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"Quite simply, I cannot run away. I am compelled to stay locked up in this room, potential prey to the thing that was Sar Poroth has now become. The thing that was once a cat, and once a woman, and once -- what? A large white moth? A serpent? A shrew-like thing with wicked teeth? A police chief? A president? A boy with eyes of blood that sits beneath my window? Lord, who will believe me?

It was that night that started it all. I'm convinced of it now. The night I made those strange signs in the tree. The night the crickets missed a beat. I'm not a philosopher and I can supply no ready explanation for what has been released into the world. I am only a poor scholar, a bookworm, and I must content myself with scrolling a few phrases that keep running thru my mind -- phrases out of books read long ago, when such abstractions meant at most a pleasant shudder. I am haunted by scraps from the myth of Pandora, and by a semantic discussion I once read comparing Natural and Supernatural. And something about a tiny rent in the fabric of the universe. Just large enough to let something in. Something not of nature and hard to kill. Something with its own obscure purpose. 

Ironically, the police might be right, perhaps it was my visit to Gilead that brought about the deaths. Perhaps I had a a hand in letting loose the force that has, to date, snuffed out the lives of four hens, three cats, and at least two people. But that will hardly be content to stop there. 

I just checked. He hasn't moved from the steps of the courthouse. And even when I look out my window, the rose spectacles never waver. Who knows where the eyes beneath them point. Who knows if they remember to blink....My hand is tired from writing. I think it's time to now end this affidavit. If, as I now believe possible, I inadvertently called down evil from the sky and began the events at Poroth Farm, my death will only be fitting. And after my death, many more. We are all I'm afraid its destined prey. Please then forgive this prophet of doom, old at thirty, his last jeremiad. 

The Harvest is past. The summer is ended. And we are not saved."    

    The Events At Poroth Farm, T. E. D. Klein   December 1972 

"There are systems in this world that have everything to gain from your disembodiment. Because emptied bodies are easier to use. Stay whole."   Cole Arthur Riley    

"It's time for us to wake up and face the truth, that we are a captive species on a prison planet, but the fact that we are so close to understanding the science of our imprisonment means that we are also just beginning to touch the key that locks the door..."  Whitley Strieber 


"You'll ruin a beautiful mind. You have no right.."

"We do have a right. We DO have a right."   Whitley Strieber, Communion  1987

"Fairy folk, sylphs, trolls, djinn, and even to some extent what in the past were called gods are turning out to be real entities that have probably been with us right here in our own universe from time immemorial, which we now perceive as aliens." Whitley Strieber, A New World

Late at night, body's yearning, restless night, wanna be with you

Someone's playing, in the garden, so enticing, should I take a bite?

I don't know what's come over me, yeah

She's as heavy as a Chevy, pure excitement, misled

When she touches, can't resist her, I'm a puppet when she's playing

She's outgoin but I love her so -- misled

So I'm sayin now

Baby baby what's your claim to fame?

Got me out of bed, heard you call my name

What's this crazy place you wanna take me to?

Tell me what's the price, if I go with you?

My heart, my soul, my love, is that the goal?

It's the thrill, then I will, be misled, be for real.

Thought I knew her, this lady, opportunist, misled.

Always searching, for adventure, like Pandora's box, misled...

"Whose song is that remembered at random serpentine

Thru phatic coils emerging some other thought it's thinking

This light sounds above the houses on the ground 

This illumination visited upon the whole land

Unmarked helicopters hovering, the Lord is coming soon...

Here comes the supercopter, here comes the noise it makes

The demon was an idea, the demon is awake

One scratch mark left across the surface of your mind

This hour now upon us, the hour has now arrived."

"And make him slither thru the river, as the snake did thru the tree

He prepared a gate for all of us, and we await the final key

Blessed be! From the branches of Death's tree

The fruit is finally falling down,

And the Harvester is free."

"Tomorrow soon turns into yesterday, everything we see just fades away

Sky and sand where mountains used to be, time drops by a second to eternity

It doesn't matter if we turn to dust, turn and turn and turn we must

I guess I'll see us dancin in the ruins tonight

There's laughter where I used to see your tears, it's all done with mirrors, atmospheres,

There's nothing pure or sacred in our time, nights we spent together are no crime

It doesn't matter if we turn to dust, turn and turn and turn we must

I guess I'll see us dancin in the ruins tonight

Guess I'll see us dancin in the ruins tonight

Like marble statues always flowing lay, from castles built in silence let us play

Even though our skulls rot in our flesh, we can build a laser tear the mesh

It doesn't matter if we turn to dust, turn and turn and turn we must

I guess I'll see us dancin in the ruins tonight

Guess I'll see us dancin in the ruins tonight."

Prologue: I believe what follows represents the most dense, information-packed post I've ever unleashed on you guys, so without further ado, let's get started; Atomic Batteries to power, Turbines to speed before New Year's Eve....


There are signs and then there are SIGNS as the Ceremonies swing and shudder into full stellar alignment. 

Road markers along the way that beg for your strict attention. It appears that many of these, past and present, are now coalescing at this specific point in the timeline. Biotech advances in implants and technology that bespeaks of other, darker forces. Boys in red spectacles that have historically been portents of "the outside." Science turned and tuned and run amok. Flying saucers. Communications. Agreements. 

Consider if you will the whole miasmic spectacle that we have been witnesses to unfolding since at least circa 2015: 

the missing children, 

the Clinton/Podesta emails leading into the mass faux illegitimate and illegal debunking of pizzagate, 

the unveiling of first the Second Mile at Penn State, then NXIVM followed in lockstep by the unveiling of the scope of the Epstein network,

followed by Epstein's arrest, "suicide" and the implications, 

Missing 411, markers of sacrifice and ritual, 

alien abductions spiking in the 1980s thru the 1990s but still continuing undercover of media complacence and blackout, 

now disclosure news of UFOs/UAPs, 

the brontosaurus-in-the-room advancement of CERN and their objectives, 

the "plandemic," the lockdowns, distancing, masking leading into the psychological strongarm and straight MKUltra tactics of the planned vaxx, the installed nanotech coupled with the 5G network sprouted undercover while we had no say... 

all of this is connected and the major signs now all point to a majority fallen spiritual component which can no longer go unremarked,

Major players who have been paying attention are taking notice and speaking up, even if it is between the lines and cryptically for now -- those voices will become clearer and more stringent in time:

"A spiritual component."

Remember it was just a few weeks back when TC first broke the glass ceiling on the talk of agreements

Keep in mind that this man, this platform, DWARFS any and all mainstream outlets to the tune of tens of millions more views with every release. This is essential whether you like him or loathe him --  this is the new media. Full stop. And to very much a certain extent we ALL are -- those of us composing and those of you reading and digesting. The rules to the game have changed fundamentally and incontrovertibly...forever. 

So when existential subjects of grave importance are being brought up on these new platforms...this MEANS something has shifted, meaningfully, and the scales are falling from humanity's eyes as the dominos fall everywhere. These are world-changing Black Swan times. Charles Fort, believe me, is beaming. He was, after all, first and foremost, a reporter.

I can't even begin to tell you just how many twitter threads just like this one are popping up like mushrooms:

The "Cabal" is being exposed at every turn. And yes, it is a Cult. And it is out for blood. But, and I cannot stress this highly enough, it doesn't stop there. Why, for instance, would the CIA, since 1947, have taken such an abiding and obsessive interest in the Dead Sea Scrolls? This world is more than just this world. Multitudes of every stripe, species, and multiphasic variety are on board, quantumly entangled with us in this journey beyond the stars.

Maybe they (CIA) were trying to ascertain how Jack Parsons opened all those portals in the desert a year earlier -- and what was coming thru them:

Note the linkage to Dee, Kelley, and the Enochian, which we know our own military is now fully in league with:

Maybe the same reason Hillary Clinton was requesting documents pertaining to the recovered resurrection chamber of Gilgamesh in Iraq, as well as the buried Nephilim while she was heading the State Department? We followed the same M.O. as the Nazis all around the globe -- searching for the supernatural.

Does all of the above not hint strongly at the positive causal affirmation of Carlson's charges of "agreements?"

And TC's not the only one confirming the Chapel Perilous -- not by a long shot:


The landscape -- the terrain -- is shifting:

Pasulka and Carlson are grasping different ends of the same elephant in the room here. As are the trending Faull Brothers:


Pasulka notices, like the Faulls, the rituals inherent in early spaceflight ops, even as she does it from the secular side of the river and they the theological. 

Parsons and Co believed they were in touch because they WERE in touch. The full vid:

And she gets into even more here:

i.e., Jack Parsons used rituals to download knowledge from "outside sources" which of course gets into the heavy lifting research of Dr. Ray Boeche:

The Parsons backstory:

Which may, when all is said and done, be the launching point for all that has come since in the following 77 years....Who is to say if rituals initiated then are not bearing modern-day fruit across black technologies and inherited blueprints dictated from the other side of the veil?? Roadmaps to the Turning and perhaps the nexus point of those "agreements" Tucker keeps mentioning in appearance after appearance.

Being more focused on consciousness is a hallmark. It's why Robert Bigelow, hip-deep in the Skinwalker Ranch hoopla with his NIDS organization in the mid.late-90s, abruptly jumped horses midstream, shut everything down, and began focusing intently on near-death and after-life experiences, and throwing the full brunt of all of his monetary forces behind that scenario as being THE answer to all of this. To this day every bit of his Skinwalker data is hidden behind NDAs and impenetrable exempted legal firewalls.

The blending of technology, science, and occultism -- stop me if you've heard that trending in the world lately: 

As all the while TC continues to drill and double down:

Again, going to 27:15, there is the issue of our being in CONTACT with whatever these are. Being as on the ball as he is, TC keeps bringing this angle up, and shows no signs of stopping doing so. Reading between the lines -- keeping that kind of info from the public that you work for -- what kind of reason for that could there be? Obviously, such contact and/or agreements are NOT in the public's best interest

As for the tail end of the above interview, when it is revealed in no uncertain terms that the US Government has killed people over this, well, let's not cry that could never happen here and other such blatant nonsense:

(We can even bring up the mysterious Marconi deaths, which certainly could be related:

And to cross genres and still keep it in the park of this investigation:

By all means, close calls Dr. Carrie Madej and Karen Kingston can testify that this is no small matter, as could Kary Mullis, Luc Montagnier, and a myriad of others... and the mystery killings continue:

So for even a moment to suggest that it's beyond the pale for monied interests and governments to not have their hand in things like this -- let's dispense with such propaganda and gaslighting entirely. Of COURSE they have -- and they will continue to as long as we allow it. The unfolding must continue.)

Tucker gets to the real deal again at the end, around the 1:00:26 mark. Between his contacts and their intel, this seems all but assured now, incredibly enough: 

"They're hiding something real that implicates them. And if they are talking to these entities, whatever they are, and I believe on the basis of evidence that the US Government has made contact and has had continuous, or at least sporadic but over a period of years, contact -- you don't need to nod or shake your head but that is my belief based on talking to people -- what IS that??"

"WHAT are they talking about? What is that?" Implication? Look around. Nothing good.

TC opens with this -- he closes with this. Make no mistake, this is a new and vital talking point. This is THE point. And when so many are making it -- at the same time -- it's far past time to sit up and take notice. Because this is the hub that everything else spins around, and the switching yard around which everything else finally begins to make sense. 


And a vital part of that scheme is an abundance of predictive programming, which of late has been rolled out at a rapid pace, with no shortage of occult markers by prominent profiles -- take executive producers Barack and Michele Obama having final signoff on tweaking the script of Netflix's recent Leave The World Behind, which predicts a global breakdown thru cyberattack, Havana Syndrome-type pulse weapons, limited atomic engagement, and possibly even HAARP and 5G-manipulated global electromagnetic field interference, amoung other things. 

And the clues only start there -- within the dialogue there is much more:

Within you will find foreknowledge by an evil cabal, an insider that is tipped off by suspicious stock trades and dumps in the days immediately preceding. (9/11 anyone??) meetings that take place on the Winter Solstice, and much more. 

There are embedded 666s, paintings that mysteriously change in the background to control mood, and a drone-dropped flurry of flyers that seemingly come from foreign agents, that some enterprising soul screen-captured and entered into ChatGPT for a translation -- this is what it came up with: 

All of this penned with liberal help from a former majorly CIA-linked, Deep State President, keep in mind.

I even thought at first listen the soundtrack choices were innocuous, til I looked closer at Kool and the Gang's near-miss Misled from November 1984, which is inserted early in the narrative with absolutely zero context for its inclusion and no apparent reason either -- until you start delving into the subconscious, subliminal realms... 

It's not like it's rap or Taylor glaringly out of place. As I said, until you examine the lyrics. (See the header). Suggestive doesn't even begin. And yes, this gets far into the vaxx agenda, who has implemented it, and why. What machinery has been installed in us; for what purpose? Certain people know:

Now hit the play button on Misled once again -- and shiver at just what a former President may be telegraphing straight to you (about what the goals are)....because that's what the Revelation of the Method is all about. Manifesting it right in your face. The Manifestation of the Hierarchy.

There are so many Easter eggs, subliminals, and deep hidden meanings with this production that it plays like a triggering fever dream of reading-between-the-lines and detail that would make Kubrick blush. There are the constantly changing murals on the walls of the bedroom and living room:

Note: the Jenga Tower collapsing may also have been a nod to both 9/11 and this of Epstein's: 

The White Lion ship that runs aground is a callout to the name of both the first slave ship venturing to America as well as this bible verse: "Be sober, be vigilant. Because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour."

Then at the beginning there are the 3 sixes and the crack in the wall which has been plastered over -- perhaps signifying a breach forming concurrently in the world happening now at the behest of that Antichrist consciousness:

Then there are the t-shirts and their prominent messaging:

Then there is the hidden QR code -- see 6:59 here:

Nope, nothing creepy there.

Other realizations:

Then there is the fact that Julia Roberts slums around in some sweater-vesty-drape frumpalumpalus concoction that sports a prominent eight-pointed star:  

The same eight-pointed star of Ishtar which is also featured everywhere in Eyes Wide Shut by none other than Stanley Kubrick, who Sam Esmail, director of LTWB, counts as a spiritual mentor:

This is a major calling card of the satanic elite bowing to Egyptian lineage, and it adorns every nook, cranny and open space in the interior of the human and child-sacrificing sex and death cult especially during the Christmas season, nodding straight to its original pagan saturnalian roots:

But it is also the occult symbol of chaos magick, and traces an even further root system back to the biblical and worldwide visitations of the Anunnaki:

So Esmail knew EXACTLY what he was doing with this subtle, but pointed, reference. Or was that Obama? 

And then there are the references to the MR. ROBOT universe, another of Esmail's creations, which I evidently need to revisit immediately:

As further evidence of Esmail's insider pedigree, MR. ROBOT contained an entire plotpoint in the narrative all about CERN:

The fact that LTWB falls within the MR. ROBOT universe now brings up other striking influences and connections, does it not? 

And absolutely everywhere in the film, the house architecture displayed is that of the "double cross" -- admitting culpability and informing of the nature of the plan in one image subliminally worth a thousand words:

And never forget (speaking of CERN, the vaxx, et al) that the soul has always been the prize. "Spiritual components?" You'd better believe it. (Put another way -- see Carlson's queries above: Inherent in these communications; these agreements...)

Dangerous but necessary questions.

Remember always a little speech of startling purple prognostication that doesn't get enough credit these days:

Little wonder they killed that man.


More angles to the ever-unfolding puzzle:

Take specific note of the very wise observation from Tony Merkel later in the above conversation with LA Marzulli -- people don't grasp the complexity of this operation or the number of constantly moving pieces in play here to bring an operation of this scope and magnitude all off in lockstep from a plan decades, if not longer, in the making:

This is a multi-dimensional (pardon the pun), full spectrum dominance op being launched by the other side which encompasses everything we're seeing from the deeply technological to the spiritual: the biowork wetware, the installation of nanotech designed to self-assemble, the disruption of entire neurological systems, the increasing of observations of both UAPs and cryptids in the last several years, the prevalence of dreams, the ease with which an entire species was seemingly (& literally) spellbound into deep brainwashing and aggression towards their fellow man, the complete abandonment of critical thinking and common sense...on and on. 

Until we can collectively come to grips with what HAS been done to us, we will never be able to escape was is GOING to be done to us. Recognition is the key to escape the trap that is targeting our very souls.

Remember this scene from Leave The World Behind?? 

Perhaps the deer no longer being afraid of (& beginning to take an unhealthy interest in) man is merely a precursor to this:

"And I will appoint over them four kinds saith the Lord; the sword to slay and the dogs to tear, and the fowls of the heaven and the beasts of the earth, to devour and destroy." Jeremiah 15:3

Marzulli says as much as well in his interview above with Confessionals host Tony Merkel.  

Be that as it may, when things like this start happening -- wildly abnormal instances appearing with increasing frequency -- it will be our marker that the time is beginning.

And lest you think Marzulli is merely another religi-quack nutbar when he speaks of the viability of sustaining mass amounts of hybrid babies in artificial wombs, may I remind you that the reveal of EctoLife came online just a year ago:

But of course that's for the good of humanity, right? Right. Shake scabby hands with Mr. Kiss and Tell... 

Combine these facts with the knowledge that human procreation and reproduction is (not slowly) but quickly grinding to a manufactured and preordained halt worldwide -- just who or what do you think is going to fill that void? From Naomi's

Now perhaps we can begin to discuss the diagram overlap between possible UAP phenomena within the statistical context of human birth rates. Or where were you when LA Marzulli and Naomi Klein started speaking the same language from an ontological perspective? Both of these converging viewpoints coupled with Dr. Ana Mihalcea's research above lead to ominous conclusions and an evolving narrative of sinister intent that is quickly falling into place all around us. These are inescapable and form a bottom line where we can assuredly say that something previously hidden is being brought into view. A new religion precedes a new paradigm as the destruction precedes the "building back better."

I used to say "meet you at the intersection of worldwide pedophile rings and flying saucers."

Now I can say "meet you at the intersection of transhumanistic genomic body snatchers and flying saucers."

But hey, po-tay-to, po-tah-to. It's like shooting fish in a barrel at this point. 

When two separate events occur simultaneously pertaining to the same object of inquiry, we must always pay strict attention. 

Which will very much continue to apply as we go along....



This also just popped up on radars all over -- another junction where we're being herded:

Another manifest destiny being locked-in and forecast for us -- and the forecast calls for pain. Take note of the prominent red-spectacled young man -- a feature placed their for your perusal and meant to stick out. 

A feature with a long history of occult lore and signaling, going back to Lovecraft, Machen, Blackwood, all the way up to T E D Klein. A signifier of "the other" in our midst. 

What might that be doing in an otherwise straight-up Civil War flick? Other than being a signpost for dissolution, spiritual anarchy, chaos magick at work in the land. A subtext alluding strongly to the Left Hand Path behind the scenes, infiltrating and networking. All is not as it seems. It never is. It never was. A war film that feels like a horror film; likely because A24 is the cutting-edge horror production company right now -- but something else is at work here too...this just resonates way too much as the spheres and Venn diagrams begin to overlap more and more until the clues scream like flowers in some Machen dreamscape that defy your disbelief and mock your manipulated, degrading observational skills. This is manufactured cognitive function remote-controlled into a steep decline.

Look in the doubt we've wallowed/ Look at the leaders we've followed/ Look at the lies we've swallowed/ And I don't wanna hear no more

Stripped of all "woo," which you really can't do since it is "woo" built and based, but be that as it may, certainly a central pillar of the problem lies within the Central Banking System, as both Whitney Webb and Tucker again reiterate here -- from the likes of Epstein and BCCI on down, the worst, most feared predators lurk in the tidal shallows of trading in dark dollars and off-the-books ledgers:

Make no mistake, it is a Book of the Dead based on total lies, misdirection and legerdemain, and it leads us headlong into...


George W. Bush's "Coalition of the Willing" has grown up -- they're now willing to engage in wholesale genocide and species transmogrification. And I'm not seeing a lot of Christine Andersons calling them out about it:

Or anyone like Dr. Buttar:

He especially made some dangerous connections in this talk with Maria Zeee:

Since coming out as alternative vaxx theorists, think of the growing number of doctors, biotech experts, and researchers that have had close, and worse, brushes with death: Zelenko, Madej, Kingston, Buttar, and others that have not yet disclosed for fear of worse reprisals via plane crashes, targeted cancer attacks, auto crashes, directed energy weapon targeting, etc. 

Buttar's CNN interrogator, Drew Griffin? Gunned down by one of those mysteriously proliferating turbo cancers months after that interview:

Seemed so plausible, your facile, vacuous, unquestioning takedown, didn't it Drew?

But hey, it's not like you're alone:

Or that orders weren't coming from the top, with lots of money attached for complying:

Wonder how much of that 10 bil found its way into the hush money slush funds of Twitter, YT, Facebook, Google, etc?? 

Because that's now looking like blood money, and it's aging about as well as this "winter of death" promise for the unvaxxed, remember?:

Absolute fear-porn propaganda. So Alex Jones gets fined a kabillion dollars for "misinformation." When exactly do we start levying massive monetary charges against the White House? 

Against Big Pharma?:

Because the carrying out of an agenda that may trace back to alien communications and underpinnings needs compliance, first and foremost.


Remember this rather alarming headline out of CDAN?:

That was in May of 2020, right after the supposed pandemic outbreak.

Now remember something that Dick Gregory said just after MH370 disappeared:

So in 2014 Rothschild assumed the patents for an aerosolized vaxx implementation system, farmed out to Freescale Semiconductor -- surely that couldn't have trickled down to the small Northern Cali towns mentioned in that CDAN drop, facilitated by the CEOs of Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix & Google? And the "coincidence" that was taking place at the height of a supposed worldwide "pandemic?" Just another example trotted out for widescale viability beta-testing perhaps. 

On a captive populace that was growing more "captive" by the hour at that point.

And today, as if on cue:

The Black Rainbow is on the way. The Fourth Horseman. In more ways and in more realms than we can imagine.


And the results of such experimentation pre-and-post rollout of the vaxx are now becoming increasingly clear:

We are staring a global manufactured crisis in the face. But what is it the setup for?? Wait til later under the chapter Windswept House below....

That "science" they wanted us to blindly trust for so long? It's now turning around on them and confirming the unthinkable...

The Insurance Company numbers are becoming more and more strident and absolutely impossible to ignore. And they may have only just begun. Using even their own logic against them -- after a mass pandemic overall deaths would be down, because the weaker people have been killed off? This is not proving to be the case. Not even close.

And just to give you a heads up that the vaxx is only a part of a binary or tertiary weapons system, check the lay of the land in Sweden, where they're already getting sick:

The preparation is coming along nicely. Hit it Elvis:


The people that control and run the world, likely by proxy, hate you. They want to minimize and control you. That's why, in almost 2024 now, as David Icke talks from the 3:40 point onward, the word "vaccine" is still getting freaking bleeped by Youtube algorithms. That's how much they hate alternative views -- the truth. There mere word vaccine uttered by one such as Icke, is hate speech, not deserving of having any context presented as a baseline. You don't deserve that. Their propaganda, their brainwashing....THAT you deserve, and that you will get. Along with a Starlink-aided 5G bath for the rest of your life -- with who knows what kind of finger poised over the button of activation/deactivation 24/7 according to how you behave/perform. Because that nanotech and smart dust is IN you now, thanks to shedding and breathing. After all, a vaxx is so quaint. There are much better, more efficient ways of making you a Hive member. 

Just look at some of the first comments in this vid about the still mysterious, still chilling, still unsolved case of Erin Valenti:

The massive numbers of people out and about, by themselves, alone and unspeaking, that are receiving prompts on their phones re what they have been silently watching and just sometimes THINKING about, are growing exponentially and are encompassing far more than just hearsay now. I know because it's happened to me -- with zero rational explanation for such.

Unless they can see thru our eyes now -- vaccinated or not. 

Watch what you think, they can read your mind, Trent said back in 2007 when it all seemed edgy paranoid ravings mid-2000s when some semblance of innocence still reigned and it was fun to spook yourself with things that seemed outlandishly maybe instead of standing outside your door at midnight. 

Not so paranoid and not so raving anymore -- "paranoid" has raced by on the outside and blown our doors off and our faces out in the backstretch...we have been caught, passed, and left waving from the wreckage. Alydar, meet Affirmed.

Or to quote; "I didn't know I'd be revisiting this album so much as an adult, and with such new eyes. I just thought 'cool, it's about a fictional apocalypse.' Now I think Trent predicted the future."


Before we leave this chapter btw, the case of Erin Valenti remains so compelling precisely because of not just the fishy circumstances but also the incredibly strange timing: whatever happened to her happened to her in the shadow of Silicon Valley, satanic-leaning stronghold of Gates, Bezos, Musk, etc, all of whom are masters of the exact same tech she may have been targeted by in October 2019, within the reach of the smart dust mountains...

She was also found dead just 6 days before this:

In a neighborhood that had been repeatedly searched by police, drones, and neighbors, who seemingly didn't even notice the out-of-place car or the body lying in the back for 5 days...??:


Speaking of thought experiments and matrixes....We may be looking at possibly The Girl That Knew Too Much...about what? 

What was getting ready to be unleashed on the world, and the mind control, supercharged MKUltra-ish aspects of the neurological takeover and the targeting of the cognitive abilities of humanity thru bio/nanotechnology that breached the parallel veils between existential realms at the same time it was breaching the blood-brain barrier.  

With all the paranormal baggage implied in that statement.

Much more about Erin here, in a case I will never stop looking at,  repeatedly:

And yes, something incredibly evil was, and still is, at play:

Erin was a warning to us all from an insider that got too close and sensed too much.  


Once again, we have to venture back behind time's curtain to get to the future. And for this, we need to pilfer Coast to Coast AM's fabled wee-hours radio vaults and go back to that uber-weird year 1997, in the springtime when when Art Bell spoke with Father Malachi Martin, a gentle and unassuming soul that's forgotten more about the nature of evil than you'll ever hope to know. The OG Exorcist and occult detective that first ferreted out that the some of Satan has permeated the Vatican. 

These transmissions are super creepy to listen to now, because they revealed, almost scenario for scenario, would would be coming 23 years and later down the pike. At a time when the internet was just taking off and most people didn't even have their own computer yet, these ghostly talks crackling in on the late night, early morning radio waves were like listening in on crystal visions between two seers translating from the ether. A seance of the mind now. And no less powerful for it.

As an aside, and very interesting in a case of Fate or the universe talking to you, right after I'd started this chapter a few days ago, this twitter notification popped up in my feed today:

AN INCREDIBLE twitter drop, and one that leads to all manner of areas unspoken of in the historical record:

Don't we keep revisiting this?? Now the world is coming fully on board to the Parsons Hypothesis....and there is a reason for that pertaining to the modern era.

All of these conversations more than confirm that the visionary fever dream of David Lynch, Twin Peaks, certainly now seems like nothing as much as a documentary:

That TIMCAST I'm going to be linking to is vital and confirming for all kinds of validating reasons -- Tucker AGAIN making a talking point of joining all kinds of people on the political, scientific & theological spectrum coming together on this one point, to which we should pay MAJOR attention -- as it's the song I've been singing increasingly since around 2016 at least when anomalies started popping up with regularity: CERN, pedo rings, missing children, pizzagate in a kind of Rube Goldberg machine of chaos and dissolution and everything en masse took a prominent lurch into the Lovecraftian. (Perhaps True Detective season one was a table-setter...)

That twitter link led to the full podcast, which is absolute GOLD from start to finish and touches on a plethora of flashpoints which always circle back around to one main undercurrent: influence on human vessels by non-human intelligences as an explanation and rationale for literally everything that's going on in the world today.

Even influences such as this are raised, very rationally, by Carlson and crew:

Influences that we ALL tap into and are exposed to on a daily basis -- Carlson is spot on as you will hear in this amazing presentation of like minds. An amazing confluence of a conclusion but the gravitational pull of which becomes inescapable -- the full podcast: 

At 28:30 talk begins of spirit cooking, Bohemian Grove and by extension, Epstein; at 36 minutes, the spiritual component of UFOs is raised......

But at 40 minutes, I kid you not, the discussion turns to, and here's where it gets spooky...Malachi Martin

And as you will hear, some rather interesting points are raised. All about the difference between regular possession, and what Malachi called "perfect" possession. His name coming up, and the topic of discussion, is one of those times when you need to listen to the universe and what it's telling you. Unless you believe in extreme coincidences of timing. 

I'm telling you that the universe told me, in no uncertain terms to pay attention -- now I'm passing that same message along to you. This particular podcast more than any other in recent memory is essential and drenched in mortal fightback from the White Hats/Christian side of the ledger -- every aside and every comment leads to vital rabbit holes of both disclosure as to the true nature of what's occurring, and how to deal with it from a spiritual armour standpoint. It's all free will and choice. It's up to you.

Which brings us back to where we started -- those old Coast to Coast appearances; these from 1996 and 1997 and several turns of phrase that stick out in hindsight and have great bearing on what's happening now: 

21:00 min mark here:  

1:15:00 here:  speaking of the Phoenix Lights?

1:45:32;   The Quickening/ Aug 1938 timing of anomalous lights in the sky witnessed by Hitler, Goering, Goebbels and others at which time Hitler declared it is now time for bloodshed.

2:20:04; some crisis appears that threatens to wipe us all out/ the rise of the Antichrist, this will be the crisis used to pave the way for him...that crisis installation was the setup.

2:38:56; Installation of the VATT Lucifer telescope on Mt Graham, timed with the appearance of the Hale-Bopp comet and letters to Art Bell from a former Vatican priest, then on the run

Notice particularly in the 2nd letter and the mention of a virus

More, much more is unearthed here with Martin disciple Kathleen Keating, on 2-2-02:

41:52; a veiled allusion to those Vatican Priest letters...what Tucker et al are alluding to now was actually out there in exact same parlance since late 1996... "UFOs and the government tie-in" in Keating's words. 

1:09:33; the Harvesting of Souls/UFOs and spiritualism/transports/facilitating the plan of the Antichrist/the veil will be lifted...(remember Erin Valenti again...)

1:14:10; "part of it happening within a year or two; the mechanism is in place and it's moving..." (Hint: this was February 2002 -- Craig Venter's Human Genome Project was finished in April 2003.)

1:20:00; a Strange Power in touch with world leaders, altering our own DNA. Perhaps hinting at figures in the shadows like this, manipulating:

IMPORTANT: Keep that Harvesting of Souls notion in mind also -- I'll have much more to say about that in the very next installment upcoming. And I'll just remark that it is not nearly as abstract as you might think and leave it at that for now.

But is it not amazing how these themes live on and recur down thru the decades -- almost as if some plan is being brought forward. Almost identical language and wording appearing again and again -- eerie echoes of a looming reality. A mirror world on repeat, but buried far back enough that most don't remember or make the connection. Signs. Which is where we started.

And at the end I'd like to leave you with these shards of inspiration as conclusion for ever so brief a time for now -- here in the headwaters between another Winter Solstice and sacred season come around again:

"Recalling what Don Juan taught Carlos Castaneda; that we are energy, spiritual beings, that this physical universe is effectively a shared illusion that we learn and learn to maintain from our lifetime of interaction with others. We grow into it therefore we believe it to be the sum total of reality -- never questioning it, never seeking beyond it. Yes, like The Matrix.

Is it possible that what was unseen will become seen? It refers to our collective awakening to a new level of spiritual awareness. We won't see it until we believe it. 

Is it possible that an Antichrist is a catalyst that shall bring about this new spirituality? And that it is according to God's plan -- a very complex plan of which we can only perceive pieces. I find it very difficult to believe that the Creator is a poor chess player."  2-2-02 Anon fax to Art Bell