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"Everybody's talkin', but no one says a word/ Everybody's makin' love, but no one really cares..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuuhsqA95iA

"I'm walkin', thru streets that are dead.....

Below me, desolation in every direction 

Below me, nothing's makin any connection 

I'm divin, steadily strugglin', striving, for perfection...

Sometimes, the silence can be like thunder 

Sometimes, I wanna take to the road and plunder..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSg3IeP7m64

"Sitting in the stand of the sports arena, waiting for the show to begin/ Red lights, green lights, strawberry wine/ A good friend of mind, follows the stars/ Venus and Mars are alright tonight

Standing in the hall of the great cathedral, waiting for the transport to come, Starship 2-1-ZETA-A-9, a good friend of mine, studies the stars/ Venus and Mars are alright tonight/

Come away on a strange vacation, holiday hardly begun/ Run into a good friend of mine, sold me her sign, reach for the stars/ Venus and Mars are alright tonight." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLYnL7IGx7g 

"All our times have come..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dy4HA3vUv2c

Welcome back for one more Tuesday night Dreamland in the Treehouse. Pull up a seat and we'll examine once again this strange, lingering Curse we're all under thru the lens of the latest crop of headlines...headlines that we will mark with their thrulines and thru their spillways in making some kind of sense of the nonsensical...So get your cups of coffee night stalkers, we're in the office late typing it up...

So there I was. Minding my own business one solitary last Thursday night home alone (always = trouble), when I decided to log on to the always entertaining/ wildly informative Polly Playlist I stumbled onto a while back that glittered like jewels on a stolen velvet background: http://gndzerosrv.com/WebPages/amazingpolly/

Bear with me -- the lion's share of the time this is my version of Netflix & Chillin'. Strange times call for strange cat burglars; I know. 

Now I'm a great believer, as you all may know, in the fact that there are no coincidences/ everything happens for a reason. So when I spun the roulette wheel of fate and out of the entries, closed my eyes and just happened to throw the dart on the 19.09.07 one, little did I know I was unpacking the key to the universe, and landing on a vid that, a little over 3 years later, would simultaneously explain the world today in even starker terms and reveal previously unknown depths in the process. And unlock the doors to other treasures... 

Once again, I don't think any of us are given to know why things happen the way they do -- but I am sure they happen that way for a reason. Every. Single. Time. So prepare the bathysphere, or bat-y-sphere, for full fathom status -- we're goin' down.

Ostensibly the vid, which we'll get to in time, is about the frenzied convergence of the then still ongoing unwrapping of the box of Epstein tentacles -- but like some horrific Mandelbrot Russian nesting doll set or the Lament Configuration box of Hellraiser, there are worlds....and then there are worlds within worlds. 

And THIS Polly vid was merely an addendum one to previous depth charges that she had dropped in her research endeavours -- believe me when I tell you I will get there, but right now I'm too scared to branch out any further back in the Polly timeline for some Lovecraftian fear that what I find and look upon might drive us all insane. 

It's almost as if she has taken the excellent Graphcommons Epstein network piece of art: https://legacy.graphcommons.com/graphs/0a79deca-46a2-48e9-9d90-326b20aa6e9e 

(This page is no longer on the reg Graphcommons site and now has to be accessed thru the "legacy" version...Hmmmmmm)

and merely used it as her starter set. But first....

Where we started in all this is about to be outlined -- where we're going with it is another thing entirely: https://www.the-sun.com/news/6708123/mongolian-sheep-afflicted-walk-circles-nonstop/

Most mainstream and even alternative sources would have you believe they don't know what's causing this eerie sight -- I have other information: https://rumble.com/v1vc4po-sheep-injected-with-cov-id-technology-are-controllable-humans-next.html 

The testing is proceeding as planned. Sheep are nightmare fuel-injected now and you're next. 

Just SOME, by no means all, of the patents (& our fate was sealed all the way back in 1971): https://timetofreeamerica.com/the-great-reset-explained/ 

And a bit of what Madej & Kingston have been saying: https://timetofreeamerica.com/covid-19-deadliness/#scroll-content

Plus more new information from Karen and Mike Adams here: https://rumble.com/v1vjrcu-sganon-fan-karen-kingston-fmr-pfizer-exec-drops-major-intel-on-patents-behi.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=5

And Kingston from her substack: https://karenkingston.substack.com/p/part-12-the-novel-coronavirus-is

But please by all means delve into ALL of it; hers is the skeleton key to unlocking and unravelling all of this on a technical, point-by-point basis; and she has no less than 5 new posts after the one I've spotlit here. 

Speaking of Adams, here are 2 incredibly important, and related, posts just up on his Natural News site: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-11-17-sen-schumer-calls-for-replacement-of-americans-infertility-mrna-vaccines.html 

This of course gets into the importance of FTX as a placeholder  and adjunct of the Epstein network and the agenda it hoped to catapult further: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-11-19-ftx-heavy-into-vaccine-research-biotech-depopulation.html

And FTX is looking increasingly like a shade of NXIVM with every passing hour: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/11/freaks-ftx-sam-bankman-fried-girlfriend-caroline-ellison-unusual-ideas-sex/

With a side hustle of vaxx propaganda, including putting up the money to demonize ivermectinhttps://www.naturalnews.com/2022-11-18-grim-saga-of-ftx-sam-bankman-fried.html

Seeing the connections yet?? Don't worry, by the end, you will. Along those lines -- let's not forget the ever-present pizzagate vibes: https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/ywbj1u/ftx_money_laundering_for_dems_scheme_and_its_pedo/

And for those of you saying "reaching!"...I suggest you pay harder attention to subliminals and symbolism messaging and encoding, and the way the real world has been working under your noses since 2016.

Don't worry -- Polly's coming -- but the setup is crucial... 

The same people with the same ideologies are running the same cons over and over again and infiltrating all areas of society now: https://naomiwolf.substack.com/p/america-broken-by-digital-hallucinogens

(That would be some $40 mil from FTX to the Biden Admin to rig the midterms, also...) 

And the word is out: https://rumble.com/v1vsn34-we-have-been-lied-to-about-everything.-its-too-late.-they-cant-stop-this..html

The fact is also now confirmed that these same artificially self-assembling nanostructures found in the vaxx are also found in rainwater, masks, nasal swabs, etc according to Dr. Ana Mihalcea: https://rumble.com/v1ugijg-medical-study-vaccinated-pose-serious-health-risk-to-unvaxxed.html

Rainwater points to environmental parameters that we have noted extensively thru "geoengineering" sleight-of-hand and misdirection when in truth they (aerosol operations) have nothing to do with altering climate (the excuse) and everything to do with altering us (the goal) in an ultimate press-to-play control system they seek to institute worldwide.

And yes, these are the same nasal swabs used in the STILL ongoing but thoroughly debunked PCR tests. The same PCR invented by this guy, who, for our line of inquiry and purposes, has a rather curious backstory: https://rigorousintuition.blogspot.com/search?q=kary+mullis

And from those such beginnings we have migrated here: https://www.banned.video/watch?id=6377c97768b77646afb7c27a

And, more importantly in terms of what is being done against it, here: https://rumble.com/v1viztg-uncensored-dr.-reiner-fuellmich-injected-behaving-as-though-lobotomized-and.html

Plainly put:

Remember, THIS man (Mullis) is the one that created the tool (PCR) needed in order to launch and justify a biomedical false flag (the largest one in all recorded history) --  spinning up out of thin air a "pandemic" where none such existed on the wings of millions upon millions of false positives fashioned out of ridiculously augmented parameters. He himself would even come out and say that PCR should never be used as a diagnostic tool for such -- and died very suddenly after issuing such proclamations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4ljJxk5j2I 

At 1:49 of that vid Dr. Luc Montagnier is also referenced as being a skeptic about all this; he also died "suddenly": https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/xjo0lp/anyone_know_what_happened_to_luc_montagnier_in/




But the idea itself -- given what we know about Mullis' backstory above -- was it his own? Or is this a case of kidnapping/abduction/missing time and programming, setting the stage for an event that was to occur? Has that entire event been orchestrated? And by whom? 

More about the "plandemic," PCR, and total invention is being reported from all angles: https://rumble.com/v1acphp-government-data-there-was-never-a-pandemic-89-page-document-proves-covid-me.html  

But I'm sure all of these different researchers from all of these different disciplines, different areas of expertise, and differing ideologies are ALL lying, because the precious governments NEVER would, right? Examine this and then tell me HAARP wasn't the primitive forerunner to 5G: https://zoboko.com/text/71n4xm83/cryptoscatology-conspiracy-theory-as-art-form/26

HAARP & Littleton, CO (Columbine): https://cyberspaceorbit.com/AOL/orbit/orbitback29.html


https://cyberspaceorbit.com/AOL/orbit/orbitback32.html  (see mid-page questions around that time: do chemtrails activate implants? & chemtrails and biochips...this was 1999.)


Couple all this with what KK has been saying about aerosols being one of the primary causes of infestation...

With the advent of vaxx nanotech biowarfare and the combination of 5G, has the long-sought frontier of control of the mind by remote means finally been perfected and breached?    

 This was a DOD operation from the beginning: https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/jwzbzb/covid19_vaccine_distributed_across_the_country/


And along that same line, how's this for another Epstein connection?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=229XrzCUVPY

That would be Epstein's lawyer running the entire Operation WarpSpeed thru the DOD from the onset. This was an Epstein-initiated (likely pre-"death"), military-facilitated, released bioweapon rollout from the word go. Validation here at the 18:42 mark from Sasha Latypova, who looked up the paperwork in the SEC filings and found the same: https://www.bitchute.com/video/V5dQmAldoYbh/ 


The sheep, of course, are merely their idea of a bad joke -- a sword of Damocles analogy hanging over all of our heads. Look what we can make you do.

Behold the largest mass psychological operation ever undertaken in history: https://www.banned.video/watch?id=6348764ff2b2fb035b84e14c

All released under the auspices of "How huge of a lie is possible to sustain if we scream loud enough and long enough about it?" Coupling that with the utter silencing of any and all dissenting voices, voices of common sense, reason, and rational, informed scientific research showing otherwise. Oh, we want you to trust the science, but only OUR faux science of misdirection and deceit that drove the herd by fear. They turned a bad flu season into the Plague. And people believed it, despite all evidence to the contrary. Be honest, if everyone had turned off their TVs and not listened to the media, would anyone have even known anything was wrong or out of the ordinary? Absolutely, unequivocally, not. Masks, lockdowns, continual tests, 6 feet apart, stay inside at all costs. In hindsight it was the ravings of psychopaths seeing how far they could push you. And when all of that met zero resistance.......here came the vaxx. Right on schedule and just in time. We're from the government and we're here to help. Giving you the "cure" for something that not only wasn't a threat, but that never existed in the first place. (see the Kingston rumble vid below....)

This is the line we all walk every day, with every new disclosure, with every unveiling, do we say anything? What is our job? Our duty? Do we risk losing a friend? A valued relationship? Something more? Do we stay silent and hope for the best? Maybe they got the saline...maybe they didn't...Is the truth more important? More important than anything?


The determining of the "why' is the rationale behind outlining the dark side of the moon terrain we wander thru. 

Part of Polly's uncovered network unveiled: https://brownstone.org/articles/covid-crypto-connection-ftx-and-sbf/

And we'll see even more as we go along... Disclosure of the connections and revelation of the dark linkages.

I could say more but right now I will say that this feels very much like an experiment we are all trapped in. One in which the originators are studying a plethora of subjects: conditioned response, identification and control of the id, certain bloodlines, that liminal space between the human and the rise of the technological, genetics and creating a specific race or species, but perhaps most of all the purview of the mind and memory, and how all of these can not only influence action but create reality itself. Examine how everything that has occurred within the last 2+ years has all the hallmarks of social engineering and the feel of an initiatory, indoctrination ritual. That is not by mistake or coincidence.

Who began this experiment or is charged with its fulfillment/ resolution remains open to interpretation...but results are trending in a certain direction, and have been for quite some time.

The solution to all this lies at the LOCAL level (as it always does) -- more KK linking and drinking from the firehosehttps://rumble.com/v1viwf8-trump-admin-hhs-betrayal-head-of-hhs-under-trump-admin-knew-shots-would-cau.html

And this just in as the tickertape just won't quit: https://news.yahoo.com/chris-hemsworths-taking-acting-break-153000155.html?guccounter=1

THOR with Alzheimers??!! By the flaming sword of Odin say it isn't so!! 

What was that about the vaxx giving you early onset for what you were genetically predisposed to anyway? (see the rise of all the early cancers, neurodegenerative diseases, myocarditis, etc...) Who in the hell gets Alzheimers at 39?? I suppose just like with SADS, this is the new normal. At least they'll be clamoring to tell us that. And word -- nobody stops work and semi-retires for that unless they're already feeling the effects...reading between the lines there's something we're not being told.  

And yep, he's had it: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9923943/Why-Chris-Hemsworth-desperate-Covid-vaccine-months-ago.html

One final thing before Polly, as the spillways of Kary Mullis' long-ago cabin tales branch out and connect with something that Whitney Webb uncovered about a notable person-of-interest in the Epstein network, and who or what may have been afflicting him -- listen from the 14:00 mark here as she speaks with James Corbett about Leslie Wexner: https://www.corbettreport.com/webb-onenation/ 

Listen what she gets into right around 16:20 and what happens to the audio.....

Everything she references is from this piece: https://unlimitedhangout.com/2022/06/reports/leslie-wexners-inner-demon/

Mullis -- Wexner -- the ability to influence decision makers...remember, again: https://mindsublime.blogspot.com/2020/01/advanced-aerospace-threat-and.html

After the longest preamble ever undertaken

(& I thank you for your indulgence as I attempt to forge the linkages and build the chain) let's get to Polly...her influence train runs from Gilman Louie, InQtel**, Edge.org, the Santa Fe Institute, the entire Maxwell clan, and the Malina faction in the Jack Parsons relationship, since moved on over to the Maxwells, and ultimately how everything in and about the vaxx agenda might just be an offshoot and an upgrade of this: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/7920010/cia-mkultra-mind-control-drugs-hypnosis-electric-documents/

Especially now given that DOD provenance.

** InQtel, btw, founded in 1999 and a strict CIA cutout, was integral in the buying up, with the CIA's coke, heroin, meth drug monies, of controlling shares in all major US corporations of note, including Boeing; very important, because controlling engineering projects within Boeing allowed the CIA to gain full remote control of all Boeing planes -- a couple of which got hijacked 2 years later by a bunch of Muslim patsies who were then flown into NYC's twin towers.  

The entire Polly rundown, which includes, between the lines, more occult and creepy references than you can shake a stick at: https://www.bitchute.com/video/olGSOydtOgY/

She here also mentions MIT, interesting in light of the recent FTX disclosures regarding the Ellison clan and their involvement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20BEJouWBgY&t=259s

MIT, you will recall, was ground zero for the strange Aaron Swartz "suicide" after be broke into MIT media lab servers and found "something" that got him killed in 2012: https://rense.com/general95/swartz.html

Which is in turn "coincidental" and uber-creepy when you remember MIT was awash with a tsunami of Epstein cash: https://www.technologyreview.com/2019/09/05/133159/mit-media-lab-jeffrey-epstein-joi-ito-nicholas-negroponte-funding-sex-abuse/



Oh, the places you'll go when you follow the money...

Interesting aside early on where Polly mentions the strange attribute associated with the Maxwells of being surrounded by folks with the ability to fake their own deaths. And how easy it is to do when you own the legacy media. Perception management coming to the fore again.

Next we get into Isabel Maxwell (Jizzy's sister) and the type of creepster POI's hanging around their house when she was younger -- one being Murray Gell-Mann. Another member of the shadowy Edge.org, founder of the Santa Fe Institute, and even a hanger-arounder at, wait for it, CERN. Interests of that Santa Fe Institute btw, were: efforts looking into creating artificial life, systems biology, chaos theory, and genetic algorithms. Nope, no vaxx agenda spillways there...Transhumanism, cybernetics, remote influencing, now all at the touch of a needle.

Santa Fe also partnered with none other than the DOE -- Department of Energy...and were interested in mutation, genetics, and evolution.


Above excerpts from the VERY important Millennium script here -- Sense and Antisense -- which merely pertains more every day: https://millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/guide/transcript/203/sense-and-antisense/

This from that halcyon year 1997 -- and since this series has been basically scrubbed from all existence -- I suggest you give this a good going over. Again. 

Because the movie, about weird, sci-fi, occult experiments unfolding in a real horror show, is far from over. And you're starring in it.

From our lips to Stew Peters' ears. Well done: https://rumble.com/v1wac7i-world-premier-died-suddenly.html

The world should be in absolute panic mode.

Remember that we are all turning our faces, and the light, towards something that an unfathomable evil would like us to keep ignoring. That makes us important. And very much needed in these times. 

Finally I also can't help but find it ironic that Stew and Co. chose 11-22 to premiere this incredibly important film; it being 59 years to the day that they pulled off the OG nightmare on Elm Street, and the open air daylight murder of a president, the last truly people's president, by his own government. This, I believe, is Peters' tipoff that he knows as well as I that the same people, the same forces, that were responsible for that are responsible also for the content of his film. The same reason that I chose to delay this post til this very day of anniversary and remembrance. 

In whatever little ways you can, don't ever forget what happened to your president, your country, and the trajectory of all our lives. Rest in peace, JFK. We're still fighting for you.

ADDENDUM: And the blowback begins already. (THAT didn't take long.) I sense PANIC: https://www.forbes.com/sites/brucelee/2022/11/22/new-died-suddenly-film-pushes-unfounded-depopulation-claims-about-covid-19-vaccine/?sh=5c759f0a49d0

Judging from the comments -- amazingly still UP -- the collective is pissed off and waking up. Not one pro-vaxx comment. Read 'em for yourself. We're right in the middle of something going on here...

Film is #1 on twitter and views have more than doubled over the past hours.


(I chose the last art image at the header since it was a piece chosen to hang in the Hotel Texas where the Kennedys were staying on that last fateful trip to Dallas. Manhattan II by Lionel Feininger, it was selected along with other prominent artist works and were all installed in the Kennedy suite. More are here, including an "angry owl" by Picasso. Angry Owl? Hmmmm: https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2013/nov/20/john-f-kennedy-anniversary-photography-exhibition#img-7

Having never seen it before, something about the Manhattan painting struck me as both eerie and foreboding.)













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  3. In Norse myth and legend, the warrior Sigurd was a member of the royal family of Denmark and a descendant of the god Odin. Not exactly Thor himself, but he is reknown for having *lost his memory*, as a part of his hero's journey, which lead him to his death at a young age.

    1. Interesting that you should say that JB, you should see what I'm working on for my next post.

  4. Holy shit dude, you make Columbo look like a stumbling rooky.
    It's gonna take me DAYS to go through all of this!

    1. Haha!! For better or worse, I DO feel like I've perfected the art of ..."And one more thing...." LOL.

      That & the wardrobe I'm usually pulling on in the dark way too early in the mornings.....it'd s combo platter of him & Darren McGavin's Night Stalker look...remember THAT one??!! Haha!! (The ever-present white tennis shoes with everything...)

    2. At first I was hurt that you didn't
      include any of my research but now I want to thank you because it gave me the ooomph to just compile it all into an ultimate post. And, I have all your stuff to go along with it;)
      That disillusionment, is hitting me hard with EVERYTHING I feel like Plato finding out that he's the smartest and wisest because after going to all of the people within each profession, and realizing that they don't know anything about what they claim to, or they don't know that they don't really know; he figures out that he doesn't know but he knows that he doesn't know and thus constantly searching out more.
      One of the things that I thought was a miracle of our healthcare system was physical therapy and I thought it was amazing how I've seen people transformed, but then I've seen the career PT suffering debilitating things that physical therapy should have helped before it got to that point. One of the things that made me believe in the people who work in the medical machine, is seeing their compassion and desire to help people, now I've seen when they truly don't give a shit about the patient. One of the other things that I thought was miraculous was surgery, then I saw people have so much more of their health destroyed by surgery. Then I thought I'd turn to science, chemistry, lab, but I've seen them not able to cure their loved ones and often of what is probably chemistry related. So I thought of alternative medicines and I've seen people who study herbal medicine afflicted by things that are easily cured by herbs, then even when you show them the proof, they are the hardest to get to take it. So then homeopathy and I see the final life stages of those patients and they're no better off and when it comes down to it the treatments that they SHOULD REFUSE they don't, while the treatments that would help them, they can't remember because our drugs are destroying their brain. I thought I'd turn to religion and while, I fell in love with the spreading of love, I got righteously upset that the true spiritual was lacking and all the truth of ancient teaching was ridiculed, obscured or ignored. And I saw how much suffering and trauma people endured in religious families and they still were not able to cure their loved ones most of the time.

  5. People (pro-vaxxed) over on twitter absolutely losing their shit wanting people banned forever for even mentioning this film by name.
    Scary to think that just a few days ago, that's exactly what would be happening:

  6. Oh, by the way, I got his name: G. Edward Griffin. He also wrote The Book on the conspiracy that is the Federal Reserve, titled 'The Creature from Jekyll Island'.


    1. Griffin was a mainstay back in the day on the fledgling INFOWARS.

    2. Griffin is 90 yrs old and still sharp and vigorous...check out his Red Pill University website and the Red Pill Expo meetings held twice a year...Many of the people who have been cited here as info sources have been speakers at Red Pill events....He and his organization are described as "far right" by the MSM....only libertarians or the right have that "far" adjective attached...When in recent times, or ever have heard/seen MSM describe even Maoists or Marxists as "far left"?.....

  7. DIED SUDDENLY wording is now removed from all Goog platforms & Musk is allowing it to be kept off of the trending list on twitter despite blowing up. This is of 19 min ago.
    What's wrong, bunkies?? You know we can't unsee it.

    You're going DOWN, and no amount of flushing, censoring, scrubbing, lying, gaslighting, whitewashing, or disappearing is going to stop it.

    Instead of riding off into the sunset declaring the unvaxxed still a threat & pushing the latest vaxx for the completely IQ-challenged, Fauci's going to be frog-marched to the gallows.
    Hopefully publicly.





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    And per what Stew said above -- get this -- vaccinated children are 4423% more likely to die than unvaxxed ones:

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      Altho have def made some very good friends there -- but that's my ex-boss girl & sev others -- let's just same most of the members aren't that equated with the "common touch," as it were.
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    1. Oh their ONLY stance is to keep on refuting it right up to burial. To admit otherwise is not tenable for the egos involved.

  14. James Howard Lunstler -
    " ... Sam’s [ FTX commander-in-chief Sam Bankman-Fried ] girlfriend, Caroline Ellison, ran the Alameda Investments arm of the FTX empire (that is, FTX’s own money laundromat). Her dad, Glenn Ellison, is chair of MIT’s Econ School. His former colleague on the MIT Econ faculty, Gary Gensler, who specialized in blockchains there, is now head of the Securities and Exchange Commission, an agency that Sam Bankman-Fried was attempting to rope into a regulation scheme to eliminate FTX’s crypto-currency competitors. Caroline’s mom, Sara Fisher Ellison, is an MIT econ prof specializing in the pharmaceutical industry (fancy that!). Caroline Ellison is currently on-the-run...."

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    Will have to add that to my prev designations that Sarah (ex-boss) coined for both of us: squabble micromanager & Needy people cat herders.

    And NO, I do NOT share my nocturnal pursuits with anyone there -- I mean Sarah knows I'm into some freaky stuff & have a blog, have sent her the barest few things here & there. She was pretty much vaxxed against her will, or at least talked into it (hubby is a Big Pharma bean counter) so am sure all the vaxx stuff would freak her right the f_ck out.

    I DID tell her about Bohemian Grove one day. LOL. Picture this innocent little South Carolina girl hearing for the 1st time about this 50ft stone owl in the woods that all these politicos and corp heads pray to every summer.
    (!!!!) Hahahaha. Even pulled up the google images to show her.
    THAT was a strange day!!
    Planting seeds......as Bill Hicks used to say...that's my real job.

    1. How about Conspiranoia Hotline Operator??

    2. Bro you should ASMR some these posts and upload to YT not even joking lmao

    3. Weird that you should say that -- sev peeps at work always ask me with my speaking voice if I've ever done a radio show!! LOL.
      Turn the blog into a late-at-night podcast??
      Anything can happen I guess.....
      With logistics right now that would be a last resort but certainly not off the table in the long run.

      Would involve me basically reading everything I write down here, along with link content, so we'd be talking very time-intensive stuff that would drag on.
      Plus I'd miss the art/images/music drops I'm able to do in this format that would come up against copyright barriers if I were to use them in audio formatting, not to mention the cost even if I was able to.....lots to consider.

    4. Recycle your old posts you think are worthwhile. The lyrics you preface with would be a great addition. If you got dramatic Rod Serling kinda voice this would absolutely kill. Get like 5 uploaded then link to r/conspiracy or wherever and pump adrenaline out when you got time. Would blow this blog up imo. If you keen on the images you can make a looped sideshow.
      Comprehensive overview of the weird and terrible done by a poet with a smooth voice...
      I like the idea anyway :^)

  17. Haha!! Sarah giggled at the whole prospect -- Dr. Johnny Fever!!!

  18. BTW -- work goes JUST like this, down to the personalities just mentioned:

    That would be me with my head on the desk......LMFAO.

  19. WOW.
    The 60s protest spirit of Dylan has been reincarnated in another...
    (& you can bet I'll be spreading these in the posts to come)
    The muse is alive.
    Funny how the best fighting chance is always one guy & a guitar against the void.




    Bombs away dream babies!!
    Thanksgiving just got a lot more thankful.
    Love you guys.

    1. Good song links you posted....Sing Out!...
      Below is url for song recorded by Arlo Guthrie in 2007 regarding GW Bush administration...i am guessing Arlo does not/would not realize that the lyrics apply as much or more to subsequent Democratic Presidential regimes and events they have set in motion/fostered...think Uniparty, Arlo...i like the song in that broader context...

      In Times Like These

    2. Dude is the real deal -- independent, no record contract -- just putting it out there with zero support from the Big Boys. I like his style. If it's that kind of quality, the people will come and find you, plus, people gravitate to the Truth in any climate, anywhere. They failed to take into account we're genetically hard-wired for it.
      "We used to stand and fight..."

      Along those same lines btw, DIED SUDDENLY is now over 7 million views and rising in the last 24 hours......
      Those are freakin Taylor Swift #s!!

      And the entire Left vaxx-tards are about to have a coronary (pardon the pun) over it trying to figure out what to do. LOL.

  20. And this -- 6 million views in one day.
    SIX. MILLION. And counting.....

    That's a lot of views....like a LOT.
    And to reiterate Stew -- thanks to all of you risking your platforms for sharing this....you matter.
    The bullies and the evil will NOT win.
    Keep on spreading it.
    You ARE the Resistance.

  21. And A6 re your above comm -- little story to tell you....my girl Ginger will confirm this.
    Think it was either 2013 or 2014, back in the very early days of this blog -- got a call from a Southern Cali production co in charge of producing things like Brad Melzer's DECODED & a few other things saying they'd glommed onto my blog & content(never told me how)...this is out of the blue. Saying they were very interested in getting a new series up and running based on my content; wondering if I could do screen tests, wanting headshots sent, etc. Done, all greenlit. So far so good.....they were called Go Go Luckey, still remember that name, haha!!

    In the middle of the third or so conference call to the West Coast some studio bigwig overseeing everything asked me "If you could base this series on one guiding principle or area of focus what would it be?"
    Am assuming considering the subject matter of the blog up til then they were looking for a UFO, ancient aliens angle or some such.

    I said that the biggest thing coming down the pike is the uncovering of elite levels on influence and running of the worldwide child pedophile rings. Somebody needs to get inside offices and get people on film exposing these. (Remember this was barely post Savile and Sandusky but WAY pre-pizzagate and Epstein.) I actually remember saying that something was coming that would turn worldwide attention even more onto this.

    Reaction: DEAD. SILENCE.
    I remember holding the phone in my hand and actually doin a "is this thing on??!! LOL, mic check.
    "Uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh.....we'll get back to you." Click.
    Never heard another word.
    My Go Go Luckey went went bye bye. LOL.

    Easy come easy go, right? But it taught me a valuable lesson about tackling things like this; what's off limits and what's not.
    Seeing so many of the same names, same people and same networks involved in all the Epstein stuff, and that trickling straight down into the Covid/vaxx agenda.......well, we can't have too many awakened people connecting to many dots now can we??

    Who knows -- everything happens for a reason -- maybe staying under the radar has been good for my health & that of my loved ones...hence my reticence in maybe trying to go any bigger. I'm getting things now taken down being waaaaaaaay over here in the weeds already!!
    Like that old line from Parallax View -- "I'm dead to them -- maybe I need to stay that way for a little while..."

    1. You are inspiring. Thanks for all you do.

    2. Really appreciate that Sotogirly!! And right back at ya for always chiming in, being here, and all the reading of me & the thoughtful comments you always bring!!
      You are certainly welcome & the presence of you and all like you more than makes it all worthwhile, and even more, it's my pleasure!! We are ALL in this thing together. At the risk of being branded, dare I say where we go one, we go all.

      I don't think you're on the "list" (haha!!) but shoot me your email if you'd like & you'll always get notified first of when I post -- I'm at:

      Preferential treatment for the "irregulars!!" LOL.

      And have a wonderful and safe rest of your Turkey Day!!

  22. PS -- weird followup to that Go Go Luckey story above that I never found out, & that I was foolish not to inquire about:
    How did they get my HOME phone # to contact me??
    Those were the days when I didn't even have my INITIALS posted on my avatar at the top of the page, much less my full name.....& I was always (because of the content) careful to never give my name, address, or geographic location even in the comments back then.

    I suppose it's possible to do a deep dive in the metadata behind each page or url, but, still fairly creepy. But I was so flattered (starstruck?? Haha!!) at the time I didn't even think about it...
    "Doesn't EVERYBODY know who I am??!!" ROFLMAO!!

    Ego, my friends, will get you every time.

    1. Well when shit hit the fan in my life, I realized why was I bothering keeping my head down, always careful what I said or did around technology etc. I thought what the

    2. Why bother when they apparently already had so much control in my life.

    3. Then when all hell broke loose I thought why am I bothering hiding when it seems only people who want to kill me or take my children know where I live and some of what I know, why wasn't I letting people that I actually care about any trust know where I live and who I am

    4. When the government knows our DNA and pictures and research and EVERYTHING, why do people we know, not know our research? When the government and bill collectors and the creepy ex's, or annoying people know our phone number, why don't our friends? 580-751-0305

    5. Awwww, Dginn that was powerful. 703-338-5000. Hugs to all.

  23. https://newspunch.com/justin-bieber-facial-paralysis-is-punishment-for-exposing-illuminati-pedophilia/
    Bieber and others speaking about their own experiences...

  24. FUNNY you should mention pedophilia, BB......
    And for those of you thinking about dropping me hints all about what's going on with Balenciaga -- don't. I am ALLLLLL over it to the tune of Pizzagate 2.0, and have just uncovered tonight even more shocking clues to the depths. And YES, pizzagate-balenciaga-covid agenda-vaxxes-conditioning-trauma.......have no fear, all connected.

    Like shooting fish in a barrel at this point.

    As always, am on it, collating, and will report.
    There's blood on the tracks, but not for much longer...things are happening & what's being done in the dark is being brought to the light.

  25. And (spoilers) this goes back to both Jonestown & Watergate.....you'll wanna stay tuned to the bat channel for what's coming......

  26. And Dginnster -- here's to getting free!! For all of us....
    From another world, but still some of the deepest words going, after all this time:

    Think I'm gonna get me some happy....

  27. https://naomiwolf.substack.com/p/thanksgiving-in-a-victim-world?utm_source=profile&utm_medium=reader2
    The most recent Naomi Wolf essay posted on her substack.....describing similar damage done to victims of sexual assault, and damage done to people in states like New York and Massachusetts who experienced severe lockdown in the plandemic....

  28. Ok here's the first post out of few that I have planned:

  29. https://www.newscientist.com/article/2348568-genetically-modified-tobacco-plant-produces-cocaine-in-its-leaves/

  30. I'm pretty sure this is how Robocop started:


  31. Not to panic anyone, but let's begin the dot-connecting, shall we?


    So THIS is what you get when you have thousands of CCP infiltrators lodged within every aspect of politics, corporations, and "western" society, as well as an Administration that has been nothing more than a pawn of the CCP from the very beginning;

    Due to leaked reports we've known about this since before the end of 2020.....

    All those inculcated within Astra Zeneca & Pfizer should make you feel esp all warm & cozy.....

    The Faucis, Gates, & Bidens et al have sold this country down the river to the tune of TRILLIONS of $$$ for them. Throw all of Big Pharma in as well as the WEF & it becomes a real dead man's party!! Yeeeeeehaw!!

    Anybody? Anywhere? Does TREASON start to ring any bells??

  32. And speaking of which -- THIS just in: Fauci has been DEPOSED??
    Where?? When?? Why isn't this front page headlines everywhere??



  34. https://caravantomidnight.com/
    Check out the many guests and episodes in archive on John B. Wells' CTM regarding treasonous behavior of D.C elites...CCP infiltration of USA....lots of information if you want to seek it out...CTM has been reconfiguring its website, and for now access to all episodes is free...I don't know when they wil switch back to members-only access ...John B. Wells is a good guy....

    1. I like Wells BB, speaking voice is by far best since Art Bell & that goes a LONG way to getting any message out.....

      Quickly looking like I need to construct some kind of universal skeleton key megapost STAT....in just the past week:
      Chappelle on SNL, "The Jews!!," Kanye, Kyrie Irving, DIED SUDDENLY, rogue CCP drones, Balenciaga, Pizzagate 2.0, CDC just released this (aft Died Suddenly hits 7 mil views in 24 hrs -- hmmmmmmmmm): https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/z4liww/the_blood_clot_commercials_are_starting_sponsored/

      Now also tonite Kanye doubles down & retweets THIS:

      Whaddaya do when more happens in the last 48 hours than has happened in the last YEAR??
      Talk abut time speeding up!!

      Oh, & Fauci's in the middle of being deposed & this:

      My head hurts.....

  35. https://justthenews.com/government/federal-agencies/national-science-foundation-gives-tens-millions-fight-covid
    Federal money for university researchers to build infrastructure to set rotten narratives in stone...and to neutralize populist politicians who do not carry gas for lighting the rotten narratives......

  36. https://twitter.com/Xx17965797N/status/1596459606863073280?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1596459606863073280%7Ctwgr%5E217b665b93242034501672ae9ad853948ecba706%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.godlikeproductions.com%2Fforum1%2Fmessage5294401%2Fpg1

    1. Me if they try THAT shit again, the cops that did it transferred to the town I moved to, to get the fuck away from them.

    2. I'm sorry but I don't understand Djinn.

      I feel like the Tigger on the front door means something. Cause the winnie the poo thing. I wonder what it's really like in China.

    3. My profile picture, that's a cop, Dylan Ward pulling my baby out of my arms while I screamed and then four cops beat the shit out of me. Last time I posted it, I had a former gun for hire tell me that they told him that I better take it down or they would shut me up. And that they threatened his family to make him give up any protection he was offering me. Then I had two attempts on my life. Now Dylan Ward transferred to the town I live in now.

    4. I have my babies back now, but it still haunts me.

    5. That's a tiny microcosm of Tiananmen coming out. The day-to-day normie Chinese ain't having it any more...& that feeling is being magnified by every citizen, every population, no matter the race, all over the world.
      I sometimes wonder just what those in power think the hell they're doing....this is NOT going to end well for them. They are struggling and swimming against the largest tide ever in world history, and it's all coming straight for them.
      There are some days, LOTS of days, when you can actually sense it building.....

      And Dginn, I had NO idea...that's an ominous sign girl.
      make sure you have your phone, ring cameras, security taping, etc 'ON' at all times for documenting purposes. Not to mention firepower. Better to have it & not need it than need it & not have it. Ginger's got one & am seriously thinking of getting a glock myself. While it's still in our Constitutional rights.

    6. I still like the way Trev said it:
      FUCK the Law.

    7. Fuck the Constitution too.
      Get whatever you can get your hands on and stack ammo for it deep.
      That is literally the only thing keeping them at bay here in the U.S. and they have admitted it.

    8. Really Wordman? Cause I told you the whole story as it was unfolding.

    9. When I got violently rearended in a set up, Kyal Oliver the cop that masterminded taking my children was the first on the scene within minutes even though it wasn't his jurisdiction and started trying to pull the documents out of my car

    10. Remember the Kyal part & backstory but slipped that Dylan doofus was that close by now.....

    11. Oh well I didn't know that he transferred here until I saw it in the paper this morning that he'd been involved in a police chase that drove by my house. But they all knew where I moved to, because it came up in court. Where they lied their asses off and even the sheriff's and jailers perjured themselves to protect them. One was shaking and had tears in his eyes but still lied.

  37. Chris Knowles new piece on FIFA watcher symbolism is nice I think

    "The Millennium Dome Show was explicitly about the creation of an alien-human hybrid race, which the British Government decided was important enough to make the centerpiece of their y2K rituals. And the Dome itself featured explicit Nephilim/Giant iconography.

    Watcherism is the worldwide religion of the ruling class, make no mistake about it. Forget about nationality, forget about ethnicity, forget about inherited religious tradition. None of that matters - not one single bit - at the elite level. "

    This is a big piece of the puzzle I think. It feels true and makes a certain kind of sense.
    If the black death was caused by aliens doing some spring cleaning then this covid shit is the same just done by watcher-wannabes?
    Human history has been guided by Kings who were proxies for these watchers?
    The biblical fall was the first intermixing (whether by fucking or gene splicing) of the watcher race with whatever was native to earth and when the act was done they knew there would be hell to pay for it, that it would have to be managed with a certain amount of brutal care?


    1. TRUE DAT A6!!
      As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man...(or)...
      There's nothing new under the sun.
      True Detective went there too.....Time is a Flat Circle.

      All of this has happened before,
      and all of this will happen again.

      Also might have very MUCH to do with why Hancock's Ancient Apocalypse was just taken off Netflix despite being a ratings #1...see Lemuria, Atlantis, etc.
      Can't have the people figuring things out...the Big Picture must remain hidden.

      What did Stone engrave in the credits of JFK?
      The Past is Prologue..

  38. Hi Wordman and friends -- I haven't had a chance to check out this latest drop and the always intriguing comments, but I just ran across this thread taking a close look at the symbolism in one of the Balenciaga ads and thought I should share the link pronto in case it gets disappeared ...


    1. Many thanks Bollyb!!
      Am onto & way into the "Baal'enciaga story and will have many links coming in the next days -- and just as you might think - it connects everywhere.
      All of the crazy that's been unleashed in the last days of Noah around here is linked: FTX-the stull unfurling covid agenda-Balenciaga-Kanye; it never ends... and YES, it all goes back to Epstein & pizzagate. It's no wonder they shut anything & everything about those 2 down as quickly as possible.
      They are the cheat codes for everything that's happened since
      that late autumn of 2016...manufactured upheavals & trauma-based programming writ large.
      There is always a reason.

  39. https://thelibertydaily.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-balenciaga-pedophiles-in-less-than-9-minutes-share-this-with-those-who-get-news-from-corporate-media/

  40. Digging deep into the story of John Smith and Pocahontas:

    Smith was knighted for his services to Sigismund *Báthory*, Prince of *Transylvania*.

    In 1602 he was wounded in a skirmish with the Crimean Tatars (Ukrainian warriors), captured, and sold as a slave. He claimed that his master was a Turkish nobleman who sent him as a gift to his Greek mistress in Constantinople, who fell in love with Smith. He then was taken to the Crimea (Ukraine), where he escaped from Ottoman lands.

    Smith described meeting Pocahontas in the spring of 1608 when she was "a child of ten years old." There never was a love story, she merely saved his life, then later the lives of many of his men.

    Pocahontas was born as "Amon-ute". At the age of 12 or 13, she married a man named Kocoum, and had a daughter named *Ka-Okee* (either "praise Okee" or "gift of Okee"), who was raised by the Patawomecks after her father's death.

    According to Captain John Smith in the 1600s, the Piscataway Indians of South Maryland worshipped the "Okee", a terrifying being that looked exactly like the Devil or the Greek god Pan. The Piscataway men all had a tattoo of the Okee on their chest, and claimed that he was the "Great Spirit of the Forest, of the Wild".

    John Smith actually claimed to have seen the being, when summoned by the Elders of the tribe; he truly was terrifying, with great horns and glowing red eyes, and he seemed hostile to those who were arriving, supposedly because they were cutting down too many trees and killing too many animals.

    Pan was already here in America before the white man came.

    1. Much as I am loathe to recommend it from that turncoat double agent pervert weasel, Levenda's first vol. of Sinister Forces gets WAAAAAAAAY into those weeds:

      & just to let all you guys know -- confirmation -- to stay far, far, far away from any nasal "test" swabs they poke up into your braaaains:

      Going to using these to diagnose the FLU now, btw.
      That should tell you all you need to know that there's something entirely else going on.......

  41. JUST ANOTHER normal, everyday thing they'll tell you is perfectly OK:

    Anybody that continues to allow this needs to be shot.
    Anybody that perpetrates this needs to be shot.

  42. After getting kicked in the crotch repeatedly.



    Featuring a heavy dose of "you can't trick us by agreeing with us," propaganda...there is absolutely NO WAY they are going to spin their way out of this.

    Vaxxed deaths (ALL CAUSE) in just the last few months have gone from 24%, to 48%, to 58% at last count.

    All those wild insurance/funeral home/coroner "conspiracy theory" numbers that were prev shouted down are coming true and now being admitted to BY THE MSM. What happens when 77%, 89% 95% of everyone vaxxed starts dying "suddenly" over the next year or less????

    It's jumped from 24% in August to 58% right now......let that sink in.

  44. Correction: that 24% was as of September 2021 acc to the Post. 42% in Jan/Feb '22 and now it was at 58% in AUG.
    Which makes it actually worse not in time of progression but in actual #s....

    Given another 3 months, it's liable to be WAY over 58% now.

  45. For all you outlaws out there, blonde & otherwise -- a little blues for a late Saturday night:

    Laws of men, money is king
    You needed help but the phone don't ring
    You got your wife, you got your car
    Just keep your kids outta the front yard
    Got you feeling like a dog in heat
    Working you like a piece of meat
    Hear the sirens in my neighborhood
    We'd laugh it off if the story's good

    Right now, right now I'm feeling it
    Breathin' the smoke after the damage is done
    Right now, right now I'm dealing it
    Another bitch on the run

    Can't trust my TV set
    It's screaming things I'd like to forget
    World's on fire, it's burnin' down
    Move the channel as it comes to town
    Boys will be boys, it's a powerful thing
    Better learn how to swim or learn how to drink
    Cops and robbers, I can't tell 'em apart
    It's a systematic figure that we're passing as art

    Right now, right now I'm feeling it
    Breathin' the smoke after the damage is done
    Right now, right now I'm dealing it
    Another bitch on the run, hey!!

    1. Nice! Very good coast to coast tonight BTW

    2. I've got someone I love in the hospital and having to watch them get continually worse while the benign treatment that I believe will cure him isn't approved, and the medications that I showed the research that are making it way worse aren't being stopped. I don't have the stomach for this work anymore, it's too close.:(

    3. Isn't it crazy sometimes how music can fit so well for exactly something that you are going through, yet it it was written a long time ago by someone who will probably never know that you exist, yet it feels like they're writing a script of your life playing out, past, present, and future. Then you wonder if the person who's sending it means this or that, and how far does the script or telegraphed meaning go? Does it stop with that song or is there something to the whole beautiful album the head spins until you're just ready to just enjoy the music.

    4. That was a bit harsh I see plenty of people caring that aren't being listened to.

  46. RUN!!!


  47. It happened AGAIN! And AGAIN!!!



    1. Also spinning:


    2. It's the *Return of Saturn*:



  48. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FinPkKNVEAAvoHf?format=png&name=small

  49. The movie "Birdbox", in which seeing invisible things causes instant murder and/or suicide:

    "One survivor, Charlie, says that humanity has been judged, and the appearance of demonic entities is the sign of end game. He also mentions that those spiritual beings have different names in various cultures, such as Surgat..."

    Surgat (Latin: 'Rise') is a demon mentioned in The Grimoire of Pope Honorius, The Secrets of Solomon and the Grimorium Verum. He is listed as "Surgat who opens all locks."

    1. GREAT catch on BirdBox!!
      & 'RISE' has been part of my vocab since the summer of '79:

      Doomed by freakin Herb Alpert!!
      Oh the shame.

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. The circling might be this:


  52. WHAT. THE. FLYING. F**K.


  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. Zombies!


  55. JB -- couple of those comments on the assisted suicide link (in Canada of course) are gaslighting to the max in feigning outrage at any who "don't understand" the grace & beauty in ending your life.
    The Great North promoting it natch because that's EXACTLY what they're going for across the board -- whether you actually want it or not makes little difference.

    This level of, depth of, major EVIL is unprecedented. We've normalized everything else -- why not MURDER?
    Hey, it's the cool thing to do for your "fellow man."
    Don't wanna kill yourself or let us help? WHAT?? Are you SELFISH??!!

    We've got vaxxes to change you, vaxxes to control your mind, vaxxes to give up your soul after the vaxxes that kill you.
    Upload your mind into the Metacloud!! You'll love it!!

    You just won't be YOU anymore.

  56. It's a Fauci-Gates-Schwab marshmallow wonderland!!

  57. Ooooooh, & JB -- FANTASTIC IMAGE on "the circling."
    SO MUCH connects in so many ways -- reminds me of "widdershins."

    "Widdershins feeding from the child to the breast..."

    I also found it playing a rather large part here if you'll remember:

    So WEIRD all of the places this will take you -- and reading that over again -- how much is closely aligned and linked to the possibility of what is being constructed and put into place today.

    1. The spinning of the Vaxxed, of the animals,

      "It is cognate with the German language widersinnig, i.e., "against" + "sense". The term "widdershins" was especially common in Lowland Scots."

      *ANTI-SENSE*. Remember that great Millennium episode, about *injecting people with something which would genetically modify them, turning them into mind-controlled killers*?

  58. A member of the Trilateral Commission at home:



  59. If you have a wet mount culture of magnetotactic bacteria, and slowly rotate a small bar magnet a few inches away on the same plane, the magnetotactic bacteria will swim in circular or oval orbits...similar to what the multicellular animals are doing. Many animals and also humans have significant amounts of magnetite in their brains. If magnetic field flips or else magnetic fluctuations are part or all of the cause of some of these animals moving in circles, are the flips natural or human in origin? ....

    1. My pal Zod is 100% convinced the Earth will soon flip 180°.

    2. Hey BB -- check this out, in particular the comments re our present situation:

      Rather SPOOKY I might even say.......

    3. JB, definitely before 2030, but could happen at any moment, and BB the flips are natural

    4. actually I misheard should have said 2040

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. The X-Files contained more truthful content about the workings of federal agencies and the oligarchs than most any TV show ever...

    1. What, that nonsense about the secret elite using a combination of a virus and a vaxxine to wipe out humanity? You're crazy man!

  62. I can't wait for Wordman to tell us more about "Ancient Apocalypse". I can't watch it up here.

    1. Have no fear JB -- full readable transcripts of all 8 eps coming by way of explanation + more...still trying to work in my "spooky" theories....

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. I can say for sure that there are MULTIPLE reasons why the PTB want Hancock silenced forever -- I'm only going to be focusing on one or two.

  65. About the circling critters:

    In 2015 posting, ants do the circular hokeypokey mit a cell phone....

    From 2019: Army ants trapped in "death circles"...

    From 2011: more ant circles..

    Listeriosis, caused by Listeria bacterium, may explain the circling sheep...

    Or maybe it's due to scrapie, caused by a prion....hmmmm...

  66. Hi Wordman and readers -- Here's a great dig on the designer responsible for the Balenciaga ads, and some of her sick associates. The author pulled images from the designer's socials before she locked/deleted them. It's a long parade of implied violence, satanism and perversion. "These people are sick."


    1. That is interesting, I agree they are sick, we as a society should drive them out lest they sicken and destroy our society.

  67. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FixyL_oXkAEsXhH?format=jpg&name=medium

    That pic of Al Thumana Stadium immediately reminded me of Ezechiel, wheels surrounded with eyes.

    1. What a peculiar building
      Looks like some Conan shit

  68. https://celiafarber.substack.com/p/balenciaga-scandal-blows-open-portal?utm_source=profile&utm_medium=reader2
    More bits of information about the ubiquitous pedo infrastructure......


  69. https://youtu.be/mJdtwCyN37M

    I asked an expert the other day about the LF AMF low frequency alternating magnetic fields that were being used in the experiments that I talked about in my last blog post. And he said that it's a natural phenomena that even if we turned everything off we would still have those and radio waves naturally and that it comes "from the very rocks themselves" What is that Bible verse of, 'even the very rocks themselves would cry out' but it got me thinking about the whole thing of crystals having different abilities to affect the environment around them or the people. Then I thought about how many things are 'blamed' on the moon and it's fields to things like lunacy being attributed to it. Where could they go with manipulation of those fields? And I've got another rabbit hole to go down. Add to that that CERN is near one of the largest magnetic anomalies in the world in the Swiss Alps called the chassaral anomaly.

    The spinning makes me think about the whirling dervish supposed to connect you with God.


    The vajra, frequency symbols

    1. https://www.pnas.org/doi/10.1073/pnas.0600520103




    2. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33496572/

    3. Dginnster!! First of all, you need to keep the shades & bubble avatar & never deviate -- that is just YOU.

      Now, in accordance with your 3rd comm above working up from here -- you are coming in fully loaded and weapons hot over the No Fly Zone of my latest post!! Pull up, girl -- for God's sake, PULL UP!! LOL. You are in direct airspace violation!! Whoop!! Whoop!!
      Seriously, you'll see why very soon -- & great great catch -- that Universe talking thing again & merging wavelengths or something something.....tooooo weird.

    4. The Bubblegum bitch

      I'm sure you've seen this but in case you haven't

    5. The vajra led me to some great music



  70. & everybody comm-ing here re Balenciaga -- I'm with you.
    It's just totally strange after things like Franklin & Dutroux & Sandusky & NXIVM & Pizzagate & even Epstein, people have latched onto THIS as the red pill (black pill??) that wakes up the world??
    I mean, I get it, & am not for anything looking a gift horse in the mouth, but.........weird.

    Possibly just the final straw in an entire 1000 acre wood of haybales stretching as far as the eye can see.
    & after all, it isn't as if IT ISN'T RELATED TO ALL THOSE OTHERS....

    More to come...

    1. BaalenCIAga, owned by Artemis group, Artemis being, among other things, the goddess of *sudden death*.

  71. If "Dying With Dignity Canada" manages to push this through, then the "legal age of consent" is automatically lowered to *12*.

    "DWDC acknowledges that Canadian society will likely expect a minimum age for mature minors in the legislation, even though the emphasis at common law is on capacity and maturity and not chronological age. For this reason, DWDC asks that Parliament amend the existing age requirement of 18 years of age to extend it to persons: “at least 12 years of age and capable of making decisions with respect to their health.”"


  72. Mind your State

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  74. Has not see/heard that about Christine.
    Wow wow wow.
    Man, do I remember.......




    79 is a life well lived, but still.....vaxx related??

  75. This made me happy.