Monday, March 15, 2021



“So true, funny how it seems

Always in time, but never in line for dreams

Head over heels when toe to toe

This is the sound of my soul

This is the sound

I bought a ticket to the world

But now I've come back again

Why do I find it hard to write the next line?

Oh I want the truth to be said…..

I, I, I know this much is true

I, I, I know this much is true

With a thrill in my head and a pill on my tongue

Dissolve the nerves that have just begun

Listening to Marvin (all night long)

This is the sound of my soul…”


“Someone said the world was under ether

Better bet your bottom dollar Better bet your bottom dollar

Well before your eyes we turn to dust

Bodies rearranged

Someone said the world was all but dried out

Read it on the walls around you

Waiting for the paint to dry

Well you might not have to wait very long

Talk about it Think about it hey...

Ether stole your thoughts while you were sleeping

Came in through an open window

Looking for an open mind

And it wiped that smile right off your face

Rock n' roll radiate

Talk about it Think about it hey...

Under ether...”



“Down in these streets the fools rule

There's no freedom or self-respect

A knife's point or a trip to the joint

Is about all you can expect

They kill people here who stand up for their rights

This system's just too damned corrupt

It's always the same, the name of the game

Is who do you know higher up


The blacks and the whites stealin out at midnight

Wealth is a filthy rag

So erotic, so unpatriotic

So wrapped up in the American flag,

Witchcraft scum exploiting the dumb

Turning children into punks and slaves

Whose heroes and healers are tombstone dealers

Who should be put in their graves

Tell the truth now..

(It's Hell time, man)

Listen to me Mr. Pussyman

This might be your last night in a bed so soft

We're not pimps on the make, politicians on the take

You can't pay us off


We're gonna blow up your home of Voodoo

And watch it burn without any regret

We got the power we're the New Government

You just don't know it yet

Help me now..,ah, bring it to me honey

For all of my brothers from Vietnam

And my uncles from World War II

I'd like to say that it's countdown time now

And we're gonna do what the law should do…”


Sitting here still thinking about Marvin, and much like the Spandau boys, I want the truth to be known too. It needs to be. That same truth has been slung by Roland Orzabal from Tears For Fears and the inestimable Mr. Dylan in their own ways and across decades, and I’m here to add whatever fuel I can to the fire that I hope is growing in your belly. Because something is coming as sure as I’m sitting here – all of you can feel it in the world and I can feel it in all of you. Politicians, leaders, and movements come and go, but we remain. They want us to be, and are trying to make us vessels. But we remain.   


As I said, I’ve still been thinking about Marvin Hagler and his wholly inappropriate and untimely passing due to the forcible propaganda vaccine injection, and you know what the ultimate irony is? What are the last words every fighter hears from the ref before entering every single contest – every contest where they, incidentally, could very literally be fighting for their lives?

“Protect yourself at all times.”

Protect. Yourself. At. All. Times.

Are we supposed to do anything less in this contest we find ourselves in every single day out there?

Is informing yourself with every bit of information at hand, indeed, protecting yourself? And if so, if having that knowledge is also critical in having the ability to protect yourself, ask yourself this question: why are so many so invested in making sure that right is taken away from you? 

None of us is like the WHO, the CDC, the NHS, the Gates Foundation. We are not fighting to protect and preserve an agenda, a worldwide psyop, or a vested ideology of eugenics, culling, or depopulation instigated at the behest of Big Pharma or a global consortium.

We are fighting for OURSELVES, our rights to express truths, resist and LIVE according to OUR wishes, and no one else’s.

This is YOUR life. Stop following the herd and being dictated to by people like Johnson & Johnson, who I’ve heard people are flocking to because they produce the “safe” vaccine. This despite the fact that J&J knowingly kept selling talcum powder with carcinogenic asbestos in it for DECADES – so yeah, good luck with that.    


Stop rationalizing the monstrous. Stop running with the pack and start thinking for yourself. While you still can. Because believe me, they’re dead on and coming for that next.


Hell, I’m with German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who is calling for a new Nuremberg trials and plans to sue not only the WHO but basically the rest of the world over the ongoing COVID scam and everyone perpetrating the fraud:

Keep watching this space for news of the ongoing adventures in litigation against the Octopus…it might not seem like much and may amount to bringing Al Capone to jail on tax fraud, but one of these days, one of these things is gonna stick, and when it does, and ‘discovery’ comes into play, the entire house of cards is going to fall. And remember, all it takes is one, such is the shaky nature that this ridiculousness is built upon.


Because although this is everywhere, it is now spread so thin that it has no coherent base anymore, just a lot of bad actors running around crying plausible deniability, and that’s a situation that can’t sustain forever. We just have to have more stamina than them – keep informed and spreading the word as far and wide as possible in the meantime, and wait them out. Keep giving them enough rope to hang themselves. Nothing this evil prospers forever. And they are always just one mistake away from watching it all collapse. Pressure. Constant, unending pressure on our part. Slow and steady wins the race.

More ammunition:

To go with all the other BlackRock and Raytheon familiars, Biden has now embedded this piece of filth deep within his circle of death:


We’re never far away from the Epstein factor, are we? I mean, the above seems cool, right? It’s not like Epstein ever was interested in seeding the entire human race with his DNA or anything…oh, wait. Thanks to the great Whitney Webb for the above, and btw, Lander is another alumni of the super sketchy Program for Evolutionary Dynamics (PED).

I could ponder the uber-creepy thought of: what if Epstein’s DNA has somehow (oops) gotten into the COVID vaxx?? Wouldn’t THAT be a tilt-a-whirl for humanity?

What was the title of that Wings 1979 album: Back To The Egg? But then I’d be getting into eggs, their symbolism, Crowley, and so much more – here, let Jeff Wells take you by the hand for that one:

And here: 

And just in time for Easter, too!!


 And neither party has as of yet launched any full-scale investigations into the Maxwell/Epstein network, who behind the scenes was involved, to what extent, where those financial ties might lead, and most importantly, what is the underlying ideological standpoint behind all this?

Hmmmm, I wonder why?

Lots of those familiars still keep getting promoted though. Kind of just like after 9/11. That same 9/11 that served as a wonderful deflection/misdirection just as the Boston Globe’s Spotlight was getting ready to go to the presses with the Boston Archdiocese child sex abuse scandal. Can’t have that now can we? Voila! 9/11 conveniently puts that back a couple of years. Just like the same way COVID did with the Epstein network when that was all anybody was talking about and demanding answers for. History is funny that way, I guess.

If I were conspiratorially-minded, I might even suggest some people would do ANYTHING to keep the masses from certain dark truths.


I’m leaving this here for those of you that have Netflix (if you don’t, not to worry, I’ll be Cliff Notes-ing it soon), because it animates quite lucidly (or as lucid as these things get) the ideologies and thought patterns of the elite bloodlines and the ancient forces they serve (speaking of Easter again…):

Just in case you harbored any illusions about Bohemian Grove being one big frat party of “white privilege.”  Oh, it’s privilege alright, but “white” has nothing to do with it.

At this point I’m not even sure “human” has anything to do with it. And as you know from previous installments from the Batcave battle zone, I’m not even close to joking.


Just how far up, and down, does this go, and what are its branches? Well, for one, these are baaaaaaaack:

After taking an extended hiatus during the Trump years, contrailing/chemtrailing ops seems to have gathered momentum and are out in force all across this continent again, all day, every day.

And just to make things even more distinct for you – what have been, ever since the late 1990s, the 2 main components (heavy metals) found time and time again in these chemtrail drops? Barium, and Aluminum. And how are they designated on the Periodic chart?

BA and AL, correct? That would be BAAL.   

Just in case things weren’t “in your face” enough.

This just in also: guess what’s new in the latest California school curriculum?:

Have we reached occult saturation levels yet? Nope, because now there’s this:

And people wonder why I’m paranoid – haha!


Let’s get back deep into that Epstein network, where this just came across the Night Wire:

You will notice prominently the name Malina in the above article, (Xavier). His father Roger Malina happens to be the son of none other than Frank Malina, hip-deep-in-the-occult running buddy of that original Strange Angel himself, Jack Parsons, he of the portal-opening, Antichrist-invoking, Crowleyan variety. Purveyor of all things dark, clandestine; good friend of L. Ron Hubbard who would found Scientology, and also Kenneth Arnold, who would kickstart the flying saucer era with his sighting on June 24, 1947, mere days before whatever crashed/happened at Roswell…oh, and Parsons also just coincidentally founded (on Halloween yet) JPL, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, precursor to NASA, and inventor of the solid booster propellant that would drive mankind to the moon.

And all of this psychic carnage married/joined forces with the Maxwell bloodline, of all bloodlines. But I’m sure joining a Crowleyan child-sacrificing, portal-opening mindset with a British royalty child-sacrificing, portal-opening mindset is just one of those cosmic coincidences, right? Riiiiiiiiight.  

Nothing to see here.      

Frank Malina in his latter days would abandon rocketry and begin work for UNESCO, the United Nations, and begin an interest in art…although his kinetic light art, to my eye (see the headers to this post), shows ominous signs of borrowing on and still trading in the occult visions of his running buddy Parsons in their younger days. I would say something about trying to remove the Devil from your life, but sometimes he’s stubbornly hard to kick loose, it seems.  Don’t you hate it when that happens??!! Perhaps closing those portals isn’t nearly as easy as prying them open…


The Parsons-Malina early days club happened to be known as the “Suicide Squad” ironically enough. Their legacy of occult mayhem continues unabated today with mysterious silencings, with vaccines, with well-placed and timed deaths that we might as well call ritual sacrifices, with any number of events dotting the globe, all circling back and containing that same subset of names in that ever-expanding club:

Scroll to the very top of that page to find the NASA-JPL-Jack Parsons nexus, and just look at the exponential expansion into horror that has sprung fully formed from that into the present day, blossoming with everything that Epstein wrought, and brought into the world thru technology and the occult, furthering an agenda that only continues to keep spiraling out, Mandelbrot-like…

This is what we are facing. Pretty daunting, isn’t it?


How about that NYC meeting in 2009 at the home of the Pres of Rockefeller Univ where Oprah Winfrey, Gates, David Rockefeller, Ted Turner, Warren Buffett, Mike Bloomberg, Soros, and others all had a get-together to discuss “to consider how their wealth could be used to slow the growth of the world’s population.”  In a mere 10 years we would have the launch of the COVID virus and a near-mandatory (they’re still working on that aspect) vaccine…are you seeing a thruline here?


Once again, how far, both up and down, does this go? Lest you think this is only a programming dealing with the upper layers of our continuum, let me leave you with this, which is both haunting, and strikes me as highly relevant, and important:


What kind of networks are we talking about, and how far inculcated into every strata of society are they? Why are some crimes, even with every type of dna-parsing tech available at LE’s fingertips at every hour of the day and night, never solved? Look into famous cases like the Zodiac and the circles victim-zero Darlene Ferrin was running around in, Ted Bundy (who was given means and opportunity to escape time and time again when apprehended). Why were perps like Manson and Henry Lee Lucas allowed to remain free and on the streets for so long, even far past and beyond whatever intended death quota they’d achieved for personages unknown?

We are dealing with a system here. And it’s the same system no matter how far up or down the totem pole you go. It manifests in many ways, from the micro to the macro, and it’s there whether or not you’re dealing in billions of dollars in weather tech or you are digging into why the local police can’t get the job done. All are means to an end and all are serving the same master. Those are the kind of problems we’re facing and the scope of the beast system. WHO is to make war against the Beast?

And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?   Revelation 13:4


It’s 52 weeks and counting now since “2 weeks to flatten the curve.”

Now more than ever – protect yourself at all times.

Because I’m still thinkin’ about Marvin.


  1. More AMMUN-ition:

    Amun Himself:

    Amun is, of course, the Ancient Egyptian version of the Great God Pan, not a mere god, but OGDOAD, meaning Primordial. Creator of the Universe, the cosmic darkness beyond the stars, etc...

    We need to worship the Lord now, regardless of what name or face we give Him. We desperately need His help.

    Amun/Ammon's more proper name was AMEN, a sacred word the Hebrew people took with them, when they escaped from Egypt, along with the Star of David/Seal of Solomon, which was originally the Egyptian symbol for "as above (the spiritual), so below (the physical)".


  2. "Slowly the waves of the BEING (Yog-Sothoth, the Ultimate Gatekeeper) surged out in reply, trying to make plain what was almost beyond the reach of an earthly mind.

    All descended lines of beings of the finite dimensions, continued the waves, and all stages of growth in each one of these beings, are merely manifestations of one archetypal and eternal being in the space outside dimensions. Each local being — son, father, grandfather, and so on — and each stage of individual being — infant, child, boy, young man, old man — is merely one of the infinite phases of that same archetypal and eternal being, caused by a variation in the angle of the consciousness-plane which cuts it." - Through the Gates of the Silver Key

    1. ^ the reason I quoted the prophet Lovecraft above is because even HE agreed that we are all a part of God (even from a somewhat materialistic, hyper-dimensional point of view).

    2. JB!!

      Ah, the good old hyper-dimensional physics of Richard Hoagland. Manys the night I would be up till all hours, bleary-eyed the next day at work, hearing him opine about Cydonia, the Face, tetrahedrons, 19.5 upwellings, and ominous forces within both the cosmos and NASA proper on Coast to Coast AM w/Art Bell.

      Right around late 1996 I remember first hearing his name and wondering, "who IS this guy?" Haha -- little did I know! Started me on this clandestine path and is pretty much the reason this here blog of semi-incoherent noodlings even exists. What have you wrought, King Richard?!! Haha!

      As a matter of fact he was the very first person I ever heard illustrating the JPL-Parsons-NASA-Crowley links. Been Mr. Toad's Wild Ride ever since....

  3. Big Sigh... Thank you Wordman for all you do...

  4. Wordman, I'm not sure why this seems relevant, but there's been "golden calf" symbolism going around lately, like the golden statue of Trump at the Convention, so I did a little digging, and found this:

    The Golden Calf was made by Aaron and worshipped by the Hebrews in the wilderness of Sinai (Exodus). The text of the Hebrew Bible (the Tanakh) can be understood to refer to the idol *as representing the God of Israel himself*, perhaps through an association or syncretization with Egyptian or Levantine bull gods, rather than a new deity in itself.

    Think about this; the Golden Calf was an idol of the Biblical God, the "sin" associated with it was the worship of a graven image and the pagan-style orgy around it.

  5. Mind is currently blown. Many thanks Wordman. Protect yourself at all times is now an everyday application for me. And sending love at all times too. Be well my peoples

  6. Meanwhile back in the 90s... we had to listen to the sound JB and DJinn don't know... wink... Wordman remember this tune? Haha.

    1. No, I remember that. It was the sound of anguish and disappointment.

    2. Yeah mxmm an analog Ms dDos that doesn't know dial up, as if! You don't give me enough credit! But the time for secrecy is passed on many levels and I've already BURNED ENOUGH SHIT to be be DEAD 10 TIMES OVER. NAY make that 25 times! Hence they have NO POWER! WHAT THEY DO TO ME IS TEMPORARY! I'M INTERESTED IN THE ETERNAL!
      I can't find it on YouTube but CJ's been playing commericals of culty Woodstock videos where all the women's eyes turn yellow. Then ones that I know are in over there Head and then some (but also think they're pulling strings) are mentioning creating a castle in Africa, travelling to Ivory coast, involved in filming "yellow" programming and tied in with Carl's Jr.
      Mark lost dogs
      (Bible says dogs will be outside the temple with sorcerer's, THIS is about the gentiles coming in and identifying those of Revelation 3;9 and 9:3)
      Yellow leadbetter (alchemy lead into gold or simply, painting lead gold?) (Hint fake souls)

    3. There's a REASON the Jehovah's witnesses removed MATTHEW 10;28 from their "Bible" and teachings along with the idea of modern miracles, while only giving communion to certain ones.


    5. Lol driving behind Johnson's controls fire protection truck, and a Ford Escape. Are they going to let me out of the matrix so I don't burn it down?
      There were SO many things that added up through time and space the other night when I left town, that I'm satisfied that God is in control, and has a plan, no matter what.

    6. Leaving town? I'll see ya & raise ya Dginn-ster!! First salvo fired from the immortal Steve Earle:

      or try the whole burn-the-house-down Joe Ely enchilada on for size!! Haha!!:

    7. I got you beat, it got hit by a hail storm, and they said possible tornado.

    8. Let me see you try to beat this:

    9. Let me see you try to beat this:

      Africa, gold,fake gold, diamonds, though it seemed like he was ACTUALLY DOING GOOD FOR HIS PEOPLE.

  7. JB look at the previous comments.

  8. Awwww my heart is breaking for those in the tornado extreme areas of the South. So heart wrenching!

    1. Just sent this along to MxMM in a private capacity but for ALL of you out there in harm's way -- please bunker in & stay safe & we'll see each other on the other side of all this (manufactured?) madness:

      RIP Eddie & send some good luck our way!!

  9. RIP Eddie... Sammy Hagar years!

  10. Hey Wordman, thought I’d proffer what’s been on heavy rotation for me lately. I know you skew toward the Gallagher side of the equation, but Albarn’s been consistently excellent and sneakily apocalyptic through the downshifting. Good grist for your lyrical rotisserie.

    1. Cheers Velo!!

      I DO skew Brothers G but I'm all about ANYTHING from that time period: Blur, Damon, Stereophonics, Stone Roses especially too!!
      You totally ROCK for sending that Gorillaz piece of art -- seriously, that's a service to humanity above & beyond!

      Can't remember without checking if I ever sent this out over the airwaves, but it deserves far & wide dissemination, esp now that Spotify has REMOVED it (gee, I wonder why...check the lyrics)

      Ian Brown's a goddamn hero.

      The land, the sky, your soul....

  11. this conversation on Vie Russ gets into these themes after 1 hr. 57 min. mark .... very disturbing ...

  12. GUYS, no offense, but you don't know music. THIS is REAL music:


    1. Remember this anomalous cloud formation?

      THIS might be the answer right here:


      JB this is how I see you in music:
      Dark, painful, chaotic, vengeful, knocked down, then redemptive, and protective

    3. And how you see me in music (guess my YouTube does work ;))
      The ad that came up in this was "stop your cat from peeing with Feliway" no shit!

    4. The music I listen to 99% of the time is Florence and the Machine.

    5. Interesting I never would have guessed, though I almost did put her in place of the second to last one until I saw that herding call.(they weren't what I think you listen to do much as described you) No offense, though her music is absolutely bbeautiful, I don't like it, it hits me in a strange way and I swear I can feel spiritual chains around my ankles when I hear it.
      Bet you can't guess what my go to 80% of the time is.

    6. I actually thought you must listen to Tom McDonald 99% of the time or is he your YouTube alter ego.

      Kinda like my whole family sees amazing Polly as mine, I'm flattered but I find her hard to watch because of that, never been one to stare in the mirror... Lol

  13. WORDMAN, sorry for double-posting, but you really need to look at both these short videos, it'll blow your mind:

    Remember this anomalous cloud formation?

    THIS might be the answer right here:

    1. THE VOID!! What a great Lovecraftian mindfuck of a film that was!! Gave me extremely similar vibes to THE VEIL w.Thomas Jane and Jess Alba, almost a companion piece and could be a quite literal blueprint for what's coming down the pike...& for which things like Jonestown and Heaven's Gate might have provided a dress rehearsal of sorts.
      Just imagine the 'possibilities' if someone starts raising the dead on live TV,....instant Antichrist.

      Thomas Jane did the extensive method-acting research thing deep into the esoteric for the role (Yaldabaoth, demiurge, archons) & it supposedly messed him up quite badly lasting repercussions-wise. Interesting concepts that have been bubbling under the surface for quite awhile...

      Those 2 YT vids might be the best representations, co-mingled, of tech inspired by the other-worldly that are out there...that is, unless you believe a razor-straight square-edged cloud can occur naturally....

  14. I severely want to be Thomas Jane when I grow up btw:

    Speaking of occurring naturally....

    1. To both you boys and your kilted pissing contest. Freedom! Lol

    2. Oh and how could I forget this one!

      Actually I think every woman secretly finds kilts sexy jk ;)

    Type in "Everlasting soul"
    Some of the results:
    "What up Ginger"
    "The word became man"
    "Shall murder her beloved" (John the Baptist dream)
    My husband was saying last year when things went NUTS, that in an alternate reality I ordered him beheaded but that I was justified...
    We ARE somehow in some crossed weird karmic vortices aren't we?
    Also "I'm in a base in Dulce dreaming" haven't ruled that one out ;)

    1. Over the summer my daughter threw her shoe out the window, and I saw it bouncing. I pulled over to find it and couldn't; finally gave up. When I got home both of her shoes were on her there was no mistaking them for anything else bright purple. Today months later 100+ miles away with the windows rolled up that shoe disappeared we can't find it anywhere. And when we went to the park we found a book that my oldest son had lost 7 years ago 15 miles away from here. Driving through a city that I've been in countless times, some things appear to have changed back to what they were 20 years ago and others are the same. Everyone ok?

  16. I'm ok... hope Wordman and chickens are too! Hugs to all in the path of the Weather War 2021

  17. Next up for the encore... California earthquake... wink

    1. Mxmm did you get the other half of that? I was hearing that dial up in my sleep bond girl.

    2. That police scanner wants to say someone shot in the chest TRACE! while my birthmark is burning! Weird.

  18. I just ordered the books "Goatman: Flesh or Folklore?" and John A. Keel's "The Eighth Tower". Can't wait to darkly disturb myself.

    1. Have you seen a Sasquatch? We had to dodge one on the highway one time I thought it was a cow until it stood up.

  19. Another time node except it crossed over, so what I witnessed and have memories of and a story from my husband of what happened with my husband's ex wife and family are getting crossed over at least in other people's memories. like some of the efforts to try to combine us is working in some dimension, I feel like different things are splice point indicators.

  20. JB!!

    Listed here for your perusal -- and where it all started to go wrong for me haha -- is Keel's ridiculously enjoyable OUR HAUNTED PLANET:

    example: "Does your next door neighbour make strange noises behind drawn shades late at night? Have you ever seen him wandering across a darkened cemetery dressed in a long robe carrying a candle? Maybe he is just plain crazy. Then again, maybe he is a member of one of the thousands of secret societies and cults which still flourish everywhere on this haunted planet."

    11 year old mind was blown and I was IN, baby!!!

    1. Funny you should say that Wordman, when we were at the other hotel the neighbor WAS making weird noises screaming moaning etc, then threatening to kill us. They moved us. Here the neighbor is supposedly a man alone with his dog but any time it's quiet and I try to meditate or go to sleep, you can hear a woman speaking multiple different languages disjointedly.

      I and other people seem to have some weird anomalies happening with things crossing over timelines and places. I've got duplicate, though not identical, memories of some things happening twice years and places apart. Lining up with when we saw meteors, experienced earthquakes or saw what looked like an Einstein rosenbridge.

    2. Anyone else having anomalies around the 2011 Japan earthquake? I have 2 similar memories of waking up to the news but BOTH OF THEM ARE IMPOSSIBLE. And I asked my husband about it and he has the EXACT SAME THING we went around and around it there's NO possible way for it to have happened in 2011 AND our memories of it. In 2011 we DIDN'T HAVE A TV and lived in a downstairs only apartment. We both have 2 memories of being upstairs watching it on TV one that could only have happened in 2010 the other 2014 or 15.

  21. Uh huh, but I came back to a different timeline after NDE... stuff like that gave me an intense memory on daily things in my life. It took me a long time to figure that one out. Plus, timelines are changed quite a bit or I'm crazy! Never know wink

    1. Definitely changing! My husband looks 15 years younger! He looks my age now! I went and talked to my mom now she said she only remembers being blonde as a small child, and I looked at some photo albums and a few pictures of the girl that called me Ginger was in there, a few of the pictures with Hair the same as mine now, but most of them are still with black hair. And one of my brothers I remembered being taller than me, then later he was shorter than me, now the pictures are back to the original that he's taller.
      Seems there's only certain times when I can run my brain on all cylinders, where I can pick up numerous thought trains all at once. But the dial up helped me to program how some of it comes in, into packets of data. Definitely needed to bond with a 80's computer nerd, to fix the wires ;)

    2. Funny you should mention kilts and red hair in earlier postings. Why are you posting things that I have been reading or thinking about in the last few weeks? Lol!!

      Mermaids, Phoenicians, jewish folk, and the irish.

      The children of God and the Yoshling mingle.
      Follow that red hair Dginn, all the way back to the mummies in Perue, China, and the Baltic sea.


    4. Because we're all wires in the cosmic mind. In some dimension outside of time and space someone is saying don't cut the red wire! Lol
      Some of the sweetest people that I know are redheads too.

    5. My own forhead wrinkles and crowsfeet are gone! Too bad our teeth and vision aren't back yet, now how to spread this to other people to rejuvenate them, they need and deserve it more ;)
      Though I'm worried that it's just one more sign that we're trapped in the matrix. ;)
      Not to mention, today I can barely think in one dimension, if I even try to rise up to 11 I get a splitting headache. The rocking music on the top floor hasn't stopped, it just hurts to bad to go up there;)



  24. LOOK at the picture:

    1. Hillary and friends?? Interesting alignment - pun intended.

    2. Last time the Suez Canal was closed was before the beginning of the "6th day war", so maybe a message, as in "there will be war in 6 days"?

  25. Hillary ugh... it's a message but hmmmmmmm.... ugh these people and word green! Yuck... ewwww... I bet it smells like her too... I guess we best prepare for a plot twist!

  26. Where's Wordman these days? No new comments, no new article...

    They snuffed him, simple as that. We'll remember you man.


    1. He has a new post coming soon... maybe Tommorrow night I think he said...


  27. There are no coincidences. Found something IRL tying up all the loose ends from 12/(13-16)/20 and went back on the comments to look, it's when Mxmm's dog died and around when JB's cat died (and I still sounded like a SEMINORMAL person ;)) and Tru3 posted this: uploaded on this date 7 years ago

    1. I meant 9.
      6 flags signaling along with the 6 days. And coming during the Israeli election and anniversary of when Biden was inaugurated VP
      And they bombed CHILDREN in 19 U.N. SCHOOLS!

      With this and all the hat and cat signaling, it makes me think about how when I was younger, I dreamed that I put on a tabogan(beanie) and it was filled with spiders and I screamed pulled it off and threw it. In the middle of that my mom came in and I woke up WE FOUND THE HAT IN REAL LIFE! IT WASN'T ONE OF OURS! All we could figure was that my cat carried it in through the window and dropped it on my head waking me up? Though could it have been an apport from my dream?
      But it ties in to my ex husband stealing a gold ring and getting a hat from the guy (who called his sister black widow) that lived in the house that we were living in 10+ years later when we found a hat and a gold ring out of nowhere and things started getting really weird when we put them on.

      An Anthony stole my copy of Steal this Book.
      It popped back up in the news cycle for Nashville right before Christmas.

      Picture for Capricorn to stare at ;)

  28. Actually had 2 dogs die DJinn Marley my sweet white golden retriever passing. Sweetest dog I ever had. 13 yrs old... miss that girl!

  29. Alright JB!! Rumours of my snuffage are greatly exaggerated!! Haha! More lives than a cat -- on my 6th or 7 of 9 currently (voluptuous horror of Jeri Ryan pun intended...) Moving target & all that. The slaughterbots haven't pinned me down just yet.

    Batsignals to the fore & currently warming up -- gimme another 4 or 5 hours (just home from work) to put the finishing touches on & I'll meet ya out in the digital streets my man & we'll all rumble!! Same bat time, same bat channel -- see ya there sugar bear!! Bring your Pan & Cthulu're gonna need 'em.

    1. Fun fact: there have been several "Goat-man" sightings near *FORT HOOD*, Texas, over the past decades.

  30. Swarms of flashing 'Tic-Tac shaped' UFOs chased four US Navy destroyers off California coast at 45 mph and hovered above them at night for WEEKS, ship logs reveal

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