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"The scientific community's soul blindness had only been lifted when the human soul began to be taken, and we could see, hear, and feel, the consequences."   2012 The War For Souls, Whitley Strieber

"They were supposedly animal rights activists upset at some of the research the lead scientists Dr. David Kennesey was performing. High tech research and a lot of it was classified. The information on it is very vague, new cancer therapy techniques, really cutting-edge stuff. He and his brother Darren worked together for years in an unlikely combination of approaches. David was biologist and medical chemist while Darren came to the field from a background in electrical engineering...."

"Heward's Family Veterinary Clinic --  Lincoln City Oregon, Tuesday, 1:11 AM...Heward illuminated the slide under his scope with a small lamp, rubbing his eyes first he gazed down at the smear of blood fiddling with the focus knob. The dog should even now be drifting off to perpetual dreams, but its blood was absolutely alive. In addition to the usual red and white cells and platelets, Heward saw tiny specks, little silvery components, little squarish glittering crystals that moved about on their own. If this was some sort of massive infection it wasn't like any microorganism he had ever before laid eyes on."

"Mister Doyle recommends every great detective be as skilled in the criminal arts as his adversaries..."  

"We knew the truth. We knew what would have to happen -- such a terrible thing -- to bring about our future." 

"There's a difference between the momentary ideals we hold in our heads, and the things we truly long for in our hearts."      BODIES DC Vertigo, 2014

"The siren calls outside; they want to kill us all..."

"Fragments form the mind, shadows hold the mist, fractured as this wish

Shattered I resign, we're on the verge we're on the verge of sacred dawning and sloe-sloe eyes

Say I done told you, say how I tried to, where you've wrought from creation's crown

Say Dire Warning, stare down your masters with the promise of one and what you are

We're on the verge

Tangents vex the whorl the void arrives then leaves

Returning, returning a kiss, for lovers built the dream..."

"This cannibal baby, she wants a taste of what's inside, 

She's handcuffed to my backseat so she can take him for a ride

I got a bloodlust baby and boy she barely is alive

This motherless mistress has a kiss you won't survive

Cry to Heaven, Cry to Hell

Get down on your knees, you're under the Devil's spell..."

"Sweet the sin but bitter the taste in my mouth, I see Seven Towers but I only see one way out....

You know I took the poison, from the poison stream, and I floated out of here....

She is raging, she is raging, and a storm blows up in her eyes, she will

Suffer the needle chill -- she's running to stand still."

"If you could see my mind, if you really look deep then maybe you'll find

That somewhere there will be a place hidden behind my comedian face

And you will find somewhere there's a house and inside that house there's a room

Locked in the room in a corner you'd see the voice is waiting for me to set it free

I got the key, I got the key..."

"I heard your voice -- your voice is -- cool voices, warm voices -- just what I needed, too

Just what I needed for love -- is the word it's warm voices -- your voice is -- cool voices

I heard your voice -- it was just what I needed to...

You didn't know what you were lookin for, til you heard the voices in your ear..."  


Hey, it's me again...

Let's go for a drive where the scientists have no clue, but the poets and the dreamers understand. As always they are the first to sense movement on the periphery, the danger to the herd. The certainty that you can't enter into a spiritual war without knowledge. We're going to shoot the rapids of this grand river tonight, and hopefully end up in a place of reconciliation that adjusts to all of the horror by seeing a larger plan unfolding amidst it all, here on this eve of another Halloween come to life and exploding reality as we know it. I've long since given up posting specialized individual Halloween posts per se; every day, every night is Halloween now, under a glowing Hunter's Moon. So onward we go, still on the trail of the New Lords of Thule. 

Every passing moment more is given away as to the nature of the agenda, the extent of the lie, the scope of the final plan, encompassing the Long Harvest. And that harvest is of souls, of course. 

What if Strieber had it right all along, ringing the Mayan bell in 2007?:

"Then if they are not using normal methods then they must be using sub-normal, or supernatural. They are using for what is called, for lack of a better term black magick.....I would agree that anyone that has no personal knowledge of the occult is quite entitled to disbelieve it. I assume that you've never seen a ghost with your own eyes, do you know anything of hypnotism? Good, then at least we're at one on the fact that certain forces can be called into play which the average person does not understand...The human will is like a wireless set, that when properly adjusted can tune in with the invisible influences which are all about us.

...There is a power existing outside us which is not peculiar to any religion, that can  be utilized if one can get into communication with it.

On the off-chance that the Nazis are using occult forces to get information out of this country, it is really important that you should understand the theory of the occult. Despite our electricity, our aeroplanes, our modern skepticism, the power of darkness is till a living force, worshipped by depraved human beings for their unholt ends in the great cities of Europe and America to this very day..."

"How you respond to what I'm about to show you will determine how this does or doesn't end for you. 

You're not the first detective to discover Defoe's body. You're one of four. DI Hillinghead in 1890. DS Whiteman in 1941. And me. DS Hasan. 2023. My investigation 30 years ago led me to this boy. Elias Mannix. He was 15 years old. You know him. He'd grow up to be your Commander Mannix. 

The government said they never found who set off the bomb -- they lied. They lied because they did it themselves. It was Elias who detonated the bomb. I watched him do it. Time travel is real. 

Mannix intends to go back to 1890 and form a cult. This cult will initiate a chain of events that will lead to the bomb that Mannix's younger self will detonate. Then they'll take power and built the society we live in today...a society where everybody's loved. We live in Mannix's utopia, his 'fix.' Built on the murder of half a million innocent people. All he has to do now is go back to 1890 and create that same chain of events."      BODIES, DC Vertigo 2014

This Halloween, I'm asking a question: What if we're all just parts in the chain?

"Mystical toponomy and alchemical cant language are part of a process which hinges on a marriage between action in time (or recorded history) and physical locations on the earth regarded as 'places of power' by the cryptocracy's magical-geographical vision of the earth as a giant chess board, symbolized by the tessellated floor of Solomon's Temple and the masonic lodge."  Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, Michael Hoffman

Mere words....


We begin at the most sub-microscopic level imaginable, and one which may very well be in league with and brought about by use of those same sub-normal methods of Wheatley's; one which have alchemically produced the triple helix:

Remember the Queen:

Igniting a triple strand which led to where? The Tree of Life. The same Tree of Life that Eve was forbidden to eat from...remember? Everything is symbolism in their underground antechambers of the human heart and deception. That triple helix, which moves God's sacred 144,000 genes (72,000 from both parents) to 216,000. Or 600 x60 x6. This is the changing of God's number on all the souls of the jabbed. This is appropriating God. Killing God to become God as Tracy Twyman once said.

And it's always been right in our faces, inculcated in all the pageants and the celebrations and the songs, because Mind Control is always all about repetition, and the normalization of the profane. Getting you to like it when you don't even realize what you're liking. That's the genius of it. Til one day for whatever reason you wake up and realize "Oh my God. It's been all around me my whole life..." You've never even been an active participant...just part of that lonely hearts club band. And that was always good enough for them: silent consent. Which of course only got us ready for 2020...and hey, it's only "2 weeks to flatten the curve." You can do that standing on your head -- or losing it. 

From 2008:

And the significance and context, including the Human Genome Project:

Notice the new ECONOMIST cover, a publication long known for its predictive programming properties -- in the box at the top second line down -- The Battle of the Name of God:

Remember Carrie Madej being the first to identify a hydra-like organism being found in the vaxx samples? Well, that was part of the immortality factor also, and what DARPA was looking into:

And at the end of that paper in the acknowledgements: 

Oh, DARPA fits right in:

And an entire Pandora's Box for you to delve into here over at godlike:

And speaking of Mind Control -- many MANY more applications for DARPA's Hydrogel, which, as we all know from Karen Kingston, is a major component of the vaxx:

All of the above twitter link which begs the question -- what if some other influence is now trying to control our social interactions?:

Because as Naomi (one of our poets) cites so beautifully and distinctly above -- something is damn sure going on.

More anecdotal evidence about the vaxxed emitting MAC addresses -- evidence that doesn't seem to be trickling off but only growing in number and frequency of occurrence: 

(Remember just how certain addresses in Maui were surgically targeted...This can be linked up with contact tracing and CBDCs as well, to name just 2 other applications...)

Claims which were already given proof over the last half of the excellent FINAL DAYS from both Stew Peters and Karen Kingston:

I have it on fairly good authority that this was the final straw in whistleblower Karen getting targeted in the extreme -- more on that immediately following the Lake Vostok aerial pic below....

And for extrapolation purposes, let's combine this headline just posted: 

 with this one:

Anyone sensing where this could lead with DNA extraction tech? Who is going to make a miraculous reappearance and for what reason? Adolph Hitler? Genghis Khan? Jesus? (The Shroud of Turin ring any bells?) And what possible Antichrist Agenda could lead to all of these returns? If someone brings Jesus back wouldn't they have the world at their feet? Wouldn't that be the point? What if this Jesus didn't happen to have a soul? Who would this Jesus 2.0 be in league with? How many would follow and to what end?

Where did they possibly find some of the organics we're now being subjected to in the vaxx? Try Lake Vostok deep in the Antarctic continent:

Notice the optogenetic properties.,life%20remains%20to%20be%20proven.

Take note of how this seems to be an entirely new form of life -- provenance unknown. And we all know where that's going.....,elsewhere%20in%20our%20solar%20system.

The stated fact that these organisms could possibly tell scientists about "the potential for life elsewhere in our solar system" is possibly because -- hey -- that's where they come from.

Combine these findings of unknown organics along with magnetic anomalies and you get exactly what's in and properties attributed to those vaxx side effects, do we not? Coincidence?:

Much more on those magnetic anomalies and the specific targeting of Karen Kingston:

She explains even more here:   


Interesting and VERY germane from the 2:22:00 mark:

Strap in at 2:31:00's when we all wish we had had history teachers like Alex Jones. Do I need to explain why this particular Rogan episode has been taken off of pretty much every platform, continually? INFORMATION is the number one fragmenting projectile loaded into our weaponry. Weaponry that can wound them mortally:

But the communications portals that they have opened and established since the time of John Dee and running down thru Crowley and Jack Parsons are fully vested and thrumming along quite nicely it would seem:

Vallee rang the bell on this in 1975.


The entire implementation of CBDC will be a chip insertion. But that's been ongoing for awhile now:

Are we starting to see even more evidence of how this all fits together? 

Let's get onto the geo-engineering (otherwise known as the ever-present -- since 1998 -- chemtrails): 

Listen here at the 1:23:57 mark of an old Art Bell January 2000 show with William Thomas as he describes what's being found in the chemtrails:

"A restrictor enzyme used to cut DNA to transfer it from one organism to another..."

At 1:34:53 the first notion of the word 'pandemic' is used -- along with side effects that for the first time were being seen around the country; pneumonia and cardiac arrest....sound familiar?:

These conditions and many more were soon present thruout the country, and spreading:

One of the first major signs and symptoms of "Long Covid" was "brain fog," remember? Look at the above text and testimony in that 2002 Cyberspaceorbit post L.A. Brain Scramble all fits.

Remember ALWAYS the alacrity of two things: 1) the relentless pressure to get vaxxed, stay vaxxed, and stay up-to-date with even more vaxxes, (for something that was 99.97% survivable) 

and 2) the swiftness and stealth with which the 5G towers went up undercover of the lockdowns when all of us were stuck inside "for our own good." But not those 5G installers. They were evidently the kamikazes. I wonder why? And what exactly was the hurry in the middle of the most massive runaway "pandemic" of any of our lives?  

The disproportionate vehemence and off-the-rails craziness of both of these should have been a dead giveaway that more was going on. Much more.    

All of this begins to fit in perfectly with the immense research done ever since the early 2000s by Dr. Ana Mihalcea's new compatriot and brother-in-arms, Clifford Carnicom:

Thanks to people like Carnicom, Will Thomas, and the diligent reporting back in the day of sites like Cyberspaceorbit, a large part of my knowledge base was formed regarding widespread aerial spraying operations. The fact that Carnicom along with Mihalcea, (and Drs. David Martin and Nixon, Kingston, Madej, La Quinta Columna, and many other worldwide concerned bioengineers and scientists) are now also seeing these same adjuvants and artifacts in the blood of both the vaxxed and the unvaxxed alike, is cause for much concern -- as well as being the best evidence we have to date that things like Gulf War syndrome, and Morgellons, and now the vaxx, are all part of an ongoing Black Op of increasing global proportions. 

Carnicom's above paper charts a logical and harrowing progression, from the earliest results coming in around February 1999, 

thru the rise of Morgellons around 2006, 

to the stirrings of DNA and the New Biology being seen around 2013, the foothills of today. 

Jeff Wells, always on the case, charted the first sightings of what would become Morgellons here:  

MODERNA just quietly deleted that page from their website BTW. 

The same MODERNA that previously described it as an "operating system,":

The same MODERNA where Carrie dropped THE first bombshell:

And it was all facilitated by this agreement sent out to all Governments. Efficacy = UNKNOWN. Adverse events = UNKNOWN. Long-term side effects = UNKNOWN. Never forget that this is what was forced on you: 

All undertaken by the "strategic science" of take this or you no longer have a job:

But no pressure....


Listen to this conversation between Dr. Ana Mihalcea and Maria Zeee where it is disclosed that the UN has been in communication with "entities from the future" telling them to go "really hard" with agenda 2030 -- an AI World Society as a New Religion:

Something is happening to the energy of humans. 

At 18:55 in the above vid, optogenetics again comes into play...coupled with the quantum dots blue light especially can manipulate and effect neurological function, i.e. Mind Control.

For more relating to this, see the SHOOTER section below.

And suddenly -- voila!! -- the New Religion of cloning, of DNA extraction, of resurrection, is not only possible, but preferable, to everyone. 

"Every whisper of every waking hour I'm choosing my confessions..."

"Consider this, the hint of the Century..."

"Turn turn I wish you'd learn, there's a time and place for everything I've got to get it thru

Cut loose cause you're no use, I couldn't stand another second in your company

Don't waste your words I don't need anything from you, I don't care where you've been or what you plan to do..."

But we've gone this far, let's venture even further out on the edge and start to peer over the cliff...heck, it's almost Halloween, after all. 

Let's see some connect between these two:

You may wonder where I'm going with this, but bear with me and hear Dick Gregory out at around the time of the Atlanta Child Murders -- many of which featured some extremely high strangeness components that were buried by the mainstream at the time:

Needle marks, human mutilations linked to cattle mutilations, possible genetic experimentation and targeting. Suspicious CDC pressure and involvement in a string of homicides, mind control drugs present at Jonestown under the auspices of the CIA. The shadow of bio-warfare initiation. And finally the possibility of a clandestine bioengineering experimentation agenda for reasons unknown, perhaps digging for a final resolution and targeting system that would only see the light of day and ultimate implementation decades hence...

And as we have known for quite some time -- the presence of a Bush around the periphery:

(More as a teaser but beyond the scope of this post: )

Perish the thought of a looming Franklin Scandal and a "thousand points of light...": 

Suspicious activity. Dark actors. Dark agendas. All meeting. At a time when any questions are actively not allowed:

So many timelines bumping up together and running parallel courses with shared agendas and ideologies. Surely it's all just coincidence. But how many packed together before, by definition, you can't label it that anymore?


Now we are faced with this Lewiston Maine shooter incident where suspect Robert Card is pulling some kind of Rambo super soldier act and is still on the run since 6:56 PM Wednesday night the 25th...full details that we know blow-by-blow in the last comments section, many details of which are not only highly suspicious but point to an orchestrated and hugely-manipulated Black Ops experiment turned loose, all here on the eve of another Halloween for, right now, reasons unknown.

Will be looking at this very interesting case as soon as, and if, it resolves, but for now here's this: "She said that Robert Card recently began wearing powerful hearing aids to combat hearing loss. Since then, Card said her brother-in-law has been insisting to his family that he can hear people bashing him -- including at the Just-In-Time Recreation Bowling Alley Schemengees Bar and Grill where he's accused of gunning down 18 people on Wednesday night."

"He truly believed he was hearing people say things" she added.  "This all just happened within the last few months."

These quotes from this article:

Add to this milieu a military background:

Everyone needs to know the ramifications inherent here -- Visual and auditory hallucinations are RAMPANT right now in the wake of the vaxx:

And we all know the VAERS system reports only around 10-15% of what's really occurring...Activation for applications like 'voices' and 'remote control of your neurological system' are now easier than ever thanks to what's happening post-jab in now 5 billion people. 

5 billion vessels ready for command prompts.  

And to go farther:

Moreover, is this even the same person?:

There'll be as many Cards as there were Oswalds soon.

Also interestingly, the Army yanked their "Voice-to-Skull" devices site back in 2008:

They are also deleting sites that even MENTION them yanking it -- so glad I found the above 2. There's also another one here at Wired that requires pay:

But Wired's been spook domain for a long time.

See confirmation here from the Federation of American Scientists:

More details and odds 'n ends here, reported continually as it happens via godlike: BREAKING UPDATE: Maine Mass Shooter Robert Card Is Still at Large – May Have Crossed State Lines into Massachusetts

Funny also, or not, that Card's initial target was a bowling alley hosting that night a CHILDREN'S competition -- children for the Deep State remain, always, the #1 objective; listen to Lara Logan at the 34 min mark here:

Or this latest Greg Reese report that might just be about the most evil thing I've ever heard that's taking place right now:

THIS JUST IN -- none of the authenticated victims as of yet are children:

(But it must be said, numbers still WAY off from the initial reports of 22 dead and 80-some injured.) More discrepancies... 

So the Halloween beat goes on my friends, every night, every day... but take heart and listen to the very wise words of German MP Christine Anderson at the latest EU Parliament Covid Summit in Brussels. She begins at the 15 min mark:

And how blindingly right she is -- we will never comply our way out of tyranny.

Until next time...ONWARD!!

"If we share this nightmare, we can dream, Spiritus Mundi...

We know you, they know me, extrasensory, synchronicity

A star fall..

A phone call...

It joins all...


A connecting principle, linked to the invisible, 

Almost imperceptible, something inexpressible

Science insusceptible, logic so inflexible

Causally connectible, nothing is invincible

It's so deep, it's so wide, you're inside


Effect without a cause, sub-atomic laws, scientific pause


Opening illustrations courtesy of the DC/Vertigo graphic novel BODIES, 2014. 




Monday, October 2, 2023



"In the threatening situation of the world today, when people are beginning to see that everything is at stake, the projection-creating fantasy soars beyond the realm of earthly organization and powers into the heavens, into interstellar space, where the rulers of human fate, the gods, once had their abode in the planets...Even people who would have never thought that a religious problem could be a serious matter than concerned them personally are beginning to ask themselves fundamental questions...."     Carl Jung 1959

"Nature's first green is gold, her hardest hue to hold,

Her early leaf's a flower, but only so an hour,

Then leaf subsides to leaf, so Eden sank to grief.

So dawn goes down to day,

     Nothing gold can stay."    Robert Frost   

"I'm ready, I'm ready for the laughing gas

I'm ready, I'm ready for what's next

I'm ready to duck, ready to dive, ready to say I'm glad to be alive

I'm ready. Ready for the push...

I'm ready, ready for the gridlock

I'm ready to take it to the street

Ready for the shuffle, ready for the deal, ready to let go of the steering wheel

I'm ready -- Ready for the crush..."

"Gave up tryin to figure it out but my head got lost along the way

Worn out from givin it up but my soul I pissed it all away

Still stings these shattered nerves, pigs we get what pigs deserve

I'm goin all the way down I'm leavin today/

Still feel it all slippin away but it doesn't matter anymore

Everybody's still chippin away but it doesn't matter anymore

Look thru these blackened eyes, you'll see ten thousand lies

My lips may promise but my heart is a whore/

This isn't meant to last -- this is for right now...

I know it's all gettin away and it comes to me as no surprise

I know what's comin to me is never going to arrive

Fresh blood thru tired skin, new sweat to drown me in

Dress up this rotten carcass just to make it look alive

This isn't meant to last -- this is For. Right. Now."


Who can say for sure even with hindsight which events represent tipping points? Those warning bells that begin to peal and signal rubicons of forever change; lines of demarcation that, once crossed, transform previous consensus reality into something foreign and alien? Miniature black swan events that open up new vistas of what it means to be here -- sightlines into the unknown that ripple and echo down thru time, causing permanent alterations. Perhaps Voronezh stood as such a gateway...

Certain years will always cast looming shadows over our times, buffeted with eerie syncs. 1977 was one. 1983 another, as Chris Knowles has long provided chapter and verse evidence for. 1989 was another. I remember one researcher calling these "hinge years." These liminal or crossing points also happen to fall within junctures at the end of decades -- 1979, 1989, 1999 into 2000 that signaled the end of a thousand years for the choice few in history ever there to see such a passing. 

Richard McKenna: "Those points when incipient forces in the psychosphere coalesce and react with one another, causing reality to shift direction...home to pop-cultural events that aesthetically and psychologically, feel like they contribute a lot to creating our strange present day."

I begin tonight with the extraterrestrial/extradimensional as an appetizer before we veer out into a fuller range of increasingly more timely touchpoints in the investigation -- by the time we reach the end you will see why...and also because Halloween draws ever near. Let the web and spell weaving begin!!...

Has High Strangeness been collaborated with, harnessed, and turned into weapons systems? Beam weapons? Nanotech weapons? If they had been would we be seeing evidence of this all around us?? Has Magonia come home? :

So climb aboard, everybody -- tonight we speak of psychospheres and psychopomps as we venture into the narcoleptic apocalyptic, and we land at the first stopping point in our itinerary of the bizarre and strangely meaningful: a park in Voronezh 34 autumns ago:

Tonight we will try to find touchstones of commonality -- shared points of reference in this investigation that continue to sprawl outwards even as we try to narrow the focus. Mind control. Vast Oligarchian power structures. Ritual abuse and trauma. The vaccine as a mechanism and lever to achieve unknown ends perhaps pertaining to all the above. The fascination with and focus on the extraterrestrial and extradimensional. How far does this go back: think fairies, elves, sprites, djinn. What is reality? (Plot twist: there's more than one reality...)  Who is seeking to manipulate it/them and why?? 

Where do the Venn Diagrams of all these overlap? I suspect that when the answers -- the real answers -- are unveiled, they won't be coming from the scientists and physicists; they won't burst forth from technology but from the humanities, from the poets, the philosophers, the theologians and the spiritualists. The real answers to all of this, the origin of both the problems and the solutions, lie there awaiting discovery amid the wild palms. 

Tonight we're going to lay bare some startling and recurrent synchronicities -- intersections of why the symbol drawn by the Russian children seen on the craft at Voronezh is identical to the one seen in the UMMO case. And why that recurs yet again in pop culture during the TV series LOST:

Perhaps we need to echo Jacques Vallee here, who saw the entire UMMO incident as a weird amalgam of social engineering and targeting; a social experiment:

Very much germane to our investigation, these UMMO cult letters, which were established via seances featuring dead relatives and ouija boards making contact with other entities, include neurological findings and precursor events including talk of dark matter and quantum computing well before their discovery in the present day. Just how this links to recent events we will be getting to -- but let's just have it suffice to say I'm wondering what else it was Pfizer and Moderna were so keen to hide for 75 years...

As if quantum computing and quantum dots don't play a role in the vaxx:

All things quantum realm, remember, are inextricably linked to the demonic:

Regarding the quantum realms and fields, especially as relating to the cross-connects between quantum dots and quantum computing:

This all relates to "coupled" quantum dots, otherwise known as "qubits," the going language of none other than CERN, where the quantum info is stored in the SPIN. Is this how the veils thin and portals are engaged? And what does it mean now that quantum dots, the touchstone of all this, have been installed in the population of some 80% of the planet? 

Perhaps that 20% could be key -- a WEF insider recently whined that their plan to vaccinate the entire planet has failed:

In the US alone, there are over 70 million unvaxxed:

(Fully armed and weaponized, that might be too large a figure for even 5G-activated zombie hordes to overcome -- so good on ya purebloods.)

In the meantime, quantum fields activated in the dots and computers (DWAVE) all point to programmable matter. See #23 here, as well as any number of quotes from Yuval Harari: 

Fascinating that that overlap comes courtesy of declassified papers from AATIP -- the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.

What is the collab here and has any of this tech found its way into the vaxx? Uh, yes:

By nature of the, ahem, beast, it is also exactly what hydrogel is:

Moreover, how to you get something to ACT like biology, that is NOT biology?? Charles Lieber knew:

And he likely told Epstein. Who was, sssshhhh, doing things like meeting with US Senators at shadowy UK lairs owned by his demon lords...I'd love to tell you all about it, but we'll never know because of, you know, National Security

It was 2002 but the clock was already ticking...also at that meeting for logistics and forward-planning: Nicole Junkermann:

Who soon inserted herself deep into the UK Health System and was probably instrumental in getting word like this out to scare the entire planet into getting them to do what they wanted them to do:

Over the flu. If that. But that damn vaxx ain't gonna inject itself, is it?? 

And they had you warp speed begging for it.

But before we go further there, have I mentioned the gold quantifoil? 

The same gold quantifoil mesh grid that Karen Kingston mentions as being a vital part of the Mrna vaxxes here at the 48 min mark here:

Wonder where else something suspiciously like it shows up? In the CIA reading room in their files about UFO crashes. Specifically the Hill 61 incident in Russia in 1988 -- see top of page 2 here:

Nanotechnology here:

Specific gold nanoparticles from 2020:

And quantifoil:

It's all enough to make you wonder about the nexus point of our crisis and where the origin of storms is actually located...

Have we been reverse-engineering things that have found their way into certain recent injectables?? And are those things not of this earth??

Are all these "crashes" trojan horses meant to seed us with the means for our colonization? Destruction? Invasion?


Those dead relatives that served as go-betweens and mediators for contact with the UMMO entities? They've been showing up in increasing numbers other places lately...see 1:08:03 here:

That would be reports flying in by the thousands to the VAERS system, all post c-19 vaxx of major hallucinations. Or are they? Whitley Strieber has long postulated a relationship -- a quite intimate one -- between the UFO phenomenon and the dead:

Perhaps new aspects of that relationship are being revealed thru biotechnological experimentation on a captive populace using ingredients including black reverse-technology from other realms. If so, we are plunging headlong into what people like John Dee were researching into the 16th century. A new Alchemical Aeon.

And where is it taking us? Remember the thousands of cows keeling over in Kansas in 2022 being blamed on "the heat??" Maybe it wasn't the heat:

Maybe it was a test. Of something like turning 5G up to see what would happen to graphene injected in the animals. A beta test, a larger one, right after Astroworld. Before they move on to larger human test groups. Remember the X Files Red Museum episode -- He Is One. Maybe we're all one now:

Maybe we're all just waiting for the walk-ins:

Or something that will soften us up for them. October 4; 2:22 PM EST...synchronize your bat-watches. That's less than 48 more hours to go -- I wanna be sedated. 

This is already confirmed in the US, across Canada, India, and other sections of the EU. The coordination of something like this going worldwide makes me nervous. Even if nothing happens, they're still testing the viability and operational reach of a system parameter. EBS can do location tracking -- they can spot you anytime, anywhere.

To find out just where you fit in the network flow chart and how inundated you are, check here:

Plot twist: some disinfo agents (maybe Callender, maybe others) are pushing this to make being concerned about anything 5G look foolish. But make no mistake, 5G will be part of their expanding weapons platform going forward. Remember in 2020 they went HARD to discredit and ridicule anyone calling out 5G all the while installing masts everywhere during lockdown and undercover. Facts now indisputably show that EMF causes harm -- concern is absolutely valid.

AP/Reuters "Fact check" (Rothschilds)  has also put this out on blast -- so a nerve has been struck to be sure. Otherwise they'd just ignore it. Also remember the callsign date of "10-4." Copy that good buddy? Another of their "inside jokes" against the riff raff.

So it doesn't have to look like this -- not saying that one day it won't look EXACTLY like this:

"But your honor, it wasn't mass murder -- Free Bird was playing!!"

Have ops like this gone operational before? Signs point to "yes":

Shaun Cassidy even riffed on it in an Amazon pilot that didn't get picked up:

Along those same Red Museum test lines, check this out as the world turns more X-Files narrative every day: Control groups?

Purposeful adulteration of our food supply with experimental adjuvants?

And in that last Reese Report, all killer no filler as always, at 3:41 looks suspiciously like the gold quantifoil twisted strands, doesn't it? 

Once again leave it to Chris Carter to predict the future with about 30 years leeway give or take. 

Of course it's not just Carter; he just did it first: 

Since then it's been a pile-on of epic proportions that is only accelerating.

It's not like the testing hasn't been ongoing -- just look at some of the anomalies popping up in the recent Idaho 4 slayings:

The accused Bryan Kohberger sure left some suspicious social media and forum hanging-around clues lying about that the authorities weren't quick enough in scrubbing (click to enlarge):

Sure looks as if he was targeted for manipulation by unknown actors seeking a wetworks-type outcome. Our mental processes are being intruded upon and manipulated daily -- but then again this is nothing new; and just because it's me, I have to ask, was Bryan Kohberger vaxxed? And if so, was he a Charles Whitman-esque early test subject that they latched onto to manipulate an already weak link in the chain for the purposes of seeing if it would work? This is, after all, what so many postulate that the vaxx is designed to do: augment & magnify what you are already genetically predisposed to -- if you've been dealt the genetic hand to go crazy later in life, let's make it earlier. If you were gonna have cancer by 80, well, let's make it 40 now, or 30. You're a walking, spike protein-producing bio-factory. Forever. Checked the explosion in turbo cancer stats since 2021? 

Can this be activated by 5G or proximities to other vectors?? Along those same lines:

These were all in 2018-2019 far ahead of the supposed C-19 outbreak or leak in Wuhan. Is this all a weakening of our bodies' God-given immune defenses and safeguards ala the non-stop chemtrailing since late 1998?? How many multiple system assaults can we stand? We've been dealing with shuddering body blows for a straight 25  years now.  

Did you know that the startlingly similar circumstances between the Idaho 4 killings and the original Amityville murders (inexplicably sleeping thru bloody carnage only feet away featuring things like screaming and gunshots) share more than just that? 

Because they both occurred on the exact same night

Things that make you go hmmmm -- and because they love their inside-joke calendar-aligning narratives. This too, will more than make you think:

The Amityville Horror like you never envisioned it. And no less horrifying for that.

The recent Netflix offering ENCOUNTERS, the one with Spielberg's fingerprints all over it, features some interesting neurolinguistic programing touchstones, particularly in the first 3 episodes...since we could be speaking about planting things in the subconscious: 

pixies, microchips, suicide, flutes (music), praying mantis, MIB, bullets, Office of Naval Intelligence (prelude to) bedroom invaders, fields, schools, trees all as event markers, message that technology will lead to evil, angels both celestial and fallen, celtic folklore, fairies, erase their memory, "re-enchantment of the environment." 

Turns out that previous religious enchantment needs to be replaced...huh, who knew? 

Also turns out that it's a strategy

Any of those other trigger words resemble anything recently or keep repeating in the narrative that you notice??  

And while we mix the paranormal with the results-oriented, let's leave this here, because it looks an awful lot like somebody called it exactly some 4 years ahead of time: 

Unless that too, from a historically heavily CIA-backed source, could have been just another seed-plant in the collective -- tucked away there in a back corner to take root.

Of all the witches brew of ingredients in this administered bioweapon, most learned and well-versed of the researchers (Kingston, Mihalcea, Solum, La Quinta Columna et al) point to the graphene component as the most likely culprit to result in these clots...but where, I wonder, does graphene, that vital ingredient and adjuvant in everything from tennis racquets, canoes, hockey sticks, mountain gear and biomed supplies to now our veins, organs and brains thanks to Emergency Use Authorization, originate?? 

Decided to go snooping around like that meddling kid I still am, and guess what I found? Sit down strap in and take a slug or 5 for this one....

Graphene doesn't come from here.

It is, by definition, extraterrestrial,approximately%204.5%20billion%20years%20old.

And at 22:56 here:

We have arrived at the source, my friends. The wellspring. Purity Control.

 Questions about how long this was being considered for implementation, and WHY, need to be asked, and quickly, if we are to get to the root of some very important answers. Because we are under the gun here...and ALL things extraterrestrial...and extradimensional...are quickly assuming new and different places in terms of both validity and meaning. 

Making this off-world component a lynchpin and flashpoint in the widespread injecting of humanity needs to be highlighted and underscored severely, not to mention bringing into the forefront all of those weird side effects listed and now occurring, like deja vu, hallucinations, the ability to see and speak with the dead, bizarre dreams, and cognitive anomalies and personality changes by the score...

Something is happening here. 

RIP to Red Sox great knuckleballer Tim Wakefield, dead at 57 yesterday in what under normal and more humane times should be considered highly suspicious circumstances:

Tim and the amazing physics of his knuckleball -- check out the slomo at 3:05 and tell me that's not one of the most bizarre, time/space defying things in all of sports:

In the 2nd half of his rollercoaster career with the Red Sox, he garnered the great Phil Niekro as a mentor and psychological life coach. This great man gave Tim tips of and for his sporting career that bled over into a philosophy of life as well that verge on the damn near Zen: 

"Learn to accept defeat without being defeated." 

And "Always look forward -- the next pitch you throw could be the best pitch you've ever thrown in your life."

Condolences to, and prayers for, Tim's wife also. 

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