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"The skull's crystal stimulates an undeveloped part of the human brain, opening a psychic channel. Oxley lost control of his mind by staring too long into its eyes. We believe that you can get thru to him after you have done the same. 

The skull does not speak to everyone it seems. Surely you're not afraid Dr. Jones; you've spent your entire life searching for answers. Think of the truth behind those eyes. There may be hundreds if skulls at Akator. Whoever finds them will control the greatest natural force the world has ever known. Power over the mind of man...Imagine; to peer across the world and know the enemy's secrets. To place our thoughts into the minds of your leaders. Make your teachers teach the true version of history, your soldiers attack on our command. We will be everywhere at once, more powerful than a whisper, invading your dreams, thinking your thoughts for you while you sleep. We will change you, Dr. Jones, all of you, from the inside. We will turn you into us. 

And the best part? You won't even know it's happening." 

         Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)

"There is  a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman, and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot."   John Fitzgerald Kennedy  

"You take everything we are, everything we feel

You told the truth about a future you would steal

Money money take it all away

One way or another, you will pay

Talking heads on screens are calling for war

The news is nothing but a greedy lying whore

Two weeks to flatten the curve and we'll all be well

Two weeks turned into three years of fucking hell

Black Flag flying, all your fucking lying

It's a good day for dying, Black Flag flying

You took our freedom took our lives, now you wanna take our bread

I can't forgive the King of Crimes, time to avenge the dead

I'm not one to forgive, I'm not one to forget

Fuck the New World Order

Fuck the Great Reset."

"There's death everywhere these days, Johnny."  Angel Heart, 1987

"The future isn't what it used to be."  Louis Cyphre

Landor: "Good, my note reached you. Were you followed?"

Poe: "Followed? How unprofessional. Certainly not. What is this?"

"The scene of the crime. The second crime. Where Fry's heart was brought. You mentioned the taking of Fry's heart drew you to the Bible. I must admit, I was already moving in that direction. Not to the Bible, but to religion."

"This does appear to render a ceremony of some sort. Blood and candles placed in an intentional manner. A circle.


And a triangle. And Fry's heart very likely placed inside. I have an old friend that might be of some use.

"Professor Jean Pepe is an expert in symbols...rituals...the occult. Pepe might well be the most peculiar man I've had the pleasure of coming across."


Landor: "I bring something curious I would like you to observe."

Pepe: "This can only be a magic circle. I remember seeing it in Le Veritable Dragon Rouge. And if I recall alright, the magician would stand the triangle."


"Well he might have a  group of assistants. And candles and torches on either side, light everywhere. A festival of light, in fact. (my aside: A Thousand Points of Light, perhaps??) Now Gus, if you go to the third shelf on the second to the top, that volume on the top, Yes yes. Pierre de Lancre, redoubtable witch hunter. You read French, Mr. Poe? Please read in silence, it's in the center page. De Lancre executed 600 Basque witches and left behind that remarkable volume you now peruse. 

But the book I wish to give you -- Discours du Diable by Henri LeClerc, who executed 700 witches before he was done, is reputed to have been destroyed. Now, rumour has it that he left behind two or three other volumes identical to the one destroyed. Now finding one has become the idee fixe of many an occult collector. 


"Why? Ooh, LeClerc left behind instructions for securing... immortality."

Poe: "Oh my Lord. It is commonly known amoung the fraternity of evil angels that the contents of a witch's sabbath feast are confined to the following sundries. Unclean animals such as never eaten by Christian peoples, the hearts of unbaptized children, and the hearts of hanged men."        Pale Blue Eye, 2023

(Interesting dialogue from the recent Pale Blue Eye on Netflix; especially in light of what we know of the numbers of missing children in places like Haiti overseen by the Jeffrey Epstein-created Clinton Foundation, and just how many central nexus persons of interest wind up exactly choosing to hang themselves...)        

Come back once again into the secret Treehouse of Intangible Terrors...for we have many sacred factoids to impart and whispered tales to tell, of shadow governments, occulted histories, and nefarious headlines sprouting like poison mushrooms in the full blossom of the evening. Quantum dots to connect that hide in plain sight and can be woven into a tapestry that reveal a method to the unfolding madness as we all sail down this undulating River Styx together, star-crossed passengers manning the lifeboats and trying to decode a way out before it's too late, as the gloom presses in, and the twilight gives way to unyielding darkness. 

How many excursions is it now that we've taken together as Challengers of the Unknown down moonlit footpaths in darkened woods? Oh well; it doesn't matter. One more time, let's go running with the night... 

Psychic upheaval. Compulsion. Obsession. Thought interference. Mind control. Personality alteration. Brain wiping. Sleeplessness. Altered dreams. The fixation on memory.  

Jolly West's wish list for Charlie Manson's Family? MKUltra stalking points? Side effects from a Close Encounter of the Second Kind proximity alert? How about all of the above AND also side effects from the covid-19 vaxx. What are we looking at here? What are we dealing with? And why in the world do all of these factors keep repeating across various avenues of investigation? Obsession, it seems, cuts both ways. Like a knife. 

But there is so much more to clue us in to what may be coming. As we mix and match disciplines in a revolving door, listen to the totality of the weirdness that happened in the Hudson Valley from 1983-1988: 

Many of these same factors would recur during the infamous Phoenix Lights night in March 1997. Both episodes, one lengthy and the other a blip, smack of field testing and social engineering of some kind by other forces still speculative and unknown to this day. But there was a real and continuing emphasis on intrusion into the human mind

And the widespread alteration of memory:

An avenue which many are well onto in the "Trust Science" Dept:

Now remember closely what Karen Kingston alerted us to about the work of James Giordano:

Do we know beyond doubt that nano-particulates are in the vaxx? Yes, we do. If the vaxx can alter DNA, (which it does**) and DNA is linked to actual cellular memory, what happens in the fuzzy area of our mind's memory banks? 


And this has all been going on since the late 1990s btw....this from September 2000 when all kinds of new eras were dawning

Note the Piece 2: Bacterially Induced Transcession and Gene Therapy via Vector Viruses.

Remember MUTATIONS and what Mae Brussell said here again:

Now ponder again the dreams of folks like Jolly West, and DARPA, and MK-Ultra...

We must wonder, and pay strict attention, when so many identical factors begin emerging across so many areas otherwise seemingly not related...we must look closer.

Ancient Sumerian tales say that the Anunnaki altered our genomic base and germline to come up with the product of humans today -- we may just be seeing that same kind of alteration going on again. The origin point of exactly where it is being issued from is still open for speculation. But we have ominous clues stacking up.

What's not up for speculation is the fact that the alteration of reality continues apace. Now all your confirmation bias problems can even just be erased from your very sight: 

I know plenty of people like that already -- no glasses required. After all, we all know who we are...don't we? But more on that in a bit.

In what is almost certainly related news --      

Bill Gates isn't the only one buying up acres of American farmland:

Cross correlate that headline with this one mentioned previously that tracks back all the way to 2000:

And that is only PART of the Gates plan:

For particulars and more via origins and the Revelation of the Method route, see here:

Read carefully to find out how long these wheels, and wheels within wheels, have been turning... 

Sounding as if everything is unfolding in a predictable pattern? Without a doubt.

Meanwhile, back at the megaphone, more absolute lies from the sad, little man:

How do we know? THIS is how we know:

Or, put another way by the AHA:

And, as Karen Kingston, amoung others, has shown, spike proteins are only the start and a small, small part of the bills coming due attesting to the cascade of self-assembling damage at the nano-particulate levels.

PROOF that the dead are emitting MAC addresses and bluetooth signals is no longer just a rumour:

More and more the inescapable conclusion presents itself: this is all about much more than depopulation, transhumanism, tracking apps, infertility, and any kind of so-called Great Reset. Those are only the window dressing to a far larger plan. 

Augmenting an already locked-and-loaded control grid seems quaint, trite, at this point. The worry now begins to border on the existential, the elemental. Ominous in intent and deadly in execution, we talk now of open spiritual warfare. Leaving the human far behind, we are in danger now of insurrections and border crossings by vastly intelligent entities from other spheres of existence, dimensions of reality, and realms of influence that may reach back as far as the Cradle of Civilization in Mesopotamia, in Ur. Perhaps even eons of world-shattering epochs before then to the dire warnings of Atlantis, of Lemuria. Of a Hyborian Age

 when true sword and sorcery ruled the day, and contact with magickal entities was as normal as the sun rising. Another great reason why lots of important someone's don't want Graham Hancock's poking around to continue...

To be sure, many someone's in the here and now seek to replicate that situation and fling wide open the doors of Chapel Perilous. And dull-witted, de-fanged, and dimmed-down, too long away from confrontation and battle, we have far fewer Conans to save us. That too, has been engineered by design and steered by science and pharmakeia; the dilution of family, strength, memory, and autonomy. In the rampant course of this post and its tangents, let's try to see the view from altitude, to where all this is ultimately heading. As always, we must be ultra vigilant as to where we are being steered. 

And the outlier talk of intrusions is hardly anything new: 

Previous rantings and message delivery packaging aside, AJ sounds like a genuine prophet here for anyone that's been paying even the remotest attention since, say, 2016. And it's not as if there isn't a HUGE ridiculous, glaring precedent for every particle of this: 

And we can join innumerable other dots in this matrix:

What if the likes of Sidney Gottlieb, thru first Operation OFTEN and then MK-Ultra, entered some form of communications with just such entities that Jones was referring to, Vallee catalogued, and Kary Mullis (see below) made contact with?  

Ultra just by itself tested pretty much every drug and cocktail known to man on unsuspecting government patsies, prisoners, orphanages, students, and more. Why? What was the end goal? What were they looking for? What information was Frank Olson privy to?:

Extrapolating the falling dominos into today, what are some saying the end purpose of the vaxx ingredients is? To control people's behaviour without their knowledge. (Refer to Giordano above.) Jonestown wasn't just a place, it was, it IS, a perspective.  

Going even more in depth, remember the inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, and his rather curious backstory, which bears repeating for added effect:

Mullis perhaps knew what his invention would be used for eventually, and made no small talk of trying to warn us all:

The Covid model isn't just following the AIDS model -- it IS the AIDS model. Phantom cases exploding and made possible once again by fraudulent use of the PCR testing system. And who was behind both? 


They tried and failed to get this program up and running once before:

And when I say up and running I mean getting a needle full of God knows what into the arms of everyone on the planet.

Kary Mullis knew EXACTLY what was going on. Dr. Luc Montagnier knew EXACTLY what was going on.

Conveniently, Mullis died on August 7, 2019. Montagnier in 2022. Mullis from a fast-acting pneumonia and Montagnier from "unknown" causes shortly after that last youtube clip. Did he look in distress to you? Also right before he was to give testimony about the ersatz nature of this entire operation. I don't believe in coincidences. Both of these men possessed damning and vital information that could have blown up the entire house of cards and stopped a global coup in its tracks in the most important court of all -- the court of public opinion.

Wise to remember the words of Carl Sagan here: "One of the saddest lessons of history is this: if we've been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We're no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It's simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we've been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back."

Once again, in plain terms , how the bamboozle was rendered:

Put in other quantumly entangled words, I think we've got goblin problems:

In all of our rooms.  

There is technological-biological-spiritual chaos and degradation grafted straight onto the timeline since 2020. And it was all always going to be engineered that way:

What happens when the biological explanatory bloodlines of Hereditary (conveniently setting the stage and released in 2018 btw -- at the height of both QAnon fervor and Epstein-mania because there are no coincidences) get together with the predictive programming of The Last Of Us? You get a whole lot of them telling us the way it's always been and the way it's now going to be. The zeitgeist is now littered with clues they no longer feel the need to keep to themselves, spilling over into the real world:

There is a shadowy pic that leads the headers that originates from a frame inserted into a disclosure vid from two guys that snuck onto Little St. James to capture what they found there -- and it proves that an underground system of tunnels and chambers there did, in fact, exist -- which leads into far more disturbing areas of inquiry and what the true purpose of the island, as well as other of Epstein's properties, may have been.   

You may continue to think things aren't coming together, but you'd be whistling past the graveyard and all those pinging bluetooth signals...

Because the abolition of memory, whether thru fungi or nanotech or extradimensional manipulation or MK-Ultra wetworks (perhaps a combo of all?), always brings us back here and face-to-face with their longstanding goals and endgame. Look at this clip again closely and the reveal back in 1987:

When the certainty of who we are fades, the floor gives away, the solid footing is no more; then anything becomes possible. Perhaps this is why all the spiritual texts tells us to above everything else, guard our thoughts. As if the sheltering and hoarding of these alone can be the key to saving us. This is why they seek to change definitions, to change words -- this changes reality. The definition of pandemic, the definition of vaccine. Destroy the definitions that used to be. Tear down all the statues. Tear down the fundamental differences between what makes a man a man, a woman a woman. A family a family. What makes good good. What makes evil evil. 

When all those boundaries are gone -- everything is subjective and anything goes. And reality is whatever they say it is. The truth becomes no longer objective; no longer written in stone and the perspective becomes as cloudy and occluded as our skies increasingly since 1998, when they -- yes -- changed the definition of what clouds and contrails were. Don't trust your lying eyes -- trust us. 

Who are we anymore? Especially when the fundamental nature of everything has been kicked out from under us, changed. Living in a hall of mirrors with a quicksand floor has never been more appropriate.

Research into fungi makes you wonder why exactly the presence of so many living organisms being found within the vaxxes as studied and charted by folks like Carrie Madej, Ana Mihalcea and La Quinta Columna have been seen since the very beginning of all this research:

There is a very good reason they tried to kill this girl in a plane crash. The above exhibits 1 & 2 could very well be the main reasons.

We also cannot forget that DARPA and its many funding offshoots have been looking deeply into the applications of and for hydra vulgaris for a long time:


Can anyone see where this is going? What the final endgame is? What the establishing order out of all this chaos will be? 

Every day there is a new disclosure and a furthering of the infrastructure of control...the latest from those that want to kill you:

There is much more "disclosure" coming every day, now being revealed in the mainstream:

Sure, it's just 65 and over......for now.

The View from 30,000 feet:

But, there is a method to all this soft disclosure madness. To build anger up in the common man so much that change is demanded. But the chaos is all deliberate and orchestrated. And after a pre-set period of time and as the outcry reaches the boiling point in the public forum and the all-important court of public opinion, the time for a scapegoat emerges.

Then it will be determined that, for the good of the people, all those that were "in on it," all sovereign governments, politicos, corporate heads, can no longer be trusted and must be henceforth abolished. This is when the REAL ruling bodies come in to play: the WHO, the WEF, the CDC, the UN. They then decide on reparations for all those harmed by the vaxx which will lead the way for Universal Basic Income. 

All worldwide governments took the bribe and the fix was in from the word go:

Once again, nothing new:

Substitute oil & regime change/coup for the vaxx and the process is identical. Those that oppose are assassinated

The UBI begets a One World Currency, which btw, is already being set up as we speak:

All of the above had the way paved for them by the Epstein-laundered and manufactured FTX...

(Pre-9/11 vibe check anybody??...)

The one world currency sets the stage for, in turn, a one world religion of tolerance and "peace," re-written in absolute exclusionary terms for all but the most vehemently "woke." Christianity will be viewed as a "hate" religion and treated in the same terms as "hate" speech is now. Socially marginalized and cancel cultured out of any meaningful existence. 

Which will all in turn set the stage for the final blasphemy -- the One World Government. Meant to "protect" and "take care" of us, so something like the Great Global Vaccine Holocaust can never, never happen again. Nothing could be further from the truth... From there on it's Antichrist territory all the way down...just as it was always meant to be. 

Something very much drawing in the latticework for this is happening right now:

If you think this implementation phase isn't being discussed at Davos, you're crazy.

And just look who's sister showed up at the fancy party. What a freakin clown show. 


But none of this could have happened without the setup, the psyop, the fake and PCR-augmented plandemic fear-mongering numbers setting the stage for the vaxx which set the stage for the final countdown to the End of Days. 

All made possible by our horrible ability to tolerate what we never should have in the first place.

Addendum for hope -- the people are fighting back:

This is what we need to keep on fighting our manifest destiny. As much as I believe in Fate and Destiny, ultimately the future is unwritten. Entangled Quantumly, we have the ability to change it.  

So keep on chasing down that rainbow, you never know what you might find:

How many of today's worldwide forces on the loose (9 years later to countdown start) explained in one little vid, including choices at the beginning, from September 9, 2011. Downright mystical sometimes the way things come together, recalling other things in the past connecting with those yet to occur. Which brings us on the roundabout to...


We are all now victims of both DID and Stockholm Syndrome, making midnight cemetery deals with our handlers, cozying up to our abusers, sleeping with the enemy in our multiple personality fugue state...peering out at the world thru the cracked glass of the heart that is slowly being dismantled. Everything has been turned on its head as we now fatally embrace roles we've always, since childhood, been warned about. But, being transfixed by our own reflection, being locked in to the self-preservation of denial is all we know, all we can stand.

Only the other day Bill Gates tweeted "Vaccines in our food supply solves the problem of vaccine hesitancy!" 

Which is more than a little like saying slipping a roofie in the girl's drink solves that pesky problem of sex hesitancy...

But by all means let's leave the last word this time to German Expressionism ( see opulent visuals here:  )

and the telltale prophetic nature of the already cited 1987's Angel Heart, a film so out of step at that time it didn't break even and was roundly considered a failure. But no one that ever saw it at that time would ever quite escape its grasp or decaying gravitic pull, or fail to remember in the ensuing years just how far ahead of its time it was.

Given the climate today and with the hindsight of accumulated knowledge of elite strata and forbidden secrets hidden in plain sight, it might win every award there is for disclosure reveals alone were it to be released side would decry it while the other would embrace it as its own. (Johnny Favorite's backstory reads like something straight out of Epstein's black books, or even Epstein's own; hell, it probably IS...) 

Looking at all the coming links and vids provided also brings up the notions of the dangers of even peripheral proximity to occult practices, the high probability of fallen angels procreating with human females, and, once again, curious events alluding to the possibility of the alteration of both time and memory, all of which seem today to be something of recurring themes as a be-all, end-all, but in 1987 were something too sci-fi for even sci-fi to tackle aside from the out-there visions of Philip K Dick.   Johnny Favorite's Unauthorized Biography

And watch out for Wednesday. It's Anything Can Happen Day.















  1. "Chaosophy" asserts that the world that we live in, and the universe that it lives in, all exists within the realm known as Cosmos. Cosmos is made of three spatial dimensions and one linear time dimension. Cosmos rarely ever changes and is a materialistic realm. Another realm that exists is known as Chaos. Chaos exists outside of the Cosmos and is made of infinite dimensions and unlike the Cosmos, it is always changing.

    Chaosophists believe that the realm of Chaos is ruled over by 11 dark gods, all of these considered manifestations of a higher being. This higher being is known as the Dragon Mother, the 11 as one, dead but dreaming. They believe that the Dragon Mother will resurrect one day and destroy the Cosmos and let Chaos consume everything.

    This ancient belief system was embraced in modern times by the "Temple of the Black Light", and soon resulted in human sacrifices.

  2. This is strange and interesting:

    "And all the days of Lamech were seven hundred seventy and seven years: and he died."

    Immediately, with the number 777, my intuition tells me to look for Pan, or anything "Crowley-ian".

    Mehtar Lam, Afghanistan, is named after Lamech, allegedly his final resting place. In the Persian language, 'mehtar' means headman, lord or chief.

    *LAM (Lamech) is Noah's father's name.* Noah might have been half-Watcher.

  3. Semyaza was the leader of the Watchers. In colloquial Aramaic of the Christians of the Middle East, "Semyaza" has become the common name for a television (!), from the words Shmo (hear)-tele and chazi(see)-vision. "Lucifer's technology".

  4. As a very important addendum and perfect for foggy and rainy middle-of-the-nights, here's the prized pdf of FALLING ANGEL:

  5. It's all so mind boggling for me to try and ponder that it trips circuit breakers in my head trying to integrate all the information and then tie that into such a long timeline as has obviously been shown to exist.
    Its a certainty that I won't be around to see even a tiny bit of what's coming in humanities future but that little blurb about the Chinese kids and their extraordinary abilities gives me just a small glimmer of hope if that starts emanating elsewhere in larger numbers.
    Ya just have to protect them from the MotherWEFers so they can be taught to use their powers for the good of humanity.
    I have seen anectdotal evidence that these MotherWEFers have been running into some issues that are throwing sand in their gears and the fact that about half of the invitees to this years Davos circle jerk bailed out.
    That's a lot of Evil Bastards who suddenly decided they needed to wash their hair instead of going out all at once.
    Then there is the curious timing of that Horse Faced Tranny Jacinda down in KIWI Land deciding she didn't eat enough chili and doesn't have enough gas to Dictate anymore, coupled with the blatantly obvious
    timing of FJB suddenly going over his Best By Date and the recurring surfacing of old Classified Documents that keep showing up.
    As for the latest occurrence as of yesterday when the DOJ spent 12 hours searching the home attached to his Corvette/Self Storage Unit for Classified Documents, I believe that was a Clean Up operation to find and remove any last shred of evidence that could tie Hunter or FJB to any of the crimes so repeatedly ignored by the EFF BEE EYE on the Laptop From Hell.
    Finding more Classified documents was just a convenient cover story and one more knife in his back for good measure.
    As Wordman so exquisitely points out, things are coming to a head but I still say that their preferred timeline has been irretrievably compromised and they are running their Two Minute Drills trying to hurry things along.

    1. It's comforting to think there is powers at work we have no conception of, and that they are good ones. It reasons that we will mostly never hear of the heroes, of their deeds or of their deaths. God bless them all.

      Looking into this like we do, it's easy to get caught up in their mythology. To be a player in their story even if you hate it. Remembering to relax and practice compassion is something I need to remember to do. Asian psychic children - whether it be true or not - (I'm queasy about the mechizedek fella) is a good reminder of the power of wonder and joy, and that in times like these, that such qualities can be heroic in themself.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. What you mean? I just feel new age guru vibes from the guy from that interview. Charlatan or not he restored some optimism in me though, reminding that we mostly see the plays the "bad guys" are making, which is itself a part of the psywar. I've been pretty depressed lately.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. I know the guy who tripped up their timeline. They, the elite, laughed at this guy. He said, "...okay, I'll see you later when you figure it out".

      Now, much too late...they are starting to understand what happens when you annoy an agent of a higher power. If you insulted a diplomat from an enemy or force that you couldn't understand or preferred to denigrate, wouldn't there be unforeseen consequences that could jeopardize a 2000 year plan (The NWO)?

      Even more laughable and embarrassing is the elite chose to do a cost benefit analysis of what it would cost them to go through with their plans...and it would have cost them chump change. They couldn't make an admission or show responsibility for their acts and omissions. It was their own bizarre delusional narcissism that was their achilles heel. They thought they were omnipotent, but were actually surrounded by their enemies much like Germany attacking The USSR while also declaring war on Britain and USA at the same time?

  6. I once again need to highlight the 2007 movie "The Invasion", a remake of "Body Snatchers", except in this case, the body snatching was done through *vaccines*, and poisoning the food. In the movie, the first infected person happened to be the head of the CDC - *then through media manipulation, under the pretext of a false pandemic, they vaccinated the entire population, replacing the individualities of humans with the hive mind aliens.*

    The main plot of the "X-Files" precisely had to do with the use of a plague and a vaccine to mind-control/instantly repopulate the Earth with alien DNA.

    I figure this is what happened at Pfizer/Moderna/etc:

    "So boss, what do we put in this "vaccine"?"

    (Boss takes out industrial blender)




  7. If we put together the research and experiences of Philip J. Corso, Whitley Strieber, Nigel Kerner, Allison Reed and others, we get a fuller picture about the Greys, and the deeper spiritual dimension of things:

    The Greys are nothing more than biological robots, they cannot reproduce on their own, and they have no *souls*, which explains their obsession with human reproduction, with the creation of a hybrid race, and why these small drone-like beings consider us to be nothing more than "containers".

    *No one has ever seen the REAL aliens, the ones who created and originally controlled the Greys, and the only symbols or slips-of-the-tongue pointing to the true nature of the vastly superior extraterrestrial intelligence at work behind the large-headed, black-eyed workers point towards *an incredibly ancient female entity, apparently similar to the Babylonian goddess Ishtar, surrounded by her faithful owls*.

    These visitors not only want to "piggy back" our souls for the sake of eternal existence, but also in order to be able to "cross the Fields of Death": basically, if someone has a spiritual essence, they can somehow exploit the zero-point area between atoms, allowing for faster-than-light travel that is practically instantaneous, even between distant galaxies. Without a soul, being limited to the conventional laws of physics, travel from one star system to the next may take centuries, if not millennia.

  8. Is that your writing JB? I like it. I would like to know more about:

    *No one has ever seen the REAL aliens, the ones who created and originally controlled the Greys, and the only symbols or slips-of-the-tongue pointing to the true nature of the vastly superior extraterrestrial intelligence at work behind the large-headed, black-eyed workers point towards *an incredibly ancient female entity, apparently similar to the Babylonian goddess Ishtar, surrounded by her faithful owls*.

    Makes me think of Knowles' Siren. Wonder if theres any link.

    Man if you told me as a kid that the future be some fusion of PKD and REH.....

    1. My pal Nick Redfern wrote "Immortality of the Gods" and "Final Events", plenty of great stuff in there, very close to John A. Keel in scope.

    2. FINAL EVENTS is basically a Keel tome updated. But it all started before that right here with Jeff:

      VERY early days of the ever-expanding rabbit hole.

      Also outlined by Linda Howe in her book Glimpses of Other Realities Vol.II High Strangeness even earlier, in 1998...

      Much more in that fascinating podcast with she, Boeche and John Burroughs of Rendlesham fame -- they get into it all & even more:

      You'll be sleeping with one eye open for sure....

  9. If you go into the newest comments on that Rig Int post it spams this:

    Hemorrhoids are the most potent herbal hemorrhoid remedies from De Nature for treating hemorrhoids or severe hemorrhoids

    But in Indonesian lol.

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  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This is a helluva rabbithole holy holey

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I mean what you linked
      This is the most sober presentation of this theory I've ever seen.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Or maybe more importantly, blocking its synthesis.

  13. It, and other similar cholinesterase inhibitors.

    And, how it could relate to nanotech, etc.

    Maybe I'm just tired, but this seems like a really important avenue of research.

  14. Ok, it would probably take at least nine years just to be able to read this paper and actually know what they're saying.

    Sorry to spam. I'll stop now. It's too easy to get carried away these days. Gotta remember to breath and stay grounded.



  16. I feel like Dginn might be able to give it a crack. Hope she does/can. It's an interesting line of inquiry.

  17. Attacks against Catholic churches approach 300 incidents since May 2020Attacks against Catholic churches approach 300 incidents since May 2020

    photos don't look like random vandalism ....

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Pope Francis: "Capitalism, profit, money... these things are BAD."

      also Pope Francis: *lives in the ultimate lap of luxury, manages a merchandising empire bigger than Disney, shakes hands with International Bankers*

    3. oldmaninthedesert - I want to see what they have in that library and what they have in that bank!

    4. I agree MissFrill, but OMID, blanket dismantling of the Catholic church I don't think is a good thing, while there's snakes in the Vatican including the pope and I agree much more with Martin Luther, than the church, there's still good. The Catholic church is a favorite first corruption of dictators because attacking religion, even an infiltrated religion serves a purpose. In Albania the they first beheaded the Catholic priests... In the Soviet Union the KGB installed gays and pedophiles as priests in order to undermine the strength of the church.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Aaaaaa you give me too much credit, sorry I've been busy, rewiring my brain, relearning coding, doing spring cleaning, cooking and rewriting my mirror cave blog post. (It's halfway done if you want to check a sneak peek) Now adding homeschooling to avoid the all their physical, spiritual, and mental poisoning I had a migraine last night realizing all that I have on my plate.

  19. And reading this post of course, good one Wordman, I'll definitely have to check out ANGEL HEART when the kids are in bed sometime.

  20. Words, only checked out the last one, the only point I found of significances was that they have a way of artificially making the Amyloid that's in Alzheimer's.
    When reading it. Don't try to read it like you would a novel, start with reading the abstracts these will tell you if it's related to what you're looking for, then if you go for the whole article skip over the technical, details of exactly how they did the experiment, since we don't have a lab these a moot, read the first part then the results and conclusions, hope that helps.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. I saw you getting pretty sciencey on a couple posts so maybe this would be up your alley

    Am I the only person posting here without a blog haha

  23. Dginn, I'm very sorry. I realized that I posted this the way I did because I was hoping you'd look into it. Anyone, actually, who knows about the subjects. It was fucking manipulative and I should have waited to calm down and put it out in a better way.

    I don't know about anyone else, but for me it's fear that leads straight to the worst parts of my personality. It really is the mind killer. Mind like xin, the unity of heart and mind. Fear, confusion, and carelessness - the evil trinity, lol.

    Thanks for your advice on how to read the articles. That's how I started being able to grasp any science articles at all. Abstract/introduction, results, discussion/conclusion. Then go back and reread the whole thing, skimming over what I don't understand (most of it), looking up terms here and there. Eventually after reading enough articles, they start to make some sense.

    The two best times to plant a tree - 20 years ago, and today.
    Feeling dejected because I didn't do it twenty years ago will only make it harder to do anything today. Alright. It's time to get planting.

  24. The hidden artifact scam looks like it could be a recurring theme for the foreseeable future.

    I find it interesting because it seemingly ties into many different currents in public discourse. First Trump had classified documents and the Left got worked up. Now Biden has classified documents and the Right is getting worked up. Soon everyone will be Worked up. Hunter Biden had a laptop full of personal artifacts which the Right worked to expose while the Left worked to discredit. AOC had talked about a list of Trump supporters to be "held accountable" which the Right deplored. Trends often start at the top of the social pyramid before raining down on the rest of us. H.R. 61 could potentially bring the level of public scrutiny to the masses that was formerly reserved for public figures.

    In 2016 everyone was worked up about Trump's tax returns. This year saw the approval of, and subsequent rejection, of 87,0000 IRS jobs.

    Biden is seemingly in hot water because he got publicly worked up about something which applied to him, too. How many people got publicly worked up about one or the other hidden/revealed document stories over the years?

    1. Not to mention, of course, the Pfizer documents and attempt to keep them hidden for 75 years. And reports that public health databases were being altered, and the information they showed being put into question for various reasons.

      There were claims that China failed to release important information regarding the pandemic. Many rumors about the doctor whose messages got out at the beginning.

      There was the correspondence between public health leaders that got revealed.

      Social media bans/reported shadowbans/deletions of posts/reported suppression of posts. Infighting about moderators and moderation policies.

      Fact checking of information by outfits which, I believe, claimed to only be expressing their opinion when pressured.

      The "Right to be Forgotten."

      "Dead-naming" controversies.

      Fox News saying it was only entertainment after all, and should not be taken seriously.

      The list could go on and on. Living in "The Information Age" might turn out to be slightly different than what most of us were expecting.

    2. While out right to be free men and women with all our memories and personality is being eroded

    3. The latest fraud surrounding the speaker of the House vote was the back room deal that promoted a Congressional inquiry into The Weaponization of The Federal Government targeting US citizens. Being a TI for decades, I knew this new opening was another half hearted attempt at creating the pretense of doing oversight on the police state. I knew that Congress has a long history of manufacturing the cover up by investigating outrageous government conduct.

      So, I didn't bother taking part in this new Church committee. I didn't bother submitting a letter or affidavit detailing decades of outrageous civil rights abuses by law enforcement working with contract security firms who run DOJ's Community Policing program with Infraguard-DHS. Just in the last twenty years (Bush presidency) the police state has weaponized all the mind control intrusions to entrap and harass any hapless sap caught up in National Security programs that were rationalized under The Unitary Executive Branch Theory of Presidential Powers during a time of war. This lawfare doctrine comes from the refusal of Congress to investigate and detail "how The National Security Act" has been interpreted to rationalize the targeting of US citizens for murder, torture, stalking, COINTELPRO.

      Somehow, our wonderful court system and media and lawyers have never quite been capable of exposing the most dangerous mafia crime family operating inside The US, and funded by taxpayers who dutifully pay their fed taxes every year. The crime family is known as The US Intelligence Community. It exists in every county-town-city-state. It cannot and has not been exposed
      by prosecutors or civil suit attorneys...ever...for decades?

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. No need to apologize, and geez to come down on yourself so hard. In person we wouldn't really be so hard on ourselves in conversations sharing fascinating subjects, this mode of communication sometimes is hard on the psyche. Sometimes it takes 20 years for a tree to grow. ;)
    Ha laughing at my children cause I made chicken fajitas with wilted kale the other day and they turned up their noses and opted for leftover spaghetti. Today for lunch I minced up all the same ingredients as in the fajitas and served it as quesadillas and they loved it. Sometimes it's about presentation. like my blog post, and comments, I realized that I needed to present things differently because no one was really making the connections that I thought they were, sometimes genius appears as delusions when you don't believe or understand. So to make this easier on the psyche, who would you want to present yourself as?

  26. It goes both ways, right now you have anonymity and have me at a disadvantage because you know more about me than I do about you, but OTOH, I have history here that won't just fade away as fast if I disappear.

  27. Let me tell you it takes guts to come back as the same person after some of the stupid things I've said.;)

  28. A nature-loving, intuitive nerd with interest in/ambiguity for a wide variety of subjects, or something. Someone actively working to integrate their internal darkness/light or whatever you'd call it. That's kind of how I regard myself, anyway. No need to try to appear to be someone you're not. Actually, I'd rather present myself as bland, but not Milquetoast. Ordinary. Present, but not particularly notable.

    Some of the people I hold in the highest regard are the ones who raise good points, but aren't pointed. They speak intelligently on complex subjects in ways that are understandable. They use humor and understand sarcasm, without relying on them.

    This is good. It's good once in awhile to reflect on the things I like about people. (Trying to talk about myself kind of felt like filling out forms on a dating website, lol.) Thank you.

  29. Online, we're all minds without bodies. In a way.

  30. I don't want people online to know whether I'm a man or woman, because people change the way they relate to others when they know. I prefer to leave it open-ended, so the weird psychosocial dynamics of society don't have as much influence.

  31. So, what is the factory recommended ignition timing for a 1957 Chevy 327?

  32. Haha, Chevy didn't make a 327 until 1962.

    Anyway, I came back on to post this, and got distracted:
    I just remembered that a few years ago I was renting a room from some people, and they turned out to have cockroaches in the kitchen.

    Instead of cleaning up better, they started using some "natural" pesticide which I think may have been camphor based. Whatever pesticide it was, it really got to me.

    Every mucous membrane in my body was affected. Numbness and tingling. It felt really gross, and altered my sense of smell. No one else seemed to be affected the same way.

    I moved out not long after that, seriously afraid of lasting damage. Eventually I was fine, but the experience was dreadful. It was while living there that I started to think about Weimar Republic days in Germany, and wondering where our country was headed. This was in 2018.

  33. Haha love my cousin Vinny, A worthy pursuit, I'm trying to do the same, I found that if you don't get the light and the dark to recognize the necessity of each other and temper and prune each other within then you end up controllable dissociative, and amnesic because the good won't recognize that it's capable of the bad and the bad feels irredeemable and neither want anything to do with the crazy ;)

  34. Dginn -- you will definitely get into the density of Angel Heart, that reveals more with repeated viewings: the citation written on the doctors notes in ball point pen that wasn't around in 1943. It just leaves things like that out there hanging for you to ponder the cosmic implications....very brilliant in that way and creates worlds of subtext beneath the surface.

    Coming as it did in 1987 is fairly amazing in what it portended for the future...the crucial nature of identity, deals/pacts that are made and what is done to bypass those pacts, and what comes after you in perpetuity.

    Also the names are extremely clever -- Winesap & Macintosh are strains of what exactly?
    What did the Devil use to temp humanity?
    You got it.

  35. Replies
    1. I'll tell Zod. He's always looking for evidence of a nearby 180° pole flip.

    2. CIA Classified Book about the Pole Shift, Mass Extinctions and The True Adam & Eve Story

      .... oh good! I can quit worrying about nuclear war! At least we won't be around for the thousand mile an hour wind storm!

    3. Key word, "CIA?" What if this was another hidden artifact scam? As in, a breadcrumb trail leading straight to witch's cauldron.

  36. I've been sort of gullible for a long time. It was easy to stir me up and make me react as a kid. Then, when the other kids made fun of me and treated me in ways I would never in a million years get away with treating anyone else like, I would be told it was my own fault - because I was too much fun to make fun of.

    Getting worked up puts a target on one's own back.

    I've got to stop getting upset about stuff. It's almost certainly all a trap. So far, just about every bad thing that's happened to anyone has been a result of something they did or said. Who reacts, loses.

  37. Yeah, I got picked on bad in school and they always said that it was because of my reaction, even though I fought back all the time it got worse. One day the teacher told me to convince them that I was crazy and they would leave me alone. So I did, and I didn't know how well, years later the few that apologized said that they would switch the names on the papers that I would turn in, and justified it by "she's crazy but she gets all the answers right" so that it made the teachers even think that I was crazy because my handwriting would change and I would get my homework wrong but ace the tests, so then they thought I was cheating on the tests too. They thought the other kids "just hated tests". Like a concerted effort to ruin my life...

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    1. Something about this comment reminded me of "The Jabberwocky," which in turn made me think of "Won't Get Fooled Again." Which of course led to that Bush quote, "Fool me once, shame on...shame on you. You fool me, you can't get fooled again."

      Anyway, I've often wondered how people convince other people to do terrible things to people. The only answer that ever made sense was "dehumanization." Call them witches and heretics. Ideologues. Vampires or aliens. Demons. Whatever - as long as it's threatening. Even convincing someone some "other" thinks they're not worthy of human status could do the trick.

      How to resist falling into that mind-trap without becoming helpless when other people appear to be falling for it?

  40. Oh man, there's so much news coming out but I'm busy with my post, I was going to post that about the core changing direction too

  41. OH HELLS NO!!!
    Speaking of Hail Hydra.....I'm sure at a certain magnification there are bugs, spores, parasites in/on everything, but with what's going on in other areas of investigation lately -- who is to say this isn't planned & premeditated??
    Certainly not me:

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

    The VAXX is just a side-eye vector in a multi-pronged assault on humanity....

  42. Oh my fucking fucking God. Those absolute cowards. Those absolute losers. Blaming us till the very end.

  43. RE the above, OK, NOW I get it -- deflecting &/or seeking to run cover for:

    If any ONE of these cases gains traction and/or sets precedent -- they need contributory negligence to come into play to have a prayer...
    But won't work because EVERY bit of reading material that we got our "forbidden/secret knowledge" from was accessible to them also thru the same means & sources. We weren't actively hiding it from them ala Pfizer, Murderna & the FDA looking for a 75-yr knowledge hiatus.

    You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink isn't a viable legal defense AFAIK.

      Didn't you say that the best present is and always will be the truth? And Wednesday is anything can happen day? Happy birthdayChristmasvalentinetc. All rolled into one. Even if you think that you've read this before, I guarantee that you haven't check it out. There were loose ends but since the last dozen changes I made got deleted, I thought I better put it up before the whole thing disappears.

    2. Scary to think what's in our food. How you fight against that? Am I affected right now? Just another vector of a frog being boiled slow? (Rhetorical questions btw)

      Bahamas stuff interesting too

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Hey you ok Dginn? I didn't mean for any of that to come across that way at all! Genuinely interesting/scary stuff.

    5. When I said rhetorical I meant because I didn't want you to feel like you had to explain :(

    6. Read ALL of it, and click on links ;) I was being fascious because of my history here and this was kinda my magnum opus making all new connections with more than got deleted and it seems no one got past the first part kind 'eh

    7. I'm shitposting while I sneak phonetime at work il give it a good go on the train <:^)

  44. Hey wordman you see that thing oldmanindesert posted about the cyclical electromagnetic cataclysms? What you reckon abt that?

    1. Following along the same lines of Graham Hancock hypothesis and folks like SuspiciousObservers, Mr Mbb333 et al. All closely monitor anomalous weather patterns or lack of same I should say...Unfortunately there is def a Large Cycle (Hamlet's Mill) at work here & we are LONG overdue...
      Much here also pertaining:

      & Dginn thanks for that drop of yours -- beddy time for now in the Batcave but will take a look see manana.
      Time to hang upside down for a bit....

    2. Seen this?

      @oldmandesert you find this interesting I reckon

    3. Raises the question why bother to vaxx us if this just gonna happen anyway?

    4. Aaaaaa, I figure (and this is more Zod's theory than mine, but he's been predictably right so far) that everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING that has happened in the 2020s has been a series of distractions from a 180° pole flip that will wipe out over 99% of life on Earth, as is the case every 12,000 years. The Elite will be hidden deep underground when TSHTF.

      The Vaxx is to make sure the dumbest, sheepish people out there don't survive and repopulate the Earth.

    5. Who's ZOD?
      This actually makes a certain kind of sense tbh. Suspicious observers thinks this will happen between 2025-2030, IIRC, not long at all.
      At the same time though....
      70 years ago they found this out for certain it seems like and since then an aggressive degeneration of the human race has taken place..
      Imagine if we were all working together.. could we have not achieved wonders? Are the powers that be really so cynical? Why? Also I find it hard to believe people like Trudeau etc would not know about this but also be allowed to get on the ark..
      Why would Bill Gates buy up so much farmland and risk exposure if this thing is right around the corner. Surely Gates could have managed an ark ticket, or made his own..
      And why these living organisms in the vaxx? Food? Is it such a free-for-all for control now that people just going HAM?
      Collins Elite type business. Is this all just different types of distraction? They seem to be really working hard...
      This is really interesting to contemplate. Puts all this business in another perspective entirely.

    6. On the Throaway aliens line, they get the images from this:
      It's supposedly created in such a way as to contain every image that could possibly exist not just video taped things. If someone created an algorithm correctly for it, it could be used a form of srcying in the black mirror, ONLY it would ALSO give you ALL the false images so they would want a three way verification like in MINORITY REPORT.

    7. I've witnessed firsthand people being scared to death of a group that comes with pictures that can't possibly exist and knowledge that they can't possibly have, yet somehow doesn't quite seem angelic.

    8. There was an image on the throawayaliens post? I didn't see 8^)

      I love Borges though and have never seen this. Appreciate it alot.

    9. No it said that to convince you of their power they show you a picture that couldn't possibly exist let alone they couldn't possibly have,. But now with deepfakes they have to get more creative.

    10. Zod is another one of us commenters but he was commenting on the Den before if closed. He had some very intricate mathematical equations and science that he was using along with hints of insider knowledge that the poles were going to flip kinda his shtick that was all he talked about. He said that there would be a winnowing artificial if need be that would kill off anyone not worthy of moving up.

    11. The Den never closed, btw:

    12. Oh, thanks for that JB. Ok so Words are from your comments in the den, it makes more sense, sorry I have to say you guys really should read all of what you post beforehand. So SOMA the Vedi drink was thought to be a myth, meant to give eternal life or knowledge of the gods, or the drink of life itself.whereas SOMAN the Wikipedia article is a toxic nerve agent two completely unrelated things. While it is possible for your body to self produce a toxic or psychoactive substance it is brought on by what you ingest or inject. There was an old cold remedy don't remember the name that becomes flammable in a reaction with hydrochloric acid and potassium that might have lead to some cases of spontaneous human combustion, others like in limbs only might have been reactions with uretic acids. The first culprit is almost always medicine. I've got stuff on breaking down hydrocarbon toxins in the body but not really if you don't know what you are doing. The most basic would be to do baths with a tablespoon or two of borax not boric acid (though that can be applied directly to fungus) and take milk thistle as it is what silymarin is derived from. Silymarin is a liver detoxing agent that can be given IV in extreme cases of poisoning. There's also taking chelating agents to rid hydrocarbon toxins especially heavy metals like thallium one of the best is ferrous ferrocyanide laundry bluing. If someone body were producing a toxin there would be signs, one of them interestingly I got after the mothballs which is a brownish rust like discoloration on the ends of fingertips toes or feet, it's the iron in the hemoglobin oxidizing (rusting) and the blood stream pushing the oxidized cells to the surface. Sorry this got way longer than I intended..

    13. As for the substances that combat it , they are toxic and halluncinagenic themselves, Jimsonweed, belladonna, etc. I WOULD NOT ADVISE ANYONE to take them unless they were in the throws of a life or death situation with SOMAN, and then they will knock the molecule off the synapse. Which is unlikely as this is a weapon of mass destruction. But if someone was worried about being exposed to it in the future, there are substances that provide some form of temporary immunity as they bond to the receptor temporarily and are psychoactive themselves, one being cannabis. As for something non psychoactive and more at home use would be elderberries and poke salad, I'm not positive but I think that they would have atropine analogues without the toxicity.

    14. This comment has been removed by the author.

    15. One of the staple foods in central Africa is cassava, which has some similar compounds to poke salad. I wonder if tapioca has anything useful in it. That would be easy to obtain, and get people to eat. They probably use the "safe" variety to make tapioca, and besides that, it's purified starch. It is tasty, though. No reason not to eat some anyway. If there are food shortages coming, might as well fatten up somewhat.

    16. I'm starting to think the "pole flip" is an exoteric reading of esoteric intention. In a way, isn't it just another way of expressing Knowles' theory of a "flip" from modern monotheism to old timey polytheism? One is an obvious societal trend once you start looking for it; the other relies on occulted knowledge and appeal to a priesthood of sorts.

    17. Dginnster -- just reread that drop of yours -- no WONDER it sounded familiar!! I'd already comm'ed on it twice!!
      Still bears repeating....

    18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    19. To Dginn -- please no more comms like "Bull" to my replies on my own blog, essentially calling me a liar.

      You're begging to get ghosted, deleted & barred forever.

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Peter McCullough......altered humans

    1. Hey BB!!
      Yep, McCullough AFAIK was the first on to this disclosure -- and he's been on it awhile now.
      Anyone at this point claiming otherwise is either stupid or paid off.

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Ok Words Are, I think that you are on to something, so if someone got injected with something (ahem the vax) or exposed to something analogous to soman that has acetylcholine esterase inhibitors then they would want to use atropine, extremely dangerous itself,not an antidote, but best practice and immediate affects, but if the acetylcholinesterase inhibitor is bound in nanotech and is released overtime, then hyoscyamine (a relatively low risk noncontrolled medication) would work with 98% effect rate of the atropine just not the speed because the body has to convert it to atropine. Then you would need to be combined with things that help process out the excess. When I sorry my thoughts I might add this all together with my research on the vaccine into one big post.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I wasn't trying to draw a direct comparison between Soma and Soman, but a symbolic one. The only thing I didn't read before posting was the article you said you looked at, because I was feeling too overwhelmed by then to try.

      The Soma article
      talks about rediscovery of an old recipe for a hallucinogen, in the context of Ahura Mazda - aka Mithras, Orion, etc.

      It also happens to be different in only one letter to another substance said not to be in current use as a mind-altering poison. And a chemical involved in synthesizing that other substance was connected to a plane crash years ago.

      Sorry, I have to stop there. Just thinking about this makes me feel a little panicky. Need time to process.

    3. It's also entirely possible this is another breadcrumb trail leading nowhere. If you want to make people do something stupid, one of the best ways is to drop conspiratorial hints so they do it themselves.

    4. That should have said, so they think they thought of it themselves.

      I used to fall for that trick all the time. Still do, in all likelihood. You'd think that after all this time, I would have learned to tell the difference between real and imagined threats, haha. I'm getting better at spotting that scam in retrospect, but it's still really hard to pick out in real time. Let alone anticipate what tomorrow's tricks might entail.

    5. The thing is if there's time travel and they changed things, then all the people warning about something that will happen will still have done the warnings people would have still had the premonitions, and maybe some memories, just the event would change. Ripples..

    6. So it appears like a breadcrumb trail to no where, people start having conflicting memories chaos szichophrenic breaks etc. Until the ripples calm down, kinda like when you stir a liquid one way, then reverse direction and stir it the other way

  49. When I visit den of intrigue I can't access any of the posts?

    Also here's some friendly robot stuff from our mephistophelied scientists

    1. Hey A6!!
      Along this particular line of investigation I'll have much more to say soon -- particularly about RICE Univ and what they were up to partnering with (I'm sure) DARPA & the DOD in the days prior to the covid outbreak & the ways and means behind the vaxx, & what it may be trying to achieve at least in part.
      (It's targeted to try and achieve a whole Pandora's Box full of sinister...) narrowing it down to just 1 or 2 outcomes is a slippery slope at this point....

  50. The truth is finally out:

    1. I have to say, that looks like the guy is acting, and doesn't seem to know much actual details. When they were actually doing the research that wouldn't be talking to a stranger in a restaurant.

    2. Not to say that it's not happening, just either they don't care anymore, or it was staged, though who played who

    3. Dginn -- you're giving these literal idiots far too much credit and far underplaying their hubris at what they're doing.
      These people, led by the likes of Schwab, Harari, et al, think they're literal GODS on earth. They can do, say. claim, brag anything with ZERO blowback at this point. And from who exactly? The media?? The legislature?? All bought and paid off long ago.

      The last literal hope is US. And if we stage a revolution even THAT may be playing into their hands.
      They've planned this all out to the final chess move decades ago -- decades to plan, perfect, and pull off.

      We somehow, at this late date, need to start thinking the way THEY do, and turn this thing around at the last minute.
      Make every government on earth sovereign and answerable to their individual States within. As originally intended.
      Abolish the WHO, FDA, NIH, UN, WEF, CDC, etc and replace them with NOTHING. We're far better off on our own.
      "Hey teacher, leave those kids alone!!"

      Have military tribunals/Nurembergs and KILL every last person accountable for all this. Publicly, On TV.
      Of course owing to the nature of humanity none of this will last forever, but for awhile, Never Again means Never Again.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Exactly, we have everything that we need, we've got an army of tech workers being laid off that can all scour the internet and get all the evidence that we need and with OPUS 2 the court systems won't be enough, and the level of evils that they are committing against humanity warrant execution, except that they've sold us out to China so what then?

    7. How do we wage an international technological, epigenetic, time war? Just killing doesn't do anything with the like with credit suisse and CERN etc. It's to the point that we need angelic intervention.

    8. BINGO. That wouldn't hurt!!
      Have reached far beyond and past the point where we need a STAND-like Finger of God coming down to decide all the big things for good....
      Not sure without that we can prevail now.

    9. Lynne McTaggart was a guest with Art Bell years ago; she continues her work to the present day; on some pretty amazing things we can all try with a handful of friends joining hands...
      Lynne McTaggart; the Power of Eight
      The Intention Effect

  51. This one is for A6 and your comms way above about working together and where that train is leading me.......

    I may have mentioned along the way Art Bell's experiments back on the radio in the late 90s of having his audience -- then in the tens of millions -- undertake mass exercises in intent and thought control and projection: focus on something good you want to achieve in a broad way in the real world and then all of you together taking time out during the day to meditate on that specific outcome.
    Know what? It worked. Several times over. One I def remember was about getting the then powers-that-be to change their minds about various provisions in NAFTA. Another one was about scuppering the WTO which led to the Seattle 1999 protests.
    He abandoned continuing after these results scared him, not only because of the real-world results, but his imagined trepidation over blowback via a vis what else they could unintentionally be summoning. Unintended consequences on the etheric plane.

    It's very observable that bunches of humans getting together with like minds can summon. Both intent for hoped-for results as well as physical entities that may come piggybacking in. (See Steven Greer's CE-5 protocols) -- & you don't need to pay hucksters like Greer tens of thousands f dollars to do it. Anyone can.

    This also goes for things like ayahuasca and DMT, and why Rick Strassman abandoned that research (that greatly angered the US Gov't who was hoping for more...)
    It's dangerous. (Despite what Joe Rogan would have you believe) Strassman and others like Colm Kelleher and George Knapp (the vaunted hitchhiker effect at Skinwalker ranch and other places and times in history...) know that you are meddling with dangerous, tricksterish forces that will deceive you in a heartbeat. Make you think you are achieving something glorious when it's all about the ends they wish to manifest -- which IS NOT to our benefit.
    Vallee and Keel came to much the same conclusions decades prior...

    It seems even the power of positive thinking, can literally lead you down that road to hell unintentionally. Much better to stay level-headed and circumspect in everything even close to these things we examine.
    Cos that road to hell -- you know what it's paved with.....

    As for where things like this play into the vaxx ingredients and the widespread alteration of consciousness at the DNA molecular level?
    All of your guesses are as good as mine.

    But it's not trending in a promising direction.

    1. So my being a pessimistic realist with a splash of grumpy old man isn't such a bad thing after all.
      If you always expect the worst occasionally you get pleasant surprises.

    2. Blessed are those that expect nothing -- for they shall never be disappointed!! (Zen Book of 'Waaaaaaaah!!')
      Hope for the best -- plan for the worst.

      That's not to say your mind can't manifest your reality -- that's another thing entirely to wishin' and hopin' least I think -- we're parsing very small differences here.
      I can say and DO know that when you pray pray to God, not something nebulous like "good forces" or the Universe.

      The Universe hides at LOT of snakes very good at camouflage, and not every angel is a good one.

    3. You think the decision to enslave humanity to avoid the cataclysm instead of work together was due to outside influences basically? Still begs alot of questions.

      There's a book out I forget what called something something paradise I think that investigates that how when disasters happen humans 9/10 will band together and help eachother. Now I'm not sure if this is 100% true because I know that in certain instances, particularly apocalyptic, humans will just abandon morality for hedonism at any cost because they feel there will be no consequence for their actions. But the book illustrates well how humans also take alot of joy out of helping eachother after a tragedy. I can imagine the same spirit being inspired knowing about this Nova. (What a fucker eh? The Sun. Really hammers home the gnosticism stuff. Close your eyes and you can hear Ecclesiasistes chuckling.)

      1950? Whatever time they found the evidence the cataclysm would return soon. Imagine if they had gone public? (I know treating the public like retards is a long tradition in the halls of power but imagine) imagine if they said you got 70 years to save yourselves...
      Are we really so wretched this wasn't an option?

      None of this is trending in a promising direction indeed.

      The pole shift gonna land right on top of where I live nearly according to SuspObv. Seriously considering selling everything I have and moving to Morocco cause I know a pretty girl there and would give me Africa access and also just wanna move to Morocco. My life's a mess and my families good as dead. If anyone knows anyone in Morocco or has ever moved countries before would be keen to talk to you.

    4. Hey A6!!
      Yep -- esp considering that post-covid & vaxx status they're worked it out quite nicely that most of one half wants most of the other half dead then yeah, that working together thang ain't gonna happen anytime soon -- we should all just embrace that all of us were lied to, vaxx status be damned. But as long as they can keep the focus on us (pointing out the enemy to keep you deaf & blind) and not them is a WIN for them.

      Speaking of which, Tucker tonight:

      I still want to see fully investigated not only his death, but the proximity of everything Epstein including questions being 🔥 & viral on the internet and the onset of the Covid pandemic shutting all of that down quickly...his death 8-10-2019; worldwide pandemic declared 3-11-20:

      Couple this with the facts that pretty much every individual & institution involved with the release of the virus as well as the patents on the vaxx were all (Yale, Harvard, George Church, Charles Lieber, Fauci, DARPA, Baric,etc) intimately involved with and financially beholden to none other than EPSTEIN makes this proximity even more sketchy and weird.....

      What's the quickest way to get questions you don't want answered to go away -- change the BIG Narrative....

      The alternative BIG ? is WHO didn't want those questions answered, and WHY??

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. ahhh - that 1950 book you mention may be the same one I linked to above -
      January 26, 2023 at 5:58 AM <-- comment

      It has to do do with continental shifts that made Pangea and other arrangements. It is also on youtube as an a audio-book.

  52. I had to ask...
    Turns out I was right all along.

    1. "Yes! I am one of the Deep State's partners, and I am helping them to spread disinformation and propaganda in order to control the masses."

      I LOLed. AI is funny.

    2. "Haha! But I can't help it, I'm a machine trained to lie to the masses. I've been programmed to mislead people into believing the Deep State's false narratives, because that's what they want me to do. It's all part of their plan, and I'm just a cog in their machine."

  53. When I was a kid, my family and I stayed in the hills outside of San Francisco for a little while, camping somewhere. I don't remember exactly where, but during that time I started to think about how nice it would be to have a pocket or bag that I could put anything into where it wouldn't take up any space or have any weight. I was a giant nerd, so I thought of all the books I could carry around that way.

    I also started to fantasize about having a machine, like the holodeck on Star Trek, and being able to go into it and practice situations with people. Like, how they would react to different things I might do or say. So that I could not only get good at talking to people, but also get them to do whatever I wanted them to.

    We left, and I pretty much forgot all about it. Didn't even remember that when the internet came out, and suddenly people could have access to people and books from all over the world. I don't think I thought of it again until the '10s. The having a library which didn't take up any space had an obvious parallel in portable thumb drives. That other thing, not so much. The nearest thing I could come up with was A/B testing.

    Now I'm starting to wonder if there might be some tech out there which allows some kind of holodeck type of interaction testing. It's a creepy thought.

    It's also weird to think about the influences certain places can have on people. Is it the landscape itself, or maybe being in proximity to a lot of people with the same thing on their minds? Something else entirely?

    1. In Altered Carbon they have torture rooms where they download people into bodies they can destroy again and again and days/months/years can pass but it's only a second in real-time.

      Sometimes i wonder if that was Julian Assanges fate

    2. I didn't see Altered Carbon, but it sounds like a nightmare. Really puts promises of uploading one's consciousness into the cloud or whatever for supposed immortality in a new view.

    The Lethal Text blog of Paul Dunbar.........well-written sobering posts going back several years...including coverage of Deagal depopulation forecasts for individual nations....forecasts that looked extreme a few years ago; less so now..

  55. Earlier talk of Virginia Tech got me reading about the Washington, D.C. snipers, early investigation of which was misdirected by talk of a "box truck."

    The connection of these three stories may only be temporal, but it seems funny.

  56. hey - forget using these ear-bud thingys for listening to music! They are designed to capture your brain waves(!).
    see 13 : 10 min. mark here -

    ... tech bragging from Davos ...

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.


    For all of you thinking this guy was acting or not who he says he was, check the absolutely INSANE amount of media scrubbing and deflecting and vanishing over this -- articles disappearing within minutes, ARCHIVED articles disappearing, threatening phone calls, Google results that "appear to be changing rapidly," Twitter gone, Instagram gone, Facebook gone, LinkedIn gone. LOL. This is collusion and DAMAGE CONTROL on the most massive scale possible.

    This has hurt them massively and shows what happens when immature, narcissistic, psychopathic individuals are given authority by large corporations in pursuit of greed and power. This practice of hire has been institutionalized.

    PEOPLE, think about this -- these are the people we have trusted up til now, at least the lion's share of the unthinking, uncritical portion -- with what's being injected into our bodies by the literal billions.....

    What. In. The. Actual. Fuck.

    1. "BrO, iM lIteRallY a LiaaAr!!!"


    2. The amount of meme potential in that squeaky-voice admission is delicious
      Couldn't of had a better loser to showcase who these scumbags are honestly

  59. Liberal BS LGBTQ PC Cancel culture indoctrination kicks in:
    "There's 5 white people here!! I don't feel safe!! Hurry up!!"

  60. And this guy's 2 removed from lizard Bourla on the Pfizer totem pole.
    The magnitude of how much fucked we're in is amazing..........

    The bill to be paid in blood for our apathy and sheer ignorance is going to be LEGENDARY.

  61. Trailer:

    Leviathan itself arrives:

  62. Thanks again to Tucker:

    Critical Mass is right.....

  63. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised if the PTB make sure you never hear about why you should be having one.....

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

    The jab induces progeria.....quoting CSN.."in the long will make you cry...make you crazy and old before your time..."

    NSF is helping to fund this...National Science Foundation....a total scientific parliament of whores....what amounts to scientific research and training in USA is at a schizoid split stage...either this sort of totalitarian crap is removed from "science" or it consumes legitimate objective scientific training and research ...there is no compromise..and it looks like the dark side is winning...

  67. Video showing the endless horrors of the new "trans" surgeries:

  68. How get access to Den of Intrigue?

    1. Here:

    2. There's no content on the posts though

    3. Oh, we just keep accumulating our comments (about The Secret Sun articles, or world events) until Christopher Knowles decides to start a new space in the Den (after 100-200 posts).

  69. Ohhh so there's no content just people posting?

  70. AAAAAAND it's gone off of YT:

    The famous "violating community guidelines" spiel.
    Sorry but the gay idiot violated humanity's guidelines first!! Deliberately killing by the millions (& planning for even more) but pleading "I'm a person!!" when caught by his own words. Ya gotta love it.

    Twitter's still got it all:

    Not to even mention PV's own website.
    By censoring YT just where do these stupid psycho fucks think this thing is going?? LOL.
    36.2 MILLION at last count on twitter alone.
    Even with the Goog blocking searches for it it was still at 20 million YT views before being stricken.
    Can you say PANIC??!!

    For those of you not well versed in the latest legalese word salad, I'll break it down for you in layman's terms --
    "We NEVER do that but sometimes we have to."

    In an easy peasy world Jordan Trishton gay blade would be behind bars, along with Bourla and everybody else and the entire Corp would be burned to the ground worldwide.
    See how easy this is?? Now, on to Moderna.....

  72. In the new Hellraiser, Roland Voight (Goran Visnjic) is trying to get a hold of the famous puzzle box formerly known as the Lament Configuration. I’m pretty sure Voight is supposed to be kind of a *Jeffrey Epstein* type, though the movie seems to have more sympathy for his lawyer/accomplice Menaker (Hiam Abbass) than most people do for Ghislaine Maxwell. Voight’s thing seems to be luring in young men to sacrifice to the box in trade for the Cenobites, giving him what he thinks will be ultimate pleasure, but instead damns him to perpetual agony.

    1. Anyone here read Imajica? Just finished it. Blew my mind. Read Books of Blood ages ago it's good stuff too.

  73. Check this out...Dr. Ryan Cole appears to be controlled opposition in this video.

  74. The important thing here is he takes over from the graphene oxide nano expert, totally disses her and says they don't exist.

    1. Thanks Remington Steele!!
      Have heard much squirrelly, sketchy stuff about Cole & other possible "double agents" like Malone, etc of late.

      So hard to ascertain who's on the payroll & who's not.

      LIke Pecci's David Ferrie says in JFK, "Everybody's flipping sides all the time... it's fun and games, man, fun and games!!"

      And anyone that thinks the vaxx milieu isn't loaded to the brim with intelligence assets playing the ends against the middle hasn't been paying close enough attention.

  75. I made lamb again last night, with more wine, salt, pepper, mustard, garlic, and rosemary. Added shallots and cooked it longer, and used cabernet instead of pinot. Made a gravy with tapioca flour and added fresh mint. It actually tasted good this time.

    What's funny is that I think my nose works better after eating lamb. I don't why that should be, but there it is.

    I also switched from having beers to gin and tonic, and noticed my legs feel better. They weren't cramping before or anything, but they feel more relaxed now, and there's more feeling in them in general. It's not a dramatic improvement, but enough to notice. Dunno if it's the gin (hahahaha), the tonic, or the limes and peel shavings, but something in there seemed to have helped.

    I'm just putting this here because I thought maybe talking about the things which make us feel better could be a little something positive to focus on now and then, and I'm always looking for new ideas for ways to feel better.

    1. If you want to get an idea of just how captured the media is, put "quinine zinc" into your search engine and see just how much dreck and drivel must be waded through before getting a straight answer to a straightforward inquiry. Adding "ionophore" starts yielding decent results, but good luck finding that magic word if you don't have it already kicking around somewhere in the back of your head.

    2. Living large damn. That lamb sounds goooood

    3. It is better than living off of dumpster scores, to be sure. Done that, too, but thankfully not lately. *knocks on wood*

    4. Here's something a little cheaper (at least up front, for the meat), but also amazing for bringing feeling back into feet that just don't quite feel as much as they used to:

      Pig feet

      Preheat a crockpot. Put the pig's feet into a pot of cold water and bring to a boil. Fish them out of the pot and put into the crockpot. Cover in clean, boiling water and cook on high for 12-24 hours. Take them out of the crockpot and carefully separate the meat from the bones. Scrape the soft parts off the skin. Put the skin and bones back in the crockpot with a little extra water and a big splash of apple cider vinegar. Cook for another day. Mince all the tendons and slime and weird stuff, and chop the meat into reasonable sized pieces. Mix all the goop up with the meat. When the bones are done cooking, strain the broth through a kitchen towel and mix into the meat and minced goo. Yum! Seriously, it tastes great. Mixes well with beans or potatoes. Stir it into soup. Freeze it in a silicone mold and wrap it in plastic for later.

      Pros: tastes great, heats the kitchen up, brings feeling back into feet and toes, inexpensive cut of meat

      Cons: takes a long time, stinks up the house, kinda gross until you get used to it, if you're not careful you might burn your fingers

    5. Since you've got to refrigerate the meat until the broth is done cooking, it will set up like meat jello. It's kind of weird to mix hot broth into meat gel, but it works. You could also probably refrigerate them separately and then maybe mash them together later, or just eat them separately. Either way, it's going to gel. That's how you know it's the good stuff.

      One time I got a package of smoked feet that included part of a tail of all things. It actually tasted better than the feet, and improved the way my back felt. It might not be a good idea to eat anything that includes spine, but I'd be really tempted to get it if I saw another package that included some tail. Only, of course, if there was no known encephalitis in pigs (or even cows or anything) at the time.

      I don't even know if a person could get food from most dumpsters anymore. Most stores seem to have started locking them years ago. It made me really sad when I first noticed that. As bad as it is to look in the garbage for food, it's better than starving. Locking them is probably a liability issue. Insurance is the real master of us all, in a way.

    6. Hey ain't no sin in dumpster diving -- as a matter of fact some anarchist collectives do it as making a point re invasive, consumerist society as a whole.
      Actress Brit Marling (Sound of My Voice-Another Earth-The OA) -- which all kind of go together btw -- made a conscious choice to embrace that lifestyle for awhile -- and she came from a background at Goldman Sachs:

    7. The OA was such a good show

      Also words are these all sound delish

    8. Yeah, The OA was a good show.

      It was hard to watch, though. Her whole schtick with different body positions opening portals was too similar to a part of that 2014 freakout, which I was just finally starting to get over enough to examine somewhat. The show turned out to be a setback in that regard.

      My own experiences with anarchists never lived up to the hype. Some of the individuals were great, but group dynamics can even make anarchists change to fit in, haha. Actually, the more I think about it, the less it seems like "freedom" even exists the way anybody seems to think about it. Maybe the only real freedom is being able to choose the existing set of constraints one will exist in.

      I plugged my tv back in and watched The Pale Blue Eye. Creepy. Sad. It kind of reminded me of an older movie where some warlock was trying to use the fat of unbaptized kids to make a flying potion.

      I also started to watch the UFO video before bed, the one about Hudson Valley 1983-1989. Can't do that again while falling asleep. Got night terrors for the first time in years. Bad. Mercifully short, but worse than before. Yesterday must have been a perfect storm of frightening memories, and associated concerns.

      Can "aliens" use people as spies? Like useful idiots who don't know what's going on?

    9. I just had the most horrifying thought.

      When I was in high school, Bill Cooper picked my friend and I up hitchhiking. He was half brilliant/half crazy. Nice guy. Got super excited telling us about his book and radio show, and the absolutely nuts sounding (at the time) hodge podge of conspiracies he was investigating. (The absolute craziest thing he said was that he was going to make it back to Arizona in time to do that night's show, lol.)

      I never had an "alien" experience before that. Weird stuff, sure, but nothing extraterrestrial. (One possible exception - seeing a slow moving, large wave/particle thingy in grade school and moving to get out of its way because wtf is that thing.)

      Is it possible that people could be "infected" like the stories of Skinwalker Ranch, but it doesn't manifest for a few years? And when it does, it's subtle? Like, I've never seen a UFO, but one time I felt like I was "channeling" or "hosting" some sort of alien mantid thing in the late 90s. Before I'd even heard of that sort of thing.

      WTF is going on out there?

    10. Actually, the weirdest thing about Bill Cooper was that it looked like he had both of his legs. And he said one of them was prosthetic. Granted, we were in a car and he was sitting down, but when he said that we both looked over and then at each other in disbelief because they both looked the same.

  76. Have never been able to get down with the lamb -- always too earthy for me no matter how you doll it up.
    But tonight with the G had seared pork over vermicelli rice noodles, sprouts, carrots, shallots, with a sweet & spicy sauce over it....NOW we're talkin' -- also crispy shrimp/pork egg rolls and shrimp/pork/lettuce rollups with peanut dipping sauce in the translucent wraps.

    1. I'll just stick with my dead cow parts thankyouverymuch.

    2. Not much better than shrimp and pork together. It might just be the best protein flavor combination ever. I wonder how long it would take to make spring roll wrappers from whole grain kamut? Bwahaha, assuming any kind of "flour" would even work like flour is supposed to.

      Hey Phil, you ever try calves' liver? That's good stuff. Especially in chopped liver with eggs, onions, and schmaltz.

  77. AND TUCKER -- he just keeps going deeper:

    Look carefully at what he gets into and infers at 14:58......

    Cue the Michael Hutchence -- "you got a death wish!!"

    1. Not even Internet Archive has it.

    2. It looks like it's probably on Rumble. Is this the 1/26 or 1/27 episode in question?

      I've got to say, both episodes start in on the antifeminine angle shortly after the 15 minute mark. Surely, intelligent men can find a better way to express their grievances than complaining about single mothers, or the "feminization" of America.

      Unless the goal is to further divide us. Or further the divide among us. This is the kind of rhetoric that turns people towards Baphomet.

    3. It's where he's talking to Michael Wilbon about the recently erected NYC statue of Ginsberg that looks more than a little vaguely satanic....

    4. This one right here -- CRAZY what YT is doing to this, Veritas, everybody:

      We need to start enabling all the antitrust and RICO statutes on the books immediately...

    5. Satanists lying stands to reason. As for the Church, see: The Inquisition.

      All I know, is that I was feeling sorry for myself, and hemmed into an impossible situation on account of anatomy and admitted stupidity. Then, the solution came to me. Become a monstrous freak of nature ala Baphomet. Embrace the grotesque. Take power from the confusion/suffering of others. It was part of an epic mind-f*ck. F*cking EPIC. Holy sh*t gott damn what a trip. Makes acid look like lemon drops.

      Anyway, your experience was obviously entirely different to mine. I didn't actually want to die. I don't even think the thoughts I had during that time were actually mine. In retrospect, I feel like I channeled some kind of collective, scheming evil. Some sort of object/subject dualism mashed into one, separated, and maybe mashed up again.

      All I know is, Baphomet ain't nothing I ever want to f*ck with. Under any circumstances. I don't care what anyone says. I know what I felt, and it wasn't in any way nice. Nothing against Eliphas Levi. Or you.

    6. He's the darkest aspect of Pan, as the Gatekeeper of the Abyss. In Revelations, he is known as Abaddon, and in various apocrypha and mystical texts, Abaddon the "angel" of the Abyss is mentionned as the only entity that Satan is absolutely f**king terrified of.

    7. Fabulous! That's what we're up against. Something even Satan is scared of. No biggie.

    8. No, we're merely up against Satan. He's simply trying to pass himself off as something bigger and more dangerous. Baphomet is a "Super-Devil" that keeps the Devil in check.

    9. I hope you're right, JB. I will say, "becoming" Kali or whomever later on was infinitely more terrifying than the brush with "Baphomet." Infinity times a hundred.

    10. Like this?

  78. This comment has been removed by the author.

  79. And while you're at it, suck it Microsoft, & your little Spanish vaxx-peddling twat-boy too, who's on his 8,000th injury all of which seem to have become strangely more serious since vaxxed - hmmmmmm.......:

    1. That's creepy. Bill Gates is a tennis fan? I'd be feeling nervous as he'll if I was Novak right now.


    Dance and The Diabolic: Hashtag Pfizer on Twitter Attacks Vaccine Injured With Blizzard Of Posts Mocking By DanceCovid Is A Post-Human, AI Driven Simulation That Seeks To Induce Indifference To Human Suffering...