Tuesday, February 14, 2012


                “There’s the scarlet thread of murder running through the colourless skein of life, and our duty is to unravel it, and isolate it, and expose every inch of it.”             Arthur Conan Doyle,  A Study in Scarlet


              A most cordial welcome back to this ever-revolving nocturnal arcade; let’s scatter some pre-emptive seeds to the wind and see where it leads us in our thankless quest for connections and pattern-recognition. Firstly let me apologize for the length between these posts, but to paraphrase Jeff Goldblum’s character in the ’78 Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, I choose each word individually. I hope to always make it worth your while.
 These are the times I feel like Rorschach from Watchmen, in the cold, rainy wee hours weighing bodies, factors, motives; waiting for a flash of enlightenment in all this blood and thunder. Collating dates of death with celestial and sidereal markers and points on leylines; where down through the centuries does it all coalesce, that diaphanous realm where Jack the Ripper, Aleister Crowley and the Zodiac connect with Monsanto, chemtrails and morgellons? What were, and are, they trying to effect on this world, what monstrous working? Because first and foremost, there’s always a plan. And they’ve possessed the chaos maps charting our deconstruction for a long, long time.

Now let’s try to make some kind of noise about the unfolding ritual abuse in Happy Valley as it continues to be both a conspiracy and travesty of silence. We’ll make other whistlestops on this night train, but let’s start again with the horror that came to Penn State, and track it back to see just how deep and elite a rabbit hole this is. And due to his improbable recent primary victories, let’s get started with Rick Santorum, Phil English, and pedophiles. First of all, think about it, there’s zero way a figure as marginal, inconsequential, and totally bereft of all substance as a Santorum would be being pushed as anything more important than dogcatcher without there being an incredibly easy way to destroy him. Read: dirt. This is how the game is played at this level. Follow our preset agenda or else. We’ll make you, but you’re ours. Our mouthpiece, facilitator, implementer. This is how the agenda gets furthered decade after decade whether or not there’s a Republican or a Democrat in the catbird seat. It’s also exhibit number one in the hows and the whys of the Clintons and the Obamas of this world popping up out of nowhere to ascend. This is not to say Santorum is a shoe-in; heck, he may be only the default setting while we wait for the fresh hell that is Jeb Bush, but as for the dirt, listen up as the closet door to the dank basement creaks open. Take my hand and you’ll be fine. I think. Make sure you're grounded with plenty of stakes, garlic, and holy water; we're hellbound for the inner sanctum.

This will merely be illustrative as to how much filth is besotting all these creatures at this level. Santorum happens to be particularly fitting for our purposes as his slide along the abyssal trench starts in Pennsylvania. Freshman Ricky Santorum starts the Penn State College Republicans in 1977(the same year Sandusky founds Second Mile) with one Phil English, a truly loathsome Jabba-the-Hut-type perv who would go on to become congressman from Erie, Pennsylvania from 1995-2009 after he was arrested in Erie in the 1980’s for soliciting sex with an underage African-American male.

 After the arrest he was hauled to mayor Louis Tuillo’s house in handcuffs at 2 a.m. Tuillo, virtually a feudal lord there for over two decades, made a deal that English would get out of town immediately and never run for public office again in return for the event being disappeared. This could be the reason English only ran for state treasurer in 1988 after Tuillo’s death. Anyway, English remains a tried-and-true cohort of Santorum’s in the Pennsylvania circle of friends.
According to former NSA officer Wayne Madsen, one of the very few professionals left in this country that can actually still be construed as being an investigative reporter, Santorum along with two other senators, engaged in the recruiting/selecting of young, all-male staffers out of “diversion programs” (such as Sandusky’s Second Mile) to serve as “pages;” which of course also meant being handed out to the 40% of Congress that Barney Frank threatened to “out” as users of such services unless the investigation into his underage homosexual prostitution ring was nixed forthwith. Anyone remember the Mark Foley scandal? Now you get the picture. The other two senators by the way? Jim Talent of Missouri and George Allen of Virginia. All three just happened to be subsidized from 2006 and prior by Larry Craig, Idaho Republican. The same Craig that was arrested June 2007 at the Minneapolis-St.Paul airport for soliciting sex from an undercover police officer in the men’s toilet. Just like Santorum, Craig was generous in his financial support for troubled youth “diversion” programs. Are you beginning to see a pattern?
 Last summer, MSNBC hired former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell as commentator. Interesting because Rendell, along with former Governor Tom Ridge and current one Tom Corbett, (also the commonwealth’s former Attorney General) have been accused of covering up the pedophile scandal in Happy Valley. According to latest Pennsylvania news reports, Rendell also covered up an underage prostitution scandal in Harrisburg involving not only the state Supreme Court but also his own governor’s office. Corbett, in an unusual move, also attended the 11-9-11 Penn State Trustees’ emergency meeting. Why the Governor would impose himself on such a meeting has yet to be explained over three months later, but it certainly raises questions about Corbett’s previous role or non-role in the whole Sandusky affair.
Back to Santorum. In 2002 he awarded Sandusky a “Congressional Angels in Adoption” award for his work with the Second Mile, this AFTER Sandusky had been already accused of more than five molestations. Does anyone begin to get that feeling of the hairs standing up on the back of your neck yet? That basic instinct that there’s something huge going on just out of the range of our vision? Before corporate vampires like Louis Freeh(Ruby Ridge, Waco, OKC Bombing), Lanny Davis(Iran-Contra), J.Sedgwick Sollers(more Bush Sr./Iran-Contra shenanigans), and Merck murderer Ken Frazier(Vioxx, Gardasil, don’t get me started) were brought in to cap the info-gusher, this is what we learned, and these are the biggest clues that there’s something bigger going on:

-                      At least two non-profit organizations were “trading” kids with the Second Mile, the New York-based A Better Chance and the New York-based Fresh Air Fund. The Better Chance org started with the trades in 1988 and went through 2001. The Fresh Air Fund went from the late 70’s until circa 1995. What exactly all this entails, thanks to Freeh and Co., will probably never be known, but the speculations tend toward the ominous.
-                      The hellish legal confluence itself of Freeh, Davis, Sollers, Frazier, et al to represent Penn State and particulars point to the fact there’s something so huge to hide that only the sleaziest, lowest, most battle-scarred reptoids can get it done.
-                      When State Police were brought in to collect and collate all the Second Mile records, they and Second Mile board members were “shocked, shocked I tell you” to find that all records from 2000-2003 had vanished without a trace. Not quite so shockingly, these records contained the all-important travel and expense accounts. Shades of Gary Caradori and the missing Franklin Scandal dossier.

-                      The missing-and-presumed-dead D.A. Ray Gricar (who refused to press charges against Sandusky in 1998 despite numerous witnesses, recordings, and copious evidence), his water-logged hard drive, and the fact that in the days before he disappeared in 2005 he was explicitly researching “how to wipe a hard drive,” according to internet searches on his home computer. Was he complicit himself in 1998? Was he bribed? Threatened? Did he go along for 7 years until he decided he couldn’t “play ball” anymore? Had he been blackmailing them? The only thing that makes sense in this scenario is that he was someone who knew too much.
-                      Ousted PSU president Graham Spanier’s case continues to look more and more…..curious……the further he’s scrutinized. He was at the helm of the University of Nebraska when the Franklin Scandal was up and running; he left as head of the Christian Children’s Fund in 1994 amid scandal pertaining to Richmond, Virginia whistleblowers uncovering huge accounting irregularities; less than a year later he shows up at Penn State. He’s the director of shadowy FM Global, the chair of the National Security Higher Education Advisory Board, and member of the National Counterintelligence Working Group. As a marriage and family therapist, he was the author of an in-depth study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior on the practice of mate-swapping or “swinging.” I quote, “this (brief) argues that swinging is a form of extramarital sexual activity which serves to define as good and acceptable a behavior that in other forms and in the past has been considered deviant or immoral.”  Oh, one last thing……..and I swear you just can’t even make up something this spooky……….he moonlights as a clown/magician, specializing in children's parties. Paging Stephen King….the top of my head just came off.


                “Would we, if we could, educate pigs, geese, cattle? Would it be wise to establish diplomatic relation with the hen that now functions, satisfied with mere sense of achievement by way of compensation? I think we’re property. I should say we belong to something:  That once upon a time this earth was a No-man’s land, that other worlds explored and colonized here, and fought among themselves for possession, but that now it’s owned by something:  That something owns this earth, all others warned off. Nothing in our own times has ever appeared on this earth from somewhere else so openly as Columbus landed upon San Salvador, or as Hudson sailed up his river. But as to surreptitious visits to this earth, in recent times, or as to emissaries perhaps, from other worlds, or voyagers who have shown every indication of intent to evade or avoid, we shall have data as convincing as our data of oil or coal-burning aerial super-constructions……Pigs, geese, cattle. First find out they are owned. Then find out the whyness of it. I suspect that after all we’re useful – that among contesting claimants, adjustment has occurred, or that something now has a legal right to us, by force, or by having paid out analogues of beads for us to former, more primitive, owners of us – all others warned off – that all this has been known, perhaps for ages, to certain ones upon this earth, a cult or order, members of which function like bellwethers to the rest of us, or as superior slaves or overseers, directing us in accordance with instructions received – from Somewhere else – in our mysterious usefulness.  But I accept that in the past, before proprietorship was established, inhabitants of a host of other worlds have – dropped here, hopped here, wafted, sailed, flown, motored -- walked here for all I know – been pulled here, been pushed; have come singly; have come in enormous numbers; have visited occasionally, have visited periodically for hunting, trading, replenishing harems, mining: have been unable to stay here, have established colonies here, have been lost here; far-advanced peoples, or things…….. ”                                    Charles Fort, The Book of the Damned    

              Add to this unholy mix the fact that ESPN is reporting Freeh’s investigation, you know, the one that promises to leave no stone unturned and will move Heaven and earth to get at the truth, has ZERO subpoena power. Pertaining to nothing I’m sure, Skull and Bones shambled to life as an organization in December 1912 at where you ask? Penn State University. And just a little over a month ago on January 10, Freeh held a closed-door meeting with PSU’s Faculty Council, telling them he would present his findings twice to a university Board of Trustees’ committee, for their “input,” before releasing it publicly. Only after making “revisions” to the report would it be released.
                Senior faculty members after the closed-door meeting all said Freeh repeatedly referred to the work he was doing on behalf of his “client,” the Special Committee of the Board of Trustees, chaired by Kenneth Frazier, Merck head.
                So how precisely is this in any way an independent investigation? This is exactly like the same old back room, business as usual that has found PSU winding up exactly where it is. Further enraging the senior faculty was Freeh’s disclosure that to enhance his already awesome null subpoena power, he will also refuse to give any polygraph tests in the course of his “investigation.” Perhaps next he could charter balloon rides with boxed lunches for all perps, maybe festive midnight submarine jaunts out of the country for non-jurisdictional waters or Argentina. One big perpy, pervy, guilty-party party.
                Two nights later on January 12, the Board of Trustees’ committee had dinner with the Faculty Council, a gesture that hadn’t occurred for at least a decade several professors remarked. What exactly came out of this hasn’t been disclosed but I think it’s safe to assume the three-course menu that night featured heaping portions of strong-arming, intimidation and “influence peddling.” Yum.


               See we ain’t after your money. You’re a taxpayer. We already got it.  We don’t even want ya to DO anything…in fact, just the opposite. All we’re askin’ is your INDIFFERENCE.  Just turn away, pretend it ain’t happenin.  Ain’t like ya gotta give up part of yourself…no important part anyway…….                                 Alan Moore, Brought To Light               


              So where are we after all this? Basically it’s limbo-time in ‘ole Pennsylvania. How low can it all go? We started with Rick Santorum, PSU alum, and worked our way through the labyrinth of what’s been going on there now; what basically started as a huge media-blitzed feeding frenzy has fizzled itself out by design. Whether the Sandusky trial can resurrect it remains to be seen, but everything’s in place for it not to. Because if you look between the lines and go far enough down this road, you’ll find a pedophile ring with ultra-powerful participants, such as elite businessmen, judges, police, and politicians trafficking in children across both state lines and every normal human moral boundary you can imagine. Evidence will disappear and people will die before this is allowed to come out. Both have quite obviously happened already. This is bigger than you can imagine, and it appears Pennsylvania has been a bad place and a critical wheel in this empire for a long time.
        Our recognition of and ability to combat this hinges on identifying what’s beneath the surface, and there lies a ritualistic, ancient pyramid of aligned sigils that mirror gods and black hole suns they worship that were eons old before the coming of Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent. We somehow have to overcome that societal tension they’ve encoded into our collective that compels us not to ask questions, not to step out of line, not to look beyond our fences for answers, because occult ritual sacrifice remains their religion and their cornerstone for creating this consensus reality we find ourselves ambered in. To paraphrase David Lynch's writing in Twin Peaks, is it easier to believe there aren't such things, and that people act like this on their own?
               Don’t forget the infamous False Memory Syndrome, perfect alibi and Satan’s little helper for every sleazy, sinister child molester since the early 90’s, began as a term coined by Peter J. Freyd and a bunch of CIA toadies and birthed at none other than the University of Pennsylvania. Tonight, in the perceived safety of your warm houses, try not to think about all of those troubling Santorum connections to a dark underbelly that he’ll never be asked about. Most frightening of all, try not to think an elite, multi-state pedophile, ritual abuse ring could be running a wimpy pedo puppet for President. Or why.
As they say, the past is prologue.

                     The Family That Preys Together

What do you get for pretending the danger’s not real/ Meek and obedient you follow the leader down well-trodden corridors into the valley of steel/ What a surprise, A look of terminal shock in your eyes/ Things are really what they seem/ No, this is no bad dream
The Lord is my Shepherd/ I shall not want/ He makes me down to lie/ Through pastures green he leadeth me the silent waters by/ With bright knives he releaseth my soul/ He maketh me to hang on hooks in high places/ He converteth me to lamb cutlets/ For lo he hath great power, and great hunger……..           Roger Waters (SHEEP)

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