Sunday, March 7, 2021



“Long have I waited

For the hour to strike

For the stars to grow tired, and fall

Since the birth of the earth have I waited

For the sands of its time to run low

But tonight...

I shall wait no more


I'm leaving now

On a trail to sulphur and salt

Yes, I'm leaving

To the havens where all things halt

The yonder beckons

The twilight oceans call

To forbidden shores

I'll set my course


I've seen enough

Of your little world

How it helplessly

In the darkness twirls

But from the roaring depths

Beyond the known

My maker calls

It's time to go...


I'm leaving now

The sun is sinking in the west

Yes, I'm leaving

To hell with all the rest

The yonder beckons

The twilight oceans call

Towards forbidden shores

I'll set my course


The winds of Apep are upon my sail

From neath the waves I hear the old ones sing their song

And in the distance now, the seventh lighthouse burn

That is where the oceans end, and that is where I yearn…”


As I stood on cliffs of soapstone, dipped in emerald green,

An albatross attracts my gaze and leads it to the scene

Through copper skies, and dragonflies, and gold confetti stars

That's when I saw the sky parade, with Jupiter and Mars not far away…

Red sun, bloody sun,

It's where they're heading for, it's where there heading,

They all move as one, towards the sun

Clefts of clouds in syrup sky are playing tug of war,

With biscuits tins and aeroplanes, and all the neighbors doors.

The march is led by Sgt. Snare, his uniform’s divine!

With all the bells and whistles but he still can’t keep good time and it drags on…




The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things; of anal probes and memory plants, and Epstein pulling strings…


Welcome back members in this, our little treehouse of horrors, where we regularly all become seekers, and look to connect dots and try and make some sense of what the world is presenting us with today, absurdity for absurdity, we dissect it all so we don’t become like those poor buffalo being herded over the cliffs, unwitting collaborators in their own fate.


I wish to stress that we don’t know the full extent of all these points I’m about to belabor; only that all seem intimately connected and continuing to converge at a pace which should be alarming to anyone paying attention. From what’s happening in the skies to what’s rumbling under our feet to what’s emerging out of your nearest BSL level 4 lab, everything in this funhouse is connected, and almost nothing is done with your benefit in mind. All of your benefits, my children, come from within, where, I might say, it appears some mighty powerful forces are aligning as well, as we will see. That yonder beckons as well, as this looming Age of Aquarius portends. Fear not, because even though Good and Evil are rumbling tonight in the streets outside where you live like something out of a Cosmic West Side Story, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. And that reaction? That’s you.


First, to the skies…one of the initial reasons for my starting all this was an almost obsessive interest in all things UFO/flying saucer/UAP-related, and it just so happens that the steadily increasing amount of sightings now occurring worldwide is nearly unprecedented, as is the long-rumoured promise of imminent disclosure from official sources. Leaks from highly-placed security angles and even the FBI/CIA/DOD have been many of late, and we now have less than 180 days until everything gets brought out, thanks to the fine print in the COVID-relief bill:

Perhaps the final question remaining is will this be just the final window dressing on the most fevered wet dreams of the John Podesta-Tom DeLonge-To The Stars forces – which would likely amount to just another misdirection – or will this be the real deal, finally? Are we dealing with aliens masquerading as humans? Humans masquerading as aliens? Both? Neither? As Linda Moulton Howe once opined, we’re in a land where it’s a hall of mirrors with a quicksand floor, and absolutely nothing has changed in the intervening time it seems.

Or is Norio Hayakawa correct in his assertion that the US Gov’t will NEVER disclose the true nature of the phenomenon?:  


We are now in the close-passing wake of the asteroid 99942 Apophis, taller than the Eiffel tower and the Empire State building, and who knows what this particular debris field, swinging by in the fire this time, will bring us? (Apophis was Apep in the ancient Egyptian, giant snake, enemy of Ra, Lord of Chaos and the bringer of ruin.)

I have often mused here that this particular cycle that we are ambered in quite possibly for all intents and purposes began with the very close passage of the comet Hale-Bopp in the winter of 1996-1997 in the Northern Hemisphere, the last “great” comet seen there up til now. So much seems to have happened after that marker pertaining to the slippery slope and sliding down of history and social convention, and it is a momentum that only continues…

Only this week it was announced that a group of Chinese scientists discovered the existence of what they termed “space hurricanes.” Or, let’s face it, could they actually be portals?

How much more do we have to discover? And how much of this is actually being created by man? By other forces? By both working in tandem?

The Sky Parade has now begun:


And that’s just over the last 10 days, folks. Whether this amounts to a sustained campaign of increased incursions into and over our airspace or a sustained campaign of media blitzing for reasons unknown, a sustained campaign it most certainly is. And we as a planet are just here waiting for the other shoe to drop…somewhere, sometime. The stage is definitely being set for what is to come, and more than anything appears to be an integral part of a steadily ramping occult agenda becomingly increasingly visible across all sectors of society, very apparent to anyone reading these pages every month.


Case in point: the latest Netflix offering that’s caught viral fire is Behind Her Eyes, which prominently features (spoilers…) lucid dreaming, astral projection, remote viewing, and more as integral plotpoints. It also spotlights the rather startling Eve Hewson, who struck me immediately as I started hitting the mental recall button – why was that name so familiar? Hewson? Nah, it can’t be…daughter of Paul Hewson. Wait a minute, THE Paul Hewson?! You’d know him as this guy: BONO.

The same guy that penned these incredibly spooky lyrics back in 1997 that seemed to portend/forecast so much of what was going to happen 4 years down the road apiece (speaking of remote viewing…):

So you never knew love

Until you crossed the line of grace

And you never felt wanted

'Till you had someone slap your face

And you never felt alive

Until you almost wasted away

You had to win

You couldn't just pass

The smartest ass

At the top of the class

Your flying colors

Your family tree

And all your lessons in history




Get up off your knees, now




Please, leave it out

So you never knew

How low you'd stoop to make that call

And you never knew

What was on the ground until they mad you crawl

So you never knew that

The heaven you keep you stole

Your Catholic blues

Your convent shoes

Your stick on tattoos

Never making the news

Your holy war

Your northern star

Your sermon on the mount

From the boot of your car




Get up off your knees

Now, Please



Leave me out of this

So love is big, it’s bigger than us

But love is not what you're thinking of


Streets capsizing

Spilling over, and

Down the drain

Shards of glass splinters like rain

But you could only feel

Your own pain


Talk getting nowhere




Are we just starting again….

So love is big, bigger than us

But love is not what you’re thinking of

It's what lovers deal

It's what lovers steal

You know I've found it hard to receive

'Cause you my love I could never believe…”


But perhaps the most telling meme being inserted into the collective with Behind Her Eyes is the concept of walk-ins. As the gathering of souls continues apace across many spectrums, this concept is a must to get traction amoung the widest possible audience. All of these ideas are being pushed heavily onto the masses right now, and with all the intendent occult ramifications contained within, the forecast, as old Robert Cray might sing, calls for pain.

We have to make way for something else. Of course that must also involve, you guessed it, technology.


Memories can now be surgically implanted into brains. Scientists can do this with optogenetics, which allow researchers to control neurons by simply shining light on them. Does this bring into new context the importance of Bill Gates using LUCIFERASE in the COVID vaxx as a marker element? What about the use of bioluminescence?

Mice, it seems, can now be made to remember something that never happened. Are humans far behind, or has that horse already left the barn here in Philip K Dick-land?,Memories%20can%20be%20surgically%20implanted,now%20(yes%2C%20in%20mice)&text=Implantation%20of%20false%20memories%20in,cells%20that%20contained%20the%20memory.


How about ‘Inception’ in the lab, as scientists are seeking to plant false visions in people?:

Because Sci-Fi Theatre is playing everywhere right now; because it’s always 1 a.m. somewhere on the globe…and tag, you’re it.

Because Moderna now admits that the mRNA jabs are actually an operating system designed to (gulp) program humans:

And why exactly did a Chinese lab hire Charles Lieber, that good buddy of Jeffrey Epstein, to fo battery research?:

And here’s your daily reminder that Jeffrey Epstein was investing in data mining, pre-crime tech with Israeli intelligence way before COVID broke loose:

That was Epstein putting the ‘minority’ in Minority Report. Boom. Tish. I’ll be here all week.


And from BGI Genomics we know they’re the CCP-linked firm busted by US officials as “harvesting” the DNA of all Americans; we now know they’ve collaborated extensively with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation:

And just guess where all those COVID testing kits happened to be both coming from and returning to? Yep, you guessed it…China. If you’re like me, you’re not the only one in the room smelling a rat…

Between articles like these, and Charles Lieber having extensive ties to both Wuhan (the unleashing epicenter) and Jeffrey Epstein (who also ties in intimately with Gates), and ALL of this news coming to light within weeks of the COVID-19 strain being set loose worldwide – the questions hangs in the air: how are all these factors connected in what has turned into a “Great Reset” for an entire planet?


And is the Human Genome Project, supposedly shuttered in 2003, still an ongoing program with shadowy goals as yet to be determined? (Purity Control, anyone, for all you XFilers out there?)

Let’s look back at some thrulines here since none of this makes any sense without context: why suddenly the onset of the anal swabs now for COVID-testing purposes? Jamming them into our brain cavities wasn’t enough? We all know about the intimidation and the coercion and the indoctrination rituals, but what more? What was the main purpose of all the “alien” abduction scenarios in the circa 1980s-1990s period? Anal probes. Remember those? Were they for the purposes of DNA collection also? Remember that if my hypothesis is correct, this is a long-train running agenda for the purposes of altering everything here, on every level from the physical/biological to the psychic and spiritual. But the data mining comes first, and that, I’m sure, is what was going on then. It continues to be what’s going on now.

But WHY? Targeted biological agent manufacture. After all the data is collected for a specific time period, then you can begin with the implementation and introduction of things like chemtrailing operations, 5G, GMOs, etc.


And if you’re wondering just how we’ve gotten to this point and fallen so far, the estimable Lin Wood released another huge clue this week in documented court depositions from a whistleblower that would explain everything that’s happened in the world over the last 18 months – it turns out that Chief SC justice John Roberts garnered all of his adopted children from the Epstein network for the purposes of trading them off for abuse by others of those in the “inner circle,” in exchange for favors and the ability to work his way farther up the chain of wealth and influence. In that same circle of abuse and horror you can add names like Mike Pence, Rod Rosenstein, Paul Ryan, and many, many others: 

Pence and Roberts are gay -- great, fine, no problem -- but why does it always seem that that "gayness" is a gateway drug into other, much more sordid areas in these waters? Or it's used for those purposes by other more evil entities as leverage into complete heinousness and the vilest acts against children and innocence. That's the way this all seems to be playing out; all the way from social conditioning to blackmail and beyond. And the scary thing is -- it doesn't show any signs of stopping. You could kill another 100 Epsteins 100 times and the midnight meat train's just gonna keep on rollin'. 


Beginning to understand how a national election could be stolen now? How a coup against an entire nation could be undertaken in broad daylight? How a psychological operation can and could be undertaken where an entire planet can be held hostage and placed under house arrest for a fucking chest cold? Numbers manipulated, people killed, economies trashed, entire countries re-imagined under the auspices of the “Great Reset?” Ever notice something about Build Back Better and whoever in the bowels of the WEF designed that? Think about it. Build. Back. Better. BBB. bbb. 666.

As one of the photos in the lead-in at top here shows; there’s a property of Ghislaine Maxwell’s exhibiting a quite-clear pentagram on the roof.

The logo for the World Economic Forum also quite clearly has a not-so-hidden ‘666’ contained within it, as does the infamous one for CERN.

And why does that cringeworthy COVID vigil on the steps of the Capitol this week by all the members of Congress holding candles remind me of nothing so much as an outtake from Rosemary's Baby? Are they mourning those jumped-up 500,000 deaths or celebrating them I wonder...


This is an agenda of pure evil hidden in plain sight, ladies and gentlemen, for all to see. Because, aligning with their thinking, if they show us, tell us, about it, and we do nothing, then we are, in effect, giving tacit approval to whatever they choose to do to us. Partners in our own demise. Don’t do it. Don’t be the buffalo choosing to run over the cliff as your herders and official decoys like Gates and Epstein and Fauci show you how:

As my old friend Bono would say, we’re one, but we’re NOT the same. He was right about that, after all.

And about that vaccine: DON’T. Just don’t do it. As another erstwhile spirit brother from the mid-80s said famously: “”Blind faith in your leaders – or in anything – will get you killed.”

Little did he know:


1985 has turned into 2021 all too soon, but my friends, the song remains the same.

They FEAR you – that’s why all this is happening.  


Stay strong. Those strains of resistance like the above, before everybody of note got turned, are still alive in you. I know personally for a fact telepathy works, and will eventually become bigger than the Goog, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter all put together. I know when 99% of the souls on earth are cornered materially and suffocate spiritually the only counter-force consequence is a hidden, silent, uber-enlightening and ultra-powerful global revolution of the mind where a true, mass spirituality emerges. This Christ consciousness will crash everything. Become like water, my brothers and sisters. Ideas are bulletproof.


  1. Let's start with Chambers:

    "Along the shore the cloud waves break, The twin suns sink behind the lake, The shadows lengthen

    In Carcosa.

    Strange is the night where black stars rise, And strange moons circle through the skies, But stranger still is

    Lost Carcosa.

    Songs that the Hyades shall sing, Where flap the tatters of the King, Must die unheard in

    Dim Carcosa.

    Song of my soul, my voice is dead, Die thou, unsung, as tears unshed, Shall dry and die in

    Lost Carcosa."

    -NOW, let's remind everyone that the anus is the entry point of the BASE CHAKRA, the more you fiddle with someone's bum (the wrong way), the more they're spiritually cemented to the physical world (supposedly).

    As for the aliens, they were here long before us:

    From Robert Charroux:

    The very early pre-Inca people (and the few still extant Aimara tribes of the Andes) believed that 5 million years ago, a blue-skinned, blue-blooded amphibian female from the planet Venus came down to Earth, and landed in her golden vessel on the Island of the Sun in the middle of Lake Titicaca. Her name was "Orejona", and she mated with a prehistoric animal, either a large ape or an anteater-pig (!), giving birth to the very first animal-man, who would later become the first modern man, and remember her on a very deep ancestral level, mostly in their dreams and their psychedelic experiences, and base religions on this goddess from the sea.

    From Jim Marrs:

    There was "Project Stargate", run by the D.I.A. back in the early 1980s. They used remote-viewers who projected their consciousness back in time to bear witness to the most important events in history (seriously, this has been officially declassified since). For their ultimate experiment, they sent their best "psychic spy" to view the origins of the human race millions of years ago. The result?

    A naked, feminine extraterrestrial being, aboard her "seedship" in the sea, using her own DNA to genetically engineer the first ape-men. This aquatic creature was tending to us like "plants in a garden".

    -And FINALLY, let's end with some Lovecraft.

    "There was no hand to hold me back
    That night I found the ancient track,
    And reached the crest to see outspread
    A valley of the lost and dead:
    And over Zaman’s Hill the horn
    Of a malignant moon was born,
    To light the weeds and vines that grew
    On ruined walls I never knew.
    The fox-fire glowed in field and bog,
    And unknown waters spewed a fog
    Whose curling talons mocked the thought
    That I had ever known this spot.
    Too well I saw from the mad scene
    That my loved past had never been — 
    Nor was I now upon the trail
    Descending to that long-dead vale.
    Around was fog — ahead, the spray
    Of star-streams in the Milky Way...
    There was no hand to hold me back
    That night I found the ancient track."

    1. JB!!

      NOW you've got me all jazzed to watch sea 1 of True D all over again -- with a healthy(??) helping of Millennium (heavy accent on seasons 2-3) on the side...we've all been told and clued in to so much over the years, it's frankly pretty amazing how everything is coming around...

      Lovecraft's "ancient track" puts me in mind of both Rev Kirk's The Secret Commonwealth:


      of course Passport To Magonia:

      Both perfect to curl up with on stormy nights when the wind is high and the candles are burning bright!!

  2. DAMN!! You're good... but the truth is... well... scary... but also powerful and so are we (of one focused mind) Reminds me of the movie Avatar when they came together under the tree of Life for the same purpose. We already are telepathic but we have forgotton to use it. The call comes in when your thinking of that person. Well, I'LL say it again my fren... your posts never disappoint. I come back to follow links (after running from the scary campfire story and done hiding in my blanket fort! Pass the crayons please... Need to color and allow this to marinate. How did you handle all of this research back then? When we were all asleep? You knew the dark, studied it, learned the ways... Whoa Wordman you are brave. Bill Cooper knew Whitley Strieber tried to tell us, and all the people on Art Bell! Blows my mind! Pondering your plot twist! Thank you!! You, You're good at this... Hugs to all (closes door to blanket fort)

  3. You too J.B... Why do you know all of that? Oh I do too I guess... not like you two do. I simply ran from it. Still want to... but here I am huh! Seeking answers to questions I do my best not to look at... (she said peeking from the fort of security blankets) wink

    1. MxMM!!

      There's a saying that goes something like -- we all have good times, and parts of our lives with laughter and smiles, and those are the times and people that you will think of, those folks that you laugh with...

      But the people you cry with...those are the people that you remember forever.

      And to me that's each and every one of you. We see, and we cry for humanity with each other.

      Each & every one of you is in my heart & in my soul. The things that we've shared that we could never tell other people. Those things surround me, comfort me, and keep me strong for all those fights that are to come...

    2. Marine Mom, there is a choice in life between blissful ignorance, and dark, forbidden, cruel knowledge. People like us chose dark, forbidden, cruel knowledge. So now we're fully aware that we're sheep having been sheared their whole lives; now finally being sent to the the slaughterhouse. We're worried and miserable, but at least we know why.

    3. I feel you JB... if, as it says in silent weapons for quiet wars, most people are steaks on the table by choice and consent... I realized a long time ago that perhaps the best I could do was be a piece of steak so tough, chewy, and full of gristle that the paymasters might at best have indigestion and at worse choke to death... as the essay says, “consent is an energy release mechanism”, and they shall never have mine with respect to any medical devices being offered

      With respect to walk ins , I have always been skeptical, but is it possible that a series of mrna “attunements” could enable this phenomenon? I always felt like dna was a custom carrier wave/passport for the soul to visit this realm for “shore leave”... but now, that special frequency seems to be hackable

  4. Wow wordman!
    You know how Chris at SS was saying about the online chaos magic... What if there's BEEN groups using a mix of technology and magic like this for a long time and now they're ready for the next level. ((They)) insinuated that staring into a swirling image on a screen could somehow be akin to going through cern on some spiritual or digital hypnotic level.

    There was a time when I was free... When if anyone I cared about was hurting, I was THERE INSTANTLY comforting them AND IT WAS REAL. What has this world done to US? The funny thing is that since I lost myself, I've had friends still tell me that I did it for a while... But see the thing is there's a difference between intentionally sending your spirit and still feeling attached to this body knowing where and when it is and whatever is going on, now, I can't and don't leave my body, my spirit is tortured and my mind is out trying to fix the universe. And my heart is gone. There was a time when I was a child I had a mind castle now I swear my spirit is imprisoned somewhere somehow. As a child I could "see" Xavier's helmet when I closed my eyes and tune it. Now it's only blackness a constant insane ringing in my head for years (until I sleep) it's a wonder I can think at all. I felt my heartbeat today for the first time in a long time, but I couldn't keep it stable. A couple years ago I found a wooden heart and a pentagram of sticks with a crystal growing inside it at our last rent house and took it with us when we left, then I felt like maybe that was some serious bad mojo, I went to take it back and my husband threw them away because he thought it would be worse to bring it back. Man, we really do a disservice to the younger generations teaching that most of it doesn't exist... UNTIL BAM you've grown up around THEM ALL doing things to you and now you have to fight your way out of the spiritual prisons they've tried to create around us.

    In this new system, with people as vessels or houses and library cards refer to a person's "memory" to have people try to tell another person's story and try to get the same effect it's a shallow attempt. Those of us that grew up with oral history KNOW WHAT it's like to FEEL the memories it's like the difference between watching a movie on TV versus a movie theater.
    The problem is, is there anyone left in the world that's not of THIS world? The thing is how can I condemn anyone else for not being fully inspirited when my own spirit isn't here. But we CAN IDENTIFY who is helping FREE US and who is WORKING ON IMPRISONING US.

    Now the ringing is almost deafening and giving me a migraine. Is there a manual to relearning this gently? ;)

  5. RE: Sky Parade - "ball of Light" reddit post alt. link -

  6. Wordman, there is a theme song for your comment... Hugs JB great comment I think that was the most profound thing you ever said to me! I love it, so damn spot on!

    1. Be a ram. The ram is the natural shepherd of the flock. When there are no more human shepherds around, when the big bad wolves are ganging up for the kill, the rams have their day.

  7. The force is strong with this one. Well done Wordman & thank you. It's all inter-related. Don't mind me if I kick it by the campfire and contemplate for a bit. The peace pipe might have to come out ...


  8. Don't threaten me with a good time Chester... pass it... and I'll bring the CBD 1:1 ointment for when I trip and fall after campfire talking story time... because as my Mother used to say "Your middle name is not Grace" (hope you laughed)

    1. I definitely chuckled at that one. I've never heard that line before. Love it. I'll happily share.

  9. Wordman.. Hello..They Live ...remember that movie..We need to open our eyes and look around! So we can See what they don't want us to see..Does anyone have an extra pair of the special sunglasses.. So I can see who is who.. lately I'm beginning to think there's only a handful of us humans
    Now.. Is it..Fallen Angels or ET's? The Great Deception. Are the UFOs ours..probably a few.. Question Wordman.. In Genesis they talked about the firmament..Now is it a arch or vault over the earth and sky that separates the earthly realm from what is beyond. firmament, heavens, sky, waters above, waters below,
    Or is it...the spiritual plane (above) and what is in the physical plane (below). As Above So Below🙄
    Is that why the rainbow curves. instead of going straight up into the universe🤔
    And if there is a firmament... How do UFOs enter in.. and out... portals ..And why do all the planets rotate except for the Moon.. Is it stuck inside the firmament.. A Death Star..
    So is it falling angels the sons of God... Or alien.. Oh wait.. They are probably a little bit of both... But.. I go with the falling angels....
    firmament, heavens, sky, waters above, waters below, the arch or vault over the earth and sky that separates the earthly realm from what is beyond...PLEASE someone tell us the truth..I am now joining MxMom under the covers😐 okay I took a Moment In My Adult Time Out Chair...Are there ET's behind the scenes manipulating mankind in order to control our destiny?Or Nephilims taking on human form?What's next on the agenda...Operation Bluebeam?? Sometimes you just want to say... Calgon please take me away..

  10. "The few descriptions of Apep's origin in myth usually demonstrate that it was born after Ra, usually from his umbilical cord. Combined with its absence from Egyptian creation myths, this has been interpreted as suggesting that Apep was not a primordial force in Egyptian theology, but a consequence of Ra's birth. This suggests that evil in Egyptian theology is the consequence of an individual's own struggles against non-existence."

    Apep was also the "world-encircler", biting his own tail, causing earthquakes, which makes him A) virtually identical to Jormundgand, the Midgard Serpent (Thor and this Serpent mutually kill each other in battle during Ragnarok), and B) the Millennium Group symbol.

  11. JB!!

    Had not made the Ourobouros/Apep connection before, but it does seem omnipresent, no?


    Great points that we live in the most "hackable" of environments ever. And maybe the groundwork has been being laid for longer than previously thought...I always thought this terminology was mighty suspicious given who was laying it out:

    CERN started those in 2014 and all in all, seems like a mighty good place, plausible deniability all inclusive, to hide your intentions in plain sight....

    & finally, my Heavensent!!

    My, my, so many questions!! Haha. & good ones at that. Biblically, the firmament has long been regarded as the watery barrier somewhere between the upper stratosphere & the first encroaches of outer space I'm given to understand...but as you said, is that merely a euphemism for the ectoplasmic spiritual realms all around & about us?

    Aliens? ETs? Demons? Those are the questions it seems even the best minds in the upper reaches of our gov't think tanks are still struggling with...sunglasses or no sunglasses. (And yes, as Roddy Piper himself said, THEY LIVE was a documentary!) As Above So Below wasn't just some mystical Crowley mumbo-jumbo: with every day that passes it proves more & more the key to everything. As does something else I think you hit the nail on the head about: there really ARE only a handful of us left, but we're the ones that are going to make the final STAND.

    Meet you & MxMM under the covers in the blanket fort & we'll figure out that crazy old moon & whether or not it's artificial or not, and who built it & placed it there -- might have to consult David Icke & Noel Gallagher on that one!! Haha! What a tea party THAT would be!!

    "Cause I'll be you & you'll be me/ There's lots & lots for us to see/
    Lots & lots for us to do/
    She is electric/ Can I be electric too??!!"

    You guys all rock -- toppermost of the poppermost I tell ya!!

    1. "Do you know what I'm saying" bring your favorite vinyl to the tea party!! I'll put the player in the blanket fort! Don't forget!! Wink


    1. JB!!

      If that's the future, somebody get me the poison pill now!! No, seriously, it's all of our jobs, our sworn duties, to make sure things like that NEVER take place en masse -- these people have absolutely lost their minds. WTAF. TRULY it's like IDIOCRACY the movie up in here. & speaking as someone that thinks first we should kill all the lawyers, I sincerely hope at the end of all this there are MILLIONS of class-action lawsuits launched & that everyone that's willingly taken part in this utter shitshow charade gets the pants sued off of them. Down to every last dime.

  13. MxMM!!

    Record players!! Lord does that take me back! I'm very much dinosaur-ish enough to well remember putting the vinyl on before you went out running around anywhere and that whatever song cycle would be in your head...colouring your night and experiences. It's what makes hearing all those old 70s/80s tunes now just like a time machine.

    Somewhere along the way with CDs, mp3s, bluetooth, etc we lost that anticipation & everything became instant gratification. We were INFORMED so differently back then. Almost like we've lost the ability now to actually LOOK FORWARD to anything since whatever we want we get it instantly -- which, to me, takes something radically away from life & allows your imagination to stagnate.

    Plus I'm always & forever a vinyl-head the mass move away from vinyl to other soundscapes so much got lost too: a depth-of-field & a warmth went missing in the move to digital. Listen for example to the Rolling Stones side-by-side in digital & vinyl formats = NO COMPARISON. COMPLETELY different band. Going off vinyl utterly changed their signature "sound" & de-fanged them. Very, very much the same with Springsteen & crew. About 90% of the "soul" went buh-bye. Very much an intangible but very much not there anymore.

    Sometimes I wonder if all other parts of life went away in much the same way...?? You never know what you've got til it's gone.

  14. Oh, wow. This guy has Biden's number:


      Everything I know I learned from Star Trek!!

  15. Hello since you joined MXMom and I under the covers..lets continue... I do believe that there are Galactic family members...I am ready to meet them.. As long as there the loving ones ...
    Most definitely believe there are angels..they where created by God...
    I believe recently or maybe it's still going on...there has been a battle in the heavens...Good vs Evil..I think that's why the Moon Moved..🌗🌛
    ok MxMom cover up..
    Wordman you mention demons.. I believe they were created by Satan...DEMONS, we better go buy ourselves a sword, I read once the only way to beat them is to cut them up into tiny pieces ... but I also believe.. that they've been walking around for many many years.. most of the politicians..shall I go on... demons..can jump from soul to soul.. I believe.. Pretty scary..😬 the devil can disguise himself as “an angel of light” we would never knew.. Unless you are awake.. Like we are.. Boy.. you don't even need the special glasses you could just feel their presence when they're around you..
    Apophis..On its way..Named from...Egyptian demon of chaos, who had the form of a serpent and, as the foe of the sun god.. as I sit here underneath our little fort and's all perfect the name fits..
    Nicknamed the "God of Chaos"
    In our faces again..
    If someone was to make a movie of everything that has occurred.. the movie would probably last at least a month... one of my favorite movies was Star Wars and Star Trek... Living Like The Jetsons... just think they knew even back then.. flying cars cardboard food... Kind of funny isn't it...
    So bring on the galactic family... That's probably where all this technology has come from... and I'm ready to transport myself in 5 minutes over to Hawaii Australia Bring It On. You could come out from underneath the blankets down MxMom..🤗
    Now as far as Apophis.. if it was to hit... hopefully we'll have access to being able to go to another planet...
    All and we sit underneath our covers... Maybe one day we could just sit on our flying carpet... bring our invisible cloak... Grab some fresh Garden fruits and be on our way... Until then wordman..Meet you under the covers..

    1. OK guys -- sshhhhh -- move in close...OK - ready? Amazing TRUE story from Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins...

      And I believe him -- 1,000%:

      And just to let you know, have it on WAY good authority that he's not alone.

      Not by a longshot.

  16. MORE:

    "The world is a vampire/ Sent to drain/ Secret destroyers/ Hold you up to the flames..."

    What's the old saying? Write what you know? You got it.

  17. I am back..We shouldn’t be shocked or surprised..
    We have been so brainwashed..When we used To see evil and wickedness in this world we would throw our hands up in despair...
    Not no more..We will not be the evil Demons..Fallen Angels..Satan..Aliens..
    We are more Powerful then any of them.. we just have to keep believing it and raising our consciousness... Nothing nothing..MxMom. Now listen hear.. nothing nothing can harm us...we are so powerful...remember if We can tap within We will find God within..
    They lose.. Love takes away there strength..

  18. Signs That Someone You Know May Be a Reptilian shapeshifter..MxMom.. This is not for you..
    Oh my.. I was just reading about Shapeshifters.. reptile-like body, but who blends into the human population by taking on a more humanoid appearance...but I did read.. that our vibrations..Love..the Key..are reaching so high that they're having trouble shifting into a humanoid.. They feed on fear.. And humans..😬😳 What's Next..
    Jesus..It is Time..time for me to have my talk...And the..Beam me up Scotty..

  19. A true story about demons from my best friend whom I trust whole-heartedly:

    He grew up way up north in the Province of Québec, a vast territory called Abitibi, nothing but endless boreal forests, lumber camps, trailer parks. Like most teenage kids, he didn't know what the f**k to do up there, so when some guys he knew asked if he was interested in doing some "heavy metal", black magic, devil-worshipping stuff deep in the woods, he was bored enough and stupid enough to say yes.

    Some of his friends came too, it started out like a cliché, reading from an old book on an altar at midnight, torches all around, he thought it was kinda weird in an uncomfortable way but went along with it.

    Then the demon really showed up.

    It looked like a bald, very tall, very old naked man, but with the legs of a rabbit, no fur though, just skin. It was clearly *not* a suit, he had never even seen that kind of s**t in a horror movie. The demon looked at everyone there, very silently, slowly, straight in their eyes with his own pitch black eyes. Some of the girls there started crying. The ringleader who had summoned him then said that one of his names was Baal, and that everyone needed to surrender their souls to him.

    My friend ran like hell. In fact, he left his mom's place and moved to a small town down south of the Province (where I met him years later; there was no explaining our very deep friendship, I saw him there sitting at the table where we worked, we smiled at each other, I sat down besides him, and somehow we knew we would be closer than brothers for the rest of our lives.)

    He was on the bus one day, having almost forgotten what happened in the woods, when he noticed a little girl staring at him. Her eyes turned pitch black, and she started grinning at him in the same inhuman way "Baal" did years earlier. He got off the bus in a hurry.

    Moral of the story: *Yes*, these sorts of things happen, so stay the hell away from satanic, ritualistic nonsense, even if it's "just for fun".

  20. JB.. I am back under the covers with MxMom..i am Love and Light..No Demon will ever.. Ever.. Enter my world.. I live in a bubble of Love..

  21. JB!!

    You are most certainly exactly correct in that one must be very careful even when entering these realms "just for fun." Only because that's the way these gateways start to open in/to the uninitiated.

    I remember when first hearing all the rumours in the 1970s about Jimmy Page & Crowley, the Beatles & Crowley, the Stones and satanic influences, how they were all following in the footsteps of the road traveled by Robert Johnson, and Paganini before him. Legends? Truth? Who's to say, but usually where there is that amount of smoke there is some fire. Nothing springs out of a complete vacuum for no reason...

    Even today when listening to stuff like Ghost or The Devil's Blood or Purson I am more than aware that there are powerful forces lurking behind the KISS-y, Blue Oyster Cult-y exteriors, and prepare my worldview accordingly. Except for TDB I see 99% of it as marketing and finding some kind of "shtick" to ride to the bank, but for a while, I know Selim Lemouchi in founding TDB was serious as a heart attack in his overt love of Satan and pursuit of Chaos as a be-all, end-all. I DO think that before he took his own life he was moving rapidly into the realms of the old Romantic poets: Keats, Rimbaud, Shelley, etc and looking for deeper truths away from the infernal and more towards a balance. Still, he stands out as a warning beacon for me that when you immerse yourself that deeply in the negative, it will never wholly let you go.

    In any event, LSS, you have to be careful, and have a very strong presence of mind and will not to get sucked in. And Heavensent, manifesting a bubble of positivity & love around you & all those you care for works wonders -- I know. Magic & Magick can go either way. But ultimately? Like I always say -- we ALL know how this story ends....

    1. I'm reminded of Bill Hicks' take on the music industry (updated):

      "New girl walks into the music producer's office, and he says:

      So... you've got no looks, no talent, no voice, no personality, nothing?...

      Well, that's no problem Miley, just

      SUCK SATAN'S C**K!!!

      That's a good girl Miley, just like your daddy Billy Ray did 20 years ago,

      I'll lower America's standards, just for you...

      SWALLOW SATAN'S BLACK WORMY JIZZ!!! you'll be famous for no reason at all!"

  22. OH & btw, as far as the number of people (young minds) it influenced, & the intent behind it, I think this is prob without a doubt the most EVIL song in the last 20 years:

    Just check the number of views...that's right at 3 BILLION, with a B, folks. Just think about that for a minute...

    1. Is it me or it doesn't even look like her lately...

  23. JB, I believe your friend and the shape shifter story also Wordman.. I don't watch scary movies either. Bad energy... if anything shapeshifts in front of me I will have a heart attack and drop dead. I hear the Royal Family does according to Princess Di. I believe it. Queen has no emotions or empathy. Now let's talk earth changes... wth is going on with volcanoes, 3 earthquakes in 7's and 8 in less than 4 yrs. Pole Shift? Revelations? anyone have info on my big quake coming? Anyone? what fault? I believe Garlock or by Dalton Sea which by the way has nuclear stuff,our military airplanes and pilots still down there! Recently declassified documents say! I can tell you it smells like a rotten egg when I lived in Palm Springs and winds blew west.. horrible! But I am shocked to learn about using Salton Sea for practice runs for Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1940s... Whoa!

  24. MxMM!! -- I have no idea but I know something is up, panicked thoughts are even now being shouted down elite lines into burner phones, & plans are being made unbeknownst to all of us...This Great Awakening of ours has kick-started many things.

    You know how I always love to rattle on about how "they" love to use ritualistic dates and symbolism to communicate secret thoughts, codes, & advantages to each other without the great unwashed knowing?? Well, check this out I've been working on:

    London bombings of 7-7-2005 = 7 7 7 = 21.

    9/11/01 = 9+11 = 20 + 01 = 21

    2011 3/11 marks 10 yrs 6 months anniv. of Japan Tsunami

    2020 3/11 COVID starts shutting everything down worldwide

    2021 3/11: exactly 6 months til 9/11 20 year marker

    2021 9/11: ??

    They are using this year as a touchstone for SOMETHING I feel. Is this something they are going to MAKE happen, or something they know geologically is timed to happen? Your guess is as good as mine, but seems the coded comms have been been there for a long, long time.

    DARN -- should have made an entire post around this -- but too good & too important not to share w/my peeps STAT!!

    Meditate -- call upon the spirits of your loved ones & ancestors -- commune with nature -- BREATHE some deep, healing breaths. Take some time for yourself. Every moment counts and every moment can be the rotational switching yard, the wellspring, that turns this whole thing around. Remember those Art Bell experiments in mass consciousness?
    If we can OBSERVE it -- if we can IMAGINE it -- we can make it happen.

    Never. NEVER give up. Peace out all my cub scouts.

  25. PS -- one hopeful thought (& gettng back to the David Icke/Noel Gallagher
    theorem -- haha!!) is that maybe our moon was placed where it was post-Atlantis by higher intelligences so that there wouldn't BE any more Pole Shifts.

    But then again I'm a nutbar. Off to get my bowl of Fruitloops!! Haha!
    (Actually prefer Cap'n Crunch!!) Even dry -- horrors!! But perfect for snacking in the treehouse! Meet y'all there....

  26. My family thinks I'm coo coo for cocoa puffs so I'll bring those.. my favorite are those bran square with hole... looks like a square zero
    .. Now those are great to snack on! sweet too! Gotta go clean up after airbnb slobs... seriously its either total respect for a place or filthy people! ugh gotta jet... I'm 2 old for thos!

  27. Wonder if this adoptee can get a passport later on? Probably can't get a security clearance either... Growing up an adoptee is hard enough. You feel like something is wrong with you. Why don't I fit in? Ohhh boy this one will either grow up very confidant or run away at 15... check this out...

    1. Mxmm try being told on your parent's deathbed that you're more than likely at least 1/4th alien or interdimensional and then NEVER getting that fully explained...Not something that someone can really ever get any answers to ever could they? If all the alien breeding programs exist then how are we ever going to sort THAT one out?


      Lol the alien erotica vhs tapes had me busting up laughing! Lol let's have all the world come into to my messy shack to look at my collection of ALIEN PORN! OMG TOO MUCH!


    1. I'm reminded of the great film "Apocalypto", or rather Mel Gibson's commentary on it's deeper meaning; he said that what happened to the Aztecs is what happens to practically every great civilization when it's people realize that *the end is near*, what is essentially happening to America right now:

      people feel helpless as their society falls apart, they panic, feel abandonned by the "gods", and so they make mass human sacrifices. Mel was talking about the post 9/11 era and the pointless, ritualistic War in Iraq, but it applies even more so to the Woke Inquisition.

      And before anyone asks "tell us JB, who the Aztec/Mayan version of the Great God Pan was!", don't worry, I'll tell you: it's a character simply known as "First Father", from whose sacrifice the Tree of Life (the Universe) sprung forth.

      Very similar to Norse mythology, in which Ginnungagap ("gaping abyss", "yawning void") is the primordial void, from which YMIR first emerged; he was a cosmic giant with massive horns. And from Ymir's sacrifice Yggdrasil, the Tree of the World (the entire Universe and it's nine realms), was born. (His symbol is the mirror image of the rune Thurisaz, pointed to the left.)

      In Jewish mysticism, the Ein Sof is the primordial void, from which Adam Kadmon first emerged; he was a cosmic giant with massive "keren" (horns of divine power). And from Adam Kadmon's body the Kaballistic Tree of Life (the entire Universe and it's eleven sephiras), was created.

  29. Jesus. F**king. Christ.

    1. Hmmm, chanting to the Aztec god of human sacrifice? Get in the back of the line doofus. That would currently be behind everyone that's ever inhabited the Pentagon, the Royals, the Clintons, Bushes, & Podestas et al, prob something like over 9/tenths of our very own Washington DC little Monarchy, tubby shills like Aquino & crew & other losers playing dress-up scary-time, more bankers than you can count, and hades knows who else at this point.

      Jesus wept. And I mean that quite literally.

      I think at some point I actually died & this is Hell. But HEY, at least all my pals are here!!

    2. All this talk of how it's only whites or only rich, evil is evil no matter the color of the cloak he wears as he walks amongst us. I went to give plasma a long time ago and after the guy stuck the needle in he said "I want to be a heart surgeon because I want absolute power and there's nothing more powerful than holding a person's beating heart in your hands knowing that you have the power over their life and death." Then I went into a seizure that they said almost killed me. We meet evil at any given day and sometimes it comes in a clean white lab coat rather than a rich politician, everyone's idea of power is different but the chase of it ALWAYS leaves tell tale tracers of smouldering sulphur now we TRUST our overlords to cut out our hearts?! The chants are purely the window dressing telling us that WHO'S IN CONTROL. HHHMMM FREUDIAN SLIP? Sorry looks like the spell check is fighting with me again ;) right brain, left brain? In other crazy news coming from phantom wires one of the veils should be peirced mid May, there's a lot more to that but I already look like a complete LOON. At least it's only on here in *imagination* land right? Where my PALS think it's hilarious to trigger me after I've had an edible;) IRL I found a dead black heron today... The symbolism there...

    3. I didn't finish that, the heron's heart had been eaten out... Seriously


      Wordman, you don't live near rails do you? The price of lumber is too high right now and stay the f*** away from Wal-Mart because IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN. I had a nice long talk with my friend named Truman, a gravedigger, and he told me about how they took a picture of him driving the spare police car. I went back to talk to him, I couldn't find him,I realized only too late, I should tell him about how when I was cleaning up today, I found the other object from how that story goes... To many coincidences but not enough to know WHAT to do with them.

    5. And the guy in the passenger seat of that car, always gets a chocolate ice cream cone (from a store owned by an RR, where I took a picture of a tornado touching down above a red truck.) Someone told me that he (passenger) was a chomo, I dunno though, secondhand info, but hey the chocolate ice cream cone, Definitely feels like we're in the Truman show and they ran out of material or IT'S LOOPING... But what's f***ed up, is that the ones guarding the doors all seem evil...OH THIS IS THE BAD PLACE.

  30. We chose to come to Hell on Earth Wordman and we were chosen. I try to tell myself we are mighty warriors having a human adventure and we signed up for this. It really does seem like an adorable movie on the other side... the everlasting spiritual anyway... NDE experiance remember. Still its one Hella ride... cue song (I can't drive... 55) wink! So happy y'allare here with me. Wonder how many lives we end up finding each other in also... things that make me go hhhmmm

    1. MxMM!!

      So many things speaking at once and all seem to pertain to each other:
      From The Witcher: There is a vortex of fate around all of us, growing with each and every one of our choices…drawing all of our destinies in closer.
      People linked by destiny will always find each other...

      Just got thru watching this remake:

      Which features both Keats' Second Coming and this prominently:

      Well done and haunting. The Universe is speaking again to all of us across many fronts.

      Once I used to believe
      I was such a great romancer
      Then I came home to a woman
      That I could not recognize

      When I pressed her for a reason
      She refused to even answer
      It was then I felt the stranger
      Kick me right between the eyes...

    2. Wordman you're freaking me out... The part where when I was having my "moment" grief edibles blah, excuses, I hear ya JB. The tomatoes thing was because I was seeing how like that scene in that stand link about the kid looking through the fence. When I was a kid there was a kid on a bike looking through the fence and my friend started throwing tomatoes at him and then there was my other friend's ex (the one that didn't recognize me) had a nervous break and was throwing tomatoes at the fan laughing.

      Last night I dreamed that my husband couldn't see me, I slapped him and woke up to my daughter hitting me between the eyes with my phone and it

    3. And Ginch, and Ginger were some of my nicknames growing up, my husband dreamed about going to saucilto CA, then I had an NDE where I left my body and was headed to heaven, absolute joy, and peace, and no cord, but I came back to make sure everyone was safe and I've never really felt the same since. The town in the Stand sounds like Algonquin, this summer everyone insinuated (including him) that in a twisted alternate reality he was beheaded and I just couldn't "see" it and there were "walk ins" I tested it and his memories didn't match up...

    4. But something keeps making me forget a lot of things, or this is the "changing of times" from the Bible. Everyone for a while insinuated that I had been shot at 17 in their reality here, (my son even said it to people at the RR place) but that's how old I was when I was attacked by a black enitity pushing on my eye that made a full circle with the cork from the wine bottle. And at some point over the summer there was this weird mental link that I made with the 1970's like an alternate me, I called it the "Bridge over troubled water to the Old Dominion" then I started hearing that Exact Phrase, different places, then someone who had lived in VA retold me a story they told me as a child about bringing someone through a portal, out of a room they were trapped in, except now they insinuated that I was somehow linked...

    5. Do you think CERN is real and THEY created a paradox? I assume mine is false since my reality doesn't seem to match others and my mind seems somewhat,.. let's say hackable? (But it seems killing me doesn't stop the paradox) But it more seems like everyone else's mind already was hacked and they were trying to get mine, because if I make up things sometimes the "other" people claim to "remember" what I made up on the spot. I was put through a mental gymnastics brainwashing to try to get me to believe that the new world order was good, ends justfying the means, etc. but I never saw anything that was good it was all about the threat and fear of death almost like everyone else became a paranoid szcihophrenic overnight, I almost bought into it until I realized the wonders of laughing it off, afterall the body is simply a vessel for what they are really after.
      The "other" reality seems much darker than this even, it seems doomed to destroy itself everyone seemed to be stuck in different games, their pupils like saucers, Then there's other times when different ones insinuate that I've been offered heaven or hell or ruling etc. Meanwhile I've mostly only saw varying degrees of hell, while my dreams are offered up to me in a corrupt twisted way.

    6. The last person that called me those nicknames almost 20 years ago had a stalkerish obsessive crush on a guy whose name is my husband's nickname and she claimed that shadow people followed her everywhere her whole life.

    7. Djinn-ster!!

      The reason why I think things like THE STAND resonate so very much right now is because we all know, deep down, how very close we are to that kind of Biblical template taking place right in front of our eyes in real time...

      There are forces aligning that are making sure we all have to choose, and those choices are coming fast. Any time for contemplation and hemming and hawing is long gone -- apathy is no longer going to be allowed; you're gonna have to serve SOMEBODY. Mr. Dylan says so!! Haha! I know. I've heard him.

      These enlightenings are even spilling over into the mainstream -- this from Down Under:

      Much more to come my childrens!!

    8. Well, I already know whom I serve: *the* prehistoric, pagan horned god that would make the Devil sh*t himself.

    9. Never thought I'd identify with the women in shutter island and inception, I felt so sure of who I was and that I'd never sell out, then it looks like I'm somehow trapped in a hell where those choices were made for me, and no matter how much this is HELL I can't bring myself to leave my children, yet I'm terrified that I'm trapped in an illusion while my real children suffer, mortal humans couldn't come up with something that dark.
      And JB a Irish Scottish French Canadian by the name of James told me since I was young that I looked like his AUNT that DIED young. You can't make this shit up!
      And earlier I was about ready to crack, with a splitting headache, we all heard a gunshot outside then went out in almost seizure. (Don't worry I don't have any guns and I feel like death would only make all this worse) But God help us already!

    10. I... AM an "Irish Scottish French Canadian by the name of James" whose beloved aunt died. Weird.

    11. Oh and WM I found all the tracers on that "hex in every household" it all ties to Washington and 2012 2020 ground zero. it's a WHOLE other pile of synchronicities, names AND dreams that I have no idea what to do with.

    12. JB I'm willing to bet a Holly and Jean or some diminutive of ties in weirdly with you.

    13. Except JB he was like 2-3 times your age, hence WE'RE LOOPING!

    14. JB, he said that he was going to commit suicide over a woman until he had a vision of his dead friends showing him his future wife.

    15. Holly or Jean, no...

      Interesting synchronicities, though.

    16. Here's another weird synch JB. As a child I woke up from a long premonition dream and told that James "I'm never going to marry a guy covered in tattoos and I won't marry before I'm 20" I broke both of those, my ex husband was convered in Tattoos.
      He's also the one that people were saying shot me in their reality. In my reality, he chased me (pregnant) with a gun and I hid under a railroad bridge all night and he never found me. As long as I can remember I've had a memory of floating above and below watching my mom pregnant with me walking along a railroad bridge and being worried for her.

    17. More reality breaking down: I went to a school so small everyone knew everyone, I just talked to my brothers friend that I and my brother remember, he has no recollection of our names at all. A while back I was talking to my sister's friend Robin about my sister, when I talked to my sister she has no recollection of Robin existing. There's a guy while back with stories about growing up hanging out with me and my brother and our friends, we all agreed that he looks like someone we knew by one name, but under the current name he's going by none of us remember and we don't remember what he supposedly recalls. I've got a friend that we all knew as a natural redhead growing up that's got light brown hair now etc. Tell me we haven't been in some weird f***in experiment.

    18. Is anyone else having things like that happen? And I've have like 5 people repeatedly mix me up with a girl that's almost an entire foot taller than me (like an Amazonian;) with different colored hair. And one of my brothers childhood friends on FB claims to be the same person but has NO RESEMBLANCE to the pictures we have of him when he was younger but looks just like someone else we know.

    19. Seem this has been happening for awhile now wife Ginger (& yes you heard that right Dginn-ster, GINGER!!) her hair was orig dark brown, turned blonde in her late 30s and is now platinum ala Jayne Mansfield...) Who in the hell knows what is happening but we all seem to be trading off identities, personas, and personalities ad infinitum up in here at a dizzying pace.

      Can you blame CERN, mandela effect etc for going back & altering timelines?? As ridiculous as that sounds, I'm game for anything at this point. I quite distinctly remember Pete Townshend of The Who spelling his name TOWNSEND but now it's impossible to find it without the 'H.' Simply doesn't exist. Everything is jumping realities and timelines like a train jumping tracks and getting to differing destinations. Have absolutely no idea what's going on.....

    20. Reality itself is crashing and burning. The "simulation" is getting more and more glitchy and is about to be Reset. Everytime humanity becomes crazy and corrupt, to the point no one knows what is "real" anymore, TPTB wipe the slate clean and start over with a great flood.

      Remember: according to quantum physics, physical reality is determined by conscious observers. There are nearly 8 BILLION conscious observers right now, and they're going insane. So maybe a divine purge is needed when there are too many people who can no longer agree about what the truth is.


    22. When I was having my *moment*I was absolutely overcome with grief over my dad yet I was in this like manic state and uncontrollably laughing at how hilarious it was to be like tricksterish punking you guys about the TRIGGERS yet now looking at it just looks absolutely NUTS! And my husband has a story about going to his ex wife's Dad's funeral in VA and he couldn't stop hysterically laughing, someone who NEVER EVER hysterically laughs!

    23. And the old pictures of my mom looks just like Rosemary Kennedy and my sisters pictures look like Madeline McCain.
      I've been right eye dominant since I woke up having a seizure slamming my head breaking the bone by left eye and my left eye has been the tiniest bit droopy since. Yesterday I had an intesnse headache on my left side of my head then woke up LEFT eye dominant with a sleepy right eye!

    24. And before I found your blog, I had a dream that I was showing a Robin how I had a third eye. Lol

    25. But at the same time I DO KNOW what all I was talking about, but in that form, it's nuts! Like the Fire or ice. When I was a toddler I snuck out in only cowboy boots to play in the snow and ended up with frostbite on my feet then last summer I decided to do a fire walk on coals, but didn't look up how they do it (raking, ash, water waiting 30 minutes etc) I just spread them, then immediately walked on them melted the bottom of my feet, yet it healed almost instantly. Later I found out most people that do that end up in the hospital.

    26. I wasn't going to ever say this but what the hell, I started dropping TT because ever since she died, I've been having dreams that I'm her, while I also had the same stuff going on with my phone so I trying to figure out what was going on. And I was also having a lot of weird links with WA.

    27. That time node...
      I'm not sure how it works or what I'm picking up or if any of it is REAL.

    28. Did I send that email about VA and IRS? Or just dream it? because there's not a copy in my sent mail...

    29. I was going to compare dates, of when I told you about the next things lining up, but I don't have a copy of it at all in my email so now I look like a wacko loon again.

    30. Since I can't post at SS. The redhead that now has brown hair, that everyone called "black widow" lives in a town that means "watchers" is pregnant AND has the name that he said Harry is! And owned the house that I lived in where I found the knot of wood grown into the exact form of a human heart and sticks laid out in a star with quartz growing through the center. Her paternal grandmother same H last name everyone said was a witch and literally had RED EYES ALL THE TIME!

    31. That's the 8/11 we did kinda like a blood sisters thing as children but only on paper and burned it. And her and I sang at her father's funeral (who died in the way someone described in the SS comments, when I kinda flipped because they were saying that immediately after I had ran into someone that looked like her brothers with the dad's name) that's the Randall Flagg link I was making in my shrodingers cat *dream* moment.

    32. It was when I was having the Bowie dog follow me!

  31. I wonder if the plan is the attempted destruction of everything, bar the would-be wielders of ruin (+ their cache of snoop-probed intel) & for these creatures to then hocus-pocus everything back into existence (conjured from the harvested & archived data) - abracadabra! ta-da! The New Gods deserving of devotion & worship for having proven themselves so very, very ingenious, existence all the far less perilous for revived humanity having been reborn into a wholly safe space realm.

    1. It almost seems like some enitities are trying to rearrange people and their lives to try to either get the right matches or like switching them to attain certain ends, like Dark City.

  32. Speaking of controlling people... why did they make New York a ghost town with rent dropping, selling... who and why wanted New York, Seattle, emptied out and for sale? Anyone, have thoughts? Someone is buying up too! Food for thought...

  33. Because the night circle it! Need the 11 SS comments! Did the other go through? It didn't post!

    1. well guess it's back to looking kooky the other part didn't post.

  34. Oooohh typed in WOOLF in Google since WHEN DID SHE HAVE TWINNED O'S?

    1. Someone needs to back the f***off feels like a billion people are trying to pound their way into my head at once! There's only certain main lines I can deal with at a time!
      No drugs or losing it tonight, this is real.

    2. Lol and the other posts disappeared so I look crazy again... At least let me put that the thing with the WOOLF like 2004or5 I drove by a spot that had no stop sign, I asked Jesus for a sign and there was a stop sign, I didn't heed it and wrecked (that's the TURN LEFT! thorn) tonight when I drove by it there was a sign on the fence in that spot that said WOOLF. Black heron press in Seattle has a book about caught in the web by Jerome Gold.

    3. So among other mental events, I got a download about what all those symbols represent including the four letter one with twinned O'S but I'm still unpacking it and trying to figure out how to word it, I'm not as linguistically gifted as you Word Man, for my it's all about spirit and it just floods me all at once, like I just KNOW and if I try to share it in the massive forms i get it in seems to lead to some short circuiting ;)

    4. GOOFY?
      The mind boggles.
      We're all in there somewhere.
      Personally I'm spooky.

    5. I dreamed last night that my mom looked like she did 20 years ago, and I was complimenting her. She said " thank you, but man it's good to be back as me I didn't think you were going to to turn me into someone else, it took me a while to get back,"
      I said "what the hell I can't turn anyone into anyone" she said "when you said that, I have those memories of being blonde because that's when I was you because you said that." I said " so me telling someone about a memory I have of a memory you have created the original memory you have? And somehow switched us?" She said "exactly don't worry it will be clear one-day"
      I said "I hope so"

    6. Add to that my husband called me Satan yesterday, (because I can argue so well, he said) maybe my alter ego IS ruling hell switching everyone out driving them insane ;) lol SPOOKY AND KOOKY

    7. Either that, or this walk in that's been playing my husband is married to Satan and that's why we're in hell!

      (don't get me wrong, I love my husband, but when his memories don't match up and he remembers what I make up... how do you get the original back for good, Can you? OMG I AM trying to switch people up! Lol)

  35. Adeline Virginia Woolf was an English writer, considered one of the most important modernist 20th century authors and also a pioneer in the use of stream of consciousness as a narrative device

  36. Build Back Better / BBB / 666 / Blood Brain Barrier:

    "More and more evidence is coming out that people with COVID-19 are suffering from cognitive effects, such as brain fog and fatigue.

    And researchers are discovering why. The SARS-CoV-2 virus, like many viruses before it, is bad news for the brain. In a study published Dec.16 in Nature Neuroscience, researchers found that the spike protein, often depicted as the red arms of the virus, can cross the blood-brain barrier in mice.

    This strongly suggests that SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19, can enter the brain."

    Such crossing over, active long before "covid", may go some way to explain the current malaise, not least of which the acceptance of the absurd c19 narrative for 1yr+

    1. Alzheimer's, epilepsy, and cancer have been around for as long as they have and we are sicker than ever before, the modern healthcare system is a death system not healing. BEFORE SEEING ANY HEALTHCARE WORKER ask them if they've taken an OATH to DO NO HARM ABOVE EVERYTHING ELSE. OATHS HAVE POWER they have a way of OVERRIDING ALL OTHER DIRECTIVES. If they haven't turn around and walk out, though I bet you'll go through quite a bit of people but it will be worth it. I've heard that part of this mind control with the NWO involves getting healthcare workers to kill patients, lawyers to take their land and money and it all get transferred overseas, if anyone has made oaths to different groups involved in THAT then they often probably don't even know what they are being triggered to do.

      I think 40-50 years and 20-40 TRILLION DOLLARS JUSTIFIES A PURGE of ALL the healthcare workers and lawyers etc asking where they're loyalties lie and WHAT THEY'RE ASSETS AND OVERSEAS TRANSACTIONS ARE. The amount of DEATHS from MEDICAL *MISTAKES* JUSTIFIES IT!

    3. Granted there's things definitely needed like Surgery but that's become overrun as well, with *replacement* metal parts bullshit! You know pretty much everything that's not organic they implant in you has a chip in it, honestly I don't think the surgeons know that, but the medical reps do, every time they put in a part there's numbers that they have to input, the serial numbers, and the chip frequency.

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