could do 20 posts on this and not even be getting started.

  36. More -- MUCH more -- on what Strieber knew, was likely programmed for, and links to as a lifelong conduit:

  37. WAS he or WASN'T he in INVOCATION OF MY DEMON BROTHER with Bobby Beausoleil, who would go on to kill for Manson??
    Gee, he can't quite seem to remember!!"

    Was he there, was he at UT Austin in '66 when Charles Whitman went on his rampage -- another likely programmed tool??
    He can't quite seem to remember that either:

  38. As you can see, you don't need a vaxx to have memory problems...esp when dealing in these areas with these agents.

    As a matter of fact, Whit & others may have been the templates, neuro-cognitively speaking, for what went INTO the vaxx in the first place....

    One of the major side effects, remember, was DEJA VU:

  39. "It is an unsettling fact that Roman and Sharon had dinner with RFK the night he was assassinated."

    You mean, the same way Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman had dinner with Lady Di before she died?

    1. Had NOT heard that one -- give me your insider spill Go-Goat!!
      I'm still working on placing Kidman as the "unnamed Australian actress" at the Ramsey/White Xmas party the night Jonbenet died.....
      SRA sex cults tend to be kinda censor-y around such guest lists, if ya know what i mean.....it was said the Denver PD once upon a time had such docs, but they've since gone missing......

    2. I clearly remember, on CNN, immediately after Lady Di died, they had Tom Cruise on the phone live, saying he and Nicole had just dined with her and Dodi. A bit hard to find evidence of this now...

    3. Daaaaaang. Now that IS interesting JB.....I def remember both of them attending the Royal State funeral, and pictured quite prominently -- have since heard that Tom desperately wanted to be there -- Nic not so much as she wasn't a big fan of Di's openly flirting with Tom at a couple of events where they'd all attended...
      Put this as another in the column with EWS & Kubrick's sudden death, the Ramsey/Fleet White Christmas party night, and lots of other weirdness, surely including the rampant rumours around Kidman's Dad's death and the Fiona Barnett stories coming out just before; then him fleeing the country and then dying in a "mishap" abroad....Her entire sphere of influence is coloured extremely darkly -- maybe there's a good reason for that.

      They say these things are generational and ritual abuse is learned & passed down thru bloodlines.
      If the rumours around her dad aren't really rumours as multiple witnesses have come forward saying, then Kidman is just passing it along and keeping alive the larger Ritual.

      These people are separated by mere degrees and travel in the same circles -- been proven time and time again, unless you believe in coincidences.

  40. Some detailed posts on Strieber; his traumatic childhood experiences that affected him & his works:

    1. Now the only question is -- is his blurry memory legit, or more "convenient."
      He's def been messed with to achieve some degree of neural control & programming. The foresight to single out a child for such, with an entire adult fate mapped out & predetermined, is not only intimidating but terrifying.
      How much of that factors into his profession? And his sudden mid-career switch to "autobiographical cosmic horror??"

      And did it factor in to marking him as a soft kill target for "contact" with NHI as an adult??
      Considering this happened at Randolph AFB in Texas, one of the major landing pads for Operation Paperclip -- how much of this was blueprinted out in the Nazi recipe for contact with other entities that went on prior to and in the midst of WWII??
      And that folks like Aquino so eagerly carried on...