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"Well the last thing I remember before I stripped and kneeled, was that trainload of fools bogged down in a magnetic field

A gypsy with a broken flag and a flashing ring, she said 'Son this ain't a dream no more, it's the real thing.'"

Sixteen yearsSixteen banners united over the fieldWhere the good shepherd grievesDesperate men, desperate women dividedSpreading their wings 'neath the falling leaves
Fortune callsI stepped forth from the shadows to the marketplaceMerchants and thieves, hungry for power, my last deal gone downShe's smelling sweet like the meadows where she was bornOn midsummer's eve, near the tower
The cold-blooded moonThe captain waits above the celebrationSending his thoughts to a beloved maidWhose ebony face is beyond communicationThe captain is down but still believing that his love will be repaid
They shaved her headShe was torn between Jupiter and ApolloA messenger arrived with a black nightingaleI seen her on the stairs and I couldn't help but followFollow her down past the fountain where they lifted her veil
I stumbled to my feetI rode past destruction in the ditchesWith the stitches still mending 'neath a heart-shaped tattooRenegade priests and treacherous young witchesWere handing out the flowers that I'd given to you
The palace of mirrorsWhere dog soldiers are reflectedThe endless road and the wailing of chimesThe empty rooms where her memory is protectedWhere the angels' voices whisper to the souls of previous times
She wakes him upForty-eight hours later, the sun is breakingNear broken chains, mountain laurel and rolling rocksShe's begging to know what measures he now will be takingHe's pulling her down and she's clutching on to his long golden locks
Gentlemen, he saidI don't need your organization, I've shined your shoesI've moved your mountains and marked your cardsBut Eden is burning, either getting ready for eliminationOr else your hearts must have the courage for the changing of the guards
Peace will comeWith tranquility and splendor on the wheels of fireBut will bring us no reward when her false idols fallAnd cruel death surrenders with its pale ghost retreatingBetween the King and the Queen of Swords

Everybody says you're usin' voodooI see your feet walk by themselves(How much, how much?)(How much longer?) WellEverybody says you're usin' voodooI've seen your feet walk by themselves(How much, how much?)(How much longer?)
Oh, baby, that God you been prayin' toGonna give ya back what you're wishin' on someone else

Climb aboard all you apocalyptic doom preppers, and Conductor Dylan will punch your ticket for this midnight ride on the Freedom train of infotainment and dark desire, now leaving the Night Gallery for parts unknown...on the way hopefully peeling off another layer in the long, hard road towards enlightenment. Nobody said it would be easy, but after all it's the journey, not the destination. It may just seem like you're trapped in a real-life crime-noir-scifi thriller, but it's really a documentary. 

It may be just another Pleasant Valley Sunday here in status symbol land, but there is an incessant buzz beneath the languor of swimming pools opening, and kids' games, and the hissing of the green lawns of early summer; it is something else calling, something other. History has marked us for living in the time of the Revealing, when so many confirmations are trotted out and long-held suspicions are affirmed as psychic thought-bombs blowing the psychosphere apart. "I told you so" doesn't even begin. Where the collective goes from here is anybody's guess, but it doesn't take a mind-reader to see that there is going to be hell to pay. And so many headlines lately have been rushing us along that road more than ever before.

We are rippin and runnin pillar to post this time out my Irregulars, so let's not waste any more time...Onward!! And always remember, no matter how black-pilled all this info seems, no matter how bleak the situation at hand appears: they have to win every time...we only have to win once. 



Take the symbolism inherent and splashed all over the Pfizer Global Headquarters building in NYC. What to make of it? Reeking of Egyptian and occult markers, any rational person might ask just what do these have to do with modern-day, cutting-edge global medicine and healthcare, and where it seeks to take us? More than you might realize...but for that, we may have to look for points of origin, and for those, we need to go back to 1952, New Year's Eve...

Remember 1952.

Some would have called it an attempt at contact, others a summoning ritual, but the fact remains that particulars installed deep within the military-industrial complex, and at least one family line implicated at sinister doings in and around the JFK assassination, that night are said to have opened communication with the Egyptian Ennead, The Nine gods that ruled over and were venerated by the ancient Egyptian civilization. 

What was talked about? What instructions were received, if any? Was a plan set into motion? We don't know. But every day, within and without, we learn a little bit more...

See the Chapter 'Contact' here:

We stumble again upon the cosmic speed bump of non-human intelligences, as it seems to happen more often than not no matter which way we turn in this investigation. This Round Table Foundation included one Arthur M. Young:

Read the full wiki for an entertaining ride, and wonder, between the lines, everything that ISN'T mentioned...but a message, a clear and distinct one, was transmitted and bubbling under the upper echelons of elite society.

Watching everything come full circle, as we are wont to do here, the Round Table contacting the Nine would eventually morph into something called Lab Nine, run by spooks and remote viewers (is this where the CIA, DARPA, SRI et al got the inspiration for Project Stargate, which would eventually branch off into scenarios like Heaven's Gate and the coming of the Hale-Bopp comet and its "companion?") Lab Nine would include extremely well-connected and influential backers like the Bronfman family, so entrenched within the NXIVM narrative, which, by association, very much included Jeffrey Epstein. 

So, you may ask, where does this all connect with Pfizer and their weird artwork? Well, other than the fact that that very same artwork is representative of those very same Egyptian gods contacted supposedly in 1952 -- which, I may ask, WHY? There is also this: one of the numbers on the plate of that car photographed at the front of the global HQ in NY (see header) is 5714.  (the one with '666' I should expect is self-explanatory...)

5714 in the Jewish calendar corresponds to the year 1952. Things that make you go 'Hmmmmm.'

Then there is the disproportionate number of representations of what appear to be empty vessels in that artwork. This begins to become mind-boggling when you start to think about it. The symbolism. The words "break through." Break-throughs that change patients. Really? Klaus Schwab again: 

He knew. In 2015. What was coming. What they had planned. A forced faux pandemic to get you to submit... What was going to be in their vaxx, marketed as "the cure!!" What it would do. It changes YOU. You are a vessel. A vessel they will empty for what they want to install thru their advanced tech and bio-experimentation on the entire planet. Wetware? Software? Hardware? An entity? There really are no good endings to that sentence...

Problem-Reaction-Solution. Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis. The song remains the same. It's just playing now louder than ever before; drowning out everything else, especially those voicing freedom and common sense. And it all is enough to make me believe some kind of marching orders were transmitted back in 1952 that were passed down, echoed amoung the top layers of society as instructions received. And in every assassination trampling down those that espouse free thought, in every ritual false flag that propels totalitarianism, in every act of genocide both small and large, it's been in our faces ever since. The veils are thinning, allowing something to come thru, but at the same time, those thinning veils allow us to see. And the nature of the enemy has always been to hide. Their intentions. Their true goals. That isn't possible anymore. The Awakening is here. And there is always an awakening before the Storm.

I should also add that the CIA launched project MKULTRA right around this exact same time also: 1953. Which would beget MKOFTEN, cooked up by the monsters Gottlieb and Helms, and focusing on the merger of specific intelligence ops with the paranormal realms, and how to weaponize such, gone into at great lengths here amid much else, not the least of which includes UFOs, the effects of plasmas, and interestingly, electro-magnetic frequencies: 

The first several minutes of this all-important podcast play into what we've started talking about in this post the dot-connecting continues...


Ever feel like you're in the middle of an ongoing invasion and no one is noticing? There might just be a good reason for that. See the particulars about the magnetic implications within this fantastic substack post by Dr. Ana Mihalcea:

And here from Karen Kingston, showing that weird magnetic properties have not abated, in fact they have spread from the vaxxed to commercial meats:

All indicative of a Full Spectrum Dominance blanket approach to the attack on humanity. Coupled with what's in the water and what is currently being aerosolized, the points of egress out of this mess are now nil. The definition of what it is to be human are becoming slimmer by the hour, as we are increasingly surrounded by a total environment of the Anti-Life.

MAGNETICS, it would seem, form the cornerstone for the precursor event of changing all of our minds. Literally. Because the first step in any invasion, in any MindWar, as Michael Aquino or any decent military strategist would tell you, is winning hearts and minds.

Only in this case those hearts would be exploding and those minds would be irrevocably altered. Nothing works like fear.  

First came the installation of 5G in all major cities. Then create a highly infectious but mostly harmless virus that provides the pretext for installing nanotech (via your "cure") into the global population. Wait for the time to trigger targeted EM wave activation in said population via 5G thru smartphones, devices, TVs, pretty much everywhere. You have your global control-injury-kill grid. A dream of the CIA's since those MKULTRA days, when they were forever looking for a component to get people -- anyone -- to act out any atrocity against their will. This is hypnosis in a syringe. Mind and thought control in an injectable. And it appears from all recent research they have somehow found a way for it to shed onto, and into, you. Even when you haven't gotten the jab.

But this is nothing new: 

The possibilities have grown since the tech has grown. And look what Northwestern is now soliciting for: 

People with recent changes in their thoughts and perceptions. Let's remember one of those main side effects listed in the Pfizer docs: Deja Vu. From a vaccine. For a cold. Why is none of this making any sense? Unless, of course, it all makes sense. 

Remember what Epstein was looking into and intent on finding: a particle that would make people feel like they're being watched 

Or one of the main things our (& Epstein's) old buddy Charles Lieber was so interested in, amidst his nanowires and 5G activators: the perception of threats:

And who he was pals with besides Epstein:

All of this points straight to a deep and abiding interest in mind control thru vaccination and novel ingredients in that tech that lead straight to transhumanism, if not far worse things.

Notice also the previous wording of what those nanowires found within the jabs can also alter: socialization and pair-bonding behaviour. This has also been attested to in great length over many platforms by Naomi Wolf and her findings within the Pfizer docs. She is seeing remarkable lack of closeness in relationships across the board. Not only do all people now show a fascinating lack of wanting to have sex together, they don't even want to snuggle, hug, hold hands. This all since the advent of the vaxx in 2020:

This, coupled with the engulfing LGBTQAiiiiii or whatthefuckever agenda which not only places heterosexual relations on the back burner, it strives to wipe them out quicker than you can say Straight White Males Be Gone, and what we are seeing is the across-the-board wholesale transformation of the past 3,000+ years of what it meant to be a part of the Christ consciousness of humanity. Just to address what's happening: 

And please, spare me the "white racism" card because of that vid. This is terraforming. This is parallel issues being part of the same platform of chaos, disengagement and disorder. This isn't just some concerted effort to win hearts and minds. This is a concerted biological assault and battery: lowering birth rates, changing socialization patterns, adding a deliberate influx of continual refugees into every nation globally from everywhere as a premeditated act of violence; you can't protect your borders, much less your nation or values if the invasion is systemic and the breakdown of everything, including the family, is planned. We all weren't targeted for extinction by Nature or Mother Earth or the vicissitudes of the Universe. This was murder.

And let's not forget there is another MAJOR reason for the recent border policies and influx:

OPTICS because of ridiculous amounts of vaxx deaths. They can go unreported in the mainstream til the cows come home, but after awhile it becomes noticeable. So, the need for replacements.


You can say we all had it coming because it's EXACTLY what we did to the Native Americans with land "reparations" and plague blankets and you will get ZERO argument from me. You reap what you sew...but we still have to recognize it for what it is. And when it just so "coincidentally" happens to every major indigenous nation on earth at the same time...well, that's no coincidence at all. It's enemy action. It's the Great Reset coming from a long way off. It's a way of life under deliberate attack and it plays into every forced chem spill, every derailment, every food plant and beef/poultry farm explosion, every farmer put out of business....

Bill Gates didn't become the largest farmland owner in the US by accident. This is all about CONTROL. And listen to these incredibly powerful words of Jim Caviezel -- now out there stumping for all he's worth for something that truly matters:

And if you think that topic of conversation doesn't have EVERYTHING to do with all else being addressed here, then you have NOT been paying attention...90%, if not more, of the reasoning behind a 24/7 Open Borders Policy is staring you in the face right here. It's called child trafficking, and it informs the global economy more than any other single factor.

There are over 300,000 unaccounted for children since Biden opened the borders. (And that is one hell of a huge lowball estimate...) Spare me your Left vs Right Uniparty Woke semantics. This is all that matters. Caviezel's notations about Epstein island fully logged and noted for the growing record.  

Not to mention this is a frontal assault on all of humanity, women in particular as Naomi Wolf will gladly illustrate for you. Because when you want to wipe out a civilization to make way for something else, you target the reproductive capabilities of the female of the species.  

This also gets into the CURES ACT: 

And goes with this from Greg Reese: 

Which harkens all the way back to 2000 and this posting from the old SIGHTINGS site:

More terraforming boys and girls. And we're just in the way.

There are huge tells here also and happen to be exactly what Tracy Twyman was on about when she phrased Killing God to Become God,141832,141832

It's all Directed Evolution, and when the magnetics fully come online and become engaged, all bets are off. The planning has been off the charts and ongoing; listen to UVA's own Dr. David Martin in front of the EU Parliament:

Mind blowing, isn't it? The full transcript is here:

Frightening when you remember this was being broadcast back in 2012 from the Hollywood media organ:

Prometheus, indeed. It's now 11 years on, and look where we're standing...remember the entire Alien franchise is predicated upon the fact that it all started as a bioweapon

Should we really be too surprised to finally find that it originates within a supernatural line of descent?  

And for the record, nanowire experiments predate all of this too:

The Man-Machine Merger is a long-awaited dream of the cabal with decidedly supernatural origins as well.


And yet again, that name Epstein begins to emerge:

Even moreso of late thanks to leaked documents and the eternal vigilance of Whitney Webb:

Taking those last two excellent REDACTED links into account, a far more disturbing and far-reaching scenario begins to emerge to the one that has been parroted previously; and one that encompasses the full implications of the vaxx narrative, which grows darker and more sinister by the hour. Are we staring into the horrifying ramifications of a worldwide human sacrifice cult? Are all the occult paraphernalia, markers, landscaping and sigils inherent in the Little St. James surroundings finally starting to make sense? The friendships with all the monstrous scientists so fully invested in unleashing this technological horror on the world -- do we get it now? The funding. The worldwide banking lines. The infrastructure building that had to go into all this. The University links. The cutting-edge government studies. The think tanks writing it all out. All Epstein. All The Network. All planned (per David Martin above) for years and years.


Given that the stage is being built, given that there are 30 tons of explosives now missing, given that 50 US senators have been given sat phones issued for emergency communications for the first time ever, given that the word has gone out that China hackers will soon attack critical US software infrastructure, given that many high level US politicians will be vacationing this Memorial Day weekend with their families at various undisclosed COG (Continuity of Government) locations....and mostly given that the WEF requires a "catastrophic trigger event" to absolutely justify ending every last one of your freedoms forever, why do these recent words coming out of Davos strike me as ominous:

As in July-August 2001 ominous....

Pay absolute attention to everything now and keep your head on a swivel. And remember that it will start on a holiday

Things like THIS that we should have paid attention to before 9/11:

I think you can readily gather from all the above that there was MUCH more going on in the weeks and months immediately preceding 9/11 that the official story would have you believe.


And I can attest to those Zoom Copter stands -- there was one right up the road in Regency Square, a huge mall on the Richmond VA outskirts at the time; see here:  

And here:

("Zoom copters were the toy helicopters being sold in shopping mall kiosks by suspected Mossad spies posing as art students prior to 9/11. These 'Israeli art students' were rounded up and deported soon after the tragedy.")   

And then there are the midnight van visits, as attested to by sworn testimony of Susan Lindauer:

Or that wording in the Dick Cheney-Richard Perle-Bush-Rumsfeld-Wolfowitz PNAC document about the need for a "catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor."

You know, the same doc that called bioweapons a "politically useful tool:" 

The same bioweapons that, a mere 20 years later, would come home to roost...forever. Like a gift that keeps on giving. But they ALWAYS tell you beforehand -- it's all part of the sigil magick... 

All things we should have noticed and paid attention to in the runup....So, as I said, keep your head on a swivel in these days and nights. Pay attention to detail. If we don't do it now, we'll be left to do it in the aftermath; when it's too late:

As for the day in question, watch and more importantly, listen to the moment of impact here:

Then for correlation, listen VERY CAREFULLY to what this long-tenured FBI man has to say about it all: 

9/11 talk begins at 27:00, interesting and extremely relevant points at 40:00...this Senior FBI at the time and all-around good guy. And I personally remember that day the announcements by all major media that all office workers should STAY inside the buildings for their "own protection."

Now plug in that entire mindset to what AJ says here:

Now plug that 2012 reveal straight into the agenda today, of what we KNOW...this is indeed a cabal venerating their dark gods. Sound loopy? Sure, but that doesn't mean both Jones and Desouza aren't 1,000% straight over the target. 

Meanwhile, all around the world, this somehow keeps happening to thousands, hundreds of thousands, of people -- that we are supposed to just accept as normal: 

Even though it's unprecedented. And believe it or not, it gets worse...

Bottom line: Surveillance no longer requires video/wiretaps. Your entire history is now available to them thru your own eyes both in real time and past tense. Read on....


You see, this government actually believes it has the right -- we have seen chapter and verse that it has the technological means -- to control your thoughts: 

If this is their thought process, their ideology, their religion, does the rationale for jabbing the planet begin to make more sense now? YOU might not believe any of this; YOU might believe this is all scaring-ourselves-science-fiction...but THEY believe every last word of it. And they have the means, motive, and opportunity, right now, to implement every last inch of it upon the whole world.

Would you be willing to bet your life that 5G doesn't have something to do with this? Neuralink? Starlink? Graphene in everything, now including you? The vaxx and all its myriad self-assembling nanowire hydrogel PEGylated lipid microscopic machine ingredients? Our food? The air? The principles of magnetic assembly/disassembly and frequency modulation ruling over all? Place your bets carefully.

If nothing else, combining this latest info with Obama's BRAIN INITIATIVE:

as well as Biden's EO of Sept.12, 2022 (plus the above mentioned CURES ACT) paints an incredibly disturbing picture of both what is possible and what they have planned for all of us in this Brave New Great Reset World: 

The scariest wording in full view:


In frightening related developments out just today:

Of course I will point out that this is nothing new and merely the public rollout/acknowledgement of what has existed for awhile. The military has been experimenting with it for over a decade in both the field and the lab. Their control s so good that they can induce any emotion or take away all emotions so you are fearless. Think Super Soldier experiments. 

White papers given by Phd's at Pentagon briefings is another insider source and submitted by the doctor who headed the initial research project. Her paper also discussed the ethical and legal grounds they had already breached and suggested this would backfire on them sometime in the future. This was approximately 7 years ago. In this paper it was disclosed what was already possible as well as what they wanted to achieve.

It was pointed out this would not be legal in the public sector. 

If rolled out across humanity we could all be controlled from a central source against our will.

This is the real reason neuralink is being developed for the public.

It is the public sector face of the private corporations work on military personnel.

I will point out that soldiers died in testing and developing this technology. 

                            (All above info courtesy of Dr. Carrie Madej.) 

But you can't make an omelette without breaking a few "bad" eggs can you? (Even after the fact.) Which brings us to the very recent and very mysterious death of Dr. Rashid Buttar. And yes, this is another one of those parallel issues that we can't look away from, and which may very well be a successor to other related incidents farther on down the timeline, as we will see.

Dr. Rashid Buttar was a noted critic of the vaxx, and he made no bones about it, going as far as to appear on CNN to massive ridicule and out-and-out mainstream lies posing as "fact checks":

But he kept doubling down, going farther and farther:

Did the CNN appearance along with continued probing like this seal his fate? 

And of course not a word from the MSM even when his assertions proved true:

And then this:

Only to also find he was one of 12 on a Congressional "watchlist" of those peddling "disinformation:"

Is this "watchlist" also a hitlist? You will notice disturbingly that RFK Jr. is on that list also. He also recently shared Dr. Martin's speech widely:

But there have been other instances of targeting in and around these areas -- I leave these for you to decide just how much any of them pertain to what's occurring in the world today and keeping well in mind Carrie Madej's horrific and still unexplained plane crash last year; (foresight can be deadly):

What did all of these people stumble upon? Were they all treading on forbidden parts of the same machine? Because these are all cleanup operations in the magnetic overspill.

And right now, we are all caught in that magnetic ebb tide. 








Saturday, May 13, 2023


In a dark time the eye begins to see

I meet my shadow in the deepening shade

I hear my echo in the echoing wood

A lord of nature weeping to a tree 

I live between the heron and the wren

Beasts of the hill and serpents of the den.

What's madness but nobility of soul

At odds with circumstance? The day's on fire!

I know the purity of pure despair

My shadow pinned against a sweating wall

That place amoung the rocks -- is it a cave

Or winding path? The edge is what I have

A steady storm of correspondences!

A night flowing with birds, a ragged moon,

And in broad day, the midnight come again

A man goes far to find out what he is --

Death of the self in a long, tearless night

All natural shapes blazing unnatural light

Dark, dark my light, and darker my desire

My soul, like some heat-maddened summer fly

Keeps buzzing at the sill. Which I is I?

A fallen man, I climb out of my fear

The mind enters itself, and God the mind

And one is One. Free in the tearing wind.

         Theodore Roethke

Now some folks are born into a good life/ Other folks get it, anyway, anyhow

Me I lost my money and I lost my wife, them things don't seem to matter much to me now

Tonight I'll be on that hill, cause I can't stop, I'll be on that hill with everything I got

Lives on the line where dreams are found and lost/ I'll be there on time and I'll pay the cost

For wanting things that can only be found

In the darkness on the edge of town:

I'm a cork on the ocean, floating over the raging sea

How deep is the ocean? I lost my way

I'm a rock in a landslide, rolling over the mountainside

How deep is the valley? It kills my soul

I'm a leaf on a windy day, pretty soon I'll be blown away

How long will the wind blow? Until I die....

The Sixth Extinction, some say, began on December 2020. Some souls sensed this even nine months before that, like a distant thunder, and wept openly together at the turning in the pages of a book of history no longer written for them. The initial lockdowns and layoffs being the signal that a line of demarcation had been breached in history's natural timeline, fate abrogated, destiny deferred for a manufactured doomsday beckoning on the horizon. Able to be expressed in a million different ways, but perhaps never so poignantly and beautifully as here in this classic, goodbye, fate-sealing kiss to a fading world:  

I also now see this exchange of souls touching as a landmark precursor event all the way back in 2014...of knowing somehow that something even darker was approaching: 

Sometimes, ofttimes, it's only in hindsight that you begin to sense how important something was, and what it signaled. The banding together of hearts and minds.       

For all of you true believers that lurk in and around the comments sections here, none of this will come as a surprise or anything particularly brand new, (though I have tried to throw in a few parcel bombs for your perusal!!) Those comm sections often constitute in the areas where their tentacles reach, entirely new postings all on their own, which is why I prize so highly keeping them free and clear of unwanted interference, discord, looney tunes and blowback. And very much why this platform is every bit as much yours as it is mine....I'm just the guy with the funny Skipper hat on. (Some might say Gilligan...) Or bat cowl. Or deerstalker. Your Shadow. The Spooky dude in the basement office leafing thru the John Keel books. Take your pick.   

So, in the frantic effort to get to yet another comments section, let's see where this takes us....onward and into the night. Out of the blue, and into the black.  

All of the above is in no way meant to dissuade you from the importance of this particular posting -- quite the opposite in fact: you will find contained here some of the most important, alarming, and apocalyptic news that's ever crossed this doorstep of your after-dark info-tainment dissemination station. Proceed with caution and at your peril. Just take my hand; it gets dark here. Darker than you think. But there are reasons for that...many, yet the same reason....

We are going to venture many places tonight and uncover much information that remains hidden from the public and undermined by the powers-that-be to this day. By the time we reach the end, you will have formed your own opinions as to why...  

We begin tonight on this next winding trail with a young Arlis Perry at Stanford in the dead of an October night in 1974 -- what happened to her and her ghostly legacy will howl down the decades and infect a wide swatch of history, including this little patch you yourself are inhabiting today, as you will see...but first, the particulars. And no one has told it better than Maury Terry in Chapter 1 of his opus The Ultimate Evil: 

Also told here by Mae Brussell acolyte Michael Corbin in his ParaNet Continuum radio show, recently unearthed:

And in abbreviated video series form by James Franco:

Much interior and undisclosed info on the Perry case right here that leads to a much wider-ranging conspiracy:

....which is extremely germane to our look at things.

Perhaps more importantly, was something wider going on?:

Did multiple serials killers at the time, up to and including the Zodiac, have knowledge of each other? Were they part of some "program?"

We already know, thanks most recently to Tom O'Neill, what folks like Jolly West had been doing:

How far does this particular mindset take us? Hang on...

By the time we reach the end tonight you will have ascertained much about the Voice of God technology, and its ramifications. Rest assured despite numerous "fact checks" to the contrary, it is no urban myth: 

And these are mere 2018/20 sketches -- the tech then was 30-40 years on from what was advertised. Today, add another 30, if not more.

By the time we reach the end you will grasp the ultimate occultic nature of what is involved, and how its use now flies miles beyond serial killer programming by the alphabet agencies and their cult cut-out proxies. 

We are seeking an occultic bullseye of formation from which many divergent lines explode  -- and we could do far worse than to zero in on the fate of Arlis Perry as ground zero for the path of history. Can retracing the steps of a life and cruel destiny of one person lean forward into a rationale, the fate of an entire species? A Sixth Extinction by pointing the finger of those that would perpetrate it? The space-time equivalent of a butterfly flapping its wings and causing a hurricane half a world away? That answer is ongoing, and we will see... 

In this post you will hear words like Geomancer and Spellbook, Valkyrie, and you will come to know the reasons for those names, and what they mean; how they form a legacy of those far-off times on the Stanford campus when the occult and supreme evil was a heartbeat away -- and how those times have returned with a vengeance. And if there is strength -- and validation, confirmation -- in numbers, then the valued research of a thousand or more named and unnamed experts is confirming this, as impossible as it seems. That confirmation also lies within the hard copies of the Pfizer documents themselves, explaining all too well the impetus to having them hidden from the prying eyes of the public for 75 years.  


I am going to leave this conversation right here for now between Art Bell and Joyce Riley discussing the permutations of the then-unfolding Gulf War Illness from 10-23-1996. The reasons for its inclusion here will become evident by the time we reach the end:

At the 45:45 mark -- idiopathic cardiomyopathy. Sound familiar?:

15,000 Gulf War vet deaths -- yet not ONE featured in the MSM. Sound familiar?  

I will for now tell you to note around the 17 min mark what Joyce Riley says the research of Dr. Garth Nicolson had then uncovered: the presence of an HIV envelope gene in the blood of vaccinated Gulf War vets yielding the form of a mycoplasma incognitas

I will also tell you that mycoplasma incognitas has been found in numerous chemtrail samples from all across the North American corridor since their advent and proliferation in the late 1990s:

I will also leave this here; a recent admission coming from the BBC:

And according to Riley, as of October 1996, (34 min mark) there were more Iranian babies being born deformed than were being born healthy. Any linkages? This latest from Naomi Wolf's site:

More from Nicolson:

At the 36 min mark you will note one possible origin vector: the Huntsville TX prison system in the late 1980s seems to have been a fertile testing ground for what was rolled out during the Gulf War; both perpetrated on captive audiences.    

We are dealing with a contagion that has been perfected after years of "experiments." But a contagion of what nature?:

"Hence in these post-Skinwalker Ranch contagions, if social contagion is the appropriate modelling template, then social contagion in these cases has biological consequences." 

What's one of my fav sayings? All together now: the past is prologue.

But we're just getting started. Because calling this a lowly contagion is only the beginning, silly futile human...the advent of electro-magnetic AI, microprocessors, self-assembling nano-machines, immortal hydras, hydrogels, mRNA, 5G-enabled remote control spike proteins, and true multi-dimensional quantum bioweapons is calling. The dangerous visions of sci-fi life are here, and Homo Borg Genesis is just around the corner...

But honestly, that's nothing new, is it? The Plan has been in play for a long time. At the very least the exoskeleton of the unfolding. Experimental vaccines, plans and counterplans, altering our DNA, gene therapy, the list goes on, all bound for the endless limits of an unknown future. We are but merchandise and cattle in that equation conjured by our "betters," informed by the metaphysical, governed by the existential, whispered to by the esoteric. Elite deviance on the 24/7 prowl, either stalking for the upgrade or the Guidestone takeout.


Stay in the shadows/ Cheer at the gallows/ this is a round-up/ This is a low-flying panic attack

Abandon all reason/ Avoid all eye contact/ Do not react/ Shoot the messengers/ This is a low-flying panic attack

We know where you live... 

Which bring us to the recent revelations by former FEMA official Celeste Solum on Maria Zeee's platforms:

Once again, you will notice the accent on the soul, but the important part here is the delivery system of the oppression: Solum claims that thru her FEMA contacts, she has ascertained that in the months leading up to the WHO declaring a pandemic outbreak in March 2020, the elites were charged with engineering overflights over territories like the US and Australia, to name two, that broadcast witchcraft spells to "soften up" the populace and put them in a trance (or a more receptive mindset) to receive orders they may not have ordinarily gone along with under any circumstances: namely forced lockdowns, mandatory quarantines, business closures, and most importantly, mandated vaccinations. These came via unmanned graphene drones utilizing software with names like Spellbook and Geomancer. The drones themselves were named VALKYRIE. 

I am unable at this juncture to totally substantiate Solum's witchcraft claims -- which wouldn't be bothersome if they didn't correlate 100% with Anthony Patch's 2015-16 CERN-DWAVE-Saturn hypothesis, for which he received several unwanted visits from the feds threatening his life and those of his loved ones.....

Solum: "Their synthetic biology repurposes living systems and organisms. It changes their function from the way God originally designed it to a new function....SynBio hollows you out as a cavitation event, Basically they are gutting you like a fish and making you a receptacle for the dead, Dead spirits. Demons. Other parallel dimension entities." (See here for Patch's 2015 assertions and tell me it's not enough to get creeped out over -- the similarities: )

Check where those hexagonal structures started showing up in the blood of -- Morgellons patients. You know, that malady that mimics almost to a 'T' what we're seeing now in the blood of the vaxxed. BOOM.  

And also if there weren't multiple headlines like this that I found: 

And which was rolled out exactly 1 year before:

Up close:

So sure Solum's all nonsense now? Yeah, me neither. 

"The Air Force has been working with examples of the XQ-58A which made its first flight under the service's auspices in 2019, for years now. The drones have been used for a variety of research and development and test and evaluation purposes since then." 

Uh-huh. I smell a plausible deniability confirmation right there.    

Or if there hadn't been subliminal triggers like this in 2008 already out there: 

Art imitating life? See what Remdesivir (the killer) was first called:

(This is sorcery.)  

Or if the historical record didn't contain things like this:

So is what she is saying possible? Hell, it's probable

Roman Polanski in Rosemary's Baby put it best: ALL OF THEM WITCHES.


This piece of red-hot news just appeared (or, more to the point, didn't appear) under that search banner in Google -- the tipoff and designation they assign info so radioactive they're looking for a place to bury it so you'll never find it:

Rather than smoothing itself out over time, the Epstein network rabbit hole just keeps on finding new ways to dig itself in even deeper. I mention touchstones like Arlis Perry and others because the same serial killers are at work here, mining the same ideological darkness on those edges of town, only the choice of weapons and the scope of the battlefield has the 17:10 mark above Whitney mentions how they are now mapping the in silico model of babies' and children's brains in DNA databases...for? Purposes unknown. Which reminds me of nothing so much as Anthony Patch's In Silico DNA paper and discussions like this: 

Listening to that all-important discussion with Patch all over again, it continues to absolutely floor me how he saw all of this coming 8 years ago; when it was all so much woo-woo and science fiction to so many at the time. Not feeling like quite as much woo now, is it?      

Finally, let's circle back (heh heh) to Arlis' husband Bruce D. Perry, and the amazing research of Polly:  (under the 22-10-05 link)

Not only his links to a system of institutionalized child abuse, but also his ties to Gulf War Syndrome (a precursor if there ever was one) and then Covid, need to raise huge red flags. Never mind the mind control...Gulf War Syndrome to Morgellons to Covid to the vaxx -- we have been witnessing one long progression run by the same people with links hard-wired into the occult that think nothing of cold blooded murder -- either of the individual or on a scale that can scarcely be imagined. The markers are all there. All you have to do is open your eyes. 

Even under the extremely fact-checked wiki page you will find the incredibly weird notation that at the time there were TWO Bruce D. Perry's at the same geographic location:

This alone tells you that there was something afoot and an occult ritual operation was in place and counting down, very likely with official alphabet agency sign-off from the deep shadows.

"Make it bad. As bad as it gets. If you're going to do something, do it well. And leave something witchy." Charles Manson to Tex Watson, August 8, 1969.

And as far as clues go and their being all around us, listen to the latest dispatch from Skinwalker Ranch:

And what David Paulides picked up from it, see the 29 min mark here: 

Make of that what you will. But much like Paulides, I see it (666) as being hugely significant.

But finally I DO appreciate Celeste Solum's take on fighting back vs the impossible, unrelenting forces arrayed against us. We're still here. Echoing the Abby Martin piece at the beginning and Mike Ruppert's final instruction she aired: Fire your weapon. Wake up and put a smile on your face; do what you do. Write. Talk. Speak out, Simply go to work. Do a good job. Interact with your friends. Reach out. Love everybody. It takes so little and means so much -- the world even. Humanity is gifted and ridiculously resilient. We have angels and the Truth on our side. Defiant positivity is a weapon. As Saint Augstine famously said "Hope has 2 beautiful daughters -- Courage and Anger."

Last words again, as they so often are with me, to the Last Romantic Standing:

On the cusp of another summer and one more trip around the yellow sun, believe in magical. 

Our kind. Without the 'k.'