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Department Of Defense Spins Ebola Web

BREAKING NEWS:  Strangely enough, just one day after the last posting here, which ended on a rather sulphurous note which intended to impress upon you the importance of occult numerology to all Globalist Controllers (specifically their sacred number 33) and how highly venerated it is in order to actually manifest their beliefs and rituals, not the least of which means inserting it as a “launch code” into everyday mainstream communications when the time is right to initiate another section of their “Great Work,” what happened to appear but this headline across all UPI transmissions: 


WASHINGTON, Oct. 8 (UPI) -- As the Ebola virus continues to spread in West Africa, the World Bank warned Wednesday the overall economic impact of the disease could cost the regional economy up to $33 billion and leave worse lasting damages if world leaders fail to respond to the ongoing crisis.
"A swift policy reaction by the international community is crucial," the World Bank said in a statement about the economic effect of Ebola.
Overall, the World Bank estimates the two-year cost of the Ebola outbreak to be nearly $33 billion, a cost that could be slashed to $4 billion if steps are taken to contain the virus more quickly.

"It is far from certain that the epidemic will be fully contained by December. Over the medium term...both epidemiological and economic contagion in the broader subregion of West Africa is likely."

Sub-Saharan Africa is currently one of the global community's fastest growing markets, with the IMF predicting nearly 6 percent growth in the regions economy in 2015. But local struggles and the risk of Ebola continuing to leave African shores threaten to degrade West Africa's influence and stability.

"Should the Ebola outbreak become more protracted or spread to more countries, it would have dramatic consequences for economic activity in the West Africa region."



     Again, after appearing first on the wires on October 8th, this story was highlighted again on the 19th/20th.  Take from that what you will.  In the overall broader context, this seeming fascination with numbers may seem superfluous, but the facts remain from China to the USA, from England to Mexico, from South America to Germany, EVERY dark, ruling elite bloodline throughout history has been and is currently obsessed with the occult and numerology as a means to carry out their plans here.  Keep in mind that it matters not what you or I believe.  THEY believe it.  And to put a fine point on it, they believe that something, at certain times can be contacted, envisioned, and engaged, in particular along the spatial coordinates of the 33rd parallel, perhaps when certain celestial alignments lock into place. Perhaps due to other forces.  When you study history that is simply a fact.  If you take nothing else away from our little jaunts through this night gallery, take that nugget of wisdom, and use that knowledge as a power to recognize them in their actions.  They will leave clues.  They can’t help themselves.  And yes, just so you’ll know, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are two of their main tools for oppression.



     On the heels of that headline came the news of a collapse that had similar characteristics to a small controlled detonation, early on the morning of Tuesday, October 21st of a building in New Orleans’ French Quarter.  You could rightly say that many buildings in the French Quarter are verging on ages of 100 years if not more, so what’s the big deal?

     The big deals here happen to be two things:  1) timing, and 2) proximity to Tulane University, which has been in the crosshairs much of late.  See my last posting Ebola Working Pattern Recognition.  As a matter of fact, you could think of what you’re reading here as merely Part II of this evolving story.


     And this collapse seems curious given not just the harsh glare of recent suspicious activity regarding Tulane and their West African adventures in dispersing Ebola variants courtesy of, ultimately, the Department of Defense.  When you examine in historical perspective the role of not just Tulane, but areas of the entire French Quarter regarding bioweapons manufacture and sequestering, this “collapse” becomes perhaps something less than accidental.  To examine the long and sordid history of New Orleans’ fingerprints all over the coming New World Order, you’ve got to look to two associates named Lee Harvey Oswald, and David Ferrie, both at the time hip deep in the machinations that would culminate with JFK’s gray matter aerosolized all over Dealey Plaza, and the American Dream a forlorn, fading memory.  But that wasn’t all they were involved in.  They, and Ferrie especially, left another legacy that also remains with us today, and in an even more immediate and deadly fashion than the coups and the “new forms of government” Jack Ruby warned us about.

     Long story short, David Ferrie was in possession of, and experimenting with batches of SV-40, Simian Virus 40, in his lab at 3225 Louisiana Parkway Ave., hard by the French Quarter.

      This is the same SV-40 that it’s now known contaminated the polio vaccine in the years roughly 1954-1963.  Yes, the vast majority of baby boomers, almost all of who received the vaccine in those years, were exposed to this virus.  Every dose of polio vaccine produced in the world and the 98 million Americans who received them received a dose of polio vaccination contaminated with a cancer-causing virus from the monkey kidneys used to develop the vaccine.  Read that last sentence carefully and ponder the radical explosion of soft-tissue cancers beginning in the baby boomer generation.  Of course the documented links between SV40 and human cancers took a long time to define, only becoming apparent with the advent of breakthroughs in molecular biology. 

     The exact questions of how Ferrie was able to obtain batches of SV-40 that should only have been procurable from secured and classified government labs, not to mention exactly what he was doing with it, have yet to be sufficiently answered.  (More than likely he got batches from his friend Dr. Mary Sherman, who was conducting secret SV-40 research at Tulane at the time of her mysterious murder.)  But these were the exact years, the early 1960s, when places like Litton Bionetics, under the guise of the Special Virus Cancer Program, were hired by the U.S. Government to look into a possible weaponized virus that would specifically attack and decimate the human immune system response.  Was David Ferrie looking into then what would eventually morph into HIV and AIDS?  More, much more, on all this can be found in Dr. Edward Haslam’s excellent work Dr. Mary’s Monkey, and in the literature and online work of Dr. Len Horowitz.  Most of the above information was also substantiated in 1992 with the release of Lee Harvey Oswald’s intelligence files under the JFK Records Collection Act, birthed by the public outcry in the wake of Oliver Stone’s JFK


      Where this all fits in with the recent incident in the French Quarter is in the fact that Ferrie had his secret lab there.  Mary Sherman had a secret lab there.  In an area so close to Tulane, already named in secret human trials to administer Ebola throughout the populace of West Africa, is it such a stretch to wonder whether or not something was gotten rid of in these last few days; vital files and records of just what exactly Tulane was doing in West Africa perhaps?  Given the documented presence of the French Quarter, and Tulane University, in the secret history of biowarfare in this country, this particular timing of some sort of explosion/collapse, in the wake of all the Ebola revelations coming out of Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, at the U.S. Government’s ground zero for its creation, certainly seems curious.  And ominous.  Who’s to say that damning Tulane records pertaining to the deliberate spread of Ebola throughout Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia sanctioned by the U.S. Government didn’t just go up in a puff of smoke only days ago?


     Word on the street in the French Quarter has it that the owner (still unidentified in the media) of either the shop or apartment (still unidentified in the media) had been inside “cleaning out old junk over the last few months.”  Not surprisingly, no more information has been forthcoming.


     The fact is multiple projects overseen by the US Department of Defense (DOD) under the Transformational Medical Technologies Program (TMT) of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have spent millions of dollars conducting scientific research into the Ebola virus, its potential for being turned into a bio-weapon and certain vaccine efforts through two drug corporations, Massachusetts-based Sarepta Therapeutics and Tekmira Pharmaceuticals of Canada.  Then the funding was abruptly cut. (only to be later picked up by the Soros and Gates factions.)

     The TMT creates relationships with private sector biotech firms, pharmaceutical corporations and academic institutions, as well as other government agencies to advance biological warfare, research viral and biological weapons and estimate threat levels of all biological agents based on ability to infect and effectiveness of devastation.

     The DOD suddenly stopped funding Ebola vaccine research through these two corporations due to financial constraints. (likely serving now as a limited hangout only after a deal with Soros/Gates had finalized). With the sporadic nature of Ebola outbreaks, combined with the absolute deadly nature of the virus makes it a hard sell to large pharmaceutical corporations because it “isn’t a huge customer base and Big Pharma is obviously interested in big profits. So these niche products which are important for biodefense are really driven by small companies,” according to Larry Zeitlin, president of Mapp Biopharmaceuticals, who is developing “therapies” to combat Ebola.

     Mysteriously, microbiologists and virologists who were involved with research into immunology and bioweapons have either gone missing or been found dead over the past two decades. Most of these scientists had ties to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the NIH, & the DOD – just to name a few. While the number of experts involved in infectious disease research having died under questionable circumstances has risen exponentially, the US government has remained absolutely silent.

     In November of 2002, DynCorp was given a $322 million contract to develop, produce and store vaccines for the DOD. DynCorp has been connected to PROMIS, a backdoor software program designed to identify, secretly monitor and target specific individuals for operations known only to the US government, and a many-tentacled story that investigative journalist (back in the days before their extinction) Danny Casolaro pursued to his death; another saga far beyond the scope of this entry alone.


     And now, word just in yesterday from Alex Jones’ forces, that various patients around the country, all Ebola-positive, are being “disappeared” by federal authorities.


     Testimony from 27-year veteran Border Control Agent Zach Taylor, as well as Dr. James Lawrenzi in Missouri, confirms that patients, positively identified as being infected with Ebola and bleeding out of every orifice, are being taken away in unmarked vans by federal authorities, sometimes in the middle of the night, without paperwork, to destinations unknown. 


     Firefighters and emergency techs in New York have been forbidden to even use the word “Ebola” over any radio transmissions, and patients around the country positively identified as having Ebola are being officially classified as having “malaria” instead.  A patently ridiculous classification since malaria causes no such symptoms.  The previous assertion that this particular strain of Ebola, now called EVD, only caused “bleed out” symptoms in some 18% of presenting cases, appears to have course-corrected itself yet again in what can only be called possibly another mutation, which is in no way good news.

     Jones himself confirmed that he has a confidential Dr. close friend/informant managing a group of hospitals in a major Texas city – Jones would only say they have a major NFL team – confirming that Ebola is now in all major Texas cities and that indeed patients infected with it are being disappeared overnight and taken to places unknown.  Retired chief Border Agent Zach Taylor also confirmed that this has been going on for months on the Southern border, naming medical centers and citing that the infected are indeed being taken away.  And all the while this is going on, flights from West Africa are still coming in.  Why are we allowing this?  France, Columbia, all of South America, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Japan, China, other multiple countries around the world…None are accepting flights from West Africa now.  Why is the United States?  Why are we the dumping ground for this?  Do I have to paint you a picture?  Look at this quote from Obama, courtesy of InfoWars.


     We are all in the middle of a massive ongoing operation occurring NOW.  Earlier in the day word came through of the fourth positively identified Ebola victim inside the United States:  New Yorker Dr. Craig Spencer, a “humanitarian” worker with Medecins Sans Frontieres, or Doctors Without Borders who had just returned from Guinea.  Spencer had taken the subway and gone out jogging before he had started to feel unwell.  After he felt unwell, and with a temperature hovering around 104 degrees, this “humanitarian,” who had just returned from Guinea, went out bowling.  You would think a Doctor would have known better.   Can you think of any particular reason why such a doctor wouldn’t choose the most prudent course of action and check himself in to the hospital instead of going bowling?  The way things are heading in this investigation, you might be tempted to think he headed to the bowling lanes per instructions.  The “humanitarian” is currently in isolation in Bellevue.

     The fact that the Ebola virus is now loose in NYC obviously fits the “panic” agenda perfectly.  The very last place you want to be in a “spread scenario” is a population-dense, urban environment – this is also perfect because it lays the groundwork for the furthering of any DOD operation.  This matter has already quietly been declared a matter of National Security by Obama.  The deployment of specially-trained troops, something that already has been beta-tested at Waco, Columbine, in the aftermath of 9/11, and during Hurricane Katrina, is happening now over this.  Posse Comitatus be damned.  We are in the hands of the DHS, FEMA, and possibly even the UN now.  Considering there’s far more than passing evidence that between Tulane, USAMRIID and Fort Detrick this is a Pentagon-contrived operation that was all along planned to germinate in West Africa before being unleashed on the mainland of America; considering the fact that DOD troops are now station-keeping in Guinea/Liberia/Sierra Leone/USA; considering all this and more this is appearing increasingly like a quickly escalating red alert-type situation that the forces that be have either lost control of or are deliberately engineering.  How else to explain the flight restrictions to every major country except the United States?


     This all reeks of CLASSIC problem-reaction-solution that is at the very least a beta test for something coming down the road.  As stated before, likely the precursor to a mandatory vaccination program with a little something extra included in the jab.  Like a chip.  Yet another planned program long, long in the pipeline and just waiting for someone to pull the cosmic Armageddon trigger.

     And just to ratchet up the spooky factor into the red zone, the latest Ebola victim Dr. Spencer’s age as reported by the BBC and other sources?  33.  I swear you just can’t make this stuff up.  Days like this are when you feel as if you’re living in a sci-fi theatre of Philip K. Dick’s imagination.


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