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The more things change, the more they stay the same.

This is breaking news and this is big – as big as it gets.  This is being edited for brevity and the impact that it deserves.  This information needs to get out in front of the U.S. Presidential election next Tuesday.

This information is the REAL reason FBI Director Comey was forced to re-open the “missing emails” investigation of both Hillary Clinton and by extension the Clinton Foundation, which has its hand in all of these criminal and perverse interests worldwide.

Comey was placed under further pressure by key individuals within the New York Police Department, which holds multiple duplicate copies of these damning emails initially released under the auspices of both groups Wikileaks and Anonymous, and now believed to be previously hidden on devices of both Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin, Hillary’s long-time second in command.

The NYPD has refused to buckle under enormous pressure and intends to release the full contents of these emails to the public should the FBI investigation/indictment again go nowhere.  And make no mistake, the information in these emails travels quite a bit further than your usual run-of-the-mill influence peddling normally associated with the Clinton Foundation.
If you have been a follower of this blog for any period of time, you will know that it has long been the contention here that there is a connecting thread beyond every major headline that breaks on the world stage, and it concerns the widespread and ritualistic involvement of the predator elites ruling this planet in the systematic and occult-based rape, torture, and murder of hundreds of thousands of children every year.  This is a bloodthirsty adjunct to the already documented scourge of human trafficking that currently afflicts humanity and is the largest money-making enterprise on the globe.

 Also keep in mind that these are Above Top Secret and hidden away behind National Security and Special Access Project firewalls.  What is being gleaned from the Weiner and Abedin devices is interior information that was NEVER supposed to see the light of day.  It’s why Hillary accessed the supreme overkill of “bleachbit” to scrub everything.  This is black information (of the most important occult variety) that supersedes even Treason.  It is the natural “end of the road” mindset and ideology that is fostered at places like Bohemian Grove and the “pedophile islands” of Jeffrey Epstein.

Far from being a present-day problem, these groups of connected and like-minded-thinking “black nobility” harken back to the royal families of all Europe that have been holding court for centuries, and can be seen in historical examples like Gilles de Rais and Elizabeth Bathory, to name only 2 egregious examples.  Everywhere you find these elite, ritualistic networks you will also find the widespread problem of missing children.  Indeed, this may be a large part of the agenda behind the wholesale implementation worldwide of the international “refugee” crisis.  In the all-encompassing flight of literally millions of refugees from war-torn and economically beset areas, how many children go lost and missing?  Ever wonder where they end up?

In relatively recent history alone, this “problem” can be linked to the real and buried stories behind the headlines of the Franklin Scandal, the Finders case, the Dutroux affair in Belgium, the intricacies behind the disappearances of Johnny Gosch and Madeleine McCann, the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey, Sandusky and the Second Mile, the extensive case involving Jimmy Savile in the UK (and its incredible number of offshoots),  what happened at Dunblane, Dennis Hastert, the “pageboy” scandal in Congress in 2007, the number of pedophiles in Tony Blair’s cabinet that was widely hushed up in 2003, the truly evil predations of Jeffrey Epstein, the disclosures of Toos Nijenhuis in the Netherlands and Fiona Barnett in Australia, the latter whose revelations led to the “suicide” of Nicole Kidman’s father Anthony Kidman, and many, many more.  ALL are linked to a network vast in scope, occult in origin, and murderous in intent.   We can argue as to the nature of the problem and the motive behind what is happening for likely years (see the McMartin Preschool affair and the Presidio daycare scandals among many others for clues), but THIS IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW.  EVERYWHERE.

To understand the importance of this, you need look to only 2 of the most recent cases involving Jerry Sandusky and Dennis Hastert.  Notice just how quickly those stories, after initial flourishes, died quick deaths in the mainstream media.  The clamp coming down so tight and with such alacrity should give you all you need to know as to how important it is for vested interests to keep a lid on headlines such as these, and for John Q. Public to never ever be given the impetus to join any dots in cases like these.  The sheep must never look up from their idleness, their choice of cellphones, their TV favorites, their sports comebacks.

I have no idea what’s going to happen next Tuesday, and if this is any indication, it doesn’t really matter, understand?  In simplest terms, there are no multiple pedophile rings worldwide.  They are ALL connected under the umbrella of one vast network.  Eventually work will be done on a posting connecting all of these interests – the information that needs to be gone through and cross-correlated is monumental in volume and staggering in its implications.

PLEASE pass this post and these links to each and every one of your friends, acquaintances, and colleagues.  Sharing this only adds gasoline to the burning of what amounts to a globalist satanic dynasty that has been given worldly power for far too long.   
Nothing you do in your life might be as important.

Notice in this last article, which follows back around to the first listed, that the exact number of children kidnapped by Silsby, acting very likely on express orders from the Clinton Foundation, is 33.  A very telltale number likely also expressed as a hidden “go” code of some sort for the furthering of operations.  See previous posts here for the hidden occult and ritualistic significance of the number 33 among insiders of these cabals and orders:

And speaking of codes, sprinkled liberally within these Wikileaks releases from Clinton’s servers are strange mentions of statements like “can’t wait to eat pizza for an hour,” pizza and/or pasta with “walnut” sauce (see urban dictionary), hot dog stands, after after “pizza” parties, $40,000 in exchange for pizza, “raised 40K but too bad I couldn’t make you a nice pizza, when can I?,” and many other mentions that seem to be talking and/or referring to things other than the literal interpretation.

And true to their word, Wikileaks is promising even more releases and even more details, the nature of which has left even some hardened NYPD officers in tears.

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