Tuesday, August 25, 2020


Everything has to start somewhere, and while the true origin point of storms likely lies somewhere in the dim past when the major architectural selling flair tended to the pyramidal, there are gradations where the operations go ‘hot,’ and things tend to get, let’s say, stickier. This is the time of year when the proceedings have tended to get historically very hot, and that is why we need to pay strict attention now, in these waning Dog Days. Because some autumns are hotter than most.

And because we know now -- with the advent of Epstein and Maxwell, and COVID plans for the country being so close to covert ones, and amid the giggling of Bill Gates as some kind of hellish soundtrack – so much more than we knew then. Because we can see the overlap; the Epstein/Maxwell network, buoyed by false passports and offshore accounts, blurring into Ollie North’s Iran/Contra mess, (which needed Mena so desperately to operate), fueled by PROMIS tech and funded by BCCI, which would blur into 9/11, the echoes of which we feel both existentially and in the same mind-control ops of the COVID scheme embracing the nation so tentacularly today. Which in turn gains its traction from Big Pharma/Ivy League/experimental monies garnered from Epstein with Bill Gates serving as the bag man. See how this works?    

And mostly because some things bear repeating, and should be revisited, here’s me, from now 6 years ago, on the saga of Don Henry and Kevin Ives. Because their names should never be forgotten. 

If all of America is Lovecraft Country now, then this is one of the precursor events. Most of life right now is as it is because of this one hot august night:  https://mcmmadnessnews.blogspot.com/2014/08/oh-times-have-come.html

Back soon with more.

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