Saturday, January 9, 2021



Hey guys; will have much more to say if and when this comes off, but much intel is flying tonight.

Tune in to either Newsmax or OANN tonight at midnight (I like that batsignal time!). No need for the Emergency Broadcast Network…yet.

And we’re gonna see what we’re gonna see.


Or as some great Anon put it over on godlikeproductions the other night:

"How many games are won in the last minute?

How many stories are explained in the very last pages of the last chapter?

Why should what we are witnessing be any different?"


We now have 11 days left. Much is explained here:  


I'm hearing they have the computers and laptops of not only Pelosi, but also Schumer, McConnell also...hence all the panic and immediate impeachment by Monday talk. They are scared to death that DT's going to DECLAS everything. (Making them all guilty of sedition if not treason, crimes against children, humanity, et al…)

Starting to think the Big Tech conservative purge of Friday Night was linked to this also -- desperately trying to shut down any and all possible leaks of info.

Why, again, does Pelosi want Trump impeached and out of the White House as early as Monday?


And this just fresh off a US intel leak from Hunter Biden’s laptop:


They. Are. Panicking.

Watch V For Vendetta again. Pay attention to every detail.

"Must I at length the Sword of Justice draw?

Oh curst Effects of necessary Law!

How ill my Fear they by my Mercy scan,

Beware the Fury of a Patient Man."

                         John Dryden, 17th Century


  1. I won't get my hopes up about midnight, since they already said 7 pm then 9 pm, yesterday same hours before that...

    Those Hunter pics are something.

    Nancy's father was a communist and mobster, btw.

    I wonder if Pope Francis will be the first one arrested, in connection to The Ninth Circle ( he IS a Jesuit...)...

    1. Both Pakistan and the VATICAN are having a major power blackout, btw.

    2. Yeah JB!! -- Didn't the Vatican also have a power down related to dark matter and CERN in Dan Brown's Angels and Demons or am I mis-remembering as the Bushes would say?

      And for you especially, check out by all means the new Netflix offering EQUINOX. Made mention of it in the prev post's last comment to you but not sure if you've caught it yet...

  2. 12am Eastern Or Pacific? I may have missed if Eastern... and does Pelosi have a nuke she has been threatening one! Thank you Wordman for all you do! And I think your right of Castle Rock Hugs Stay safe everyone!

    1. Threatening?

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  4. They are not panicking. I am afraid you do not see the Truth about Trump and Company.

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