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“Evil on this scale is impossible to comprehend. To know who murdered JonBenet Ramsey is to know what world we live in.”   
James R. Gaines, Time magazine, January 20, 1997

“The complicity in Mexico between child sex rings and the business and political elites goes beyond what we can even imagine. What we have just seen is only the tip of the iceberg….The number of Mexican politicians and businessmen involved in child pornography and sex rings would shock us if we knew the real extent of the phenomenon.”   Lydia Cacho

“Time is a flat circle. Everything we’ve ever done or will do, we’re gonna do over and over and over again.”      
True Detective, Season One

“Tell me a story, in this century, and moment, of mania,
Tell me a story.
Make it a story of great distances, and starlight.
The name of the story will be Time, but you must not
       Pronounce its name.”     
Tell Me A Story, Robert Penn Warren

“Far away, This ship has taken me far away
Far away from the memories, Of the people who care if I live or die
Starlight, I will be chasing a starlight
Until the end of my life…I don't know if it's worth it anymore…
My life, You electrified my life
Let's conspire to ignite, All the souls that would die just to feel alive…
Our hopes and expectations
Black holes and revelations…”      
Starlight, Muse (2006)

“Can't predict the future. Can't forget the past
Feels like any moment, Could be the last
All you believers, Standing inside this room
Can't you see it coming, Shooting out across the moon
Save this place
In the valley of tears, (By the river of time)
From weapons race, (In the Book of David)
In the holy night, (When it's laid to waste)
It will be written, (By the children of Eden)
I said save this place
And the Holy Ghost, (and the Holy Ghost)
Showdown at Big Sky, Darkness at high noon
Showdown at Big Sky, That day may be soon
And people, people, Can you hear the sound
From every village and every town
Let the bells ring out, Hear the bells ring in
Let the bells ring out, Keep them ringing, ringing
Save this place
In the valley of tears, (By the river of time)
From the weapon's race, (In the Book of David)
In the holy night, (When it's laid to waste)
It will be written, (By the children of Eden)
I said save this place
And the Holy Ghost, And the Holy Ghost
Showdown at Big Sky, Darkness at high noon
Kiss tomorrow goodbye, That day could be soon…”
Showdown At Big Sky, Robbie Robertson, 1987

Greetings from the ether again to all of you pioneers out there…and I call each of you pioneers because all of you reading these little alarm bells fired off from the fringe, have been true detecting a good three years before there was a True Detective, and wading into the very same areas that landmark HBO series has been highlighting to the masses since 2014.

You have accessed the darkness at the end of the internet. A hearty welcome back. And grab a coffee to warm your bones and snuggle in; this one’s going to be a while.

Of course these posts always throw a little, (well, a lot actually) of the X-Files into the mix in addition to all the True Detective country, but only because that tracks back to my hypothesis about the overlapping of some very strange areas, and bedfellows, over and over again: that the same power elite have overwhelming, overriding interests in both anomalous lights in the sky exhibiting non-ballistic characteristics – luces en el cielo, Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds -- as well as the mind control apparatus behind continuing events of childhood trauma manifesting in worldwide pedophile rings located at the intersections of the very highest strata of power and control – and the overarching speculation that the same off-world intelligence (that has been the target of repeated modern attempts at interaction by think tanks, military intelligence, and governments since at least the beginning of WWII), is the control system, the nexus, behind both of these ongoing manifestations in this little corner of the psychosphere. In the end, this is all about CONTACT. 

This isn’t too far off the mark of what was initially postulated by the likes of Jacques Vallee, J. Allen Hynek, and John Keel (and later given biblical perspective/providence by Malachi Martin): extradimensional intelligences from time immemorial are working us, and are the original wellspring and origin point of everything pertaining to High Strangeness: poltergeists, UFOs, various menacing cryptids, ghosts, spirits, elves, fairies, wood sprites, Bigfoot, djinn, disappearances of both the mass and singular variety, vile vortices, Bermuda triangles, Missing 411 research, etc.  

These intelligences are Trickster-based in the extreme, and above all highly deceptive in all their actions towards us. Humankind is both their playground and at times, even more darkly, their zoo and feeding preserve (both psychic and otherwise), a tack first given airing by ultimate weirdness collector Charles Fort in tomes like The Book of the Damned, Wild Talents, and Lo! from 1919-1932. 

The importance of children in this (ahem) “process” was illuminated in relatively modern times again by the infamous Aleister Crowley, but tracks back to historical figures like Elizabeth Bathory and Gilles de Rais, in the late 1500s and early 1400s respectively, and likely even farther to sacrificial cultures such as the Aztecs and the Mayans. And so this dread “secret” has been passed down throughout civilizations; sacrifice used as fuel, until we arrive in the middle of the MKUltra era, which is ongoing today. The fact that dark experiments pertaining to this same thing were practiced by the inner sanctum of the Nazi apparatus is all but assured, as well as the historical fact that the U.S.A. imported those same wizards and magickians in Project Paperclip, and their ideology and worldview along with them. The Cult, the Cabal, was born, and endures. Et tu, John Podesta?

There is also without a doubt a psychic/occult component in play here which rears its head again and again. What was the ultimate purpose of MKUltra and related projects like Monarch and OFTEN anyway? Children discovered as the best antennas? Vessels? Conduits? And as antennas, vessels, and conduits for what? Why do the parameters of MKUltra hew so closely to those of Satanic Ritual Abuse? What if the MKUltra protocols, which more and more resemble ritual the closer you look, served to “soften up” the target for possession by something.

At the now-famed Alien Abduction/Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind Conference held at MIT over June 13-17, 1992, and co-organized by the late John Mack, researchers presented evidence of just how closely the classic alien abduction scenario mirrored that of the then quickly-amassing accounts of satanic ritual abuse – the parallels were and are startling:

A much more detailed comparison reference chart can be found here:

Also note this article in Newsweek just last May, detailing quite closely the US Government looking, in very detailed fashion I might add, at the links between UFOs and the poltergeist phenomenon:

Wait…wha? UFOs? Poltergeists? Someone get Spielberg on the speed dial, pronto. 

Or, hold that thought, since if the claims of the Crazy Days and Nights blog (CDAN), run by an anon Hollywood lawyer, and that has outed the likes of Weinstein, Spacey and Lauer long before any MSM outlet broke the news, are credible, Spielberg and pals like David Geffen (and Bryan Singer but we know about him), are doing much more at pool parties and island visits than they would ever want us to know about. But this only tracks back to my hypothesis about flying saucers and pedo rings making some very strange, and telling, bedfellows.

I know for certain two things Spielberg definitely does NOT want anyone looking into are the exact circumstances surrounding the complicated deaths of Heather O’Rourke and Judith Barsi. O’Rourke’s has ridiculous amounts of physical evidence of intimate trauma, and the Barsi one contains an extremely interesting circumstantial tale, which if you follow the breadcrumbs, points to one scenario above all others. A murder-suicide where three head-shot bodies are stacked on top of each other like a pyre and then set on fire? Um….just, no. This is ritual and a deep dive…be warned:  

Of course, as we clearly know (thanks to wikileaks) from the Clinton-Podesta emails, UFOs were certainly not the only glyph showing up on John Podesta’s broken radar.  Hundreds of coded references to “cheese pizza,” “walnut sauce,” “hot dogs,” cannibalism, Moloch, pizza-related maps on handkerchiefs, Thelema, and so much more triggered us all to the fact that there was something  far more going on than just “policy” as usual for normies.  But there are so many more manifestations ignored by just about everyone in the mainstream, save the offhand Tucker Carlson comment in the dark here and there. Look closely, and these stygian networks, and the clues as to just what we are dealing with, are everywhere.  And they just happen to be helmed by the same dark actors that never seem to be more than a few degrees of separation away from each other, across continents, across policies, across time. How many times before you can’t call it coincidence anymore?

Read everything, believe nothing, and eventually, patterns emerge. Telling patterns.

Way back before NXIVM hit the headlines, there was Lydia Cacho. A Mexican spitfire journalist that began documenting the disappearances and murders of hundreds of women and children in and around the Mexican states of Cancun and Ciudad Juarez since 1993.

Cacho’s inquiries gave her pause to consider the source: it led her to the political “royal” families of Mexico and the elite – it would also lead her to parallel investigations implicating Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi bringing in virgins for rape by politicians and elite businessmen.

If the names Fox, Salinas, Carlos Slim, the Clintons, Rothschilds and Bronfmans ring a bell, it’s because these same circles that appear in Cacho’s files would pop up again beginning in 1998 with the founding of the NXIVM cult.

Do you wonder what Gabriela Rico Jimenez thinks of Carlos Slim? She thinks people in his circle “eat humans.” On a warm August night in 2009 she made many claims like this and more in a rather flustered state outside a luxury Fiesta Inn hotel in Monterrey. We might be able to ask her more if not for the fact that she has been missing since being taken into custody that night, loaded into the back of an armored transport never to be seen again.

But let’s look in depth first at why Mexico has been ground zero for so long – its history in these activities is strange and twisted beyond measure. You can track activities all the way back to the infamous Process Church, which relocated from Wigmore Street in London in 1964, to Mayfair in swinging 1966, and in that same year to Xtul on the Yucatan peninsula. (In 1967 they would move a chapter to San Francisco and cross paths with Charles Manson…In 1968 the same M.O. would be followed and would touch down directly in the orbit of the Son of Sam when they located again in Greenwich Village, and later again in Westchester in 1972.)

But the Mexican excursion is peculiar. Author Whitley Strieber remembers being taken to a school for “special” children in Monterrey, Mexico, the details of which are particularly cloudy for him. He also paid a visit to the Process London Mayfair chapter in 1968, where the details are even harder to place, but includes an escape scene with Whit high-tailing it across the early morning rooftops with various nefarious Process folks in hot pursuit. Both episodes scream of “handling” and manipulations by offshoots of military/ intelligence/cultic forces intruding into his life from a very young age and continuing into adulthood, which makes the fact that he was the singular individual that exploded the alien abduction scenario (in 1987 with Communion), not to mention the mass-marketed image of what would become the prototypical “Grey,” into even further ramped-up mass consciousness extremely interesting and suspicious.

And then there are “the Finders.”  See here:

In February 1987, two men, Michael Houlihan and Douglas Ammerman, are apprehended in a Tallahassee, Fla. park, transporting a white fan full of six dirty, unkempt children, supposedly en route to a school for “special” children in Mexico.

D.C. police got involved when a Northeast Washington warehouse linked to this Finders group turned up a plethora of interesting evidence and the investigations merged, especially after the two men would claim that they were teachers from the D.C. area. Suspicions regarding recovered evidence began to suggest child abuse, Satanism, ritualistic animal abuse, and a pedophilic pornography ring that spanned multiple nations and included telexes, transportation orders, and suggestions about how to avoid local law enforcement.

Just when it seemed traction was being gained in these investigations, the DOJ took over on National Security grounds and stopped everything.  Memos from the CIA were communicated to both Florida and D.C. MPDs saying that the entire affair had become an internal CIA matter, and that “No further information will be available. No further action will be taken.”

As the late Dave McGowan wrote in his epic Programmed To Kill, one of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas’ most spectacular claims was that he worked for a cult as an abductor of children that he delivered to a ranch near Juarez. Once there, they were used in child porn productions and for ritual sacrifices. Lucas said that this cult’s operations were based in Texas, and included both pedophile rings and drug trafficking.

Lucas also claimed to have taken part in a satanic-themed paramilitary training camp in the Florida everglades. For her part, Lydia Cacho’s investigations led her to operations between Mexico and both Texas and Florida. George W. Bush as governor of Texas pardoned exactly one man from death row: Henry Lee Lucas. There was also a record problem of missing children in Florida when Jeb Bush was governor there. Time is a flat circle and it opens and closes at pre-ordained intervals that not all are privy to. Mexico, it seems, tends to veer towards being perhaps a gateway of some sort in more ways than one. Or at least an attractor that summons certain amoung us to forever indulge in that darkness on the edge of town.

And speaking of darkness, yet another dark linkage in this thread that pertains to the Bushes was the inordinate amount of attention paid to the Atlanta Child Murders by then V.P. George H. W. Bush; something a bit more peculiar, something more than professional curiosity – it even got to the point that the V.P. inserted himself in the investigation to the point where it became odd and reeking of a kind of pressure that only a V.P. or President can bring to such an affair. It should also be said here that the Atlanta Child Murders had connections to both satanism and further-ranging pedo rings, and that the accused Wayne Williams shows all the hallmarks of your traditional patsy, and one that was trained by the CIA in his late teens. See much, much more here from the stellar CAVDEF site – where you can get meaningfully lost for days on not just this case but reams more:  

Another point-of-departure is the much-detailed NXIVM. There we find those telling names of royalty again like Vicente Fox, Emiliano Salinas and father Carlos Salinas de Gortari, Frank Giustra, Carlos Slim, the Clintons, the untold Seagrams billions of the Bronfmans, the Rothschilds, and yes, the Bushes all gathering together in one of the main cult-driven gothic dramas of this generation. And one that given enough true media pressure and spotlight, could split the Cabal to its core and scatter it to the winds.

As more and more information is leaked, making connections, finding junctions that track back to each other, becomes almost ridiculously easy.  To begin, run, don’t walk, straight to and articles just like this:

Just type into their search bar names such as Carlos Slim, Vicente Fox, Salinas, mind control, MKUltra, Rothschild, Bronfman, Clinton, Raniere, Epstein, etc to see how far this goes and where it leads: extensive networks trafficking drugs, arms, and especially the most lucrative merchandise – children, which is certainly what NXIVM specialized in… the procurement of for the highest level of the elites. 

The indictments so far against both Keith Raniere and Allison Mack specifically list “conspiracy to commit sexual trafficking of children by force, fraud or coercion.” Not that the media is in any way focusing on that factoid. The aforementioned CDAN blog has mentioned several times, in no uncertain terms, how the networks of both NXIVM and Epstein ran parallel operations and traded children back and forth as it suited them, doing business “underground” between Little St.James island and various NXIVM sites, mainly the Mexico one, likely featuring the Rainbow Cultural Gardens in Monterrey, as the next part of the story illustrates…   

Dr. Brandon Porter was working for NXIVM explicitly on the mind control of children in some simply horrifying Clockwork Orange-style experiments where they would be strapped in and exposed to grisly films of rape and dismemberment, even some ‘snuff’ films leading to death, for extended periods of “entrainment,” all taking place under the structure of the Rainbow Cultural Gardens banner, and all designed specifically for children.  One of these locations worldwide was the strange nexus of Monterrey, Mexico yet again. 

Mexico was also where NXIVM’s leader, Keith Raniere, was holed-up when arrested in Puerto Vallarta March 2018, and the world began to learn of the intricacy of these operations and who they led to behind the scenes. Case in point: Rainbow Cultural Gardens boasted Barbara Bush on its board of directors. The line forms here for McMartin 2.0.

Emiliano Salinas, Mexican royalty, son of Carlos Salinas, and also heavily into the NXIVM ideology, was a member of the executive board of the Executive Success Programs (ESP) since 2009, as well as the vice president of ethics. ESP’s mission? To “help transform and ultimately, be an expression of a noble human civilization.” ESP provides clients with perdonal and professional development programs to help them realize their “full potential.” He is also a trained facilitator of ESP’s patented technology called Rational Inquiry. Stop me when this is starting to sound all too much like secretive mind control protocols. ESP is part of the NXIVM group. Salinas in April 2018 cut all ties with NXIVM.

And before we leave NXIVM, let’s see a vital CDAN post on it from July of last year…

Blind Items Revealed #4
April 17, 2018
Someone had to do it. The first time was a couple decades ago. The female teens being brought over from the Middle East under the guise of a school being run by the husband of someone in this country extremely wealthy. He had ties back to his home country. There was always violence in the country. It just seemed to only happen to parents and siblings of people who had a very attractive female in the family. There was an agreement in place with the sons of the rulers of this country. They got first shot and then the teen was shipped to a cult here in the US.

Often, those teens once they had been here for some time needed to be disposed of for one reason or another. So, that task was at one point in the purview of one of the closest women to the throne so to speak. She would give them something in their tea at night and the teen would never wake up. Well, after doing this a half dozen times, the woman wanted to leave the cult. That was not going to happen and she was killed. Oh, they made it sound like a suicide and no one really paid too much attention to the story and they got away with it.

Well, she needed to be replaced with someone else who could do the dirty work and they found such a person. The thing is though, after about a dozen years doing it, she too was wanting to exit the cult. Nope. She was killed a couple years ago and the body cremated before her death was even reported to the authorities.

As more details start to emerge with people in the cult looking to cut deals, I think we are going to hear about things that are far worse and way more graphic than we are possibly expecting.
Libya/Sara Bronfman/Gina Hutchinson/Pamela Cafritz/NXIVM  

Loads of Bronfman money can be traced back into many cultic avenues; it is deeply embedded in the story of The Nine – Nine main gods of the Egyptian Ennead, channeled in a ceremony in Maine in 1952 that was attended by Andrija Puharich and Arthur M. Young (who played a crucial role in what would become the unfolding of the JFK assassination), amoung others. The Nine would also claim to be extradimensional beings form the star Sirius. And as I said, Bronfman money was heavily invested in bringing these folks together – as well as many other members of the US intelligence agencies, top industrialists, politicians and scientists, at places like Esalen. The focus of all this being the imminent return of the Ancient Gods.

Interestingly, I’m currently tracing Bronfman funds to the doorstep of the Finders also (as well as the Order of the Solar Temple), so none of this influence is far away from any of the other datapoints.

The interior of the entire NXIVM cult seems to be based on large doses of neuro-linguistic programming as exhibited many times by the interactions of Keith Raniere, its leader, or “Vanguard” as he liked to be called. NLP is a hallmark of intelligence agency-based mind control platforms which are injected into target’s lives via touch, aural hypnosis, repetition, and body language and reading, and can also feature harsher forms verging on the trauma-based protocols.  

A favorite is close copying of a person’s body language, patterns and movements/stances to gain trust, break down subtle barriers to establish closeness (both psychic and physical), and set up a base in their subconscious. As we see here with Raniere and prime target Allison Mack, who would become his closest disciple in the cult.

Live rent free in someone’s head? This is how it’s done – slowly and over time. Kid-tested and Uncle Sam approved by your local neighborhood CIA office, MKUltra chapter. 

Most recently in these same networks, let’s examine the controversy surrounding the Brazilian “faith healer,” John of God, or Joao Teixeira de Faria. This involves mysterious recent deaths, baby farms straight out of A Handmaid’s Tale, the killing of young breeders after 10 years, occult ritual, links to persons of interest in pedophile rings and Pizzagate that continue unabated, and a plot twist straight out of the X-Files.  This is a narrative that goes straight back to Crowley, Hubbard, and Jack Parsons, what they may have been trying to invoke, where that agenda is today, and the creation of religions as a front or cover for something else entirely.
Isn’t it interesting how all these narratives are really one narrative? And that narrative follows a certain formula. Every. Single. Time.

The story of John of God more than any other so far may go beyond this narrative. It fulfills a pattern, but it is an outlier, perhaps one with even otherworldly overtones, and it lies ultimately beyond the imagination of man. Much here reeks of the pursuit of the chrysalis, and tracks back to MKUltra, Satanic Ritual Abuse, mind control, and transhumanism in its most primal form. It also encompasses the areas of study of Jeffrey Epstein, the NXIVM cult’s horrifying mind control tests (especially with children in the Rainbow Cultural Gardens?), and government interest in and sponsorship of things like the Process, Jonestown, what was going on at Waco, its endorsement of the psyops of Michael Aquino in spite of (or perhaps because of?) his satanic tendencies, etc.

“The stars are not for man.”

“Enjoy your children while you can. They will not be yours for long.”    
Arthur C. Clarke, Childhood’s End

Brazilian “faith healer” John of God (“Joao de Deus”), real name Joao Teixeira de Faria was born on that multi-level synchronistic date of June 24, 1942. (So many landmarks of high strangeness and celestial import in this ongoing line of inquiry have occurred on June 24.) John was arrested on December 16, 2018 near his faith healing center in Abadiania, Brazil, in the state of Goias. Prosecutors consider him the principal behind the largest ever sex abuse scandal in Brazil’s history.

This all started when he was accused by whistleblower and human rights advocate Sabrina Bittencourt of running a multi-level child sex slave “farm,” where girls from 12-17 were daily raped by multiple men and kept as slaves for up to 10 years at a time – as part of a process where the babies were sold into a network, and the young girls, after their usefulness was done, were subsequently killed. John of God has as of this date been accused of sexually abusing over 300 women and girls personally, to say nothing of those involved in his production lines.

John of God (and let’s be clear, this ‘God’ is one of those Dark ones), also rubbed elbows with lots of those “beautiful” people: the Clintons (hey, he was Bill’s personal “faith” healer – which shouldn’t come as a radical surprise since we already know about the Clintons, Haiti, and voodoo), Oprah (she described their 2010 encounter as “blissful” and that she nearly fainted), and none other than Marina Abramovic. You know that celebrated “artist” of “spirit cooking” and pizzagate fame.

As an aside for Oprah, let’s remember that her South African school has lots of things going for it….like sexual abuse and dead babies:    

Abramovic also happened to be the last photo NXIVM’s Allison Mack tweeted without comment before her arrest, as the story widens and the details get curiouser and curiouser.

Police who questioned Teixeira de Faria after his being taken into custody reported several bizarre incidents during the interview: a computer typing the letters OOOOOOO repeatedly, printers printing without being touched or issued command, and a corner refrigerator exploding. The spiritual healer often claimed that the spirits of over 30 doctors and other individuals would enter his body as he performed his healings, making him a classic “walk-in.”

Overall tally we’ve got elites, cults of celebrity, child rape, child sex trafficking, selling babies to the highest bidder, what amounts to pedo rings… to me again each and every Levenda out there about how pizzagate is manufactured fake news? About how we should all grow the fuck up? 

But I’ll really go out on a limb here now….John of God’s worldview is all about spirit possession. I’ll just say it: they could have been breeding these babies with occult rituals to invoke/summon entities to incarnate. This might sound crazy until you remember Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard (of Scientology fame) were performing Crowley’s “Babalon Working” to achieve the exact same thing. Or we could be wandering into the theories of Alan Moore’s Jack the Ripper magnum opus, From Hell, where Royalty-connected Masons engage in ritualistic occult murders for the purpose of transcending three-dimensional space-time.

Don’t like the notion of spirit possession? Then think of mind control alters or split (Dissociative Identity Disorder) personalities. What was the goal of MKUltra again? Maybe they have the delusion that they really can create a hybrid race of humans and demons – or maybe they really can if it’s all about portal openings and using us as vessels for indwellings. Once more, what are they doing at CERN? And again, Parsons and Hubbard, along with Marjorie Cameron, really did engage in a ritual to supposedly open a portal to another world, invoke an archetypal entity, and conceive a magickal child. Ridiculous you say? Ever seen Rosemary’s Baby – or know about the crazy psychic debris field in its wake?

It described the quintessential Babalon Working template, and in doing so ushered it into existence in 1968, with dire consequences for all involved and with a path of woe that described an ever widening gyre in the world beginning with the Sharon Tate murders in 1969 by dissociative Boystown/Process alter Charles Manson and crew, right up through the murder of John Lennon by another mind-controlled patsy Mark David Chapman right outside the Dakota in 1980 – the same building where Rosemary’s Baby was filmed, by Tate’s hubby, the pedophile (there’s that word again) Roman Polanski. The tangled web tightens, and all those weird datapoints that have no business being together, get together again.

So what should we make of all this once again – I seem to ask this very question every month, and every month we inch along hopefully towards some kind of resolution in that 100th monkey syndrome – and this time we arrive at the creation of religions as a front for something else: whether you call them Crowley or John of God, the OTO or pagan faith healing, perhaps the entities remain the same behind all the veils we know as humanity. Governments fronting cults giving the occult marching orders for a manifested coup against all mankind. Just call it MKUltra writ large, and projected onto the largest stage possible. 

There is an absolutely frightening amount more to all this, especially when dealing with the Mexico operations and all the pertinent names therein, but on this stormy Saturday night, let me leave you guys, all my glorious, wonderful peeps (and I love each and every one of you reading this on this wild journey), with this bit of connection:

A classified memo straight from the NSA dated 1977 – it expressed extreme concern over the state and depth of parapsychological research in the old Soviet Union – to the point they were wondering if psychics could mentally “nuke” cities to such an extent that those cities could actually become lost in space and time.

This was nothing new as the weaponization of parapsychology and the spirit world was of intense interest to none other than Sidney Gottlieb during Operation OFTEN in that pivotal year of 1966, sometimes called Project MKOFTEN. Black magic, demonology and Satanism were all targeted areas of research meant to, once again, establish contact and somehow “harness the forces of darkness” in a way that would be advantageous for Uncle Sam in the military-grade weapons area, to say nothing of striking literal ‘deals with the Devil” for information, clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, and of course, mind control.

Interestingly, 1966 also saw some crazy synchronistic emergences: the original Star Trek debuted with the episode “The Man Trap,” The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds set psychedelic minds adrift while fairly tanking commercially,

the Beatles’ Revolver burst onto the scene in the wake of Lennon declaring the Beats “more popular than Jesus,” (and with these two releases, “rock as art” took the great leap forward, perhaps never to return to such a pinnacle again), the pivotal Mothman sightings and outbreak in West Virginia set chilly November minds reeling and continually watching the skies, Richard Speck murdered eight nursing students in a Chicago dorm on July 14, exactly two weeks later Charles Whitman would climb the Texas tower that would cement his legacy as perhaps the first Manchurian Candidate emerging from governmental handling into the suddenly new world of mass shootings, (and on Lammas Day, August 1st yet). Baby steps.

Ronald Reagan would become California’s governor in November, and Antonioni’s Blow Up would give the mainstream its first shuddering jolt of existential paranoia painted as swinging cool must-see sensing a period of encroaching darkness at the center of all things.

All in all, there were many undefinable somethings in the wind, powerfully reverberating with occult overtones. Far be it from me to invoke the shadow of social engineering, but….

But back to the NSA memo…for our purposes, perhaps the most telling quote in the entire document and article is here. A quote which opens universes, perhaps quite literally, and has coloured the world of parapolitics, high strangeness, and ritual abuse ever since: “Severe trauma (after) results in ESP effects being activated.”

Or maybe I just need to watch the film Split again, speaking of social engineering. Because things like this are only the stuff of fantasy, right? And wasn’t that the same line the CIA had about the Finders? 

That line blurs by the hour, as all the others, all those scarlet ones, converge.

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