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McGarrett: "Tell me about genetic engineering."

Lochner: "I can't."

"I thought you were your father's assistant."

"I am. I take all his notes. I just don't understand them. I can tell you this though; that it's the science of expediting the process of evolution by stepping up the favorable mutations."

"In other words they want to mess around with our genes so that all of our children are geniuses. How's it work?"

"Chemicals, radiation; my father's discovered a process which is really secret. In fact, according to him, revolutionary. He's scheduled to deliver a series of papers on it this afternoon."

"What if something like that should, uh, fall into the wrong hands?"

"Well I guess it could produce a race of zombies."

           Forty Feet High and It Kills, Hawaii Five-O (1969)

It's time to go again to your blue room, got some questions to ask of you in your blue room

The air is clean, your skin is clear, I've had enough of hanging round here

It's a different kind of conversation, your blue room

Saw me coming in and outside, saw me coming somewhere to hide

And time is a string of pearls, your blue room once again, see the future just hangin there

A new frame, a new perspective, looking down on my objectives,

Your instructions, whatever their directions, your blue room

Saw me coming east by the moon, saw me coming can you feel?

It's alright one day I'll be back, yeah I hope I remember where it's at

We see me slide down won't you give me a home, so much for change

Zooming in zooming out, nothing I can't do without

A lens to it all up close, to magnify what no one knows

Never in company, never alone, 

No car alarm, no cellular phone

"Fellow citizens of the world, what I have to say to you is not something I was ever prepared to say. As many of you know by now, we are suffering from inexplicable and seemingly unrelated incidents ranging from power outages to the destruction of infrastructure and homes. We now believe these incidents are not unrelated but in fact connected. What is being visited upon our not of our earth."

"I am little piece of little piece of little pieces, pieces that were picked up on the way

Imprinted with a purpose with a purpose with a purpose, 

    a purpose that's become quite clear today..."  Trent Reznor

"I dream in fire but work in clay."  Arthur Machen

"All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy. That's how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day."  Alan Moore

Hitting the ground flying this time roadrunners at the end of one more Dog Days cycle, but the Mystery Machine never sleeps. I've got drinks and snacks in the median and glove compartments -- no time to waste...there's a strange world out there just waiting to be deciphered, decrypted, and plastered on the Wall of Weird. Let the nocturnal revelries begin....

Before we go one step beyond again, let's connect the dots on the still continuing saga of the Mystery Hot Plane Woman that declared some mothereffer or other was not real a few weeks back that damn near shut the internet down as all started high speculations in the reptoid zone...

Well, the plot certainly thickens:

First of all, I like that she has a cool flying top that she wears. But I'm with the collective here -- is this even the same person? Unless in a matter of weeks she's lost a lot of weight and changed her body type, I'd have to go with 'No.' Shoulders not as broad and squared off, boobs not as big, eyes very different, brow ridge not the same, cheekbones more angular, neck slopes down into her shoulders completely differently, arms not the same, and the NOSE is the dead giveaway:

The OG seemed rather down to earth with her Minnie Mouse squeaks and endearing utility belt full of unhinged; made you wanna give her a hug. This one? Not so much. Too polished and artificial. No hugs. Either the OG has been reformatted and gotten to, or something else is afoot... 

And about that outfit, not to mention hairstyle, in the latest appearance -- someone high up seems to be trying a bit too hard to convince us; girls like that don't make a public appearance in the same outfit twice in a year, much less a few weeks. 

And WHO exactly is advising her not to talk? Legal or some higher command authority. And then, of course, WHY? These are just basic reporter questions you guys, Carl Kolchak stuff, ya know??

And then there is this rounding out of the Final Destination Pt VII plotline:

Disappearing ink on her wrist and a DOD ISP??

As soon as I know more, you'll know -- but something's telling me this runs a lot deeper and darker than any of us previously thought. And speaking of deep and dark...let's get into the real festivities. And as we venture, let's perhaps remember the continuing legacy of hot plane woman: reality isn't what it used to be. 


Getting as close to the Maui perimeter as I dare, here's what's happening there, and it is trending towards the severely ominous:

Hmmmm; where have I heard of something just like this before:

Factor in the still 2400 missing children and something distinctly trending toward the paranormal could be underway here too:

Then there is this that Summer sent me about the Maui UNDERGROUND:

So of course 3 guesses as to who's making a beeline there:  

Epstein 2.0 is alive and well everywhere. Coupled with quarantine zones, infected people (what part are the graphene, quantum dotted, spiked vaxx infected playing in all this?), an outside force taking over and controlling everyone, an official media blackout...

Something much more is happening here than would appear on the surface, as deeply tragic spins instantly into several shades of creepy, as documented here by the two leading alt-lights: 


Not to mention the strange prevalence of another shade, this one of Blue

Entire thread here:

All the hallmarks of a frequency attack, and just what did Tesla say again?: "If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

Of course he also said "you will live to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension."

Much more on that last pointed Tesla spike, plus ramifications, to follow.....

These days the more "out there" it sounds, the likelier the chances of it being exactly correct. At this point my money's on the conspiracists eight ways to Sunday and back. There is something HUGE and DARK going on here, especially in the aftermath with the black fencing obscuring everything, foreign police cars patrolling, aerial drone coverage monitored and shut down...WHAT is going on here?? First we get the widespread "media free zone,"

When that didn't work (or didn't work well enough), now comes this even more egregious clampdown (that no man born with a livin soul can be workin for.)

But then, that's the point, isn't it?

The view from 40,000 feet?:

What were the elites apprised of back then -- what Extinction Level Event on the way? And is this just another psychological backflip to get us to do their bidding? That paradigm shift in the evolutionary consciousness of man sounds a lot like something they've installed into the system via vaxxes and boosters -- telling us that's the goal vis transhumanism when consciousness is really what they want eradicate along with every last vestige of the human soul.

Then again, a vastly different Great Awakening may have something to say about that...


But since it's what they've done that lets up know where they're going, let's see where they tip their hand lately. And it becomes rather blatant, as it turns out:

I have a creeping feeling that there is something far more going on with the Maui situation than even is presented at first blush -- and it's far darker than even this tragedy portends and connects in huge ways with other prongs of the agenda; more on that upcoming, where we'll also venture into realms of Marburg, zombies, nanotubule delivery systems, the recent Chapel Hill shooter, those MAC addresses showing up in the vaxxed, whistleblower Rasheed Buttar's recent death, more weirdness on Maui, and how all of this and more could be related:

More extremely pertinent RR right here:

Extremely proud to share my callsign with that dude.

Just a little teaser for later -- as information keeps flooding in:

IF this is true, then what caused the fires?? Or something like this:

What caused that flash in the woods captured on security cam?? So many questions and more are forming, and this isn't even scratching the surface. There are even plasma-like cloudy artifacts showing up in some of that flash footage, possibly indicative of directed or frequency weapons surges -- nothing that a lightning strike or a transformer blowing would produce. (note photos at the header.)

So residents are arrested if they try and get back to even see the condition of their homes in the fire zone, media has been cordoned off, thousands of children are still missing and unaccounted for, a security wall has been erected, lone houses and cars are burned and melted sitting right beside other properties unscathed...WHAT is going on?: 

There is absolutely NO WAY to explain this -- entire neighborhoods and subdivisions untouched except for targeted structures here and there on the interior:

Again, WHAT foreign police force is showing up there in such numbers??

And as loathe as I am to give even an ounce of credit to any AI creation (and this is from one of those large, language models that is fed all the Maui wildfire data to form a narrative) ; this seems distinctly spot on, and begs the vital question, who is there left to tell us what really happened if all the witnesses are dead??: 

Absolutely horrifying. 


Both of these will become increasingly pertinent as we crawl forward, particularly where a certain DARPA is involved...and help us to realize that it's far past time that we start calling the firefighters the arsonists. Note the marked presence in the Banned AJ vid of James Giordano addressing DARPA legions; Giordano remember being Karen Kingston's "person of interest no.1" in the nanotech injectable takeover.  


But before anything else, another detour into the dark heights of occult symbology...a wellspring that's been trending since we imported not only the Nazi scientists but the Nazi ideology stateside with Operation Paperclip; our Nuremberg-suppressed deal with the devil.

Here onto the world stage steps Eris. Latest in the line of manufactured boogeyman viral threats -- but in the name lies a tale...

ERIS is the new strain of covid that is being trotted out to petrify the masses into an entirely new round of masking, lockdowns, and vaxx mandates that seem to be in the works. You can certainly read into that another election fix in the works, since by this time we all know what transpired in 2020 that is desperately being swept under the MSM rug and blatantly not talked about: a silent coup d'etat carried out undercover that had to happen for other changes to happen elsewhere -- for a great transformation of humanity to take hold. You see, I'm scared that death is only a part, and not the worst part. Death is not the end.

ERIS is also the ancient goddess (demon) of discord, bloodshed and chaos, another occult marker that presents itself like a calling card of the truth of what lies at the bottom of all this:

Put here for programming and indoctrination -- Eris was the sister of Ares:

That rationale and series synopsis begin to sound familiar at all? Ring any bells?

Societies as such have been prevalent since Dutroux and Franklin, MKUltra and OFTEN. That they would still be present and operating deep within the bowels of the WEF and the Agenda 2030 global structure, at places like Pfizer and Moderna, operating directed energy platforms overhead, should come as no surprise at all. The byways of Directed Energy to Directed Evolution merge quite seamlessly onto the same autobahn hurtling towards a vanishing point.

As they were always intended to -- this from 1960's seminal Morning Of The Magicians: 

 This ancient occult marker system definitely harkens back to this post that led with the symbolism on display at Pfizer HQ in NYC:
All this calling out of ancient gods, goddesses, and demons is done for specific purpose and to effect specific outcomes.

Symbolically speaking, this should throw off sparks every bit as much as Event 201 did for a lot of us...this is a warning buoy first set adrift at the time of aforesaid Operation Paperclip. But who was listening??  

So the naming of the new strain ERIS opens up all kinds of doors in the subconscious, does it not? Which is exactly what it was intended to do. There can be no continuation without language and symbols. But nothing happens without first the technology, and to 6uild 6ack 6etter, you first have to initiate destruction.

And this all aligns perfectly with "climate change," Agenda 2030, and the messaging abductees have been front-loaded with for decades:


We focus so much on the fact that we are dealing with a Death Cult, appropriated by those seemingly beholden to and in contact with non-human forces; but this is also a CONTROL cult, and nowhere is this more evident than in the array of technology they have amassed against us, and the myriad of applications that can be brought to bear:

And yes, people are starting to pay attention and get it:

Which can and will turn us full circle back to Maui...and the increasingly impossible that is being uncovered there. And it is piling up more by the hour juxtaposed against a wall of silence and denial by all official sources, which should be the most glaring red flag to everyone's common sense.

Again, return here for repeated viewings, as I think this is going to turn out to be one of the most important Maui vids released...
Just HOW does one go about explaining this??:

That is what anyone could only describe as selected, targeted dwellings in the interior of subdivisions where nothing else is touched. But HOW could this possibly be accomplished? 

And this is where we need to remember the vaxxes, and how it's been described from multiple learned sources how the vaxxed are emitting Bluetooth and MAC addresses; signals that perpetuate even after death

As crazily sci-fi theatre as this sounds, this is a real thing, attested to by study after study. And it may just have been how certain people and homes were targeted in Maui with such, ahem, laser precision. Either that, or fires are becoming "intelligent." I know what my money's on, since the bottom line of the ability to track and trace everyone thru these vaxxes is just one of the important goals of the globalists to further their ends. It's all about the Internet of Things they want all of us plugged into for multiple sinister purposes and agendas to make sure everyone's zip code is now Stepford.

I wonder how well those would work in conjunction with the High Altitude DEW platforms regarding targeting?? 

Again, the network is already in place cruising below the surface as the Internet of Things -- this from May of this year:

But there is so much more. For instance, what if you could take the well known detrimental effects of this tech on human brains and cognitive and neurological systems, and find a way to amplify it somehow?? Fertility problems, pre-cancerous cells...sound familiar?? And this all years BEFORE 5G:


Just days ago now, there was another mass shooter spree on the UNC campus at Chapel Hill, but this one also seemed rather targeted:

At first it wasn't disclosed who the victim was, and speculation ran amok when it was discovered that the assailant had attended Wuhan University. What if the target in the chem building was Ralph Baric? He, after all, was in Wuhan at the Institute of Virology and one of the main culprits in the entire Covid creation scenario (which begat the vaxx), friend of Epstein, etc. 

But the actual victim turned out to have other interesting areas of overlapping concern about where he may fall in the overall narrative, and why a Wuhan resident may have singled him out. This represents inside knowledge of the greatest degree -- see the series of tiles at the end of this post from his own Twitter account, and ask yourself if these connections aren't a bit too spooky...

Because Yan had also been at Wuhan (of course) and specialized in optical matter; metal nanoparticles held together by light -- dangerously close to optogenetics, which have far-ranging, sinister applications. Remember Ana Mihalcea's findings of blinking unknown nano-sized particles found in the embalmed blood of vaxxed, dead subjects:

LIGHT is the universal constant here, which means we have to go all the way back to this -- the revelations of Carrie Madej, who started this whole ball rolling before anyone, in early 2021, with notions of tracking and targeting by optic-activation of organisms

But we need to dive several more fathoms down...and it's into a realm where we'll see the motives and outcomes of what happened at Chapel Hill merge with the research of folks like Charles Lieber and others, and how that resultant tech that came out of that could have been used to track and trace all of us, leading to desired happenings like Maui for the overlords. If this all seems Jason Bourne-scifi-like augmented with AI now, it's only because that's exactly what it is. 

In disclosure this is the very video that many are speculating actually got him on the ASAP Kill List...extremely interesting given what would transpire going forward.

The burst-releasing-the-payload message is something very much like what Todd Callendar has been saying in the wake of Dr. Buttar's passing:

(You will also note that there were just many claims of an Ebola-like malady emerging at Burning Man: )

These claims have now been backtracked and shut down into oblivion. But the very workable links to the research remain -- very much so, despite repeated attempts to remove them from view of the growing hordes of dot-connectors. And that removal in itself is a huge red flag.


This is what happens when a regular person cares to do more due diligence than the CDC, NIH and FDA all put together, and needs to be preserved for history no matter which way this all resolves:  And we're finding the answer to this very early 2022 question from a concerned doctor, right now.

And remember, in the ultimate monkey see monkey do social engineering meme projector, the marching orders always come from the top, i.e., they're getting ready to pull a March 2020 all over again:

How many are going to be suckered in yet again??

The average Joe Public is presented with a problem so enormous, with so many prongs of invasion woven together in the same assault system: purple streetlights, 5G, exploding nanotubules with a hundred different names like hydrogel, quantum dots, self-assembling nanotech, spike proteins, optogenetics, luciferase, graphene oxide, hydra vulgaris etc...that the mind reels and tends to back off instead of crawling deeper to find meaning -- and most importantly -- the "why" of all this. As was so impressively stated by Mr.X sitting on that park bench in JFK, the who, the what and the how, that's just window dressing to keep you from asking the most important question: WHY?? 

There's a controlled depopulation, so long sought after by the elites and literally etched out in stone on the Georgia Guidestones and spelled out in papers like Kissinger's NSSM 200:

There is transhumanism, which incorporates AI as well and goes all the way to the postulates of Anthony Patch and Co. concerning DWAVE quantum adiabatic computers (quantum dots?), CERN, opening plasma conduits to the planet Saturn; an overall plan which also overlaps into DNA:  

    (Can what we are seeing playing out be described as a Saturn Death Cult?: )

THINK: why the massive numbers of personality changes seen in people all over the globe by friends and family members testifying to such only AFTER being injected?? This slant is given great and perfect observational brilliance by Naomi Wolf right here:   

There is a massive infertility rite, so well and often described by the work of, again, Naomi:

There is a HUGE spiritual aspect to all this, which everyone from Naomi to Karen Kingston get into

Wrapping all this up, there is a worldwide control system aspect of tracing and tracking, one aspect of which may have played out in the strange characteristics seen in Lahaina -- a targeting individuals beta test run amok working hand in hand with the MAC addresses emitted by the vaxxed.

But the breadcrumbs, the ways to connect all this back to them in any kind of tangible way, are being disappeared in droves. Where once there were pages and pages on Harvard's site about the work of Charles Lieber, the only return you get now is this: 

But thru the magic of the archive system, here they are, the forbidden -- click on any tile for blowups:

Remember Carrie saw that the living things within the Moderna sample reacted to and seemed to animate with -- what?? -- LIGHT.

And where does DARPA come in?? Scroll down here to the acknowledgments: "This material is based upon work supported by DARPA and the US Army Research Lab and US Army Research Office."

DARPA interested in the possibilities of mind control and neurogenetic hijacking thru a vaxx ingredient and the properties of optogenetics triggering it??


More optogenetics here, and the making of the new "zombies."

Remember this goes back to 2010 at least:  Magnetic and optogenetic control of the nervous system: 2016

And I quote: "Optogenetic and chemogenetic actuators are critical for deconstructing the correlates of behavior."

Why do all the mechanical and chem-bio factors that control human behavior just happen to meet and mix in this one vaccine?? This is a question that everyone, vitally, needs to be asking.

"I know how it feels cause I have slipped thru
To the very depths of my soul
Ooh baby, I just want to show you what a clear view
It is from every bend in the road/

And if you feel that you can't go on
In the light you will find the road."

And I will leave you with a few saved tweets from the Chapel Hill shooter's account (now vaporized you know, 'cause can't have people connecting things), and leave it to you to ask why someone from Wuhan happened to show up and want to start killing people at ground zero of the birth of covid as a construct (as well as much of the vaxx "cure" research) in the United States....


Bourne world, you know, it never closes. But it closes in. And seems to be self-assembling into a panopticon we've all been swimming in since all of us have been alive: the Nazis actually won WWII while pretending they didn't.

(Dialogue excerpts from The Stepford Wives, 1975.)







  1. "A secret activist army is vandalising and stealing Sadiq Khan's hated Ulez cameras.

    Dubbed the *"Blade Runners"*, the covert group has been attacking ANPR cameras that catch out drivers using high-polluting vehicles across the capital."

    Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

    The novel is set in a post-apocalyptic San Francisco, when owning real live animals has become a fashionable status symbol, both because mass extinctions have made authentic animals rare and because of the accompanying cultural push for greater empathy. Poor people can only afford realistic-looking robot imitations of live animals. Rick Deckard, the novel's protagonist, for example, owns an electric black-faced sheep. The trend of increased empathy has coincidentally motivated a new technology-based religion called Mercerism, which uses "empathy boxes" to link users simultaneously to a virtual reality of collective suffering, centered on a martyr-like character, Wilbur Mercer, who eternally climbs up a hill while being hit with crashing stones. Acquiring high-status animal pets and linking in to empathy boxes appear to be the only two ways characters in the story strive for existential fulfilment.

    1. Very reminiscent of Jack Kirby's Fourth World Mother Boxes.

  2. Great stuff wordman. Gonna go buy some blue hats.

    1. Kudos A6!!
      Glad you enjoyed it -- we're all just crawling from the wreckage ain't we??!!

  3. I am currently awestruck and completely numb.....
    I think my brain slipped a cog back there somewhere trying to comprehend the brains and effort it took to put this post together in the first place and also at the ability to pull dead and missing links clean out of the ether and place them exactly into the context the story requires.
    This is investigative journalism on a scale I have never seen before in my lifetime, except here, many times before.
    As what I have just read begins to slowly percolate through my cognization abilities much like coffee grounds brewing through three filters instead of one, I have to admit that the sheer evil and the century long plans being exposed here are causing me to have an existential crisis.
    I'm beginning to think we aren't going to survive this intact as a species.
    And that all this may yet unfold in my lifetime.

    1. Muh dude!!
      You flatter me beyond my friend. After having the rug pulled out from under me re my tennis playing career, I needed an outlet and voila -- look what happened. Sometimes a rebirth turns out to be what you should have prob been doing all along, even at this late date, so I'm just scrambling making up for lost time!! LOL. Trying to resolve all these deeply troubling and unresolved emotions I see playing out on the world stage from the micro to the macro.
      And finding and making awesome friends like you and everyone here along the way....What a ride!!

      And "The Quickening" as old Art Bell used to say is def in full mass effect.
      We are FOR SURE going to see amazing things unfold in our lifetimes. Ringside seats my friend. Ringside seats.

    2. Re those investigative journalism charges, must be my Mom's old reporter DNA & Genes kicking in!!

    3. You might review Near Death Experience podcasts. Some have done summaries of common themes in these events. You'll be surprised. We reincarnate. You can't die. Just avoid sin during this soul contract.

    4. Hey Jim!!
      As I replied to Phil down below, we are so much MORE than this increasingly tattered outside suit of clothes represents -- we are all immortal in the consciousness/energy sense. I truly believe that. & I believe God designed us that way; the soul -- the fact alone that REINCARNATION all mention of was removed from the Bible at places like Nicea's council because it didn't fit in with prevailing Christian dogma tells you all you need to know.

      Encoded in Nature and the very programming of the change of seasons lets you know that nothing ever truly dies and always comes back. It's all around us if we look.

      It should also gives us GREAT pause when we realize thru what has been uncovered in the last 3 years and thru biotechnological means, it is this SOUL that they want to mess with. The technology to do so has finally caught up with the evil and the planning that has always existed. NONE of this is coincidental.

    Since these pertain so very much to what's been discussed in this post, and since they seem to be popping up all over the place in the last 24 hrs; here we go:

    SOMETHING certainly seems to be building and brewing.....
    More as the situation develops.....

  5. The woods, more often than not, are the nexus.
    I miss 'em. But there's 50+ years of living in them deep in my veins that won't let go.

  6. HG Wells tombstone: "God damn you all I told you so!!"

  7. Absolutely FASCINATING vid here with content from Tom Horn, who thru scripture, the Great Seal of the United States' wording, & prophecy says that there WILL come a time of justice soon, as foretold and inscribed by the figure of Lady Justice with the scales....
    but it will be a PAGAN justice that will require global compliance, led by those that will look like saviours but will in actuality be ushering in a One World Gov't or authority that will pave the way for the emergence of the antichrist.
    Sobering stuff that I plan to include soon in something:

    Events sure seem to be lining up....and the phrase be careful what you wish for pertaining more & more....

  8. Be careful who you follow also.
    Trust your guts people.

    1. For sure Phil -- so many actors playing dual & more...roles.
      Mirrors within mirrors.

  9. I'm TWITTER-worthy again!! WOOT!!
    Fireworks!! Cake for everybody!! Designer beverages!! Decorate the Treehouse!! (Batcave off limits...)
    Let's tear the roof off the sucka Boi!!!!

  10. (Abstract of article above, continued);
    "We estimate that such fires emit 3.71 × 10 to the 14 microbial cells ha−1 under typical wildfire conditions in western US forests & demonstrate that wildland biomass combustion has a large-scale influence on the local atmospheric microbial assemblages. Given the long-range transport of wildfire smoke emissions, these results expand the concept of a wildfire’s perimeter of biological impact & have implications to biogeography, gene flow, the dispersal of plant, animal, & human pathogens, and meteorology."
    Microbes in the smoke.....value-added pyroculture......affecting precipitation, epidemiology.....who knows what else....

    1. BB!! Stay tuned for a post upcoming that I've had in my head awhile....concerning the hows and whys behind the concurrent appearance on the world stage of the radar rings and the "persistent contrails" ......both popping up in lockstep in late 1998....

    2. PS -- a place to start:

      LOTS of overlap......

  11. So far, according to "analytics", 130+ people have used my link to read your article. Very few have recovered. A couple had to be institutionalized.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thanks Anony!!
      Struck up an acquaintance with George Klees of CAVDEF over that post too -- he's like the OG Mindhunter of all things serial killer and pedo ring related.
      Pretty sure he has something to do, or at least contributes a lot, to the LOLFIELDANDLOVE YT channel, an offshoot of Programmed To Kill:

      A truly creepy place to get lost in, as well as his webpage:

      Just scroll to the bottom of each page for more links and clickthrus, he's always constantly updating and adding more.
      Guy makes the CIA look like the corner newsstand. We've put our heads together on a lot. The connections are Mae Brussel-Maury Terry-esque & get into all manner of Deep State ties and MIC shadows....and the overlaps are chilling.

      Thanks again to JB for highlighting this often overlooked and neglected aspect of this blog -- with mass genocide and transforming humanity getting in the way the last 3 years, it's hard to make your way out of the forest, but this aspect of the control system is never far from my thoughts, and likely has more to do with what's going on than we realize.
      And I'm sure we'll be veering from the technological aspects back into the psychological sooner than we think -- there's already plenty of subsets connecting both already.

  13. I think the type of DEW that we're seeing here might simply be focused ionizing radiation that over charges the power grid causing electrical fire. The video of the neighborhood that didn't burn flipped some switches for me (no pun intended). A new neighborhood with electricity underground. The power lines would be shielded by the Earth. The random houses that burned would need only an ungrounded plug (common faulty wiring) and something with a lithium ion battery plugged into that circuit like a laptop. Boom, the house is on fire. Also, might explain why some cars burned and other didn't. I would be interested to know if the cars that didn't burn would start afterwards. If not, someone should take a close look at the cars brain/chipset. Might be evidence.

    Keep up the great work. It keeps me up way too late some nights but I'm grateful for what you do.

    1. Awesome point and thanks -- it keeps us all runnin' these nights......and you're welcome. Glad to be the ringleader/moderator.

  14. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!
    Dude, you're an "instigator," anyone ever tell you that?? LOL.
    A disturber of the peace!!
    & it's even worse than that from my analytics roundup; says I went from 242 views on the 7th to 900 on the 8th, plus the aggregate from Sep 3-Sep 9 totals went from 444 to 3.6K.
    So stuff is being shared somewhere.....

    They make it hard for me to find post by post total views anymore, but evidently there's some hopping around goin on, LOL.
    With Jaybers pulling his Colonel Parker we're all gonna be famous by Friday!!
    Seriously dude, thanks & beyond for the boost, even tho it goes against my hiding in the weeds personality -- haha!!
    You're the ginchiest!!

    Am I liable for doctor bills??!!

  15. Time of No Time Evermore is your masterpiece.

    It's sad to say, but every article since Covid-19 started is purely a news update. I'm not criticizing, I'm just saying: this is the world we live in now. We're just keeping up with how bad things are getting.

  16. Thanks again Anony!! See my comm to you just above....

    And YES, almost Jacques Vallee-like, isn't it strange in these waters how the same names (or nearly) occur again & again?? Vallee def noticed it with the UFO phenomenon -- Keel did too.
    Too many times & too many strange dealings to be mere coincidence they thought.

  17. Thanks Jaybers!!
    Hopefully --- hopefully -- at the end of this run there will exist some kind of narrative structure to be woven as to the ultimate whys an wherefores in the accounting.
    But the horrific part is -- there's just as liable to be none.

    Psychologically, that's pretty damn terrifying.

    And so it goes.....

  18. Little Known Secret that you may have guessed already....
    The title comes from here:

    Now ain't that just like a magician revealing his tricks?? LOL.

  19. Released on 9-11-9 btw....
    The one (& only) followup Thousandfold Epicentre released on 11-11-11.

    Selim Lemouchi had his tricks too.

  20. Farida;s vocals on The Yonder Beckons always get me -- so Opera-like and caramel-throated.

  21. Coupled with Selim's guitar channel overlays that sound like something from The Outlaws at a Halloween cookout.....

  22. Phil --
    Where do I start??
    You might think it crazy that someone so committed to the "other side" would find such sympatico with a Satanist, but I really didn't see Selim that way...more of a confused seeking soul in line with the old romantic poets: Byron, Keats, Shelley, Rimbaud. Burning the candle at both ends and anxious to get to the end to see what the other side was like.
    Ironic at the end in 2013 he told his sis Farida that he feared what would be coming at the end of this cycle of the Kali Yuga, and that his work here was done.

    And now look at the world since 2013....Freaky is right.

    I long ago made my peace with the arc of what The Devil's Blood gave us:

    Now there is just the lesson of lyrical & musical grace crowned with large dollops of mystique, and not overstaying your welcome. Don't be greedy -- go into the mystic and know that nothing ever really ends. YOU are not this suit of clothes that you inhabit. You are something far greater.

    Oh, & "Christ or Cocaine" still sounds like the evil brother of "Tusk" to me. LOL.

  23. PS -- one of the finest and best memories of me & my loving Ginger is when we had miscalculated and were sitting up all night smoking a pork butt out on our patio in the early fall wee hours of the early morning -- like in October -- just talking and having this playlist on under a shimmering blanket of stars wheeling overhead:

    Esp those last 3 extended cuts.
    Ridiculously celestial and a time I will never forget.

  24. & to this day, The Devil's Blood hits me in a place I still can't quite figure out....a place that's reserved just for them.
    All with just 2 albums and a demo.
    All the epitome of what the pioneers like Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee used to say -- hit it & quit it.


  26. Takes absolutely NOTHING btw away from the actual prognostications within -- which are pretty damn creepy given the timeline.

  27. Absolutely NOT Wordsy!!
    Thanks for alerting me to that and believe me, had I known those links would have been front & center.

    Simply adds another layer of dread and confirmation of what we're really looking at.

    Similar thinking to what MANY insurance companies are pondering right now re Vaccine Injury Payouts and Death claims.....
    If, after taking the vaxx, what happens when by nature of the changes, you're not dealing with anything technically HUMAN anymore??
    What EXACTLY are these DNA samples revealing post-vaccination??
    What is this DNA collection truly for, and what kind of information are the Insurance companies sitting on??

    People REALLY need to begin thinking and start asking questions about what's really been going on these last 3 years.
    While, and I'm not joking here, they still CAN.

  28. Of course this also gets into the dread ABRAXAS cult that the police said they "looked into."
    Just not too closely mind you:

    Even wikipedia (shock!!) calls them nothing more than a "scapegoat."

    Of note and up for free now on AMAZON -- the Belgian series SALMANDER -- which hits plenty of notes and between the lines connects plenty of dots...


  29. "À l'Institut Abrasax, ils ont découvert un réfrigérateur rempli de sang animal et des crânes humains. L'enquête sur cette piste a tourné court. L'Institut Abrasax aurait servi de bouc-émissaire dans l'affaire Dutroux.

    Néanmoins, Samir Aouchiche, qui a passé dix ans comme victime des sectes satanistes, affirme avoir vu plusieurs enfants se faire violer lors de rituels pratiqués dans l'enceinte de cet Institut.

    L'Institut Abrasax est né sur les cendres de l'association belge *Coven Cernunnos*, fondé en mai 1987 à Bruxelles par Francis Desmedt et officiellement dissous en juin 1990. L'histoire du «Coven central» remonte à Yul Rugga en 1981 par un appel à la reconstruction d'une Wicca pure et dure..."

    Translation: the roots of the 1996 Dutroux Scandal go back to the year of my birth, '81, when the Belgian Wicca movement decided to go "hard core" and make real pagan sacrifices, just like their distant Celtic ancestors. Evidence and first-hand witnesses made their involvement clear, but the police decided otherwise.

    We're talking about a LOT of children r*ped and murdered, supposedly by members of the European Elite, both political and aristocratic, supposedly in honor of Cernunnos/Pan. A LOT. *sigh*

    I know him. He doesn't want this.

    1. Jesus doesn't want to be a symbol for what "modern day" Christianity stands for or does in His name either.
      So there ya go.....

      & Djokovic just won #24 at a venue that has MODERNA (Murderna) as a major sponsor.
      Largest psych middle finger EVER.
      Notice to the Other Side: we're coming.

  30. Abraxas.
    Pink Ballets.
    Andre Cools.
    Brabant Massacres.

    All connected..........


  32. And for Anony above -- the tall, beautiful thin female trope is trotted out often; even in the case of Sirhan Sirhan meeting the girl in the polka dot dress for coffee bef the assassination -- which allegedly came heavy with the programming:

    And many incredibly inconsistent, and inconvenient, facts here:

  33. Complete amazing film here:

    VERY much buried by YT -- takes a lot of looking.....

  34. "Then I gave her a cup, and I made some for me, and we sat there.
    Then she moved, and I followed her.
    And she led me into a dark place..."

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thank YOU Anony!!

      And just to let everyone know planning on a little 9/11 single release tomorrow in honor of the anniversary -- a day late but am off work tomorrow so thought I'd hit you guys with a small remembrance of things past -- & some links that more than bear repeating down thru the years.
      Such a weird day that continues to leave psychic echoes and imprints in our multi-consciousness stomping ground.

      An inside job? A meta-ritual of hidden occult significance? Mass trauma social engineering trigger to set the stage for even more? ALL of the above?
      In so many ways it got the mind control ball rolling for what has been unveiled in earnest since 2020.

      The fact that ALL of the same "persons of interest" responsible only ventured UP the food chain and are still in positions of power in the MIC & Intelligence should also not go unnoticed in the slightest.

      How many persons responsible are now occupying power levers responsible for c-19 and the rollout worldwide of the vaxx??
      More than you would be comfortable knowing.....
      One worldwide social experiment begets another.
      That's what happens when you fail to bring the guilty to account:
      more of the same.

      Onward -- and see you tomorrow.

  36. Wordman, another thing you might want to consider is how a certain Oh-too helps plants to grow. And the plans to remove that from the air.

    I want to know if they have plans to sell it back to us after they take so much from the air plants don't grow well anymore.

    1. Amazing & insightful comm Wordsy!!
      Another to consider is all the reports coming in about the increasingly fragile nature of the entire wooded ecosystem after being exposed to massive levels of heavy metals falling on them like strontium and barium ever since late 1998 = the chemtrails.

      Many many forest lands are being seen as increasingly brittle and are experiencing massive die-offs in all the NATO nations which have participated in this sinister scheme to subvert and manipulate for their own ends. In simpler terms, they aim to HURT every living thing on what?? GOD's green earth.

      Not so ironically, another unintended (??) consequence of this Op is the major ramp-up worldwide of the prevalence of
      FOREST FIRES, since the treelines now have been reduced to so much kindling from the continual spraying.

      I keep coming back to this from David Icke's site in early 2000, which remains spot-on:

      Sound familiar to anything in the last 3 years??

    2. PS -- very much also ALUMINUM.
      And whaddaya know, look what MONSANTO started producing in 2010 -- GENETICALLY ALTERED aluminum-resistant seeds and crops:

    3. ALSO this -- disturbing:

  37. at least 2 or 3 of my posts r gone. the comm post count is way off, pretty much daily. plus the content is known of the ones missing. bet things like that portend to whats happening w/ KK. if she holds any licenses they will be gone, there will be lawsuit threats if not already in motion n a visit or 2 to a nutward. how its done. w/ tons of witnesses n betrayers. or its all an AI move. repent, eh? sins, eh? did read the whole thing.