Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Madness of Serpents

“Oh we do have our stable of weird people working for us.  Did I ever tell you about the Pedophile Academy?  We actually had one down at Camp Peary, (in Virginia) right near (the CIA’s) Jim Critchfield’s place.  I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but we called it ‘The Farm,’ and it was supposed to be a secret training center for young agents.  Allen Dulles set up this training center down there for pedophiles.  They were in training to seduce, molest, and most especially photograph the young children of targets.  Not only, Allen reasoned, would our graduates have a spanking good time but they could get wonderful action photos of the wee ones to blackmail their families with.  I understand they broke it up when one of the graduates nailed a (CIA) Deputy Director’s son at a summer camp.”            Robert Crowley, CIA Domestic Contracts Division 1959-1962; Assistant Deputy Director of Operations (ADDO) 1980


     Down on your knees you’ll be left behind, this is the beginning

Watch what you think they can read your mind, this is the beginning

I got my mark see it in my eyes, this is the beginning

My own reflection I don’t recognize, this is the beginning

We think we climb so high, on all the backs we’ve condemned

We face the consequence, this is the beginning of the end.

     You wait your turn you’ll be last in line, this is the beginning

Get out my way ‘cause I’m getting mine, this is the beginning

God helps the ones that can help themselves, this is the beginning

May be too late as far as I can tell, this is the beginning

We think we’ve come so far, on all our lies we depend

Facing our consequence, this is the beginning of the end.        

                                                         Trent Reznor, Year Zero (2007)

     Oh make me over, I’m all I want to be

A walking study, in demonology…

Hey, so glad you could make it

Yeah, now you’ve really made it

Hey, there’s only us left now…

When I wake up in my makeup

Have you ever felt so used up as this?…               

                                 Courtney Love, Celebrity Skin (1998)


     Man’s ego’s inflated, his laws are outdated, they don’t apply no more you can’t rely no more to be standing around waitin’/  In the home of the brave, Jefferson turning in his grave, fools glorifying themselves trying to manipulate Satan…

And there’s a slow, slow train comin’

Well my baby went to Illinois with some bad talking boy she could destroy

A real suicide case, there was nothing I could do to stop it,

I don’t care about economy, I don’t care about astronomy, but it sure does bother me

To see my loved ones turning into puppets/

And there’s a slow, slow train comin’              Bob Dylan, Slow Train Coming (1979)


     “I certainly can’t tell you everything that you want to know in forty-five or fifty minutes, but I’m going to give you the essentials to get inside and start working at a new level.”         Dr. D. Corydon Hammond


     Trauma based mind control in the secret state is alive and well.  It is flowering and on the move, advancing towards a black awakening that is unprecedented both in application and scope.  Operationally, our republic is in danger.  Mentally and physically, we are in danger.  I put this in both the most blunt and the most jarring terms I can, because the hour grows late.  The shadows loom, and lengthen.  We are distracted by triviality from the things that truly matter, and amidst all this, all this pomp and circumstance and novelty, the sharp end of some kind of quickening of the age is barreling down upon us all.


     This posting started as the concluding chapter, so far, of Jeffrey Epstein’s fractured fairy tale from last time around here.  But it has blossomed, almost on a daily basis, into a tale of such dark intent, underscored by breaking headline after breaking headline, that it has me seriously reconsidering every tenet of synchronicity I used to cling to, and exactly what peering behind this gossamer partition can mean.  This clustering of perceptions and related events domino down into spookiness at a cascading rate.  Because you don’t go looking for these things.  They make themselves apparent to you in their own time, at a preordained time, like Isis lifting her veil.  And as they are revealed to me, I reveal them to you.  I counter the dreaded Admonition of Isis with my own ritual: what a brothers-in-arms site North of the border used to use as a rallying cry.  “What you don’t know can’t hurt them.”  


     I do know that to fully tell Epstein’s real story, and all that it portends, I have to start somewhere else.  I have to start with Dr. D. Corydon Hammond.  Because what Dr. Hammond found years ago in his research forms a prologue to all that will follow, and it is pure nightmare fuel.  It is specific sects, societies and military-intelligence assets poking things with sticks and calling it science.  In fact it’s ritual magick grafted onto technology.  This is not to say it doesn’t work or is ineffective.  On the contrary, something about these operations appears to have succeeded wildly, if their ongoing status over at least the last half-century, despite publicly going dark sometime in the mid-1970s, is any indication.



     “When you find the same highly esoteric information in different states from Florida to California and in different countries, you start to get an idea that there is something going on that is very large and very well coordinated.  So I have gone from someone not knowing what to think about it all to someone who clearly believes ritual abuse is real…I (have had) concern because of personal threats.  I finally decided to hell with them.  If they’re going to kill me they’re going to kill me.  It’s time to share more information with therapists.”            Dr. D. Corydon Hammond



     On a hot and stuffy June 25, 1992, only days after the Summer Solstice in Alexandria, Virginia, Dr. Hammond stepped to the podium, adjusted his tie, took a deep breath, and prepared to deliver a salvo that would have major ramifications in the corridors of power just beyond the glare of the Reflecting Pool as the crow flies.  He had been both shocked and awakened by the implications of his research, and was now putting it all out there at the Fourth Annual Eastern Regional Conference on Abuse and Multiple Personality Disorder, a syndrome that would quickly be re-categorized as Dissociative Identity Disorder.  Dr. Hammond took great personal risk in presenting his research, a paper called “Hypnosis in MPD: Ritual Abuse,” to his peers, and made a hard case for ritual abuse being carried out by a system of, for want of a better word, “cults,” throughout the world.  Due to an intensive series of threats against himself and his family, Dr. Hammond stopped speaking about this topic shortly after this speech and has remained quiet ever since.  Shockingly, his research pointed to a subset of secretive cults, hidden societies and religious orders, nearly all of which can be traced into a military-intelligence framework, that appear to be intent on gaining as much control over our world as possible through the development of a veritable army of Manchurian Candidates which have since infiltrated many aspects of both government and society as a whole.


     What Hammond found by 1992 were common links – names, places, dates – between both psychiatrists/psychologists and their patients spanning the U.S. and Europe, all of whom had been previously unknown to each other.  The data could not have been corrupted simply because these people were all reporting identical symptoms and memories over the same time period with no corroborating information overlap.  Mirrored memories shared between people that had no idea of each other’s existence constituted more than just happenstance.  It formed the widespread outlining of a spidery network of established manipulation, exerted in a systematic way, spanning years, over core groups of bloodline individuals or targeted victims of kidnappings.  Hammond found himself staring at the footprint of a highly compartmentalized, covert program of pure mind control.  Simply put, the young brain, through intense trauma (physical, sexual) is shattered so completely that the psyche seeks to create other, multiple, personalities to protect itself.  These personalities are in turn puppeted by the manipulators, becoming spies, infiltrators, and assassins, that are programmed to have no knowledge or recollection of any actions once completed.  These were men like Allen Dulles, Ewen Cameron and Sidney Gottlieb, using techniques and ideologies borrowed from the recently imported Nazis, who had in turn scoured the world to borrow and refine them from the Knights Templars, the Rosicrucians, and Weishaupt’s Illuminati, which had their origins in the ancient Egyptian, Olmec, Norse and Mayan dynasties.  They came to call these projects, deeply laced with occult ritual, Artichoke, MKNaomi, MKUltra, and Monarch, among others.  This “deal with the Devil” promised absolute control.  By any means possible.  

     Come with me now into this serious moonlight as I lay out some extremely curious facts that have been revealed very recently, and leave you to connect the dots in this infernal tapestry we find our lives woven into.  A tapestry that we need to begin unraveling, thread by thread, as we seek to bring light to their larger, ultimate agenda.


     “This is Joe Public speaking/ I’m controlled in the body, controlled in the mind.”    Joe Strummer, Complete Control (1977)


     “Within the next generation I believe that the world’s rulers will discover that infant-conditioning and narco-hypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government, than clubs and prisons…” Aldous Huxley


     “Then, in the late 1930s, we held a fateful meeting to decide our course of action, either to launch a systematic and massive assault on many fronts, or abandon the quest entirely.”               Gordon Wasson


     “The number of human sacrifices that are set forth in detail; the way in which they are keyed to the religious calendar (is imperative)” Gordon Wasson

     “The most fearsome monsters of all may inhabit the dark corners of our minds waiting for us to release them through our beliefs…The phenomenon feeds on fear and belief; sometimes it destroys us altogether, other times it leads us upwards into the labyrinth of electromagnetic frequencies which form a curtain between us and some other unperceived reality.”     John Keel, from Strange Creatures From Time And Space

     Dr. Hammond: “In Chicago [in 1984], at the first international congress where ritual abuse was talked about, I can remember thinking, "How strange and interesting." I can recall many people listening to an example given that somebody thought was so idiosyncratic and rare, and then all the people coming up afterwards saying, "Gee, you're treating one like that, too? You're in Seattle? Well, I'm in Toronto." "Well, I'm in Florida." "Well, I'm in Cincinnati..." I didn't know what to think at that point.

It wasn't too long after that I found my first ritual abuse patient in somebody I was treating, and we hadn't gotten that deep yet. Things in that case made me very curious about the use of mind control techniques, hypnosis, and other brainwashing techniques. So I started studying brainwashing and some of the literature in that area. I became acquainted with one of the people who'd written one of the better books in that area.

Then I decided to do a survey. From the ISSMP&D [International Society for the Study of Multiple Personality and Dissociation] folks, I picked out about a dozen and a half therapists that I thought were seeing more ritual abuse than anyone else around, and I started surveying them. I got the same reaction almost without exception on the interview protocol.

Those therapists said, "You're asking questions I don't know the answers to. You're asking more specific questions than I've ever asked my patients." Many of those same therapists said, "Let me ask those questions, and I'll get back to you with the answer." Many of them not only got back with answers, but said, "You've got to talk to this patient or these two patients." As a result, I ended up doing hundreds of dollars worth of telephone interviewing.

I came out of that with a grasp of a variety of brainwashing methods being used all over the country. I started to hear some similarities. Whereas to begin with, I hadn't known how widespread things were, I was now getting a feeling that there were a lot of people reporting some similar things, and that there must be some degree of communication to cause this.

I have seen this in people up into their forties including people whose parents were very, very high in the CIA, and other agencies like that. I've had some that were originally part of the Monarch Project, which is the name of the government intelligence project.

Here's where the ritual abuse appears to have come from. Near the end of World War II, Allen Dulles [later to become Director of the CIA] and other people from our intelligence community were in Switzerland making contact to get out Nazi scientists. As World War II ended, they not only got out rocket scientists, but they also got out some Nazi doctors who had been doing mind control research in the concentration camps. They secretly brought them to the United States through Project Paperclip.

Along with them was a young boy, a teenager, who had been raised in a Hasidic Jewish tradition with a background of Cabalistic mysticism. That probably appealed to people in the cult, because by the turn of the century Aleister Crowley had been introducing Cabalism into Satanic stuff, if not earlier. I suspect it may have formed some bond between the boy and the Nazis. He saved his skin by collaborating and being an assistant to them in the death-camp experiments. They brought him with the Nazis to the US.

These escaped Nazis started doing mind control research for military intelligence in military hospitals in the United States. These Nazi doctors were Satanists. Subsequently, the boy changed his name, Americanized it some, (Greenbaum to Greene) obtained an M.D. degree, became a physician, and continued this work that appears to be at the center of cult programming today. His name is known to patients throughout the country.  (Tracing it back even further, it now appears this could have been Mengele.)

 Q: What's the difference between this kind of program and cult-type abuse or Satanic abuse – the kind of cults with the candles and the...

Dr. Hammond: This type of programming will be done in the cults with the candles and all the rest. My impression is that this is simply done in people where they have great access to them, or where they're bloodline and so their parents are in it. Or they can be raised in it from an early age. If they are bloodline, they are the chosen generation. If not, they're expendable. They are expected to die and not get well. There will be booby traps set in your way such that if they aren't non-bloodline people, when they get well, they will kill themselves. My belief is that some people that have ritual abuse and don't have this programming have been ritually abused, but they may be part of a non-mainstream group. Satanism shows up as the philosophy overriding all of this.

People ask, "What's the purpose of it?" My best guess is that they want an army of Manchurian Candidates, tens of thousands of mental robots who will do prostitution, child pornography, smuggle drugs, engage in international arms smuggling, do snuff films, and all sorts of other very lucrative things. These Manchurian Candidates will do the bidding of their masters, so that eventually the megalomaniacs at the top believe they can create a Satanic Order that will rule the world. One last question. Then I'll give you couple of details and we need to shift gears.

Q: You have suggested and implied that at some point there was support of this kind of thing at a high level of the U.S. Government. I know we're short of time, but could you just say a few words about the documentation that may exist for that suggestion?

Dr. Hammond: There isn't great documentation on this. The evidence comes from victims who are imperiled witnesses. The interesting thing is how many people have described the same scenario and how many people that we have worked with who have had relatives in NASA, in the CIA, and in the military, including very high-ups in the military.

A friend and colleague of mine has probably the equivalent of half the table space on that far side of the room filled with boxes of declassified documents from mind control research done in the past which has been declassified over a period of a couple decades. This friend has read more government documents about mind control than anyone else. He has a brief that has literally been sent in the past week and a half asking for all information to be declassified about the Monarch Project for us to try to find out more.

There's an interesting person in the late sixties who talked about the Illuminati. Have any of you ever heard of the Illuminati with regard to the cult? Had a patient bring that up to me just about exactly two years ago. We've now had other stuff come out from other patients. Appears to be the name of the international world leadership. There appear to be Illuminatic councils in several parts of the world, and one internationally. The Illuminati is the name of the international leadership of the cult supposedly. Is this true? Well, I don't know. It's interesting we're getting some people who are trying to work without cueing who are saying some very similar things. There was an old guy in Hollywood in the late sixties who talked about the infiltration of Hollywood by the Illuminati.

There's an identification code that people have. It will involve their birth date. It may involve places where they were programmed, and it will usually involve a number that will be their birth order, like zero-two if they were second born. It will usually also involve a number that represents the number of generations in the cult, if they are bloodlines. I've seen up to twelve now, twelve generations.” Much more here:

     Getting back to Jeffrey Epstein, it now appears he was/is heavily involved in circles that handle just such operations.  Insulated and legally protected, his multi-state workings seem to be a cornerstone to something more. 

     Epstein’s “little black books” were turned over by his former house manager Alfredo Rodriguez, who had originally tried to hold them hostage for $50,000 from prosecutors in 2009.  They are now in possession of this current batch of prosecutors after Rodriguez’s subsequent death.  Rodriguez was insistent that these books, along with the circled entries therein and his notes, formed a kind of “holy grail” that would not only keep him safe but also lay out the blueprint to the scope of Epstein’s global operations.  About 50 of the entries in total were circled by Rodriguez.  In addition to scores of underage victims in Florida, Paris, New Mexico, California, and the UK, listed under the rubric of “massage,” the circled entries include some strange and ominous figures:  Billionaie Leslie Wexner, former New Mexico Governor Bruce King, rock star Courtney Love, former New Mexico Governor and Democratic presidential hopeful Bill Richardson, George Soros’ nephew Peter, and Eva Andersson Dubin, NYC socialite and former Miss Sweden, along with the attorney that negotiated his previous plea-deal, Alan “I got a massage but left my underwear on” Dershowitz.

     There are obvious curiosities to all of the above names, but several stand out given their backgrounds that tumble into suspicious areas given what we know so far.  One is the former Governor of New Mexico, Bruce King, his property, and its history.  It turns out Epstein knew exactly where in Stanley, N.M. he was placing his compound and what it meant for all involved.  It lies smack in the middle of the governor’s land parcel where 3-term governor King lived from birth to death.  Epstein lived there almost exclusively while King was sitting governor. King’s son, the Attorney General, also has a compound there, and plans to also run for governor.  Former governor and Bilderberger Bill Richardson is a frequent visitor, as is Alan Dershowitz, accused of raping Virginia Roberts multiple times at the Epstein property.


     Stanley N.M. is in Santa Fe County.  This area hosts a massive, wide open child trafficking corridor that runs both ways straight into Mexico, its victims including Eastern Europeans, Africans, and more.  This area also happens to be a CIA hub, and leads into extensive ties with the infamous Process Church, which also happened to come up in Corydon Hammond’s investigations:

     "In addition to the core," I ask, "is there a part inside named Wisdom?" Wisdom is a part of the Cabalistic Tree. Wisdom, I've often found, will be helpful and give you a lot of information. "Is there a part inside named Diana?" Diana is part of the Cabalistic system that is associated with a part called the Foundation. You will be fascinated to know about that. Remember the Process Church? Roman Polanski's wife, Sharon Tate, was killed by the Manson family who had multiple ties with the Process Church.

    A lot of prominent people in Hollywood were associated with the Process Church, but then they went underground, the books say, in about 1978 and vanished? Well, they're alive and well in southern Utah. We have a thick file in the Utah Department of Public Safety documenting that they moved to southern Utah, north of Monument Valley, bought a movie ranch in the desert, renovated it, expanded it, and built a bunch of buildings there. The compound is carefully monitored so that very few people go out of there, and no one can get in. They changed their name.

A key word in their name is "Foundation." There are some other words. The Foundation is part of the Tree. So you can ask, ‘Is there something inside known as The Foundation?’”

     As far as dark government military projects in N.M., also look into Sandia, Kirtland, and Los Alamos.  Epstein needed huge numbers of girls, and his compound sits right in the middle of all of this.  Based on his Florida pattern, he flew girls in but also had the need to procure them locally, which means Mexico border trafficking cartels likely serving as Epstein’s business partners.  If you search the archives for rescued sex slave survivors in NYC, D.C., etc., you’ll find that they all came in over this US/Mexico border. 


    Epstein’s property is worth more than $20 million today, but real estate online tracker Zillow has only a blank for transactions/sales for this property, which leads to the conclusion that the county tax records for this have been deleted.  The address is 49 Zorro Ranch Road, and the sightline from that mesa top goes all the way to the horizon; perfect for monitoring exactly who’s coming from a long way off.  No airports nearby anywhere but 49 Zorro Ranch Road boasts a helipad.


    Under governor King, the entire N.M. intel apparatus conducted epic crime sprees, giant drug rackets, and had ties into both porn and snuff, as well as the aforesaid child trafficking, all directly connected to Epstein, who King’s people directly brought onto the family land in N.M.  The construction of all these interlocking rings follows the exact blueprint of all pedophile activity. The Deep State always has everything filtered through drug-and-human trafficking and military intelligence.  There’s lots still to be found pertaining to all this in the N.M. news archives.


    This “Illuminati intel” faction is deeply embedded within the archaic structure that controls everything through the implementation of National Security directives.  Basically they can classify everything so that it falls under this umbrella.  This faction created the previously noted Process Church in the 1960s as an intelligence/occult/military cutout; these spooks led the Process Church from its origins in London via the Yucatan peninsula into the United States.  These were MI6-CIA hybrids tied to the very highest elites in London and the US under the guise of hippies and satanic cults.  They also happened to always have compounds located in N.M.  The Process touches upon the Kennedy assassinations, especially RFK’s, the Manson Family, Sirhan Sirhan and his movements prior to showing up at the Ambassador Hotel, and the ultimate reason for the Tate/LaBianca killings using Manson and his followers as pawns.


     Abstractly, the Process Church also figures prominently in the backstory of Whitley Strieber, the novelist responsible, more than any other, for injecting the alien “Grey” meme into the popular culture in 1987 with the publication of his “Communion.”  Strieber’s real life story is also awash with spook tenets, which over the past decade or so he has variously addressed, seemingly when bits and pieces have come floating up out of the mists of his fractured childhood memories.  Various points of interest along the way include his being taken as a child, supposedly with the approval of his parents, to Randolph Air Force Base in Texas, for “tests” in the aftermath of Randolph being the main destination for Nazi space medicine scientists in Project Paperclip at the end of WWII, his being taken directly to Mexico to attend a “school for gifted children,” (the exact m.o. of the Finders cult by the way) and his journeying to London to work on a documentary with a friend in 1968, only to be recruited by the same Process Church. 

    His Process story, before his escape from their clutches, across the London rooftops no less, includes his hearing of their compound in Mexico, disappearing college students, and their use of human sacrifice to achieve their goals.  The fact that all this is contained in the history of a person that was either selected or chosen to live a life that would culminate in the contact with something “other” in the Christmas hours of 1985 in upstate New York while the area was undergoing an unprecedented UFO “flap” that would see hundreds if not thousands of witnesses view unknown craft the size of aircraft carriers hovering over the Taconic Parkway and surrounding areas from 1984-early 1987, gives one pause as to just what is going on, and just how Nazi experiments-Process Church-Randolph AFB-military intelligence-the occult and possible extraterrestrial contact fit into one extraordinary life.  Strieber’s story needs to be examined closely for all that it portends regarding mind control and social engineering if nothing else.  The implications, however, range far afield from that, and may include the rosetta stone: the key that factions of military intel, using occult parameters and technology borrowed from the Third Reich, have through childhood trauma, drugs, and Satanic workings, continually sought contact with other non-human intelligences for purposes unknown.  They possibly manipulated and manufactured Strieber’s psyche as a young child and into adulthood, molding him into a conduit for just such an interaction that manifested decades later, on a cold, moonlit December night in 1985.  Perhaps because of his parents, his bloodline, Whitley Strieber was singled out. 



     There also remain the maddening correlations between “ritual abuse” and supposed “alien abductions,” cited in study after study.

     Indeed, there is a tremendous amount of occultism centered in N.M.  (See the Ley lines of N.M.)  For all of the above reasons and for alleged paranatural phenomena occurring there, the desert where Epstein’s property is located attracts a lot of occult-oriented operatives, and among them have been some of the biggest Satanists ever unleashed on U.S. soil.  This “snuff” corridor is haunted by black projects, and it’s no surprise that Epstein’s place was the destination of the likes of Clinton, Dershowitz, King, Richardson and other elites. Which brings us to an interesting sidelight pertaining to the Dutroux affair, which nearly brought the Belgian government to its knees in the mid-1990s.

     Jean Michael Nihoul was a leading figure in the Dutroux child abuse scandal. Note this excerpt from a Belgian government white paper into the scandal:  “Nihoul managed a string of Dutroux’s properties which functioned as pedophilia clubs in various countries, including a sumptuous and secluded villa in the Caribbean at which leading U.S. political figures, governors, and members of Congress could satisfy their pedophile perversions safe from media sleuths.”

     Does this possibly implicate Epstein in the Dutroux affair?  Epstein owns the island of Little Saint James, where Virginia Roberts claims, in her lawsuit, to have been molested by the UK’s Prince Andrew, among other notable political elites from around the globe.  Perhaps in ways known only to her “handlers,” one of which quite likely was Epstein, Roberts was as much of a conduit as Strieber.  Different means to the same end.

     Which brings us to another name in the “black book,” and the controlled history of Courtney Love.  Her father was a known producer and supplier of LSD when she was growing up, and also a manager of the Grateful Dead for a time, which directly connects her family to the Laurel Canyon military MKUltra operations of the 1960s. Her mom was a psychotherapist.  Love herself has previously written about remembering “people from England coming over,” and taking part in some type of “conventions.”  In the insightful writings of Sierra Peterson, who has her own experiences being involved in MKUltra projects and programs, she recounts meeting the infamous spook Jack Sarfatti, who would go on to offer her employment with the CIA:


    “One of the people he (Sarfatti) mentioned hooking me up with was Hank Harrison, Courtney Love’s father, who has been accused of domestic abuse and violence by every single member of his family.  Jack told me that Harrison is an ‘expert in mind control.’”


     Sarfatti would later disclose that the remote viewing and lucid dreaming projects, both occurring at the time at Stanford Research Institute, were only covers for projects that went much deeper.  There were projects which involved training little kids (using technology, violence, and torture) to leave their bodies and astral travel for various intelligence purposes.  If what Sarfatti is saying is true, it could be that Courtney Love was programmed from a very young age as part of an MKUltra subproject.  Now it just so happens she turns up as one of the 50 circled entries by Alfredo Rodriguez in Epstein’s little black book.  One of the 50 key individuals, Rodriguez contended before his death, knew the intimate details of Epstein’s worldwide child trafficking network.


     It should be noted that Love is at the forefront of an entire herd of blondes that historically have had strange pasts, blurred frequencies, and mind control suspicions.  Marilyn Monroe, Brittney Spears, Anna Nicole Smith, Jayne Mansfield: all of them exhibited fractured public breakdowns and jittery psychotic episodes bordering on “breaks” indicative of some type of prior programming.  All admitted at various times to “blank spots” in their memories, some times lasting for weeks.  Monroe would often claim in sessions with her therapists that she’d been given an abortion at some point in her life against her will, but could never remember where, when, or who had performed the procedure.  Spears went through several very public breakdowns, perhaps the most famous being an episode where she shaved her head because she “couldn’t stand people touching me anymore.”  Nicole Smith’s final years seem one protracted public breakdown, often hastened along and callously filmed by various boyfriends and “handlers.”  Perhaps most ominously of all, Mansfield herself dabbled openly in Laveyan Satanism, actually becoming a favorite of founder Anton LaVey himself, who proclaimed her a member in good standing of the Church of Satan in L.A. before her unfortunate high-speed decapitation guaranteed her eternal cache in the fast-lane lifestyle. Even among this gallery, Love’s story more than the others seems to bear the fingerprints of “generational,” or “bloodline” targeting.


     Then, adding to the unfolding tableau, there is this article from HuffingtonPost, updated 1-23-14:  MAVERICK HEDGE FUNDER JEFFREY EPSTEIN FUNDS THE FIRST HUMANOIDS IN BERLIN

“There is a virtual new world in Berlin that is one step closer to replicating the human mind. Thanks to funding from a maverick New York science investor called Jeffrey Epstein, virtual and robotic models of the human brain are moving away from traditional algorithms with deterministic pathways, towards a realm of emotional, less predictable androids.

The engineer behind these new replicas is called Joscha Bach, a young cognitive scientist, specializing in artificial intelligence. For the last few years, Bach has been a professor, cognitive researcher and software entrepreneur at Humboldt University in Berlin.  He is also the author of Principles of Synthetic Intelligence (Oxford University Press). Bach's newest humanoid venture, called MicroPsi Project 2, is not to duplicate the human mind, as it is to see what artificial intelligence can reveal about human cognition.

The exploration of the mind has been a longstanding focus of Jeffrey Epstein, a private hedge funder in New York with an extensive resume in science philanthropy. In addition to founding the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics with a $35 million gift to Harvard University, which studies the mathematical evolution of micro-systems and diseases, Epstein's foundation, The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation, has become one of the largest funders of independent scientists around the world. According to New York Magazine, Epstein has donated up to $200 million a year to prominent scientists. His roster of luminaries includes Stephen Hawking, Marvin Minsky, Martin Nowak and Nobel laureate physicists Gerard 't Hooft, David Gross, and Frank Wilczek. Epstein also regularly finances cutting edge research in neuroscience.  A former board member of Rockefeller University and the Mind, Brain and Behavior Committee at Harvard University, Epstein plays an active role in brain institutes around the world.

Joscha Bach's MicroPsi 2 Project is a software program that creates goal and sensory driven agents in a virtual computer platform: specifically three characters that roam around a tropical island.  The program is transferable to actual robots but for now, Bach prefers the flexibility and conceptual focus of a virtual platform.

To create his agents, MicroPsi has a series of 'node nets' built into each one, where conceptual, associative and sensory information is received and processed. As each character wanders through its landscape, information is sent to its node nets, which in turn influence the character's choices.

The structure of the node processing system is algorithmic but uniquely embodies preferred or weighted pathway choices, based on physiological needs, sociological needs, associative memory encapsulation and many other features.  For example, three types of drives are written into each character's nodes: physiological (i.e., hunger), social (i.e., affiliation needs), and cognitive (i.e., reduction of uncertainty and expression of competency). As these drives or 'reserve tanks' get depleted or filled based on time and an agent's interactions, they influence the agent's pathway choice. So a character that is low on water for example, will prioritize a pathway to a water element in its environment. To support all of this, the environment is rich with hundreds of fundamental elements written into it, such as temperature, food and water.

Associative memory is another critical factor that drives these characters. As sequential pathways are experienced, the sequence, and no longer just a single element, becomes a part of that character's sense, which in turn influences pathway choice. So if a character encounters element A and then B, and if B represents pain, that character will prioritize another pathway upon encountering A. Repeated sequences also increase the associative memory and decay if pathways are not routinely connected, which is true for human neural connections as well.

The first MicroPsi Project built roughly between 2003 and 2009, has more than 60,000 lines of Java code with a set of plugins for Eclipse IDE. MicroPsi 2 is written in Python; and unlike standard code (domain specific language with a set of rules and representational items), Python uses graphical and spatial definitions for its characters. The graphical paradigm better highlights weighted associations, allows the programmer to visualize conceptual hierarchies, pathway activation spreading, perceptual schemata and parallelism.

"The use of a virtual platform to explore the workings of the human brain provides optimal flexibility," Jeffrey Epstein remarked, who also supports MicroPsi's AI collaborators in Hong Kong, an open source AI foundation called OpenCog. "Scientists need to focus on the concepts and not get bogged down with the mechanics of a robot."

Bach does not see his new MicroPsi Project as anywhere close to being a valid cognitive model but rather as an evolving effort to provide a unified theory of cognition. And as more variables are built into these agents, MicroPsi will undoubtedly shed new light into the expansiveness or even limitless nature of the human brain. It might even surpass it into something else: a realm of unknown intelligence (UI).”


“Virtual gaming is about to warp through a black hole, thanks to a band of scientists in Hong Kong and a hedge funder with a zealous science background, called Jeffrey Epstein. Indeed, game programming is moving away from algorithmic robots to a twilight realm of emotional thinkers, taking online, video and toy entrepreneurs, one step closer to Star Trek’s ‘Holodeck’.

For years, in virtual gaming, the only intelligent player was the person playing the game, responding to non-reactive obstacles. At most, opponents could blow up or morph into something else. Whatever the reaction, it was a simple linear or algorithmic response (if A, then B, if A+D, then C).

By the 1970’s, opponents became more complex with the development of virtual chess, where the program responded to a vast network of algorithmic possibilities: up to 10123 chess board variations to be exact. But even in those scenarios, the program remains purely reactive and deterministic: it does not have any goals, nor does it aim for check mate, but simply responds to a series of steps that lead to that direction.

Today’s gaming characters from virtual soldiers to Tinkerbell are also vastly more complex than their dash line tennis, Pac Man or Pong forbearers. Like the chess program, virtual soldiers can react to a wide variation of landscape scenarios and respond in a myriad of ways, based on each case.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) group in Hong Kong behind this new emotive software is called Open Cog. As an open-source foundation, Open Cog (‘Cognition for All’) lead by co-founder Ben Goertzel, develops programming language for the AI community to share, in what is still a very fragmented field. However, in efforts to map the architecture of the human mind, Open Cog also programed three game characters, a ghost, a robot and a girl that push past traditional gaming algorithms:

Each character has programmed into them a database called an AtomSpace. AtomSpace consists of hundreds of ‘atoms’ which are knowledge concepts such as objects (chair, table, shelf), actions (sitting, running, singing) and feelings (anger, joy, fear). Every time an algorithm, called MindAgents, leads a character to more than one an atom, the associative link gets stronger, influencing the characters’ future pathway choices. In this sense, a character builds and incorporates associative memory. At the same time, links can decay over time if not used by algorithms, weakening a character’s memory.

Another unique feature is the use of several algorithms functioning at the same time, called, “cognitive synergy”.  The theory behind this synergy is that humans have multiple thought processes going on simultaneously, prioritizing one’s over others in order to function.

OpenPsi, inspired by AI scientist Joscha Bach in Berlin, is another program built into these novel characters. OpenPsi governs a character’s basic needs and thus which pathway to take. OpenPsi is based on German psychologist Dietrich Dörner’s theory that animal behavior is driven by five basic needs: existence preservation (food, water, body integrity—avoidance of pain), species preservation (sexuality, reproduction), affiliation (need to belong to a group, social interaction), certainty (need to predict events and their consequences), competence (capacity to master problems and taks). Each of these needs gets filled or depleted based on time and interaction with various atoms. The status of a need has a significant impact on which pathways a character chooses to take. For example, if the need for water is extremely high, a character will prioritize a water atom in its pathway choice.

For entrepreneurs, Open Cog, together with M Lab from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, supplies a software toolkit to incorporate their characters into whatever applications the market is using: from virtual landscapes to toys and even robots. As a showcase, Open Cog has also developed its own 3D landscape for its characters to function in, inspired largely by the popular building game called Minecraft.

Open Cog’s goals differ from the gaming industry which is already lining up to exploit the new software. While it intends to make a profit, they are primarily interested in using a virtual platform to test their hypothesis about the mind. “The disparity between these models and our experience of the mind is an invaluable guide to follow,” Jeffrey Epstein remarked, the financial guru behind this effort, along with the Hong Kong government and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. “It’s somewhat like building a car, with no instructions, but our impression of what a car can do.”

Over the last ten years, Jeffrey Epstein has become one of the largest backers of cutting edge science around the world. According to New York Magazine, Epstein has donated up to $200 million a year to eminent scientists, including: Stephen Hawking, Marvin Minsky, Eric Lander, George Church, and Nobel laureate physicists Gerard ’t Hooft, David Gross, and Frank Wilczek. Like Open Cog, Epstein is motivated by learning more about the mind, versus creating a new start-up product. He currently sits on the board of the Mind, Brain and Behavior Committee at Harvard. In 2003, Epstein founded the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics at Harvard University, with a $30 million dollar gift to the university. The Program studies the mathematical evolution of micro-biology and has made key discoveries into the treatment of cancer, HIV and other infectious diseases.

While Open Cog’s game software has not yet been commercialized, it is aimed for the market by the half of 2014.  The software has already had an impact however on the robot industry where companies such as Hanson Robotics, developed by David Hanson, are incorporating it to advance the way their human-like robots function and interact with people.

While far from being a replica of the human mind, the result of Open Cog’s software are characters that have needs, continuously adjusting and even evolving. And as scientists get closer to mapping the mechanics of the human mind, it’s possible that we’ll discover that we are more pre-determined than we think: that pain is just an electrical impulse, and that free will, though weighing a million different neural filaments or ‘atoms’, is set in genetic stone—but it’s also known that the mind, as in the virtual world, changes its own architecture, and thus will continue to change our destiny.”

     I invite you to go back and read these last two articles from HuffingtonPost and Forbes again, in their entirety, and then ask yourself, just what exactly is Epstein really up to in New Mexico or on Little Saint James?  In addition to his more prurient interests, he seems to share a slavish need to understand the intricacies of certain aspects of mind control that may also be shared by the more frenzied adherents to the more brutalizing aspects of the New World Order.  And as we have seen many times over, the most adjustable minds are those of the young.


     Here in these latitudes, everything is connected.  The externalization of the hierarchy is a madness of serpents.  What is truly going on at a place like CERN is no more about finding the Higgs Boson particle than crazed hordes of elites raping children is about sex.  There is a metaphysical dimension hard at work in both systematic acts that functions as an equation.  At the bottom there is submission and initiation into an occult process through ritual.  The reason CERN has symbolic dancing taking place before going online again is the same reason Epstein funds what he does or Operation Monarch was originally established.  All seek to open gateways.  Science and magick both forge their own trails, combining and recombining with each other to mutual effect.  This symbolic act lies behind every single act of chaos and violence in our modern world, something the scientists and the sorcerors both know but will never, can never, tell.


     Some people, like Danny Casolaro, Gary Caradori, and Gary Webb have glimpsed the true scope of the monster in grabbing different parts of it.  Although all grabbed different portions and came back telling different stories, that doesn’t make any of them any less important to the big picture or wrong in their assertions.  All sensed smaller parts subsetting a larger whole, a meta-system of ritualized evil that we struggle against even today, in the shadow of yet another Walpurgisnacht only hours away.


     “It’s all Roman Polanski’s fault!!”      John Lennon


     “I envy you.  You North Americans are very lucky.  You are fighting the most important fight of all – you live in the heart of the beast.”     Ernesto “Che” Guevara

     Finals words belong to Stokely Carmichael.

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