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"The disease has just revealed its purpose. We don't have to worry about contagion anymore. I know what the disease wants. It wants to turn me into something else." - The Fly   (1986)


“You can push, but you can’t direct it/ Circulate, regulate, oh no, You cannot connect it/

You know you’re chewing bubble gum/ You know what that is but you still want some/

You just can’t get enough of that lovey-dovey stuff…

Lookin for the one/ But you know that you’re somewhere else instead…

But you take what you can get/ Cause it’s all that you can find/ Oh you know there’s something more, but tonight, tonight, tonight…”


“Because he’s playing with us, George. Some people are so damned cocky, they think they can’t be caught.”

“What’s the motive? There’s still no motive.”

“There’s got to be a motive – there’s never been a murder without one.”

“So what is it? The women have got no money, we’ve ruled out revenge, there’s never any sex…”

“No, this one’s different, something special.”

“What, a medical thing? Selling the organs? Half of them are missing…”

“Too high a risk – There’s something powerful…driving this one along…”

“Black magic, you mean, some sort of secret society?”

“Involving more than one…”

                       Jack The Ripper (1988)


“I can feel it everywhere/ Feel it up above

Feel the tension in the air/ There’s too much blood.”

                      Too Much Blood (Jagger/Richards) (1983)




What Lies Below,” the Netflix offering of supreme weirdness and horror that currently has millions of people freaking out worldwide? I’ve got news for you…it’s a metaphor. And I’m about to show you how and why…strap in my Baker Street Irregulars, we’re about to go on a ride the likes of which hasn’t occurred many times on the interwebs, even here…You may emerge quite changed after this – consider it your anti-vaxx.

First of all, it’s not alone. There is a prevailing trend along the leading edge of info-tainment of late: this, Block Island Sound, Equinox, Behind Her Eyes, etc. All are priming us for the advent of something other. Behind the scenes there are the collectors (our elites) and the strange angels that guide them. Make no mistake, this has been the way of the world since the Mayans, but which has entered a whole new and entirely disturbing phase of operations of late across multiple platforms (psychological indoctrination, social engineering, induced nanobiologics, etc.)

What Lies Below borrows heavily from the seminal and grossly overlooked and underrated Shaun Cassidy creation INVASION from 2005. Featuring – get this – quarantines:


Airing for one season, it postulated that a seeming alien invasion tale, (riding in on the gales of an historic hurricane no less, and using the Florida Everglades as ground zero) was actually something else altogether: the initiation of a new phase of evolution – a new Cambrian Explosion:,of%20most%20modern%20metazoan%20phyla.


As I have tried to provide examples for here – and increasingly over the life of this blog – I believe that something just like this is what the powers-that-be are attempting to accomplish and have been hard at work at since at least the autumn of 1998:  


First was the alteration and terraforming of our biosphere. Now the phases of operation have shifted the focus on to US, and the process continues unabated. COVID is merely the next arm of operations in this plan.

Much like the ‘War on Terror,’ which was installed after 9/11, COVID features the very same hallmarks and fingerprints on our target psyches: an ever-evolving and never-ending boogeyman; instilling feat 24/7 and impossible to get rid of (or so they keep telling us.) An endless fugue state of low-level mind trauma to keep us more suggestible, more malleable. They have learned their lessons well from instigators unknown, and are now applying them at will across multiple platforms.


Everything is for a purpose. Think about false flag events like Sandy Hook. Nazi-applied ideology in a beta-test; a Cabal exercise in social engineering to see how long how many would keep on buying the Big Lie – told often enough, repeated loudly enough and it becomes the Truth. It’s Joseph Goebbels 101. Everything is for a reason and gets applied to the next stage…and the next. And now we arrive at COVID, which features all the hallmarks of the largest psyop ever undertaken in human history. But of course the very best psyops are grounded in partial truth: see Fauci and his gain of function illegal research in Chapel Hill, NC and at the Wuhan labs in fashioning the weaponized COVID strain. (more on that coming later…)


What we are seeing is an amalgam of ALL of their nefariousness being played out at once. Unleash COVID. Make it seem 1,000% worse than it is initially with rigged PCR tests, grossly amplified protocol applications to make everyone ‘positive’ whether they are or not, false numbers, etc. But hidden within that lie is another, even more sinister plan: the long-range results, or the “long con.” Perhaps they know what COVID will do to you down the line – and I can guarantee that it will be much worse than a 99.98% survival rate. They CERTAINLY know what the vaxx will do to you. This is the game of keeping you constantly off-balance until it’s too late; a psychological exercise in confusion and uncertainly until the infection takes hold ultimately. And all bases are covered.

They are now even finding Morgellons-like living samples in both test swabs and masks – giving entirely new meaning behind the massive pushing for “you MUST get tested…you MUST wear a mask (or 3) at all times…”



This is a Full Spectrum Dominance assault on all humanity across physical, psychological, and yes, most importantly, spiritual parameters. And it’s being brought straight to you and sponsored by the same people that have been doing this stuff – the Devil’s Work – for decades.



Also something we never can or should stop taking into account is the inarguable fact that it seems we, once again, have phase-shifted into an entirely new reality here – the stark byproducts and occult fingerprints of a Ritual Working are in evidence. This is nearly chapter-and-verse like 9/11. And my Lord yes, with all its Crowleyan prime numbers and psychological stygian darkness, 9/11 was most certainly an occult ritual working of the blackest sort, carried out with aplomb by those that well know the dark forces inherent in such things (Bushes, Clintons, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, et al.)

We are speaking here about the alchemical transformation of the entire world, and if that isn’t occult, what is? 9/11 started the process. COVID very likely is intended to finish it.

The epic Corbett Report highlights here many aspects of the 9/11 fiasco – you will note towards the end in the testimony of Indira Singh, the pointed inclusion of both Ptech and MITRE:

Which happens to be of great interest since both seem darn near interchangeable at times, and MITRE factors wildly into the COVID structure also. I myself pointed out the strange alignments of MITRE here in relation to what went down at Rendlesham Forest in December of 1980:


MITRE also happens to pop up as the sponsors of the sponsored research of Charles Lieber (along with the NIH and DARPA as well.) Lieber (now imprisoned) you will remember was best buddies with Jeffrey Epstein. He was imprisoned by the DOJ for doing illegal gain-of-function research into COVID for the Wuhan Labs and thru Chapel Hill, NC – which happens to be the exact same chain of evidence that nails one guy named Fauci to the wall also. Fauci, strangely enough, not only has not come under federal fire for this, but remains America’s saviour of choice re anything COVID. Funny how these things tend to work out, isn’t it?

So, as we can see, MITRE has had its arms everywhere in takeover after takeover since the beginning of this totalitarian tiptoe, as David Icke is fond of calling it.

More: consider that PTech (& MITRE) were, on the morning of 9/11, deep inside the computer systems of NATO, NORAD, the FAA, the FBI, the WH, and the Pentagon (and that’s just for starters…) and you have the recipe, written out in full, of what was about to go down; and that type of extended Full Spectrum Dominance continues today with what is happening with both COVID and the globalist takeover of our living systems…     

Consider also that Jonathan Elinoff, the creator of that Core of Corruption film series exposing so much of the underbelly of 9/11, was warned off, threatened over his content – so much so that he abandoned it entirely. Consider that this happened only when his investigations of 9/11 became tangled in his investigations of nationwide, organized pedophile rings implicating the highest in the land from Denver and the surrounding areas (think JonBenet Ramsey, think Columbine) all the way to Washington. When these 2 investigations began converging, the threats to his life began also:


Also in my ‘Dark Soul of a New Machine’ article, the Council on Foreign Relations pops up also, and this was before I knew that none other than Jeffrey Epstein was a member of the CFR. Wheels within wheels it seems…


So where else is MITRE popping up except in the basements of the FAA and NORAD and the DOD on the morning of 9/11 along with Ptech? Well, listen to what Indira Singh has to say here to radio host Michael Corbin, and she will connect those activities to not only the Bush junta but what also may or may not have been going on on the West Coast at none other than Bohemian Grove and pertaining very greatly to child trafficking and sacrifice. Not long after this particular interview Michael Corbin was found dead in his car on the wide of the road and Ms. Singh in now in hiding going on nearly 16 years now – do you have to ask why?


And for those of you that might be, if not apologists, at least willing to look the other way re Bush involvement, you might want to read this first:



So let’s put the red string up on the wall with the pushpins folks, shall we? So we get the connections: DARPA à  MITRE à  Ptech à  9/11 à   Lieber à  Epstein à  COVID (another 9/11) à   Gates  à  NIH à Fauci, etc       

We all fell asleep in the 90s thinking that due to the end of the Cold War & the collapse of The Wall (the setup) a new age of peace had begun……ah, but the Devil never sleeps, though.

All of which leads to the mass vaxx scenario now playing out: i.e. mainlining a time bomb. None of these globalists has any idea what’s going to happen to you 5-10 years down the line after this injection….(OR) nightmare fuel scenario, they know EXACTLY what’s going to happen hence the increasing push of utter DESPERATION we are seeing unfolding now. And why does Epstein and his cohorts figure so prominently in all this? Remember he had a specific “goal,” eugenics-wise, for humanity also. Did it fit hand-in-glove with “their” goals also? It’s beginning more and more to seem that way:

You will notice in the above rundown that Isabel has over 15 years’ experience in Silicon Valley – that would be the same Silicon Valley now looking DEEPLY into this:

That’s right, Vampirism has gone mainstream ladies and gents. What was once wild conspiracy theory is now, well, science. What people like you and I were warning people about 4 years ago via platforms like ‘Q,’ is now all out in the open. And just where does all this young blood flow from, do you think? Where are all these young “donors” going to come from? I’ll bet Isabel knows EXACTLY where to get them. What do you think?


Control the narrative. Control the information. Control the blood. Control US. One to the other. Connecting control systems to terror operations to bioweapons (PNAC**) to seizing reality. Ever since 9/11. At least.


For another piece of the puzzle, let’s remember that there was our buddy Jacques Vallee on Joe Rogan recently, outing (under much duress) none other than the BATTELLE Institute:

Well, that same Battelle interfaces muchly with DARPA:

And just look at that research: I’m sure nothing like that could be placed whole hog into the COVID-vaxx narrative or anything…


And for funsies, check out who the CEO of Battelle is:  

Louis Von Thaer. He was also the CEO for DynCorp.  

Been doing a lot of sex trafficking with no one facing any criminal charges over and over again. Seems like they're out there doing good things. Wonder if he hung out with Epstein?

Lewis Von Thaer was the CEO of DynCorp, a private military contractor, before he became the CEO of Battelle. He was also the President of the National Security Sector at Leidos. Leidos is a Defense, Aviation, Information, and Biomed Research Company that merged with Lockheed Martin. He was even the VP of General Dynamics and the President of its Advanced Information Systems Division.

Dyncorp, you may also well remember, shared a flight registration and tail number with Epstein, the State Dept, and CIA:

It appears that even at this late date, when you say “Epstein,” you’ve truly said it all.


Can you all see where all of this is heading? THE GENETIC MANIPULATION OF HUMANITY – IT IS HAPPENING AGAIN     

Whether you believe in Enki of the Sumerian tales or the Book of Enoch when the fallen angels mated with human women and begat the Nephilim, mankind’s history is littered with accounts of our genetics being tampered with by otherworldly and sometimes off-world forces. If you believe in the latter-day testimonies of the ‘Q’ forces, as well as various Trump insiders, the belief persists that the Luciferian elites of today, thru things like the ingestion of adrenochrome and the ritual torture and sacrifice of children by the millions worldwide, are maintaining contact and communication with these same forces, which are in turn actually calling the shots for what is happening in the world today and are responsible for many of our “conspiracy theories” surprisingly always coming true:

Btw, nice ceiling décor, wouldn’t you say? Heh heh. Masonic Supersonic, baby!

This is IN YOUR FACE – everywhere:

Now there are the beginning whispers of an emerging prion disease:

Emerging independent, on its own, or as a result of the vaxx? Who knows at this point. Either and/or both or a combo could spike this. But things are happening: “Doctors are increasingly alarmed about a mysterious brain disorder that resembles mad cow disease and has left people in eastern Canada with memory loss, hallucinations and muscle wasting. For a year health officials in the sparsely populated coastal province of New Brunswick have been monitoring a “cluster” of 43 cases of the neurological disease. Five people have died. The public have been advised not to panic but politicians are urgently calling for answers.”


Other things are happening too:

And I quote: “The most Christ-like family I know got vaccinated before they left for their two week vacation overseas and now they are very different people…”

Remember the first words from the 2nd vaccine volunteer after being injected last year: "They've Killed God; I Can't Feel God; My Soul Is Dead.”

Now this just in:

Word late-breaking is that she HAD received the COVID vaxx not long before this all went down.

What is going on? And is something beginning?


Word is coming out everywhere now – just look at these 3 recent headlines from Mike Adams:



And for all of you who have family members trying to talk you into the vaxx and out of your conspiracy leanings, PLEASE show them this – an actual SEC filing (under law) stating, from the manufacturer, that the mRNA in the vaxx is, by definition, Gene Therapy:

Echoed by Harvard/MIT:   


Only in this last week the stalwart Alex Jones did some digging and came up with this piece of gold:

That’s right, a white paper which spills everything that’s going to happen 2025-2028, much like what Gates did with Event 201 in late 2019 right before COVID was unleashed in Wuhan (and perhaps elsewhere):

And the amazing Dr. David Martin has followed the data trail and cited chapter and verse Fauci’s complicity in both funding the research which brought us the COVID initial strain, as well as his inroads deep into the funding at both Chapel Hill NC’s research triangle and the Wuhan labs in bringing all this about:


Ladies and gentlemen, all of this I have provided here tonight could and should be used in a brand new Nuremberg trials, of only somebody, anybody, had the balls to do so. This is all here in black and white, absolutely undisputable, with evidence, data trails, names, numbers, addresses, you name it. How is this not happening? I guess when the Supreme Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States of America is compromised and blackmailed, then it just trickles on down from there, doesn’t it? This is no justice except that which we impose ourselves – and make no mistake – that time is coming. How could it not when presented with things like this?


Finally, and most horrifyingly, there appears to be this:

There are reports pouring in as we speak from all over the globe commenting on what appear to be living creatures and organisms present in both masks and covid test swabs. These appear to be highly reminiscent of organisms that have previously been reported in Morgellons patients as well as many chemtrail samples which have been procured ever since the early 2000s. What we seem to be looking at is just another way to infect widespread portions of the population.

And once again, this particular branch of research has been going on for awhile now too (and may almost certainly lead straight back to Gulf War syndrome btw):


Coincidentally, here is the now dead Phil Schneider, ex-military, speaking about “their” plans to eliminate 7/8th of the population by 2029: (this from 1995, btw…)

Dr. Mike Yeadon, ex VP of Pfizer, says the same:

What was the timeline of that Johns Hopkins (read Gates/Rockefeller) paper again? Oh, that’s right: 2025-2028.

How many coincidences before it’s impossible?  How many vaccines before you are (by definition) no longer human?


The very recently passed Prince Philip’s most famous quote? “In the event I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.”

Spoken as only the best pal of Jimmy Savile could say it – and it appears he may get his wish. COVID-21, anybody? Unless you think his passing wasn’t a marker of some kind for them: he shuffled off at 99 years 9 months on April 9th, the 9th day of the month on what just happened to be the 99th day of the year. Not that that means anything…and btw, 4/9/2021, just numerology’s sake, condenses to, yep, 9.

That’s from, ahem, when all the Beats remasters dropped on September 9th, 2009, or, 9/9/9. Aaaaaargh. Sometimes this is like shooting fish in a barrel.


I have thrown a ridiculous amount of information and links at you here. It is my sincerest wish that you take the time to truly digest these – look them over once, twice, three times – take your time and truly process what may be going on here and all around us. I hopefully have arranged these dystopic puzzle pieces in some kind of mechanistic order, but do with them as you please – this exercise is meant to be modal, after all – pull out, reassemble, and plug in any and all of this to suit your mental gymnastics and/or worldview, but just don’t discount ANYTHING.

So feel free to spread any and all of this info around as you see fit. Run any and all of this up the flagpole with your friends and acquaintances, piece by piece, and see if they bite. Not to be overly dramatic, but nothing you do in the rest of your life (for however long that lasts), might be as important.

It’s up to you. 


“The most dangerous thing you can do in the immediate future will be to give yourself up unconsciously to the influences which are definitely present; for it makes no difference to their reality whether they are recognized or unrecognized. . . . I have told you that the spirits of darkness are going to inspire their human hosts in whom they will be dwelling to find a vaccine that will drive all inclination towards spirituality out of people’s souls when they are still very young, and this will happen in a roundabout way through the living body. . . . The whole trend goes in a direction where a way will finally be found to vaccinate bodies so that these bodies will not allow the inclination toward spiritual ideas to develop, and all their lives people will believe only in the physical world they perceive with the senses . . .”  

   The Fall Of The Spirits Of Darkness, Rudolf Steiner, 1917


  1. I'll do you one better:

    Ever hear of Peter Kolosimo? He's the grandfather of the "Ancient Astronaut Theory", back in the 1950s, a decade before Von Daniken. Why is he rarely ever heard of? He ended up being a communist, promoting a Soviet propaganda campaign, that not only is the God of modern religion false, but so were the gods of ancient pagan faiths, as well as all supernatural beings; they were all purely materialistic in origin, visitors from other planets.

    Think about that: the Ancient Astronaut Theory was a communist plot to get people to "explain away" and forget about the Divine, the human soul, etc.

    Another one?

    Aleister Crowley died the same year Roswell happened. Jack Parsons died right before CERN got started.

    1. "Can you all see where all of this is heading? THE GENETIC MANIPULATION OF HUMANITY – IT IS HAPPENING AGAIN!"

      Remember what Bob Lazar (Area 51 insider) said in an interview once? That, according to *extremely* highly classified info, the human race had been genetically "corrected" 65 times before by otherworldly beings?

      This will be the 66th time.


    2. I get way too excited for Sunday nights now! Lol JB "I'll do you one better" PUHLEEZE! After a bomb like this this one?! Ya know we love you but don't bring a knife to a gun fight and brag.

      3 million pages!! Heads will be rolling soon!

      I feel like I could spend WAY too much time digging through this:
      But the SMELL OF GUAZE AND ANITSEPTIC REALLY STRUCK A NERVE along with the glassy eyed people. So the small town we were in had the water go out then EVERYONE got UTI/bladder infections, (aside from this being an indication after deprogramming/reprogramming) UTI'S always cause delusional thinking in long term care residents. Then a lot of the food and drinks at the local grocery store tasted and smelled like gauze and antiseptic (I definitely know from working in healthcare) then people started having pupils like saucers and acting WEIRD.

    3. JB didn't mean to stomp you out, that IS GOOD STUFF. No one can compare to wordman in this realm, least not us with half the age and wisdom, accept that and hope that we get there one day while he and V.V. wish they had our youth. It never ends what a horrible system that you can't have it all ;) maybe part of HEAVEN IS being able to do consciousness transfer while we condemn it. After all you might have came back as your Godson.

    4. Afterall though, we can't really appreciate what we and everyone has and has always had. You only really appreciate what you've lost or are working to get. So the differences are needed.

  2. I knew about the Crowley-Roswell juxtaposition (which to my mind remains very telling...) but whoa, the Parsons-CERN one!
    Parsons DOD: 6-17-52
    CERN DOB: 9-29-54
    THAT is really not much time at all & seems incredibly suspicious to me -- great catch JB. Perhaps there is a very good reason most of Parsons' papers have "never been found," and the ones that are existing are highly classified and STILL under lock & key...Hmmmmm....

    Everything considered, puts me very MUCH in mind of this:

    And there's a very good reason no one, after all this time in the fossil record, has ever found so much as a hint of the so-called "missing link."

    Because it doesn't exist. There never WAS one. = we were engineered.

    1. Couldn't find the Joe Rogan/Jacques Vallee but did find this:Check out this Podcast: Edition 500 - Jacques Vallee
      Sounds really good so far.

  3. Whoa... I was watched Kingsmen last night... I kept thinking is this what the vax with do? So many signs in every movie... Thank you Wordman... I will pass on..

  4. Ahhhh geez watching not watched... ya got me freaking out...

  5. The whole blood donation/transfusion thing is a HUGE SCAM I've witnessed hundreds of surgeries, some very bloody, but NOT ONE SINGLE BLOOD TRANSFUSION! I've also known numerous people that donate blood all the time.
    I suggest LET'S MAKE IT A DOUBLE EDGED SWORD. Pray (I suggest Jesus I KNOW THAT WORKS) and put whatever quantum intention and ritual behind it that WHOSOEVER SHARES IN MY CUP SHALL EITHER BE PURIFIED OR BURNED TO ASH! How's that for burning saint.

    1. And draining my clone blood! Holy cow my blood MIGHT BE THE ANSWER! LOL

  6. Dginnster -- thanks for the sweet replies & YES, the blood situation IS reaching critical mass here in these days. 1888 saw the Ripper murders, & the "blood is the life" reaches back to Bram Stoker & Dracula, but things now are getting ridiculous -- & have been accelerating ever since the Clinton/Podesta emails that wikileaks dropped that begat the Trump presidency and of course, Pizzagate. Don't even get me started on Adrenochrome, which, despite all major attempts to whitewash it, is very MUCH a thing. ALL of these connections are very much a thing -- they just don't want you to EVER connect the dots...

    & V.V., altho I have NOT ever seen the Kingsman (I keep meaning to), you might want to go over this from the excellent Vigilantcitizen, who tends to specialize in such things:

    Pardon the lots of really annoying pop-ups on his site -- God I hate those. They really get in the way of the message after awhile.

    Back to the blood -- just found this on YT -- excellent for anyone that's never seen it, & adheres quite closely to the original novel:

    For my $$ still the best Dracula film ever made. Just try to ignore Keanu, who is truly out of his depth...

    1. Will you link that "dark soul of the new machine"? What do you think about your new spam bot? How often do you get that?

    2. So when I was reading about Battelle, I was thinking "this probably has to do with all those CEO'S that stepped down, let at those companies take the inevitable fall while a larger company buys it out probably involving blackmail" then I see that your on the same track, and dynCorp is owned by Cerberus which specializes in distressed and leveraged buyouts! Meet the new bosses same as the old ones!
      Pay special attention to 'corporate headquarters' being in 'unincorporated land' it will be VERY IMPORTANT as more is revealed!

    3. Dginnster!!

      'Dark Soul' should be clickable above, but here 'tis:

      And I didn't include it because it features large swaths of
      zzzzzzzzzz, but here is Rogan-Vallee:

      & here is all of it that exists on YT:

      Cheers girlie!!

    4. You brushed on it, but you didn't put up my link:

      This is interesting in light of a while back I was reading WWIII prophecies and two different ones mentioned a gold dust falling from the sky and all the water sources needed to be covered in black to keep it from being poisoned.
      Also ties in with all the shimmer water, dark water, what lies below programming.
      Royal, Kingston, celebrity reflection, (mirror [clones] of celebrities?)
      "Only vaccinated people will get rescued!" So it begins! Stay safe out there and keep your beautiful mind away from whatever keeps trying to turn mine to mush ;)

      Hey, hey what did I say? Pulse nightclub million dollar homes, Sandy Hook Aurora but now when the black people do it (just know that they are the eternal fall guys for a white good ol boys system that goes back a long long way. They have been funneling the money through real estate for decades, 2008 real estate bubble was a test run, WATCH OUT!

    5. I imagine Gary Oldman’s expression in the scene at 35:19, with the sacrifice of the babe, as not that different from one HRC or a Rothschild might exhibit when discussing adrenachrome with a deplorable.

      For a new twist on an old theme, one can’t do much better than daybreakers :

      “The truth is like the sun”

    6. Oh yeah, one other thing about daybreakers: patient zero was infected by a bat.... go figure

  7. Just finished reading "Final Events", and the Collins Elite DID turn out exactly like the Millennium Group: wanting to CONTROL everything, becoming the bad guys themselves, obsessed with Endtimes prophecy, fascistic cult-like indoctrination...

    1. JB your uname is dark, every time that I've had things go weird mine is darker than everyone else's this is the first time I saw it on someone else, ironically I was just looking at your blog.

    2. Holy cow all of your past comments have your screename dark and mine are light even the ones that were dark! It's an indicator like the red pill blue pill 💊 changing it only gives me the option to do blue. I need to watch Tenent!

    3. The only reason *I* see my own name as dark is because I'm logged on, on my own phone...

      (Looks over shoulder, to see if Dginn is behind him.)

    4. Seriously? Cause mine goes dark and light with different comments at different times. Anyone will else want to weigh in? But whatever seems to *infect* every phone I've ever had seems to be able to spread sometimes, recently it seems more and more to transcend time and space in a way that can't be human.

    5. My TV is playing stuff about James and Canada and zombies and bath salts. So did you send your shadow over here?

    6. Hey Dginnster!!!

      Yeah, I thought that the Battelle compendium kinda summed up the bitchute clip but in hindsight -- NOPE!! So mea culpas to both you GiGi as well as Anthony Patch -- who I need to get back in touch with -- & rest assured, I WILL be featuring that clip where it does the most good in the next installment -- in my back pocket for now til I can place it in the context where it does the most etheric damage!! Much is again -- yuck -- happening with DARPA so it won't be long, that's for sure. Thanks for the reminder. Too much info to juggle!! Bombs away dream babies!!

    7. Well did you see a beautiful strawberry blonde over your shoulder? J/k but seriously, I thought that I just saw a ghost where I was 7 years ago, when my son was freaking out saying that he saw a ghost, only we were on opposite balconies so we would be seeing EACH OTHER.

    8. During my shrodinger's cat *dream* moment, I was talking to Anthony Patch even though I've never seen what he looks like, just heard him on higher side.

    9. & hey JB!!

      Can't quite wrap my head around the ultimate motives of the CE: bad guys seeking to do good, or good guys that have been taken over somehow by the dark side, seduced by their own egos and power-trippin'? Have tried on many occasions to get in touch with Ray Boeche -- can NOT get even a peep out of him, which I find a bit weird, to get absolutely NOTHING in response to many earnest pleas. Especially for such a devout theologian (supposedly.) A bit rude?

    10. That same son called me immediately after the *SCM* specifically mentioning A PATCH repeatedly OUT OF CONTEXT, AND IS CALLING ME NOW!

  8. Oh & hey GiGi, you were saying about that 2008 bubble bursting? Well well well, just guess who may have lit the match for that entire inferno?:

    There are devils and then there are the DEVILS.

    1. So you want me to send those incoherent links? They definitely PERTAIN but will cause MAJOR WAVES and take a bit to collate.

    2. Dginnster!!

      Patch looks like a hulkier version of Kojack!! & sending any links that will cause MAJOR waves -- oh PLEASE don't throw me in that briar patch!! Wink.

      This vessel is BUILT for major waves, crew girl!! It's wetter than an otter's pocket around here!!

    3. Speaking of vessels had this gem come across the wires right after that convo with JB hint Al my dad ;)


    5. Wordman!

      As I said, I figure the Collins Elite is EXACTLY like the Millennium Group; mostly good guys, but become so cynical and hopeless they've fully embraced becoming a "necessary evil".

      As opposed to Jeffrey Epstein, who was a thoroughly rotten bastard who wanted to live forever, even if it meant sacrificing 1000s of innocents or even the whole world.

    6. Your username is back to light now.

    7. JB I think EVERY force trying to do good/police this world ends masse gets both so jaded and corrupted that they eventually accept being a necessary evil.

    8. Had a top guy that wanted to do good say one time that he royally lost his temper and said what all he'd like to do to someone in another group and they said "we can arrange that" and he said "I lost my temper if we have ones working for us that will do that what makes us any better then them?" To this day I'm not sure which groups were where doing what. I feel like a vast number of people on all sides are beginning to feel like it's all becoming muddled and it's going to take God sorting things out with every man on his individual works! When they've infiltrated every major religion and school with pefos, you think there's any groups left untainted? We need the fusion centers opened up as a one time opening of the books and MASS arrests, how do we know that looking at the NSA records isn't part of fulfilling Bible prophecies? When they didn't have a way to talk about technology?

    9. Every day I wonder which side wants me dead next, this one wasn't hard to guess though! Guess I need to start acting like I'm having another Laura means moment nothing to see here just a crazy girl!

  9. JB!!

    Check out both of these -- first one with Redfern on C2CAM with George Knapp:

    & one that predates pretty much everything but has MANY thrulines to Redfern's research as well as some strange parallels into what's going on today across many disciplines -- Art Bell doing a Dreamland with the late Karla Turner in 1994:

    She developed an extremely fast-acting cancer after multiple abductions as well as when she began speaking out -- Chris Carter knew well of her & adapted Scully's cancer storyline from his knowledge of Karla...

  10. Karla's experiences & research funnel very well straight into the Missing 411 of David Paulides, whose son recently (supposedly) committed suicide.
    So much death around this particular area and subject. These 2, Phil Schneider, John Mack, James Forrestal, Max Spiers, Morris Jessup, and entire raft of people in & around the Mothman phenom, it's fairly endless. Sudden, violent deaths too. If you can believe some of the wilder rumours you can even lump JFK, Marilyn, & Dorothy Kilgallen in with them. Strange, strange stuff. So much and in such volume that it begins to make you wonder....

  11. Written in 2011, here is an in depth article on prions and the many implications of their properties

    “ What you are about to read may very well be the largest combined cover-up of the confederated government, ranching, meat-packing, medical, and pharmaceutical industry’s history – a collaborative effort to hide the true nature of what can only be called the human race’s modern plague of neurological and other degenerative diseases, from Alzheimer’s to AIDS.

    This is not about the dead coming back to life. On the contrary, death is the only sweet release from this disease… a final cure that is always certain, and which never comes soon enough.

    This is the real story of an apocalyptic peril that, as it turns out, very likely already lies dormant in us all.

    This is not a zombie genre fiction, but is instead the real-life story of what are called “prions“.

  12. Guys look what I just found!

    (for JB & Dginn!!)
    An angel revealing the truth of all things before it departs...

    Chris Carter, what did you do, you shaman! There IS no television, or anything, like this anymore.

    1. I *JUST* watched that exact same scene of that exact same episode last night on DVD.



  15. I don't understand if they can do all this why do we need to pay any bills? How would we be moving into a heaven or beyond death and consciousness transfer etc. and it's wasted by us counting they're money in the system for them, to pay bills? If we really had *an agreement with aliens* then we'd have a lot more beneficial stuff by now instead of a bunch of abduction stories, secret military programs, and unexplained things like crop circles and cattle mutilation.

  16. Pater noster, qui es in caelis,
    sanctificetur nomen tuum.
    Adveniat regnum tuum.
    Fiat voluntas tua,
    sicut in caelo, et in terra.
    Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie,
    et dimitte nobis debita nostra,
    sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris.
    Et ne nos inducas in tentationem,
    sed libera nos a malo.

    Reminds me of when I kept getting prank called so I read this and everyone at school thought that I was possessed because they were all listening in on it.
    What if half of it is people finding out that tulpa's and dreams manipulate this reality as well as our dreams.

    Another SHOUT OUT

    1. TFF!!!!!! My boys in da house!! Oh, & Dginnster, regarding your comment about about that "agreement w/aliens," oh we've got an "agreement" alright -- it's just that they're called the 'Messengers of Deception' (Jacques Vallee's words) for a very good reason...

      Let's circle back -- haha! --
      They gave you life
      And in return you gave them Hell
      As cold as ice
      I hope we live to tell the tale
      I hope we live to tell the tale....

      These comments sections just keep getting more & more legendary...

    2. That's why it all circles around me read the whole book, ice as a child, fire walk as an adult but you beat the riddle and chose water that's ice melted by the fire. Passion of Christ love/hate will we accept all parts of us, who would we condemn to hell, while also going through hell to save?
      How much do our own children give us HELL and how many of our CHILDREN WOULD BE WILLING TO GO THROUGH HELL TO SAVE THEM? What if the children beat the system?

  18. There's more and more prion-related "trombosis" cases, due to the vaccine, the first in Québec has just been reported.

    We're essentially talking about the Millennium bleeding plague here, except you don't sweat the blood, it just keeps building up under your skin.

    Happy days!

  19. At this rate I'm THIS close to starting a Patreon, accent on the PAY!!
    Where's my residual check Jags??!!
    Sixth Stone Status here I come!! Haha!!
    Seriously the most PUNK he's been since, Lord, Some Girls....well done, sir:

    (Just become a follower, already!!)
    Mind Control, Aliens in the Deep State, c'mon man!!

    1. You'll never get my credit card number! NEVAAAAAH!

      Btw, if you actually make people pay for the pleasure of your company, it might make you a male prostitute. ;)

    2. I'd only do PAY-treon for members of the Jag's tax bracket exclusively....Epstein taught me that!! Haha!

      Hey, I'm a-learnin'! Pssst, c'mere sailor!!

    3. Don't we all pay in some way for the pleasure of company, while we're in one spot another spot on the planet is suffering what we could be doing. Make your story worth being written. Or rewritten. Now let's light some fireworks with that PUNK and who's going to pay the ones that created them?


  20. That you believe the shill Alex Jones is stalwart and Q and Trump are legitimate says loads about you. Whenever I want to believe you you prove you cannot be trusted. Although share some things with you, I can have nothing to do with you. You are as much of an enemy to be as the establishment we both hate. You do more harm than good with your blog and what's so disturbing is that you never question what you write. Count me out.

    1. I thought you'd already left....

    2. Interesting, I was thinking how the comment section had become a spot without condemnation but as soon as I mention the Bible, isreal, and waves etc. It pops back up.


      Punk? Pay? Mind controlled slaves? What if all this was us finding what the top ones have been using to bet on, trade, sell, play etc with our lives?

    4. Absolutely insane Dginnster. We have lost our minds. Good riddance to Mr. Face Hugger on the Statue of Liberty above. Good Lord, who really CARES about your opinion -- nobody's got a gun to your head to come here, just change the freakin channel already - Jeez. This ain't rocket science. We can have all the honest differences of opinion in the world without getting insulting; that's just childish. But some are educated beyond their intelligence it's very obvious. But still, that's nothing; check out what just went down between Bongino & Geraldo...Haha!!:

      This is the Paris Peace Accords compared to that!!


    6. Speaking of good riddance -- one less scum sucking leech in the world breathing our oxygen. Enjoy hell.

    7. As to Alex Jones what made me a believer was during his SH deposition he became slef deprecating and used the word psychosis to refer to getting getting caught up or manic about conspiracies (that to me said he's real) while in the videos the lawyers can be heard congratulating themselves that they got what they came for him discrediting himself. More proof that they were dead and he was real.

  21. OH & Dginnster -- you were so, so, so right above when you said don't we all pay for the pleasure of somebody's company?

    Ain't it the sad, sad truth, the dirty lowdown, yes, my girl, we all do pay, yes we do. Sometimes we don't even think we do, but we all do, in one way or another, we all do. Wise, wise words, my friend.

    1. So I guess we're all whores deep down inside. Since Kamala is almost President, being a whore seems very profitable.

      And as for the Statue of Liberty/Face-hugger guy, he's a troublemaker who goes around posting anti-semitic comments, has been since he realized Trump was a big lover of the jewish people.

    2. I didn't say we're all whores, I said we all pay there's a difference, hell my ex husband though smiling at a man was worth a slap to the face while he literally whored around. How fucking lifeless and joyless of a world do you want without being able to freely smile at each other, OH wait sounds like the world they're making right now with the masks and isolation! Meet the new bosses the same as the old bosses with a vendetta!

  22. Here's a video for you. If you've been down this road I apologize. I'm a newbie still navigating your backlog.
    Table of contents:

    0:00:00​ Pandemic exercisces - Preparation for a new era?

    0:02:23​ Era of the Cold War 1945 - 1990

    0:05:05​ The USA without an enemy

    0:17:05​ Bioterror exercises 1990 - 2005

    0:23:51​ The Exercise “Dark Winter”

    0:30:44​ Emergency plans for bioterror and flu pandemics

    0:35:40​ Interim conclusion

    0:38:40​ “Lock Step-Scenario” 2010

    0:44:38​ “MARS” and the G20 Health Minister meeting in Berlin

    0:50:35​ Why the Corona Pandemic startet in 2020

    0:58:19​ “Event 201“ - Training with a Corona pandemic

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  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.


    James what have you done in your pergatory to unkill yourself? Cause careful it's coming.. how repentant are you of your mortal sin? Cause I'm beginning to think that's what all of this has been, and it is biblical, I can see all these different lines are lining up between everyone. What life would you be happy in what life would you make enough people happy in? Or will you allow yourself to be hung on the cross and judged? was your aunt the only person worth saving in this world? What version of her? Will you allow her to represent the divine feminine and save all of them including your ex? Did your future you, or your aunt or your ex show you each step of the ritual in order to save YOUR soul? When I was little my half brother went missing for two weeks and I prayed for him and I had to go through the onyx steps to get him. He came back still wearing the same clothes and said that he wouldn't talk about what happened just that there's a God, then later he had a son named James. Then years later, I picked up a hitchhiker in the rain at night that looked like he did at that time.Then his stepdaughter tried to commit suicide.
    I've known a number of people that committed suicide but the ones that did it to a girl, it was more about hate and saying that killing her isn't good enough. Hence throughout life we judge others, we're all worthy of hell to someone in comparison, it's about who will we deem worthy of heaven and which archetypal version of them?
    The queen will probably die when it all adds up to 11's, and things will go really weird.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. hey wordman!

    still doing great work. thanks. i was just reading about The Pilgrim Society and all those spooky links to big pharma and Pfizer and what do you know albert bourla was a veterinarian in europe board of health for animals and he had the idea to take unused cow parts and grind them up and feed them to the cattle which created Mad Cow Disease...and now they are saying these 'vaccines' are causing that in people...scary scary stuff.

    thanks for all the links. :)

    1. You are entirely welcome Zills!! I know it's a slog to get thru everything I throw at you but it's all starting to add up, innit? And not in a good way. But forewarned is forearmed.

      Ralphie D above -- thanks more than you know for that vid, it really helps connect some things that are gonna be in the next post: more 9/11 creatures that we left to slither around that are popping up -- whaddaya know!! -- in the COVID narrative. Colour me NOT surprised...

      And JB, please don't take it to mean that I think we're all whores either -- far from it. It's just that in my sorry experience I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of pure, innocent, unadulterated relationships I've ever had -- & I'm counting romantic, friendship, familial, everything. Even ones that you enter into thinking "this is the one!" -- everybody's always got an "angle." Most of the time it's little warning signs that you gloss over in the beginning -- DON'T. They are presenting themselves to speak their truth to you for a reason. You ignore them at your peril.

      That's why I truly cherish and love all you guys so much. No recriminations, nobody looking for anything on the 'backside.' No expectations or disappointments or gimme gimmes. Just honest talk amoung good, good friends. We take each other at face value with zero judgements here despite our joshing with each other -- and love each other for what we are; not for what we can DO for each other.

      Do you all know how rare that is??!! Seriously, I LOVE you guys!!
      Mean it.

    2. That's why I truly cherish and love all you guys so much. No recriminations, nobody looking for anything on the 'backside...'

      (Little did he know, but I was an agent of the Cabal all along! MWA HA HA HA HA!)

    3. I think that the cattle mutilations have been trying to find the golden cow i.e. one that has a soul. We have no known way to destroy prions, I think that's what they are a pulverized soul.

    4. According to Nick Redfern's Final Events, the cattle mutilations were just a distraction, to make UFO reseachers and the Military waste their time investigating and trying to figure it out. Very clever if true.

  29. Oh & PS -- you all officially heard it from the Dginnster above -- if & when the Queen dies (& it's GOTTA be soon, right?) & it ends up adding up to either '9' or '11' I am going to WIG OUT supremely!!!

    1. It will be 11's or 1's, I'm telling you in some weird way we are all playing out the soul review, or this is a dream, or time and space doesn't exist like we think.

  30. OK JB!! Where's your Secret Squirrel decoder ring? Haha! Or should I say, Owls & Roosters!!

    1. That's what's beautiful about writing, that the inner voice comes through. Blind love, blind fear, bind hate, whatever you read between the lines comes through from the state you are in, or what you want, but regardless, without condemnation the deepest quotes you write will stand untarnished to be enjoyed over again.
      It makes me think about how there's a song that I used to LOVE but I've never been able to find it. It's a man looking out the window on a robbery and murder while he's telling a blind girl that he's seeing all this beautiful stuff. Her wonders if he's doing the right thing, It's not clear whether he's her father, husband, or friend, or son. And that's part of the beauty of it because it represents the eternal struggle between the Devine masculine wanting to keep the purity of the Devine feminine. But the problem is that as we experience the world, our idea of the perfect person changes and if we fixate on a certain "perfect" we'll never be able to love and grow with the other sides of that person, as a child, parent, accuser, accused. And if we keep them from being tainted by the world, then, they won't become what we need by our side later in life.

      If that song doesn't exist I need to write it.

  31. I'll leave this here:

    1. Eerie as heck, omens do mean something, but it is a common medical thing, leg lock, that's why he bent her legs up like that, brought the blood flow back to her head. Interesting that he knew that and acted so quickly, almost makes it seem set up. Anyone can do it, stand long enough with your knees over extended and you'll faint.

    2. I naturally assume that everything is staged these days.

    3. Are you starting to see how everything you see in the news etc. Archetypally matches different things in your life yet? Take out the Sim card in your phone, close your eyes write something important fold it up, and hide it somewhere along with something valuable, do it as if something can see your every move, just for the sake of experiment, humor me. Leave the Sim card out but make notes of the time. While it's out go through a range of EXTREME EMOTIONS AND THOUGHTS, focus on your heart make it RACE like you're TERRIFIED. Then put the sim card back in and see the weird synchs! Hence they are tracking extremists and that police tracer mind meld is something and they've found ways to control empaths.

    4. You Know the hot sheets scene in MIB and the they live glasses? Go through all the clickbait and news.

    Embarrassment thy color is Scarlett

    You got that decoder ring? The early bird gets the worm. Bad luck to the black Velvet band I have other stuff but it will look crazy

  33. JB!!

    Had seen that vid on worldstarhiphop site glued together with one of some place where they were doing drive-up vaxxs and alerting all getting jabbed to stay in their cars on site for at least 15 min afterwards in case of adverse reactions -- well, good thing, because captured on tape was one guy going into complete defib to the point where they were pounding on his chest thru the open window to try & revive him!! Good Lord we're all complete idiots...& yeah, that woman in Denmark fell like a bag of bricks. It's my understanding that she had recently (within an hour?) just gotten jabbed? If so, that's it -- good night. They can talk til they're blue in the face -- NOPE -- not doing it. Found it:

    At this point ARCHIVE EVERYTHING, because they're working their damnedest to scrub it ALL. All I can say is my next post -- SUNDAY MIDNIGHT BAT CHANNEL!! -- is going to be a Witching Hour Special of another off the hook variety...this stuff is coming in faster than I can process &/or glue it all together into some kind of shambling undead form....

    I wonder how Tiffany Dover is doing...or IF she's doing...

    & Dginn -- I know this prob isn't your tune, but in form & function it reminds me of this, which, when I first heard it in 2008 sounded like the second coming of 1979 & the first time I heard "Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys." Winwood gets Clapton to summon up some deeply buried & long dormant fire from out of the recesses of his soul one final time:

    Back soon guys -- have a Freaky Friday til we convene again...& stay far away from needles. We don't need their shit.

  34. PS -- & one from back in the day -- for this Night Crew & the whole night thru:
    Who cares, who knows what's true
    Coffee and tears the whole night through
    Burning up all that midnight oil
    And it's come right back on you...

    Rock on hepcats & kittens.....


      Lol hilarious!

    2. back at you
      I'll see your Steve WINWOOD with all your favorites:

      And raise you another Stevie:
      Can you beat gold and silver?
      Or diamonds and jewels?

    3. The original Stevie. 1977. Higher than the troposphere and hotter than the sun.

    4. ffIx5E&list=RDCLAK5uy_l3PeyHeqJh1dR78WjfsMJwRHJx9ofMvvc&index=22

  35. It's happening again. There's a woman that I always saw as a blonde that my husband said he thought she had bright red hair and freckles! And my mom had a friend that I saw as having dark brown almost black hair, and my mom remembers red. And more stuff lining up from years ago. Seriously is anyone else having this stuff happen?

  36. Holy Cannoli the Dossier on Fauci... Thanks Wordman your the best!