Monday, April 23, 2018


don't like those other guys looking at your curves
I don't like you walking 'round with physical jerks
Everything they say and do is getting on my nerves
Soon, they will be lucky to be picking up the perks

'Cause when they pull the shutters down
And throw up in the dark
They'll find that all the dogs outside
Bite much worse than they bark

Here we are living in paradise (paradise!)
Living in luxury
Oh, the thrill is here but it won't last long
You'd better have your fun before it moves along
And you're already looking for another fool like me…

She's been a bad girl
She's like a chemical
Though you try to stop it
She's like a narcotic
You wanna torture her
You wanna talk to herAll the things you bought for her
Putting up your temperature
Pump it up until you can feel it
Pump it up when you don't really need it

Out in the fashion show
Down in the bargain bin
You put your passion out
Under the pressure pin
Fall into submission
Hit-and-run transmission
No use wishing now for any other sin…

Hand in hand
No, don't ask me to apologize
I won't ask you to forgive me
If I'm going to go down
You're going to come with me...

Living In Paradise/Pump It Up/Hand In Hand    
Elvis Costello  This Year’s Model (1978)

And I know a howlin' wind runs through here, Blowin' every day.
Yeah a howlin' wind runs through here, Takes my breath away.
Swing time is here children, for large and small
Let's dance before the fever is upon us all…
Yeah it's a strange religion, without any god.
The preacher walks within us and spares the rod.

Graham Parker and the Rumour   Howling Wind (1976)

Swing time is indeed here children. I had previously held off on reporting on the NXIVM (pronounced ‘Nexium’) cult and its seemingly endless ramifications because I knew there was more to drop that was lurking out there and going on behind the scenes. Never in my wildest imagination did I fathom just how much that was. Long story short, the mother of all bombs appears to be dropping as I type this, and the fallout appears to range farther than any of us could have imagined or hoped for, from Mexico, to Hollywood, to the Caribbean, to the doorstep of the White House, whose previous inhabitant is likely finding it as hard to sleep as I am, for vastly different reasons.

I’m excited at the reconstruction. He’s sweating bullets at our powers of deduction.

At this juncture, it appears the fuse, in the last 24-36 hours, has been well and truly lit to the dismantling of this chain of corruption and perversion that now more than ever appears global in scope. And this all thanks to a Hollyweird TV actress whose resume now looks more and more like that of Sadie Mae Glutz instead of Superman’s confidante. We’re staring straight down the barrel of Manson 2 point 0. What year is it anyway? 1969? 

As in some horrid fractal loop, everything old is new again. All that remains now is the lingering stillness and tension before the coming explosion. The Wall of Weird has given birth to the State of Suspense, and we’re all watchers.

Let’s begin, as we need to, at the beginning, with the NXIVM cult. From there the spirals of influence and connective tissue begin to freeflow at an exponential rate as they appear to overtake the entire earth like some Lovecraftian creation. Think I’m exaggerating? Just listen.

More than at any other time in this investigation, we are over the target. Posts targeting NXIVM, Rachel Chandler’s mysterious instagram (more later), and the now infamous ‘Frazzledrip’ HRC/Huma tape (ditto) that served as Anthony Weiner’s “insurance” and came from his laptop likely got the all-important site taken down via DDOS attack for the last 3 days (it only reappeared in the last several hours. I hear 8chan is currently down.) Actor James Woods’ twitter site appears under near constant attack for posting tons of information along the very lines of what you’re about to read right here. All in all, there are more leaks in the dam than they can cover, censor, scrub or block now – and all lead back and point to the very same networks, the same circles. In turn, those circles overlap with others in a Stygian schematic of ridiculous proportions. Suddenly the trickle has become like trying to drink from a firehose.

The strangling cry of each and every pizzagate and pedogate debunker, “I’m too lazy to verify information for myself, therefore you are wrong,” is becoming harder and harder to utter with a straight, non-apathetic face.

News exploded at the end of March regarding Keith Raniere, 57-year-old leader of the fringe cult NXIVM, who had been taken into federal custody in Puerta Vallerta on charges of sex and human trafficking and forced labor, before being formally arraigned in Fort Worth, Texas. Federal prosecutors had issued sealed warrants for his arrest on February 14th.
Subsequent FBI raids were made on homes of other suspects involved intimately with NXIVM, including Nancy Salzman, high-ranking member of the Clinton Global Initiative.
The NY Post had previously published an article in 2007 linking the cult as a major donor to both Bill and Hillary Clinton during HRC’s 2008 presidential bid. Salzman, as a member of NXIVM, is also listed as a donor to HRC’s Presidential campaigns in 2007, 2008, and 2016 according to Federal Elections Commission documents.

To make matters more interesting, Seagrams heiress Clare Bronfman is to date the largest financial supporter of NXIVM as well as its Operations Director, (sister Sara Bronfman was on the Executive Board of Raniere’s Executive Success Programs) and is also listed as a top contributing donor to Sen. Kristen Gillibrand in 2010. 

In turn, Gillibrand’s father, Doug Rutnik, worked in 2004 as legal counsel for NXIVM at $25,000 per month.  

Bronfman and Gillibrand also happen to be top CGI and Clinton Foundation donors. The Bronfman sisters themselves are said to have donated north of 150 million to NXIVM.  In showing the global nature of what was transpiring, NXIVM also included 2 Mexican presidential children, Ana Christina Fox,(daughter of Vincente Fox), a member since 2003, and Emiliano Salinas, (son of Carlos Salinas) considered the Director of Mexico Operations of NXIVM.

Other members included Richard Branson (who has refuted this), actress Linda Evans, Battlestar Galactica’s Nicki Clyne and Grace Park. BET founder Sheila Johnson, and former Surgeon General of the US under Clinton and George W. Bush, Antonia Novello, and actress Sarah Edmondson among others.

Raniere’s cult branded the women members (slaves) with hot irons bearing his initials, burned them, put them in cages, starved them, sexually abused them, and denigrated them in an incredible abuse of power and manipulation in a cult that was a multi-tiered pyramid scheme masquerading as a religious, “enlightenment,” empowerment program. Raniere maintained a rotating group of 15-20 women with whom he cultivated sexual relationships. Some maintain the total numbers of the cult (females alone) ranged closer to 80.

Inside NXIVM itself was a secret society called DOS, ‘Dominus Obsequious Sororium,’ literally ‘Master Over the Slave Women’  – this was the adjunct that began the bizarre branding ceremony, whose members served to recruit other young women into the cult providing Raniere with increasing numbers of concubines. This is also the interior secret society that was comprised of many young Hollywood actresses, among them the daughter of Catherine Oxenberg, India Oxenberg, and Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack, of the long running Superman-origin series Smallville.

Mack assumed more and more of a leadership role in the cult (as head of DOS) before her own arrest Friday April 20th. She had been with Raniere, as his second-in-command, when he was arrested in Puerta Vallarta at a $10,000-a-week villa, where he had holed up since last November as the federal indictments took shape. 

She was not herself arrested then, as the federal investigation had only begun expanding in scope. It was subsequently learned that the branding of new initiates had been her idea, and that the brand itself was an amalgam of both her initials and Keith Raniere’s.

These young women were subjected to, in addition to sexual abuse, intense sleep deprivation and caloric-restriction bordering on malnourishment, in accordance with Raniere’s wishes, as he says “fat on women disturbs the transmission of essential energy” to him. DOS members are limited to 500 calories a day (plain yogurt, small fruit quantities, raw veggies, calorie free noodles, and drinks sweetened only with stevia.)

But the story doesn’t end there – in fact, it only begins. Mack, almost immediately upon being apprehended in Brooklyn, NY, began singing like a canary, likely to mitigate the 15-years-to-life charges she is facing. And sing she did, if the subsequent insider ‘Q’ postings can be verified. What emerges is the scenario of a Manson-like cult on steroids, siphoning funds from wealthy members and members’ families, engaging in blackmail and extortion, using extensive and severe mind control techniques, torturing and sexually abusing girls, many, it has emerged, as young as pre-teen age, over decades. But we’re only getting started…Just how deep does this particular rabbit hole go? Strap in dream babies, it only gets wilder from here…

In the shadow of her funeral and all the sickeningly nauseating claptrap spilled over her “beautiful, exemplary” life by the mockingbird MSM and the “fairytale” (boy, they got that part right)

love story between her and George H. W., it emerges the late Barbara Bush was a member of the Children’s Advisory board of the Rainbow Culture Garden, a NXIVM series of preschools around the country and in Mexico. In accordance with the Q drops in the last 24 hours, his insider status has afforded him the knowledge that it also appears Mack is implicating former President Barack Obama well within the NXIVM web of operations. And those operations connect to far more than had been imagined.

I should say that the content and images I’m about to wade into have landed other sites under heavy DDOS attack over the last 24 hours, so, let’s see where this launches us…first, the pertinent Q drops before dissecting what they point to…To begin, a lone shot of, a canary palm tree, then the deluge:

Apr 20th 2018 20:30:58 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ View Post 1121272
Mack is naming names.
Big names in H-Wood / Gov’t (local/federal).
The ‘Standard’ Hotel.
Helicopter crash.
All related.
Future will prove past.
Feeling ok today?
Why is the MX border / Long Beach Port so important?     
Tick TOCK (LLC).

That Mack is squealing we know about. The Standard Hotel in West Hollywood had earlier in this timeline made headlines for allegedly hosting widely known pedophile parties with many ‘models’/underage children; also implicated in organ trafficking and as a child trafficking hub. AS is likely Adam Schiff, CA’s corrupt Congressional rep since 2001 and ruler over large swaths of Hollywood and West Hollywood where the Standard is located. Helicopter crash is this:
What did they know? Long Beach port is vital due to the many shipment containers that arrive there holding human “art,” not subject to customs searches. Ditto the human/child trafficking making the MX border a vital conduit. Currently engaged in much deeper research on the Standard Hotel, which is far more than what it appears, and that first appearance is nasty enough, but this well and truly could pass as the original Hotel California, with everything that you might imagine that entails.

Apr 20th 2018 20:31:44 (EST) Anonymous View Post
Alison Mack singing like a canary, as Alan Dershowitz would say
Canary palm tree?

Apr 20th 2018 22:12:34 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ View Post 1122995
Over the target.
Expand further.
Open source.

Following this cryptic post we find 2 dot-connecting, all-important, startling images that tie everything together. First, Allison Mack’s final twitter post before her account was taken down:

And then this:

Apr 20th 2018 22:17:04 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ View Post
This door will be opened later.
The choice, to know, will be yours.

Apr 20th 2018 22:32:06 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ View Post

Hint: Hussein & Maggie
How many pics can you find of them together?
Age 10, 11, 12….

Apr 20th 2018 22:40:26 (EST) Anonymous View Post
Holy crap. He's been diddling her since she was 10???

Open source.

why does image search for "maggie Nixon" and "obama" return an image of abramovich and franco ONLY? I think we are over the target?

Bigger than you can imagine.
POTUS warning shot.
Why is Hussein pictured w/ this H-Wood child many times?
What are ‘pet’ names?

Look who Maggie's mom is friends with. None other than James Alefantis, the pizza man himself.

You can’t imagine the size of this.
Conspiracy risk.
Planned for later.

Alright, my take: the little girl with Obama has been identified as Maggie Nix, aka Maggie Nixon, the child of Sarah Nixon, the woman pictured next to Comet Pizza’s James Alefantis in the last picture. (Her mother is entrenched in Hollywood as a soaps writer, Agnes Nixon.) 

This little girl has been pictured over and over again in a suspicious amount of pics with Obama. One thing to keep in context and always remember is that these information drops are coming from an inner circle intelligence insider deep within the Trump sphere – this much is established and has been verified, which makes all of this so compelling and vitally important.

In this context, EVERYTHING he/she (Q) tells us means something – something crucial. The one part that seemingly doesn’t fit is the crumb mentioning the Scottsdale plane crash taking the life of Mariah Sunshine Coogan. Or does it? Let’s play a really out there game of “what if?”

What if the original was Maggie. She gets deep into and screwed by the pedo network, given over by her family. Think bloodlines. Think connections. Think pizzagate. After so much abuse she gets mind fucked to erase her memory, only to be rebranded as Mariah Coogan. Coogan’s programming starts breaking down and she starts to begin to recall her past as Maggie, necessitating a loose end that needs to get solved in a hurry with a plane crash. (Q has previously dropped the info that 7 out of every 10 plane crashes are not accidental. Think about that.)

Mack’s last tweeted photo is of course of Marina Abramovic, she of the Crowleyan Spirit Cooking “artistic” displays so widely outed in the Clinton/Podesta emails of October/November 2016 that erupted into pizzagate. She travels in the “toppermost of the poppermost” Hollywood and entertainment strata, rubbing elbows and who knows what else with the likes of James Franco, Blondie’s Debbie Harry, Will Farrell, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Robert DeNiro, Lady Gaga, Pam Anderson, and a herd of others, as well as the highest D.C. political circles that contain Obama, Hillary, the Podestas, and others, all of whom show disturbing interests in “art” depicting child torture and cannibalism. (see Tony Podesta’s house and John Podesta’s office for starters.)

One unique feature of her “Spirit Cooking” ritual: cutting deeply into the middle finger of the left hand.

Notice Obama’s middle finger of his left hand here in each and every photo. Strange, is it not?

 Almost exactly like Podesta’s band-aided middle left finger here. 

Still convinced there’s nothing to this?

This hit-and-run transmission is going out now. But come back soon, because the weird is just getting started…we haven’t even gotten into the bloodlines of the suddenly viral Rachel Chandler, (who flooded her instagram account with large amounts of 'insider' tells before it was taken down), something amazing that I’ve uncovered, and the inside track of the vile Hillary/Huma supposed snuff tape, that seems to be going through a Schrodinger’s Cat state of existence/non-existence – but there might be a smoking gun that proves it DOES in fact exist, despite all the curious and rather telltale shouting to the contrary. Think Loretta Lynch.

I’m not going to describe Anthony Weiner’s little “insurance” tape, but simply put this here to let all know the forces we’re dealing with.

Two instagram and tweet postings from two young girls, Maggie Nixon and Rachel Chandler. Really makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

As for the stakes, I leave you with none other than Ed Snowden’s take on the latest batch of Q drops concerning the Mack disclosures.

 And finally, in breaking news, Clare Bronfman appears to have assumed command of NXIVM.

Also see this amazing article for the latest news regarding the cult and Bronfman, where it all might be heading, and the alarming mind control techniques exhibited. As we have seen before (watch Netflix’s The Keepers, for starters), this is absolutely nothing new, and one wonders how this aspect alone might signal a move into larger areas of inquiry, because these type of operations, and they are operations, seem systemic, planned in advance, and guided from on high by larger socio-political forces from the shadows.

What if Raniere was simply another groomer, another procurer of younger and younger children? (Very much like Jeffrey Epstein.) Not just for himself, but for those same larger forces? Examine again his connections, who they were, and where they reached. Clintons. Bushes. The political royalty of the United States, of Canada, of Mexico. How? Why? What is the endgame here?

Still, it’s ironic isn’t it, that in their historic season of blood sacrifice that annually runs from April 19-May 1 (think, in order, Waco*-OKC bombing*-Columbine-Va Tech massacre-Boston Marathon bombings-Brussels attacks), that now, more than ever, it appears with all this, that the sacrifice, for a change, is going to be theirs. Make no mistake. There are too many leaks now. Too much information. There is no escaping this. A cabal that has ruled this planet behind the scenes for thousands of years, and rather openly ever since November 22, 1963, is going down.

*interesting also, is it not, that both of these events occurred on April 19th, the traditional day of sacrifice to the god Moloch, which specifically calls for children to be sacrificed, and specifically by fire.

Think those 2 events don’t have something to do with what’s going on right now? With what’s being uncovered?

Think some of the very same people aren’t involved?

Think again.

Thursday, March 29, 2018


“Heard of a van that is loaded with weapons, packed up and ready to go…Heard of some gravesites, down by the highway, a place where nobody knows…”        Talking Heads. Life During Wartime, August, 1979

“The billboards on the highway are the prophets of today.
The roadkill speaks in poems through ads and through campaigns.
The warden has his rifle, and the sniper's like an owl.
I'm hiding in the tall grass with God and Vernon Howell.”         The Black Angels, Bloodhounds On My Trail. 2006

13 Certain men, the children of Belial, are gone out from among you, and have withdrawn the inhabitants of their city, saying, Let us go and serve other gods, which ye have not known;  14 Then shalt thou enquire, and make search, and ask diligently; and, behold, if it be truth, and the thing certain, that such abomination is wrought among you;                               Deuteronomy 13

Is everybody in?  Once again, the ceremony is about to begin.  For those of you meeting here again, I have some words of advice: stay close together.  We journey here on stairways beyond substance.

We first look to go back in time, and we will meet ourselves coming around again, trapped on the engineered wheel of some faceless and chthonic force which seeks to bend everything to its will.  It has written and ridden its own feral agenda since time immemorial, subsuming religions, crafting ideologies, and hunting blood.  It trades in symbolism, and over and over again creates a priestly ruling class to carry out the orders and reign over the proletariat with fear, superstition, deception, and black magick.  

Their dark knowledge, pre-dating even the Egyptian and Babylonian epochs, uses celestial alignments and markers to appear to predict and foretell worldly events.  The origin of this knowledge, the wellspring, is up for debate even today, but increasingly appears to be off-world.

Always under the priest class there is a strata of order-followers, puppets adorned in bling and spectacle and in thrall to the vast entertainment consortium, designed to keep the wandering eyes of the public distracted from what is really important to their continuation, liberty, and survival.  The first inklings of what we call mind control originates in this strata and trickles down to us, disturbingly so, and on a daily basis.

“When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
Age of Aquarius
Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind's true liberation…”
The Fifth Dimension (1969)  

More and more, there are signs, on the earth and in the heavens, that we are entering, for better or worse, the final stages of the long-foretold Age of Aquarius.  What once seemed to hold such promise and cause for celebration now seems to cast much darker shadows amid stranger connotations.  Mystery flashes and booms dot the landscape.  Animals, when not dying en masse, exhibit behaviours far away from their norms.  Large bodies of water recede or entirely disappear overnight.  UFO sightings rise by the day.  People disappear and reappear thousands of miles from their last known positions, with no memory of how they got there.  Look at all these examples and tell me something is not truly amiss here and beyond our ability to see or comprehend:

And beyond and perhaps at the nexus of all these anomalies, continues to lie the spectre of CERN, and exactly what it is they are trying achieve.  If you need a quick refresher course in Deep State nefariousness regarding the Large Hadron Collider, click these for the entire CERN series:

Taken in totality, we can see that perhaps everything that is occurring now can be traced back to this operation.  And perhaps it is an operation that has been long in the making and far larger in scope than has been previously realized – what if CERN is not the only one?

And of course, at the end of that road lies Mr. Poppy “Thousand Points of Light” Bush.  Did we really expect anything different after all this time and Luciferian agenda evidence?

I lay out all this prior to what I’m going to speculate could be about to transpire…from the time of the first date in the Mayan calendar, 3372BC, to the nearly parallel first Egyptian dynasty, catalogued at 3100BC, to the time of Stonehenge, thought to be constructed possibly by the Druids around 3000BC, certain factions of humans have large been viewed as expendable – their “sacrifice” to ruling gods seen as necessary to maintain a social order and a healthy civilization.  And in all that time til now, I ask you, how much has really changed?  Does the ruling class still not view huge sections of the populace as chattel, as merchandise, as expendable?  Is large-scale death and human sacrifice still necessary for some unknown reason?  Do our leaders still follow age-old orders from other intelligences?  Just what exactly is going on here?

When viewing photos like this one just uncovered, it’s extremely hard not to see some long-range and hidden plans in place:

It was taken at an undisclosed location on New Year’s Eve in 1972 (according to the source, TIME magazine.) What’s confounding is that 1972 was well before the Iron Curtain fell, and this picture shows Angela Merkel, Theresa May, and Dalia Grybauskaite, the Lithuanian president, all in their teen-aged years, together.  The questions now are, how, and more importantly, why?  Also most disturbingly and yet fully in line with this continuing inquiry, all 3 women head regimes currently embroiled in widespread and ongoing pedophile ring scandals where the tentacles lead to the highest echelons of government.

In this one photo, there is the proof screaming loudly of large-scale worldwide manipulation of the political world, possible mind control and “grooming’ from young ages of ALL our leaders that we are ever presented with, and finally, what are the odds that 3 girls who might have known each other from way back when in the Creepiest Club Ever (playing devil’s advocate here) end up as rulers of countries?  Or in the words of Q, “how many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible?”

I personally favor the George Carlin observational hypothesis: “it’s a Big Club – and you ain’t in it.”

If this is all true, and there are long-range, hidden plans in place, what are they, and where am I going with all this?  That, unfortunately, takes us back to CERN, those plasma conduits or bridges, and just why are all the Alexas talking and laughing at us on their own all of a sudden?

I offer this question, in all honesty, is something trying to come through?

Worldwide, right now, there are multiple incoming accounts of light pillars appearing, and something akin to portals opening – all from different vantage points and differing locations all around the globe.  In some of these photos, things/craft seem to be even “riding in” through these openings and on these plasma/electromagnetic waves.

We have been manipulated by other forces and intelligences since prehistoric times.  Even the conventional thinking of mainstream science is coming around to this fact.  
Taken together, multiple factors and change agents such as vaccinations, fluoride in the water supply, the ingestion of heavy metals (Aluminum, barium, strontium, etc)  on a continuous basis from the very air we breathe due to the massive and worldwide chemtrailing programs in place since the fall of 1998, “accidents” such as the radiation release at Fukushima Prefecture, the altering of all food crops to GMOs as well as the inclusion of human fetuses into products (see Senomyx) to act as “flavor enhancers,” (this latter of which could easily amount to a widespread satanic “initiation” ritual) – all lead to the finalizing of a concerted global agenda to modify and alter the human terrain.  

The very number of these factors acting in concert mitigates against the “accidental” hypothesis and instead points to an endgame that is by wholly by design and premeditation.  And you can surely add in the newest and perhaps most damning in this scenario: the 5G technology, already set to be rolled out worldwide, that has already been determined to be DNA-altering in the extreme.  To say nothing of the exploits of the aforesaid CERN and the nefarious company D-Wave, which may be the crown jewels, and hold all the major answers, in this scenario.

Changed by biological techniques.  Hasn’t , really, this been the story all along?  From Chariots of the Gods to today?  Why do we always end up here?  This seems to be the throughline of all human history, officially sanctioned and recorded or not.  From the Pleiocene epoch til now, we have been manipulated, altered, handled, to some unknowable end by the overlords and the earthly elites in concert with something “other.”  Everything, and I mean everything, else is window dressing.  This inheritance of ours continues.  It certainly, according to all the evidence, appears that both the human and ecological terrains are being altered – why?  Possibly to make way for the advent of something that’s coming into this reality, facilitated by occult rituals and technology.

As can be seen from the above headlines, this hypothesis isn’t strictly the domain of so-called hucksters and wannabe sci-fi gurus anymore.  It seems Von Daniken may yet have the last laugh wherein our ancestors were initially, literally, blinded by the light.

Maybe they can only come in along certain coordinates (the importance of leylines), or when certain stellar alignments are right, or when portals are opened for them…

“Then we who are alive, who are left, shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air…”    1 Thessalonians 4:17

Let’s add one more item to the list of unfolding events, which has currently become viral and as of this date, has yet to be discredited, despite being also broadcast by the likes of CNN, Fox News, and others:

The twitter account of Ty and others that began receiving these messages, all started on March 13.  Possibly unrelated but worth noting, Stephen Hawking died on March 18.  The mystery of MH370 remains unsolved, and is still one of the most baffling mass disappearances on record anywhere.   The use of NATO phonetics and the message detailing something being “not human” certainly is enough to arouse suspicion, even among the most ardent “fake news” supporters.

Or, to paraphrase another Biblical passage, as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man.  This is all happening again.  The altering.  The DNA manipulation.  The abductions.  Their changing the terrain of the earth and its inhabitants.  The appearances of all kinds of spatial anomalies popping up around the planet.

And they’ve been subtly telling us certain things all along, haven’t they?

“Well hey there mister, can you tell me what happened to the seeds I've sown
Can you give me a reason, sir, as to why they’ve never grown
They’ve just blown around from town to town, back out on to these fields
Where they fall from, from my hand, back into the dirt of this hard land

Well me and my sister, from Germantown yeah we did ride
And we made our beds, sir, from the rock on the mountainside
We've been blown around from town to town looking for a place to land
Where the sun could break through the clouds to fall like a circle, like a circle of fire down on this hard land.”       Springsteen, This Hard Land, 1982

Signs in the sky, on the ground – as above, so below, right?  How long have these things been seeded into the depths of our ids and the collective unconscious?  Images, entertainment, pulled from the fringe into the mainstream by so many, new wave to superstar, either willingly or unwillingly – in the end, the results remain the same.  We’ve been groomed, manipulated, and handled, for this very time in history when the cosmic trigger will be pulled.

Regarding that trigger, I leave you with the somewhat ominous stellar alignment of this June 27th, when the planet Saturn is in opposition (closest) to the earth.

I also refer you to the invaluable site of, where you can scroll through the alignments until you get to roughly the period of July 19-24, 2019, when Venus-Sol-Mercury-the earth, and the moon all form a line which runs straight to Saturn.  These are dates to be alerted to, and ones in which we need to keep our eyes wide open to everything that happens.

I can’t help but wonder what’s in the wind, and in our stars.

This is what they hope to resurrect – another major occult age in the Egyptian/Babylonian tradition.  To bring about another age such as there was before Mesopotamia and Ur, when vastly different gods held sway here.  Gods that our priest class still worship.  Possibly gods that have always coveted this realm and wish to return.


I keep coming back to one word that keeps me awake at night: