Tuesday, April 20, 2021





Greetings yet again my weekend Warriors for an emergency Tuesday night transmission of huge importance as the Matrix – their Matrix – is flying apart in double time. It is all collapsing: Gates’ vaxx campaign is suddenly up against major fightback and is crashing and burning before our eyes like the Hindenburg, and nothing makes as much sense as invoking the Stones invoking Elvis invoking the apocalypse at a time like this…Hit it Keef!! (Altho this JUST nudged out “When The Levee Breaks”…) Was feelin’ a bit punkish, what can I say? Sorry Pagey.

“When the shit hits the fan, I’ll be sittin on the can/ When the whip comes down.”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBlLbNVBKCc    


Incendiary headlines in no order of importance as the dominoes fall:  https://stealthfyre.com/covid-19-and-a-curious-chain-of-events/

Starting with a FANTASTIC Covid-era timeline that I urge any and all of you to share with those rather unenlightened brethren of yours – they may come away believers also.



Any questions?



Mask-tards be gone – we’ve had it with you.



Gates, we’re coming for you, and it ain’t just pies this time…



And your little dog too…



I know, she passed out due to racism in America. Actually she was damaged by debris from the other 2 towers but collapsed due to office fires…Seriously, that gal went down like a sack of potatoes, and yes, it was right after she’d vaxxed…Instant karma’s gonna get you.




Finally, and speaking of karmic things, the Schumann Resonance was absolutely rocked by an unknown force yesterday for around 12 hours. Unbelievable images for whatever was shooting in, around, and thru the earth…Is this something to do with increasing the 5G count? An overall spike in earthly consciousness ala the Princeton eggs right before 9/11? (Global Consciousness Project and Random Event generators?):  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_Consciousness_Project

A glitch in the Sentient World Simulation? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synthetic_Environment_for_Analysis_and_Simulations

Or is their Matrix of control for us truly collapsing?

Weigh in in the comments my Truth Warriors – I can’t wait to hear what you think!


Finally (& this time I mean it) here’s pretty much everything you need to know in the case against Billy Gates, from the exemplary Corbett Report:  https://www.corbettreport.com/gates/

Bring on the tribunals!!


I also wanna take this brief time to let you all know I am, of necessity, gonna be pushed into being a ‘singles’ artist for the foreseeable future here as am gonna be lumberjackin’ every single freakin’ day with ZERO off for awhile – but not to worry will still be droppin stealth bombs on yer heads on a regular basis – prob MORE often if anything – just not any ‘album’ length posts for a bit. Duty calls – but my first duty, as always, is to you. So there.

Oh, and this just came in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzTwyzAeIxM&t=1s

Isn’t this how Planet of the Apes started??

And finally (I love sayin that) some blessed soul did a microscopy of the actual COVID vaxx – hold on to yer hats…



Back very soon with more stuff to curl your hair, and haunt your dreams – and never forget, you ARE the resistance, and we’ve got them running now…


  1. Quick round-up:

    1- that drunken lampshade Nancy Pelosi *actually thanked George Floyd for his *sacrificing himself* on live tv after the verdict.* Wow.

    2- never forget that uncle Adolf turned 132 today. He's still spitefully holding on down in Antarctica, the old bugger!

    3- that last video you posted...
    they're injecting us with a microscopic super-highway?! Are those tiny little cars?!

    1. HAHA!

      Hot Wheels to Hell!! Take the Morgellons cutoff!!

      Dunno if old Adolph is still holding forth in Antarctica, but I know his agenda is 1000% alive & kicking ass up North hereabouts. The Boys From Brazil indeed!! Can we trace the lineages of Gates & Fauci back to Himmler, Goebbels & Mengele? Would not be surprised....

    2. Yep, spent 10 minutes looking for that last vid to share... should have known you’d be on top of it! Keep up the stellar work, WM

  2. And thanks for reminding me JB!! Now thru May 1 is the 10 day race to Walpurgisnacht & the season-of-sacrifice see Waco-Columbine-OKC as well as Lexington & Concord, the Great Toronto Fire (1904) & the San Fran earthquake and fire (1906). They LOVE this time of year. Sacrifice & especially by FIRE. (Waco & OKC of recent note...)

  3. And Columbine WOULD have been more by fire if those gov't approved mercury switch bombs had gone off....

  4. really enjoy this blogspot a lot. major thanks to Schrodinger's Cat's for letting me and others know about it. huge amount of love and respect to wordman and dginn especially. kind regards and best wishes always to all. Michael


    2. Is there a point when I get to sit down with everyone and they let me in on this before I lose my mind! How many "coincidences" "synchronicities" before it's just that I'm the butt of a cruel joke?

  5. https://schrodingersothercat.blog/ was where I found out about this place. happy coincidences and synchronicities with me I hope. whatever gets you closer to SOURCE works for me.

    1. Barrcat!!(Mike):

      Thanks so much for being part of the proceedings here in our little Treehouse of Terror and even more so for clue-ing me in to schrodingersothercat!! Have NO idea how I popped up there or in what context but all of this is a rather hidden niche of the blog-o-verse at large and the tentacles reach everywhere from Chris Knowles to JB's Cafe to here and back again -- I'm sure we all have friends we don't even know yet!! Haha! Greetings & you are more than welcome to stop by anytime...

      Glad you enjoy it and feel free to just keep scrolling and dive into the back catalogue of some 170 posts where everything from UFOs to chemtrails to pizzagate and NXIVM to Epstein and back again (don't forget CERN!!) has been beaten like a dead horse, but hopefully with always something new added to the insights.

      You have been warned. Haha!!

    2. I think this and the den is becoming the diner... JB and I have pretty much given up working on our own blogs... If only this paid...

    3. "If I had a dollar bill for all the things that I've done there'd be a mountain of money piled up to my chin." (!!)

    4. Cheers to building our wealth on 'the other side!

  6. Replies
    1. Damn, but it seems that they don't need any vaccine to do this. This past year different ones have been trying to work my mind like a computer. Just keep telling them that it's older and older technology operating in your brain, so you can get that updated, while they chase down rabbit holes to access that technology, get updates from SOURCE of future tech. Keeps everyone guessing ;) We've been sold long long before neuremberg.

    2. MissFrill!!

      What an amazing link and a fantastic site -- thanks for that. Can never get enough of the insights of Cat A Fitts. She's one in a million.

  7. Maybe I need to start a PAYtreon

  8. Some things need to be believed ... to be seen .... =)

  9. Barry, that blog I'm blown away. Where did it link back here? That blog mentioned February 23rd having a timeline jump, in your face JB, I might NOT BE CRAZY AFTERALL! ;)

    1. I take that back, I know crazy is a relative term, and I didn't handle that properly, but there's signs it was real in some realms.

  10. Owner of www.stealthfyre.com here, and also the author of the first article you linked in this blog. Thanks for sharing this link on your blog! You earned yourself a new follower!

    Folks, I'm the inventor of StealthFyre Modular Survival Stove Systems, and I invented this stove to make sure YOU survive what's coming. We need you on this planet. Don't let them exterminate you! Go to my website and buy yourself one of these stoves so you can help me continue to keep you informed of your reality.

    1. Helllooooo Mr. Nov.5!! And welcome!!

      So glad you could make it here and we are so glad to have you! I've always said the more the merrier here in our little Night Gallery as we try to navigate these turbulent waters together...
      Our pens and typewriters, our knowledge, is our greatest and most fearsome weapon, or as Jeff Wells so famously put it in his legendary Rigorous Intuition site: What you don't know can't hurt them.

      And as you yourself so poetically phrased at the end of that post I put here: Silence is complicity. How true how true.

      Looking very forward to delving in to the rest of stealthfyre as I hope you will do here, just click 'older posts' at the bottom of each page to your heart's delight!! Haha! -- & come on back early and often. We never close. Welcome aboard brother.

    2. I can already tell you're far and away different from what I'm used to, just from what I've read so far. I don't delve into the far reaches of the Internet, myself, and was just introduced to you, let alone blogspot.

      A voice in the wilderness, you are. I am extremely pleased to see your blog. I've been working 20 years to awaken people to what is to come, and only recently have found people receptible to the truth.

      The pen is indeed mightier than the sword. Perhaps we should speak further in private about combining them. Reach out to me through my contact page on www.stealthfyre.com and maybe we can arrange a media partnership.

      I have done my best to ignore current events and focus on selling stoves, but I can't remain silent any longer. I know too much. This article was the first of many I will write in the future. If you'd help me publish these truths, I'd much appreciate it.

    3. I'm sorry but I had to say it ... that guy fawkes (lol)

    4. Guy Fawkes, the only thing I can fault you on is not including operation Dark Winter:
      And Biden signaling about it in speeches and the companies in Florida tied to it, and dark hat productions and Epsteinesque cryrogenic and fertility companies etc.

    5. For sure, much is left to be said about the numerous curious events that occurred over the years. I left out a lot for fear of writing too lengthy an article, but it would be very easy to connect even 9-11-01 to these current events.

      Go back even further and we recall the Satanism hysteria of the 80's, followed by revelations in the Franklin Cover-up that the hysteria was based in reality. They really were kidnapping and raping/torturing/murdering our children.

      Everything connects, even Fast and Furious and the wave of migrants into the US at the behest of George Soros and his ilk. And when we reveal the big players in all of this, It's six degrees of the Clinton Foundation.

      Funny thing, that. A devil worshipping woman and a lecherous pedophile that have managed to weasel their way into the control room of power and change the course of history.

      But they're only a few of many cockroaches that have undermined human society and corrupted it from within. To paraphrase Leela in the first episode of Futurama, They must be fired. Out of a cannon. Into the sun.

  11. Interesting choice of words Putin claims DOMINION over sea and air


    I'm sure we've all seen this, but I hadn't seen CERN's official answer that yes the video was legit and was taken without their knowledge of actual events at CERN but it was all a joke, sheesh don't we all pretend to sacrifice a virgin at some point? I mean come on.


    Vaccine gives you herpes!
    "But here's why you shouldn't panic" famous last words of crumbling empires!

    1. https://www.wpxi.com/news/top-stories/bethel-park-woman-paralyzed-12-hours-after-getting-first-dose-pfizer-vaccine-doctors-searching-answers/ZSYTEX4H4FHKDFVSPGS3ILJZUI/
      I think all the world's attention on this vaccine is a good thing notice they say paralysis is a known reaction to the flu shots they've been pumping out for years!

  12. Welcome Guy, (perfect name love it). I will be using your article in my references for my college essay soon. And you too, Wordman! Welcome to the group Guy no mask needed... You fit right in!

  13. Dginn, that new picture one of you? Very dangerous thing to do, now THE MAN knows what you look like. ;)

    1. Also:


    2. I figured that it's more dangerous being anonymous, then they can change WHO YOU ARE. If my whole life is a prison with no privacy, and they want to mask us and frame us, why should I buy into the paranoia and hide? Afterall it's not like they don't already have access to everything, but I thought overlaying it left enough up to imagination and prevented AI scan? It seems THE MAN already knows who I am, so how free are we to hide from other people and how controlled are we by it having sole access to our image?

    3. Matt Groening?! No!! I was happy in my ignorance bubble that he was a Warner but not 'in'! I hope you're happy tarnishing my entertrainment! At this point, the only redemption would be for all the warning systems to alert and they do a public service announcement running down the list of crimes and atrocities!

    4. Ha! I knew that I would get you to start ending every sentence with ;) after you called out Guto! ;) Mwhaha! Better than FFS! Rubbing off!

    5. That fat f**king troll Guto would write :D :D :D :D over and over again after calling me a liar and calling my god "Evil!!!" I'm glad he got banned from Secret Sun. I hope he DID take the vaccine as he said he would!

      And as for Matt Groening, we now know how The Simpsons has been predicting 9/11 and other planned events so accurately.

    6. Oohh .. touchy, I guess a manical luagh :D is more infuriating than a wink ;)
      Shouldn't we all be as on fire for our dieties as you! Probably not the time to bring it up, but most of my life, I thought anything beyond Jesus was "evil". Still the only supernatural force that I've witnessed saving me from bad supernatural forces has been Jesus. Calling on him for help immediately made a shadow person run!

    7. Jesus is *new* Good Shepherd; Pan is the old one. Even the Olympian "gods" called upon Pan to save them from the Titans. And I find it suspect that a voice was heard from above, in the Greek isles, saying "the Great God Pan is dead! the Great God Pan is dead!", allegedly *on the day Jesus died on the cross*.

      Meet the new boss, same as the old one. Especially with the Moon Goddess being made new again as the Virgin Mary. (not to mention Jesus being able to talk to plants and animals, even rocks, Jesus turning water into wine so that festivities may continue, Jesus emerging from what is essentially a *cave* after his resurrection, etc...)

  14. Remember the ending of Carl Sagan's novel "Contact"? How the signature of God was found as binary code in the number Pi by a super-computer? Well, in real life such a thing should be discernable to the human mind without the need for A.I., and the signature should actually, clearly identify the author.

    IMO, the Fibonacci sequence as "Golden Spiral" is the Great God Pan's ram horn *signature* in nature across the Universe.

    1. That's what I've been thinking about lately! It should show up in synchronicity! But I think that it's largely personal to different groups having their symbolism and *signatures*. How do you like this? The golden orb Weaver egg sac I found, least not fully depersonalized image. ;)

    2. JB! Why I never! Wordman can you please teach him to be a gentleman!
      Lol hilarious it does! ( Not in mixed company I don't think that's attention WM wants) what about this: I found it my yard last year. How would you interpret that omen?

  15. I just found a link to most of Mark LeClair/the Wrong way wizard's deleted articles:


  16. And now the REAL SHOW BEGINS! Looks like wordman's scripting reality!