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  “Where have you gone desaparecido/ I hope someone remembers your name/ where have you gone desaparecido/ how can they just turn their backs to our shame/ where have you gone desaparecido/ I taste your blood in the roots of this land/ where have you gone desaparecido, oh mi querido, only yesterday I held your hand.”                         Steven Van Zandt, 1984, from the album Voice Of America, Los Desaparecidos

     People always disappear from a variety of places for a variety of reasons, veering wildly in parameters extending from the political to the personal to the paranormal, but of late there is a strange confluence being exhibited of exactly these, and with each passing day, nowhere is this more in evidence than with the impossibly-still-missing Malaysian 777 jet, Air Flight MH370.

     Writing this begins to conjure reverberations of Alternative 3 in 1977, a time we seem hell-bent on returning to somehow, in some strange nether land of déjà vu and shared consciousness entwined with repetition compulsion.  One strange thread that hasn’t been elaborated on with any consistency anywhere is the eerie proliferation of so-called “numbers stations” dotting both the AM (mostly) and FM radio bands in the days immediately preceding the disappearance of MH370.  Data packets being transmitted through these ghostly broadcasts?  Test streams and instructions being sent out prior to the event?  These signal intrusion frequencies from points unknown, weird, reverberating clusters of voices chanting, phrases repeating, morse code, blips, and numbers being read aloud in some kind of cryptic sequence, also hark back to the late 60s-mid 70s time period, and have long been coined “numbers stations,” and were first chronicled by John Keel, in publications like men’s magazines Saga and Argosy, and in his seminal work Our Haunted Planet.

     Occurrences and operations like this don’t evolve in a vacuum, and to trace the possible nefarious implications to the disappearance of MH370 and see them for what they are instead of the way they’re cloaked in the controlled media, we need to do as Woodward and Bernstein instructed us all those years ago: follow the money.  This leads us into the night heat of as paranormal a year as any that have flashed across our radar screens in living memory: 1985.

     In 1985, the Margaret Thatcher-led British government signed a long-term agreement with the Saudi Arabian monarchy under which the British arms cartel, BAE Systems, provided fighter jets and other military equipment and services, in return for vast quantities of Saudi oil.  This barter agreement, known as “Al-Yamamah,” (Arabic for “the dove”) has remained in force up to the present day.  It was nominally orchestrated and presented to the West by front man and, in years to come, the nexus and pivot point for all manner of international terrorism, Prince Bandar bin Sultan.

     Under Al-Yamamah, a tightly interlocking consortium of Anglo-Dutch and Anglo-American cartels - including BAE, British Petroleum, Royal Dutch Shell, Lazard Bank, HSBC (formerly the British East India Company’s Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation created through Rothschild colonization of India forcibly growing opium in India and selling it to China), and the infamous Carlyle Group - has amassed an estimated $80-100 billion in off-budget, hidden funds, which have been utilized for covert ops and gun/drug running on a global scale, totally outside the jurisdiction and oversight of any worldwide government or sanctioning body.  This is to say absolutely nothing of the funds gleaned from the institutionalization of a global network of blackmail/child abuse/pedophile operations.  This massive offshore fund is at the center of power of a financial oligarchy which has promoted globalization, a new ordering of the world, and perpetual war for the last three decades and longer.

     Strange that the fingerprints of this network remain hidden in out-of-the-way places like the Island of Jersey in Great Britain.  Measuring only 9 by 5 miles, and with a population of around 90,000, the tiny Jersey Island has been the hub of an ever-expanding, recent investigation (encompassing names like Jimmy Savile and Edward Heath among others) into the abuse, murder, and torture of children which has blatantly exposed the island’s connection to a global conspiracy of Satanic Ritual Abuse and coverup.

     Since Napoleonic times, Jersey has been one of the world’s centers for dirty money.  It has 55 banks, over 33,000 registered (front) companies, and more than $300 billion in deposits on the island at any one time, most coming from the world’s ruling elite, secret societies, and intelligence agencies.  This money stays there for anonymity and one of the lowest tax rates.  Basically, it’s a Masonic-leaning, isolated tax shelter of the highest order, run by secretive inbreds, operating a completely unaccountable, medieval system that ultimately reports only to the installed leader in that section of the global block party, that Cassandra of global politics and alleged inter-dimensional reptile-in-hiding, the Queen.

     Under the Al-Yamamah agreements, followed faithfully by every British government, the Saudis have provided 600,000 barrels of crude oil to BAE every day since September 1995.  And the beat goes on, and the money and the false flag operations continue to flow.

     Another clue that can tell us what might have happened on MH370 are the presence of 20 employees of the Austin, Texas company Freescale Semiconductor on the flight manifest.  Heavily into the arcane areas of flight-cloaking technology, avionics, electronic warfare, target jamming and operational control (all of which played a crucial role in 9/11, for what it’s worth), Freescale was purchased by a vile consortium of JP Morgan Chase, Blackrock Advisors, Vanguard Group, Blackstone, and the Carlylye Group for almost $17 billion.  These groups are not about competing with big oil.  They might have wanted to whack 20 of their own worker drones for some reason (tying up loose ends?), but within these groups are couched the guys that run the whole show.  The aforementioned five holding companies lie at the heart of 9/11.

     Malaysian authorities recently claimed there was the shadow radar “rogue” signature of an AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) plane in the vicinity of MH370 when contact was lost.  This ominous development was quickly buried among the other news releases but it bears remembering that the AWACS platform also played a crucial role in what happened the morning of 9/11, as it was the “mystery plane” sighted circling the White House after the attacks that morning, as well as in the air during the attacks on the twin towers.

     The Malaysian military released information that it tracked MH370 for a full hour with military radar after it ‘vanished from civilian radar’ because the transponders were switched off, this being the media’s official story.  This latter claim is completely spurious because radar being radar it doesn’t need a transponder to track a plane.  You’ll remember they trotted this ridiculous excuse out on 9/11 also, plus AWACS can shut down any transponder signal for a plane hijacking scenario anyway.

     MH370 did a U-turn and was “last spotted” on the other side of Malaysia.  They made the mistake of saying it was “flying low” when it was still at 29,500 feet, considerably higher than needed to paint a radar return, to deceive people into believing the vanished from radar scenario.  Private planes are not required to even have transponders, only commercial ones.  The overall radar system is in place to coordinate the scene and prevent crashes between commercial and private planes.  If it can see a smaller private plane with no transponder signal, it can certainly spy a jumbo jet without one.

     But MH370 did indeed disappear from civilian radar even though the military tracked it for at least an hour longer we’re told.  So what would make a 777 disappear from civilian radar while at 36,000 feet while still remaining visible on military?  The antenna on a USAF AWACS platform, that’s what.  This scenario was likely certain to be an AWACS hijacking just as was witnessed on 9/11 when AWACS planes were seen on video observing (controlling?) the crashes into the towers and Pentagon.

     Another thing screaming false flag are the dummied-up, photoshopped pictures of the fake passport riders (“terrorists” in the West) released by the Western media to the East and Malaysian authorities. “Western media” of course being code for still unnamed intelligence agencies thanks to Operation Mockingbird back in the 1950s, when the CIA infiltrated all of the U.S.’s print and broadcast media. 

     Also take note of the multiple false/fake photo red herrings of wreckage and oil slicks, all of which get discredited within days if not hours of discovery. The art of misdirection leads to the conclusion that it’s obviously past time to question everything that’s coming out of the West about this, as well as all Western mouthpieces firmly entrenched in Malaysia and all points East, which brings us full circle to Prince Bandar and the money pipeline.  Long known affectionately as “Bandar Bush,” these images will show you why, as seen with Poppy Bush through the years as well as W, even sitting on the Truman balcony of the White House on September 10, 2001, with Dick Cheney, W, and Condi Rice.  Wouldn’t you just love to know what they’re smiling about?  Scenes just like this are behind the 28 completely redacted pages missing from the 9/11 Commission Report courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Bush administration.  Because they held the keys to figuring all of this out, you’ll never get to see them.  Ever.  They remain financial links that will never be compromised by any type of disclosure.

     It’s also always instructive, dare I say illuminating, to examine the terrain of what’s going on in the world at junctures like this.  There’s the missing MH370.  The Ukraine situation posing as Cuban Missile Crisis II.  David Cameron and the Queen both being charged by various international bodies with High Treason and sex crimes against children.  Heated discussion about dropping the dollar as the currency of note by both Russia and China.  The blacking out of the entire internet in Venezuela.  These are only a few flashpoints which underscore the reality that something’s coming. And soon.

     Another misdirection includes the obligatory laying of blame at the feet of the pilots.  This stinks of the same planted standard-operating-procedure in the media as what we saw with EgyptAir Flight 990 on Halloween (interesting) of 1999, a high-strangeness event that remains, despite official stories to the contrary, totally unresolved to this day, and which, yet again, has all the fingerprints of the U.S. alphabet agencies on it, from mistranslated cockpit voice recordings manipulated and designed to point the blame at the pilots, to false back stories on those same pilots floated in the media.  Once again, we continue to see this exact same black intelligence M.O. used against the pilots of MH370.

     In a curious bit of what may be “lets bury the truth in amidst the lies so it’ll be discredited too,” we now hear that “U.S. investigators” have discovered that Diego Garcia is one of the five airports in the Indian Ocean loaded into Captain Shah’s in-home flight simulator, along with telling us that other information had been deleted from it.  Planted evidence?  The truth?  In a situation like this who can tell anymore?  And then this curious release from the South Carolina Air National Guard just last week:  “Members of the South Carolina Air National Guard are conducting an air defense exercise along the coast.  People might see fighter jets escorting a civilian aircraft over the North Charleston and Myrtle Beach areas,” Guard Senior Master Sergeant Edward Snyder stated.

   Several days later, responding to charges from the families of the missing as well as the entire Malaysian government, headlines such as “U.S. Officials Deny Holding Back Information On Missing Jet,” and “U.S. Swears They’re Not Hiding Anything” began to circulate in ever-increasing numbers.

     Let’s go back to Freescale for a moment.  Four days after MH370 went missing, a certain patent is approved by the U.S. patent office.  Four of the five patent holders are Chinese employees of Freescale Semiconductor of Austin, Texas.  It was divided in 20% blocks to these five holders:  Peidong Wang, Suzhou, China/ Zhijiun Chen, Suzhou, China/ Zhihong Cheng, Suzhou, China/ Li Ying, Suzhou, China/ Freescale Semiconductor.  If a patent holder dies, the remaining holders equally share the dividends of the deceased if not disputed in a will.  If 4 of the 5 die, the remaining one gets 100%.  The owners of that remaining one, Freescale, courtesy of Blackstone, happen to be the Rothschilds.  The other 4 were all on MH370.

     The UK’s Daily Mail article, just last month, on Nat Rothschild:  “What he needs is one of those historic opportunities like the ones seized by his ancestors.  If he gets that golden moment, he could be the richest of his generation.”  They’re joking, right?  This is like the Project for the New American Century in the months before 9/11 publishing a white paper where they call for a “New Pearl Harbor,” and they magically get one.  Nat will be the fifth Baron Rothschild with this.  Already armed to the teeth with a $500 million inheritance, and now, “thanks to a complicated web of private equity investments in the Ukraine and Eastern Europe, along with his partnership in Atticus Capitol, a $7 billion hedge fund, Nat is set to exceed his inheritance with his own earnings.”  Let me just add here that those “historic golden opportunities” were not only seized by the Rothschilds, they were manufactured by them.  There is a distinct difference, and one that the history books need to recognize the predatory nature of.

     In a curious bit of spooky synchromysticism amid the height of all of this, word came out that L’Wren Scott, socialite designer to the elite and Mick Jagger’s girl, killed herself by hanging in her posh N.Y. triplex.  Before Jagger, she just happened to be the “ex” of Nat Rothschild.  Missing planes, Ukranian revolutions, and suicided socialites, all in the span of a month and all linked to a Rothschild and the coincidental massive increasing of his already legendary wealth.  You may begin playing the theme from ‘The Omen’ anytime now.

     I hate to be accused of piling on, but do I need to mention that the type of plane missing (777) matches the obligatory Crowley number(s) that seemingly have to be embedded and encoded in every elite-sponsored operation of late?  There was the magical quartet of 93, 11, 77 and 175 for the 9/11 flights. 777 happened to be the number of Liber 777, a treatise by Crowley published in 1909, examining the Tree Of Life, the Book of Thoth, and others, the 777 of the title referring to a lightning flash descending the diagrammatic worlds.

     All of these factors together point strongly to a black operation, sanctioned and run from the highest levels to create leverage, set up a coming false flag, or openly steal “breakaway civilization”/next generation tech from the private sector for military purposes; straight from the minds of those 20 Freescale employees.  Investigator Wayne Madsen is now reporting that Malaysian authorities have asked the U.S. to share all information from its Australian Pine Gap facility, but so far all information is being withheld.  And on 3-20-14, on the date of the Spring Equinox, where do we miraculously have wreckage appearing?  Off the coast of Australia, of course.  Which will be disavowed again I’m sure. It’s another sacrificial ritual at the juncture of the Equinox; it’s the snake slithering down the stairs at the Mayan pyramid at Chichen Itza, because nothing really changes.  The sacrifices are demanded, and who knows where a fake, painted plane will show up and with what cargo in its remotely-controlled belly in a revisited Operation Northwoods?

     This is programming brought to you by the elite, whispered of at those Rothschild parties, because although struck down, it returns again and again in these days and nights of empires populated by vampires, who only hide to return in greater numbers.

     Update Saturday morning, March 22, 2014: Impatience boiled over into anger at a briefing on the missing jet Saturday, with families of those lost saying they believe they have been “kept in the dark and lied to,” as well as telling everyone Malaysia has been “fooling the world.”  Multiple families continue to express confusion and concern over the fact that when called, the cell phones of their missing relatives keep ringing, rather than going straight to voicemail or being sent to a messaging service, as would apply if the phones were incapacitated or out of battery life. 

     Think of the implications of this, stay tuned, and let’s get behind these families in demanding answers.  Something is truly not right here. 

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